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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  April 14, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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it's going to be early. >> if it's way too early what time is it. >> because -- keep your tongue in your mouth -- because "the rundown" is next. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart first on "the rundown" another day of major developments in the road to 2016. hillary clinton and marco rubio both with packed agendas after her incognito road trip west. clinton makes her first official campaign stop in iowa the florida republican headed back to washington fresh off of his announcement in florida where he landed the jab at his democratic rival. >> just yesterday a leader from yesterday began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday.
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yesterday is over. >> kasie hunt joins me. good morning. welcome to our -- >> great to see you here in miami. >> likewise, thank. you interviewed the senator a short, couple hours ago, right. >> i did, as he was on his way back to washington for hearings on iran in the senate today. i asked him about obviously the elephant in the room no pun intended, jeb bush, here from florida and also immigration. he of courseing struggled with that with the conservative base over the past couple of months. why would you be a better president than jeb bush. >> first, there's other candidates and voters have a chance to prepare all of us. i will tell people what i'm for, i believe the country's at a generational moment where it needs to decide what country it wants to in be 21st century, i have a clear vision which is exceptional, take full advantage of all of the opportunities of the new economy and i wanted to continue to be the strongest
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force for good on the planet. >> reporter: i want to ask about immigration. would you reverse the president's executive order that allows some young people to stay here? >> i wouldn't say we would immediately reverse that one i distinguished that from the first one. i have always said that will not be the perm policy in the united states. i hope it comes to an end because we've reformed our immigration laws we've improved the way we enforce our immigration laws so future illegal immigration is under control and, third, we've been able to accommodate those people in the country for a long period of time especially the young people. so at some point, doca has to end. >> you wouldn't repeal it right away? >> no, i said that before. the reason why, it would be disruptive you have people working, they're in school employees, and suddenly overnight they'd be illegally in the country. ultimately, there will come a point where it will have to end. maybe not six months but it will have to end and there should be urgency moving forward on immigration reform beginning with immigration enforcement.
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we can prove to the american people future illegal immigration is under control, i believe we can move quickly thereafter to modernize our immigration system and deal with the fact we have 12 million people in the country who have been here longer than a decade worked here illegally. >> what's interesting he's try to, once again, define his position on immigration. he was part of the gang of eight that passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill some years ago. it didn't go anywhere in the house. then later, he kind of stepped back and said maybe it should be piecemeal or piece by piece. now he's saying it can be accomplished. final analysis he is in favor of immigration reform including dealing with the 12 million people but not in one chunk. >> right. he says one step at a time. it's interesting, jose, i put that same question about doca whether that executive should be repealed to jeb bush and took a more conservative position than what rubio articulated there. he refused to say, he just said that the law itself needed to be
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changed but he wouldn't commit to not repealing that executive order right away. >> i'm wondering what it is they thinks can be -- it's interesting because of the house of representatives controlled by republicans, senate is also now controlled by republicans but no movement on immigration reform. he's talking about urgency. nothing's being done. the president has little leeway as far as immigration reform in the house and senate regardless who is in power. >> that's the pressure that john boehner is under, as his party heads into the presidential nomination, as they're fighting their way through conservative electorate elector -- electorates in the primary states there's pressure on leadership to make a move to woo hispanic voters. they need to drive up their share of the hispanic vote if they want to win. the question is whether boehner's able to balance that with the conservative caucus in the house. >> you talked to the senator about music. >> we did talk about music. he refused to sadly, to
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demonstrate his skill, spitting rap lyrics. he did talk about his favorite artists. >> i read in "the washington post" that your staff in 2010 was very impressed you could spit rap lyrics. i was hoping we could get a demonstration. >> no, we're not. the one from the '90s would be censored. you know it's funny you asked me that, a couple of modern artists i really like i like nicky minaj and pit bull's a friend, someone from miami we're proud of. interesting to hear what huckabee has to say. he doesn't think beyonce something american kids should be listening. >> i'm wondering why he didn't mention another miami guy we love. you were asking specifically about rap. >> asking about rap specifically. >> your favorite rap? >> i said this earlier this morning, i was a rock kind of
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girl. i'm not a rap girl. goo goo dolls my '90s band. >> thank you for being with me. much more on the developing story. the politics side ahead on "the rundown" what marco rubio told kasie about same-sex marriage. florida republicans find themselves in. jeb bush and marco rubio live in her district. 1500 miles to northwest of miami, hillary clinton waking up in iowa her first campaign trip to the hawkeye state since her 2008 defeat in the caucuses where she came in third. later, clinton will hold her first public event meeting with everyday americans at an invitation-only event. clinton arrived in iowa overnight after traveling two days in the van she nicknamed her scooby van. her stop along the way, chipotle in ohio spotted on a security camera. you see her with the sunglasses.
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andrea mitchell is with clinton. good morning, the first day of the next 18 months. >> reporter: i know. and a cold start today in iowa. but hillary clinton has arrived in iowa she'll be here later at this branch of a community college behind me. this is one of those small events, very small events. and it's her first public event. until now the spotting at chipotle and outside toledo and a couple of pictures that were taken along the way on the pennsylvania turnpike. this low-key mystery tour if you will is very carefully orchestrated. this is deliberately to try to re-create a bond or create a bond between hillary clinton everyday americans. there will be a big rally, a big launch speech in may. this is the slow quiet fade other than the outreach to donors because they did make calls from the road and back from washington the top campaign officials calling donors asking them to sign up to start bundling money, $27,000 each
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for the first 30 days and then they'll warm up to what is expected to be by a general election assuming she wins the nomination $1 billion campaign. >> and andrea you're saying it's an invitation-only event today. >> reporter: this is the most public event. it is for the people connected to this community college. so it's people that the college are inviting to see her and to talk to her and presumably they have screened people who will be able to ask her questions. >> and andrea you're anchoring your show from there today. who do you have you coming up? >> reporter: talking to amy chosik and jeremy peters. claire mccaskill from the senate, big day not just in politics but the iran policy secretary kerry up on the hill trying to sell that. we know the controversy over in the new cuba policy. and also michael steele talking to steve schmitt and ed rendell,
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campaign strategist past and fought future and ann lewis from the clinton campaign. a lot coming up at noon. >> andrea mitchell thanks. great seeing you. see you at noon for your show live from iowa. mark murray nbc senior political editor. good morning. >> good morning. >> so the gloves are off. senator rubio told npr he's done more on immigration than hillary clinton ever did. what does it say he's going after clinton. >> not only on immigration, but marco rubio's big speech all yesterday talking about the need for new generation was definitely a shot at hillary clinton and by extension a slot at jeb bush. on immigration, jose, specifically, marco rubio is right. he was one of the co-authors of the gang of eight immigration reform legislation. hillary clinton and her defenders would argue, however, when the senate debated and passed legislation on immigration reform back in 2006 she was one of the yes votes for that and they did agrees where
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she believes comprehensive immigration reform now marco rubio's position is now all about saying you need to fortify the border first, then talk about citizenship and legal status later. >> talk about the entrance of rubio for people like bush or paul. marco rubio, he has the ability, has tremendous amount of upside jose, in the contest. nbc/"wall street journal" poll from a month ago found only scott walker had potential more upside with republicans when asked the question who are you willing to support this person or not? one way to almost look at marco rubio is that right now, he's almost everyone's second choice. second choice among social conservatives. second choice among tea party folks, second choice among hawks and establishment republicans. question is can he end up getting enough to be somebody's first choice to really start making a move in the early stated like iowa and new hampshire. >> nbc's mark halperin in
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washington. we'll dig deeper into the republican race for the white house that puts floridians marco rubio against jeb bush. plus president obama welcomes the prime minister of iraq to the white house for the first time expected to happen next hour. we'll take you there live. a tulsa reserve deputy facing manslaughter charges after he mistook his gun for a taser, shooting and killing a suspect. more on what happened coming up. so, what brings you to jersey? well, geico's the #1 auto insurer in new jersey, new york and connecticut.
