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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  April 20, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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down. head over to and weigh in on our question to you. do you think hillary clinton needs a primary challenger? on another note tim tebow's second challenger. he'll give up the mic known and dawn a new uniform. we want to start in baltimore where there's more questions than answers about what led to the death of gray. gray died on sunday one week after he was taken to the hospital with spinal injuries after an encounter with four police officers on bikes. the report says he was running from officers when arrested and put in a transport van. he was rushed to the hospital 30 minutes later. an attorney for the gray family says an 80% of gray's spinal cord was severed near his neck. this morning, 50 people gathered outside city hall marched to headquarters carried signs
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saying freddie gray justice. the mayor has asked to work on the investigation. she spoke to andrea mitchell in the last hour. >> i'm determined to make sure we get to the bottom of what happened. i'm also determined to make sure anyone who needs to be held responsible and accountable for any misconduct will be held accountable. >> wbal reporter joining us on this. do we have the time line of the investigation. they initially say this happened without incident. >> we don't have all the facts from the police department. rer reporting thomas according to sources there were additional stops of the police van addition to ones the police department divulged. that can be a critical part of this investigation. let me tell you where we stand now. an autopsy is underway to
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determine the cause and manner of death in the death of freddieifreddie gray. that will be a crucial part. it's not going to be quick. death in custody cases, those autopsies can take up to 90 days to complete. not only do they look at the injury, they have to look at his medical history and look at the rest of the case. what do witnesses say, police officers say if they've given statements. we are not going to get a quick answer, most likely not a quick answer, on cause and manner of death. again, that's a very crucial part of this investigation. >> jane miller from our affiliate in baltimore, wbal. thank you. joining us now the gray family attorney. let's talk about the circumstances you understand what happened with freddie gray and his arrest. we're hearing from jane miller the official autopsy report takes some time.
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explain what you understand about why police thought he was a person of interest. >> that's not clear. our sources and witness interviews tell us the police happened upon him while he was running away. they hadn't gone to look for him. they saw him running and immediately chased him. they ended up arresting him at corner of mount and press berry street right underneath the police camera that recorded the entire sequence are from the time he laid down to surrender to police flat on his stomach to the time he was put in the police cruiser and taken away. that tape hasn't been released by the police nor have the radio broadcast that led up to the arrest been released. typically the police are communicating back and forth about why they're chasing
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someone and may arrest him. those haven't been released. there's been a remarkable amount of this not been releasing. >> we heard from the mayor she wants to make as much transparent as possible however you said yesterday in a statement we believe the police are keeping the circumstances of freddie's death secret until they create events to keep him responsible. his family and citizens deserve to know the real truth and will not stop until we get the truth. those are serious allegations that you think they're buying time to come up with a story to clear them of wrong doing. >> well, when you have the police investigating themselves it's like the wolf investigating the fox. you don't have a good outcome in mind generally speaking when this goes on. it would be the exemptionception not
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the rule if this turned out to be objective investigation. on the other hand the state's attorney is conducting her own investigation. we have a higher level of confidence in that one. she is not affiliated with the police as the mayor is. the mayor picked the police commissioner and is essentially the top cop. i don't expect objectn on apologetic tift and fairness. >> we just got this in. my office has dedicated to this. the cops on bikes have been a signed administrative duties 3e7bd pending the outcome. what is the family saying about the loss of their son? >> they're experiencing
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tremendous grief and tremendous outrage because what we all know for sure is this was a healthy man who had a healthy spine and his neck wasn't broken when he was first taken into police custody. what happened happened to him while he was with the police. that's enough to be alarmed and extraordinarily concerned about what happened in this case. what we need is information. we're not getting it. >> mr. murphy thank you so much. billy murphy attorney for family of freddie gray. we appreciate your time. we have developing news out of tulsa, oklahoma. glanz is defending bates. in a muze conference, glanz apologized to the family and says bates was properly trained.
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he addressed reports that his training records were fallse fied. >> not that i'm aware of. mr. bates has been to the range several times and is qualified. that's documented. >> meanwhile, in an interview with msnbc news harris' 16-year-old son says he wants robert bates and other deputies to pay for what they did. >> they should all go down. they were involved in it. one of the dudes had his knee on his head. i feel that played a part in his death after the shoot issing. i would like all of them to get what they deserve. >> gabe gutierrez pollfollowing this from tulsa. there's more details about the other deputies present at the scene the day eric harris died. what are you learning? >> reporter: hey there thomas. good afternoon. the sheriff's office had previously said deputies did not
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realize harris had been shot and that is why they were yelling at harris as seen in the body cam video. that is still the case. today the sheriff announced the two deputies had been reassigned and those involved in this had been temporarily suspended because deputies had been receiving threats. protestors have been asking for more scrutiny of other deputies seen in the video. as for robert bates, as you mentioned, the sheriff is defending his training and says that he was adequately trained. attorneys for the family of eric harris however say that the documents released so far do not prove that he was adequately trained. still a lot of questions remangein. >> gabe thank you. an ohio police officer is praised for using restraint, not deadly force after a suspect charged him. this was caught on a body camera
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a relative gave the officer. a rookie after the michael brown shooting in ferguson. the office per got out ordering the suspect to put his hands up. the suspect does not listen does not oblige. he charges the officer and asks him to shoot him. listen. >> shoot me. shoot me. >> i'm not going to do it. >> shoot me. >> the suspect michael wilcox continues to charge at the officer causing the officer to trip and fall. he later follows the officer's orders gets on the ground and surrenders. officers charged him with murdering his fiance. the officer said quote i wanted to be absolutely sure before i used deadly force.
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six somali citizens trying to aid isis will be charged in court. they were arrested sunday after a ten month investigation. four were in minnesota, two in san diego. all are from minnesota. all are believed to have been in contact with a seventh minnesota resident believed now to be in syria. >> to be clear, we have a terror recruiting problem in minnesota. what this case shows is that the person radicalizing your son, your brother, your friend may not be a stranger. it may be their best friend right here in town. >> mick is a correspondent for the news. there's no proof these men wanted to conduct acts of terror. what was their goal? >> their immediate goal was to get on an airplane in
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minneapolis or jfk, to fly to syria and join the isis fight there. they personal wanted to become recruiters from their in syria as you mentioned a moment ago. as they were recruited into the isis organization by another acquaintance there in syria. even though the federal officials say there was no intent apparently on any of these young men to conduct imminent terrorist attack. they say these were not misguided youth. they were intent on joining isis isis. one of them got cold feet had a touch of conscious and served as an informant. he tape recorded meetings and gave a lot of that information to investigators. after ten po month smonths, the six
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are in federal custody and will be charged charged. we'll bring you hillary clinton live from new hampshire. it's the first in nation's primary state since declareing 2016. her closest competitor marco rubio who trails by 14 points in this cnn orc poll. over the weekend all major candidates for gop nomination were in new hampshire. each took turns taking shots at clinton. >> i think her duty not doing her job, not providing security for our forces for our diplomatic missions should forever preclude her from holding office. >> hillary clinton is going to raise $2.5 billion which that's a lot of chipotle my friends. >> all right. it's our bing pulse question of the day given all of this.
