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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  May 6, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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90,000 messages a deivi ya social media to potential jihadists in this country and around the world. >> if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." stick around, "the rundown" is coming up now. >> good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. breaking news to start "the rundown" today. french investigators released new details just a short time ago about the co-pilot of the germanwings flight that crashed into the french alps last march. france's air accident investigation agency says andreas lubitz may have practiced preparations for a controlled descent on another flight on the same morning of the crash. prosecutors say they believe lubitz intentionally crashed a later germanwings flight into the french alps killing all 150 people on board. let's get all the details now from nbc's katie tour in london this morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. this is regarding the inbound flight from dusseldorf to
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barcelona. in that french investigators are saying that andreas lubitz did what you could call a dress rehearsal for his later plan changing the altitude of that plane five times in four and a half minutes all while the pilots was out of the cockpit. the captain of the plane was out of the cockpit, presumably in the bathroom. take a look at this graph that was released with the preliminary report. you'll see that there's fluctuations in the altitude changing it up and down from as low as 100 feet and up to 49,000 feet. now, an expert that i spoke with says that this would not necessarily be noticeable if he actually engaged these changes in the autopilot because the plane was already on a descent. so you wouldn't necessarily notice there was anything going on in the plane. no red flags to speak of. the cockpit -- the pilot returned to the cockpit a couple minutes later and everything went on after that as planned. it landed safely in barcelona. the next flight from lars low that back to dusseldorf did not
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lann safely as we know. that one crashed into the french alps. 30 minutes into that flight andreas lubitz locked the captain out of the cockpit and began a controlled descent that lasted for about eight minutes. he did not let the captain back in. you can hear him on the flight voice -- the cockpit voice recorder banging on the door trying to get back in as passengers screamed. ultimately it crashed into the french alps everybody on board died but these are disturbing new developments about what he was doing on the flight beforehand. still no indication this was anything anybody would have noticed. hui say? >> i want to bring in former commercial airline pilot jay rollins, good to see you. >> good morning, jose. >> what is your reaction to this new report? >> nausea. when i heard it this morning, it's just a churning i can't believe someone this deranged made their way into that kind of
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a situation. >> jay talk to me. from what we've seep in this report, the pilot on the way to barcelona stepped out for about four to five minutes. during that period of time -- look at the light blue lines on this graph. the dark blue is how it should be as it has that controlled descent. but look at what he did in four minutes. and, jay, you're telling me no one, the pilot, nobody else found, knew sensed felt the plane going from 100 feet to 49,000 feet then back to 30,000 feet in four minutes? that one even noticed? >> well keep in mind he's only making settings in the cockpit. the airplane is not actually december sending and then going back up. when he makes those changes it does begin a descent but it's very gradual and if -- if he reset it immediately after that he would be convinced that it is going to do what he wants it to do and those in the back would have no way of knowing.
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>> right, but no one noticed that? there's no warnings? there's no -- i don't know. when that's programmed like that no one notices that? >> the warnings the indications are all in the cockpit. if you're sitting in the cabin or if you're in the restroom you wouldn't notice it no. >> should the co-pilots' behavior on that previous flight have triggered or could it have triggered any alarms that could have at least given someone a his up that something odd was being played with during that flight? >> well in hindsight, 20/20, i suppose these things could be constantly monitored but it's not done that way. there are thousands and thousands of flights where nothing like this has ever happened. but, yes, the information was there in the system. that's how they figured this out by looking at the data recorder for the previous flight. >> so there's really no way of
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getting that information as a red flag with enough time i guess to investigate. >> if you're in the cockpit, obviously, and he did that you would be wondering why. but i think we should focus more on the hiring practices. there's going to have to be closer attentionings to the mental stability of pilots. they will have to include that just as strongly as they do the physical. >> jay rollins, thank you very much. we'll have much more on this story throughout "the rundown" today, appreciate your time. word of a potentially significant shift by the government when it comes to drones, you know those tiny unmanned aircraft. they give us great images but also big security concerns. the faa is expected to announce a plan this morning to study drone flights that go beyond the sight of the operator. it means we could be one step closer to deliveries by drone. these longer flights are currently banned but some companies want it reversed. nbc's gabe gutierrez is
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following the story this morning at the nation's largest drone convention under way in atlanta. gabe good morning. >> jose good morning, a lot of new technology at this conference. this is a new drone just come to market from a company called 3dr and it has offices in california and texas and it's supposed to be the latest in personal photography. it has a gopro camera attached to it. the faa later this morning is expected to announce a new initiative when it comes to commercial drone use and nearly 600 companies including amazon and google are watching all of this very closely. this morning, drone manufacturers have high hopes. >> it's actually pretty crazy, the growth we've seen in this industry. we can't hire people fast enough. >> reporter: that industry taking off like never before not just here at this atlantic convention but around the world. revealing the heartbreaking scope of the nepal earthquake but also raising privacy and
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security concerns. a drone crashed into the white house lawn in january. >> it was a lighted drone? >> reporter: and pilots like this one over dallas are reporting more close calls. >> it appeared to be maybe just one hundred, two hundred feet above us. >> reporter: drones have been spotted dangerously close to monuments in paris. earlier this year the faa proposed some new rules to fly drones in the u.s. but it's still illegal to fly them above 400 feet. has the faa moved quickly enough? >> well i think they're trying to move faster now. >> reporter: the president of the industry's main trade group wants the faa to allow drone flights beyond the sight of the operator, which could one day open up more commercial uses like delivering packages. >> the more we have them flying in the airspace and we can do that safely and demonstrate that, then we can move on to more complex operations like flying in urban areas. >> reporter: that may not happen for a while, but companies are gaining more exemptions for devices. just days ago, yamaha was allowed for the first time to fly them over farmland.
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>> we envision over the next five years that it becomes a common sight in something that's viewed as you know just everyday. >> again jose we're expecting to get more information about the new initiative regarding commercial drone use from the faa administrator later this morning. >> gabe gutierrez in atlanta, thank you. still ahead on "the rundown," we'll talk to a drone enthusiast with some amazing aerial footage but who may have to pack up after today's faa ruling. turning to the latest developments on what the white house is calling an attempted terrorist act in texas. obama administration officials confirmed terror experts are looking into whether isis was directly involved or inspired. elton simpson and nadir soofi to attack a prophet mohammed art contest in dallas. u.s. officials are quick to point out there's nothing to show that isis planned or directed the plotment on "morning joe," former nsa
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director michael hayden agreed with that assessment. >> it's what we expected. this wasn't directed by isis. if anything it was inspired by them. trying to put out aspirational directives that this word makes sense and you have to disaffected who kind of sign up to do these things. >> the fub is digging into the digital trail of simpson and soofi. simpson sent out a tweet asking allah to accept them as holy warriors. in pakistan, a funeral held in absentia. hundreds gathered to mourn the deaths of the gunmen. and in new york security was tight as staff. >> from the french satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" were given the freedom of expression award by the penn american center. this past january, 12 staff members and the editor-in-chief were murdered by terrorists reacting to the magazine's caricatures of mohammed. let's bring in terrorism expert mia bloom professor for the center of terrorism and security scud dis at the university of massachusetts lowell. good to see you. >> good to see you again, jose.
