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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  May 1, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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freddie gray. plus we'll hear the first federal indictment of the bridgegate scandal. we want to dive deeper in the major developments in baltimore with the potentially game changing news conference held by the state attorney marilyn mosby that freddie gray's death has been ruled homicide. the six officers charged are charged with manslaughter second degree. >> officers miller and naro handcuffed gray moved him from his surrendering location. he was placed in a position with his arms handcuffed behind his back. at this time mr. gray indicated he could not breathe and requested an inhaler to no a
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vail. >> mosby went on to detail how officers found a knife on gray that gray had alledgedly in his position the subject of what gray was charged with. >> officers miller and naro placed mr. gray in a seated position and subsequently found a knife clipped to the inside of his pants pocket. the blade of the knife was folded into the handle. the knife was not a switchblade and is lawful under maryland law. these officers subsequently removed the knife and placed it on the sidewalk. >> she then describes how freddie gray received the fatal neck injury. >> following transport from baker street, mr. gray suffer issed a severe and critical neck injury as a result of being handcuffed shackled by his feet, and unrestrained inside of the bpd wagon. >> then it headed to the second
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stop we didn't know until police revealed that yesterday. >> the officer proceeded to the street of free mont avenue where he park wagon and proceeded to the back in order to observe mr. gray. despite stopping for the purpose of checking mr. gray's condition, at no point did he render medical assistance for mr. gray. >> finally after gray repeatedly called for medical attention by police mosby details another encounter with an officer. >> sergeant white responsible for investigating two citizen complaints pertaining to gray's illegal arrest spoke to the back of mr. gray's head. when he did not respond, she did nothing despite the fact she was advised he needed a medic. she made no effort to look assess or determine his condition. >> we have reaction from the streets in baltimore all the way to the white house. it has been swift.
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president obama offering these thoughts moments ago. >> let me just say this. building on what i said in the rose garden it's absolutely vital the truth comes out on what happened to mr. freddie gray. it is my practice not to comment on the legal processes involved. that would not be appropriate. i can tell you justice needs to be deserved. >> as we mentioned at any moment we are going to be hearing from baltimore's mayor stephanie raw lings-blake. she'll give her first remarks. we'll give you that conference. word is spreading through the neighborhoods. we want to get reaction. toure is at city hall talking to
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people. joy reed is outside the cvs at pennsylvania and north avenue in north baltimore. toure, i want to start with you. how are people ingested this information. it's spreading quickly. >> reporter: there's been a lot -- we're near city hall -- a lot of people are passionate angry arguing. some folks on the same page or same side earlier now find themselves arguing. i had the chance to speak to some of the police officers. this is a huge police presence at city hall and throughout the city the tourist area a lot of americans may have visited. it's not just baltimore police. it's also the national guard as well as the maryland state police and something called national resource police which i would told by one of the maryland state police generally guards forests and ponds. that gives an idea of the depth
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of the call up when they say everybody come to baltimore. we need you now. that's something i was told by a cop earlier today. he said that they said it doesn't matter if you're on vacation. doesn't matter if you're off duty. everybody come to baltimore now. if you've been trained as a police officer. this officer said to us that he was okay with this indictment or the charges because he said if they have the evidence then they should be charged. >> msnbc's toure a short distance from me at city hall. we ask you to stick around and we'll check back. meanwhile, governor larry hogan is asking people to remain peaceful ahead of protest this is weekend. >> i want to continue to ask for calm and peace. we're going to be here to make sure. we have big protests and demonstrations going on here tonight and tomorrow. we want to make sure people have
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the right to express their frustrations and feelings in a safe manner. >> reporter: so, we want to go now to joy reed at the intersection of pennsylvania and north avenue the intersection where the cvs was borned in the wake of the riot. i was just there and know the presence of local and police authorities from states nearby is huge. the big reaction is the fact the state's attorney revealed the charging documents you got yesterday, the fact he was charged with a switchblade life.e. this charging document is a lie. >> reporter: it's interesting the thing he was going to be charged with turns out to not be true. the description of freddie gray having had a switchblade spring activated knife not true. the prosecutor mosby saying
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there was no reason for his arrest. on top of that, you've had the leaks from the police department which mosly condemned. police were told by the other passenger in the van he was banging his head. that's disproven by the second passenger coming forward saying a completely different story that he heard banging. now by the charges, the way gray was ill treated or ignored and thrown in the back of that van. all of that in combination is fuelling a lot of reaction. i'll tell you the reaction we're seeing out here thomas. jubilation all morning. there's been cars drive by and honking. people are waving t-shirts and signs that there was at least an indictment. >> reporter: joy anne, as we talk about the fact the
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indictments have come out, it's going to be a longer judicial process to see if these charges will stick and how that moves forward. joy anne thanks so much. again, if, this is the word if convicted, and that's going to take time. these officers would face serious jail type. freddie gray's death could involve the officers involved decades behind bars. the men and women have charges that have are come forward. state attorney mosly felt confident in the charges and arrest warrants today. >> the determination mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today led us to believe we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> reporter: i want to bring in baltimore city council woman holden. it's great to have you here.
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this is the statement of charges. i underlined where it said spring or other device for opening in regard to the knife. that's a lie that he was charged with and what they thought he looked suspicious for. what's your reaction to charges that came today and the fact this was a big lie? >> i think it speaks to the bigger issue that for far too long -- first of all, i hate that freddie gray was not here. freddie gray was a tipping point of a bigger issue we have to address here in baltimore and throughout the nation. police officers -- and not all. there's bad apples in the bunch -- they take it too far to justify their wrong doing. i'm ecstatic we have a state's attorney that doesn't take sitedes
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of personalities but studies the facts and does what he's supposed to do. >> marilyn mosby talked about her ties. her husband represents the district where freddie gray lived and died. here's what she had to say. >> i come from five generations of law enforcement. i can tell you the actions of these officers will not and should not in any way damage the important working relationships between police and prosecutors as we continue to fight together to reduce crime in baltimore. my husband is a public servant, works on the legislative side. i am a prosecutor also a public servant. i uphold the law. he makes the law. >> the police union has asked mosby to assign a special prosecutor saying there's conflict of interest. they're concerned gray's family attorney was also a major donor contributeor to her campaign.
