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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 24, 2015 2:00am-2:26am PDT

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prime suspect, michael bennet, copped to it on twitter. and he apologized, saying he meant no disrespect to the president. and today, i'm going to guess all is forgiven as the president appeared to take no offense. that does it for us tonight. to guess all is forgiven as the president appeared to take no offense. up next, "first look." >> good morning. right now on "first look," breaking news overnight. multiple injuries after high school musical went wrong. and president obama taking responsibility for a u.s. drone strike that killed two western hostages. a new report that bruce jenner may have begun his transition soon after winning olympic gold a tragedy involving a member of the everybody loves raymond cast and much more on this final april friday. good morning. breaking overnight terrifying moments at an indiana high school. a stage collapses during a musical. ♪
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>> goodness. the stage at westfield high giving out during the finale. over 20 students were on it at the time. one report says it fell some ten feet. there was a giant hole. over a dozen were hurt one critically. students describe what happened. >> all of a sudden you just hear a big bang and everybody just all the performers basically just completely down. everybody just froze for a second. i see mothers of the performers just screaming fir their children. people were cry and running up to the stage trying to help people out. the school's principle tweeting please keep our students staff, and families in your thoughts. classes will be held today. counselors will be on hand to
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assist students. president obama taking full responsibility while expressing grief over a cia drone strike over the pakistan boarder in january. it mistakenly killed two aid workers in the strike. peter alexander has more. >> reporter: in an extraordinary statement, president obama confessed that the u.s. accidentally killed two hostages including an american it had been trying to free for years. >> as president and as commander and chief, i take full responsibility. >> reporter: an aid work frer maryland was kidnapped by al qaeda. the grandfather appealing for help. >> and now when i need my government, it seems that i have been totally abandoned. and forgotten. >> his wife said she and the family were devastated.
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while she insisted those who kidnapped him had ultimate responsibility. and another killed an italian aid worker. both men's families will be compensated for their loss. >> i regret what happened. i offer our deepest apologies to the families. >> reporter: senior u.s. officials tell us the men were killed in a cia drone strike? january. while the president didn't specifically order the strike the target was high level leadership of al qaeda, and they had no information the hostages were there. it wasn't until two years ago that the u.s. government confirmed the deaths. >> it is a cruel and bitter truth that in the fog of war
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generally and our fight against terrorists specifically mistakes sometimes deadly mistakes can occur. now to southern chile, that breathtaking volcanoic eruption. this morning a strait of emergency. people bracing for a third eruption. the volcano spewed ashes six miles high yesterday. it created its own weather spark this truly stunning scene. lightning and lava tangled up. from space, nasa sas litestellites capturing this image. and on the ground people dawning masks because of the fumes. a man kayaking and taking precaution there. this morning new details on when bruce jenner began his reported transition into a woman.
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according to entertainment tonight it started in the 80s but stopped after he met kris jenner. he reportedly started hormone therapy and even looked into reassignment surgery in den marc. the book about another athlete was a big influence on him. then he met kris jenner. the couple officially split last september. new attacks aimed at the 2016 front runner. the house benghazi committee says it wants hillary clinton to testify in public twice, and then a question about foreign money and her family's foundation. >> reporter: hillary clinton the biggest celebrity at a. she is trailed by a cascade of
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stories about whether she did fairs of secretary of state. chelsea clinton defended their work. >> what the clinton foundation has said we'll be even more transparent. consider when she took office she agreed to a memo disclosing foreign contributions. but an upcoming back claims she did not live up to that promise. while she was trying to reset relations with russia the book describes how russia's nuclear agency gained control of a u.s. uranium company. the author former gorge w. bush aid, writes bill clinton was in moscow for a well compensated speech. he was paid $500,000. however hawkish hillary might have been on some deals, this
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one sailed for. why the reversal. could it be because share holers in the transactions had terrored money to the clinton foundations or its initiatives. republicans are pouncing. >> she's going to have to be held accountable like all of us. >> reporter: but the clinton campaign strongly challenged the writing. hillary clinton was not involved and that nine agencies were involved. a government ethics expert agrees. >> there is no evidence she changed a policy based on the do nations to the foundation. a couple of police officers in dover, delaware are getting extra attention for what was captured on their dashboard camera. it has sparked a series called dash cam duets. ♪ ♪
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♪ turn down for what ♪ look at that. oh. okay. ♪ turn down for what ♪ . >> who knows? maybe a reality show in the making. eight minutes past the hour. let's go to landon dowdy. >> i was going to say how are your dance moves? there's a lot of competition. sources tell us come cast could chop the deal as soon as today. the bill came up against stiff opposition from the fcc and justice department. it's a long and drawnout process. and the door to door burrito is now a reality.