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does hillary clinton need a primary challenger? don't forget to weigh in at we'll have results later throughout the hours. alex is in keen new hampshire following clinton. you have new information about hillary clinton and how she got herself to new hampshire. does it involve the van? >> reporter: that's right thomas. it does involve the van. she drove from her home in new york city in the scooby doo van in new hampshire. she's meeting at a coffee shop in town. then she's coming to a furniture manufacture for a small round table. she'll do another one of these tomorrow. it's all part of this attempt to be humbled, more down to earth and cast a side some of that image of her as a high flying celebrity from 2008. >> another development is a new book about foreign money and the clinton foundation.
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this has been an achilles heel for clinton in the past. what have we learned new is this. >> reporter: the book alleges essentially that people in foreign governments gave money to the clinton foundation and in exchange got special treatment, special favors from hillary clinton at the state department. they gave money to bill clinton at the foundation and got special treatment at the state department. the campaign is dismissing this information. they're calling it conspiracy theory. they're calling it fiction. they're saying this is just another one of the many partisan attacks coming after her. they say the things he pointed to are top level priorities of the obama administration so called special favors. dismissing got out of hand. >> alex thanks for reporting in
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new hampshire. keep an eye on the live event where hillary clinton will join the crowd will there in moments. we'll have it for you. it was this morning on the "today" show former white house secretary was asked if it's a blessing or curse for hillary clinton to run unopposed? >> she's not the front runner. she's the only runner on the democratic side. a lot of benefit comes and also a allot of challenges. she's the only person. if they're trying to show contrast between republicans and democrats, she's the only one to show contrast against. francis joins us how in who could challenge clinton in the primary. it's a double edged sword to run against someone that could take the heat off of her? >> absolutely. it's hillary clinton versus the republican party. that's it. that's until others announce they're running. who would those be? o'malley has been visiting early voting states and took a jab at
10:16 am
clinton on this network last week saying quote, he was a little sick of the e-mail drama. he supported clinton in the 2008 democratic primary. former rhode island governor lincoln chaffe criticized her. and bernie sanders made his feelings known on this very show last week. >> why don't you tell me what hillary clinton is campaigning on. do you know? >> you don't know i don't know and american people don't know. it's premature. we know what we have to do. can't comment on senator clinton until we know what she's saying. >> even though clin tornton is the only democrat in this race a series of debates is planned for hillary clinton. who she'll debate and who will
10:17 am
participate is the question. we're making this the topic of our bing question of the day. do you think hillary clinton needs a primary challenger? here's how some of you have been voting to far since the show started. 48% say no she doesn't. 52% yes. kind of evenly split. here's our score board. people please continue the to vote. >> we're interested to find out what people have to say. didn't bring up biden. think he's a candidate that could throw his hat in the ring. much more to come in this hour of msnbc live including decades of flawed testimony from the fed temperatures. you know what today is? 420. seems like the time to talk about politics of pot. head over to weigh in on our poll question today on how you think pot should be legalized if at all. and ahead, did ben affleck
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well truly stunning admission from the justice department and fbi in one of the country's largest forensic scandals. washington post reports the two have formally acknowledged nearly every examiner in the fbi unit gave flawed testimony in almost all criminal trials including capital cases. the testimony occurred more than two decades before 2000. a review by a lawyer's association and innocence project found 26 of 28 forensic examiners overstated forensic in ways that favored prosecutors in 95% of trials. in a statement to the washington most, the fbi and justice department said they're
10:22 am
committed to insuring that effective defendants are notified of past errors and justice is done in every instance. joining me now from the innocence project. chris, great to have you with me. obviously this is a stunning admission coming from both the fbi and justice department. the fbi errors doesn't mean there wasn't other evidence to convict the defendant. what does it mean for cases where this is true flawed testimony? >> a lot of cases -- it's important to tell how jurors accept the evidence. they're given directions by a judge told this is neutral evidence. unlike a witness who may have a dog in the fight so to speak, a scientist doesn't. this was presented as neutral scientific evidence of gift which was in fact totally unreliable. it. >> we have this flawed testimony to deal with.
10:23 am
microscopic hair comparisons before 2000. what does it tell us about the advances made for that evidence used today? >> well, i mean it's reliability point to 74 wrongful convictions alone. it's obviously highly unreliable. there's a 2009 report from the national academy of sciences that said it was highly unreliable evidence despite the way it was introduced in trials. >> we've got the cases including 32 did defendants sentenced to death. some of those have been executed or died in prison. how can the state authorities respond to this admission? >> state authorities have to respond. what's really critical to understand is that the fbi trained hundreds of state hair comparison experts across the country to provide the same testimony they provided. >> for this system needing
10:24 am
revamp, what about purgery charges for this group that gave testimony? >> there's two ways. there was a problem or did it deliberately. it's hard to say. >> chris, great to have you. >> thank you. coming up call it day tripping. sampling all that legalized marijuana has to offer complete with a tour guide and tour bus. it's the latest thing in washington. see a where recreational pot is legal. we take you on a tour. weigh in on our bing poll question whether you city it should be legalized or not at all. and another story of a successful breach at white house perimeter. they got the bad guy. details when we come back. it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security.
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welcome back everybody. let's take a live look at the white house where this afternoon we have information about another person having managed to jump the fence over the weekend and make it onto the south lawn. it all happened late night. the secret service immediately apprehended and arrested the suspect. that man is 54-year-old jerome r. hunt from california. she's expected to be arraigned this afternoon. he's the latest in the string of security breaches that's damaged the secret service reputation in past months. hunt was carrying a package said to be harmless. the president continues to have faith in the secret service and ability to keep the first family safe. doug hues the florida mailman that flew a continuehelicopter onto
10:29 am
the lawn last week says she's frustrated his message didn't get through. >> we have bigger issues in this country. we need to be worried about piles of money that goes into congress. pay attention to priority and purpose of the flight. >> hues broke the law hoping to raise awareness about the influence of politics. he's on house arrest until his may 8th court hearing in washington. straight ahead. a ship wreck off the coast could be the deadliest in the mediterranean. the death toll could swell above 1,000. we're going to take you and get a live report from london. runners are still going strong in boston. elite winners have crossed the finish line. we have an update on the
10:30 am
marathon since the terror attack. and hillary clinton is at a bakery. we're moments from the round table in the granite state talking about small business. we'll bring you the latest there. weigh in on whether you think hillary clinton needs a primary democratic challenger. we're back in a moment. you can call me shallow... but, i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more.
