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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  May 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a new day in baltimore with a new march plan following the stunning announcement about the death of freddie gray. today the city's prosecutor defends her decision and fires back at critics. >> i don't see what the conflict of interest is. i have to prosecute every crime that takes place in the city of baltimore. >> was there a rush to judgment in this case? new analysis as the six officers charged are out on bail. plus, there's a brand new royal baby. the duchess of came bridge delivers her second child and heads back home hours later. hey there, everyone. twok a special edition of weekends with alex witt. we're going to protest ares. the march planned to row test the death of freddie fwra. it's now being billed as a victory march. many are celebrating the decision by the baltimore state's attorney to file charges
11:02 am
against six police officers. one officer is facing second degree depraved heart murder. he and three others are facing involuntary manslaughter, false imprisonment and misconduct. an officer also among the charges. all six officers have been arrested, and all are now free on bail. fwra was arrested by officers on april 12th. he was injured while in custody, and he died one week later. well, the city was stunned yesterday when baltimore city state's attorney marilynn mosby said a thorough investigation led her to file criminal charges. mosby dismissed claims that her office had acted too quickly in bringing charges against the officers. >> at the outset of this tragic incident, my team went out. i sent investigators. we spent between 12 and 14 hours a day trying to get to the bottom of this and what happened in this case. the baltimore police department dedicated about 50 detectives to try to get to the bottom of this case. >> protesters are not only gathering in baltimore. people in a number of other cities across the country have
11:03 am
gathered to make their voices heard over the death of freddie gray. let's if to msnbc's -- he is with protesters this morning. i see you have a guest, but i'm curious, you've had people there from, you mentioned, new jersey, houston, los angeles. i mean, this is the kind of place where it's a focal point. people are gathering here to make their voices heard, yeah? >> yeah, that's right, alex. s we're at city hall where about 1,000 people moved from gilmore homes where freddie gray was arrested here to city hall marching through the city blocking traffic. they were jubilant, peaceful. yet, they were defined. i'm with 20-year-old qaume rose. what was the point of the march in your mind? >> the point of organizing today's march was just to show the main objective of what last saturday was supposed to be. before outside agitators provoked demonstrators at camden yards. >> how did yesterday's announcement by the state's attorney change today's march
11:04 am
because you have been planning this all weeklong. i know a lot of people did not expect charges to come on friday. did that change the tenor of today's march or the point? >> we commend state's attorney marilynn mosby, first of all, on bringing charges, but we also see there's a divide inside city hall. this march was a march today that's necessary because as you see, we're out here peacefully, but, yet, the military is still here with more tanks than there were before, and they were there while we were marching down, so there's obviously still fear from city hall of black residents in baltimore city. >> you said it was very important today for this march to be peaceful, to show people a peaceful side of baltimore. a lot of baltimoreans have been on that all weeklong. they want to show folks they are peaceful. you said wunks black lives matter. you can talk about all lives matter. what did you mean by that? >> this is just basically to my original point that i was making tuesday night. this is a movement for black lives that doesn't need to be coopted by outside agitators trying to come if & push their
11:05 am
own jaebd wrush this is the point where youth in baltimore city can finally organize and build and create our own agenda and push that forward. that's what should be on the forefront of everyone's minds while we gather today and during this time. >> you see youth in baltimore here marching and protesting peacefully showing a defiant face, and yet a jubilant face and beautiful face of baltimore. >> it is absolutely beautiful. i love seek all those people coming together. do you have a definitive sense of what people in baltimore want to see happen next? >> alex, i want to know, what's going to happen next in baltimore? what are the next steps? >> well, the next steps for us as a community are to rebuild, rebuild ourselves, push city hall to push the funding to revamp our communities so that our communities look just as good as the communities down here at the inner harbor or just blocks away where white residents on.
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>> that's an interesting intention.
