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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  May 6, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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the country's ever-increasing drone population. in atlanta, the largest drone convention is underway should a debate about how much oversight the high-tech gadgets require. tell us what you think. this is our bing pulse question of the day -- are you worried about drone use getting out of hand? vote at keep voting throughout the show. we'll bring you the results as we get them. we want to start harrowing information on the germanwings flight that killed all 150 on board. a new report suggests the co-pilot practiced changing the controls for a creeled descent on another flight. -- controlled descent on another flight. investigators say andreas lubitz intentionally crashed the maybe in -- the plane in march en route to dusseldorf. he may have attempted similar maneuvers the same day. some are characterizing this as a rehearsal. one expert says there might be an explanation. >> for me to form reports it looks like he was planning to
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commit suicide on the outbound flight. he made the selections on the auto flight systems but changed his mind. and bottled out if you want. the flight continued toward barcelona. nobody was the wiser. >> changed his mind. anthony roman is an faa licensed commercial pilot and former flight instructor. he joins me with this. anthony, some call this a rehearsal. we've heard other people say not so much. the reversal of lubitz' mindset there. what does it tell you in how this could have been a red flag earlier for those monitoring this flight? >> yeah. i've conducted as many medical investigations involving psychiatric patients as i have aviation investigations. so it really provides tremendous insight into what may have happened there. we do know that this co-pilot suffered from depression and suicidal ideation. basically ideation is simply visualizing committing suicide.
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and acting out on it as a dress rehearsal. now very few patients who suffer from suicidal ideation actually commit suicide. stat tickly, it's very -- statistically, it's very small. in this case i believe what happened of that he was actually having episodes of suicidal ideation in the cockpit and dress rehearsing what he would do later. >> not only the plane but psychologically prepping his body and mindset for making this happen. and the descent wasn't recorded properly before or there wasn't a way to track it platform? >> well you know there are conflicting reports about the descent. there are reports that air traffic control issued the normal commands for descent, staged descent as they were approaching an airport, if that was the case and he took the auto pilot controller, which is simply a round knob at the top of the panel between the pilot and co-pilot, and he just, you know, rotates the knob and places the number 100 in it
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that would not command the aircraft to begin a faster rate of descent. that would simply be a preemptive act, and they would have to engage the auto pilot to do that. so he could do that several time without affecting the performance. >> what signals would be sent to the ground? obviously this is tracked by radar, but not so much the controls to know exactly what specific modifications he's putting in. radar can pick it up. >> radar can pick it up. but if they had been commend kmended a descent, they wouldn't have known he effected the change. it wouldn't have affected the order by air traffic control to proceed with. it would be playing with your radio knob in your car. it doesn't affect the performance of the car at all. or you can prep your -- your driving control in the car so that you don't have to have your foot on the gas pedal. you have to engage that after you set it. he didn't engage it. >> how do you think this changes
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the culpability of love tanz athe parent owner of germanywings? >> that's an interesting question. they have far different regulations with regard to medical privacy than we do in the united states. we have very strict regulations. housewife, the faa -- however, the faa would not issue a medical certificate in 2010 as a result of his psychiatric treatment until he was subsequently cleared. it's a different case in western europe and particularly in germany where the patient's privacy is considered golden. unless the psychiatrist felt that he was a specific and direction threat to any flight he would not be permitted by law to report any condition to the airlines. >> thanks for your insights. appreciate it as always. back here at home, developing news in the investigation into the attack in garland, texas. authorities are digging into the digital trail of elton simpson and nadir soofi. the two gunmen who carried out the attack sunday outside an
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event that was featuring caricatures of the prophet muhammad. both were shot and killed on sight. investigators are specifically looking at the social media accounts of simpson where he expressed support for isis including a tweet sent about 20 minutes before the shooting reading, "may alallah accept us as mujaheddin." cia director michael hayden -- >> it's kind of what we expected. this wasn't directed by isis. if anything it was inspired by them. it was trying to put out aspirational directives if that word makes sense. and you've got the disaffected who kind of sign up to go do these things. >> nbc's miguel almaguer reports from phoenix where the gunmen lived. miguel? >> reporter: good afternoon. this is where elton simpson and nadir soofi lived, in this
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apartment complex behind me. there were no red flags with locals who lived here several years. they also attended a nearby mosque for about a decade. the amman there telling us there was no indication that either of these two men had been radicalized. they seemed to grow up in this country living all-american lives. simpson play ging basketball. athletic young man who attended high school in the area. soofi had a young child who lived in this area as well. family says there was no indication that they were leading any kind of nefarious life or planned this attack. officials have been investigating at the home here looking for any evidence that may link them to isis. investigators say the case could drag on for several more weeks. back to you. >> miguel, thank you. miguel almaguer reporting. as i mentioned, authorities are digging into the two men's digital tracks looking for a connection foebl isis. for more -- connection possibly to isis. for more pete williams. how are isis' social media tactics different from what we've seen them use before?
