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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  May 3, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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jerusalem. israelis of ethiopiaathiopian de angry over this police beating and details at least at this moment coming from reuters is that mounted police in this situation that we're seeing as we get close to 11:00 p.m. local time, mounted police charged hundreds of ethnic even ethiopian citizens. they fired stun grenades yesterday to try to clear one of the most violent protests so far that they can remember in recent history there in the heart of tel aviv, a beach town, very popular for those of you who are familiar with it. the protesters, israeli jews of ethiopian origin. so again this goes back to an issue where ethiopian jews have joined the ranks of legislators and the office corps and the country's melting pot of the military, they serve in the
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military as israeli citizens but of ethiopian decent but they lag behind other israelis. just to give you one data point, ethiopian-israel households earn 35% less than the national average. we were looking at those live pictures out of israel. we'll continue to much with a and give you more information of that unrest and those clashes there with israeli police and ethiopian-israeli citizens there. now back to our top story. baltimore residents have taken to public spaces this afternoon in what is being called and described as peaceful festive gatherings so far. participants in today's organized victory rally have gathered outside baltimore city hall. joy ann reed is there in baltimore and she joins us right now. joy, what are you seeing in terms of the city hall and the rally that's now gathering a second day. it appears that it's pretty much again this new mood. >> yeah.
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absolutely. a very festive atmosphere. people are zreemi istreaming in. earlier a group of largely white protesters came in chanting "black lives matter," waving different signs. different churches have been sending their parishioners here so it is a very large multi ethnic crowd. a very buoyant crowd. the military presence here looks pretty relaxed. everybody is here but -- they're still a presence but even they look relaxed. i think it is safe to say baltimore's turned a corner in terms of mood. >> joy, put this in context for us. when we were both covering ferguson, we were really counting the days, weren't we, when it would be over. by some counts that first cycle of unrest, of protests, was a
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little bit over two weeks. can we stop the clock in baltimore? >> i think what people here wanted -- reminds me almost more of sanford. people were looking for a specific resolution in sanford which was an arrest. in this city people were saying the same thing -- we want arr t arrests in the death of freddie grey. if a civilian had killed freddie grey, they'd already be arraigned. i think the announcement on friday that there would be charges against the officers, the release of those mugshots, let a lot of the tension out. if it was a tense situation if you think of it as the balloon, it let the air out and let people feel they actually accomplished something. the young people here took it the brunt of the blame. people blamed some students at douglas high school saying they were the ones responsible for burning and looting. i think people in the community were glad that they actually
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accomplished something. even the prosecutor announcing the indictment said this is for you. she said to the young people of the city, this is for you. i think there is a sense of accomplishment. there is a sense of the community really unified. one guy said he's never seen baltimore unified around anything the way they have around freddie grey. i think young people feel like they got something done. >> so much has been said of what this new normal may be. what may that be if you can quickly? >> big issue -- people are saying they want to see this city spend some money in the neighborhood neighborhoods that are battered with be that have shuttered homes and bormdarded windows. and not spend it all on the inner harbor. start cleaning up the area. they said tomorrow it will go right back to what it was before which was a really difficult place to live. they want to see a change on the ground and they want to see police respect people. >> thank you so much, joy ann
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reid in baltimore. today maryland's republican governor attended a service in the city today. >> i've seen incredible acts of kindness. i saw neighbors helping neighbors. i've seen a community that cares about each other and it is a great way to end the week with a day of prayer and peace and reconciliation. that's what this is all about. >> now as we watch what's happening there in baltimore, maryland, at this hour, we can just look at the difference in the headlines from the front page. this was on saturday. it says -- six charged. then today, "the is under the sun," says retracing the steps -- what happens with freddie grey. some it really is back to business. what is happening in the case now that those six officers have
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been charged. what that means is on the ground, they are now moving to a different sfphase. i'm bringing you back to the rally today because there are speakers set up. there are chairs set up. there are cordons. there are set agenda of speakers coming to stand in front of city hall. there are law enforcement that are stand something right by the side. people from the rally are giving law enforcement officials bottles of water. feel are gath people are gathering and smiling and taking selfies. this is not the same story line i would have told you on friday. that is the hope. that's what many are saying there cautiously, will be next. they are looking through the side of their eye, if you will, to see whether this will actually happen, that which they have in their hopes.
