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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  April 15, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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terrible reporter. >> have a great day, everybody. bye. >> i learned katty is really mean. and good wednesday morning from washington. i'm jose diaz-balart. good morning. first on "the run down," they're off and running -- literally. we will see weather reporters and photographers chase after hillary clinton as they did tuesday afternoon in iowa. it's clinton's second day of meeting voters. she'll hold another invitation-only event, this a round table with small business community members but this morning clinton is facing new questions about that e-mail controversy during her time as secretary of state. let's get right to nbc's kristen welker who met up with clinton on tuesday, she's in norwalk, iowa. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: jose good morning to you. that's right. hillary clinton arrives in norwalk for that business round table in just a few hours. so far, her viscid has sparked a media stampede some sharp jabs
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from some of her republican opponents, all this as that e-mail controversy has resurfaced. as hillary clinton looks for political redemption in iowa she's still facing questions about her use of personal e-mails. the "new york times" reporting this morning that in 2012 congressional investigators asked clinton in a letter whether she'd used a private e-mail account while serving as secretary of state. according to the "times," mrs. clinton did not reply to the letter and when the state department answered in march, 2013 nearly two months after she left office it ignored the question and provided by no response for it. meanwhile, in iowa on tuesday, her first public event that was open to all press sparked a media frenzy with camera crews racing to get a shot of her at a local community college. >> guy in the orange pants is pretty quick. >> reporter: talking to students inside, clinton sharpened her message on the economy, trying to rally critics who say she isn't progressive enough. >> there's something wrong when ceos make 300 times more than
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the typical worker. >> reporter: i caught up with clinton tuesday and asked what she'd learned from losing here in dwagt2008. how do you win this time? what's your strategy? >> i'm having a great time. can't look forward any more than i am. >> reporter: her opponents are. whatting quickly, including new jersey governor chris christie. >> anybody who wants to run for president should do it. >> reporter: jeb bush produced this infamous photo at chipotle. >> we had a hillary sighting. she's been found en route to iowa. that's good. >> reporter: as for the "new york times" story, no reaction from the clinton campaign but one aide told the times "her usage was widely known to over 100 department and u.s. colleagues she e-mailed. requests meanwhile, clinton's next stop on the campaign trail will be in the coming days. she'll head to new hampshire which, of course hosts the nation's first primary.
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jose back to you j. >> kristen welker in iowa thank you, with hillary clinton for us today. j let me bring in karen finney. good morning, great to see you. >> great to be with you. >> you've seen the story the times. how does the campaign avoid this type of narrative? >> i think on something like this there was a response in the piece and i'll give you some facts, actually about it as well. and that is look i expect we'll see these kinds of attacks but let's remember this was leaked to -- by a congressional staffer, as it says in the story, to the "new york times." and this is several years old so it's sort of -- it's kind of interesting to me the timing that it just happens to come out the first day she's campaigning when this is something they've been holding on to for a couple years. and, again, i think kristen mentioned this in her piece, it was not a secret that she had this e-mail address and there were even republicans who got
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e-mails from her. so you know, this feels like we've been over this again and again and again and that this is trying to go back to benghazi trying to knock her off her game which she's not going to -- that's not going to happen actually. i find it interesting that the republicans keep trying to make this about hillary and she's really focused on trying to make this about people and ideas and the future. >> so karen, who would have guessed it people time their leaks to have maximum impact. who could have guessed that? >> shocking! >> it doesn't just happen among congressional staffer, it happens pretty much everywhere on capitol hill. but back to the narrative issue. >> sure. >> she's just starting her campaign. regardless of why she did it it's the times, people are talking about it. how do you change that narrative. >> the way we started this campaign says a lot about how we're going to run this campaign and what the narrative is going to be about. the video focused on everyday americans and the issues that
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they are dealing with and then you had hillary talking a little bit about some of her ideas. it was very important to her that we start small and go to these smaller events and kind of give her the opportunity to have that one on one conversation with people. i sort of thought the chipotle stuff was silly but the conversation itself and the way we're doing to logistics of this is designed to enable as much as that one-on-one contact and that small conversations because part of what she wants is to take three to four weeks to do these conversations and then start roling out policy. she has a lot of great ideas and fresh ideas but the idea is she wants that to be informed by these conversations that she's having. so in terms of the narrative, our job is to not let things like, you know what fs the times today knock us off our game and make sure that we -- it's like my coach used to say
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to me in sports you've got to run your race and not get deterred. >> and karen, the campaign may be trying to stay small and low key but as we saw from the media melee yesterday in iowa, that's going to be tough. look at, this you have photographers and reporters who i bet you don't even walk to starbucks running. >> you're probably right: this is something they're not used to. how do you expect this to continue being small and just talking one on one when you know she's kind of a big figure, right? >> well sure but you know 40 jose, the way i view it and the way our team views it is this is going to be something that everybody -- we're going to have to ask everybody to help us be a part of. we talked to a lot of members of the media going into this weekend so they had a sense of what we were thinking and what we were doing. our team on the ground there really worked on the logistics. so it's -- we're going to be creative in finding ways to do this. but i think at the end of the day, our biggest goal here is --
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i want people to get to know hillary. and i want her to be able to have these conversations. but i think people think they know so much about hillary and there's so much they really don't know about her. so we're going to keep at it and try to have these smaller events. >> karen finney good to be with you. >> take care jose. now to the president's attempt to fundamentally alter the relationship between the u.s. and cuba he says he intends to remove the communist nation's list from the removal of state sponsors of terrorism. that happened days after president obama met with raul castro in panama. the white house insists cuba is not supporting international terrorism and has promised not to do so in the future. cuba was first placed on the list in 1982 because of it efforts to protect and promote militants and separatists but in a bid to normalize relations, president obama ordered a review of the designation last december. now he must wait 45 days during which time congress can try to block the move. if it does, though the president would likely be able
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to veto the attempt. he's got plenty of supporters though, at least on the democratic side. >> i think the president did the right thing. we're trying to go into the future and it's amusing to me that some candidates who describe themselves as candidates to the future are so wed toll cuban politics of the past. that sounded like a thinly-veiled shot at new presidential candidate marco rubio who's been a vocal critic of the administration and didn't hold back when he sat down with me to discuss the issue last night. >> i think it's a terrible mistake. cuba fits the criteria for being a nation on the terrorism list. it harbors fugitives of american justice, people that have stolen millions of dollars of the taxpayer from medicare fraud, a cop killer from new jersey, one of the people -- the ten-most wanted people of america on the fbi most-wanted list. this is a government that helped north korea evade u.n. sanctions. this is a country that has two high military officials that have been indicted by u.s. federal court for the murder of american citizens who were
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pilots of brothers to the reese cue that were conducting a humanitarian mission. sounds like a terrorist state to me. >> we'll hear more from florida congressman carlos co-bellow later this hour and presidential advisor ricardo zuniga in the next hour. i also had a chance to ask marco rubio about iran. >> it's very confusing because the iranians are saying one thing and the administration is saying another. iran is saying any deal would require them to have immediate relief from sanctions, the white house is saying something different. these are important details before we can have a hard-and-fast opinion. i think i am not overly optimistic that the iranian regime will not move towards a nuclear weapon at some point, in ex-year, five years from now, eight years from know i believe that is their long term ambition to be a nuclear weapons power. after a quick break, live to the white house amid the president's back-and-forth with congress over their say in that iran nuclear deal. plus, day two of new jersey governor chris christie's swing through new hampshire.
