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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 9, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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right thing. and like i say, i feel kind of scared about that. >> good morning. it's thursday april 9th. welcome to "way too early." in that shocking shooting captured on a cell phone camera in south carolina is where we begin. the man who recorded it is breaking his silence. here he is telling lester holt why he decided to record the incident and what he saw with his own eyes. >> i was walking to my job, and i see mr. scott, rest in peace, and i saw police after him, chasing him. i was on a phone call and i decide to go over there and see what was going on. they were down on the floor before the -- i started recording. they were down on the floor. i remember the police had control of the situation. he had control of scott. i believe he just ran to get
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away of the taser. like i say, he never used the taser against the cop. >> reporter: mr. scott runs away and what does the police officer do. >> as you can see in the video, the police officer shot him in the back. >> he also says he contemplated deleting the video because he was scared for his life. he turned the video over to the victim's family. >> i thought about his position their situation. i say that if i would have a family member and that would happen, i would like to know the truth. and then i don't believe anybody can feel good about it. he has his family mr. scott has his family. i think he made a bad decision. and you pay for your decisions and n this lifein this life, and like i
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say, mr. scott didn't deserve this. there were a lot of ways that can be used to get him arrested and that wasn't the proper way to do that. >> we will have much more ahead on "morning joe," and mr. san tan in a will be onset. we're also following the latest developments in the case this morning, michael slager is no longer with the police department. his former attorney told us he dropped slager as a client. there was a heated press conference yesterday where they called for the mayor to resign and chanted no justice, no peace. the police chief did not hold back in his assessment of the video. >> the honesty comes from my heart. i have watched the video. and i was sickened by what i saw.
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and i have not watched it since. we chose to turn it over to sled because that's the right thing to do. to have an independent agency do the investigation. there are questions that i have in my mind that i can't answer right now. >> meanwhile north charleston's mayor is ordering body cameras following the shooting. he says each officer will use one after they're trained and a policy is put in place. the mayor also announced slager's pregnant wife will continue to be covered by health insurance until the baby's birth. and walter scott's family is vowing not to give up. scott's brothers and mother gave a series of emotional interviews yesterday as they try to come to
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grips with his death which has been viewed by millions of americans. >> i won't be satisfied until i hear guilty verdict. that's when i'll be satisfied. >> and do you believe that's what will happen? >> i hope so. i truly hope so because just like chris said all the things that my brother had planned to do and want to do with his kids, because he is a family man. he talk about him buying his big van, you know and -- >> it's okay. >> taking his kids to disney world. he'll never be able to do it. >> when i looked at that tape that was the most horrible thing i've ever seen. i am very, very upset, concerning it.
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i almost couldn't look at it. to see my son running defense defenseless, but i thank god that i know jesus for the pardon of my sin. without god in my life i could not stand right now this morning. he is my strength and i pray that this never happens to another person. this has got to stop. >> let's go to boston now. the young man responsible for the boston marathon bombings will never see another day of freedom. there were so many charges levelled against him that it took nearly a half hour to read guilty verdicts on all 30 counts. pete williams has been joining the trial from the start and joins us. >> this jury heard 96 witnesses
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over a trial that lasted a month but the verdict came after deliberations of only 11 hours. jurors declared a 21--year-old immigrant guilty of the worst act of terrorism in the united states since 9/11. >> it's not a happy occasion but it's snag we can put one more step behind it. >> reporter: the jury found him guilty on each of the counts filed against him. for the crime spree three nights later killing an officer. and a businessman and stealing money from a bank account and shooting and throwing bombs at water town resulting in the wounding of a police officer. tsarnaev showed little response in court almost certainly expecting this verdict. the parents of martin richard
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hugged each other. a victim says she hasn't decided what the right penalty should be. >> i do believe, however, that he should be health accountable for his actions and i'm very thankful for each of the jury members that are making him do that. >> even though massachusetts has no death penalty. it's on a second phase with the same jury deciding whether he should be put to death or sentenced to life in prison most likely the super max penitentiary in california. >> on victimed so quickly in 30 charges signals to me that the jury might not be so hesitant to vote for the death penalty. >> i may be standing on one fake leg, but i'm standing here stronger than ever because someone tried to destroy me and he failed.
