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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  April 23, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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books. thank you as always my friend. that's ul forall for now. welcome to "the ed show." >> tonight -- >> no justice, no repercussions. >> it's entirely understandable there's some skepticism around trade. >> trade is a job creator. >> it's time we slowed down fast track. >> later -- >> as president and as commander in chief, and i take full responsibility for all our counterterrorism operations. >> the american aid worker warren weinstein was killed in a u.s. drone strike. >> i profoundly regret what happened. >> and -- >> hillary clinton's big money. becoming a big problem. >> republicans seem to be talking only about me.
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>> good to have you with us. thank you for watching. we start with the latest out of baltimore, maryland. tensions remain high in the city of baltimore over the death of freddie gray. marking the 5th straight day of demonstrations. kyrie of nbc news has the latest. >> reporter: the crowd smaller on this fourth night of protest since freddie gray died but the tension very high. >> i don't understand how these police officers can kill us or our brother and still get paid. they should be off of duty and they should not be getting paid for killing that young man and it's not right and it's not fair. >> we've been through so much. it's more than just black lives matter. equal lives, like everybody matters. they just keep doing it. no justice, no repercussions. we are getting tired of it. >> we have young men. two sons of my own to walk these streets of baltimore and it's scary and it's dangerous. the police is supposed to be
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here to be protected and we don't feel we're getting protection from them. >> reporter: 100 people marched to western district police headquarters where police expanded the barricaded area around the building for the first time of the week's demonstrations. that barrier was threatened a couple hours in when three people busted through. two women and a man were detained. protesters started to throw plastic bottles and police ushered in closer to the crowd. >> justice! >> reporter: many expressed anger saying they don't have faith in the investigative process. >> it can happen any day to anybody. you never know. you've got to be here to support, support. support. >> reporter: some of gray's family members there promising protesters won't lose energy. >> we want them to go to jail for life. we want justice or there's going to be no peace. no peace at all. >> the baltimore police union is expressing concern about the
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tone of the protest. >> i don't want it to turn in to a mob because when you put somebody in jail before all the facts are in the investigation hasn't been completed, i mean that's wrong. >> a prayer vigil will take place at a church near the site of his arrest. meanwhile, a new report from the guardian reveals one arresting officer's pattern of violence. court documents show lieutenant brian rice was ordered to stay away from an unnamed man after a series of alleged confrontations. in one alleged incident the officer showed up at the man's home at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. the man wrote in his petition for protection quote, i witness brian rice remove a black semiautomatic handgun from the trunk of his vehicle. rice allegedly screamed demands to the man to come out of his how else. the guardian also reported that the man called 9-1-1.
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officers from the carroll county sheriff's department and westminster police department all arrived on the scene. the man wrote in his complaint they remained on the scene for approximately 1.5 hours. brian rice was allowed to leave on foot. a sheriff's department spokesman told the guardian he could find no record of the callout. the guardian reported the man had not bothered to call 9-1-1 in previous alleged threats involving officer rice. the report the man filed the complaint was concerned nothing would be done because of rice's power as a police supervisor. for more let me bring in test is a ashton hill president of the baltimore branch of the naacp and with us, nick moez leely, and prosecutor and legal analyst. great to have you with us tonight. first, what is your reaction to the guardian report on the officer in the alleged incidents that have been reported?
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>> well i didn't know about that. but it's not uncommon. i've had some situations in the past three years where that has happened with some other officers that have reached out beyond the call of duty to intimidate people in the community. >> so this is something that you've heard of in the past but not particularly with this officer? >> yes. i have heard of it in the past. we have other incidents where people have been intimidated and then the officer has gone back and try to do some things to continue to harass them. i guess in order to make them fear for them so it's not uncommon that is happening to some african-american men in the black community of baltimore. >> tessa, what about the comment from the police union and baltimore saying they are concerned about the tone of the protests? i want your reaction to that. >> well i don't think that is necessarily accurate because number one, the people have a tone and it's a variety of different types of people that are in the crowd.
