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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 28, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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and we'll see how baltimore reacts. if's going to be a hot day in baltimore with the schools closed and the curfew going into effect and the national guard on the streets. guard on the streets, it's tough times. "first look" is up next. breaking news right now on nbc. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. two simple words from this morning's baltimore sun. they're talking about the chaos that overtook pockets of the city and today overnight hours. police department issued a tweet saying we are deploying officers with the fire department to ensure fire fighting operations are not disrupted. that statement half less than 24 hours after freddie gray's funeral funeral. right now a day of mourning turned into a evening of lawlessness. you're looking at pictures that followed the funeral.
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he was hurt in police custody and later died o. over the weekend there was unrest but nothing like last night. this morning, the community is on edge. >> one of the worst days in baltimore's history. all of us are ashamed looking at it because it does not reflect the greatness and beauty of our city and we're prag tomorrow we turn the page and start all over. >> it's crazy for our young brother to be doing that. that's all i can say. >> what happened to him was totally wrong but for them to mess up the city where we live that's wrong. they can protest and say what they have to say but to mess up the city and for them to not live around here and do that this is not cool. >> the explosion of rioting led the governor to activate the national guard. the baltimore mayor has enacted a nighttime curfew that starts
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tonight and goes from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and baltimore classes have been cancelled. and people say many of the protesters were people of high school age. >> what we see tonight that is going on in our city is very disturbing. it is very clear there is a difference between what we saw over the past week with the peaceful protests those who wish to seek justice and wish to be heard and want answers, and the difference between those protests and the thugs who only want to insight violence. >> when you destroy your infrastructure i've cities that haven't recovered 50 years
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later. for those parents who are kids that are out there that came off that campus take control of your kids. this is our city. make a difference. >> joining me from baltimore is tremane lee. >> reporter: right now it's a chilly morning. we're downtown. we see police amassing on some corners, blocking some streets off. folks now are concerned about what happened today when scores of young people won't be in school. we're upward of 500 national guard will be on the ground. this city has been a powder cake far week. the mayor said she's embarrassed. reports that rival gangs are joining forces to take officers out. anxiety is high. until the one rises and folks are on the ground it's unclear
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what might happen. >> we will be watching very closely. thank you so much for that. and we're also getting a clearer picture of the clash. 15 officers were injured by debris. one was hit in the head and two are in the hospital. 500 extra officers have been requested from nearby cities and 5,000 from nearby states. there were fires. the first at a local cvs after being vandalized and looted. it was the result of unrest. the second one, that hasn't been directly linked but crews were called to a 3-alarm blaze in an elderly housing facility still under construction in baltimore. earlier the family of freddie gray called for peace. >> i want you to get justice for my son but don't do it like this. don't tear up the city man, just for him.
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it's wrong. >> we want to go back to the beginning for just a moment now to the event that sparked all of this nine days ago. freddie gray was arrested and placed into a police van. after that he allegedly suffered a spinal injury that led to his death. members of the community say the overall angry partly stems from the incident it but also from the slow trickle of information give given out from authorities. they said a report would be given to the attorney's office this friday although it's not known when that will be made public. i'm joined now by a professor of law and police studies at john jay college of criminal justice. thanks for being with us. first off, what went wrong in baltimore. we understand that a lot of the damage was by kids. >> well i think it's hard to overestimate how difficult toss police a city like baltimore. it's desperately poor and
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there's a tremendous amount of hopelessness and you need an infrastructure where police are connected and inn'm not sure that's true in baltimore. this kind of trying to catch up which is what the police have been doing, presents a a challenge. >> and given the fact that a lot of these we're hearing from law enforcement were high school students that did that. baltimore schools are closed today and for the parents that can't take time off in short notice, how are they going to keep an eye on their kids if they have to go to work. is that a smart call? >> i don't know. parents are probably scrambling. i think on balance it's a better decision not to get the kids to come in. they got them together and caused some problems but they're going to have to have long-term planning and they're going to have to take it moment to moment. that's some indication that
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between the national guard and the police they should have a better opportunity to have people in place to restore order. >> but don't you think school is a sense of normalcy and it gives them a reason not to have a day off and perhaps get into more trouble. >> again, it was a balancing of the equities. i suppose they thought that would attract the kids and bring them together. in this way, they're sort of dispursed. i think that was the logic. >> a curfew is in effect. we'll see that tonight. given that protests started over the weekend, they were mainly peaceful but there were a few pockets, and then it led up to what we saw yet. should this curfew have been put in place yesterday. >> i think they scrambled to put it in place. the mayor is trying not to cause more harm an good. i don't think we've lost any lives so far. in that sense, it's good so far. we just have injureses inform police people that's not good.
