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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  April 10, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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l illinois last night, devastated the tiny towns of fairdale and rochelle. a 67-year-old woman was killed in her home and several others are still unaccounted for in a town about 80 miles west of chicago. they say fairdale looks like a bomb went off. >> we are trying to track down all of the members of the community that have left the area. some of them we already know and many of them we don't know where they went to but we know that many people left during the immediate aftermath. >> storm chasers captured video of a massive tornado as it ripped through rochelle. even recorded the moment the twister crossed the highway right in front of them. >> oh, my god. this is violent. you guys it is right there. right there. >> we're good oh, my gosh.
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>> there goes cars. i saw headlights go flying. >> you need to stop. >> no, keep going. >> we will go slow. >> my god, we need to see if everybody is all right. we need to go. >> this video shows strong winds taking on a tractor-trailer, sending it tumbling to its side. here is what you're driver said he witnessed while on the road. >> i was in my truck driving here to come get some dinner saw the tornado. i jumped out of my truck, climbed in the ditch and watched the tornado pull the semi flip it around destroyed the house across the street and houses all the way down. >> a waitress describes what happened after she and 11 others ran to the basement to protect themselves. >> a lot of praying, some crying, a lot of reassurance that everything was going to be okay. it was so fast you know from when i got down there to when
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the tornado came over it just went by so fast. >> nbc's kevin tibbles joins us from fairdale illinois. kevin, as i understand it the town is not equipped with tornado sirens, is that correct? >> reporter: it is a small town tamron, only has a volunteer fire department. everyone had to spring into action as this massive storm center came through here. you know most of illinois was under some form of tornado watch yesterday, tornado warnings started happening later in the afternoon, early into the evening. this tornado that came through went on for about 50 miles. as you can see behind me this is damage it did to one of the homes in town as you mentioned. every single home some 200 families, live in this town every single one did sustain some form of damage or another. and this of course is the town where a 67-year-old woman lost her life.
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so people today are trying to assess the damage now that the sun has come up and first responders have gone through twice, say they're going to be going through a third time. they're also overseeing everything from the air above in helicopters just to make sure that none of the people who are still unaccounted for aren't trapped in rubble that is all over the place here. >> it is kevin. i am trying to get an idea of what you are standing in front of and give the audience better perspective of the vantage point where you are here now. >> reporter: well this used to be a home and business type of place. you can see the front of it has been ripped right off. downstairs you can see throughout the other side of the building, you can still see some of the personal effects. there's a table and chairs a sofa sort of hanging precariously off to the side here and way off in the distance
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on my left side is another building that used to be used as a house of worship. and it is also had the roof torn off, et cetera. there are not a lot of people here today because those people who were unable to stay in their homes have been asked to leave. no one is being allowed to come in because the emergency crews want to get in here make sure power is off. there are com-ed trucks all over and they have it secure until it is safe. >> thank you very much. shannon lee is on the phone. you and your husband and son were home in fairdale as i am told when the tornado hit, you were able to get in your vehicle, your truck, tried to take off. tell me about last night and what happened? >> it was probably one of the stupidest things anybody could have ever done. our television was flickering in and out, we were able to get the weather channel and alerts. i walked inside and it said there was a wedge tornado on the ground in kings, which is five
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minutes from my house, and i told my husband and the next thing you know we were in the truck. and we took off and we were heading toward one of our parents' houses and the tornado shifted and we turned around as fast as we could and went south, away from the tornado, and turned around once we got on top of the hill and i took a video of it it was absolutely amazing. just gigantic. >> we are looking at i believe the video you sent in to us. the town is a small community, about 200 people. there's no siren there, but had you been watching weather reports throughout the day, were you aware rough weather was headed your way? >> yes. it is very important for me to look at the weather reports and such, we all have it on our phones, and even though we don't have the sirens in fairdale we could hear sirens in kirkland and in monroe center and we are
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in the middle of both. we were able to hear the sirens from outside. >> what about your home? what's the condition of your home? >> we are blessed. our home is one of the few still standing and still habitable. >> that's amazing. when we look at this video, just about every building either just flattened or damaged. did others drive away also? you saw a number of people? >> yes. there were several fairdale residents on the road with us. >> i imagine that created its own set of problems as well with the number of people trying at the same time to leave. >> not really because there wasn't very many of us that were leaving and like i say, we don't have that many residents in fairdale, you know but thank god that you know we were spared. >> yeah. absolutely. our thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone in the town. obviously the loss of life the