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joining me now, a minister and community scott in baltimore. thank you for being with us this afternoon. as we look at what's happening -- how would you describe that hope? do people really feel it? and to what degree? >> well, i have to be honest with you. a lot of what we are hearing is rhetoric. i shared that this morning with one of our state senators. we have to get more than rhetoric this time. we get rhetoric every election cycle. we hear pray all the time. but what happens at the end of these prayers, nothing happens in our communities and they remain the same. so when you ask are we optimistic for those of us like myself who are living in these tough communities that are having hard time, no, we're still pessimistic and we will remain pessimistic until we see jobs and services and better housing infused in our neighborhoods. >> what i did yesterday, i had
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the great. opportunity speaking with one entrepreneur there in baltimore. she was telling me, i need more help are transitional housing. i need more homes to get people out of emergency housing and into long ln term housing. if i gave you $1 here, where would you put it? >> the first place i would put it would be in housing and in job creation. we have to create jobs. we heard people talk about, well, monday they burned out community stores. and so people came in the community with food. but you know what? we were hungry before they killed freddie grey and we were hungry and starving and in need before monday. so when we talk about where will we put a dollar, we would have to put dollars in housing. we would have to break that dollar up into quarters and put it in education, put it in housing and put it in jobs. we are really suffering in this city right now. the winter is over. we had a long, hard winter.
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people are facing having their electricity turned off. you're making decisions right now -- this is the first of the month. across the street is rent court. that court will be filled in a couple of weeks with people who cannot pay their rent. you have to make a decision i have to make, whether i pay my rent or my bg and e-bil bill. it is hard times in the city and people need recognize it. >> if they recognize that die cot dichotomy, then they accept it. >> you still see church lines as i made way up here in new york, so if you have an hour, if you're speaking with the youth of baltimore and you want them to volunteer an hour, what do you want them to do? >> one of the first things, i would want to make sure that they go to school. volunteers who finding avenues to get in school.
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i have four boys and all of my sons came from foster care. you know? we have a real challenge with our young people. we lack services. it is not what our young people can do. it what we can do for our young people. we really need to put a stronger emphasis on education and job creation for them as well. it is not just adults out of jail my age but people are graduating from high school who are still facing joblessness and their future is bleak. we have to look at investing in education and not ask what we can do for our young people but the question comes from our young people what can we do for them and what smud we do and what is our responsibility. it is sad to say that this city did not only fail freddie grey but this city has failed hundreds of thousands of young people. >> one of the headlines on the "baltimore sun" says there are hundreds of freddie grays. there's thousand oz of freddie grays could to be concerned about there in blar. you are asking what -- you're saying that people need to do
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more. is one of those also -- one of those items -- i know we're covering a lot here. there's also the elected officials. just in the area right behind you yesterday, they were registering people to vote. there were community volunteers trying to get other baltimoreans to rebgister to vote to affect this change you are talking about. >> i participated in an activity in regards to voting, yes. but the problem is we give everybody a chance and we elect at same people over and over. it is almost like the definition of insanity. we do the same thing over and overa and we get the same results. we don't mobilize people to get out and vote at the end of the day. then again when we do come out and vote we still get the same results. in our community we get the same speeches that we're getting today. we get the same speeches about prayer. every time the election come around and we elect the same people and we get the same results. we still without jobs. we still have poor housing and
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we still have poor schools. >> minister, i hope you and i talk in a year and when we talk in a year we will see that the things that you want done that we are a little bit closer. so thank you so much for stopping by today. >> thank you for havie ining pl. >> i want to now take you to washington. nbc white house correspondent kristin welker joins me now. we were talking about the my brother's keeper initiative tomorrow. of course a lot of years, many of them in baltimore, wondering if he might talk about them. >> reporter: well, white house officials just confirmed moments ago that president obama will in fact address baltimore tomorrow when he speaks at that event about my brother's keeper but he's also going to focus on the broader issues, broad eer challenges facing young african-american and the responsibility that the community bears in helping to solve some of those challenges. of course we heard president
