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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  April 14, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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dy the properties of sipping delicious after the ingping delicious caffeinated beverages in zero gravity. good evening americans. welcome to "the ed show" live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work! tonight, one-term rubio runs for president. >> why do you have the experience to be president? >> i will serve a full term in the senate before i become president of the united states. >> plus congressional reaction over the iran deal. >> we have reached a bipartisan agreement. >> we have to be involved here. >> later, u.s. steel takes the fight to capitol hill. >> every single member of every single union. >> know that bad trade agreements mean lost jobs, lost manufacturing jobs. >> i'm here in iowa to begin a conversation. and, candidate clinton returns to iowa. >> thanks for saying hello.
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good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. marco rubio has become the third republican to announce he's running for president. quite the inexperienced field. the 43-year-old freshman senator out of florida immediately said hey, wait a minute i've got more experience than barack obama did back in 2008. >> there's a difference between barack obama and i, and i think our histories are much different. i served in local government. i served at state government for nine years. i was the speaker of the florida house. all of that before i even got to washington four and a half years ago. by the time i swear in as president in 2017 i'll have served a full term in the senate including extensive work on the foreign relations committee, on the select intelligence committee. so there are some significant differences in terms of experience and background between where i am today and where then senator obama was when he was elected. >> what spin that is. every republican in the race right now has a few things in common. they are all first-term senators
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with very little experience. and no executive experience. these guys are one and done players, like the kentucky basketball team. >> if you've decided to put your name in the draft, why don't you stand up. really? all right, there you go. [ applause ] you know this was the narrative back in 2007 and 2008. republicans just love to trash then senator barack obama and his lack of experience. >> i don't know if he's naive or not. i know he's inexperienced. >> many others have suggested that barack obama does have the experience to be president. the last thing the country needs is a president who the world might be tempted to test. >> on the other hand you have a resume from a gifted man with an
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ivy league education. he worked as a community organizer. >> so let's look at marco rubio's experience since he loves to out the it. according to his own website, rubio's never held a real job in the private sector. he's a government guy. i mean he was a city commissioner. a florida state representative. then florida house speaker. at least president obama was an attorney in a private practice. since rubio was elected, he's decided to slack off. he's missed 99 out of roughly 1,200 votes. he's been absent for 8% of his votes. that makes him number one in the united states senate when it comes to missing votes. the average absentee rate in the senate is about 2% and he's over 8%. during his announcement on monday rubio -- well, he did what republicans do. he attacked hillary clinton. >> just yesterday, a leader from
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yesterday -- [ booing ] began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday. yesterday is over. >> hillary clinton will not take us to yesterday. marco rubio's policies certainly will. he's an anti-populist. when he decides to show up for work he sure as heck isn't voting where the people are in in country. rubio voted to shut down the government in 2013 cost the country $25 billion. he wants to repeal obamacare, doesn't have a plan to replace it. he's a climate change denier even though 93% of scientists say we've done it. rubio is against the minimum wage and always has been. he's against same-sex marriage which the right wing loves. rubio's voted against the paycheck fairness act. rubio wants to repeal president obama's executive orders on
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immigration, although he won't even stick to his own plan. he wants to loosen regulation on oil companies. really? and of course, he wants to cut the corporate tax rates. this guy is the citizens united candidate for the billionaires. he's not with the people. after rubio's announcement, what did he do? he went over to kiss the ring of sean hannity. that seems to be the thing to do. during the interview, rubio came up with a genius idea to restore american military power. >> we are gutting our military capability. that has an impact on the way the world views us. we need a missile defense deal in europe. we need a missile defense shield on both the east and west coast of the united states. we need a new long range bomber. we need a nuclear submarine capability. these are the sorts of things that almost immediately change the perception of the world with regards to the united states. >> almost immediately we need a new long-range bomber.