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european leaders are meeting in lucksenburg trying to confront the growing humanitarian crisis. we're learning details about what could be the worse migrant disaster yet. around 700 may have decide when their ship capsized sunday shortly after leaving libya. nbc chief correspondent comes from london on this. how do you deal with the problem short of ending all wars in the middle east? people are trying to find
10:34 am
friendly places to raise their families. >> i think that is the question. as you say european foreign ministers are meeting today. they've called an emergency senate of wur peen leaders on thursday. that will simply be more talk unless they actually come up and do something about this. the pictures you're looking at at the moment are just the latest event in this migration tragedy. these pictures taken off the greek island. people are close to the shore still rescuers have difficulty getting them on shore. at least three migrants died on board that ship. that pails in comparison to the tragedy which happened between libya and sicily probably the worst mass drowning in the mediterranean. you said 700. officials aren't sure how many have died.
10:35 am
a they're not giving an update on figures. the boat is at the bottom of the sea. divers can't go down and find out how many died or retrieve bodies. european leaders are coming in for great deal of criticism they're not doing enough. thursday will come the appeal from the pope they should do things quickly. we'll see if they do anything about this. >> bill thank you sir. 30,000 hit the streets in this year's boston marathon. elite winners have already crossed the finish line. on the men's side, a runner from ethiopia. for this this race holds extra special meaning. >> this race is special. it's about community and coming together. >> you're running for a higher purpose, for other people for the survivor victims, families.
10:36 am
>> the race comes a day before the start of the penalty phase for convicted bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev convicted on 30 counts. he'll face the death penalty despite pleas from the family members to plea his life and spend life in prison. authorities are holding a turkish family reportedly trying to go to syria. this man and his wife and four kids left weeks ago. both husband and wife have made plans for return. it was over the weekend police released photos of the family including their sons and daughter. they released the caption of the family leaving uk on april 7th. this would be the latest high profile case of foreign fighters heading from britain to syria. authorities put the count at 500. other analysts put that number much higher. today, if you looked at the
10:37 am
calendar, it's 4/20. that's the holiday of pot smokers around the world. thousands converged on denver over the weekend to celebrate. they were a bit early, but the police were prepared issuing 160 citations. four states and district of columbia issued legalizing of marijuana. one company has the unique behind the scenes look at the growing business. msnbc hitched a ride on their pot tour. take a look yourself. >> the idea for cannabis tourism came from the fact everybody has a friend that's been to amsterdam. we know they didn't go for bye bicycles and wind wheels. we thought it was a great idea. when you go on a tourks we, we take
10:38 am
you behind the scenes. we show you how glass pipes are made growing operations. >> see that right there. no big deal. it's a marijuana shop. >> taking the cannabis industry and normalizing it opening up the doors to the public in a way that hasn't been done before. >> you see that moment their eyes get big and jaw drops and smile goes from ear to ear. >> this is my favorite strain. this is blue dream. >> folks that come on our tours aren't what you expect. they're not the 20-year-old stoners. they're doctors, lawyers, people that want to know more. it's the thirst for knowledge and new experience. that's who we see a coming to explore here in seattle. >> with the legalization movement and the preparation and building a strong company and strong brand and provideing a
10:39 am
product of service nobody has seen before gives us the opportunity to take it to the next level. >> we've been asking you to chime in on the debate over marijuana. francis has our bing poll question. we're lucky some of our crew came to work today. i'm looking over there. for the holiday -- >> right. >> they're not paying attention to me. rodney is not paying attention. >> you know what -- >> he's celebrating the holiday. >> 4/20. >> you're though the faypaying attention. >> i'm glad viewers are paying attention and weighing in on our poll today. this is what we asked you. we asked how do you think pot should be legalized, recreational medical, medical only or none at all? some of you have responded. take a look. 91% think yes it should be legalized for recreational and
10:40 am
medical use. 6% medical use only and 3% say shouldn't be legal at all. as far as breakdown in political party, take a look as far as those that responded. those in democratic party 92% said yes recreational medical. 85% of ind innocentependents and 100% of republicans. no legalization at all, 1% of democratic viewers, 7% independents. really interesting here. we're going to have a break down as far as where pot stands in the united states as far as legalization as well and where democrat skpik republican contenders stands on who has inhaled or not. >> i don't think 4/20 shows up on anybody's calendar chart as a regular day off. >> i don't think so. coming up we head to new
10:41 am
hampshire and hillary clinton's first granite state event of her campaign. there she is earlier today at a bakery. she's set to hold a round table in a moment. she's carrying a baby girl there. it is the state that gave clinton her first primary win in '08. made bill clinton a comeback kid in '98. speaking of comeback kid, tim tebow is signing off the field. which team? we'll tell you after this. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not. but you know the difference. e*trade's bar code scanner. shorten the distance between intuition and action.
