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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  May 2, 2015 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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prosecutor defends her decision and fires back at critics. >> i don't see what the conflict of interest is. have to prosecute every crime that takes place in the city of baltimore. >> was there a rush to judgment in the case? new analysis as the six officers charged are out on bail. plus a brand new royal baby. the duchess of cambridge delivers her second child but what is the baby's name? hey there, everyone. high noon in the east 9:00 a.m. out west welcome to "weekends with alex witt" a march planned to protest the death of freddie gray is being billed as a victory march. "the washington post" reports thousands of marchers will celebrate the decision by baltimore state's attorney to file charges against six officers. one officer facing second degree depraved heart murder charges. he and three others are facing
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voluntary manslaughter, false imprisonment and misconduct in office are among the charges and all six have been arrested and free on bail. gray was as rested by officers on august 12th and was injured. >> the findings of our comprehensive, thorough and independent investigation coupled with the medical examiner's determination that mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today, has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> mosby this morning on "today" dismissed charges her office acted too quickly in bringing charges against the officers. >> at the outset of this tragic incident, my team went out, i sent investigators, we spent between 12 and 14 hours a day
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trying to get to the bottom of this and what happened in this case. the baltimore police department dedicated about 50 detectives to try to get to the bottom of this case. >> protesters are not only gathering in baltimore, people in a number of other cities across the country are gathering to make their voices heard overs the death of freddie gray and my colleague msnbc's toure with a hello to you what's the latest where you are? >> alex i'm the gilmore homes where freddie gray was arrested. here you can see folks are still gathering for a march that could plan to be should plan to be one of the biggest marches we've seen all week. there has been a march every day this week but this one they've been planning and handing out flyers out all week long. one of the organizers said we want to prove today that youth can gather in baltimore and not do what happened on monday knight. they want to have a peaceful rally but something passionate to show how the community still feels.
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>> okay. . i want to talk about -- i thought you were going to a sound bite. what i would like to ask about is the mood today in the wake of the charges being filed, is it a lot more jubilant? we were talking about a victory march and word of celebrations last night. what kind of difference? talk about the feel. >> yeah. i mean, you know, all this week we've heard all this cynicism in the community, people saying we don't expect anything good to come on friday we don't expect the system to work and feeling like the system never works so why should it work this time. yesterday, after the charges were announced, people were jubilant, they were at the big intersection on north and pen where we've been all week cheering and hanging out of their cars and people today have a lighter mood. they feel that the system is actually working for once. they feel that for once they are getting the justice they deserve. now that said the organizer of this said no they're not
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entirely satisfied. charges are not the same as convictions and still feels like, you know, police officers never get convicted, so there is still some cynicism and trepidation about where the system will go but there is a positive feeling that at least at this first step the system did work in the favor of the evidence. >> hey, toure, have you seen any police officers come around? has there been any engagement at all between officers and the crowds and if so, what's that been like? >> you know the marches we've seen this week the police have been fantastic at letting the folks do what they want to do. they're directing them. these are planned marches so the police will sort of book end them, but the police have been letting folks march as they wish. the marches that i've seen and we've seen one every day, alex, the matches i've seen have been peaceful and the police helpful in allowing folks to move where they want to move. you know to say the city has supported these marches goes deep. on one of the marches we saw a city bus moved out of its way to
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block traffic so that the marchers could keep going on that street. i don't see any police out here right now. we see some national guardsmen and some police around the city but the presence has seemed to pull back from what we saw yesterday morning before the charges were announced when it was very heavy. >> okay. p. toure, thank you very much of the bird's eyeview. we'll talk with you again. as many residents are celebrating marilyn mosby's decision, others are questioning the timing. as "the new york times" points out some are suggesting it's politically motivated and could end up jeopardizing the case. joining me now is faith, a former prosecutor and msnbc legal analyst, also host of "judge faith." with a welcome to you, okay look at the timing here. these charges come a day after the baltimore police handed that investigation over to miss mosby's office and less than two weeks since freddie gray's death. the timing of the charges, what do you make of them and do you get a sense it was rushed if?
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>> first i think when you look at comparison this case to cases like mr. garner's case eric garner's case in new york and mike brown's case in the ferguson area those investigations took months before they were brought to a grand jury and here you have a state attorney who's decided not to go to the grand jury and bring charges herself. but as she said yesterday, alex she made this decision after she received the police officers' report, their own investigation, her office also conducted a parallel investigation and then she also received a medical examiner's report. in terms of a rush to judgment there has been no judgment. these are merely alleges. the judgment will ultimately rest in the hands of a jury. this process is just the beginning. this isn't a conclusion of a case. this is a case that has just started. just because there is a case and because the investigation only took two weeks, it doesn't mean that these charges do not have
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merit. there are three things that really stood out to me yesterday in the press conference at the state -- when the state attorney laid out her case by the way. she gave a fair amount of detail, more detail than i've ever heard as state attorney present charges the at the very beginning against police officers. first of all, there was an illegal arrest here. there was no probable cause to arrest the individual in this case and as she stated he died in the custody of the police. he never should have been in the custody of the police. second of all, he was -- proper protocols were not followed when he was transported in the van. he was placed face down in the van with no seat belt with his legs shackled and his arms handcuffed behind his back. proper protocol was not followed. the driver of the van faces the most serious charges and that tells me something happened something was going on in that van ride. the third thing that stood out to me were the calls for medical
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attention, the number of calls for medical attention, that he asked the police for and those went ignored. >> okay. i want to clarify that the charge of murder by depraved heart, that's a very interesting one. that means it was not intentional, correct? >> he willfully acted with a depraved indifference toward another human being, so whatever it was, if he was crying out for help -- >> but not resulting with the intent to kill? >> not the intent to kill but acting with a depraved heart. it's a higher degree of negligence. he was calling out for help. he said he couldn't breathe. all of those pleas were ignored by the police and they should not have been. >> okay. faith, we're going to have you back. more questions coming our way at the bottom of the hour. appreciate that. in just a few minutes how the systemic failures in baltimore led to the events. more royal baby news happy news, moments a ago the duke of cambridge returned to the
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hospital with baby george who is about to meet his new sister. we saw a glimpse of prince william as he left to pick up george earlier. here he is sounding like a proud father. >> going to pick up george. >> nbc's kelly cobeyeah is joining us from london. got to be a jubilant mood in london today? >> oh, such a wonderful surprise that the baby was born first of all today, a princess was born and also the british public got to see prince george for the first time really in months. just over an hour ago, prince william left the hospital 15 minutes later he returned with prince george in the back seat of his car. he brought him out as you saw in the video, then put him down. prince george took a couple steps, turned around looked across the street one look at all of us across the street and went right back to his father's arms. prince william taking him to the steps, telling him to give a
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royal wave the first of many royal waves probably in his lifetime. he's now inside meeting his little sister the princess of cambridge. all of this started about 11 hours ago now. prince william drove the duchess of cambridge kate to the hospital about 6:00 this morning london time. she was said to be in the early stages of labor at that point. two and a half hours later, the princess was born with kensington palace tweeting out she was healthy, 8 pounds, 3 ounces and born at 8:34 a.m. london time. london as you can imagine is already celebrating. there's a super sized flag flying over buckingham palace. the traditional paper proclamation has been framed and placed on the easel in front of the palace for tourists to walk by and well wishers to see and take their pictures. the city is decorated in pink and will be lit in pink tonight and, of course, the big question is, when will we get our first
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look at this princess fourth in line to the throne. there was some speculation earlier today that the entire family would come out some time this afternoon. just based on the fact that the birth happened so quickly and early in the day. but, in fact when george was born the family spent the night at the hospital coming out the next day, stopping for pictures chatting with the media, and then, of course, the following day the third day, we learned george's name. so alex we're still waiting to hear whether or not the family will leave today or spend the night in the hospital. just a few minutes ago, a spokesperson for the palace said, no further updates for now. so we stand by. >> well and we appreciate you standing by. i don't know. i mean kudos if she decides to leave the hospital. i've had a couple kids and the second time i was thinking let me stay here and relax. we'll have more help than i did. that's the case. >> she would want to nap, don't you think. >> you would think. >> at least.