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there's family members. there are people who live in the neighborhood. and there's other people who come from all over the city of all colors and all ages. people are upset because this is a third or fourth or fifth time we've had an incident where a black man has been severely hurt or have died at the hands of the police. so they have the right to voice their opinion and be heard. it's a serious issue when someone is dying at the hands of the police. people are right. we don't want anyone to be locked up or get hurt but the people have to right to stand there and have a protest in a calm way and we don't want anybody in baltimore that lives in baltimore to be hurt or locked up. but they have the right to voice their opinion. >> so you're not concerned about the tone okay. mr. moseby you're a city council member in baltimore. did you know about the alleged behavior of this officer in this report? >> no. had no idea. this is the first time i'm hearing about this specific alleged behavior.
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but ed if i could say real quick, not only a councilman in baltimore. this is my district you know where this incident took place. and like tessa said rather than being angry, they're frustrated and upset. the community leaders, at the end of the day, it's critically important that we continue to bring our community back together. the protests have been very peaceful thus far and we want to remain that way. this incident what it does is kind of sets us back though. there's always a chasm between the police and the communities of color, specifically in urban america and unfortunately with incidents like this seemingly healthy 25-year-old is arrested detained without real cause or reasoning provided to the community and ends up dying, this is the kind of anger and frustration you get. >> i can understand that. there's still a lot of questions out there as this investigation moves on. mr. moseby i want to ask you about the function of the city commission. if there is a ledger of lawsuits
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that have totalled over $5 million worth of payouts, what has been the conversation at city council meetings? i don't know what the structure is who has the portfolio of the fire department. who has the portfolio of the police department or how you manage all of that but what is the discussion about the behavior of the police department and involved all of these incidents to cause the city to pay out over $5 million worth of settlements? >> i'm on the public safety commission and the council is taking issue to this particular matter. the baltimore sun did, take action. we tried to pass a comprehensive body camera bill to put on all police officers in the city of baltimore. unfortunately, the mayor has a different approach of trying to roll out much slower. i think it's critically important we revisit that specifically body cameras.
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not only on police officers but also on the back of his paddy wagons. >> i want to turn to paul henderson, a veteran prosecutor. what about this report in the guardian? the prior alleged behavior of this officer in this matter. what does that mean if anything, to this case? >> listen. it just speaks to the denigration of the trust that the community has with the justice system in that area. that prior report is bad. those prior payouts are bad. the communication coming from the officials there associated with the police department are not helping any of this. and this is why you see so much protest. this is why you see so much angst. the officer, the attorney from the police union issued a statement and was talking about how the supreme court authorizes the police to chase an unprovoked suspect in a high crime area. that's not helpful. people are not getting the
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facts. they're not getting the information that they need as it relates to this case to find out exactly what happened and they don't want to hear information about the supreme court's case which by the way, only speaks to a detention and not specifically the probable cause to arrest because this is an arrest. go ahead. what about the injury? >> sure they do. they want to know about the injury. that takes me to the video tape mr. henderson. from the standpoint that the video tape is not conclusive about how freddie gray got this injury. and that he could have, and i'm not trying to give the police an alibi in any way, but a possibility he could have been injured on the bicycle with an accident because the chase took place. there's no video tapetape that has surfaced of the police actually hitting him. what would be your conclusion based on that?
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>> well there's not direct evidence of that. in the tapes we've seen thus far, but we don't have all the information because we don't have the testimony that's been released from the officers that have been involved in this incident and let me just point out as well we do know that he was walking and running before he came into police custody. after he left police custody, he suffered a terrible injury. we also don't know what happened inside that van while he was being transported just three blocks away to the station, but we do know he never made it to the station. we do know that the van had to stop. we do know there was a length of time that while he was in police custody, that blanlsambulances had to be called and services had to be rendered to him and he ended up being killed. >> sure. >> so we don't necessarily need the smoking gun, so to speak to show this is exactly when the injury occurred and we have it on videotape. we can make those inferences and without more information from the agency itself issuing
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statements from the officers talking about how that incident could have occurred we are left with frustration and that's why i think you see so much of the community being upset and angry right now. >> all right. and tessa, miss ashton hill finally, are you confident that the truth will come out? there are four different investigations going on. the justice department is involved. are you convinced that you will get to the bottom of this? the community will get answers? >> i think we'll eventually get to the bottom of it but i think it will be a long process. i'm glad we have the justice department someone outside of the baltimore police department but there might be witnesses to come forth and tell us other things they saw when the young man first got taken down. >> all right. tessa ashton hill, nick moseby and paul henderson, appreciate your time on "the ed show." get your cell phones out.
