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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 21, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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it's strange, it's exclusive and it will be here tomorrow night on a little show we call the rachel maddow show. "the rachel maddow show." "first look" is up next. good tuesday morning. right now a developing story in the middle'. u.s. warships on the move preparing to intercept a convoy of iranian ships suspected to carrying weapons to yemen. and dzhokhar tsarnaev prepared to fight for his life as the trial moves into the penalty phase. and a popular ice cream maker pulls all of their ice cream off the shelves. and a live update on the royal baby watch and jon stewart reveals the date of his last daily show. right now tensions are building in a high stakes operation. the waters near yemen u.s. and
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ally warships poised and ready for a potential standoff on the seas. we are told an iranian convoy appears to be on its way the yemen. the ships are suspected of carrying weapons for the houthi rebels who has seized large parts of yemen. there are forces waiting for them in addition the u.s. a coalition of warships from egypt, and the united airen emirates have a blockade. potential military confrontation could not come at a worse time as the u.s. and other countries try to reach an agreement on iran's nuclear program. the penalty phase of the boston bombing begins today. the same jury will decide whether he receives life in prison or death. it comes just a day after the boston marathon.
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what can we expect in court? >> after you hear the statements from the attorneying, you can expect to hear from a lot of the survivors as well. the defense is going to try to portray dzhokhar tsarnaev as a follower of his older brother. they claim he was the master mind but prosecutors say they not only carried out but planned that bombing equally and as such he deserves the ultimate punishment. the jury that found dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty must decide whether he lives or dies. >> want the death penalty. he didn't walk away. >> reporter: not everyone in boston agrees. the parents of 8-year-old martin richard are asking prosecutors to spare his life. in a statement they said the continued pursuit of that punishment could bring years of appeals and prolonged living the most painful day of our lives.
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>> i do believe he should be held accountable, so whatever that is i believe that the true judgment comes after he dies anyway. >> reporter: many survivors could be called to testify. >> i think it should be taken into account by the jury. >> reporter: polls show a slight majority here against the death penalty. they are unlikely to take the death penalty off the table. the federal government very few times in recent years has issued the death penalty and one juror could hang up this jury. if one person votes against the death penalty, he gets life in prison without parol. >> this morning, a total recall on ice cream giant blue bell. they could be contaminated be listeria.
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here's curt gregory. >> reporter: blue bell began recalling products last month after three deaths in a kansas hospital were linked with contaminated ice cream. more was discovered in half gallon container of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. monday they announced the sweeping recall of blue bell products. it includes ice cream, yogurt and frozen snacks. >> we are heard broken over this situation and apologize to all of our loyal fans and customers. >> reporter: blue bell products are distributed to retail outlets across the country including food service accounts convenience stores and supermarkets in 23 states as well as international locations. >> our entire history has been dedicated to making the very best and highest quality ice cream we possibly could, and we're committed to fixing the problem.
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>> reporter: consumers who are purchased blue bell products are urged to return them for a full refund. the company is still trying to track down the source of the listeria contamination. >> now to a new piece of the puzzle in the mistier yus death of a man in baltimore police custody. they've released video of a man being arrested and placed into a police van a week ago but there is still a fog over what happened next. sometime between this moment and his arrival at the police station, his spine was nearly severed. six offices are suspended by deny using or witnessing any force. an investigation has been launched and authorities have promised an independent review. tom costello reports. >> reporter: a second day in baltimore a demand for answers into how a 25-year-old man
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suffered a spinal cord injury while in police custody. it happened on sunday april 12th. >> get off me yo. >> reporter: cell phone video provided by the victim's attorney purports to show officers arresting him and loading him into a stran. police say that the 8:24 he asked for an inhaler. the van stopped and gray was placed in leg irons. then he requested another officer to come check on him and then they called for paramedics who rushed him to the hospital where he remained in a coma until he died. >> he basically had his neck broken and his spine was almost completely severed. >> reporter: this is only the most recent case here. a baltimore sun investigation found that over the past four years more than 100 people have won settlements related to civil rights violations. the mayor was deliberate in her
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comments. >> he received significant injuries and suck comed to the injuries. >> reporter: this could be homicide at the hands of police. >> they released video from street surveillance cameras but they don't capture the moment he was injured. >> i extend my condolences. to the citizens of baltimore, we will get better. now to a massive pileup in wyoming. more than 60 vehicles were involved in a fiery crash eving one person dead. a tanker carrying hazards material caught fire during this. two semi trucks collided creating a chain reaction. a driver from canada was charged with vehicular homicide. it will be any day now in the uk and excitement is truly building as the world awaits the