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>> there's no evidence to back up the isis claim of direct involvement but is it likely spiern inspired by them? >> in the loosest sense of the term. what happened here is that ms. geller created a deliberate attempt to orchestrate an incident and an incident happened and so after the fact what we do is we see that there is an inspirational aspect. but that would account for every action that every muslim takes against groups like this so that again, it's a very wide net. it's a wide berth that we're casting. there's no direct contact. it's not like anwar al awlaki being in touch with nidal hassan. it's not like people have been given either instructions or funding or support. this was basically two people who were acting again, incorrectly and in a horrific way but against an equally horrific act which was intended to inspire people to be angry. i mean she's done this before.
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and, in fact as you may know the mayor of garland has actually accused pamela geller of deliberately placing his police officers and his residents in harm's way. this wasn't the first time she did it. she tried this after "charlie hebdo" in january and nothing happened in garland so if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. >> so let's talk about the fact that these two guys lived in arizona. i mean it's not like they were living very nearby that they just saw this was happening, i don't know across their neighborhood and decided to react. i mean they clearly had to have had some planning some information that, first of all, as you say, that this event which was shocking to them was occurring in garland. but then they had to get their planning together and carry it out. it wasn't just across the street. is there anything there that tells you well it was more than just an immediate reaction to what they felt was an injury? >> you're absolutely right.
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it couldn't be an immediate reaction. there was a certain amount of operational planning that required at least getting from one location to the next. i suspect that garland was on their radar screen precisely because ms. geller had an event there at the end of january and now she was going back because she failed to illicit the kind of response at the end of january that she was hoping for which is precisely this attack. so there is a certain amount of planning, but in as much as it would be absolutely impossible to prevent individuals from picking up a gun and going to another state and causing mayhem, this falls in line with that kind of thing. so the planning only goes as far as, you know getting to the location and they didn't have an especially sophisticated plan because they were shot on sight. they didn't take into account, for example, the fact that they were going to be police officers, swat team they didn't plan for any of that. >> mia bloom, always a pleasure to see you, thanks for being with me. >> thanks for having me.
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developing news out of baltimore. less than an hour from now, the mayor expected to announce a new partnership between the city of baltimore and the justice department. the feds joining with city officials to reform baltimore's police force. this comes a day after mayor stephanie rawlings-blake met with attorney general loretta lynch. lynch said she's considering an investigation into baltimore's police to see if there's been a pattern of bias. and later this morning at 11:30 eastern time we're expecting to hear from maryland governor larry hogan. he will be discussing the state of emergency order in baltimore. there's a possibility it could be lifted now that the rioting has ended and the national guard has been sent home. msnbc's adam riess is in baltimore waiting if the mayor's event. governor romney, adam, whatd good morning, adam, what can we expect? >> reporter: more specifics, results from the meeting she had with the attorney general yesterday, how to make this city safer, relationships between the police city hall and the residents here in baltimore. now, the attorney general said there is really no easy answer
6:14 am
but he slopes s she hopes to provide the tools to make it happen. it's like a marriage she said. "we're not getting divorced we're not getting separated, we will work through this." i wanted to mention eder in er in roenero. according to associated the press, he says the state's attorney is wrong, he's disputing her claim that freddie gray's knife was legal. it was illegal therefore they did have probable cause to make the arrest. as you mention, the governor will be speaking in about two and a half hours here in baltimore. jose? >> adam we'll be coming back to you when that begins. thank you so much. we'll be keeping a close eye in the developments throughout the rundown. we're just getting started on this wednesday edition of "the rundown." hillary clinton goes big on immigration, even expand president obama's executive actions. we'll go live to las vegas for reaxction and later on we'll talk with a dreamer who was there. weather alert. it's been a stormy morning in tx
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we're back with a major policy moment in the presidential race. hillary clinton is now pushing for a path to citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrants living in the united states. she outlined her immigration position tuesday in las vegas and took a swipe at potential republican opponents. >> make no mistakes today not a single republican candidate announced or potential is clearly and consistently supporting a path to citizenship. not one. when they talk about legal status, that is code for second-class status.
6:19 am
>> the former secretary of state is promising to defend the controversial executive actions issued by president obama last year. joining me from invest is msnbc's alex seitz-wald. hillary clinton says she would go further on immigration than president obama? >> good morning, jose. that's exactly right. she said she supports comprehensive immigration reform through congress with a path to citizenship but, crucially, if president that she would go even further than president obama. she said she would defend the actions he's already taken and would do everything within her power within the law as president to extend deportation relief to more undocumented immigrants. that's obviously a huge advance. that's exactly what people were hoping to hear. the devil will be in the details on that. his orders have come under some legal scrutiny and she'll have to assess what she can do. but i think the rhetoric is clearly out there as a very strong marker she's laying down. >> no doubt about it and certainly politically this will
6:20 am
play very well in some con constituencyies constituencies. alex, the president has said very clearly he has gone as far as he thinks he can legally as far as the expansion of dakca and dapa and you say this has been called into question in some state, 26 states have filed some court cases against that. so mrs. clinton is laying down a very interesting marker on how she thinks immigration should be carried out. but because this is in the house of representatives and the congress, does she expect this to actually even be possible? >> well, you know again, that ice going to come later. her campaign is not getting specifics. they're kind of putting the skeleton of this policy out there and they say they'll flesh out the details later. but i think it's also -- she wants to send a sign. this has been an issue she's stumbled on in the past. she has been called tone deaf on this issue. and so i think she wants to send a very clear signal to the
6:21 am
latino community that she is on their side. she's going to fight for them and her political director told me yesterday that she was hoping to surprise some people here with these strong remarks. so i think this is about getting the rhetorical point out there. drawing a sharp contrast with republicans. they'll figure out the details down the road. >> i want to show you, alex, a photo shared by jetblue yesterday. hillary clinton on the tarmac with airline employees. it was chipotle on the way to iowa, now she's flying jetblue. is this more -- what's the image trying to be conveyed here? >> it's hillary clinton down to earth. it's out of the private jet and into jetblue. out of the four seasons and into chipotle. this is the image she's trying to portray to the general public and voters saying she's a grandmother, a middle-class woman who understands their economic troubles but also to donors in her 2008 campaign and
6:22 am
both senate campaigns marked by sending a lot of money. known for being very spendthrift and that did not please a lot of people who gave their money to her campaign so she's telling them she's going to be more judicious as well. >> msnbc's alex seitz wald. thank you for being with me. coming up we'll talk to one of the immigration activists at the table with hillary clinton. and after the break, we'll check on your forecast. some areas are seeing severe weather already. california adopts its most severe water restrictions yet in order to help fight its drought emerge emerge. that's next on "the rundown."