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do you feel confident she is the right person? >> yes, i do. i was the first elected official to come on board supporting her candidacy for this office. she's a woman of integrity and regard. she's passionate about the job. she gave great consideration before undertaking this opportunity. so no i think it is more part of the distraction, part of not being focused on what the real issues are. this is taking the lid off of decades of issues we needed to face not only here in baltimore city but across the nation. i have the upmost confidence in her ability to prosecute without prejudice and bring justice. >> as we talk about decades of issues, according to the report in the baltimore sun, 700 committee votes since december 2011. members have been absent for a quarter of those votes. you and other council members were named missing 50% or more. when lights come back on and
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host the media is gone, how is this community going to operate moving forward? >> let me say this -- >> you serve on the committee for housing -- >> it's the budget appropriations committee. the the housing development is no longer subcommittee out of the budget of budget a appropriations committee. >> hold on one seck. we're going to joy anne reed in a second. the blight in the city is shameful. >> yes, it is. that does not rest within our power. that rest within the administration. that's a question to post to the mayor's office. >> we'll have the mayor's conference in a moment. want to go back to joy anne reed on the intersection of pennsylvania avenue. this is a hub for people of west baltimore to gather. >> reporter: thomas, you were
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talking about the prosecutor marilyn mosby. i have leaders in this community that work everyday in this area. i have mr. little and ms. hall. they run organizations in the area. we were talking earlier about marilyn mosby and her husband and their connection to this community. tell me what you were telling me earlier. >> i really wasn't surprised what happened today with her. their family has been involved in this community for a long time. even before he was city council president, before she was state's attorney. they used to come out to the community and support different programming happening in the community. about two years ago they started peace walks in the neighborhood. every friday night we would walk in this intersection and different intersections where there were murders or shootings and neighborhoods every friday faithfully. they would bring 200-300 people to walk through the community, reaching out to community, talking about enough is enough. was the name of the marches.
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we're not talking two individuals that got into these positions and started working. they were people invested and involved. that's such a message to our community to say that you can get involved in a positive way. in a sense of position of power where you have influence. they worked really hard at what they're doing. we have the position to have impact on the community. they're from this community. they were out there marching and having their kids and programs like other residents of this community. we're proud of them. >> ms. hall you talk about the fact when all of us go away and all this goes away, this carnival atmosphere officers and national guard go away what does this community need? >> this community needs to be uplifted again because even though freddie got -- was killed -- i didn't want to use that word but i did.
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even though he was killed several blocks away in another community, it has greatly impacted this community with all the hype. my greatest concern is this cvs here. this was detrimental to my seniors in the plaza. through the help of nick mosby's office as well as the aka and everything my seniors have been set straight. my greatest concern is when y'all leave, stop redeveloping this area. i was here in 1968 doing the riots. i was 19 at that time. i watched pennsylvania avenue be torn down. still almost 50 years later, my part of pennsylvania avenue is just being redeveloped. i don't want them to forget about penn north because this hype has gone away. stay here and help me rebuild this community. >> that's something we've heard over and over from people in the
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community, it's not just the freddie gray killings not just all freddie grays that people tell us happen on a regular basis with no sense of justice. it's about trying to redevelop this area with long standing problems that proceed freddie gray but the current administration. i just ran into a representative from the governor. he's got a staffer. he and a pastor are walking around delivering water and food. they're shaking hands. this is a community that's come together. >> the community outpouring we've been witnessing has been amazing after the original night of horrific activity by bad actors in this city. the outpouring to take the initiative back has been stronger. it's inspiring to witness and report on. council woman holton joins us.
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a baltimore city reverend says you can't do this and make fine citizens out of them. you can't make them live a life less than human and expect them to act like first class citizens. that was in 1962. >> absolutely. >> that's right. we have decades of blight in this city that go back prior to riots of '68. >> this article in my hands could be written today about baltimore city. i was amazed when i read this. >> it could be any urban city across america that faces similar challenges that baltimore faces. we're not unique in this. we're a tale of two cities. we're a nation divided. until we wake up to the reality to begin to address the real issues that separate us as a people we're going to continue to read articles like that decades from now. >> thank you for your service. you've been serving since 1995. we wish you the best of luck
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this is the t catalyst of change. the city will see a big improvement. i appreciate it. we're going to continue our coverage here. we're waiting for the mayor to give a live news conference coming up in moments. this will be the first time the mayor is speaking after we heard from the state's attorney marilyn mosby coming out leveling charges and indictments against all six officers that were involved in connection to the death of freddie gray. freddie gray was taken into custody april 12th after being apprehended for suspicious behavior. he ran, fled on foot from four bike officers. they followed him. they said in the report they had suspected him of having a switchblade on his right pocket. when they apprehended him, they reported they did find a switchblade. they charged him with having a switchblade. the charging document i have here is a lie. the charging document that says he had a switchblade is a lie.
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marilyn said that today in her statement. he had a legal, lawful pocket knife that was regular to have under maryland law and not spring activated device as the police charged him with, as the police had written in their report. also writing in their report he was taken into custody without force or incident. we have seen the cell phone video that people and neighbors in that community captured themselves. it doesn't match up. stories have not matched up. now we have new details from the independent investigation levelled by the state's a attorney's office. wbal investigative reporter jane miller here. >> i'm trying to figure out what they're unloading. more cots. >> your reporting and how it's matching up to what we're hearing about this charging document is a lie. it talks about the fact he had the automatic spring.
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>> i did a story on this a couple weeks ago about the controversy over the arrest itself. that was again your point all along. just because they made eye contact with him, what was the reason they decided to go after freddie gray. >> right. now we have the charges levelled against these six officers. >> so the bar has been set at what point to move ahead? for some people out there, they think this is a good move in the right direction. the judicial process will be long. it may not go the way these charges indicate. >> there's multiple charges in each case. i think this is the first step of having a pretty expeditious
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investigation involving police officers in an on-duty incident may be unprecedented in this type of case. this isn't the type of case in south carolina where you have the benefit of that video where it was pretty clear you could charge pretty quickly. this involves a number of things. it involves some video, some -- obviously the medical evidence is important. the witness statements of witnesses as well as statements the five officers made voluntarily. this is -- it is going to be a lengthy process. there's sure to be argument by defense lawyers so much publicity and everything else you can't possibly try this in baltimore. each of these are going to have their own lawyer. there's a lot to go here in terms of -- it's also going to bring out -- if this case goes to trial, it's going to bring a lot of information. >> also the one charged the most is the driver.
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>> second degree depraved-heart murder. >> that's a high bar. >> it is high bar. the definition of that generally is that is enormous indifference to human life. that's what this case is all about. it's about the bottom line of this is did police care enough to secure him, keep him safe take care of him when injured. that's the bottom line of this case. that's what involuntary manslaughter cases are like. >> the five officer did say give voluntary statements. we never got officer statement from goodson. correct? >> that's my understanding. correct. >> now that the legal process moves guard in the manner i doubt we'll ever get one until -- >> not necessarily. i heene, things could -- a lot of things happen in the course of the case. he could choose to testify. there might be arrangement he wants to get out of the case
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with some other arrangement. we may ultimately hear from all of them. we don't know that. we may ultimately hear from all of them. >> we're still waiting to hear from the mayor. stephanie rawlings-blake gives her testimony. this will be the first time coming before the microphones and cameras since the state attorney made her declaration that the charges would go against the six officers voflg ss ss involved in the death of 25-year-old freddie gray. he died a week later after injuries sustained during their care. let's listen in now. >> as mayor, i have said from the beginning no one is above the law many our city. i was sickened and heartbroken by the statement of charges that we heard today because no one in our city is above the law. justice must apply to all of us
10:24 am
equally. with today's official indictment, i have ordered police commissioner batz to utilize the full extent of his legal authority to immediately suspend all officers facing felony charges. in fact warrants have been executed and five officers are in custody. we know that the vast ma jorjority of men and women in the baltimore police department serve our city with pride, with courage, with honor and with distinction. be but to those of you who wish to engage in brutality, misconduct racism and corruption. let me be clear. there is no place in the baltimore city police department for you. today's indictments are the next step in the legal process running its course. as mayor, i will continue to be
10:25 am
relentless in changing the culture of the police department to insure that every one in our city is treated equally under the law. there will be justice for mr. gray. there will be justice for his family. there will be justice for the people of baltimore. thank you. >> there we have major stephanie rawlings-blake giving impassioned respond to what we heard earlier from state attorney mosby who went ahead to level charges against the six officers involved. the brief update the mayor gave us, she said five officers are in custody. arrest warrants are issued for anyone with felony charges against them. she gave a stern message to the baltimore police department telling them she knows most serve with honor and distinction but saying those that serve with
10:26 am
corruption and racism there's no place for you in the baltimore police department. there will be justice. she did not take questions. the mayor taking a solid and firm stance in the fact this case is moving forward in terms of historic leveling of charges against six officers involved in the death of freddie gray. we know five of those officers have voluntarily given statements. the one person who had not is goodson, driver of the police van deeped tomed to have potentially given freddie gray the rough ride. there were multiple stops along the way. he received medical attention over an hour later after he initially requested for it. joining me now, chief legal correspondent, prosecutor and host of "the docket."