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here we go. straight to that live shot out of keen, new hampshire. any moment we're expecting hillary clinton to appear holding her first campaign event in new hampshire. it's another business round table like the one she held in the initial tour through iowa last week. clinton drove there from her
10:45 am
home as she did last week to iowa. now seven years ago you recall clinton came from third place to finish in iowa to win in the granite state. however, her tearful remarks the day before that may stick in the minds of many campaign watchers. >> it's not easy. it's not easy. i couldn't do it unless i didn't believe it's passionately the right thing to do. i have so many opportunities from this country. i just don't want to see us fall backwards. you know? [ applause ] so -- >> all right kasie hunt joining us. great to see you in person. as we know hillary clinton doesn't have a primary challenger. republicans have been taking jabs at her over the weekend in new hampshire. can she recreate the magic we
10:46 am
saw in 2008? >> i think it's really an open question thomas. i think they're putting all their eggs in new hampshire for sure. she has to win here. they also want to show they're not going to take it for granted. the challenge is -- i talked to shumaker who's close to the clintons, and he said it's hard to campaign in new hampshire when you're world famous. you're seeing that today with the staging of events. it's really tricky when you're somebody all people want to crowd in to see, all reporters want to see. you're trying to do traditional retail politicking. >> slow and steady seems to be the campaign model. small and little events that are very choreographed. is this a repeat of what we saw in iowa in a different location? >> i think they're really going to focus on particularly the economy and two settings. clinton aids say that. that's different in iowa. she highlighted those four broad
10:47 am
fighting themes. i think yes, overall the idea is to show her in small intimate settings listening to people instead of talking about herself. that's the setup you're going to see over the course of next two days. >> you talk about the staff. a lot of people look back at '08 and say ultimately she lost to president obama, he was the better candidate with the better staff. now she can inherit people in '08 that want to come on board to see her win. is that what other primary challengers are basically afraid of that there is a clinton machine better stronger than ever? >> i think there's also not necessarily a candidate this the field that has bottle lightning the way president obama did in 2008. he has political skills that were overwhelming. i talked to a number of obama voters. obviously she won in new hampshire. there were people that voted for obama. i ran into several on the street in new hampshire over the
10:48 am
weekend. many said there was no way i could support him, but i'm on board with her this time around. >> kgreat to see you. francis is back with our bing poll question. >> we asked this. here's what some of you say so far. 57% of you said no she does not. 43% yes, hillary clinton needs a primary challenger. let's look at the jendgender break down. women believe she needs a challenger, while most men disagree. in the past couple of minutes, females obviously represented in red. most females saying yes, she needs a challenger. males coming no to neutral at this point. we invite you to keep these votes coming in especially if you're going to change your opinion as we go through the next hour. as far as political party here take a look at what we're
10:49 am
seeing. in the last few minutes, independents say yes, she does. republicans in red are close to neutral in the past few minutes with most democrats staying neutral or no. we invite you to keep going on. a look at education now. those with high school and secondary education do not believe she needs a challenger. those with master and associates did -- high school and associates in the last minute saying yes, she does. keep them coming pulse. coming up next protests on the streets of baltimore after a man dies in police custody. we'll have more at the top of the hour. and ben affleck and what he wanted to omit about his family. ben's big secrets after the break. fshz
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let the royal baby watch. they are expecting their second child any day now and the expectant princess plans on giving birth at saint mary's hospital, the same hospital where they welcomed prince george in 2013. royal baby betting has bookies waging 750,000 that the child will be born tomorrow. tuesday also happens to be queen elizabeth's 89th birthday. wouldn't that be a great present. seriously another hollywood heavy hitter is a victim of the sony e-mail hack. >> newly released e-mails show ben affleck asked pbs to not to reveal he had a slave owning an sester finding your roots. it shows the lineage of famous people and his family was the focus of an episode back in october. in an e-mail exchange between the show's host and sony here's
10:54 am
my dilemma, confidentially for first time one of our guests has asked us to edit out something about one of his ancestors, the fact that he owned slaves. we never had anyone try to sensor or edit what we found. he's a mega star what do we do? in a statement pbs said pbs did not know of the exchanges between professor gates, sony and mr. affleck and not part of the editorial decisions made by gates and his producers. not hearing any responses from affleck's camp. >> we can understand the sensibilities on all sides about this. here's another story for football fans out there and fans of tim tebow. he is returning to the gridiron expected to sign with the philadelphia eagles today at least for a one-year contract. so the former denver bronco became famous for his signature tebow move known as tebowing. this is known as pushing your
10:55 am
suitcase. this is so popular he had it trademarked. we're not going to show it -- we do not have it. i think it was like this right tebow thing, right? this is the heisman. anyway, as i continue my impressions, tebow paent played in the nfl since he was with the jets in 2012 but fans will be encouraged to see him on the field. >> it's been that long. no more heismaning or tebowing. >> much more on this busy monday including protests in baltimore over the man in police custody. hillary clinton making her first trip to new hampshire as a candidate for president. don't forget to keep chiming in on the bing pulse question today. >> does she need a primary challenger? keep those responses coming >> frances and i working through this holiday, it's celebrated by pot smokers worldwide.
10:56 am
we'll look at the debate in legalized marijuana and whether indoor own outdoor weed is better. it's a real controversy? what do you do? ♪ ♪ ♪ next. ♪♪
10:57 am
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this hour the fallout after a maryland man dies a week after his arrest. his neck partially severed allegedly in police custody. >> i'm very determined to get to the bottom of this ips incident and hold those who need to be held accountable accountable. >> the investigation and growing demand for answers, also ahead -- >> this is it. heads up. >> dramatic body cam video from ohio a police officer opts not to use deadly force against a murder suspect. you have to see the whole thing as it unfolds on screen. plus hillary clinton hits the live free or die state, new
11:00 am
hampshire, her second campaign stop. she is the subject of today's bing pulse question for you, do you think she needs a primary challenger? weigh in right now. we begin with the developing news from maryland an investigation under way after a man died from injuries allegedly sustained during an arrest. >> cell phone video released by a family attorney shows freddie gray handcuffed while face down on the sidewalk and dragged to a police van. at some point his spine was partially severed. >> tremendous grief and tremendous outrage because what we all know for sure this was a healthy man who had a healthy spine and his neck wasn't broken when he was first taken into police custody. whatever happened to him as grievous as that was, he was with the police. >> so gray lapsed into a coma
11:01 am
and died yesterday in the hospital. >> hands up, don't shoot! >> based on that news protests broke out in baltimore this morning, the second davey of demonstrations and officers are on administrative duty and police chief and mayor are vowing an independent investigation. >> i've instructed the police department to work in full koops with the state's attorney's office to do this investigation and we have already indicated that we will also have independent eyes take a look at this. >> joining us from baltimore is nbc news correspondent tom costello. what more did the mayor tell you about the investigation and transparency she feels is necessary? >> yeah i actually really try to pin her down on that. is is this investigation going to be with solely the baltimore police department or outside investigators and she assured me it was the state attorney's
11:02 am
office who was investigating and if necessary, they will bring in or even hand over this investigation to outside investigators. investigators from outside of the county if necessary to proceed. here's the context of this. over the last four years in baltimore, more than 100 people have won judgments against the city for police brutality. it is within that context that i asked the mayor, what happened to freddie gray. >> from what we can tell he was walking around prior to the incident. so at some point after his arrest he was -- he received significant injuries an we want to get to the bottom of that. >> this could be homicide at the hands of police? >> we will go where the information takes us. i take this very seriously. the public deserves to get to the bottom of it. mr. gray's family deserves to get to those answers and we will figure out exactly what happened. and we'll hold responsible whoever needs to be responsible if we find there's misconduct.