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>> but there she is. okay. kelly, thanks for keeping watch. we appreciate that. let's go are from there to the weather, sun in the east looking to be a beautiful day at churchill downs for the running of the 141st kentucky derby. let's take it over to the weather channel's kelly cas to see what's in store for the first saturday here in may. kelly? >> good morning, alex. we are talking about a warmup across the middle of the country. we're talking temperatures a good 10 to 20 degrees above average for this time of the year. and eventually we spread that warmth into the northeast and that's actually a nice thing. it's been a while, especially for boston the last time you hit 70 degrees or higher was back before halloween of last year. we're finally going to get the temperatures nice and warm across new england but that's probably not going to happen until about monday. in the meantime we've got these warm temperatures for today. kansas city above average, st. louis, you're going to be well into the 70s as well. and as we head into the northeast we're looking at the temperatures really warming up especially as we get into early next week. look at d.c. our nation's capital getting up to 86 degrees
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as we lead back to work and school on monday. short sleeve and flip flop weather is coming our way. we also have to watch out for the storms. we definitely need the umbrellas across the plains today. severe threat will be ramping up over the next couple days as well. the main threat will be damaging winds and large hail as we go through the middle of next week. so we'll be watching out even for the possibility of a few isolated tornadoes but severe weather will be ramping up after a relatively quiet weekend. in fact, here is our forecast showing that deeper red for tomorrow. this is the area that we're going to have to pay attention to for the potential for severe warnings possible isolated tornados in places like des moines towards kansas as well. we will have to watch even more populated areas as we head into monday including chicago, kansas city, head's up for you guys all wait down into the western parts of texas. so definitely pay attention to the changing weather over the next couple of days. back to you. >> kelly cas, thank you for that. still ahead, some baltimore natives say what happened to freddie gray is sadly unpricing.
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in baltimore, more rallies are expected today. protesters are looking for justice in the city that has long been known for crime and violence and policing issues. "time" magazine's latest cover story looks at baltimore's systemic failures and racial tensions in america and joined by josh sanburn who contributed to reporting the story. with a welcome to you, talk about systemic nurse in baltimore -- system failures and how that contributed to the explosion in violence we saw this week. >> the one thing people don't understand about baltimore who don't live there or never
9:18 am
visited is that baltimore is at the least two cities. one baltimore around the inner harbor area where young people are coming to move and start families where camden yards is and it's growing and affluent and partially white. another baltimore where the neighborhood is winchester where gray was detand and that neighborhood has few economic opportunities, it has high unemployment high poverty rates, double the number of liquor stores, double the number of tobacco stores. there aren't a lot of opportunities. you walk through those areas, it's boarded up shops, it's boarded up apartments. >> yeah. >> let's talk about the baltimore slang for police van ride that leads to an injury called a rough ride. how common are the so-called rough rides? >> so it's unclear however this happens, but it's an open secret in baltimore. it happens in philadelphia as well.
9:19 am
they're called nickel rides there. but there are at least two significants that happened in the last ten years where the department had to pay out millions of dollars to two people who were detained and went through one of these rides and they ended up paralyzed and one was a pair pa plegic afterwards millions were settled and paid out by the police department because of that. >> and you asked mayor stephanie rawlings-blake being a black mayor alongside a black commissioner made dealing with this situation any easyier. what did she say? >> she said does it look like i'm having an easy time doing this. she came under a lot of criticism for not enough enough sources in baltimore to deal with the protests and i thought this was an interesting moment in this sort of era, new era of police accountability. this -- this incident happened in a city with a black mayor, a black police commissioner and
9:20 am
the thing is that i don't think that necessarily makes it any easier for her to deal with. what it meant was a more personal issue for her, that she has had friends and her brother who she has seen racially profiled in baltimore so the issue is just maybe sort of hits home more for her. >> there seems to be a politics not in fighting but tension i guess between the democratic mayor of baltimore and the republican governor hogan. >> yeah. >> there was some tense exchanges between the two with regard to the national guardsmen, when she called for help, when he was willing to offer help. >> something that didn't make in the city that i confirmed with the mayor which was now sort of infamous moment on a rival network in which she was interviewed with the governor at city hall like at midnight interview they did, when violence was sort of exploding there, and she didn't know the governor was coming to baltimore. she was going by in her convoy
9:21 am
and saw the governor outside city hall and essentially hopped out to join in the press conference. he didn't say he was coming and he didn't say he was going to temporarily set up shop in her city and that set the stage for really contentious relationship between the two. >> and the fact that there was no communication there, that speaks volumes by its silence. >> yeah, absolutely. >> yeah. >> i would like to ask about the magazine cover which makes the comparison with america today to 1968 and how does what's happening in baltimore reflect what racial tensions are in general in this nation as a whole. >> going to '68 that year for people who live in baltimore is sort of top of mind for older residents of baltimore because they saw their city get looted and they saw the violence after martin luther king was assassinated. parts of baltimore that have not recovered. i mean it sounds crazy, but it's true that there are parts of baltimore that have never recovered from '68.
9:22 am
so, you know, that is something that is on the minds of a lot of people there and that's why a lot of people came out and the next day and said we need to stop a lot of this. but i think that, you know there's this new era of police accountability and use of force in this country and i think, you know, it all started with the eric garner incident in a way and the reason we are talking about a lot of this is because of video cameras. you know the fact that it's not that police use force instance have grown, there's awareness now and there is video to see what exactly is happening. >> yeah. it's great conversation and a very powerful article. josh with "time" thank you so much. >> thanks, alex. former chris christie ally pleads guilty to the bridge gate scandal and points the finger at two others. those details straight ahead.
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where is the dirtiest air, right there, los angeles. six cities make the list of the cleanest air including bismarck north dakota fort meyers area in florida and salinas, california. new york city tops in many rankings but call the big apple the most yousufzaifulthful city in the world. the cities's arts helped propelled new york to first just ahead of london and berlin rounds out the top three. now to lifestyles of the super rich and famous. toronto named the world's hottest market for prime real estate with sales of luxury homes soaring 37% last year san francisco second sydney, australia, third on the christie's international real estate list. >> okay. >> and with the new "avengers movie age of ultron" opening in the states and likely to lead the box office the tailly beast
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taxi. vo: after years of being treated like she was invisible it occurred to mindy she might actually be invisible.