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i think this is what the american people deserve, and this is the united states senate and hopefully the house of representatives on their behalf examining any final deal that may occur with iran. >> that was senator bob corker hours after the white house did a 180 and said the president would support legislation giving congress a say in the nuclear deal. the u.s. and other countries are trying to work out with iran. the white house got on board once it became clear the senate foreign relations committee was going to approve the bill one way or another, sending it to the full senate. luke russert is at the white
6:14 am
house. luke good morning. as late as yesterday morning the administration was still opposed to this legislation. what happened? >> well they realized that it had a lot of democratic support and that if they opposed it that they looked really bad. look, jose throughout the history of the republic we've seen this executive branch versus legislative branch rivalry and the legislative branch wants to be included. but the entire iran deal essential will i is on the backs of whether or not president obama can convince members of his own party if the white house were still opposed to this bill which is calling for a congressional review it would have looked terrible. it came out of committee 19-0. the white house says that's because a lot of democrats got the go-ahead from the white house after important changes were made. all that being said though it's somewhat of a rebuke to the white house that so many democrats were more than willing to go along with this and where there was enough to pass it more likely than not even before changes were made jose. >> 19-0 is a pretty strong
6:15 am
voice. that's a united voice. >> it's a very united voice and it speaks to the degree of which congress wants to be involved in this process and how much work the administration has left. look, the question is out is whether or not the administration definitely needs congress on this. but they do need 34 senators because if in fact you were to pass an overall congressional review bill which is going to happen here it's going to go forward to the house, and the president's okay with this one. but let's say the congress wants to be involved again. what we've seen before is past support from democratic senators for an intense look at the iran deal. if they can get to 67 that in fact becomes veto proof, perhaps could replicate that in the house hence why the white house has been so much engaged in trying to lobby these fellow democrats to support this deal. >> and, luke were they caught by surprise do you think, that just the level of bipartisanship agreement on this? >> i think they were surprised, yes, because when they sent john kerry to the hill that was sort
6:16 am
of the idea behind that was, all right, we're going to try and calm the republican outrage and we're also going to try to get some of our guys involved. a lot of republicans left the meeting with john kerry saying they were more confused about the iran deal after a meeting with him than they were before it. a lot of democrats said, hey you know what? we appreciate john kerry coming here and we believe in john kerry but we still want to have our say. this is a very big foreign policy statement by the white house. they need democrats on board with this. expect them to keep him in the fold because if they don't, we've seen a lot of democrats more than happy to flex their independence on this issue. >> luke russert at the worse, thank you so much. joining me now, former ambassador mark ginsburg who served as the white house middle east policy advisor. gooed to see you. >> good morning, jose. >> we've heard from the president of iran today. he said "we are in talks with the major powers and not with congress. "how does this new legislation affect these negotiations? >> well, the congress has clearly said to both iran as well as to the administration that the lifting of sanctions
6:17 am
which the iranians have now demand odd cur immediately upon the signing of whatever emerges in june is really going to be a -- have a congressional decision and the democrats in congress will clearly be far more determinative in the senate as to what happens on this deal. so the fact of the matter is jose i no longer call this a framework agreement, i call it a memorandum of misunderstanding. because in iran as soon as this so-called framework agreement was cut, the supreme leader has now been walking the cat back from what essentially the administration has been informing congress both with respect to the lifting of sanctions with the iranians demand occurs immediately and also more importantly on the nature of the inspections. the iranians claim they will not permit the inspections that the president and his secretary of state have claimed were part of the deal. >> and that would be hopefully what would be ironed out before the 30th of june.
6:18 am
doesn't this cut the president's negotiating power with other countries? >> well indeed. the fact is that this has always been a question of whether or not the congress has a role in non-proliferation treaties and whether or not the president which very much did not want congress to have a say in what he claimed would be an executive agreement in so far as just lifted sanctions but the fact of the matter is that this is very important to the american people. there are polls that have showed, jose, and our viewers are clearly participating in those polls, that a vast majority of the american people want congress to have a role in this. largely because they have great suspicion about iran and the russians because the administration went into that in the first place. >> ambassador ginsburg thank you so much. i'll be speaking with republican senator john john barasso who approved the deal. up next we'll tell you what caused this massive pileup in
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disturbing video from arizona. police outside tucson have just released dash cam footage showing a suspect being rammed by a police car. nbc's miguel almaguer joins us with with that and more from arizona. >> reporter: this video was taken in february but it was just released by police here. the officer involved has been cleared of any criminal charges. we should warn you what you're about to see is graphic and difficult to watch. >> i'm staying back at a distance. >> dash cam video shows the suspect on foot tailed by police when a second police cruiser speeds in making the violent
6:23 am
collision. >> oh! man down. >> reporter: the direct view from officer michael rapico's squad car sr. graphic. >> it as a violent video. >> reporter: the suspect mario valencia is seriously injured but survives. police say his crime spree began when he committed theft at that 7-eleven later starting a church fire carrying out a home invasion then driving a stolen car to walmart where authorities say he steal asahi-powered rifle. miranda police officer dan rowen spots the suspect near reportedly holding the stolen rifle to his chin. rowan radios dispatch. >> he's got the gun to his neck. >> reporter: valencia ignores demands to drop the rifle. a single shot fired by the suspect. officers are warned. >> the gun is loaded. >> those are one of the things that elevate the situation.