10:27 am
thanks to both of you. i want to begin with state prosecutor mosby with specific points about the charges in the case of freddie gray. i understand we don't have the sound bite. do we have the sound bite? no sound. okay. let me explain what she had said. she said officers miller and nero placed freddie gray in a seated position and subsequently found a knife clipped to the inside of his pants pocket. the blade was folded inside the handle. the knife was not a switchblade lawful under maryland law. i keep getting back to this point the fact the statement of charges from the district court of maryland the other day which lists the fact it was a switchblade. this is a lie. this paper is a lie it's
10:28 am
falsified. >> according to the prosecutor it is a lie. according to the charges this prosecutor filed today, there was not probable cause to arrest mr. gray. that's significant obviously because it mean this is police interaction legally should have never happened according to the prosecutor. it's significant to some of these charges including the example against miller in office and charges of false imprisonment. that will likely stem legally from the idea there wasn't cause to arrest this individual. having said that i want to be clear, what we have is a charge ago document. this may come forward and defend what they said initially. they may have other evidence to put forward. it's not that the prosecutor's
10:29 am
investigation dissolve all factualfact factual disputes. the the theory of her case announced today, that the original charging document was false and wrong. that there wasn't weapon or evidence to detain the individual. then that's the false imprisonment. >> let me ask you as a prosecutor, would marilyn mosby go that far out on a limb if she hadn't seen police evidence which is that knife? >> absolutely not. everything ms. mosby has said is based on her rendon dagsition of facts. this is their own investigation. they have come up put these together. totality equals there's probable cause to move on to the next
10:30 am
step of actually arresting these officers. then these officers will go in front of the judge, be arraigned. then this should move on to the grand jury process. >> reporter: she said that five officers, the mayor that is stephanie rawlings-blake that five officers are in custody. the charges against these six officers as you have seen them how high of a bar has been set for these charges to stick? >> that's a great question thomas. so one of the officers the driver goodson, he's been charged with murder in the second degree. murder in the second degree is intentional homicide. it's not so high as the level of murder in the first degree because it doesn't require premeditation. because the other officers and goodson have been charged with lesser degrees of homicide for instance manslaughter. the bar hasn't been set so high. they are not overcharging these officers. the charges completely
10:31 am
correspond with the allegations. >> reporter: and what does it make the case for the prosecutor? how helpful does i accounts given by five of six officers? goodson has not given any accounting. >> i don't think we know yet thomas. it's a great question but one that will truly be answered over time. what we have again is the charges. we just don't have the full narrative at this point. it is possible that voluntary statements could have been brief or partial, possible they were thororough, possible they could have been reached with agreement or collaboration regarding charges. everyone understands that in some cases you have plea deals. according to the prosecutor mosby today, she didn't refer to anything like that whatsoever. she charged all six. what we can say with regard to theory of the case for people trying to make sense of this at home thomas is that the
10:32 am
prosecutor believes through her investigation when she emphasized was independent and involved her resources plus the independent share of the department and collaboration with police. her theory of the case is that one officer here cesar goodson driving the van, murdered in second degree this individual freddie gray. and the a five essentially went along for the ride. what was the murder weapon? essentially the van. as this case moves forward, you'll see a trial that will test that theory. that's the charge a prosecutor makes with a great deal of evidence because they want to win in the end. >> reporter: absolutely. thank you so much. there has certainly been a lot of reaction about this announcement of charges. word has spread very quickly through the streets and the neighborhoods here in baltimore. we want to know what you think. i want to check with my colleague francis rivera. she's back in the headquarters
10:33 am
in new york city with the bing pulse question of the day. hi francis. >> hi thomas. tough to hear you with the choppers overhead and crowds in the streets. people there feel this is the first step of justice in the death of freddie gray. we ask you at home if you think the police charges will lead to convictions? let's look at our score board since we started our show about 30 minutes ago. take a look at this. some of you may be surprised by results. 29% of you said that charges will not lead to convictions. 71% of you think actually yes, they will lead to convictions. so something to weigh in as we're hearing more about how the state's attorney came about and coming up with charges for six police officers there. and the information she reveal ed from the investigation from the police reports looking into it. keep voting especially as we go through the coverage here. that may change.
10:34 am
29% of you think no that police charges will not lead to convictions. 71% of you believe they will. back to you. >> okay francis. thanks so much. we're going to continue watching how that poll goes throughout the two hours. we'll continue coming back to see how people are feeling about that question. one question that's key to what's happening in baltimore is what actually happened to freddie gray on that faithful day on april 12th? there's so much speculation and accounting because of cell phone video that neighbors able to capture. what did it mean for that van ride. here we have lecturer of police science and former police officer. also laurence is the chair of the science department at john j. college of criminal justice. craig, let's talk first about what the mayor had to say and the five officers with felony charges against them on custody
10:35 am
one. one remains not in custody so far. >> five are in custody. we don't know where the other officer is. the mayor calls a news conference and reading a 45 seconds statement and takes no question. addition no today where the other officer is arraignment and booking. the mayor did not see fit to answer those questions. we don't know how the five officers -- did they turn themselves in? were they picked up? none of those circumstances were revealed. >> one thing she was passionate speaking to the baltimore police department. she knows most carry the badge with honor but those that carry the badge for racism or corruption, she sent a sharp message. >> she spoke directly to them.
10:36 am
she said brutality, racism those things will not get tolerated in this police department. it's very interesting to hear her say that. it was interesting to hear her at the beginning talk about the conversations with commissioner batz that she's asked him to suspend the officers indefinite indefinitely. they were suspended with pay up until that. national guard troops are giving their briefing orders on how to proceed this afternoon. one of the commanders said specifically we do not wanted to ratchet this up. >> craig, stand by. laurence laurence, i want to show you how the it was described. take a listen. >> white attempted to remove gray from the wagon. gray was no longer breathing at all. a medic was called to the scene.
