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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  April 9, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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have new questions and interviews and reactions from the family and community in north charleston south carolina in the wake of the fatal police shooting of walter scott. rand paul wants to be president but does he have a problem with female reporters or he says just a problem with all tv interviews. as president obama is traveling on to jamaica from panama today, a new white house push to ban conversion therapies for lgbt youth. is he making good on his storic state of the union promise. >> we defend free speech and advocate for political prisoners and condemn the persecution of women for people are lesbian, gay, transsexual and trans gender, not only because they are the right thing to do but ultimately they will make us safer. our bing pulse question should gay conversion therapy be banned? logon to and let s know what you think.
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let's go to the latest on the investigation of the north charleston police officer charged with murder and walk you through the latest. investigators could be releasing the dash cam video of officer slager at any moment. it could shed more light into the moments during michael slager's traffic stop of walter scott for broken brake light. slager has hired a new attorney charleston defense attorney savage. we're learning more about the background which does include a complaint for improper use with a taser. he was exonerated from that. gibbons is the man who had the run-in with officer slager and a neighbor who witnessed that event talked with joy reid. take a listen. >> he kept saying what did i do? you just knocked on my door as soon as i came to the door you snatched me out and tased me. what you tase me for? i didn't do nothing.
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i didn't do nothing. >> it ended up it was a case of mistaken identity for mario gibbons. a group called defend michael s is fund raising at indy go go after go fund me removed the page as walter xolt's family deals with the loss. >> every time i think about it small things it's not talking to my brother, we won't be able to do it ever again. he's gone forever. trymaine explain more. what do we know about the other puzzle piece that hasn't been released, the dash cam video. do we have a time line for that? >> reporter: as early as it's thomas or perhaps tomorrow. what could be critical it could shine a light on exactly what happened in the moments before walter scott was shot and killed. now, not reflected in the video widely circulated the traffic
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stop began 150 yards away from the scene of the shooting officials are telling us it did not capture the actual shooting it could give insight into what happened at the vehicle, what sparked the foot chase from there to where walter xolt was killed. and so again, there was no immediate time line, we're expecting it as early as today or tomorrow. it could shine a little more light on a case that still has many more questions than answers. >> meanwhile, we're waiting on a news conference to be given by a man named mario gibbons, he was a person who came in contact in 2013 with officer slager it was a case of mistaken identity however slager tasered him multiple times, correct? >> that's right. what mario -- the young man alleges is he was awaken from
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his sleep by officer slager who pushed himself into his house. eventually dragged him out and tased him on the ground. neighbors say that he could hear shrieks and screaming in pain. he was exonerated by internal review in that case but what's also telling. the gentlemen reported that he went time and again to the police department and that neighbors and witnesses went to the police department to complain about the what they describe as excessive use of force. yet it went nowhere. so that kind of speaks to what many on the ground are saying has been a police department with a separation from the community it actually polices and they've been unresponsive time and time again to complaints that officers have been abusing residents in various ways. this is just one more piece of the broader puzzle and really examining the culture here and what's happening between the police and community. >> we'll wait to hear more. thank you, trymaine.
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>> santana, the young man that took the video of the shooting and his lawyer, todd rutherford. feidin what was going through your mind as you were capturing this image of officer slager and walter scott? >> it was a lot of emotions, a lot of -- curious what was going to happen. as soon as i saw the scene, there, the video, like i said before, and i just wanted to record it to see that if if the police officer could be aware there was somebody present, then he can maybe manage the way you're going to treat the victim. >> so you were thinking that this officer is seeing me. he knows there's an eyewitness and that will help him do his
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job better or at least in the honor of which he serves to not maybe use excessive force. >> yes, like i say, it's -- i thought it that way because the community that we live especially the minority hispanics, big community of hispanics there. and most of them they don't have -- they illegal in the country. they are you know very big majority of them. and like i say they feel very o pressed, including me all of us also the black community and everybody over there. so like i say, well let me be here so nothing happened and also it could be the other side the victim could take -- do something to the cop, that wasn't the case here.
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>> as you speak about your community and talk about north charleston south carolina's third largest city, population about 100,000 and black communities make up 47% and whites 37%. you say there's also a large hispanic latino community there. you hailing from the dominican republic and one of the things i thought i heard you say earlier is that many people in the dominican republic look up to the u.s. >> yes. >> and the responsibilities that the u.s. to present itself as an honest broker. >> that's right. >> this is something that was in your heart why you wanted to bring this video forward is because you saw the incident report. >> yeah. >> and that didn't match up. >> that's right. >> so when you were following this story, what was the tipping point for you to say, i need to come forward. i need to have the courage to put this video out there and to stand behind it? >> well the police officer gave
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the report to the media and it was saying the victim mr. scott, was fighting for the control of the taser. and like what it says is he was going to use the taser against the cop. and it was all of the opposite. and i was eyewitness that in the video also because you know like i said the part that really shows the victim trying to run away from the cop. you know. >> the video you capture also shows the image of officer slager running back to the original area of the scuffle and picking something up that we don't know what it is and bringing it over and discarding it near the victim near the body of walter scott. what does your gut tell you that is? >> well i just found out about he dropped that -- also i
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believe it was a taser. like i say, i can't really tell 100% but what was it but he drop it right next to the victim and like i said i just found out about that after you guys -- the family returned the video to the media. like i say, i was impressed, i didn't catch that part when he dropped the taser. >> you have had a connection with this family now, with the scott family to be able to help prove what happened and help the case with justice for this family because the incident report totally reflects a different tale from the officers who were on scene of how it all went down and even if cpr was or was not add mrtsed on the scene. you did not witness cpr being administered on the scene as the police report reflects but our
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colleague had an opportunity to speak with walter scott's family and his brother had an emotional reaction to what you mean to them. i just wanted to play that for you, take a look. >> the gentleman behind the camera that's my brother. he is a definite hero to stand forth. he will never ever be forgotten. >> they believe that you are a hero. are you okay with that title and are you also okay with the type of exposure that you're getting now? >> the title -- just getting used to that word. like i say, when i gave that section of the video, i felt -- i put myself in their position. if i would have a family member that would happen i would know what was that happened there,
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the other version of the story and that's why i gave that section of the video. i've been getting that a lot, that hero and here i can say that anybody can be a hero. just people have phones with them, with videos and they have cameras. and this all know all of this has to stop. if this is what it takes to stop and to record and like i say, make justice and take responsibility what are you doing, like what you have done in there, you know i think yes, you can be called a hero. >> an amazing young man. we're going to tailke a closer look of the makeup of north charleston. here's more of the data of that
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community. >> digging deeper thomas when it comes to the census data here and breaking down what we know about north charleston. here's what we found out, north charleston has a population about $104,000 as of july of 2013. let's take a look at the racial breakdown of that city. the population is about 40% white, 47% black. 11% latino and 2% represent the asian community there. how does that compare with the police department? the police department is about 80% white and according to the "new york times," twice as white as population of north charleston. now the cost of living here the median household income is $39,000. that's about a quarter less than the national level and how about the poverty level as well thomas more than 23% of people in north charleston are living in poverty. to put that in some respective here, that is 1.5 times the rate of the national level. data here that can help you understand the makeup of north
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charleston and also possibly the culture there. >> thanks so much. this is our big story for the day. but we're going to move on to this other ground breaking story out of the white house. president obama formally backed a call to end conversion therapy, it's a type of psychiatric treatment intended to cure the orientation, it's called layla's law and it's in honor the the teen that took her life. her parents forced her to attend conversion therapy. not everybody is in support of this. here's what conservative ben carson had to say in response. >> my position is that that kind of thing should be left to therapists and to individuals. >> you think it could work? >> i don't think it's anybody else's business. >> we want you to tell us what you think, should gay conversion therapy, repair tif therapy be
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banned? let us know what you think and over the next two hours we'll show you how you responded to this and use the #trlive. here's how people are responding so far. and you can see across the bottom of the screen with the question, should gay conversion therapy be banned? and so far we are up to 75% it's going back and forth and fluctuating, literally a pulse. we'll update this throughout the next two hours and bring you your results right here on this show. gop 2016 candidate rand paul is in south carolina today. his speech was in front of the u uss yorktown and covered familiar points like debt and big government and surveillance laws. the good news, a new poll shows him ahead of hillary clinton in two of three swing states. the bad news for paul campaign high profile interviews have led critics too cast a negative
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light how senator paul treats female reporters, most recently with savannah guthrie. >> have you changed your opinion -- >> better way to approach an interview. you editorialize. >> no no listen you've editorialized let me answer a question. >> doing this is to bring money home -- >> hey, hey, let me finish. kelly -- >> i'm sorry, go ahead. >> calm down a bit here kelly, let me answer the question. >> that was a mash-up of two different interviews one on cnbc with kelly evans several months ago before he launched his campaign and most recent yesterday about three minutes in where it got a little heated with savannah guthrie on "today." last night senator paul was on fox news and this is how he addressed the issue with anchor megan kelly. >> can i do better? yes, am i equal opportunity? i had a tif with a male reporter today, nothing to do with sexuality.