6:24 am
>> reporter: moment later, quickly speeding up officer michael rapico slams into the suspect. a violent and dramatic ending. >> i think it's clearly excessive police force. >> reporter: the suspect's attorney, michelle metzger. >> my slope there will be some kind of an internal investigation into the actions of this officer. >> i think that the decision to put an end to it as quickly as you can was a good decision. >> reporter: hospitalized for two days, the suspect faces 11 felony counts. as for that officer, he was put on administrative leave and is now back on the force. the police department saying while unorthodox and violent, that takedown was necessary and may have saved lives. jose? >> miguel almaguer thank you very much. a bombing anniversary. a dust storm pileup and teachers sentenced for cheating. let's zoom through today's top stories. this morning, with bagpipes playing in the background,
6:25 am
boston mayor marty walsh unveiled commemorative banners and led a moment of silence on wall street to mark two years since the mare o on this bombings. three people were killed 264 were injured on april 15 2013. sentencing for the man convicted of planting those bombs, dzhokhar tsarnaev, will start on tuesday, one day after this year's marathon. the judge in the case told jurors not to attend or watch the race. incredible video out of salt lake city. a dust storm there led to a pileup on i-80 involving some 17 vehicles. one person was killed 16 others hospital'sed. i-80 was closed for several hours from salt lake city to nevada. everything is back up and running this morning. in oklahoma, the tulsa volunteer sheriff's deputy who shot a fleeing but unarmed suspect is free on bail this morning. robert bates turned himself in and was booked on a manslaughter charge. he is due back in court next week. bates says he mistook his handgun for a taser. on "last word" robert bates'
6:26 am
attorney said he didn't think he should be charged at all because it was all a mistake. >> before shooting he alerted the other deputies that he was going to use the taser. he says "taser taser." as soon as he shot he exclaimed he made a mistake. he's been transparent throughout. it was a mistake. it was an error. it was not intentional. there was no criminal intent. i. >> this happened on 23ri8 during a sting operation in which a suspect, eric harris tried to sell a handgun to an undercover officer. harris bolted from the car before officers arrested him, leading to the chase and the shooting. nine former educators will serve jail time for their roles in a massive cheating scandal until the atlanta public school system. sparks flew in the courtroom yesterday as the sentences were handed down. they were convicted of conspireing to fix students' scores on standardized tests to meet imposed standards. the educators were released on bond last night while they work through the appeals process.
6:27 am
after a quick break, we could get word at any moment in a verdict of the trial of former nfl star aaron hernandez. it's day seven of deliberations. we'll take you there live. and on this tax day, fast food workers are planning rallies across the country to demand higher wages. we've been watching this rally in brooklyn, new york. we'll have more and the debate behind the wages here on the rundown in the next hour. ♪ [upbeat music] ♪ defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. now in a new look. ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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a jury has been seated in the trial of accused movie theater shooter james holmes. holmes is charged with fatally shooting 12 people and injuring 70 others during a 2012 attack at a denver area theater. the defense says he was having a psychotic episode but prosecutors say he was sane at the time. opening arguments are scheduled to begin the 27th of april. now to a massachusetts courtroom for another developing story. a verdict could be announced any
6:31 am
time in the aaron hernandez murder trial. the jury has started its seventh day of deliberations. the former nfl player charged in the 2013 killing of odin lloyd. let's go live to fall river, massachusetts. ron mott is with us this morning. ron, good morning. what's the sense there as another day passes with no verdict? >> right, hi there, good day from -- excuse me good day from massachusetts here. this is day seven as you mentioned. this jury now 35 plus hours and counting so a lot of eyebrows are up wondering what in the world is going on in this jury room. i've been following people commenting about this case on social media. some of the experts, the lawyers in the area talking about this case. generally two camps here. the first is that the jury has deliberated so long that they'll reach an impasse at some point. that's what people are thinking that this is headed towards a hung jury. what throws water on that a little bit is that the jury -- even though they came back to the judge with seven questions, none involved the moefrs serious charge, which is murder. the other school of thought is that this jury is in general
6:32 am
agreement on murder guilty on murder and that the struggle is whether this is first degree murder or second degree murder. both of those if he's convicted of murder he will be sentenced to life mandatory life sentence. the second degree charge if the jury opts if that are allows for parole after 15 years and, of course aaron hernandez could be acquitted. this is a largely circumstantial case. the prosecution will admit that they don't have a murder weapon and the defense says they never established motive. it's day seven. jose jose. now moving north to new hampshire, in just a couple hours, governor chris christie known for his confrontational town halls in new jersey faces a new hampshire crowd. he's holding his first ever town hall outside of new jersey. christie who's attempting to get his name back in the conversation raised some eyebrow eyebrows when he touched the third rail of politics -- entitlement reform. christie told new hampshire voters he wants to push back the retirement age to 69 and cut off social security benefits for wealthier americans. later during a stop at a local
6:33 am
pizza shop he weighed in on hillary clinton's entrance into the presidential race. >> good for her. anybody who wants to run for president should have othe chance to do it and we'll see how she does. >> reporter: aaliyah fruman is following the governor. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, christie will turn to a format he knows best town halls. he's held over 130 such events since being governor of new jersey and his big gold and brash style which can sometimes be seen as a liability could play over well in this fiercely nypd state whose motto is literally live free or die. he's placed a big focus on retail politics holding several meet and greets in a pizza shop in a tavern and earlier at a restaurant in nearby manchester. because of governor christie's lackluster poll numbers, we asked him just what sets him apart from the rest of the
6:34 am
emerging republican field. he had this to say. >> i've governed in a very difficult place that looks much more like washington, d.c. than anybody else has governed in. i'll do with a difficult democratic legislature everyday for the last five and a half years and have worked with them forge compromise and get things done done. >> one of the biggest things to watch out for is to see if christie can set himself apart for the rest of the candidates. most republican candidates are coming into town later this week in nashua so we'll see if he can set himself out. >> ay leia true minute thank you very much. zs you can catch an interview with the government tomorrow. from one primary 125 it to another, south carolina a poll of primary voteers has jeb bush
6:35 am
and scott walker on top. 25% say they're not sure who they would vote for. republicans not officially in the race are getting bombarded by questions about someone who's takesing takes taken the 2016 plunge already, hillary clinton. >> a couple candidates have entered the race since you've been out and about, hillary and rubio. >> we had a hillary sighting. chef's been found en route to iowa. that's good. all the other candidates i'm not the right person to talk to about that. i don't follow it. >> i'm joined by leanne caldwell and "u.s. news and world report" senior politics reporter david cat knees. thank you so much for being with me. it seems to be about hillary clinton, rubio took a jab at her calling her yesterday's news and yesterday's ideas but this is just the beginning. >> only the beginning and hillary clinton is the main democratic candidate and she's going to be -- >> so far the only. >> and so far the only and she's going to be the target. she's also -- she's a punching
6:36 am
bag who has been very reliable for republicans for decades now and that's not going to stop. >> david what are is the republican strategy then? >> well it's to make her the old generation. whoa, and there goes the water. >> oh you spilled water on the set. are you all right, man? >> i'm all right. i'm all right. i'm going to do a marco rubio and try to grab the -- >> here, pull a marco rubio on here. >> wow, it went everywhere. >> that's all right, we can keep going. this is live tv. we didn't start a fire anywhere. >> there we go, there we go. so yeah it's to make hillary clinton the past. you've heard the generational argument from all the republicans and their announcements that she's the past and they are the future and i think you know she is trying to defy that by what she's doing in iowa with small groups doing small events and not doing the big rally. >> is that effective. >> i think it is. her rollout has gone as effectively as it could have
6:37 am
gone. some people said "she didn't talk to enough people at chipotle." >> she talked to nobody at chip poetly. >> people don't like she's not talking to as many iowans. she only had six at her round table but she was going to get criticized no matter what type of a rollout she did so i think it has been effective and the small approach walking along the streets with regular americans is the best thing she could have done. >> leigh ann, let's talk about our new poll from south carolina. 25% say they're still not sure. what will does this tell you? >> the numbers say it's still early. jeb bush and scott walker have been performing consistently well throughout many early state polls. scott walker has been the surprise here. jeb bush has tons of name recognition. it also means there's room for failure and lots of room to grow as well. we're only in what month is it?
