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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 28, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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wail.. a state of emergency is in effect hours after the funeral for freddie gray. the man who died in police custody from a spinal injury. the violence was widespread throughout the city. 5,000 police officers have nearby cities have been called in to help. activity in the city is virtually shut down this morning. a nighttime curfew is in effect. public schools are closed today and the baltimore orioles game was postponed. officials are investigating whether this fire is linked to the riots as well. ht ath this hour firefighters are trying to keep the blaze under control. numerous cars and businesses were set on fire. 15 officers were hurt after clashing with protesters. two of them are still in the
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hospital this morning. freddie gray's family is pleading for the violence to end. >> you see that it turned into all this violence and destruction, i am appalled. family, i love you, and we're supposed to be in this for jus us but is it just us? >> i want you to get justice for my son but not like this. don't tear up the whole city just for him? that's wrong. >> joined now from outside baltimore by trymaine lee. there's a curfew in effect. did people honor it. >> reporter: there weren't as many people out. we had scores of people engaged in confrontation with police but now as the city awakes police are set up on many corners. we're looking at a tricky
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combination. thousands of school kids not in school. a curfew in place tonight and thousands of national guard troops and police officers on the ground. in ferguson that created a tricky, tense situation. this is no ferguson. we're talking about a city of 80 square miles and police stretched thin and folks are concerned about a repeat tonight. >> thanks as always. we'll come back to you at the top of the hour for "morning joe." officials across the spectrum from condemned the violence. saying it's only a matter of time before this comes back around on the perpetrators. >> the council president and i share the frustration of the negative images that are being shown of our great city but best believe we're going to use all of those images to hold the individuals who are destroying
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our city accountable. once people start getting arrested for the looting, for the destruction, i think they will understand that this is not a lawless city. >> in a statement newly sworn in u.s. attorney general encouraged nonviolence while also pledging the full resources of the justice department to protecting those under threat investigating wrong doing and securing an end to violence. at a late night news conference anthony bats talked about his disappointment. >> this is not protesting. this is not our first amendment rights. this is just criminal acts and doing damage to a community that is challenged in some ways that do not need this and do not need to be harmed in a way that we have today. >> the governor dealing with his first major crisis as the executive. he said he had no hesitation about declaring the state of
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emergency. >> i've been in daily communication with the mayor. this is a baltimore city situation. baltimore city was in charge. when the mayor called me which, quite frankly, we were glad she finally did. instantly we signed the executive order. >> the violence broke out just hours after the funeral of freddie gray. thousands turned out for the service and watched family members, lawmakers and clergy mourn gray and issue a call to action. >> i promise i will be missing you every day until the end of time but this is not my end, and i can't hold my head under water. i need to breathe. i need to love and miss you. but also i need to live. because through me you will
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live. >> i've often said that our children are the living messages we send into the future we will never see. but now our children are sending us to a future they will never see. there is something wrong with that picture. and so family it is our watch. we are the adults. we are the ones who are passing through and for me i'm in the twilight years, but i am telling you, we will not rest. we will not rest until we address this and see that justice is done. >> i came to tell freddie senior and freddie's five sisters, don't cry. the reason why i want you not to cry is because freddie's death is not in vain. after this day, we're going to
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keep on marching. after this day, we're going to keep demanding justice. no justice. no justice. no justice. >> the baltimore sun is reporting this morning that yesterday's incident may have originated with a flyer that makes reference to a horror movie. the report says they shared a player calling for a purge via social media. that's based on a movie where all laws are gone for a premeditated amount of time. this particular flyer included a image of protesters smashing a police car. it also called for starting at a mall at 3:00 p.m. and ending downtown. one disturbing development
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out of baltimore is three active gangs may be wanting to increase the unrest of the city. officers now of one threat where they are wanting to harm officers on the streets. >> we have the bloods and the krips having a meeting yesterday. validated and verified. they said at the conclusion of mr. gray's funeral today each group intended to kill and take out a police officer. >> according to the nbc affiliate there several gang members denied that is the case claiming they are only seeking justice and they are on the street trying to prevent vandalism and lootding. some are comparing this to the riots that destroyed much of the city in 1968. baltimore was more than 100 cities that burned after the assassination of martin luther king jr. they say over the course of four
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nights and three days the city experienced the greatest unnatural disaster of the second century. more than 700 hurt. more than 1,000 businesses redestroyed and many arrested. the national guard and state troopers were called in to help. baltimore never really fully bounced back from the riots. much of the blight in that city consists of abandoned row homes, empty lots and some of the same structures that were condemned almost a half century ago. still ahead, did baltimore's mayor misspeak when she said over the weekend that the city gave those who wished to destroy. we'll see what she's saying now when we come back.
