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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 13, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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so i'm hitting the road to earn your vote. because it's your time and i hope you'll join me on this journey. >> good morning. it's monday april 13th. welcome to "way too early." forget the words presumed potential, and probable hillary clinton is a candidate for president of the united states. through a series of tweets e-mails and the launch of a new website, the former secretary of state kicked off her bid for the white house. she had the stories of middle class american voters. we have that report. >> every day americans need a champion and i want to be that champion. >> reporter: in a sleek online video hillary clinton announced her highly anticipated second bid for the white house. her strategy? convincing voerts she is the
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right person to address economic inequality. >> americans have fought their way back against tough economic times. >> reporter: the video stands in contrast to her announcement in 'oh 8. this message is about the voter. clinton doesn't appear until about halfway through the voter. the emphasis is on sharing the stories of american voters of different ages races and sexual orientation. >> and when hillary clinton says she's hitting the trail to iowa she means it. the former first lady is driving in a van to iowa. her first stop was at a gas station where aids said she visited with people there. she posted a picture of the great family she met yesterday at her stop. she finished third there in
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2008. the long buildup gave her oh poebts plenty of time to prepare. jeb bush posted we must do better than hill pri. scott walker also blasted clinton's failed foreign policy and what he called her washington knows best mentality. he promised big, bold ideas and also linked to the pac supporting him. ted cruz says he's ready for hillary clinton. and >> does america want a third obama term? or are we ready for strong conservative leadership to make america great again? >> someone else also went a tweet and video response calling hillary clinton highly intelligent and hard working but short on accomplishments. >> she doesn't have a track record of leadership or
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trustworthiness. she's not the woman for the white house. >> rand paul who's been hillary clinton's most vocal critic so far unleashed his own video. >> hillary clinton represents the worst of the washington machine. the arrogance, conflicts of interest. >> critics are also pouncing on a nonendorsement from a democrat. he told our own chuck todd he wasn't ready tone dors her quite yet. >> are you for her or do you want to wait to see if she takes your advice on moving to a more progressive agenda. >> i want to see a vision and that would be true of candidates on all levels. it's time to see a clear vision for progressive economic change. >> you're not endorseing her? >> not until i see and i would
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say this about any candidate, i see where they want to go. i think she is one of the most qualified people to run for this office and thorlyoughly vetted but we need to see the substance. >> her daughter tweeted a quote, very proud of you, mom, clinton also had the support of new york governor andrew cuomo. she also won praise from the group's planned parenthood and pro-choice america. on saturday president obama was asked the impending campaign of the turn of hillary clinton. >> with respect to clinton, i'll make my comments very brief. she was a formidable candidate in 2008. she was a great supporter of mine in the general election. she was an outstanding secretary
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of state. she is my friend. i think she would be an excellent president. and i'm not only ballot. the one thing i'm going to say is she's going to be able to handle herself very well in any debate around foreign policy and her trek record with with respect to domestic policy is one that cares about work and families. >> the republican presidential field also continues to take sthap. marco rubio posted a video for his announcement later today. >> don't expect big videos like you got from the other contenders. >> we're excited about our announcement tomorrow. >> a wind screen there, sir. he'll make it official in miami
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on thursday she's expected to travel to boston for a fundraiser and then onto new hampshire where gop candidates will gather for a summit. >> the dualing narratives in iran for over when sanctions would be lift second-degree leaded is leading to a debate here at home. >> it's probably in black and white that the ayatollah is probably right. john kerr vi delusional and he came back in my view i think you're going to find out, that they had never agreed to the things that john kerri claimed that they had. >> those comments by mccain prompted president obama to launch a strong defense of secretary kerri. >> now, when i hear some like senator mccain recently suggest that our secretary of state, john kerri who served in the united states senate a vietnam
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veteran, who's provided exemplary service to this nation, is somehow less trustworthy in the intention of what's in a political agreement than the supreme leader of iran that's an indication of the degree to which partisanship has crossed all boundaries. >> meanwhile secretary kerri says he sees no reason to engage in a back and forth over how iranian officials are describing the agreement. >> you know, they're going to put their spin on their point of view, and obviously they'll allege we're putting a spin on our boyfriendpoint of view. i'll stand by the facts i've put out, and they put out a different set of interpretations but when it came time to the agreement, it was the agreement we had articulated it and it is the agreement that has been