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i want to know what you think on this issue. do you think the video tape tells the whole story? go to to cast your vote. we'll have the results right after this break-up. follow us on facebook and watch my facebook feature, give me a minute, and you can get my video podcast at up next elizabeth warren on offense after the president says she's wrong on the tpp. and later, hillary clinton faces questions over the clinton foundation funding. we'll have an update on that. right back >>hey. keep your chin up. for years, heinz ketchup has been with the wrong mustard. well, not anymore. introducing heinz new better tasting yellow mustard. mmm!
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>> we are back. has stated that senator elizabeth warren is flat out wrong on the tpp. deliberately hiding information from the public. she wrote on her web site, quote, the government doesn't want you to read this massive new trade agreement. it's top secret. why? here's the real answer people have given me. we can't make this deal public because if the american people saw what was in it they would be opposed to it. the american people opposed to a trade agreement if they saw it then that agreement should not become the law of the united states. pretty common sense in a democracy, i think. on wednesday night, senator warren slammed fast track. >> i want people to be able to see the first deal that's lined
2:18 pm
up before they say, yeah it's okay. let's put congress on a fast track to make that sort of thing work. i want them to see it and debate it. for me it's fundamental principles about how democracy is supposed to work. american workers have really been slammed by past trade deals. they have not been good for us here in america. it's not been good for america manufacturing. if this is a better deal then hang it out there in public and let's us take a look. let us have a public conversation based on the facts. >> for more bring in bernie sanders, a vermont senator. good to have you with us tonight. i want to bring up the fact that president obama is short on details. now that's my opinion. i believe that he's short on detail. i believe that we're in this trust me moment era of conversation. senator, is that enough? what should the administration do at this juncture now that
2:19 pm
this is a heated conversation in all corners of the government? >> well ed we just wrote a letter to the trade representative, mr. froeman, asking him simple questions. one of the questions we asked is how many jobs do you think we're going to lose when american workers have to compete, quote unquote, against workers of vietnam with the minimum wage of 56 cents an hour? what does it mean when they compete with workers in malaysia? these countries are a part of tpp according to the u.s. department of labor commission study, they have virtually hundreds of thousands of people in forced labor. these are people, maiigrants working for the electronics industry. so we want to know how many jobs are lost and certainly senator warren's point is this is a fast track agreement. we don't know what's in the
2:20 pm
agreement. >> well i have to ask you this senator. when does this become a credibility issue for the president of the united states? the president is saying trust me. the president is saying, look at his record of defending and fighting for the middle class. my point in contention is it's not about what the president has done but will do and what he says he wants which is tpp, which is a horrible trade deal. we all know some of the details not all of them. so in your estimation when does this become a credibility problem for the white house? for the president? >> well i think to answer your question, it is important to understand that it's not just barack obama who is supporting this agreement. it is every multi-national corporation in this country. it is the pharmaceutical industry. it is wall street. and what is their credibility? in terms of the needs of working people? the corporations would shut down
2:21 pm
in five minutes if they could make a dime more in china rather than in the united states. the thrust of all of these past trade agreements has been to go to countries where labor is cheap and loss of decent paying jobs. first issue, not just barack obama. who was on the side of this trade agreement? every union in america representing working people says no bad agreement. every major corporation in congress said yes. do we trust their judgment? if you look at what people said historically listen to what bill clinton said about nafta and normal relations with china. how all of these jobs created in the united states. listen to what george w. bush said about trade. they were wrong. they were wrong. and the real issue is do we continue down the same old path despite the fact that every one of these trade agreements cost
2:22 pm
us job and push us a race to the bottom? >> the president says you're wrong. the president says elizabeth warren is wrong. that's about the depth of the detail we're getting. what kind of response do you think you'll get from mr. froman? he knows what's there, the number of organizations that have been involved and select people who know exactly what the detail is. this is not what democracy looks like. this is not fair in a democracy. the president told me to trust him on health care and we never got the public option. the president gave indications on the campaign trail to go after wall street he didn't do that. now he's telling us, well, trust me on the biggest trade deal that covers 40% of the gross domestic product of this entire world, and yet, we can't get answers. you tried to slow down fast
2:23 pm
track yesterday in the senate. what's the latest on this? what happens now senator? >> it left the committee with 26 to vote yes. we expect to get to the floor not next week but the following week. and you're going to see a free for all. >> hold on senator. we've got to go to president obama. he's talking about trade right now live. here it is. >> why this is important. 95% of the world's customers are outside of the united states. they're outside our borders. 95%. the fastest growing markets in the world are in asia. jobs and businesses that export are good middle class jobs. on average, they pay more than other jobs. if you work for a company that exports, they're paying you probably better on average. those are facts.
