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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  May 5, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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peaceful democracy. he will hold meetings with somalia's president and top officials. somalia is home to al shabaab. that's the terror group associated with al qaeda that carried out the massacre at a university in kenya last night. in that event nearly 150 people were killed. let's turn to texas where authorities identified the two gunmen behind the cartoon contest shooting as isis purportedly claims responsibility for the attack. the ap reports the group released an audio message warning of additional attacks which nbc news has not yet verified. police say these men were killed after opening fire outside the event. and wounding a security guard. both men's families say they had no idea that they were planning an attack. officials say they shared an apartment together in phoenix and are searching if building for clues. the fbi had simpson an its radar since 2006. in 2010 convicted of lying to
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the agency about a possible trip to somalia. the dallas morning news reports soofi's mother says he was very quote, politically involved in the middle east and wonders if something snapped. they say it shows the men should have been under closer surveillance. >> i do believe in having more surveillance of people in the muslim community because that's where the threat comes if. i think we as a country have to come to the realization this is a war we're in and you have to respect people's constitutional rights, you should not have this absolutely strict interpretation, because to me it's reasonable in a time of struggle we have right now that a person who pleads guilty to a terrorism charge should receive more surveillance than the average person. >> meanwhile the organizer of the contest is rejecting criticism that she shares any responsibility for the violence.
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>> others would say that i was endangering others. that's like saying that the rain victim is guilty because she wore a short skirt. i will not abridge my freedom so as not to offend savages. this is freedom of speech and these cartoons is political critique. i do not think i put them in danger. i think violent jihadists put them in danger. >> everyone has the right to freedom of speech and it's good to stand by that but these people are not standing by that. they're standing by the principle of hatred for other people. when you provoke people, that doesn't make violent actions right but don't be surprised it happens. they're not only putting americans here at risk but they're putting american servicemen at risk. the people who pay the price for this are american servicemen who are targeted by extremists and that is simply not fair.
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>> now to baltimore. a close call far city on edge monday when an armed suspect's encounter with police near the site of last week's riots almost led to more trouble. they arrested a man. no one was injured but officials had to tamp down reports the suspect has been shot by police. this has new pollings show people see causes for the riots. 61% of people think people were taking advantage of the situation. 50% showed anger over the freddie gray incident. we sat down with an exclusive interview last night to see how freddie gray's family is coping. >> i wish it had never happened.
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>> for me to lose my twin i can't sleep at night some night. i miss him. the pain i feel is like it's unbearable. >> even though it was a tragic situation, we must protest and raise our voices in a peaceful manner. >> meanwhile president obama spoke with david letterman about why he thinks race relations in america are not getting worse. >> a lot of the things we've seen in ferguson or new york or baltimore have been going on a long time. we're more aware of it in part because when you see something on video it's a lot harder to deny. and communications have improved, and that's a good thing, because the first step in curing any problem is being able to diagnose it. >> in new york city the nypd is mourning the loss of one of its
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own shot in the head and dying yesterday following brain surgery. officer moore was being treated at this hospital and hundreds of police officers stood at attention. the suspected shooter and his charges were upgraded to include first degree murder. he could face life in prison without patrol. >> the republican presidential field grew yesterday and is about to get a new member. ben carson and former executive carly fiorina announced their campaigns monday. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is set to unveil his bid hours from now in the hometown he shares with bill clinton. when he last ran for president
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he won the iowa caucus. his addition to the race will bring the official number of candidates to six. >> an attorney for hillary clinton says she is willing to testify this month before the house select committee on benghazi that still may not stop the back and forth between democrats and republicans. her lawyer says she can appear as soon as the week of may 18th and will answer questions about the deadly attack and her use of personal e-mail but it says she will only testify once, not twice as requested by the committee chairman. clinton's attorney says on such day she will stay as long as necessary to answer the committee's question but will not prolong the committee's efforts furtherer by appearing on two separate occasions. a spokesman says he will take it under consideration adding in
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part the committee has consistently shown it is interested in getting the facts and doing so in a deliberate and diligent manner. as a result of the benghazi committee's efforts, the american people know how about secretary clinton's unusual e-mail arrangement with herself, something that would not be known had the committee rushed to call the secretary in december. our new polling also points to early challenges for clinton. while she is still the democratic favorite h, her negative points have fallen. people said her strongest attributes are her knowledge, experience, and ability to get things done but at the bottom of the list she's under water by a 2 two 1 margin when it comes to being honest and straight guard forward. she tops jeb bush and marco rubio by six points.