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number of injuries, and we certainly wish you the best. thank you for joining us and sharing what happened there. it is just amazing when we see this video, and i cannot imagine being right there as you and your family and so many others are. thank you so much for joining us shannon. >> thank you, tamron. >> that storm system is moving east. msnbc meteorologist bill karins joins me live with the forecast. you heard me talking to shannon about people that got out. in my mind it is a small town but you have people thinking my home isn't safe let me get in the car, try to drive off. >> brings up a great conversation. i am trying to see how only one fatality. this is a huge incredible storm. i think maybe storm shelters i haven't heard many had, maybe even basements, with that much damage would have had more fatalities and injuries. i think more people did drive away. interesting, in oklahoma city a year, year and a half ago, everyone tried to drive away at
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the same time horrible traffic jams and most dangerous place to be is when it hits you in the car on the highway. it is recommended not to do that usually. probably saved a lot of lives. maybe a lesson to be learned, if you're in a small enough town and safely get away from the tornado in the car, maybe a smart move. that will be a discussion for days and weeks and years ahead. let me take you through the actual event. there were two tornadoes went through northern illinois. one was weaker started near rockford, did a path. the monster one we have been looking at we will find out how long it was on the ground possibility of 40 to 50 miles was this red track here as it crossed the interstate. now as far as the tornadoes go we only had about 16 yesterday. many with the same reports from one spot. wasn't a huge tornado outbreak it was isolated the worst, through illinois and a couple of tornadoes in eastern iowa. we are not seeing anything like that today at all thankfully. we have a few strong storms to deal with. could get wind damage.
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trees could fall power outages. that's the biggest threat today. washington, d.c., we have our eyes on you. the storms are coming in through the mountains. they kick through d.c. baltimore, richmond area going through late afternoon. peak heating of the day. to the south, atlanta, a soaking rain for you. they'll regenerate fire up over south carolina and georgia this afternoon. and of course the master's is being played in augusta. if you're watching that coverage later, you'll probably see significant weather delay as storms sweep through. there's the slight risk today, a narrow strip of yellow here. yesterday we were in the enhanced risk. going through the spring season we get more risks like this. yesterday, tamron i wasn't expecting a lot of tornadoes. we didn't have a lot, but there was potential for one or two strong tornadoes. it is like saying we didn't have a bad hurricane season only had one major hurricane. if that hit florida, it is a horrible season.
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only thing with the tornadoes, only takes one big one. >> bill greatly appreciate you joining us. funeral services are held for walter scott tomorrow one week after his fatal encounter with officer michael slager in north charleston, south carolina. as his family prepares to say good-bye, this video shows their emotional meeting last night with the man that shot the cell phone video, now seen by millions released hours before slager's arrest. they praised his persistence, calling him a hero. >> good job, good job. >> that's amazing, that they know that mr. scott, like i say, this didn't just happen we know. god put me there for a reason. >> we are get ago look what happened during the initial
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encounter in what started as a routine traffic stop. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins me from north charleston. gabe in that video we see there's another individual in the car. we knew that. do we know any more about that person? >> no that's a big question now, who is this mystery passenger. he is not named in the incident report although the incident report did mention that police detained him for a brief period and questioned him about this. so far his name has not surfaced. the new dash cam footage does fill in some of the gaps of what led to the deadly shooting but certainly not all. it does not show the actual struggle. meanwhile, state police investigators now are saying they had concerns suspicions about the shooting from the very beginning. this morning, dramatic new dash cam video from the patrol carve officer michael slager showing the traffic stop saturday moments before he shot walter
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scott. >> the reason for the stop is your brake light is out. >> reporter: the officer asks scott for license, registration insurance card. scott tells slager he just bought the car from his neighbor. >> you don't have any paperwork in the glove box? >> no, sir. he has all of that. >> officer slager walks to his patrol car. 30 seconds later, scott bolts from the car. the next time we see scott, he is running from officer slager who fires eight times, killing him. in a written statement late thursday the head of the state agency investigating the shooting said we believed early on there was something not right, the cell phone video shot by a bystander confirmed our initial suspicions. officer slager's mother says she hasn't watched the video of saturday's shooting and doesn't know if she ever will. but she's apologizing to the scott family. >> i just want them to know i'm sorry that this happened. >> reporter: remembering better times, her son growing up in
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medford, new jersey where he graduated high school, began his career in the coast guard. >> he is not a bad person he is a very good person. >> reporter: two families now torn apart. >> i'll miss his phone calls. he would call his mom every day. >> i know their family is grieving. our family is grieving. and i would hate for this to happen to anybody. >> reporter: the officer's mother says she has not seen her son since the incident he remains in jail charged with murder. the big question is why would scott run from the car. we do not know for sure. nbc news confirmed there was an active bench warrant out for his arrest for back child support. his family had said he may have wanted to avoid jail time for back child support. but the simple fact is we do not know for sure why he ran from the car. tamron?