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♪♪ but mindy was actually not invisible. ooh, what are you doing? can you see me? she had just always been treated that way. yeah. you don't have to look at me like that. there are worst things than an attractive woman touching your body. i'll go. join the nation that sees you as a priority. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ . welcome back to "weekends with alex." more on the royal baby announcement the duke and duchess inside st. mary's hospital in london where prince george was introduced to his sister. let's go to royal contributor robert jobson on this festive day. do you think we will see kate and the baby released from the hospital today? that seems to be the word? >> well hi alex. certainly seems that way. prince william a few moments ago, came back after picking up
9:31 am
prince george and it was a wonderful set of cute photographs and footage as he walked in and little george waving to the crowds before stepping inside to see his new baby sister. obviously the baby was born a few hours ago, 8 pounds 3 ounces and everyone is really excited by the news. hundreds of people here well wishers waiting for william and kate to emerge with their new family william and whatever this little baby girl will be called i'm sure that beyond those steps shortly, it looks that way anyway. >> when do you think they will have a name? do you suspect they went into the birth choosing a boy's name and girl's name and they have to wait for approval from the queen? >> it won't probably happen that way, alex. my understanding the duke and duchess william and kate would probably want to see the baby's face. that's what they said last time. probably had a few ideas when george was born but wanted to see the character before they named the child and it won't be
9:32 am
a decision that's cleared through the queen. it will be their decision. they've been traditional in the past, favorite names are those formally grandchildren of queen victoria, alice charlotte, another former queen name. my favorite is not in the bookies, but it would be may, because it is may and princess may who later became queen mary would be a good name i think. we'll see, maybe diana and elizabeth. >> it's fun to speculate on the possible names and they could be beautiful names. the word that kate may head home they're expected to go back to kensington palace for a while and then out to the country? >> by the way, alexander is 14 to 1 so you're not out. they would go back to kensington palace, probably for a couple of days. this was the original plan. and then they will head out to
9:33 am
the east of england on the queen's sandring ham estate the house gifted to them where they can afford good privacy away from the media circus. they don't like this. there's obviously a uk election on at the moment and they want to avoid being involved in that in any way the royals are apolitical. i think that there may be a day, two days at kensington palace and up to the country estate. >> all right. robert, do flag us if you hear any word they're leaving and we'll get the cameras back there and see them take off from the hospital. so perhaps we'll see you again later. >> and it -- absolutely. if it's princess alexandria straight back to you alex. >> thank you very much. and call me alexandria for the rest of the day. appreciate that. mean time today's rally in baltimore is under way already. demonstrators are holding signs which read justice for freddie gray." my msnbc colleague toure is traveling with the protesters being able to report at the top
9:34 am
of the hour. faith jenkins, former prosecutor, and msnbc legal analyst and host of "judge faith." some say charging these police officers was easy potentially, which may lead to certainly the speculation there was a lot of overwhelming evidence but convicting them will be far harder. based on what we know do you think that the state's attorney has a strong case? >> based on the evidence so far, certainly can see why she brought charges but yes, the decision to charge them was not a decision based on their guilt or innocence, but just enough probable cause to move forward with the case. al leshgs as we've discussed many times, it's a very difficult process when it comes to taking these cases to trial and actually getting a successful conviction against police officers because in general, a lot of people in the public give police officers the benefit of the doubt when they commit certain acts or even certain crimes in the commission
9:35 am
of them doing their jobs. so, in the event that this case goes forward, it is certainly not a slam dunk case. there will be challenges but ultimately the decision will rest in the hands of the jury and in the community members in that city. >> okay. faith, as you know the police union is asking that mrs. mosby reduce herself because her husband is the city councilman and he might benefit from her involvement. listen to what she told thomas roberts when he asked her about the appearance of a conflict of interest. >> [ inaudible ]. >> that is not thomas roberts speaking with miss mosby. she has been forthright saying there is not a conflict of interest. in your estimation when you look and see all the claims being made and the challenges by the fraternal order of police do you think they should recuse herself? >> first, i look at the timing
9:36 am
of the notion that she nows has a conflict of interest in the case. she's been -- her office has been investigating this case more than two weeks. and now this allegation is being made only after her office has decided to bring charges against these police officers. in the interview that i think you're referring to miss mosby actually said that the fop donated to her campaign as well. any time you are elected, you have hundreds of people that donate to your campaigns, any time any of those individuals are somehow connected to the case that does not mean in and of itself there is an inherent conflict of interest. her job as a prosecutor and i prosecuted cases in manhattan as well, your job as a prosecutor is not to bring a case against individuals unless you believe you have the evidence to do so. so far, there is nothing to indicate she cannot be fair and impartial this case. prior to her bringing charges she was heavily criticized because she comes from a family of police officers. she has a strong connection to the police community because of her family members.
9:37 am
so she was getting it from both sides. as a prosecutor you look at the evidence and you make a decision. sure, as she's only been in this position for about four months i'm sure that this was not an easy decision for her to make but when she laid out her case she laid out the reasons for charging these officers, she was clear, she was concise and. >> for those people who doubt her or don't have any faith in the criminal justice system what do you think her words and actions have done for those people? >> there were -- we've heard a lot of young people on the streets the last several days talk about the fact that they have no faith in the criminal justice system they have no faith in this case moving forward and i think that her decision to come out and make the difficult choice to bring charges against these police officers based on her investigation, based on the police department's investigation, based on all of the evidence she had, i think it
9:38 am
said to these young people freddie gray his life mattered. it is important that we recognize his life mattered. we -- there is a case now, there is no conclusion to this case there is -- it will be an uphill battle. any time you try to prosecute police officers for events that have occurred in the scope of acting on the job, in their duties as a police officer, it will be an uphill battle but the fact that there is a case that they will get due process in court, just like every other individual who commits a crime and they're arrested and have to go through the process these police officers will also have to go through that process. >> all right. faith jenkins thank you so much for your expertise. appreciate that. >> the man who shot the video of freddie gray is talking about what he saw on that day. kevin moore explained why he chose to record the incident on his cell phone. >> i think about it as being in the right place at the right time. you know what i mean? like if i hadn't been there,
9:39 am
this guy would have possibly gotten away these guys no doubt, another life swept under the rug. >> moore added that the sounds freddie gray screaming that night rather that day,. >> still ahead a new film that sets out to define racism and prove it still exists and the baltimore dad who used last week's riots as a teachable moment for his 5-year-old son. when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. i'm a bull rider make it part of your daily diabetes plan. so you stay steady ahead. [meow mix jingle slowly and quietly plucks.] right on cue. ..
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the question i get the most is probably do you feel fear? what's the closest you've ever come to death? they're boring.
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i have a website because i need a way to put myself forward in my own way. this is my story and this is how i want to share it with people. i'm alex honnold and this is my squarespace. . new jersey governor chris christie's former top aide at the center of the bridgegate controversy is breaking her silence and defending her innocence. >> i will no longer allow the lies that have been said about me or my role in the george washington bridge issue go unchallenged. i am not guilty of these charges. i never ordered or conspired
9:43 am
with david wildstein to close or realign lanes at the bridge for any reason much less for retribution. david wildstein is a liar. >> bridget kelly an ally of governor christie were indicted for creating the 2013 traffic jam on the george washington bridge. as for david wildstein he pleaded guilty to two conspiracy charges. joining me is heather a reporter for "the washington post" and with a welcome to you, we have governor christie releaseing a statement saying the charges make clear what i've said from day one is true i had no knowledge or involvement or planning or excuse now 15 months later it's time for the justice system to do its job. the investigation isn't exactly closed. what's next? >> a lot more chapters to come so on monday we will see bill baroni, the other former christie ally you mentioned, and bridget kelly, set to make their
9:44 am
first appearances in court in newark. i expect that they'll plead not guilty. both of their lawyers on friday really came out swinging. i mean they are calling david wildstein a liar they said they had nothing to do with this and they're going to definitely fight this. so i would expect that this court drama is going to be playing out for weeks and months which is probably what governor christie really doesn't want as he considers a 2016 bid. >> heather, i have to say i stand corrected with "the wall street journal ". >> yes, i am. >> you could have and i would have understood you've been following the investigation from the beginning and be what do you see as some of the unanswered questions in the investigation? >> well and being in court on friday and going through all the different motions of the day, i must say having covered this for so long it was surreal to see it unfold as, you know, we had expected in some ways from way back last year when they first came up with subpoenaed documents that outline the crazy sounding scheme of closing the bridge as potentially a political payback for a
9:45 am
democratic mayor who didn't endorse the governor. so one question we really have is, who is helping to cooperate? so u.s. attorney fishman said there was an indicted co-conspirators who have been working with them along with david wildstein so we want to know who are these people who is cooperating with the investigation and what do they know and know about others who might have known that we don't know of at this point. so that's something we really will see play out. and bridget kelly's attorney has said that she -- that they are going to file for discovery to find out who some of those unindicted co-conspirators are. seeing the information come out again, as the weeks and months continue, is going to make for a lot more reporting. >> so we heard what governor christie had to say about all this but let's take a listen now to what david wildstein's attorney had to say during the news conference when he was asked if governor christie knew about the lane closures. >> governor christie involved?