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>> rand paul's next stop includes iowa and nevada. developing now nearly 60 million people are in the path of another severe weather pattern that could bring more tornadoes in parts of the south and midwest. we have ten tornadoes reported yesterday as well as hail and hail storms in places like farmington, missouri. we'll check in with domenica davis who is keeping a closeful eye -- i'm trying to see the screen. i need to put on my glasses. >> you're having a hard time seeing it, much of it is to the north. the threat is for a large part of the country. the good thing is the tornado threat is lowering. i think today's very veer weather culprit are going to be damaging winds and hail and of course flooding because we're getting the training effect which means these storms are going over the same areas for the past couple of days. here's the active weather right now. it's moving up into the cleveland area chicago is getting some thunderstorms, these are all below severe
10:17 am
weather criteria which is good. later this afternoon and this evening, we cannot rule out severe weather. look at the warm moist air from the south. conditions are definitely ripe for strong storms to develop later today. again, the main threat is going to be widespread wind damage and hail and flooding. can't rule out a tornado or two, thomas, but i do think the threat for tornadoes is pretty low today. >> so i put on my glasses for you to see better now. my executive producer told me where are your glasses. >> you look great in them. >> thank you very much. now i can see the teleprompter. coming up from the white house, this petition prompting the obama administration to take a symbolic step to protect lgbt youth. log on to pulse for our bing question of the day. plus chelsea mann one of the most controversial figures of
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we're keeping a watch on the press conference we're expecting out of north charlgs ton, south carolina where mario gibbons is going to be speaking to the media, he filed a formal complaint in 2013 against officer smik elslager for excessive force in a mistaken
10:22 am
identity case. now he was initially accused of resisting the arrest of officers and later released without charge and then slager was exonerated through the formal complaint leveled against him about using his taser. so we're going to hear from mario gibbons coming up. a huge symbolic move out of the white house, president obama is standing behind efforts to end the controversial practice of conversion therapy or repar tif therapy for lgbt youth. the announcement is in direct response after the suicide of trans teen leelah alkorn in december. they said they loved him unconditionally but didn't support -- my mom started taking me to therapist but only to christian therapists all very biased. i never got the therapy i needed to cure me of my depression.
10:23 am
this news comes as president obama holds meetings in jamaica before heading to panama city for a summit of the americas. senior white house correspondent chris jansing is in panama city waiting for the president's arrival. explain how big of a deal this is and if there is a muster to get the bill signed by the president. >> reporter: this is really good more i think about outreach thomas this is about the latest step by the president showing that he wants to support the lgbt community. we kind of got an idea that was that was going to happen with valerie jarrett. but you've seen a whole series of things since he first came into office and it wasn't clear he would come out formally and support gay marriage. a lot has changed since then. many actions in support of lgbt rights, don't ask, don't tell obviously and more recently a
10:24 am
new executive order has gone into effect that will allow -- won't allow federal contractors to discriminate based on lgbt. he's not looking at the federal legislation for this. he wants to be handled in the states but when you see this in the context of his larger outreach it's pretty significant. >> we know states have banned. let's switch topics moments ago we got news from cuba out of cuba and recommendations to get the island nation off the terror list. so what can you tell us about that and developments from there? >> reporter: we do know now that the state department which was reviewing this has handed it over to the white house and the president is expected to look at it very soon we do expect they'll be removed from the
10:25 am
state sponsor terror list. why is this significant? one, it could be a big impact on the economy. there are governments as well as individual companies that haven't wanted to do business with someone on that very small list of state sponsored terror. but it allows an opening for both sides to open em -- something the president hoped could happen in havana before he arrived. that's not going to happen but symbolically it's huge as the next step forward and huge for raul castro a recent poll taken within the country showed president obama far more popular than the leader of that country. thomas? >> chris jansing, reporting from a beautiful panama city. just look at that behind chris jansing. >> reporter: hot, hot. >> you have one of the better passports like andrea mitchell. thanks so much. we have a lot more ahead on msnbc live. first, take a look at this the
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10:30 am
security's office for the inspector general is investigating the case because of morales' senior rank and the washington, d.c. police sex crimes unit is also investigating. another case we're watching nearby is the boston bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev is guilty on all counts. >> may be standing on one fake leg but i'm standing here stronger than ever because someone tried to destroy me and he failed. >> now the jury is gearing up for what's expected to be an even more dramatic phase of the trial. whether or not tsarnaev should receive the death penalty for his role in the bombings. here's more about that in today's -- >> it's a state they don't have the death penalty there but a lot of factors to consider, perhaps the biggest is his lead defense attorney, judey clark, considered one of the most
10:31 am
effective components at the death penalty and her record proofs it. it's a who's who of the america's worst killers here clark has successfully argued against the death penalty for all of them. some of the faces or names will ring a bell. let's begin with the unabomber. ted kaczynski, mailing explosives that killed three people and injured 23 others. he learned to plea guilty when clark dz e was going to argue he was insane. eric rudolph. the 1996 atlanta olympics bomber carried out four blasts across the south that killed two people and injured 120 others. but clarke helped him work a plea deal that spared him the death penalty. four consecutive life sentences without parole. 9/11 conspirator, the 20th hijacker convicted of six offenses.