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i've made it very clear that i worked with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech. it's a very delicate balancing act because while we try to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other, you know things going on we also gave those who wished to destroy, space to do that as well. and we worked very hard to keep that balance and to put ourselves in the best position to deescalate. that's what you saw this evening. >> so that was baltimore mayor saturday on the city's plans to
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respond to escalating protests over the death of freddie gray. the mayor is now accusing the media and other critics of taking that line about giving those who wish to destroy space to do that out of context. this is what she said on two different occasions yesterday. >> we balance a very fine line between giving protesters peaceful protesters space to protest. what i said is in doing so people can hijack that and use that space for bad. i did not say that we were accepting of it. i did not say that we were passive to it. i was just explaining how property damage can happen during a peaceful protest. it is very unfortunate that members of your industry decided to mischaracterize my words and use it a way to say we're inciting violence. i'm going to protect people's
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right to protest. the fact people exploited that does not mean that i do not have an obligation to protect people's right to protest. i never said nor would i ever say that we are giving people space to destroy our city. my words should in the be twisted. >> our other big story in nepal where rescue and recovery continues. a 7.8 earthquake rocked kathmandu. and the death toll is at 4300 and americans are among the dead. richard engel is there with more. >> reporter: this is the moment nepal was brought to its knees. the quake left thousands dead and much of this already poor country without power. short of clean water, centuries old terms fell.
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here in kathmandu the historic town center was devastated. many are staying outdoors terrified of aftershocks. nepal has mobilized its troops for relief work. volunteers desperately dig by hand. this woman used to come to this very spot to have coffee in the shade of the temple. >> it's my country and my people. >> mostly they're searching for bodies in these piles but sometimes there's unexpected. a man pulled out alive. international rescue teams have finally arrived by getting outside the capitol is a struggle. roadblocked. helicopters in short supply. nbc's ian williams reached a spot outside the capital. >> here there are few buildings which haven't been impacted by the quake. this one propped up precariously
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by pieces of wood. >> reporter: in more remote and inexcessive villages the toll is still unknown. we saw workers take away dozens of unclaimed bodies to be cremate cremated. a line of people watched hoping to identify missing loved ones. inside the emergency room every bed was fell. >> we receive a lot of patients with blunt injuries. >> reporter: a doctor told us they're working back to back shifts. >> the hospital doesn't have nearly enough beds. patients are left to recover under tarps in the parking lot. >> reporter: the family of nine is spending a third night out doors. this five month old daughter died in the quake. this family has no home to return to. >> let's get a check on our forecast. bill karins is standing by.
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>> i think i have the only good news in the show today. >> do you have good news? >> i do. >> i still see green and yellow. >> apologies to everyone in florida. you usually get sun shine. today you're not. you're getting heavy rain but for about 90% of the country, enjoy your tuesday. lunch outdoors. maybe wear your jacket to work and carry it home. the umbrella weather along the florida coast. heavy rain continues. new orleans, yesterday, 70 miles per hour winds, 2.5 inches of rain. not too many tornado. the stormy weather is now pretty much off to coastal florida through orlando soaked throughout much of the day. 1 to 2 inch of the rain in florida. very nice spring day in much of the country. 70 in d.c. 68 in new york and all through
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the ohio valley detroit, cleveland, buffalo, and chicago, the even better news warming it up throughout the week. it looks like 74 as we go throughout the day in new york and d.c. tomorrow and into wednesday. good stuff out there. it looks nice. we're finally over the hump. no more severe weather. no more winter. enjoy. >> you did have good news. >> i did. >> still ahead here he may have been wearing a ski mask. that didn't stop mama. she recognized her son amid the chaos in baltimore. we'll have more on her reaction that's now gone viral. >> anyone who wants to add to the calls for peace in our city is welcome. i would -- if reverend sharp ton wants to come. if parents want to encourage their children to act within the law, anybody that wants to be a
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i went to one of the elementary schools near -- in the western district gill mother elementary school this morning and talked to some fourth graders and the first
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question was why are people trashing my neighborhood. i didn't have a good answer for her. it is so frustrating that people think that this makes sense to destroy our community when we know that those people who live there that are already hurting are going to be the ones that pay for that. >> that's the baltimore mayor speaking out last night as riots consumed her city. a state of emergency is in effect and a nighttime curfew amid looting and fires. more than two dozen people have been arrested. 15 police officers are injured and two still in the hospital this morning. the brunt of the injuries sustained took place at a mall about 250 to 300 officers gathered there as schools let out in response to a threat they observed on social media. police commissioner anthony bat says that's when students started throwing stones.