11:07 am
hey, willfully. >> okay. but not resulting with the intent to kill. >> not the intent to kill, but acting with the depraved heart. it's a higher degree of negligence. he was calling out for help. he said he couldn't breathe. all of those pleas were ignored by the police, and they should not have been. >> based on what we know, do you think that the state's attorney has a strong case? >> well, based on the evidence so far, certainly i can see why she brought charges, but, yes, the decision to charge them was not a decision based on their guilt or innocence, but just enough probable cause to move forward with the case. alex, as we've discussed many times, it's a very difficult process when it comes to taking these cases to trial and actually getting a successful conviction against police officers. in general, a lot of people in the public give police officers the benefit of the doubt when
11:08 am
they commit certain acts or even certain crimes in the commission of them doing their jobs. so in the event that this case goes forward, it is certainly not a slam dunk case. there will be challenges, but ultimately the decision will rest in the hands of the jury and in the community members in that city. >> for those people who doubt her or who don't have any faith in the criminal justice system, what do you think her words and her actions have done for those people? >> there were -- we've heard a lot of young people on the street the last several days talk about the fact that they have no faith in the criminal justice system. they have no faith in this case moving forward, and i think that her decision to come out and make the difficult choice to bring charges against these police officers based on her investigation, based on the police department's investigation, based on all of the evidence she had, i think it said to these young people, freddie gray, his life mattered.
11:09 am
it is important that we recognize his life mattered. there is a case now. there is no conclusion to this case. there is -- it will be an up hill battle. any time you try to prosecute police officers for event that is have occurred in the scope of them acting on the job, in their duties as a police officer, it will be an uphill battle, but the fact that there is a case that they will get due process in court just like every other individual who commits a crime and they're arrested and they have to go through the process. these police officers will also have to go through that process. >> and those six officers are currently free on bail. in just a few minutes, an interview with the baltimore city state's attorney marilynn mosby who filed those charges against those officers. she answers the critics who say she rushed to judgment. let's go back now to london. that's where the royal family has arrived home at kensington palace with the newest addition to their family. we were all introduced to their daughter a few minutes ago when the duke ask duchess of cambridge stepped outside of the st. mary's hospital. they were smiling and waving to
11:10 am
onlookers. nbc's kelly is joining us from london. i'm curious, has the crowd disbursed. all this buildup for several days now, and then should they pack up and go home? >> you would be amazed. they vanished. the media is packing up. there are still some left here. the royal fans have gone. all of the cheering crowds were here all day long waiting for the first sight of the little princess and they have disappeared. it really is amaezing out. this entire event 12 hours. they arrived at 6:00 this morning london time. she gave birth within two and a half hours. the news was tweeted out. the crowds erupted in cheers. then this afternoon as we saw they came out, showed the world their baby princess. the princess of cambridge. the first princess to be born so
11:11 am
close to the line of succession in 65 wreerz, since 1950, then filed into the family car. prince william drove them back to kensington palace, which is where they will stay for the next couple of days. we're expecting, alex, hopefully to see the queen driving into kensington palace to visit her new great granddaughter at some point tomorrow possibly and maybe even the announcement of a name tomorrow, but no further updates tonight. alex. not from the palace wraen way. >> from the palace. i'm sure it will be well wishers outside of kensington pal whereas. kelly, thank you for watching every move for us. we appreciate all your time with us on weekends with alex witt. let's go across the pond now to the nation's capital, and i want to quickly talk with kristen welker at the white house. i understand the white house has chimed in celebratory wishes. >> they just released a statement. it says "michelle and i are delighted to congratulate the duke and duchess of cambridge.