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and a nuclear submarine. marco rubio is about as green as the everglades in florida when it comes to experience. he's got the ego of somebody the size of asia and without a doubt, he is the most inexperienced candidate in the race. all of the things he stands for is not where the popular vote is in this country in every hole across the board so who's going to support him? the billionaires. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question. do you think marco rubio has the experience to be president of the united states? go to to cast your vote. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. for more, let me bring in caroline helmand, bob schrump, and richard vigery conservative
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strategist and chairman of the conservative great to have all of you with us tonight. is experience an issue in your opinion with marco rubio, or actually any of the three that have announced on the republican side? your thoughts. >> a number of thoughts ed. first of all how quick the left changes up when obama had been a united states senator for two years. prior to that, he was a community organizer. now we've got marco rubio, who is speakinger of the house of representatives in florida. long years of public service. a senator now for going on five years. so somehow or another, you need more experience than that. but having said that, i think that quite frankly, americans might be ready to look to a governor. got some good senators running. rand paul, ted cruz, marco
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rubio. maybe others. but i think after eight years of obama, americans want to turn to a governor. that's what they've done most of the last hundred-plus years. probably the most unpopular legal institution in america is the united states congress. i think we've got some good senators but good governors, too. and that's going to be a good contrast against hillary. >> i know you're not a governor bush fan. and christie hasn't jumped in yet. he's pretty much an establishment guy. so am i hearing you talk about scott walker here? >> there's scott walker. there's rick perry. there's bobby jindal. there's a number of good governors out there. so we'll just have to wait and see. but i think the governors are going to have an edge over the senators. >> so you don't think that experience is an issue with marco rubio. >> absolutely not.
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this campaign is not going to be won or lost on experience or even the hillary scandals quite frankly. it's going to be issues. that's something that john mccain and mitt romney didn't use against obama. he could have been beaten if they had campaigned on the issues. so we're going to see issues contrasting hillary's world view versus the republicans' world view of empowering individuals rather than empowering government. >> all right. bob schrum where is marco rubio when it comes to issues with the popular vote? >> well, he's on the wrong side of the rising electorate on issues like immigration reform marriage equality women's rights, civil rights voting rights, climate change. he wants to make a generational argument, but he doesn't understand that he's on a superficial misreading of history. they attracts young people not just because they were young, but because their ideas appealed
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to the young. this whole experience question is in a sense i think irrelevant. he's not running against barack obama, he's running against other republicans. he's going to win against hillary clinton who would win an experience argument hands-down. but she's framing the debate in a different way. her question is who stands up for the middle class. who stands up for everyday americans. this is a guy, as you point out who's against the minimum wage. he has a tax plan that massively redistributes wealth to the people at the top. he's the backup choice if jeb bush fails and if richard gets his way and we get rid of jeb bush and scott walker turns out not to be ready for primetime, i think the republican establishment could flow toward rubio because they're comfortable with him and he also can get along with the tea party. >> professor, who is -- what is marco rubio's base outside the billionaires that are beginning to have to fund his candidacy? >> well, in terms of the public
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he used to be a tea party darling up until the moment that he, you know put through the immigration reform on the senate side, but then died in the house. so he has been disenfranchised a bit from the tea party. he has his toe in the moderate side. i don't think he's enough of either to get the support that he needs for this candidacy. i think it's important to note that while he may be inexperienced as a first-term senator, his foreign policy experience is actually the most that the republican side has at this point. and i would agree with bob that this is not going to be a campaign based on experience and it's going to be framed in terms of domestic issues as hillary has already done this past sunday. but he is the most experienced candidate they have on foreign policy. i think the republicans actually have a really big problem with their pool of candidates this time around. >> i was down in florida doing a series on climate change which we're going to air in a few weeks, and i was told by
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everybody in south florida that it is florida. and does this position, marco rubio uniquely considering florida is going to be huge -- it's the only mega swing state. i mean, the left is going to get california and new york. the right's going to get texas. and florida could go either way. does that play in rubio's favor? >> you made reference a few minutes ago to scott walker. i think scott's going to be a formidable candidate. i would say maybe scott walker for gunfire and rubio for vice president. that gives you wisconsin and florida. that's a powerful ticket. going back to the experience issue, when john kennedy ran in 1960 he had literally the worst voting record in the united states senate. he missed over half of the
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votes. >> rubio's going to miss half the votes during the campaign. >> in the two years that he's running -- >> in the years that he was running, yes he missed a lot of votes. ruby rubio's going to miss a lot more votes. let's not play phony history. >> well talk about phony history. talking about experience bob. there's good experience and there's dangerous experience. joe biden had dangerous experience. he was wrong on all aspects of the cold war. >> he was right on both those issues. ronald reagan almost collapsed his presidency by giving arms to the iranians so that they could ship arms to the contras. i think that was a bad policy that almost cost reagan his presidency. >> bob, are you saying that reagan was wrong on sdi and biden was right? >> yes.
