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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  April 10, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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up next. good evening americans. welcome to "the ed show" live from minnesota. let's get to work. tonight -- hillary's ready for 2016. >> the former secretary of state will announce her run for the white house. >> clinton will try to avoid the mistake she made in 2008. >> plus iran's pushback on a nuclear deal. >> we will not sign any deal unless all economic sanctions are lifted on the same day as the signing of that deal. >> later, new details out of south carolina. >> state investigators are saying they were suspicious of this shooting from the very beginning. >> and bigotry on the bayou. >> state representative mike johnson filed the act. >> i'm always in favor of defending religious liberty. >> good to have you with us. thanks for watching. here we go. the 2016 presidential campaign season is about to get into high gear. two sources close to the clinton
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campaign tell nbc news hillary clinton will a announce her candidacy as early as sunday. clinton is expected to announce on social media and immediately head to iowa for campaign events. there is a reason hillary is heading straight to the hawkeye state. it was not good to her in 2008. her performance in the iowa caucuses, well she was third. president obama came in first at 38%, john edwards who worked the state in a tireless fashion came in second at 30%, and hillary clinton who i think really relied on name recognition came in third at 29%. they never really had the strong ground game. in 2008, president obama stunned the clinton campaign with an unprecedented ground game in social networking campaign we had never seen in contemporary politics. clinton was really caught in an outdated campaign style and flat footed. edwards drew huge crowds and support from unions like the service employees international union out working hard for him early on.
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spent a lot of time on the campaign trail around the state wasn't afraid to connect with voters and speak his mind. of course we know the rest of the story. meanwhile, clinton had a hard time connecting with voters. she stuck to the talking points and spoke to huge crowds. it was so kind of that's the way it used to be. well almost eight years later clinton has a different strategy and serious work to do. a new poll out of iowa shows that 49% of people in the state do not trust hillary clinton. 43% believe that she is trust worthy. 45% of iowanss have a favorable opinion of hillary clinton. her unfavorable rating sits at 47%. now this time around clinton has a new playbook for iowa. she's expected to hold small discussion events and connect with what they say ordinary folk ordinary people in the state of iowa. clinton is attempting to connect on a personal level with voters and will spend time in diners
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and coffee shops and not in big arenas. i think we all know who hillary clinton is. she's going to have to get a campaign going amongst the folks that you know what we really like her. i think hillary clinton will get an earful when it comes to health care job security pensions, outsourcing of jobs. this strategy i think is right in her wheelhouse. clinton is a great conversationalist and nobody reports that. when you meet her she loves to talk it over. she's personable. this is the story that they've got to get out. it's got to be more of a congenial campaign. and i think right away she is going to go right to it. it's far different from her strategy in 2008. meanwhile the rnc is already in full attack mode. they released this ad earlier today. >> hillary clinton has some explaining to do. >> used her personal e-mail account to conduct official business.
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>> wanted to re-set relations with russia. >> not really working out well. >> potentially catastrophic move for hillary clinton. >> taking millions of dollars from foreign governments. >> sniper fire. >> total lie. >> what difference at this point does it make. >> this is par for the course for the clintons. they're always a little secretive. >> once hillary clinton officially makes the announcement the attacks will, of course, become constant and vicious. now we got a flavor of that just within the last hour today at the national rifle association convention in nashville, it tennessee. >> i understand hillary is about to announce her candidacy this weekend. i wonder what her slogan is going to be. i suspect it won't be four more years but somebody back there got it right, what difference does it make. we'll. >> a president that seems to think we grow the economy by growing washington. last year alone we had a report out there that showed that six of the top ten wealthiest
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counties in america were in and around washington, d.c. i don't know about you but most of us as americans we believe be grow the economy in cities and towns and villages across this great country that people create jobs not the government. we got a president, people like hill who seem to think you measure success in government by how many people are dependent on the government former secretary of state hillary clinton actually gave russia a re-set button. >> it's the liberal progressive world view of barack obama and hillary clinton and eric holder and all the other people who want to take the guns out of the hands of the good guys in the hands of the law abiding citizens. >> here we go. hillary's a gone grabber and so is obama. scott walker talking about jobs? we could do an entire show on how he has failed to create them in the state of wisconsin.
