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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 15, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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if you have an issue with that, tell it only to sandy pappas. direct your grievances right into the steely gaze of sandy pappas. that is your only option, tell it is april 15th and your taxes are due. right now on "first look," incredible dash cam video from a squad car driving head on to an armed suspect. a dust storm with zero visibility and 70 mile per hour winds led to one death, 25 injured and a 200-mile backup. the president moves to remove the label. plus a judge judge e throws the book at eight educators in a massive cheating scandal. >> there were children harmed. this is not a victimless crime. >> the ceo who made $70,000 a
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year, the minimum wage at his company and an inspiring night of gospel music at the white house. good morning, everybody, happy wednesday to you. thank you for joining us today. an arizona police officer is cleared after deliberately striking an armed suspect with his vehicle. we want to give you a warning, the video is graphic. the car was moving swiftly when the suspect refused to surrender. the incident was captured on dash cam video and just released. here's kirk gregory. >> reporter: it's a shocking image as an arizona police cruiser deliberately runs over an armed suspect. the newly released dash cam video of the incident captures the police cruiser slamming into the suspect from multiple angles. incredibly, the suspect was only hospitalized for two days before being released and booked into jail.
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it started when the suspect allegedly stole a rifle from a walmart. security camera video captures the alleged theft. >> you don't want to do this. >> reporter: later police confronted had him in the street when he pointed the gun at himself and fired in the air. the police chief is defending the officer's actions saying valencia, armed with a rifle, is a threat to civilians, police officers and even himself. >> the guy probably is still alive because the officer took the action that he did. because had he continued to press down the street or to walk toward officers they had no choice but to begin firing. >> reporter: valencia faces several felony charges including robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. the officer was cleared by the county prosecutor and will not be criminally charged. valencia valencia's attorney is calling the actions excessive and says
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it's miraculous valencia isn't dead. police are investigating whether he was connected to an earlier crime spree in nearby tucson. kirk gregory, nbc news. >> the police officer is under administrative review. in salt lake city a deadly u dust storm on a highway. this is what it looked like. zero visibility with wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. the dust was so thick it triggered this chain reaction accident. 18 people were sent to hospitals with various injuries. eight big rigs were a part of the pile up. >> this dust it was completely blown over with dust. >> the situation was so bad interstate 80 was close edd for nearly 100 miles in both directions. now to a a small tornado that hit oregon. that landed right next to a community college in eugene. four cars were damaged.
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one of the vehicles was thrown five to eight feet in the air before crashing to the ground. two were flipped over with drivers still inside. no one was injured. around 30 rallies for black lives matter took place in 18 different states. . the deck strarts were protesting against police violence including the killing of walter scott in south carolina. in new york city over 500 protesters walked across the brooklyn bridge starting from downtown manhattan. they blocked traffic during afternoon rush hour. in san francisco the protest began near city hall where a confrontation with police took place. they forced them to stay off public walkways. and in oklahoma bob bates, who killed an unarmed suspect on the run, is out on bond. he fired his gun instead of his taser during an undercover sting operation pfs he was charged with second degree manslaughter. a big plit u call break
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through in the u.s.-iran nuclear agreement. the white house and congress have struck a deal. they voted 19-0 on a new bill. it gives congress a say after negotiations are done on june 30th. congress would then get 30 days to review the deal. if it wants the congress can put up a resolution but senate approval would require u 60 votes. now to another big issue congress will have to consider. a major advance in our country's relationship with cuba. president obama wants to cross castro's cuba off the list of countries the u.s. considers sponsors of terrorism, a list that also includes iran and syria. edward lawrence is in washington for us this morning. does congress have any say in this one? >> congress can't interfere with the decision, but they can try to block the move within the next 45 days. they have to come up with a resolution. they have to draft a bill and vote on it. reaction on this is coming down along party lines.
