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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  April 16, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," airmail, a major security breach again in washington as a mailman from florida lands his home made aircraft on the lawn of the capitol. only feet away from the front steps to the halls of congress. and he even broadcast his plans a year ahead of time to his hometown paper. >> terrorists don't announce their flights before they take off. terrorists don't broadcast their flight path. >> the pielot is due in court this afternoon. for homeland security, a real life action movie? >> you remember the movie "independence day" remember the heat shield around the large spacecraft we don't have heat shields. >> follow the money, new
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questions after the clinton foundation cuts off donations from some foreign countries, but not all. and is he in or out? chris christie may be battle scarred, but new hampshire, he told matt lauer there's still time. >> i haven't changed. all that other stuff is artificial until. the game really begins. the game hasn't even come close to beginning. good day, everyone i'm andrea mitchell back in washington. the mailman who flew a gyrocopter on to the white house lawn has a date in federal court this afternoon. this stunt was an effort to highlight objections to big money in politics. but it's once again raising big questions about the safety of the air space over the nation's
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capitol. peter alexander filed this report. >> reporter: following this unprecedented stunt, new questions this morning about security in the nation's capitol. how did the capital police and secret service all miss this? the scene playing out wednesday, a 61-year-old florida mailman looking to deliver a message to washington. carrying 535 letters, one for each member of congress protesting government corruption. >> this is not good, people. >> reporter: landing on the capitol grounds where he was quickly arrested, the flight wasn't a surprise. he blogged about his plans in 2013 and shared details with the tampa bay times last year. >> i don't believe that the authorities are going to shoot down a 60-year-old mailman in a flying bicycle. >> reporter: after a heads up about his timing, ben montgomery drove to washington to watch but never alerted authorities. >> it's not my job to pull the plug on doing somebody like this. >> reporter: the secret service
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interviewed hughes in 2013 but it's unclear whether federal law enforcement was aware of the trip before he flew in. >> the commanders need to rethink all the possible ways people can attack protected areas. too many people are getting through. >> reporter: overnight we spoke to hughes's friend. >> it was kind of a stupid thing to do, but it was also brave and patriotic and he is going to pay a very dear price. >> peter alexander joins me now. extraordinary, he flew under the radar through protected air space. there was a debate on "morning joe" as to whether he should have been shot down. >> it's a good question and we could have having a different conversation had that happened but the question people have is should the u.s. military secret service, capitol police which one of them should have been in charge of this. how did this happen altogether? we put that question to the secretary of homeland security and e here's what he told us.
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>> when you witness a guy in a gyrocopter fly and land on the lawn in front of the capitol, what was your first reaction to that? >> my first reaction was what's a gyrocopter. i had to see an image of it, oh yes, that is a gyrocopter. this individual apparently lit u rally flew in under the radar. >> one of the questions posed yesterday was why, in fact they were not aware of this. they say they simply did not detect it. so he's not kidding when this gyrocopter flew under the radar. right now, you played a little bit of the clip. he said in a reference to the movie "independence day" you know the heat shield we don't have heat shields. we have to find a balance between good security and the ability for people to move freely in what is a democracy. >> first, there were drones and years ago the small plane that
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crashed on the south lawn of the white house. now this? when you think of this gyrocopter, you think of james bond? you think of other movie experiences. >> i think it also raised a lot of questions about this it got underneath the radar and the local newspaper was aware this was happening. were there warning signs that others should have been better familiar with in advance? but easily this could have turned badly. remember his flight path as it was was passing right past the washington monument. had he taken a hard left he's staring straight at the white house. >> thank you for that. for more about this, i'm joined by amy klobuchar. you are standing not far from where this guy crashed. >> i think this is very concerning. people can kind of talk about the fact that he's a 61-year-old mailman, he clearly isn't a terrorist, but he could have
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caused damage himself. e he could have hurt someone. besides that, it it does make you wonder what other planes could be able to come in? what other vehicles could come in? this is going to create quite a review of the policies and what's happening here because it is clearly a security risk when this kind of thing can happen. >> senator, i want to ask you about the iran deal because now another voice, you now hear from the president of iran. now the president of iran is saying that the congressional decision, which will come up for a vote and will be unanimous, is enough to destroy the deal. >> he can say what e he wants, but we believe this is an orderly process for looking at this deal. when you look at the fact it was sanctions that brought the iranians to the table and these sanctions were brought in by congress, congress could have messed around with this any way and i like the fact that bob