11:03 am
>> mr. gray's spinal cord was 80% severed we're told at the top of the spinal cord at about c 4 c5. this happened on april 12th, sunday morning, 8:39 a.m. a bicycle officer stopped mr. gray because he was in an area known for narcotics activity and made contact and he ran apparently. at 8:42 they had him in custody and called for a van to transport him to the police station. 8:54 a.m., apparently the van had stopped to put him now in additional restraints in ankle restraints in addition to the handcuffs he was wearing. at some point around this time something happened something goes terribly wrong. at 9:24 a.m. once at the police station the officers call for appear middics and transport him to the hospital. he was in a coma for about a week then died yesterday morning. this was very much now a criminal investigation into what happened at the hands of
11:04 am
baltimore police. >> tom costello reporting in baltimore. thank you. now to a developing story out of oklahoma where we're hearing from tulsa county sheriff in a news conference this morning defended the training of robert bates, being the reserve deputy charged in the death of eric harris. >> i know that he has received a lot of training and that's documented and he has those documents. >> in an interview with nbc news, harris' son wants to see justice for the deputies involved with his father's death. >> they should all go down. they were involved in it. one of the dudes had his neon his head. thought that played a part in his death after the shooting. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez live now. we heard what harris's son wants from the other deputies
11:05 am
involved. what did the sheriff have to say about that? >> reporter: good afternoon. the sheriff's office had said that the deputies seen in the body cam video and heard yelling at harris did so because they didn't realize he had been shot. today the sheriff announced that two of those deputies seen in the video had been reassigned and that the violent crimes task force that was involved in that incident has been temporarily suspended because deputies in that video have been getting threats, thomas. >> gabe gutierrez reporting from tulsa. thanks so much. we'll continue to follow this story as it evolves. speaking out and offering an apology to the harris family. a police officer will face charges accused of severely beating a driver following a traffic stop. we want to warn you ahead of time the video is disturbing. felony assault charges today against william melendez.
11:06 am
he was pulled over for going through a stop sign. the officer said he was tailing dent on suspicion of drugs. melendez also claimed dent bit him. he explained the decision to charge the officer this morning. >> again, we're not going to look the other way when a law enforcement is involved or a lot of money is involved or high position is involved. >> officer melendez has been fired from the force. the drug charges will be dismissed this week. we're waiting to hear from hillary clinton this hour. she's going to be appearing any minute now for roundtable discussion with voters as she kicks off her first campaign event in new hampshire. it's clinton's debut in the first in the nation primary states since declaring for 2016. this appearance comes after a new national poll this morning shows her beating her potential gop rivals. the closest competitor is marco rubio who trails by 14 points in the cnn/orc poll. over the weekend all of the
11:07 am
candidates for the gop were in new hampshire and each took turns taking shots at clinton. >> i think that her dereliction of duty and not doing her job and not providing security for our forces for our diplomatic missions should forever preclude her for holding our office. >> hillary clinton is going to raise $2.5 billion, which that's a lot of chipotle my friends. >> it's our bing question today, does hillary clinton need a primary challenger? go to alex seitz wald is following hillary clinton for this leg of her campaign stump. you have new information about how hillary clinton got herself to new hampshire. >> reporter: that's right, hillary clinton is continuing the road trip the xoob by van just pulled up behind us ten minutes ago. she went inside. she drove from chap pa quau just
11:08 am
like she did in iowa. she went in about 25 supporters standing in the rain did not look over or acknowledge them. she's touring this facility behind me now where they manufacturer children's furniture ahead of that roundtable she's going to do with six employees and the owner of the company, so this is again continuing her kind of low profile introduction to the campaign trail and few more coffee shops where she'll drop in. she did one this morning, possibly more later this afternoon as well. >> another development today, we have a new book about foreign money that poured into the clinton foundation, rand paul had tried to make certain things more public last week saying there was going to be more coming out about dark money flowing into the clinton foundation, is this what he was alluding to? >> yeah thomas this is exactly what he was referring to. he's been talking for weeks very
11:09 am
cryptically referring to a news scandal brewing on the horizon and did acknowledge it was this book. what the book alleges is that possible foreign governments give money to the clinton foundation and in change got favors and special treatment the state department under hillary clinton. the campaign pushing back against this very hard as you would expect. they are dismissing it as conspiracy theory and fiction and saying there's nothing to this and that he's a conservative who can't be trusted. >> alex seats wald. >> thanks alex appreciate it. hillary clinton is also the subject of today's bing pulse. let's send it over to frances for an update and whether or not she needs a primary challenger. >> depending on how our viewers are feeling and with coverage here. do you think hillary clinton needs a provide mare challenger?
11:10 am
let's look at the score board. 52% no she does not. 48% yes. it's been pretty much split in the last hour 49% said yes she does and now let's look at age voters 35 and older do not think hillary clinton needs a primary challenger. younger voters between the ages of 18 and 24 think she does need a challenger and those between 25 and 34 appear to be split. you can see based on the past minute here those younger viewers 18 to 24 saying yes, she does 25 to 34. dipping up to yes, she does as well. let's take a look at gender breakdown, women believe she needs a primary challenger while most men disagree. that pretty much is the case reflected in the last couple of minutes here some men even spiking higher than neutral. earlier like between 2:05 some men were saying yes, she does but that's changing now. majority of women voting in past
11:11 am
minute saying yes, she does. more democrats think clinton does not need a primary challenge while independents or more split. nmds coming up in the olive green color saying they are kind of neutral about it and republicans in red say, yes, she does in the last few minutes. keep the votes coming >> we're seeing hillary clinton arrive at this event today. it's her first campaign event stop in new hampshire. she's done a couple of coffee shops but this is a round table taking place, kind of similar to the round table she held in iowa. we're going to keep our eye on this and take you back to it through the hour. later today six somali born citizens accused of joining isis will appear in court. they were arrested on sunday and arrests were t culmination of a ten-month investigation, four arrested in minneapolis, two in
11:12 am
dag san diego, all are from minnesota and believed to be in contact with a seventh minnesotan now believed to be in syria. >> to be clear we have a terror recruiting problem in minnesota. what this case shows is that the person radicalizing your son, your brother, your friend may not be a stranger. it may be their best friend right here in town. >> jim miklaszewski joins me rye in and out. explain if the prosecutor says there's no proof these men wanted to conduct any type of terrorist acts in this country. what was their aim? >> thomas federal law enforcement officials say that the primary goal the initial goal of these six men was to get on an airplane, either there in minnesota or out of jfk and infiltrate into syria and become recruiters themselves. to recruit any other american somalis to the fight with isis. the officials case that there
11:13 am
appear to be no intent on these six to become fighters themselves or carry out any kind of terrorist attack but at the same time they say these were not misguided youth and knew exactly what they were doing and that was to join isis. and that is the bottom line and there was a recent case a couple of years ago in which another individual in the u.s. who attempted to join isis as a recruiter was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison. don't know what the maximum here is now, but they will appear in federal courts today in san diego and minnesota, thomas. >> jim miklaszewski thank you, appreciate it. up next how much more -- up next, more on hillary clinton's return to new hampshire, just got there, into this round table she's holding. we'll keep our eye on that discussion. also new hampshire itself why that state matters so much when it comes to presidential politics and again our bing
11:14 am
pulse question on this topic, it's still live does hillary clinton need a provide mare challenger? weigh in before our next tally. it's april 20th known as 4/20 or national pot day. where do the 2016 hopefuls fall on marijuana? he's back tim tebow appearing to be heading off to philadelphia. will he ever play? we'll talk about that and much more after this. so, what brings you to jersey? well, geico's the #1 auto insurer in new jersey, new york and connecticut. so i just came by to say "thanks."