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>> reporter: you may remember that when isis sort of burst on to the world stage, they did so with mass propaganda efforts. mass videos, very slick videos to try to appeal to people. in a sense taking a page from al qaeda's playbook with videos and al qaeda's "inspire" magazine on line. what's happened here especially with isis now some extent with other terror groups that they're trying now a more direct approach. by setting up a constantly changing twitter account, as soon as a twitter figures out who they are and shuts them down, they start another with a different name. and they are basically haranguing people in western countries every day to say, come on, you want to do something. they'll list grievances and say, you know why don't you do some being this, why aren't you doing something about that. it's a more direct approach. and it's just exploding across the western world. not just in the u.s., the interior minister of france came to the u.s. to urge twitter to
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do more about this right after the "charlie hebdo" attacks. it's a very difficult problem to deal with. the thing is people like simpson, the fbi says immerse themselves in tweets. they're in this subculture all the time, being bombarded by messages to take action. it's a very different and worrisome approach that isis is taking. and the second thing you is to say is that isis doesn't specifically mean a group of leader people in syria. has come to be the banner under which a lot of groups are sending messages. >> we know there are potential targets for isis to find vulnerable people that they can have direct access to through twitter. is it like whack-a-mole, for authority tracking this? i know you talk about twitter, they see one handle pop up, they try to shut it down but it sounds like they're more reactive than proactive. >> reporter: that's right. they can't shut them down before they know about them. but so they are stuck in this
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game of whack-a-mole, as you say. that's one side. the other is focusing on the people in the u.s. who are on engaged on these online conversations with these folks. elton simpson was one of them. the fbi and the -- phoenix police, the joint terrorism task force had opened a new investigation into him last month. and they were watching what he was saying but they say none of it was leading to a specific plot. they didn't have him under intensive surveillance. and the other problem is you have to multiply him by thousands more across the u.s. who are doing just what he did, who are following these really quite radical twitter postings and, you know, how do you monitor that many people? it's becoming a big problem. >> pete williams reporting from washington. great to see you. thank you, sir. >> yes, sir. baltimore's mayor calling on the justice department to investigate the city's police department for potential civil right violations. this would be in addition to the federal civil rights
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investigation already underway into the death of freddie gray. a similar review, you might recall conducted in ferguson, missouri, after protest against the police force there. >> the department of justice has employed these investigations in community across our nation to reform serious patterns and practices of excessive force, biased policing and other unconstitutional practices by law enforcement. >> also today, maryland's governor announced the lifting of the state of emergency order in baltimore city. he emphasized the critical need for the community to unite. >> we must also look to turn the corner and work together to make important strides to heal our communities and to begin to address the many long-term problems and issues. >> it comes as nbc affiliate wbal is reporting edward niro one of the six baltimore policemen charged, the officers charged in gray's death. he's disputing the chief prosecutor's claim that gray was illegally arrested because the knife that he was carrying was
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permitted under state law. niro is disputing that. coming up, a half-hour from now i'll talk to the president of the baltimore city council about what's going on in baltimore and how the elected leaders and the baltimore city police are promising repair. coming up, hillary clinton ups the ant oh immigration reform as -- ante on immigration reform as 2016 rolls on. will her republican rivals follow suit? she called them out. first, severe weather in texas. look at this -- a funnel cloud touching down in big spring texas, yesterday. even more tornadoes reported across west texas and in new mexico. no major damage reported. severe weather will continue through the weekend. here on the east coast, the first tropical storm of the season could hit the carolinas later today. it's unlikely we'll see a hurricane out of this. we'll keep watching it. and when you bundle your home and auto insurance through progressive, you'll save a bundle! [ laughs ] jamie. right. make a bad bundle joke a buck goes in the jar.
