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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  April 20, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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exclusive report on something even more radical, something no other state has done ever. one pioneering state has cooked up something even more intense than mississippi trying to home make their own injectable drugs. it's strange, it's exclusive and it will be here tomorrow night on a little show we call the rachel maddow show. now it's time for lawrence o'donnell. >> thank you. >> 53% in favor. that the highest percentage supporting legalization since cbs news began asking that question in polls in 1979. of course tonight we have more video of police abuse, abuse of use of force, but we also have the exact opposite. video of the most heroic kind of police restraint. an officer who refused to shoot a murder suspect when that
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suspect actually was asking him to shoot. >> protests are taking place over the death of freddie. >> he died a week after he was arrested. the family's lawyer says the man's spine had been partially severed in police custody. >> there was an independent review of the incident. >> we can't just depend on the police looking at the police. >> tulsa county sheriff -- >> defending the training of reserve deputy robert bates. >> attorneys for the family of eric harris say that the documents release sod far do not prove that he was adequately trained. >> a 73-year-old man is literally too old for this [ bleep ]. >> well, we're back into the political season. >> hillary clinton is back. >> campaigning in new hampshire today. >> the republicans seem to be
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talking only about me. >> there's going to need to be two planes. >> unlike mrs. clinton, i know flying is an activity, not an accomplishment. >> hillary clinton is going to raise 2 $.5 billion. that's a lot of chipoltle, my friends. >> marco rubio also says -- >> marriage should be between money one man and one woman. >> tonight, six baltimore city police officers are suspended after a 25-year-old baltimore man died from a spinal injury apparently sustained during an arrest. part of what happened was captured on cell phone video and released by lawyers for the victim. [ bleep ] [ bleep ].
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>> that was after they tased him like that. man, i've been recording this [ bleep ]. i've been recording it. i been recording it. what car they come out of? >> he on a bike right there. right there. >> i got it. don't worry about it. don't worry about it yo. taz you like that. you wonder why he can't use his legs. >> according to the autopsy report released today, fred gray suffered a spinal cord injury that resulted in his death after a week in a coma. the lawyer for his family said his spine was 80% severed at his neck. today, protestors gathered in a third day after western district police station. here's the baltimore city mayor. >> this is a very very tense
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time for baltimore city. and i understand the community's frustration. i understand it because i'm frustrated. i'm angry that we are here again, that we have had to tell another mother that their child is dead. i'm frustrated that not only that we're here but we don't have all of the answers. >> here is deputy police commissioner jerry rodriguez at that same press conference. >> i know that when mr. gray was placed inside that van, he was able to talk he was upset, and when mr. gray was taken out of that van, he could not talk or breathe. >> joining us now, one of the lawyers for freddie gray's family. also jack young president of the baltimore city council and the director of the black law enforcement alliance.
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mary cook, questions do you wish were answered today that were not? >> one of the first questioned i would have wanted answered is why was freddie gray arrested. because there really is to answer to why he was arrested. i've read the application for statement of charges. it gives no real information. it actually amounts to what i would call and refer to in my days at the prosecutors office is felony running. i mean -- there's no indication that he did anything wrong. then the other question i have is is that he was being loaded literally into the wagon and he was not beingby lij rant at all. he was crying out in pain. it was clear he could not use his legs. why didn't someone stop right there and there and have the compassion and wherewithal to call for medical help immediately. so what happened in that van was not answered either, but those
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questions weren't answered at all. where's the knife that they say was recovered. it says that knife was recovered by the police officers. if that's the reason why he was arrested, because he had the knife. of course, the knife comes after they've already apprehended mr. gray. so where's that knife? why didn't deputy commissioner rodriguez bring that knife to show the members of the community what exactly it was the officers found. and i'd like an explanation of how it was they actually found that. so those were some of the questions you have initially. just the idea that people think that somehow it's not okay for a young man to run. how did they even know he was running from the police? all the questions that haven't been answered, all the questions about the training of these police officers how they conduct their investigations how they determine whether or not there is reasonable
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suspicion. whether or not there's probable cause and the fact they need to learn that you don't apprehend someone and then try to look for a reason to justify that apprehension. >> last year you wrote an op-ed piece calling for an investigation of your baltimore police department. you saw problems with it then. do you have confidence that this investigation underway now will be conducted properly now that it has the mayor's attention? >> i think that it will be conduct the properly. but i want to conduct it a full civil rights investigation of the entire police department because of these allegations of police brutality and people being shot and murdered at the hands of some police officers. now, i want to make it clear, the whole police department should not be indicted for a few bad apples. but when we find those bad apples they should be punished to the fullest extent of law.