11:12 am
her majesty the queen and royal family and although people of the united kingdom on the birth of the royal princess. on behalf of the american people, we wish the duke and duchess and their son george, much joy and happiness on the occasion of the arrival of the newest member of their family." of course, after prince george was born, it was just a matter of hours before president obama and the first lady released a similar statement. the first family is at camp david this weekend, so i don't anticipate that we'll actually hear anything from the president, but this is always a joyous occasion. of course, here in the united states as well. for the first family, parents of two girls, so they know the joy of bringing a child into the world all too well, and just a few hours, of course, it takes them to respond to this news that the princess has been born. alex. >> okay. kristen welker, don't stray too far. we'll come back and get political news from you in just a minute. well, bridge gate is back in the headlines after former chrissy pleads guilty and two others are indict. those details ahead. how do crest 3d white
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marchers are protesting the death of freddie gray who died in police custody. demonstrations are also taking place in a number of other cities across the country. joining me now from baltimore is duree, one of the leaders of the protest in ferguson, missouri, which followed the shooting death of an unarmed michael brown by a ferguson police officer. welcome to you. we talked about the shooting of michael brown, which took place nine months ago. >> not much has changed in terms of police accountability. we are excited that in the city of st. louis there is a police -- a community oversight board that it was just approved,
11:17 am
and we hope that that will be a change agent. we also are hopeful about the police are being potentially disbantded and there are a number of resignations not yet leading to systemic change, but we hope that it's on the horizon. the doj is also involved, and that could lead to some real structural change in ferguson. >> yeah. there was also some change with regard to the city council, the makeup of the city council more reflective of the community. there were several african-americans elected, and that is a change. this is a city that has two-thirds of the population that are black residents and that was not reflected at all before now. >> your question is what has changed about police responsibility? >> it could lead to changes, but nothing has changed yet in terms of the police being accountable. they remain aggressive with protesters.
11:18 am
the overall structure has not changed sfwloosh what about social media? how much has that played into your cause? sfloop yeah. it's been huge. you know, as marginalized -- as black people we often face issues of -- our story is not told or it's told by everybody but us. in twiter and facebook, it allowed us to tell our own story in real tv time. when the police chief in st. louis city is tweeting that people are throwing rocks at him, at the very instabt we can say that's actually not true, and even here when the baltimore city police department the other day said that protesters set i trash can on fire, a reporter from "the guardian" tweeted immediately and said, no, the smoke bomb that you actually drew that you threw out set the trash can on fire. it's helped us control our own narrative. >> yeah. why are you in baltimore? what is it that you hope to accomplish by your presence or the mess thage that you are sen sng. >> baltimore is home home for me. it's where i grew up and where i was raised. i'm back home because freddie gray died, and this is -- you
11:19 am
know, with every new hash tag it gets closer and closer to people. i even got stopped here in the police in baltimore for a traffic stop, and the police officer approached my car with his gun drawn, and i hadn't done anything. these police have a history of being corrupt, and this is the first step in highlighting it. >> i am glad can i help highlight your voice and your hope for change and what you see happening out there in both baltimore and in ferguson, missouri. thanks for joining us. >> the announcement yesterday charging six baltimore police officers in connection with the death of freddie gray has brought national attention to baltimore city state's attorney, marilynn mosby. mosby has been in office just under four months. she ran on a platform of police accountability.
11:20 am
>> she's not afraid to credit her family members who she said helped shape her. >> when baltimore state's attorney marilynn mosby stepped into the spotlight, she stood on the shoulder of a long line of law enforcement. her mother, father, and grandfather among many family members who served as police officers and influenced her decision to follow them. >> you spoke to your mom today. >> i did. >> what did she say to you? >> she said she was proud of me.
11:21 am
>> why want appoint an independent prosecutor? >> my shus a public servant, and so am i. he makes the laws. i enforce them. sls tlst no conflict of interest. >> mosby insisted even though people have been protesting his death for days, she felt no pressure to rush to judgment. >> i'm a prosecutor. my job is to follow the facts and apply them to the elements of the law. >> but this mother of two young girls says she does feel the trust is broken between the community and police and that fuelled the violent night of protests earlier this week. >> as a mom, i was very concerned. this was happening right outside my door. >> mosby says now she's focused on letting the legal process play out and hopes this moment will help right decades of wrongs. >> our time is now to reclaim our communities, to get engaged, to get into the political
11:22 am
process. it begins today. sdmroop mosby says her decision to get into law enforcement was also born out of tragedy when she was just 14. her 17-year-old cousin was mistaken for a drug dealer and was shot and killed on the doorstep of her home. mosby told me she continues to be inspired by her cousin every single day. alex. >> a strong story and a strong woman. thank you so much, kristen welker from the white house. >> thanks. the princess has arrived. we'll have more from london. first, break out your bonnets and mint juleps. we're live at the kentucky derby when we return. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses.
