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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 15, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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up with her on her way out. >> reporter: you lost in iowa in 2008. what's your strategy? >> i'm having a great time. can't look forward to anymore than i am. thank you. >> clinton then headed to her first public event at a community college in iowa. when her van arrived reporters went chasing after it. modern day journalism. once inside she laid out themes to a group of students and teachers. >> the deck is still stacked in favor of those already at the top. there's something wrong with that. there's something wrong when ceos make 300 times more than the typical worker and something wrong when hedge fund managers pay lower tax rates than nurses or truckers i saw on i-80. i'm running for president because i think that americans
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and their families need a champion, and i want to be that champion. i want to stand up and fight for people. >> sounds like elizabeth warren right there. clinton got more specific on a number of issues. most notably saying she would support a constitutional amendment on campaign finance reform. while the democratic front runner was in iowa republicans were already on the attack. here's jeb bush and majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> a couple candidates in the race since you have been out and about. >> we had a hillary sighting. she's been found en route to iowa. this is a long haul. and if i go forward, we'll have a plan. it will be about me and about the ideas that i have that hopefully will allow people to rise up again, to feel like their future is going to be brighter than their present and
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their past. all the other candidates and all the process, i'm really not the right person to talk to about that. i don't follow it, to be honest with you. >> let me just say this about the likely democratic nominee. the notion that that support for her would be a support for change is frankly laughable. if the american public is happy with where we are at home an average of 2% growth rate a typical middle income family $3,000 worse off than when the president came to office if they are comfortable with the current position of influence around the world, then maybe secretary clinton will win. >> meanwhile as democrats continue to defend her record and qualifications, some are still holding out on official endorsements. >> i won't be using this occasion as disappointing as that may be to you, about making an endorsement for president.
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hillary clinton would be a great candidate and when she wins and goes into the oval office she will be one of the best prepared people in the lifetime of many of you here certainly, mine as well, to serve in that office. >> for those who feel ready to endorse, that's their choice and that's absolutely fine. i said i want to hear a vision. that's a normal thing in the political process to get a sense of where a leader is going. >> and there is a new report this morning that claims hillary clinton was questioned more than two years ago about using a personal e-mail account when she was secretary of state. according to "the new york times," daryl isa was investigating the possible use of personal e-mail. one of the questions from the letter to clinton asked, quote, have you or any senior agency official ever used a personal account to conduct official
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business. if so, identify the account. clinton did not reply to the letter and resigned as secretary of state seven weeks later. the state department did respond with a summary of policies but failed to include an answer to that specific question. a clinton aid said quote, her usage was widely known to the over 100 department and u.s. government colleagues she e-mailed as her address was visible on every e-mail she sent. new jersey governor chris christie kicked off a two-day trip through new hampshire on tuesday. he gave a detailed speech on his ideas for entitlement reform saying it's time to raise the retirement age for social security. >> i've come to new hampshire today to talk about the challenges that we're facing as a country. one of the challenges that we face is the unrestrained growth of government spend on entitlements. we need to raise the retirement age for social security as a
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result. i'm proposing we raise the age to 69. washington is afraid to have an honest conversation about social security, medicare and medicaid with the people of our country. i am not. >> christie also made comments yesterday about his presidential aspirations. one interview assessed his chances against hillary clinton in a hypothetical matchup. >> can you beat her? >> if i run, i would beat her. >> which blue states do you take away that mitt romney could not get and why do you win there? >> let's start in pennsylvania where folks have seen me operate as governor of new jersey over the course of the last five and a half years and have a real comfort level with the type of leadership i provide. if i were to run, i think pennsylvania is a state that's very much in play. new mexico is a state that's very much in play. i think new hampshire is a state
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that would be very much in play. and so let's start off with those three. >> new mexico hm polling suggests voters in christie's home state may not agree. 69% of registered new jersey voters don't think he would make a good president. it doesn't happen often, but there was a unanimous vote yesterday on capitol hill. it was related to the controversial nuclear agreement with iran. in a 19-0 vote the foreign relations committee approved legislation that would let lawmakers weigh in on any possible deal. just hours before the vote secretary of state john kerry was on capitol hill trying to urge lawmakers to oppose the overall nature of the bill, but now the white house is withdrawing its threat to veto after a series of compromises. bob corker worked together on the bill.