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i think a complete civil rights investigation of the baltimore city police department is in order. and i'm also think we should have an independent investigation outside of the baltimore city police department. >> mark with your experience in the nypd as an officer, what is it you think you're watching in that video? >> well, the video -- i mean speaks for itself. there was some sort of interaction and there was what should have been a pretty routine prisoner transport situation itself. what's on the video is not really in question. what is in question is what happened once mr. gray was in the transport vehicle itself and the time that it took between being placed in the vehicle, who interacted with mr. gray who conducted an interrogation of mr. gray what occurred within that period of time that he's inside the transport vehicle and they had to call for ems to come
7:09 pm
and render life-saving aid at that point. all of the question that the attorney presented there are valid questions. what's painful and disturbing and unfortunately has become routine throughout the nation when you have these type of incidents is that these investigations take painfully long. they are protracted and unnecessarily so. it does not take two weeks to engage -- >> i said earlier that i didn't want to the cut him off. but i said earlier that i'm concerned about what happened once he got into the police van also. because they said he was talking, he was, you know hollering about he wanted to get some help. so my question is when they left the scene and start traveling with the police van, what happened between that time? i understand --
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>> let me just say this -- >> -- medical information. >> and what i'm saying is. >> go ahead. >> what i'm saying exactly is that at this point or some point really close, like maybe tomorrow there should be a more open and honest transparent explanation about some of the major details and some basic details that the attorney raised. and other people have raised et cetera. i mean you can't -- >> there are certain -- >> go ahead. >> i'm sorry. >> go ahead. >> i agree that the problem -- obviously the problem is what happened. everybody wants to know what happened inside that van. we all know the condition of mr. gray when he was taken out of that van. we all want to know that. i still want to back up and say, why would you transport someone who is obviously in pain if you look at the video -- >> that's correct. >> -- he is not in any -- he's not yelling -- i mean often
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times we see video with people who are using profanity with the police arguing about the fact they've been arrested. that's not what this young man was doing. he was crying out in pain and it was obvious he could not use his legs. why was he even placed in the van in the first place? then i have to back it up and say why was he even arrested? why was he even apprehended? >> and those questions -- >> and mark -- >> quite honestly -- >> would you say in your experience as an officer that the only reason they would have put him in that van instead of call for an ambulance is they just didn't believe he was injured, they just believed he was kind of faking this screaming thing? >> that could be -- >> the way that -- but the way that he was screaming, i doubt that they had to know he was hurt. >> yeah. >> because from what i heard, he was screaming pretty you know loud that something was wrong.
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even when they was taking him to the van, he was crying out in pain. >> and you know what i think is really interesting, when you hear the -- you hear the gentleman videotaping. he talks about that mr. gray was tased. that the police officers tased him. now, deputy commissioner rodriguez said there's no indication of any kinds of marks on autopsy. which i assume would include any markings from having been tased. >> i didn't hear anything about him being tased? >> i just heard that from the person on the street. >> and there lies the situation. >> okay. we're going to have to leave it there for tonight. mark claxton, jack young, mary cook thank you all for joining us tonight. coming up, the tulsa county sheriff holds a press conference to try to answer questions about his friend who shot and killed eric harris.
