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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  April 10, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning to you. and i'm richard lui in for jose diaz-balart. taking you to live pictures in fairdale illinois. authorities giving an update now. let's listen for a moment. >> -- bodies out here to help us. get back to work. so the crews right now are combing the area looking for anything out of the ordinary. we have our trt team that's
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getting into some of these heavy debris piles, and that's -- that's where we're at right now. i'd like to open up to any questions. >> what is the hardest part right now? searching through the rubble -- >> authorities giving us their first update on the day after of what was horrendous evening of tornado damage and we'll continue to watch these live aerial pictures as well if we can get to throws throughout the day. in fairdale illinois. killing at one person leaving derch devastation in its wake in fairdale illinois. one of the hardest hit areas a small community of just about 200 residents. not one structure escaped the twister's reach with all 50 buildings in the town virtually flattened. nearby rachelle a dozen trapped in the basement of a restaurant
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more than an hour as the powerful tornado twirled them. a tractor trailer flipping over. tossed to its side because of the tornado, and the winds around it. as you just heard from officials, officials are still assessing the damage and searching for survivors in all of those areas. nbc's kevin tibbles is in fairdale for us. kevin, how's it looking there? >> reporter: welfarelwell fairdale is a town you just referenced. you're right. not a building left untouched by the twister. this is the town where the 67-year-old woman lost her life. they are still combing through the wreckage as they have just said at the press conference here. trying to find out, trying to make sure that everyone is accounted for. many people today now that the sun has come up and, are looking and assessing the damage here. many people are saying that it is a bit of a miracle that more people did not lose their lives here, but they are going
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full-bore on this. they have first responders in from several counties around this area. we're about 75 80 miles to the west of chicago right now and this search will continue throughout the day. this is a volunteer fire department in this town. and frankly, that sort of goes to show the kind of place that it is. it's a real slice of americana here. everyone pups together pulls together through the volunteer fire department and, of course that is probably one of the reasons why so many people have been located and reunited with their families so quickly, because everyone here knows everyone, and today everyone is grieving. richard? >> nbc's kevin tibbles for us in fairdale. thank you. appreciate that. 8:03 local time. over to nbc meteorologist bill karins, today's another day. the sun is rising? >> what kevin said on my mind. you see the aerial pictures. the size of the twister. kun believe only one fatalities and didn't mention there's that many people missing.
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how is there not many people missing? hit around 7:00 8:00 at night everyone home from school and work. that little town 50 structures. only one person? i imagine we'll hear a big heads up. no tornado siren there either. not like the sirens were whaling. went to storm shelters or basements. i imagine they must have had a good heads up. we'll here the survival stories later today. maybe the basement saved people people got in cars out of town before it got there, but i'm curious to hear how those people survived such a huge tornado like this. that's the tornado that was in the earlier stages of development. it went from kind of that to this. this is all a wedge tornado. probably a quarter mile wide right there and kind of goes from a narrower tornado to what we call a stove pipe tornado to a wedge, and those are the ones that are the most deadly. these long-track tornadoes like this. here was the actual path of the tornado that did the most damage. the one you're seeing right there. there was actually two. one smaller near the rockford
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airport. as far at totals go this wasn't a huge tornado outbreak. one big, strong one and that's the one that took out that town of fairdale. about 300 severe weather reports. this was easily the busiest day all day and as far as right now we don't have severe weather out there now. the atmosphere is warming up again, though richard. we'll see the heating of the afternoon and as that cold front makes its way to the east coast from the carolinas including raleigh to richmond southwards where we'll see more storms and shouldn't get too many more tornadoes and the weekend's quiet, which we all deserve. >> busy day. no doubt you'll watch for us bill karins. we'll keep an eye on that news conference out of illinois and have updates throughout the day here on msnbc. should more storm activity happen there. following new developments out of south carolina as well where police released dramatic dashcam video of the traffic stop that led to the fatal shooting of an apparently unarmed black man by a white police officer. it begins like any other traffic stop with officer michael slager pulling over walter scott last
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saturday at a local parking lot. >> see your license and insurance card? reason for the stop is your brake light is out. >> oh okay. >> scott tells slager he just bought the car from a neighbor and does not have the paperwork. slager tells him to wait there and returns to his patrol car. 30 seconds later scott gets out of the car. >> stay in the car. >> the officer orders scott to get back in the car. about 15 seconds later, scott make as run for it. >> then slager alerts headquarters he's in a foot pursuit. the dashcam video does not pick up the altercation after that. in a written statement late yesterday investigating the shooting says we believed early on there was something not right. the cell phone video shot by a bystander confirmed our initial suspicions. >> this is santana. this is feidin santana.
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>> and for the first time the bystander who shot the cell phone video met the family of walter scott. this exclusive video from nbc news. go over to north charleston south carolina. nbc's craig melvin joining us with more on that emotional meeting. craig? >> reporter: richard, good morning to you. 23-year-old feidin santana, the young man, dominican-born barber who shot that video actually first showed it to some of scott's family the day after the shooting wanting them to see precisely how it was their loved one died and thursday evening it was a gut-wrenching, emotional reunion. >> i said god -- >> reporter: a grateful mother in raw emotion thursday at the scott family met the man who turned their son's tragic death into a national fogel point. >> good job. good job. >> a good thing. >> reporter: feidin santana, the 23-year-old whose cell phone video seen by millions had a
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simple message for about a dozen of walter scott's family. >> is there anything you want to say to the family, to the children, to walter's parents? >> just that they know the truth and they know that mr. scott you know like i say, this didn't just happen and stay that way. god put me there for a reason. i'm a very big believer in god. he put me there. >> he was supposed to be there. >> reporter: while walter scott's parents prepare to bury their son they find solace in the fact they've been given another. >> thank you for another son, god. thank you, lord. you got a family in charleston right now. any time. >> thank you, god. >> reporter: a reunion one step towards healing. >> i don't know how this would have turned out without the video. i just want to thank you. i don't know -- how much i could thank you more. >> reporter: walter scott's 20-year-old son there by the way.
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a lot of folks asking a simple question, richard, after that dashcam video came out especially. why did walter scott run from police? the working here to hi been according to his family he did not want to go back to jail for failure to pay child support. we've learned that there was, in fact, not a bench warrant here in north charleston or charleston for failure to pay child support so that question remains. the very latest from here. back to you. >> craig melvin nbc, thank you for that. bring in mark claxton direct herb of the black law enforcement alliance and retired new york city police detective. as we look at that video just released dashcam video a 20-year veteran of the new york police department. what do you make of that video and understanding what happened that day? >> well the video quite clearly and assuredly offers additional perspective and perhaps some context, but there's nothing dispositive in that video.