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obama address baltimore on friday. he stressed the importance of letting the legal process play out. he stressed the importance of getting to the legal truth of exactly what happened. and he called on the protesters to continue to protest in a non-violent way. so i do anticipate we will hear from president obama tomorrow about baltimore. i don't think he's going to make any news. i would suspect he will reiterate some of those broader themes that we have heard from him so far. >> a friday much different than this coming monday with the headlines this weekend. kristin welker, thank you so much from the white house. from that top story on msnbc, our other top story that's breaking right now is happening in tel aviv. in israel we are getting more live pictures. you just heard the bang there. we understand that israeli -- if you're just joining us on this, israeli police and ethiopian-israeli citizens
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clashing. the ethiopian-israeli citizens are protesting against what they say is police racism because of a video clip that emerged showing policemen punching a black soldier. from what we understand, the police in that area are using what we might consider to be here in the united states flash bang or stun grenades. they were using that on saturday. these are live pictures right now coming out. you can see the number of what appears to be citizens. if you look closely, enough stun grenade being used there. not a lot of running though. slow moving. but certainly you can see the tel aviv police and stun grenades lapping outside of this particular picture at the moment. again it is right around 11:15 p.m. local time. stun grenades being fired as the tel aviv police seemingly moving fairly calmly. if we can just stop and listen.
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[ siren ] >> it certainly appears that what is in our screen is just a portion, a quadrant. there as the camera pans, this is the crowd noise we've been hearing in the background. looks like several hundred -- wow. was we zoom out, this is a very large clash there in tel aviv. water can flnons as well as stu grenades being used. this is all emanating from a video clip that showed a policeman punching a black soldier. and then a series --
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>> live, 11:15 p.m. there in tel aviv. very popular tourist town, a beach town, a cultural center. and for i know many of those who are familiar with this town going wow, i cannot believe i'm seeing the amount of stun grenades being used here and water cannons as well. again clashes between israeli police and ethiopian-israeli citizens. this about concerns about racial tensions there because of the police in a video seen beating an ethiopian law enforcement official or a black soldier more specifically. okay. we're going to continue to watch this. live pictures out of tel aviv. breaking news. we'll continue to keep you updated right here on msnbc.
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breaking news this hour. we take you straight to israel. 11:20 p.m. there in tel aviv. we are seeing unrest just moments ago before the break, a series of stun grenades being used by israeli police there, as well as water cannons. the conflict is between israeli police and ethiopian-israeli citizens. a video surfacing showing a policeman punching a black soldier and therein lies the racial tension that exists in tel aviv, a city that's a coastal city, it is about the
1:21 pm
size of miami. and about 400,000 residents. now the issue -- or backdrop to what we're seeing here is that demonstrators throughout this weekend have overturned a police car, they've thrown bottles according to reuters and information that they have been able to provide us. a local channel there in israel said that teargas was also used in this area along with stun grenades and the water cannons. just moments ago. and the number of individuals -- must have been hundreds, at least, but this one camera shot but we could certainly get a sense just by listening to the audible crowd noise coming from that one camera on the left-hand side there. some backdrop of this community. the ethiopian-israeli community. tens of thousands of ethiopian
1:22 pm
jews were brought to israel in a top-secret operation in the '80s and '90s. the community now numbers about 130,000. israel's population about 8 million. over 8 million. and there has been this simmering and enduring tension of discrimination of racism and poverty of those from those in the ethiopian-jewish community. just one more underlying contextual data point, ethiopian-israeli households in israel earn 35% less than the national average. so at this moment we are seeing what appears to be at least a little bit of waning in the conflict and this racial unrest, it appears, in tel aviv as we
1:23 pm
are in the 11:00 p.m. hour on a sunday. we'll continue to watch what we have, one live camera on the left, a second one on your lower right. we'll continue to get information coming out of israel. take a short break, then take you right back to this as we get more information here on msnbc. . and her sensitive stomach didn't make things easier. it was hard to know why... the move...her food...? so we tried purina cat chow gentle... ...because it's specially formulated for easy digestion. she's loved it ever since. and as for her and ben... ...she's coming around. purina cat chow gentle. one hundred percent complete and balanced for everyday feeding of adult cats.