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here's what i think hillary has to do. focus on the positives because the country knows where we were and where we are now. i think she has to run on the economy and just tell us what her plan is going to be for the economy. and also on obama care. look there's no perfect world when it comes to health care. but there is a better world with obama care and we know the republicans don't have a plan and neither one of those guys you heard from have a plan. the numbers on obama care are undeniable undeniable. 16.4 million americans have gained health coverage through obama care. the cbo reported obama care will cost 20% less over the next decade than projected lower than expected health care inflation is lower premiums more getting covered and the private insurance industry look at their stocks, their profits, they're doing fine. hillary needs to embrace this. she needs to connect with iowans at the dinner table on issues like health care. you don't have to apologize for
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good things because that's what the democrats did in the mid term, they didn't embrace the economic success we had, they didn't embrace obama care or whatever you want to call it affordable care act and i think it cost the democrats. if hillary embraces this and creates a vision of where she wants to take the country again she's going to be far ahead of all those guys you heard yakking at the nra convention. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. will hillary clinton's new strategy in iowa work? go to to cast your vote. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. bring in michael steele former rnc chair and msnbc political an analyst, carolyn heldman joins us professor of politics and mitch caesar chair of the broward county democrats. great to have all of you with us tonight. well michael i want to start with you first. >> okay. >> this is a different -- this is a different strategy in iowa.
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are these lessons learned? what's your take on it? >> no. i think you're right. they are lessons learned and you can -- you know that because she basically has jettisoned all those folks part of that 2008 debacle, brought in a younger and not necessarily by age, but certainly in terms of their ability to look at this fresh, in a fresh way, to look at this campaign through the lens of millennials and to help her develop the kind of messages you've touched on. i take note of the fact that earlier this week and last week you laid down some markers for the progressive -- from the progressive left. she will have to address those before she begins to look at what republicans are saying about her, or the conversation she's going to have with an eventual republican nominee. she has to talk about national security but job security. wage security how she reconciles her relationship with wall street given that clintons
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are synonymous with wall street in many aspects up for the left. she's got a lot she's got to unpack early and carefully but i think she's trying to build the team around her to do just that. >> i think that what she's going to have to do is answer some of the things that have been brought up by liberals in this country and i don't think that she should wait long. ought to have a position on iran. how would she handle the negotiations at this point. this is what happens enyou're in a campaign. she knows that. caroline i doubt she would jump in and not be ready to answer these questions. your thoughts? >> i think she's very ready to answer the questions as she's demonstrated in the past couple months. the problem with not happening a strong primary contender a lot of these issues she's going to have to bring them up herself. she will not have other democratic candidates pulling skeletons out or potential skeletons, finding her softer weak spots. i worry that she's going to have to do this work herself in order
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to be ready to really give it a go in the general election contest. >> mitch, what does hillary have to do to win iowa? what has to be different this time around? >> ed you know that and you spoke about this iowa is a retail politics type of place. the very fact that she's going in small groups shows she gets it. speaking to big groups is very '90s and out. she's intending to be a candidate of the future not of the past, not of bill clinton's wife, but maybe a former u.s. senator, secretary of state. i think she gets it. i don't think she will have a difficult time making the transition from grandmother in chief as she's been chided for, to being the chief executive commander in chief. i think she's going to make it about the future going to talk as you said small groups. that will give people a chance to look her in the eye and get a better feel for who she is. that didn't come out in the prior campaign.