10:32 am
the government said osama bin laden personally expected him to fly a plane into the white house and he is serving life in prison without any chance of parole. that leads us to this woman, susan smith, remember her, the mom who confessed to rolling her car into a lake with her two infant sons strapped in the vehicle. jurors spared her death after clarke argued that smith was sexually abused by her father. she was sentenced to life in prison and is reportedly up for parole in the year 2024. so those names, those faces that were once in our headlines daily, so now they are living spared death. we'll see if dzhokhar tsarnaev is one more name to that list. >> we know the judge gave the jury today and tomorrow off and get to roll into the weekend and we think they'll be back as early as next week starting on monday. we'll take you back to north charleston to find out what's next for a community now demanding more answers from its leaders. when we come back chelsea maning breaking her silence
10:33 am
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before the big meeting there's a choice hotel that's waiting for you. this spring, choose choice twice, get a night at no price at 1,500 hotels. book now at we are finally hearing from chelsea manning, the first interview with the imprisoned u.s. army soldier since the wickky leaks confession for leaking classified military documents. shortly after sentencing the former bradley manning announced she was transitioning to live as a woman. she feels quote like a joke to military officials, saying quote, i'm torn up. i get through each day okay but at night alone in my roomy finally burn out and crash. abigail is the writer who
10:37 am
interviewed manning. what a great get to get inside the mind of chelsea manning now living behind bars sentenced to 35 years, not only having to deal with the penalty for the crimes because some people would still say that chelsea maning is a whistle blower, but the crime she committed and charged for and having to transition and live through this publicly without access to potential treatment. explain the access that manning has to transition properly. >> well she just recently was granted hormones and some of the female grooming and clothing standards that are part of treatment. she's been given some cosmetics and female underwear, but she is still not allowed to grow her hair long. this came as a result of a lawsuit. she and aclu filed a suit after
10:38 am
about a year without the medical treatment and it's a medical condition that military doctors had diagnosed her with it. so it was -- a year without that treatment. >> there's been more controversy about gender disfor ya and what that means to your medical development if you're going to transition. there are a lot of people who would not be compassionate to the story whatsoever because of people who consider chelsea to have been a traitor as known as private bradley manning. what is her mindset about how people interpret her and her actions as an army private and now as someone who's also transitioning to live authentically? >> well she told me she doesn't really care what people think of her, she's trying to be herself and she didn't talk about the leak itself. her lawyers are doing an appeal and that's not something she would talk about. but she talked a lot about how it's been a battle to -- an
10:39 am
internal struggle throughout her life to figure out who she is. she didn't have support and when feelings started to come up, when she was 5 and 6 years old dressing in her sister's clothes and playing with her sister's things but didn't know what that meant. she didn't know what was happening, she was afraid of it and felt lonely and afraid of talking about it. >> how is she spending her time in jail? as you pointed out, the aclu and chelsea manning actively sued and won access to proper hormone treatment and certain items. >> still fighting about the hair. >> still fighting about the hair. but how is she spending her time? what does she do in jail? >> she said she does a lot of reading, newspapers and magazines and working towards a degree in political science, a correspondence course haen has a job in woodworking and not been harassed or threatened that she
10:40 am
said while the other inmates might not necessarily support her, they are not intimidating her. >> one thing she's on twitter and one of the last tweets from chelsea manning, 22 hours ago, the article just hit stands check it out there. haven't gotten a chance to see it yet. >> we have to snail mail it to her. >> that's how you corresponded to have this interview? >> right. >> how long did that take? >> i looked at my e-mail it started a year and a half ago, right around the sentencing i first reached out to her lawyer and over the next year i tried different avenues and eventually connected with her sister who she was really helpful because she talked to chelsea on the phone, and she decided she would like to talk to me about it. then i had to snail mail the questions and got her answers back by mail and for follow-ups i went through her aclu lawyer and he would call and ask her
10:41 am
questions. >> for anybody torn on whistle blower or traitor, it's a fascinating piece in cosmo right now. thank you so much. we asked if you think gay conversion therapy should be banned? francis is back with what more people have to say with our bing pulse question. >> influx of responses from viewers with our bing pulse question. let's bring you results so far. these are results we're getting and changing minute by minute. so far an overwhelming agreement that gay conversion therapy should be banned. you can tell by numbers here 85% of you say yes, 15% say no it should not be banned. let's break that down with education right now. people with master's degrees are divided whether or not it should be banned. any time you see this kind of pulsing or fluxing as it is right now, that's because you're voting and it's going to render and come back with a result. those who actually say they have had a high school or associate's
10:42 am
degree they said it should be banned and people with master's degrees are divided. as you request see right there, that will change to reflect it. age, interestingly everyone 55 plus is more in support on the ban on conversion therapy and those between 18 and 24, those 25 to 34-year-olds have been split. in the last ten minutes or so. 1:37 and in real time, 1:42 is the time exactly and you can see how that is fluctuating as well. let's look at democrats and republicans and independents hereof as far as political party. republicans are trending positive but shown more disagreement than other parties as well. so because this is in real time and we're monitoring it right now as your votes are coming in keep those votes coming. this is how it stands now. it can very well change in the next few minutes and even the
10:43 am
next hour. we invite you to go to here we go, for your vote. >> thank you for the breakdown. we will continue to come back and check in and see where people are falling down on this. thank you. we want to take you back to this developing news out of south carolina we're waiting for the news conference from the attorney of mario gib gonz, at the center of a complaint filed against michael slager for improper use of force with a taser. this is after he is charged with murder in the 50-year-old walter scott. joy, i know you had an opportunity to hear from witnesses that were there in 2013 that know exactly what happened or what they say happened to mario gibbons. >> right, thomas we actually went to the street where mario gibbons' mother and brother
10:44 am
lived and we talked to a neighbor carrie sellers who lives across the street and down the road from the gibbons house. she said she actually heard and then saw part of what happened to mario gibbons in 2013. i asked her what she heard and saw and this is what she had to say. >> that night it was 2:00 in the morning and i just heard this loud extreme like i didn't do anything i didn't do anything. man, what are you doing to me? and i peeped out of the window and then i realized it was him. and i saw two officers like standing up white officer and black officer and i could hear the voice on the ground. i came to my door and looked out the door and i realized that it was mario laying on the ground. he kept saying what did i do? what did i do? you knocked on my door and you just snatched me out. you tased me. >> and thomas apparently what
10:45 am
happened was the girlfriend of mario gibbons' brother, the ex-girlfriend is the one who called 911. but when police arrived at the house they were looking for the brother but got mario instead. bun of the things that's significant about that there's a significant difference in the height of the two brother. mario is tall and brother is 5'5". so the ex-girlfriend was witnessing what happened and yelling it's not him. you got the wrong guy. according to the complaint, the officer who we know is the same officer, officer slager continued to tase mario while he was on the ground. so i also wanted to ask because the officer was in fact cleared in this incident whether or not he was fighting the officer orangeor angry, this is what the neighbor had to say about that. >> and when you saw this incident happen did mario seem afraid, seem angry? >> he seemed more afraid and little angry.
