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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  April 15, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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nbc's ron joins me outside the courtroom. ron, that's just a snippet of what we saw play out in the courtroom with hernandez but we saw his fiance on one side and the family of lloyd on the other side. this guy was once an nfl star and now will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> it's a dramatic verdict in this case. and i think those that have been following closely thought this would headed for a hung jury because these jurors took their time. they were on their 7th day here this morning but what this suggests to me is that they probably went home last night in agreement and wanted to sleep on it because you are sending a young man to prison for the rest
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of his life, without the possibility of parole. i think he was probably stunned as much as his fiance and mother were. this was a largely circumstantial case, tamron. the assault video, and testimony from his fiance and prosecutors asked, what did you do with the box and she was evasze rvive in answering. and he a lawyer said it was very helpful because that appeared that she was covering up for her fiance and that added to fact
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that he looked guilty. >> and this trial pitted the fiance against her sister who had dated lloyd. and a text message where he felt something was wrong later that evening whennee was with aaron hernandez hernandez. >> a lot of things people talk about is the rule gdsings by the judge. and one of those things is the text message saying that he somehow didn't feel comfortable about being with these three men and that when the car returned to the home only three got out.
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and that was hernandez squksand the coconspirators in this case. and evidence was most damning was collected right in hernandez's home. and that's when you see him coming back at 2:00 in the morning with what appears to be gun and then fiance being told by him to get rid of a box. and the jurors felt that was eflfe enough to find him guilty of first degree murder. >> and criminal defense attorney, and here with me robert a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. you've been here with us a number of times talking about this case.
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let's just start from the beginning. just signed a contract, a popular player and nobody could have predicted that his life would turn in this direction. >> i think there were a lot of people that didn't think he could do such a thing and as time went on and there was more talk about it and evidence gathered it became very evident that hernandez was the target of this investigation. and when it came out that lloyd was shot five or six times, including two kill shots to his chest and a lot of the erds evidence as it mounted, did not look good for hernandez. >> and how has this effected the lives of the people in the courtroom but the team itself
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that was once tied to this individual and quite frankly, in the beginning tried to take swift action to disassociate themselves with hernandez? >> in the first weeks, they distanced himself from them he couldn't go back to the stadium. after that kraft confrontation with him in the gym and once charges were filed, they moved quickly away from him. so i think the team has moved on. and the days and weeks after, they said we have to analyze players better and take precaution to make sure this doesn't happen again. and as time has gone on i think hernandez has been standing alone out there as far as his charges he faced. and he will go on trial later in
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suffolk county for two murders. >> and i want to bring in rob look at this case. there was no eye witness that came fordward, no murd weapon and then the jurors had to take their word for it that what is seen in his hands is in fact a gun. >> when i started trying homicide cases, we didn't have dna analysis in here you have three separate videos showing him with the victim and gas station, at the house, text messages phone use. so a lot of prosecution would
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love to have murder weapon and motive but the judge is clear that you don't need any of these things and they did a good step by step showing that they lured in wait for him, they brought him to a desolate place for the murder. the murder was committed and again, most importantly to me was the rule of commonsenses and they went back to the house like nothing ever happened and the commonsense is more driving to the jury than other sophisticated measures. they knew he was murdered and that he had a weapon probably in the box of his fiance. >> and i know you're in there by phone, but i want some of your analysis here. i think we have this surveillance video. and let's show this while we
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discuss this here. and the prosecution weaved together this story. you see hernandez there, you see him following what appears to be the murder of odin lidloyd and they're piecing this together and the defense team tried to convince the jury that you see him here but this does not show a man committing the murder and they were so confident in that they called very few witnesses to the stand. >> and ultimately, that may by a mistake. and we never know what the jury finds important until we hear from them directly usually in the hall of the court house after they render their verdict. but what the prosecution very capeably did was provide a case where they were able to rimove the possible escape paths that