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>> yeah. >> michael steele what we've seen from the republicans in iowa if you work the small towns and do a lot of pushings the flesh and retail politics it works. look how rick santorum has done mike huckaby. is this a wake-up call to hillary, maybe this is what iowans want? >> i think it is. i think again, going back to the first part of your question, the his lessons learned have sunk in. the question for hillary, how does she personalize this campaign unlike the way she did before. barack obama had a way of connecting with people on a very personal level. she's sitting at 47% disapproval in iowa right now. she's got to turn that number around among democrats and certainly among a broader population of voters. and so the question for her is how does she personalize it tell her story, so it's not -- it's not a narrative well i was once broke but it's something
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that, you know, goes beyond that to something that people can identify with in their own lives. i think she can do it. she's much better on the personal side as you've noted but never been willing to show that. i think now maybe she is. and certainly from the right, i think that's all good for us because then you got that comparison and contrasting substantively on the issues as opposed to just talking about benghazi all day long. >> no doubt. caroline, it's not good when the numbers say that people really don't trust you. does she have to takes this head on in iowa? >> well i do think she has to address it head on but i think she's in a better position than she was in the 2008 iowa primary because her favorable ratings are higher and they're especially higher amongst democrats. if she takes that playbook from president obama's election in 2008 and really presses the flesh and uses the new social media and data strategies the on-line strategies the new norm in politics which it appears
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she is doing, i think she will be just fine. >> caroline does she need competition? what do you think? >> i do think she needs competition. i think that the general election is going to be the ugliest we've ever seen. 26% of americans are angry or afraid of the idea of a woman in the white house. we're going to see sexist media coverage, coverage that focuses on her dress and appearance negative coverage, so i really think that it would be great to get that out early on in the democratic primary but since she's not going to have a big contest there, i think most of it will come out in the general election which will make it harder for her to gain the white house. >> well, speaking of dirty politics, mitch, isn't anything worse in florida what we've seen down there since governor scott got in and the campaigning taking place. are people in florida hot for hillary? is this going to be friendly territory for her? >> i think, obviously, in a primary it is. i know the clinton campaign is very, very concerned about florida because it's 29 electoral votes, it's so
2:14 pm
gigantic now. i think she's going to do very well here. i think if it's jeb bush i think it's a close race. i think anybody else she beats without question. but she's going to focus a lot i anticipate here. she's very smart. her campaign staff is very smart. i think she does understand people. her, you know, wheelhouse has been said really is middle class and jobs and the economy. and that's one of the reasons she has a great chance of even beating jeb bush in florida, because people don't have clinton fatigue in florida. they have bush fatigue but because of the economy and foreign policy issues they have a better feeling about the clinton times and about hillary herself. >> michael, your reaction to rand paul up on hillary clinton in iowa and in colorado early polls by quinnipiac, what do you make of it? >> it goes back to something i've said for a long time now. i consider rand paul at this point to be the most dangerous man in politics because he has
2:15 pm
this innate ability to draw across party lines. certainly tap into that millennial base that barack obama nurtured and developed over four years and so it's something that he's, you know positioned to make the case. i think you'll have a different kind of argument with a rand paul in the mix than you may have with some of the other candidates versus hillary clinton. so that dynamic i think is reflected quite honestly in that poll. this is going to go back and forth. you know i applaud it nice to see a republican up but we're talking, in april of 2015 so, you know we'll take it for what it's worth right now. it is a good sign that could be an interesting contest. >> good to have all of you on. michael steele carol line heldman and mitch caesar. thanks so much. answer tonight's question at we'll have the results for you right after the break. share your thoughts on twitter.
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@edshow, like us on facebook and get my individual podcost at we got coming up republican obstruction could derail the iranian nuclear deal. senator barbara boxer joins me next on "the ed show." and new details emerge in the walter scott case. we'll have an update. stay with us. if you don't think "hashtag love dad" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". our aarp tek program helps people find better ways to better connect with each other. find more real possibilities at keeping a billion customers a year flying means keeping seven billion transactions flowing. and when weather hits, it's data mayhem. but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions are always calm during a storm. so if your business deals with the unexpected hp big data and cloud solutions make sure you always know what's coming-and are ready for it.
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here's where we stand on tonight's bing pulse poll. the numbers are -- i love this. keep voting. 76% of you say yeah this new strategy hillary has in iowa will work. we're coming back on "the ed show." stay with us. i like the sexy look to it. epa-estimated 37 miles per gallon on the highway. are you serious? escape has every feature you could even imagine. i just opened my trunk with my foot. i prefer, without a doubt, the escape
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back. iran's supreme leader is now saying iran will not sign a deal unless sanctions are removed at once. this is completely counter to the phased relief outlined by negotiators last week which would lift sanctions in stages. the sanctions time line has been a focal point of these negotiations abroad and here at home. senate foreign relations chair bob corker from tennessee introduced legislation to block sanctions for being lifted on iran for 60 days while congress reviews the deal. the obama administration asked congress to wait until after the june 30th deadline for a final agreement before voelgt on the legislation and they say it could interfere with negotiations. corker plans to hold a vote in the foreign relations committee as early as next week. my next guest, senator bash bra boxer asked corker to delay consideration of the bill saying it would be a reckless rush to judgment and could derail a once-in-a-lifetime
2:21 pm
opportunity to deal with this looming threat. joining us tonight the senator from california barbara boxer. senator, good to have you with us tonight. i appreciate you speaking up on this. so much negativity surrounding all of this. we've forgotten, give peace a chance. >> yes, that's right. >> so many say you can't trust the iranians. where do you stand on this? how critical is it for corker to back off until june 30th? your thoughts? >> completely critical. and you know this is not just me speaking at all. i've never seen such an outpouring of advice coming from some really good people 50 different experts who spent their adult lives fighting either in the military in the american military or in diplomacy, the fact of the matter is that they are telling us not to act on any congressional legislation until a final deal is made.
