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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  April 13, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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you're actually -- >> what's that eleanor roosevelt statement about the tea bag. >> something like that. whatever it is. hot watt wear i don't know. >> if it's way too early -- >> it's "morning joe." stick around. "the run down" is coming up next. congratulations. and good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. developing right now on "the run down," a massive monday on the race for 2016. the biggest name on the democratic side is in and the next big name on the republican side, marco rubio, is set to make it official. let's start with hillary clinton on her first full day campaigning for president. right now, the democratic candidate is on the road on her way to iowa for the first presidential caucuses. we know she's west of this pennsylvania gas station where she snapped a picture of herself and a family she met there. but her exact location at the moment unknown but we do know she's traveling with a secret service escort in what clinton calls her "scooby" van. which in the cartoon was known
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as the mystery machine. she faces a tough task reintroducing herself to americans that have known her for more than 20 years. >> americans have fought their way back from tough economic times. but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top. everyday americans need a champion and i want to be that champion. >> clinton is promising to focus her campaign on the middle-class holding round tables with students and business owners. she wants to avoid repeating mistakes she made in 2008. the man who ended her presidential aspirations back then has nothing but kind words for her now. >> she was an outstanding secretary of state she is my friend, i think she would be an excellent president. >> but clinton's connection to the president also presents a challenge for her and an opportunity for her opponents who began launching new attacks over the weekend.
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>> does america want a third obama term? >> we must do better than the obama/clinton foreign policy. >> hillary clinton represents the worst of the washington machine. >> as we mentioned, no public campaign stops for hillary clinton today but she goes to monticello iowa tomorrow and travels to the small town of norwalk, iowa wednesday. and alex seitz-wald has been following this and joy reid is live in des moines. alex, this is the beginning of a long campaign give us your impression of the first 24 hours. >> this was a good day for hillary clinton and a very different day from the day she announced her campaign in 2007. if you'll recall then it was a video with her speaking straight to the camera saying she was in it to win it. this time around the video featured a lot of ordinary americans, hillary clinton didn't even appear until a minute and a half in. clearly trying to send a message that she wants this to be about the voters not about her.
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she struck a populist note in saying the deck is still stacked in favor of the wealthy and the reaction has been good across the board. and the this road trip is a clever move as well. it takes her conveniently through the key swing states of pennsylvania and ohio on her way to iowa and it will give her a chance to meet with voters and informal one-on-one settings outside of the media glare which is of course going to be a big presence for her in iowa and then after that on to new hampshire, south carolina, and nevada. >> and joy, clinton's campaign talks about the need to avoid mistakes from seven years ago. what are those mistakes? >> well i would say, jose that first of all taking for granted that she was going to be the nominee. i think hubris was really the thing that hurt the clinton campaign the most in 2007 2008. they did not see barack obama coming so they didn't guard their iowa flank and she wound up coming in third in the state.
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that's partly you know iowa is the proximal media market to illinois, that gave barack obama some advantages but they didn't see how overwhelming the desire was among liberal voters in particular to have a candidate like obama. that said i think they've corrected that one big time jose. you've seen her very for a subtle way but also in a pretty explicit way put forward the fact that she is a woman candidate. that video alex talked about featured a lot of women. it started with a woman, it emphasizes issues important to women and she's running explicitly on the fact that she would be a female president. i think that's one of the things that's important and trying to be more personal, less grandiose, less about herself. it's not "i'm in it to win it" it's about "this is a campaign about you." >> the difficult thing is convincing people that after -- i mean everybody's pretty much known of her, about her, for many, many years. what's new? what is she trying to say this time about herself that maybe folks don't know already?
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>> well jose one of the things she's trying to do is appropriate some of the more progressive messages taking hold of the party. you hear her channeling elizabeth warren talking about the middle-class are losing out to the 1%, that it's harder to close the income gap and the wealth gap in the country. she's talking about populist issues. i don't think it's her pretending to be a new figure but for hillary clinton in particular who's been known as from the new democrat sent tryst part of the party that this is a new -- how it's being received jose, you have hillary's message in the "des moines register" this morning "clinton pledges to champion everyday americans." and she's had a pretty good run, as alex has said, in terms of the headlines that they've gotten and picked up on the fact she's turning the campaign outbard, not about herself. of course, aiowans have a lot of
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perspective because the hot lotto case is in the news this morning. >> joy, always a pleasure to see you, thanks for being with me along with alex seitz-wald. we have a lot more coming up. we have debbie wasserman schultz here with me on set. but meanwhile here in south florida, another presidential announcement, this one from republican senator marco rubio. the 43-year-old son of cuban immigrants will formally enter the presidential race this afternoon. senator rubio will make his announcement at miami's akonic freedom tower the building used once to process cuban exiles. here's benji to discuss this. right now marco rubio, how does he fit in this this race? >> marco rubio has been left behind a little bit in the early going here. he's not considered as popular
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with the conservative base as ted cruz. he doesn't have a natural constituency and when it comes to the big establishment side jeb bush sucks up the oxygen and especially here in florida. but you shouldn't count him out. he's a strong campaigner, he has a strong resume he's very comfortable talking to the press, dealing with voters. he doesn't easily make mistakes. he's someone who especially if jeb bush stumbles at the gate and isn't polling well a few months from now, a lot of those establishment republicans might want to give him the look as someone who can carry the party. >> how are democrats looking at rubio versus let's say jeb or the other ones? >> he definitely is considered a top-tier contender. this is someone i've heard democrats tell me they worry about as much as anyone else and if you look at his candidacy you can see why. he's one of the only candidates who really presents a fresh face in contrast to clinton. that is something a lot of
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people haven't seen from the republican party. he'd be the youngest candidate in the field, only 43 he's a hip-hop fan. obviously he'd be the first hispanic president who would with give a different look for the republican party that has struggled mightily with that voting block. so -- let's talk about that. because i think marco rubio, the fact that he's fluent in spanish, the fact that he was one of the gang of eight in the senate that put through that immigration reform bill gives him some awareness of the latino community. but then he pulled back from that immigration stand and i think that may have been affecting him as a candidate. >> absolutely. >> on both sides, right? >> completely on both sides. now, the biggest reason he's struggled as a republican presidential hopeful is that immigration bill. it did not go well. it ignited a lot of conservative opposition which killed in the the house and he's never quite recovered but it didn't do him any favors on the other side as well.
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if you talk to the major latino organizations and immigration advocacy groups his name is mud right now. they feel very betrayed, like he sold them out far t weared down type of immigration reform that will never happen in which you pass border security and wait for republican hearts and mind to change. >> he said he'd rather go piece by piece than the whole big bill he proposes. >> but this is primary version of marco rubio and there's no telling what happens the day after a -- after your convention speech when it's here's my new immigration plan. i now believe we should do it this way. there's a lot of running room because he hasn't backed away from the base you can premise of what they want from immigration reform which is a path to citizenship or a path to legal status. as long as he embraces that and he does he has a lot more running room than the other candidates. >> benjy sar lynn, what do you think of our set snowed. >> gorgeous. >> you know it will be 90 degrees today. be careful. put sunscreen on.
