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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 10, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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news. and that is victory over tyranny. is victory over tyranny. right now on "first look" at least one dead as the season's worst tornado outbreak hits. and super cell thunderstorms force residents to seek shelter. a kidnap at the u.s. census bureau head quarters. new video is released in the south carolina shooting and a stolen horse and a disturbing images of police getting violent with a suspect. and an dra bull lock's frightening call about an intruder and then jimmy fallon's best performance on the tonight show. good morning. a witness says it looks like a bomb went off. but in central illinois last night, it wasn't a bomb.
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it was this. a tornado. one of two that left destruction over a 50-mile wide area. it started thin but turned into a giant column of wind and debris that blackened the sky. part of a monster storm system that's peppered a 1500 mile arc of the country. check out what the gusts of wind can do. >> he's over. he's over. >> call 9-1-1. >> fire officials say at least one person was killed. a 67-year-old woman found dead in her home. seven people were taken to the hospital. kevin is with us from where it happened this morning. >> good afternoon from fairdale illinois. people here have been reeling overnight as a result of this tornado coming through. a massive weather system crossed
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pretty much through the state of illinois yesterday with tornado warnings and watches in effect but sometimes around 8:00 or 9:00 last night something nasty started to happen in this community and several others. one person has lost their life here as a result. several people were trapped inside a sell cellular in a local restaurant. rescue crewed managed to get those people without. now the traffic as soon as the sun comes up is going door to door to make sure there are no more casualties get the power lines switched off and start assessing the damage here. >> we can only imagine with the daybreak will bring. thank you so much. >> reporter: okay. >> nbc meteorologist bill karins is here. is the worst over? >> we're not going to see a tornado like that today. nothing like that. from looking at the video of how strong and how wide that tornado was and the path and how long it was on the ground we have one
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fatality and it's a small town. there's not much left in it. this storm avoided a lot of the big cities. that was fortunate. it went pretty much just to the east of rock ford and the west of dekalb. that was the normal path this tornado took. it was a big one for a while. this storm took path mostly over farmer's fields. not all but mostly. as a whole this is all the severe weather from yesterday. 165 hail reports. 16 tornado reports. most of those within the same complex in northern illinois. very strong storms waking people up all night long in kentucky and areas of tennessee. these sweep toward atlanta later today. as far as severe weather today, not many tornado, but we will see a lot of wind damage possible from the carolinas right down through mississippi and new orleans and also a lot of interest in the masters, the golf tournament.
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they will see a strong line of storms going through too. the weekend forecast, by the way, doesn't have anything even close to as what we've been dealing. it looks okay for most of the country. the worst of it is over with. >> thank you so much, bill. a wild police chase left a census bureau police dead this morning. a man drove to the ken sus head quarters where he tried to ramp through the gates. security guard approached the gunman's car and was shot in the chest. he later died of his injuries. meanwhile explosions could be heard as police searched a parking garage for the suspect. he was already back in washington engaging in a serious of gun battles with police. the gunman was reportedly shot several times but there has been conflicting information about his condition.
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one officer was injured but is expected to be okay. >> new developments about the deadly fatal shooting in the in south carolina shooting. in the video video you see officer lager pull scott over far broken break light. after slager returns to his bright light. scott is seen running from his vehicle. the vehicle does not show the actual shooting. officer slager's mother has spoken to reporters for the first time. >> i just want people to know that michael's a very good person and i also wanted to mention that i understand that scott family is going through a lot. this is something when an incident like this happens, it changes everybody's life. >> sharp says the whole family is taking the situation one day at a time. this morning president obama is in panama city to attend the summit of americas where he'll
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likely cross paths with the cuban president. last night john kerri met with him. tracie potts is live in washington. how close is the u.s. to dropping cuba from the state sponsors of terrorism? >> reporter: a hill tafr says they're pretty close. president obama is going to back that. are they close enough to make an announcement about it at this summit? that's what we're watching for today. if the president has an informal meeting with the president, it will be historic. it will be the first time we've seen something like that in half a century. in the meantime one of the biggest meetings has already happened. the secretary of state and his cuban counter part the foreign minister, sat down for two hours talking in a restaurant bar at the hotel where they're meetings. they had security and a senior
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state department official is describing that meeting as constructive in saying they made some progress. the agenda today for president obama, he's going to be meeting with panama's president and sitting down with the other foreign leaders of the western world at this summit and he's got a couple of addresses, one to business leaders talking about economic opportunities in the region. >> tracie potts in washington new mexico thank you so much. now to the chilling 911 call by sandra bullock. >> reporter: an emotional call from sandra bullock was the first piece of evidence presented today during a hearing for the man accused of stalking the actress and breaking into her los angeles home. >> i'm in a closet. i have a safe door. last june police say the suspect
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forced his way into the house through a locked door. her son was not home at the time. from her closet she could be heard breathing heavily throughout the real-life drama. >> in your bedroom? >> she stayed on the phone with the dispatcher for 15 minutes until police finally arrived. when he was arrested officers say he was carrying a notebook with pictures of her and handwritten letters. he said i'm. please don't press charges. he's plead not guilty. bull sandra bullock is not expected to testify but her call speaks volumes. >> allisa milan know is not happy with heathrow airport. they just took my pumped breast milk away. she went onto say they said they