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the relevant and most important portion of that interaction was captured by mr. santana's cell phone, and that is, this police officer relatively calmly assuming a police training stance a shooting stance as if he was in a rang the weaver stance firing off seven shots in relatively rapid succession. the eighth shot after a brief cause, calmly beginning to approach the body, and then after that dealing with it as if it is just a piece of material on the ground. that is the most relevant and important aspect of all of the video and evidence released today, to date. it's important to note however that there may be additional evidence coming forward in the next few days or few weeks, that will offer additional better context and perspective, but nothing up until this point has been dispositive in defense of this police officer's actions. >> one of the pieces that's important of this process, if understanding what happened and why it happened, as craig and you are talking about is for
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instance, a civilian review. the naacp in charleston what they want, they want a civilian review board to investigate complaints of police abuse. in your experience how might that be helpful to knowing and understanding more? >> well first and foremost the job number one for a professional law enforcement police officer is protect and preserve human life but we have to understand that there is a desperate need there's a mandate that's been expressed throughout the nation not just in north charleston but throughout the nation that's people want a higher level of accountability and communication. they want criminal justice and police reform. and that is the obligation of law enforcement being that we are a public servant servants and have to assure the public that we are acting in their best interests and there has to be some sort of review and
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opportunity to challenge things or question because the taxpayer pays the police officer. >> the taxpayer pays the police officers and the police department. and so when those of the community look at their police department, for instance look at the makeup racial makeup of north charleston police department and the numbers show african-americans make up 45% of the population in that area but 18% of the police force is black. again that disparity. what's your thought here? >> you know i think there is some discussion that needs to be had when you are talking about diversification of law enforcement agencies. but i'll tell you, the primary interest and focus should be not just changing the complexion but the direction of law enforcement. and if you change merely the complexion, the ethnic makeup of these different law enforcement agencies, you don't necessarily deal with or have to deal with addressing the underlying issues and larger concerns that the public is talking about. of course the departments, the
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agencies tax funded agencies should be more diversified and should be reflective of the community, but that in itself will not change or transform the thinking, the mentality, the procedures, the protocol and prevent these type of tragedies. >> mark claxton director of the black law enforcement alliance. thank you for your time today. >> thank you. just getting started on this friday edition of "the rundown" and this could be the weekend hillary clinton announces her candidacy for president. two sources say as early as sunday. but she's doing things a bit differently this time around and her republican counter parts. tell you about that. plus developing now, president obama and raul castro spoke by phone last night and waiting for their historic face-to-face encounter at the summit of the americas. joining me live from panama jose diaz-balart after a quick break. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping
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president obama and cuban leader raul castro spoke on the phone last night ahead of their historical summit in panama. the conversation is only the second known conversation between the american president and cuba's leader in more than 50 eyes. years. thursday john kerry held the highest level meeting with cuba in over 50 years with the cuban foreign minister. the u.s. is considering removing cuba from the state sponsors of terror list. here's the president last night. >> it is important for all of us to be able to speak honestly where we see concerns about issues of human rights and political freedom. and i'm not saying anything publicly that i haven't said directly to raul castro.
6:18 am
>> now we take you to cuba. reporting on these historic developments, host of this show jose diaz-balart, and jose what will be the real outcountries ofmes a lot of people are asking? >> good morning, richard. from panama city a lot of questions today. a lot of expectation as well here in panama about this first face-to-face meeting between president obama and raul castro. it could occur as early as tonight. there's an official dinner that kicks off this summit here in panama. all day tomorrow all of the 30-plus leaders are going to be together in a communal meeting and it's expected that the president will once again have the opportunity to speak to the cuban leader at that. i. you know it's been more than 50 years since the united states broke relations with cuba and four months ago the president announced that that policy would change. they hoped both cubans and
6:19 am
americans hoped, that by this summit the issue of opening embassies in washington and in havana would be solved. that has not been solved but as you said, secretary kerry met with the minister of foreign affairs of cuba late last night. apparently that meeting went very well. the conversations continue. also. so a lot of expectation on what's going to happen with that first-ever face to face meeting although they did meet briefly during nelson mandela's funeral, but also venezuela is a key issue here. the president of that country says he's bringing 13 1/2 million signatures of venezuelans he collected asking for the president of the united states to rescind his executive action to prohibit seven of venezuelan government officials from entering the united states and seizing their assets for human rights violations. it's going to be a very intense meeting here richard and all
6:20 am
starts officially tonight. mark zuckerberg, creator of facebook cardinal slim one of the richest men in the world here yesterday part of a ceo summit talking about the importance of latin america and the economies of those countries, but front and center is obama/castro. >> that's today. jose, thank you so much. talking to you next hour how cubans are reacting to this entire thing as well as what's happening there in panama city. thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> all righty. let me bring in nbc news political director and moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. chuck, good to see you. looking at this meeting between president obama and the cuban leader. what are you looking for in this? >> look, i think it'siously waiting on what is likely the big announcement taking cuba off the terror list taking this sort of to the next step on reopening ties with cuba. i think it will be i am curious to see what the reaction will be in south florida. it's interesting that this is going to happen and within 48 hours a prominent cuban-american
6:21 am
is going to launch his bid for the presidency marco rubio, in miami, at freedom tower. so i will -- all of this happening when it's happening infused in the presidential race and you look at sort of this happening, this reproachment to cuba happening just after the iran deal. it also sort of brings into focus the legacy president obama wants to have on foreign policy and whether it will be long-term a good outcome for him or not. we'll find out. >> chuck, talking about 2016. marco rubio. talk about hillary clinton. >> yes. >> you so well know. >> the other candidate. >> the other one, on the other side. saying that she will or at least we're hearing at the moment she'll launch her campaign as early as sunday. what does her timing tell you? >> i think it's interesting. sort of how they plan on rolling it out. not the big announcement speech not like rand paul or ted cruz what we've seen so far or even what marco rubio is planning to do on monday in miami. she's going to try to start as
6:22 am
small as you can when you're at well known as hillary clinton is. seems what we're seeing is that she's had to major announcement for elective office in her political career. one for new york senate and one the presidency is '07. won one. lost one. trying to emulate the rollout for new york senate. small, a listening tour. essentially putting together the same type of rollout. after we see her flip the switch on sunday then it is the first time we'll see her as a candidate is likely in the state of iowa and likely in an extremely small setting. that's what april's going to be about. it's that. she'll pass up an opportunity to do the big why am i running "peach somespeech that carries risks with it. i'm told this is how she wants to roll out. she's more comfortable in small settings than the big setting. >> small setting despite this rolling up to be a what maybe $2 billion campaign?
6:23 am
talk about sunday "meet the press" chuck. a lot coming up. >> we do. obviously going to talk about that. the big, talk about hillary's launch and have somebody who knows about that new york senate launch very well. her former campaign manager in 2345 senate race now the current mayor of new york city bill de blasio blasio, trying to pull hillary to their direction. interviewing rand paul in vegas that on the show sunday and talking to john kerry, secretary of state, about cuba and iran. all on "meet the press." >> full show. >> no doubt. >> thank you chuck. appreciate it. >> you got it. don't forget you can catch chuck this sunday on "meet the press" on your local nbc station. check your listings. the startling amount of perimeter breaches at our nation's airports and millionaire murder suspects robert durst pen as letter to the "los angeles times" from his louisiana jail cell. what he wrote about, next. introducing preferred rewards from bank of america the new banking rewards program that rewards
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big news today in the race for the white house in 2016 on the democratic side. the long-awaited hillary clinton announcement could come as early as sunday we mentioned while the cycle mel byrne sit down with martin o'malley. on the other side, nearly a dozen possible gop candidates headed to nashville for the annual nra forum. all covered on "the rundown." and vice president joe biden, plenty of practice holding babies, but look at this photo here of him with a pacifier in his mouth. the binky belonged to michael bloomberg's grandson jasper. all on hand at the british embassy where the former mayor was awarded honorary knighthood. know your financial plan won't keep you up at night. know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease.