2:24 pm
it's important to our economy, but also to our values. our values have to reflect, be reflected in these new trade agreements in the way they always haven't in past trade agreements. trade has always been tough. it's always been tough, especially in the democratic party. a lot of people are skeptical of trade deals. and a lot of times, it's for a good reason because for decades now, technology made good jobs obsolete global competition, jobs shipped overseas past trade deals didn't always live up to the hype. trade deals didn't include the kind of protections we're fighting for today and i saw it in chicago and in towns across illinois where manufacturing collapsed. plants closed up. when i ran for office i would talk about a man i met who had to pack up his own plant before he was laid off. and that made a mockery of the value of community and the dignity of work. for a lot of americans, they
2:25 pm
attribute those changes to what happened in the aftermath of trade agreements. and i understand that. but what we've got to make sure we learn the right lessons from that. we can't learn the lesson that somehow global economy is going to stop and we're going to put barriers in front of it. because change is happening. you go to any store right now, you go to any company right now, it's and global. so we got to be able to compete. we're not going to stop a global economy at our shores. that's the wrong lesson to draw. we can't go back to the past. we shouldn't want to. we want to make sure we win the future. that's what america is about. winning the future. >> that's president obama speaking live on the global economy and trade. and senator bernie sanders still with us and i want to go back
2:26 pm
to senator sanders. the favorite bullet point right now is that 95% of the customers are outside the country. now, my answer to that is, their purchasing power in asia is nowhere near a middle class family in america. this asian buying power bullet point the president coming up with is absolute hogwash. it doesn't matter where the customers are if they don't have the buying power or the purchasing power. he talks about values, the president, what he's talking about in values? we've never been able to enforce human rights and any kind of labor rights or worker on the other side of the globe. we've never had that power. the detail has to be given how to do that. what's the restitution? are we going to throw them out of the trade deal? senator, i want your response to where these customers are outside the united states. what about that? >> well you're absolutely right. if people are earning 1 or $2 a day, they'll not be purchasing
2:27 pm
american products. to the degree they are going to be purchasing products made by american companies, those companies are going to move abroad and produce those products in those countries. i was in a walmart in china. it looks a lot like in the united states but all of those products in walmart and china nah was made in china. that's not complicated. president said learn the right lesson. he's right. it's not just consumers, it's workers. how many corporations are going to stay in america when they could go to vietnam and pay 56 cents an hour? >> i want to play this tape. this is the president a moment ago mentioning this network, msnbc. here it is. >> i want to talk about some stuff that creates some controversy because it's important. one of the policies right now that i'm focused on is new trade agreements with other countries. and if you were watching msnbc andoh man.