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6:26 am
structures but there is more severe weather on the way. nbc meteorologist bill karins has the latest. bill, what should texas expect today? >> unfortunately, more tornados. we won't see a lot of them but we'll see isolated ones just like yesterday. that was impressive. the rotating thing you saw was the lowering wall cloud, then we had the funnel cloud, then it touched the ground so as soon as that happens it's considered a tornado. so let's get into the rest today. we're quiet. we had heavy rain overnight oklahoma city. middle of the country has no problems with drought whatsoever. you'll be soaked for a week straight. four million people are in a slight risk for severe weather. right in the heart of tornado alley. central kansas central oklahoma including oklahoma city back to wichita falls and all the way down to san angelo. if we don't get tornados we will definitely get large hail maybe three inch type hail like baseball to softball sized hail with the strongest of these storms. so jose that's the big thing happening in the middle of the country. as you know down there in
6:27 am
florida, we have some questions, don't we? i imagine -- >> yeah what's going on? >> well hurricane season officially doesn't start until june 1, we know that. but what people don't know is that about once every four years we get a system outside of the quote/unquote hurricane season and this is likely going to be ana throughout the next couple days and we could even have a tropical storm watch or warnings go up for the carolina coastlines by friday. that's worst-case scenario. so right now it's just off the florida coastline. thankfully for you, jose it's past you, you're on the dry side. but from west palm beach, indian river north wards through pierce, cape canaveral area it will be gusty. rip current threat for you. in the days ahead, about two to three days over warm water to make it to the carolina coast. if this was the peak of hurricane season i'd be saying look out. but right now it's weak only 30 mile per hour winds. none of our guidance is telling us it will become a hurricane. it may strengthen to a tropical storm or what we call a
6:28 am
subtropical storm but this is through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow through about friday a.m. still lingering somewhere off the south carolina/north carolina coastline jose. so, you know it's not going to have a lot of damage with it no matter what. gusty winds, rip currents beach erosion throughout the southeast but if nothing else it's a great reminder for everyone to get their preparations ready. the peak season is not as far away as you'd hope. >> guillermo, thank you, good to see you. >> thank you. let your lawns die. that's the latest word from california water regulators during the current drought emergency. the state has adopted more stringent restrictions for governments, businesses and residents, requiring a reduction in water usage by as much as 36% in some places. it will be up to the water agencies to determine how to meet those targets. according to the latest figures, californians reduced water usage by just 3.6% in march. developing now in boston attorneys for accused marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev will call more witnesses today as they try to convince a jury to
6:29 am
spare his life. it comes a day after jurors heard from tsarnaev's former high school wrestling coach and team members. coach roy howard describes tsarnaev as a quiet hard worker and former team member henry alvarez said "i honestly never could imagine he would do something like this." let's get the latest from the federal courthouse in boston where nbc's ron mott is. ron, good morning. >> reporter: hey, jose, good morning. we're waiting to get an update on the third floor. there's a little bit of the sidebar going on and our producer is saying they're setting up a camera and monitor so we're expecting whoever testifies first is probably doing so from out of town. what we didn't hear yesterday which we anticipated we would hear is an official from the bureau of prisons. as you remember during the opening of the penalty phase, the defense was saying that they are trying to get one of these jurors at least to say that dzhokhar tsarnaev should spend the rest of his life in prison without parole and he would be transferred and would spend his natural life in colorado, the so-called supermax prison. so we're expecting someone connected with the bureau of prisons to talk about that facility and what life is like
6:30 am
on anner everyday basis. i think the defense is trying to convince the jury that if you want to be rid of dzhokhar tsarnaev that that's a better what toy do it than to vote to execute him because that will, of course, kick in many many years of appeals. the average time between sentencing for death and the actual execution is about 16 years. so it's a long time. now, yesterday, as you mentioned, a lot of his teammates and coaches at his high school over in cambridge came to testify, talked about here was a young man who was a very good athlete and very well liked by people and when this went down two years ago they were stunned to see he was connected to it. jose? >> ron mott, thank you very much. the. in colorado, the movie theater shooting trial picks up after dramatic testimony from one of the survivors. a newlywed woman testified tuesday describing the frightening moments when james holmes opened fire a crowded theater in 2012. >> from what i could hear, the trajectory was just going over. i remember thinking this sounds
6:31 am
exactly like a war movie. i was obviously very frightened but i didn't scream. i don't remember saying anything except "i love you" and "please make it stop." there was just so much screaming and so much gunfire. >> reporter: holmes is charged with killing 12 people injuring 70 others at the suburban denver theater nearly three years ago. we're live outside the courthouse in centennial colorado. good morning. holmes' former professor apparently testified tuesday. what did he say? >> reporter: jose good morning to you. he was brought on as a character witness as prosecutors try to prove holmes was sane. he described him as being highly intelligence, someone who had the chops to be in this program but also as being uncomfortable around other people and that was problematic for the time of research that was needed for this type of program. here's what he had to say.
6:32 am
>> my overall impression was that he was quiet and a little socially awkward but definitely somebody who had the caliber to be in the program. >> reporter: holmes dropped out one month before the attack after failing an exam. the prosecution clearly trying to make a case here that perhaps the motive was his failed academic dreams and not any case of mental illness. there was also a lot of technical testimony yesterday about the explosives that were left in his aurora apartment. today we're expected to hear from another professor of james holmes. testimony resumes in about an hour. >> janet shamlian thank you so much. an update on the man accused of kidnapping and killing a university of virginia student last year is facing capital murder charges. that means jesse matthew, jr., could face the death penalty if
6:33 am
convicted. matthew was the personal last seen with 18-year-old hannah graham who disappeared after a night out with friends in september. her remains were found less than ten miles from where she was last seen alive. coming up we'll return to the breaking news we're following. new information about the germanwings pilot accused of bringing down a plane with 150 people on board. nbc's tom costello has been studying this new report and joins me here after the break. why pause a spontaneous moment to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision
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if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? at 62,000 brush movements per minute philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before. innovation and you. philips sonicare. we continue to follow breaking news on "the rundown." french investigators have just released a new report on the crash of the junction plane that slammed into the french alps in march killing all 150 people on board. investigators say the co-pilot andreas lubitz, who prosecutors believe intentionally cashed the plane, may have practiced preparations for a controlled descent on another flight the same morning of the crash. nbc's tom costello covers aviation. he joins me this morning. tom, you've been looking over
6:37 am
this report. what does it say to you? >> this is the report. essentially it describes this flight from dusseldorf into barcelona, that's the flight immediately prior to the fatal crash back to dusseldorf. it shows data from the flight data recorder which shows the co-pilot programmed erratic altitudes into the flight computers while the captain was out of the cockpit. that's what you're looking at there, erratic altitudes programmed into the flight computers, moves that have taken the plate down to 100 feet up to 49,000 feet five moves over four and a half minutes but the changes were probably never noticed by anyone on board or the controllers because the plane was already slowly descend descending into barcelona and it landed normally. it was on the next flight back to dusseldorf when the co-pilot deliberately then flew the plane into a mountain, killing 150 people on board. so investigators say they're looking now at the systemic failings that may have led to this accident or any similar
6:38 am
events. as you know there were concerns about the co-pilot's psychological state because they had looked at it prior to this event. but the issue is going to be for investigators did lufthansa have any reason to believe in the immediate -- preceding this crash, did any any information to suggest he was erratic, not stable. if that can be proven lufthansa might be found criminally liable in a french court. so there's an awful lot at stake here. >> tom here's what i don't understand. you know i've -- i still need understanding on it because i don't know enough about airplanes. if you're on a flight and you're starting to descend, the pilot goes out for about four minutes and you're just programming it in but you're programming 100 feet, 45,000 feet 30,000 feet you see the dark blue line is the actual flight of the airplane but all these other things are happening, isn't there a red flag, a light, a bulb, something someone feels when they see this gosh this is kind of odd?
6:39 am
>> no because two things. we don't know that he actually engaged it. he may have set the dials for 100 feet or 49, fourks feet000 feet but it doesn't appear he hit engaged. second of all, it appears the settings were so fleeting nobody would have noticed. it wasn't programmed to do a steep dive or climb, wrather what his altitude settings were again, doesn't appear he hit engage. so we don't believe there would have been anybody -- we don't believe anybody on board would have noted, even the pilot who we believe was in the lav at the time and we don't believe air traffic control would have had any reason to notice this either. >> and when the pilot comes back in there's nothing there that says, well you know, you've been playing up and down testing while -- for four minutes. >> he would not have noticed. he would have come back in everything appears to be normal they're on a normal rate of descent into barcelona and he would not have known the co-pilot was playing games, if you will while he was in the lav. >> thanks for clearing it up.