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the defense might take. and circumstantial evidence can be every bit as powerful as direct evidence as long as there aren't any other reasonable it were traigzinterpretations that the evidence could suggest. and really the jurors were only left with their commonsense that could lead to this. and based on the closing arguments and i think defense did a good job in injecting question that the jurors could take back into the jury room questions remained unanswered and that ultimately, that was not enough to carry the day. and even though it looked like he might be able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat that was not the cases. >> and part of the defense case
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here or at least one that they'd hoped that the jury would buy into was here you have a guy who just signed a multimillion dollar contract why would he give it up to commit a murder that the motive hasn't even been fairly explained. >> and i think that's a fair question to ask. and while prosecutors enjoy having a clear motive, that's not necessary to the crime charges p. and that's a bit beside the point. the other thing that they had in their favor was a more generous favorable, legal theory on which to proceed, which was the joint venture theory and you don't
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even need to show that he was the one that pulled the trigger and that just his presence was enough to carry the day. and so at the end what we have during this well organized presentation of circumstantial evidence in the case is you can't help but be wleftleft with the conclusion of hernandez, if you were really an innocent man, would have behaved in a very different way than what we saw in the tape for example. >> and farpart of the prosecution's case was that he's thin skinned, easily provoked and contrasted with the fact that he had a very bright future and he donated $50,000 to the patriots' charitable foundation and mean
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while, he's found guilty by the jury in this case and now also facing first degree murder charges of two other men in july 2010 of a drive-by shooting and i think you have a lot of people saying who is this guy? >> and he's charged with these two murders in boston south end. the fact is he played football interest for a year while these murders occurred and he's now convicted in the murder of odin lloyd. so it's paceossible he played for two whole years after committing murder. and it's interesting that he has a reputation of being hot
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headed. remember, he shot one of his friends in the eye. >> and that friend actually testified about the incident. >> that's right. so, there's all kinds of questions. and what's interesting about the prosecution's argument is that they built to a creshendo and they basically said, aaron hernandez is the guy who called the shots and he brought the guys up from connecticut and he was in control. thegression the suffolk county prosecutors is again, what happened with this south end murder? why did he commit it? they essentially claim that he went inooto a murderous rage after a man bumped into him and made
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him spill his drink. >> for our autddience here, the sentencing phase will happen shortly. and lloyd's family the family was in the courtroom when this verdict was heard. emotional when they heard the words guilty here will also speak. ron, before i bring you back in to talk about what you heard in the courtroom. let me play again what happened at the top of the last hour when aaron hurernandez heard the words that he was guilty. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> madam forperson? >> extreme atrausty or cruelty.
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>> charging the defendant aaron hernandez with unlawful possession of a firearm while at home or work what say you, is the defendant not guilty or guilty? >> guilty. >> so ron, we godo know at some point, he kept looking back at his fiance as she was openly emotional and there were times when maybe he mouthed the words you're wrong. >> you saw that he was turning back and that's where shawna jenkins and his mother they're holding each other. it's probably also devastating for the lloyd family and that
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she still doesn't know why her son was kill and i would imagine if she does speak to it and we already know what the sentence will be perhaps she's going to ask hernandez why. and we'll have to wait and see whether he talks but you guys were talking a few momess essmoments ago about hernandez and why he is found in this position. there are lot of teams in the national football league who had a lot of red flags coming up about drafting him because of the troubles wliel ss while at university. his dad died at a young age and people say he lost his way when he lost his dad, and his
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athletic pursuits were very much cheerd on by his dad and when you lose that kind of beaken sometimes you can't recover from it. there were a lot of people cheering in this community and around new england as a very gifted player -- >> let me interrupt you now. we have the victim impact statements starting right now. >> odin was the first born of three children. he was my only son. he was a backbone of the family. odin, was the man of the house, he was his sister's keeper. olivia and after my daughter
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olivia had her daughter he became her keeper as well. he attended every one of sanaiya's recitals. they had two sons omary and chancellor who would never know their uncle. he would have taught them to be like him. to have respect. to have respect. and manners to everyone. and to play his favorite sport, football. odin gave me a beautiful gift before he was murdered and that was introduce me to his
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girlfriend. odin was my first best gift i ever received. i thank god every second and every day of my son's life that i spent with him. the day i laid my son odin's life to rest i felt my heart stop beating for a moment. i felt like i wanted to go into the hole with my son, odin.