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>> joining me criminal defense attorney john burress who handled several high profile cases and david mack who was a speaker in culture sensitivity classes mandated for all police officers in that area. thank you for joining us. john, let me start with you. we heard gabe say we do not know why mr. scott ran from the car. is that relevant to the investigation at this point? >> it may be relevant initially, just in terms of the officer's conduct, but once there was a fight, a struggle of some kind and he ran from the officer from there, that issue becomes whether or not that impacts the officer's mental state enough it might reduce a murder charge to manslaughter, clearly shooting a person in the back like he was, that could be premeditated murder. then the question is whether there was enough impact in terms of the struggle that might mitigate. the initial running from the car in and of itself cannot
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ultimately determine or mitigate against the shooting in the back in the manner it occurred. he was unarmed. >> we see in the video, there's a second unidentified person in the vehicle. the family says they do not know who the person is. we know that individual was apprehended, not arrested. why have we not heard that person's account of what happened? >> i would assume the police talked with him at the beginning, must know his story, could not have let him go without getting some statement. the police may not want to release that statement now, not surprising, end of the day must know who he is actually had conversations with him surprising that information has not been released, but it will get released. the issue about that is what is the motive behind the police officer interrogation. are they trying to discredit the videotape person at the time or basically saying look, at this point in time given the status of the investigation, no need to release that information.
8:16 am
it would be important for the prosecutor to have this information if she's seeking first degree murder conviction she needs to know what happened in that car beforehand. >> let me bring in mr. mack. thank you for joining. a few years ago you spoke at a cultural sensitivity class mandated for officers in that area. at the time there was some concern. tell me a little about your goal for that class, given what we have heard and reports of some in the community concerned by tactics used by police they say directed specifically at african americans and minorities. did that class work at all? >> yes, i was invited in along with pastor augustus robinson in charleston. we were working with new cadets and community working to build a bridge, build a rapport, a relationship so these types of things hopefully would not happen. this was a major disappointment in a lot of different ways.
