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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 1, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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and productive rallies that will develop structural and systemic changes for generations to come. you're at the forefront of this cause. as young people our time is now. >> and good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. a dramatic day in baltimore. crowds beginning to gather in the streets after the state's attorney announcement charging six officers in the death of freddie gray. the investigation found there was no probable cause for gray's arrest in the first place. >> gray was seated in a position and found a knife clipped to the inside pants pocket. the blade was folded into the handle. the knife was not a switchblade and is lawful under maryland law. officers failed to establish
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probable cause for gray's arrest. no crime was committed. rice miller nero illegally arrested mr. gray. >> i'm joined by ron allen from baltimore city hall and justin joins me by phone. ron, first to you. tell me the impact of what the state's prosecutor just d. >> reporter: i think it was stunning. i was on air an hour ago saying this is going to take weeks and months. that's what we're used to investigations going on for a long time and being done secretly. i think back to ferguson michael brown was killed in august. it took months and months before the grand jury indictmented the officers involved. the thorough information the prosecutor revealed to the
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public, the time line of what each officer did was telling. she signalled things are going to happen differently. she's young, 35 years old. very experienced. she said to young people of this community, we're doing this for you. i'm doing this. she said i'm part of this which was really telling i think. of course we have to keep saying this is still a process. these officers are innocent until proven guilty. the reaction generally around here is surprise that it happened so quickly. people are impressed by the amount of detail she's providing the transparency. clearly something different seems to be happening here. she's trying to take control of the situation. she's urging people now to be patient, peaceful as this goes forward.
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last night we were on the street others. third night of curfew, things were calm and peaceful. that may be a reason the administration is now trying to take advantage of the fact there's not been violence observed in the week. people are trying to have faith in the system. the bottom line is that the facts of the case as she outlines them the allegations she outlines some analysts say this is a pretty clear cut case perhaps of perhaps not strapping someone into a van and basically that being the cause of these fatal injuries he occurred. this is not a question -- at some levels it's not that a complicated people argue. again, just a stunning set of developments happening rapidly. these officers will get their day in court. something different seems to be happening here in baltimore based on actions of this prosecutor today.
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andrea andrea? >> indeed. justin from the "baltimore." surprising in the timing because today the report of the prosecutor and yesterday we learned that went forward but not the public explanation of all details. justin take us through the charges and what the actual allegations are. >> caller: the charges are quite severe. one of the officers is facing a murder charges manslaughter charge. while we weren't reporting these, the rumor coming out were that officers were going to face maybe malpractice in offers. everything about this is stunning basically. we thought there was going to be as ron said weeks of investigation. here we are today with announcement on charges, ruling of autopsy all here. i really think the city was on
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edge. there was a lot of questions about how are people going to react? there's a huge demonstration that's scheduled for tomorrow. really, the mood right now in the city for folks that wanted to see charges, it's quite joy joyous joyous. we've had a major turn of events. >> we're going to hear from the mayor. he's going to have a news conference. joy anne reed of course where he's been on point outside the cvs for days and days. what is the reaction so far? >> reporter: i can tell you andrea we've been hearing cars driving through honking their horns, people waving back at cars. there are some police officers behind us. when we pulled up there were rows and rows of police officers and that shall guard. more than i've seen in all four days we've been here. you can hear the honking behind
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me. that's the mood. people expressing happiness. i have a young man here todd if you can step over to get direct reaction. these are cars that are going by honking. >> we can certainly a hear that. it sounds as though people are really -- >> absolutely. i'm sorry -- >> reporter: i was going to say we're standing here with todd to get his reaction to what's going on. what was your reaction when you learned the police officers were going to be charged in one case murder and in the case of freddie gray? >> it's about time we have a good change going on. we have everybody around here supporting freddie gray and his family. we had a peaceful protest. everybody did what they had to do. you feel me? it's time for a change. maybe this should be a wake-up call not only to them but everybody in the police force. police brutality is not okay.