2:22 pm
now, you know, if you went to a doctor you wouldn't want him to operate until he saw the x-rays let's see where we stand, let's see the real deal. and very, very simple point that these 50 people are making and let me just say, these are from eight administrations, five republican administrations, and three democratic administrations. and i know that senators have large egos i'm not suggesting that we all think that we know things but these folks ought to be listened to ed and set aside this rush to judgment this recklessness take a deep breath. we've already been in enough wars. let's try to resolve this peacefully if we can. >> yeah. senator, what's your response to what senator chuck schumer is saying? he has broken with the white house and threw his weight behind corker's legislation. how much of an issue is this do you think? >> look i don't want to speak for chuck or anybody else. i don't think that's
2:23 pm
appropriate. because you never know where they'll come out and how they'll end up. i can say this just a very simple proposition that you don't try to undermine negotiations that have a chance. they have a chance to avoid war. so my colleagues may say one thing, they say another. i think at the end of the day, all you have to do is listen to tom cotton. he's in the senate for 15 minutes i think. but the -- frankly, he's just saying let's go to war, let's drop a bomb no big deal he says, it will be over in a few days and it's not really war, we're just bombing people. well, i would say, if we were bombed by somebody we would consider it war and, you know, it has that ring of rumsfeld. oh, go to iraq it will be a few hours, a few days a few weeks. i don't even think it will be
2:24 pm
six months. years and years and years. and dead soldiers and dead civilians and wounded warriors. that break your heart. i was there. and i have the same sense of it coming out of the republicans in particular. 47 of them signing a letter unprecedented in its nature to try to scuttle the agreement. it failed. the agreement framework went forward and now tom cotton at least she's tellhe's it telling the truth, let's bomb iran and let's not forget john mccain, bomb bomb bomb iran did a song rendition. remember? >> i do. >> this is serious stuff. they're not sending their kids to war. yeah. >> no they're not. they're not. and this is a war that wouldn't touch them at all but it would touch a lot of innocent people no doubt. they will not do the full throated give peace a chance no doubt. what about the senate democrats? they're going to play an
2:25 pm
important role here. do you think you're going to see 13 of your colleagues signing with the republicans on this? >> you know, honest to god don't think so and the reason is those 50 people that i cited they include by the way senator lugar, senator levin, madeleine albright a stellar list of people from the ford administration all the way through, so i think that's going to give them some pause and then the hawks that are really taking over the republican party now, you know sounding like those neocons of the past just rushing us into a war i think it's sobering people up. now i'm going to be at the markup on tuesday, i've asked corker to delay it. we have a lot of amendments to fix that corker bill. but it's -- here's what i think. the american people are smart and they're going to see what's happening. cotton just let the cat out of the bag. let's just bomb iran and get it
2:26 pm
over with. they don't want that -- the people don't want that. so i urge your viewers to weigh in let's not head toward another war. let's give this agreement a chance. just give it a chance. and then if we don't like it everything is on the table. >> what's your response to the supreme leader in iran who says that all of the sanctions have to be lifted right away and that, of course, was not part of the preliminary deal outlined last week? what's your response to that? what should we do? >> well clearly we're not going to do that and, you know, if that's how it moves, if the hardliners take over in iran there's not going to be a deal. and if the hardliners take over in america there's not going to be a deal. so i think the moderate voices in both nations have to come together and say, give this thing a chance ed. look everybody knew that there would be ups and downs on the way to this dance, but the fact is the process isn't yet over.
2:27 pm
imagine marking up a bill before you even know what it is and not even holding one hearing to call these experts forward. >> senator barbara boxer with us tonight from california i appreciate your time senator. thanks for writing that letter. it was certainly the right thing to do and hope it does throw cold water on them. >> the investigation into the death of walter scott. rapid response panel weighs in on that that's coming up. deadly tornadoes hit the midwest. an update on the destruction in illinois. stay with us. we're back on "the ed show."