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...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50, from infiniti. shall we call it day two of a mood now that's been organized, that's been for the most part positive, and a way of looking forward. this as we are now day seven from that explosion of looting and violence in baltimore, maryland. you can see this live in front of the city hall. smiles, energy, they wanting to move forward, a day of celebration it appears. the 10:00 p.m. curfew has been
1:27 pm
lifted. a lot of baltimoreans liking that. friday the state's attorney for baltimore charged six police officers in the death of freddie gray. that was really the beginning of this day two arc. the prosecutor has received criticism from the police union representing officers due to campaign donations she received from one of the attorneys for freddie gray's family. joining me now, former bronx district attorney, royce russell. should she be removed? base on the criticism based on who she is, her connections and a conflict of interest. >> no. many times have you those that are elected and have you those that will contribute to the campaign and she is no different than anyone else. i think she should be commend because the reason why you see this peace, you reason why you see this resurrection of euphoria of a good and positive feeling is because transparency has come to light. you have someone that was decisive. i mean we only have a couple of witnesses here in that you have
1:28 pm
the police officers who have yet decided to tear down the blue wall of silence, and you have the video. so what are we waiting for? >> we have all the questions of what happened inside of the van. >> correct. >> the big question in that 45 minutes. i hear you. i lear you. that's what she said. and, by golly, baltimoreans said we hear you for saying that. . a and that's when the arc changed. but will that sentiment she was expressi ining while she was sug up those years, the most severe of which is 63 years. that she used that sort of in r intimation, the "i hear you"? >> i don't think it will affect the process. it would make great fanfare for
1:29 pm
her critics that, hey, she might be buy yased. but the process is the process. in new york city we have a district attorney hop understands the community in the bronx but yet he failed to get an indictment. we're far from trt finifrom the line. >> critics will say she's overcharged, this isn't going to stick. put us in the grey space because it may not be the total sum of what is the possible extreme. where do you think this might end up? you can use the 63 years, for instance, for the most severe charges for one of the officers. where do you think that will end up? 30 years? >> it all depends on who's giving their advice. right? who are advising these officers. i truly believe that there is some evidence that's subjective and there's other evidence that is just so objective that you can't really get around it. that's what i call stubborn evidence. the videotape is stubborn evidence. you can see whatever you want. the videotape is going to tell
1:30 pm
the truth. and that will determine what position you take as far as resolution is concerned. >> royce, we got to go. what's the one thing you are watching as this legal case moves forward? the key thing? >> well, from a criminal perspective, i want to make sure that transparency stays the course. that's why you see the community gathering together. from a civil perspective, i want to know whether the pba, as the president said, they did nothing. we'll stay with them through the process. because clearly there's culpability and liability and they will be compensation for both. >> royce russell, thank you so much for joining us today. give us a little bit more insight into what's happening there in baltimore as that criminal case moves forward. baltimore mayor stephanie rallings-blake, this is what she said. >> i think a lot of the unrest has settled down in terms of the
1:31 pm