9:46 am
>> i had made a statement on behalf of mr. wildstein in january of 2013 that mr. christie knew of the lane closures while they were occurring and evidence exists to establish that. that is as much as i can say and as much as i will say. >> so when we think about christie's potential 2016 plans, do you think voters in new jersey are ready to move from this controversy or has this really done him in? >> well, i think in new jersey i mean if you look the at polls they certainly have fallen in terms of popularity for the governor. what our real question is now, what does this mean in states like iowa and new hampshire. i was covering him in new hampshire the other week and he got joked, a lot of jokes were posed to him about the bridge and people in new hampshire seem to be aware this happened. it seems kind of almost comical to them. in some ways i don't know if
9:47 am
voters care. they don't seem to care in iowa. the question is what will this mean for donors and moneyp. we certainly have the invisible primary continuing to go on. will governor christie still be able to get important financial backers. they're saying they're very confident that this doesn't affect him at all but we'll have to see. >> heather hadden from "the wall street journal" thank you very much. >> a video about racism is rapidly climbing the youtube charts having received almost 1 million views. the film "racism is real" shocking statistics about the pervasiveness in many areas of life. some of these may come as a surprise. take a peek. ♪ ♪
9:48 am
>> joining us is robert greenwald the producer for "racism is real" was there something specific that inspired this film or was it a big kind of crescendo that said i have to make it? >> it was the combination of the number of studies that have been done where over and over with respect to academics in harvard and berkeley and columbia and all over the country, chicago, were sending out identical resumes only they would change the names, and by the way, this was in boston and chicago, it wasn't in the deep south, and those resumes that had overtly white sounding names, got a call to come in for a job 50% more than the black sounding names. exactly the same resumes.
9:49 am
and we saw this with jobs we saw this with housing, alex where 20% less homes were shown to african-americans. now yes, it has improved where the overt clearly blacks can sit at lunch counters and people can't obviously discriminate against homes but if you're not shown ohms it reduces -- homes it reduces the possibility of you getting the homes you want. it was the studies, the academics and it was firm proof that racism continues today different ways different forms but it's sadly alive and well. >> yeah. sadly indeed. a question is posed to virs at end of your film about racism is. what are you hoping this individual starts some sort of public discourse about what racism is all about, how to define it? >> yeah. that's exactly right. what we do with all of our films whether the koch brothers or walmart or films on drones or
9:50 am
guns we're trying to use our ability as storytellers to make available to people information, stories, personal facts, and for them to see and experience and this film by the way in just a few days has now had over 10 million views between youtube and facebook and we've had over a million comments. that's a real conversation not all those comments have been pretty, some of the arguments are tough and mean spirited but it's a conversation that has to happen and it has to happen among people who get up in the morning and say, there's no racism, why don't they just try harder. why aren't they getting a job, why aren't they doing this that or the other thing. here's some factsp in a video that's accessible to everybody and what's been most satisfying has been people passing it along to other people and white people passing it along. a lot of african-americans certainly know this exists but this was oriented to many white
9:51 am
folks who say the problem is over they should quit complaining. >> robert, if there was something you hope people could do in terms of taking action to bring about change in society what would you hope that would be? >> well, on the racial front i think there's a variety of things. lots of great groups to get involved with, who work on housing and job discrimination and driving while black and not incarcerating black people. so pick your area pick the subject, pick the thing that emotionally gets to you and then go out and get involved. there's a tremendous amount of work and some really critical work being done by activists and, of course, what we're seeing in baltimore and ferguson and some of those, our next video is going to focus on the police brutality all across the country. >> okay. robert greenwald you have an open envyinvitation when that's all done. thank you so much. this time the video "racism for real." as his city burned edward buck jr. turned a tragic moment into
9:52 am
a teachable one for his 5-year-old boy. that story when we return. this kid makes stains like crazy so we got our new he washing machine but it took forever turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean. now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turbo clean. 6x the cleaning power in ½ the time
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9:55 am
live pictures right now from downtown baltimore. thousands are expected to rally in celebration of the state attorney's decision to file charges against six police officers involved in freddie gray's arrest. in addition to peaceful protests we've seen image after image of a community pulling together and part of that involved rioters setting fire to this cvs on monday. and parents like this father edward buck jr. who wanted to turn the events into a learning experience for his son, he and his 5-year-old son named edward are joining us right now. edward and edward iii and i'm so happy to have you both. >> thank you. >> since school was closed on tuesday, you decided to take your son on a tour of west baltimore. why did you do that? what did you want to show him? >> alex i thought it was my responsibility as a parent and
9:56 am
also raising a young african-american man i wanted him to -- i wanted to be able to paint the picture of what was going on instead of the school systems and peer i needed him to know exactly what was happening with the situation through my eyes. >> edward jr., what do you remember most about that day or edward iii i should say. >> they broke the store. >> that bothered you because you go to that cvs, you go and get candy there. what was it like seeing that cvs burned? >> sad. >> i bet it was sad. were you ever scared? >> yeah. >> when did you get scared honey? >> >> when they broke down the store and there was fire on it.
9:57 am
# yeah. so edward your reaction to those who felt it was inappropriate to take pictures with self-purported gang members that day, you went up and took your son and said that was a heart warming moment for you right? shoe absolutely. what happened was, i had to go to work alex and pennsylvania -- i mean pen north resource center. they allowed parents that have to work and things of that nature to drop their children off. coming back from work as i did my job and came back and got my son, we was on our way going to the car and i seen at lot of young men and women, i knew they was bloods and crisp and kind of scared me for a moment. in an awkward moment the only thing i could do is ask could you take a picture with my son and they was just the most
9:58 am
amazing children i've seen in my life. picked my son up and put him on their shoulders. i realized there are no bad individuals. individuals just make bad decisions and bad choices. and that moment i realized that they did have some good in them. >> yeah. well, as i told you in the commercial break, i'm proud of you as a fellow parent for your actions that day and should say to you, edward iii you have a great day and i'm sure you know that, but i'm going to tell you to listen to your dad he's going to give you good advice as you grow up. thank you for taking the time to talk to us. i appreciate that. >> thank you alex. >> coming up a close look at body cameras. could they be the answer to creating a more trust worthy climate between the police and communities they serve. believe it or not we're hearing the duchess of cambridge is set to leave the hospital in the next hour less than ten hours after giving birth. wow. we're live in london and show you next. t.