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we are back. tonight officials are still combing through the wreckage after severe storms and tornados ripped across north central illinois last night. it's unclear how many residents remain unaccounted for as rescuers continue their search for survivors. governor rauner confirms two were killed and at least 11 others injured. nbc's kevin tibbles has more.
2:31 pm
>> reporter: storm chasers captured the unbelievable footage as it knocked over a semi. >> oh. he's over. go go. >> call 911. >> reporter: the tornado leaving a huge swath of destruction touching down in rochelle illinois, about 75 miles west of chicago. >> it was huge and it was coming right for us. >> reporter: 12 people took cover in the basement of the grub stakers restaurant trapped there for 90 minutes until rescue workers could get them out. >> i'm in shock. i have no job and no car. >> i was just blown away by the sheer terror of everything. >> reporter: the roof of the restaurant was blown off. a semi parked nearby toppled over. remarkably everyone trapped made it out with only minor injuries. >> i've been on the department almost 35 years now and we've never had anything come through like this. >> reporter: several homes were flattened and power lines down as the tornado tore through the region. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my god.
2:32 pm
>> reporter: particularly hard hit the tiny community of fairdale illinois, some 50 structures were leveled. one witness saying it was like a bomb went off. >> i would say probably 95% of the town is gone. >> reporter: first responders working through the night in a methodical search and rescue operation, as they begin to assesses the damage. >> today forecasters are watching severe weather from philadelphia to texas. we'll keep an eye on the radar and bring you any updates. next we'll have the latest on the walter scott case from south carolina. stay with us. we're right back on "the ed show." i'm hampton pareson with your cnbc market wrap. stocks end the week to the upside. the dow climbs 98 points above the 18,000 mark. the s&p adds 10 and the nasdaq is up by 21. ge is reorganizing selling most of ge capital and other assets. it will return up to $90 billion to shareholders.
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welcome back to "the ed show." thamgs for watching tonight. in about an hour the black lives matter coalition will hold a vigil in north charleston south carolina, in memory of walter scott. the group is planning on training members of the community on how to use video cameras to, quote, protect themselves and each other. meantime the investigation into the shooting death has been handed over to state authorities. the fbi is set to release a report in the coming months.
2:37 pm
nbc's sarah dollif has more. >> reporter: calls for police reform in charleston south carolina. a day after dash cam video was released showing the initial traffic stop that brought officer michael slager and walter scott together. at first, their interaction is routine. then scott gets out of the car and runs. there's a gap in between what happens after that and where eyewitness cell phone video begins with slager firing eight shots. the state agency investigating the shooting says they saw inconsistencies right away including what appears to be gunshot wounds in scott's back. a statement reads in part we believed early on there was something not right. the cell phone video shot by a bystander confirmed our initial suspicions. slager has been charged with murdered and fired from his job. his mother has yet to watch the video but offered an apology to the scott family. >> i just want them to know i am sorry that this happened. i know their family is grieving.
2:38 pm
our family is grieving. i would hate for this to happen to anybody. >> reporter: two families torn apart. >> i'll miss his phone calls. he would call his mom every day. >> joining me in a rapid response panel thomas me zer russ and james peterson professor at lee high university and live from north charlton treymain lee, msnbc national reporter. treymain, you first if i may. what's the mood of the city now that these rallies are starting to take place and black lives matter lives are starting to have rallies and now that the dash cam has been released? what is the mood in north charleston tonight? >> well there is certainly some frustration and heavy emotions and hearts around the killing itself. it's been assuaged by the fact that criminal justice system is taking pace here with the officers arrested.