6:40 am
thanks so much tom. always a pleasure. developing right now, look at this dramatic new video from the mediterranean showing just how desperate african migrants are to reach europe. look at these pictures. the men, women, and children crowded on a small dingy, an inflatable boat, taking on water. they scrambled to reach a line lowered to them from a rescue ship. the incident happened sunday in the water between libya and italy and when these passengers and folks were able to get out, they found bodies right underneath these people. some people died underneath those people who survived. joining me after a quick break, one of the dreamers who met with hillary clinton in las vegas. we'll get her reaction on clinton's big immigration announcement and a live picture, now, from baltimore city hall where we're waiting for a news conference from mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. she's expected to announce new steps to reform the city's police in conjunction with the justice department. i'll have it at the top of the hour. plus, the faa gets ready to make a major announcement
6:41 am
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6:44 am
developing now on the campaign trail hillary clinton reveals a major push on immigration during a round table in las vegas yesterday. she's calling for a full and equal path to citizenship and saying if congress does not act, she will. >> i would do everything possible under the law to go even further. [ applause ] there are more people like many parents of dreamers and others with deep ties and contributions to our communities who deserve a chance to stay and i will fight for them. >> one of those dreamers at the table was astrid silva, a
6:45 am
familiar face to the immigration debate and viewers at "the rundown." the story of arriving in the u.s. from mexico with her parents, four-year-old old, was highlighted by president obama during his announcement in november. yesterday clinton heard the story of her parents who would qualify under the president's new executive actions but continue to sit in legal limbo awaiting a court's decision on those actions. joining me once again on "the rundown" from las vegas is astrid silva. astrid, what a pleasure to see you again. >> thank you so much. good morning. >> good morning. let me get your reaction first to what hillary clinton said yesterday on immigration. >> i think secretary clinton made some very bold statements. i was very surprised by how open she was. i thought there would be a point where maybe our questions would be cut off or something might happen. but just the ability that we had to actually have an open dialogue with a candidate is something that to me shows that our movement and our families are getting a lot more support and are going to be able to
6:46 am
continue fighting iffor ourselves. >> what was your message for her yesterday? >> i had several. but i think one of the most important ones was to question the three to ten-year bar. that is something that is barring a lot of our families from being able to adjust their status in the united states and i think that she addressed it and hopefully it will be something that other candidates are also asked about. >> you know astrid one of the things that a lot of people worry about is when politicians use words and don't have actions to back them up and when you talk -- and, you know you and i have talked about this and i've spoken to the president about this many, many times, he has said that dapa and daca the daca expansion and dapa are as far as legally any president can go. and as we know it's in the house of -- it's in congress's responsibility to deal with immigration. is there a concern that by mrs. clinton saying that she would give a -- do everything to get a
6:47 am
pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented that that may in some way just be words and no possibility of backing it up? >> well we hope that that isn't the case. i think that as a community we know that there are more possibilities. again, i mentioned the three to ten-year bar. there are different points that possibility could be made to where our families could possibly have a different outcome but at the very least, again, it's being talked about. we've had -- we've run into candidates here in nevada we are very lucky that many of them come here and in the past when marco rubio was here he completely said daca was something he would not reconsider. so at the very least we're seeing, again, our families are in the discussion. we had the privilege of being there but it wasn't just myself. we had juan salazar whose parents don't qualify for any relief at this moment.
6:48 am
that's what was important. our message is our families are at the table. >> astrid silva, thank you for being with me. still ahead, we're catching capitol hill where the next hour elton john will be testifying in the fight against hiv and aids just as indiana deals with the largest hiv outbreak in state history. but check out this video coming to us from under the colorado river in arizona. imagine stumbling into this while snorkeling. two skeletons sitting in lawn chairs, one wearing sunglasses. a snorkeler called the cops who determined the bones were fake. but there was a clue a sign that read "dreaming the river" with a date that said august 16 2014. imagine finding that though in your snorkeling trip huh? have a nice trip, see you next fall. hey! have an awesome vacation everyone! thank you so much! you're so sweet. yummy!
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6:52 am
and developing right now on capitol hill the fight against hiv and aids is getting some major star power this morning. elton john who created his own foundation to fight hiv around the globe will testify at the top of the hour as the fight against hiv is growing increasingly urgent in indiana. on tuesday indiana's republican governor mike pence signed a bill to make it easier to launch needle exchange programs across the state. pence first declared a public health emergency in indiana in march. they are dealing with the largest hiv outbreak in state history. nearly 150 confirmed cases since last year. joining me now is nbc medical contributor dr. natalie azar. good to see you this morning. how big of a step is this to sign the law to exchange needles? >> it's quite significant, jose. what we need to understand is this concept of harm reduction, which operates on the premise it's probably unreasonable to assume you can, you know, force
6:53 am
people to engage in healthy behaviors, so we know people are going to be using intravenous drugs and that's how these infectious diseases are being spread. if you look back at the literature as far back as 2004 the w.h.o. found compelling evidence using the needle exchange program reduces the risk of transmission of hiv. later studies suggested the effect was more modest but either way we know that and the cdc released a report in 2011 that showed one case of hiv prevented in this country is a reduction in $178,000 per person. i think that in and of itself you know exacts i should say, speak for themselves in that regard. >> so walk us through exactly what these programs do. >> so there's two basic ideas or two kinds of formulas that they use. one is called a needle exchange program or syringe exchange program, which means that clean needles are handed out to individuals in order to get new needles, they have to bring back
6:54 am
used needles and they are discarded of appropriately. and the other way of doing it they are just handing out needles and not going back to retrieve them for being dis discarded. what's important to understand the opponents suggest we are enabling people to engage in unhealthy behaviors, but the programs also engage in education and empowerment and it's not just about handing off needles. it's really also about trying to rehabilitate them. >> has there been some explosion of drug use in indiana? >> you know that in and of itself i can't speak to exactly, as indiana, you know, singled out in this regard. i think there are a lot of places in this country where drug addiction is rampant, whether prescription opiate use, and this is not just about hiv, but hepatitis c and hepatitis b. i applaud their efforts, i don't think there's anything else they could have done in addition to education and outreach. >> dr. natalie azar thank you,
6:55 am
good to see you. developing now in cape canaveral, one step closer to flying their own spacecraft. spacex launched its dragon capsule, one of two commercial ships that will fly future astronauts. test flights simulated what would happen in the event of a rocket failure on the launch pad. the three main parachutes blossomed and lowered the aircraft safely on the surf. according to nasa the abort test appeared to be perfect. coming up at the top of the hour mayor of baltimore is expected to announce a new partnership between the city and the justice department to hear and help reform its police. we're going to have that news conference for you. in the next hour the faa is expected to announce some changes for commercial drone use. nbc news shot this amazing video of a frozen niagara falls back in february but will drones be allowed to be used for more than just pretty pictures? we'll have that next on "the rundown". shopping for a used car is so intimidating. i mean, you feel like you have to be this
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and welcome back to "the rundown." any minute now we're expecting to hear from baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. she's dpptexpected to announce a new partnership with the justice department. this follows the mayor's promise to engage in bold police reforms. msnbc's adam reese is in baltimore waiting for the mayor's press conference to begin. he joins me this morning. good to see you. >> reporter: good morning, jose we expect to hear the results of her meeting with the attorney general, reforms that might be put in place for city hall for the police department relations with the citizens of baltimore here making the streets safer, making baltimore safer. the attorney general said yesterday she wants to help she wants to provide the tools that the justice department can provide to make this city safer. jose? >> adam when do we expect this
7:00 am