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it's time for a change. >> reporter: do you think the protest will continue? what will happen at 10:00? >> we're going to have a beautiful protest. not going to be any riots. i appreciate everybody not do riots. normal destruction of properties. lead a peaceful process and let people thank baltimore and the police and investigation that goes on that we finally going to have justice. >> reporter: andrea that's pretty much echoing what we've been hearing this morning. people happy, still honking their horns. it will be interesting to see if the atmosphere continues to be this jubilant. congressman elijah cummings came to this community around curfew time to encourage people to go back to their homes as did the state senate leader catherine pugh. they got into tough conversations with people that
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said if i did what these officers did, i would be arrested. you had the congressman and state senate leader trying to explain why no arrests happened. for this to happen on a day city officials had tried to play down and say it wasn't going to be a big day i think surprised a lot of people. you'll see people as they get this news be happy. we did have some say this is step one. the officers could be quitted. they have to go through trial. for now, atmosphere is happy. they're outing on t-shirts that say change begins with me. people are happy this day has come. a big surprise to a lot of people. >> joy anne reed thank you very much. a very big change of mood in the crowd there. ron allen, let's talk about the state prosecutor. she's young, marilyn mosby. her parents were both police
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officers. let's play more of this surprising news conference. >> my father was an officer. my mother was an officer. several of my aunts and uncles my recently departed and beloved grandfather was one of the founding members of the first black police organization in massachusetts. i can tell you that the actions of these officers will not and should not in any way damage the important working relationships between police and prosecutors. >> elijah cummings is coming to the mic now. ron allen stand by with me. as you know he has been in the streets. this is his community. he's been appealing for calm up every night late night calling for people to observe the curfew. this is the democratic congressman from baltimore. let's hear what he has to say. >> this morning at 7:00 i said
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on one of the national networks that i would trust whatever marilyn mosby did. i didn't know a decision would be coming down today. i said this morning that i believe in her integrity, her pursuit of excellence the fact she is an outstanding lawyer and that she has been elected by the people of our great city. i said that i believe that what she would do is she would take all the information she had already gathered and look at it very carefully. if she thought that there was any additional information that was needed that she knew that
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she had the full force of not only the baltimore city police department be but of the federal government behind her. the other thing i said was this. that i believe with all my heart that she would take the facts once she did all research she needed to do size it up with the law, and make the right decision. i said this morning before i knew any of this that whatever her decision would be because of her integrity and the fact i believe in her, that i would accept that decision. [ applause ] i said something else. i said something else. i said this at freddie gray's funeral. i said did you see, did anybody
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see this man? did they see this man who was a mother's child? did they see this man who was just trying to get through life? did they see him as a human being? and i have come here today to thank god that marilyn mosby and her team saw him, saw him. the process has started. that's the main thing. the process has started. so many people in the neighborhoods that you have been filming over the last few days -- somebody said earlier, mr. thomas i think said it -- they've never seen a victory. they've never seen a victory. they had begun to believe that the system could not work for them. so many of them have felt like the system had worked against
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them. so again, we are beginning the process. one other thing i said this morning. i said if we approach the evening of our lives, many of us we want to make sure our children have a better morning. and so i want to thank everybody. i want to thank walter scott thomas all the members of the clergy, all community leaders and organizations, elected officials for coming together to stand with our children but most important to hear them. to hear them. so from here on, we'll again ms. mosby will take the case
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from here. i'm sure this investigation will be ongoing. it's a new day in our city. let me leave you with this. i don't want anybody to be confused that the issues of police and community is one part of a broader set of issues. our children need to be properly educated. they need to be trained in certain areas so they can get jobs. so they can be functional. so they can have equal chance to opportunity. and so as we -- as i close out, i want to say this. this is a great day. this is a great day. i think we need to realize that. >> have we witnessed his aretory in your mind? is there a role for federal government to use baltimore as
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an example? >> i think we -- i want to caution everybody. this is the beginning of a process. we witnessed history in one respect. that is so often these things happen and nothing happens. and i think it's sending -- we witnessed history in this today. our children they went out there and protest for the most part peaceful. they had to protest in order to get here. they -- and this creates a faith in them. i had a young man that said to me just last night, a 16-year-old -- 16 years old. he said congressman i love you, but i feel i'm in a casket crawling to get out. just trying to get out, trying to be somebody. we've still got work to do. yeah, i think -- and, and, let