9:59 am
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it's the top of the hour here on "weekends with alex witt" we're giving you a live look at st. mary's hospital in london because believe it or not we're told within less than ten minutes or so we expect to see princess kate and prince william leave with their new bundle of joy. their baby girl who was born less than ten hours ago. it must have been an easy delivery. prince william arrived at the hospital about two, two and a half hours before the princess was born. we keep calling her princess because we don't have a name yet and it's entirely possible we won't for a couple days. if you remember with prince george they left the hospital without having given him a name. that came a day later. so all cameras, all eyes trained on this door and we are going to bring you their departure from st. mary's. we will see prince william. we expect to see prince george as well. prince william left the hospital, went and got his son, brought him back and he owe bliged the gathering crowd with
10:03 am
a little royal wave. absolutely adorable. we know he has met his baby sister and we expect to see all four of them there's that he's got the royal wave down. we expect to see the family leaving at some point soon and when they do we will take you there live. protesters are on the move right now in baltimore. that march planned to protest the death of freddie gray. it is being billed as a victory march. "the washington post" reports thousands of marchers will celebrate the decision by baltimore state attorney to file charges against six officers. one officer is facing second degree depraved heart murder. three others are facing involuntary manslaughter false imprisonment and misconduct among the charges and all six have been arrested all six free on bail. gray died 12 days ago while in police custody and baltimore city's state's attorney marilyn mosby said a thorough investigation led her to file the criminal charges. mosby in an interview on today dismissed charges that her office acted too quickly in
10:04 am
bringing charges against the officers. >> at the outset of this tragic incident my team went out, i sent investigators, we spent between 12 and 14 hours a day trying to get to the bottom of this and what happened in this case. the baltimore police department dedicated about 50 detectives to try to get to the bottom of this case. >> well protesters are not only gathering in baltimore, people in a number of cities across the country are gathering to make their voices heard over the death of freddie gray. my colleague, msnbc's toure with the protest marchers in downtown baltimore this afternoon. it's definitely picked up since the last hour when we saw you, toure. what are you seeing there now? >> yeah alex. there were about 60 people when we started at gilmore homes where freddie gray was arrested and now at the corner of pennsylvania and martin luther king, jr. boulevard and there's about 500 people. picking up people on every block, about 25 to 30 people. the police presence is barely in
10:05 am
evidence even though traffic is consistently being blocked wherever this march is going. people are chanting take back baltimore, no justice no peace, black lives matter. this crowd i think is upset about what happened to freddie gray but determined to show a peaceful face of protesting in baltimore, though also a resilient face. when we stopped at north and penn where we've been this week the organizer gave a speech and he said once black lives matter then you can talk about all lives matter. folks are jubilant and resilient at the same time. >> hey, toure, you mentioned there's not a strong police presence there. i mean everything has been absolutely peaceful thus far. but there always can be concern when others come from outside the city limits into a demonstration, you never know what they have planned, what's on their agenda. do you get a sense there's a lot of out of towners or baltimore residents all gathering around? >> i think there's a mix of
10:06 am
that. i've talked to some folks from new jersey who came in from houston and came in from l.a. folks who have a place in baltimore or a stake in baltimore, and some folks who don't. so a lot of these folks are from baltimore, but some of them are not. a lot of people are saying that they want to see the curfew lifted tonight, that the potential for violence has gone away and a lot of the businesses are saying please mayor, lift the curfew we want to make the money we would make. we got to close up at 8:00. a lot of people kept saying the big fight is tonight, the businesses would make money, it's going to be cut down please lift this curfew. >> the mayweather/pacquiao fight, there could be a lot of money made. thank you for keeping an eye on things on the ground. we'll check in on the next hour. >> let's bring in delegate antonio hayess whose district includes those hit by the disturbances. with a welcome to you, this is
10:07 am
taking place in your district so what are your impressions of how this tragic situation has developed? >> thank you alex. you know i like what i see happening out in the community. you know with the burning down of the cvs and loss of the cvs, the singers not far from there, they didn't have access to food water, that they need as far as farm suitors but from around baltimore and throughout the state has been stepping up to the plate, coming in helping clean up the neighborhood. i'm glad to see the subway station opened back up. but the last two days we served 20,000 pounds of food in the penn north community where a lot of people, you know, lost not -- it wasn't just the cvs to some people. to a lot of people it was a grocery store, a convenience store and pharmacy and so i'm glad to see so many people coming together and reclaiming
10:08 am
and looking forward. >> i just talked to a father and his 5-year-old son, the 5-year-old boy, ccvs is a place he would get candy, it was an outing destination and he was sad when he saw it had burned. sounds there is a silver lining to all of this. 20,000 pounds of food being served when can communities come together and rally like this you can take a positive spirit and move forward. do you expect some positive change? >> oh, absolutely. you know when we were distributing the food in sand town, which, you know, many described as the epicenter of many of the activityies going on people were very peaceful there was no security no police officers, no press, but there's close to 300, 400 people showing up in an orderly fashion thanking the people for caring enough to, you know volunteer and come out. we've been able to attract volunteers not just here in baltimore city because there's a
10:09 am
lot of city's residents coming out but people in surrounding counties and throughout the state showing up and working together. i think a lot of positive has come out. there's a lot of great opportunities to move forward. baltimore is the only -- is the only major city in the state of maryland so i think there's a lot of opportunities for us to be an example to cities throughout the country and what could be done given a tragic situation. >> yeah. you know what for right now, it's a beautiful saturday afternoon. there's music and i'm sure there's some good food and people celebrating and delegate antonio hayes i want to thank you for sharing part of your afternoon and hope this is a great afternoon for you and everybody assembled. thank you. >> absolutely. thank you, alex. >> okay. >> well we are keeping our eyes on london and i as a mother of two am absolutely shocked that princess kate is planning on leaving the hospital less than ten hours after having given
10:10 am
birth to her princess a baby girl, but we know that she is expected to do so shortly. that's not her. of course with every opening of a opening of a door we're waiting with bated breath. can you believe she's leaving so early? i thought it was a rumor and thought no way? >> well we were speculating, weren't we all morning long because she gave birth so quickly after arriving here two and a half hours after arriving this morning and because it happened so early in the day. there was a concern on the part of kensington palace about taking up so much space here in front of an open working functional hospital. we're very close to an emergency room ambulances have been coming by this road is still open. doctors arriving for work. i think there was a very -- there was a lot of concern on their part they not take too much time in front of the hospital this time around. remember alex last time the media was camped out here for several weeks just waiting for
10:11 am
news that the duchess of cambridge had gone into labor. this time around we waited until she was actually in the hospital. that happened at 6:00 this morning london time 2 1/2 hours later the announcement from kensington palace that a baby girl was born and you see every time sun someone walks out the doors, there you have it. the new princess. >> prince william and the duchess of cambridge waving to the crowd. you can hear the royal faps in the distance cheering.
10:12 am
we understand they're going to come down to the microphones and may say a few words. before leaving with their girl. >> we should note prince george there earlier was taken back to kensington palace but we presume he has met his baby sister named to be determined. we will get that as soon as possible but this is entirely reminiscent almost the same thing as we saw a couple years ago when george was born. the only difference being that day, kate, who looks equally wonderful after having given birth to her second child, wearing a beautiful blue with polka dots jenny peck ham dress which became all the rage with maternity clothes to recreate that designer's clothes. so now they're heading back in. kelly, i don't know the reason for going back in. they didn't do that last time. but perhaps they're going in to finish up paperwork. she does look like she's ready to leave the hospital and head back to kensington palace.