10:37 am
the medic found that mr. gray was in cardiac arrest and critically and severely injured. >> reporter: laurence let's talk about this because we're getting now this narrative from the state's attorney's office. do you think that sounds consistent with what we heard about the van ride and injuries that could have been sustained by freddie gray in the van ride? >> one thing is clear. an individual cannot inflict these damage to the cervical vertebrae and severance of the spinal cord by himself. it had to be done at the hands of somebody else. it's clear that the medical examiner decided that it was not an accident and had to be a homicide. they decided that that made the most sense. i'm assuming they examined the cervical vertebrae and determined based upon the injury
10:38 am
sustained, it probably happened inside the van. now, whether or not it happened as a result of a rough ride or it happened because mr. gray had been thrown into the van and allegedly hit his head on a bolt and there may have been a compression fracture of the vertebrae -- it's not clear. we don't have the autopsy report. we really don't have all the answers. it is consistent -- >> reporter: i wanted to ask eugene. laurence, we don't have the autopsy report yet but we know the maryland chief medical examiner would be handing that over to the state's attorney office and it would be a first and final report. it would be available shortly. that really will help solve most of the mystery about what police originally said about any type of self-inflicted injury freddie gray sustained in that police van.
10:39 am
>> i don't think it's self-inflicted. the question is did freddie gray sustain the first injury during the arrest? i think there's still controversy about that. again, this will we see the autopsy report we're not going to be able to know how the medical examiner made that determination that the injury occurred in the van. >> reporter: so eugene the swift legal response the one we're now seeing from the state's attorney office -- today was supposed to be the day the police department turned over their investigation to the state's attorney office. they were conducting their own. we didn't expect charges or indictments to come out today. are you surprised by how swiftly the state's attorney is moving? >> i am but i think they definitely did a 24/7 investigation. i hope they didn't rush to judgment. i hope they didn't do it because everybody expected them to do it today. i also have to say the way it was announced on the steps with the crowd, i don't think that was a good place to do it.
10:40 am
i think some of the political statements the prosecutor made are not help. it's hard hard here hard in staten island for them not to be political. they need to confine it to facts and legal issues that will come up in the case. >> reporter: do you think she was too strong in her statement the fact the initial reason they went after gray was because police said he had a switchblade knife which according to her evidence he did not? he had a lawful pocket knife under maryland law. >> let's be absolutely clear here. this is an indictment of the police department in baltimore and i think of city hall to be quite blungt. the fact there's no supervision in place, it's common a patrol supervisor shows up and asks
10:41 am
cops what do you have here? he's running. then the case on the scene is disposed of. people are in a van where they can't be monitored. there's a lot of serious institutionally issues to be addressed here. we'll see ultimately whether the homicide charges play out. you can't ignore the reality that this is a broken situation. it really -- the highest levels of people need to do more accountability including elected officials off in the street marching. they need to do oversight. policing a difficult city like baltimore is a difficult proposition. it requires a lot of investment of time engagement of people trying to get it right. this is the city where the serious crime problem, a lot of guns. you need people out in the trenches, not simply pointing out after the fact after will there's a bad outcome and bad endings, finger pointing. >> i want to thank you for your insight. thank you so much. still ahead right here. we will have much more live from
10:42 am
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verizon. welcome back everybody. we are live here on the streets of baltimore following all developments the freddie gray case. we're following the procedures happening to our north in new jersey today. you're looking and we're going to show you a live news conference happening now where they're talking about this. it regards governor chris christie's bridgegate problems which grew this morning. a christie appointee to the authority that oversees the bridge plead guilty to two counts of conspiracy in a new jersey federal courtroom. david wild stein pleaded guilty. he imp dated two other allies. he said it was a conspiracy to
10:46 am
punish the mayor of fort lee. christie denies these allegations. the closures began the first monday of school and end had the friday. it caused hours of traffic on the nation's busiest crossing. he'll be sentenced the august 6th. he was asked about future charges for other individuals, but he would only say this. >> based on evidence that is currently available to us, we're not going to charge anybody else in this scheme. >> reporter: i'm joined by bob engle, co author of chris christie. congrats on the website coming up. let's talk first about david wildstein. he has ties to christie going back to high school. chris christie distanced himself from him when questioned about
10:47 am
wildstein. >> i don't think we learned anything we didn't know before with months of looking into it. there was really nothing that really stood out. i thought what was interesting was the documents referred to that these people who are alleged to be conspirators, it also said and others not named. the other thing is what you just said about how he said he didn't expect more indictment miss the bridge matter. it sort of left the door open. we know there's other investigations going on. there may be other people close to christie who get brought up the next time around. >> we talk about the preeripheral circle around christie. >> his name didn't come up. his defense is i didn't know what my people were doing. what defense is that? is that somebody you want in the white house, someone that
10:48 am
doesn't know what's going on around him? >> is this the smart attorney that knows the definition of plausible? >> he's smart no doubt and also a good politician. it's the people that are going to decide. most people aren't buying it that i can tell. >> reporter: so bob, from your sourcing, what do you think the u.s. attorney's office is planning next? >> i think they're looking into some other port authority matters. some of which have to do with the former chairman who was also a christie appointee who resigned from the port authority. then he did something unusual. he resigned from his law firm and changed the name of the law firm. i don't think i've heard that happen before. >> reporter: so i'm getting word that bridget anne kelly and -- can you tell me again the date? monday, may 4th they'll be
10:49 am
arraigned. those are two instrumental figures. bridget anne kelly that sent the original text message about time to close down -- what was the language? >> time for some traffic problems in fort lee. by the way, the documents show they purposely picked the first day of school to make it worse. >> reporter: all right bob. thank you for helping me remember the exact wording there. i appreciate it. good luck with the launch of the new website this weekend. >> thank you. >> thank you sir. we'll be back with much more from the streets of baltimore coming up in a moment. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it?