10:46 am
he didn't want to go to jail. he said i didn't do anything. i didn't do anything. he was more like scared because it took him by surprise by the way he was explaining it. that's the way it sounded to me just snatched him out of the door. he kept saying, you just snatched me out of the door. i didn't do anything. >> thomas officer slager was cleared in this incident. now that he is charged with first degree murder there's a renewed interest in this former case. we're waiting for the press conference by mario gibbons and his attorney. >> case of mistaken identity where he was released without charge. the hook here is the fact when they went on to review that former complaint, that slager was exonerated of using any type of excessive force in what turned out tok a case again of mistaken identity where mario gibbons wasn't wanted for anything and was released. we'll have more from you as we continue to follow developments from the press conference coming up. straight ahead we have new
10:47 am
developments involving a juror in the aaron hernandez murder trial. could there be a mistrial ahead? ♪♪ expected wait time: 55 minutes. your call is important to us. thank you for your patience. waiter! vo: in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. vo: we put members first... join the nation. thank you. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ hey! have an awesome vacation everyone! thank you so much! you're so sweet. yummy! key lime pie at 90 calories. it is so good for not giving in.
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10:50 am
nfl star aaron hernandez, but there's now news of a possible shake-up. less than an hour ago, the judge in the case held a meeting with a representative for our nbc affiliate whdh. the judge had previously barred a news employee from covering the trial after that person was accused of following jurors in a car outside court. depending on the outcome of the meeting, the judge could decide to bar the entire station from covering the trial. the station denies any wrongdoing. jurors began deliberations on tuesday after ten weeks of testimony and during closing arguments, a lawyer for hernandez acknowledged for the first time that his client was at the scene of the 2013 killing of his friend and saw it happen but didn't know what to do. hernandez faces charges of murder illegal possession of a firearm, and illegal possession of ammunition.
10:51 am
joining me now is seema ayer the host of her own show called "the docket" on shift msnbc. great to have you here. what do you make of this latest hiccup in the case and wlornts it -- whether or not it could derail the hard work? >> you know the rule. you cannot disturb the province of the jury. this could lead to a mistrial which the prosecution never wants. the defense always wants. because getting a mistrial is the next best thing to not guilty. >> meanwhile, has the defense of aaron hernandez done a good enough job of confusing this jury to provide reasonable doubt? >> i think they have because it's purely a circumstantial case. what was interesting is in the closing argument the defense attorney admitted that hernandez was there. it was almost like he was testifying for hernandez by conceding that point. >> so yesterday jurors were -- they asked the judge to clarify certain points about gun and ammunition charges and whether they had to find that hernandez
10:52 am
intended to use those items. >> right. >> so what does that mean? what's going through their minds? >> number one, i wouldn't read too much into it. it's just clarification on the points. number two, it's about dominion and control. when the one person has the gun, does the other person also get blamed for it? and in this situation, the answer is yes. in for a penny, in for a pound, they were all in it together. >> okay. all right. we're going to keep you around. thanks for reminding me of my juror status. >> da says hi by the way. >> i did my civic duty. seema iyer great to see you. thanks so much. still ahead, according to police documents, a private investigator said he was working for the church of scientology to investigate the father of its leader. we've got the full story coming up in the next hour. you don't want to miss this. stay with us. ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary
10:53 am
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10:55 am
want to get you back to north charleston, as promised. this is the attorney for mario gibbons speaking about the complaint he filed in 2013 against officer slager. >> the citizens have given up a part of their social contract. they want to live peaceful in a community. they want to work and play and worship in a community. mr. gibbons was not afforded that opportunity about a year and a half ago. sleeping in his house with his
10:56 am
fiance ms. whitaker there was a knock on the door. he went to answer the door. from that a series of issues unfolded. so we're investigating this case. we believe that mr. gibbons was wronged by officer slager, that he was tased. turned out he was even the wrong man. the witness that led them to the house said he's not the one. and so i don't want the city of north charleston or the police department to think we're picking on them. but they can't just throw mere pittance when the complaint was file filed. according to the police, they investigated it and said they exonerated officer slager. well, we have now learned that officer slager likes to stage
10:57 am
his crimes. you've seen it from the video on the cam of the young man who offered it for the scott case. we believe that at the particular time in mr. gibbons' house what went on was wrong. it was ruthless. it was lawless. it was outside the procedures of what he'd been trained and the procedures of the department. mr. gibbons -- >> so we're listening to the attorney here who's representing mario gibbons, who brought a formal complaint against officer slager and the north charleston police department after a case of mistaken identity in 2013 where he was tased. slager was later exonerated. we're back with more after this. i'm brian vickers, nascar® driver. i'm kevin nealon comedian. and i'm arnold palmer, professional golfer. know what we have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. me, when i had a blood clot in my leg that could have traveled to my lungs. that's why i took xarelto®, too. xarelto® is proven to treat
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yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it supports physical energy with b vitamins. one a day 50+ 40% of streetlights in detroit at one point did not work. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. they had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. 40% of the lights were out but they're not out for long. they're coming back. hi, everybody. this hour on msnbc, the man behind the video showing a police officer shooting an apparently unarmed black man in the back.