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corker negotiated an orderly process past the foreign relations committee. there's been a lot of partisanship and people playing politics with this. a serious process that i think works. i'm not surprised at all that you're going to hear this kind of stuff from the iranians. what matters to those of us looking at the deal is is this real? is every single detail nailed down so they can't cheat. e we know there's some progress from the framework with the number of centrifuges going down from 19,000 to the 5,000s to the inspections process that goes up to 25 years. it was progress, but there's so many details that have not been nailed down yet. that negotiation is going on, and i would not be surprised you're going to hear more from the iranians because of the fact that this negotiation is still ongoing. >> now i'm just back from iowa. hillary clinton is just back from iowa. i want to ask you about the campaign rollout. you're a supporter of hers. from an iowa perspective, the
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papers there, front page she did the small, you know coffee campaigning that iowans like but now we learn that people were bussed into the coffee shops, they were brought in a lot of it was staged. there was no opportunity to question her. and she did make news yesterday midday with a statement from her washington office or new york campaign office that she now believes there should be a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, but no opportunity and we all tried to question her about that. first of all, what about her change of position since that interview during her book tour last summer when she was saying it should be a state issue? >> well, i think first of all, she was saying in 2013, which was very important, she came out in a video for the human rights campaign for same-sex marriage. that certainly differentiates herself from the republican side that have announced, and i think it's a good question to ask of them, where they are on this issue. that's the number one thing.
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the second thing is i believe i remember listening to that interview, and i think it was pretty clear she came out for same-sex marriage. she talked about the state by state process because that's what was going on at the sametime. i think she's been very clear she's for same-sex marriage. she's led a lot of lgbt efforts in her role as secretary of state. as for your questions about iowa, having just spent the last two weeks in minnesota, the coffee clach at ruby's restaurant in minnesota, i think people want to hear from her in small groups. i don't know who was there, i just know this idea of going to where the politics appear on the local level is smart. that's what people in iowa want to see. she'll have her chance to come out with detailed policy positions, but she did talk about policy. she talked about immigration reform and her strong support for that.
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she talked about community colleges and went and gave a speech there. she talked with a woman with breast cancer and her support for the affordable care act. those are basic issues you want to start with that differentiate her from her opponents on the republican side. >> no question about that i was there for every minute of those conversations, but the bottom line is she is talking about a constitutional amendment on campaign financing, hasn't explained the details of that. she's talking very pop list rhetoric about the economy, hedge fund and ceos should not be making much money, but doesn't explain how she's going to deal with it. there are a lot of details yet to be filled in. i want to ask you about a moment on the hill when marco rubio were coming out of the briefing with john kerry. i know you're talking about how bipartisanship this is. did you have a moment to ask about the moment he took a shot
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at hillary clinton? he did go after not just jeb bush but hillary clinton. >> yes, and i obviously don't agree with him on that. i do have respect for senator rubio. we have worked together on business issues and i can tell you we were not talking about that. we were talking about things going on in the senate and whether we could resolve the issue before us. we were talking about the briefing and issues like that and we still have work to do in the senate. i know he believes that as well. >> amy klobuchar, great to see you. >> thank you, it was great to be on again. >> thanks so much. back to our top story, the mailman who landed on the white house lawn on wednesday. he even told his hometown paper two years ago what he planned to do that he was going to violate the no-fly zone. >> terrorists don't announce their flights before they take off. terrorists don't broadcast their
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flight path. i don't believe that the authorities are going to shoot down a 60-year-old mailman in a flying bicycle. i'm going to give them plenty of warning, well over an hour in advance so they know who i am who what i'm doing. >> elijah cummings is the ranking member the top democrat on the committee and government reform. congressman, thanks for being with us. not to engage in too much fear monogergger mongering, but this it guy could have had any number of things with him. a bomb, any kind of biological weapon, what about the failure of security to detect this gyrocopter on the lawn of the capitol? >> andrea, we're still looking into it, but i got to tell you i'm very upset and very concerned about this.