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♪ hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with over 13,000 financial advisors we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. developing news in the race for the white house. hillary clinton's much rumored presidential campaign about to become a reality. we expect this weekend officially launching her white
6:31 am
house bid as soon as this sunday. two sources close to the former secretary of state tell us to look for an announcement on social media. after that hitting the campaign trail including stops in iowa. today hearing from a man looking to challenge clinton in the primary, former maryland govern martin o'malley speaking exclusively with msnbc's ari melburn. >> if there is an o'malley campaign an if and an o'malley administration, an if your administration would try to pursue cases that might put bankers in jail? >> yes. i would have the government do its job. i think our democratic party has come up short. people expected us to actually put common sense regulations in place. i mean there are more repercussions for a person being a chronic speeding violator in our country than there is for a big bank being a chronic violator of sec rules. >> ari melburn of "the cycle" joins us now. as you look from across the table at the diner, look him in the eye, how realistic are his chances? >> he was there out campaigning. going to be at an event tonight
6:32 am
with jim webb in polk county in des moines saying there's a hunger for a choice alternative, all hillary clinton code words about what he thinks the audience and energy is and was pushing economic populism front and center as part of that argument. i'll play one other clip from our interview. the whole thing, of course on at 3:00 p.m. on "the cycle." we talked about his record. where does he fit into this race and clear and muscular about the fact he's done a lot of progressive things saying at one point i've done in maryland what national democrats talk about. take a listen. >> hmm. >> as chief executive i've actually done the things on a state-wide basis that many of us as democrats nationally only talk about doing. we made it easier for people to vote, not harder. passed marriage equality. made it easier for new american immigrants to get drivers licenses. so they can travel to and from work, can take care of their
6:33 am
families. we raised the minimum wage. we passed the living wage. we made bigger investments in improving the education of our children and made our schools number one. we made bigger investments in infrastructure, wastewater cyber and the rest and created a better rate of job creation than our neighbors north or south of us >> so you see there what he's saying is look he's done it. >> yeah. >> it's socially progressive, economically progressive. now, the counter argument people point out in a very blue state. could afford to do that and politically had support. but another thing we talked about how he reformed policing and brought crime down in baltimore as mayor, one of the toughest city environments in the country. >> no doubt. >> it is true he's a chief executive here who has a background that in any other normal year richard, would be very attractive on paper to democrats. >> unless you have the heavyweight like clinton there. the question is and i want to get your perspective, how much how big of a space is there to the left of hillary, then?
6:34 am
hillary clinton at the moment? that's what he's banking on? >> the big question. the hunger for elizabeth warren and a muscular progressive economic populism clearly exists. does it create a 51% edge in the primary? >> right. >> hard to say. >> right. >> i don't think there is antipathy towards hillary clinton at this point. tremendous interest and enthusiasm among the democratic base. but democrats like republicans, independents and anyone else who thinks voting means anything do appreciate a competitive race. whether it's governor o'malley lincoln chafee we see coming in from the republican side a much more long shot. jim webb, very quiet or anyone else coming in in the coming months clearly a possibility of a competitive race because voters want to hear what candidates have to say. >> some might argue this all starts sunday. >> we'll see. >> thank you so much. catch the rest of the interview as well as the rest of ari's co-hosts on "the cycle" today every weekday at 3:00 p.m.
6:35 am
eastern on msnbc. and potential gop presidential candidates descending on nashville, tennessee for the annual nra leadership reform. even donald trump will be there. noticeably absent senator rand paul, in multiple interviews the senator said the organization was being "petty" for not inviting him. joining me now from nashville, msnbc's benji sarlet me and political ken vogel. benji, on the phone now. what is the nra saying about not inviting senator paul here? >> two versions of events going on. according to certain sources in paul's camp talking to reporters, they blame this on rand paul's work with a rival second amendment group. the national association your gun rights bills itself as a conservative alternative to the nra, but i spoke to the nra communications director jennifer baker and they have a different take saying they didn't invite a number of candidates due to time constraints, but that several of
6:36 am
the candidate who they did not invite subsequently asked for a speaking slot and received one. she told me that rand had never asked for a speaking slot. never followed up to say, hey, i wasn't invited but can you let me in anyway that's why he was left off. so there's a difference of opinion here as to why rand is not here. >> chris christie also not on the please do attend our for um list. ken, over to you. the nra is spending, what,s s$32 million on the election. how are the organizations going to wield more power looking at this next cycle, 2016 and perhaps how much more or less money they might spend jvlgt. >> yeah, richard. the nra you point out spent a lot of money. one of the top ten spenders in the presidential election in 2012. among the top outside spenders in the mid-term elections in 2014 and i think that trajectory will only continue. more members now. 5 million-plus members, than
6:37 am
they've ever had. ap undeniable force in republican politics, and the real question so they're going to spend a lot of money. they're probably going to spend much more than that $32 million. the real question whether they'll get involved in the republican primary. haven't done that at a presidential level in a major way today. you can tell from benji's reporting and the scene in nashville there are differences, both personality wise and policy wise among the republican field, if they were to get involved a huge impact because that is their base. they are conservatives and most often support overwormingly support republicans. if they were to say, hey, vote against rand paul or chris christie that could have a huge impact. >> especially with jeb bush they're supporting given he ranked so highly by their rating, the nra's that is. benji, look at this. correct me if i'm wrong here. people coming to the convenient with presidential hopefuls is happening, we're seeing today.
6:38 am
allowed to open carry their loaded guns. how are organizers handling this there on the ground, benji? >> well i spoke to the organizers about this. indeed, people who have who are certified to carry guns are allowed to bring their guns. so the way they put it to me is that it will be the safest place in america while the presidential hopefuls speaking in addition to their own heavily armed security also many individuals armed and they trust to follow the laws. but candidates ent aring the stage will walk into a heavily armed room not just in terms of security but in terms of individuals. >> and jeb bush one of those speakers later today. ken, switching gears a second talking about it all hour, that's, of course hillary clinton and the information we're getting she'll launch this sunday. also in the headlines here. her husband, former president bill clinton. he's in the news today. you called it feisty. what is feisty? >> well bill clinton took
6:39 am
exception to a "new york times" story from last week last weekend, that suggested that he was both frail and looking every bit of his 68 years and then some and then also was, sort of not really trusted to stay on message by his wife's closest aides who were planning for, to take steps during the president's campaign to sort of reel in him to have him more on message. the clintons of course have a very fraught relationship with the press. bill clinton and hillary clinton in 2008 thought that the press favored barack obama, in their democratic presidential primary. and so they have their own issues. in fact, we understand and huffington post reported that last night, john podesta likely campaign manager had a, off the record session with reporters at his place in washington, d.c. so they're taking steps here in advance of the campaign to try to stay on good terms with the press. >> the former president, a story within himself as we look forward for the next two years, no doubt.