11:01 am
>> the victim's just trying to run away from cop. >> and i'm going to have a chance to speak with an editor at "time" magazine about their powerful new cover "black lives matter." plus, president obama backing a ban on gay conversion therapy. i'm going to get reaction from his adviser valery jarrett. this also the subject of today's bing pulse question for you. should gay conversion therapy be banned? the pulse is live right now. weigh in and we'll get your results directly on the air. ahead today, an nbc news investigation into an alleged spying scandal orchestrated by the mysterious church of scientology. we'll show you that investigation. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. we begin with new developments in the case of a south carolina police officer charged with murder after shooting an apparently unarmed black man in the back. we've learned there will be a 3:00 p.m. news conference from the family of the victim walter scott, and we're just watching another news conference taking place as we speak. another man involved in a prior use of force complaint that was
11:02 am
lodged against officer michael slager. this complaint came in 2013. it also involved his use of a taser. slager was exonerated in that case. we're monitoring this news, and we're going to have more coming up in a moment. the man you see on the left of your screen is mario gibbons. there is officer slager. but back to this case. slager has now hired a new attorney, according to reports, and police could release dash cam video from the officer's patrol car as soon as today. the man who captured video of the shooting on his cell phone says he fears for his safety but felt he had to come forward. >> i said i need to let people know what is going on right now. >> you're going to hear more from him along with his attorney there. i had a chance to speak with fayden santana today. trymaine lee joins me from north charleston charleston. what more do we know about the
11:03 am
dash cam video? >> it could come as early as today or more likely tomorrow when state officials plan on releasing it. but what we don't know is what exactly it captures. now, we know that it doesn't capture the actual moment of the shooting in which officer slager shoots and killed walter scott. but it could reveal a little more about the actual traffic stop that kind of precipitated the killing. it might shed light on who was in the vehicle with walter scott, what happened after that sparked the actual foot chase that led from about 150 yards from where the stop happened to where the ultimate killing happened. and so we know it's coming soon. today or tomorrow. everyone's hoping that it may shed more light on this kind of -- this horrific incident. >> all right, trymaine thank you so much. trymaine lee from south carolina. we're monitoring this news conference from mario gibbons. he's a young man at the center of a 2013 complaint that was filed against officer michael slager. the complaint was about improper use of force with a taser. officer slager was later
11:04 am
exonerated. take a listen. >> he beated on the door. he didn't say nothing. he just started trying to grab me out the out. he pulled the taser out. the black officer still had ahold of me. he was like come out the house or i'm going to tase you. i throw my hand out, and he tase me. i come out the house. i fall out the house. >> so earlier today, i had a chance to sit down with fayden santana, the man who's being called a hero for capturing the video of officer slager fatally shooting walter scott. here's part two of that interview with santana and his attorney todd rutherford. >> do you follow current events? have you been aware of other cities that have had situations where police have used excessive or deadly force? >> yes, i followed the ferguson case. >> mr. rutherford, i want to ask you, we have the mayor giving the press conference yesterday saying they've ordered 251 body
11:05 am
cameras for their police officers to be trained and to wear. is that a good first step in trying to reset community trust as we look specifically at north charleston? >> it's a good first step but it's a step that should have been taken a long time ago. senator kempson, that represents that area put in a bill to ask for body cameras the later part of 2014. they resisted saying they couldn't find the money to do so. hopefully body cameras -- it's too late for them to have saved mr. scott's life but hopefully if the future they'll save many other lives and transform how police officers treat individuals they come into contact with. >> feidin as you have seen what the mayor said yesterday, also the police chief coming out and trying to provide transparency as they have now been called on the carpet because the incident report is completely false when you look at the video, are you stied with their response and what they're doing publicly so
11:06 am
far? >> like i said this is something very delicate. and i think there are three families involved in this. mr. scott, the victim. yes, i feel satisfied that they know the truth and the law will take justice for this. for the cop, like i say, i don't feel happy about what can happen after the evidence. i don't feel happy at all. it's sad. i'll be honest it's sad. but like i say, you're the law. you're supposed to be the example. you pay for your decisions, you know. and that was a bad decision. >> so my thanks to feiden santana and his attorney for joining me.
11:07 am
coming up later, i'll speak with an editor at "time" magazine about its powerful new cover with the statement "black lives matter." we turn to new troubles for the secret service. another issue where a top agent has been making headlines, accused of making sexual advances towards a female coworker. in the last year alone, the agency has been plagued with security breaches and accusations of drunk driving. joining me now from washington is nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker. this is another issue that director joe clancy needs to respond to right away in dealing with these allegations, but another headache he certainly doesn't need. >> you're absolutely right about that. director clancy calling these latest allegations disturbing. here's what we know right now. the secret service saying that javier morales, who was a senior supervisor, has been placed on leave, has been stripped of his security clearances as well pending the outcome of an investigation by the department of homeland security inspector general after a fellow female
11:08 am
coworker accused him of making unwanted sexual advances toward her. she claims that this all happened on the night of march 31st. the two were at a bar here in d.c. he allegedly made sexual advances toward her at that bar. then they went back to agency headquarters and this female employee, a subordinate, says that he tried to grab her arm, said he wanted to have sex with her. she rebuffed his advances and reported them to her higher ups on april 2nd. that was last thursday. director clancy was briefed on that day, took immediate action placing morales on administrative leave. now, here's what director clancy is saying today in a statement. he says quote, any threats or violence that endangers our employees in the workplace is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. now, as you point out, thomas this is the latest setback for an agency that has been in crisis dating back to 2012. that's when more than a dozen
11:09 am
agents were released from the secret service after they were accused of interacting with prostitutes during a trip to colombia. since then, there have been two new secret service directors. most recently two top agents have been investigated for driving near an active investigation outside of the white house after a night of drinking. director clancy has vow the he's going to clean up the agency but undoubtedly, this is going to spark fresh anger from capitol hill and the white house. thomas, back to you. >> a lot on his plate. kristen welker at the white house for us great to see you. thank you. so he was once hailed as the republican party's best hope best hope for the 2016 presidential elections, but now according to "the new york times," members of governor chris christie's administration could face indictment charges as early as next week. the new jersey governor's political star power began to fade the moment that news broke over his administration's role in the george washington bridge scandal. and things aren't getting better
11:10 am
back home. a new rutgers eagleton poll found that 48% of new jersey voters do not approve of the job that he's doing. now the governor wishes he did things a little differently. >> i want to ask you if you had one dido-over, one thing you could go back and revisit and do it differently, what would it be? >> oh, gosh. i wouldn't have been as trusting of some people would have asked more questions on certain things in general. and i wish i would have had that to do over again. >> msnbc's steve kornacki is the host of "up with steve kornacki," also our resident expert on all things jersey. like that show -- >> pasta and politics. >> i want a show like that. are you kidding me? >> great show. >> we have a pastry plate. i know we have that. >> it's a whole new level. >> it is a whole new level. the governor coming out and wishes that things could be a little different. is this type of mea culpa
11:11 am
something that could get him back on track? >> the situation we're in is we've been waiting for this other shoe to drop on bridgegate for more than a year now. we've had a lot of false starts over the last few months. here we are in april. they still haven't come down but there are signs now that this thing is close to wrapping up and there will be actual word from federal prosecutors soon about who around chris christie is going to be indicted what they're going to be indicted for. the thing, of course is in these indictments, it's not just the charges. they're presented almost like novels. these things are 50 60 70 pages long. they piece together the behind the scenes details. they're almost written to titillate the press. all the questions we've had about, why did they close these in the first place, what were they saying behind the scenes you're going to have new details coming out with these indictments. it brings the story back in a whole new way.
11:12 am
it's hard to say, can chris christie survive, how can he survive, let's see what the indictments say. certain he we know what he's going to say. i was duped. but when you add the level of detail that's going to come with this, let's see how that holds up. >> he's going to continue to go with his plausible deniability game. what about the people in his orbit, the who's who. there are certain names we know that are more distinct than others, like a bridget ann kelly. where's she going to fall? >> let's see if -- is she one of the people indicted here? the talk has been there could be four, five, six, seven indictments coming down here. the interesting thing to keep in mind is bridget kelly, whose name is on that e-mail that said time for traffic problems in ft. lee. we haven't heard from her in the last year and a half. we've heard from chris christie. we have heard his public version of this. we haven't heard bridget kelly's. i imagine in this indictment we may hear bridget kelly's version. the other thing is once these
11:13 am
indictments come down assuming there are indictments coming down, these are people who may speak out publicly. bridget kelly, for instance, the governor has called her a liar on national television over and over again. she may have something to say about that. that's a piece of the story we haven't heard yet. >> all right. next time i see you, i want a bowl of pasta. i want on that show. msnbc's steve kornacki. thanks. you can catch up with steve kornacki every weekend morning at 8:00 a.m. eastern where they have a great pastry plate. new reaction to the guilty verdict in the boston bombing trial. coming up, i'll speak with the commissioner of the boston pd plus the jury deliberating in another trial, the murder trial of patriots star aaron hernandez. frances will be back with a break down on other athletes facing trouble with the law. and ahead, a historic move by the white house. the president backing a ban on gay conversion therapy. that's also the subject of today's bing pulse question. should it be banned? we're tallying the votes so far, but the pulse is still live. go weigh in and we'll be right back.