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we still don't have a missile shield system that works and the experts think we're not going to get one. >> all right -- >> there's a lot alive because of sdi. and the democrats oppose sdi. >> and ted kennedy called it "star wars" and he was right. >> caroline your take of this. >> my take is that marco rubio will probably be a fine vice presidential candidate this time around, and a great presidential candidate. he is nowhere near ready for primetime. i see hillary as the big dog in terms of experience on foreign policy and domestic policy. republicans mostly have young pups to offer at this point. >> okay. appreciate the conversation. spirited discussion. great to have you on the ed show. thanks so much. remember to answer tonight's question at we'll have the results right after this break. like us on facebook and get my
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facebook feature "gimme a minute." coming up bob corker tries to strike a deal on iranian sanctions. it looks like he's got it. and later another police shooting caught on camera. we'll have the latest out of oklahoma. stay with us. we're right back on "the ed show." the largest enterprises in the world, are the largest targets in the world, for every hacker, crook and nuisance in the world. but systems policed by hp's cyber security team are constantly monitored for threats. outside and in.
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here's where we stand on tonight's poll. do you think marco rubio has the experience to be president of the united states? it's between 80% and 90%. closer to 90%. no, he doesn't have the chops or experience to be president of the united states. we're right back on "the ed show." stay with us.
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cannot lift the congressional mandated sanctions, which is what they've been trying to push for the last couple weeks. >> the initial review was cut in half for 60 days. the revised bill moved some democrats who were holding out. second stair of state john kerry is still working the hill. the foreign relations committee unanimously passed the changes. the bill would give congress the right to approve or reject the iran nuclear deal. i don't think republicans will be satisfied until they have a conversation with the iranians. there is no deal president obama is going to come up with that's going to satisfy the right wing in congress. joining me tonight, senator ben cardin member of the foreign relations committee. thanks for being with us tonight. >> always a pleasure to be on your show, thank you. >> what turned this deal?
2:20 pm
was this a cave? >> no, not at all. i've been talking to the president and the white house the last ten days. negotiating. there were fundamental problems in the corker bill. i negotiated was able to get significant changes, changes that took out of this bill certain certifications that would have been detrimental and would have prevented an agreement. i was able to deal with a shorter time period. to make it clear that the reason congress is reviewing this is that congress is the one who imposed the sanctions and only congress can release the sanctions or modify them permanently. and lastly ed there's no expedited process here. the action by congress would be taken under normal order, but just restricted in time, so all the rights of the minorities,
2:21 pm
the democrats are protected in the process. >> do you think we'd be going down this road if the democrats had the majority in the senate? or is this a lot of politics here to stall this president's progress on a negotiated deal with the iranians? >> there's a difference with who controls the united states senate, there's no question about that. my objective was to make sure the president has the strongest possible hand in negotiating. everyone agrees the best way is through diplomacy, the negotiations that the president is conducting. so we want to give the president as strong a possible hand. >> but doesn't this weaken the president's hand? the appearance is -- i believe, i can't speak for the iranians but every move of these negotiations, nothing is right for the republicans. >> this agreement will prevent
2:22 pm
any vote on the merits of the agreement until after it's completed in june. and then it has to do with the normal process, which means in a senate, that 60-vote threshold, the president has to write the veto, etc. but there will be no action until after the president submits the agreement. that's what the president wanted. so i think this is a positive step for how congress in a very thoughtful and proper way reviews the agreements. >> all right, finally, what is your take on what the supreme leader in iran is saying about sanctions having to be lifted across the board if this is going to work? >> first of all, we don't believe anything he says. this agreement is not going to be based upon trust. it's based upon provisions that prevent iran from having a breakout capacity for a nuclear weapon within a short period of time. it's verifiable.