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now a major development in washington, the prime minister of iraq has not been shy about asking for help in the fight against isis terrorists, whether it be from iran or from the united states. just an hour from now, he'll make his plea to president obama
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face-to-face at the white house. the u.s. has been supporting iraq for years, as of the end of 2014, the u.s. has delivered 300 mine resistant vehicles, 12,000 sets of body arm somewhere helmetser 21,000 rifles and 2,000 missiles. the u.s. backing the iraqi forces fighting isis with air strikes every day. we're in the midst of training 10,000 iraqi forces. despite all of that the prime minister said, quote, we want to see more. with me now, florida republican congresswoman ileana ros-lehtinen and member of the foreign affairs committee. >> thank you, jose. >> what could or should the united states be doing more to help iraq? >> i think we should do more. kurds especially willing to take the fight to isil. i had the opportunity to be in baghdad just two weeks ago. we met with the prime minister congressional delegation visit led by speaker boehner. and the message from the prime
6:16 am
minister was very clear. we need help. if the united states is going to give us the help terrific. if iran is going to give us the help, we'll take that too. and that's sad to hear so much blood and treasure shed over there. to think they'll be relying on iranian forces to be embed with their forces it goes back the shia shia/sunni historical fight. i think they'll realize the united states is i willing partner, we've got coalition partners there. we met guys and gals just amazing. hoping he takes our help. but no boots on the ground that's the problem. >> and congresswoman, are you comfortable or doesn't it seem troublesome iraq is willing to accept u.s. aid but deal closely with iran? i mean including them in the battle? >> well, this is the problem that we designed when we pulled out of iraq without much force
6:17 am
being left there at all. we had a vacuum. we left we pulled out, we said, isn't this great we're no longer in iraq? what happened is that isil and iran are in for the fight to see who's going to be the caliphate of that area. and so when there's a leadership vacuum and vacuum of forces iran is always willing to go in there. and that's the problem. just because iran is fighting isil like netanyahu said the enemy of my enemy is not my friend the enemy of my enemy can still be my enemy. but they see, iraqis see, the u.s. is dealing and wheeling with iran at negotiation table. they say you can't say we shouldn't be involved with iran when you're cutting deals with the ayatollahs. >> the marco rubio and jeb bush reality. you are friends of both. who are you backing? and how is that dynamic playing out here in florida? >> i'm enthusiastically in favor
6:18 am
of the jeb bush candidacy because i've seen him as a strong governor for eight years, he's really has leadership skills. but i love them both. jeb was my campaign chairman for my first run to congress. and marco rubio, believe it or not, was an intern in my congressional office. that's how old i am. it's wonderful to see these dynamic from our home state duking it out. it's a battle of ideas, not of personals. >> you're not that old. i remember covering your first campaign congresswoman. that's how old i am. >> your not that old. must have been your first assignment. >> ileana ros-lehtinen thank you. >> after the break, a live report from tulsa where a reserve sheriff's deputy mistook his gun for his taser and shot killed a suspect. arrest made in the shooting in a community college in north carolina a story we broke on "the rundown." manhunt has ended, details straight ahead.
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a reserve sheriff's deputy in oklahoma charged with second-degree manslaughter involving culpable negligence after a fighting shooting in tulsa. the deputy a civilian volunteer, intended to use his stun gun but ended up firing his handgun. kevin tibbles live in tulsa, oklahoma. what are authorities saying about the charges he's facing? >> reporter: well jose the tulsa county sheriff's office maintains that eric harris was a very dangerous man. but today the dead man's family is asking why was he killed by a reserve part-time officer? and why, instead of pulling his taser, he pulled his gun? >> stop right here. >> reporter: a chaotic scene as eric harris bolts and runs. with deputies in hot pursuit and
6:23 am
body cameras rolling, harris is brought to the ground seconds later. >> roll on your stomach. now. >> reporter: someone says taser. but a gunshot goes off. >> i shot him, i'm sorry. >> reporter: authority says 73-year-old bob bates, an insurance broker and volunteer deputy pulled the trigger. >> he attempted to use a less lethal device inadvertently used his handgun instead. >> reporter: bates thought he was firing a taser gun. harris' relatives say, bates was unqualified and should have known the difference. to see the violence that was -- that was taken towards him, it's -- it really turns my stomach. >> reporter: bates is among an estimated 50,000 reserve officers serving in all 50 states. he has reportedly donated both money and cars to the tulsa sheriff's office. and has served more than 3,000 hours as a reserve deputy. >> he at no time ever show they had an inability, mentally
6:24 am
physically, to perform the task. >> the message it sends is as long as you have plenty of money, you can play sheriff. >> reporter: before the shooting, harris an ex-convict caught on camera in a sting operation allegedly selling a gun to an undercover officer. harris, however, was unarmed during the scuffle. another investigation into yet another deadly shooting. in announcing the charge of second-degree manslaughter, the district attorney here in tulsa said, and i'll quote him here the charges are a result of the omission to do something which a reasonable and careful person would not have done. jose, back to you. >> kevin tibbles, thank you very much. update on astery we first brought you here on "the rundown" yesterday. the manhunt is over for the suspect accused of opening fire at north carolina's wayne
6:25 am
community college. police found this man, kenneth stansil iii sleep on a beach in florida this morning. investigators say he killed his former boss at the kansas print shop. being held without bond. officials are working to extradited him. in south carolina, the head of the group black lawyers for justice is calling for special prosecutor in the police shooting death of walter scott. this comes as we're hearing for the first time from the man who was in the car with scott at the time of his traffic stop. in a statement, fulton says walter was a dear friend and i miss him every day. over the past five years he helped me to become a better man and showed me the value of hard work. i'll never know why he ran, but i know he didn't deserve to die. four former black water security gars are each facing lengthy sentences for roles in 2007 shooting that killed 14 iraqi civilians and injured 17 others including women and children. the case outraged iraqis and
6:26 am
inflamed anti-american sentiment around the world. guard slaten is facing life in prison while three others sentenced to 30 years each. the four traveling in a heavily armed convoy trying to clear a path for u.s. diplomats at time of the shooting. at trial, the contractors argued they believed one of the oncoming cars contained a bomb. after a quick break, there's nothing like florida politics. hear what marco rubio has to say about potentially running against former governor jeb bush. i'll talk with at same-sex couple featured in hillary clinton's campaign video. did they even know they were going to get into this thing. listen closely -- >> that's the sound of knocking coming from underneath the floor of this alaska air flight. scary. it turns out a ramp agent got stuck inside the cargo hold. what happened? a my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help.