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it be known, this is national. these things can happen anywhere. with that i think a message has been sent by our state's attorney that she treasures every life that she values every person. so let the wheels of justice begin to roll and it's good they are rolling as opposed to standing still. >> congressman, were the charges against the officer in north charleston a couple of weeks ago and now charges on these officers. do you see a shift in tilemes? >> i've said a lot of times we need a new normal. a lot of times we think we're in a normal situation. it's a thing of mutual respect. our policemen -- most of them are great. they know themselves -- i've talked to policemen. a lot. they tell me themselves there
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are certain police that should not be on the force. so they're going to have to help us weed out those folks so that they can be the elite of the elite. one of the things i'm determined to do and hoping we're able to do is make baltimore the model for the nation. a model for the nation. we don't have to follow anybody. we can set the model. i believe we set the model when we were at pennsylvania and north going out and talking to people. and a lot of folks that we talk to they just simply wanted to know that you hear them and see them and love them and respect them. they want to live in dignity. they want to see their futures. they want to see their futures. they want somebody to see them. last but not least and i'm closing. when i thought about freddie gray i could not help but think
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about my own childhood. i looked at him in that casket and said to myself here was a young man just trying to exist, trying to exist. so hopefully now with this our city can begin to heal come together. policemen will look and women will look at their jobs from a different standpoint and realize that they are here to protect and serve. and by the way -- and, and that our community must respect them. it's got to be a mutual respect thing. let me tell you, the police need us as a community, and we need them. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> and with that announcement elijah cummings who has been in
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the streets day and night, declaring this is a new day for baltimore. ron allen, we've had a lot of reaction from people already. wanted to play a little bit of that and talk to you about the way the city is going to react and the way the nation reacts to what has happened in baltimore today. >> it's going to be celebrations now. it's going to get so more peaceful. going to be peace crying out from the city you've never heard in your life baltimore ain't done nothing this week they pray add. guess what god did? he heard every prayer that came from his people in baltimore city. now what's happening? charges are being processed. charges are being filed. guess what's going to happen? the people of baltimore, people of baltimore, citizens of this community are going to determine if they're guilty or innocent. >> right now we are reliever -- we're in the right direction now. everybody is happy. six officers charged. god bless. let's keep it moving. all right. we need justice everywhere in
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america. this is the step in the rights direction. >> i also believe it was a moment of hope. hopefully like the first quarter of a basketball game where we begin to change what's going on in the city. >> ron allen, this is the first step as congressman cummings said. a lot of expectations on continuing the illegal process is. as we've been saying we have to hear from defenders of the police officers. their union has called for independent investigation not trusting the state prosecutor because she's married to a city council member. ron? >> reporter: interesting the police organization called for an independent investigation. it's interesting to me the prosecutor, in announcing her findings used the word independent 50 times if that. dozens of times to say she was independent. i have elijah cummings with me now. representative, thanks for joining us. trying to get you on microphone.
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>> while you put the congressman on the microphone joy anne reed, you've been talking to people in the neighborhood there. we know there's a lot of reaction. obviously this is a different weekend than the weekend people had been concerned about with the curfew and still waiting for an answer. now they have the initial answers from the state prosecutor. joy, can you hear me over the horns there? we can see the scene outside the cvs where joy anne reed is. justin is on the phone from the "baltimore sun." you've covered baltimore for a long time. elijah cummings called this a new day. this is certainly a new way of answering what the people have been demanding. >> yeah i mean this prosecutor as everyone knows has been on the job four months. these are the first police officers that's been charged with the crime as far as we
9:22 am
know. a huge case, very serious charges. the last time a police officer was charged in a case this high profile involving a death of a suspect was in 2007. that officer was quitted on all charges by a jury. one of the very interesting things to look at going forward is whether there's a change of venue based on publicity and strong feelings on it. there's a high probability it could get moved to another jurisdiction. >> that's always up to the judge whether or not a change of venue is needed. when we talk about these cases, even in boston in the federal case we saw what happened with the boston marathon bombing trial. they're holding that in boston. they got a conviction thought they could get a jury. it's always up to individual judges whether they agree to defense motions for a change of venue. >> caller: absolutely. that's something that will be determined down the line.