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that this device could be flown on to the lawn of the capitol and go undetected. there are a lot of issues that concern us about this. we're still looking into it. had a lengthy discussion this morning with the head of the secret service, so there's still a lot of things we have to get answered, but believe me in a bipartisan way we'll a microscope over this entire issue. >> does the secret service have jurisdiction here because it came so close to the white house and he could have turned to the white house? is the capitol police? who is in charge? >> both, we have a situation where the secret service apparently was alerted to this fellow back in 2013. they interviewed him in 2013. they found him not to be a threat, but the interesting thing that happened just yesterday, according to the
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director clancy of the secret service, the secret service got a call and from a news reporter who asked technical questions about air space, but apparently never alerted them to anything about this incident possibly happening. so we need to still look into that to see what kind of communications there was with regard to the secret service and what information they had. but if they did have information, of course it would have been incumbent upon them to notify capitol police. we have both of them involved here but there's another issue, too, and that is whether our technology is appropriate for the moment. because we have a situation, again, where we have this vehicle that was manned but we also are concerned about things like drones. these things can right now be
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undetected as the one was yesterday. that is of great concern. >> let me drill down op the secret service issue. they interviewed him. did they not know he was building this flying machine? were they aware he already taped with the tampa bay times an interview about what he planned to do? how deep was their investigation into this guy? >> that's a very good question and that's one i want to know the answers to. but the director clancy said they interviewed him and did not find him to be a threat back in 2013. but again, one of the things that we have noticed with some secret service issues recently is when interviews are conducted of people who announce themselves to be a threat whether the appropriate procedures are taken to make sure that they are properly investigated and if appropriate, followed. so there's still a lot of answers. we're still looking into it but
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in a bipartisan way, we'll address it. >> congressman cummings thank you. thank you very much. generation gap, marco rubio versus jeb bush dividing the party? we'll talk to one of jeb bush's supporters coming up next. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. ♪ ♪ ♪ new york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether.
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would be. but it seems to me that that train has slowed down pretty significantly, from what i have seen out around the country. >> you think it will speed up when he jumps full force into the race? >> don't know. here's the great things about politics. none of it matters until the game starts. none of it matters until you see how people perform under these lights. >> chris christie in an exclusive interview with matt lauer talking about one of his biggest could-be rivals in the 2016 race. if he decides to run, christie would face another threat from florida senator marco rubio. he's already jumped in. but who do conservatives want to see as their candidate? joining me is a republican leader. long time supporter of jeb bush. are you caught between two floridians? >> well sure they are my two favorite republican office holders. marco rubio worked in if my law firm. i went to his wedding, i love
9:21 am
him and his family. i would say both he and jeb from my hometown are two of my closest friends. i have picked jeb bush and have done it for a good reason. incidentally the most conservative governor in america according to the pundits. but in making this call we have four great leaders for the future america running for president. tim carney and rand paul -- but jeb bush was he ready to be president? yeah is he a much better potential president today, of course, i have seen his revolution and his knowledge, his ability to listen to others to weigh challenges in a different way. so i think he's just more prepared and the other four fellows are good. they are outstanding candidates.
9:22 am
they are the future of the party. they could step in and do a good job, but i just think jeb is so much readier for the assignment. >> i wanted to play a little bit of marco rubio from his announcement on monday when he really took a shot not just at hillary clinton as being a candidate of the pats, but certainly at jeb bush who was his mentor. >> just yesterday a leader from yesterday began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday. yesterday is over. >> is jeb bush yesterday and is he over? >> well, i laugh because all the younger candidates in the game like to call themselves transformational, the candidates of the future. one of the things i admire about
9:23 am
senator rubio is he wants to return to traditional conservative values which will take us back probably more than a decade and a more comfortable place politically for him and perhaps for a lot of people in the party. i don't disagree with his desire to take us back to traditional values, but there's a contrast between that and talking about the future. if you want to talk about the future, oh my gosh i think jeb bush has so many great ideas, whether it's in education or transforming our nation into getting ready for the next century. if you listen to the speeches carefully, there's one candidate who is talking about the future and what america needs to do to be ready for these great. challenges and that candidate is jeb bush if he becomes one. >> talk about tugs at your heart strings. marco rubio would be the first major party candidate who is cuban-american mean he would be breaking all kinds of barriers for latinos.
9:24 am
>> of course andrea and i watched his inaugural at the freedom tower, which for me and my family are very special symbols of our coming to america. i watched a lot of faces of people i care for and i love this young man. so of course it's a moving experience and i wish him well. if jeb bush is not our president, i hope he is. so that's just the way it goes. i don't know of anybody in america who has ever had to face having your two best friends from your same hometown run for president at the same time. i think it's a first, that's for sure. >> great to see you, al, thanks for join inging us. we will follow this closely with you as we proceed. just back from iowa hillary clinton's campaign faces new questions about foreign donors to her family foundation. what that all means, coming up next. you're watching msnbc.