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now back to the big announcement near miami. florida senator marco rubio entering the presidential fight, making him the third in his party to do and the fourth major candidate in the race. rounding out clinton, cruz and paul. on facebook his announcement picked up the lowest buzz meter of the four nearly 700,000 people generating over 1 million interactions in 24 hours talking about likes, posts and comments and shares. speaking of shares we want you to head to our facebook page. top states where rubio's announcement generated most buzz on facebook well there you see, florida number one. that might be because of the other florida politician also expected to enter the race former florida governor jeb bush, mente. on the left mentor on the right. he respects bush but at this
6:31 am
moment in our history, the country needs to move in a new direction. take a listen. >> obviously, governor bush is going to be a strong candidate with his own set of ideas. i think people will listen to those ideas and be impressed but i feel at this moment that i'm best positioned to help lead the country into the 21st century. we'll remain friends and i think he'll tell you the exact same thing. >> joining me to talk through the friendship mark caputo. >> good to see you. >> there's a longstanding relationship between the two men. >> it's a friendship and a deep friendship. the other day they were at the nra conference in nashville, they wound up flying home together in the same aisle. they stat with each other and talked for three hours. >> how can rubio, you know differentiate himself from jeb bush? they share a lot of similar positions. >> right. when rubio's saying i've got the best ideas, that wasn't a direct quote, but his ideas and jeb
6:32 am
bush's ideas are virtually identical what happen rubio excels at ace messaging the idea telling people here what happens i believe, here's my vision for the future. he's good at inspiring people. can he inspire enough people? >> and as far as florida, support, i mean look marco rubio is a popular senator, but how does florida, you know go? >> florida goes jeb in the polling, it goes in the money, it goes no the institutional support. things can change rubio and all of his advisers and defenders will always remind you, in 2010 he was down in money, name i.d. institutional support. >> everybody said he had no chance. >> right, and whipped charlie crist and beat him in the senate race straight up in the general election. we'll see if history repeats itself. in the end, jeb bush is not charlie crist. >> what do you think marco rubio's strategy is to deal with jeb? >> well, i think what you saw this morning, you mentioned the "today" show, his thing is if
6:33 am
you get me in front of people or if you get me in their living rooms through television i'm going to win. that's generally what it is. the similarities between president obama and marco rubio, though, rubio's folks don't want to admit it perhaps obama's folks don't want to admit it remarkble. how so? >> both engaging symbolic figures. obama's a transcendent symbolic figure but rubio is. he's young, hispanic he has a good message and knows how to sell. obama's very good at doing than rooib rubio is great as well. >> how did jeb deal with marco rubio. >> jeb, i think dealing with everyone the way he is dealing with them now, raising piles of money. he's saying i'm the consistent person, i stand for what i believe and i'm not going to change it. i'll be willing -- he didn't say he's going to -- he's willing to lose the primary in order to win the general election. he's not going to retreat from what he believes in. >> the questions i'm getting could it be jeb bush/rubio
6:34 am
ticket? >> not really. remember you can't have two people from the same state but then again bush and cheney had that and cheney established his residence in another state, wyoming. say rubio wins i don't see jeb bush as vice presidential material. maybe marco rubio is in part because of his age and some of the folks in the walker world are saying if we win we want marco rubio, which makes sense because republicans need florida to win in a general election and i'm not sure that scott walker would translate well enough into florida's demographics, it's a little different, it's let's white, so to speak, than wisconsin zblis wisconsin. >> what are you working on for? >> my story for tomorrow to get some sleep. >> put me in on that byline too. clearly the whole florida issue. >> yeah, we're going to see this for the next what 18 19 months. not only do we have four
6:35 am
potential presidential candidates an the republican side, in the general election, the florida is the biggest, most important swing state. if republicans lose florida they don't win the white house unless they do magic in the midwest. >> thanks. and one of the issues should it be a hot talking point in the leadup to 2016 is gay rightsen hillary clinton is a supporter of same-sex marriage a position different from the one she held when running for president eight years ago. clinton's first campaign video features the same sex couple from chicago, they talk about their upcoming wedding. on the republican side here what happens presidential candidate senator marco rubio tells kasie hunt on that issue. >> the decision on how we define marriage has belonged to states and if t. in fact as polls indicate, a growing number of americans believe that marriage between two individuals of the same sex should be legal, then they can petition their state legislators and change their state laws.
6:36 am
>> joining me now, the couple featured in clinton's video. good to see you both. so where -- how long were you in the dark about this footage? what did you think you were filming when you filmed it? >> well we did know it was for hillary video, one of our friends invited us to participate, giving we were about to undergo big life change, which was getting married this summer. so we just didn't know it was for the launch announcement until we found out by friends and family messaging us when it was released. >> so really you had no clue that you guys were going to be this video. you knew you filmed. when did you film it? >> we filmed it about three weeks ago at our apartment here in chicago. they filmed us in our house and asked us questions how we got to know each other, what our plans were for getting married and filmed us outsidewalking our dog and that's the footage they used during the campaign video. >> no, guys we're asking these
6:37 am
questions, this is the kind of focus we're looking at from you, was it an open-ended interview? >> it really was. what was amazing about it i think, shows the type of leader that hillary clinton is on this issue, in particular is that it was very focuseden on our personal lives, open-ended to talk about who we are why we love each other, why we're excited about getting married and why marriage equality and same-sex rights are so important, not only in the united states but also around the world. >> so who interviewed you? who did the interview? >> it was through a media company that was working to support the campaign i believe, and the president obama's former videographer conducted the interview. >> interesting. as you know last time hillary clinton ran, she did not support same-sex marriage. how do you think the lgbt community should approach her candidacy this time around? >> well i think that the community should see her commitment that she's shown on the world stage, even as
6:38 am
secretary of state. you know saying that gay rights are human rights. in stark contrast to many republican candidates which frankly rush to support the indiana governor when he passed the discriminatory so-called religious freedom act. i think that hillary's commitment on this issue is very clear and strong. that's why we're proud to support her. we're just two people starting our lives trying to find our way in the middle class, pay back student loans, deal with ordinary issues so many americans deal with and it so happens we're gay and getting married, legally in the state of illinois. >> you've invited hillary clinton to the wedding. have you gotten an rsvp back from her? >> not formally yet. but we -- we know she's pretty busy though we did extend a plus one. >> you did? a plus one? >> yeah. yeah. she can bring anyone she wishes to. >> maybe plus one is not as busy as she is. >> exactly.
6:39 am
just thinking right. >> he's not doing much these days. >> let me know when you get that rsvp, will you. >> we will jose. >> thank you so much for being with me. appreciate your time. >> no problem. thanks very much jose. >> coming up lawmakers are getting ready to grill the director of immigration and customs enforcement in which he testifies at an oversight committee. it's time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. own of a comic shot and a geek easy in orlando florida. he attracts new customers by having fun events at a geek easy and then turns them on to comics, often turning them into regular readers. for more watch "your business" sundays at 7:30. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon.