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10:52 am
did they see this man who was a mother's child? who was trying to get through life? did they see him as a human being? and i have come here today to thank god that marilyn moes by
10:53 am
and her team saw him. the process has started. >> the process has started, that was elijah cummings of maryland reacting to the news that six police officers have been charged in the death of freddie gray taken into custody april 12th and died a week later after suffering severe spinal injuries and passed on april 19th. joining me is the reverend al sharpton host of "politics nation" here and he was in baltimore earlier in week with the national action network. what do you think the effect this will have on baltimore? the fact the six officers have been indicted on charges? >> i think the effect will be that many will be very happy that the process has started and i certainly have been talking to various faith leaders and elected officials and talked to a couple of youth activists all
10:54 am
of who had had the summit yesterday with the mayor. and they all were elated but i also was saying let's be cautious because this is the beginning of the process. let us not forget thomas, we have charges in shawn bell and trayvon martin and at the end they were not guilty verdicts. what we have here is the opportunity to see now what the evidence will lead to which is what we want. i think the challenge though is nationally we now see a north charleston, a videotape was used and officer was charged and arrested and fired. we have seen now six charged by this prosecutor in baltimore, but a tape was not enough in staten island. that's why we need national policy and the justice department. >> reverend i want to get this on, we have freddie gray's mother speaking to buzz feed in
10:55 am
reference to all of this. i feel good because we got all six of them. she goes on to say, you can rest, freddie, you can rest and be in peace now. rev, i want to ask you, you were here, i grew up in this town and a lot of people i've been talking to say that this city has never recovered after the riots of 1968. the blit is almost shameful in certain parts of the city. what can you do with people in this community to encourage them, help them with empowerment of economics and empowerment of better living accommodations? what can be done for a catalyst of change that's a real framework here? >> i just had reverend hickman on whose senior citizen center was burned down. we must rebuild what was burn this time around not only 47
10:56 am
years ago but need an investment plan of government and private industry. we're talking about that to rebuild those blighteed area people are saying isn't that a shame, the shame is it we're not doing anything about it. we need to rebuilt what was destroyed and need with rebuilding that community while the spotlight is on baltimore, we need to turn what we're looking at with the spotlight and make it a model for not only how we deal with policing but how we rebuild cities. >> you bring up that senior center and it took them almost eight or nine years to get the capital together and get the building together they needed. i'm going to bring this back in new york. there was a woman i met, who wanted me to pass this along to help out the reverend at southern baptist. it's a list of powerful people she want to challenge to donate money to get the center back up. i'll hand deliver this note to
10:57 am
you in new york okay sir. >> bring it to me and i'm going to reach out to those people and on my radio show now, i want this center to be a symbol of the beginning of the rebuilding. it shouldn't stop there. but as the reverend said we have to do it soon. >> reverend al sharpton thank you. we'll be seeing you tonight. politics nation here at 6:00 p.m. on msnbc. live from baltimore city hall we've been following the major breaking developments today in the freddie gray case where we have gotten forward motion from the state's attorney office charging all six officers involved. we'll talk to more community leaders and residents on the ground and you're looking at the intersection of pennsylvania and north avenue where people continue to hear the news and come out to celebrate.
10:58 am
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11:01 am
in front of city hall where we're following major breaking developments in the investigation into the death of freddie gray. the state's attorney announcing this morning that his death has been ruled a homicide. >> the findings of our comprehensive, thorough and independent investigation coupled with the medical examiner's determination that mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today, has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> all right, so moments ago we heard for first time after the announcement from the state's attorney from the baltimore mayor, stephanie rawlings-blake saying five of the six officers involved are now in custody. >> with today's official indictment, i have ordered police commissioner batz to utilize the full extent of his legal authority and immediately suspend all officers facing
11:02 am
felony charges. in fact warrants have been executed and five officers are in custody. >> she also wants the police commissioner anthony batz to suspend them and again without pay. we're hearing from the mother of freddie gray telling buzz feed i feel good because we got all six of them. she goes on to say, you can rest freddie, you can be in peace now. we are expecting to hear from the family up freddie gray coming up at 5:00 p.m. now, reaction has been swift as word has been spreading all throughout the city and communities around baltimore. and people have praised mosby's announcement some taking to the streets in celebration. carl stokes is on the city council here in baltimore and joins me to talk more about this. i want your reaction to what we heard from the state attorney are you surprised by the level of charges and the fact that all
11:03 am
sixes officers have been charged? >> i didn't know what to expect to be honest with you. of course, we must have a fair trial and everyone must look at it and work this through and make sure there's no -- there's no thought at all that nothing is happening but the fairest thing we can do. i tell you what i most heard about these charges. i thought as importantly as the murder charges were the charges of false imprisonment and arresting without probable cause. i think that those charges long-term are going to have the most chilling effect on the baltimore police department. those are the charges that have been going on for years in baltimore city. those charges are false imprisonment and arresting particularly black males without probable cause has been the bang of this town for so long.
11:04 am
>> when we talk about the charging documents state that freddie had a switch blade, that was a lie. >> right. >> he did not have a switch blade acourting to the state's attorney, at least according to her investigation and evidence that she has received. so how do you think that this goes on to evaluate how the baltimore city police department works in the future? it's the amount of attention that this case has gotten the amount of scrutiny that had case has gotten that has brought the fine details to light. >> but, of course we know this is not just the baltimore city police department frankly. how many times have we seen around the country that we look at a police report that says everything is fine and then in the order and then a good arrest was made and they don't know how -- don't know how the victim died. and then fortunately, there's a follow-up report or there
11:05 am
happens to be a video that discovered and showed that what was written on the report is completely a lie, totally false. it happened this time and it happened a couple of weeks ago in south carolina and it's happened over and over again. so again, i think that how we look at the policing and then reporting is going to change dramatically. >> sir, when we talk about policing in the reporting and issues of excessive force and we have seen this happen in other cities when we talk specifically about baltimore and the political power that you wield, what do you think can be done for a catalyst of change specifically for baltimore? because as i was talking to reverend al sharpton moments ago and people i've talked to here in the city say it's never recovered since the riots of 1968. the blight is beyond unimaginable in certain areas.
11:06 am
that's what the neighbors are looking for, not only a better judicial process with the police department but they are also looking for economic opportunity, looking for better living conditions and to be treated like regular every day citizens. >> absolutely. the police are not responsible for the support -- neglect going on in our communities, it is not the police false nor is it an issue of the police department. it is the political leadership in this town for the last decade decade and a half have ignored these communities, have cut back on recreation programs and cut back on the dollars to educate in our city have given money by the millions tens of millions frankly, to big developers to build in certain communities of the city completely ignoring other areas of the city. you're right, frankly, some of our areas look worse than they
11:07 am
did 40 years ago. the level of poverty in baltimore city is greater than it was 40 years ago. so political leadership one either has to change or we must dramatically redo what we've been doing. the political dichotomy you get for people who use the city for sporting events and cultural events and other things tourist attractions, whether going to federal or fell's point or into canton, they use the city then they leave. so many people complain the fact that the city's taxes are too high. the schools aren't good enough. how do you change the reality of that perception? >> well i think a perception frankly is the reality. it is too much -- taxes are too high in baltimore city. there's no doubt about that. the schools are too weak in baltimore city. i'm not the kind of elected official cheerleader who says
11:08 am
what is is not. these things are for real so the leadership, i'm a part of that must change the reality and then we will have a different perception. >> thank you for taking time to join me today. i appreciate it. as you do very hard work it's a big lift here in baltimore city but we appreciate your hard work. >> joy reid i know you have been out there on the streets of baltimore all week and you are right now at the corner of the intersection of pennsylvania and north avenue and people getting the word reacting to the developments of what happened from the state's attorney office. how do they feel? >> people are happy and mood is jubilant, we have the governor's office and several churches got together to bring food and everyone has sandwiches and feeding the natural guardsmen out here. really happy atmosphere people honks as they drive by and
11:09 am
waving t-shirts. i pulled two young men out of the crowd to come over and talk to me. this is earnest and tom a. young men from the area. i'll just ask you guys what did you think? how did you feel when you heard the officers killed freddie gray were being charged? >> i was shocked but at the same time i was very happy. that don't normally happen. usually they get a slap on the wrist and administrative lead but they arrested them and in the right direction. >> reporter: were you surprised by the fact they were being charged? >> i wasn't surprised. i figured they was because this thing was going on across the nation -- from the evidence from the video, i knew something was going to come out of it. i wasn't too sure. >> reporter: i was asking you guys because i've been here every night at 10:00 and we're waiting to see what happens at
11:10 am
10:00 when the curfew kicks in. you live right around couple blocks away. what do you expect to happen tonight? >> tonight i think it's going to be calm. tonight i think it's going to be calm. if the verdict were different, i think it might be a different outcome. i think it's going to be palm and peaceful. the people got what they wanted and evidence proved everything we've been saying for last month. >> reporter: you still have a trial to come. i have to ask you, one of the things that prosecutor marilyn mosby said for the young people out here who have been part of the black lives matter movement and demanding no justice, no peace. this is your day. she was talking essentially to you guys and said this is your day. what do you make of the fact that this movement that's been all over the country and really built up in major baltimore, seems to have opened people up to the possibility of accountability. >> this don't just happen in baltimore. it's not even a black and white thing. everybody versus the police.