6:40 am
thank you so much. appreciate it, bingenji msnbc and ken vogel in washington. thank you both. >> thanks. >> thanks for having me. turning to a groundbreaking stand that president obama took this week. publicly declaring support for an end to the conversion therapies for minors. a process aimed at "fixing gay and transgender people to become their heterosexual self." president's statement follows sever states ban on the practice. two states in the union now plus washington, d.c. with bans. 18 other states considering it. matthew shirk kaw underwent five years of conversion therapy joining us here in new york. if you can, start with this matthew, your dad, you came out to him when you were 16. he took you to a conversion therapy process. when he said that, what were you thinking? >> well i trusted him. >> right. >> and i -- i believed and know today he did have his best interests at heart and was
6:41 am
worried what did it mean to have an openly gay son, about being bullied, family life career. when he met a licensed therapist who told him, there's no such thing as homosexuality and your son is young. he's inexperienced. this is a time to -- the easiest and best time to cure him, as they say. >> so you were hearing this message not only from the therapist but from your father. what was going through your mind as you were hearing this? >> i was scared. it's really what it was. i was afraid. you know, the fact someone i didn't want to take -- didn't want to come out. i, there was no one open in my high school. the fact there was someone offering me an option saying listen, you can have the same exact feelings fon for a woman the boy, having okay. i'll do that. and it's what i'm told it's the -- if my father said you know, was affirming to agree, i'm going to support you and no therapist involved, where would i be today? and the therapist, between the
6:42 am
therapist and my father i'm being told i have a higher chance of committing suicide if i become an openly gay man, that the gay lifestyle is not a lifestyle to live and getting fears and horrors of you can't come out and this is what you'd be faced with. >> did you consider suicide going through the therapy? many stories have been told about minors being put how that this therapy, quote/unquote, therapy and then taking their own lives because they cannot understand why this is happening? >> yeah. the numbers are staggering. i, myself contemplated suicide for years. luckily never attempted, but the thoughts, the planning the should i should i not, was something i spent many of my teenage years considering. >> right. you know, there are, what some 70 therapy i69s that advertise they practice this conversion therapy across country. according to the southern poverty law center. what's a better way of doing this? you've now been through it. you now are a spokesperson to
6:43 am
change this entire narrative behind it. the president's doing something, too. is that enough? >> what the president's doing is -- is a milestone. it's you know it's the first world leader to make a stand. and it was very moving when we saw that on wednesday evening. and, yes. right now the way that's happening is going state by state. is there a possibly a federal way to have this ban nationwide? possibly, right now it's not the case. but that's something that my team, ncr, the national civil rights nationwide in five year what we're working on and now that we have barack obama's support this is a new beginning. >> you're hopeful? >> i'm excited. and -- i just -- knowing how many teenagers i met in this process and how many tooneenagers still in it here in new york. >> and across the country, every
6:44 am
day. >> yeah. >> matthew, thank you for sharing your story. still ahead, could get a verdict at any point in the murder trial of former nfl player aaron hernandez. jurors deliberating since tuesday. that for you and we continue to watch breaking news out of illinois where people there are serving the damage from a series of devastating tornadoes. officials say almost every home in the community, fairdale suffered some kind of damage. >> i'm in shock. i have no job and no car. i. was just- the >> i was blown away by the sheer terror of everything. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. ryan smith is an architect, designer and owner of seattle-based modern shed who never intended to start a business selling these sheds, but ten years ago he made one for himself and soon everyone was asking for him. now he's got a thriving business. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on
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6:48 am
has been poundinged reach win air strikes against the houthi. an alarming report about the security of our nation's airports recovered 268 perimeter breaches at 31 airports since 2004 inexcludeing stowaways sneaking into an suv, ramming through a gate and driving on to a runway. tsa says security print sir the responsibility of he's airport as well as state and local law ennoers forcement. 13-year-old boy dead and 8-year-old in grave condition after a car plunges into the los angeles harbor. re rescues found two adults escaped, divers couldn't rescues boy the trapped inside. they haven't discovered whether the car was driven into the harbor by accident or intentionally. the jury began its fourth day whether to convict aaron hernandez of kili semiplayer odin lloyd in 2013.
6:49 am
dating the sister of his fiancee. joining me legal analyst brian clay poole claypool. a tv reporter banned from the courtroom. talk about a mistrial. possibilities? >> no. i don't any a mistrial. the judge admonished the reporter to stay away from jurors and they're going to do that. they can't be around media or influence from the media. >> what's your thought? >> the longer the jury deliberates the more likely a hung jury in this case. hernandez is never going to be acquitted. either it's going to be guilty or a hung jury but there should have been a quicker jury verdict if he was going to be guilty. i think there's a strong likelihood of a hung jury. >> you're based out of l.a. no comments about what l.a. might be like but talk about celebrity justice and what it means for the case. >> richard make no mistake. an average person off the street in this jury trial, they would have been convicted within a few hours. with a mountain of evidence that existed in this case. when you're trying a case
6:50 am
against a celebrity, sump as o.j. simpson, aaron hernandez, you need to hurdle over an extra celebrity, o.j. simpson, aaron hernandez, you almost need an eyewitness at the scene to get conviction. >> thank you so much for taking a look at this for us. appreciate your time. after the break, the next gadget you have to have apple watch, now available with a caveat. we will explain. jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor
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it is not just a jewelry, it can do what your phone can do. >> i can replace that with the apple watch. >> reacting to apple watch rolled out in stores around the
6:54 am
world today. try one on preorder. john ford is at the flagship store in new york city. what are folks telling you as they walk out the door with or without a preorder. >> reporter: richard, i actually went in the store and talked to some folks. it happens a couple of people trying on the watch, seeing how it functions, they already preordered. they came to get a look at what they already purchased. you have the most committed fans and it is crowded there, more crowded than usual. they have a couple of display cases set up full of watches and bands that you can check out and also some displays with an ipad that shows you how it works. for apple, it is crucial, not just because they're selling them, you can just look at them won't be delivered until end of the month, but getting a gauge of what demand is. it is a complicated product, lots of configurations, bands, stainless steel or aluminum.
