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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 30, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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t as we see the curfew go into effect.
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bull horn telling people quote, let's go home. bru the protests in baltimore have started to spread. thousands of people in washington d.c., boston, minneapolis and denver have joined in. yesterday's major hot spot new york city. >> police say more than more protests are expected today. we are in baltimore this morning. jay gray is there for us. >>. >> reporter: a few tense moments overnight but for the most part everything was peaceful. not violence like earlier in the week, and many believe this community is taking a step toward normalcy now. for the second straight night a curfew if baltimore was met with a bit of resistance but no
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serious violence. after a day when anger, frustration, and raw emotion, again spilled into the streets here. >> there is no this could be you. this is you. we cannot be as silent as the police that murdered him. >> reporter: ten days after freddie gray's death, hundreds want to know how and why it happened after he was severely injured in police custody. >> we know there are a lot of people who want answers who have concerns that they want addressed. >> reporter: police made it clear those answers won't come out on friday when they turn over the initial investigation to the state's attorney's office. >> we cannot release all of this information to the public because if there is a decision to charge in any event by the state's attorney's office the
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integrity of that investigation has to be protected. >> reporter: 101 people arrested were released without being charged. police say they were unable to complete the necessary paperwork to keep them behind bars. >> we've come up on a time line. we are still releasing them with future prosecution in mind. >> reporter: but the future will have to wait. as this community deals with the harsh reality of what's happening right now. a reality that through this week this include stepped up law enforcement and curfews each night. >> thank you very much. and while protesters await answers from police, a potential bomb shell this morning from the washington foes washington post. it says freddie gray was trying to answer himself. it claims to detail police documents and has not been confirmed by msnbc, but the man
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in the police van could not see gray gray, but he said he heard gray banging on the walls. there are doubts about that. >> according to our sources, by the time that prisoner is loaded into that van, freddie gray was unresponsive. secondly, we have reported that there is no evidence medical evidence, that freddie gray suffered any injuries that would indicate that he injured himself by banging his head against the van wall door whatever you want to say. >> according to miller the police commission said a few days ago that the second prisoner said his ride was calm and quiet. >> it was a first in the league of major league baseball nature there was an empty camden yards. fans were banned were safety reason. the one bright spot in the o's
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topped the sox 8-2. >> we made quite a statement as a city. some good. some bad. now let's get on with taking the statements we made and create a positive. >> the game did have some light moments. the catcher signing imaginary autographs. this broke baseball's lowest attendance record set back in 1882. senator bernie sanders are running for the white house. reconfirmed his entering of the race. he's entering as a democrat. he is the only one to challenge hillary clinton for the nomination. tracie potts is live in washington for us this morning. what kind of shot does he really have the a this nomination? >> he says if he can get 3 million people to give him $1 he might have a chance.
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he's a pretty colorful character. he's a 73-year-old independent from vermont. he calls himself a democratic socialist. he's expected to try to pull hillary clinton to the left especially when it comes to social issues. he's going to force her to address things like income inequality. she's already talked about it on the campaign trail. and other things like trade. he has an interesting record on capitol hill. a 70% win the last time from vermont. he's known for fiery speeches. he crashed the senate video server with people logging in to hear a speech with a filibuster once. >> a deadly shark attack in
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hawaii. it killed a woman. she had been snorking with two friends before they became separated. only four have been fatal since 1995. in colorado gut wrenching testimony in the movie theater massacre trial. james holmes going on an unthinkable killing spree. yesterday we heard about the youngest victim. jacob rascon was in the courtroom. >> veronica moser will always be six-year-old. she was one of the many children inside the theater that night. >> my two cousins. >> her teenage cousin called 9-1-1. veronica can be shot her mother was also injured. >> i had my hand on her stomach.
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i kept telling ash lee she was okay. >> people rushed out as officers rushed in. an officer noticed her almost immediately. >> i picked her up and ran out of the front entrance of the theater. i looked down at her and i realized that she was probably gone. >> one by one the prosecution will ask survivors and first responders to relive that night. >> i can see him with the gun, up at his chest and he was pointing down to the ground looking for other people. >> reporter: the shooter, james holmes stared straight ahead not speaking. in video evidence a psychiatrist asks him about those he wounded. >> they're like collateral damage, i guess. >> ashley moser would survive but never walk again and her
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daughter gunned down at a night at the movies. >> well a woman in israel is facing charges at police say she deliberately set a gas pump on fire. it was captured by a security camera. the woman is seen walking up to a man pumping gas and then walking away. she returns, pulls a lighter from her pocket, and ig nights the gas pump. according to police the woman asked the man for a cigarette and he refused. the workers reportedly put that fire out and luck ri no one was injured. let's get down to business now. good morning. >> good morning. stock indexes are down across the board this morning following disappointing first quarter gdp growth. the nasdaq logged its first losing streak in a month and apple fell half a percent after
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a defect in the key component in the apple watch believed to be in the part of the watch that produces the sensation the user is being tapped on the wrist. at this time there's no confirmation that any watches have shipped with that defective part. let's get to sports. the nbc playoffs continue. atlanta hawks looking to bounce back from back to back losses to the net. good dish by jeff teague. fast forward to the fourth. nets go on an 11-2 run. nets fall short. 107-97. the memphis grizzlies advance to the second ground. memphis won over the blazers last night. marc gasol led the way. the grizzlies will take on the top team in the west and that is the golden state warriors. to the nhl, the lightning and wed rings.