11:11 am
they treat us like animals, that's not cool or right. you feeling me? maybe now you feel people seem like the wrong -- >> that sums up a lot of what we've been hearing around in this community and crowds are getting big here very jubilant and happy crowds atmosphere one of unity, community feeling it's the first step in the healing process for those who support freddie gray. >> as you talk about the swelling of the crowd, just briefly, the swelling of the military and police presence is that still large at the intersection? >> it's interesting thomas the police presence is pretty large. you can't see there over the shoulder of the camera but there's a natural guard unit stationed over here near the senior center and there are a lot of police across the street. the irony of course is that there is a huge police presence here, a couple of blocks down almost no police at all and what
11:12 am
local residents are telling me they would have loved to see police coming around when there's not this atmosphere and drug dealing and crime. they are a block away from where they could do a lot of good but they are here watching all of this happen. so it is that kind of irony that several people have pointed out to me and this is where we are. this is what we deal with in the aftermath of what happened to freddie gray. >> we'll see the fourth night, first weekend night of the curfew going into effect at 10:00 p.m. in baltimore city. joy reid thank you, i appreciate it. i want to learn more about the police officers and charges and go to my colleague frances rivera. >> nice to see you, for the many people in the streets of baltimore, stunning for them to hear them call freddie gray's death a homicide. it was three days ago the identities of the officers were made public. here's what we know about them
11:13 am
so far and charges they face. officer ceasar goodson, the 45-year-old driver of the van that has been with the pd since 1999 faces second degree murder involuntary manslaughter manslaughter and second degree assault. plus two vehicular manslaughter charges and misconduct in office. he is the only one charged with second degree murder. his gross pay according to baltimore open records is $105,000. lieutenant bryant rice is 41 years old charged with involuntary manslaughter manslaughter, second degree assault, misconduct in office and also false imprisonment. 30-year-old sergeant alicia white, the only female she's been with the department since 2010. she faces involuntary manslaughter, second degree assault and misconduct in office. that brings us to 25-year-old william porter the youngest among the officers to face charges. he joined the department in 2012
11:14 am
faces involuntary manslaughter and assault of the second degree and misconduct in office. officer garrett miller 26 years old joined in 2012 second degree assault, intentional and neglect and misconduct in office and false imprisonment and edward nero joined in 2012 faces second degree assault intentional neglect and misconduct in office and false imprisonment. the officer goodson, the driver there makes the most of all of the officer charges, $105,000 in gross pay and other salaries range from 51,000 to $84,000 according to the baltimore sun. if these officers are convicted of all charges, officer goodson would face 63 years in prison but other officers facing from 20 to 30 years. with those charges we're asking our viewers if you think charges against the police officers will lead to convictions. this is what you're responding so far. with those results take a look.
11:15 am
it's jumped considerably it was first 29% saying no. take a look now, 46% say no, it will not lead to convictions, 54% say yes, it will lead to convictions. we want to bring you this graph and show you how many people -- some people saying no but many of you saying yes as far as past five minutes. keep voting >> as we go through the background as who the officers are, we know from the press conference that fich of those officers are in custody, specifically we don't know which ones are now in custody, but we do know felony arrest warrants have been issued for all six. we're going to dive into what's next legally here as the process moves forward in baltimore city. for the officers who have been charged, also the other big breaking news today, we take you live to newark new jersey where one of governor chris
11:16 am
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11:19 am
subsequently found a knife clipped to the inside of his pants pocket. the blade of the knife was folded into the handle. the knife was not a switch blade and is lawful under maryland law. lieutenant rice, officer miller and nero failed to establish probable cause as no crime had been committed by mr. gray. >> welcome back everybody, we're live here in baltimore and those are the remarks of the state's attorney marilyn mosby
11:20 am
laying out a detailed pattern in the fact of her officer's case against six police officers involved in the death of freddie gray and appeared to draw clear conclusions from those facts of her investigation. joining me now, ari melber and former prosecutor and host of "the docket." it was a fascinating press conference to listen to as marilyn mosby laid out step by step what she knew to be the investigation and day freddie gray on april the 12th when he was apprehended by authorities. here's how she summed up her account saying that a week later, he was taken into arrest on the 12th but on april 19th 2015, mr. gray was pronounced dead and matter of his death deemed a homicide by the maryland state medical examiner believed to be a fatal injury that occurred while mr. gray was unrestrained in the police department wagon.