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arrival of the royal baby. he or she will share a birthday with an important birthday if born today. good morning to you, anna bell. can you feel the anticipation building there? >> betty, there is quite a buzz here. today is queen elizabeth's 89th birthday. imagine if her fifth great grandchild, a girl oh or boy was born on her birthday. she's not spending the day here but atoutside. her three sons are coming to spend part of the day with her but back to the baby. i really believe that kate and william do not know the gender of their baby. it's british not to want to find out in advance. all the clues of kate wearing a certain colored coat are meaningless but the public seem to think they do know and
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there's a consensus it's going to be a girl. top of the list for names is alice. that would be cute. plenty of time for this fairy tale to come true. if it does the book can is will have to pay out about $750,000. >> we'll see it turns out to be boy or girl. nine minutes past the hour. let's get down to business with landon dowdy. i haven't heard landon on the list of names, it could happen. >> i'm betting on a girl named charlotte. what about you? >> i like that too. >> there could be more green arrows after stocks rallied monday. investigators reacting to positive earnings report in china's plan to stimulate its economy. we hear from dupont ya in a and chipotle
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chipotle. twitter lets users send a direct message to someone without trying to follow someone. no you have to on the into service. and say good buy to the dye in your mac and cheese. kraft is removing the dyes and replacing them as natural sources. the changes take effect in january. >> just as long as it still tastes like mac and cheese. that's all we care about. now to sports. derrick rose drops 15 points. jimmy butler gets 31 and nine boards. bulls win it. they have a two-game lead on the series. president obama welcomed the national champions to the white house. they gave the president an
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official game ball and a jersey with his name. on the baseball diamond a fan behind home plate was struck in the head by a foul ball. as you can see, the ball was caught by the net but the fan was too close for the net to absorb the contact. the incident resulted in a 23-minute delay. the fan was taken off in a stretcher and to the hospital. we hope she is okay. another foul ball to show you. the nice ball girl finds an adorable young man in the front row to give the ball too, right? so what does he do once he gets the ball? he throws it back. not to worry. she decides to give it to him again because i guess she's just really nice and the little guy just wants to show off his throwing arm apparently. now instead of galloping horses the players ride segways. a segway polo tournament described as a mix of polo and
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hockey. players go at speeds close to 13 miles per hour. coming up your last chance to see jon stewart. the date of his final daily show taping is set. plus the wrong place to ride on a car doing 85. details, next. 40% of streetlights in detroit at one point did not work. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. they had the strength to help us
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go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. 40% of the lights were out but they're not out for long. they're coming back. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reality. start your business today with legalzoom. ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ [ female announcer ] fiber one.
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this sums up yesterday. not just across washington d.c. but many areas. how about the weather watcher on this one. chris jansing sent me these pictures yesterday. that's gorgeous. we saw a little bit of damage from the hail and the wind. in all about 150 storm reports and a lot of it was in the carolinas. it's still a soggy morning out there. thunderstorms just rolled through boston. right around midnight outside of new york city and they rolled through krth and new york city and now they're exiting the
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massachusetts coast. there's a lot of water on the road. a slow commute around philadelphia and downpours in binghamton binghamton. today's forecast eventually the northeast clears out. thunderstorms possible in miami. everyone else has a pretty nice day. chilly over the next couple of days over the great lakes. and severe thunderstorms return today. a break today but a tornado threat tomorrow dallas area including. >> also breaking news out of egypt right now. a court has sentenced the expresident to 20 years in prison. it's tied to the 2010 killing of protesters while he was in power power several muslim brotherhood members were also sentenced. >> look at this. one man hit a guy and a man jumped on the hood.
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the ride lasted through seven towns. troopers finally stopped it. the driver is facing several charges. nothing funny about this jon stewart revealinging his final daily show taping. >> my last daily show program will be august the sixth. i will be wearing a suit. i will more than likely be showered. i'm sorry. i will be wearing overalls and i won't shower. >> a contest is being held for tickets to the full-timeinal taping, and hillary clinton calls someone out for talking smack on scrambled politics coming up next. they have all those warnings on them. might as well say, "you're going to die, jeff". you hired someone to clean the gutters? not just someone. someone from angie's list. but we're not members. we don't have to be to use their new snapfix feature. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price.