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in just minutes the immigration and customs enforcement director is expected to face tough questions on capitol hill. the i.c.e. direct already testify before house judiciary hearing. ahead of the hearing bob good lat chair said under the obama administration's new enforcement priorities millions of unlawful and criminal aliens who are not even eligible to benefit from
6:43 am
deferred action programs can remain in the u.s. in violation of the law with no fear of immigration enforcement. joining me now, judy chu of california. pleasure to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> first, your reaction to comments by the chairman goodlatte. >> i believe that the president's enforcement action will provide relief to millions of individuals and that the others should be allowed to stay until there is further action. >> you're saying the others ones that do not qualify for example under daca? >> exactly. until there is further action of course we put out a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would have allowed those who qualify to have a path to citizenship, but i do believe that their there should be priorities as to who should be deported and in fact that's what the priorities was all about. >> what do you want to be asking
6:44 am
i.c.e. director today. >> i was shocked when i heard that the director saldana said all criminals should be removed. in her defense she did retract that statement the next day. i want to ask whether she upholds the priorities memo which makes those who are felons the greatest priority to remove and others should be lower in the priority list. >> you know congresswoman, there are reports, and i get them all the time about folks who, for example, come back into the united states they have kids that were born and raised in the united states the parent may be deported. they return to the united states to be with those kids. they if they are caught are considered high-level deportation risks. when you talk about priorities what are those priorities? are they being respected? >> well top on the priority list are violent felons. but those who are lower on the priority list according to the
6:45 am
memo are those that may have ties to the u.s. that have maybe one misdemeanor, and in fact, there are those who have come back they have a legal wife, they have u.s. citizen children and worked here for many many years, and their misdemeanor may have been a long time ago. those should be lower on the priority list. >> congresswoman judy chu, always a pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me today. a developing story right now in massachusetts where deliberations are under way for a sixth day in the aaron hernandez murder trial. the jury spent more than 27 hours deliberating whether the former nfl star is guilty in the 2013 killing of odin lloyd. lloyd was dating the sister of hernandez's sister. let me bring in host of "judge faith." good morning. >> is deliberations go longer and longer which side do you think benefits?
6:46 am
>> i've seen this happen on both sides when a jury has been out for this long five or six days i've seen juries come back with acquittals and also seen juries come back with guilty verdicts. i don't think you can look at the number of days but i will tell you, in this case with the jury out for this long if i were the prosecutor, i would start to get concerned. i think the longer that this jury is deliberating the more likely it's -- they're probably going to come back with a -- with a hung verdict. and so right now, they haven't sent any notes to the judge indicating that but of course if they send out a note and they ask the judge what do we do if we can't reach a unanimous decision, you know they're having problems. >> and as a matter of fact, you know this, the jury has sent several notes to the judge since deliberations began but none about the murder charge itself. yesterday, frekts, they asked the judge to reinstate a midmorning break to jurors could smoke. what does this tell you? >> they want a break. it's important that they have those breaks. these jurors understand that this is a murder trial, someone
6:47 am
lost their life and someone else's life aaron hernandez's life hangs in the balance. they understand the importance of this case and of their verdict. and i have to tell you, it can be very emotional in that jury room. they go in and they set up rules themselves, who gets to talk how they're going to take turns. at this point, they're debating people in the majority trying to convince people in the minority to go their way. and vice versa. so there's a lot of debating going on arguments, going back over the testimony, and the evidence, and trying to sway each other to try to come up with the unanimous verdict. >> another big case jury could be seated for the death penalty trial of james holmes, the shoot in denver movie theater. his attorney's planning an in insanity defense. >> not surprised with the insanity defense in this case. clearly this man has mental issues. remember the standard for insanity defense, they're not successful for a reason because
6:48 am
it's not just proving that someone has a minutele disease or defect it's proving that they did not know right from wrong at the time they committed the crime. and i think there's a lot of evidence in this case against holmes that he knew what he was doing was wrong. >> faith jenkins, a pleasure to see you. i want to show you this live picture outside the white house we expect the iraqi prime minister to arrive. plus it's been one year since the terror group boko haram kidnapped nearly 300 nigerian school girls. today, #bringourgirls back still trending the case garnered international attention it's not the only case. unicef says boko haram forced nearly 800,000 children to flee their homes. a look at refugees next. >> when boca hard ram rampaged they imprisoned her along with
6:49 am
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6:52 am
al abadi abadibadi abadi . it was exactly one year ago that the african terrorist group known as boko haram made international headlines when they kidnapped nearly 300 school girls in nigeria. the majority of these girls still missing, the mass abduction led to worldwide protests under the #bring our girls back. events were being held around the world today, the renewed pressure on the nigerian government to find the women and bring them home. according to a bb c report dozens of the missing girls were spotted alive just a couple of weeks ago in the city believed to be boko haram's headquarters despite the new president elect of nigeria said today he can't promise they will be rescued. in the year since the kidnapping
6:53 am
boko haram has expanded its influence in the region through a wave of violence attacking and burning villages and driving hundreds of to uses of people from their homes. senior african correspondent aaron conway smith visited a city where the refugees have gathered. here is part of her report. >> reporter: as the crisis wears on food is running out for everyone in eula. internally displaced people or idps are not the only ones at risk of severe malnutrition. >> many homes that have taken in idps from themselves gone into need assistance because they are existing on what they have. >> reporter: but even as the tides of war shift and towns become liberate frd boko haram many of the displaced find their situation, however tenuous, better than the alternative.
6:54 am
some have tried to go back to their villages to check on their property, only to find their homes looted and burned and their fields razed. besides the physical damage to homes, farms and businesses for countless others traumatized by boko haram the psychic stars are what keep them in eula. >> that was the global post erin conway smith reporting. you can see her full reporting at global what a horrible tragedy. coming up on "the rundown" it's going to be a big next hour. house speaker john boehner will be holding a news conference. first first weekly meeting of the media since coming back from recess. and president obama will welcome
6:55 am
the new iraqi prime minister to the white house. we've got it all covered for you on "the rundown." denver international is one of the busiest airports in the country. we operate just like a city and that takes a lot of energy. we use natural gas throughout the airport - for heating the entire terminal generating electricity on-site and fueling hundreds of vehicles. we're very focused on reducing our environmental impact. and natural gas is a big part of that commitment. all these networks keep making different claims. it gets confusing. fastest, the strongest the most in-your-face-est. it sounds like some weird multiple choice test. yea, but do i pick a, b, or c. for me it's all of the above. i pick, like the best of everything. verizon. i didn't. i picked a. maybe c. and how'd that work out for you? not so well. can i get a do-over? why settle for less when you can have, well, everything.