6:38 am
april? we're still ten months away before the first voters go to the caucus. >> 500 days to the election too. >> exactly. we have lots of time and there's lots of movement here. >> so david this poll finds that jeb bush and huckabee show the most potential support. what does that show you. >> it tells me that mike huckabee ran before. he's a popular name. he was on another cable news show for a lot of times so he has name i.d. so this republican field is going to be very big it looks like. you're going to have ben carson you industrial mike huckabee, you have other gaucheovernors like rick perry and bobby jindal. so i think favorability matters. do the poll number that shows do you like the candidate that matters. and that -- i mean you just had a segment about governor christie. he has the lowest favorability rating. so i think that is an alarm bell. >> what about rubio? how do you see rubio there? >> he has -- people love his story. he has one of the highest favorability ratings of any of the republicans because people
6:39 am
love his biography, they love his immigrant story, a so of cuban immigrants. they love that he's from a battleground state of florida and he's young, 43 years old. that's the same age john f. kennedy was elected and republicans hope they can get fun fairy dust in this election. >> the problem with rubio, though, is that he is -- he doesn't squarely fit into the different factions of the republican party or if he does there's already a favored candidate there. so the establishment faction of the party is leaning toward jeb bush. then you have kind of the more conservative tea party faction who is either ted cruz or maybe even a scott walker. so rubio is either going to have to pull enough from each of those or the crowd the others out other make his own lane which will be the most difficult pass. >> or some of the top tier stumbles somehow. >> somebody needs to stumble for rubio to advance. >> leigh ann caldwell and dave
6:40 am
catanese thank you so much. i never knew you used their hands as much as i do. and leigh ann, what poise. he's drenched with water and he carries on. >> i moved my water over. >> i moved mine too. i move my hands and suddenly i feel like i don't have move my hands anymore. i'm feeling like david, i need you as a comparison here. thank you, guys thank you so much. next we'll get back to the latest developments in the u.s./cuba relations issue. president obama pushes to move cuba from the list of terrorist supporting states. carlos cabello joins me next. startling new statistics on the growing number of cyber crimes and the government. ari melberg gotten a inside look at the fbi's cyber division. he joins me next on "the rundown."
6:41 am
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back now to the developing news surrounding president obama's bid to remove cuba from the u.s. government's list of terrorist-supporting states. the cuban government is loving it. the headline at "granma" the regime's newspaper, straightforward "president obama decides to exclude cuba from the list of states that sponsor terrorism." "usa today" put it more simply listing the cuba and iran stories together under the headline "enemies no more." congressman carlos curbelo is a republican from florida. good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> is the cuban government an enemy of the united states or not? >> it has been for 56 years and the men who began that relationship of opposing the united states at every turn are the men that are still in power in cuba. so nothing has changed. the only thing that has changed is that now the united states for the first time in 56 years is no longer on the side of the cuban people but sitting at the
6:45 am
table with the dictators responsible for the death of americans and hurting american interests all over the world for more than 50 years. >> but congressman, the administration would tell you that the fact that the reality hasn't changed in 56 years, including the u.s. embargo that started just some years after the revolution in that island, the fact is that nothing has worked until now so why not try something new and different? >> jose it's not the united states' fault that cuba is a military dictatorship ruled by men that have no regard for their people and that hate this country and have hated this country all of their lives. nothing that we do is going to change that. at some point we have to ask here, in this entire process, what's in it for the united states? so far, the cuban government has a reward for having held an american hostage for five years unjustly have gotten full diplomatic relations, three of their convicted spies back who were given due process in the united states now delisting from the lists of state sponsors of
6:46 am
terror even though we know the cuban government is actively involved in harboring farc terrorists basque terrorists, that they have not allowed the united states to bring to justice someone who killed a police officer in new jersey that resides in cuba, the two pilots responsible for murdering american citizens over international waters. what's in it for us jose? the cuban government is winning. the united states is losing and the cuban people who have been oppressed for 56 years are losing too. >> congressman, i want to change the subject on you and talk a little politics before i let you go. you're a florida republican. i know you know both jeb bush and marco rubio. it looks as though there's a possibility they may both be running for president. how do you stand on that? >> they are both wonderful leaders, i think they would both make wonderful presidents of the united states. i'm a fan of executive experience and leadership so up until now i haven't supported anyone. i'm going to continue watching this but i do think we need a
6:47 am
strong leader in the white house that has had executive experience. >> so that would be jeb bush right? >> well, you figure that out. >> you tell me. i'm just asking you. you're saying they're both qualified but you're saying executive experience so that would be the former florida governor, correct? >> jose i think one of the things that has -- we've seen lack the most in the last six, seven years in the white house is strong decisive executive leadership. i think without question someone who has run a big state will be able to bring that to the table as the next president of the united states. >> all right. thank you, congressman curbelo, thanks for being us me. have a great day. we'll get the view from the white house from the president's national security council senior director ricardo zuniga joins me next hour. we'll talk about the u.s./cuba relationship and the fit falls it may have. but that's in the next hour. up next, the cyber threats facing american businesses and the u.s. government.
6:48 am
ari mel bern joins me next with how the fbi fights these complicated crimes. ] ♪ defiance is in our bones.bern joins me next with how the fbi fights these complicated crimes. joins me next with how the fbi fights these complicated crimes. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. now in a new look. whether you need a warm up before the big race... or a healthy start before the big meeting there's a choice hotel that's waiting for you. this spring, choose choice twice, get a night at no price at 1,500 hotels. book now at meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue.
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6:51 am
and now to some disturbing news about computer security. the number of cyber attacks climbed by 36%. 5 out of six companies were targeted. and russian involvedment and the white house and the u.s. state department. so what's being done in response. joining me now is the cohost of "the cycle" and you just met with the head of the cyber division in new york. what did you find out? >> we found out that the fbi continues to expand their
6:52 am
operations on the data side and throwing serious resources at top personnel. and here is part of our report. >> we have to constantly keep up with the threat. and what you saw with the cart program is a significant investment in our capabilities. >> reporter: we got a look at the computer analysis response team, cart. >> you're taking hard drives and cell phones and turning them into data you can understand. >> and we present that for the agents to look through to see if there's anything relevant for the agents. we have stuff stored in the servers in this rack and we have
6:53 am
80 tear bites and. >> reporter: nation wide the fbi processes over 10 thousand terabytes this year and they link technology specialist ss. >> in the late '80s and early '90s when we responded to oo bank robbery, the pool of suspects of those who may have robbed the bank were the number of people were in the vicinity of a bank that time it was robbed. now, when a bank is robbed lec tronically, the pool of suspects is limited to the number of people with a laptop.