11:14 am
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11:17 am
welcome back everybody. nearly 60 million people from texas to west virginia are in the path of another severe weather threat. about ten tornadoes were reported yesterday in the nation's midsection. just look at this. check out the video of a tornado forming along the kansas-oklahoma border. if you look carefully to the right of your screen you're going to see a rainbow emerge there. there were also heavy rains, flash flooding, high winds, and a dozen states even softball-sized hail and lots of reports in cars in missouri damaged from that hail. today the threat of severe storms is not over. domenica davis joins us now with the forecast. that was some heavy hail. >> that's crazy. unfortunately today, a lot of the places yesterday that saw the storms they'll continue to see them today. we have a tornado watch. this has just been posted for
11:18 am
eastern parts of iowa, missouri, and western portions of illinois. this is going to go until 8:00 tonight. later this afternoon tonight, that's when we'll start to see the storms fire up. of course the threat of tornadoes is there. now, further to the east chicago's been getting hammer bid thunderstorms as well. that has died down but we'll likely see a thunderstorm watch for parts of ohio into kentucky. that should be posted by later this afternoon. it will be a busy weather day, thomas, and we'll continue to keep you updated not only through the afternoon but through this evening as well. >> domenica thank you very much. so the question that a lot of people are asking is will dzhokhar tsarnaev receive the death penalty? that's the big question that has the boston marathon bombing case now entering the penalty phase. it was on wednesday that a jury found tsarnaev guilty on all 30 counts in marathon attacks and the ensuing man hunt and crimes committed on that timeline between april 15th and april 19th of 2013. it's exactly one week shy of the attacks.
11:19 am
the two-year anniversary. survivors of the bombings are weighing in with their opinions. >> i may be standing on one fake leg, but i'm standing here stronger than ever because someone tried to destroy me and he failed. >> i really don't care whether he receives the death penalty or not. i will not ever get my leg back regardless of what happens to him, and the people who died will never be able to come back. >> joining me now is william evans, police commissioner for the city of boston. sir, welcome. when you heard the decision and the verdict coming out, did you feel that there was a sense of or at least the beginning of closure for those that have been affected by what happened on april the 15th in 2013? >> yeah i think clearly the victims and the families who i've gotten to know over the last two years, they got some satisfaction. but i don't think there will
11:20 am
ever be closure for any of the families here. they lost their loved ones four young individuals killed over the course of those, you know, five days. another 250 seriously injured. so i don't know that they'll ever get closure. but i can tell you, there was some satisfaction both on their parts and on law enforcement, on that verdict yesterday. >> so there's a brilliant and beautiful resilience out of the survivors' narratives and how they've taken their lives back to live beautifully and successfully beyond this. the tragedy for the families that lost loved ones during this time, that is still certainly very painful, as everybody moves through now what is the penalty phase. i know when it was announced last year that the death penalty was an option you were quoted as saying it seemed appropriate. do you still agree? >> well you know, again, i've never been a big supporter of the death penalty, but having played an active part in that
11:21 am
investigation and putting that evidence together and watching those videos and watching how this particular individual stood behind that young richards family for a good five minutes and left that bomb only moments to go away you know it was just such a malicious act that i sort of reconsider it. the jury has to decide but i hope the decision is what will make the family happy. you know the type of act he committed on that street -- you know i was there when the verdict came in yesterday sitting behind him. i don't know how someone could do that to such a young family. >> yeah we know the richard family was there in the front row. the dad actually had to testify. the young sister of martin richards, she lost her leg, the mom losing sight in one eye. do you think, though if the jury comes back and it is life in prison that that will be enough to satisfy not only the
11:22 am
community of boston but also the law enforcement community as well because of the loss the death of m.i.t. officer sean collier? >> yeah, you know, at this point i think we have the people who are responsible. i think it will satisfy people for the most part because there's mixed emotions out there on whether if we execute him he'll be a martyr based on his religion. i think a lot of people are very satisfied that he'll never see the light of day. so i know i've talked to my officers, i've talked to a lot of people. we have mixed emotions on it. either way, you know, our hearts go out to the victims, to their families and ultimately let's hope whatever sentence they give him, that the families will get some comfort in that. >> boston police commissioner william evans, thank you for joining me today. >> thank you. coming up next, a new study that confirms what most parents already know. it's impossible to detach your kids from their smartphones. yes, it's very hard. i think it can be done though.
11:23 am
just got to shake them until they drop out of their hands. we'll be back with more. stick around. ♪ ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ ♪ she can print amazing things right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] she makes trains that are friends with trees. ♪ ♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ ♪ i'm the protector of my patio. killing weeds where they grow. a barrier forms so weeds can't appear - serious weed prevention up to a year. [chorus singing:] ♪ roundup max control 365 ♪ with no more weeds it's your year.
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and a free 30-tablet trial. we are back with what's trending. apple released its latest operating system yesterday. people are thrilled with the 300 new emojis in the upgrade they got out of this. there they are. five additional skin tones are available, fulfilling the company's promise for greater diversity and modern family combinations including same-sex couples. although, i thought they already had those. i thought they had two guys. no? okay. well, you can't change the color on those just yet, but the biggest outcry so far is the middle finger emoji hasn't been added. not that i would know. although i will admit if you want to send your sibling something, you can just take a picture of your hand doing it. which i did to my sister once. and she got a great kick out of it. anyway frances is following another fascinating story that's trending. >> my favorite story for me is
11:27 am
the stefan snl emoji. >> you can't beat it. >> we're talking about things that have trended here when it comes to pew research. this is coming from the pew research center. it's basically finding the link between teens and social media. a lot of that stuff you're really not going to be surprised at all as far as where they gathered this data. incredibly accurate. here's what they found out about the average american teen. you're probably at home going, yep, yep, yep, i know that. here's to confirm it. a whopping one in four said they're online almost constantly. here, 92% go on at least daily. it may not surprise you that facebook is the most popular platform among 13 to 17-year-olds polled. i always thought people were saying facebook is old and teens are skewing more to instagram, which is second here, not twitter. twitter dropped down to last as far as these teens. snapchat is in there.