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i want to bring in carrie den. carrie, good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> let's start with marco rubio. how does he take over the headlines from hillary clinton today? >> i think for all of the talk last week when it became very clear hillary clinton was going to be announcing over the weekend there was lots of talk abouting this stepping on rubio's toes surely there are fewer headlines about marco rubio in comparison to hillary clinton because of the timing but i think he has two advantages by making his announcement tonight. the first is this means he gets to be the first republican with a big stage, lots of national reporters around being able to counter hillary clinton and say "i'm the best candidate too run against her." he has a lot of foreign policy experience in the senate, that's something we'll hear him talk about tonight so he has this really big stage to be the first person to take a swing at her. the other thing is he does get to have a bit of a favorable comparison with hillary clinton as benjy was saying. he's a fresh face, a very new kind of voice for republicans. he would be the first minority president so he gets to point
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out -- first minority republican. and he gets to point out all of those comparisons in a split screen with clinton tonight. >> what kind of challenge does he have distinguishing himself from the rest of the gop field? >> well obviously there's the issue of immigration which you were speaking about earlier. another thing you hear a lot from republicans is that when marco rubio first arrived in the senate in 2011 he was talked about a lot as a potential presidential candidate and -- because of all of these reasons, he is considered to be one of the most -- the best public speaker in the field. in the last few years, a republican talking point about the president has become "barack obama was a first term senator with not a lot of experience he was very flashy, a great communicator but he didn't have the experience needed to be president." that's a problem that marco rubio faces is that comparison. he's also a first-term senator, somebody who's very well spoken and well respected in the party but doesn't have as much experience. this is a problem that rand paul and ted cruz are also facing. now marco rubio says well when barack obama was in the state legislature in illinois he was a
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backbencher. marco rubio on the other hand was the speaker of the house, he can say -- he can point to a lot of initiatives he got done and say "i was a leader there." >> let's turn to hillary clinton and the question of where bill clinton fits into this white house run. here's how "saturday night live" handled it. >> hillary would make a great president. and i would make an even greater first dude. [ laughter ] >> i promise that with hillary clinton in charge it will be a brand new white house. [ laughter ] oh, who am i kidding? buckle up america, the clintons are back! >> how does the clinton team deal with the dynasty question? >> well this is obviously something we'll see parodied throughout the rest of this campaign. i think bill clinton is a plus and minus for hillary clinton. if you look at our most recent nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, 51% of americans say that hillary clinton represents a -- the policies of the past. that is not a good number for
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hillary clinton. jeb bush's numbers on that question are even higher so hillary clinton does have a little advantage over the other "dynasty" candidate in the race. but then also looking at bill clinton, he's the most popular political figure year after year. our nbc poll shows he's even more popular than his wife and remains so with independents democrats and some conservatives. care. >> carrie dann thank you. senator rubio will be announcing his presidential bid at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. we're heading live to the freedom tower in miami where rubio will make his big announcement. but we're just getting started on this monday edition. chair of the democratic national committee congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz joins me to talk about hillary clinton and the 2016 democratic field and more on that major political story here in miami. marco rubio making it official in south florida later today. 6:00 p.m. eastern. bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested.
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and now to the history made at the summit of the americas in panama. president obama and cuban leader raul castro holding the first meeting between the heads of both countries in more than 50 years. president obama calling it historic acknowledging, however, differences remain. >> i think what we have both concluded is that we can disagree with a spirit of respect and civility and that over time it is possible for us to turn the page and develop a new relationship between our two countries. >> that respect and civility nowhere to be found outside. in a violent confrontation between pro-democracy demonstrators attacked by
6:18 am
pro-castro protesters, it happened in the leadup to that meeting. meanwhile, president obama held a much less public meeting with venezuela's leader nicolas maduro where the focus was promoting stability in that country. maduro came to the summit with a petition demanding obama lift sanctions imposed last month on members of his regime. nbc's senior white house correspondent chris jansing joins me back from panama. chris, i go to panama i don't see you, i have to see you at the white house and meet back in our studios. can you believe it? >> i don't even believe you were there because i was promised a dinner. >> and i don't know what happened. but let's talk about this new relationship with cuba. >> i put it into two categories right? there's the details and there's the disagreements. the hard part is still to come obviously. i think there are three things that a lot of people are going to be looking at. one, we thought it was possible that some time while the president was in panama he would officially remove cuba from the list of state sponsors of terror.
6:19 am
that didn't happen. he says he's reviewing it. it could happen any time now. he did indicate that the embassy openings could come fairly quickly. there's a lot of logistics that have to be talken care of but there are also some disagreements, for example how american diplomats would move around the country. and as you well know raul castro wants the immediate transfer of guantanamo bay over to cuban control and that is not going to happen. but the one hour meeting longer than expected as you know, jose kind of set the stage for hard work that will go on at the staff level from officials in both of these countries. >> chris, what happened with venezuela? i mean nicolas maduro had his speech when the president was meeting with other leaders so he wasn't even in the meeting when the president of venezuela was talking about him. but they did meet afterwards. >> it was very brief. it was reportedly cordial. i mean there had been this anticipation would there will be this confrontation because
6:20 am
maduro's very upset about the seven people who have been sanctioned by the united states. and he said he had ten million signatures and we saw pictures in some of the media over there of people carrying these huge boxes of petitions. that didn't happen but the president did say that heaven though they have their disagreements he is willing to sit down and talk at some point. as you know, the situation is very different than it was for maduro's predecessor who had a much more shall we say, engaging personality. but also the financial situation within venezuela has gotten so bad that he doesn't have quite the clout that he might. he has more difficulties at home. it's useful for him to play that card that, you know we're being persecuted by the americans. but the -- any kind of a big confrontation that some people wondered would happen obviously did not. >> chris you know something i saw? we were standing right by the
6:21 am
convention center there. 15 minutes before maduro arrived to panama and when he arrived in the hotel, 15 minutes before who do i see walking into the hotel with no entourage, knobnobody even saw him come in, the foreign minister of cuba. he went in 15 minutes before maduro arrived, the foreign minister of cuba stayed about an hour and a half with maduro and then came out, again, no press, no big entourage, slipped out, i tried to reach him but i couldn't but that was interesting that the first person that the president of venezuela was met by in panama was the foreign minister of cuba and that may have had something to do -- remember, this was the day after he met with secretary kerry. so just a tidbit i saw in panama. so i was there, chris, i promise. >> fascinating and also a lot of work with goes on sort of on the sidelines like you say that are away from the tv cameras there.
6:22 am
a lot of stuff gets done and that's a good piece of intel you have there. >> chris i'm glad to see you even though we were in panama together and didn't couch. sorry. >> see you in d.c. i hope. >> i hope so too. thanks. well this is an active situation we are covering for you right now. a possible active shooting situation in north carolina. this is happening at wayne community college. nothing confirmed right now but the school web site does say the campus is on lockdown and it's not a drill. it has been confirmed there was a 911 call received of a person being shot at the college. they don't have a suspect in custody. multiple law enforcement officials have responded. we'll watch these developments and bring you any development throughout the remainder of the rundown. we'll take a short break and be right back. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action.