6:54 am
>> reporter: and these criminals are often reaching into u.s. targets from very far away. >> and the cyber threat posed by isis. what did they tell you that? >> reporter: in their belief isis doesn't have the independent capacity to carry out the type of espionage like in russia. and they may be able to out source it. and we heard from marry henry and galgon one of the highest ranking women ever to serve in the fbi. i thought we had the sound but i'll tell you what they said. mary said there's a whole part of the internet you never see called the dark web and you can go on there with bit coins and actually ask somebody to put out
6:55 am
an assassination. the u.s. attorney prosecuted a site called silk road where they were basically putting out, drugs, child pornography, drugs for sale and he's facing life in prison potentially for being on the dark web. >> and let me ask you, what's the biggest legal store af 2015? >> that's a tough question. number one, the questions about law enforcement and the role of video and citizens will continue to drive discussionings. and the other one would be if the supreme court does rule in any way against obama care that would have a big impact on millions of people and could be
6:56 am
the biggest issue depending on what they do. >> thank you for being with me. and be sure to catch ari and the rest of the game on "the cycle." and it's day two of hillary's reintroduction to voters. we'll see another media stampede. and we'll talk with somebody who is keeping it live and fast food works in new york rally for higher wages. the wage the debate and much more. i'll be speaking with congress woman sanchez.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
down with news from ohio and the attempt of hillary clinlttn to reintroduce herself to voters. sheel'll meet with campaign leaders. and the congress asked two years ago whether state officials were using personal email. good morning. how is the campaign handling this new report? >> reporter: they're essentially saying that nothing has changed and that this news is nothing new, that this went out to the house after jackson used private email and they say clint herself was never aware of this request
7:01 am
and that it was commonly known that she used a personal email account. but it does underscore the fact that this controversy is not going away and republicans are going to use this as part of their campaign against hillary clinton to show that she's not trustworthy. >> and so far, alex has not been very accessible to the media, they're very fine focussed on dealing with individuals, not giving her a lot of access to individuals. sfwlrks thats >> reporter: that's right. they're trying to reset the situation with iowa and resweat the media where she has h
7:02 am
terrible relations with in 2008. i asked a top democratic stratgist how they would respond to this problem and the response is there is no good way. >> and reporters literally started running after hillary clint's scooby van. is this going to be literal race to the white house? >> reporter: it was a pretty incredible moment we were previewing her speech and the scooby van just came rolling down towards us and the media who had set up at the front inferencein entrance, and she went to the back, anticipating the media would be that front and to be sure i probably would have been chasing after her too if i was
7:03 am
not taping that time. but as long as she continue toads attract huge media attention, we're probably going to see a lot more scenes like this in the coming months. >> get ready to run, my friend. thank you. and now with me is senior reporter from the huffington post. and a lot of people have said hoy how different the campaign will be this time bullett what is the same? >> she's trying to do things different lay but facing a similar problem. she was theistic establishment then and is now. she's stressing the fact that she's talking to real people and that's utterly different than last time but the same thing is
7:04 am
there's not a lot of news being made. no new proposals, the substance of her blue print and into that vacuum, stories like the email controversy rush. so, she's facing the same problem of kind of being a sitting duck for criticism and attack from the around and the entire republican establishment and all of the republican candidates are going to compete with each other to see who can attack hillary the most. she's going to face a year's worth of attacks from the round until she starts saying specific thing. >> and until then, you have a very choreographed system and they want the listening focussed on.
7:05 am
is she going to have to deal with this again or can she stay focussed on what her message should be? >> that's not going to work. she talked about campaign finance reform and that's unusual. the idea of getting money out of politics that's a new idea and that could give her an idea that we haven't heard from her before. >> and someone else who announced he was considering running for president and that's marco rubio. >> one thing distinct is that even democrats say they like him as a person and the other thing about him is that he wants to be an ideas person. he wrote a book called 100 ideas for florida's future and then he
7:06 am
tried to pursue that pretty aggressively. and he already is pulling out a big tax proposals and he wants to be the ideas guy the same as he was in florida. >> and he's trying to look presidential as clint is trying to not look presidential but low key on this. >> she's going fwoutabout it to attack problems that they saw the last time she ran from president. and i think rubio is trying to distinguish himself from the other republican. and if he can come through as the guy with ideas rather than ted cruz with the texas anger about washington.
7:07 am
if he can come off as a positive force with change and ideas to match his youthfulness he's the youngest guy in the race and that will probably remain so. and he has smart republican people behind him. they're not only with jeb bush some of them are with rubio and they want to see if he can translate that. >> and coming up john stewart's take on chipotle. and hillary clint talks about limiting campaign funding. but back to cuba. they're promising not to support terrorism in the future and that's one of reasons it the
7:08 am
president is talk bouth removing them from the list of terrorists. do we have anything more from cuba than their word that they won't be supporting terrorism in the future? >> reporter: the state department, in make this recman darksz recmanidation, undertook a very serious study that showed they have not provided support for six months to any terrorism, which is what is provided by law fr under the statute and the other thing required was this set of assurances by cuba. >> so here's what amnesty international says. government critics continue to be in prison and restrictions on freedom or expression is widespread. the government curtails. and the number of people who
7:09 am
went to panama to the senate and one who was beaten to panama and now that he's returned to the island is being harassed and probably beaten as we speak. how do you go forward with that type of regime? >> reporter: the president said this was not a change that would occur very night. he he said we're going to continue to have profoundish ishishprofoundishus issues with cuba but at the same time weall soy made clear on december 17th that the president's policy is aimed at the cuban people and getting information to the cuban people so they can have more freedom and access to
7:10 am
the outside world. and we're seeing a great deal of support in cuba for the president's measures. >> and the thing i saw was that on the side was not only the foreign minister of cuba but also raul castro's son and grandson. isn't that an odd thing that he's meeting with the leader but also the next generations of the family are also in this meeting there. is that a strong showing that the united states will be dealing with the castros and not somebody else? >> reporter: absolutely not. i think it shows that they have been increasing contact with citizens. we are convinced that increased access and contact between the two countries is going to
7:11 am
accomplish what we're trying to accomplish and to see greater opportunity inside of cuba. absolutely we're going to have a relationship with the cuban government just as we have with governments all round the world. talking in itself is just part of the business, the most import important part hire is the contact between the u.s. people and the u.s. ideas and the information from the outside and the cuban people. coming up on this tax edition of the run down, the nuclear deal with iran. we're going to talk with that with senator. and what's the hold up? almost six months after she was tapped to the next attorney general, she's still not any closer. what's going on. and hundreds of protests staged
7:12 am
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and we have break news out of fall river, massachusetts, a verdict reached in the 93rdmurder trial of aaron hernandez. let's go live. ron, what are you hearing? >> reporter: we're hearing that they have reached a verdict. 30 plus hours here. and we're expecting that maybe
7:16 am
one or more than that jurors will address the media once this verdict is published. what my gut tells me is that this jury probably went home with a verdict in mind and they probably wanted to sleep on it because it wasn't long before they announced they had reached a verdict. and we'll have to see in a moment's time once they gather all the parties. and tarry hernandez, aaron's mom, is here. and i thingk this is the first time she's in the courtroom. and if they find him guilty there are two cases of guilt with murder that jury had to consider. first one is first degree murder
7:17 am
which carries a life sentence without the possibility of parole. if guilty on second degree murder that also carries a mandatory life sentence but there is a possibility of parole and of course the jury could acquit in those cases. and he's facing gun and amo charges, which do seem more clear cut. because they did show surveillance which appears to show him with a gun in his hand and the gun used to kill lloyd was never recovered. and he did have ammunition in his home. and so three principal charges, murder and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition. >> i appreciate your time.