10:13 am
the crowd is not as large as it was last time but that doesn't take away from the jubilation of this event. >> i think the crowds were kept back a little bit this time because of the disruption last time around. and again, that was a concern of kensington palace as well. we did hear from the spokesperson that it was still up in the air whether or not they would say a few words. those decisions obviously were up to prince william and the duchess of cambridge. you know it's so soon after giving birth and i think their main concern is get back home. prince william did arrive here a little bit earlier with prince george. of course we saw prince george in the british public in front of tv cameras here in this country, he had appeared at a royal event in new zealand and australia. but never before in front of the british public. so that was a very big moment seeing him here live in person waving to the crowds and going
10:14 am
up into the hospital to meet his little sister. he did seem a bit taken aba back, wouldn't you looking across the street and seeing this just scene of hundreds of cameras pointed toward him and people waving. i mean he's just under 2 years old. it must have been a bit shocking. we understand that he left through a back door. he's back at kensington palace. the family as a whole will go back to kensington palace about two miles away and stay there for a couple days in their apartment flat 1a a 20 room apartment there at kensington palace they will have a visit from the queen. we will perhaps know the name of the princess in the next day or so we're hoping. an then they will eventually go to their country home anmar hall about 100 miles north of london and that's where they will be for the next several months alex. >> i know that kate is going to take off a little more time this time understandably not only to
10:15 am
tend to her newborn but sort of incorporate the new member of the family with a little 2-year-old boy not even as you said. do you see robert jobson within arm's length there? he is a royal correspondent we've been speaking with a as well. if you do, you're welcome to bring robert in. to the conversation. >> i do. robert is about probably 50 feet away and if i yell really loudly he might hear me. >> there's robert. he's not on the same camera. >> robert yes, i would have done my classic whistles there but i will refrain from doing so now that you're here. robert with regard to this whole thing that the spectacle of it there's no dampening of spirits, it is being practical, the fact that they decided not to make as much out of it but the truth is george is the one who's in line for the throne. yes, this little girl is as well, but she has to go through her big brother, her father and her grand father correct?
10:16 am
>> that's true. to be honest, al leshgs we shouldn't discount it totally because many, many monarchs in the past have been the second children. henry r8 king george the v and vi went on. you shouldn't discount automatically. the first of a royal princess since princess eugenieny. a an awful lot of excited people here today. may not have the same euphoria but here they come as we speak, prince william carries the baby out, going to put the baby in the car and drive off with kate. >> that's precious. >> it looks so much like it did the last time. i mean let's face it doing exactly what they did with george as any other family taking their baby home perhaps not to kensington palace taking their baby home. it is remarkable how terrific kate looks in tremendous physical shape. she's very athletic. i'm sure that contributed the fact that she's had a relatively
10:17 am
easy delivery. she's leaving the hospital with ten hours since her baby was born. >> absolutely. prince william drove past us there. she looks incredible. absolutely relaxed. totally immaculate. her hairdresser did go in earlier to make sure she looked perfection because kate likes to look like that. that was a lovely scene of prince william carrying the baby out. >> wouldn't you want to have a bit of hair and makeup coming before out before the cameras of the world. my goodness. we have aerial cameras watching them make their way and go back to kensington palace. >> i can see the helicopter. >> we're getting the pictures from that helicopter. >> but when kate returns to royal duties do you expect that she will travel or has it been said she will probably stay more domestic and stay home? >> no. she certainly will carry out
10:18 am
royal engagement duties in the future. a number but she won't split her time between being a royal mother and an official member of the royal family. they do want that to continue even prince william is doing another job apart from being a royal as an air ambulance pilot. they want to keep that going and still have prince charles in line to the throne. they can divvy this work up if you like. kate very much wants to be a mom at home as well as a royal princess. >> and william is such a hands on father. i understand he's taking off a couple weeks of paid leave, leave because he's a new father but he's extending that isn't he without pay? >> well that's right. actually gives all his pay away to charity anyway but yes, he is extending it. he's going to be off for a good few weeks. he won't return to royal duties until much, much later. they're having some time. when they have two days a at kensington palace maybe a
10:19 am
little less than that and then to anmar hall in the east of england where i'm sure they will spend weeks away from the media circus and then we'll see the name released and the photographs of the little baby probably taken by an official member of the staff as they've done before. they will be away and living a life like a private family. that all will happen apart from the name which will come out maybe tomorrow that will all happen after the general election in the uk which obviously going on at the moment because the royals have to remain apolitical. >> robert do we know anything about where kate middleton's mother carol is right now? we know they're so close and she was a tremendous help to her during the pregnancy and in the early days when george was a newborn, have they come to london do you know? the middleton family? >> i would think they would be at kensington palace. that way they'll be a way they can meet their new grand child as soon as possible. they're very close to william and kate.
10:20 am
prince of wales is away but i'm sure he will then return and visit them in the privacy of that residence because it's very private. we expect the queen before they get to anmar hall to visit them as well because she did that last time for george. i would expect most of this to be all out of the way by monday. i don't expect them to carry on doing this. the focus sort of the nation will be on the election and the queen for one. want to make sure it's not in any way affected the election. >> i want to bring back in nbc's kelly as well. we've all been waiting for this to happen and i'm curious as you've been following the build up to this pivotal day, important day, how much has it dominated the news headlines? >> well surprisingly in this country it hasn't really. perhaps that isn't a surprise if you live in this country and been paying attention to the election. there's a very important general election just a few days away as robert just mentioned. so really that's been the focus
10:21 am
of press coverage right now. in this country, there's been some talk of it here and it's been in the newspapers, but in terms of coverage excuse me people talking about it on the streets you really haven't heard the same sort of excitement as you did when prince george was born. and, of course, this is the second baby for prince william and the duchess kate. this is not the future king or queen. this is a spare to the heir as they say here in the uk. she's fourth in line to the throne. she won't be leap frogged by a baby brother, but still, she's not in the direct line of succession. much more downplayed in this country this time around alex. >> yeah. i'm going to ask my director to put up on screen if either of you have a return you will be able to get as closer look at this baby's face. this is put up by the bbc. from the looks of it looks like that may be a photo taken from a helicopter way high above. but zooming in on what looks to
10:22 am
be a picture perfect baby. not surprising when you look at both parents, look at prince george as well who couldn't be cuter. but again, the bbc putting up this picture and that will be the big money shot and all of those that will be put out officially with the royal portrait. robert jobson do you know how long it will be until they take the pictures, how long was it with george? do you remember? >> it was quite a while, a few days actually, and the reason they did that was because they had -- it was actually michael middleton, kate's dad that took the photographs and he got a lot of criticism from professional photographers who said he lit it badly. very affectionate photograph i thought. i think they will be waiting a little while, a few days and rely on these photographs. the bbc or the press association may have had a vantage point at the top of the hospital to get a photograph and that's why they're getting the money shot because they would have probably been looked after in that way. >> yeah.
10:23 am
robert, i have to ask you, since this what is you do for a living, a royal correspondent and you watch the family what's the biggest thing for you about this day? what's your takeaway? >> actually this is an exciting day. it's positive news. alex we've had such terrible news what's been going on in baltimore and kathmandu and nepal, shocking so these are quite highlights of a positive news. i think most people like a balance in their news agenda too. this is high. it was a little bit more of a frenzy last time with prince george because he was the next first direct in line for the throne for many, many years, 30 years, so that was a slightly different edge to it. this time, you know, it's exciting. and the fact that it's a little girl will certainly get a lot of little girls all around the world excited to see what this little one looks like. certainly boost the economy. all the people who will be producing little dress, whatever this little one wears you watch it sell out within minutes all over the place.