to start? >> we expect it to start any minute. we also expect to hear more details about what city hall will do in terms of improving those relations, not just the police department with the citizens of baltimore, but what city hall will do in terms of making relationship better what they can do to rebuild the neighborhoods that so desperately need housing and grocery stores and things like that. jose? >> adam thank you very much. we'll, of course, be keeping a very close watch on that and bring it to you when it starts. i want to speak to the pastor for mayor rawlings-blake pastor, what a pleasure to see you. >> good to see you, jose. good morning to you. >> good morning. you were at the meeting with the attorney general and the mayor yesterday. what are you hoping to hear today? >> well the mayor was not present in the meeting. it was a meeting with faith leaders and other community advocates in a conversation with the attorney general to express our concerns about what was going on in baltimore. not just in terms of the event
7:01 am
that have focused on freddie gray's death, but on the ongoing structural challenges that we see in the relationship between law enforcement and community. the attorney general expressed her support for seeing through the work that the justice department had already begun, indicating that her resources, her staff, her support would be here for the long term but there were also some other conversations that we wanted to have about our ongoing concern about what we're continuing to see in communities across the city. >> and what is that? you asked for a pattern in practice investigation, what do you want to see? >> well the pattern of practice investigation says that we have reason and -- reason for pause and cause to look at structural and systemic incidences and continuing practices that violate the constitutional rights of citizens of baltimore. this is not just a matter of freddie gray's death. it is a matter of freddie gray's death being another in a long line of issues that we see
7:02 am
within enforcement in baltimore city. it predates the mayor's tenure. it goes back several years, even decades, and until we begin to address the ongoing structural issues with the consistent and repeated violations of constitutional rights of citizens, we're going to continue to have issues. so we ask the attorney general to continue -- to consider rather initiating a pattern of practice investigation. >> pastor talk to me about why you think it's important that the federal government get involved. why is it that local state officials have not been able to deal with this issue? >> well i think you have to use all of the tools and the resources available to you. it's not that the mayor has not been engaged in trying to move forward with criminal justice reform. she has made a commitment to trying to reform the police department, as has the commissioner. we're not questioning motives, we're questioning methods, and until we get to the point of
7:03 am
using all of the resources available to us to defend the constitutional rights of citizens then we must include the department of justice, which provides funding for the law enforcement function by way of resources. so we think they have a role in ensuring that everybody that needs to be a part of the solution is a part of the solution. >> pastor todd yeary, thank you for being with me so appreciate your time. >> good to be with you, jose thank you. >> we're going to be keeping a very close watch on that podium there at the city hall when the mayor does begin to speak, we'll, of course be bringing you that information. i want to go overseas to breaking news there. french investigators are releasing a preliminary report this morning into the crash of the germanwings plane. andreas lubitz may have practiced on another flight on the same day. prosecutors believe lubitz crashed a german wings flight killing all 150 people onboard. joining me now, faa licensed
7:04 am
commercial pilot and what does this report tell you? >> well i don't think this copilot was so much practicing the descent, he is a well trained pilot. luft this patient -- i've conducted many many many medical investigations involving psychiatric medical malpractice cases. this patient is stated to have suffered from suicidal thoughts and suicidal ideation simply what that means is that the patient begins to practice the suicide, to actually visualize it and then act it out. statistically, most patients who suffer from depression with suicidal ideation don't follow through. very small percentage follow through. in this particular case i
7:05 am
believe all he was doing was visualizing the planning of the suicide and acting it out ahead of time. >> interesting. anthony, talk to me about this four-minute period where the -- on the previous flight the pilot went out to use the restroom and during those four minutes he was practicing or at least thinking about these different flight altitudes during this four minutes. when the pilot comes back in there's no trace that this happened, so there's no way, i'm asking, there's no way for the pilot or anybody else to get some kind of warning? >> no there is no way. it would be recorded in the flight data recorder but that's not routinely looked at until there's an accident. so the autopilot control panel is right at the very top of the control panel where the pilot sit and it's kind of in the middle of the two pilots so they can both reach it and what he simply was doing was engaging the autopilot altitude command.
7:06 am
he didn't engage the actual command button he simply dialled in the altitude 100 feet. that doesn't cause the plane to increase its rate of descent at all. >> but it -- again, i know you know it's kind of monday morning quarterbacking here but the pilot comes back in there's nothing that shows him -- in other words, you can wipe out all that information you were playing with before? >> right, it's a button a physical button that you turn that has numbers in it and if he returned it back to the appropriate altitude that was issued by air traffic control, the captain would have no idea. >> anthony romine always a pleasure to see you, thank you for being with me. still watching that baltimore mayor press conference, which is expected to begin, we're almost seven minutes into the hour now, could
7:07 am
be occurring any second now. we'll, of course bring that to you when it does. i want to turn now to the race for the white house. the new presidential candidate is hitting the campaign trail today. mike huckabee is expecting a warm welcome today in iowa where he stunned the political world by winning the 2008 caucuses there. he'll spend his first full day in the hawkeye state visiting a local business and holding a rally with supporters later this evening. huckabee will be once again trying to appeal to social conservatives as he did in 2008 but with an already crowded republican field 2016 is going to be very different for the candidate. on the trail in iowa is msnbc's kasie hunt and in washington perry bacon. good morning to both of you. kasie, how's day one looking for the candidate? >> good morning, jose. well, it is actually a beautiful day here in iowa. we're in ostcaloosa. i think you touched on this a
7:08 am
little bit in your intro, his challenge here is going to be standing out. think about how he was in 2008 when he came in here. he was the underdog he was the down home preacher playing the base who wasn't expected to win and who won over these voters with his charm. now he comes in very differently. even the headline here in the paper shows that. it says "activist huckabee will need a new focus" and it talks about how he does have much stiffer competition. when you open the paper, ben carson also declared this week has a full-page spread outlining his day-to-day stops. while carson may not be considered somebody who's going to ultimately win the republican nomination, he might be seen as a long shot he's certainly somebody who falls squarely into that evangelical corner that huckabee occupied in 2008. >> perry, how much of mike huckabee's campaign is going to mirror bernie sanders? >> you know i think he's actually going to drag them to the left in an important way.
7:09 am
if you notice huckabee's the only republican to talk about the tpp, the trade agreement. he's very opposed to that. he's opposed to cutting social security and medicare versus chris christie and his detailed plan to raise the retirement age. i think huckabee is going to run a populist campaign and in some ways be left of the republican field and taking visions the majority of americans agree with but most elite republicans don't, particularly on social security and medicare. >> kasie, huckabee is currently running fifth among likely republican caucus goers according to a just released poll there? >> that's right, jose. i will say to follow up on perry's point, some ways huckabee is to the left on hillary clinton on trade, if you listen to that speech he made yesterday. he's more vocally opposed to trade and i think that's going to set up a really interesting contrast here in iowa. if you listen to the rest of that speech when you're looking at the rest of the republicans in that poll particularly people like ted cruz for example, huckabee's speech had
7:10 am
several veiled digs at senator cruz. he touched on obamacare, he talked about how politicians who say obamacare should be repealed shouldn't consider taking that plan, as ted cruz is. he also talked about how people who want to run for president shouldn't be taking government salaries, they shouldn't say to the constituents who elected them, i don't want this other job you gave me i want this other one instead. he said those people should resign. that could touch cruz scott walker, who's the sitting governor of wisconsin, someone else who could be in huckabee's space in iowa. >> huckabee used his lack of personal wealth to his advantage in 2008, but he's made some money since then. how's he going to play as far as his finances this time? >> i think he can still be the populous his dad was not president. i think he'll be okay in that sense, in fact in the middle of his campaign last time he had to stop campaigning to give some paid speeches because that was how he made money to finance his
7:11 am
life. he'll be rich enough to run while not being very rich, but in some ways he's too populous with the republican party. mitt romney, john mccain george w. bush, the party tends to elect a less populous kind of more elitist person and that's going to be a big challenge for huckabee. he has a strong appeal with down scale voters evangelicals, doesn't have a lot of appeal in places like new hampshire and florida and that may be the death nail for him. >> perry bacon and kasie hunt thank you both for being with me this morning. here's something you don't see every day, elton john testifying before a senate panel on global health programs. when he's not busy being a rock star, sir elton is active in a program he created, sir elton john aids program. there he is about to testify on capitol hill. oh the paparazzi even in washington, d.c.. also by the way, expecting to hear from the mayor of baltimore any moment now.