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and now more on the developing story in north carolina. officials say one person has been shot in the vicinity of the library at wayne community college. this is still an active shooter situation. officials say they cannot confirm any other detail including report there is's an active hostage situation going on. this is all happening in goldsboro, north carolina. the school in lockdown and you can see it on the school web site. no suspects are in custody as of right now. multiple law enforcement officials have responded. we are going to continue to watch these developments for you. up next, a look at the clinton family dynamics. it's not just former president bill clinton who's expected to play a big role in his wife's campaign. dnc chair debbie wasserman shultz will discuss that on this first day of clinton campaign watch. ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ i finally
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. hillary clinton is on the road to iowa and to 2016. clinton, who says she hasn't driven in two decades, could be taking a route that looks like this one. she began the 1,000 plus mile trip just after announcing her candidacy on social media. her campaign sent out this picture on twitter showing her meeting with a family during a stop on the road. and while former president clinton is expected to be involved in the campaign former first daughter chelsea may also have a prominent role. more now from nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: hillary clinton's running for president, but she won't be doing it alone. >> hello! >> reporter: plenty of attention will be on the woman who may become america's first daughter for the second time around. >> everyday americans need a champion and i want to be that champion. >> reporter: soon after clinton's announcement daughter chelsea was quick to tweet "very proud of you, mom." it's the first of what will likely be gestures of support from the younger clinton during the 2016 campaign. in the new issue of elle magazine chelsea discusses the
6:31 am
importance of a first female president saying "when equal hasn't yet included gender there's a fundamental challenge that there that i believe having our first woman president, wherever that is will help resolve." that fight for full equality is one of chelsea's focuses in her work as the vice chair of the clinton foundation. and it's in ceilings initiative. and the argument that her mother is the right candidate to achieve that equality is a message she's expected to make campaigning for her in the coming months. >> i'm really excited to be here. >> reporter: as a 20-something she was frequently by her mother's side during the 2008 cycle. >> would i ever consider dating a mccain supporter? well i'm very proud to say my boyfriend is dating my mom. >> reporter: now as a 35-year-old mother who her own daughter charlotte, she's stepped out of her parents' shadow and could soften the image of the secretary of state
6:32 am
who this time around is a grandmother. >> maybe the best thing chelsea clinton has given to her mother is a grandchild that allows hillary clinton to be seen as a more normal american in touch with everyday the lives of everyday people and you can bet you'll hear the name "charlotte" on the campaign trail quite a bit out of hillary clinton's mouth. >> reporter: as for chelsea's other parent former president bill clinton, he says he'll take the role of backstage advisor and for now he's expected to stay out of the spotlight. nbc's peter alexander, thank you. we don't know what path she's taking. it may look something like what i showed you earlier on the map but -- and there you see it as a long path. joining me here in miami, florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, chair of the democratic national committee. good to see you. >> gras. >> great to be here. >> you put out a statement welcoming hillary clinton to the presidential race while you said this is is expected to be a competitive primary. >> yes. >> are you being serious on this? competitive primary? congresswoman -- all right, go ahead. will et aer hate.
6:33 am
>> quite serious. any of our candidate, whether it's hillary clinton or martin o'malley if he decides to run or anyone sells going to present a very stark contrast to the clown car of republican candidates that are developing on the other side. the contrast is this -- and whether hillary as she mentioned yesterday talks about being a champion or the focus in terms of her focus on the fighting for the middle-class and working families, that will be the contrast because the republicans are just more of the same. i mean, what they're doing is they're continuing to focus on tax cuts for the wealthiest americans, turning medicare into a voucher system. increasing the -- >> before we get to the republicans, let's focus on the democrats. >> sure, sure. >> do you really think there's a possibility that anybody else in the democratic field could challenge hillary clinton? >> look i'm not prepared to make predictions about who our nominee is going to be. i think we are going to have a primary. >> you do. >> i think there will be more
6:34 am
than one candidate for president in this race on our side and i think that regardless of who or how many we are -- all of our candidates will present a stark contrast to the republicans who simply continue to want to focus on more of the trickle down economics that has failed that got us our kmim into the worst economic crisis that we've faced since the great depression and president obama and democrats in congress helped bring us out through now 61 straight months of job growth in the private sector. that's a stark contrast. if you want to reach the middle-class, we will elect a democratic president in 2016 and i think regardless of who have that nominee is, that's what voters will do. >> our most recent nbc news poll finds 51% say hillary clinton represents a return to the policies of the past. 44% say she presents a vision needed for the future. what does she do to turn the numbers around? >> hillary clinton is polling well as the only candidate on our side in the race right now. but polls mean very little right
6:35 am
now. we saw polls go up and down through many presidential cycles. what's going to matter hat the end of the day is that the voters in america are going to choose the 45th president of the united states based on who they think has their back. whoever the democratic nominate neerks voters want to make sure the candidate for president they vote for will stand up to make sure that if you want to work hard and play by the rules in this country that you have a fair shot to succeed. that you can climb those ladders to the middle-class. everybody republican candidate supports and has embraced that ryan budget which the republicans continue to put forward which increases taxes on the middle-class to pay r if tax cuts for the wealthy, which turns medicare to a voucher system. they've supported shutting the government down, costing our economy $24 billion just to deny people health care. that contrast i can't wait until we have a nominee, because that contrast is going to make sure that a democrat is leched as the 45th president. >> as you know marco rubio announces probably tonight, the
6:36 am
6:00 p.m. eastern time. he has a personal story to tell. he is 43 years old. he is -- how do you see him as a potential candidate. >> i see him as a flat earth society worshipper. and they're going to try to portray him as some kind of new and fresh face. he's nothing more than the same old tired republican policies that he's embraced. he's called increasing the minimum wage silly. he has suggested that paycheck fairness for women is a waste of -- fight for paycheck fairness is a waste of time. he supports increasing taxes on the middle-class and his tax plan that he released is again, just a replication of more of the same. tax cuts for the wealthiest most fortunate americans. so if you want to put what is essentially a prune and package some tinsel around it, that does not make you fresh and new.
6:37 am
>> you're talking about marco rubio? >> yes i'm talking about marco rubio. look a guy who says -- who represents the state of florida, who lives in south florida, can see the flooding that occurs on ocean drive when there is a huge amount of rain to continue to be a climate change denier is not fresh and new. he's more of the same and to add insult to injury to have walked away from his own comprehensive immigration reform -- >> do you think that will affect him? >> i absolutely do. >> within the republican party, but as a mainstream candidate on immigration? >> just because he is hispanic does not mean he automatically earns the votes of hispanic voters across the country. jose, the last time i checked there's a little pressure on the president of the united states. if marco rubio couldn't even hack the pressure from the right wing tea party extremists have he embraced and authored and helped push through comprehensive immigration reform in the senate a little pressure on him and he folded like a house of cards, how will he hack
6:38 am
the presidency? >> debbie wasserman schultz, thanks for being with me on the set. more now on the developing story in north carolina. officials say one person has been shot in the vicinity of the library at wayne community college in golds borrow. a wayne county official tells nbc that police are looking for the shooter who is described as a white male, 5'11" with the, tattoo over his left eye, blue jacket and colored pants. the gold boro city manager says one person was killed in the shooting. official sas i think that can't confirm any other details including report there is's an active hostage situation. this is in goldsboro, north carolina. the school is in lockdown. no suspects are in custody. multiple law enforcement officials have responded. we'll continue to watch these developments for you. coming up everyone wants a viral video. we'll tell you how hillary clinton's social campaign stacks up against the other 2016 contenders and a thaw in the cold war era.