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>> reporter: the judge has yet to set a time and date for the second phase of the trial. for now the jury will have a few days off. >> pete will yamts, thank you so much for that report. new polling kuktded by msnbc news shows 47% of those questioned would prefer the death penalty. the online polling was convicted over three days. now to the race for 2016. there were different headlines for the republicans officially declaring their candidacy of presidency. cruz has raised a staggering $31 million for his campaign. it speaks to what should be unprecedented levels of spending in 2016 and suggestions serious
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fund raising competition for jeb bush. and then there's the headline for senator rand paul who got testy with our and savannah guthrie. >> you seem to have changed over the years. you once said iran was not a threat. now you say it is. you once proposed ending forn aid to israel. you now. >> before we go through. >> you want to increase it 16%. have you mellowed out? >> why don't you let me explain instead of talking over me. before we go over things you say i've changed on. why don't you ask me a request, have i changed my opinion? that would be a better way to approach an interview. you've editorialized. let me answer a question. you asked a question and you say have your views changed instead of saying my views have changed.
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>> that interview followed another recent exchange with kelly evans whom he told to shush and calm down. last night paul rejected suggestions that he treats women interviewers saying i think i've been universally short tempered and testy at times with all reporters. >> remember this image of netanyahu from back in 2012. he used a cartoon illustration of a bomb. the white house has tweeted a strikingly similar image only with thun illustrates how the framework would shut down iran's pathway to a nuclear weapon. meanwhile president obama is reaching out to perhaps the most influential republican right now when it comes to iran. he spoke to bob corker.
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the tennessee is pushing legislation that could give congress the power to approve or reject the deal. 30% of republicans support the deal. 30% oppose and 40% aren't quite sure. still ahead on "way too early," an exciting day for sports. baseball history. the nfl breaks a gender barrier and a hole in the n one at the masters but it's the caddies who are getting all the love and attention. plus the daughter of kirk co-bane speaks publicly about her dad for the first time. and she makes a big confession. those stories and a check on weather when we get back in just a few moments. >> the symbolic image of the day. iraqis attacking a statue and
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time for sports. we begin with the nba to derrick rose in his return with the bulls following a knee surgery in late february. the magic win 105-104. let's switch gear to baseball. the dodgers has a player that becomes the first to hit five home runs in the first three games of the season. he added to home runs hit and east of the dodger's first two outings. to milwaukee, rockies and brewers. the game was interrupted by fireworks. some sort of malfunction.
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it's not the only show the brewers put on in the outfield last night. take a look. >> in the air to left. pretty well mitthit. and davis. what a watch. >> chris davis with a leaping grab in left field sends him crashing into the wall. he hangs on. everything would be all right. the rockies stilled pulled out out 5-4. brooif braves and marlins. freeman had a pair of doubles last night. got it with the catch. on his feet. throw to first. double play. >> earning every bit of his money. john carlos standing on the run. lays out far diving catch and makes a double play. braves win it. indiana failed
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indiana indiana sara thomas one of nine new officials will be a line judge this season. she has experience officiating preseason games. >> when i hear my voice or see i'm wearing makeup they go that's a gir. that's about it. they don't care. what i have been in front of they just want you to do the job and be consistent and be good at it. now to the golf and the angle master's par three contest. you can see it runs in the family. check out tiger woods letting his daughter finish out a hole for him. one of the best moments from yesterday had to be six-time masters champ jack nicklaus getting his first ace at augusta. >> the big three involved getting that. here's jack at number 4. >> really a good golf hole. what a beautiful play. come on. come on. yes.