11:21 am
is that really a smoking gun when the police had said all along he was never belted in the back of that wagon? >> it's not a smoking gun. it is essentially a statement that the homicide determination combined with some conduct that was already conceded or probably known police chief talking about the fact it violated the rules the way he was transported, coupled with what the prosecutor says is the information she gleaned from her investigation in interviews collectively is essentially a second degree murder by the weapon of the van. that's what this prosecutor will have to set out to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. we have been covering this and discussed it earlier. prosecutors have a low are standard when they file charges like this but ethically, they only go forward and file this kind of charge if they think they can win in court. she has some high degree of confidence. the other legal part here to be clear and fair as we've been reporting all day, on a day like today with the announcement of
11:22 am
charges you get more information about one side of the case the prosecutor side of the case. the police union put out a broad statement of question to prosecutor but not getting into what the officers may say in their defense. that will necessarily come later an they may have information to offer about a different set of events or different view of events. but yes, with regard to whether it was a smoking gun or not, not the kind of evidence that is sealing the deal but a clear narrative that the driver of this car willfully, that would be the legal standard for second degree murder in maryland willfully sought out to injure and harm and kill freddie gray. that's the accusation. >> one thing we're getting now is more background information on police officers and about their pay. ceasar goodson with the most charges leveled against him, his gross pay is over $105,000. as he was the driver of this
11:23 am
vehicle and ari points out the rough ride technically, so the van is the murder weapon? >> yes, it is. actually, exactly as ari said it is the murder weapon. i want to point out if you have to look at things collectively right, that mr. gray was handcuffed and he was shackled and he was unrestrained right? when you say thomas rough ride that lack of restraint coupled with the ride itself they have to prove the causation that those injuries occurred because of all of those things combined. >> right. just on background and as we've seen from the interior of that type of police van and the way there is a barrier that separates right down center so there's a side that typically it's for female and male passengers, they'll sit on either on the left or right and they separate them. but police that i've spoken to say they rarely climb in there to belt them --
11:24 am
>> i'm glad you're bringing up -- >> worried for their own conditions. >> i'm glad you're bringing up the van. a lot of vans are not like that. the nypd does not have vans like that. those vans are just a hot bed for injury and they should not have had them unrestrained or even seated in that way. so of course this was likely to occur. >> right, and just to say in defense of the police and not trying to explain away certainly this instance but in many cases such tight conditions the police don't want to endanger themselves with volatile or extremely dangerous prisoners who are going to then head butt or kick or spit in their faces. they try to limit their own injury because of the tight conditions. >> but, yes, it's part of the duty of the officer. after you arrest someone and they are in your care -- >> they are in custody, yes. >> you have to continue with
11:25 am
that. the medical care and also their safety, your own safety and community's safe and theirs. >> thomas legally to jump in that is also an interesting part about what emerges from the total charges against the six individuals. the charge of false imprisonment for an arrest is unusual. that gives you some insight into the type of case we may see from this prosecutor the prosecutor alleging today no probable cause for the original arrest, that the arrest and transport of the detain ee in this instance was itself unlawful. then the death ruled a homicide for one officer was a second degree murder for the others the negligent homicide and that gives a full picture of a kind of argument that this was wrong from the beginning and then got worse over time. that's the case they are going to make and officers may make the countercase that negligent homicide we see in accidents not in police duty, they'll have their defenses there. >> we'll see how it moves
11:26 am
forward. as i understand, the officers have not yet been put into the central booking system for baltimore city or baltimore county. and no charging information filed but the five officers were in custody when she gave her press statement about an hour ago. thank you both very much. we're going to have a lot more coming up. we go live to newark and straight north to talk about bridgegate and we'll speak with steve kornacki, one of new jersey governor chris christie's closest allies pleaded guilty for his part in closing down the george washington bridge. unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application-site redness itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor
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11:29 am
join the nation. thank you. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ welcome back to msnbc continuing live coverage from baltimore and we want to go ahead and talk more about the case that's happening to our north because we understand that we've been following the developments there where david wildstein one of chris
11:30 am
christie's allies pled guilty no the bridgegate scandal. steve kornacki is in newark. what did wildstein admit to today? >> reporter: david wildstein was in court this morning and pled guilty to two charges, what he told the judge this morning and what federal prosecutors are trying to prove is that he and two others bridget kelly, one of chris christie's deputy chiefs of staff, the author of the e-mail a lot of people remember time for traffic problems in ft. lee. wildstein is seeing he along with bridget kelly and bill baroni, one of the top appointees of chris christie the three engaged in a conspiracy. they planned and executed the closure of those access lanes to the george washington bridge in september of 2013 for the purpose of creating a traffic jam in the town that would reflect poorly on the mayor of
11:31 am
the town and that would be retribution for mark sock lich's refusal to endorse chris christie for his re-election and the second part is that the conspiracy extended for months after that into a cover-up. a cover-up that involved a trumped up story, you remember this about there being a traffic study to keep the true purpose and intent of the lane closures from the public's knowledge. >> steve, you've got a big show coming up this weekend, "up with steve kornacki" at 8:00 a.m. thank you, sir, appreciate it. coming up next we'll have more live on the streets from baltimore as we continue to get reaction that's been pouring in as neighbors and people throughout the city hear what marilyn mosby has leveled charges against all six officers.
11:32 am
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11:35 am
i come from five generations of law enforcement. my father was an officer. my mother was an officer. several of my aunts and uncles and recently departed and beloved grandfather was one of the founding members of the first black police organization in massachusetts. i can tell you that the actions of these officers will not and should not in any way damage the important working relationships between police and prosecutors. >> that was baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby talking about her own family background as she announced that the officer involved in freddie gray's arrest and his death women be charged, five of those six officers are in custody but before that announcement the president of the baltimore fraternal order of police sent this letter to mosby saying none
11:36 am
of the officers involved are responsible for gray's death and asking her to appoint a special prosecutor, someone who is independent because of her own connections to law enforcement and the fact they are husband is the councilman for freddie gray's neighborhood. here's what she said. >> the people of baltimore city elected me and there's no accountability with the special prosecutor. from day one, we independently investigated and not just relying upon what we were given from the police department period. >> joining me now is baltimore public defender marcy tarrant johnson, written about what she describes as the horrendous condition of central booking and the president and founder of 300 man march, an anti-violence movement in baltimore. marcy, i want to talk about central booking. it's seen an influx of people after monday night. explain conditions to people so
11:37 am
they understand what that's like? >> a lot of people are arrested on monday night and they were taken over to central booking and many of them not charged with anything. we have very difficult time getting to them on tuesday and on wednesday, we put together a sort of army of attorneys, public defender's office and private attorneys and people from other counties and desendsed on central booking in an effort to see people. we had a smaller army of attorneys working on habeas petitions for these people's release. they've been held at this point almost 48 hours without charges and weren't even informed what they were arrested for. many of them were caught up in sort of sweeps when the arrests were made and weren't even sure what their charges were going to be. >> 100 plus people were released after that 48-hour hold was over. we're almost down to the second or maybe even a little bit over 48 hours? >> some over 48 hours, some a little under 48 hours. many many moreover 24 hours. when we got to the holding area
11:38 am
i was sent to the women's area with several other of the public defenders and we interviewed a lot of women. they were crammed into i guess 10 by 10 cubicle type holding cells meant to hold people for an hour maybe eight at the most. there wasn't sufficient room to lie down. they were fed three times a day, four slices of bread, a slice of american cheese and bag of cookies -- >> not what you want the visit you want and to be released without any charges under that time just so the police are now not responsible for them but sending a strong message for those people that might want to gather this weekend. let's talk about the work you do. we see the 300 men march and proudly wearing under arm our under there. talk about what your movement represents and the coverage from the past as opposed to what you
11:39 am
get now? >> our moment represents to reduce the majority of the homicides which take place in baltimore city which are most cases african-american male against an african-american male. in 2014 we had 2011 homicides, 189 was black male perpetrated against a black male. even though we aren't race specific, that's the current conditions of baltimore. our work is to raise awareness to get more men engaged in the lives of people in the streets to prevent homicides and shootings. >> talk about the blighteed neighborhoods and we have this neighbor on neighbor violence which ends up being black on black crime? >> what we have -- what we call hoods in baltimore, which are in some of them or a large percentage of them they are ran by drug culture. that drug culture is infused by