6:39 am
cuba. president meeting with his cuban counterpart, something no president has done since dwight eisenhower. both sides recognizing there are more hurdles to overcome. >> we will continue to try to lift up concerns about democracy and human rights. >> translator: our countries have a long and complicated history. but we are willing to make nothing from the way the president has described. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. vo: with beyond natural dry pet food,
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6:43 am
between pro-democracy protesters and they were attacked as you can see, by pro-castro protesters. this happened near the cuban embassy in panama. joining me to talk through all this and more immigration reporter for "usa today" alan gomez. alan, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you did a lot of reporting on the leadup to this summit. cuba still on the terrorist list t-cas trow regime wants that out because they can get a lot of credit once that list is -- once cuba is off that list. what's standing in place -- in the way of that? >> well i think we're getting to that point. the video you just showed, the idea that cubans getting into a fight over politics is not foreign to us. that's a pretty common thing. we understand there's that tension. but now going ahead, there's a lot of progress down there. they shook hands yesterday, that fs a similar i bomb i can gesture but they've been meeting for months the. state terrorism designation is in the works, that's getting close to them being removed from
6:44 am
that list and that will be one of the biggest things. we've been waiting for things to start changing. that will be the biggest obstacle removed. that will allow banks in cuba to operate with american banks. that will allow more american businesses to operate there. >> cuba will be able to get credit. >> from foreign banks that were scared to work with them because then they couldn't who, with us. >> zbhus thejust in the last couple years a ship stopped with panama filled with mig planes and armaments heading to north korea from cuba. then just last month in colombia another ship with cuban armaments is caught. what has changed for that regime to be taken off the terrorist list? >> well that's a -- neither of those two shipments have been directly tide to terrorism. >> well north korea has a ban on receiving weapons. >> they do but that's not necessarily terrorism, right? so it's -- when folks say -- what they argue is the idea that cuba can't just go to boeing and
6:45 am
get their stuff fixed so they have to go to different places. the thing with colombia obviously we're not sure what's going on there but as long as it's not directly tied to terrorism or terrorist activities, that doesn't fall into this. yes, that i ear dealing with bad actors but not necessarily terrorist actors. >> speaking of colombia i spoke with the -- and venezuela, i should say, i spoke the president of colombia on the subject of venezuela in panama. here's what he said. >> i truly believe that only through a constructive dialogue between the government and the opposition can you find solutions to this very difficult crisis that vs. is going through. >> so the crisis of venezuela is going through is an internal crisis, it's economic but also political. what dialogue needs to be carried out so that things can progress in that south american country? >> well, this is the fascinating thing about the summit. cuba was long the biggest
6:46 am
obstacle, was the biggest challenge in that summit. they haven't been invited for 20 years. every latin mesh country was upset with us for allowing them to be there. now they that's off the table. what has to happened, there's a lot that needs to be done and that's where the u.s. suddenly becomes they really can't get involved that much. as much as we'd like to impose ourselves, as much as we'd like to try to help folks along the way, now this becomes the issue that we're going to really struggle to handle for the foreseeable future. >> and venezuela that was coming in, the president with 14 million signatures against the president's executive order, that kind of evaporated when he got to panama. interesting. alan thanks for being with me. turning to a story we've been following for the past week audio from police dash cam videos offering new details about the shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer in north charleston
6:47 am
south carolina. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: on a portion of the dash cam video, slager can be heard talking to a senior officer about what to expect following the shooting. the officer suggests he jot down his thoughts once his adrenaline stops pumping. slager responds with a laugh. then later a voice believed to be sleigher is speaking on the phone. >> reporter: slager said scott grabbed his taser but three days later he's been charged with murder. he has not entered a plea. meanwhile, north charleston is a community trying to heal. >> we've had a hard week. >> reporter: it was a week that followed the shooting of officer scott and ended with hugs and hand shakes for the mayor. >> i have seen many and gotten so many hugs in thanking me for doing the right thing and making them proud of their community.
6:48 am
sometimes out of diversity can come growth. >> gabe gutierrez, nbc news. up next, the republican presidential field is about to get more crowded. senator marco rubio hours away from launching his campaign inside the miami freedom tower. that's a live shot. all this setting the stage for a presidential florida faceoff. we'll look at how marco rubio stacks up against jeb bush next. so what about that stock? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with i'd steer clear. straight talk. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. the new s6 hits the stores and i'm like... whoa. open the box and... (sniffing) new phone smell. jump on a video chat with my friend. he's a real fan boy, so i can't wait to show this off. picture is perfect. i got mine at verizon. i... didn't. it's buffering right out of the box he was impressed.
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6:51 am
as hillary clinton drives was a major political development here in miami, that's a live shot of the freedom tower, where florida senator marco rubio is expected to announce his whus run later today. that would make him one of two republican floridians in the presidential race should jeb bush make his run official. the two men have a long history,
6:52 am
going back to the state house of representatives, many in the gop are having a difficult time choosing sides. could all come to a head during the winner take all florida primary, and here with me in miami is ed o'keefe of the washington post. voters are going to have to pick someone. >> right. >> jeb bush liked by republicans in the state of florida, marco rubio is very liked by republicans in the state of florida. how does that go? >> it stands to be potentially one of the greatest sort of romeo and juliet like fights. i think those of us from beyond miami see this coming and think it's just you know incredible to think there's two favorite sons who are going to face off against each other, who know each other's strengths and weaknesses and are going to go head to head conceivably, in a very big way. >> talk to me because they do
6:53 am
have a long relationship, and yet, i mean, people are already taking sides. republicans in the state of florida are already taking sides. how do you see that coming for example, not florida, but in the caucuses in the states before florida. >> both of them are going to have issues in the early states. neither is well known there. even jeb bush his brother and father certainly are, but he himself, is not. a lot of time in iowa new hampshire, south carolina. rubio, obviously, has a connection in nevada because he's lived there a while. big political base in south carolina because it's one of the first places supportive of his senate campaign outside of the state of florida. bush has been raising money across the country, both looking to build support, but march 2016 is a date we have on our calendars. literally, might have to go door to door in their own backyards to find support.
6:54 am
many polls suggest bush leaves rubio here. he's been down before was in 2010, was in his early city races here and the way he sees it, he's got nothing to lose. >> that's an important thing you're mentioning. many are writing off marco rubio, but the people who wrote him off in the past didn't win against him. >> this would be what the third or fourth time and so far he's three for three. city races, state races, and running for the senate. this is the big prize and the way he sees it he's exactly where he's been before and has nothing to lose. the goal is to raise $50 million by january next year remain competitive in those early states, sell his sort of youthful and very conservative appeal. >> the differences between he and jeb, without necessarily saying it but what are they? >> the biggest ones probably rubio comes from sort of the tea party wing of the party. that really is what propelled him to begin with where his early support came from. bush, while he is conservative and any democrat in florida will
6:55 am
tell you that his appeal is slightly different, and, clearly, he's trying to broaden the gop tent. rubio would want to do that as well, but he's hued more closely to the conservative way of thinking. that right there is one thing. youth with rubio, guy who's a little older in bush and there's real contrast. the big plus for both of them and probably for the gop, they both speak spanish beautifully, have ties to the hispanic community, they can definitely make an appeal to latino voters and increase the amount latinos might support a republican presidential candidate. >> what do you expect tonight at the freedom tower? >> i think this stands to be the most dramatic announcement yet. at least 3,200 people have asked for tickets. the building can only hold about 800 to 1,000, so the rest outside. miami heat game going across the street later, so you're promised a street festival atmosphere. that's exactly what they are looking for, but expected to be a very emotional night for him.
6:56 am
freedom tower, obviously, has a big resonance with the latino community here ellis island of the south, where so many people went through. that's his goal seize his life story and start selling it to the rest of the country. >> it's going to be like 90 degrees. >> i'm going short sleeves tonight. that's one thing i've learned about reporting in florida. >> thanks for being in. appreciate it. coming up on "the rundown," it's mega monday for 2016 politics starting with hillary clinton's campaign road trip. first stop iowa. we're going to be there live next. and here in miami, a live shot again of the freedom tower, where senator marco rubio is set to make it official. plus new developments on an active shooting situation on a college campus in north carolina. that and more next right here on "the rundown".