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6:58 am
welcome back. developing right now on "the rundown" hillary clinton gets another first chance today to try to persuade voters in iowa. the presidential candidate arrived in the hawk eye state overnight after that two-day road trip. she's meeting today with students and he had karats at a community clem as another one of her rifles florida senator marco rubio jumps into the race with fresh attacks against her. alex sites walled was on our own road trip of sorts. he has made his way to iowa he is in month sell low where hillary clinton might be today. might we see hillary clinton before that meeting today? >> reporter: good morning, josé. we are not expecting to see hillary clinton before her event today. she will be in iowa for the next two days where she's going to be meeting with local voters in
6:59 am
quiet informal and off the record meetings without the media glare, but we are not expecting any public appearances from her. she did stop in that chipotle yesterday and no one recognized her until a reporter called and the manager reviewed the security footage. so it's possible that she will be moving on to iowa today undetected. we'll just have to wait and see if she gets recognized and pops up on social media. >> so we're seeing a picture there. she's the only person in the whole thing with sunglasses on and yet nobody recognized her. that's interesting. alex so what does she have after this meeting this morning? >> reporter: well this is her only public event scheduled for today. tomorrow she has another round table outside of des moines where she will be meeting with small businesses and discussing what the government can do to help small businesses. today's event is focused on education, she will be meeting with students and he had karats
7:00 am
but beyond that that leaves a lot of time for her to do more of her kind of knew unscripted unscheduled events, coffees with voters. we haven't gotten confirmation from the campaign they are not being specific about this but, you foe, we can guess that she's going to be taking this time in iowa to try to reintroduce herself to voters as much as possible. >> alex sites walled in iowa with hillary clinton. thank you. we're keeping our eye on all the developments on clinton's campaign. also doeflgs now marco rubio back in d.c. a day after launching his 2016 bid here in miami where he's already kissed his first baby of the campaign season. the new york times michael bash brow tweeted out this pic and quoted rubio as saying am i that boring? rubio becomes the third republican to official's take aim at the white house and in an interview with msnbc's casey hunt he dismissed think 2008 comparisons to barack obama who
7:01 am
republicans said wasn't ready for prime time. >> there is some significant differences between what i've done up to this point in my time and what barack obama did. he is a back venture in the minority, i as speaker of the house in the third largest state in the country. i will have served a full term in the senate before i become president of the united states. during that time i have been engaged and have publicly shown my judgment on issue after issue, whether it was what we should have done in syria in 2011 what we did in libya in 2011 and what we should be doing now. >> i'm joined by casey hunt who just interviewed muby and casey car sland. bengy if this addition to questions about his experience what other challenges does pub joe face? >> he still has to get by the immigration questions of course and then a lot of it is just who else is in the race namely jeb bush. there were not a lot of big florida political leaders at his announcement, that's because they can't necessarily be seen with rubio if they want to say in jeb's good graces. i expect you will see some of
7:02 am
those people at jeb's announcement. he will have comp tig for announcements and doensers in florida. >> when is jeb expected to announce? >> at this point we're not sure yet. they said probably later may, potentially even june. i think you're going to see this announcement season stretch out. a lot of these governors don't have a lot of incentive to announce. >> why? >> they are able to raise money into their super pacs for longer than the sitting senators. >> bengy, we've noticed muby has been active on social media. let me play this video he posted on twitter after his announcement. >> i want to thank everyone for being a part of this event here today at the freedom tower. a lot of energy and support. today is day one, we've got a lot of work to do now. continue to come to sign up join the team. we can make a difference. >> in contrast to a lot of the other videos we've seen other candidates and potential candidates this is clearly shot on a phone. he has done that before too.
7:03 am
he also shot one of those, not very professionally shot probably on purpose. >> that seems to be the trend. people like that laid back i'm just like you i'm taking selfies. >> if you see what ted truz has been doing the last few months these are low budget videos he has been putting out. >> there seems to be the demand for raw unfiltered video, you have these new live stream video technologies. >> you've been the queen of that. >> i've experimented. >> that is a new way to communicate. >> and i think it's the way especially if he wants to appeal to young people this is the way young people are used to interacting with even celebrities. you think about taylor swift, all of these people they're talking directly to their fans that's how young people are getting a lot of their information. why not for politicians to try it too. >> what is his plan going forward now? >> well marco rubio unlike some of the other candidates has a day job and it's a pretty busy one. he's going to be a bit constrained by some of the tasks
7:04 am
of the senate. but he has a big showcase event this weekend in new hampshire where nearly the entire 2016 field, likely 2016 republican field is gathering for a republican summit held by the state republican party. so we'll get to see an early campaign stop there. >> and, casey, was there a difference as far as what you saw yesterday in rubio's launch because it was in miami, at the freedom tower? was there a different describe than maybe in others. >> i've covered him extensively in the senate which is a much different describe. the crowd, many cuban american were thrilled to have him there and they cheered when he talked about cuba. i think you and i were talking a little earlier, there were some instances in his speech where he stumbled a little bit, he was clearly reading from the teleprompter not necessarily technically the best he has delivered that speech but having covered rand obama's announcement, ted cruz's announcement and this one, i
7:05 am
think this was a speech that touched on biography and told a story in a way that maybe some of those other candidates didn't do as much of. i think you heard more of a laundry list of policies from ted cruz for example. i think rubio gave this speech that's been impressing many dough authorize and republicans behind the scenes who have come out of these closed door meetings and said of all of the people we've heard from rubio is the one that impressed me most. >> i think this was the only announcement speech that included a mention of cuba venezuela and mic rag with a. when was the last time you heard a major president sal candidate mention those three countries in any discussion. >> it's too bad. there's not a lot of attention to this aspect of rubio's policy portfolio outside of florida. you mentioned that human rights in venezuela and new hampshire you're going to get a lot of blank stairs. this is when rubio is at his absolute best. if you've seen him give a speech
7:06 am
on venezuela policy on the senate floor it's incredible. he will really get energized, whether it's venezuela or cuba or nicaragua, but it's a policy area that doesn't connect to republicans outside of florida. >> thank you both for being with me. welcome. did you get some cuban pasallios. >> you guys have the best coffee in america. >> thanks guys. back to iowa where in just a couple of hours hillary clinton will focus on pocketbook economic issues when she meets with students and educators at a private round table. let's bring in near ra san din. >> great to be with you. >> as nbc's first read put it this morning hillary clinton is going back to the scene of crime today. how comfortable will she really be there in iowa? >> i'm sure she's going to be very comfortable. you know i think that obviously
7:07 am
she didn't win iowa in the past but that's why i think it's so important that they're going to iowa first, they're communicating that they're fighting for every vote and she's taking nothing for granted. i think that's the most important message to send to iowa. >> it's been a different rollout, no doubt about it. >> absolutely. and, look i think that the way she's done the rollout, the way -- the fact that they're communicating a broad mission for the country, this this race isn't about her it's about the challenges people are facing in their daily struggles. the beauty of the next few weeks is she's going to really had a err from americans and then detail where she's going to take the country. >> she was very successful when she ran for the senate in new york. >> i was her deputy campaign manager there and people had a lot of assumptions about her that she dis peld by you know really being with them day to day, month to month. >> what are some of those assumptions you think people have about her?
7:08 am
>> i think they think she's unapproachable and there's a kind of characterization that people have of her being kind of intimidating and tough. look you know she is a strong leader but she's also a great -- you know she's a great friend, she is a person who is there for you and she's also really animated by the challenges the skun tree has. so i think what will be great about today, tomorrow and the next few weeks is she's going to hear from americans about their struggles and challenges, but they're going to hear from her as well about how she wants to be their champion. she's definitely a fighter and i think that's going to be great for both sides. >> and as you know today is eek well payday. >> absolutely. >> it takes this long for a woman's wage to catch up to men. what's her economic message going to be? >> i think she raised few issues already, but she's been a champion on the issues that are
7:09 am
really kitchen table issues for folks. the fact that wages haven't really been keeping up wages are kind of stagnant, the fact that college coasts are too high healthcare costs a whole range of costs that are really creating a middle class squeeze for folks. i think she's going to hear from people about how they're managing these challenges and then i think she'll detail soon her ideas of how to address them. really focusing on how it's expanding the middle class, helping families isn't just the right thing to do but helps us grow over the long-term. >> thanks for being with me. it's always a treasure to see you. >> great to see you. how clinton's family is going to help or maybe even hurt on the campaign trial. the tight against isis front and center as the white house, president obama just minutes away from meeting with iraq's prime minister who is expected to arrive there, you see it on the right part of your screen, plus we're keeping close watches on house speaker john boehner
7:10 am
and gop conference members speaking live on the left part of your screen. 2016 hopefuls trying to can steal a headline from clinton and rubio, chris christie live in new hampshire in less than an hour from now. ♪ [upbeat music] ♪ defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. now in a new look. woman: it's been a journey to get
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7:13 am
developing now in washington we're waiting for the prime minister of iraq to arrive at the white house. his meeting with the president will begin shortly. iraq is at the center of the fight with isis and islamic extremists but how much who are is the u.s. willing to help? chris jansing is nbc's senior white house correspondent joins us this morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> some reports say that the prime minister will asks for billions more in military aid. is he going to get it?