8:17 am
i know we do have some good police officers in the north charleston police department as in all police departments around the country, but there still is a culture within law enforcement unfortunately that results in these types of things and the question everyone is asking what would have happened if that videotape was not made if that image was not caught. all that played out, the initial stop and everything the thing that made this worldwide news rightfully so, is we saw a man get gunned down five shots in his back as he was running. that need not have happened. >> we also know this is the larger issue though others in the community that say the tactics that were implemented by the police department there targeted african americans on quote, unquote routine traffic stops. the associated press, for example, says that police fought rising crime through a simple
8:18 am
policing solution be aggressive. police use computers to track neighborhoods where crime was on the rise then sent waves of officers to patrol and conduct traffic stops, looking for offenders, letting drivers know they were present and cracking down. by the numbers they say the tactics worked but it left people feeling very frustrated and feeling as if they were being targeted for in some cases minor offenses that a nonafrican-american or white pedestrian or driver would not be pulled over for. >> that's right. and that's a major concern, racial profiling is wrong. if someone has not done anything wrong, why should they be stopped, why should they be questioned, why should they be searched. racial profiling is wrong. and that's the message we have to send throughout this country. and that's why the relationship with young black males and the police and law enforcement tends
8:19 am
to be very problematic. i have three sons. when they were especially when they were younger, i live in north charleston i would be afraid when they would go out at night because of racial profiling, so this is something that we have to work on. it is a tough job but we're all going to have to get involved. i'm interested in getting some reports and numbers from the federal government as they come in and analyze the situation and we're going to have to go back to the drawing board and see what we have to do. obviously there's still some police officers that should not be police officers. >> gentlemen, thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it today. coming up sources tell nbc news hillary clinton will announce she's running for president. several reports say it will happen on sunday. how will she break the news. nbc's chuck todd is up next with new details. and developing now, we are learning president obama and cuba's president raul castro spoke by phone. is this setting the stage for an historic face to face encounter
8:20 am
today. a live report on that as well. a utah man who made headlines for wearing casual but nice attire meeting the president earlier this week. thought he was meeting with a white house official. didn't know it was the president. he is going to join us later to talk about the moment this picture was snapped and what happened afterwards. join the conversation online. you can find the team @newsnation. i am on facebook twitter, and instagram. we will be right back. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites.
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developing now, two sources close to the hillary clinton campaign tell nbc news the former secretary of state will announce her run for the white house as early as sunday. clinton is expect to make the official announcement on social media, she will then hit the road campaigning in key
8:24 am
battleground states including iowa. clinton posted a new chapter to her book "hard choices" in which she talks about the birth of her granddaughter, charlotte. it includes becoming a grand mare has made me think deeply about the responsibilities we all share as stewards of the world we inherit and will one day pass on rather than make me want to slow down it spurred me to speed up. joining me with more moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd and bet few ee. chuck, he will start with you. the way secretary clinton plans to roll out the campaign you said in the past candidates have to be comfortable with their approach approach. what does it say about how she plans to run this time around? >> look i think it is about keeping the candidate in a comfortable position. they've made the position the candidate, hillary clinton, has never been comfortable doing the big rally, big speech. that's not where she has been good in the past.
8:25 am
if you look at and i know people around her did this if you look at her announcement for new york senate announcement for president in '07, what went well. the new york announcement what didn't the presidential announcement. guess what they're trying to do they're trying to recreate the new york announcement listening tour. not calling it a listening tour but she's going to very small events this entire month of april in iowa in new hampshire, south carolina. what we are finding out is this is the way the candidate wants to do it and delay the why i am running for a bigger opportunity perhaps in may. >> chuck, it was that millions of cracks in the glass ceiling speech that i think resonated so well with women especially key voting block as we know for clinton or any candidate for that matter and i think some would like to see a follow-up to that almost instantly to put some energy out there for democrats. >> look tamron i think that look i know this was debated
8:26 am
inside clinton world, there were people advocating that the best place to do the follow-up, go to seneca falls, historic moment for women's rights when it comes to voting go there, and that's where she should launch. there were plenty of people wanted her to follow exactly what you were just saying do something big, make it about electing the first woman president, make that crystal clear. end of the day, the candidate is comfortable doing smaller events. she is not bill and she is not president obama. >> beth, you covered the campaign in 2008 declared january 20th 2007 i'm in to win. key hires put in place, image, softening of image which we hear often with female candidates and secretary clinton is no different here but what do you believe will be different, if anything, come sunday? >> well on sunday from what we
8:27 am
are hearing, we don't know 100% for sure it will be a video that will be released maybe tweet it out, may go to facebook. that will be it for that day. there will be a series of social engagements. then she will start traveling next week, as chuck said. the real key difference as chuck said unlike 2007 when she launched her campaign went to iowa right away it was a huge celebrity type entrance into that state, which is kind of a smaller state, used to a more intimate feel. there was some put off of voters that didn't think it was the best way to start. this time she's going to go back attempt to do smaller events as chuck said. hard to see how that will work given she will have huge flanks of reporters, secret service detail with her, they'll perhaps bring in small groups of reporters to watch so she can have that intimate moment with voters. it will be a real challenge. as chuck said it is a setting that's better for her. she is not the big stadium candidate. they tried to make her that in 2008 because she was well known
8:28 am
and inevitable. >> what do we know about the role bill clinton may play sunday? >> my guess is probably not much. he has hinted he will be a background player as long as possible. look, she has been a u.s. senator, secretary of state, i don't think anybody any more says she's just the wife of bill. nonetheless, he is a big presence. >> any democrat. >> for any democrat and she needs to step out there and do this. and he will step in and be a behind the scenes player and get out there when it helps her. >> that's the thing, chuck, she is not just the wife of bill but any democrat running anywhere in the country would be benefitted having bill clinton at their side in most cases, not in all have there been a victory. with that said how does she tackle criticism coming in from fellow democrats that say it should not be bush and clinton, some things -- she is not reintroducing herself or introducing herself like with rand paul or marco rubio where they have to layout their resume, here is who i am.