6:57 am
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7:00 am
"the rundown," and we're getting new details now on a developing story in north carolina. official says one person has been shot in the vicinity of the library at wayne community college. a local paper citing the city manager says one person was killed. a wayne county official tells nbc news police are currently looking for the shooter, described as a white male 5'11", tattoo over his left eye. the college president told the paper the school has been evacuated and, quote, we've been told to pull back. the school in lockdown in goldsboro, north carolina. one college official reportedly told the paper police have a suspect under control, but there is no confirmation from police. we'll continue to watch these developments and bring you new details as they happen this morning. now to hillary clinton's road trip. she's part way to iowa right now, where she will hold the first of hundreds of events
7:01 am
designed to reintroduce candidate clinton to the person public, but to win the white house in 2016 she has to learn the lessons of 2008. nbc's andrea mitchell has more on that. >> and i hope you'll join me on this journey. >> reporter: this time hillary clinton is promising a listening tour. instead of big rallies, small events targeting the middle class. instead of downplaying her gender, this time playing it up. >> i'm still kind of in the grandmother glow. >> reporter: what is going to be different? >> what early state primary voters most of all are going to want to see is to see her really earn their trust and their support. >> reporter: from republicans, already a chorus of criticism. >> we must do better than the obama/clinton foreign policy. there's damaged relationships with our allies and embolden our enemies. >> i think the thing is about the clintons there's a certain sense they think they are above the law. >> hillary clinton represents the failed policies of the past. >> reporter: hillary clinton is
7:02 am
upstaging florida senator marco rubio, launching his campaign today in miami. as for bill clinton, a huge political asset, who still produced some bad headlines last time around. he says he'll be a back stage adviser for now. tell that to "snl." >> hillary would make a great president, and i would make an even greater first dude. this election is about you. i don't want to hog your limelight. i am leaving. look at me go. bye. i'm gone. >> aren't we such a fun, approachable dynasty? >> that was andrea mitchell reporting and msnbc's joy reid is live in des moines. what a pleasure to see you. >> great to see you, too, jose as always. >> what can you tell us about the clinton campaign once she arrives in iowa? >> andrea had it right, small events, she's got a couple of events planned tomorrow once her road trip through the swing
7:03 am
states lands her here in iowa, and she's trying to do these small one on one conversations. the campaign is definitely a lot more intimate this time less focused on the hillary personality and more about reintroducing, as was said in the package by andrea mitchell earning the trust of iowa voters. >> how do you reintroduce someone who pretty much is well well known throughout the united states? >> yeah i know and iowa is a little bit different, jose because this is a state that takes its politics very very seriously. and one of the big things that the clinton campaign did poorly in '08 was they took for granted she was the big dog in the room and there was no one who could beat her and she didn't have the intimate relationships and form those relationships with the people who run the caucuses and she didn't do it extensively enough. so this time you're going to see hillary clinton do basically what barack obama did, embed herself and get her personality
7:04 am
here one on one with people. i'll tell you, that is what you have to do to win the iowa caucus. people have to proactively come out and support you at a public meeting. it's important you do that one on one with individual iowans. as for reintroducing herself to the country, this is a little bit more of a rebranding because you do have hillary trying to sort of make herself more populous take the democrat line of the clintons and reintroduce it as hillary, notice hillary, that is there to try to help people close the income gap and sounds a lot more like elizabeth warren. >> joy reid thanks good to see you. >> thank you. the big question everyone is asking about hillary clinton, can a candidate of the past win the future? it was just over 2,500 days between the time hillary clinton officially dropped her bid for the 2008 presidential campaign and her launch for 2016. so what's different? joining me now, the chief political correspondent for vox and hillary clinton biographer jonathan allen. jonathan, pleasure to see you.
7:05 am
>> good morning, jose. >> i want to play for you first part of hillary clinton's campaign announcement last time around. this was in 2007. >> i'm not just starting a campaign, though i'm beginning a conversation with you, with america. because we all need to be part of the discussion if we're all going to be part of the solution. >> and once again she's focusing on average americans, trying to bring them into the conversation. how is the strategy this time different? >> i think you can hear just in that rhetoric i'm in it to win was what she said last time in that first campaign video you showed. what she said yesterday, ha she did yesterday, was really use the faces and voices of other americans, talking about their hopes and dreams to set up her own presidential campaign. what's starkly contrasting in this video from any other political video i've seen is that the regular everyday americans, as she would put them, who are talking about her didn't give testimonials to her. this wasn't, at least the ad really wasn't about her. and that's what she's trying to
7:06 am
telegraph. it's not about me it's about you. >> interesting, because when i first saw it i just flew in last night from panama called it up and the first couple of seconds i thought, is this it? i didn't know. there was no politics in the first, you know 20 seconds. but some argue, jonathan that a candidate needs an opponent to help define themselves. you have that last time. she lost there's no viable opponent on the democratic side. how does that impact her campaign? >> i think it means she's got a lot more time to individually meet with voters maybe a year and a half now. she doesn't want to get in a situation like john mccain in 2008 where she's idling not doing a whole lot, sort of out of the discussion but at the same time it's hard to fill that time when you don't have an opponent. perhaps she'll have a martin o'malley bernie sanders to run against. i don't buy the argument she's better off with competition in a primary, because last time she had competition and she lost. she didn't even make it to the
7:07 am
finals last time. she's better off making it to the next round, which she wouldn't be guaranteed to do if she had stiff competition. >> she's had an up and down relationship with the public she had the best ratings during the lewinsky saga and once she left politics. what do you take away from that? >> when she's a politician she becomes more divisive. i think that's true of just about anybody you can think of they are received better when they are out of office, out of the political fray they become polarizing and partisan when they are back in the fray and we've seen her poll numbers fall since it's become clear she's a candidate for president again. >> thank you for being with me appreciate your time. >> always a pleasure jose. now to the other developing political story, as we've been telling you this morning, marco rubio will also make it official. he's going to do that today. he'll do so right here in his hometown of miami. kasie hunt is at the iconic freedom tower, where we'll be hearing from the freshman
7:08 am
senator this afternoon. kasie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. rubio rubio's announcement has been a little overshadowed by hillary clinton's entrance into this presidential race, but aides say they welcome the contrast and hope he's going to come across as a new face in a contest that's otherwise full of familiar names. >> i'm so proud that marco rubio will be our next united states senator. >> reporter: marco rubio was only 39 when he was elected to the senate "time" magazine declared him the republican savior. >> 10-1 he'll be named the gop's barack obama. >> reporter: he made his debut on the national stage two days later, responding to the president's state of the union. >> nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the president laid out tonight. the choice isn't just between big government or big business. >> reporter: today rubio is expected to launch his presidential campaign in miami.
