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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  April 21, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. developing right now on "the rundown" a huge day in court as demands for justice may finally be answered. >> i want the death penalty. >> i believe that the true judgment comes after he dies anyway. >> right now, in boston jurors are preparing to hear evidence as they decide whether dzhokhar czartsarnaev will be executed or sprend sprend his life in prison. one hour from now, in court, facing a charge of second-degree manslaughter. a new wrinkle in the case about the gun bates fired. and in baltimore, another officer-involved incident sparking growing anger on the streets. >> black lives matter!
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black lives matter! >> what happened to freddie gray? the mayor and police commissioner promise to get to the bottom of how the 25-year-old ended up with a broken neck after being taken into police custody. six police officers have now been suspended. all three of these big legal stories covered for you this morning. let's begin in boston right now a day after the marathon, the penalty phase is beginning for dzhokhar tsarnaev. as we hear from pete williams there is not an overwhelming call for the death penalty from those who suffered most from the 2013 attack. >> reporter: the parents of 8-year-old martin richard are pushing for a life sentence with no right of appeal saying now is the time to turn the page end the anguish. a similar call from jessica and patrick, newlyweds who both lost legs in the bombing. they say, quote, we must overcome the impulse for vengeance. the death sentence wouldn't fix
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anything. >> it's not going to affect my life, i'm not going to get my leg back. >> reporter: karen brassard says sar tsarnaev does not deserve to live, even in prison. he was grown enough intelligent enough to make the decision knowing what was going to happen to people. >> let's go to the federal courthouse in boston. nbc's ron mott. good morning. walk us through on what we can expect today and the days ahead. >> reporter: good morning to you. in a lot of ways this is the start of the defense's case here. dzhokhar tsarnaev over the next two, three, four weeks we'll learn a lot about the 21-year-old, his upbringing, his parents, his family his brother killed in the shoot-out, we'll hear about that from the defense counsel trying to spare his life. from the government's standpoint, we'll hear negative things about this young man, why the government wants to continue to pursue the death penalty, as
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you heard from pete williams in the reporting last week parents of martin richard, the 8-year-old boy who was killed near the finish line two years ago, they want the government to take the death penalty off the table, negotiate a deal with tsarnaev that would put him in prison for the rest of his life with no possibility of parole and wave his right to appeal. choices before this jury looks simple when you put it into these terms, two choices, vote for life in prison without parole or they can v. to unanimously vote for the death penalty. that vote has to be unanimous. if one of them decides they cannot vote that way, dzhokhar tsarnaev will receive life in prison without possibility of parole and his home in colorado. we expect over the next three or four weeks in the courthouse where he was found guilty a lot of drama and we'll hear from a lot of victims where they stand and how this terrible thing that happened to them has changed their lives. jose? >> thank you so much. back to boston in the next hour
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for an update on the penalty phase. but to tulsa, where in less than an hour 73-year-old volunteer deputy robert bates arraigned in the death of eric harris. bates thought he was pulling a taser instead of his gun when he shot him. but there's a new wrinkle, overnipt the attorney for harris' family says the gun was a .357 magnum it was not one of the weapons bates had been trained on. gabe, good morning. a lot going on surrounding this case. >> reporter: that's right, jose. several things. first start with the arraignment scheduled to happen in less than an hour. bates' attorney says he intends to plead not guilty expect to here at the courthouse, a short proceeding. a lot of questions surrounding bates' training. at a news conference yesterday, the sheriff reiterated he believed bates was properly trained the attorney for eric harris' family is arguing he was
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not properly trained especially on the specific weapon used in the shooting a .357. according to training documents, released by bates' attorneys, bates had been certified several times using a glock .21 but not the weapon used in the shooting. when asked about that the sheriff said they were looking to see whether bates was trained using that .357 and that also the sheriff had the ability to waive certain requirements if he felt it was warranted and that bates aenlonly had to be certified using one type of weapon than does not sit well with the attorney for eric harris' family. awaiting that arraignment in about an hour. we've got news also about the two tulsa world reporters that allege these records were falsified. tell us the story there. >> reporter: yeah. it's a bit of an interesting story. first, let me start by saying the sheriff, yesterday during that news conference denied any records had been falsified. there will be an internal review
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under way that will determine that. but, yes, last week a lot of headlines following a tulsa world story where reporters, signing anonymous sources, allege these records had been falsified. two reports or just resigned but both the paper and the reporters say that this had nothing to do with the bates story. this had been in the works for months and two reporters, long with a few other reports at the tulsa world are leaving to help launch a new digital start-up. >> gabe gutierrez. the latest from baltimore where there's growing demand for answers after the death of a young man in police custody. six police officers suspended after the death of freddie gray whose spinal cord was nearly severed in police custody. nbc's tom costello joins us baltimore. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the deputy police commissioner is saying this morning there does not appear to have been any other injuries to mr. gray.
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in other words, no constitutions, serious constitution constitutions, broken bones, the spinal cord injury the focus of this investigation. the question did that occur as he was being put into the police van or was it an accident or did something criminal occur to cause that fatal injury? [ screaming ] >> reporter: it's been nine days since 25-year-old freddie gray was arrested, then dragged to a baltimore police van. at some point, suffering a spinal cord injury that claimed his life a week later. the arrest captured on cell phone video, provided by the family attorney. police acknowledge gray repeatedly asked for medical help but officers waited 40 minutes before calling for paramedic. >> he was having trouble breathing we probably should have ask ford paramedics. >> reporter: police released surveillance video but say the moment of gray's injury was not captured.
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monday evening protesters were again on the streets demanding answers. >> we're very, very concerned this is a pattern here in baltimore city. >> reporter: over the past four years, more than 100 people have won court judgments or settled with baltimore over police brutality and civil rights violations prompting the mayor to ask the justice department to investigate even before this incident. does the city have a problem with police brutality? >> i think the city has had a history of than i think the country's had a history of that. >> reporter: baltimore is again on edge. now the police are saying the reason they initiated a search -- rather a chase with mr. gray is because they made eye contact with him, and then he began running. when they contacted him, when they grabbed him they say he had a switch blade but no guns no drugs and in fact his rap sheet i made of minor possessions.
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running while black is not a crime, even holding a knife is not necessarily a crime in this city. so a lot of questions about why did the police decide to chase this man to begin with 8:30 in the morning, on a sunday? one other point, a camera inside that police van but it doesn't record video. it's just so the driver can look and see what's happening in the back. the police commissioner would love to see actual recordings from cameras like that in the future. >> thank you. we're just getting started on this tuesday edition of "the rundown." day two of hillary clinton's new hampshire tour. we'll take you there next. as 2016 candidate is promiseing to be accessible to voters. she says she's ready to fight. new developments in the migrant crisis unfolding in the mediterranean. captain and crew member of that ship that cap sided with as many as 900 people on board are now under arrest. we'll have a live report from the italian coast on "the rundown."