10:24 am
>> you're right. well, this will be a perfect note to end our coverage as the royal family has arrived home. we're looking at aerials of kensington palace and kensington gardens and they've just pulled into their garage such as it is and staying a couple days there. robert jobson thank you so much for your contribution here to the breaking news and also nbc's kelly cobiella following this news with us. we will be back on the other side with more news on msnbc's "weekend's with alex witt." ♪ ♪ fresher dentures... ...for those breathless moments. hug loud, live loud, polident. ♪ ♪ ♪ if you're looking for a car that
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data is secure the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. we monitor network traffic worldwide, so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. developing new, live pictures where thousands have been gathering for what's called a victory rally after one day after the state's attorney for the city brought charges against the six officers involved in freddie gray's arrest. the question now, how does the baltimore police department
10:28 am
restore trust following the freddie gray case? on friday congressman elijah cummings spoke how important the charges are to the community and how vital police are to the city. i'm sorry. we don't have that sound bite and we'll bring it as soon as we get it. this week nbc national correspondent kate snow sat down with a number of police officers and sergeants around the country talking about what it's like to go on patrol in a climate of mistrust. on the heels of that joining me right now, former nypd officer eugene o'donnell a professor at john j. college of justice and kate a reporter with "the los angeles times." the baltimore police here the union has written an open letter to the state's attorney asking her to appoint a special prosecutor in this case because the gray family attorney donated to her campaign and marilyn mosby responded to the accusations last night. let's listen to that.
10:29 am
my goodness. we're having problem with our tape playback. do you see a conflict of interest here from what you've read and seen in the interviews? >> well the presumion is the prosecutor did a job, the issue is a little sensitive because she made some comments in public which was ill-advised when people cheered an indictment made comments more political than about prosecutorial work and she has -- her husband is a pretty vocal elected official himself, which is hard to get her away from but i think going forward there's going to be a need for the decorum and for -- at the same time it is a community that had a riot i don't want to point fingers but there needs to be a caution about not over politicizing something and it's hard for -- the garner case in staten island, hard for prosecutors elected or politicians to the not to be political. >> how difficult is it for police officers to go out now on
10:30 am
patrols when there is this air of mistrust in the community? >> i think it's very difficult now. it's like education where we need the best cops we need the best teachers in the most problematic schools and need the best cops in the toughest neighborhoods and they're sort of delegitimized. there's issues that have to bes addressed but i think baltimore is an indictment of an institution there that goes to city hall and i don't think it's the only city that has that. it's falling on the cities of the cops and they've been demonized and care rick ka terred and it's affecting their work and you wonder what principle, good young person, we need in the middle of the city of baltimore will take the job and want to be out there in the myth of the ambiguity and complications. i hope at some point we can have a conversation about the reality where the cops are, even in this kind of case. a lot of people with criminal records, not really because of the system a lot of weapons, a
10:31 am
lot of homicides, a lot of times people lying to them when they're in custody pretending to be injured when not injured. they deal with that every day. it's a difficult environment. >> body cameras, i know that you've written that los angeles will soon become the largest city in the nation to equip officers of the cameras. there are police concerned the individual doesn't always tell the story from all the different angles. talk about that and what you found with your reporting. >> right. so this week the los angeles police commission voted to approve the lapd's proposed policy for the body cameras and that was significant because it was the final hurdle that they needed to overcome to actually begin to put them on every patrol officer in every city the mayor and department's goal. body cameras and video, while widely seen as a useful tool in investigating incidents involving police and providing some clarity to controversial encounters that may occur,
10:32 am
police officials and experts also caution that video doesn't provide the whole story. you don't capture every angle on one camera and many people looking in on this issue are trying to remind the public while video is certainly having the video is certainly better than not having it it should be considered one piece of evidence when you look at the broader picture of what happened. >> kate you reported that the police commission, it was divided vote three to one in favor of the body cameras largely because of the who gets to see these individual videos and when. what's behind the controversy there? >> right. well the commission had decided to move forward with the body cameras. that was never really in question. but they were -- when these departments were rolling out this new technology there are a lot of questions still about the rules for how they will be used. there's no real uniform policy yet. departments are making progress and making their own policies as they go and one of the key issues has been, who is going to
10:33 am
see this footage and when. will the public have access to it. will it be released before an investigation is complete. but also when will the officers be able to review the footage. that was something that came up this week during the commission's vote. one of the commissioner's was not -- was not really in favor of allowing officers to review the footage before writing their report. that ultimately, though, was written into the policy and approved, so as of now, in most cases, lapd officers will be able to review their footage before writing their reports or making statements about an incident. >> yeah. and be eugene last question to you, will you still be out on patrol? would you welcome the use of body cameras? >> i think body cameras are a terrible idea because they're going to affect policing where it's needed most center the whole agency around trying to catch cops and wrong doing. imagine -- >> can't it work to -- if a police officer is accused of something and wrongdoing it can also show that they may be innocent of those accusations? >> but the conversation is about
10:34 am
police wrong doing. imagine doing this in the schools where you're going to put cameras on teachers to see how many mistakes they make. that's so far away from where we need to be in a place like baltimore, engaging people striking an equilibrium. people calling out for the police all the time need them engaged, frontally involved against gangs and people with guns and this is not going to promote that i don't think, at all. >> all right. well eugene o'donnell and kate matter i will have you both back on the broadcast soon. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> krael brags of sorts in baltimore one day after the charges. the latest in today's march coming your way, next. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. make a fist for me. at our infusion centers or in patients homes. we help them fight the good fight. cvs health, because health is everything. ♪ where do you get this kind of confidence?
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welcome back to "weekends witt alex witt." after days of protests activists are holding a victory rally downtown. that began about an hour and a half ago started in freddie gray's neighborhood and wound its way through the city gotten to city hall for some and where we find msnbc's richard lu. let's talk about the ten nor of
10:38 am
things there. celebration along the way. we've heard singing and chanting and what's going on now? >> very good day to you. what we're seeing behind us at the square in front of city hall to say that the mood has shifted is to be here for the last two hours as music has been playing. they just had rappers, they were doing the wobble on the square there about 300 people from all over the city different backgrounds, dancing together all at once. and that is right in front of the court steps where prosecutor mosby just within 24 hours had made that very crucial announcement to prosecute six police officers. that dichotomy we're seeing today on this saturday. now the rally although it has not officially begun on my right here where the stage is they expect the organizers to tell me about 20 speakers although they have over 50 seats there that's any indication here alex we could see a very long program. but their idea here is to continue after this to go to
10:39 am
force concert that is not too far away from here that will begin around 4:00. two people that came here you have to meet here alex are both kevin and kaia to be married today, but because of what happened in the city of baltimore, they really are sort of a microcosm of what the city has been going through tell me what you think now that you've had to postpone some of your wedding plans. >> it's unfortunate. i appreciate my wife to share her day and she was able to support me her husband, i want to say thank you. we want to stand with the people. it's all about support and positive change. >> so your parents are also here from japan, is that right? >> they just flew here and they're going to stay for a week and, of course, i didn't want to disappoint them so we decided to have very, very like wedding lunch, yeah just only family. >> you're still going to celebrate tonight but together and smaller.
10:40 am
>> together, a little bit smaller but it's not worth it. >> what's the message you might have for others trying to go through what their plans are here in baltimore as they look at the next week ahead, what would you say to them? >> it's all about priorities. even after today, i still -- we still got to live in this country so to be able to postpone things that you have that you already have planned, is way more important right now and just support positive change. >> how has this made your wedding different now? you did not plan on this. now you're sitting here on a saturday your wedding to kevin is different and how is it different? >> how is it different? how can i answer? >> how is that different? >> i'm sorry, what was your question? >> how is it different that the last week has transpired. >> what's different, between us? >> the wedding. >> it's a learning experience actually. it was a teachable moment for her. for coming from a country where she never experienced this. so it's so powerful to be able to share my experiences that i
10:41 am
go through in this country with my wife from japan. >> thank you so much. congratulationses to both of you. hope you have a great celebration day. >> richard give me -- >> yeah. >> do me a favor, tell congratulations to kevin and best wishes to kia, a beautiful bride, and here's the less ob of the day, relationships, it's all about being able to roll with the punches and deal with the things that come your way unexpectedly and they're doing a great job. >> alex witt the anchor says congratulations and relationships are an enduring part of what you will find for your life and alex you can hear the speakers just beginning so we'll get back to you later and tell you what happened. >> okay. we'll look forward to that. thank you so much richard lu. a great interview, a bride and groom. who knew. >> let's go from there back to london. where the royals have left the hospital with their newborn daughter to return to kensington palace. will and kate stepped outside with the princess just before departing. they were smiling and waving to a crowd of onlookers.