7:09 am
>> for me america isn't just a country. it's the place that literally changed the history of my family. >> reporter: now with his own young family. >> he likes the microphone. >> reporter: rubio both looks and sounds like a new generation of republican. >> i just remember them from the "dave chappelle show." >> marco rubio, the coolest living senator. >> reporter: in the senate rubio helped lead the effort to pass a confirmation reform bill only to back track when conservatives revolted and the bill died in the house. since then he's focused on foreign policy taking the lead against the president's push to normalize relations with cuba. >> on a scale of one to ten for cuba it's a ten, for the united states it's .5. >> reporter: he's impressed donor and party officials and many see him as a top-tier candidate, but rubio is just one in a crowded field that likely
7:10 am
includes the man who's been his ally, friend and mentor. >> my wife has told me don't cry, but marco rubio makes me cry for joy. >> reporter: somebody who helped you get your start in politics. do you feel any issue running against him in 2016? >> first of all, i have tremendous respect and admiration for president bush. i think when you reach a point in your career where the presidency is something you're thinking about doing, you make those decisions based on whether or not you want to serve as president and not on who else might run. >> reporter: so what you're seeing here, jose is marco rubio refusing to be crowded out of this race even though jeb bush is forming what many would describe as a juggernaut. rubio's been moving slowly building behind the scenes. a lot of the people i talk to in republican circles say he's impressed a lot of donors and party activists and officials he's talked to over the past few months. i think some of the questions that he has to answer though are, first, can he raise the kind of money that he needs to
7:11 am
to be competitive with someone like jeb bush it's president clear, and bush has a lot of loyal fundraisers in miami. and when rubio, if he eventually floats to the top of this field, whether or not he'll survive the vetting process or whether or not there's issues in his background that will come up and ultimately make him unelectable. jose? >> kasie hunt in miami, thank you very much. lots of anticipation from both sides ahead of the rubio announcement. utah republican senator mike lee joins me live next to weigh in. later, hillary clinton, past, present, and future. and how her new campaign is already different from her last one. leftovers. they get re-heated. re-nuked. and re-baked. even when they're done... there's stuff left over. new dawn platinum power clean. powers through tough dried-on messes in seconds. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. huh, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. everybody
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7:15 am
secretary of state john kerry will be on capitol hill today to brief members of the house on the details of the tentative nuclear deal with iran. >> this is an agreement that is based on transparency accountability verification. you have to be able to know what is happening, and we believe, you know the president's responsibility and my responsibility in support of him is to guarantee and protect the security of our country and of our friends and allies. and we believe that this agreement does that. we know that the american people overwhelmingly would like to see if we can resolve this question of iran's nuclear program peacefully. >> secretary kerry says he will brief the senate tomorrow. let's bring in senator mike lee, republican from utah. he's also the author of the new book "our lost constitution: the willful subversion of america's founding document." thank you for being with me. >> thank you, good to be with
7:16 am
you. >> what questions will you have for secretary kerry when he briefs the senate tomorrow? >> whether or not any agreement results from these discussions is verifiable is enforceable, and is accountable, will hold iran accountable over what we understand going on in iran. i don't know if this gains us anything, but if we did have those things in place, then it could be a step forward. >> president obama's accusing republicans of playing politics with this iran deal. here's what he said in panama over the weekend, senator. >> when i hear some like senator mccain recently suggest that our secretary of state john kerry, who served in the united states senate a vietnam veteran, has provided exemplary service to this nation is somehow less trustworthy in the interpretation of what's in a political agreement than the
7:17 am
supreme leader of iran that's an indication of the degree to which partisanship has crossed all boundaries. >> is this about partisanship senator, do you think? >> absolutely not, absolutely not. and i respectfully but strongly disagree with the president of the united states when he made that comment. has nothing to do with partisanship. this has to do with a growing fear on the part of many not just in the senate not just in congress, but throughout america, who fear what the president's negotiating will not provide verifiable benchmarks will not be enforceable, and not hold iran accountable. i'd love to be proven wrong on that, but we're not seeing any indication what's coming, and that's where this concern is coming from, and not about partisan politics. that's not our concern here. our concern is with american national security and nothing less. >> i want to talk to you a little bit more about foreign
7:18 am
policy in 2016 after visiting countries, do you think hillary clinton is qualified to answer that phone at 3:00 a.m.? she does have the experience as secretary of state, among other things. >> hillary clinton has certainly amassed a very impressive resume. i think, however, that this presidential election is going to be about much more than resume building. it's going to be about policy. it's going to be about an agenda, and whether or not secretary clinton has that right balance of policy and agenda and resume is a very different question than just whether or not she's got an impressive resume. >> so senator, here's an interesting thing, so far after today you're going to have three u.s. senators republicans, that are interested in running for president. you work with them all, you have close relationships with them all. how are you coming down on this one? >> well look ultimately this has got to be far more about the what than the who. it's got to be far more about the policies than the
7:19 am
personalities. i really like all three of my colleagues that are throwing their hats into the ring in the presidential election. i intend to be supportive of all three of them as i can be. >> you're not taking sides right now, are you? >> not at this point no. >> what do you think someone like marco rubio brings because his announcement is expected today, to the political side of it that maybe is unusual? >> marco and i have been good friends ever since we both ran for the senate in 2010. i met him early that year marco speaks with passion, and he speaks in a way that invites the audience in and invites the audience in in an emotional way that connects them to the american dream. and i think that's going to be a real advantage to him as a presidential candidate. >> senator finally, your new book "our lost constitution," tell us about that. >> i wrote this book to help connect the american people with
7:20 am
their founding document the lost constitution. i tell stories about some of the most important provisions of our constitution. i tell for example, the story how alexander hamilton proposed a monarchy at the constitutional convention, how that tanked his political career and i explained some of the ironies and the way we make laws today that in some ways are more consistent with hamilton's proposal than with the conclusions of the founding fathers at the constitutional convention. this book provides the american people whether left right, center, with a great way of reconnecting with our constitution and understanding how it operates and understanding how we can restore it. >> senator mike lee, thank you for being with me appreciate your time. >> thank you. new details on that breaking story out of north carolina we've been covering for you. nbc news confirmed the person shot at wayne community college has died. police are still looking for the suspect who's described as a white male 5'11", tattoo over his left eye, wearing a blue jacket with white-colored pants. local paper says students and
7:21 am
faculty barricaded themselves in once they heard about what was going on. the paper says law enforcement now working to clear each building on campus but reiterates a suspect is not in custody right now. college president told the paper that school personnel has been evacuated and, quote, we've been told to pull back. school continues to be in lockdown. again, this is happening in goldsboro, north carolina. multiple law enforcement officials have responded. we'll continue to keep you updated as to any developments as they happen. nbc's pete williams will join me after the break with this and a whole lot more. buuut the minute you try to use reward miles from your airline credit card... it's slim pickins! the flights you want -- sorry, they ask for a ridiculous number of miles. time to switch to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles. and using those miles is easy. just book any flight you want, on any airline. then use your miles to cover the cost. no blackout dates. what's in your wallet?
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7:24 am
we are getting our first pictures now out of north carolina, where nbc news has confirmed the person shot at wayne community college has died. nbc's pete williams joins me now with the latest. pete? >> according to witnesses and law enforcement, a man with a tattoo over his left eye carrying a rifle fired the shot early this morning on the campus
7:25 am
of the community college. initial reports are conflicting on exactly where this happened whether it was near or inside the library, but the early word as you say, the victim has died. scores of police have responded, searching for the gunman. students, faculty, and staff have been told to shelter in place. there's no word yet on the identity of the victim whether this was a student or staff member and no information yet on the identity of the gunman or his motive. this school wayne community college, is about 50 miles southeast of raleigh. it has an enrollment of about 4,000 students jose. >> pete williams thank you for that update. now to wall street where stocks are higher in the first hour of trading in the new week. mandy drury is back. mandy, i missed you, good morning. >> good to be back jose good to see you. we're kicking the earnings season into high gear now, but here's the catch. for the first time in six years, earnings are expected to be negative. we're expecting about a 2.9%
7:26 am
drop in s&p 500 net income. that's according to thomson reuters, and the problem is it also comings as evaluations are the highest level in a decade. the question of course is are the weak earnings already priced in. if the expectations bar has been sufficiently lowered, maybe it will be easier for companies to beat and we might get a positive reaction of the stock price. we'll just have to wait and see. this week we have the major banks and financials, other big blue chips like intel and johnson & johnson and it comes off a good week for the market. last week the dow and s&p were both up 1.7% nasdaq up by over 2%, so we're coming off sort of a high base. we'll just have to wait and see what the earnings will do to the market. >> mandy, what apple says if they sold a million watches in the first day of preorders or something like this. >> yeah it's incredible. all those naysayers in the lead up to the apple watch, it's going to be a flop no one's
7:27 am
going to watch it and, boom they sold out. it's always the way with apple products isn't it? >> mandy, good to see you. >> you, too. coming up we're on verdict watch in the murder trial of former nfl star aaron hernandez. a decision could come any moment. and hillary clinton signaling this time things are going to be different. we'll tell you why next on "the rundown". audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. whether you need a warm up before the big race... or a healthy start before the big meeting
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ideas come into this world ugly and messy.