protest but that doesn't mean work doesn't continue. since last year we've been in the process of improving our police department, reforming our police department and putting in place things that will eliminate this type of incident from ever happening again. >> joining me now from baltimore, co-host of msnbc's the cycle, torre. the tone has changed there. has the tone changed for the mayor? i'm looking at today's paper and it says spotlight on hogan/rawlingsblake. people looking at the mayor and whether she can still lead the city forward in the way they want her to. >> yeah. well, it's going to be a tough road ahead for her but over here, we're at the inner harbor,
1:32 pm
the touristy area that a lot of americans have visited. we're seeing the results of the curfew being lifted. over here the national guard is drawing down, a far lesser presence here. earlier this week we'd see national guardsmen and their trucks all along this area. the state police are still here but the police presence all over the police is going down. shopping at this touristy mall area, going back to normal. a lot of people are eating and enjoying the harbor. the community here has had a mixed reaction. the national guardsmen being around. everyone you see them posted you see piles of food and water. folks being generous and thanking them for being here. and other folks telling them straight up to their face, "go home." i talked to one sergeant who said folks are telling thim go home. he said, "i am loam. i live in maryland. this is where i'm from. a lot of these folks in uniform
1:33 pm
are from maryland so they're already home. we also talked to a shop keeper who said this is the first day that he's going to be open until his actual closing time in a week. he is looking forward to making that money. >> that's a really good point that you make. i was able to speak with maybe six, seven the national guardsmen as we were taulg itca a day. they had worked a long shift. then you bring in that they're also baltimoreans, being from maryland, like everybody else and they're there because they're called to be there and have worked long, long hours. it's been really -- yesterday we saw those at the rally were giving water bottles to the national guards plen. right? so has really become an interesting mix of ideas and people coming together. i also want to focus on something. you spoke with a business owner of that cvs and i just want to play that for our viewers right now. then talk to you on the other side. >> it's up in the air of what
1:34 pm
i'm going to do. i have intentioned to try to rebuild and hopefully make it a -- make improvements to make it better than it was. cvs is a vital service to this area. pharmacy and convenience store having the products that they have services this area really well. so i feel bad for the people that need the services here. >> he's say something he a he feeling sorry for the folks in his neighborhood. how is he doing? >> reporter: yeah, well steve who we just saw there lives in new york. he's hardbroken th heartbroken t he owns, that that cvs got burned or looted. he's thinking about rebuilding. he is thinking about moving forward. he still believes in the area. and he wants to be wart part of rebuilding that area. we'll see if he can do that. he actually talked about wanting
1:35 pm
to build it up even higher. we'll see what the future of that is. >> it is so important to that area as you've reported throughout recent days. so many citizens in that area go to that cvs. i know we'll be talking to you perhaps later in the show. thank you so much for that report. also want to let our viewers know that we expect -- we're just hearing, 4:45, be baltimore police have let us know that they will be holding a media briefing outside of police headquarters. not too far away from that location you see there. 4:45. that's in about ten minutes. we'll have it right here for you on msnbc. stick around.
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♪ ♪ if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? at 62,000 brush movements per minute, philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before, giving you healthier gums in just two weeks. innovation and you. philips sonicare. we learned just a few moments ago that baltimore police will hold a briefing at 4:45 p.m. eastern. that's in about seven minutes. that will be at the police headquarters there in baltimore. we know the curfew has been lifted.