2:23 pm
sanctions can be reimposed. so we don't believe anything they do or say. so we're not surprised that he's putting a populist spin on the agreement from his perspective. it's judged by the terms of the agreement. >> senator ben cardin good to have you with us on "the ed show. appreciate your times. let me bring in colonel wilson. good to have you with us. is this a cave by the white house? seems like the tail wagging the dog. a big win for the republicans? >> i don't think so, not at this point. i would agree are senator cardin but i wouldn't go quite as far as he did in terms of expressing optimism. i think the congress has a prerogative here and they should exercise that prerogative. if they were sane and sober and wise men all, i would not have any problem with it at all. but i know there are at least 47 republicans, and you know which
2:24 pm
ones i'm talking about, whose purpose in life is to derail this agreement. so i'm hoping that people like senator cardin and others in the democratic party and people like senator collins and senator flake and others in my party who are, as i said, sane and sober people. are not fooled into thinking that these people aren't going to continue to try to derail the entire agreement. that's my concern with it. >> what about russia? they are saying it's lifting the ban on defense missiles to iran. does this gum up the works a little bit? how do you see that equation playing out? >> i think the problem there, in part at least, is russia's need for currency. we have really damaged putin's five-year plan measurably because of the price of oil has sunk so rapidly, flirting now with $30.
2:25 pm
the only thing putin has to keep his domestic standing going is standing up to the west, whether it's ukraine or whatever, or 300 missiles. that he contracted earlier for and then didn't fulfill the contract because of the negotiations and now seems to be back on track for fulfilling that contract. this is dangerous and it shouldn't be happening. >> do you think that the president is having a hard time getting democrats to stand with him on this? that's the appearance anyway. >> for a number of reasons, and the number one reason is israel. you've got guys like chuck schumer, whom i'd like to -- i won't say what i'd like to do to chuck. you've got people who are so enamored about the state of israel that they're not beginning to fall off this in any fashion or form if it looks
2:26 pm
the least bit like there might be a problem. that's bad, because the long-term security of israel a assured by an agreement, not by what might happen if we don't have an agreement, which is most assuredly going to be some sort of war. >> but we're still in this environment, even though corker went from 60 to 30 days, it seems like the framework is very much in place for the hawks in the republican party to stop this. i just get this feeling that they're behind closed doors saying there's no way in hell that we're going to have a nuclear agreement with the iranians. what's your response to that? >> i don't disagree with you. i'm not sure it's all of the 47. for example, i'm not sure it's mitch mcconnell, the leader. i'm not sure it's some of the others who probably regret having signed that letter. but there's a significant part of the party that is after president obama, after his legacy after any kind of
2:27 pm
positive nature to his administration. because it might hurt their prospects, and frankly because they hate his guts. there are three choices here. you either have the agreement, you go on with containment, which will fall apart rather rapidly, and then you go to war the other option. and no one's going to like that option once it's implemented. if you liked iraq you'll love iran. >> colonel lawrence wilkerson, unvarnished truth. no question about that. great to have you with us. appreciate your time tonight. >> thanks ed. coming up a 73-year-old out of shape hardly trained oklahoma deputy turns himself in after a police sting goes wrong. and hillary clinton kicks off her 2016 campaign in iowa. lays out her vision somewhat. we'll have an update on her first campaign stop next. stay with us.