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joining us me on the phone is shift by msnbc. do you see this as being one of the best ever? >> that seems to be what everyone here at churchill downs thinks. now, this is horseracing. a lot of people think a lot of things, alex, and then you just never know what's going to happen. you mentioned the two horses and bob baffert bringing into this race. american farrow has meerjed as a big favorite in this race. everyone thinks this is a horse that has what it takes, and then potentially to emerge as the triple crown contender wresh earlier we talked about that before the derby has run, and it seems to have that type of pedigree. he had not been challenged really in any of those races, and then his stable mate mentioned also under bob baffert. going off right now at about a 4- 1.
11:27 am
alsoed wood memorial and the aqua duct in new york a few weeks ago, alex, and it will be really interesting to see if bob baffert can become the first guy in a very long time to train both the winner and the runnerup in the kentucky derby. >> you know, if this is like the fastest and the most exciting two minutes in sports, as they say, i mean, how is it that you can really predict what a horse about do? how often are there upsets? >> you know, pretty much every year something unexpected happens at the kentucky derby because you have 18 horses going off from a mile and a quarter run, and so many things can happen. bad luck. a horse gets bumped. a horse just wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. you know, alex, these horses don't tell says how they're feeling. everyone is ultimately guess whatting kind of mood they're going to be, how much they really feel like running, so you go with their past performance. you go with the pedigree they
11:28 am
have. you know, who their lynnage is ultimately. you go for all that stuff, and then at the end of the day we just hope for the best. it is luck. at the end of the day you hope you get lucky. i know the race is a couple of hours away yet, but i'm sure you're gearing up, and thanks for taking the time. >> so, rob, also for you who are interested, you can catch him on sports matters on shift by msnbc, and you can watch msnbc coverage starting at 4:00 eastern time. coming up, congratulations, big brother. the royals welcomed a baby girl to the family just hours ago. the princess's name still to be determined. we're going to get the latest from london straight ahead. boys? stop less. go more.
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something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. make a fist for me. at our infusion centers or in patients homes. we help them fight the good fight. cvs health, because health is everything. welcome back to weekends with alex witt. the mood in baltimore upbeat at this hour. we'll check out just minutes ago the scene in front of city hall where hundreds of people are dancing in the very same spot where protesters were demanding
11:32 am
justice for freddie gray's death just days ago. msnbc's amanda joining us from baltimore. amanda, to what do you attribute this change? i mean, there seems to be a big turnaround and the focus is definitely still on freddie gray. >> there are families here. they were dancing with unison to the wobble. it's a celebrate other atmosphere. there's a sense of cautious optimism after the six officers were charged yesterday. but many people are still pressing for further action. they're having voter registration drives. they want more people to be signed up, registered to vote. they're saying they're going to be meeting needing to have a jury here to have supporters on the jury once this peace goes to trial, and they want to have more people involved and active in this. it's been a very, very change of
11:33 am
scenery here. it's light and so many families just here celebrating. >> yeah. you know, i think you're right. i think you hit the nail on the head. people feel like there's a sense of hope and at least some sense of justice may be done with the arrest of these six police officers. are people talking, though, about the time frame? this may be months and months before potentially could go to trial. there are people that are scheduled to turn out for different protests with the black lives matter. sorry. black lives matter movement as well as with their allies in the labor movement now that for the may day protests that have been going on around the country. there's a great deal of momentum with this right now. as you can tell, it's really reached a head into a very
11:34 am
celebratory mood. >> it's a very good cause, and people are trying to rally their community and move it forward in a positive note. amanda, thank you very much from in front of city hall in baltimore. let's get more on the community reaction today. to do that we bring in rashad robinson, the executive director of color of welcome to you. i want to ask you the message you're taking away from what you have seen in baltimore over the past few days. there were weeks and weeks of protest, but until the community took to the streets, we did not actually see the type of results that we wanted with the prosecutor stephanie. we understand this is just one we don't see any result out of this trial. this is actually the time to continue organizing for the type of structural changes. we see these moments bubbling up
11:35 am
all around the country. over and over again without the type of results here in baltimore. until we have legal and structural and policy changes, these are just individual isolated incidents. we do need to reform policing nationally and locally all around the country. >> yeah. you know, rash yad, we should tell people that your organization, color of, you guys are tasked with holding government accountable to the african-american community. the speed with which the baltimore state's attorney quick action there, i mean, just one day from receiving the report from the police to then charging these six officers in connection with the death of freddie gray. were you surprise bid that? >> we were definitely surprised considering what we've seen in places like ferguson and other places around the country. new york where we haven't seen results. you know, this is -- this is a result of the ongoing and growing black lives matter movement. the movement of everything people of all races coming together to turn this moment.