7:18 am
let's bring in bob, previous criminal defense attorney. so, seven days in there's some decision by a jury but it could be any number of different decisions. >> yeah but i think this is going to be a pretty clear cut case as to whether it's a murder p . i don't think there's much debate or summation by thue attorneys. >> i want to bring in a live picture from the courtroom. and these are live pictures coming into msnbc right now. they're all waiting and all the different family members, etc. have already been coming into the courtroom. so we're expecting this any minute now and this is live so you're going to see the camera
7:19 am
going up and down as they try to get the shot in. and you're think it's going to be pretty clear cut, the decision that's announced today? >> i do. and i think it's very telling that the jury hasn't asked any questions. if i were the defense attorneys, i'd be very concerned right now. they did their job as the jury and won't over copious amouns of evidence. and the fact that there doesn't seem to be any concerns it looks to me like they're coming back with a guilty verdict. >> what about the fact that it took seven days? >> there's lots of evidence they had to go through and i think they did a fair and deliberate job. and as my experience they did
7:20 am
their due diligence and evaluated the evidence. >> let's talk about what he's facing and rob was saying possibly first degree or second degree doctoregree murder. what's the difference? >> premeditated versus not meditatedpractical difference is life in prison versus not life. >> and possible first degree and second degree, and these are the live pictures you're seeing and aaron hernandez there and of course, the illegal gun and amo charges and of course he could be found not guilty of them. >> and that's aaron hernandez obviously awaiting his fate.
7:21 am
some felt that the week long deliberation felt that there might be some sort of debate but we never know until we therehear the verdict. but it is certainly true you would hope that, from the defense's position you would hope that they would ask questions ss about the details of the element of the crime, you have a feeling that even though they went through methodically. >> let's lishten in. >> what say you, madam forewomen?
7:22 am
>> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> madam forperson, by what theory or theories? >> extreme atrausty or cruelty. >> and charging the defendant aaron hernandez with unlawful possession of a firearm while not at home or work what say you, madam forperson, is the person guilty or not guilty? >> guilty. >> indictment 2013- -- 9-a-3. is the defendant not guilty or guilty? >> guilty. >> your honor, can the jury be
7:23 am
poled. >> jury in seat one, is the verdict on indictment 2013-9-3-a your verdict? >> yes. >> and the verdict, your verdict, number 2? >> yes. >> madam forperson, is the verdict that you announced your verdict? >> yes. >> number 7, is the verdict, your verdict? >> yes. >> juror in seat number 8, is the announcement your verdict? >> yes. >> juror number 9, is the verdict your verdict? >> yes. >> juror in seat number 10 is the verdict your verdict? >> yes. >> juror in seat number 13 is the verdict your verdict?
7:24 am
>> yes. >> juror in seat number 14 your verdict? >> yes. >> jurin seat number 15? >> yes. >> juror in seat number 17 your verdict? >> yes. >> juror in seat number 18 your verdict? >> yes. >> please be seated jurors. >> please remain standing. >> upon your oaths, you do say the defendant is guilty of murder in the first degree on 2013-9--3-a that defendant is guilty of puzeshzossession of a firearm. and if the defendant is guilty of unlawful possession of
7:25 am
ammonition on indictment 2013 so say you madam forperson, yes or no? >> yes. >> so say all the members of the jury? >>. [ in unison answer yes] >> i want to thank all of you very, very much for giving your valuable time to hear and decide this case. i'm not unmindful of the sacrifice you made to serve on this jury and the disruptions to your family life and schedule and social routine and i also understand that it is not easy to sit in junldgment of a fellow human being. your functions are needed and there is nothing more important than a citizen in a free society
7:26 am
can do than serve as a juror for their peers. this is truly a people's court with you, the people ruling. at this time you're discharged and free to leave. i do have one last favor to ask you. in a moment or two, i would like to speak with you informally in the jury room. i will be thanking you for your service. i will not and cannot discuss the deliberations with you and the court will not inquire about that. i also want to tell you that under our state law, after the verdict has been recorded, the court's list containing the names of the 12 deliberating jurors is a public record. it is likely that members of the media will contact you asking you whether you're willing to speak to you.
7:27 am
and that is publicly accessible. at this point, your restriction on talking to anyone about the case is lifted but you're under absolutely no obligation to talk to any member of the media about the isthis case nor anybody else. ia may wish to think about whether or not you want to be interviewed. if you choose to talk you are in control of whattia say. in other words, you may decline to answer certain questions and answer others. and a room will be made available if you wish to talk to the media at this time. the media who have been regularly covering the case and have been present have rnt
7:28 am
represented to the court that they are thought likely to contact anyone who goes to that room and not likely to contact any juror who wishes an expresses not to go to the room. and they are not to fim any juror without that juror's explicit permission. we will have a bus leaving to the parking lot later. you can choose towalk to your car if you wish. i do expect that there will be a large contingeant of media, many with cameras in the front. so if you choose to walk outside the front door you are likely to be approached and photographed. if you choose to talk today or
7:29 am
at any future time please consider that your deliberations were conducted in secret in order to encourage free open and candid debate in reaching a verdict. as one united states supreme court justice wrote, freedom of debate might be stifled and independence of thought checked if jurors were made to feel that their arguments and ballots were made free to the world. given the strong interest of jury deliberations, even if you choose to talk, you may choose to not disclose what went on in the jury room. and you may find it prudent not to discuss what occurred in the jury room. i strongly urge but do not order, you to keep the contents of the jury's deliberations priveate and confidential and not
7:30 am
to discuss what anyone in the jury room may have said. i will be back to talk to you informally in a few moments. >> there you have it. there's aaron hernandez after being found guilty of first degree murder, guilty of atrocities guilty on position of firearm and ammo. ari, the worst case for the defense. guilty on all counts and on first degree murder. >> that's absolutely right. it's the most serious charge he faced and the most serious in massachusetts. and life in prison without parole. and the juryaey explicitty stating that and siting the cruelty.