6:55 am
they want to figure out which ones people want. figure out where to distribute to various stores across the country. >> john i was driving by around 4:00 a.m. that location you're at now. i didn't see many folks there, in previous introduction of products there were more lines. is the interest more or less than other introductions? >> reporter: we can't tell because they're not selling product. i got here in the 6:00 hour. nobody was in line. it is cold and rainy, but they know they're not walking out with one. a lot of people in there preordered online. they're just whetting their appetite. if you go online it may say you can't get an appointment to try it on now. one of the workers said i could get in at 10:00 a.m. there are ways to sneak in. guys back to you. >> john ford thank you for that. coming up on "the rundown," we return to illinois where a massive tornado ripped through a small town killing one and
6:56 am
causing damage to almost every home. more on hillary clinton's big weekend ahead. we expect her long awaited presidential announcement as early as sunday. and president obama speaking with raul castro ahead of the summit of the americas in panama. "the rundown's" jose diaz-balart joins me next here on msnbc. i am meteorologist bill karins. on the heels of a severe weather outbreak and this monster tornado that rolled through northern illinois a quiet weekend forecast. a chance of a few storms on saturday on the gulf coast, san antonio, houston, new orleans. chance of additional storms in areas of north texas and oklahoma sunday but for the most part a lot of us having a great weekend. enjoy. h... scott: that's a bunch of ground-up paper, lad! scotts ez seed uses the finest seed, fertilizer, and natural mulch that holds water
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gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah. so, i'm confident i'm in good hands. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. rundown." i am richard lui in for jose diaz-balart. following a developing weather story at this hour. in illinois search crews are looking for any possible survivors of the powerful tornado that ripped through the state last night. >> he's over he's over. >> one person remains unaccounted for 16 hours after the twister touched down. in northern illinois one woman killed and seven more injured in the swirling winds that flattened 50 buildings in one town alone. >> it is the worst thing i've
7:00 am
seen. our hearts go out to families that are still here and who left and any of those who are injured. >> kevin tibbles is in fairdale for us. >> reporter: heavy weather through the midwest. illinois was the place that bore the brunt of the storms especially tornadoes that ran through not only this town fairdale, which now that the sun has come up you can say that every single structure in this town was somehow damaged by that tornado that came through here. this is the location where one casualty took place, a 67-year-old woman lost her life. just down the road in rochelle illinois, that's where the roof collapsed over a restaurant and about a dozen people were trapped inside there for over an hour until first responders came to get them out. fortunately there were no life threatening injuries there. seriously, many people here today are talking about the fact
7:01 am
that it is perhaps a minor miracle more people didn't lose their lives. because this is a small town only has a volunteer fire department rescue workers were brought in from several counties surrounding this place, which is about 75 80 miles west of chicago. because of the small, tight knit sort of rural america feel today, this is a town in mourning. richard, back to you. >> kevin tibbles in fairdale thank you so much. let's turn to meteorologist bill karins. as we look at the day, showing us what it looks like at 9:00 a.m. local time there. what do they have to look for the rest of the day? >> thankfully in illinois the storm system is gone and clearing. what's happening now, national weather service out of chicago which represents the area near fairdale will send three crews out today to investigate the storms. they'll see the storm damage. they're trained to look at houses, look at structures and say how strong the tornado was.
7:02 am
the enhanced fujita scale. from something that damaged trees slightly to ef-5 which would wipe the slate away from the house. only thing left would be possibly poured concrete. we will end up with a strong ef-3 or 4 with this. this is a powerful tornado. showed you some aerials where the only thing left was the slab on the ground. we are done with that severe weather outbreak as far as the midwest is concerned. this will be day three today. today will be about 10% of what we dealt with yesterday. still have strong storms out there. they have been rolling all night across the appalachians. warm through the mid-atlantic to d.c. so d.c. south wards has enough energy and juice in the air storms will regenerate after they cross the appalachians. right now, heavy rain through west virginia. in atlanta, expect airport delays. we are not watching severe weather. birmingham, in the clear now. atlanta next hour or two.
7:03 am
by the time storms get to macon, augusta, columbia it is warm and humid. storms fire up stronger could see wind damage with the storms. that's why we are under slight risk. the scale is marginal, slight, enhanced. when you get to moderate or high, you have a big outbreak. this is slight. happens every other day in the summertime. it is typical stuff. if we get wind damage it would be from d.c. area south wards. there's like a 2% chance to see a tornado during the day today, richard, a very slight small chance. >> i will take that 2%. >> and the weekend by the way looks quiet. >> bill karins thank you. we will monitor any developments out of areas effected by the storms. bill karins will be watching that, we will bring them to you. we are following the latest developments in the shooting of an unarmed black man at the hands of a white police officer. this morning, we are learning there was no bench warrant for walter scott's arrest. his family speculated he may have ran fearing he would be
7:04 am
arrested for back child support. tomorrow scott will be laid to rest. for the first time his family met with zaden santana, who caught that deadly shooting on his cell phone, dramatically changing the direction of the investigation and leading to murder charges filed against now fired officer michael slager. craig melvin was there for that emotional meeting. take a look. >> reporter: richard, good morning. the new dash cam footage fills in some of the blanks of what led to that deadly shooting but not all. it does not show the actual struggle. when the dash cam video begins at least the portion we see, officer michael slager is pulling over walter scott into a parking lot because of a broken taillight. then he walks up to the car, asks scott for his license and registration. scott tells him he recently bought the car from a neighbor the officer goes back to his car. then scott a few seconds later bolts from the car, takes off running. that's the end of the dash cam
7:05 am
video. we know from previous cell phone video released that a short time later slager shot eight times at scott killing him. now we hear from state investigators that say they had suspicions about this deadly shooting from the very beginning. they released a statement late last night. for the first time we are also hearing from the mother of officer slager. she says her family is devastated by all of this that she has not seen the video yet, and has not seen her son since the incident but she's thinking about the scott family and that her son is not a bad person. now, he remains in jail. he is charged with murder and has not entered a plea. one of the questions we don't know, why did scott run from the car. his family previously said he may have been trying to avoid jail time because he had been arrested before for owing child support. richard, at this point we just don't know. back to you. >> gabe gutierrez, thanks. on that latest dash cam video
7:06 am
released in the last 24 hours, reporting what it means to the investigation as they move forward. we will go to craig melvin who had that key individual with the individual that shot the video, that cell phone video of what happened when eight shots came from officer slager and walter scott was shot dead. let's watch that piece from craig melvin now. >> this is santana. this is zaden santana. >> oh, thank you, god. oh, thank you, god. thank you, lord. blessed god. blessed god. thank you. thank you, god. thank you. thank you. >> thank god for you. thank god for you. bless you, bless you, bless you. >> does this help put you all at peace? >> glorious. hallelujah. >> i want to say thank you, too,
7:07 am
i appreciate it. i don't know how this would have turned out without the video. i just want to thank you. i just i don't know how much i could thank you more. i just really, i am appreciative. i am grateful. so glad that you had enough courage to turn that video in so just want to from the bottom of my heart really thank you for doing that. >> for myself as a person and for them as a family i guess if i would have been in a situation, maybe they were the ones who witnessed this i'm sure they would look for justice also. >> thank you. >> that video there of the cameraman who took that video with his cell phone, now meeting with the parents of walter scott, the man who was shot dead over the last week. we have been covering that story. very emotional stuff. we will continue to watch that. now to developments this morning on hillary clinton's
7:08 am
first moves toward her 2016 run. after months of delay scrutiny and some controversy, clinton will make it official as soon as sunday. recent polls show her losing some ground in the nation's key states. nbc's kristin welker is at the white house with all of the details. kristin, as we look at numbers, what do we know? >> reporter: richard, you're right, she's losing some ground in key states primarily in the general election polls show her trouncing democratic rivals. here is what we know. two sources close to the campaign former secretary of state hillary clinton will announce she's running for president as early as sunday. will make the announcement on social media and hit the road next week campaigning in key states, including iowa. >> don't you someday want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> reporter: she hasn't exactly been subtle. now former secretary of state hillary clinton is about to make it official in the next few
7:09 am
days. clinton has already been laying the ground work recruiting some of president obama's top staffers setting up office space in brooklyn dropping hints for months. >> i'm back! >> reporter: no stranger to the campaign trail, clinton will try to avoid mistakes she made in 2008. critics say she often acted like the inevitable nominee, at times appeared scripted talking to big crowds. >> the big lesson for her is stay away from talking points and be comfortable enough to let voters see you. >> reporter: polls show her trouncing potential democratic rivals. in a general election matchup with challengers like jeb bush scott walker and ted cruz things get tougher. republican rivals are on the attack against clinton for using personal e-mail while serving as secretary of state. >> maybe never know the truth because she erased the files. >> reporter: she has to counter that criticism and defend her foreign policy record and try to pick up where she left off seven years ago. >> although we weren't able to
7:10 am
shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time thanks to you, it's got about 18 million cracks in it. >> reporter: the question now, can she break through. and this time around clinton will focus on emphasizing her personal life more including her role as mother and grandmother. a point underscored in a newly released epilogue to her book "hard choices." in one portion she details the moment she and former president bill clinton left the hospital room after meeting their granddaughter charlotte for the first time. here's a portion. she wrote after awhile bill and i stepped out into the hallway to let them rest, we sat quietly holding hands trying to process the rush of emotions i looked over and saw a tear in bill's eye. the republican field gets more crowded monday when florida senator marco rubio is expected to announce his campaign from florida. richard, back to you. >> kristin welker at the white
7:11 am
house. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> reporter: thanks. a turn to the republican side. nearly every 2016 hopeful is at the nra forum in nashville. it is one candidate not going who's hoping to steal the spotlight. first, president obama and cuban leader raul castro have spoken on the phone ahead of the summit of the americas. now they're waiting for the first face to face encounter to normalize relations between the two countries. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites.