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and senator cork erer says the white house agreed when it realized there was strong support from democrats for this bill. >> you're never going to find any administration that believes congress has any role in anything. that's how presidents feel whether it's democrats or republicans. it was passed over presidential detail. it was not surprising to see reluctancy for congress to be involved in the process. what we were able to work out is a way the administration understands the prerogatives of congress and our role needs to be carried out. >> the united states senate stood and. said that on the behalf of the american people the foreign relations has said that on behalf of the american people we believe it is our role to ensure that any deal with iran makes them accountable, is transparent, and is enforceable. >> so what's this do? the legislation calls for a 30-day congressional review period and states that no sanctions can be lifted during that time. president obama must also update
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lawmakers every 90 days if iran is still honoring the agreement. but others remain strongly opposed, includesing the man who wrote the controversial letter to iran senator tom cotton. >> we just received a classified and technical briefing from the administration. but there's nothing classified about the fundamental law with the president's proposal. iran a state sponsor of terrorism, is being put on the path to terrorism. it's a dangerous outcome not just for the united states and our allies like israel but the entire world. >> so more on the foreign policy world, a major step in efforts to normalize u.s. relations with cuba. president obama told congress he plans to remove the communist nation from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. the move comes after last week's historic meeting between the president and raul castro.
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reaction was swift, including new presidential candidate marco rubio. >> the decision made by the white house today is a terrible one, but not surprisingly. they should have remained on the list of state sponsors of terrorism and sends a chilling message that this white house is no longer serious about calling terrorism by its proper name. >> and former governor jeb bush tweeted, quote, unreal once again, obama embraces raul castro. congress now has 45 days to consider the president's decision before it takes effect. now to tulsa, oklahoma where 73-year-old robert bates was formally charged with second degree manslaughter monday in the death of an unarmed man. bates, a reserved sheriffs deputy, claims he accidentally pulled out his gun instead of a taser. the incident is raising questions about the work of reservist reservists, who are volunteers in law enforcement.
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nbc's kevin tibbles has that report. >> reporter: 73-year-old robert bates was formally charge edd with second degree manslaughter. >> how do you feel about the charges? >> i feel they are unwarranted and shouldn't have been brought. >> reporter: he was acting as backup when the suspect bolt eded. 44-year-old eric harris was selling an illegal gun. a scuffle ensued picked up by police body cam. bates pulled what he thought was his taser, but instead, fired his gun. harris later died. bates claims in the heat of the moment he mistook his pistol for his taser. there are more than 100 reserved deputies with the tulsa sheriffs office. that number is about 50,000 nationwide. in many jurisdictions, reservists make financial contributions to the department. bates has contributed thousands. >> the point is if you have enough money, you get to go. play cop.
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>> reporter: the sheriffs office says bates had had once been a police officer and had more than 400 hours of training as a e reservist logging 3,000 hours of service. >> he was not playing anything. he was there like the other officer officers doing their job. that he's play acting no, he was there to help. >> reporter: the reserve officers association says some 200 volunteers have lost their lives in the line of duty. it's tax day and there's a new look at how americans feel about how uncle sam is spending their money. new polling conducted by nbc news and survey monkey shows education was named as a priority by 51% of americans. that was followed by health care at 37% and national defense at 30%. those polled could select up to three categories of spending. meanwhile americans are divided
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over awaywhether they pay too much in taxes or their fair share. and 4% say they will be finishing their taxes today while another 6% will ask for extensions. let's turn now to business and a lot of news breaking overseas for both google and china. first up in europe, google will be facing antitrust issues for abuse of power. steve sedgwick joins us live from london. what is at stake here for google? i remember the microsoft antitrust cases from a few decades ago. >> yeah one thing is for sure they drag on and on when it comes to europe. google has been under investigation for a long time. the fact is google is so successful it has 90% of search in europe. so what is at stake could be a multibillion dollar fine and a way it has to do business would
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change as well and that would be detrimental to profits as well. it's a so-called state of objections that will be published today. china has had a great growth rate, 7%. but that's slow for china, that's falling from 7.3% in 2014. some of the sub sector data, they missed on retail sales, missed on industrial output and fixed asset investment. that was its lowest level in 15 years. >> and steve, an interest. ing story at the cross section of business and sports. the average salary for an nfl player, that's our football is $2 million. new study claims a big portion of the players end up going bankrupt. what do we know that could be causing this trend specifically? >> yeah it's a real worry. for example, terrell owens, six-time pro bowler he made $80 million in 15 seasons in his career. he filed for bankruptcy in 2012.