9:23 am
in the meantime officers are being arrested. that's another interesting aspect of this. in the past we've seen officers charged in other cases. they file cases as what's called criminal investigation and the officers get the chance to turn themselves in. these officers will be picked up handcuffed booked. they're going to have to wait. they're going to have to wait until likely monday for a bail review hearing depending on what the bail commissioner decides today. given the charges, they could be quite high bail or no bails. officers could sit in central booking all weekend waiting for a hearing on monday. >> well thank you so much for your help today. we would be talking to elijah cummings coming up. we'll talk to the author of that controversial book. we'll be right back. you're watching msnbc. of just ants. their label says so.
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right now elijah cummings is standing by with us. the president has spoken in the roosevelt room. let's listen. >> it is my practice not to comment on the legal processes involved. that would not be appropriate. i can tell you that justice needs to be served. all evidence needs to be presented. those individuals who are charged obviously are also entitled to due process and rule of law. so i want to make sure that our legal system runs the way it should. and the justice department and our new attorney general is in communications with baltimore
9:28 am
officials to make sure any assistance we can provide on the investigation is provided. what i think the people of baltimore want more than anything else is the truth. that's what people around the country expect. to the extent this is appropriate, this administration will help local officials get to the bottom of exactly what happened. in the meantime i'm gratified that we've seen the constructive, thoughtful protests that have been taking place. peaceful but clear cause for accountability that those have been managed over the last couple of years in a way that's ultimately positive for baltimore and the country. i hope that approach to non
9:29 am
violent protests and community engagement continues. finally, as i've said the last year, we're going to work with the task force put together post ferguson. i'm going to talk to mayors interested in figuring ways to rebuild trust between community and police and focus on some of the issues raised by the task force right after this meeting. our efforts to make sure that we're providing greater opportunity for young people in these communities, all those things are going to be continuing top priorities for the administration and we'll probably have more announcements and news about that this the days and weeks to come.
9:30 am
thank you very much everybody. hope you have a great weekend. >> president obama in the roosevelt room on press freedom day at a photo opportunity taking the chance the opportunity to say it's vital the truth come out about death of freddie gray. congressman, you were listening to the president along with me. night after night you have been on the street with a bull horn telling people to observe the curfew, go back to their homes. you have provided such leadership in that city. then we received information from the state prosecutor. we have to see the legal process continue and see how the city reacts as this prosecution takes place. >> it's very hard for me to hear you andrea. let me say this. the process has begun. the fact is that a lot of people
9:31 am
felt that they were worried that freddie gray's death would not be properly investigated. they were really worried about that there was a lot of peaceful protest in your city. we have a prosecutor who is very bright. i believe in her integrity she pursues and understands what her job is. she knew that she and the baltimore city police department investigating -- she did her own investigation and so she also knew she had access to the baltimore city police department, sheriff's department, and the full force
9:32 am
of the government she can still bring in fbi agents to help her if there's things she's not comfortable with. i think it was good this day came. >> again this is a process. that process has just begun. there's still a lot that needs to be done in the baltimore community. >> i hope you can hear me congressman, but the internal order of police representing the lis are calling for independent investigation. they don't trust this prosecutor. what do you say to them? >> you're saying the police don't trust the prosecutor? >> the union representing the police are calling for an independent investigation. >> well i believe again -- the citizens of baltimore has lelkt elected marilyn mosby. it is her job. she's doing her job.