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i think she's trying to stay ahead of this at this point. >> where is the al bansbalance as we go forward. >> it's moment to moment and street to street. i think you're seeing political leadership step up and the clergy and i think cooler heads will prevail. you can hear the reasonableness of people. most people are reasonable and recognize that whatever the grievances are, it's not helpful to have police people injured or the town burned down and looting. that's going to destabilize the community. as the police chief said this could have an impact for years. the last thing a city like baltimore needs at this point is more violence and looting and more abandonment of the central business district which is also at rick atsk at the point. >> we're hoping to hear by friday what happened to freddie gray in the report. is it best to get that out there
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sooner than later? >> it's been a long time. >> it has been a while. >> and it's not helping anybody, the police either who may be exonerated. we don't know the longer this go the more it breeds sutsspicious and distrust. we need good policing that's not brutal but we also need good safety. communities twant police engaged. they want a basic level of respect and that should be doable. >> all right. thanks for your insight today and joining us. we have much more ahead including the latest details from the earthquake zone in nepal and the moment everything changed. then this could be a monumental day in the history of the united states. we'll explain, next.
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welcome back to "first look." taking a look at the weather across the country. wind damage in louisiana from yesterday. that's a train that was knocked
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over by the winds. 70 miles per hour gusts were reported at the new orleans international airport, and this was about a dozen rail cars knocked from the tracks there. that's what 70 miles per hour winds can do. let's talk about today across the country. a couple of storms out there. the one lingering in texas and oklahoma, light rain for you. new england got a cold rain especially in maine. that storm is kicking out to see and then there's one in the gulf. not a lot of severe weather but the worst weather in the country will be in the sun shine state. heavy rain in the gulf spreading clouds and the light, study rain over you and thunderstorms as we go throughout the day today. anywhere from the i-4 corridor. tampa to or lan doe the worst of it. i don't expect a lot of severe weather or tornadoes but we could get wind damage out of this and maybe a little bit of hail. rainfall over the next two days. the heavyiest totals the yellow
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and orange 2 inches. denver is looking great. no problems there. and tomorrow we start the warmup across the country. this is what betty has been waiting for. 70s are heading our way. 74 in the big apple. a beautiful, spring day. >> after what we've been thro >> i heard you're feeling a little bit ill for tomorrow. >> i think so. might have to take the day off. not really. i'll be here. let's get to nepal, a rapidly rising death toll. the number passing 4,000. at least four americans among the dead. richard engel reports from kathmandu. >> reporter: this is the moment nepal was brought to its knees. the quake left thousands dead. and much of this already poor country without power short of clean water, centuries old
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temples fell. here in kathmandu the historic town center was devastated. many are staying outdoors in parks and on the streets. nepal has mobilized its troops for relief work. volunteers desperately dig by hand. this woman used to come to this very spot to have coffee in the shade of a temple. >> it's my place and my country and my people. >> reporter: mostly they're serging for bodies in these piles but sometimes there's the unexpected. a man pulled out alive today. international rescue teams have finally arrived but getting outside the capitol is a struggle. roads blocked. helicopters in short supply. in more remote and inaccessible villages the toll is still unknown. in a hospital in kathmandu, we saw workers take away dozens of unclaimed bodies to be cremated.
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a line of people hoping to identify missing loved ones. the embassy has opened its doors. you'll likely get a cot but at least in the one of the safe us cities in the country. >> everest rescues are still underway. one man wanted to be person to be the first person with cystic fie bro sis to climb it. >> it knocked me into the ground and the rocks and the ice, and you know it was difficult to breathe with the snow that was coming through as well and then -- but i felt like i just stayed on the ground that i would die, so i struggled up again and got knocked down struggled up again and eventually it came to a stop and i was discovered in snow blood, ice.