11:40 am
negative influences that really alter the minds of our young people to see a loss of value in each other's humanity. that's why we see lives being taken so senselessly without any really warrant for that type of aggression against each other. and then there are the factors rolled into that but we feel despite the problems the solution is more men getting involved and becoming mentors and becoming tutors and being active in education and then we can work against some of those things that some of our children live in. >> doing great work in the city both of you doing great work in the city. i know the public defender's office gets a bad rap sometimes. >> no okay. >> 300 men march founder, thank you both very much -- >> the kids of baltimore, so many of the city's social problems hit them the hardest
11:41 am
and early ages. how does she help those kids cope and give them hope for a brighter future? we'll talk about that right after this. ♪ if you're looking for a car that drives you... ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands... ...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti. doers. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, save up to $200 on eyeglasses. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical
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some weed killers are overzealous. they even destroy your lawn. ortho weed b gon kills weeds... not lawns. our label says it. your grass proves it. get ortho weed b gon. the label tells the story. welcome back everybody, we continue our live coverage from here in baltimore. we want to show you what's taking place around the country because we have moments ago on the left hand side protesters taking to the streets in oakland, california. then on the right-hand side of your screen that is the intersection of pennsylvania avenue and north avenue here in west baltimore. that is the intersection where many of the looters and people that rioted on monday night gathered when they burned the cvs and other neighborhood shops in that area. but there's been a lot of
11:45 am
activity in that intersection today as word has started to spread about the fact that marilyn mosby the state attorney brought charging indictments against the six officers in the death of freddie gray. it has been big news and it's been sweeping throughout the city. this is after days of baltimore city being on edge being under a mandatory curfew crowds now happily gathering in the streets. the curfew will go into effect tonight. again at 10:00 p.m. this is the fourth night of the curfew. and it's the first weekend evening of the curfew we'll see how that goes. there still remains az large, very large national guard presence and inner agency presence of local, state and regional police forces even as far away as pennsylvania i noticed pennsylvania police sheriff's people were here and now most of the people throughout the city they have been anticipating this justice, how it would be delivered in memory of freddie gray who died
11:46 am
mysteriously in police custody. the police union is maintaining that all officers involved are not responsibility for the death of freddie gray. my colleague frances rivera is it back in new york following the social media reaction. and frances, i can only imagine what's trending? >> with this news ahead people heard more about it just exploded on social media. tweets are still pouring in right now and state's attorney marilyn mosby is seeing her -- thrilled that charges for the six officers came down so quickly. it's been very different for similar high cases, in just a few hours since her press conference, over 73,000 tweets have been sent and this user tweeting this i'm playing marilyn mosby's press conference on repeat like it's a new beyonce single. many share sentiments about her new celebrity status there. marilyn mosby will not be
11:47 am
trifled with. so happy the city of baltimore have one person of her caliber looking out for them. a few celebrity reactions, i think i just fell in love with state's attorney marilyn mosby, thank you. jesse williams, take time to consider the events that the investigation detailed and that a human being went through that. there are some casting doubt on her ability to be fair and her experience level. >> the youngest state attorney of any major city just 35 years old and only held the position for a few months. majority of users don't want to see her role get politicized. this user tweeted march lynn mosby's job isn't to heal baltimore but prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a homicide or manslaughter. interesting to see how this is taking on social media there as
11:48 am
more and more people as you see gathering in the streets. it is time for them a little bit of celebration. >> the police handed over their investigation to the state's attorney's office conducting its own investigation and today we have the results that we feel confident with moving forward with charges involved. when we come back, the unsung heroes of this community. we'll introduce you to them. stay with us. (music) boys? stop less. go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. just one reason volkswagen is the #1 selling diesel car brand in america.
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11:51 am
welcome back we continue our live coverage here on the streets in baltimore. i'm in front of city hall but msnbc's trymaine lee is in the neighborhood where one of the officers charged lives. we have six different officers charged today. where are you and what are you hearing from this neighborhood? >> that's right, i'm in the
11:52 am
gilford neighborhood where william porter one of the six officers lived. folks on this block, it's a relatively quiet block and attended a elementary school up the block from where he lived. neighbors said he was a nice respectsful quiet guy who typically would come out and walk his dog. they made a distinction that he wasn't like lots of other young guys who ran around with trouble, he was a nice person. i spoke with four neighbors already who said the same thing, he pretty much kept to himself and that one of the neighbors, a 55-year-old woman said she known him about 16 years. she thinks he must have been in the wrong place at a wrong time with the wrong officers. another young lady who went to school with him in the officer was actually in a class with her little sister said they were just so shocked to hear his name involved in any of this. this is a very quiet block and neighbors say that the whole family kind of kept to
11:53 am
themselves and good people and kind of shocked he would be involved in this incident. >> gil ford is a little north of the direct inner city you're up by northern parkway. it can be larger, more expansive homes and also be what baltimore is uniquely known for, rowhomes. so explain what the neighborhood is like more like what we're seeing in western baltimore or is it more expansive and larger? >> it's kind of a blend. it almost -- they all remind me of this northeast corridor with what homes in new jersey look like rowhomes but a very quiet block. when i first arrived there was an older gentleman cutting his grass and folks removing furniture from a house. it's very quiet, not like in west baltimore where there's abandoned homes. this is a very nice nice family oriented kind of neighborhood where the older gentleman i spoke to said most of the
11:54 am
families have been here for a long time but for a couple of houses. he said it's changed over the years and 35 years it's changed but pretty quiet block and most folks have been here for a long time. >> one thing, there's been criticism that a lot of different baltimore police officers don't typically live in the city. a lot commute in they are not a part of the community. there's that aspect of a separation between community policing and knowing the people you're working with. in this case obviously, this is someone who does live directly in the city. >> that's right. that's one thing neighbors said while a bunch of younger guys were running around getting involved in things they shouldn't have been involved in he was the kind of guy that wanted to find a way to do better and to help. this is what they are saying that typically, they would see him with his girlfriend or walking a dog. when i did go oup r up to the house to new york on the door no answer. a bunch of dogs started barking. apparently he has a couple of
11:55 am
pit bulls in the house that he takes leisurely strolls and walks them around here. by his neighbors' account, they are surprised because he was the kind of guy trying to do the good work. >> again, this is just one of the people now indicted. we know that the officers five of which, the mayor told us earlier in the last hour had been taken into custody and those with felony charges against them would be suspended without pay until further notice. we know those with misdemeanor charges, there are a couple that would still be receiving pay. five officers are in custody out of the six. but major developments here in baltimore today as the state's attorney marilyn mosby announced that the six officers involved in the apprehension and in the death of freddie gray will be charged and they will move forward with this judicial
11:56 am
process, one thing that has been celebrated as that word has spread throughout the streets today where it is expected tonight that the curfew goes back into place, the first weekend night, friday evening, 10:00 p.m. everyone is supposed to be off the streets here in baltimore city. that's going to wrap things up for me today. i'm see you back in new york. the cycle is coming your way next. bout it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza.
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yep, looks like it's time to share what our cats love with your cats. new friskies 7. for cats. by cats. here in baltimore, the death of freddie gray is official declared a homicide with charges filed against the officers who arrested him. >> the findings of our presencive thorough and independent investigation coupled with the medical examiner's determination that mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today, has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal
12:00 pm
charges. lieutenant rice, officer miller and officer nero failed to establish probable cause to mr. gray's arrest as no crime had been committed by mr. gray. accordingly lieutenant rice and officer miller and officer nero illegally arrested mr. gray. at no point was he secured by a seat belt while in the wagon contrary to a bpd general order. mr. gray suffered a severe and critical neck injury as a result of being handcuffed and shackled by his feet and unrestrained inside of the bpd wagon. despite mr. gray's seriously deteriorating medical condition, no medical assistance was rendered or summoned for mr. gray at that time. these accusations of these six officers are not an indictment on the entire force. >> i'm tour'e live again in


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