9:33 am
because of her integrity and the fact that i know she has looked at the facts very carefully and then looked at the law and applied the law to the facts and came to conclusions she's come to i feel comfortable with that. that is the process. and so those who may not like what she has done, you know -- they have to understand this is our justice system. this morning andrea the words i'm saying now i said this morning. no matter what she did because of my belief in her and her integrity and pursuit of excellence, whatever decision she made i was going to accept it. i would hope they would accept it also. at that time i didn't know the decision was coming down. i know you've got to go. >> thanks for your patience with
9:34 am
us. larry hogan commented reacting to this. >> we understand that emotions are still high that's there's a lot of frustration out there. i've been incredibly impressed with the people of baltimore. they care about their community. they're concerned about their neighbors. i want to continue to ask for calm and peace. we're going to be here to make sure there's peace here today and tomorrow. we want the protestors to be safe neighbors to be safe. that's my primary role. later, we'll address the long term issues and concerns people have. right now i'm here on one specific mission. we were called in a state of emergency to keep the city safe. >> has there been a lot of police and troop movements this
9:35 am
horning including a line of national guard that went by a couple minutes ago. has your office received any credible tips on threats possible violent protests that you are particularly watching? >> i'm not going to talk about what kinds of things are going on behind the scenes with respect that. we're going to make sure we have enough presence on the ground to take care of anything. my hope is we'll continue to have peaceful protests. we know a lot of people will be out tonight and a lot more out of people tomorrow. that's going to require us to stay vigilant. we're going to continue to call for people to be calm. [ inaudible question ] >> larry hogan, the governor responding. he was outside the fire house. we apologize for the audio.
9:36 am
it's very noisy there. say saying they would continue a large police officer presence. the national guard is there as they head through this weekend. a very surprising reaction rather surprising announcement today and the reaction at least initially positive from the people of baltimore. we'll be back with a lot more after these messages.
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i do feel a lot better. i'm not going to get too happy. it's just an indictment not a prosecution. i think they're doing it to quiet us down so we don't go crazy. i hope they do lift the curfew and things can go back to normal, build our community, get well be happy and at peace. >> joining me from new york the head of the legal defense fund.
9:40 am
i'm not sure anyone expected this today because they had been slow walking it so much. your reaction to what the state prosecutor did. >> it's a mixed reaction andrea. i'm proud first of all of marilyn mosby for putting together these charges in the way that was swift and certain. her presentation of it was very powerful. in many ways i think she, along with prosecutor ken thompson in brooklyn and daniel passco in south carolina all prosecutors who have shown courage in bringing charges against police officers who have engaged in police brutality are showing what prosecutors can do to undermine the culture of impunity that's went on too long. at the same time i have a strange reaction. here we are celebrating something that should have happened as a matter of course. something we all should have
9:41 am
expected that officers who chase down a 25-year-old and killed him would be held to account for it. as you've said we're at the beginning of a process. this is charges. these six officers will be tried before a jury of their peers in baltimore city. we don't know what the outcome is going to be. look at what we're doing today. this is breaking news that police officers would be held accountable by a prosecutor for the homicide of an innocent 25-year-old african-american man. that's an indictment of where we are in this country around policing. that is a wake-up call. it's a reminder to us that this is not going to be resolved by one prosecution in brooklyn new york or south carolina. this is a nationwide problem that has produced a crisis of confidence among many people around this country in our justice system. so we're going to have to take a national approach to dealing with this problem. this is a first step.