1:39 pm
as well as the number of national guardsmen may be reduced according to the mayor but there may be another message regarding that. a business week ahead in 2016 politics. conservative critic ben carson and former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina are expected to throw their hats into the ring. while tuesday should bring news from former arkansas governor mike huckabee. joining me, john ralston from pbs. nevada with be so important. one of the key states across the country. has hillary clinton makes her way toward your state the really really that, therefore, gets high lated is immigration, as well as the key swing vote, latino americans and asian-americans in your state. >> that obviously is why she's
1:40 pm
coming here, is to talk about immigration, activate the hispanic vote. she has tapped in to some of the obama folks who were here, mostly hispanic leadership, emmy ruiz is her sedatate director. she's going to push that issue. some on the democratic side think the hispanic vote is 20% of the electorate in 2016. that's why she's focusing on that cohort. >> i mentioned the three gop candidates that we expect to be announcing this coming week. of those three, which of them resonates in your swing state? >> i'm not sure the answer to that. as you well know, in may of 2015 it is very early. mike huckabee has been out here before. in fact i moderated a panel with the former governor. he can be very engaging but the evangelical vote out here is not what it is in iowa. you have a big mormon vote which
1:41 pm
helped mitt romney before. carly fiorina is running a very quixotic campaign. some think it is an attempt for redemption from her time at hp that she can present a female counterpoint to hillary clinton. and ben carson just has no constituency out here that i know of. >> what's the number one issue for the latino american and asian-american swing vote in your state? >> a lot of people like to say that it is immigration, that it's dhaka, that it is the dreamers. we've had some high-profile dreamers actually talk to the president. but i actually think what it is everywhere else, which is jobs and education. nevada still has a 7% unemployment rate. they want to hear somebody talk about jobs, not just in their community but everywhere. >> john ralston, thanks for stopping by. the so-called fight of the
1:42 pm
century took place in las vegas. floyd mayweather won the $180 million prize. did i get that right? yes, i did. $180 million prize. what's believed to be the richest fight ever. joining me now, "washington post" sports reporter gene wang, also the host of fox sports live. it says you make $140 million. >> not quite. >> did this fight live up to the hype? >> it did not. they want people to buy the fight so they'll do all they can to get you sucked in. the immediate backlash after the fight was that a lot of folks felt that they were duped into spending $100 to watch this fight that was not the most e siting in terms of fighters trading in the center of the ring and knockouts and that kind of thing. but if you're a boxing purist,
1:43 pm
floyd mayweather is a technician, the best of his generation. that's what boxing purists love. pe simply showed why he is the best of the generation. >> one of the criticisms of the winner here is that he had banned certain journalists that have been critical of his treatment of women. violence against women. it just spread from one to two to three, five, it just kept spreading. his camp just said, nope, we're not going to talk to them. >> the lead-up to it the fight a lot of reporters questioned floyd mayweather on his domestic violence record and why he should be looked at as almost an hero. the night before you hear several reporters from major networks did not have credentials waiting for them. it is a mess up and down. these are female reporters who questioned -- >> female and male, too. >> absolutely. but from floyd mayweather's camp they are saying these reporters
1:44 pm
were credentials. it is a he said/she said. these reporters are people of integrity. if rachel nichols is saying she hasn't been credentialed, then she hasn't been. >> does he suffer at all? the fight's over. he's taking home that $180 million. the journalists weren't there. is his camp thinking we can do this. >> floyd mayweather has controlled everything throughout his boxing career. he's one of the best fight managers, even though he's in the ring, in the history of the sport. yes, that's what they want to do, try to kind of control the message if they can. they obviously want to make their fighter look in the best fight possible. if there's going to be some criticism against them, maybe they'll think twice about credentialing reporters who are going to ask him about his past. >> who you do you rank this in best fights of all time? >> for me, i like to see a knockout, see activity in the center of the ring. certainly didn't live up to the hype. maybe not even the top ten.
1:45 pm
>> our $140 million guest today, gene wang. maybe $104 million. i don't flow. up in ex, we are waiting a briefing by baltimore police, their first comments since the decision to lift the curfew. we expect that any moment now live. stay with us. boys? stop less. go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. just one reason volkswagen is the #1 selling diesel car brand in america. we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can say, "i did it!"