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welcome back. everybody's anticipating, what is hillary going to say? where is she at on all of these issues? she made her first official campaign stop in iowa. she sat down with kirkwood college. she toured the facility. during her discussion she laid out the four major pillars of her campaign. >> i want to be the champion who goes to bat for americans in four big areas. four big fights that i think we have to take on, because there are those who don't agree with what i think we should be doing. and they're pretty powerful forces. we need to build the economy of tomorrow, not yesterday. we need to strengthen families and communities, because that's where it all starts. we need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get
2:32 pm
unaccountable money out of it. even if it takes a constitutional amendment. and we need to protect our country. from the threats that we see and the ones that are on the horizon. so i'm here in iowa to begin a conversation about how we do that. >> joining me now, jim mcdermott of washington. always a pleasure. good to have you with us. hillary clinton did not say citizens united, but she sure did a good job describing it. what's your take on that? is she on point? >> she's got an absolutely wonderful message. i really think standing up for the middle class is really giving the country back to the people who make this country great. it's tried to take that away from the order of middle class people and i think she's going to give the power back to them. the issue ought to be about
2:33 pm
student debt. that's the kind of thing the middle class is really feeling and i think he'll take it and run with it. >> you know, she introduced herself to these 20-somethings. these kids that she was talking to. they were, you know elementary school or diapered kids, she was in the white house. she told a story about her parents, told a story about her mother. talked about her church. i mean, these kinds of things play to the middle of the country. i mean hillary clinton is pretty doggone savvy. she knows who she is and what iowans want to hear. but the news here is a constitutional amendment to do something about money and politics. that is going to swing the "elizabeth warren wing" of the democrats. >> of course it will. everybody who looks at politics today knows that money plays too much of a party. one of the things she's doing is bringing politics back down to
2:34 pm
the ground where she's talking to people. shaking hands with people. giving them an understanding of who she is in an open way where they can see both her warts and her good parts. they can see the whole thing. and that's really what politics what people are looking for in politics, but the money has blown that out. and she's going to make a real pushback in that direction and get people involved and realize the power is really with the people. the people can make this thing happen as they get behind her, and i think they will. >> congressman jim mcdermott with us from washington. thanks for your time. stick around rapid response panel coming up next on "the ed show." we're right back. i'm courtney reagan. stocks end the day mixed. the dow gained 59 points. the nasdaq falling about 11 points. revenue and earnings from jp morgan chase came in better than expected. shares rose 1.5% today. though the stock has been lower
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welcome back. this story, simply bizarre. a 73-year-old sheriff's deputy turned himself in today. law enforcement says robert bates thought he was firing a taser gun when he shot and killed a suspect. kevin tibbles has the story. >> reporter: a chaotic scene as eric harris bolts and runs. with deputies in hot pursuit and body cameras rolling, harris is
2:39 pm
brought to the ground seconds later. >> roll on your stomach, now. >> someone says taser. but a gunshot goes off. >> i shot him, i'm sorry. >> reporter: authorities say 73-year-old bob bates, an insurance broker and volunteer deputy pulled the trigger. >> he attempted to use a less lethal device. inadvertently, he used his handgun instead. >> reporter: according to authorities, bates thought he was firing a taser gun. harris's relatives say bates was unqualified and should have known the difference. >> to see the violence that was taken towards him, it really turns my stomach. >> reporter: bates is among an estimated 50,000 reserve officers serving in all 50 states. he has reportedly donated both money and cars to the tulsa sheriff's office. and has served more than 3,000 hours as a reserve deputy. >> at no time did he ever show that he had an inable mentally
2:40 pm
physically to perform the tasks. >> the message this sends is as long as you have plenty of money, you can play sheriff. >> reporter: before the shooting, harris an ex-convict was caught on camera in a sting operation, allegedly selling a gun to an undercover officer. harris however, was unarmed during the scuffle. and now yet another investigation into yet another deadly shooting. >> robert bates was booked and photographed in the county jail earlier today. he was released shortly after posting bond of $25,000 and has not yet entered a plea. i'm joined tonight by dr. james peterson, msnbc contributor. also with us tonight paul henderson, veteran prosecutor and legal analyst. mr. henderson, you first tonight. where's the negligence here? and how do we know this guy was qualified? >> well, you're raising the