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guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ now to the developing news out of panama city. a major moment for u.s. cuba relations. president obama and raul castro spoke by phone ahead of the summit of the americas. the conversation is ahead of the first person to person encounter since the u.s. began to normalize relations with cuba.
7:15 am
secretary of state john kerry set the stage yesterday, holding the highest level meeting with cuba in over 50 years with the cuban foreign minister as the u.s. considers removing cuba from the state sponsors of terror list. nbc senior white house correspondent kris jansing is on the ground in panama city with more on that. kris what gets accomplished in this anticipated encounter? >> reporter: well good morning, richard. first of all, it is the photo op right? this is hugely symbolically important. first time since 1958 there's been a planned meeting between the leaders of the two countries. now, they have spoken before. we saw a handshake and brief conversation that they had at nelson mandela's funeral in 2013, and then they have spoken twice. first after the president announced his plan to normalize relations with cuba back in december and you mention that phone call that happened wednesday before the president got on the plane and headed to the region. having said that there's going
7:16 am
to be a lot of close anticipation about what we see. will it for example, be something very brief, will it be a conversation that's more about taking measure of one another, or will it be longer something more substantive. will it be something they take in a corner of a room often what happens in these sum its. you find an opportunity. or something more planned. we don't expect it to happen tonight but expect to see them together tonight. the official welcoming ceremony to the summit is later on and then what they do is called a family photo, leader of all 35 nations get together and will have a chance to see their one on one interaction. >> kris it will be certainly something that will be well watched. no doubt. kris jansing in panama city at this hour. appreciate that. for more on this topic, let's head back to jose diaz-balart also there in panama city. jose? >> reporter: richard, good morning to you. listening to kris jansing talk about what people are expecting
7:17 am
and this family photo op. it will be interesting where president obama is vis-a-vis raul castro and vis-a-vis the president of venezuela, coming here armed with 13 and a half million signatures he collected, demanding president obama rescind executive action against seven of his government officials who are now barred from entering the united states. those are the two kind of interesting issues that a lot of people here are looking forward to seeing and as kris was saying tonight is the opening ceremony and these asides when they occur, will probably occur tomorrow. i spoke yesterday with the president of columbia santos the last presidential summit was in cartagena, columbia. at that time the president santos of columbia said the next
7:18 am
summit could not exclude cuba any longer. i asked if this is the way to go forward. >> i think this is a better way than to isolate cuba because history has taught us that by isolating cuba you will not achieve anything and 45 years of history proves that. >> the bureau chief in mexico joins me. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you just got back from cuba talk about on the ground how people are looking, waiting, expecting. how is this situation on the ground in cuba? >> jose it is evident that people are waiting there for a big sign of material change in their lives, on the streets of havana you can see many more american visitors. people are clearly -- >> just in the last four months. >> just in the last four months. people are clearly taking advantage of the new travel policy that the obama administration put in. now, it doesn't allow tourism per se but it does make it
7:19 am
easier. the process easier to go to cuba. a lot of people are doing it. cubans themselves don't feel the sort of assistance or euphoria you see in the united states a lot of talk about american companies coming in there, netflix can stream there, even though no one has internet. a lot of private ends don't have access to internet. but it is a step. >> when you see that the cuban delegation to the summit is between 2 and 300 people there have been some leaders of the opposition, of civil society that tried to have news conferences, they have been assaulted, some came from the united states to be part of the meetings have been assaulted. what changes the cuban people expect or wish to see? >> i think they would like to see a stronger economic bond. i think they'd like to see
7:20 am
more -- to be better -- more economic health in their personal lives. a lot of changes that cuba has put in allowing private businesses certainly changed the ability to be an entrepreneur but it is a limited 200 odd jobs you can do and relies a lot on start up capital. so a lot of people are left out. >> everything has to go through the government. >> everything has to go through the government. >> thank you. want to have you back soon. we have to talk about mexico the president is here from mexico, doing extraordinary coverage on that. that's the next conversation. >> i would love to do it. >> thank you so much. back to you. >> jose thank you so much. no better person to be down there reporting on what's happening over the next day. he will be back here for the show on monday. coming up we are continuing to monitor the situation in northern illinois where search crews are looking for any possible survivors of the
7:21 am
powerful tornado that ripped through the state last night. and for the first time hearing from actress sandra bullock about the frightening home invasion last june. those stories and more on "the rundown." when the moment's spontaneous, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction
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is no big deal. get a free sample of depend at a couple of stories we are following for you this morning. a scary scene, our nation's capital on thursday a security guard has been killed and a police officer injured after a domestic dispute at the u.s. census bureau headquarters there erupted in gunfire. police say the chaos started when a gunman kidnapped his wife, drove to census bureau in maryland, tried to ram the gates. authorities say the gunman fatally shot a security guard before taking off. soon after, the suspect and police officer were both injured after a dramatic chase through downtown d.c. the gunman was reportedly shot several times, there's conflicting information about his condition. the man accused of stalking ak dress sandra bullock and breaking into her home was in
7:25 am
los angeles court thursday. the first piece of evidence presented against the 39-year-old joshua corbett was the 911 call from bullock herself. >> i'm in my closet i have a safe door in my bedroom and i've locked it and i'm locked in the closet right now. i hear them. i hear someone banging on the door. >> in your bedroom? >> corbett has pleaded not guilty to charges of stalking the actress and breaking into her home last june. as for bullock, she is not expected to testify in the pretrial hearing. a busy friday on wall street. one major company is selling off assets, another is getting americans to buy, buy, buy. dominic chu is here with more on that. >> richard, yeah ge will shed a lot of real estate and finance business taking money from sales and return to shareholders by buying back $50 billion of its own stock. moft meant to help them focus on industrial business energy transportation, health care. the only finance operation it
7:26 am
will keep is the one charged with helping customers buy ge products. ge stock up huge. the day is finally here when apple fans can go into apple stores try out the apple watch, the world's most valuable company letting customers experience the watch in hopes it will lead them to buy one of them. today is the day that preorders start. to get your hands on one of the watches before the official april 24th release date but preorders started 3:00 a.m. eastern time this morning. if you haven't already placed an order, you might be out of luck. apple expects initial demand for the watch to be above what they can deliver. yes, go to an apple store. you'll see huge lines, richard, like you pretty much do for these releases. back to you. >> dominic, i have been watching the markets. good bike for 401(k)s. we will take that. >> absolutely right. >> appreciate it. dramatic dash cam video released of moments before the fatal police shooting of walter scott in south carolina as the community prepares for his
7:27 am
funeral tomorrow. 2016 is kicking into high gear with high profile announcements in the works, including hillary clinton as soon as sunday. and marco rubio monday. the latest on 2016 when "the rundown" comes right back. marie callender's knows dinner tastes better when it's homemade. like chicken blanketed in golden breadcrumbs and wholesome sides with her signature touches. all topped with thick, homemade gravy. because dinner shouldn't take all day... just taste like it did. marie callender's. it's time to savor sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and for a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am. how much protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20?