8:29 am
we know who she is. >> you know though that's actually a trap that the campaign believes that hillary fell into in '07 and doesn't believe -- this assumption that people do know her. the argument that i hear from clinton folks is no, they don't know her. they think they know her, but don't know about the mother don't know about the children's advocate. i had one person say it this way. they don't know hillary rodham they know hillary clinton, they know the spouse of bill clinton, the secretary of state. don't know the advocate of children's defense fund. i tell you, the epilogue of the book is very important you put it out there. if you wonder what the message will be centered around you'll hear a lot about charlotte, a lot about being a grandmother, and i think you'll hear a lot about this idea that this is how she tries to be a future oriented candidate. very tough because of her last name, but that's how she's going to try to be the future.
8:30 am
>> it will be a fascinating "meet the press," can't wait to see it sunday. thank you both for joining us. see what happens. it will be an exciting weekend, and the countdown begins. developing now we are learning about a late night phone call between president obama and cuba's president raul castro. the question will that call lead to a face-to-face meeting as the president continues his trip in panama. live report from summit of the americas is next. and the nra annual meeting is under way with 11 gop presidential hopefuls there, were rand paul and chris christie were not invited. it is part of today's first read.
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developing now, we learned in the past hour that president obama and cuban president raul castro spoke by phone on wednesday. it was their second phone conversation since announcing plans in december to normalize relations for the first time in more than 50 years. news of the latest phone call comes amid speculation the two
8:34 am
leaders will meet as soon as today at the summit of the americas in panama a meeting the u.s. previously barred cuba from attending. nbc news senior correspondent kris jansing joins us from panama city. kris, do we know any more details about the phone call? >> reporter: hi tamron. we hope to get some shortly. there's going to be a press briefing, they don't always do these when we are on international trips but it is going to be three senior white house officials, but obviously they wanted to lay the ground work for what is a tremendously important meeting for both of them. let's talk about the history. first of all, it has been since 1958 that leaders of the two countries have gotten together in a planned meeting, and tonight when this summit actually officially opens, there's what they call a class picture, means the leaders of all 35 countries come together to take a photograph. that will be we believe the first opportunity for raul castro and for president obama to see each other face to face
8:35 am
but it will probably be tomorrow when they have this all important meeting. high on the agenda will be removal of cuba from the list of state sponsor terror. there are only four countries on the list, and it has been a major impediment to moving forward to normalization of relations, including allowing embassies to be opened in both countries, and for cuba to reep some financial benefits. there are a lot of i am pedestrian -- impediments to being on that list. this opens up tremendous opportunities. i think literally it is safe to say the world will be watching to see this meeting, how long will it be where will it be, what kind of readout do we get from it. do we get a sense there's any personal chemistry between the two of them that only met in passing for a few minutes at the funeral of nelson mandela a couple years ago and had these couple of phone calls. first in december when the
8:36 am
president announced his decision to try to normalize relations and the one you just talked about wednesday night, tamron. >> kris jansing live in panama city thank you very much kris. coming up iran's president threatens not to sign a final nuclear deal unless the u.s. meets certain conditions. this as iran supreme leader says he is worried the u.s. is lying. mark murray is next. and is robert durst trying to communicate from prison? what he reportedly told the "l.a. times" in a handwritten letter they say he wrote to them. it is one of the stories we are updating and following around the "newsnation." be right back. my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and for a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am.