2:41 pm
exact issue. once again, we're having this tragic conversation about the unlawful use of deadly force involving an african-american man and law enforcement. it's going to raise the issue from a social justice lens of what kind of training this deputy received. we know that prosecutors are likely to use the exact statements that you just showed, talking about the deputy when he's saying oh, i'm sorry. i shot my gun instead of the taser. and that's why specifically he's being charged with manslaughter in the second degree which will be the reckless and unintentional killing, which i think should be fairly easy to prove given the information shown on that video. but that's exactly why prosecutors charged him in that manner and it will raise the secondary issues about what kind of training that volunteer deputy received as he's assigned to the violent crime task force to use deadly force in the
2:42 pm
public. but specifically in this case in the public against another unarmed african-american gentleman who is now dead, mr. harris. >> would it be a defense that this is just an accident? what about that? >> it's not a defense necessarily because this is something that is likely to occur when you train someone on how to use deadly force, or when you allow someone to use deadly force. so when you assign someone to a violent crime unit and you arm them with a weapon there is a duty by an agency to train them properly. so i think training is going to be a very big issue in this case. and moving forward that people are going to be looking at. not just for the regular force. there are issues on the force as well. you also hear comments from another deputy indicating that he didn't care when mr. harris was saying that he couldn't
2:43 pm
breathe. after he had been shot and he subsequently died from those wounds. i think it's going to lead to a broader expanse and introspection of exactly what the training is, not just for the reserve deputies but for the deputies themselves in terms of how they use deadly force and what happens after the use of deadly force when they're still supposed to be protecting and serving the public in general. >> all right. mr. peterson professor, what's wrong with this picture? i mean it appears like this guy cash whipped his way into a position of authority. we can talk about his experience. what's a 73-year-old retired guy doing on a sting operation? i mean where's the city council on this? there's about a million questions here as to how this guy got in this position. your thoughts? >> everything is wrong with this. just in the moment, we're all still trying to process the video of the murder of walter scott, we get this particular
2:44 pm
story. i'm sorry, but mr. bates appears to have bought his way into this sheriff's office by donating cars and donating money. at the age of 73. and considering the fact that he doesn't have training. and in a moment we're actually wrestling with as a nation about training for deescalation tactics, we have this guy shooting off his gun. but look at the tape ed. look at the law enforcement folks who have been trained in that video. the knee is on his head. they don't care whether or not he can breathe. allegedly they're unaware of the fact that he's shot at this point in time. the awareness and everything that's going on with this video is absolutely wrong. but we do have to ask the tough questions. can you buy yourself a badge? are you able to purchase your way into a sheriff's office? and if so like mr. henderson is saying what is that sheriff's office's accountability for training this person in an environment where we're demanding greater training for law enforcement so we can stop the killing. >> i mean, this is just an
2:45 pm
embarrassment to law enforcement in this country. and there's people in oklahoma in law enforcement that are defending this guy. i mean, he cash whips his position and gets into their place and now look what we've got. >> another dead unarmed guy. >> no defense here. even if he's quicked of man edconvicted of manslaughter, i think the maximum penalty is four years. so what are you saying to the family here? it's another terrible black eye for law enforcement in the united states. >> gentlemen, we've got to run. james peterson paul henderson, great to have you with us tonight. appreciate your help on this story. steel workers will take to the hill tomorrow to try to stop fast track. that's ahead on "the punchout." stay with us. they don't have the votes right now. at your ford dealer... that's where! our expert trained technicians... state of the art technology and warranty parts keep your vehicle running right. it's no wonder we sold more than 3.5 million tires last year
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finally tonight, this is the story for the folks who take a shower after work. let's get right to the campaign trail. hillary clinton says she wants to fight for the common folks in america, the middle class. well now is her chance or any democrat to stand up. a delegation of steelworkers from granite city illinois are
2:55 pm