7:31 am
and that is something in that state that justifies first degree murder. we saw very strong reactions in the courtroom from those viewing it and we heard from the judge telling the jury that they could skpeek speak publicly but under no obgiegzob obligation to do so. this is toaa jury that spend considerable time going over evidence. >> ari, stay with me. i want to go back to ron, who is outside the courtroom. you're there covering the very latest? >> reporter: i think something a lot of people wim will want to know is how these deliberations unfolded. it was a long case and on
7:32 am
television television, for the most part nine weeks and they had a lot of evidence and they did not have a murder weapon and the defense would tell you that the prosecution did not lay out a clear evidence of why aaron would want to kill lloyd. but the mosting damning evidence is the video of him coming back and him holding a gun. there was cell phones damaged and the box that aaron hernandez told his girlfriend to get rid of. a lot of people began after three or foir four days that they were headed for an impass. that there were some that felt he was guilty and others not, but it seemed they were pretty
7:33 am
clear on their deliberations. more than 400 pieces of evidence introduced. more than 130 witnesses and they came to this resounding conclusion that he is guilty of first degree murder. he will now be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. i suspect he will go to susx county and begin a double murder charge in boston where he's accused of killing two men before odin lloyd was killed. but we do know he stands guilty of the death of lloyd. >> and right before the verdict, you were telling me that you felt it would be pretty resounding. you can't be more resounding that than what we heard? >> the prosecutor did a great
7:34 am
job. the text messages and the phone calls that were going on before the crime. hurry up, speeding there, a body is dead and obviously a murder has occurred. the prosecutor did a tremendous job showing, are these actions of someone who didn't commit a murder? the prosecutor put together a case piece by pieces methodically. and they were putting a bad spot and the defense was trying to say he nothing to do with it and to me this was a no brainer of a verdict. >> and one of the thing that struck me was how the defense was initially trying to say he wasn't there and then he was
7:35 am
there, but he didn't participate in any way. how does that play with the jury when the defense changes its story midway through. >> credibility is very important for an attorney. i think that was a major mistake that they made and they paid for it in the end. >> but when they saw how the prosecution's story was unfolding, they felt it was pretty clear he was there and i have to find way to say that he did do it. >> and then it was he was there, he was there, but he didn't have anything to do with it. but these guys high fiving are not the actions of insent people. >> it took them seven days but the fact that there is no weapon
7:36 am
to show the jurors but then there's this image right there. how do you tie that in and how were they able to do it so effectively? >> they showed both before and after, they showed that tlihere was a weapon and the fiance was taking a box out and it was a logical conclusion for the jury to make. clearly, he was shot with a gun, and there's a gun and it it was basic commonsense for the jury to come to this clungz.onclusion. >> and these are images of the fesawn fiance when the verdict was announced. and the family. >> they are not likely to contact any juror who makes -- >> just a very emotional scene
7:37 am
on both sides of the family of lloyd and hernandez including his fiance. what exactly is that extreme cruelty charge? >> that can be -- it's in a manner that is just above that of a typical murder. that it was done in a cruel fashion. they could have very well found that luring him into the vehicle, driving him, he was with two other people and no ability to defend himself, that it was done in a heinous, cruel manner. remember, the prosecutor's theme was that this was planned. these people were laying in wait for him and executed him essentially and i think that's where the jury came up with that
7:38 am
finding. and it's huge because now he'll spend the rest of his life in jail whereas, being eligible for parole. and to me the fact that they didn't have any questions, they were convinced that it was going to come back as cruelty and they gave him a life in prison sentence. if they believe the defense that he was a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time he would be found not guilty. but when you see them high fiving one another and getting rid of evidence it's pretty hard to know that they wouldn't come back with the whole lock stock and barrel. >> and the ammunition they found
7:39 am
in the house, and they were able to tie that 45 to him. >> the weapons charges are relevant because they want to throw everything at him. and he's still facing a separate murder charge in a separate case. there's only three ways under law in that state that you have a first degree murder. it's either premeditated preplanned or committed persunt to another felony. and that's viewed as that most serious level. so, they went after the cruelty charges for the reasons we were discussing. and this jury determined that this killing itself was a first degree murder because of the
7:40 am
cruelty that they view that they say today aaron hernandez showed in perpetuating it. >> and obviously, aaron hernandez reacting to the guilty verdict. looking back towards his fiance and mother. by the way, i'm being told that the sentencing could occur in the next 10 or 12 minutes. although that's usually -- >> in most types of criminal cases, the judge will have that sentencing hearing and in some cases, in massachusetts, the jury can have an effect on that. >> and what we know now that we didn't know 30 minutes ago is that this individual is guilty of murder in the first degree and will face an automatic life
7:41 am
sentence. and the prosecution had a circumstantial case that is they were putting together a lot of different things without, say, a smoke gun without -- >> a gun. >> exactly. and we should also note that the prosecution put on 100 witnesses,witnesses -- over 100 witnesses, and the defense produced only three. >> and certainly -- give us some color on what you've been seeing outside the courtroom there? >> reporter: a lot of people gathering now. this has been a long deliberation as far as cases go.
7:42 am
and it was a nine week case and the deliberation went into the 7th day. my gut was probably they went home last night in agreement and wanted to sleep on it to make sure they were making the right call. i thought a lot of people felt that inthey were in agreement it would be on second degree degree. based on the fact that so much of this was circumstantial and that there was no motive. but a lot of people felt that the judge made a lot of rulings were unfavorable to aaron hernandez. specifically a text message where he said i'm with nfl, as if to say, this car ride is not working for me and this arrest of aaron hernandez really
7:43 am
shocked the nfl because he had just been iawarded a contract extension and he scored a touchdown in the patriots last super bowl and he was apparently living a very different lifestyle off the field. and he's a convicted murderer and now will face double murder charges insufficientic sufex county. and that a man spild spilled his drink on aaron hernandez and the
7:44 am
apology wasn't approp et enough for him and he killed them. >> and boston globe is reporting that lloyd's family members may be testifying in the sentencing that we may hear in the next moments or so. and the case that we saw concluded, they wir able to keep out from this case aaron hernandez's other legal issues. and now, in this second case this double murder is this going to be brought into that case. >> typically, you can't bring in a prior conviction even one as serious as this unless it goes to credibility. a defendant is given open minded
7:45 am
judgment and not bringing up every thing. we know that if you have a big rap sheet, that will come into play. but they found him guilty based on the facts in the allegations presented to him. the exception, and we're not there yet, if in that case, the prosecutors ss found a way to argue that anything in here showed lying lying, deceit and in the rare cases where a murder suspect takes the stand, that also can come into play. >> and the sentencing face that is coming up in about five minutes, i'm told according to the boston globe could include members of odin lloyd. but the sentence is pretty much
7:46 am
set as life in prison. and aaron hernandez's mother fiance is there anything that could change the outcome of this sentence? >> no. but the family has a right and opportunity get up for the first time now and this is something that always bothers them. they have to sit there and talk to someone talk to their loved ones and have no say. and even though has no effect on the sentence they will have a chance to speak to aaron hernandez and show how much they feel about him taking their loved one. >> and the person effected by this decision aaron he hernandez, could speak, also right?