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back now on "the rundown" with new developments from south carolina where the county prosecutor says she will seek indictment next month in the fatal shooting of a black man by a white police officer. for the first time hearing from the mother of now fired officer michael slager who is charged with murder. >> i understand that there's a lot of things being said and i just want people to know that michael is a very good person and i also wanted to mention that i understand the scott family is going through a lot. this is something when an incident like this happens, it changes everybody's life.
7:31 am
you never, ever know how it is going to feel until it happens to you. i know their family is grieving our family is grieving. i would hate for this to happen to anybody. >> part of the police investigation authorities released this dash cam video that captured the initial traffic stop and 50-year-old walter scott running from police and his own car. joined by james peter, director of african studies at lee hi university. what's your response to that? >> it doesn't reveal -- it is interesting to consider one of the reasons why he is running away. why does he run away. some talk about the child support issue, and just consider the fear of police. >> there was no warrant. >> now we have to consider the fear that citizens have of law enforcement. that's what's most scary to me
7:32 am
when i look at dash cam video. but i don't think it reveals anything more than what mr. santana's video reveals, which is that this gentleman was murdered, shot in the back as he was trying to run from law enforcement. the videotape says everything here. >> when we watch walter scott in the santa a video as he is being shot and killed watching this man lose his life on tv and we go back to rodney king first time we saw that altercation between police and civilian. what do you make of that arch we are now in? >> this is the arch i am most concerned about, arch from rodney king to walter scott video, how many of these videos have we seen how many times have we seen them. the reality is that i believe the american public will become desensitized to the videos and won't be able to continue the pressure on law enforcement to get this right. the media is in a tricky place,
7:33 am
we have to present the news. the question of how often we show it is key. to the viewers out there, how many times do you have to watch the tape to understand the tragedy. >> it is essential to the cases, this sort of video coming out. also having access not only what is horrible to see with walter scott is the flip side, craig melvin was able to get in there with the scott family and santana as they first met. we get a better understanding on both sides really. this sort of media is out there, being played again and again too. >> this is incredible. this video is incredible power and emotion of the video is palpable. new technologies present unique opportunities for us. my sense is that the videotaped murders present a unique problem. i think the problem, one of the problems is the capacity to become desent advertised to horrific issues. this is where we have to manage what we are seeing and showing. that video is powerful and compassionate. >> who should manage that? >> great question.
7:34 am
i don't want to censor. we have to challenge people to be more media literate understand they're going to be inundated with these videos. and there's a consequence. look at 2014 how many police videos we have. isil videos. video games, hollywood, tv. there's tremendous amount of violence. we are not media literate enough to process and keep things in perspective. >> we are seeing everyday citizens standing up saying i am going to record what i think needs to be recorded. that's maybe a positive thing. >> it is. the santana video shows us vigilance is the most powerful narrative against police violence. developing political news next 72 hours will kick the 2016 race for president into high gear. nbc news confirms hillary clinton will kickoff her white house bid as early as sunday. we are told it will be via social media with campaign stops
7:35 am
to follow. and monday a new super pac is supporting marco rubio. and rand paul is on a four state tour since announcing his run. in a half hour he will have a stand with rand rally. and rick santorum is openly testing the waters. joining me now, jane timm and andy crawl. jane, start with you. we talked with santorum he won the 2012 iowa caucus. what's he saying about another potential run? >> reporter: he is saying he is better prepared than he was in 2012. fund-raising organizing he is also saying he is better prepared on messaging this year and that he is well equipped to beat likely contender hillary clinton. here is what he told me. >> the biggest difference in messaging is national security. four years ago it wasn't an
7:36 am
important issue, now it is a critical issue and one that again, one of the reasons i'm looking at it seriously is because i look at the field and no one has the national security experience that i have and if you're going to be going up potentially against a secretary of state that's one area we can't be weak on it is an area that's inherent advantage going into election where proechl has been such a big failure. >> reporter: we won't likely see santorum jump into the race until early june if he decides to go, but we are seeing him in early states. fifth visit to iowa. what we won't be doing is seeing trademark sweater vests. he says his daughters vetoed that. >> that's too bad. sweaters were influential through the race last time. andy to you, let's not talk sweaters but talk april, hillary clinton. if she does come out with that
7:37 am
announcement, expect a video via social media this weekend, what does she need to say, what do you expect her to say? >> what we expect her to say is to have a message that reaches out to her supporters directly through social media, directly through conference calls, with fund-raisers organizers grass roots support. talking middle class issues. playing up the historic potential historic nature of her campaign. first woman to be president. >> we expect a $2 billion campaign on her side why start with something so small and inexpensive and not big? >> one lesson that the clinton world has learned from her previous presidential run is that they don't want to create this impression that she's the inevitable candidate and that the democratic primary process will be as people like to say a coronation. they're trying to keep things
7:38 am
small, trying to stay modest as much as a clinton presidential campaign can do that so they're not having a huge event with pomp and circumstance, they're going social media, going to states like iowa new hampshire, reaching out directly that way. >> jane senator paul also there in iowa with you. how would you describe senator paul's first week as a candidate? he had some avoidable missteps along the way. >> it has been a bumpy week for the senator. i think he is hoping if he gets out there with enough optics like the one behind me where young people come out voluntarily, a more liberal part of iowa to support him will help him get through this. his father was good at getting out young libertarian voters in iowa when he ran. paul is saying i can do that and i am also that candidate. >> that candidate, andy you have a new report surrounding the 2012 campaign of senator paul's father.