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and an ohio police officer stands his ground and he refuses to shoot a suspect. the entire thing was caught on video. the suspect was asking him to shoot him. it looked like a case where the suspect wanted suicide by cop. also tonight, it looks like we have a glimpse into who the koch brothers have chosen as their candidate for president of the united states. why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a
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today the michigan police officer who beat a man after a traffic stop was charged with mistreatment of a prisoner and assault with intent to do great bathroom. bodily harm. he's seen in this dash cam video purging him in the head 15 times. a drug possession charge against floyd dent will be dropped.
7:16 pm
video of excessive use of force like that seems to have been flooding american television this year but we now have a truly heroic example of restraint on the use of force by officer jesse kidder in new richmond, ohio. a murder suspect approaching officer kidder in the dark and repeatedly asks the officer to shoot him. officer kidder had been warned that the suspect might be armed. but he remarkably keeps his cool in the face of danger. >> get your hands up! get your hands up! get your hands up right now! stop! stop right there! i don't want to shoot you, man. i don't want to shoot you. don't do it man.
7:17 pm
i'll shoot you. i'll shoot you. [ bleep ]. >> shoot me! >> get your hands out of your pocket now! no man, not going to do it. >> shoot me shoot me! >> backup! back up! get down on the ground! >> all cars be advised, subject is running. >> keep your hands out, keep your hands out or you're going to get shot. do you understand that? >> yes, sir. >> the camera that captured that heroic police work was not issued by the police department. it was a gift from the officer.
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so you... you... and you, can be a morning person again. aleve pm, for a better am. i know that he has received a lot of training. and that's documented. and he has those documents. and i believe they were released by his lawyer. i just know that mr. bates has been to the range several times and is qualified and that's documented. >> that was tulsa county sheriff today at a news conference insisting that 73-year-old volunteer sheriff's deputy robert bates was properly trained to work as a volunteer deputy, but he could not confirm rorpt bates was trained to use the .357 smith and wes son.
7:20 pm
the tulsa world reports that the resolver was not on the approved list of firearms deputies can carry on duty. three years of firearms qualifications from mr. bates' records and most of the records of his officer field training are missing. his attorneys released 55 pages of documents they insist show robert bates received the necessary training. they reported that his training records had been falsified. today, the sheriff was asked about that. >> is there an investigation into these allegations of falsified records? >> no we are not. >> why wouldn't you be? given the magnitude and the power of those kinds of allegations, why -- >> apparently they don't want to talk to me but they're welcome to. they can go to the fbi and talk to them. >> robert bates gave his first
7:21 pm
public account of how he mistakenly used his gun in an interview with matt lauer on the "today" show. >> would you show me where on your body when you're in your uniform you keep your taser and where you keep your weapon? can you stand up and show me? >> sure. you bet. my taser is right here on the front tucked in a protective vest. my gun itself is on my side normally to the rear. >> and people are going to look at that mr. bates, and say how could you make this mistake? how could you think you were going for your taser on your chest tucked into that vest and accidentally pull your weapon? >> let me say, this has happened a number of times around the country. i have read about it in the past. i thought to myself after reading several cases, i don't understand how this can happen.