2:28 pm
i love obama, but what's going on here? so i want to set the record straight here. i want everybody to be clear what we're doing. because i believe in what i'm doing here. >> well, mr. president, i want you to know that i believe in what i'm doing. if you can prove to the american people that there will not be a depression of wages, if you can prove to the american people that this will create jobs if you want to go face to face with me, president obama, i'm ready to go because i have the facts, okay? >> ed you should be very proud. i think he is talking about you. and i'll tell you why. because as i said on the floor of the senate yesterday, the best of my knowledge, abc, cbs, and nbc and cnn, to the best of my knowledge, have not discussed the largest trade agreement in the history of the united states
2:29 pm
of america. and we might want to ask why that is the case. >> you know why would president obama use the msnbc call letters? it's been shown by needmedia that covered the tpp more than anybody else so i imagine he's talking about "the ed show" but the president has never done a sit-down interview with ed schultz. my life is fine but on this deal the president is wrong and i'm right. the president is telling the american people that every union in this country is wrong, and i can tell you that every union in this country has been around longer than president obama when it comes to trade deals and having to live with them. >> not just unions. you've got many many environmental organizations that have deep concerns with this agreement as well. >> sorry to interrupt the interview. i appreciate how courteous you
2:30 pm
were in allowing us to do that, but we wanted to take the president live. >> okay. >> thank you so much, senator. appreciate it. president obama, a word from this broadcaster to you, i will put my credibility up against any broadcaster in this country. i supported you big time. i was the first liberal talker to support you. i've carried your water big time when it comes to health care i've carried your water on the economy and defending your move on the automobile industry but mr. president, you can take shots at this network, but i guarantee you, you are wrong on this and cannot prove to the american people. this is not about generic talk that we have to think about the global economy and the cat's out of the bag and everything else. american workers will suffer if this deal goes through, and president, your recovery of the economy, the automobile industry and health care will not be your legacy. it will be what you're doing to the very people who put you in office, had you not had the
2:31 pm
unions you would never beat john mccain, if not for the unions, never beat mitt romney and now turning your back trying to convince them to do this phony trade deal to ship jobs overseas. i'd love to talk face to face, mr. president. we'll be back on "the ed show." you are watching msnbc. is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more.
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and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro. show." michael brown's family gathered at the st. louis county courthouse today to announce the filing of a civil lawsuit in the august shooting death of their son. a grand jury chose not to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson back in november. last month, the justice department cleared wilson of any federal civil rights violations. the family's lawyer say the evidence hasn't changed, but the presentation of that evidence will. they made it clear. this isn't just about compensation. joining me tonight is darrell
2:35 pm
parx attorney for the parx family. tell us, if you can, darrell, who is named in the lawsuit and what is the family seeking here? >> well one, you have chief jackson. officer darren wilson and the city of ferguson made in the lawsuit. obviously, the lawsuit is wrongful death suit but also the practice of culture that eventually led to michael brown's death. >> so how will this civil suit this wrongful death suit present the evidence differently from what we have seen in the state and federal cases? >> totally, ed. i think, first of all, the standard for evidence in a civil loss is preponderance of the evidence, totally different than what we heard from the prosecutors in this case. every prosecutor in the case said we don't believe we would have been successful in michael brown's death. that's not the standard in a
2:36 pm
civil case. so it's a totally different approach. we believe that's plenty of evidence unaccounted for in their presentation and we'll be able to use. >> what evidence was that sir? >> well i'll give you one example, darren. at least two bullets totally unaccounted for. i'll place footnotes from the earlier presentations that we believe are critical to the officer having to explain his motive and his intent but also up until now, officer wilson has not had to face any type of scrutiny related to cross-examination for his actions. at this point, in this case, that will be different. >> okay. daryl parks, attorney for the brown family. appreciate it. next more on the new york times explosive piece on the clinton foundation. stay with us. you're watching "the ed show." but to get from the old way to the new, you'll need the right it infrastructure.