going to the nation's capital tomorrow. they're lobbying against fast track, trade promotion authority which would be used to push the trance pacific partnership. the steelworkers want to protect their jobs. senator orren hatch is planning to introduce the fast track authority this week. right now they simply do not have enough votes. the vast majority of house democrats are opposed. so are a number of senators. >> we have a real chance. if senators listen to what the public wants. it really is a question of people organizing and pushing. >> hillary clinton needs to be on the side of the workers. that's where she wants to be. i don't know how any democrat can be for fast track of the tpp and say they're for the middle class. for more on this let's turn to leo gerard the president of the international steelworkers union. good to have you with us tonight. i know you're working capitol hill because we're in the 11 hour on this. in fact, this was supposed to happen back in january. here we are in the middle of
2:56 pm
april. what happened? >> i think that what happened is that they don't have the votes to pass fast track because there's a history now that we can look at. there's a history of what's happened after we've passed these trade deals. we look at what's happened since nafta millions of jobs lost. if you look at what happened with pntr from china, millions of jobs lost. if you look at the deal with south korea, we went from a balanced trade to a $35 billion trade deficit. so a history of these trade deals is looking them right in the face and they can't bring themselves nor should they bring themselves to pass the fast track bill that you're asked to endorse without even seeing what's in the bill. ed we're going to have more than workers from granite city here tomorrow. we've got almost 600 rank and file steelworkers from every sector of the economy that are going to be going to talk to their member of congress whether the senator the house, telling them why they're against fast track.
2:57 pm
>> well, what's your take on hillary clinton or any other democrat that jumps in? how important is it for them to oppose this? >> let me say what we've said at the ico. all of the labor movement in almost every progressive group came out against fast track. we decided we're not going to give any member of the house or senator any campaign committee any funds until we see what happens with fast track. once we've seen what's happened with fast track, then we'll go back and assess who we're going to support and who we're not going to support. this is a crucial bill for the labor movement. i can tell you this is a crucial bill for manufacturing in america. it's a crucial bill for the service sector. if you lose all the industrial jobs in the community, you can be sure that the public sector after that the people who do the road maintenance, the people who do the driver's license, the people who do the snow plowing in the winter they're all going to be affected when we lose the industrial base. so we're all united together to
2:58 pm
make sure that we're going to assess how people vote in this fast track fight. >> well mr. gerard how could a democratic candidate be for the tpp and go to lorraine ohio or pittsburgh pennsylvania or youngstown or akron and say they're for the middle class when these towns, they're all going to get hit hard when it comes to the service industry and manufacturing? i mean, this is where the rubber hits the road if they're going to support the middle class. you've got a lot of republicans in the house that aren't on board with this because of the sovereignty issue. so where is this -- how big is this going to play in the campaign as you see it? >> i think it's going to play very big in the campaign. in fact, i've said to a number of members of congress today as i've been visiting with them the politics of this are terrible. the politics when you look at the history of what's happened with trade deals and we're going to be going into on election
2:59 pm
cycle, to alienate your base by trying to pass a trade deal that no one gets to see. the republicans want to see every line of every deal that the president is trying to negotiate with iran but those folks don't care if they see the trade bill that's going to give away our jobs. the hypocrisy is unbelievable. i think it's going to be bad. it's going to be hard on the base. this is a deal that shouldn't come up at all. we should use fast track to say we're not going to do that and let's see if we can get a trade bill that creates net job increases for american workers. ed i say this without fear of being wrong. since we started negotiating these bilateral, multi-lateral trade deals, we can't find a deal that's created jobs for american workers and in fact it's added to the income inequality that we're wrestling with every day. >> that is the theme of everybody's campaign for the democrats, no doubt.
3:00 pm
president of the steelworkers international, good to have you on. that's the ed show. "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts now. good evening. we start with developing news. headquarter in iowa facing voters for the first time since announcing her campaign. it's a big test but the theme today, small. starting with a low-key visit to a coffee shop she met kids and their families and she did her best to avoid the media frenzy. clinton's now famous scooby doo van sending reporters sprinting for a glimpse of the candidate. it drove right by headed to a roundtable with students at a community college where clinton talked about why she's running. >> the


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