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what are we doing here, people? there are a lot of good reasons for you to be chasing a van. if the van was perhaps the good humor truck and you were 5. or if you're not running towards the van as away from god civil la. who more than likely would be chasing you saying it's day two, people. >> hillary clinton has left iowa, and she's planning her next trip to new hampshire next week. joining me is msnbc and founder of "the washington post" fix blog. and alex walsh and amy chosec. let's take a look at what the
9:29 am
campaign posted on flicker, which is the still photographer's pictures of the final event yesterday, not announced, not on the schedule. she goes up to the state capitol. this is a rather large gathering. we had people outside. others from "the washington post" were outside. i don't know where you were at that hour, but this was 3:00 in the afternoon. plenty of time for all of us to file and nobody was able to cover this. fair game? >> this was typical throughout her iowa tour. i was there outside the room as well. we had gotten tipped off, but this was a problem throughout. two big anchor events, clearly meant to give us something to cover. meanwhile, we were chasing her throughout the state while she was doing these main events meeting with the state legislators here. what frustrated reporters is not that she wanted to do events in private but we got so little
9:30 am
warning. she's ryetrying to reset in iowa and also with the press and these things are intentional and she went with iowa over the press here. >> amy, what is your takeaway especially since what news was made yesterday happened in a statement from her campaign office, which was a recasting, let's say, to be find of what she said last summer during the book tour on npr about same-sex marriage. she's now affirmatively declaring that the supreme court should grant the constitutional right as a national issue rather than progress state by state. >> right, and i think they did something similar this morning e releasing something about her stance on giving driver's license to undocumented immigrants. so this sort of trickle of news while you and i are out there sort of killing ourselves to cover the events, i think it it does create a tension. from what i heard from her campaign, they reckognize that. they are trying to figure these things out, but you cannot
9:31 am
expect the national news media to cover the gauzy events without having the ability to ask the candidate questions. i've been assured that might change in the future. i also think what's so interesting is the small strategy talking to six iowans. . let's be real, it's completely dependent on the national news media to broadcast that to the world. those small moments to the world. it's not just about talking to six iowans in. a coffee shop. it's about broadcasting that. so it is a symbiotic relationship and they realize they need to figure things out as well as we do in covering these things. i have to give it to alex. he's the hero for not running after the van. >> the most incredible self-restrangt. it went viral. this is the age old tension, but we have never seen it quite as profoundly, the division between the coffee shop where we learn people were actually driven in prescreened and cleared.
9:32 am
they want the national media there to take the picture, but no one there to ask the question or to provide any context unlike the traditional white house pools. we have covered these campaigns. hillary clinton in new york state in 2000 hillary clinton all over the country in 2007 and 2008. she had secret service in both instances. there was never this there's a security reason why you can't get close. we covered the president of the united states. all over the country for years and years with skrfs service and we get. to ask questions. >> the problem here is in the obama administration has taken this to a certain degree. whoever the next president is will probably take it to a further degree, which is the rise of technology the rise of twitter and instagram, as you mentioned, youtube, there's a strong sense if you're hillary clinton, who is universally known. she doesn't have the marco rubio problem to get.