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it is, i think worth noting that the republicans seem to be talking only about me. i don't know what they'd talk about if i weren't in the race but i am in the race and hopefully we'll get on to the issues and i look forward to that. >> and developing on the campaign trail right now, hillary clinton is clearly gearing up for a fight. there she was, monday in new hampshire. she continues her granite state tour today. just about an hour clinton will attend her second and final scheduled roundtable for this leg of the campaign. this morning, facing new questions about her time as secretary of state. soon to be published book by a conservative writer claims foreign governments received favors from the state department if they donated to the clinton or hired former president bill clinton has a
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speaker. here's how clinton responded when asked specifically about the pay for play allegations. >> those issues are, in my view distractions from what this campaign should be about, what i'm going to make this campaign about, and i'll let other people decide what they want to talk about. i'm going to talk about what's happening in the lives of the people of new hampshire and across america. >> joining me now, ann guerin of "the washington post." good to see you. >> thanks, jose. >> it is a little odd that you know it's very unusual, that a secretary of state is married to a former president who has a foundation that gets money from all over the world, but it is odd that this would come out now. what does this book do to the campaign? >> reporter: well, a couple of things. we don't know everything that's in this book and we don't know all of the sort of factual basis
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for the allegations made. so with that caveat and i -- it doesn't come out until may, i haven't read it yet myself you know, the main thrust of the allegations is that bill clinton profited through his foundation and that hillary clinton helped some of the foreign entities that had donated to the foundation when she was secretary of state. the campaign and the outside groups that are acting as defenders for hillary clinton are saying you know these are baseless and old and, you know asked and answered and there's nothing to see here and calling into question the credibility and potential political motives of the author who was a former staffer for george bush. so there's a whole lot going on here. what you heard hillary saying yesterday is she's going to try to, you know look above it and
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go on with her campaign. i honestly at this point, don't know how much of a speed bump this is guying to be for her but clearly the timing is less than ideal here as she starts the second week of her campaign. >> talk about what clinton mentioned yesterday, republicans are only talking about her. is this a blessing or a curse? >> reporter: well, i mean there's only one democrat who anybody really has heard of in the race. there are several others likely to challenge her. so she's the only target the republicans have. it not at all surprising she'd be the only person they're talking about. it was interesting, though when republicans were here in the same state in new hampshire this weekend, there were 19 or 20 by differing counts potential republican candidates here and they did seem to spend about as much time attacking hillary clinton or talking about her as talking about themselves and one another. only one of them is going to be the nominee for their party.
6:17 am
she is far away most likely to be the nominee for hers. again, that makes sense. >> and, anne tell me about the press availability she had. was this kind of well-organized was it you know kind of -- >> reporter: it was a little ad hoc. we were all in the room where she had just had a roundtable at a small furniture manufacturing company and she stood up and greeted the other participants in the roundtable and spoke to a few supporters and so forth, and then indicated to the press standing there that she would come and take a couple of questions. and she did. she took a couple. and then she actually turned away from the main press crowd and spoke to a local television camera. so it was -- it wasn't a long encounter, but less than two minutes. she definitely, you know did come over and she knew she was going to get a question about the book i would imagine, and was ready for it.
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>> and great to see you, thanks for being with me. always a pleasure. >> reporter: thank you. after the break, the u.s. is making moves off the coast of of yemen. war ships ready to block iran from shiping weapons. take a look at the picture from boston it's rainy and nasty. but that's moving out. more on the weather forecast on "the rundown." your mom's got your back. your friends have your back. your dog's definitely got your back. but who's got your back when you need legal help? we do. we're legalzoom, and over the last 10 years, we've helped millions of people protect their families and run their businesses. we have the right people on-hand to answer your questions backed by a trusted network of attorneys. so visit us today for legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. when sends him a ready
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6:22 am
weapons destined for the hooututhi rebels in yemen and the iranian warships are parked in north ararian sea off of yemen's northeast border with amman. according to one official they've been cutting doughnuts in the ocean pretty much staying in one place overnight and early this morning their time. now, to just to the northeast of that, the u.s. aircraft carrier "theodore roosevelt" and "the normandy" u.s. missile-guided cruiser, keeping a safe respectful distance but keeping an eye on the iranianed parked there. so the south an array of egyptian and saudi warships that have formed a de facto blockade to the gulf of aden and the port of aden where any weapons would be delivered. it's unclear whose move is next.
6:23 am
everybody's wait for the iranians to make a move but they're stilling still and there's no indication of what it is they intend to do. >> jim miklaszewski, thank you. following several new developments in what is possibly the worst tragedy of its kind in the mediterranean sea. italian authorities sharing new details about the captain and crew member arrested after their ship capsized with several hundred migrants on board. this is video with 27 survivors docking in the sitcilian port. richard engel on the italian island in the mediterranean. >> reporter: an italian prosecutor said today that the captain and first mate of that migrant ship that capsized over the weekend off the coast of libya have been arrested. they were identified among the very few survivors of the tragedy, they're being charged with multiple counts of manslaughter. the death toll from the tragedy
6:24 am
is really an estimation based on survivors' accounts. the prosecutor said the death toll's anywhere between 400 and over 900. according to aid agencies the number of migrants who have died this year alone compared to a comparable period last year has increased 30 times, so far more than 1700 people have died making the crossing primarily from north africa, primarily from libya, on their way to europe. one of the places that italy uses to patrol the mediterranean is this island where i am right now. you can see some of the italian patrol boats behind me. they have a very difficult job and it is also now part of an intense immigration debate going on in the couldn't trip some italians europeans argue the search and rescue missions that leave from here and other places encourage the smugglers and the migrants to take the risky mission on the hope that if they got into the middle of the
6:25 am
mediterranean and run into trouble, the italian ships will rescue them and bring them to europe. others, however, say that frankly, the europeans have a responsibility, they have no other choice that these people are coming anyway, they are driven because of the desperation and wars and economic turmoil in their homelands and if the patrols weren't out there migrants would still be coming and be drowning. >> thank you very inch. now to the weather which is making headlines this morning from coast to coast and overseas. a system that brought severe storms and several inches of rain to the east coast is moving over northern new england today. and heading out. it looks pretty good right now but philadelphia set a new daily record when more than 2 inches of rain fell at philly international airport. the previous record set in 1874. tomorrow the weather threat moves to oklahoma and texas where we could see severe storms and tornadoes. in wyoming the problem there is snow. 60 cars and trucks involved in a chain reaction pileup on a snowy
6:26 am
and foggy i-80. one person was killed 30 others taken to area hospitals. 22,000 gallon tanker truck taking hazardous materials caught fire in the crash, sending that dark plume of smoke into the sky. australia, powerful storms have killed at least three people. 215,000 homes without power in sydney. and across south wales homes washed away by floodwaters and winds have topped 85 miles an hour. quick rising water trapped people to go to their rooftops. the severe weather threat is not over yet. things are heating up on capitol hill this morning with both cuba trade and the stalled nomination of loretta lynch heating things up. i'll talk with the republican senator after a quick break. >> and later on just eat it preview the award-winning documentary about food waste in our society with two filmmakers who spent months living on food that would have otherwise been thrown out. airs right here on msnbc tomorrow which is earth day.