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most of the products we all buy are transported on container ships. before a truck delivers it to your store, a container ship delivered it to that truck. here in san diego, we're building the first one ever to run on natural gas. ships this big running this clean will be much better for the environment. we're proud to be a part of that. killed, in that november 2009 shooting rampage there, this morning's ceremony follows more than five year bureaucratic
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struggle whether medals were deserved. quite a moment there. turning to today's first read on politics. there are new concerns this morning that tentative nuclear deal between iran and the united states and five other world powers may be in jeopardy. first, here is a look back at this week's politics. >> i am putting myself forward as a candidate for president of the united states. >> why don't you ask me a question, have i changed my opinion. that would be a better way to approach an interview. >> any voter says he is turning 80 it is a six year term what do you say? >> watch me take a look. listen, i'm just getting started. >> to the second city that voted for a second term and a second chance. being mayor of the city of chicago is the greatest job i've
8:41 am
ever had. >> iran with a nuclear weapon is greater threat than iran without one. >> joining me live nbc news senior political editor mark murray. great pleasure having you on. we already know what's going to dominate the news sunday but nevertheless, talk about iran why this deal may be in jeopardy after the messages coming out of iran. >> this is why the news of last week's deal wasn't the final, final deal, there are still things to iron out. chief among them when the sanctions go away from iran. the supreme leader ended up giving a statement where he ended up saying we want all sanctions to go away the moment we sign the deal. and the understanding from the united states as well as fact sheet was that sanctions would start to go away once the deal was implemented. you get all of the nuclear inspectors in you end up having iran meet all of its obligations, then the sanctions go away. and there's a little wiggle room
8:42 am
here, the supreme leader saying he wants the sanctions to go away immediately, but other folks, including their president, end up saying once the deal is in place. i think a lot of this is negotiation gamesmanship but certainly no deal is final until it is final. >> let's move on to the nra. is it true that rand paul and chris christie were snubbed? >> well it is true they're not going to be there, and all of the other republicans are going to. as far as rand paul there are two schools of thought. on one hand people said there wasn't room for him on the schedule, he didn't make a big enough play to be able to be put back on. the other situation, reported on by my colleague, benjy sarlin from msnbc saying rand paul has a long history of ties to a rival gun association, national association for gun rights, that's why he got snubbed. as for chris christie, his record opposed to others that get as from the nra, his record is not as good. not a big surprise coming as
8:43 am
governor of new jersey. >> very good. thank you very much mark. see you monday. i will be looking for your tweets on sunday. thank you, mark. up next we will talk to the air national guard member who thought he was meeting a white house official but ended up in a private meeting with president obama. there he is. our guest in the white polo shirt. joining us live to talk about what happened. anncr: sometimes our pets... aren't the only ones... that make bad choices. woman: honey, i'm home! anncr: now there's petarmor plus. so you can protect your pets without the shame of overpaying. petarmor plus. available at your local supercenter. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ mom ] with life insurance, we're not
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8:47 am
again, her campaign stops next week. there's a lot going on this morning. here are some things we thought you should know. talk about a huge surprise a designer at a solar energy company in utah showed up for what he believed would be a meeting with a federal official. only that official turned out to be president obama. the man in the white polo on the far right, as he suddenly found himself in a high level discussion last friday with the president. utah senator orrin hatch and other officials. not only that he is also in the air national guard, was told it would be an informal event, so he showed up casually dressed in a nice polo shirt. here to talk about his week lance joins us. good to see you, lance. >> good to be here with you. >> i love that you still have the polo on. >> i still have to represent the white polo. >> you have to represent the white polo. tell me how this was miscommunicated as i understand
8:48 am
to you. >> when the invitation was initially sent to vivint all we were told is they wanted someone with a military background that understood both the solar industry and what it is like to be a veteran, and we knew there was going to be a press release, and the assumption was i was going to be a member of the crowd for just representing vivint solar. >> did you know the president would be there? >> i assumed he would be there for the press conference but as far as me having a meeting with him, i had no idea. >> so when you walked in the room who was there already? >> when i walked in the room there were the other representatives, president obama wasn't there yet. the realization came as i walked up to the table, saw a nameplate for president obama and also a nameplate for senator orrin