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>> he was evacuated off everest the next day. he was climbing with dan freddenburg, the google kpegtive to died. >> the question is this. should it be the law of the land. tracie potts is in washington. this is going to be a heated debate. >> reporter: betty, the courts dealt with this before. the last time we were here on this issue two years ago, they struck down the through a denied benefits for same sex couples. today they hear from couples who sued because their legal majors in one state were not recognized in another. >> the state has not come up with one reason. we want to encourage opposite six couples to marriage. >> reporter: in all states they
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will make the decision. >> we need to stand up and see we matter and we count. that could result in marriage equality from coast to coast. >> reporter: these two sued for the right to adopt each other's kids after a near miss accident made jane realize she would not be allowed to lose april's daughter. >> she loses me and her brothers and that's what really scared us the most was that possibility that they could be ripped apart. >> reporter: opponents argue it's a question for each state to decide. >> the supreme court justices have no greater insight than you or. >> reporter: there's a poll that says 58% of americans support same sex marriage. >> there could be coverage today from is1:00 to 3:00 with thomas
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every circumstance is different. should the president do more to stop this cycle? we've seen it play out over and over. >> i don't know what he can do personally to stop it but setting the right tone saying we think it's important that police are effective. crime is something they have to fight but they have to do it in ways that are legal. it's vital that the president at least express that position. >> well in the meantime toernl general loretta lynch denounced the violence. will her handling show what we can expect from her. >> absolutely and it is -- the very first time in this big new job. he was terrific yesterday, and you have to strike a right balance. she's the chief law enforcement officer but she also has the mind of cops and you have to be setting things right. it's a tough job for
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professionals to do. >> do you think she's struck the right balance yet in we are woch watching this play out in baltimore? >> i thought the tone was pretty good. the frustrating part is that in the end cops are on the street. there's not an attorney general in the van with them. these are things that professionals have to handle in a responsible way no matter what the officials at the top think. there's only so much you can do. i think she's begun to do it. >> should she travel to baltimore? she says justice department officials will travel there but should she herself make that short trip from d.c.? >> it's a little dicey until the streets are calmer. i would not send her into the middle of a riot. if people are willing to sit down and discuss the issues, sure. >> it would mean a lot to see her there on the ground. >> you're exactly right. it says the administration considers this important. these are tough issues and
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willing to work through them in a thoughtful patient way but let's let the bottle throwing and the stomping and screaming stop before she arrives. >> schools close today and a curfew is in effect. hopefully things calm down. >> we could use a little calm in the streets. >> thanks for joining us. just ahead the suspensions fly in the nbc and then to do or die. playoff action in the stanley cup playoffs. sports is next. they have all those warnings on them. might as well say, "you're going to die, jeff". you hired someone to clean the gutters? not just someone. someone from angie's list. but we're not members. we don't have to be to use their new snapfix feature. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. come see what the new angie's list can do for you.
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brooklyn nets looking to win
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their second straight game at home and tie series. overtime. in the end brooklyn takes atlanta. new york islanders face the capitals in a win or go home of the play offs. capitals win the series at home and move onto face the new york rangers. >> that's upsetting for new yorkers. we really wanted islanders, rangers. >> and cavaliers suspended smith for this back hand to crowder. crowder left the game with a left leg injury. and also kelly len knock for grabbing an arm in this game. he will serve his suspension next season. last night a season opener was postponed after protests in the area turned violent. no announcement regarding a makeup day but they suggested
2:29 am
the or yals play the game elsewhere. we'll keep an eye on it throughout the day. "way too early" starts right now. >> suffice it to say i am extremely disappointed in what has happened in this beautiful city tonight. i'm disappointed in the fact that the damage has been done to those communities and that we cannot be more responsible in an embarrassment that we have nationwide in our community. this is not protesting. this is not your first amendment rights. this is just criminal acts and doing damage to a community that is challenged in some ways that do not need this and do not need to be harmed in a way we have today. >> good morning. welcome to wail.. a state of emergency is in effect hours after the funeral
2:30 am
for freddie gray. the man who died in police custody from a spinal injury. the violence was widespread throughout the city. 5,000 police officers have nearby cities have been called in to help. activity in the city is virtually shut down this morning. a nighttime curfew is in effect. public schools are closed today and the baltimore orioles game was postponed. officials are investigating whether this fire is linked to the riots as well. ht ath this hour firefighters are trying to keep the blaze under control. numerous cars and businesses were set on fire. 15 officers were hurt after clashing with protesters. two of them are still in the


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