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developing now on capitol hill, the de bait over what's next in the u.s. relationship with cuba will abthe center of the hearing before the senate agriculture committee. at top of the next hour discussing the subject of trade with cuba. the hearing is on the heels of president obama's meeting with cuban leader raul castro and comes the week after the president officially recommended cuba be remove from state sponsors of terror list. joining me now, north dakota republican senator who sits on the senate agricultural committee. >> good morning. >> what do you expect to come out of the hearing? how does the debate fit into the overall relationship with that country? >> i think it's kind of the carrot and the stick. we're looking at some increase in ag trade but at the same time, at least in my opinion, before we normalize relations orman diplomatic relations we
6:31 am
need to see improvement from cuba in terms of human rights policies. >> how do you peck that to happen? in other words, how do you want or think the united states could have or play a role in making the situation in cuba as far as its human rights get better? >> well, i think that the castro regime certainly the people of cuba, want a larger relationship with the united states. so i think, again, we've got to see some movement on their part to normalize diplomatic relations but at the same time because there is interaction, particularly in the area of ag and food, i think you create some incentive where they can see potential that if they change their ways there's a better relationship there like i say, we've got demand changes from cuba. >> and senator, the latest u.s. census data shows u.s. exports to cuba have a value around $40 million through february of this year. is this economic piece the one stick that congress has left in holding the regime there responsible for human rights
6:32 am
violations? >> no. i would call this the carrot where we can expand ag trade, they need food so you know that's the incentive part. i think the stick part is not normalizing diplomatic relations until they make changes. >> but that's pretty much already happened, it seem as though opening of the relation is is a fait accompli. >> on the part of the administration. the embargo cannot be lifted other than by congress. >> let's talk a little bit loretta lynch, yet to get a vote on the hill stalled since november. let me play what former attorney general under bush told luke russert yesterday about moving on her nomination. >> from my perspective, i think that president of the united states is entitled to his team and so long as she's qualified, entitled to an up or down vote. the president has done his job in nominating the candidate. if the senate doesn't like her, they can vote up or down. i believe it's time for the
6:33 am
senate to take action on don't you agree, it's about time. >> she'll get a vote this week. we've been work on a bill to prevent human trafficking, something we want to pass it has strong bipartisan support. you know we've gotten delayed on that bill. i think we'll actually finish that, i hope today or at latest tomorrow, and her vote will be up next. >> you think that would happen for sure this week, her vote up and down one way or another? >> yes, i do believe so. >> thanks for being with me. i want to get back to the growing tensions in the middle east about a dozen u.s. warships including an aircraft carrier move into positions in the waters off of yemen. it's basically a warning but ships could be used to stop weapon shipments from tear ran to yemen. iran is playing a double game iranian officials are predicting a cease-fire could be signed as early as today. >> want to bring in former u.s.
6:34 am
ambassador. good to see you. >> good morning. >> what do you think of this move? >> well it's quite clear that the iranians would like you to buy the peshrsian carpet. you and i know, jose, from the time we were negotiating this framework agreement in switzerland the iranians were pouring arms into the houthi rebels that overthrew a democrat lick elected government in yemen instrument. in supporting the presence of american special forces against al qaeda. so now we have a warship armada with other allies that are determined to interdict the flow of arms that the iranians are providing these rebels. >> my questioning i mean is that a mission? is this armada the united states including "roosevelt" actually going to step in step up, confront iranian ships that may be bringing arms? is that part of our mission. >> it's sure interesting.
6:35 am
every time i hardear you talk about, it harkens back to 1962 missile crisis. it seems to me incongruous, jose the united states navy would send american marines to board iranian ships without the iranians reacting without some military capacity. there have been a series of shall we say, independent flagships from panama, liberia that have been intercepted by the american navy. but these are iranian ships, flagged in iran, that's a whole different story. >> the fact that the negotiations between the united states plus five and iran is scheduled to resume tomorrow. >> indeed. isn't it iranic that as we try to negotiate what is a framework agreement, the iranians are doing everything they can to
6:36 am
destabilize the southern arabian peninsula and we argue to ourselves, so to speak, we cannot bring these issues up as part of the nuclear negotiations. that's the straightjacket we've put ourselves in. for me i would tend to want to argue that anything that's happening insofar as iran interfering with u.s. interests, that should be part of the negotiations. >> i mean imagine if tomorrow or the day after there is some confrontation between american ships and iranian ships trying to bring, you know weapons to yemen. i mean is that not discussed? is that not something you mention when you're meeting with them face-to-face? >> well i would hope some i hope that secretary kerry and his negotiators would be doing that. but the one thing that we have come to understand about the iranian navy they have played cat and mouse with the u.s. navy in the persian gulf and the strait of hormuz for some time. there had been a lot of near-misses over the last ten years. and so this is a trigger-happy
6:37 am
situation where both parties arer more or less primed to intersent the other's role in the region and that's dangerous. it seems we would want to try to find a way to put that on the table right now. >> very dangerous, indeed. thank you for being with me. after a quick break, we'll bring you the human side of the immigration debate. a high school senior with top honors receiving his dream college acceptance letters but his dream may be denied. i'm going to tell you why, next. chris matthews is sitting down for an interview with president, airing tonight on "hardball" 7:00 p.m. eastern time. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. own or of a comic shop and a geek easy in orlando, florida. he attracts new customers about having fun events at a geek easy
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does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help. i need to look for a used car. but i just keep putting it off. it's daunting. what if i make the wrong choice? it's like, if i buy a t-shirt and then change my mind i can return it. but a car? you don't reeeaaa eeeeeaaaaaly know until you've driven it a few days. i just want to be sure. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. now to the continuing debate over immigration in this country. and the human side of that debate. i want you to meet john carlo and his family, they arrived in
6:41 am
south florida when he was 3 years old, fleeing violence in colombia. while he qualifies as a dreamer under the president's first immigration executive order, he never really publicly acknowledges immigration status until now. today a top honor student, accepted at two top colleges. the problem is he can't afford to go to either because he doesn't qualify for any financial federal aid. joining me now, john carlo and his literature teacher. thank you both for being with me this morning. how difficult was it for you to decide to come out and publicly say this is where i am? this is my status? >> more of a debate internally. i always went around and i always pretended to be like a normal person, i never saw it as something that defined me and never really acknowledged it with my friends or with -- at school. >> when did you become aware of it? were you always aware of it?
6:42 am
>> it wasn't hidden from me i'm didn't know we weren't undocumented but i didn't see the impact of it until recently, until my brother actually applied for college and he wasn't able to attend as well. >> as a teacher, you have literally dozens of students dade county school system has thousands of students like him, not with his grades, but a lot of them. tell me how that takes, you know becomes a part of your reality as a teacher. it's heartbreaking, to be honest with you. as teachers we don't find out until it's too late after they applied to school, after they have few options because they tend to live in fear. they are afraid to come forward, they're afraid to share their stories and for obvious reason they fear they have a lot to lose. >> and they do. >> and they do. >> tell me how you're seeing your dreams your plans, you have been here since you were 3. >> yes. >> you have to brush up on your
6:43 am
spanish, got to get better on that. tell me, you've been sense you're 3. what are your dreams and your hopes and how does the fact that you can't go afech them? >> i want to become a biomedical engineer. >> what is that? it would be say, making prosthetic and working -- >> i just don't know these terms. >> i'd be working with hospitals to help people directly that need prosthetic limbs or i really want to work in neurological resent as well because that is a matter that is personal to me. a lot of my family does suffer from some kind of neurological illness. my grandmother, probably suffers from alzheimer's and i've seen her mind deteriorate slowly. it is personal for me but i know it's not unique. >> so how does your reality,
6:44 am
when you're sitting at home and thinking about all of the dreams and aspirations and hopes that you have, how does that immigration issue play a part in your dreams and your hopes and your aspirations? >> it definitely does pose a challenge for me. knowing that i have to worry a lot more than everybody else how to finance my education, even though i do follow all of the rules. i did put in the effort the work. i'm still having to worry about having to pay for school and a lot of my peers aren't having to worry about the same. >> you say his story is very american what happen do you mean? >> his family came here for a greater opportunity. they came here to provide a chance for their children and that's -- that's the reason all of our families came here was or for an opportunity to grow and to succeed. >> let us know how you do. i'm certain you're going to find your dreams become a real. it's going to be a harder
6:45 am
challenge than for most. i have a feeling you can overcome all of the challenges. >> yes. >> what are you going to do for me? work on spanish weep need to have bilinguals. i want to show you live pictures near mt. hood oregon a major three-alarm fire burning, 30 pounds of gun powder in one of the units before the fire began yesterday afternoon. crews say auld five full-time residents are safe but not sure about people in other rental units. investigators don't know how the fire got started. firefighters expect to use at least, listen to this 1. 5 million gallons to fight the fire which will take days to fully quell. up next food waste in america. two filmmakers spent six months living on food that would have otherwise been thrown out. "just eat it" incredible documentary and the two filmmakers will join me after the break to talk about it.