11:36 am
you know, while there's celebration here. we all understand that. the celebration will really happen. when we start having the cultural and political change, the type of structural changes, so these type of incidents don't happen in the first place. so that every single time a black person is harmed or hurt by police, we don't have to take to the streets to see that our justice system works where are our justice system works because our lives matter, and that's going to be an important part. that's going to be an important part of this black spring movement. as people are taking to the streets and cities around the country and color of change and our 1.3 million members on-line and off line will be supporting that effort. >> yeah. these are huge efforts that you are undertaking, rashad.
11:37 am
can you give me in a practical sense, if there's one thing you want to see be a next step for you, what do you want to see happen next? >> i guess what we want to see next is we want to see some of the real policies. these are things that can be done at the federal level today. things like having a national database with which we don't have in this country on when someone is hurt or harmed by police officers. having incidences of police abuse. it makes what happened here in baltimore so, you know, amazing and so out of practice. it's because over and over again we have seen black people hurt and harmed by police and nothing happened. what we actually need to take from this moment is true structural reforms. policy changes. then with the sort of bigger national level as we continue
11:38 am
this black lives matter movement start to change our culture, start to change the conversations we're having in our communities and the conversations we're having in media so that we're not just concentrating on the damages of property but we're concentrating on policing. the fact of the matter is in baltimore and so many other cities around this country the deepest investment in black communities is in policing. it's not an education or health or so many other indicators that make a city say to a community that we care about you. it's in policing. we've got to change that. >> all right. well, rashad robinson, we thank you for your time and expressing yourself to eloquently here from a lo color of thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> wool look at how teachers in baltimore are helping young students understand what is happening in their city. checking back on the ground, though, in london right now are the duke and duchess of cambridge that have returned home to kensington palace with their newborn daughter. nbc royal expert camilla is joining us now. i know the celebrations are
11:39 am
already underway. let's see. it's got to be about 7:30 in the evening or so your time right now. what can we expect over the next few days? >> well, i think really we're not going to have to expect that much except this magical name, alex. what are they going to call this little princess. alice and charlotte is in the running and alexandra. now we know that the baby is a girl. her weight 8 pounds and three ounced. when she was born. this morning at 8:34 a.m. all we're waiting for is what she's going to be called. >> well, you know, also this princess, she is fourth in line to the throne, but i was reminded in concussions on the air earlier today that that actually can become a reality that she could theoretically ascend to the throne for any number of reasons. it has happened certainly in the past. >> it has happened in the past. well, let's just remember the queen's father george xi only
11:40 am
took the throne because his brother, edward xii abduct ated. let's hope that prince george doesn't decide to do that, but the great thing now in this very thoroughly modern 21st century world of royalty girls are equal to boys so a royal daughter can't be superseded by a younger royal brother. no one can overtake her, which really is the way it should be. >> right. and the fact is that this family is a very young, modern royal couple. it is vastly different than, say, how things were announced with william's father. even a difference with william himself and his brother harry. i mean, it seemed as if diana and charles, they were the beginning of the modern family, but these two, i mean, look at them. they're just getting in the car. welcome driving everybody home with little fanfare. >> i couldn't agree more, alex. s what we have today was a thoroughly modern picture of what life is like now. particularly for the younger generation coming through. we had william stepping out of
11:41 am
the hospital quite casually in his blue jumper and saying to the press i'm just off to get george. popped into the car, drove it himself to kensington palace, collected his son, brought him back, and those adorable pictures of little prince george, 21 months old walking a little bit and then being carried by his dad. bless the child. he waved to the crowd. he didn't seem phased by the media at all. kate got into hospital. 12 hours. >> you know, i wonder if there's any indication of how -- has he played a lot with children of
11:42 am
his own age or younger children? do we know? >> yes. he has mixed a lot with kate's friends' children. he has even hung out with his cousins, zara phillips. >> he is obviously -- >> he is one of the most popular members of the royal family. he has been respected for his role in the military, and let's face it, william and harry have been close. i think if probably because of bonding over, of course, her mother's tragic death so early in their lives, but equally they've propped each other up.
