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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  May 1, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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days of peace and quiet. we still have a weekend to make it through. i ask for your patience and understanding. >> good morning. it's friday may 1st. welcome to "way too early." we begin today once again in baltimore where at least three more days of a nighttime curfew is in effect for citizens across the city and there's a report of freddie gray in police custody that contains stunning allegations if true. it comes from a station in washington. the sources claim the fatal injuries occurred when he slammed into the back of the police van. that instant allegedly broke gray's neck and he also suffered a head injury that matches a bolt from the back of the van. they say it is still unknown how he suffered the head injury and what caused him to slam into the back of the police van. the the details reportedly come
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from the results of an internal police probe and preliminary findings from the medical examiner's office but a spokesman from the medical examiner the tells the new york times it's still ongoing. he said we don't know preliminary findings. this is just after the washington post said another prisoner said he was banging against the wall trying to hurt himself. the man is telling a different story. >> once you got in the van what did you hear? >> i didn't hear nothing. we went straight to the police station. i heard a little banging for about four seconds. i heard little banging. just this just little you know what i mean? boom boom. just little banging. >> allen describe whad he told homicide detectives when questioned. >> did you the tell the the police you heard him banging his
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head against the van? >> i told homicide that. i did not the tell the police nothing. when we got to the police station they said he didn't have no pulse or nothing. their called his name. he wasn't responsive. >> jane miller with that report. in another big development, police submitted the results to the state's attorney. officials say they made a previously unknown second stop. it was discovered after watching footage from a grocery store. gray fled when he saw officers and he was detained for allegedly po saysing a knife. the baltimore's police commissioner says the overnight curfew will remain in effect over the weekend. some residents took to the streets peacefully last night. at times police and protesters seemed to be mingling. two demonstrations are said to
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be planned today. a 7:30 p.m. rally in west baltimore. unrelated gun violence spiked with five shootings on friday and more protests calling for justice for freddie gray. in philadelphia hundreds gathers at city hall. they marched through the street chanting black lives matter. it was a peaceful demonstration that led to the confrontation with police who temporarily halted the march. protesters and offers began pushing each ore and at one point people surrounded a police cruiser but the situation deescalated and no arrests have been reported. in cincinnati an estimated 300 people gathers for more than an hour at the steps of the county courthouse. of the 235 arrests in baltimore on monday night, police say 34 were juvenile specifically. the question now, what lessons are young people and their
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parents taking away from this week's unrest. our correspondent filed this report for us from baltimore. >> of more than 35 juveniles arrested, many of them had no criminal record and for some being in police custody was shocking. and baltimore streets erupted in flames earlier this week carlos brooks couldn't believe what he was seeing. >> i was sitting in the house looking at it on tv and was just shocked it was going on. >> reporter: he immediately thought of his second oldest child, his sixteen-year-old son. >> my dad called me and told me don't go out there. don't go out there. he told me. >> reporter: but what did you do? >> went out there at nighttime. thought i was slick. thought i was being sneaky. >> reporter: for the first time ever with no previous record he was arrested. his dad says for looting.
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being in police custody was beyond expectations. >> reporter: chains around your ankles? what was that like? was it heard? >> hard to walk. felt i was going to fall. that's whey felt like. >> you felt like a caged animal in. >> yeah. >> reporter: he didn't come from a broken home. me and his mother might not be together but he was raised with moral and guidance. >> reporter: the father's next thought was of freddie gray and wondered what happened to his own son. >> that's all i think about is his safety. >> reporter: he doesn't want his son to be another statistic. >> i don't have the streets to have my son. >> reporter: how much do you appreciate that he stands here with you? >> a lot. most kids don't have a father that would do this. most kids don't even know their father. >> reporter: if you had to do it all over again, what would you do? >> i would have stayed in the
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house. >> reporter: he returns to court in a month, an encounter with the criminal justice system that both he and his father hope never to repeat. >> reporter: authorities say the unrest has led to the arrest of not just adults and teenagers but also of a couple of young children 11 to 12 years old. >> thank you so much for that report. all eyes now in baltimore are on the newly elected state's attorney who will ultimately decide wlor to bring charges in freddie gray's death. she released a statement saying he have been briefed regularly throughout the process while conducting our own investigation. we are relying on the facts we are gathered. the 35-year-old became the youngest top prosecutor of any major city. she campaigned on the promise of putting violent repeat offenders