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i will never have a grand child from my son or grand children. i will never get to dance at his wedding. he will never, ever get to dance at my wedding. i will never hear my son saying mommy dukes maw did you cook. ma go to bed. ma you're so beautiful. where are you going, ma? did you get my permission to go out? i love you. i miss my baby boy odin so much but i know i'm going to see him
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some day again. and that is giving me the strength to go on. we wore purple every day in this courtroom because it was my son's favorite color. i forgivse the people who had a hand in my son's murder and i pray that some day everybody out there will forgive them also. may god continue to bless us. thank you. thank you. >> that was ursela lloyd. she said that when she lay her son to rest her heart stopped beating and let's listen in to
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more. >> i would like to thank jury, thank everybody who worked on the case. nephew odin was brought into my life at the age of two years old and he has been with me ever since. he meant a lot to me to see how he grew, respect he had. toughest thing for me is that i won't get to see him have a child and to treat that child like he did my own, my son zion
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called him uncle. the way he interact with him, special to me. the way he treat his friends, his family especially his sisters, from the age of four he was -- had a big stater and so everyone knew shaqilla and you do something, you got to see him. and just the way he cared for them was very special to me. you know a lot of people won't see from the outside the value and the riches he had wasn't material. the world he possessed.
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a lot of times we look on the outside and forget that inside and the person that they are. he was a great person. and i'm sorry for where i stand today. but i know that the amount of time i had with him was special and he will always be with me. the love he for his mother my sister sister, how strong she is.
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i just want to -- everybody to know what good person he was. the smile he had on his face was -- that smile. got him out of a lot of trouble with me, that smile. just had to say, just go ahead, man. wut but he was a prideful prideful guy. never want you to give him anything without him earning it. the car that i drive today was my nephew's he didn't want me to give to him, he wanted to earn it so he ride his bike every day to work, unless it's raining and he say uncle, can i get a ride and otherwise, he
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jump on his bike and go to work because that's the kind of family we are, we work for what we want. and so thank everybody again and i appreciate my family the support that we have from friends, from family and that's the kind of world that he possessed that so many people who know him, love him. when i tell you they love him and so he was a very rich young man. and i'm sorry that i won't get to hold his kid and treat him like he treat mine and all the
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darkness must come to light and i'm sorry that he was that light but it's set and i thank you. >> another powerful statement from family member of odin lloyd, his uncle describing his smile, his love of life and how much he was loved and admired by family members. this is now his sister, i'm being told who is about to give a statement about her brother. >> my name is olivia and i'm odin lloyd's sister. i am only two years younger than odin so i spent my whole entire life with him. he was the big brother that everybody would love to have.
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today, my sister shaquilla isn't here so i'm going to speak on her behalf as well. these last couple of years have been the hardest time of our lives. that age of 25 i was asked to write my brother's eulogy, the hardest thing i've ever done in my life and i wrote it with a smile because i got to write all the great memories that i had with him. i got to tell everyone how he wore the same adiddas flip-flops for ten years. and as much as i asked him to
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buy a new pair he wanted those slippers to be his and he wore them with pride. i got to talk to a congregation of people and talk about how he protected me and my sister how he was such a great guy. i would wake up in the morning and my car would be gone and as soon as i was ready to get mad at him, my car was clean inside and out. i got to tell people what a great uncle he was, how he taught my daughter to ride her bike. it doesn't feel like he isn't here, it feels like a bad dream and i'm stuck in this dream world where i haven't had a chance to speak with him. he called me every day and if he didn't call me he'd text me.