9:42 am
it's a very small step. it's an important step. i'm gratified by it and happy that a we can see this unfold today. by no means are we out of the foods. in many ways t fact that we have to pause and notice this really tells us how far we have to go. >> can they get a fair trial in baltimore city? >> i don't see why not. baltimore is a majority black city. some of these police officers are african-american. many people have law enforcement in their family. everyone in baltimore city wants to be protected. so i don't see there's any reason to believe that a jury in baltimore city would be particular prejudice against these police officers. more over this issue and case has around the clock nationwide coverage on national news stations. i think everyone in the country has been quite exposed to all of the issues that have been in the media about this case. i don't think there's any place in the country where this case
9:43 am
is likely to be tried where jurors would not have heard something about the case and seen some of the incidents have unfolded under unfolded over past two weeks. >> thank you very much. >> thank you andrea. >> now on the political front, the other hay jor story for weeks. the world has been mesmerized by a book that has not hit the shelves. "clinton cash" a book about whether donations to the clinton foundation influenced policy decisions. the book publication date is next week. news organizations taking a closer look at parts of book have applauded details about a lack of disclosure about the foreign donors. peter joins me now. >> good to be here. >> very good to meet you. i wanted to take you through the allegations. we can talk whether there's a
9:44 am
quid pro quo proven or appearance of conflict of interests which in your opinion about that. let me ask you about india. you write in 2008 she changed course supported a nuclear deal with india after meeting for years with lobbyists, business leaders donating millions and millions to the clinton foundation. our research shows two years earlier hillary clinton declared support as a senator for nuclear cooperation n. 2004 she was cochair for the india caucus. she travelled to india as the first lady. she had lodgeng standing communication with the country. >> she did. >> is it accurate she changed course and that the money, subsequent donations could have influenced this when she already made the decisions? >> what's important to realize is the position the indian
9:45 am
government wanted. they wanted access to u.s. nuclear technology without restrictions. that was not hillary clinton's position in 2006. she was in favor of further nuclear cooperation which voted in favor of the fine gold amendment that put restrictions on that technology. if you look at the trustee of the clinton foundation, long time friend benefactor pushing this nuclear deal he said in 2010 that back in 2006 hillary clinton did not support the deal the indian government wanted. she by 2008 by the time the vote took place, she had reversed course and no longer voted for those amendments that would have put restrictions on the use of that technology. >> she was overall supportive of the deal. is it fair to say reverse course? isn't that overstating? in the camp she was the overchair of the india caucus. >> she was the leader of the caucus but on this particular issue and non proliferation
9:46 am
advisors remained in this position until 2008. her position all a along was the indian government could have access to the technology provided it did not put the treaty at risk and not enhance the nuclear weapons program. by 2008 she no longer supported restrictions even though senators were still pushing that. amendments she supported and voted for in 2006 she no longer supported in 2008. i'm not saying andrea that there was a quid pro quo, but what i'm saying is you see a pattern of behavior as it relates to india and elsewhere whether it was a controversial issue before her. funds flow in through the foundation and form of speaking fees. >> the time line doesn't always work. let's talk about colombia and free trade. as secretary of state she's advocating for free trade for colombia. you suggest a major contributor close to the foundation was
9:47 am
planning big oil and timber donations through shale companies in colombia. all reporting says it was obama trade policy. she's carrying out secretary of state of the white house. this white house more than any other constrained the white house. his investments weren't until afterwards in 2010. >> that's exactly right. this is an example where because the book is not out people don't have the chance to read it. >> i have it here. i've read it. >> what i talk about is cluster of commercial ties. i foe cuss particularly june 2010 when hillary clinton, bill clinton and frank are all in colombia at the same time. there's a series of meetings that take place. after those take place, the clom colombia government grants to three of frank's companies. the problem is you find
9:48 am
coincidence, coincidence, coincidence. >> you make connections teen the iranian deal you reported in the book and that the "new york times" and others reported on russia gaining control of a majormay major uranium output in the united states. with that said there's been other former presidents ronald reagan in japan, millions in speaking fees. everyone in the industry tells me that bill clinton is one of three or four lecturers globally who's lecture fees have gone up and up and up. not connected -- there's no way to prove that's connected to her as secretary and democratic front runner. >> i don't have a memo that says that. here's the bottom line. with most presidents production and speaking fees go down over a period of time. what happened with clinton, even if they didn't go down in 2009
9:49 am
when hillary becomes secretary of state is, many paydays overseas triple from where they were before. the question is why did they triple in 2009 compared to 2008 or 2007? >> you make the point about undisclosed donors. we know there's 1100 in canada undisclosed foreign donors in the foundation in boston on health activities. do you think the fact that she did not -- that they did not apparently disclose all foreign donors, that they promised they would when she was confirmed. is that an appearance problem? it's not a legal problem. how do you frame that? >> i think it's a trust issue. they promised really president obama -- this was something he insisted on and i think rightfully so as a condition of her becoming secretary of state. they promised full transparency to president obama, the foreign relations committee and american people. they didn't deliver.