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chipotle. deliveries start at five miles if you're within a mile of the store. and the nasdaq sits at a new record high. stocks have been powered by several positive earnings report which could signal companies are able to grow their business. back over to you. happy friday. >> good news. heading into the weekend. thank you so much. in sports nba playoffs. new orleans looking to get their first win in the series. fourth quarter, nine seconds. warriors down by three. >> a chance to tie it for golden state. curry's got it. curry will get it go for three. comes up short. offensive rebound. curry again. curry hits a three. golden state wins it in to the. next baseball. the royals in town 7th inning. game tied at two.
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trash talking and the next thing you know benches are clear. five players were ejected. the royals were also involved in a bench clearing event friday and saturday. royals did get the win 3-2. tom brady was a no show as the new england patriots visited the white house yesterday. he had a, quote, previous family commitment that prevented him from making the trip. he missed out on the deflated balls joke. >> i usually tell a bunch of jokes at these events but i was worried that 11 out of 12 of them would fall flat with the patriots in town. and they're off. literally. spectators at a race got an eye full. a jockey found himself at the butt of a joke when his pants fell down.
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the elastic went during the race but i had to keep on going, he said. >> what do you do when that happens? i guess you do have to keep going a new discovery was made in yellow stone park. a magna deposit was found. researchers already new of one huge mag ma rezer voice but they recently found a second one even deeper and four times larger.
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i had fios that meant falling behind on my shows. so i switched to xfinity. their cloud-based dvr is perfect for me 'cause it lets me take my recorded shows anywhere i go. see? [program: "not on my watch..."] see? [program: "not on my watch..."] [laughing] [laughing] where do they come up with this stuff?! we are looking at storms through the middle of the country. from the south, the gulf states today autoll the way up through the central and northern plains a thunderstorm watch in place for parts of texas. that will go for a couple of hours before we see more storms fire up once again. here's the enhanced risk through wichita and dallas.
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the tornado threat is there once again by later today. check out these current temperatures. it is very cool. we have freeze warnings still in effect from the western great lakes, ohio valley up through the northeast. temperatures are going to once again be on the cool side today. we're going for a high of only 53 in new york. temperatures still running below normal but moderate by this weekend. >> i want spring weather back. >> i know you do. dr. soz face manager heat as doctors within his own hospital is raising questions about the advice he puts on his show. he comes out swinging against his critics. >> you may have seen the headlines. >> reporter: on his show he turned the tables attacking a group of doctors from around the country who last week wrote a letter insisting he be fired from columbia yurt. >> some of them have their own conflict of interest issues. >> reporter: in a usa today op
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ed several doctors write many of us are spending a significant amount of our clinical time debunking ozzisms. before the editorial was published, dr. oz defended the on tent of his show in an exclusive interview. >> the show's purpose is talk about the good life. what you need to do to live your best. >> but as a doctor going on a show called dr. oz don't people watching your show expect that kind of advice, medical advice? >> it's called the dr. oz show. we very purposefully in the logo has as as the middle and the doctor is up in the little bar for a reason. i want folks to realize that i'm a doctor and i'm coming into their lives to be supportive of him but it's not a medical show. >> the argument among your critics is that as a doctor you should be promoting things that
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you should promote in your exam room, not necessarily things you would promote in your living room. >> i'm very respectful to my critics and i understand why you'd be more comfortable if everything i said on the television was what i'd say in the office. but that's not the show. >> reporter: the authors want a disclaimer on the show stating that statements aren't endorsed by columbia university. nbc news new york. >> everybody loves raymond actor has died of an apparent suicide according to his manager. he played one of the twin sons on the show. he shot himself while visiting family in texas. he was just 19 years old. and this went south really quickly. a washington teenager who says he's the bomb decided to wear a fake bomb during a public prom poe sal in his school cafeteria.