7:30 am
they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. as we continue to follow hillary clinton on the road for her first official day on the campaign trail we're watching how she's driving the conversation online. her announcement video got almost 2 million views on facebook in just 12 hours. and 4.7 million people on facebook in the u.s. generated 10.1 million interactions. those are likes, posts, comments or shares, all related
7:31 am
to hillary clinton and her announcement. that's 270,000 unique people per day in the last three months. where's all the chatter coming from? no surprise washington, d.c. is at the top of the list followed by arkansas and president obama's home state of illinois rounds out the top five. and take a look at this map of where people across the country where searching for hillary on google yesterday in the hour before and after her announcement. pretty busy map there, but back to facebook. two topics leading to the announcement, government ethics followed by foreign policy and international relations. let's put this all in perspective with clinton's only two opponents officially in the race rand paul racked up 1.9 million interactions surrounding his launch. ted cruz's announcement got 5.5 million interactions from over 2 million users, so hillary trumping both of her opponents on facebook combined.
7:32 am
to some hillary clinton's campaign may seem like history repeating itself but some things have changed, including the clintons themselves. during the first campaign hillary clinton was in the midst of her senate career her daughter chelsea was a single 20-something. today hillary clinton has added secretary of state to her resume and grandmother, after chelsea gave birth last fall. beth, good to see you. >> you, too, jose. >> let's start with bill clinton. how will he be used this time around in the campaign? >> we're hearing we're not going to see him any time soon. he's going to stay in the background, at least for now. he's going to be of course her kitchen cabinet, closest adviser, best adviser given how successful he's been in democratic politics but i don't think we'll see him any time soon. >> what about chelsea? >> yeah you know i covered the hillary campaign in 2008 for the a.p. and we didn't see chelsea clinton emerge until very close
7:33 am
to the iowa caucuses. her mother was in the race almost a year at that point. chelsea was never around. we were told she's a private citizen, we shouldn't expect to see her, she wasn't going to be involved. she did step out very very tenuously, kind of grew over the course of several months campaigning for her mother liked it better and better so she's going to come out more this time. many things have changed in the last seven years. she's become a mother she's also been out much more publicly as a voice and face for the clinton foundation she worked here at nbc for a little while. she's gotten used to being in front of cameras and audiences, she's much more comfortable. >> so the issue she had a child, we're expecting to hear hillary talk about being a grandmother. >> a lot, a lot. she wrote that epilogue to her book "hard choices" that was published on friday where she said kind of her new world view comes from being a grandmother to little baby charlotte and how
7:34 am
she wants to make a better world for charlotte. obviously, that's a great talking point for her that didn't exist the last time. >> good to see you, thank you. >> you, too. let's bring in abby huntsman and krystal ball good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> you found clinton's announcement this time different from 2008, how so is this. >> i think she's learned a lot since 2008. this announcement came across at least to me far more approachable. the main reason for that though, she wasn't a part of the film until the very end. it took me a minute to realize this was the right announcement video. this was all about american families, when the family is strong, you know america is strong. i thought it was the right message. it was a beautifully edited video, but the reality is you cannot win a campaign based off a beautiful video like this. she's got to prove, jose that she can connect the voters beyond something like this and she's got a real challenge, because she's got to become somebody that she's not. she has to prove she is a washington outsider.
7:35 am
remember in 2008 voters came out in droves for barack obama because he represented something different. he represented the guy that was not the inside of washington. >> yeah krystal, that's going to be tough. if that's what she has to project, that's going to be a tough one. >> but that is obviously, what she's going for. part of what abby is hitting on here is the fact she focused on people first, then came in. it's about the american people it's not about hillary clinton. but this is the challenge for her. and the video was perfect. it was beautifully edited together you had all the different democratic constituencies, but can she hit the ground in iowa and prove to people that she's more than a smart campaign strategy memo that she has the heart and the connection and that people can trust her and she's going to fight for them? >> abby in the middle of this attention on hillary clinton, florida senator marco rubio, we're going to try to break through that later today when he announces he's running as a republican candidate for president. what's he going to do? >> i think it's a smart strategy
7:36 am
to come out the day after, because marco rubio in a way represents something very different from hillary clinton. he's the youngest guy that's going to be running. he's 43 years old. it's sort of crazy when you think about it. >> what are we doing with our lives? >> i don't know i don't know. great family story to tell, foreign policy chops. i think the republican party would do themselves a favor to give this guy a real look. he's comfortable in his own skin. i think he's good in handling the media. today is going to be interesting to watch, especially after hillary clinton. i think it could be a smart strategy. >> krystal, we're seeing the republican field development, former hp ceo and potential candidate carlie fiorina is being vocal to her opposition of hillary clinton. here's what she had to say on "morning joe." listen to this. >> i think her time in position of secretary of state is demons tratively one that lacks
7:37 am
accomplishment. it's a problem when you mislead the american people for a month. it's a problem when you believe vladimir putin can be thwarted by a red reset button. >> how would this fiorina aspect, do you think it's going to have an impact? >> it's smart strategy in a way, because there are no other women really looking like they are going to join the gop field, so she's making the case hey, as a woman i would be best positioned to go after hillary, but beyond that, i'm not sure what carly fiorina runs on. she was head of hp during the time she was there, the stock of the company dropped by half she failed in her run for senate there in california so it's hard for me to see other than attacking hillary what she can really build the case for herself on. >> interesting. krystal ball abby huntsman thank you so much for being with me appreciate it. be sure to catch abby krystal, and the rest of the gang on "the
7:38 am
cycle" at noon pacific time. coverage of rubio's announcement 6:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. and developing right now in a boston area courtroom, the jury in the aaron hernandez murder trial is deliberating for a fifth day. we could get a verdict from them any moment. the former new england patriots player charged in the shooting death of semi-pro player odin lloyd in june of 2013. lloyd was dating the sister of hernandez's fiance at the time. let me bring in former u.s. attorney kendall coffee. thanks for be here. >> thanks jose. >> what does this tell you? >> somebody on that jury is having trouble being convinced aaron hernandez murdered him and the biggest most likely reason for any jury struggle is what is the evidence of motive. the prosecution never developed a theory of why somebody who had a huge contract would murder somebody he thought would be a future brother-in-law. with that gap in the evidence
7:39 am
there could be some reasonable doubt lingering. >> hernandez's former legal trouble were not allowed into this court case. >> very significant. i think the motivation would have been is hernandez was killing him in order to keep him from talking about past crimes. the judge kept that out. >> let's talk about the penalty phase for the boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev the 21st of april, what's the defense have to do? >> the prosecution has to present evidence of so-called aggravating factors. particular circumstances to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that show that he should die for what he did. so, for example, special cruelty or premeditation. in human terms, the prosecution is focusing on the victim impact. people will talk about the heartbreaking impact it had on them and the utter lack of remorse on the part of tsarnaev. >> defense has to do what? >> defense has uphill battle but what they have to do is humanize somebody who's been
7:40 am
demonized by the evidence and at the same time portray him as a teenager utterly dominated by his brother. he may deserve to be punished but doesn't deserve to die. >> jodi arias, two juries were unable to unanimously agree on the death penalty, so what's coming up next? >> second jury deadlocked 11-1 in favor of death. i don't think there's any realistic prospect this judge is going to allow 25 years life sentence with possibility of parole. it's going to be put her in jail and throw away the key. >> thanks for being with me. coming up a man hunt in europe after a $100 million jewelry heist. it's all caught on camera in london. and move over, tiger woods, a new star steals the spotlight at augusta national. >> one of the epic performances in the annuls of the sport.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
there's an all out search across europe right now for one brazen group of thieves. the men swiped $100 million worth of jewels from london's diamond district and it was all caught on camera. nbc's keith simmons with that story. >> smash and grab job, huh? >> slightly more complicated. >> it's as if they copied the plot a six-man gang disguised as construction workers, stealing millions of dollars of property including diamonds on good friday. >> perfect hand comes along, bet big and then you take the house. >> like in the movie, locals say there were strange power outages in the district and then this london safe deposit facility turned out to be well not so safe. >> the scene still remains chaotic. >> reporter: the men went down
7:45 am
an elevator shaft and drilled through walls. here they are seen carrying heavy tools. others used garbage bins to remove equipment and stolen goods, and did another hide inside the building to let the gang in? >> if it was an inside job, you know in a modern facility there would have to be a huge amount of collaboration. >> reporter: there's even speculation it's the same gang accused of raids on the french riviera, the pink panthers. police think in 15 years the panthers have stolen $5 million of jewels. while the identity of the london burglars is still a mystery, that hasn't stopped them from giving them names, mr. redhead mr. tall mr. strong. >> and mr. keith simmons reporting, thank you. let's zoom from other top stories, isis apparently destroys ancient relics. and a win for the ages new video reportedly showing the
7:46 am
destruction of the ancient city of nimrud a city that's stood for nearly 3,000 years, located on the tigris river. we're also learning isis terrorists briefly got inside iraq's largest oil refinery. the iraqi government says they still control that facility. two major arrests in mexico. mexican authorities announcing the capture of a major player in a drug cartel responsible for carrying massive amounts of cocaine supplies into the u.s. arrested by federal police in cancun saturday morning, reportedly transporting tons of drugs to the u.s. every week. and in the case of the 43 missing college students authorities arrested another suspect. he is an associate of the leader of the drug gang and prosecutors allege kidnapped and killed the students incinerating their remains.