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[♪] and in the restless depths of human hearts... [♪] the voice of the wild within. [♪] we'll take you back for a peek inside the granite state in new hampshire. we're looking at hillary clinton as she started her first small business round table. this is a spot -- a children's manufacturer, they do educational toys and furniture and right now she's talking to employees at this round table, very similar to the way she visited and started in iowa with
11:18 am
a round table there. we hear more this conversation will be about economic policy for hillary clinton and presidential candidate. frances is back with the importance of new hampshire. new hampshire as this early primary state and frances, they are used to everybody coming there and heavily courting for their votes. >> and hillary clinton is there returning to the state that gave her the first presidential campaign a second wind and unlike the republicans who spoke this weekend, she faces little opposition in her own party. 2008 clinton won the democratic primary in new hampshire with 39.1% of the vote president obama came in second with 36.5%. here's clinton welling up on the campaign trail in new hampshire. >> very personal for me. it's not just political, it's not just public. i see what's happening and we have to reverse it. >> certainly a turning point during that time in the campaign in new hampshire. fast forward now to this
11:19 am
weekend, there's a reason republicans converge upon new hampshire. the state has a track record of predicting 66% of gop candidates who won the primary became the nominees. you can see that happening with ronald reagan h.w. bush and john mccain in 2008 and mitt romney in 2012. only exceptions were john mccain in 2008 and pat buchanan in 1996. -- 2000 i say the exception there. most states have clear reliable political identities but inform thf does not. that's another reason why the state is so interesting politically, when we look at gallop polls over time you can see how identities of voters are changing. some years lean more republican and other years lean more democratic. past years since 2012 republicans in blue and red chris crossing each other and alternating there. very interesting how politics come into play and why all eyes
11:20 am
are there on new hampshire. >> thanks so much. joining us by phone is doug hadaway, former adviser for hillary clinton's 2008 campaign and on the ground with clinton in new hampshire last time around. doug, it's good to have you with me. what do you think how long it's going to take until a primary challenger comes in to take? of the attention off hillary clinton or do you think she's going to be in it by herself through this? >> that's a good question. other people testing water, i don't see them deciding to take another route, i'll bet you some show up in new hampshire because people in new hampshire like a good debate and like a good primary and get a hearing no matter what. i would expect other folks to be jumping in at some time. >> don't you hope if you're for hillary clinton and see her win in advance that there are people
11:21 am
that come forward and provide voters with options, otherwise it looks like a direct lead to a coronation that's not anybody to take the heat off of her. >> i for one kind of like the fact that the republicans have a huge open primary with no clear front-runner and they can have a good time tearing each other down. they are going to be focusing the fire on hillary clinton even if there are other people in the race. i don't think it changes the dynamics there. for me as somebody who supports her, i think it's great that she gets a chance to talk to every day families and hear what's on their mind and not have all of this talk about horse races and who's up and who's down in the polls and primary. i kind of like this focus on the voters rather than focus on the politician. >> it seems like slow and steady is the approach that the campaign is taking right now and just trying to do this rollout
11:22 am
cautiously. but now we have the gop contenders thrashing among themselves and we have a conservative writer coming out with a new book on the clinton foundation and foreign money. it's a big talking point for the republican side already. apart from the validity of the arguments, do you think clinton is effectively fighting any of the opposition that's been raised so far? >> sure i think in all of the situations like this you need to choose your battles and see what's worth fighting and what's not. the republicans really want to draw her into debate with them or fights over phony scandals he think her being focused on voters is what she needs to do and what the voters want. these types of book are standard and fair in political campaigns these days. i'm sure you recall seeing these books written by barack obama during his campaigns and i think it would be a mistake for her to
11:23 am
get distracted at everything like this. these political books. >> great to talk to you, i want to remind to you, you can keep voting at and whether you think hillary clinton needs a primary challenger. still ahead, tim tebow reportedly reportedly heads to the land of cheese steaks and liberty. will he ever get on the field this time in an eagles uniform? 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in
11:24 am
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11:27 am
captured on body camera. a police officer opting not to use deadly force against a double murder suspect. >> i don't want to shoot you. >> also ahead, tragedy off the coast of italy, a mig grant ship cap sizing and hundreds feared dead. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk. guys, it's just the two of you. the setting is just right. but here's the thing, about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. and you only take it when you need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain;
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11:30 am
european leaders meeting in lux em bourg trying to confront the humanitarian issue. we're learning more details about what could be the worst mi grant disaster yet. officials estimate around 700 people may have died when their ship capsized on sunday and sank shortly after leaving libya. chief global correspondent bill neely joins us from london.