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and he'd call me at work and i'd say, what are you doing, i'm at work. i miss that. when my nephew was born last march, the first thing i did was pick up the phone to tell him, odin you have a nephew. and i reached to my phone to text him to tell him he had another nephew. and he'll never get to meet them. and every day i look at my son and my daughter and my son will never know the uncle that my daughter got to meet. and like i said just feels like a bad dream. i talked to my sister and every day, every day she tells me that she loves me because i'll never get to tell my brother that and
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i'll never get to see him again but i have to go to his grave stiet site to look at his tombstone to tell him i love him. i'm grateful always for the man that he was. because he was a man with pride. he was a hard working man. and as everything starts to unfold about him, i sat in this courtroom and watched online every day i wasn't here and i smiled because odin was a great man. and all these things over shadow the fact that he got up and worked every morning. he road his bike 10 miles. i would never do that but he did because he wanted to earn his. he wanted to make sure that what
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he got he worked for. odin was a great man and i hate that i have to sit here and talk about him like this. i hate that he's not here. it's a great day today but it's an awful painful day because we still have to relive the fact that we're here today. i see my mom's tears, my family and i can't console them like he would. the day we got the call that something happened to him, i kept saying it's not him. we grew up in a neighborhood that wasn't the best and he's avoided all these things avoided -- he was never in a gang. he never picked up guns. and this is how he died but odin
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was a good man and i wish that everyone had the opportunity to meet him. and today, i sit on behalf of my sister and myself to thank everyone who's worked on this case, to thank everyone who's reached out for us who's prayed for us. i thank everyone in this court for all their hard work and time they put into this case. and i thank you guys for today. i thank god that we are here and smiling in some way. thank you. >> odin lloyd's sister olivia discussing what they love about him, and family milestones including the birth of her child. she described a hard working man
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that would ride his bike 10 miles every day because he wanted to earn everything he got. this is his cousin. >> this is the hardest time of my life to watch my aunt having to come into the courtroom every day and see the terrible things that happened to her son, is this backbone of our family. but it gave me so much joy to see her strength and she doesn't know how strong she really is. i sat here every day and thought she shouldn't be go toinging through this. the family shouldn't be. i don't know what tomorrow holds but i know that odin won't be there with us in body. there will be weddings graduations, there will be holidays that he won't be there. there will be more children born
8:35 am
and he won't be there with them either. he's in our hearts and forever in our thoughts. my cousin passed away odin was the one that found a way to make us all laugh in a time that was so hard. odin said i don't know whooiy you're worrying, she doesn't have to pay taxes or rent. she's okay where she's at. so in the words of odin lloyd, as long as i have life i will smile. legends never die. thank you. >> odin lloyd's cousin describing he was the backbone of the family. and again, these are the victim impact statements and you're hearing the loss and what this family has experienced since the
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death of odin lloyd in 200013. >> the jury having found the defendant guilty of murder in the first degree for having committed a extremely cruel and atrocious killing, you heard the evidence that supported that verdict, it was brutal and senseless. so, we'd ask, based on the finding of verdict by this jury that the defendant be sentenced to the state prison for the term of his natural life without the possibility of parole. >> and charges? >> we ask that the court impose a sentence concurrent to the life in prison without parole and one year in house of
8:37 am
correction, that sentence being served. >> thank you. does counsel wish to speak? >> your honor, we don't have anything to add. obviously, the court needs to impose statutory penalty on count one that would leave the remaining counts for your discretion. >> thank you.
8:38 am
>> you heard the victim impact statements andall allso from the prosecution who would like the judge to sentence hernandez to prison for the rest of his life for the murder of odin lloyd. >> 2013-0983-a. the jury returning a verdict of murder in the first degree and in consideration of the crime which you stand committed. you're committed to the nci ceder junction for the term of your natural life without the possibility of parole. and 2013 where you are charge would the crime of unlawful possession of a firearm, after the jury finding you guilty and
8:39 am
consideration for the crime you stand convicted. you are committed to ceder junction to not less than 1 1/2 years and not more than three. on 0983-c where you're charged with the unlawful possession offan ammunition you now stand committed and -- convicted and in consideration for the offense you now stand convicted, you are sentenced to the house of conviction and you have the right to have your case reviewed. and chapter 22 e section 3, you're required to include a sample of your dna to go in in innational data base.