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>> he put some paper tubes in there and had wires sitting out. >> as you can imagine, the idea blew up in his face. he was suspended for five days and banned from attending the bomb. why was senator cruise a no show for loretta lynch's vote? scrambled politics is next. first self-serve frozen yogurt franchise. and now you have 42 locations. the more i put into my business the more i get out of it. like 5x your rewards when you make select business purchases with your ink plus card from chase. and with ink, i choose how to redeem my points for things like cash or travel. how's the fro-yo? just peachy...literally. ink from chase. so you can.
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following questions and accusations of special favors hillary clinton may have to deal with a subpoena over her e-mail server. >> if it comes to it could you see yourself be supportive of subpoenaing her e-mail server. >> all options are on the table. if we need to do that we may have to. >> senator ted cruz is facing questions after missing the lo ret a lynch vote. he left the capitol to ataend fund raising event. he says it was guaranteed and the other vote was all that mattered. every high school in america is getting a free dvd of selma. they are passing out the dvd as a part of an education initiative. our favorite twitter interaction
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of the day. someone tweeted at new jersey senator asking is there any way i can get an interview with you. the response? let's see your twitter name is the bomb and you want to meet for an interview? um call my office, mash taghash tag scared. and we will be streaming live from the red carpet of the white house. it is friday. >> happy friday. thanks for having me. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. i think a lot of people are going to be talking for days. she is facing lots of criticism in light of a new book that suggests she used her influence to line the pockets of the clinton foundation. >> she told reporters just the other day that this is the kind of attacks that she's come to expect but i do think that the questions are going to continue
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to linger. we're still more than a year out from election day and already there's a book as you alluded to that's criticizing her but it's part of a larger narrative for her critics about the money to her foundation. i think she is at some point going to have to respond to these allegations. it's part of again, a larger narrative about her involvement in washington, her time at the state department and using that politics and those connections. she's going to have to make the case that she's not crony but is well connected and that will help her accomplish her policy agenda goals. >> we just heard from john boehner about possibly using a subpoena. will these claims put more focus on the push to turn over her personal e-mails while she was serving at secretary of state. >> absolutely. i think there were even questions within the democratic party about her use of e-mail. the clinton world says they did not break any laws but i think
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there are a lot of unanswered questions that again, she's going to have to at some point respond and detail and she said in a letter to lawmakers just a couple of days ago that she would like to have the congressional hearings and all of that dealt with as quickly as possible. she doesn't want to delay that because as we all know the longer this goes on the more it gets into election day. >> presidential hopeful ted cruz missed the vote for attorney general after being such a vocal opponent of her election. is he putting the campaign ahead of his dutys? >> that's the problems that folks who are running for office have. no matter who it is. they have to find the balance of life on the campaign trail versus fulfilling their duties. he says as we know that he voted for the cloture vote.
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we'll see. we'll have this conversation closer to election day. >> especially if he misses other votes. thank you. have a good one. just ahead jimmy fallon channels his inner monte python. that is next. you know, in any job any profession image matters. i want some gray...but not too much. only touch of gray uses oxygen to gently blend away some gray but not all for that perfect salt and pepper look. satisfaction guaranteed. just you and the look you want. just for men touch of gray
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hey, what's up? i'm ted. rudy and i have a lot of daily rituals. namaste.


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