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behind bars and pledged to restore public trust in the criminal justice system. she was an attorney for an insurance company before running for office and also served as a prosecutor in the office. she now runs. she comes from a long line of police officers. her mother father and grandfather, they were all members of the boston police department. her husband represents the neighborhood where freddie gray lived. he'll join the conversation later on "morning joe." this is going to be fascinating in the process. in washington d.c. yesterday outside the u.s. capital, independent vermont senator bernie sanders launched his nomination for president. clinton is facing another challenge, distancing herself from some of her husband's policies of the past. here's our and andrea mitchel. >> reporter: hillary clinton arriving for her third
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washington fundraiser of the day. on her way to what is expected to be a billion and a half dollar campaign. even as she got her first official rival, bennie sanders. >> we're in this race to win. >> reporter: he's not your typical politician. at one time socialist mayor of vermont challenging clinton from the left over her fund raising and possible conflicts of interest. >> we now have a political situation where billionaires are literally able to buy elections and candidates. >> reporter: even as hillary clinton is running away from her husband's policies. on wednesday blaming his 994 dr 994 crime bill for some of the problems in baltimore. >> reporter: on trade he's known for nafta. she's skeptical. >> any trade deal has to produce jobs and raise wages and
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increase prosper thety. >> reporter: as she moves, she hopes to block support for senator elizabeth warren. a constant krit. bernie sanders has his own fan base. >> how much does it cost to go to college in scandinavia. a guy said well in sand knave ya, they pay you to go to college. >> that was andrea mitchel reporting. after bernie sanders announced his run, clinton tweeted out agree with bernie. the focus membership on helping the middle class. i welcome him to the race. to which sanders replied, thanks. looking forward to debating the big issues. income inequality climate change and getting big money out of politics. >> interesting. let's the turn to business in a tough day for the markets on the last day of april. the dow dropped 195 points.
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nasdaq fell 1.6% on thursday. geoff cutmore joins us from london. help explain the loss. what are investors looking for into may. maybe a bit of a slow down with the stock market. >> we've had an interesting turn that have give thn market momentum. these will have bearing on what the markets do in may. let's run through the list here. the dollar has weakened a little. we've had a strong dollar. the markets have been used to that which has kept kmod thety prices down. we have stronger oil prices. that's a head wind for a lot of corporate earnings. every time you fill your car you'll feel the difference on the price. and the other issue, the stronger data. you think on the face of it markets should rise if there are signs the economy is getting better but then they start to fixate on what the federal
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reserve will do with interest rates. that means the cost of money might go up and the markets get nervous about that. that chipped us down on thursday across all the major indexes. this can be a difficult month. people think about packing up their tragd for the summer. but we'll have to wait and watch to see just exactly how firm this data is. some interesting indicators. we've seen an improvement in the initial jobless claims. 262,000 for the month. that was 34,000 better than we saw in the previous month, and that is at a 15-year low. signs that people are finding work here and i don't know how your salaries figuring out compared to last year but apparently we're also getting higher salary compensation rewards. 2.6% increase year on year in
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terms of how much people are taking home. now, all of these things as they say on the face of it should be good news for the economy but it makes traders nervous about the direction of interest rates. may could be a little bit choppy once we get through this weekend and into the first week of trading. pack to you. >> certainly will be a summer period to keep an eye on and elon musk, the iron man is at it again. the tesla, what do we know? >> he always seepsms to come up with something new. he's saying we have these fantastic cars and all this work on battery technology. why just leave it to the cars? so now talking about expanding the batteries into home and business use. one of the key areas where this new battery power wall is they're call it could have an
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application is storing energy that is created by those solar panels that you increasefully see on roofs and elsewhere now and on the top of businesses. elon musk saying that would be a big boost to business as far as the battery side of their operations are concerned. elon musk hoping to diverse the if i into new areas for the company and they're hoping that will help make the power unit profitable next year. a very interesting development here and it means that anybody who's thinking about panels on their roof has another reason to buy them because they'll be able to store the energy more easily in this new power wall battery. back to you. >> quite the visionary. geoff cutmore also a visionary. thank you for joining us. still ahead on "way too early," the tampa bay buccaneers took
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jameis winston with the overall number one pick but famous jameis has a troubled history. is it the talent he has worth the risk? and a decision is in. we'll tell you which city will be home to the obama presidential library. the it's not in hiawaii. that and a check on your weather when "way too early" comes back. >> my fellow americans, major combat operations in iraq have ended, and the battle of iraq the the united states and our allies have prevailed.