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senator minority leader nancy pelosi applauds this move. it says cuba should not have been on that list for 50 years as it was. on the other side of the aisle, marco rubio, a republican also running for president, says that this is a mistake. now he's the son of cuban immigrants and he believes the u.s. needs to invest money and time into the people on the ground in cuba who are pushing for democratic elections. he says that normalizing relations is the wrong move for the united states. as you said there are e three countries that will remain on that list. iran syria and sudan. now to a rescue in pennsylvania. firefighters were called to help a 5-year-old stuck 30 feet in a tree. he climbed up to get a closer look at a squirrel's nest. he got scared when he looked
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down. so with the help of firemen, they were able to talk him down the tree, branch by branch. six minutes past the hour. let's get down to business, good morning. >> good morning, fast food workers are strike today in more than 200 u.s. cities calling for higher wages and the right to unionize. . they will be joined by home health care and there are protests scheduled. one boss is raise inging the minimum wage to $70,000 a year. dan price, who runs a credit card processing company, told his more than 100 employees about the plan after talking to friends about the difficulty of living on $45,000 a year. he will cut his salary and use the firm's profits to boost workers' pay. and tax day got you down? take advantage of these free bees. buy one meal and get a second one free. pizza hut is offering a return with a chance to win gift cards. and office depot will let people
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shred two pounds of documents on this day. now to sports a hazing scandal on swim and dive team has resulted in a suspension. in a letter a student revealed he had been forced to drink alcohol. three coaches were fired. a loengs judge ruled that v. stiviano owes money. the gifts from donald sterling was actually opportunity property. 17 days until the opening bell for one of the most highly anticipated fights in boxing history. 11 time world champion held an open workout for the media in las vegas. he showed off some of his power and speed. he's undefeated in the ring. pacquiao will show off his stuff today. a scary moment in cleveland.
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carlos delivers a 1-2 pitch. >> it nails him and he's down in a heap. >> painful. he was able to get a hand up just before being struck in the head by a line drive. he was later helped to his feet and taken off the field to be evaluated. johnny manziel made his first appearance after his ten weeks in rehab. but is expected to be at the off season workout program on monday. speaking of the browns, they revealed their new uniforms for the upcoming 2015 season. look at this there are actually nine different combinations. sacramento kings demarcus cousins had some fun yesterday. the three decided to conduct a little rookie prank on nick
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staustkis. >> see what they did? they put popcorn on his bed, in his fridge, in his shoes, everywhere they could. the only thing he could say afterwards is even in his freezer? the only thing was i guess that's what you get when you are a rookie. you might also want to get a housekeeper. still ahead, a living judge throws the book at educators. plus a police chase of a different kind. and the toddler who is ready for a run at the white house. you're watching "first look."
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more nuisance stuff. the best chances of heavy rain and storms will be here along the south carolina and also the north carolina coast. upwards of an inch of rain is possible. scat scattered hit and miss stuff through alabama and atlanta during your afternoon. as far as today's forecast goes, we have had a big storm moving through the rockies. just talking to someone in idaho who said the winds were up to 80 miles per hour, they had had to close the highways semis were overturned so a big wind storm and cold front going through the rockies. that's going to bring snow to wyoming. tomorrow we'll return to severe weather threat in texas. really watching areas from oklahoma city to dallas houston, so we get a break today and then tomorrow we return to severe weather. >> lucky us thank you, bill. at least we have a warning. in atlanta a judge threw the book at eight educators tied to a cheating scandal. >> this thing was pervasive,
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it's like the sickest thing that's ever happened to this town. there were thousands of children that were harmed in this. this is not a victimless crime. >> the educators including teachers and a principal were convicted of racketeering and conspireing to fix test scores to improve results. three were sentenced to 20 years serving 7 in prison and the rest on probation. the others got five years. many minnesota a crackdown on distracted drivers. police are riding school buss looking for violators. the vantage point lets them see into vehicles. 47 deaths were caused by distracted driving last year. in kentucky officers chasing a guy on a horse. the suspect wanted on several warrants. when police tried to grab him, he took off on his horse. after a brief chase, the horse was picked up by animal control. at the white house it was a foot stomping, hand clapping
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celebration of gospel music. >> got to love aretha franklin. it was part of the performance at the white house. also darlene love on stage. the episode airs june 26th. imagine your favorite member of congress in yoga's downward dog position. scramble ed scrambled politics is next. but first, remembering the man with a soulful voice. percy sledge died yesterday in his home. the 74-year-old had one hit, but it was a hit that we all will remember. "when a man loves a woman" it topped the billboard for two week weeks in 1966. ♪ when a man loves a woman ♪ ♪ can't keep his mind on nothing
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it and profit from it. >> that state meant in no uncertain terms on a study released that 59% of americans and 54% of the republicans say the federal government should not enforce state in states that allow marijuana use. hillary clinton was asked about e-mail two years ago. daryl only outlined the policies. in response the state department say it is gets thousands of inquiries a year and the aid reiterated the uses was widely known. she has a new h logo. the graphic designer released a full type face and you can use it as a font. so one writer joked, am i doing this right? others online are wondering when they will see comic rants.