7:12 am
there you see the room the podium set up cameras up and ready. we'll be carrying that for you live when it starts. how much protein does your dog food have? 18%? 20? introducing nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna and 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. look like this. feel like this. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you
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7:14 am
and 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
7:15 am
and as we continue right here on "the rundown," 15 minutes after the hour we are expecting to hear from the mayor of baltimore, stephanie rawlings-blake, any moment now. they just gave us the two-minute warning a little bit ago during our break, so we're expecting to hear from her in just seconds. she's expected to announce a new partnership with the justice department. this follows a meeting with loretta lynch yesterday and the mayor's promise to engage in bold police reforms. the attorney general during her meeting in baltimore yesterday
7:16 am
also met with civic leaders and religious leaders to talk about the concerns and the issues facing many in baltimore. the mayor expected to hold this press conference to announce major initiatives with the justice department, with the federal government and with the future of the city of baltimore. we're expecting that any minute now. of course, we're going to be carrying it for you live here on msnbc, this partnership with the justice department. we're going to have a very short break and when we come back we'll bring you more on this breaking news story. my school reunion. i don't know. who wants to play in idaho? gotta get milwaukee up to speed. we win in flint, we take the lead. we'll close the deal if we just show... when it's go, go to the site with the right room, rewards and savings up to 20% when you book direct.
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7:18 am
check your blood sugar levels. do not take novolog® if your blood sugar is too low or you're allergic to any of its ingredients. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medicines you take. ask your doctor about alcohol use, operating machinery, or driving. the most common side effect is low blood sugar. symptoms may include dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. severe low blood sugar can be life-threatening. and we take you now to baltimore with the mayor. >> -- of the baltimore police department and i've worked with the commissioner to build greater trust between the police and the community. our efforts have included the development and the implementation of recommendations from the baltimore's first-ever strategic plan for reform known as the wasserman report. dismantling the police unit known as the violent crimes impact section, which had been
7:19 am
the target of repeated citizen complaints for harassment and excessive force. a series of public safety town halls all across baltimore in the nine police districts where i solicited community input that was later incorporated into new ethics and situational training reforms. the recruitment of the department of justice cops program last october to launch a collaborative process to further enhance reforms. the adoption of the new police schedule that puts more officers on the streets so that they can build deeper relationships with the citizens that they protect. our department will have body cameras before the year's end. meanwhile, i've also fought before the general assembly in annapolis to make substantiative changes to the state's law enforcement officers bill of
7:20 am
rights. those reforms would have assisted in the disciplinary process for those officers who engage in misconduct. while our legislative efforts did not win approval in 2015 i am optimistic that we will have greater success in 2016. we have seen results from these efforts. in 2014 citizens complaints alleging excessive force were down 46%. police discourtesy complaints were down 53%. notices of lawsuits alleging police misconduct are down dramatically over the past three years. and our police department is also reporting greater success at punishing those officers who are found guilty of misconduct in an administrative process. despite this progress we all know that baltimore continues to have a fractured relationship between the police and the
7:21 am
community. and recent events continue to demonstrate the need to press forward with these reforms. we have to get it right. failure is not an option. in order to achieve the kind of sustainable and significant reform that we want to see, that i want to see, that the citizens want to see in baltimore, i'm requesting the department of justice conduct a federal pattern or practice investigation into the baltimore city police department. the department of justice has employed these investigations in communities across our nation to reform serious patterns and practices of excessive force, bias policing and other unconstitutional practices by law enforcement. such an investigation is essential if we are going to build on the foundation of reforms that we have instituted over the past few years. i'm asking the department of justice to investigate if our police department has engaged in
7:22 am
a pattern or practice of stops, searches, or arrests that violate the fourth amendment. i am asking that they investigate what systemic changes or systemic changes exist within our -- excuse me challenges that exist within our police department that can contribute to excessive force and discriminatory policing. at the end of this process, i will hold those accountable if change is not made. we cannot be timid in addressing this problem, and i'm a mayor that does not shy away from our city's big challenges. at no other time in our city's recent history has any administration brought this level of resources to the table to change our police department. while the past few days have been some of our dark estest the city has ever seen we've also seen a resilience that sets
7:23 am
baltimore apart in times of crisis. we will need that resilience as we move forward to continue reforming this police department. thank you. i'm now opening up to questions. >> mayor, is this a civil rights investigation? >> patterns and practices, yes. >> are you willing to go as far as extending the curfew as well? >> i'm willing to do what it takes to reform my department. i have systemically put in place reforms for this department and it's clear that more needs to be done. and i'm committed to working with the department of justice as they conduct their independent investigation, and i will make sure that whatever they find we need to do to repair the relationship with the community and have a department that our citizens deserve, i'm determined to get that done. >> body cameras by year's end, talk about everyone will have a body camera how you'll roll that out, and second question
7:24 am
is, a lot of people want to know businesses i talk to that this isn't going to happen again. been now over a week lessons learned? >> i think it's too early to have that conversation about lessons learned. we're still doing our post-incident review. with respect to the businesses you know we're very focused on all of the security at all of our businesses and how we can work better together. we want to make sure, for mondawmin, they have cameras, so we want that footage so we can hold those accountable. having that ability will help make sure something like that doesn't happen again. if people think they can do it and there are no consequences you know it sends the wrong message. with respect to body cameras, we are -- i have tasked my administration with doing everything we can to cut through
7:25 am
any bureaucratic red tape to implement body cameras as soon as possible. to say everyone over the city, i don't want to give false expectations. this will be the largest department in the country that would have a full body camera program, but we are working very hard to make sure that we fast track it but at the same time make sure that we get it right. >> did you speak yesterday about this and what's the response? >> i did speak to her about it and a couple of things. the department of justice had been encouraged by the progress that we had made with the collaborative review. they were also very keenly aware of the reforms that we had already put in place, the work had been done in baltimore under my administration to reform the police department and to get it right, this relationship between the community and the police.
7:26 am
in our conversations, it was clear that for me i needed to look for any and all resources that i could bring to my city to make sure that we get this right for the community. we have to have a police department that believes wholeheartedly in community policing working in partnership with the police to have safer communities, and in order to do that, we have to find a way toward that foundation of trust. this relationship can't go anywhere without that trust relationship. and that's why i made the request for a pattern and practice review, civil rights review, so we could start to get to healing, so we could become a safer city, but also a better city. >> did ms. lynch say the pattern and practice investigation? >> they have to do a review. i'm making the request and they'll do their evaluation and get back to us.