11:28 am
if you're not familiar with snapchat it's kind of like texting but using image, pictures only. the breakdown also goes by race gender, and class. teens spent so much time on social media and using their smartphones, so by far the largest group, 85% of african-american teens have the greatest access to smartphones. white and latinos are more likely to use these for special texting apps. so by gender girls are visual. they like sites like instagram and pinterest much more than most teenage boys. pinterest is like a virtual scrapbook. you can pin your favorite gift basket in case you're not familiar with it. well, three times as many girls use that than boys on those particular sites like that. boys on the other hand outpace girls playing video games on consoles which can also be connected to the web and also on their phones. little surprise there for a lot of you who always have to pry
11:29 am
these devices off your kids. but you might be shocked that as far as class is concern, most affluent teens tend to spend less time on facebook than poor ones. that's up to 20% less. richer kids, ironically are more drawn to twitter. that's one of the least popular platforms among all teens. i showed you twitter being the last one in that. a lot of this parents may be going, uh-huh uh-huh i know exactly how that is. when it comes to the teens and how they do it thomas i'm not checking the teen box. i'm doing the middle-aged box, but i find myself kind of going, yeah, those are kind of my online social media habits too. >> i was just checking -- i did do that to my sister. >> oh with the -- >> yeah i did. i'll show you the picture. anyway -- >> you don't need the emoji for that one. full-on real thing. >> with siblings, you can do the real thing. so on a more serious topic
11:30 am
"time's" new cover "black lives matter," i'll speak with the editor at large. it's one you need to read. we're back with more after this. most of the products we all buy are transported on container ships. before a truck delivers it to your store, a container ship delivered it to that truck. here in san diego, we're building the first one ever to run on natural gas. ships this big running this clean will be much better for the environment. we're proud to be a part of that. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ susan ] my promotion allowed me to start investing for my retirement. transamerica made it easy. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow. how much protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct.
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done we're here to help. an update on our top story out of south carolina. the family of walter scott is going to be speaking coming up at the top of the hour. meanwhile, moments ago we heard from mario gibbons, the man at the center of a 2013 complaint against officer slager for improper use of a slager. take a listen to what he said at a news conference earlier this hour. >> did you fear for your life at that point? >> during the scuffle? >> yeah. >> yeah because i knew what was going on. he never said nothing. he didn't announce he was the police. he just beated on the door. >> turned out it was a case of mistaken identity. slager had the wrong man in mario gibbons, and even after the formal complaint that he was tasered improperly slager was
11:34 am
exonerated by an investigation by the police department. the events in north charleston have led to this cover of "time" magazine entitled "black lives matter." with me now is "time" magazine's editor at large, who wrote the cover story in the upcoming issue. david, great to have you here. i know you specifically spoke to walter scott's brother anthony. anthony describes walter scott as being a hard-working and loving father despite having these run-ins with the law over child support payments and the fact he'd fallen behind. all he wanted to do was, quote, rent an rv and take all four of his kids on a cruise and to take them to disney world. what more did you find about this case, about this man, who has now gripped the national headlines with the death that was captured on video? >> well we were able to learn from that interview exactly how the video came to be public. for three days from the time of the shooting on saturday until
11:35 am
tuesday when the video surfaced we didn't really know what had happened in south carolina. we had only the police officer's version of events which clearly once the video surfaced didn't accurately represent the entire exchange that ended up in mr. scott's death. we know now that the man who took the video showed it at a memorial service for walter scott to his family and said he didn't really want to get involved. he hoped that the police department would come forward with a fuller and more accurate accounting of what happened. but when they didn't he felt like he needed to go public. >> it's a fascinating piece, but there are people who would say that the grand sweeping generalizations that have been made about different kinds of police-involved shootings, certainly the ones that have
11:36 am
made large national headlines, but in your piece there's a quote saying every single case of deadly use of force, particularly where race is a factor automatically becomes racism. that's just not true. the fact that officers are now guilty until proven innocent or the force is inappropriate until an investigation is done i think that sends a bad message to police officers, and i think it's a waste of resources for society in general. that's from chairman of the washington, d.c., police union. what do you have to say to that? >> well i think he's absolutely right. i think that's the nature of the problem that police now find themselves in. it's why, i think, this event where we can see what happened where there's not going to be an argument about whether the officer felt endangered at the time that he drew his weapon and fired eight times. this creates an opportunity to move beyond the arguing over the facts of the case and get to what needs to happen next. the current situation of
11:37 am
mistrust and fear on both sides, both among african-american men and among police officers it's not good for either of them. and figuring out ways to create a climate of trust, whether that's body cameras, dashboard cameras, and just better training better policing more trust is going to be better for everyone on all sides of this problem. >> we continue to see areas where we need to reset with our social contract when it comes to how communities are dealing with their police departments, how police departments are dealing with their communities and this is just another example of that. but it's just more visual this time around, being captured on videotape and more shocking for so many. david, thank you, sir. appreciate your time. i just want to pass along to our viewers that we are expecting a news conference walter scott's family, 3:00 p.m. eastern. msnbc will be covering that. the other big story we're on watch for today is verdict watch
11:38 am
in the aaron hernandez murder trial. it's just outside of boston. we're getting news that two jurors have reported being followed by a local nbc affiliate van. in this situation, the judge said the station's actions could lead to a mistrial. the media is not allowed to take photos of jurors or speak to them while the trial is happening happening. less than an hour ago, the judge held a meeting with a representative from our affiliate. we're still waiting on word from the judge. hernandez isn't the only nfl star to face murder charges. frances is back with a look at past cases of different athletes that have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. >> really a grim look at the history of past nfl players. there's a long line of pro football play who are have faced murder charges. let's go through a few of them starting with this one. we all know it as the trial of the century. o.j. simpson was accused of killing his ex-wife nicole brown and her friend ron goldman in 1994. a year later, he was acquitted.
11:39 am
you're looking at simpson's reaction there. the moment the jury read his not guilty verdict. now, though simpson couldn't avoid prison, he's currently serving time on a 2008 robbery conviction. that brings us to this case. rae carruth is in prison following his conspiracy conviction in plotting the death of his pregnant wife. she died weeks after she was shot four times in 1999. here's the thing. the baby she was carrying actually survived. he was sentenced to 18 to 24 years in prison. a federal appears court upheld his conviction in 2011 after that appeal. eric naposki former linebacker for the new england patriots and indianapolis colts, is serving a life sentence in prison for murdering his lover's live-in boyfriend in 1994. his lover wanted to collect a $1 million life insurance policy, so she gave him a key to the home and told him when her boyfriend would be home. then he shot the man six times
11:40 am
in the kitchen. a little bit of a break down of that as you remember that. just a little bit of an update on the aaron hernandez the blip on the local nbc affiliate. there are reports that the judge has basically said -- didn't say that the news organization couldn't follow the trial, but they're saying that one particular photographer, the cameraman, he can't work on that case anymore. so that hasn't been confirmed by nbc news or msnbc, so we're working on that. >> okay frances. thank you so much. up next a major move by the white house. the president backing a ban on gay conversion therapy. obama adviser valery jarrett is going to join me next. also an nbc investigation into an alleged scandal in the church of scientology. full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take
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as we've been telling you, we're following a ground-breaking story out of the white house. president obama formally backing a call to end conversion therapy.