9:50 am
now the question is where do we go from here. now they're claiming again to be transparent. i think groups like common cause have called for an audit of the clinton foundation so we actually know who's donated. i don't think there's trust left in the management of clinton foundation and word they will disclose to take their word for it. there needs to be an independent audit to know who the funding the clinton foundation. >> peter, thank you very much. the book of course is "clinton cash." back to latest from baltimore when we return. introducing the new can-am spyder f3. with a cruising riding position and the most advanced vehicle stability system in the industry...'ll ride with a feeling of complete freedom and confidence. visit your can-am spyder dealer and test drive one today. the new spyder f3. riding has evolved.
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returning to baltimore, i'm joined by phone by john an loss executive vice president of the orioles. thanks for being with us. the orioles have moved the game to tampa. the tampa game is this weekend and of course had the game at camden yards without fans. do you think that was necessary?
9:54 am
>> hi andrea. hanks for having me. well the state of maryland and city of baltimore and authorities there felt it was necessary in order that the police force and others could deploy resources at other places throughout the city beyond camden yards. we of course took their direction on that decision. >> tell me your reaction to what we now see in the decision today by the state prosecutor. >> well andrea it's a family tragedy, what happened to the gray family and a community tragedy in baltimore. now it's become a prosecutor matter. it's just our hope as it is everyone in baltimore that it will be handled in upmost fashion of due process. we're confident it will be. there's a larger context beyond that that affects baltimore communities. >> you've been one of the community leaders. your family of course has been for years and years. what do you see now as the
9:55 am
challenge for the community, black and white, in baltimore? >> well, you know when i wrote what i wrote on twitter, i did so with an eye of talking to a few people. those thoughts were embraced and shared by social media shared by several million. i think the reaction was that some of the failed policies regarding outsourcing jobs and failed policy regarding criminal justice and wear housing people who don't have jobs has to be relooked at. i think that's been the largest reaction here. sure people need justice and better relations with the police. beyond that bigger picture, they need return of their jobs from foreign lands to local communities like baltimore. they need to have a different criminal justice system. >> and i know you as well as other business leaders are going to be making best efforts going forward. this is a community facing a lot
9:56 am
of challenges. maybe the beginning of a process. thank you for joining us. good luck in tampa this weekend. that does it for us on this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow us online and on facebook and twitter. thomas roberts is live from baltimore coming up next. the first may weekend looks gorgeous and nice across the country. 80s in texas up through the central plains. we'll still be cool in boston. that's going to change. we are going to warm up into sunday. finally 70s from new york and boston. looks gorgeous in the southeast. have a great weekend. with miracle-gro moisture control potting mix, plants only get water when they need it. fight ended. or shifted? miracle-gro.
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hi everybody. i'm thomas roberts. on "msnbc live" we're broadcasting from baltimore city hall where there are breaking major developments in the freddie gray case. and in new york, breaking news about bridgegate. the news conference any moment. this is hours after the attorney state general announced six police officers are charged in the case of freddie gray.
10:00 am
plus we'll hear the first federal indictment of the bridgegate scandal. we want to dive deeper in the major developments in baltimore with the potentially game changing news conference held by the state attorney marilyn mosby that freddie gray's death has been ruled homicide. the six officers charged are charged with manslaughter second degree. >> officers miller and naro handcuffed gray moved him from his surrendering location. he was placed in a position with his arms handcuffed behind his back. at this time mr. gray indicated he could not breathe and requested an inhaler to no a