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we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest. it looks like progressive is not the lowest! ohhhh! when we return, we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what? straight to baltimore. we expect those microphones you see in front of you to have the police commissioner there as he has come to the microphone -- came to the microphone yesterday twice. but this will be the first time since the curfew was lifted by the mayor. earlier this morning, just hours ago. and this has a lot of ramifications. will it be safe this evening? what will be the reaction by the
1:49 pm
residents of baltimore. director of the black law enforcement alliance -- mark, as soon as this starts, you and i will cut away and listen to the commissioner and then you and i can talk about his comments thereafter. as certainly an expert in this space here, what is your thought about the way safety will be from the eyes of police officers now that the curfew is lifted? what would you be telling your police department if this was yours? >> i'd be telling them it is time to get back to business as usual and to have a special and extensive sensitivity to the conditions of the community. i think the recent events have led us to this point. if i was speaking to them i would explain recent events have led us to the point where we have to really double down on our public service model and be sensitive and not be the cause of any emotional outburst or any
1:50 pm
kind of provocation. let's do our job effectively, with sensitivity. >> i know turyou're not necessay privy to all the details with the mayor and commissioner, but is now the right time to be doing this? >> right time to be doing what? >> lifting the curfew, reducing the number of national guardsmen? >> well, the idea is if, they have their own independent information. they have to make a risk assessment, if you will. i think just given the steady decline of over emotional activity that's negative in the past several days, it is a good decision to get back to normal. you want to kind of normalize the situation and get people back to normal routines as quickly as possible but yet ensure public safety is maintained. i think they've made the judgment based on the totality of circumstances and everything that's occurred and they've deemed it safe to proceed as normal. they always have the option of
1:51 pm
going back and redoing these things but i think at this time it is the appropriate action to give the people of baltimore some necessary needed relief and freedom. >> one of the conversations here that was had on the ground, mark, was there is no playbook for this. it was also mentioned on our air today here on msnbc, there's no playbook necessarily about how to handle widespread or community wide unrest. we've seen it in baltimore starting last weekend and then certainly on monday of last week. we saw in ferguson as well. given that there's no lay book, if you will, from a law enforcement perspective or city management perspective, where does one as a leader of a city get the best practices to handle this the right way? so many criticisms have been made about did they make the right decision, was it the right timing. then on the flip side we go back to there's no playbook, necessarily. >> i tell you, richard, i believe there are several play books.
1:52 pm
it's a maertd of deciding which playbook you want to go by. we can perhaps use the playbook that that they used in ferguson. there was a very aggressive confrontational strategy where there was severe clamping down and bridging of civil liberties and rights and aggress riff pursuit of those individuals who may have been involved in even minor continue fractions or you can decide let's go the other way. let's let the people emote. let's let them vent. let's let them really express themselves and make clear and concise judgments about whether or not their actions represent a clear and present danger. and if they don't, let's use as much leniency and as much discretion as possible in hopes that we can ride this thing out without jeopardizing the safety sf other people in the community. >> mark, what would you take from what you've seen so far in the way that the mayor there in baltimore has implemented her reaction to what has happened
1:53 pm
there? what best practice might you put into the playbook you just mentioned that was learned in baltimore? >> i think the best practice and the best choice of all the play books out there is a matter of open and honest communication, rapid communication. i think if there's one criticism of this city government during the course of the week and a half before the state attorney finally gave some sort of chronology and timeline was that there wasn't enough communication and relevant information shared with the community that would have perhaps knocked down some of the emotion. i think the anticipation of what could be, or what happened to freddie gray, really charged the situation and exacerbated tensions. i think if city government had been a little bit more responsible and responsive in giving just a generic and basic timeline, a lot of what you saw, a lot of the emotional outbursts and a lot of the activity perhaps would have been lessened. so i think the important point that needs to be learned across
1:54 pm