7:27 am
she understands the urgency of this request, and i do not believe they will delay an answer. >> as you announce this review into police practices, one of the officers in the gray case is now saying he did not do anything wrong in stopping gray because he says that gray's knife was illegal. what do you make of those reports and have you seen evidence or pictures of the knife? >> what i know is i've made it very clear that my goal was to make sure my police department did everything that they needed to do to ensure that we got the information, all of the investigative material to the state's attorney so she could make that determination. that is done. my continued commitment is to make sure if they have any other requests of the police department in order for justice to be sought in the freddie gray case, we'll make sure we continue to cooperate. as for the specifics of any
7:28 am
case, that's out of my hands. it would be inappropriate for me to comment on that. >> one more. >> i'm sorry, i missed the question. >> is that the next step? >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. what i've done is make the request to bring any and to bring additional resources to our city so we could continue the reforms that we've started to put in place in the police department. the department of justice has done this in other jurisdictions, to lay that foundation of trust. we need those resources to get it done and i'm very hopeful and optimistic that the department of justice will respond favorably. >> mayor, what is it about right now? what is it that caused you to take this step right now? >> right now i know we've done a lot, if you take a look at what
7:29 am
my administration has done compared to other independently with respect to other jurisdictions around the country, we've done a lot. but just like with everything i'm never satisfied with what we've done. i'm always looking to do more and to make sure that every day we seek to make sure we're using all the resources that we have available to get it right for the citizens of baltimore, and that's why i made the request to the department of justice, because i said i want to know if there are more resources that we can bring so we can get this right. we have to have a foundation of trust, and i believe that we need the assistance of the department of justice and the civil rights investigation to lay -- to shore up that foundation that is weak right now in our city. >> making this request? >> i can't really answer that. thank you. >> mayor stephanie
7:30 am
rawlings-blake in this news conference, where she announced a partnership with the federal government, specifically among other things asking for a federal pattern or practices investigation. with me now, former prosecutor defense attorney civil rights attorney, also an msnbc contributor and host of "the docket" on shift. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> talk to me a little bit about what this federal pattern or practices investigation is. >> sure. jose, we saw this in ferguson so what happens is the department of justice goes in and conducts an investigation into everything, and when the mayor said fourth amendment, we're talking about stop and frisk, we're talking about seizures we're talking about traffic stops, we're talking about fines. and they do this investigation and try to see is there any racial makeup of whom they are stopping, whom they are arresting, who they are imposing fines on. is there any disparity, are they stopping blacks more than whites, in essence, right?
7:31 am
so they'll come back with a report and then everyone gets a chance to look at this report similar to what happened in ferguson and then the decision has to be made. if there are violations if there are problems the department, the police department, gets a choice either you agree and one of the reporters mentioned consent decree, that's what he meant, either you agree to make these changes through training through maybe new technology different types of methods, maybe even firing a lot of people and hiring others you do that, you make those changes and agree to it or jose you go to court. and then you are going to look at all types of expenses for fighting the case in court. so those are the two choices. >> and this investigation is one that the -- i don't know city can't do that the county can't do? >> well think about it jose right, it's almost asking you to
7:32 am
investigate yourself. so it's always easier and more unbiased to have an outside agency look into this. and even more so a superior agency that has more experience and broader scope. >> interesting. thank you for being with me great to see you. up next a live look on capitol hill where our defense secretary and the chairman of the joint chiefs are both about to testify before a senate panel. we'll have more on this and also you know we all love drone footage like this video bringing us views of new york's george washington bridge like never seen before but with stunning images that's the brooklyn bridge. with stunning images come major security concerns. we'll tell you how the government is getting involved and speak with the guy who shot all this video next on "the rundown." look at that. (music)
7:33 am
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and we continue following breaking news on "the rundown." french investigators released a preliminary report today on the crash of the germanwings plane that crashed into the alps in march. prosecutors say copilot andreas lubitz may have practiced preparations for a controlled descent on another flight the same morning of the crash. the earlier flight was on the outward leg of the journey on the plane that crashed on the return when it flew from barcelona, spain, to dusseldorf germany, on the 24th of march. investigators say it appears the captain left the cockpit during the earlier flight as well the germanwings flight that later crashed killing all 150 people onboard. and developing news out of the faa. the agency is going to address the use of drones at the top of the hour. they are expected to announce a new study looking into longer range flights of the aircraft. these would be flights that go beyond the site of the person
7:37 am
flying them. right now those types of flights are banned and drones can't go higher than 400 feet. hundreds of companies, including google and amazon are seeing the potential and joining me now randy scott slavin founder of the new york drone film festival sponsored by nbc news. good morning. >> good morning. >> if the faa does away with the current rule what will it mean to drone enthusiasts like you? >> having line of sight rules, having to actually see it is kind of limiting, especially to companies like amazon and google who are interested in sending drones off to do things where you cannot see them anymore. there's important implications when it comes down to this kind of thing. a lot of search and rescue cannot be done line of sight, deliveries, of course, up in the air, and also you know crop surveillance, things like that. it's really important to have these kind of rules be a little bit more lax, because there's a lot of really important things as i mentioned earlier, like
7:38 am
search and rescue and also crops, where you need to be able to send a drone out to do what it needs to do without seeing it. >> yeah we're seeing some just beautiful images out of the hamp hamptons you shot and also images we at msnbc shot in nepal after the earthquake there that gives you an understanding and better picture of just how devastating things are there. take a look at these pictures. these are all line of sight. you have to be seeing the drone, the drone has to be within your sight, but it would make a big difference, even for aesthetic and artistic endeavors, right? >> absolutely. you know ultimately if you can fly a drone using goggles or using a screen you can get further away your perspective is better. when you're flying a drone line of sight, it's out in the distance and the further it gets away from you, your perspective is not really as clear, so to be able to have an fpv, first person view system on the actual
7:39 am
drone itself and being able to fly that way enables a lot more possibilities when it comes to drones, especially when you're talking about the more advanced maneuvers and things that are necessary for companies. >> so randy, talk to me about as far as for civilian use, how far can a drone go how high can it fly? drones that are available to just regular folks? >> well drones can be designed to fly very far from the controller, from the person that is flying it and they can be designed to go extremely high. the question just really becomes what you're building it for and then, obviously, certain, you know density of the air and things like that. typical ones you buy in the store are meant to not fly that far and not fly that high and, you know, that's kind of a good thing for most ready to fly systems that people can buy and fly immediately. >> and the other issue, randy, there are a lot of folks who say
7:40 am
must be some security concerns. if anybody can go pick up a drone and fly x amount of yards or miles, you know that creates a possible real dangerous situation for if somebody i don't know that doesn't have good intentions is able to pick this one up. >> people that have bad intentions are always going to have bad intentions and figure ways to do the things they want to do, which is unfortunate, but you can't outlaw long lenses because some people are going to use them for spying or other nefarious acts. comes down to the responsibility of the operator and that's pretty much that. >> should there be control, do you think, on who is able to get one of these long range drones? >> i think you should be able to you know have to get a license in order to be able to fly a drone, especially when it comes down to commercial use. long range drones and other kind of specialty, it requires a lot of knowledge in order to be able to build one of these things. you don't buy them off the shelf, so you know those that are intent on doing bad things will figure out how to do them. i don't think drones are the best way for them to do those
7:41 am
kind of things there's more effective ways to do those kind of things but, you know i think right now we're in a great spot and i think drones really have a lot of positive to bring to our society. >> randy scott slavin thanks for being with me appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. now to another developing story we're following here on "the rundown," the fbi is on the digital trail of the two gunmen shot and killed outside a prophet mohammed art contest in suburban dallas. white house officials are calling sunday's attack quote, an attempted terrorist attack. u.s. and counterterrorism officials are casting doubt on the isis claim of responsibility, but a former cia and nsa director michael hayden tells "morning joe" this attack is more in line with what isis hopes to accomplish. >> isis is much more satisfied with the low threshold attack that frankly, can be carried out by people who are not competent at all, which is what happened in texas on sunday.