7:47 am
relatives continue to look for answers more than six months after their disappearance. and just released moments ago, a brand new airline quality report from wichita state university, the annual report finds the airline industry did worse as a whole in 2014 for on-time performance, denied boardings, mishandled bags and customer complaints. envoy had the worst on-time performance. hawaiian airlines had the best. look out, tiger woods, 21-year-old jordan spieth is now the second youngest pro golfer to win the masters. spieth's impressive performance matched a number of records, shooting 18 under on a 72-hole score, leading all four days. he is the first wire-to-wire winner in 39 years. university of texas alum has won a total of three pga tour titles he's now ranked second around the world. up next, nobody loves a road trip like hillary clinton. she's heading to iowa. that's the inspiration for today's five things road trip.
7:48 am
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we just got a bit of new information on that breaking story out of north carolina we've been following this morning on the fatal shooting at wayne community college. authorities are adding new details to the description of the suspect they gave earlier, saying the suspect has a goatee described as white male 5'11" tall tattoo over his left eye, blue jacket with white-colored pants. police are going through each building on the campus and each and every room in the building. developing now, hillary clinton is hitting the ground running. she's currently on the road heading to iowa just a day after announcing she's running for president. clinton will hold her first campaign event tomorrow in the eastern part of the state. joining me now is msnbc's jane tim. you just got back from iowa after speaking with several voters there. what are they saying about her second run?
7:52 am
>> yeah voters are really excited to have her jump in the race because it means it's go time, people are going to be there woeing them, but they are not thesready to vote for her just yet. let's look at what voters told me. hillary clinton is heading to iowa, but is iowa ready for hillary? >> i've always been a fan because i'm a big advocate for female leadership. >> reporter: we caught up with potential voters in iowa home to the first in the nation caucuses, where nothing can be taken for granted. >> let's welcome senator clinton, thank you very much. >> reporter: it's a lesson clinton learned in 2008 when she came in third here a blow that helped derail her presidential campaign. scott brennan was there working for team hillary. >> the only thing she needs to do this time is speak from the heart and tell iowans what she stands for. >> reporter: for now, she's pulling far and above her likely opponents, but she's still got a lot of work to do with voters
7:53 am
here. >> we just want a chance to hear from everybody and then make a decision. >> i think we're hillary finance, but we're also fans of whomever speaks to the issues. >> reporter: hawkeye state democrats say they want to hear clinton voice strong opinions before they jump aboard. >> i'm looking for a progressive populous economic agenda and a sane foreign policy. >> a good robust discussion on income inequality. >> we'd like to see her take some strong progressive stance we would, on a number of issues. >> reporter: sources say she's looking to run a more intimate campaign this time one brennan says may be effective in iowa. >> she hasn't talked about issues personal to her in the last eight years, so that's what we're going to see happen. >> i want to be open to hillary, mainly because she's a woman and i'm a woman and i have a daughter, and i would love to see a woman in office. >> as you can see, they are going to make her work for it.
7:54 am
>> jane tim, thank you, good to see you. as we continue to follow hillary on her ride in her scooby van to iowa here's five things road trip. number one, her husband, bill clinton, opted for the train in '96 on his 21st century express through kentucky, ohio michigan, and indiana, on the way to the democratic convention in chicago. number two, a throwback to 1948 then incumbent president harry truman taking the presidential train majellen. it worked. dewey did not defeat truman. he gave at least 350 speeches from that train platform. you can stand on that platform when you visit the train on display at the gulf coast railroad museum here in south florida. from the magellan to the bus that carried john mccain around the country in his race against then-senator barack obama. number four turning to the 2012 nominee, let's hope hillary clinton is taking notes here who can forget mitt romney's
7:55 am
family road trip in his station wagon from boston to ontario. according to "the boston globe," if you're a dog you don't get a seat in the car. romney insists no animals were harmed on that trip. number five, that's not hillary's van, it carried him and the pranksters on the psychedelic cross-country trip no pun intended forever mortalized in the kool-aid acid test no i was not there. for your next road trip come down to miami. i'll even let you borrow my miami driving hat. by the way, the associated press is now reporting what we already knew, senator marco rubio of florida says he is running for the 2016 presidential nomination. "news nation" with tamron hall is up next. thank you for the privilege of your time. i'll see you here tomorrow. it's time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. aaron holland is the owner of a
7:56 am
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good morning, everyone i'm tamron hall. this is "news nation." we begin this morning with breaking news. authorities confirm one person has been killed in a shooting this morning at a community college in north carolina. and right now the gunman reportedly still on the loose. this is all unfolding in wayne community college, that is in goldsboro, north carolina. joining me by phone, kimberly best, public affairs director for the city of goldsboro. thank you so much for joining us. is there a lockdown right now? >> yes, good morning. yes, there is a lockdown on
8:00 am
campus this morning. i can confirm, yes, there has been one fatality. there was one shooter, and it did happen on the campus of wayne community college this morning. >> do you have a description of the individual that authorities are looking for, do they believe it was a student at the school? >> we are on the campus currently assessing the situation and we're hoping within the hour we'll have additional details to be able to share with the public. >> do we know anymore regarding where the shooting took place at the community college? >> we are not disclosing that information at this point. >> and right now i am looking at some video that's coming in. we see a number of ambulances and emergency personnel there, as well looks like students who are standing at the front entrance, what appears to be the front entrance of the community college there. do you know how many students attend this school? >> we do not have that additional information currently. we do know


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