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motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels. now here's your scrambled politics. mr. politico john mccain mocks ted cruz claims on guns. and in new hampshire ted cruz said he was pressing mccain to hold hearings on whether soldiers can carry guns. mccain says he doesn't know about it. maybe it was through hand telegraph. ask him how he communicated with me because i'd be interested. a motorcade caught on camera driving down a street the wrong when. when asked about it at a news conference, he turned and walked
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away without a comment. our very own chris matthews will be interviewing the president at 7:00 p.m. eastern. they'll discuss iran isis and hillary clinton's rollout. on wednesday which is also earth day, the president will be heading down to everglades national park in florida. he will discuss climate change and the need to act. white house hopeful hillary clinton will continue her tour through new hampshire today. yesterday she was with students and business leaders. at one point she told reporters she's -- >> it is i think worth noting that the republicans seem to be talking only about me. i don't know what they'd talk about if i weren't in the race but i am. >> today she's scheduled to appear at a new hampshire technical institute and expected to discuss community clenls. while hillary clinton has been
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busy in new hampshire, her husband was out for a walk in d.c. take a look at those bright pink sneakers. former florida governor jeb bush might have gotten a kick out of a recent buzz feed article that features old school photos of him. oh, my goodness. yesterday he tweeted i think ron burgundy took inspiration from these picks. without a doubt. the does feed article features several pictures of jeb bush sporting from mustache and longer hair. talk about a throwback. that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. 22 minutes past the hour. now we have best selling author ellis. no chops. no long hair. >> i want some betty pictures. >> yours are way more interesting than mine. >> i want your mall hair days please. >> my big spiral perm. oh, yeah. >> i was once black, it is true. >> your hair? >> my hair, yeah.
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right. we're going to move on. >> jeb bush expected to make a trip to europe in june. is this to kind of strengthen his foreign policy? >> yeah. he's not just looking. >> he hasn't announced yetd. >> he's not just going to eat the cheese. he has a brother and a father who were both president but he was a governor. he's never had a job like this before. he's trying to polish up the rest resume yet. >> any official announcement? >> i don't think he knows. it looks like he's running. these announcements have gotten to phony. >> we know you're going to run. >> just run. >> in the meantime this could get tricky. is the iran deal crumbling. a u.s. aircraft carrier is in the region as word of iran sending ships to yemen that may be weapons on board. >> i would not say it's
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crumbling yet. there are a thousand pressures on it. any number of things can go wrong but we already knew iran's a trouble maker. if that kills the deal there was no deal in the first place. but the iranians are not making this easy. let's put it like that. >> and you look at all this there's a coalition of other countries getting together. the u.s. is there. how tricky is this game if you will, at sea. >> real tricky. you notice the uss thee dor roosevelt steaming with the area. they're trying to keep is sea lanes open. there's 20 balls in the air and iran's poking its fingers into yemen and other places. it makes things complicated but we need it. >> all right. thanks so much for joining us today. just ahead, what this 120-pound woman just dhad most men cannot do. here's a clue. it involves steak.
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so here's a different type of fast food. competitive eater molly skieler won the big dinner challenge on sunday. the 120-pound contestant won threw steak dinner in 20 minutes. it included baked potato shrimp cocktail and a dinner roll. check out these reactions. >> i don't know how that's humanly possible. >> wide. swallow it, eat a piece, swallow. >> i don't know how you prepare for that.
2:29 am
that's a lot of food. >> i wanted to do that in texas. i saw the sign for eat the steak. >> i don't think you could do it. >> i chickened out. i'd come close. >> i'm betty nguyen. "way too early" starts right now. ♪ good morning to you. it is tuesday, april 21st. welcome to "way too early." we start in bat lore. the latest story come into scrutiny over police brutality. six police officers now suspended over the death of a man injured while in police custody. an investigation has been launched and authorities have promised an independent review as well. there's also new information on why police pursued the man to begin with. according to charging documents,
2:30 am
the 25-year-old fled unprovoked upon noticing police presence in the neighborhood. an officer noticed a knife clip dod his pants pockets. they then claim he was arrested without incident. and he suffered a medical emergency in the police van. it's that lack of evidence that has residents demanding answers. >> reporter: in baltimore, a demand for answers into how 25-year-old freddie gray suffered a spinal injury while in police custody. it happened just after 8:40 a.m. on sunday april 12th. >> get off me yo. >> reporter: cell phone video provided by the victim's attorney shows officers arresting gray and loading him into a


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