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patti power has odds to win the election. jeb bush is the second most likely at 4 to 1. also included on the long list of potentials is kim kardashian at 1,000 to 1. we are just going to let you imagine that for a second. time is up. the odds could be longer for this kid. in a video that's gone viral, a toddler says he's not ready for hillary clinton. >> i want to run for president. >> instead of hillary. >> uh-huh. >> what would you do as president? >> play. >> so he has to work on his platform. he's clearly not 35 years old, but he has us convinced. vote sikh in 2016. have you wanted to see your congressman in the downward dog position? yoga on the hill it will happen in front of the u.s. capitol and
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all are invited. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. what a vision there. i'm joined now by political correspondent jonathan allen, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what was the last time we actually saw congress so united that on legislation regarding an iran deal, but how will it a affect the negotiations? >> it makes negotiations more difficult. the congress is saying here basically putting together this deal in the first place that they are going to have a review over this deal. what that does is limits the president's flexibility. the white house was forced to come out in favor of this essentially because so many democrats wanted to jump on board. they got a couple of minor concessions. you heard nancy pelosi in the house yesterday endorsing it. so they are unified because they have to be.
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>> originally the president said look if you go against me i can veto this thing, right? >> he said u that, but it's just not going to happen. the appetite in congress to have a say in this is very strong. so we'll see what happens. if they come back and there is some issue in congress where they go through this and they pass a review bill that tears down the deal and the president vetoes it, we'll have to e see if there's a majority at that point or not. my guess is the president would be able to sustain it, but obviously, we'd have to see. >> the senate passed a bill to allow the government to score physicians on their performance. how is this going to change the medical industry? i imagine some doctors are not happy. >> i'm sure there are some doctors who aren't terribly happy, but overall the doctors community is happy to get rid of what the sustainable growth rate
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which their pay is determined in the future for medicare services. it's been a problem for a long time. every year their pay is radically cut unless congress acts. so congress has readjusted that formula. they are still looking in these new bonus pools is whether they get a bigger or smaller bonus. but still looking at increases over time. >> jonathan allen, we appreciate your insight. thanks for joining us today. just ahead, one insane over the top, out of this world message for dear old dad involving hyundai and outer space. scott: appears buster's been busy. man: yeah, scott. i was just about to use the uh... scott: that's a bunch of ground-up paper, lad! scotts ez seed uses the finest seed, fertilizer, and natural mulch that holds water so you can grow grass anywhere! looking good, lad! man: thanks, scott. ez seed really works! so, how come haggis is so well behaved? scott: 'cause he's a scotty. man: oh. scott: get scotts ez seed. it's guaranteed.
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america's first all-girl quintuplets born in a texas hospital. they were delivered via c-section. all five are said to be healthy. parents have been posting updates. >> is it wrong that my first thought is reality show? >> we have seen so many of these. thankfully they are all healthy. "people" magazine they help send a message to a a dad in space. they use hyundai cars. it was a message the girl hopes to send to her dad because up in space. she wants him to see this message. it also broke the world record for the largest tire track image. hopefully dad got to see that. actress and singer rita wilson underwent a doesn't mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. getting a second opinion may have saved her life. her cancer was caught in the early stage. wilson, who is married to tom
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hanks, is expected to make a full recovery. and billy joel is going to be a dad for the second time. want to say congratulations to them. thanks for watching today. "way too early" starts right now. good morning, it's wednesday, april 15th happy tax day. welcome it to "way too early," i'm luke russert in washington, d.c. we begin this morning in iowa where hillary clinton made her first public appearances tuesday since announcing her second bid for the white house. the candidate began her day at a coffee shop in iowa where she talked with employees and customers. kristen welker caught up with
2:30 am
her on her way out. >> reporter: you lost in iowa in 2008. what's your strategy? >> i'm having a great time. can't look forward to anymore than i am. thank you. >> clinton then headed to her first public event at a community college in iowa. when her van arrived reporters went chasing after it. modern day journalism. once inside she laid out themes to a group of students and teachers. >> the deck is still stacked in favor of those already at the top. there's something wrong with that. there's something wrong when ceos make 300 times more than the typical worker and something wrong when hedge fund managers pay lower tax rates than nurses or truckers i saw on i-80. i'm running for president


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