7:14 am
>> reporter: look, he's not going to get everything he asks for but the u.s. has a very long invested interest in this and obviously a strategic interest in the fight against the islamic state. having said that it's going to be a very interesting conversation i'm sure you can see the military guard lined up behind me, we're expecting the prime minister to arrive any moment now. he's going to make the case to the president that part of the reason that they need all this money is that falling oil prices have given them a big budget deficit. they don't have what they need to fight the ongoing war with isis. in addition to that he's going to say we've already made progress, we don't want to lose it. in fact the pentagon put to the some numbers yesterday suggest something that they had indeed taken back control of 25 to 30% of the area that isis had taken control of. so indications from senior white house officials that the president is going to be listening closely. he's certainly going to want to
7:15 am
provide some help but this is also a president obviously who doesn't want to have a continuing large footprint there, certainly not much larger than there is though. so we'll see, jose. >> chris jansing at the white house. truth. i want to bring in steve clem men's, washington editor at large for the atlantic. steve, good morning. >> good morning. >> there was a government study done a couple of years ago that found that u.s. had spent about $26 billion just trying to rebuild the iraqi military. that number has gone up since then. isn't it america's best interest to keep supporting iraqi forces? >> well i think it is in america's interest to support them if they remain resilient and hold together. what they saw in the case of some of those mosul units in northern iraq units is that entire brig gads dissolved despite astronomical investments by the united states and europe in draining and equipping and outif i get those forces.
7:16 am
so if they don't stand under pressure then that's money down the drain. so just doing more of the same doesn't make sense. there's an asymmetry of interests there where right now you have a complex rubik's cube an ethnic rubik's cube where shia and sunni are struggling with each other. there are other ethnic groups inside iraq and there is doubt about who is fighting for what inside iraq. if you have the wrong people trained, wrong people equipped and the wrong part of iraq doesn't matter how much money you put into them. groups like isis that are able to make temporary common purpose with frustrated sunnis can roll over those military units. >> then you have iran that is stepping into this vacuum that is created first by the lack of professionalism, lack of support that the iraqi armed forces are having, but then there's also it seems to be a political vacuum
7:17 am
in these areas that iran is ex ploigd. >> that's absolutely right. when they were having the debate about whose boots were going to be on the ground fighting isis all of a sudden it's iron's boots that are on the ground and you have shia militias under the command of iranian forces equipped and funded by them. on top of that you had in the malaki period very angry frustrated dis affected sunni tribal leaders and citizens of iraq that just felt like they had no place and didn't want to be part of that regime. so to some degree the story of isis is not just isis's military accomplishments, it is the sunni tribe's acquiesces to them being there as a weight against the shiites and the sun yees in the south. >> i want to play what speaker
7:18 am
boehner said about the negotiations with iran. take a listen. >> congress absolutely should have the opportunity to review this deal. we shouldn't just count on the administration who appears to want to deal at any cost. >> steve, how do you see things? >> well i see them that of all the things that congress has needed to weigh this on and hasn't, this is an odd one to grab because there are literally thousands of such negotiated agreements on everything from -- you know agreements like the proliferation security initiative in which john bolton was a big champion that the congress did not weigh in on. if the congress want to weigh in be constructive and do that but i think to predetermine what the ingredients and material of that deal is somewhat reckless and irresponsible in my view. every one of these members is getting classified breaches on what the content of that deal is and i think it's incumbent on them to put on the table an alternative that they think is
7:19 am
realistic and compelling if they have one. i'm waiting to hear it about you there hasn't been one. >> the fact is that there hasn't really been a deal reached as far as crossing the ts and dotting the is. that happens in the summer. >> the president has said he had walk away from a deal that didn't deliver in very firm detail what we wanted and that this deal has to be based on skepticism of iran not love and hope in what sooirn will do it has to be built upon doubt that they will live up to the agreement, just like our agreements with the former soviet union were. it is in that arena that i'm surprised thus far that there hasn't been more bipartisan partnership to make that -- this deal making work. >> steve clem ens, thaw for with me. we're going to zoom through other top stories including the bouncer set on fire allegedly by
7:20 am
someone he threw out of the bar. plus the airline worker who created a flight scare in seattle, apparently he just took a nap. those foers and a whole lot more straight on "the rundown."
7:21 am
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but when my back hurt, cooking all day... forget about it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve. a flight scare and a florida bouncer attacked. let's zoom through tomorrow some of today's top stories. >> tense moments for passengers aboard an alaska airlines flight who heard pounding and screaming from beneath the plane. turns out the baggage handler fell asleep in the cargo hold and then woke up once the plane took off. he began pound pounding from inside the cargo hold. here is how one passenger described what happened. >> i thought it was the landing gear and then i really got spooked out. we were really spooked. i mean i've never been through -- i travel a lot, never
7:24 am
been through anything like that. >> the airline employee taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> in florida the search continues for the man police say poured gasoline on a bar bouncer and set him on fire. surveillance cameras captured the fiery aftermath of a bar fight in port st. louisy between bouncer brian johnson and ivan rodriguez. it began after rodriguez was kicked out of the bar because he couldn't pay his tab. the bouncer is in critical condition at this hour. >> let's go to wall street. cnbc's manny drury joins me with the run down. >> stocks are a little lower after those retail sales. yes, they were higher in march for the first time in fact since late last year but and there's always a but, they were still below estimates. you know what's strange about this? remember now a lot of people had thought that the savings from lower gasoline prices would finally find their way into spending. it just really didn't happen as much as we were hoping because
7:25 am
those savings were either saved, they were used to pay down debt or maybe they were used for something like higher food or healthcare costs. so in response, as i say, stocks are slightly lower, the dollar has lost some of its gains against the euro and the ten year yield which works its way through to borrowing costs has dipped as well. last thing, if you own any shares of jp morgan or goldman sachs, swrchlt p morgan is more than 15-year high goldman sachs is at a new almost seven-year high because jchl p morgan had a stronger than expected earnings growth. lots of earnings coming out this week as i mentioned yesterday. >> thank you so much. great seeing you. coming up we're 30 minutes away from new jersey governor chris christie in new hampshire, a live report from manchester next. political prognostications with larry saab dough, a look at who is pulling ahead on the gop side and which democrats can give hillary clinton a run for her pun.
7:26 am
speaking of clob heck out boehner's nonverbal answer to reporters that questioned him just a few minutes ago. >> any thoughts on hillary clinton? we're also keeping an eye on iowa, the first stop for hillary clinton's presidential campaign. that's where we find nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: here is in iowa. first public event with hillary clinton at this small community college behind me. she was' going to be meeting with students, talking to people in what she says is her effort to reach out to every day americans. this the first public event of campaign 2016 for hillary clinton. we'll have all of this on my show on andrea mitchell reports at noon eastern. y... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪ ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken
7:27 am
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7:29 am
♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. we're 30 minutes away from new jersey governor chris christie giving a major speech. he will then hold his first town hall outside of new jersey tomorrow and friday.