6:46 am
>> in our households we're with aing 15%, 25% of the food we're buying. that's expensive. imagine walking out of a grocery store with four bags of groceries, dropping one in the parking lot and not bothering to pick it up. that's essentially what we're doing in our homes today. sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help.
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6:49 am
in baltimore, tensions are running high after death of a young man in police custody. this morning, there are more questions than answers after the death of 25-year-old freddie gray. six police officers are now suspended. gray suffered a fatal injury to his spinal cord after his arrest, as seen in the video provided to us by the family's attorney. >> i'm angry that we are here again, that we have had to tell another mother that their child is dead. i'm frustrated that not only
6:50 am
that we're here but we don't have all of the answers. >> let's bring in msnbc contributor peterson professor, always a pleasure. how are you? >> thank you, jose i'm good how are you? >> thanks you heard the mayor, she's angry. it seems like we've been covering a lot of these stories more and more. seems they are just happening more. >> jose this is borderline disgusting what happened to mr. gray, and i send out my sympathies to his family and to the community of baltimore, but you're right. as people who are covering some of these stories, we are seeing them more and more frequently. obviously, the black lives matters movement has been helping to draw attention and raise awareness around this but it's almost like we don't know where to go from here. law enforcement seems to be a little bit out of control. it does seem like it's open season on black folk and we're not getting adequate justice
6:51 am
oriented solutions to these problems. >> in this specific case professor, facts are still being sort out. police say they went after freddie gray after he looked at them and ran away. that's what we know so far. >> exactly, jose. honestly this is the problem with this particular case is that law enforcement is not being transparent enough. why did you arrest mr. gray? why was he suspicious to you? because he was walking and he was black? was he suspicious because he looked at you? was he suspicious because he started to run? we need to know exactly why he was arrested. and obviously, they suspended the six law enforcement officers involved in the arrest but we don't know what happened in that police transport vehicle. whatever happened translated to the end of mr. gray's life and we have to get to the bottom it's crazy, because we don't know if we can trust police narratives around these cases because of what we've seen with
6:52 am
walter scott, darren wilson we've seen so many of these, and unfortunate i will law enforcement does not have the trust of the community they are protecting and serving. that's why people are disgusted. we're outraged disgusted, angry, and honestly i think we're going to need some federal here. >> in this case this was a fatal injury to his spinal cord. that's a kind of an odd -- right? there are a lot of questions here and we're going to keep looking into them. james peterson thank you for being with me. appreciate it. >> thank you jose. meanwhile, a new documentary "just eat it," will have its american tv debut tomorrow night right here on msnbc. >> 40% of everything raised or grown is not, in fact eaten. and then globally about one-third of all the food produced is not consumed. >> it's very scattered throughout the system and it makes it hard to point a finger. it also makes it hard to see. >> 40%. the film highlights some great
6:53 am
numbers on just how much food we waste in this country. for example, the national resources defense council says the average american throws away as much as $2,300 worth of food every year. to help illustrate just how much good food goes unused the film makers decided to see if they could survive on thrown out food for six months. joining me now, the people behind this film. thank you so much for being with me. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks. >> what surprised you the most during the making of this film? >> i guess the quality of food that's actually being thrown out. when you talk about food waste, you often think about garbage food, but really it was surplus food and it was perfectly edible. >> right. this isn't you're asking you know rotten food that is otherwise just unedible. what, grant, for example, is one thing that can easily be changed about american's approach to food to make a difference? >> i think it's interesting the date label on foods. we discovered that date label is
6:54 am
not to do with food safety but about the peak freshness date when the chip is at its most crispy deliciousness, so i think when people are dealing with food in their homes, they are throwing food away when it comes close to that date. and really it has nothing to do with safety. you can eat it after that date. >> chips are going to taste the same three or four years after that best buy date. they are not becoming -- not animals growing out of the chips if you open them and eat them four days after they are passed. you interject yourselves a lot in this film. how difficult was your journey. >> right, we challenged ourselves to live off rescued food for six months. it was challenging in the beginning. we didn't know where this food was being wasted but once we found the retailers and whole salers and started looking in their dumpsters, we ate copious
6:55 am
amounts of food. grant gained ten pounds during the project. >> first thing i thought about when i started reading about your movie, where does this food first go and how did you find it, where was it specifically? where was your source? >> i guess in the beginning we looked behind grocery stores thinking we'd look through their bins and turns out most of them lock their bins so we looked for the food supply chains and whole sale areas, like an 18-foot-long dumpster a swimming pool filled with packages of hummus thrown out three weeks before the best before date. it's shocking shocking imagery, as well, we ended up getting and we never expected that going into it. >> so who decides, for example, at the supermarket that three weeks before best buy date is a good time to start chucking this away? >> it's really arbitrary, depends on the grocery store, depends on the staff members, and also whether or not they donate depends on the staff
6:56 am
members and the policy of that store. and it's not just stores and wholesalers, as well it's also individuals. there's a lot of waste in our own homes. >> thank you so much for being with me. i really appreciate it. >> thanks for having us. >> you can catch "just eat it" tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern time on msnbc. what will you do to waste less food? we're asking viewers to share their photos and videos on social media with the the #nofoodwasted, also post on it's good to think about this isn't it? it's important, 40% of the food thrown out. coming up on "the rundown," we're watching developments out of tulsa where reserve deputy robert bates is due for his arraignment. we'll break down all the legal issues involved. plus a major food recall to tell you about this morning as a popular ice cream company pulls all products from shelves. nothing to do with best buy date. i'm going to tell you why.
6:57 am
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welcome back to "the rundown." we begin hour number two with breaking news in a tulsa courtroom, that's where 73-year-old reserve deputy robert bates is being arraigned this hour. bates is facing a charge of second-degree manslaughter. it stems from the incident caught on bates' own body camera two and a half weeks ago. bates was serving as a backup for an undercover gun bust in tulsa on april the 2nd when harris tried to escape from police. deputies tackled him and bates shot him. bates said it was a mistake, he meant to grab his taser, but grabbed his gun by mistake.