the nation, law enforcement professionals who may find themselves in this position, let's start to give out as much information as possible early on and let's be open about it. we don't have to jeopardize the integrity of any investigation by giving out facts that will not change. but let's engage that process. but most importantly, let's do all of that, all our communication, all of our connections, all of our rallying around the community prior to any incidents -- neglect difficult incidents occurring so when they do occur we have established a clear relationship already. >> that's what you believe they could have done better there in the city of baltimore. what do you think they have done well that you would want to say, oh, we should consider that as being a best practice. by no means do i mean that it is over there in baltimore. but just what we know up to date. >> there is nothing that stands out that they've done that hasn't been done in other jurisdictions perhaps. so i mean at this point in looking at this at how they've handled this whole situation
1:55 pm
over the course of the past couple weeks, there's nothing really that stands out that says that is a touchstone moment. tlaet that's a great idea. i think on some levels they've done a decent job but on many other levels, as i mentioned, communication and getting the information out and showing a real depth of concern they perhaps failed. so there's nothing in this that you cop learn to say if it meant this. >> on the left-hand side of your screen we are waiting for those microphones as well as the police commissioner, who we understand will be coming to those microphones in about a minute to give us some more information we think in a news briefing. it would be the first since the curfew was canceled and that happened this morning by the mayor who made that announcement that therefore affects the amount of law enforcement that will be in the street, that affects the amount of national
1:56 pm
guardsmen that will be in the street. we perhaps will get more information in detail on that. mark, the other conversation on the streets, not too far away from those microphones because city hall's just about 100 feet away -- excuse me -- about 300 feet away and the square is very close to these microphones that we have on the left-hand side of the screen. when you look at those who are now being diindicted, a mix of three african-american and three white. >> i think we have to be clear on what's happened here. the reason that there's a need, tremendous need for overall
1:57 pm
criminal justice reform specifically as it relates to policing is because the system and the structure itself has incorporated race in enforcement strategies and prosecution strategies and incarceration strategies. and we have to examine that. in regards to that, it is race involved. it doesn't matter if the perpetrators are black or white or whatever. if they operate within that system -- >> mark, stand by. briefing is starting. you can listen with me. straight to the police briefing in baltimore -- >> we continue to have resources deployed throughout the city and as was said earlier. we will maintain sufficient resources to deal with any issues or concerns that we may have. the city is not on tactical alert. normal call response is happening throughout the city. since last saturday, we have had a total of 113 officers that have been injured during these activities.
1:58 pm
we're very thankful for our officers, our allied and regional partners who have helped to stand on the line over long hours and work to keep the city of baltimore safe. during the same time period from last thursday -- or from thursday, the 23rd, through today, we've had a total of 486 arrests and protests and gathering related activities. last night during the enforcement of the curfew we had a total of 46 arrests, 42 of those were adults, four were juveniles. we have a small gathering at city hall right now and a small gathering at pennsylvania and north avenue. again, we are asking for the continuation of peaceful protests. with that we'll take some questions. >> with the curfew lifted, lou does that affect the deployment of officers throughout the city? >> we'll keep officers deployed
1:59 pm
in areas where there's concern where we have had it incidents of previous violence, or social media indicates we might have future gatherings. again as we've seen through this weekend, baltimore is capable of expressing concern and frustration in a manner that's peaceful and is a positive reflection on the city. . >> governor hogan talked about scale down of the national guard and other military units. how is that going to work in terms of it redeployment of the officers or -- >> sure. so we're not going to talk right now about what the future looks like. right now our concentration is on this evening. as we've said from the beginning we'll evaluate on an hour by hour, day by day, situation by situation basis. >> protests have been peaceful but there have been 18 shootings in the city since tuesday. what are you doing about that? >> obviously violence is a concern. before coming in to this situation that we are here, we
2:00 pm
talked about the importance of this police department working with the community to try and address violence and try to fight violent crime, that our relationship with the community was fundamental to helping create a safer baltimore. our efforts to continue those community outreach, to continue that community outreach effort, the investigations that go on, our patrol officers on the streets every day working to keep baltimore safe, those will continue as days come on. >> can you give the total number of arrests for curfew violations? >> i can get that for you. >> i notice at different checkpoints, people yelling and screaming, stuff like that. do you have additional resources come in, counselors, chaplain, just working on stress levels? >> so very early on the -- our equal opportunity section in conjunction with the chief


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