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>> i had one officer knocked out and hit in the head. he was taken to the hospital. here's going better. another officer had his left kneecap severely damaged. two more officers injured fairly seriously. all are going to be okay but sustained heavy damage in their bodies by flying debris anything that these what appear appeared to be high school students in our school system did out there within the streets. >> baltimore police asked parents to step in to help bring the city under control. one mother did just that. captured on video disciplining her son for participateing. hours later that woman was praised by the police commissioner. this is what he said. >> on one scene you had one mother who grabbed her child who had a hood on his head.
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she started smacking him on the head. i wish there were more parents that took charge of their kids out there. >> and joined by trymaine lee. the images we saw yesterday evening into the night you mentioned at the top of the hour that more officers are on the streets already this morning as the sun comes up there. considering that how reasonable is it to expect we are going to see some of those same images again later today. >> so often as you know in situations like this vn kind of out the reason at times. i think it would be critical what we see in the coming hours and days with all the competing forces. you have young people in the streets who are disaffected. you have police and city leaders trying to get ahead of it and gangs calling truces to push the protests. what happens in the next coming days is critical. there are so many more officers and feet on the ground. who is voices will ring the loudest? will they get through to the young people. will organizers come to this
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city and build a protest. what happens in this next day or two could be critical in how this plays going forward. >> when we were in ferguson, a lot of the protesters had specific demands. they wanted the police chief at the time they wanted him out. they wanted the mayor to step aside. they wanted things nature what are protesters there in baltimore saying that they want? >> reporter: first and foremost it's about accountability, and answers to many questions. how did freddie gray's voicebox get smashed or his spine get cracked. what happened in the critical minutes that so foorar we have no idea what happened. beyond that i spoke to a number of activists and organizers yesterday on the phone who were holed up trying to figure out a game plan exactly what they want and how to go about it. again, in this kind of environment when so much is
2:56 am
going out of the window does organizing make sense to people on the ground. that's what we're waiting to see. >> trymaine lee in baltimore. thanks. that's going to do it for me and this edition of "way too early." let's talk to mika about what's coming up on "morning joe." >> we continue the coverage of baltimore as they try to stop the city from spiraling to more chaos. a city wide curfew tonight. are officials making the right call and is law enforcement responding appropriately. we'll be joined by new york police commissioner and al sharpton. all that and more coming up on "morning joe." with the hightest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy. they're thriving. i wouldn't work here if they weren't. and government research shows they live just as long as whales in the wild. caring for these whales, we have a great responsibility to get that right.
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there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. violence distracts. there is no remedy in violence. >> hundreds of young people faced off against police throwing rocks and bricks. police retreating. >> they just set the cvs on fire. >> what a shame. >> this is unacceptable.
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this is not what freddie gray's family wanted. >> it is idiotic to think that by destroying your city that you're going to make life better for anybody. better for anybody. >> they know right from wrong. they will be responsible for those actions. >> as a result of the serious violence, i have declared a state of emergency. >> we are in a supportive mode. this is not martial law. >> i know we're much better than this. we cannot allow our city to devolve into chaos. >> it turns into all this violence and destruction, i'm recall appalled. we're supposed to be in this for justice, but is it just us? >> another american city descending into chaos. yesterday baltimore, maryland just 40 miles north of our nation's capital burned overnight as protests turned to riots. a state of emergency is in effect after riots broke out just hours after the funeral for 25-year-old freddie gray the man who


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