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would let the pumped milk go through if i had the baby with me. the response unfortunately without a baby present, the government requires all liquids in carryones to follow the 100 milliliter rule. she says she would have happily spread the milk to different containers to come plyply. >> now it's time to get down to business with landon doudy. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. people are lining up at apple stores to try out the apple watch for the first time but they can't walk out with one. only preordered online t. the company expects strong demand. you can already get a knock off in china for about $80. amazon gets the green light again to test drone deliveries. they approved the drone deliveries last month but the company says the process took so
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long that the device is answer leet. they want they. >> pge says it won't appeal a fine from the state related to a pipeline explosion in san francisco in 2010. they say they will focus on improving safety. back over to you. >> and now to my friend and our resident sports guru. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. breaking newsover night. 8 time probowler retiring from the steelerings after 10 seasonings. known for 771 tackles and 32 interceptions in his career and known for the best hair. wouldn't you agree with that? >> i do. >> it is long. drafted in '03. he has two super bowl rings. in the masters tiger one improves. he's tied for 41st out of 97 players. at the top jordan spieth the
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21-year-old impressing with 8 under par. one shot off the course record. baseball, the indians came within two outs of their first no-hitter in almost 34 years. three pitchers come banebined to no hit the astros. one out in the ninth, the indianas win it 5-1. security for the kentucky berderby no selfie sticks and drones. they don't want those there. the college national champs say good-bye to freshman jahlil okafor. coach k saying he's entering the draft along with a couple of other university of kentucky players. >> if you've decided to put your name in the drafrt why don't you stand up? >> really? >> all right. there you go.
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>> seven players going pro. >> yes. all net. barcelona soccer player bored the with goals and went for a three-pointer at the training grounds basketball hoop. >> you could do that with your eyes closed. >> my eyes are normally closed but i don't know if i could do that. >> thank you richmondard. >> news on hilly's big announcement. and another story up next.
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>> it's finally happening. the new york daily news reports that hillary clinton is officially announcing her candidacy for president this sunday. it will be made through social media. why over the weekend in that seems to be her.
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m.o. now onto video from. an alleged horse thief yet was caught and then he was punched by several cops. police officials are investigating the brutal arrest. >> if our department sheriffs did something wrong, they'll be put off work and dealt with appropriately in accordance with the law swels as well as our department poly robert durst has pled not guilty. surprisingly he sent a handwritten lert to the los angeles time this is month where he focuses on his love of opera and profootball. >> a bronx woman married ten guyed since 1999 without getting
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ted cruz and jeb bush. but not rand paul or chris christie christie. they were not invited. i raised money for other second amendment groups. linking chafee announced that he's exploreing a run for the democratic nomination for president. he's a former republican. the kardashians met the prime minister of the armenian prime minister. >> and game of thrones has a d.c. edition. big political names. elizabeth warren was on the daily show. she got thunderous applause after being asked about student loan interest rates. >> the big banks have a lot better lobbyists than the
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students do. i'm sorry but that's what it comes down to. we should not be charging our kids more to get a loan to go to college than we charge big financial institutions in order to finance their businesses. >> and the draft joe biden super pac opened a new online story. jimmy fallon talked about one of the items for sale. >> they started selling bumper stickers that said i'm riding with biden. that's the sicker. this is a lot better than the other one that women around the white house have started using. i'm hiding from biden. >> great catch phrases. and that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. in washington i'm joined by kevin. good morning. how do you top that riding the biding. >> happy friday. >> let's segue over to hillary
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clinton. it feels like she has been running for president already. it's been like three years. why do you think she's picking now to announce and why on a weekend. >> three years? more like eight years. i think that she recently signed a lease in a brooklyn office building for a campaign head quarters and that really kick started a 15-day window in federal commissionings guidelines for when she would have to file to announce her candidacy. the clock is ticking down but we are just any day now expecting an announcement from the former secretary of state, and the clear front runner in the democratic field. >> kevin, i have to ask about bill. how is he going to play into her run. >> that's a great question. a lot of questions about his involvement. he all remember during the 2008 campaign when there were questions raised about his involvement. there's been some conflicting
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reports. the former president clinton gave an interview recently and she said he would perhaps have a more low key but then reports in the last couple of days indicated he would be out front. what's interesting is from a policy standpoint on issues like trade, for example, where secretary clinton is going to have to perhaps differentiate a little bit from her husband's policy views, again, that political tight rope that hillary clinton is going to have to walk as she launches and campaigns for the nomination and for president. >> >> it's interesting. you talk about differentiating and now there's somebody else coming out on monday maybe marco rubio. he's possibly going to throw his hat into the ring. he's talking act tax reform. how is this going to play out for him. >> senator rubio is perhaps one of the most underrated republican candidates in the field. a lot of folks i talk with say if someone like former governor
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bush or governor scott walker perhaps fails, senator rubio is someone who could clearly rise to the top. he comes from a more centrist wing of the republican party. he's straddled the line of bringing together tea party members and the more established members. he's someone to watch. >> thanks so much for your input. >> have a great weekend. >> and just ahead jimmy fallon is calling it the best tonight show performance yet. >> madonna lets loose. you're going to want to see this performance so don't go anywhere. up at night. know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease. know that planning for retirement
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