7:01 am
joining me now, kendall coffey also with me karen de soto. karen, let me start with you. what's the deciding factor whether bates would be guilty of second-degree manslaughter? >> well, you know, there's a lot of layers to this case. we may end up getting a lesser included defense of involuntary manslaughter, obviously, he's saying he mistook his gun for a taser, and, thfr even if he's negligent, which is the lower standard there, even in involuntary manslaughter, which is a sentence of up to six years in oklahoma. so, you know there's a lot of layers. obviously, his defense is going to be that he made a mistake, that he was rightfully there, that he did everything properly and he just made a mistake. >> yeah i'm being told mr. bates already is in the courtroom at this hour. kendall, you said, and we talk about this key piece to this was what we saw on bates's
7:02 am
"today" show interview where he showed where he keeps the taser and the gun. does this make it harder or more difficult to defend this man? >> i think it makes it harder to defend him, because he's on national television showing that the taser was in front and completely separate location from the loaded pistol which was off to his side. that interview could be exhibit one for the prosecution. >> karen, how do you see that? >> well i think that obviously, if you're carrying an inherently dangerous object you should know the difference between the two, and, again, i, of course, am for seniors, but the mandatory retirement age for most police officers is 65. so the idea that a 73-year-old man was armed with a gun, those are the type of mistakes that are going to happen and that's why they have 65 as a mandatory minimum for retirement for police officers because of safety issues like this. >> kendall, the fact that the attorney for eric harris, the
7:03 am
family, harris family is alleging bates wasn't trained on the gun he fired, but he doesn't say the gun went off mistakenly. he said he thought he was bringing the taser out. >> i don't think the difference between the caliber of the gun is going to make any difference at all. and a lot of these training issues might well not even get into the trial. if it comes down to a second-degree manslaughter, it's a question of whether there was a degree of negligence when he pulled out the wrong weapon making a fatal error. that's going to be the issue and i don't think we're going to hear a lot about the training issues. >> with each gun you're supposed to have a minimum of training hours, so it has been reported in the news the gun that was used he was not trained properly on it so that could be a valid point, because if you're not trained on it then he shouldn't even have had it on his person. again, that strengthens the negligent and reckless elements of this case. >> i want to take you now to boston, where the life or death penalty phase is now under way
7:04 am
for dzhokhar tsarnaev. kendall, the prosecution is seeking the death penalty. what does it need to prove? >> they have to prove most basically in legal terms certain aggravating factors, the amount of planning the vulnerability of the witnesses, cruelty, and in human terms they want to show there was no remorse whatsoever on the part of dzhokhar tsarnaev. it's uphill for the defense. >> uphill all along for the defense. what do they need to do? >> the strategy here is to make it look he was manipulated by his brother, but, you know i have to say his own words right before he thought he was going to die kind of negates that. again, the strategy is i was led by my brother, i was manipulated, i was brain washed and i followed his lead and please spare my life. i think because of the tragic nature and the disturbing words in his own confession i think that's going to be more than an uphill battle. 17 of the counts are death
7:05 am
penalty, so we know that the state is very clear on what they want the outcome to be here. >> yeah i'm also being told tsarnaev is in court in boston now. kendall, the fact that some of the family members of the victims and people that were affected by the bombings say they don't want the death penalty for tsarnaev will that play a part? >> not their request to the prosecutors, that's not going to be allowed into court, but i think it's going to be fascinating whether the defense tries to call them as witnesses. prosecutors get to bring in -- we're going to find out. a lot of things are going to be tested in this case. the defense argument is going to be, prosecutor you called them broke the jury's heart with some of the testimony and the victim impact on them is critical and closure for them is better than a protracted years battle over appeals concerning a death penalty. >> kendall coffey karen de soto thank you both for being with me this morning. the fight for yemen is threatening to become a wider
7:06 am
war. serve an a warning to iran stop helping rebels but the risk is u.s. could get dragged even deeper. msnbc's foreign correspondent, he has a closer look. ayman? >> we wanted to give our viewers a sense of what is happening now in terms of the naval activity we're talking about. we put a map up to show you what the arabian peninsula looks like. this red arrow shows the projected trajectory of the iranian flotilla of ships. they are expected to be carrying weapons, according to various u.s. sources who have told nbc news. the u.s. navy has pretty much surrounded them on the tip of yemen and oman. they are part in that part of the arabian sea. not just the u.s. navy involved in this operation. you have several other coalition members, including the egyptian navy saudi arabian navy and united arab emirates. all have vessels that have set up this blockade around yemen. any one of those countries could
7:07 am
take the lead in trying to intercept the iranian convoy. according to u.s. officials and others, the convoy of ship is believed to make its way to yemen with lots of fire power. now that is aimed to go towards the rebels who have been fighting the central government in sanaa and in aden. the ships are supposed to load and get those weapons into the rebels, the rebels all across the country and that's why the u.s. and coalition countries have tried to prooent them from reaching that goal. now, obviously, all of this comes against a very tense backdrop against iranian and united states not just because of the what's happening around the region but also the nuclear talks in geneva. the obama administration has been saying there is a possibility they may front load some of the sanctions relief to ease the sanctions on the iranian government before the iranian government begins implementing some of its nuclear obligations. at the same time, to give you a
7:08 am
sense of why all of this matters and everything is interlinked, the iranian foreign minister also said in a recent op-ed there has to be a wholistic approach to address some of these grievances in the region that it's not just a singular issue with the iran nuclear program, but there has to be a broader consensus on addressing the situation in yemen, as well as that in syria. so a very tense standoff right now around this iranian flotilla of ships making its way to yemen that could possibly be intercepted by the united states and other coalition members. >> kind of ironic ayman, he's asking for a wholistic approach to this as there's ships from iran heading in to give arms and other supplies to the rebels there. how close are these ships to each other, do we know? >> we don't have a sense yet. they are, obviously, within sight of each other. they know according to our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski, the iranians know very well the americans are
7:09 am
there. they may not have established what is known as bridge-to-bridge communication, that's between the ships, but there's no doubt the iranian vessels are fully aware of the presence of the american military, as well as the other coalition members. so that's why this standoff kind of exists because if the iranian vessels decide to continue on trying to get to yemen, the coalition countries will have a choice to make. will they try to disrupt that with the use of force, or will they ultimately allow the vessels to go in and try to interject that supply further down the road perhaps even in yemen itself. >> ayman, thank you, good to see you. >> same here jose. also new video coming in reserve deputy robert bates at the courthouse in tulsa, oklahoma. he has, as you can see there, just arrived to the courthouse for his arraignment. that and a whole lot more on "the rundown" in just moments. we all enter this world with a shout and we see no reason to stop.