7:30 am
it comes as his name was largely fallen out of the conversation surrounding the race for the white house but christy certainly isn't ruling out a run. on this trip he's hoping to make inroads with voters in this crucial early state for gop hopefuls. a leah grew man is live in march cher. what is her expecting from governor christy at today's event? >> reporter: just an n. under half an hour governor christy is supposed to deliver what's being billed as a major entitlement speech. he's expected to address medicare medicaid and social security and we're expecting him to call on increasing the retirement age to 69. you know this trip is coming at a really crucial time for governor christy. his approval ratings have taken a bit hit, his status as a first year candidate has all but evaporated. governor christy is seeing this trip as a chance to reset himself. he's going to do that through a lot of retail politics. he's holding a meet and greet, two of them today, one at a
7:31 am
pizza restaurant and another at a tavern tonight and then he's going to turn to a format he knows best which is town halls, he's holding one tomorrow in londondery and another in ex ter on friday. new hampshire is emerging as a do or die state for governor christy. a lot of people say that governor christy is going to have a tough time if he jumps in the race getting voters in iowa and south carolina early voting states like that. so he's got a bit challenge here in new hampshire and he's hoping to pete as many people as possible while he's here. >> thanks. vel be keeping a close eye on christy's events throughout the day. >> don't miss matt law we are's inclusive interview this mrng morning on the tooed show. 2016 will be a family affair for the clintons but a new hand will likely be player a more central role her daughter chelsea, the 35-year-old new mother has krorldly taken on a more active role in virtually
7:32 am
every decision her parents make from the family foundation to home issues. joining me now is "politico's" ken vogel and amy barns of the hill. >> can chessie clinton's involvement is going to change but how involved will she be in her mother's 2016 campaign? >> at this point, jose i don't think it's possible to overestimate the involvement that she'll have in the campaign talking with a number of folks in clinton world which as amy knows having written a book about hillary clinton is kind of difficult to get them talking about chelsea, they're very protective. nonetheless, they do say that they are planning to put her forward in a big way as a surrogate, as someone who can appeal potentially to judge younger voters she's 35 with her parents pushing 70 years old. a lot of millennials don't have identification one way or the other with the clintons their add drivers are hoping chelsea can help them appeal to that
7:33 am
younger demographics and behind the scenes is where her influence can be greater. a lot of folks in the clinton world talk about the invisible hand of chelsea affecting decisions large and small, political, foundation strategic and i think we're going to have a good chance to see that firsthand in the next several weeks. >> as a matter of fact you write about that chelsea is held some foreign donations for the family foundation and moving the family e-mail server to an outside it firm. she was really a lot behind that. how does she have such a large role? >> well it is that her family her mom and her dad, regard her as sort of the -- the go-to adviser. she talk to them about literally every single major decision that they make. she has discussed in recent weeks as she's done some media the way that her family talks about these issues decisions as sort of a debate where you always have two candidates and a moderator oftentimes is chelsea moderateing moderating, sometimes she is one
7:34 am
of the candidates. so they return to her all the time. they talk to her all the time. she's the one who doesn't have to go through all these layers and this hierarchy of advisors she can go straight to the principals because of course she's their daughter. >> amy you literally wrote a book about hillary clinton. is chelsea the new bill this terms of someone who people are going to come out to see? >> i watched her in 2008 when i traveled with the clinton campaign she's actually very impressive. she knows her stuff, she's not just, you know someone who just reads lines and memorizes talking points. she really knows her thing. so she'll go out there and campaign in the way she did did in 2008 but i think like ken said she's also going to play a big loel she's going to be a senior adviser because she can. she is the one clinton who doesn't have baggage and i think that appeals to a lot of people. here she is this girl who we all saw growing up she's big as life now and has something to say. i think they're going to use her for that. >> amy, bill clinton has a
7:35 am
speech later today, how will he be used this time around maybe differently than he was in the past? >> i think if he actually stays away from the press, from people like ken and me and goes and talks to bigger crowds he's going to be so effective. he can -- you know he is the most effective surrogate there is out there. he was that guy for president obama. if he can be that guy he was in 2012 for president obama i think that she's going to use him in every possible way. >> amy and ken, thank you both for being with me. >> thanks for having me. >> time for some 2016 political pros prog most kagt. though that marco rubio has stepped into the fray. rubio joins jeb bush and scott walker in the top tier. for the democrats hillary clinton stands alone in the top tier. as for the democratic second tier clinton can clears the field pushing out elizabeth warren who had once held out a
7:36 am
spot there. let's bring in larry sabato. thank you for being with me. >> reporter: thank you jose. >> so hillary clinton has knocked off the entire second tier is this. >> well we left the second tier open to make a point and the point is that among the people who are talking about getting into the race it's difficult to imagine any one of them bumping off hillary clinton for the nomination. now, look if vice president buy den surprised everybody and got into the race he doesn't look like he's going to but it only takes waking up one morning and deciding you're going to do it he could certainly be a credible candidate, incumbent vice presidents always are, but i don't think he's going to run because i think he knows that running against hillary clinton he would probably have his third failed presidential bid. >> let's talk at the third tier martin o'malley jim web, bernie sanders. this is intriguing. joe biden, taking him out after you're saying that could change
7:37 am
things, talk to me about that third tier. >> well you have some established politicians there, they've all been ee collected to one high office on the other. the one that seems to be spending the most time and effort in laying a groundwork is martin o'malley two-term governor of maryland. obviously he starts from very low name id he can only talk about that governorship in maryland. he would have to capitalize on lingering unhappiness with hillary clinton in iowa. i think if he's ever going to get a boost it will have to be in iowa. that's the place of maximum discomfort potentially for hillary clinton. but, again, he's a long shot. i'm sure he would agree with that. the others jim web, we know him well here in virginia interesting guy, difficult to see him winning. bernie sanders, i think if he gets in it will be to make a point and to pull hillary clinton to the left. lincoln chafee has never been
7:38 am
elected as a democrat he's been elected as a republican and independent, he switched parties while governor of rhode island. interesting guy, fun guy, but where is the -- where is his base? how would he do this? running against the iraq war at this point is interesting, but is not going to be particularly effective. >> on the republican side you have jeb bush scott walker and marco rubio. what earns rubio top tier status? >> rubio has the potential and i love that word because every account that i've read today about his announcement yesterday and his possibilities in the presidential race uses the word potential. everyone knows he really isn't in the top tier yet. he's quite low in the polls in most places even places where he ought to be higher but you look at the whole package, you look at what he brings to the republican race and frankly you look at the 19 republicans who are either running or have
7:39 am
talked about running and there aren't that many candidates who have the opportunity to win a general election or even get nominated. when you break it down it is bush walker it's rubio, maybe john kasich where he ever gets in. some people would argue that paul and cruz have a chance but my view is republicans are hungry after eight years and they're unlikely to take a big chance on a candidate who won't sell in november. >> larry, you have in the third tooir, we showed the second tier a third tier you've got among others chris christie and rick perry. >> yeah. well, i guess rick perry has remembered the third thing he wanted to tell us from the debate four years ago. i don't know exactly why he's running or why he would be nominated and i would think he would be fairly far down on the radar screen for most republicans.