11:31 am
how do we know exact totals in what is feared to be the worst migrant disaster and how does europe deal with the growing crisis by helping people not want to flee their homelands? >> both good questions, thomas on the death toll. we simply don't know. we are relying on a couple of survivors who said between 700 and 900 people were on board. but we've been waiting for casualty updates all day. officials simply can't give them. so far only 24 people rescued clearly hundreds are dead but that ship is at the bottom of the mediterranean. people are waiting for bodies to float to the surface, all we can say is that clearly hundreds of dead. as for europe and its leaders, feel about this continuing crisis frankly uneasy and all sorts of ways last year when the wave of migration began
11:32 am
there are 150,000 people trying to get from the shores of north africa to europe. last year people european leaders actually stopped the rescue program because immigration is a toxic word in a europe that has economic problems and is worried about isis, for example, in some of these countries. now obviously people very very uneasy at the kind of pictures that you're looking at now of the humanitarian crisis. there will be an nj summit of european leaders on thursday. the pope the head of the united nations secretary general, all appealing for robust action to try to do something more to stop these tragedies happening. it seems almost on a weekly basis now. thomas? >> nbc's bill neely reporting. we want to bring everybody more on breaking news over the last 15 minutes, we have confirmation through defense officials telling nbc news that the aircraft carrier "uss theodore
11:33 am
roosevelt" traveled through the strait of hormuz and it is one of nine u.s. ships tracking a convoy of iranian ships and u.s. officials expect that the iranian ships are carrying weapons to be distributed in yemen. i want to bring in ayman mohyeldin. leets try to connect the dots of everyone from iran sending weapons to yemen and u.s. interest with trying to insert itself with the blockade? this is a bit of a proxy war unfolding right now. you have the saudi arabian military with coalition of gulf countries backed by the united states sending weapon and carrying out air strikes inside yemen against houthi rebels. these houthi rebels are closely aligned with iran. in the past there have been allegations that iran has been supporting houthi rebels with weapons and certainly financial support if not at the very least
11:34 am
diplomatic and political support. it seems now with this announcement by the united states that they have credible intelligence that this convoy of ships making its way through the strait of hormuz heading towards yemen, is perhaps sending those weapons to support those rebels and that's certainly going to be a major cause of concern as the united nations and others try to bring a lid on the violence that perhaps more weapons are arriving into the theater of fighting could make the situation much more explosive. >> it's fascinating to try to connect the dots and all of the implications, what they point to. we'll continue to follow this and nbc's ayman mohyeldin, we appreciate it. back here at home, the boston marathon is under way, patriots day in massachusetts. the ee leets have finished their race and ethiopia winning for the win and caroline roetage for the women. this comes one day before the
11:35 am
start of the penalty phase for convicted bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. i'm joined by patricia wen from the boston globe. describe what it's like coming on the heels of the dzhokhar tsarnaev verdict, found guilty on all 30 counts, then we have the marathon happening right before the start of the penalty phase. >> i think this is a very emotional time. fortunately today's event went smoothly, it's a happy occasion. but tomorrow the trial really pivots into a whole new direction. the guilt phase obviously unfolded like a documentary, the defense admitted that dzhokhar tsarnaev did it and the prosecution just sort of unfolded his whole case. starting tomorrow we're going to be -- the jury will be faced with this profound decision whether he deserves the death penalty. >> when we think about the boston strong and resilience yens of the community, the
11:36 am
timing of all of this as you look at this from a distance it's just so compelling and complicated all at the same time but what is the resiliency factor and feeling in an around boston as this is taking place? >> i think the fact that the anniversary of the bombing was last week marathon was today, i think it may be a factor but quite frankly this trial, the jury selection started in january and there's been a lot of coverage since the beginning of this year. in some ways i feel like the city has been living this rewitnessing it, thinking about it for quite some time. >> well at least today, today went off beautifully except the weather was a little bit -- not as great. >> rainy and cloudy. >> not as great as in the past but hopefully you're having a wonderful patriots day in massachusetts. thanks for joining me i appreciate it.
11:37 am
>> thank you. >> now to stories that caught our eye, this from an ohio police officer for using restraint and not deadly force after a double murder suspect charged at him. it started as the officer got out of his patrol car ordering the suspect to put his hands up implying he charges, forcing the officer backward at the same time asking the officer to go ahead and shoot him. >> don't do it man. i'll shoot you. >> yeah you will. shoot me. >> get back. get your hands out of your pockets. >> shoot me. >> get your hands out of your pocket now. no, not going to do it. >> shoot me. >> you hear it there. the suspect eventually surrenders and afterwards the officer said i i wanted to be absolutely sure before i used deadly force. moving on to politics a grandfather's family asked mourners to honor his memory by not voting for specific 2016
11:38 am
candidate that being hillary clinton. according to an obituary posted on a local funeral's website for larry darrel upright, the last line asks you do not vote for hillary clinton in 2016. he knows his father is laughing out loud in heaven right now. in lieu of flowers, send the contribution here, in lieu of that, don't vote for hillary. in a tweet rob lowe posted saying it may be early but the media has their script. hillary clinton equals calculating jeb bush equals entitled. rand paul equals cook and scott walker extreme. tim tebow found a new spot to call home with the philadelphia eagles, the namesake of the action called tebowing is about to sign a one-year contract with the nfc team.
11:39 am
>> tebow continues to -- has tim tebow's nfl career been resurrected? >> i'm excited, let's do this. >> once tebow mania swept the nation. his signature move known as tebowing so popular he had a trademark. >> getting on a knee and praying is a very special deal for me. >> the combination of faith and football became fodder for late night tv. >> i jesus christ many the reason you won last six football galz. >> i knew it. >> tim tebow to jesus christ. >> the star quickly faded by the gridiron dumped by the broncos in 2011 he was traded to the jets where he played one season ending up a football analyst. >> we welcome our newest college football analyst, tim tebow. now there are reports he's headed back to the nfl. >> say what you will about tim tebow he's never lost his desire
11:40 am
to play the game and always has said he wants to be an nfl quarterback. you have to give tim tebow credit for his work ethic that never goes away. >> tebow's fans are ready for his come back. his name trending on twitter amid comments like tim tebow to the eagles is a gift from the gods. >> all right, so it is worth noting that tim tebow has not played football in the profession field since 2012. still ahead, april 20th also 4/20 or national pot day. we break down how the 2016 hopefuls fall on the politics of pot and how do you think marijuana should be legalized if at all? we'll share the results in minutes, you can weigh in now. the national weather service has a tornado watch in effect for parts of north georgia and western north carolina until 8:00 p.m. eastern time. if you take a look at this weather radar, you can see that includes cities of atlanta and charlotte and greenville spartanburg.