7:47 am
>> i think his counsel would be likely to urge him to say as little as possible. he could ask for leniency. and he can does have another charge against the him and he's a form famous nfl player. and it's certainly true, that there's no suspense or open question. and you think about these murder victims, their families it's certainly a significant part in the justice system that they now have that chance j standing to have that if they choosz. >> and now, hes to the deal with another double murder charge in the near future. do his attorneys have any possibility of seeing in the future if things could change?
7:48 am
>> the only thing they have right now is the appellate process. and people may cretyke of the judge's rulings but you have to be careful what you bring in and that you don't bring in too many things. this judge was very measured. they made sure certain evidence was not included that could be too speculative and you not only want to waynein a guilty verdict. but you're also making thursure that you don't do anything improppal that could bring a appeal. and i think judge gave very good rulings. and i believe that this ruling will be sustained throughout
7:49 am
appellate process. i think he was given every opportunity to have his defs present an agreszgressiveing e ing aargument on his behalf. >> bob kraft was brought in to talk about how he speak to hernandez and felt very comforted by hernandez's storey. this is a big star and sometimes you hear in the united states if you're rich and famous you don't have to pay the price for your mistakes. and in this case kraft and everybody else was not able to convince the jury. >> that's true. these are some of the best defense bar lawyers munoney can buy. and for folks at home who said
7:50 am
he seemed guilty and he seemed like he was probably guilty. this is not a probably guilty this is a beyond a reasonable doubt. and these high priced lawyers are going to try to poke holes and basically say the prosecutors didn't reach their burden and that's why they could show fewer witnesses. a handful verses the hundreds of the prosecution. and there is no murder weapon no motive. now, that cuts against the prosecution's argument. that maybe the motive wouldn't make sense to lot of people. and they said that is part of what made this so cruel, and
7:51 am
this was a cruel, terrible act of murder not something we'd see in a lower charge. and not an acceptable way to kill someone under our law but not the most serious and they were, the prosecutors were able to say poke holes into that and why would he do such a terrible thing and risk his entire life. >> and you're outside the courtroom. s the rr somethere is some movement there. >> there was someone who jumped in a car out here. i couldn't tell who it was but there was a lot of media round her. just following up on one of the conversations you were having about the fact that there was a lack of motive. there was a lot of diskushzcussion
7:52 am
leading up to this case was that he somehow had upset hernandez at a bar and he was telling him what he knew about the 2012 murder in boston. all of that doesn't matter now. but perhaps this is going to km up in this next case because the authorities in boston were saying this was an incomp rehenceable act of violence on hernandez's fault that he was apparently bumped into at a night club and didn't get an apology he wanted and gunned the guy down. and to them, that is the motive.
7:53 am
>> and when there's no obvious moteive to display, and no murder weapon, what the all comes down to in many ways is video. and there was video of aaron hernandez's own home that really kind of closed the book on him. >> and that is video evidence essentially produced by the defendant's house hold and that goes back to that circumstantial case. part of what the prosecution argued was that his fiance disposed of a box that he asked to be disbowsposed of and he cooperated testified and said i threw it in a dumpster i don't remember where and you can imagine how hard they looked for that box and didn't find it.
7:54 am
and it is entirely possible that the jury accepted the implication there. what'ser the implication? the box they have had the murder weapon in it and if thought that it may have contained things that showed he participated in a murder and tried to cover it up afterwards in ways that as you say, involved efrds involved evidence, if not actual smoking gun evidence. >> and what is the process going forward for him? where is he going to be transferred to and how is he going to deal with this second case? >> i'm here jose. he's going to actually await sentencing here. we presume he'll be transferred
7:55 am
back to where he's been all along in bristol county and he has to remanded to a massachusetts state prison and at some point, remanded back to suffolk county and participate in that trial. so it's up to -- i am understanding that in the next 60 to 90 days that they want to get that trial underway. so he'll go back to where he's been staying and at some poirngts point transported to a prison and then to suffolk county for that case.
7:56 am
and a nine week trial and all of the work the lawyers did for him, is very expensive. he had a very good legal team. and i think one of the members, may maybe not the entire team will defend him in boston but that's yet to be seen jose. >> and as far as the legal team that has to deal with a second case obviously what they did here is effecting him. but they are two totally different cases. he could be found not guilty of that case and not have this case effected. >> that's right, they're separate cases, separate process. the only thing you can say that's the most relevant from his defense attorney's perspective is that they use a lot of resources imagining what a jury is going to decide and as
7:57 am
many people know f you have the ofunds a lut of times, you'll actually empanel a mock jury. and you'll try to case in practice and see what people thought of it as a practice run like debate prep. well not to be at all flip about the important process we saw reach verdict today but in some sense, this was the ultimate practice because they tried these out in a practicate sense and this is a character judgment obviously, because a jury looked at him and the evidence and decide he was capable of and did in fact commit first degree murder. and they will at minimum, try
7:58 am
out, i would expect other types of of arguments and ways to suggest mow that he's not the cold hearted murderer that this jury found today. >> and they never asked question about first degree murder and that they were considering something else but that they had pretty much decide this is what they had decided. >> the fact that they did not come back and ask for any recharge, which is a reinstruction on these charges, to me they were soundly convinced in the beginning but wanted to do their due process to make sure they looked at and unturned every stone. but i think at least most of
7:59 am
them were convinced at the beginning. >> we're going to continue our breaking news coverage of the aaron hernandez trial. he's expected to be sentenced shortly. >> thank you very much. good morning, everyone. as you can see, we're following breaking news here. former nfl star aaron hernandez has just been found guilty of killing his friend odin lloyd. so, the verdict came down less than an hour ago. hernandez himself, at one point, sitting down as his verdict was read. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> and nbc's ron joins me outside the courtroom.
8:00 am
ron, that's just a snippet of what we saw play out in the courtroom with hernandez but we saw his fiance on one side and the family of lloyd on the other side. this guy was once an nfl star and now will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> it's a dramatic verdict in this case. and i think those that have been following closely thought this would headed for a hung jury because these jurors took their time. they were on their 7th day here this morning but what this suggests to me is that they probably went home last night in agreement and wanted to sleep on it because you are sending a


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