9:33 am
them more known. she just sort of runs it. she parcels out pieces of news as she sees fit to organizations and does things like puts up a video, sends an e-mail to support the obama campaign did this brilliantly. we know hillary has a lot of the people from the obama campaign but she's going to take that blueprint and do everything she can to end run us to the point at which everyone throws up their hands and then they will say, okay here's this thing. but hillary clinton is never going to be -- maybe no candidate will be anymore, but the john mccain in 1999 everybody asking questions, that's never, ever, ever going to be her. i don't think any of us want that, although it would be great, but something more in the middle is is what we're aiming for. >> and amy, the other news on the clinton foundation they
9:34 am
have now decided they are going to keep accepting foreign donations. she resigned from the foundation on sunday night after declaring her candidacy. she was being criticized from accepting money from other countries that have terrible policies in contrast to her own policy towards pimwomen's rights. they are going to accept money from canada australia, uk basically fromcountries and not the middle eastern countries? >> president clinton said he intends to continue to run the foundation not just through the campaign, but should she win the white house. i will continue to run the foundation. there were appearances of conflicts and those would be exacerbated should she win the white house. of course, the clinton foundation says we have done
9:35 am
things no global felon tlo pi in terms of disclosing donors but no other foundation has quite the situation of one of the family members running for president. it will continue to be a question. it's not necessarily the conflict, it's the appearance of conflict and the gop is going to hammer that. >> alex, welcome back from the road. amy, welcome back from the road. the president is gearing up for a fight over foreign trade. not with china, but his own party. what does this mean for the goods you buy? we have former treasury secretary hank paul son on his new book about china. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. ♪ ♪
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the new s6 hits the stores and i'm like... whoa. open the box and... (sniffing) new phone smell. jump on a video chat with my friend. he's a real fan boy, so i can't wait to show this off. picture is perfect. i got mine at verizon. i... didn't. it's buffering right out of the box he was impressed. i couldn't be happier. couldn't see him but i could hear him making fun of me. vo: you waited this long for the s6 so why settle for anything less than verizon. we have breaking news now. federal charges have been filed against an hohmann who is accused of going to syria to get terrorist training and returning back to the u.s.
9:39 am
justice correspondent pete williams joins me from the newsroom. >> he's 23 he's from columbus according to the justice department. they say he left the u.s. in april to fight with terrorists in syria basically to follow along with his brother, who had gone there earlier. they say he's a naturalized citizen. he got a passport bought a one-way ticket to athens but didn't take the connecting flight through istanbul is and got into syria where he got training and firing weapons, breaking into houses and hand to hand combat. once he was back in the u.s. a couple months later, coming back in june of 2014, he told somebody here that he was instructed by a cleric in syria to come back to the u.s. and commit acts of terrorism. he told this person who was not named in court documents, that he wanted to target armed forces police officers, or anybody wearing a uniform and
9:40 am
told someone else that he wanted to go to a military base in texas and kill three or four americans execution style. he was actually arrested and e detained on state charges in february, but now he's being transferred to federal custody to face terrorism charges. officials say his brother went to syria, fought for a front in august of 2013 fought for them for about a year and was killed in a battle in june in 2014. >> pete williams isis over there and u.s. conflict is troubling. the chief economic competitor in the 21st century has been china. but r there are concerns now about the world's second largest economy. 7% growth in the first quarter of this year looks impressive, but it's china's slowest rate of growth in more than five years. in his new book "dealing with
9:41 am
china", hank paulson takes a dive into the realities facing china and the united states. and highlights the critical relationship between our leaders and their president. hank joins me now, the founder of the paulson institute, it's great to see you again. you know china so well. more than 100 trips, you were going there as the goldman sachs ceo and meeting leaders when they were on their way up. what worries you most about china right you? >> what worries me most, really is that we have a new china, and it's transforming itself under the leadership of their. president is and it's emerging to become a formidable competitor and so the thing i'm most concerned about is that the
9:42 am
united states properly recalibrate this relationship and take a more strategic approach. >> under your successes, what have wre seen? have we seen enough focus as the u.s. gets so bogged down in the middle east and the terror threats? are we doing enough regarding our relationship with china? >> i think we can always do more because there's a tendency to go -- and very understandably from crisis to crisis but if we get the relationship with china right, a number of these other crises may be easier to handle. >> what do you say to those, but china's own military is responsible for hacking the u.s. government, hacking our corporations. what about the cyber threat from china? are they our economic partners, allies, competitors, where is this relationship? >> it's a more difficult
9:43 am
relationship. they are a formidable competitor, but they are also a partner. and so i think the key is to take a very pragmatic, clear-eyed, tough position where there's nothing wrong with competition as long as it just doesn't degenerate into a debilitating conflict. i think we're well positioned to compete. we shouldn't be afraid of it. and then there's a lot of areas where we have a common interest. there, if we can work with china and find some common ground to get things done, many of the tough global issues become easier to solve ranging from the environmental issues, climate change, it's hard to imagine wer going to make progress there without having china on board, having sustaining global
9:44 am
economic growth. china is key to that. the anti-terrorism there's many areas that it will make a real difference if we can do a better job at working with china. >> how concerned are you about the slowdown in china? >> i wrote about this in my book "dealing with china." the economy is clearly slowing down, and there's no doubt about that. there's a new normal. but what i'm much more focused on, andrea is not the rate of growth but the quality of growth. the chinese economic model has run out of steam. it needs to be rebooted. that's a lot easier said than done. there's too much emphasis on exports, but even more importantly, there's been a big emphasis on municipal investment
9:45 am
in infrastructure and debt has been building up very quickly on an unsustainable rate and so the key thing is they need growth that comes about as a result of opening up more of their economy to the private sector for competition. so i'm looking at the source of that growth. because the best way to avoid a hard landing or a very very serious problem in their economy is for them to move away from this overreliance on municipal debt and fix the finance system. >> huge challenges i know this challenging new leader, but one person can turn this whole ship around is just extraordinary. >> and i have never seen anyone, i can't imagine anyone on such a massive scale attempting to make so. many changes at once.