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2015 nfl draft, the tampa bay buccaneers select jameis winston, quarterback, florida state. >> that's always a well lubricated crowd there. jameis winston to the buccaneers was the first overall pick. he did not attend the ceremony but posted this picture of him dressed in gear in front of a plate of crab legs. that being just one of a number of off the field issues that has experts wondering if he will be marketable among sponsors. he was accused of sexual assault in 2012. he denied the claps and was never criminally charged. he was also suspended after making a vulgar comment ant women on campus. marcus mariota is expected to
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start at quarterback for tennessee this season. and the st. louis rams the former georgia bulldog. he's the first running back to be selected in the first round since. he received a suspension for accepting money and missed the the remainder of the season after tearing his acl in his first game back. that was a huge reach. let's head up to 30 rock mother ship and get a check on your weatheryour weather. are you crying after the goal to beat your rangers? look at that. look at that. you don't see this in hockey. last second literally. unbelievable. >> that's just being cruel now. now you're being mean. i didn't make fun of your team. >> you made fun of the
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nationals. >> i just care about the ponies. >> carthe race looks great for the derby. a minor problem with the weather this morning. greensboro to raleigh is the worst drive out there. the it's not a pretty morning for the beaches out here anywhere from ocean city maryland south toward to norfolk area. the mid atlantic is kind of gloomy. that's the worst of it. we have a great weather pattern shaping up. we had cold air. this is the jetstream pattern for next week. we're looking at cool air for the first time in a while in the west and the the warmth builds in the east. this looks like an early summertime pattern. warmest weather by far this string season in the northeast. 80s today from texas to oklahoma. boston only 50. look what happens this weekend. we take the warmth from the
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southwest, spread it across the country. 80s all weekend long in the middle of the nation. 75 in chicago. the derby on saturday looks like 75. mostly sunny, low humidity. that's fantastic. 61 in boston and for the first time since halloween boston just hit 70 degrees. 71 on sunday. we could be mid 70s to near eighty in new england all next week. i think areas around chicago could be almost mid 80s all next week. it's going to be a shock to everyone's system in some portions of the country. it's going to feel like summer. >> thawing out. great news for the northeast and midwest. bill karins, thanks so much. still ahead, he reportedly missed 70% of all senate votes last month but it's only one of the no shows that ted cruz is trying to defend. we'll explain that when we come back.
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we're back as the death toll in nepal passes 6,000. new images are emerging from the moment the earthquake struck. cctv footage shows the first tremors outside kathmandu. look at that. people frozen in place crouching to the ground when ancient buildings begin to crumble around them. the search for victims look an emotional turn thursday as survivors were pulled from the
2:55 am
rubble alive. we have that story. >> reporter: when rescue teams arrived, they couldn't believe what we were hearing from deep beneath the slabs on concrete a faint voice, a boy buried alive for five days crying for help. search and rescue teams from virginia and california among those called in. >> the floors are within feet of each other. it's floor after floor within a five foot span. so safe the boy's life crews could risk their own. >> reporter: the buildings above us several stories high are teetering on the edge but this is what it takes to save lives. as the life and death drama unfolded, crowd grew. holding their breath waiting six hours, hoping for this moment.
2:56 am
the boy pulled from the rubble alive, carried away by the same men and women who promised he would survive. >> the person has been found alife. that is miraculous. they're calling this a day of miracles. across town another rescue. a young woman pulled free after 120 hours alone and afraid. the rescued boy, a 15-year-old, is recovering at a nearby field hospital. he says he tried to escape the quake but couldn't. this is where he'd been trapped, surviving in this tiny space amid so much devastation. >> eating nothing and drinking nothing is a miracle. >> reporter: moments that rallied a nation desperately in need of hope. >> miracle indeed. nice to see that. president obama has reportedly selected the university of
2:57 am
chicago hasas the host of his presidential library museum. the obamas have strong ties to the university of chicago. the president was once a lecturer at the law school and the first lady was an executive at the university hospital. they also own a home near the campus. chicago mayor is expected to make the official announcement within the the next two weeks. is voting no in the senate the same thing as not voting at all. ted cruz is trying to defend missing the vote for loretta lynch for a fundraiser. he was the only senator to not vote for her against her. the 99 ohsthers made it to vote. he says cloture was the vote that mattered. that does it for me on this friday edition of "way too
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early." don't go anywhere. "morning joe" is up right after this. have a great weekend. see you monday. ♪ ♪ ♪
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