8:40 am
and agreement of the parties, it will start on the date of arrest which was june 26th 2013. at this point, sir, you stand committed and you're in custody of the court officers pending servicinge of the court officers, pending servicingeing your sentence. >> does it make sense to see what date you're getting in boston and then deal with the dates here. there are other charges in this case that were not tried as part of this case and in addition the other two unrelated charges. >> yes your honor, it makes sense. >> yes, we can wait for a date to see what happens in boston. >> that's agreeable. >> thank you.
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>> there you have it. aaron hernandez now sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. let me bring in robert, a former prosecutor and a former defense attorney. and robert we heard the victim impact statements. we did not hear from aaron hernandez and we did not hear the family ask the question, why did he cording to this jury take lloyd's life? >> and i don't think they're going to get that. and in a circumstantial evidence case such as this i don't think they're going to ever get that answer because i can tell you as a prosecutor, defense attorney
8:42 am
i'm not having my client opine about why when he has other murder charges pending. i used to tell victim's families the courtroom is a place for potential justice but as satisfying as it is for a guilty verdict, there's still a long road they will have to go through emotionally, because as you heard, this was a gut wrenching loss that justice department can't serve. >> and the owner of the team maintains even now that he was at a night club when odin lloyd was murdered and that once the time line was cleared, he would be cleared of these charges.
8:43 am
and his sadness, as presented by his defense, they were about to be brothers in law, they were dating sisters but nothing from this family for him. >> listen my experience has been, everybody in my opinion is looking at this in the wrong way about no motive. there is a motive. he is used to having people do everything for him that he asked and everyone wants to be around him and do whatever it is to be part of the quote on quote aaron hernandez team and there's this narcissistic piece from these individuals and exacerbated because of all their fame and celebrity, where they don't even recognize what they have done is wrong and as long as they don't get caught, they don't care. if i were the prosecutor on this kaiz case i would tell them not
8:44 am
to expect it because any apology or explanation is not going to sufies them. they are happy that the justice system work and they're going to need to move on and potentially use the victim services that will be provided for them for counseling. >> we have news about the other charges he's facing. he was supposed to have a court date that was supposed to start may 28th and nowthat has now been canceled and a new date has not been announced. and this fall from gray, as we like to call it has been incredible to watch over the nine weeks of this trial. >> and the those families want
8:45 am
justice as well for their family members who died in the ambush the drive buy in 2012. and your question about how did he find himself here? for a lot of men who follow the nfl, and it is hard to get there and it is even harder to demand the kind of respect that aaron hernandez did and so it's mind boggling how he threw that away for a different type of lifestyle off the field, and while they didn't get answers and may never get answers as to why aaron hernandez and the two men picked lloyd up and executed him, in effect we will never know. but as you mentioned, there is another trial ahead for murder.
8:46 am
and one suing aaron hernandez for shooting him in the face. and you do have a clearly established motive and a weapon they blievelieve was used and we have alexander bradley was with aaron hernandez the night those two men were killed on the night in boston. so it's mind boggling that this man, has ended his freedom this way. >> let me bring in criminal defense attorney he's on the phone here. daren, it's interesting, when you think about, for example, robert kraft, the owner of the patriots, being called tine testify about his relationship and he talked about greeting him with a kiss on the cheek every time they crossed paths in
8:47 am
gillette stadium -- i think we lost contact with daren. and at some point, even saying did you commit this crime and he told him that he was at a night club and the prosecution seized on that saying, in their closing argument, if he didn't commit the crime, how did he know the time line and know when lloyd had been killed because that had not been released at the time he the conversation in the locker room. >> and the comments made tookraft were proven false. and going back to kraft, his time on the stand here here is a very wealthy man who
8:48 am
essentially took chance on hernandez. and a lot of teams passed on him during the draft, thought there too many signs pointing to trouble but he took chance. he was a very very good player. and in the summer of 2012 he was awarded a an extension, which is not usual in the nfl to get this guaranteed money because the chance for injury is so high. and aaron in hernandez said to kraft and his now late wife that he was going to show to them and prove to them that they made the right choice in showing him this confidence and he apparently, went on with the season having committed a double homicide in
8:49 am
boston. and this man who essentially had everything, threw away everything. >> we have a statement from the massachusetts state police department. it goes on by saying, that no one is above the law. obviously, anytime someone's life is taken, as is the case with odin lloyd, it's a sad moment for families and for us to watch this. but when you highlight this with this nfl star the guy who seemed to have it all. i thing was the boston globe who said he had the money and on his way up in the sport he played but as pointed out by the massachusetts police department no one is above the law. and we talk so often about how people believe celebrities get a break. >> i never subscribed to that.