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kept. >> republican senator rand paul says says remains september cal about iran but supports efforts to negotiate with iran. >> many conservatives who are mad and want to criticize the president, they don't remember we negotiated with the russians for decades. didn't mean we trusted him. i'm still in the came camp. while i want a deal i don't want a bad deal. >> a new audiotape has e americaed with an officer who killed walter scott appears to laugh about an adrenaline rush moments after the incident. the tape allegedly is between a senior office and michael slager. >> by the time you get home it would probably be a good nod kind of jot down your thoughts on what happened. you know once the adrenaline kicked in. >> meanwhile hundreds attended a
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funeral service for scott. at least 200 more were turned away due to lack of state. many politicians were among the attendant attendant. >> al sharpton blazed the city's police chief for taking quick action. >> what this mayor did is what we've asked mayors to do all over the country. not do us a favor. just enforce the law. in the deep south, a mayor and police chief did what we couldn't get mayors in the north and the midwest to do. >> and former new york city police commissioner, a former opponent of police body cameras
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says the video of scott's death has changed his mind on the issue. >> we have to assume that this officer would not act the way he did if in fact he had a body camera that was recording. i mean it just -- you have to use logic in this. i think it is a game changer and what you'll see is a movement now by many more police departments to go to cameras. there are issues and problems with it but this trumps all of those problems. >> let's turn to business. things are off to a good start for u.s. to be this is week after the dow climbed last week to cross the 18,000 mark. but greece's money whoas continue after it failed to reach a long term financial aid deal with its creditors. now from london what the k you tell us about the greece deal? >> the deal ma that night not be. this is problem. they've been trying to get a deal for as long as i've been a
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business reporter or the last seven years. they would have had a deal lined up if they hadn't been so disdainful of the wishes of the creditors. there's a series of disasters which means a deal might not be on the table. they've been too critical of the creditors and the policies of awer thety and they went to the germans and said we want war reparations. they also cozied up to president putin which wasn't seen as a positive thing and the finance minister. now, move to state side story. this is good news for consumers. food prices are going down aggressively because people think the dollar is going to continue to rally and the harvest could be good thp year. soy beans down 7 nkt. the interesting thing is they don't make up the huge
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percentage of the overyawl cost but the direction is good news for the u.s. consumer. expect lower prices. >> that's good news. it was a worldwide frenzy friday to get the first crack at reserving an apple watch before sales begin next week. what kind of numbers do we see on that? >> big numbers. big numbers. we're expecting two-thirds of the orders coming in for the less expensive sports line. that starts at $349. third coming in for the $549 version. we didn't get a break down of who went for the gold edition. orders didn't present a big enough orders to show up in the overall stats but the average selling price for the watch was 504. the most popular color is space
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gray. i don't know if you went for the gold one but the majority of people went for the space gray in. >> i'll stay with my own watch. thank you so much. we appreciate it. still ahead on "way too early." golf ledge ends get schooled by a 21-year-old at the masters in record fashion. great story. highlights there and the gift that keeps on giving and will for at least the next year as snl takes on hillary clinton. those stories and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. >> a moment in history. pope john paul today made the first visit to a synagogue and deplored the hatred and per cushion of jews over the years.
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one of the epic performances in the sport. >> that was 21-year-old jordan spieth tapping in on the last hole of the masters becoming the second youngest champion in the history of the tournament. and to augusta national we go where things were never really in doubt for him on sunday. he started with a four-shot lead and no one got closer than three. he finished the day with six birdies birdies. he walked up the fairway with a four-shot lead and the tournament in hand. he celebrated with his family and headed down to the cabin
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where the last year's champion presented him with the green jacket. he ties tiger woods for the best masters score of all-time and becomes the first wire to wire champion since 1976. here he is after the round. >> it won't sink in yet. it's too difficult. i took my mind off of this moment for the last week. i really couldn't express words to you that would make sense right now. it would be something maybe to ask in a week or two. but it is very very special to join this club. >> 21 years old. american golf needs a champion and he will be that switching gears to basketball and the red sox and yankees faceingeing off.