11:43 am
i think if george and his sister have that, then it can only mean great things for the future of the royal family. >> which is what we're all hoping for. it's great to see you on this special day. still ahead, the bridge gate fall-out. has it damaged governor christy's presidential potential? you can now use freeze it to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds. and once you find it, you can switch it right on again. you're back! freeze it, only from discover. get it at
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former deputy chief of staff bridget kelly and an ally were indicted for their alleged roles in creating the 2013 traffic jam on the george washington bridge. during a news conference mrs. kelly spoke for the first time since the controversy saying she isn't going with those charges against her. she is denying all of them. meanwhile, david wildstein, another ally to governor christy pleaded guilty to two conspiracy charges. joining me now, michael hill, a correspondent for nj tv. welcome to you. let's look at the statements that governor christy released in which he said the charges make clear that what i have said
11:47 am
from day one is true. i had no knowledge or involvement in the planning or execution of this act. now 15 months later it is time to let the justice system do its job. well, michael, the investigation isn't exactly closed, so what's next? >> well, i think the prosecutor still has more work to do. it still has to hear from bridget kelly ask has to hear from maroney as well. there are plenty of things that the prosecutor still wants to know perhaps in this case, and certainly the public wants to know in this case about whether the governor was involved. the governor has insisted throughout that he is not involved. he was surprised this took place. immediately took action, he says, but there are some questions and plenty of questions that are unanswered in this, and a lot of people want to know is the governor involved even though he denies it? what else does kelly have to say? what does maroney have to say? what more do the prosecutors need to know in this case? >> and so the unanswered questions you are referring to, what do you think they are specifically? what are the things that are hanging out there? sfroo well, did someone order bridget kelly, for instance, to write that famous e-mail on
11:48 am
august 13th of 2013? time for some traffic trouble in fort lee. david wieldstein with the port authority responded right away "got it" indicating there was some discussion. the prosecutor says there was discussions all the way back to august of 2011 about potentially tying up traffic leading up to the george washington bridge. who gave bridget kelly the authorities, the instructions to write that e-mail, if anyone, and that's one of the big questions. >> okay. let's take a listen to what david wildstein's attorney had to say during yesterday's news conference when asked if governor christy knew about the lane closures. >> was governor christy involved? >> i had made the statement on behalf of mr. wildstein in january of 2013. he knew of it is lane closures while they were occurring and evidence exists to establish that. that is as much -- that is as much as i can say and as much as
11:49 am
i will say. >> where do you, michael, think voters stand on chris christie's involve or lack thereof, and does it hurt presidential chances for him if he decides to run in 2016? >> i think the answer to your first question, on i was looking at this afternoon, they had this unscientific poll, and just asking people what they thought, whether the governor was involved or something like that. it was running almost 8-1 they thought the governor was involved. of course, unscientific poll. in terms of the governor's presidential aspirations, i think it's too early to determine whether he is in, whether he is out, whether he is a viable candidate or not. it depends on fundraising. it depends on the questions that have to be answered between now and the time he is going to announce and certainly later in the fall when there's the fundraising really picks up for presidential candidates. some people think he should not drop out. he should still announce that he is going to run because if -- it gives him an opportunity, they say, to stay on the national
11:50 am
stage and to help clear his name in this ongoing bridge gate story zoosh all right. well, michael hill from njtv. thank you for joining us. we'll see you again. imagine what young baltimore schoolchildren were thinking when violence exploded on their streets. how teachers help those children understand next. i accept that i'm not 21. i accept i'm not the sprinter i was back in college. i even accept that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept giving it less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, ...i will. eliquis. eliquis... reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had less major bleeding than warfarin... eliquis had both. that really mattered to me. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding.