7:40 am
chris christie to be blunt about it has flopped and you can tell he's flopped because he's talking about to go what john mccain did in 2007/2008 and that's come back from having flopped. now, anything is possible but i don't see why wrist christy will be in more appealing to republicans in six months after a relaunch than he has been to this point. >> larry sabato thanks for being with me. we appreciate your time. >> thank you jose. two presidential candidates reaching out to one critical group of voters dreamer chris in a hernandez joins us live to discuss the latino reaction to hillary clinton and marco rubio's presidential launches. plus bring back our girls, the social campaign that was sparked a year ago today after the massed kidnapping of 300 nigerian women's and girms, the trirs group responsible boko haram has only grown stronger since then. is that story and a whole lot more when "the rundown" comes
7:41 am
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back to the race for the white house with two more candidates entering the mix over the past 48 hours, united we dream the largest immigrant led youth organization is reacting with this headline. hillary clinton makes it official, but what's her official stance on immigration? on that topic senator marco rubio taking aim at hillary clinton in an interview with npr. >> i don't know about the others but i've done more on immigration than hillary clinton ever did. i helped pass an immigration bill out of a senate dominated by democrats that's more than she has done. she has given speeches but never done anything on it. i have a record of trying to do something on it. >> joining me now is katrina hernandez. >> great to be here. >> do you agree with senator rubio that he has done more on immigration than hillary clinton ever did? >> what's funny here jose is that senator roub joe is flee
7:45 am
flopping on immigration which is why when he announced he is running for president yesterday you have a group of dreamers and our families from all over florida and a the country saying why have you given your back to the community. he worked on immigration in the bill s 744 in the senate and right after he worked on this with a gang of eight, he has said that he does not the want to work on immigration in a comprehensive approach and that he actually does not support programs like daca and dapa that protect people like my own parents and my brother from deportation. >> as a matter of fact, casey hunt talked to him this morning and he said that he would not repeal daca or dapa initially they were president. it would have to go through some immigration reform process. he would not repeal it. he has changed you're saying his position on immigration reform since presenting that comprehensive immigration reform
7:46 am
bill in the senate. >> absolutely. the we for senator rubio and hillary clinton and other presidential hopefuls at least from the perspective of united we dream and dreamers and lat know communities across the country is would you defend the deportation relief programs tall protect people like my parents and young people across the country would you defend them expand them implement them and ultimately would you commit to work on legislation that will give a permanent solution to latino and i78 grant communities on this issue that will create a pathway for citizenship for people like myself and my parents. >> your organization has asked for hillary clinton's official stance on immigration. what do you want to hear from her? >> as we said in our statement what we want to hear from hillary clinton and, again, the rest of the presidential hopefuls is what is your specific stand on immigration policy is this what are you going to do to protect people like my parents from deportation? in the case of hillary clinton last year when we were seeing charn that were tleeg central
7:47 am
america because of the extreme violence that themselves and their families were facing she talked about how we should deport those children. i'm not sure that our community is completely on the same page in terms of what's her stand on immigration and what she will do to protect and defend the daca and dapa program, what she will do when it comes to immigration policy and trying to get this issue through could think. >> do you think a lot of candidates don't think it through on immigration? they will do talking points on what their position is but they are not thinking about the human impact that lack of immigration reform has on literally millions of people that live in the united states? >> i will tell you this josé if any of them is serious about running for president and winning, they need to understand that immigration is a critical issue for the latino community and in order to engage lat know -- the latino community and latino voters in this election and get them excited about
7:48 am
participating and honestly to get their vote they are going to have to understand immigration and not only understand the issue and understand the human stories and the challenges that my parents have living in fear of deportation every day even though they came here 17 years ago seeking a better life for me and my brother, that they are going to have to not only understand that in my experience and experience of my family members and my community, but also they are going to have to produce and propose a real solution and commit to defend and protect the daca and dapa programs. >> thank you for being with me. we appreciate it. >> great to be here. it has been one year since the mass abduction of nearly 300 girls from their school in nigeria, the mass kidnapping from the terrorist group boko haram sparked a movement bring back our girls. events are being held calling for new efforts to rescue hundreds still missing you but that's just the tip of iceberg. more than 2000 women and girls
7:49 am
have been can kidnapped since the start of 2014. hundreds of thousands more killed or chased from their homes. stephanie gosk joins me more with all of this. good morning. >> reporter: 219 of those girls are still unaccounted for and as you point out in this last year when the world's attention has turned to other things boko haram that extremist group, has basically gone unchecked in northern nigeria. moving to be an intractable problem for the military in that country as well as the coalition of military from neighboring chad and cameroon. it's not just the school girls, hundreds of attacks on schools and other communities in northern nigeria and at this point what people are hoping is that this anniversary and the refeud attention will reenergize that campaign to bring the school girls home. at a small high school in or gone three survivals of boko haram go to school.
7:50 am
grace who did not want to appear on camera says she was one of 276 school girls kidnapped a year ago by the islamic extremist group. boko haram came in the middle of the night, posing as the military and kidnapped the girls at gunpoint. a day later grace says she told her captors she was going to the bathroom instead she ran for her life. today the 18-year-old is studying in the u.s. on a scholarship. the kidnapping triggered international outcry and a viral twitter campaign. #bring back our girls was tweeted more than 5 million times with politicians an celebrities leading the charge but a year later the cause was lost steam. 219 of the girls are still missing. >> we want them back and we want the old world to rise up again and keep demanding that she is girls should be brought back. >> reporter: on the anniversary
7:51 am
of the bring back our girls kidnapping cities around the world are planning a global schoolgirl march. these students in l.a. are taking part. >> i want to ro pell people and encourage them to take that next step. to not just know about this and not just learn about it but also to see what can i do? how can i had he been? >> reporter: a year later help is still needed. there's a new president in nigeria who has pledged to take boko haram on and there have been some military advances in event months. they're hoping that momentum continues. >> stephanie gosk thank you so much. one left to go president obama's announced trip to south dakota will make him the fourth sitting president to visit all 50 states -- or 57 states. wait is it 2350 -- we all make mistakes. >> because you know it is just wonderful to go back in oregon and over the last 15 months we've traveled to every corner of the united states. i've now been in 57 states i
7:52 am
think one left to go. >> our five things south dakota is next. i'm pretty sure.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
and big news that president obama will be the fourth president to visit all 50 states while in office reaching a milestone with a commencement address next month. what state will be the lucky 50? here are five things south dakota. number one don't tell shd yans they're over the hill. north and south dakota were admitted to the union on the same day 2nd of november, 1889. which came first, nd or sd? we'll never know. >> number two, too little too late? maybe not for 2016 but in 2012 south dakota sided with mitt romney. maybe hillary clinton is taking notes for her big next road trip. number three, we will come to the wild wild west dead wood
7:56 am
giving south dakota some pop culture cred it's set in the lawless town of south dakota in the 1870. number four too bad president obama is missing this by a couple of months every year in the first full week of august thousands of bikers descend on the small town of sturj he is south dakota for the sturj he is, note or cycle rally. number five mount rush more every year about 3 million people make the trip to the black hills of south dakota to see the larger than life memorial to washington jefferson, roosevelt and lincoln carved out from 1927 to 1941 and next time you go through take a look closely at this. oh, no. no that's just -- that's not not acceptable. who put that this there? just because i have a brother named lincoln. that's just wrong. that is completely wrong. but great tv. that wraps up "the rundown" on ms nbc threw for the pleasure of your time.
7:57 am
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good morning everyone. i'm tamron hall and this is "newsnation." within the hour hillary clinton will take part in her first event since announcing she's running for president. she'll attend a small private meeting in iowa. then hold her first official campaign event this afternoon. an educational round table at kirkwood community college in montecello. it is the beginning of what will be a series of smaller more intimate campaign events all part of clinton's low key strategy designed to emphasize personal connections with voters in a state where she finished third back in 2008 in the primary. then clinton arrived in iowa last night wrapping up her mysterious two day road trip. the only evidence of the journey came from images from stops including one in


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