7:10 am
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prosecutors in italy are charging the captain of a fishing boat in the death of hundreds of migrants. the first mate on that boat was also arrested. authorities say the death toll could be between 400 and 950 after the ship capsized off the coast north of libya. just a handful of survivors have been rescued and 27 arrived at the italian port of catania earlier this morning. good morning. >> good morning, jose. the prosecutor in charge of the investigation said at least according to survivors, the captains got too close to the cargo ship that came to their help and collided with it. survivors say that the boat was so overcrowded it lost its balance and capsized and most of
7:14 am
the people onboard died because they'd been locked inside the boat. the captain and the crew member were identified immediately by the survivors after the rescue. the captain is a 27-year-old from tunisia and he will be charged with causing a ship wreck, multiple manslaughter and aiding and abetting immigration and the crew member a 25-year-old man from syria, will face charges of aiding and abetting human immigration. in the last few days, arrested 15 other people involved in the smuggling of migrants and incredibly, the headquarter of the smuggling ring was a center in sicily where many of the survivors who survived the crossing are held. that's not the only surprising fact that emerged from the investigation, traffickers ran what looked like a travel agency from migrants with its own rate card. migrants are asked to pay up to $5,000 if they want to reach libya from other countries, and
7:15 am
if they make it to sicily the price to get to milan and rome is $600 or $2,000 if they want to reach northern europe. as you can see, a hair-raising price there, jose. >> absolutely. claudio, what are officials saying about the number of people dying while attempting to reach europe? just in this capsize itself we don't know if it's 400 or 950. >> well let's say that it was 950. that will bring the death toll all the people the migrants who died to the start of the year to 1,750 according to international organization of migrants. that is 30 times higher than during the same period last year, and mind you, this is the death toll up to spring. imagine what will happen in the summer when usually even more migrants attempt to cross because of good weather if nothing is done to stop this trend, jose. >> claudio, so far italy has been taking the lead because they are being directly affected by it but they are asking for europe united to deal with this. this is not going away any time
7:16 am
soon, and for a lot of these european countries, it's been easier to not deal with it because of the political ramifications of immigration in their country. >> well indeed jose italy always said they've been left alone in the struggle to fight human traffickers and receive migrants. there is a emergency summit in the european union, in the europe won council, on thursday to address the problem. the idea and the proposals are to bolster the fight against the human traffickers and, of course to introduce new measures to help italy to spread the migrants around europe rather than for them to being kept in the country in the very few reception centers that are already overcrowded and leave to italy the difficult mission to go and rescue these migrants. there's simply too many. >> claudio, thank you, good to see you. up next a breakthrough on capitol hill that could mean good news for loretta lynch. we're live on the hill with breaking news next right here on "the rundown".
7:17 am
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7:20 am
i want to get back to that breaking news out of tulsa. that's where reserve deputy robert bates has been arraigned. it lasted just a couple minutes. gabe gutierrez was in the courtroom and joins me now from outside the courtroom. good morning. >> good morning. you're right, it was a brief proceeding, lasted just a few minutes, and in that proceeding robert bates' attorney pleaded not guilty on his behalf. preliminary hearing was set for july 2nd and his attorney also brought up a preplanned vacation bates planned to take in the bahamas and the judge, nor the prosecutor objected to that. afterwards, bates' attorney said they were looking forward to getting more facts in this case and having it play out in court rather than in the media. bates himself had no comment. again, he's charged with second-degree manslaughter.
7:21 am
just officially pleaded not guilty. jose? >> gabe gutierrez, thank you so much. well sentenced, explosions in texas, and a bird flu outbreak. egyptian mohamed morsi will spend at least the next 20 years in prison. morsi, who was backed by now banned muslim brotherhood was removed by the military in 2013. the sentence stems from violence outside the presidential palace in december of 2012 when morsi's supporters attacked protesters killing at least ten people. a a investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire in brian, texas. police report there were six explosions at a service yard in the city of bryan monday night near college station. no one was injured, the building wasn't damaged. the explosions heard by residents nearby may have been the fire reaching fuel tanks or even tires. blue bell creameries is
7:22 am
pulling all of its products off store shelves amid heightened concerns about possible listeria contaminations after three deaths were linked to contaminated ice cream. anyone who bought blue bell products is urged to return them for a full refund. company is still trying to track down the source of the listeria contamination. finally, the usda confirms an iowa farm with a flock of about 5.3 million chickens is the latest to be hit with the bird flu. all eggs from the farms have been gathered and quarantined. this brings the total number of chickens and turkeys affected to about 8 million. since the outbreak began late last year. let's go to wall street nasdaq is seeing nice gains. mandy drury joins me good morning. >> hey jose you're absolutely right, the nasdaq is gaining about .4 of a percent, but the dow and s&p are kind of flat
7:23 am
today after those gains yesterday. and if you kind of look at the numbers over the past month, it's a bit of groundhog day going on here because the major indexes are pretty much where they were a month ago with a lot of volatile trading in between, but you get what i mean it's been in a range. nonetheless, this is the biggest earnings week so far this season, but don't be fooled by a lot of companies beating their expectations, because number one, the bar was really low and aggressively. number two, revenue is coming in short in a lot of cases and the dollar strength has been a common trend on the negative side. the good thing here is you think the dollar strength of the first quarter is not going to continue in future quarters at least at the same pace it could be temporary, but before i go one other sector we are really watching today, the health care sector, because israel pharmaceutical has put in a bid for mylam, which is at a record high and could be the drug industry's largest takeover this
7:24 am
year so a lot of focus on that. back over to you. >> great to see you, thanks. >> thank you. i want to take you now live to st. louis. city hall building has been evacuated after two cylinders and three suspicious bags were found at entrances to the building. you can see the tank there, it looks like right on the front door there, see it? on the left part of your screen there. this is a live aerial. we're watching it together for the first time. they are calling it suspicious packages. propane tanks and other suspicious packages right at the front door of city hall. city spokeswoman maggie crane says the propane tank was found leaning against the building this morning, along with bags at three entrances. we're going to keep a very close watch on this. stay with us here on "the rundown." i'll be right back with more information on this and more in just seconds.
7:25 am
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7:28 am
and welcome back. happen right now, we're hearing from both bill and hillary clinton on a day when their family foundation is under scrutiny. the former president speaking at georgetown university, and his wife the presidential candidate, is meeting now at a community college in new hampshire. joining me now from concord, new hampshire, and with me in the miami studios is mark caputo. the campaign is trying stay small. what have we seen from hillary clinton this morning? >> that's right, jose. well, not too much this morning, she is about to arrive here at new hampshire, where she will do another round table, this one focused on the economy and community colleges. yesterday she had a round table and couple of meetings before and after that but we haven't seen anything from her this morning. of course, the big distraction is this book that's coming out, rand paul has been talking about it a lot, alleging the clinton
7:29 am
foundation would receive donations and in exchange the donors would get special treatment from the state department. she addressed it yesterday very generally, instead saying it was a distraction and she wanted to focus on the issues and that's why she's here at these small events but it definitely made the headline that she responded to these allegations instead of the event itself instead of she was meeting with new hampshire voters in the small settings talking about the economy. that was the headline she wanted and not the one she ultimately got. >> do you think this is going to have legs something we're going to be discussing tomorrow or throughout the week? >> well we'll see, jose. the book doesn't come out until may and it's timed to come out at the same time the clinton foundation is holding an event overseas so it will definitely highlight the alleged foreign connection and it fits into a larger narrative republicans have been pushing, that the clintons are untrustworthy, part of this washington corrupt establishment, but if there's one thing the clinton world is really good at, it's killing
7:30 am
negative books that come out. they've already done it pretty successfully for two books that came out last year negative books about hillary clinton from conservative writers, media matters that pro clinton group has come out with a very comprehensive debunk on this. they've been putting the chairman of the campaign did an interview last night where he called it conspiracy theory said there was nothing new here kind of the same talking points we hear the clintons often used when they are attacked in this kind of way. republicans are going to try, but the clintons have been good at defeating this and the key thing they want to do is keep it as a conservative issue so it only fires up the conservative base doesn't really influence democrats or independent voters. we'll see if they are successful. >> mark on the republican side germany, poland ai stone ya what's the plan there? >> to talk foreign policy. his strength is he was a former governor, his weakness is he was a former governor you know foreign policy's not a big thing
7:31 am
for governors, and this gives him an opportunity to talk about national issues and put himself in an international stage. >> that's interesting, because being a florida governor i guess in contrast to maybe a lot of other states you do deal with foreign policy. just because of the mix of the people you represent and he's certainly been having discussions for years now about central america, latin america, the caribbean. >> right, i would go a step further, living in miami is an act of sometimes living in sometimes a foreign country. we're really exposed to a lot of international directions here but that's true florida governor has to think about cuba, has to think about waves of immigrants that come from central america and the like. but here's an opportunity for jeb bush to say, look here's my foreign policy what i believe, and for jeb there is a bit of risk in foreign policy. his brother left office as a very unpopular present in great part because of his foreign policy. >> good point.