9:46 am
so it's not just rebooting the economy and urbanization model. they already have 650 million people in the cities. the next 300 million in the coming 25 years will be a huge economic event, need to clean up the environment, modernize institutions of government change the relationships between the central government and municipal governments, modernize the military modernize the legal system. all this through a a party rife with corruption. >> hank paulson, the book is "dealing with china", thank you so much. the president and vice president are welcoming wounded warriors today on the south lawn. the former service members are participating in the wounded warrior projects soldier ride in celebration of the 8th annual soldier ride more than 50,000 members have been wounded in iraq and afghanistan. most of the products we all buy are transported on container ships.
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outrage over what happened during spring break in panama city florida, after video of what appears to be a gang rape sexually assaulting a woman in broad daylight and onlookers not saying anything. a third suspect has now been arrested. >> reporter: it has been a wild year here on this beach, and now some critics are wondering whether this annual college tradition has spun out of control. this morning many here are asking is spring break broken. >> there's bad things happening on panama city beach. >> after this video showing several men sexual assaulting an unconscious woman last month on a beach in broad daylight while bystanders do nothing. >> within 10 feet of where this
9:51 am
is happening, there are hundreds hundreds of people standing there watching looking, seeing, hearing what's going on. >> reporter: three men have now been arrested. >> heartbreaking. >> reporter: this community there's been a dramatic increase in violent crime. a gunman shot seven people at a house party last month. in bay county arrests have more than tripled compared to last year. drug arrests are five times higher. and police nabbed twice as many suspects for weapons-related charges. they even set up so-called spring break jails or mobile booking cages. >> we have a cancer in this area right now. >> reporter: wes has lived here almost 40 years. >> we have gone to an era now of total violence and animalistic conduct. >> reporter: officials are already clamping down banning alcohol on the beach between march 1st and april 18th and closing bars at 2:00 a.m.
9:52 am
instead of 4:00. >> we will do what it takes to take the beach back and get it under control. >> reporter: but each year panama city beach attracts 300,000 partiers. >> there are some residents that think we don't need the spring breakers. what do you say to those folks? >> i don't want to find out. i u don't think they do either. >> reporter: the city council could vote next month on more changes including banning alcohol here on this beach year round. local officials are trying to strike a delicate balance between business and public safety. the mayor says all options are on the table. andrea? >> gabe goout. rarz, a troubling report. more ahead here on "andrea mitchell reports." stay with us.
9:53 am
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and before we go jeb bush is participating in throwback thursday. he tweeted out this picture from
9:56 am
his little league days saying baseball season is in full swing. the nats won last night. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow the show online on facebook and twitter. thomas roberts joins me with what's onlycoming up. >> i love that you're a sports junkie. we have breaking news on two fronts for you. first an ohio man arrested. plus the mailman who flew the gyrocopter on the capitol grounds appearing in court. and the he says he's running. i'm going to speak to the potential hillary clinton challenger. that's coming up right after this. e retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement.
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audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. we begin with break news on the
10:00 am
arrest of an hohmannohio ohio man accuse edd of going to syria. plus a flying bike appearing on federal grounds. and innew reaction for a deputy who says there's no truth to the new allegations that his training records were fabricated. plus is he or isn't he? chris christie talks to matt lauer about his plans to run for president. and the incredible video of one woman's encounter with a massive wave. we want to start with breaking news. federal agents arrested a man for going overseas trying to get terror training and returning to potentially carry out attacks here at home. justice correspondent pete will williams joins me with the latest. bha are you learned? >> this is a follow up to an arrest that factor place in february in. ohio. now the same man


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