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one of the toughest jobs in baltimore fell to those with shielding the city's children from the violence that ensued around them. my next guest met that challenge with extraordinary grace. darling copeland is a pre-k teacher at the elementary school in baltimore where she also oversees the food pantry partnership with the maryland food bank, and darlene joins me now. welcome to you, darlene. my first question to you is how do you even begin to explain this week's events to kids who may have seen the violence on television earlier in the week? >> well, i really don't have to -- i really don't have to
11:54 am
explain it because the children come in and they already can tell you because they're living it. so what we just have to do is help them to understand what's going on and help them to adjust to it and deal with it. >> and i'm sure that you were of the mind that you try to take something positive out of a situation like this. how do you take a situation where they're seeing their local cvs burn down and seeing people throwing things and seeing the police in riot gear? how do you give them a positive from that? >> well, the children understand that at some point we have to rebuild beyond that, so they know what happened, but now we have to start looking at how we can help them to understand, how they can go out and help their community which they have done through our community food bank. when they see how many people have reached out with donations, we have so many people to thank. they begin to understand it's not just about violence. that it's also people who are
11:55 am
there to help us, so that's the biggest thing. seeing the faces and hearing the voices saying we're here for you. >> and as you watch these kids who you have come to know, do you see a difference in them, darlene? do you see them reacting to this? was their fear, is there hope? we're talking about pre-k kids. it's hard to define it, but do you sense a difference in them because of this? >> well, at some points. most of the time because the parents have talked to them, have worked with them, they don't fully understand what's going on. they know people are sad. they know people are angry. they also know and feel that they're okay because their parents are there. >> have you -- and and the school is there. >> have you talked with parents? have you advised them to speak with their kids and explain to them what's going on? are parents asking you for help and advice on that front? >> right now the community is so shook because we don't have the food supplies that we need, so
11:56 am
right now we're just focussing on making sure everybody has the food they need, have any other supplies they need because it's not just cvs. we don't have access to shoppers like we had before. we've had eight stores that have been closed or looted. and, plus, the community supermarket that we had was closed already. it was already a food desert. right now we're just focused on the positive with all the donations that are coming in and the support. people like target, like a lot of the the sororities, we've had support from our district. we've had support from our principal, mr. guzman, our assistant principal, mrs. frogin. a lot of people have really helped. >> among those people are athletes and sports superstars. i understand your school was visited by ray lewis of the baltimore ravens. how did the kids react to him? >> yes. oh, my goodness. not just the kids. miss copeland as well.
11:57 am
we were just so happy to see them in our school. they stop. they talk to the children. they formed a line. they were bringing things in. they went to visit the classrooms. i really believe the children, not just the children, but the adults felt that people remembered us and people were going to help us. >> well, we certainly are remembering you in our thoughts and prayers this week, and darlene copeland, congratulations on all that you do for those kids. they're lucky to have you as a pre-k teacher and watching over them and helping to guide and influence them. thank you so much four your time. enjoy your saturday afternoon. >> thank you. >> yes, you're welcome. that's it for me on this special edition of weekends with alex witt. alex rivera is next. francis will bring us reports from baltimore on what's become of the celebration and the aftermath of charges against those police officers, and i'll see you back here tomorrow at noon eastern time. have a good one. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon. it's a marvelous thing! oh! haha!
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