8:50 am
i think that jurors do the right thing with all people but i will say that when you are a celebrity celebrity, and the media goes into the case. you can't help it with the inertia of cameras and media, that everybody is a bit off their game but everybody pretty much trying to assure that when you're a celebrity you're not treated better. i've seen cases where the celebrity may have actually hurt them. people are bending over backwards in order to not make it look like the celebrity has any impact here. i would say his celebrity was factually relevant because the prosecutor didn't hit it too hard, but to me all the things you just mentioned, about the contracts, the money, people taking a chance on him. the night before he was murdered, he wrote that he was bugging out, quotes/unquote because of spot. we don't know what that means, but what provided to the jury is
8:51 am
all these contracts, all this money, fame popularity whatever that thing was he was referring to could have been wiped away and that's something that celebrities have to deal with all the time. they're under the microscope and have to fear losing it all. that to me provides a powerful motive. >> thanks for joining us. ron, thank you as well for being live. we're going to continue to following this breaking news regarding aaron hernandez and now the guilty verdict from the jury as he was escorted there behind bars for the rest of his life. no possibility of parole. we're also expecting to hear from odin lloyd's mother ursula as she leaves the court. we'll talk a quick break and we'll be right back. ay on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years. all to grow our economy and create jobs.
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guilty of murder in the first degree. >> madam foreperson by which theory or theories deliberate premedication and/or extreme atrocity and/or cruelty. >> extreme acrossity or cruelty.
8:55 am
charging the defendant aaron hernandez with unlawful possession of a firearm, what say you, madam foreperson? is the defendant not guilty or guilty? >> guilty. that is what played out in that court just about an hour ago, former nfl star aaron hernandez, just 25 years old, will spend the rest of his life behind bars in the death of odin lloyd. he was also found guilty of extreme atrocity or and unlawful possession of ammunition. we heard victim impact statements that would just break anyone's heart listening to odin lloyd's family describe the loss. they referred to him as the backbone of that family his mother ursula saying she will miss her son, her baby boy and she referred to him greeting her every day.
8:56 am
this is an incredible is trial to watch, but now nfl star aaron hernandez will spend the rest of his life a prisoner. that does it for this edition of "news nation." up next, andrea mitchell reports live from . owner of a geek-easy in orlando, florida. he has fun events and thin turns them on to snow comics the. for more watch your business sunday mornings on msnbc. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon. it's a marvelous thing! oh! haha! so you can replace plane tickets, traveler's cheques, a lost card. really? that worked?
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does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help. right now on "andrea mitchell reports" she trying to focus on the economy of day 2 on her swing through iowa. what do you take away from all of this? >> so much good information, so much great exchange about what works, what did work not just here in iowa but i think across the country. cuba libre. president obama says he's taking cuba off the terror list
9:00 am
prompting outcry from marco rubio. >> i think it's a mistake. it's only going to allow the cuban government access to more hard currency so they can set in permanent concrete the system they want legitimized life without parole. a jury outside boston finds aaron hernandez guilty of first degree murder. his victim's mother spoke before the court. >> i miss my baby boy odin so much but i know i will see him someday again. that has given me the strength to go on. good day,


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