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>> yes. >> hole in one. he just won the congressional metal of honor. what an han nowhere. rory mcilroy's caddie made a splash yesterday. >> that's niall. rory's caddie from one direction. that was one direction too. left. you know, hot, low, and left. >> hacker. the announcers having some fun with that call. he should probably stick to the singing and making tons of money there. let's check on the weather thing. i have a wedding in georgia this weekend. good friend of mine. is it going to be rained out? >> go to the masters instead. i'm sure your friend would understand. there will be some thunderstorms but i think it's going to be in and out. i don't think it's going to rain out your wedding ar the masters.
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yesterday a lot of rain. thankfully not too many tornadoes we had to deal with. a lot of flooding in areas of indiana, kentucky missouri. i know st. louis saw a couple of rounds of storms. tornadoes reported in rural areas. you can see some of the wind damage. a lot more of that throughout the day. in all yesterday, we saw about almost 300 reports of severe storms. the tornadoes were found around areas of kansas. it looks like we're going to see some of these same areas today especially in illinois with some of the worst weather. a lot of lightning with these storms. the big round, the most severe will be late this afternoon toward this evening. the area of orange is an enhanced rick of storm. chicago, st. louis, indianapolis, down through
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memphis, paducah, little rock and sheave support. we could see a couple of tornadoes. likely occurring in portions of illinois and indiana a little later this evening. not a big tornado outbreak but it only takes one. and friday heads up for the eastern seaboard. the thunderstorms come out way. wind damage threat. if you have a late afternoon flight out of d.c. new york philadelphia, richmond charlotte or raleigh, a chance for airport delays as the storms roll through. it leads to a beautiful weekend. this weekend should be 60s and much better. >> 60 clear and sunny just like barnacle's outlook on life. >> he's worried for baseball. >> bill karins thank you so much. >> he is lucky. he gets to work next to me every day. >> look at that. all right. watch out, washington. there's a new driver on the road by the name of ma lay ya obama.
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♪ e gad man lewis burgdorf. >> the president's daughter is a driver now. here's what the first lady said about her 16-year-old driver in an interview with rachel ray. >> she is a driver. she is a licensed driver. >> who taught her? >> the secret service, actually. thauz because they wouldn't let me in the car with her. driving for malia gives her a sense of normalcy like the rest of her friends are doing and my friends have got to live to learn in the world. >> that might be for the first as the first lady confesses she hasn't driven in seven or eight years. let's go to the music world where kurt cobain's daughter has spoken publicly for the first time in her father's life and legacy. in rolling stone, she discussed
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the upcoming documentary she produced. she confessed i don't like his band that much. i'm more in oasis, the grunage scene is not what i'm interested in but she has some songing including the favorite hit dumb. i like smells like teen spirit. now let's go to dallas where one neighborhood is demanding answers after one of their peacocks was stolen in daylight last week. a flock of peacocks has roamed three for nearly 20 years but on saturday a video shows an unidentified man grabbing the alpha male peacock by his feet and carrying it back to his car. a long-time resident heard the bird screaming and came outside to see what was going on. >> i see one of the peacocks the male peacock, the oldest
2:56 am
one, the one with the long beautiful feathers in a car and the guy slams the door and half of the feathers are hanging out of the door. >> he stalked the bird for about 15 minutes that we saw and then he knew when to grab him because on our sidewalk he was mating hen he came behind him and snatched him up. >> that's terrible. police are investigating the incident. back to you. i don't know of that many neighborhoods with peacocks roaming around. >> it was definitely a competitor who did that. that does it for me on this thursday edition of "way too early." mika is here with a preview of "morning joe." >> we're going to live to south carolina with the latest on the shooting that sent shock waves across the nation. the hero who recorded these stunning images that led to an officer being charged with
2:57 am
murder will join us onset. why he says he had second thoughts about turning over the video. we'll also talk to the attorney representing the victim's family about their next course of action. also south carolina congressman, and former attorney general and the national urban league's mark mor yal. and guilty on all counts but will the boston bomber get life in prison or death. boston globe columnist describes the mood of the city this morning. that and so much more coming up straight ahead on "morning joe." ♪ music plays love you by the free design ♪ ♪ attendant: welcome back. man: thank you. it's not home. but with every well considered detail . . . it becomes one step closer.
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