7:32 am
the koch brothers say they are going to stay out of the primary but reportedly ready to back scott walker. >> politico got a statement from the kochs that said we didn't quite say that. one of the problems we have is when we're not allowed into meetings and people come out and tell us what was said in the meetings, sometimes hear what they wanted to hear or tell us what they think we want to hear. >> every cab as a vested interest in making it seem they are going to get serious dough soon. >> right, and i would imagine that was the case in this incident, but i don't know because we weren't the ones who leaked the information that scott walker is anointed by the koch brothers. >> there has been some pushback from the koch brothers that says that's not necessarily true. >> correct. >> mark alex thank you both. appreciate it. are you trying to say, mark miami is a foreign country? >> i say as people say in the past the great thing about being in miami, you're so close to the united states. >> mark, thanks.
7:33 am
sorry about that just had to ask that. let's head back to capitol hill where we have breaking news this hour. a deal has been reached to pass the anti human trafficking bill which has been held up since february. mitch mcconnell now saying a vote is expected in the next day or so on the attorney general nomination of loretta lynch, held up since november. nbc 's frank thorpe joins us. good morning, what can you tell us? >> after weeks of back and forth on the trafficking bill sound like they have thread the needle. democrats and republicans have reached an agreement where they'll be able to vote on this bill in the next coming days which will lead to a vote on loretta lynch's nomination for attorney general. going back to the beginning here democrats objected to language included in the trafficking bill that would have prohibited funds in the bill used for abortion. that language is called the hide amendment, been included in pretty much every appropriations bill since the 1970s but they
7:34 am
said this language marked an unprecedented expansion of that language and they wanted it taken out. so this deal has threaded the needle in a way where democrats feel comfortable that this bill does not include an expansion of the hide amendment. while the hide amendment is still included and still applied to any kind of programs that involve health care in this bill, it doesn't apply to legal aid or law enforcement, and so democrats feel comfortable with that. if that vote comes up in the next couple days as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said earlier today, they could see a vote on loretta lynch's nomination in the next day or so. >> so we're talking about the very real possibility now, frank, that a vote could happen on lynch before the end of this week? >> that's right. yeah that's the expectation. and if that happens, her nomination is expected to pass. right now you have five republicans who have publicly said that they would support lynch's nomination and it's
7:35 am
unclear whether or not there will be a number of other republicans that will join but if you have 46 democrats and five republicans, that's 51 and the number you need to get a nomination passed in the senate. >> this is happening, this agreement finally between the two sides on the wording of this bill is just breaking right now, right? >> that's right. that's right. this has been a long time coming. over 50 days since not only this bill but loretta lynch's nomination passed out of the senate judiciary committee. so they've been working hard on negotiations trying to like i said, thread a needle that would allow senate democrats to support this bill and not feel like it's an expansion of that hide amendment language. so this agreement, it's a big deal, because this has been holding up lynch's nomination for a relatively unprecedented amount of time. the last seven attorneys general, they waited for less time combined than loretta lynch has been waiting for her nomination to see a vote after
7:36 am
she was passed out of the judiciary committee. >> thank you thanks so much. >> thank you very much. more on the breaking news i told you moments ago out of st. louis, but first a hat tip to buzz feed. let me go to this live shot first. what happened was authorities say on city hall they found suspicious packages and appeared to be cylinders on the front door. right in the center of your screen there's something there authorities considered suspicious. then on the left part of your screen is the entrance. and right at the center of the door i'm told and we saw that a few seconds ago here live on "the rundown," what appeared to be a cylinder of some kind. that's what officials are worried about. and they say they found three of these suspicious looking cylinders at three entrances. we're going to continue monitoring the situation. i'm going to have more about the news of the day, but i wanted to bring you this because this is coming into us right now live and we're going to be monitoring it and telling you exactly
7:37 am
what's happening after the break.
7:38 am
7:39 am
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7:40 am
. i have some breaking news right now out of laguardia airport in new york city where a departing delta plane reported spoke in the cockpit. as you can see from this twitter photo, police are on the scene evaluating. it's not clear how many people were onboard the plane and no word on injuries but it is important to know the flight never got off the ground. we're also getting our first bit of information from officials on the breaking scenario we're watching in st. louis. moments ago we got this from the police chief. >> this morning when employees came to work in city hall they were alerted to the cylinder tank that you have probably seen on the clark street side of the building along with a -- along with a bag that was discarded not far by. a search of the area around city hall identified a second similar cylinder device on the west side. right now you're seeing the
7:41 am
city's bombing and arson unit fire department, are here on the scene, in the process of determining the contents of the bag, then they'll move on to the cylinder devices. as soon as city hall is secure it will be reopened. right now, it is evacuated, there's no one inside the building except for security marshal surfaces and we're doing a scan of the buildings downtown to see if we find similar devices. right now we're in the process of doing a disruption you'll hear a loud bang, which is part of the bombing and arson process. we'll get back to you as soon as we know more information. >> we will of course keep you updated on this breaking news situation right there at city hall. but we're learning new details this morning about the arrest of what mexico is calling one of the nation's most wanted drug cartel leaders. authorities say they apprehended him at his ranch in the northern village about 75 miles south of the border town.
7:42 am
telemundo joining us from los angeles, pleasure to see you. tell me about this suspect. >> nice to see you, jose. well this is a very dangerous man. in fact, this is a big victory for the mexican government. he was also wanted by the u.s. government for possession and distribution of narcotics and conspiracy. he was linked to the 2010 car bombing, also he was linked to a big massacre inside a bar in 2012, where 15 people were killed. and in 2009 he was accused of murdering a protective witness in el paso texas. so, yes, he was a dangerous man. however, according to mexican authorities, far less prominent than the former leader who was captured in october. and this might be because the
7:43 am
juarez cartel has been losing strength in the area for years. >> one of mexico's biggest cities along the u.s. border tell me what happened there. >> another major drug lord was captured. he was the leader of the gulf cartel, hernandez fuentes, and his arrest led to hours of street fighting in reynosa. around 60 gunmen were members of this criminal group, seized and set fire to them to block streets. also shot some government buildings in an attempt to stop the authorities from taking hernandez fuentes to mexico city to be interrogated. fortunately, they didn't achieve their goal. hernandez fuentes is right now in mexico city but authorities are expecting this violence to continue in reynosa. this is what usually happens when a big lord is captured an internal battle begins to see
7:44 am
who's going to become the next leader. >> good to see you, thanks for being with me. >> thank you very much, jose. my next guest is familiar with the situation along the mexico/u.s. border. congressman, what a pleasure to see you. >> good morning, jose. >> you reacted saying it's crucial to bring peace and security to these mexican border towns saying quote, i will continue to urge washington leadership to give full diplomatic support to achieve full success in this vital mission. specifically, what kind of support is needed there? >> i think you need to put this in geographic context, on the texas border 1.2 million americans living in the two largest cities of brownsville and mcallen which, by the way, texas monthly recently reported the safest city in texas, but on the other side of the border two major cities are reynosa and historically when you go back many years, we had a tremendous
7:45 am
cross border culture where people would come across, go across to entertain themselves to work, but recently over the past five to ten years there's been a degradation in security in the corridor and, you know what we're trying to do is make sure that both governments work towards bringing peace and security to that region. >> you know when i think of the mcallen/reynosa situation, reminds me not so long ago between el paso being one of the safest cities in the country and juarez at the time very dangerous. things have changed, what type of challenges does this provide now in the brownsville and mcallen area? >> well i think we should learn from history. in 2010, mexican authorities with support from the united states government had a major law enforcement push in juarez and i think that's what we need to see in reynosa.