8:49 am
hatch. that's when i realized my commander in chief was going to be present. >> did you look around say guys what's going on here did you think the name markers there were, i don't know that someone happened to put them there? >> from the intense secret service presence i kind of figured no, this is my opportunity to speak with president obama. >> there you are. i love the smile on your face in this photograph and that you're sitting at the head of the table there. when you were introduced to the president, what did you say? >> well i shook his hand. we all sat down. when he asked me about vivint solar, i just told him at vivint we are leading a revolution in the solar industry and we're growing. we need more people. but we truly are trying to create a marvelous culture at vivint solar, trying to empower
8:50 am
people. what better gift that we can give our veterans than have them have the opportunity to have a stable career that they could be proud of. >> did you explain your attire at all or want to explain it? >> no one asked me. i will admit when i realized the president was going to be there, i actually had my military blues in my car in the parking lot. i really wanted to go get them and change but i was told i needed to stay still. >> we're showing right now by the way your military blues and how handsome you look and what was waiting out in the car. >> thank you. >> to give people an opportunity to see exactly what you would have worn had you been told that you were meeting the commander in chief. >> yes, that by far, that would have been what i was wearing that day. but i had been notified by the white house that the event was business casual. so i wore my khakis and my polo
8:51 am
and -- >> nothing wrong with that. >> if for quite a surprise. >> what a great opportunity for you and opportunity to talk about our veterans and the care that those men and women certainly deserve. thank you very much for your service and thanks for joining us today as well. we really appreciate it. >> it was good to be here. >> have a great weekend. i'll rock a white polo tomorrow in honor of you. thank you. >> thank you. >> apple's iwatch is now in stores around the world but you cannot walk out with one. it is one of the stories we're following around the "news nation."
8:52 am
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>> welcome back a tragic story in the news out of los angeles. it tops our look at stories around the "news nation," an 13-year-old was killed and 8-year-old remains in grave condition after the car they were in plunged into l.a.'s harbor. it ended 30 feet below the surface. two adults were able to escape.
8:55 am
police are investigating whether the vehicle was driven into the water intentionally or if it was an accident. did robert durst send a handwritten letter to a los angeles times reporter. the letter is characterizes sloppy filled with gram march and spelling errors and writes about his days in l.a. from traffic to football to attend being the opera. he says he has full blown hydrosef lus, that leads to fluid buildup in the brain. i have said nothing about charges crimes or trials. he pled not guilty to gun charges in new orleans. those charges are slowing down the extradition to los angeles to face a charge of killing his friend susan berman back in 2000. apple's smartwatch is now available for pre-order online for shipping later this month and went on display in the apple stores around the world. the company says online interest already indicates a sellout.
8:56 am
prices start $349 the most expensive model, will run you 17 grand. and that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. we'll be back here on monday. have a great weekend. up next andrea mitchell reports live from panama city, panama. across america people, like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins, are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills
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8:59 am
right now an "andrea mitchell reports," a new day the leaders of the united states and cuba are in panama for a historic meeting. will it usher in a must era for two nations? >> i do think that it is important for all of us to be able to speak honestly where we see concerns about issues of human rights and political freedom. i'm not saying anything publicly
9:00 am
that i haven't said directly to raul castro. >> and new pictures just in president obama made a surprise visit to the panama canal on his way here to the summit this morning. plus a new campaign? we are 48 hours away from hillary clinton 2.0, the much anticipated launch of her second run for the white house. >> and i suppose it's only fair to say, don't you some day want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> good day, everyone i'm andrea mitchell in panama city panama, president obama and cuba's president raul castro will be meeting along the sidelines of a latin american summit today and tomorrow. it is their first


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