2:39 pm
yet still there are organizers trying to lay the groundwork and framework for an yawn going sustainable moment. a number of the architects and activists around the ferguson movement landing in north charlton, having meetings, trying to help the local activists and protesters and residents finding their footing in what to do. while there's not that outright anger we've seen in other cities there's certainly frustration on what people say has been a long coming movement to push back against what they say have been harassment and abuse by police and the death of mr. scott is kind of indicative of what's been going on here so long. >> mr. mess zer ro what are investigators looking for on the dash tape? from a defense attorney's position what about this gap from when mr. scott leaves the car and then in some way, they get, you know, connected back again, before he departs as we
2:40 pm
see the videotape where he was eventually shot? what would a defense attorney how would you view that gap? >> well the gaps in videotapes the gaps in audiotapes are a defense lawyer's weapons. they typically exploit those situations, they'll probably have him testify if he goes to trial, that a confrontation took place, he was in fear of his life, that he thought the man fleeing was a violent, dangerous felon. i have no doubt this what is the defense will say. unfortunately, the tape in my opinion shows cold blooded premeditated murder. you see a man pulled over for having a busted taillights, nothing else. you don't hear a discussion that's confrontational or angry or volatile at all. the defense will fail. plus you've got tampering with the crime scene which police officers are told never to do. you have what appears to be a false police report. but in answer to your question the defense will exploit those gams. the only person around to say
2:41 pm
what happened during those gaps is the defendant. and they will try to exploit that to the hill as well as the fact that many jurors want to presume a police officer is courageous and honorable and trust worthy. they want to give police officers the benefit of the doubt. i don't think it will work in this case. >> well this sounds like you're framing it as a defense attorney's nightmare, that the videotape is so damaging for him to get exonerated at any level is almost impossible. >> looks like cold blooded murder. don't say it's impossible. it's almost 25 years ago, lapd officers beat rodney king to a pulp got their stories straight, filled out consistent reports, had no idea somebody was videotaping them. we live in an age of social media and i think this movement to have minorities individual tape and film everything is fabulous. i think it's exactly what the wave of the future should be and police officers who behave this way need to be put in prison.
2:42 pm
>> mr. peterson how do you feel about that? black lives matter is running a video campaign where they will train people to protect themselves and each other and to use these cameras. what do you make of it? >> i think it's a great idea. i agree with the attorney as well. i'm not so big on the law enforcement cameras or body cameras. to me it adds a layer of surveillance and can be used more arbitrarily. civilian phone cameras, stepping up and being vigilant around the police stops is important. think of it as a deterrence measure. once law enforcement knows that a community has come together to try to pay attention very closely to what's happening in these exchanges that will help to change the behavior much more so than what people think will happen with body cameras. >> treymain is there as lot of conversation in the community about this officer's past? is it this something that they can see him doing or is this just something that they couldn't fathom him doing?
2:43 pm
>> on one hand there hasn't been much conversation, but as we've learned in recent days there have been at least two allegations about abuse involving this officer in the past including one situation where he allegedly forced his way into someone's home dragged them on the ground and shot them with a taser. i spoeblg to a local -- spoke to a local business owner who owns a bar on the south side a black community and he said routinely officer slager and other officers, he described it as harassing them over arbitrary code violations. and so beyond that beyond what we've heard about the two prior accusations and what a few business owners have said we don't know much. but folks are quick to say it's not just about one officer, that there are many officers in this community who have targeted them for stops and arrests but also stopping them disproportionately and not giving them a citation or not giving them a ticket but simply stopping them to have that access point to check and harass them they say. >> all right.
2:44 pm
trymaine lee, james peterson and thomas mesereau appreciate your time tonight. still to come bigotry on the bayou. how louisiana's religious freedom bill is even worse than the one in indiana or arkansas. stay with us. we're right back. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. sooo, you're all set to book a flight using rewards miles from your airline credit card. but then the illusion begins. the flights you really want - surprise - they're not available because they cost a ridiculous number of miles. enough is enough... switch to the capital one venture card.
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2:49 pm
par. charlie hoffman sits at second place at 9 under, ernie els even on the day. jason day, who had five straight birdies in round one, struggled today with five bogeys. he's tied for 11th at 3 under. last year's champ bubba watson started the day tied at 18th place at just 1 under par. watson improved to 2 under to stay in a tie for 18th. and four birdies helped tiger woods improve to a 2 under par putting him at a tie for 18th still within striking distance. churchill downs laying down rules for attendees of this year's kentucky derby. organizers of the 141-year-old event aren't buying into some of the latest technology. according to the derby's website selfie sticks and remote controlled aircraft like drones will be band from the racetrack for the derby and the oaks.