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she leads scott walker by ten and rand paul by four. the two other alleged conspirators with the bridge gate scandal appeared yesterday nature they entered a not guilty plea. bill baroni had this to stay before the cameras. >> i would never risk my career my job, my reputation for something like this. i am an innocent man. and that is why i will testify on my own behalf as soon as the trial begins. >> and baroni might not be the only one testifying. the lawyer for bridget kelly says he is ready to put the governor on the stand if her defense calls for it. >> it's a government. it does not call many of the
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people who are bridget kelly's former colleagues. you can rest assured that we will be subpoenaing them. >> this comes as a new poll says that 50% of new jersey residents think christie was personally involved in the bridge lane closures, something the governor has repeatedly denied. he has already take an hit in recent months with the net job approval rating at an all time low for the governor. >> the ceo of survey monkey and husband of facebook executive sheryl sandberg passed by suddenly last friday. he was vacationing with family and friends in mexico and it was his brother who discovered him in a hotel jim after he collapsed. he was transported to a nearby hospital. they say he died of head trauma. he was 47 years old.
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let's turn to other business news. you've been hearing a lot about this. steve sedge wick joins us. what mcdonald's ceo easter broke, what did he have to say recently? >> it's interesting. last year they had a new plan. this is about changing the company and getting it more attuned to ieo. it's informal eating out. the point is they say it as couple ber cumbersome. they want a leaner management and focus on regions making the most money already. that is the u.s. canada uk australia. and would you believe france as well. they're getting in touch with the millennials. elsewhere, here's a washing. you were talking about some of the presidential candidates. apparently last year they were all talking about income gaps.
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the rich having more and the rest of us not having so much. according to an nbc news poll it's actually about your own personal mobility. moving up the ladder rather than worrying about what others have got to do in terms of their income. the presidential candidates especially if you're republican this is a big concern, mobility concerns rather than pay gaps. that is the key for voters according to the latest poll. >> ioe, informal eating out. "the wall street journal" is also out with a survey of economists weighing in on the fed's timetable for raising interest rates. what did we find out? >> honestly we didn't find out a lot. these economists called about 20 of the last rate hikes that haven't been. this is what economists do. they say we think there's going to be a rate hike and then when it comes to the meeting there isn't one, and they said we
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think it's the next one. that's what's been happening. a month ago about 48%, they thought we were going to get a rate hike in june. now most of them are saying not june, september. we're all playing the same guessing game but you and i don't make money and we keep our jobs. >> they should get into sports bet organization something. thank you to much steve. still ahead the man convicted in the boston bombing shows jurors something they haven't seen since the trial began but will it be enough to spare his life and was manny pacquiao fit to fight on saturday. we'll tell you why he's reportedly being investigated by officials in nevada. those stories and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. it all speaks to a rematch, folks. as early as age two. that's the same age they begin adopting the attitude and vocabulary of their parents.
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what will you do when you're not president? >> well i was thinking we could play some dominos together you and me. >> dominos. all right. >> we can, you know go to the local star bucks and swap stories. >> that was president obama talking retirement with david letterman last night. time now for sports. get this. manny pacquiao could face perjury charges after not disclosing an injury before his fight on friday night. he reportedly hurt his shoulder while turning before the loss. the athletic commission claims he did not disclose the injury on time. it's sparked an investigation by state authorities. espn reported last night the
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boxer will have shoulder surgery this week to repair a tear in his right ro day or the cuff. the hoousen the clippers and the rockets, l.a. missing chris paul who's out with a strained left hamstring but the clippers pick up the slack. griffin led with 26 points. the clippers take the early series lead after a 117-101 win. in cleveland the cavaliers hosting the bulls in the eastern conference semis. the cavs playing out kevin love and jr. smith. they never led in the game. they managed to tie it in the third quarter and came close in the fourth but couldn't overcome the bulls. chicago takes game one. the king cannot do it himself. let's go to the ice for round two. in d.c. the capitals hosting the rangers in came three.