7:42 am
>> nbc's miguel almaguer has the latest from phoenix. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: jose good morning. folks that live here say the suspects in sunday's shooting were quiet and unassuming. those who knew them well had no idea they were capable of planning such a violent attack. this morning authorities are digging into the digital trails of both suspects looking for any possible ties between isis and the gunmen. neighbors say elton simpson and nadir soofi raised no red flags while living in their phoenix apartment, applying to run a carpet cleaning company from home, before investigators say they shot a security guard outside a dallas area cartoon contest featuring the prophet mohammed. born in the u.s. simpson attended high school in phoenix, played competitive basketball later converting to islam, attending this local mosque for nearly a decade. u.s. officials say he actively supported isis on social media,
7:43 am
tweeting about the texas event before the shooting. four years ago he was convicted of lying to the fbi in connection with a terror investigation. >> i never would have imagined him being involved in anything like this. he just seemed very calm and quiet. >> reporter: the father to a young son, nadir soofi spent time as a child in pakistan. friends say he came from a privileged family, was a popular heartthrob in high school, never showing signs of becoming radical. with isis taking credit for the attack online u.s. officials say there's no proof the terror group planned or directed the plot. >> i don't believe it's an isis attack i believe it's an isis influenced attack. >> reporter: those backing isis have planned attacks in the u.s. before coney island even the capitol said to be among potential targets. at least 39 people from 12 states arrested for wanting to wage jihad here at home or overseas. releasing statements and
7:44 am
speaking briefly, family members of both suspects say they were shocked and saddened by news of the shooting. as for those assault rifles used on sunday law enforcement sources tell nbc news they were purchased legally. jose? >> miguel almaguer in phoenix, thank you. coming up some fast track trouble for president obama's trade deal. the pushback is coming from his own party. we're going to break down those details next on "the rundown". why weigh yourself down? try new aveeno® sheer hydration. its active naturals® oat formula... ...goes on feather light absorbs in seconds...
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lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪ ♪ president obama's urging congress to grant him the power to hammer out trade deals, but he's getting a lot of pushback from his own party. if he can fast track the legislation through congress he can wrap up a massive trade deal with nearly a dozen nations potentially worth $77 billion a year for the united states. if the president gets the votes, it will be largely on the backs of republicans, not democrats. joining me now, one of the leaders of the opposition to the president's trade agenda rosa
7:48 am
de lauro. good to see you. >> good to see you, good morning. >> are you for the idea of fast tracking the bills through congress, or the bills themselves? >> well, i think two issues one, the agreement itself and then opposed to fast track, as well. there's been consistency on my part because i have voted against fast track authority for the president, whether democrat or republican because the constitution gives and directs members of congress to address free trade agreements. and by giving up that constitutional authority, we dilute our ability to be engaged and involved in the process as it has happened with the transpacific partnership agreement. congress has had little or no involvement in the crafting of this trade agreement. it has been under way for the last six years, and only because of the outcry over the last few
7:49 am
months have there been any real conversations about it. >> congressman, you're quoting a politico article about the secrecy surrounding the transpacific partnership. it says if you want to read it someone watches while you read it and can't take notes or discuss what you've read. is this true? >> the truth is the secrecy around this agreement has been unprecedented in trade agreements. and the fact is is that at the outset of this process, first of all, the sessions are classified. if you do not have a staff person who has a security clearance, they can't be present to be with you to go through the document. at the outset we were not allowed to take notes. now we can ask questions, and we can jot down questions we can ask those questions, but, in fact we don't get any answers. and i've been -- i've taken advantage of the opportunity to be in these sessions.
7:50 am
the secrecy has been more than frustrating. actually what it has caused is that that's why you have the overwhelming majority of democrats who are opposed to fast track. we do not want to give up our authority to have a say in a free trade agreement. reason why, let me mention this for a second at the heart of this issue are jobs. wages. today, the single biggest economic problem we have are people in jobs that don't pay enough. our past history, which the facts substantiate is that the free trade agreements have resulted in loss of jobs and decreased wages. the most recent one being korea. the korea agreement. and so therefore, why do we want to repeat this experience when people are already struggling? we will see a loss of jobs we will see a decrease in wages, which has been born out over the years in various free trade agreements. >> congresswoman, thank you for
7:51 am
being with me, so appreciate it. >> thank you. i want to take another look at that senate hearing where elton john is testifying on global health programs. sir elton is an active in a program he created, the elton john aids foundation. we're going to be monitoring this event for you, as well. up next a secret u2 concert giving new york city commuters a reason to cheer on monday night. also a koala walks into a hospital. this is not a joke. take a look at this, security cameras in an australian hospital catch the koala roaming around for a couple of minutes, he figured nothing for me here, i'm out of here. hello! this little beauty here is top-of-the-line. see, you just pull like this to go left. and like so to go right. where are the brakes? uh, just grab ahold of both and pull straight back. and the "whoa!" is optional.
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7:54 am
so i want to show you this video that just surfaced from a subway platform beneath grand central station in new york city bono and u2 playing to the
7:55 am
crowd. i didn't get the invite but that's not stopping us from five things surprise concerts. michael buble, him playing a concert in sunrise, florida, but that same year he took to the subway platforms of new york surprising riders in lincoln center. number two all you need is love or luck in this case if you happen to be walking by in london in 2013 you would have seen paul mccartney surprise a crowd, similar to the concert performed 40 years ago. i wasn't there, but have visited the road. number three, bocelli earlier this year in miami beach, but it was his surprise performance on christmas day singing "o come all ye faithful" in miami beach before and during christmas mass. number four, take a look at this photo, that would be bono on a concrete sculpture in san
7:56 am
francisco in 1987 spray painting the words rock and roll during a surprise concert. that's almost the crowd we get here every day on "the rundown" as we leave the office. number five what would a list be without the boss bruce springsteen? much younger boss back in 1984 making a surprise visit to a minnesota nightclub, while the sound and lighting system was being set up for his u.s. tour. imagine those kind of surprises, victor setting up in the morning. those kinds of lights those kinds of smoke machines and stuff. when are we going to get this? we're working on it. pit bull and i are going to go on tour with that. that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. next on "news nation," tamron hall talks exclusively with actor chad coleman, who wants to clear the air about his subway rant that was captured on video and went viral. see you here tomorrow. take care.
7:57 am
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good morning, everyone i'm tamron hall, this is "news nation." we begin with breaking news a chilling new report released just this morning reveals the copilot who intentionally crashed germanwings flight 4525 appears to have rehearsed the crash on a previous flight. french investigators said this morning, say on the morning of march 24th andreas lubitz the copilot, actually took a flight traveling from germany to barcelona, that would be hours before the doomed flight 4525. joining me now, what were we told today, tom, regarding what led up to this big development? >> yeah good morning, tamron. french investigators this morning released this preliminary report into the crash and they describe the flight from dusseldorf into barcelona, that's the flight immediately prior to the fatal crash, which was, of course on the way