7:39 am
how does that effect what younger paul would like to do? >> i think it is a dark cloud that looms over his presidential campaign, episode dating back to his father's 2012 presidential run has lead to a years long investigation. it already effected a central figure in his campaign. could impact folks working for him now, jessie benton his father's former chairman running his super pac. there's drama, conflict within rand paul's universe as there was in his father's universe. this lingers with him as he is now trying to prove his mettle as presidential contender. >> thank you both. we want to know msnbc reached out to rand paul and ron paul's camps for comments on the 2012 investigation. neither responded by air time this morning. a strange twist in the case
7:40 am
of an accused murderer. a handwritten letter arrives at los angeles times penned by robert durst himself as he sits in a new orleans jail awaiting extradition to california. stephanie gosk has more. >> reporter: the sloping cursive gets sloppy with grammar and spelling errors. return address, robert durst, elaine hunt correctional in louisiana. a personal take on years lived in los angeles at this address. i loved watching the traffic come up and mush into santa monica. my interests are opera and pro-football. a production at the l.a. opera fell short. a true example of hollywood gone berserk. he says he suffers full bone hydrocephalus, a condition that leads to fluid buildup in the brain. the
7:41 am
7:42 am
a major milestone in ferguson missouri. the city tearing down to rebuild after months of unrest. we are there live on "the rundown." first, this live picture from philadelphia. kicking off the know your value tour. elizabeth warren now on stage. it is a nationwide movement to empower women. more on msnbc. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle see how much you could save. across america, people are taking charge of
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7:45 am
today marks a major milestone for ferguson missouri specifically here for small businesses struggling to rebuild after protests that followed the michael brown shooting last summer. st. louis economic development partnership is allocating a half million to small local businesses to demolish and refurbish properties. many of them suffered damage from looters that took advantage of the chaos following michael
7:46 am
brown's death. and grand jury decision not to indict the officer that fatally shot the teen. let's go live to ferguson and kate rogers. you have right behind you local businesses trying to rebuild. what are they telling you about the new effort to rebuild? >> reporter: that's right, richard, good morning. we are standing at a family dollar that was damaged in the protest in november. the demo crew is taking a break. it will continue into tomorrow. for many small business owners in the community, demolition equals closure. we chatted with one business owner that owns fashions are boutique. she had been in the community 30 years. her business burned in november. she crowd funded her way to opening a new location across the street from where we are today, has hopes of returning to her old store. that demo process is one step in the rebuilding process for juanita. >> i think that would encourage us all, you know to see that
7:47 am
the buildings are coming down and that they're coming back and i won't be the only one coming back. i can envision it being larger. i can envision it being beautiful and open. >> reporter: the damage the community has seen is extensive. the economic development partnership estimates 250 businesses damaged in some way by riots, looting, fire foot traffic. 11 buildings were burned housing 20 small businesses. 6 buildings will be demolished in the next few days including this store hidden treasures antiques. she is committed to reopening in the old location, hopes this time around it will be bigger and better. >> i have been buying products to rebuilding having faith to rebuild and still have my business so i've been working toward being able to open back up. so the building coming down is just a step in the progress
7:48 am
helping me to realize my dreams again. >> reporter: this is a welcome step in the community. nice to see business owners committed to reopening in old spots. back to you. >> great to see these stories. it was so difficult for the residents that owned small businesses try to stick to their guns keep going. great stories to be told. kate rogers on this friday thank you. turning to what has been a major week for the president's immigration actions. the white house received rare good news from the fifth federal circuit on the subject of his first executive action daca. it raises stakes for the hearing a week from today from the same circuit. on the table, the current lawsuit against the president's recent actions. joining me amanda sakuma. fifth circuit court judge, what happened? >> basically the 2012 daca program survived a number of legal challenges but this one
7:49 am
this past week could indicate how the programs as a whole, including the november 20th executive actions that president obama just announced, whether or not they will survive. basically the fifth circuit throughout this case brought by i.c.e. agents and state of mississippi, they were saying the 2012 daca program would incur many costs on the state, and force federal agents to ignore federal immigration laws. now, the fifth circuit threw out the case didn't agree that this had legal standing to pursue sue the federal government. >> so is it over? >> it is good news for the obama administration as they head into the hearing next week in the fifth circuit. this is the same circuit. they threw out the 2012 program, they will look at the 2014 program. the opinion in that fifth circuit ruling basically undercut many of the key arguments used that put the 2014
7:50 am
executive orders on hold for now. >> there's a question of political wrangling around this. what are both sides seeing when they look at the development from fifth circuit? >> they're definitely keeping a close eye on that opinion in particular. they have an unprecedented hearing next week. each getting an hour of oral arguments, many legal experts say you never hear of that especially in the fifth circuit, this is just for a motion not even to decide the full case. because they have so much time to be giving arguments, they're going to be able to pick and choose which way, they'll be able to read the judges on the bench, conservative leaning three judge panel. it is an uphill battle to begin with for the obama administration, but this was a bright spot this past week to give them the boost they need heading into the hearing next week. >> amanda sakuma thank you for breaking that down for us. the most expensive and called the most complicated timepiece in the world auctioned
7:51 am
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7:54 am
just in to us we have an update on the shooting death of walter scott that we brought you earlier in the broadcast. in contrast to an earlier ap report, nbc news now confirming the court documents from charleston courthouse they show that walter scott who was shot and killed by a police officer owed more than $18,000 in back child support and there was a bench warrant for his arrest. that's in contrast to what ap reported earlier that there was not. south desk will have more on this a little later here on the broadcast on msnbc and we will have that for you when we do get
7:55 am
it. the apple watch goes on sale today. it got us thinking about some other timepieces. and today's five things. watch this. number one, the calculator watch. this casio model forever changing the way we tell time. helped some sneaky kids take math tests in the '80s. this is about $30 on amazon. number two. remember this famous moment from the 199 presidential town hall? former president george h.w. bush, not interested in what they had to say, checking the time on his wrist. number three, james bond. he probably wishes he had one of these. sean connery used it to find atomic bombs in 1968. this went for over 100,000 pounds at an auction in 2013.
7:56 am
and the first watch with a black and white tv screen barely over an inch. number five. i am on my way. those were the words detective dick tracy spoke to his two-way radio watch he used to stop crime. let's see how that works on mine. i am on the way, it is not working. gets us to the next hour on msnbc. smart watch magic. that wraps up the run-down on msnbc. i am richard lui in for jose diaz-balart. "newsnation" with tamron hall is next. stick around. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card.
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but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions are always calm during a storm. so if your business deals with the unexpected hp big data and cloud solutions make sure you always know what's coming-and are ready for it. make it matter. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "newsnation." we begin with breaking news. some jarring images coming out of fairdale illinois. every single home and building damaged, most buildings flattened. two twisters ripped through central illinois last night, devastated the tiny towns of fairdale and rochelle.
8:00 am
a 67-year-old woman was killed in her home and several others are still unaccounted for in a town about 80 miles west of chicago. they say fairdale looks like a bomb went off. >> we are trying to track down all of the members of the community that have left the area. some of them we already know and many of them we don't know where they went to but we know that many people left during the immediate aftermath. >> storm chasers captured video of a massive tornado as it ripped through rochelle. even recorded the moment the twister crossed the highway right in front of them. >> oh, my god. this is violent. you guys it is right there. right there. >> we're good oh, my gosh.


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