11:41 am
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two defense officials telling nbc news the "uss theodore roosevelt" is heading towards yemen. it is one of nine u.s. naifry ships in the area trackinging a convoy of iranian ships that u.s. officials suspect could be carrying weapons to yemen. and joining me now is nbc news chief correspondent jim miklaszewski, you've been able to gather more information from the pentagon. what is it? >> that's right, thomas senior defense and military officials tell nbc news that u.s. and coalition warships are prepared if necessary to intercept a convoy of iranian ships suspected and they stress the word suspected of carrying weapons from iran to the houthis during -- to arm them in that war under way in yemen. according to officials, the uss theodore roosevelt carrier
11:45 am
battle group will be in the region but the officials stress that any action were necessary, it could very well be carried out by egyptians or saudi or united arab em irate ships and the u.s. may serve as observers. accompanied by iranian navy warships and revolutionary guard warships, it's unclear whether any contact has been made between the u.s. and coalition and that convoy of iranian ships. but according to one official they know that we are there. one official also expressed concern that this information has leaked at a time when the u.s. is attempting to negotiate a nuke cheerclear treaty with iran. and the fear is if now iranians may feel if they are carrying weapons that they are backed into a corner and forced to try
11:46 am
to run any kind of blockade now that information is public. u.s. officials suspect, suspect strongly suspect that this convoy is carrying iranian weapons but cannot confirm it at this point. >> again, mik, as you say, this much u.s. muscle being put in the area as observers. >> pretty much. they would support any kind of action that would be taken by the coalition. but it sounds as if the saudis -- or egyptians were the first to put up a naval blockade around yemen. there's a feeling here that the ships already in place from the region. saudi egyptian and uae probably would be able to handle any kind of confrontation if it came to that with the iranians. >> keep us posted. thank you sir, we're following this news of severe weather developing in the south. take a live look at atlanta. a tornado watch in effect for parts of north georgia and south carolina and western north carolina until 8:00 p.m.
11:47 am
if you look at this weather raid after, that's going to include cities of atlanta, charlotte and greenville par tan burg. this video shows the aftermath of severe weather, through that area over the past 24 hours. we're going to keep you updated on additional watches likely to go into effect and be issued for parts of the east coast this afternoon. i know it's getting late dear but it's not often we have so many people that have written and broadcast about us. i thought you might like so say a few nice words to them. how about a word -- something friendly even one kind word. >> i'm thinking. i'm thinking. >> brought to you by bmw, we only make one thing the ultimate driving machine.
11:48 am
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welcome back you're looking at live pictures of president obama about to greet the 2015 college football champion ohio state buckeyes the ohio state buckeyes. this is in the east room of the white house and you see them lined up there to get in place as the president is coming in. they defeated oregon ducks back in january, 42-20. the buckeyes will be honored by congress later this afternoon. in case you didn't know it today being 4/20 it's a big day for pot smokers around the country and around the world. on this holiday, we want to take
11:51 am
a moment to pause and take a deeper dive. the politics of pot will undoubtedly take stage in the 2016 election. frances has a look at what people are saying about it. >> looking at the politics of pot some say the 2016 will be the marijuana election or at least take on some central issues here as marijuana becomes less taboo. there are 23 states that have relaxed pot laws in some form but four states as you can see here in the neon green that have legalized recreational use of pot. those states alaska and organize, in the neon green. pot is also legal in the nation's capital and could be legal elsewhere too come 2016. these are the five states that could legalize pot in the election here. you can see that highlighted in yellow. it's already expected to be on the ballot in nevada and some advocates say ballot measures in
11:52 am
the northeast and maine and massachusetts. 58% of americans think pot will be legal in the next 20 years. let's break down the poll number for you. 2% say it's going to be legal in the next year, five years, 17% agree with that. 26% in the next ten years, 1% 13% the next 20 years. longer than 20 years, 5% saying never and 32% never be legal and those who aren't sure makes up 5%. now for a trip down memory lane to see what some 2016 hopefuls have said about pot use, jeb bush has admitted to smoking pot when he was in high school a student there. a spokes person for ted cruz said he foolishly experimented with pot as a teen. and rand paul and marco rubio have refused to say whether they smoked. as far as democrats, hillary clinton she didn't smoke pot when she was young and no she's not about to start now. her likely challenger martin
11:53 am
o'malley hasn't said whether he has but bernie sanders admitted to smoking pot in the past. come a long way from the days when bill clinton was asked if he has smoked pot, tried it but didn't inhale come a long way from that. because we're talking about this on 4/20 day, we asked you, do you think pot should be legalized and here are your choices recreational and medical, medical only and no legalization as far as your answers and here's how you're responding overall. let's look at those. as far as recreational and medical, 94% of it yes, it should be legalized and 4% said medical only and no legalization at 1%. look at our viewers, thomas on 4/20 94% said it should be legal when it comes to recreational use. a breakdown of political party -- >> guess we know who's watching us. >> right now, 94% of democrats say yes, it should be and we can look at the breakdown, much
11:54 am
smaller numbers for medical only when it comes to all of those parties. >> frances, thanks so much. it's been five years since that deepwater horizon oil spill that killed 11 workers in the gulf of mexico. bp announcing the tentative approval the 10 new early restoration projects total $134 million and the projects include coastal protection and habitat enhancement efforts to restore sea turtles, 54 projects with a cost of $70 million under way across several gulf coast states. did you know this weekend thousands descended on the national mall in washington for a star studded concert raising awareness on the fight against extreme poverty and climate change. ronan farrow spoke to a few celebrities about what makes a global citizen. >> a global citizen in my eyes is anyone who lives on the planet. >> we're dealing with the same issues and in some way are affected and we should love the planet and love each other and
11:55 am
be helpful to one another. >> no matter how poor or rich you may be we have to look at each other as one. >> all that matters right now we're all human and in this together and this affects all of us. >> all in this together nbc is a partner with the project and the ceo joins me now hugh we were like ships in the daylight because we didn't get to see oech other. it was a fantastic weekend. talk about the outcomes from this weekend and how you feel you got your message out? >> it was ap an amazing weekend, thanks for being part of it. 250,000 people came out for this incredible celebration and what was more important was the impact it had in the lives the world's poor and efforts to tackle climate change. if the first category the world bank made a phenomenal $4 billion commitment in terms of water and sanitation focused in india and nepal and haiti over
11:56 am
the coming years. in the area of education, we saw denmark commit $60 million and belgium commit $36 million and then we also saw ireland made a massive 50% of their aid would go to least developed countries. >> real quickly, i only have 20 seconds left. how many people already signed up and what are the plans? >> people signed up to global citizen, we're on track by the end of this month to have over 2 million members. which is fantastic. over the coming months we're focused in the lead up to the g-7 and financing and development summit and on the issue of women and girls, how do we ensure equal for women and girls worldwide. >> thank you. appreciate it. that's going to wrap up today's show for me. we'll see you back here tomorrow. "the cycle" is up next.
11:57 am
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way as a jury readies to sentence marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> and there they go. >> the official figure is 30,251 men and women picked up their bib numbers. >> at this stage of the 119th boston marathon the women's leader is an american and men's leader is an american. >> side by side 26.2 miles. >> nothing left. 2:24.55, what a finish down boylston


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