10:42 am
we are joined by tom sikes, the editor of the royal blog for the daily beast and with a welcome back, we spoke outside there of buckingham palace this morning and we had yet to learn a baby's name. when do you think that will happen? >> i don't think we're going to get a name really at the earliest until tomorrow. maybe not even monday. you know it's actually a holiday weekend here in the uk so there is kind of a long weekend ahead. so i'm not sure that we're going to be racing to hear anything. you know kate and william, they like to be able to sort of take control of their lives in a little places that they can. and i suppose one of the ways that they are able to do that is by giving out information at their own speed. you know in doing things their own way. they won't be bounced into giving out a name. and i do genuinely think that they're a very modern couple and like most modern couples you want to kind of get to know the baby a bit, talk to it a bit,
10:43 am
the days of maybe selecting a name before the child is born and stick to it whatever happens, you know i can't see kate really going for that. so i think give them 24 48 hours, and we might have a name. >> certainly a modern couple dealing with a long-standing tradition of that easel and the official proclamation from buckingham palace about the baby being born a healthy baby girl this morning. i'm sure you've been to speak with the visitors. it's exciting to see something likes this on such a historic day. >> it was fun, actually. i went and stood in the q earlier to look at the easel, about half hour cue to get up to it. it was funny, i was queuing up and a goy pulled up in a van, pulled out an angle grinder, a legitimate worker i hasten to add, and started angle grinding away so they could make the cue go more smoothly around the corner of the palace. so it was a kind of fun moment.
10:44 am
but also shows you that really there is a desire to really involve the public as much as possible and putting the easel here has created a focal point at the palace. let's not forget buckingham palace behind me where it all happens, the seat of the royal family. that's where prince george will one day be running this country from. it's such an important part of george's life, of kate's life before the baby caught brought george swimming here, went swimming herself in the pool to try to bring on labor as that labor dragged on into a week and more overdue. i think it's really clever and really just good engagement with the public that there is something for people to do here at buckingham palace to feel involved and part of it. and just a fantastic really positive, really joyous atmosphere. >> yeah. well we're glad you have been able to share some of the sense with us. thank you so much from the daily
10:45 am
beast. enjoy, i foe you're happy to be part of the celebration today. thank you so much tom. the results of a new political poll are out and it asks people to rate hillary clinton on the issue of honesty. that's next. when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. i'm a bull rider make it part of your daily diabetes plan. so you stay steady ahead. doers. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, save up to $200 on eyeglasses. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical
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10:48 am
verizon. the 2016 presidential frontrunners are weighing in on the event in baltimore. declared candidates including hillary clinton are tweeting calls for peace as is her potential rival former maryland governor and mayor martin o'malley. john boehner is also commenting and here's what he told "meet the press" host chuck todd in an interview that will air tomorrow. >> do you believe we're in a national crisis when it comes to the relationship between african-americans and law enforcement? >> i do. i think that if you look at what's happened over the course of the last year you just got to scratch your head. >> yeah. >> and when you hear about these charges that have been brought. >> and now charging homicide. >> public servants should not violate the law if these charges
10:49 am
are true it's outrageous and unacceptable. >> joining me now lauren fox a koernlts for the national correspondent and david, lauren i'll reach out to you first, rand paul has been calling for reforms to the criminal justice system and speaking about solutions to ending income inequality. how do you think baltimore and issues facing cities like it will factor into the 2016 race? >> oh, i think it's going to be a -- continue to be a huge deal. i think if we look at what rand paul has been talking about for a long time also candidates like marco rubio talking about income equality and sort of using the republican podle to pull people out -- model to pull people out of poverty this will be a debate to pull people out of poverty and free markets pulling people out of poverty. i think that's sort of going to be what the division is here in 2016. it's going to be hard to ignore that issue. >> david critics have
10:50 am
been pointing to o'malley's controversial approach to policing during his eight years as mayor, but do you think voters will care about issues facing inner cities going to be the number one thing, alex but when you see the secretary she made a pretty strong comment that they need to reopen the question about criminal justice reforms about lengthy sentences for sort of smaller -- i think those are issues that a lot of the country does care about regardless of where you come down. the scenes that we're seeing? baltimore and other cities whatever the reasons are underlying reasons. no one could be happy with that in this country. something you'll the candidates are really going to have to address. >> to both of you. the new poll say the 70% say the word honest describes hillary clinton very or somewhat well. on the other hand, you have 61% describe her as strong. 56% describing her as decisive. what do the numbers tell you about what matters most to voters?
10:51 am
>> i think that voters are having a hard time trusting clinton right now just with what we've seen in the news about this e-mail scandal that she's been working through and also donations to the clinton nonprofit. they'll continue to have to fight through those. she also is seen as much more likable compared to a lot of the republican candidates. i think moving forward they're still unsure. there is a case to be made here if she wants to be the nominee. >> david shlgs your interpretation? >> i think secretary clinton -- her opinions are both baked in to some extent. i think if people get distracted by ongoing skajzs and have some doubts in that regard and aren't excited about it that could dampen enthusiasm, be donations, et cetera in the turnout. >> lauren fox and david, thank you very much. it's a little shorter than usual, but that's because of the royal baby. what are you going to do? >> absolutely. >> it's all good.
10:52 am
thank you, guys. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly.
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>> today is day two. it's oon annual five-day event dedicated to the future of technology nolg, and one of the events slated for this week is take back the mike. a reality competition that allows fans to hear from hip-hop artists from around the globe. nbc news and msnbc are proud sponsored of emerge americas and joining us is founding ceo of ambit, the miami-based tech company producing take back the mike. welcome to you. talk to me a little bit about take back the mike and what inspired you to be in this competition where are. >> thanks for having me, alex. take back the mike is based on a simple premise that what's happened in hip-hop in the united states has kind of taken a division. it's kind of taken a diversion away from what hip-hop is all about. it started as a music from the streets for people who were expressing themselves about the
10:56 am
reality of their lives and their aspirations. now it's become about guns and girls. we wanted to go around the world and still see if the soul was still alive. so blending tech and music in this way, i mean what was the catalyst for that. how did you come to the idea? >> well most of the music competition shows are all about the competition, and you got a group of celebrities deciding if you are good or we like your haircut or we think you've got talent, but ultimately people know what's good so what amp it does is it just allows fans to engage with the music. you can't vote in the traditional sense. you listen. you get points. the artist gets points. you share, and you get more points and the artist gets more points. the top fans also win a trip. they're all here in miami right now. >> that's cool. >> yeah. >> i understand the top three finalists have been selected, and they're going to perform
10:57 am
live on monday. when you think about the future for the winner of this contest, what do you see? >> we're really excited. all of the bands have had national exposure in their home countries based on the competition, and our goal is to get the national exposure around the world, and there's some really interesting things that are pending from that. i suspect that we're going to be -- to have turned some really phenomenal talents into local legends, and our goal is to take them to the global stage. >> okay. well, derek, this is pretty exciting, and i hope you have a great competition on monday and thanks for sharing everything that's going on with emerge america. >> check us out. take back the >> okay. you got it. thanks. it's the day after in baltimore following the announced charges against those six police officers in the arrest of freddie gray, and there are more protests today. we'll take you there next.
10:58 am
10:59 am
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