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scoreless into the second period until washington nets a back-handed goal for the lead. that was straight junk. the goalie made 30 saves for his second career shutout. as the cavs hang on they lead the series 2-1. let's go to baseball. the boston red sox celebrated star wars day at fenway last night as dart fader and a host of characters were on the mound. that's so lame. the force was not with the red sox last night. they lose to the raies 5-1. >> what do you mean that was lame? people love star wars. >> you spend a lot of times at the star wars bar. >> it got a little warm yesterday. >> i had to have my air-conditioning on for the first time this year. it was hot.
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>> and you may need it again today. the big story we're going to watch in the next couple of days is the potential development down here off the coast of florida. right now squall weather from miami toward west palm beach. eventually this could form into an area of pressure. but that'll have little effects in the southeast. could be a first named storm of our hurricane season. as far as chicago goes pouring rain this morning and it poured yesterday. let me give you a little contrast. it has been dry and hot. areas in upstate new york are dealing with brush fires. this was about the size of central park. some areas haven't rained from two weeks up into the northeast. today is going to be another dry day. the opposite is the middle of the country. in chicago, manhattan, kansas picked up four inches of rain
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with the thunderstorms yesterday and you're going to get some flooding with that. today's threat severe weather all on the texas. north texas. a few tornadoes possible here. large hail and flash flooding. the temperatures are warm. mississippi all the way to the east coast, 86 today in d.c. slight chance of a storm late in the day. i don't know if you're quite as dry there as we are here but fire dangers getting here. we went from two to three feet of snow and now we can't get it to rain. >> you think wildfires, you think california but upstate new york. >> a bizarre revelation from nasa. we'll have more from the plan that would have spent big bird to space on board the doom challenger shuttle. at chase, we celebrate small businesses every day through programs like mission main street grants. last years' grant recipients are achieving amazing things.
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let's go now to boston where jurors in the penalty phase of the marathon bombing trial saw something they haven't seen since the trial began. a rare display of emotion from dzhokhar tsarvaev. pete williams has that report. >> reporter: after dzhokhar tsarvaev sat stone faced while dozens of witnesses told of the pain and suffering he caused he showed emotion for the first time wiping away tearing as
2:54 am
relatives told stories about him. romney aunt was one of five relatives from russia brought here to talk about his past. they were all housed in a secret location and escorted to and from the courthouse by the fbi. cousins told is jury she was especially close to his oldser brother but when his brother visited a year before he had embrace embraced embraced extreme islam. according to a defense translation he said maybe you're able to hold it down but i haven't been able to. i have a rage of hatred inside of me. >> nasa is talking about a program it created 30 years ago that would have given ordinary people a chance to fly into space. it's in response to a claim of
2:55 am
carol spiny who played big bird. he says he was supposed to be on the boomed space shuttle challenger except the suit wouldn't fit. nasa confirmed it was in talks with sesame street about big bird potentially taking part in a challenger flight but the plan was never approved. nasa says it has enjoyed a long collaborative relationship with sesame street in a way to help with education activities. it was cancelled after the tragic loss of the space shuttle and its crew in 1986. >> in an apparent nod to the royals before her, britain's newest princess has been named charlotte elizabeth diana. kensington palace announced the
2:56 am
news. some bet on the name, and thousands of british bookmakers say they'll have to dole out about 1 million pounds in payouts. >> it's excitement we've got a pin princess. it's a lovely name. we're paying out with a senile. as a beautiful name and we have a little princess. we have to be happy sometimes. >> her royal high hien esz princess of came bridge is fout in line for the thrown. what's great is she does not have to be bumped heir. that does it for me. let's bring in mika. >> we're learning more about the gunmen who were killed after opening fire on a security guard outside of an art contest,
2:57 am
including one on the fbi's radar. plus hillary clinton agrees to testify before the special committee investigating the 2012 benghazi attacks but she won't be giving into the committee's full request. andrea mitchel joins us from las vegas. and the 2016 republican field continues to shake shape. we'll go live to arkansas where mike huckabee is said to announce his plans today. also on the guest list this morning, lead singer of the smashing pumpkins and melissa rivers. that and much more coming up on "morning joe."
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