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and we are back. hillary clinton is facing new scrutiny for her connections with major donors to the clinton foundation. the new york times is reporting mr. and mrs. clinton foundation received millions of dollars from the head of a canadian uranium company. at the time, rougeussia worked to acquire the company and blixtill clinton received $500,000 from a russian investment bank to the kremlin and hillary clinton signed off on the deal when secretary of spokesman brian fallon sent a statement to nbc saying in part no one has produced a shred of evidence that hillary clinton ever took action to support the interests of donors to the clinton foundation. to suggest the state department under then secretary clinton
2:41 pm
exerted undue influence in the u.s. government's review of the sale of uranium one is utterly baseless. and news leaks from the upcoming book, "clinton cash." one of the chapters alleges a canadian donor pledged over 2 $20,000. and then a trade deal. democratic strategist a long time associate of the clintons and a man of many talents. are you going to need special talent on this one, is this going to be a problem? >> as brian fallon pointed out, again, the columbia free trade agreement is ludicrous. that's something i happen to know about, as silly as it can be. been around for a long time.
2:42 pm
president reported secretary of state but that will be crossed with a sledgehammer. i'm not very concerned about this. this entire book thing is falling apart. already, abc news found all kind of errors and issued the correction. it's just, you know this is spaghetti journalism. just throw spaghetti at the wall and hope something sticks. >> a lot of clinton loyalists will believe what you're saying and americans will think that too, but here is a fact. the clinlttons are refiling their tax returns. >> i think it's the foundation but anybody can refile a tax return. i don't know if that means anything. people amend tax returns all the time. the foundation itself got the highest rating from the transparency, judge this kind of thing as you can possibly get.
2:43 pm
but if somebody wants to make something the foundation has readjusted a tax return who knows? i think about $2 billion, i wouldn't be surprised if there's an accounting somewhere. how would i know? >> do you think the clintons have to prove they have not personally profited from the foundation? are we at that point? >> i don't think personally the clinton foundation, i think it's one of the great organizations that i've been around. all the things they've done and people associated with it. i know in terms of juvenile aids drugs, god knows what they've done with terrific work but they can defend themselves. one of the best charities in the country. i work with them a lot, relief from hurricane sandy. they did a lot of innovative stuff. some of the finest people in the world are associated with that. >> there's no doubt about that.
2:44 pm
but the timing of this and i want to go back to the tax returns if i can. people amend tax returns when they're not correct. people refile tax returns when there are mistakes. what's your response to that? >> i don't know. maybe it was a mistake. how do i know? i mean people make i know i've had to file a return. this comes up you do this. companies, god knows what. i think the foundation what $2 billion? i don't know the details of it. but i wouldn't find it unusual or out of the ordinary that somebody's got to refile a tax return. there are foundations and laws that pertain to that, something i'm not familiar with it. >> as a political consultant that ran into something like this what would be your advice? >> i think they're doing pretty good. the whole book clinton, this
2:45 pm
glenn beck or whatever this guy is, i think this has been the pushback that's pretty effective. this happens and the next thing, they will think of something else. it will be this. i think the campaign itself has been pretty effective in dealing with this stuff. >> james carville. good to have you. details on the drone strike in america. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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kellogg's frosted mini wheats® feed your inner kidult. show," two hostages held by al qaeda were accidentally killed in a u.s. drone strike. president obama is taking full responsibility. what this could mean for the united states' drone strike policy. that's next on "the ed show."