7:22 pm
you must believe me, it can happen to anyone. >> joining us now is the attorney for the family of eric harris and back with us is mark clax tn former nypd detective. what was your reaction to hearing mr. bates describe where those weapons were? >> you can see the picture of the taser in a still frame from the video. and i think it's much higher even than mr. baits is referencing in that interview with matt lauer. it's a bright yellow taser that's up high here. and based on what i know of the shooting that day, mr. bates walked from his vehicle again over to where mr. harris was and shot him. he didn't pull his weapon. >> let's listen -- let's listen to what the sheriff said today
7:23 pm
about his friend and how he made that mistake with his taser and his gun. and i warn you listen to this very carefully because i have trouble making sense of it no matter how many times i listen to it. let's listen to what the sheriff said. >> bob didn't mistake a gun for a taser. he mistaked having a gun in his hand and thought it was the taser. he didn't transition from a gun to a taser. >> mark i hope you can explain to me what i just heard. >> my eyes are rolling around in my head. it's really amazing -- let's be clear about something. that gentleman had no business being even in a position to commit this you know -- to commit this killing of this individual. he should not have been in close proximity with a firearm with professional police officers. we have to be mindful, we're talking about public safety. public safety and we can't just give this to anyone who's had
7:24 pm
quote, unquote, some training or similar training or likes the police or has a title of reserve or auction sillry or anything else. there is tactical training. there is whole examination process, perhaps psychological interviews. not everyone who wants to be the police should be treated as if they are the police regardless if their friend is the sheriff or not. and the explanations coming forth are extremely troubling and detrimental to the well being of professional law enforcement. it's inexcusable and the sheriff really should be ashamed of himself. >> there are also mandatory retirement ages. in the nypd, it's ten years younger than robert bates. i want to hear one part of this news conference today that explains how friendly the sheriff is with his friend, bob,
7:25 pm
as he just described him, including taking va occasioncation trips together. >> allegations of you and some of the members of the sheriff's office taking trips to the bahamas, things of that sort paid for by robert bates is that true? >> part of it's true yes. but i paid for part of it too. it wasn't just baits that went with me. i went with him. the under sheriff was there along with another reserve. >> so his ultimate supervisor here, the sheriff, he's paid for vacations to the bahamas for him. >> not only the bahamas, but how many times have they been to bates' home in florida. how many times have they been to bates' home in colorado together. how many times have they traveled with mr. bates?
7:26 pm
that's the exact issue we're dealing with here. you've got a guy that's got no training. and it leads one to believe the only reason he's out there is because he's providing vacations and weapons and vehicles and money to this violent crimes task force. >> thank you both for joining me tonight on this. >> thank you, lawrence. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up the "new york times" reports that the koch brothers seem to have picked their candidate for president. and hillary clinton says she is ready for republican attacks against her. push your enterprise and you can move the world. but to get from the old way to the new, you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps businesses move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come.
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people want three things. they want a new, fresh face particularly if we're going to take on hillary clinton. they want someone from outside of washington who has big bold ideas ideas. they want someone who has a proven track record someone that's fought and won for the working taxpayers. we're the only one that can say yes to all three of those. >> the koch brothers might just agree. the "new york times" reports the two attendees said david koch indicated scott walker should be the nominee. the koch brothers have committed to spend nearly a billion dollars through their political organizations in the next two years to put a republican in the white house who they are clearly
7:31 pm
hoping is scott walker. at today's fundraiser mr. koch suggested the political organizations they oversee would not intervene in the republican primary process on behalf of a single candidate, but according to two attendees who spoke on the condition of anonymity, mr. koch indicated that the koch family might personally offer financial support to mr. walker. tonight, david koch released this statement. while i think governor walker is terrific i am not endorsing or supporting any candidate for president at this point. joining us now, casey hunt charlie cook, editor of the cook political report and former ohio republican congressman. first of all, casey hunt are