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it is soreless until the third period. the game's first groeloal, and then an ton videoman goes the length of the ice to seal the deal. look at this shot. nice. lightning win it 2-0. this may be the shot of the week. ben martin at the wgc cadillac match in san francisco. hits the ball perfectly and yes, he did. he sank a hole in one. congratulations. and then we have to tell you about this. a golfing pioneer died at the age of 71. calvin pete became the most successful black player on the pga tour before tiger woods. he led the pga in driving, accuracy for ten straight years. 11 minutes past the hour. just ahead, a miracle rescue in
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welcome back. pretty quiet forecast around the country. eastern north carolina needing umbrella's. detroit has had some rain this morning. it's starting to end. three toledo to cleveland a wet drive. we have a storm in the great lakes and another one off the carolina coastline. these will spread showers throughout the region. no tornadoes or anything like that. general rain up to norfolk. then scattered afternoon storms areas of kentucky west virginia and around the pittsburgh area. i think d.c. for the most part should remain dry. it may be a 30% chance of a shower. ohio valley and mid atlantic cool in boston.
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our first 100 degree day in phoenix for the year. and if we don't get it today, we will get it tomorrow with a forecast of 101 in phoenix. hot in the southwest and even toward saturday, all of the warmth is spreading across the country. looking like a nice first may weekend. >> i like the sound of that. in nepal there's amazing images from inside the disaster zone. a baby coated in dust. the baby spent 22 hours buried under his home. in kathmandu a teen stranded. the death toll has now topped 5500. out of control and a total loss. that is the word on the russian supply capsule that was halling supplies to the international
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space station. >> the program plans for those kinds of things to happen. we have supplies on board. >> the capsule is traveling at 17,000 miles per hour. it should descentin grate in the earth's atmosphere. >> saint mary's hospital is ajusting. it's even extended certain park regular restrictions for six days. >> coins, treasure map, and a hand. a box that belongs to mike lopez's grandparents. a cure ray or the says the thins are too thin to be old coins, and the hand might not be human. coming up a law that could make people happy. an election ends in an actexact tie. we'll tell you how one town plans to settle it.
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time now for your thursday edition of scrambled politics. a new harvard institute shows people want a democratic to win the 2016 campaign for president. a historic moment. the first ever address by a japanese leader to a joint session of congress. but there was a bit of a controversy. while the prime minister did offer condolences for the americans who died in world war ii we shopped short of offering
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an apology over his country's conduct. that was manage lawmakers in america and south korea have been calling for. and a house bill has been passed for a great deal to create entertainment districts in new orleans. the president honored the national teacher of the year at the white house yesterday. shortly after they took a stroll to a nearby tea house where the president reportedly joked, i couldn't give her a raise so i bought her tea. the election in south dakota. it is going to be decided by chance. yes. two weeks ago both candidates ended up with 171 votes. they will have to use dice or a high card draw to settle it. and don't miss the ed show at 5:00 p.m. eastern. today an exclusive interview with bernie sanders. now that we know senator sanders are running for president, jimmy
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gallon let us into something you may not have noticed. >> not sure if you noted. he's using his hands a lot when he speaks. take a look at another clip. >> this is not just the republicans. [ music playing in the background ] >> there you go. that's it. >> you know i really didn't notice that until now. that is hilarious. that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. i am joined by bob franken. good morning. >> good morning. >> you can talk all you want this morning. as we watch the events play out in baltimore, ted cruz is criticizing president obama say saying has inflamed racial tensions. that's quite a statement. >> he's not the first conservative to do that.
2:23 am
i think the rationale is he has inflamed racial tensions because he has the audacity to be black. there are many conservatives who don't accept the legitimacy of a black president and he is pandering to hem. >> this weekend he condemned the looters saying they need to be treated like criminals and their action is not a protest or a statement. is cruz looking for more of the president or is this just campaign rhetoric? >> i think what you have this president obama is often a dammed if you don't, dammed if you don't situation. many people in the black community would say he's being a little bit even handed and a little bit too much meaning the president, and that in fact that the protests even though they are certainly not desirable and the violence is obviously wrong. as martin luther king said a riot is the language of the
2:24 am
unheard. the question is whether baltimore and the rest of the nation will hear whatever was being acted out in baltimore. >> meanwhile, marco rubio is adamant about forcing israel to be recognized. it could hurt a bill to review nuclear bills with daytehran? what is his end goal? >> i heard rumors he's running for president and i suspect he wants to get as much money as we can out of the people in the republican party who are jewish and opposed to the iran deal. >> straight talk from you today. thanks so much. we appreciate it. just ahead, can you guess the place the late joan rivers hid her money? it will surprise you.
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now for entertainment news. who needs a bank when you have milk duds. yeah. that was it have late joan rivers' attitude. she apparently hid travel cash in milk dud boxes. >> who would steal that? >> now her daughter is being extra caution about going through her mom's stuff for good reason obviously, and jimmy fallon predicts the winner of the kentucky derby with puppies. >> and they're off, right there. [ bell ringing ] . >> it's a run away race.
2:29 am
number four. american foul will be crowned. how ingenious is that. >> and american pharaoh is one of the fairvorites. >> puppies may be right. "way too early" starts now. ♪ ♪ you can see that things have been mounting. if they would just stop releasing dates and tell us there's going to be answers, simply how did mr. gray die, it would give us a sigh of relief. >> good morning. it's thursday april 30th. welcome to "way too early." we begin this morning, however, in baltimore where a new report
2:30 am
is adding to the uncertainty about what led to freddie gray's death. today's washington post story not confirmed by nbc news. a prisoner in the police van says he heard gray banging against the walls and trying to injure himself. that prisoner could in the see gray because they were separate bid a partition, but jane miller the investigative reporter for our baltimore affiliate reported even before gray's death that there is no evidence to back up that specific claim. she says an autopsy only showed a spinal cord injury for gray and that there would have been additional injuries if he banged his own head. in addition, she says the police commissioner recently stated the prisoner arrival was calm and quiet and gray was unresponsive when the second prisoner was


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