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based on information and intelligence we have obtained we believe that a u.s. counterterrorism operation targeting an al qaeda compound in the afghanistan/pakistan border region accidentally killed warren an giovanni this past january. >> and finally, the united states is taking full responsibility for drone strikes which killed two innocent hostages back in january. american aid worker dr. warren
2:54 pm
weinstein and italian giovanni reporto were killed during counterterrorism operations against al qaeda. senior u.s. officials tell nbc news the cia drone strikes on january 14th and january 19th were launched against two separate al qaeda compounds. the white house also revealed two americans who joined al qaeda were killed in the attacks. president obama said the hostages were killed by accident. he took full responsibility. >> as president and as commander in chief, i take full responsibility for all our counterterrorism operations, including the ones that inadvertently took the lives of warren and giovanni. i profoundly regret what happened. on behalf of united states government, i offer our deepest apologies to the families. >> the winestein family released a statement saying in part "those who took warren captive
2:55 pm
over three years ago bear ultimate responsibility." i'm joined tonight by lawrence korbe, senior fellow at the center for american progress also with us tonight, steve clemmons, msnbc contributor and editor at large at "the atlantic." good to have you with us tonight, gentleman. drone strikes, is this just part of the deal steve? is this just the way it's going to be? president obama did not specifically sign off on strikes. does this really bring us to maybe a larger problem at this point? what do you think? >> ed it's a complex knot. and i think it would be easy to say that you know, hitting the an al qaeda compound in this area is understandable on many levels, but the fact is that our drone strikes have killed many civilians, many -- the casualties have been far beyond the militants that we've been targeting, and the president himself, in a speech at the national defense university said, i want congress to have more oversight, i want to have guidelines that we follow that
2:56 pm
the process that even he had been following with john brennan for many years and had been targeting was one that really couldn't stand up to the light of day. so when something like this happens, it automatically raises the question of what is the governance here how are decisions to kill made and, so it is not comfortable, what happened. >> well in counterterrorism operations, call it what you want, name it what you want, a lot of americans think that we are at war when it comes to protecting this country, mr. korbe. innocent people die. and i'm not trying to give the president or the country an alibi in any of this. but what do you make of this? i mean the president comes out and gives -- and claims full responsibility. but does -- >> i get the president -- >> what do you make of that? >> i give the president a lot of credit for coming out publicly, because previously when people are being killed going back to 2002, innocent people nobody has said anything taking
2:57 pm
responsibility, i think what we need to do to cover what steve was talking about and senator feinstein mentioned it today, we need to have an annual report to the congress and the public so we can see how many of these o are occurring and how many casualties there are. because while it is true and we are in a war with these people there's a cost benefit to doing these things. and you have to weigh the cost against the potential benefits. this is what they call a signature strike. there was no specific information about who was there who was not there. they thought they had information, but it turned out, the information was incomplete. >> so there's no perfect world, mr. korbe? i mean this -- these kind of things are going to continue to happen? >> wherever you're at war, you're going to have innocent civilians killed unfortunately. the real question is can we limit it and be careful, because every time you kill an innocent civilian, you can create more
2:58 pm
terrorists. so i think you need to weigh that before you actually launch these strikes. >> that is the argument that what we're doing creates more terrorists. but steve clemmons how else do you do it? we don't want to put boots on the ground. the american people don't have an appetite for that. so what do we do? >> we have the most sophisticated intelligence apparatus in the world. we are watching in realtime people who are plotting to kill many, they are undermined by our intelligence that is synthesized and brought together and we see operations all over the world to go after them. we need that same standard. that when you fire a drone, you don't do it indiscriminately. you don't do it in a way that's beyond that process. and that can be a hard judgment call because you can say, generally, we know a lot of al qaeda folk are hanging out somewhere, but maybe they do have human shields. maybe there is a school there, maybe there's a hospital. you can't just indiscriminately kill people in the name of some amorphous war on terror. that is what we tried to move out of. and that's what president obama
2:59 pm
promised the american public he would deliver. and this i'm sure we saw him express a lot of anguish and he put a human face on this. and you could sort of feel in his words how dramatically uncomfortable he was in this. and that is how this should be. this should not be a rootenized sterile process. >> and finally, mr. korb why the announcement now when the air strikes were in january? >> because it's only two weeks ago that the director of the cia, john brennan, was certain about what happened and who had been killed and briefed the president. so even though it occurred three months ago, he wasn't specifically informed. they hadn't done the after -- you know after-action analysis to be sure. so he came out pretty quick. and i do commend him for that because a lot of his predecessors would not have been so forthcoming. >> okay. lawrence korb steve clemmons thanks for the conversation tonight. appreciate your time here on "the ed show." that is "the ed show." i'm ed schultz.
3:00 pm
"politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed. and thanks to you foorr tuning in. we start with breaking news. loretta lynch making history to become our next attorney general. president obama talked about it just moments ago. >> i've been looking forward to saying this. that i am very pleased that loretta lynch has now been confirmed as our next attorney general. [ cheers and applause ] and, you know, america will be better off for it. she's spent her life fighting for the fair and equal justice. that's the foundation of our democracy. she's going to do a great job helping our communities, keeping them safe but also making sure our


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