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ai a-rod up. clearing the bags and giving the yankees a 4 -0 lead. the very next batter takes it deep to right for the two-run homer. the yankees go onto win by a final score of 14-4 getting nfl numbers there. let's head to new york for a check on the weather with bill karins. d.c. is supposed to be plus 70 the entire week. i'm fired up. spring has arrived finally. >> you know spieth is mad he missed the putt to beat tiger's record. >> i know but we need a champion, an american champion. i'm fired up about it. >> rory and spieth against each other, that would be great. >> did you check out the cherry blossoms in d.c.? they're at peak. >> no. i have allergies and too many tourists. i see it through my local news.
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i drive by every now and again with my windows up. >> they're beautiful. >> across the country the big story this week is going to be rain. not too much in the way of tornadoes like last week. it's good. a nice, pretty quiet week where we water the flowers. chicago, bring your umbrella. oklahoma city raining pretty good right now. south, there's a lot of heavy rain coming off the gulf and this is going to continue on and off all week as houston to new orleans and memphis, south down to jackson, montgomery. panama city getting drenched over the next our or two. areas like new orleans picking up 5 inches of rain this week. if we get this much we'll start to see problems with small streams and creeks. it's going to be a wet week in the south. just keep that in mind for all our activities. raining out a lot of baseball
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and soccer ball games this week. chicago, rain, st. louis, oklahoma city showers and storms in the south. luke was mentioning the gorgeous weather. doesn't get much better throughout the mid atlantic. melting snow in the north. no problems on the west coast. tuesday, the cold front bringing the rain today, chicago and st. louis sweeps quickly to the east. morning rain for you from d.c. baltimore, new york and philly but tuesday afternoon will be dry and shouldn't be all that bad. the rest of the week looks pretty good too. we're now getting toward peak tornado and if we can go through much of a week without a tornado, that's good. >> and it's also good folks in boston are getting some sun shine. thanks so much. still ahead music and the movie collides at the mtv music awards. we'll tell you who walked away
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>> hillary clinton was widely expected to announce her presidential bid on sunday. and with that in mind saturday
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night live had a little fun imagining what happened behind the scenes. take a look. >> this time maybe focus on all you've done for women's rights. >> i am running because i want to be a voice for women everywhere. >> did someone say women everywhere? >> bill. >> hillary would make a great president, and i would make an even greater first dude. >> thank you, bill. that's nice. >> hillary isn't it crazy that phones can take videos now. if they could have done that in the 90s, i'd be in jail. >> great, bill. i love jokes about that. >> the great darrell hammond. and in other entertainment use the fault in our stars took home
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the top prize for movie of the year at the mtv movie awards last night. other winners were bradley cooper and channing tatum who won best comedic performance for 22 jump street. that does it for me on this monday edition of "way too early." let's get what's coming up on motorcycle. hillary clinton huge news this week. >> a lot of politics this morning. the hillary clinton campaign already in full swing as the newly declared presidential candidate takes her message on the road plus we're live in miami where senator marco rubio is set to announce his candidacy today. rnc chair joins us as well as a republican who may challenge hillary clinton. also this morning nbc chuck todd
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first face to face meeting between an american and cuban leader in five decades. >> president obama said cold war days are over. >> i think the president has a misguided calculation that if you open your hands to dictators, that they will un unclench their fists. >> ayatollah is probably right. john kerry is delusion natural. in that's the indication the degree to which partisanship. >> we earn the right to complete it without interference and certainly without partisan politics. >> every day americans need a champion and i want to be 45 that champion. >> hillary


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