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the percentage is big. 16% of nfl players drafted between '96 and 2003 declare ued bankruptcy within 12 years of retirement. it doesn't matter how much you earn during that period. that's not a barometer at all. most who file for bankruptcy and gone into financial difficulty did soon after the end of their career. so the point is they spend while they earn the money and don't know what to do with their finances after. the players association has implemented a financial well-being program. it was done six years ago to help players who were hurt by a lockout by league owners, but more education for the players seems to be the order of the day. back to you, luke. >> some financial tips from steve sedgwick would help thank you for that report. still ahead on "way too early," new developments involving disgraced former owners of the clippers donald sterling. a judge rules on who will keep some of the gifts he gave v.
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stiviano. plus madonna did what madonna does and now drake is trying to set the record straight. he was on the bottom there. those stories and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. robinson was hitless in his first game but went on to be rookie of the year. he transferred dodgers into a winner becoming the first african-american to enter baseball baseball's hall of fame.
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six innings helping the mets to a 6-5 win. but it wasn't all good news for the mets. david wright left the game in the 8th after pulling his right hamstring while stealing a base. the injury could land him on the dl. he's scheduled for an mri. a scary moment in cleveland when the indians pitcher take a comebacker to the face. it appears the ball glances off his glove and nails him on the jaw. he lay face down on the mound for several minutes before rising to his feet and being carted off the field. luckily tests after the game revealed only a bruised jaw. get well soon. a los angeles judge has ruled shelley sterling is owing $ .6 million by the woman that donald sterling bought gifts
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for. mrs. sterling will get a house bought and recoop the money used to buy the luxury cars. it's been nearly a year first donald sterling was exposed with audio recordings where he was heard making racist comments. that led to his ousting from the nba. round one of the stanley cup playoffs begins to be the. first up the canadians and the senators and islanders visit the capitals followed by the predators and blackhawks and the flames face inging the canucks. if your hunger for the nhl isn't strong enough, maybe this will wet your appetite. a restaurant that specializes in bacon has crafted the model of the stanley cup made from 20 pounds of bacon. of course, all those games will be on nbc universal channels brought to you by comcast xfinity. let's head to new york for a
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check on your weather with meteorologist bill karins. >> why you hating on the mets? >> i can hate on the mets because they have won two world series. everyone is saying we're inept. you're not, you're two time world champion. we were supposed to be favored. >> you didn't even have a team for like 60 of those years. >> 30 years we didn't have the team. now we have the expos. >> quiet weather day. you got drenched down there yesterday in baltimore. today we have rain still. a big shield of it. this continues to plague areas from tennessee trying to drift up towards kentucky. atlanta, more showery weather for you. as we go throughout the day, we'll see wet weather out there. these are the totals between now and tomorrow morning. an inch is possible in the carolinas. half inch throughout much of the south. the problem weather today and the worst of it by far, and this
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is a snowfall forecast, the mountainous areas are going to get nailed. if you want to be spring skiing some areas could get 2 feet of snow. denver will not get the snow, but if you go up 20 miles, you could get 2 feet. the other story tomorrow, it looks like a better chance of severe storms. texas and oklahoma, a few tornadoes are possible. not so much today, but more or less as we go. into tomorrow. today is a quiet day. a beautiful day to get out there from school or work. 66 in chicago. d.c. and new york 70. so your grass will be green down there after that rain yesterday. 70 degrees today, should be beautiful. >> i want to kill the mosquitoes. still ahead security slip, what bucking ham palace is saying tourists stopped taking the guard so seriously. what that means.
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welcome back to "way too early." as soon as madonna surprised drake with a kiss during his set at coachella, drake's reaction
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to that kiss went viral. the rapper addressed the extreme reaction on his face in an instagram post writing don't misinterpret my shock. i got to make out with the queen madonna and i feel 100 about that forever. thank you, madonna. an embarrassing moment for one of the most famously stone faced bucking ham palace guards after he slipped and fell in front of hundreds of tourists. it happened during the changing of the queen's guard ceremony. this video is is just make inging the rounds. they had no comment on what he called a young man falling over while doing his job. i can relate. don't feel bad. that does it for this edition of "way too early" on wednesday. let's bring in the a-team for a preview of what's coming up on "morning joe." >> we do have a big line up today. we're live in iowa where hillary clinton will lay out a vision for her campaign. while she tries to move forward, new details e emerge about the
2:57 am
e-mail scandal that continues to loom over her campaign. also major. developments on the nuclear deal with iran as president obama backs down in his own veto threat. we'll speak with two members of the senate foreign relations committee chris coons and kory gardner. plus independent senator from vermont bernie sanders will be here. we'll ask if he's any closer in deciding whether or not to run for president and his efforts to raise the minimum wage. we're pleased to welcome kelley paul who happens to be the wife of senator rand paul. we have much more on "morning joe" live from washington today. we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments
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