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...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ finally tonight, the fight for religious freedom laws has now come to the state of louisiana and it's even worse than what we've seen so far in the last couple of weeks. the marriage and conscience act
2:54 pm
allows businesses to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages. the law goes further than the unpopular bills in indiana and arkansas. the first draft allows businesses to refuse benefits to employees in same-sex marriages. governor bobby jindal says he's in favor of it. his spokeswoman called the proposed law common sense. jindal was a supporter of the original religious freedom restoration acts in arkansas and indiana. >> this is about business owners who don't want to choose between their christian faith, their sincerely held religious beliefs and being able to operate their businesses. what they don't want is the government to force them to participate in wedding ceremonies that contradict their beliefs. >> the new orleans convention bureau has already come out against the bill. economic losses pushing past a billion dollars a year and tense of thousands of jobs are at stake. governor jindal of course is mulling over a run for the presidency. joining me tonight judy gold comedian activist and
2:55 pm
actor in the new play "clinton the musical." and mike rogers with us tonight of raw judy is this just going to be a lifelong fight against the conservative movement that they're never going to get the message? what's your response to jindal's support of this bill? >> well i think they will get the message when major companies and people do not frequent these businesses. look what happened in indiana. i mean this is going much further, but i remember last time i was on the show we were talking about gay marriage. and you said is it not discrimination. i never used the word "discrimination." and you are absolutely right. this is a law permitting discrimination. and it is abhorrent on so many levels. but you know what? i don't want a cake from someone who doesn't want to make a cake for my wedding. but i'll be sure to let every single person that i know or who i know know about that.
2:56 pm
it's going to come back. and it's complete and utter pandering because he is going to be running for president. >> but judy isn't that giving those who want to discriminate an alibi? and i understand what you are saying, you don't want to go where you are not wanted you don't want to do business where you are not viewed as equal -- and i really believe that's how these people view this. >> right. >> but this has to be pushed back against, doesn't it? >> absolutely. we covered this in first amendment. you know when you think about the boston tea party which was also somewhat similar to this you know we wouldn't be drinking so much coffee now had that not happened seriously. and this is complete -- they're just being just incredibly short-sighted and trying to -- i mean, these people want less government, but now they want the government to allow them to discriminate.
2:57 pm
they want a law saying you know what? you can be a jerk. let me tell you something, there's no same-sex omelets anywhere, okay? >> yeah. mike, what about jindal's positioning of this? he's claiming that those who want religious freedom somehow are the victims in all of this. that they are being put at an imposition because someone wants to exercise their freedom. i mean this is a rather unique way of putting it isn't it? >> and what it means is it's one of these politicians that you have to go to a dictionary that's been created especially for them. in the case of the bobby jindal to the american people dictionary, what this means is don't focus on the fact that i've destroyed my state budget. don't focus on the fact that education in my state is in the tank. don't focus on all of the horrible things that i did in louisiana. blame that on the media because i'm with you on these false religious -- these claims. there's not a whole lot in this whole world where everybody is
2:58 pm
being denied their religious freedoms. all people want all people have ever asked for is a fair and equal access to things. and if you want to sell cake on main street in your town in louisiana, you should have to sell it to everybody because that street is protected by the police paid for by everybody, it's protected by the fire department and, as i've said often, there's rules in society. you want to live in society, you should play by the rules where everyone is treated fairly. >> yeah. >> but mike doesn't this set up some kind of confrontation if this law were to be passed that there's going to be a gay couple that's going to frequent a business and then be challenged and then what happens? i think this is horribly confrontational for them to take this position. where's the endgame here? >> well and i think we've seen that business after business saying enough is enough. and in fact today i was reading about how the film industry is having issues with what's going on right now in louisiana. and the baton rouge area and, of
2:59 pm
course, new orleans are both used as film locations, and that's big money to the state. you would think that's what he would be focusing on. so i think unfortunately with every single major republican presidential candidate coming out and saying i support these bills, i think the endgame is once again, in a year and a half the american people will say enough with the divisive hate enough with tearing people apart, enough with who will be served, this is the stuff of the earliest 20th century. no jews allowed, new irish served, don't apply for a job here if you're black. this is pathetic, and this is where bobby jindal wants to take america. this is what he thinks should be his swan song as governor of the state. unbelievable. >> and we'll leave it there. i appreciate judy gold and mike rogers with us tonight here on "the ed show." appreciate your time. thank you so much. hillary clinton is going to announce her candidacy this weekend. she'll be in iowa on monday.
3:00 pm
i'll be in iowa on monday covering the campaign for the first day in a report here on "the ed show" on monday evening at 5:00 eastern. that's "the ed show." "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed. thanks to you for tuning in. we start with developing news. the big announcement. in less than 48 hours hillary clinton is expected to launch her campaign for president. there's been a lot of hints dropped all along the way. >> well hello, iowa. i'm back! now, i'm obviously thinking about all kinds of decisions. all in good time. all in good time. >> sources close to the campaign tell nbc news clinton will announce as


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