7:32 pm
you lost? >> i wandered into your studio. >> this is not new hampshire. this is not iowa. >> i don't think new york is officially on the campaign trail. >> no. charlie cook is new york in doubt in the presidential primaries? >> no. but i'm not sure -- that's not the "new york times" story i read. it said that he would be -- he predicted that scott walker would be the nominee and it was a little fuzzier i think than that. >> what strikes me is it's great to say i'm not endorsing anyone but i do think this guy should be the winner. you know, in my country, that's sort of what an endorsement sounds like. >> i'm not sure that's how i read it. but that's okay. >> scott walker does seem to be the new darling. if everyone's going to get their 30 days or whatever it was that last time around everyone seemed to get at least 30 days as the new darling, he is
7:33 pm
certainly it. do you think he can sustain it? >> the interesting thing to me, this is the first time i can remember a republican field as broad where everybody's trying to be the guy that represents something. you have rubio as the foreign policy guy, cruz wants to be nonobama. you have bush who's the senate right guy. there's one more lane that's available. i don't know if scott walker can maintain it or not. that belongs to a governor who's going to come in and say, i'm outside washington i've got fresh ideas. until a little while ago there were five of them. jind i think you'll see one of them come out of that pack, but i don't think the field's going to sustain more than one of them. everybody had a flirtation with scott walker earlier and that seemed to have faded. so we'll see. >> the question of the day has become for republican candidates, would you attend a
7:34 pm
gay wedding. let's see how scott walker handled that with you, casey. >> would you attend a gay wedding? >> well, in terms of that's a -- certainly a personal issue for a family member we've had a family member who's had a reception, i haven't been to a wedding. that's true even though my position is marriage is defined between a man and a woman, for someone i love, we've been to a reception. >> it sounds like a yes. >> it does. although he seemed to make a distinction between a wedding ceremony and a wedding reception. >> ceremonies are generally more boring. >> he wants to go have fun. i think there's a generation l divide in the republican field on this. >> rue yoe is a yes. >> right. ted cruz of course i guess is in that younger generation. he so far has punted on this question. >> he's a maybe at this point. he said something like, i
7:35 pm
haven't -- the situation hasn't presented itself. >> it's never been something i've had to make a decision about. but it's amazing how fast this issue has gone from something that republican once used as a cultural wedge. no major democratic candidate in the 2008 race supported legalizing gay marriage. and now it's something that's becoming a difficult question for the republican field. for young people the latest nbc poll shows 74% of americans 18 to 535 support legalizing gay marriage. >> if the campaigns are sitting there studying polls to get answers to these questions, is there polling that indicates what the winning answer is to that question of would you attend a gay wedding? winning question for the republican nomination. >> i think the winning way is to avoid the question. just fuzz it out. >> charlie, you're making my job so difficult here. >> it depends on -- look if
7:36 pm
you're a rick santorum a mike huckabee running in that lane of course you can't say you would do it. for the more secular republican party, you know, we're looking at numbers that 40% in the last "wall street journal" poll, 43% in cbs of republicans support same-sex marriage. this number is moving so rapidly, but this is not a subject that republican presidential candidates are trying to go out and talk about. i mean you stick a microphone in their face they got to say something. or maybe not. but this is not something that they're trying to talk about. that's -- this is -- this issue has changed so fast just in four years. and that by four years from now, eight years from now, this is going to be a complete nonissue even on the republican side. >> if this question chases the
7:37 pm
republican nominee into the general election isn't the answer there much more important than it is now? >> well, i think it's important in the republican primary because there's a certain part of the republican electorate that sknt going to like the answer that should be the right answer. the question is how do you feel about gay marriage? that's really the question. i think the republican nominee has to be where the public is on this issue. >> in the defense of the question, i suggested that everyone be asked that question on the campaign. in my view there are no silly questions. there are just silly answers. and i think we're going to continue to get some. when we come back we have breaking news about what could actually be the collapse of the chris christie campaign for president before it officially starts.