7:46 am
>> congressman, immigration cross that we've seen you know into the united states last summer we remember the crisis of the unaccompanied minors crossing a lot of it happened precisely in the brownsville/mcallen area. right now we continue to wait for real immigration reform. what's the sense on the hill right now? >> well i think, jose it's important to remember when we talk in terms of border security, we can't just be talking about securing one side of the border. you know the fact of the matter is is that until we address issues of cartel violence and economic development on the other side of the border we're going to be continued to see these immigration pushes but to answer your question directly, there's not a whole lot of movement on immigration reform front in congress right now. >> meanwhile, you know, these border communities don't know maybe what's coming down the pike soon but they are dealing with it as best they can.
7:47 am
congressman, always a pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me today. >> thank you. look forward to talking to you further. >> likewise. next a return of the pink panther? nobody former president bill clinton whose shoes are all the rage this year. and it may be the queen's 89th birthday but it's the royal baby the world is watching for today. we're live in london. first, a hat tip to buzz feed for finding and posting this trove of jeb bush pictures courtesy of the george w. bush presidential library from the late 1970s and '80s. throwback tuesday, i would say. staying classy with his tweet, i think ron burgundy took inspiration from these pictures.
7:48 am
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all eyes on buckingham palace today where its current resident queen elizabeth ii is
7:51 am
celebrating her 89th birthday, but she could possibly share the day with her new grandson. expecting royal baby number two any day now. if you're a betting man, the hopes are any moment now, but brits are putting their money on everything from the baby's name to the color, color with the "ou," carrying a new baby. now from outside buckingham palace royal editor for the sunday express, camilla, good to see you. >> good morning, jose. >> good morning. is there any new activity we should be aware of from where you are right now? >> not at the moment. all eyes are, obviously, at the window wing where the baby will be born. we understand that the baby is due any day now. kate has herself saying it's due mid to late april, so not giving us a precise date which led to speculation, any sightings of the royals are being recorded on twitter, but nothing so far at the hospital. >> so do you get a sense the
7:52 am
brits are as excited for baby number dos as they were baby number one? >> everyone loves a baby and particularly a royal baby but i think it was a rather bigger deal when prince george was born. we call this new baby the spare to the heir not the heir itself. i think there will be mega excitement however, if it's a girl. >> what happens when the baby is born? who gets told first? how does that channel to us normal common people? >> okay so the person who gets told first, obviously, after the couple, are the nearest and dearest, queen will be told then the middletons carol and michael, kate's parents and prince charles and camilla, then a piece of paper will come out of the hospital and taken to the easel behind me, same way prince george's birth was announced, then the gender the weight and the time and that is when officially alongside social
7:53 am
networking channels, because the royals are very down with the kids these days they do things like twitter and use websites so then the world will find out, but not before close family. >> wait who reads that? how is that done when they have you know, sex, weight all that other stuff, how's that done the reading part of it? >> so that's -- well the medical staff put all of that together. put on this easel bient behind me, so anyone can come up and see that but at the same time press people sending out messages to people like me and the general public to social networking sites like twitter, believe it or not. very 21st century royal nowadays. >> camilla, great to see you, thanks for being with me. >> thank you. now to the big presidential news literally, walking around washington yesterday. take a look at this picture. look at the shoes, the footwear
7:54 am
flair. former president clinton. i think those are pink purple i don't know what they are called shoes, but this brings us to our five things just for kicks. wendy davis, if you're going to filibuster, might as well do it in style. then texas state senator standing on the senate floor for an 11-hour filibuster. number two, from texas to the vatican, with now pope emeritus hung up his famous red loafers, the vatican said they were not designed by prada and he was not using them to get to kansas. very cool shoes, though aren't they? number three, a throwback to 1960. soviet premier khrushchev taking off his shoe and pounding his desk at the u.n. to show his anger nurg another delegate's speech. even though these pictures were in black and white, i'm told it was not pink. number four one for the money two for the show no famous
7:55 am
shoe. no list without elvis' blue suede shoes. his hit single was a cover, and number five i left mine at home but take a look at these. james sonny crockets. his famous white shoes that he sported in miami vice. the whole outfit though look at that white shoe kind of pastel suit. very cool. i have that exact same suit and those shoes, but for the disco. do we call them discos anymore? they are called clubs now, right, victor? by the way before i wrap it up i want to go now live to st. louis. been following that story about suspicious packages and what appear to be three cylinders that were found this morning in three different entrances of city hall in st. louis. officials have evacuated city hall. they say they are really working towards exactly finding out what happened. we will, of course keep you updated on this breaking news
7:56 am
here on msnbc. that wraps up "the rundown." thank you for the privilege of your time. "news nation" with tamron hall is up next. take care. ny more? probably not. but now you can give them even more when you save with sentry® fiproguard® plus. with sentry® fiproguard® plus, your pet is just as protected against fleas and ticks as with frontline® plus. because sentry® fiproguard® plus has the same active ingredients but costs less than vet prices. and saving money helps you buy... (laughs happily) more tennis balls. sentry® fiproguard® plus - available at these retailers.
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7:59 am
we're here to help. good morning, everyone, i'm tamron hall. this is "news nation." developing now, dzhokhar tsarnaev is in court right now in boston as the penalty phase of the boston marathon bombing trial begins. the same jury that convicted him on april 8th of all 30 counts will now decide if tsarnaev gets the death penalty or will spend life in prison. in an effort to spare his life the defense is expected to continue to argue he was under the influence of his older brother tamerlan who they thought to portray as the mastermind of the 2013 attacks that killed three people near the finish line of the boston marathon. 264 others were injured. now, the parents of 8-year-old martin richard was among those killed, are urging prosecutors
8:00 am
to end their quest for the death penalty. they say this potentially will make it a drawn out process and it could prolong the anguish for victims and their families. others injured in the attack are divided on the issue. >> i want the death penalty. >> i believe that the true judgment comes after he dies anyway. >> nbc's ron mott joins us live now from the federal courthouse in boston. so, ron, let's start off with explaining how this process will work including a decision that will be in the hands of his defense attorneys as to when they will present their opening statements and arguments here. >> right. good morning, tamron. making their opening statements in this penalty phase, the jury spent a good hour maybe a little bit more than that hearing from the judge about this particular phase and how it plays out. essentially,


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