11:44 am
it's a type of psychiatric treatment intended to cure the sexual orientation or gender identity of lgbt people and it's the subject of today's bing pulse question. frances is back with an update on what we're seeing come in. what are people saying? >> really overwhelming response thomas, as far as our viewers getting involved in this. the most we've had all week since we started the bing pulse question of the day on tuesday. our question today, should gay conversion therapy be banned? here's how you responded so far. let's get started here with overall responses. a whopping 84% of you who voted said, yes, gay conversion therapy should be banned. 16% of you said no. again, we're watching this in realtime, so you can still respond. this might change by the time i'm done bringing you these results. let's break it down with political party. over the last half hour or so republicans have mostly agreed that it should be banned. independents are split, some saying it should be banned. others are saying it shouldn't. right when i mentioned that, all
11:45 am
your votes are coming in. it's assessing this and doing it in realtime. so once it renders, hopefully we'll be able to take a look at that when it comes to political party. okay. let's look at age. 18 to 24-year-olds very strongly believe that conversion therapy should be banned. people their parents' age agree less strongly. so there's a generational gap. you can see here with some of the ages 18 to 24-year-olds in blue who strongly afwree and then parents 55 years and older, you can see how some of that is changing. every now and then it dips. again, moving in realtime. this is just the results in the past five minutes from 2:40 to 2: 2:45. seems like the younger you are, the more you agree in this scenario. many men believe strongly that conversion therapy should be banned. those results of men and women in just the last five minutes. women vary especially in the last minute alone. we invite you to keep those
11:46 am
responses coming. >> all right, frances. big takeaway there. 84% say it should be banned. thank you so much. joining us now by phone is valerie jarrett, senior white house adviser to president obama. great to have you with me. i know that this is something that you've been very up front about because we've been seeing your tweet, we've been reading your blog posts for the advocate. it's in your statement about the president's support to end conversion therapy that you cite there are 18 states considering the law to ban the controversial practice. we know that it's banned in california new jersey and in washington, d.c. but what more can be done to push forward a broader policy, or is this just a symbolic move by president obama and the white house? >> well, thank you, thomas. it's a pleasure for me to call into your show. i know you care a lot about this issue as well. i guess we start with the basic premise. as i said in my response young people should be valued for who they are no matter what they
11:47 am
look like where they come from their gender or their identity or who they love. evidence overwhelmingly -- scientific evidence shows that conversion therapy, especially when it's practiced on young people, is neither medically or ethically appropriate and could cause substantial harm. so our first job is to get out the scientific information. now parents, i'm a mom, we want to do right by our children. we want to raise them to be healthy. we want to make life as easy on them as possible. what we want to make sure is the information is out there about how destructive these practices can be. just as you have spoken to many transgenders, i'm sure who have been subjected to this therapy, so have i. the impact on their lives is devastating. so let's get the information out there. then what we're going to do is work state by state. we have 18 states now that are looking at legislation.
11:48 am
and let's try to get the word out there about the impact that this can have and the best way to get laws changed. >> do you think, valerie, that the best way to do this is by the state level? because there would never be a bill that would cross the president's desk for him to sign. the employment nondiscrimination act is not even something we can get consensus on in congress. >> well you know what obviously we have a lot of challenges getting the simplest legislation through congress. we certainly would support a broader national policy, but in the meantime we're going to work with the states. you've seen what we've been able to get done a whole range of issues from raising the minimum wage to right now i'm in chicago talking about the importance of paid leave because 43 million americans don't have a single day of paid leave. so many policies would benefit greatly from a national policy. but in the meantime, let's work state by state. also, let's put the information out there for medical experts. i'm going to have a tumblr chat
11:49 am
tomorrow with experts who are going to come and talk about this so that families are considering this therapy for their children will have the information about how destructive it could be. so we've got to approach this from a variety of different approaches, not just simply legislation, but also equipping people with information. >> yeah many medical organizations specifically the american psychiatric association, says there's no evidence to support the therapy, that it works, other than to send kids into deeper and darker depressive places. valerie jarrett, great to have you on. thanks for making time for me. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me on. coming up next an nbc news investigation into an alleged spying scandal organized by the mysterious church of scientology. we'll be right back. t energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas.
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so as promised that nbc news investigation into an alleged spying scandal in the church of scientology. according to police documents, a private detective claims he was working for the church to
11:53 am
investigate the church's leader. nbc's joe fryer has the details. >> reporter: david is the leader of church of scientology. according to police reports, two private investigators say they were hired to track the leader's father, a long-time scientologist who left the church. in 2013 one of those investigators, dewayne powell, was arrested in west dallas wisconsin, after police received a call about a suspicious man walking around a neighborhood. >> what mr. powell did indicate to the detectives was that at the end of the day, yes, he believed he was working for the church of scientology. >> reporter: according to police documents, powell said he was hired through an intermediary firm and had been following ronald for 1 1/2 years. he said he and his son were paid about $10,000 a week to search his garbage and follow and photograph him wherever he went. powell also told police he put a gps tracking unit on ronald's car. the police report says powell
11:54 am
stated that david is paranoid and afraid ex-members will discuss the inner workings of the church. nbc news obtained audio of powell's statement. >> i'm just supposed to report back what he does, who he talks to. they want me to find people to make friends with him to lead him in a positive direction. >> reporter: in response, the church of scientology says the entire premise of the report is an absolute bald-faced lie. it is preposterous. david's attorney says mr. miscavige has never spoked to mr. powell and never directed any investigations by mr. powell. but in his statement to police powell say there was an incident where he saw ronald miscavige slumped over while grasping his chest. according to the police report, he said he was called about two minutes later by a man who identified himself as david miscavige. david told him that if it was
11:55 am
ron's time to die to let him die and not intervene in any way. that story was repeated by powell's son, who was also interviewed by police. >> my dad got off the phone. he goes i just got a call from david miscavige. he said, don't intervene. >> reporter: but the church of scientology said no such conversation with mr. miscavige ever took place. it is unadulterated, expletive, adding mr. miscavige has always taken care of his father and continues to do so. ronald miscavige, now 79 declined to comment, except to tell nbc news he was devastated to learn about the events in question. as for powell, he could not be reached for comment. when police arrested him in 2013 officers found numerous weapons in his car but powell said they were just for sport shooting. >> i just follow the old man. i swear. i'm not intending any harm to him, ever. >> reporter: powell was eventually charged with one federal count for possessing a silencer. the charge was dismissed contingent on him completing a
11:56 am
special program, but what powell told police nearly two years ago is bringing more attention to the church of scientology. joe fryer, nbc news los angeles. >> joe thanks very much. that's going to wrap things up for us here today "msnbc live." in the meantime, visit us on facebook and twitter twitter @robertsmsnbc. thank you so much for checking out bing pulse today. we had a great response from all of you. "the cycle" comes your way next. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it!
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12:00 pm
advantage of their power to the minority and to the people. >> good afternoon. i'm abby huntsman. as we come on the air, the fallout from the south carolina police shooting has taken a new turn. the video feidin santana shot led to the arrest of north charleston police officer michael slager. slaiger is charged with the murder of walter scott, who was apparently unarmed. regardless of why scott ran from the officer, what happened next was caught by santana as he was walking to work at a local barbershop. he turned the video over to the scott family who provided it to police and the media on tuesday. we want to warn you, the video is disturbing but it is essential to understanding this story. here is the relevant portion of it. [ gunfire ] after firing eight shots, the


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