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we have breaking news about the represent presidential campaign. reporting in the "washington post" at this hour that chris christie's 2009 chairman of his
7:41 pm
gubernatorial campaign is now backing former florida governor jeb bush in his campaign. new jersey state senator has also made a $10,000 contribution to bush's political action committee. casey hunt this is sounding like there isn't even going to be a christie announcement at this point. >> i wouldn't count him out. >> oh, i counted him out over a year ago. >> we're still waiting on whether or not there are going to be indictments in the brimg case. i was up in new hampshire this weekend. he's mounting a town-to-town town hall strategy. i do think that christie has enough raw political skills that that could potentially work out. but i do think this is a sign that the bush strategy is working. they've set out from the beginning to be the team sucking
7:42 pm
up all the money and support. this is really a signal from the bush campaign to the christie campaign that we are making some progress here. >> it sounds like a signal to all the campaigns. >> yeah, it does. i think that's the bush strategy it's a good one. i thought casey's question was brilliant. >> that's what i thought you meant to say. >> you misspeak, and that happens. >> in fairness i wasn't the first person to ask the question. >> the fact of the matter is i wouldn't count anybody out at this moment of time. i sat in a room with john mccain's team. they thought he was toast. and he wound up being the nominee. so you never know. but i do think the bush strategy which is the same one, it's effective i think it's beginning to move people to the sidelines sidelines. >> if chris christie tries to keep the dream alive, do you see
7:43 pm
a place for him in this field? i really doubt. early on you had the legacy republican party desperately wanted jeb bush to run. up through september, october, up until pretty much thanksgiving, it really looked like bush was not going to run. that's when you started seeing this ground swell for chris christie build up. it was looking for a center right, but not right-right candidate. the day it started looking like jeb bush was going to run, that was the end -- to me, that was like the end for chris christie. the bridge stuff, unless he's indicted it's beside the point. all the air has been out of his sails for a couple months now. to me, if there's a competitor for jeb bush in that sort of center right space, it's more likely to be marco rubio than chris christie. >> let's listen to hillary clinton today at a round table.
7:44 pm
she went to a factory store that makes furniture for elementary schools. let's listen to what she had to say there. >> i'm just thinking that you know you have this equipment here, if you could get some kind of grantor other support from either local government state government even the community college or the colleges, and, you know, you could have a program at night. i mean, if somebody were to come in and basically say, we're going to designate whitney brothers as one of our training facilities and your -- your expert employees would get some kind of wage bump because you'd be the instructors. >> i was counting on all of those things to be just incredibly boring. i watched every minute of this one today. what was fascinating to me, it looks like this was a live
7:45 pm
spontaneous moment of her getting this idea in this exchange with these people. hey, wait a minute this discussion might actually turn productive. >> i think so. i think that's exactly their goal. she talked to reporters at some length. she's bringing up ideas that we haven't necessarily heard. she mentioned substance abuse in particular. this is something that joe mentioned earlier today, talking about such a huge problem in west virginia. something we hadn't -- >> the people raising the question. it was the people there who raised the question. she does seem to be getting smoother and more relaxed at these roundtables. >> her campaign seems to be trying to do everything exactly the opposite of how they did it last time. so far i think it looks pretty impressive. i think the rollout was solid. this thing is not going to be about benghazi or e-mails or the foundation or any of this stuff. does she seem to be relevant to
7:46 pm
the future. presidential elections are about the future not about the past. midterm elections are about the paths. if she's striking these kinds of chords that's good for her. these other things i don't think they're going to be that big a deal with swing voters. >> the republicans seem to be competing with each other about who can attack her the hardest. is there a danger of overkill there? >> sure there is. as a husband and father of daughters, i'm really proud that the lead candidate of one of the parties happens to be a woman. i wish it was a republican woman, but i'm happy it's a woman. you can overplay your hand. i think they should come up with ideas that charlie's talking about. this should be a campaign of who's got the best idea to take the country forward. >> steve gets the last word tonight. casey hunt charlie cook thank you all for joining us tonight.
7:47 pm
coming up deadly results for nearly a thousand libyan migrants fleeing the islamic state as a ship capsizes on the way to europe. where do you get this kind of confidence? at your ford dealer... that's where! our expert trained technicians... state of the art technology and warranty parts keep your vehicle running right. it's no wonder we sold more than 3.5 million tires last year and durning the big tire event get a $120 mail in rebate on 4 select tires. ♪ anyone have occasional constipation diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these occasional digestive issues... with 3 types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips' i will light up every room i walk into. the olay regenerist luminous collection. penetrates 10 surface cell layers deep and fades the look of dark spots.
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freeze away wipes 'em out fast with as few as one treatment. freeze away! dr. scholl's. the #1 selling freeze brand. the associated press is reporting tonight that italian authorities have arrested the captain and one crew member of a boat that capsized off the coast of libya on sunday. hundreds of migrants from the middle east and northern africa are feared dead. it's put a spotlight on a growing crisis in the mediterranean. we have more on two differentdy dy sast sasters in the region. >> as the first bodies were brought ashore in malta, disaster struck again.
7:51 pm
further east, a ship packed with syrian refugees ran aground off the greek island of rhodes. at least three were killed, but more than 90 rescued. those lost off libya this weekend had no such luck. their ship sank in deep water, at night, miles from shore. only a few dozen survivors have been found, a tiny fraction of the 950 one survivor claims were on board. survivors say when this cargo ship approached, many thought they were being rescued and rushed to one side to be seen. their boat capsized reportedly with hundreds locked below. just last week 400 migrants drowned when their ship capsized off libya. why so many now? conflicts in iraq syria and libya and across africa are pushing people to escape
7:52 pm
economic and political hardship. many are running for their lives. >> people fleeing in december per ration they're fleeing because their lives depend on it. >> and the coast has become a spring board for migrants desperate to escape to europe. some 1,500 have died trying this past week alone, equal to the number who perished on the titanic. >> coming up should boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev get the death penalty? some membervictims of the bombing say no. you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love.
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an msnbc programming note, tomorrow chris matthews will be interviewing president obama at 7:00 p.m. on "hart ball." up next the 119th boston marathon was today and the penalty phase of the boston
7:55 pm
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7:57 pm
actor shawn aston. they ran in memory of 8-year-old martin richard who was killed in the bombing. tomorrow, the penalty phase is set to begin in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. the same jury that found him guilty on all 30 counts will return to decide whether he should get the death penalty. the "boston globe" published an appeal by martin richards parents asking that they drop the death penalty option. they wrote, the continued pursuit of that punishment could be years of appeals and prolong reliving the most painful day of our lives. we hope our two remaining children do not have to grow up with the reminder of what the defendant took from them which years of appeals would
7:58 pm
undoubtedly bring. joining us now is dave wedge co-author of the book "boston strong." dave it was quite a day there today with a lot of remarkable things including rebecca gregory who ran the last 3 .5 miles. what else was part of the emotion of today? >> well, the marathon's always an emotional day. you're from boston. i'm sure you've seen it many times. since the bombings, last year was incredibly emotional. this year was about moving on but we also have the backdrop of the trial. rebecca gregory, there's another survivor who lost a leg she ran the last half a mile. there was several survivors that ran for the first time today. another woman from maine was severely injured. was never a runner before. wasn't able to run last year because she was still
7:59 pm
recuperating. and today she ran the race the entire thing with her fiance who she was there watching run that day. it was an incredibly emotional day here in boston. >> this question of the death penalty has become the question of the day in boston. i want to quote another victim of the bombing who said, i think there are pros and cons about both a life sentence and a death sentence. my thoughts change constantly, they really do. then he said i don't really want to comment on it. is that something you found with victims of the bombing, that they're not particularly ready to comment on that? >> yes absolutely. i think there's a lot of moral struggle here. massachusetts is not a death penalty state for a reason. it's not a clear cut issue. even in a case as egregious as this. if there was one person that deserved the death penalty in
8:00 pm
this country, it's certainly dzhokar tsarnaev. yet, these people here even the richard family they don't want to see the death penalty. the death penalty. the other couple patrick downs and jessica penske made a similar plea to the boston globe. there is a lot of mixed feelings here for sure. >> thank you very much. i really appreciate it. "chris haiz "yes" is up next. tonight on "all in." saddam hussein's men plot to retake isis. a plot on the national origins of the islamic state. and reporter judith miller on the deception that led america to war. then ted cruz has the konch.


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