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welcome back, everybody. we have the deflate-gate report just handed over to the nfl at 1:00. accordingly, ted wells transmitted his report to the commissioner, roger goodell and the new england patriots today about the footballs used in the afc championship game against the colts back on january 18th. now there -- we're going through it now, figuring out what is says. in wells' report according to our peter alexander, it is more probable than not that the patriots' personnel participated in violations of the playing rules. also out of this report is saying the q.b., tom brady, was generally aware of this type of behavior. again, this is coming out of the report that ted wells gave to the commissioner, roger goodell. we have the statement from goodell saying that he is appreciative of ted wells and his colleagues for performing a
10:16 am
thorough and independent investigation investigation. the findings and conclusions set forth in the comprehensive report. we'll continue digging through. more on deflate-gate whether we get. it. make no mistakes today not a single republican candidate announced or potential is clearly and consistently supporting a path to citizenship. not one. when they talk about legal status that is code for second-class status. >> that was hillary clinton tuesday in las vegas trying to solidify the hispanic vote. she comes out hard in favor of a path to citizenship. she called a family issue that puts a heavy burden on the gop which is still wrestling overall with the issue. in 2012 pew research called the latino voting block an awakened giant. it said hispanic can represent 40% of the -- hispanics represent 40% of the growth in the population. mark murray, political director,
10:17 am
joins us now. let me show everybody something you tweeted about hillary clinton, immigration, and the gop. to quote admiral akbar, hillary clinton going big on immigrations potential trap for gop. explain the "star wars" reference and how it's relevant. >> i think that "star wars" explains almost everything in american politics. this is all about the line it's a trap. no issue maybe divides the republicans more than immigration and immigration reform. by hillary clinton really tacking to the left and, in fact going above and beyond some of the executive action that's president obama decided to undertake, byler supporting this, she throws the issue of -- by her supporting this she throws the issue of immigration into the republican field. there's divisions where you have marco rubio and jeb bush on one side. you have scott walker and some of the other republicans on another. and in some ways, the hillary clinton campaign would love for the republican primary season to be all about immigration reform. not too dissimilar from the 2012
10:18 am
republican primarily field. >> boy, what a difference from hillary clinton in 2008 huh? >> yeah, absolutely. although, you know, it's worth noting that on immigration reform the democratic party has pretty much been in the same place. hillary clinton endorsed the comprehensive immigration reform in 2008 same for then-candidate barack obama in 2008. i think where the playing field has moved a little are on the executive actions. once you realize that congress and particularly the house of representatives isn't going move on immigration reform, what actions do you take now. that's what hillary clinton was talking about yesterday. >> in her favorability ratings, "the new york times" putting out numbers, numbers rebounding from an all-time low in the poll. the overall nblts areumbers better than our polling. how is this affected by the scandal regarding the e-mail server? >> reporter: there are polls as
10:19 am
well as the "wall street journal"/cbs poll, taken in the same place, different people periods. showing her rating around even an equal number favorable versus unfavorable. i think the totality of what you've seen the past month and a half with hillary clinton is she has taken a hit. a lot of that's because she's now a candidate for president instead of a political secretary of state. it's the totality of the e-mail controversy as well as the clinton foundation controversy. she's taken a hit. it is notable that she leads the republican candidates in our nbc/"wall street journal" poll and has the highest favorability rating of all the 2016-ers. still significant. >> great to see you. and great "star wars" reference. thank you for it. >> thanks. so when we come back are you worried that the nation's drone use will get out of hand? have you noticed them more in your neighborhood or instagram feeds or facebook feeds? are your buddies doing silly things? you've been weighing in on line at
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bleeding breast or uterine cancer blood clots, liver problems, stroke or heart attack, are allergic to any of its ingredients or think you're pregnant. side effects may include headache pelvic pain, breast pain vaginal bleeding and vaginitis. estrogens may increase your chances of getting cancer of the uterus, strokes, blood clots or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogen should not be used to prevent heart disease heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. the faa is launching a new program to explore ways that drones can be used safely in the u.s. the agency partnering with three companies to launch its pathfinder program. an initiative to study drone flights beyond the sight of the operator. >> this will give insight on how unmanned aircraft can be used to
10:24 am
transform the way certain industries do business. whether that means that making sure that trains are safe or on time checking the health of crops, reporting on a natural disasters. >> reporter: the announcement was made at the largest drone convention happening now as we speak in atlanta. gabe gutierrez joins us from the drone convention in atlanta. what are the details of the pathfinder program? how expansive? >> reporter: hey thomas. first of all, let me set the scene here. there are nearly 600 companies at this convention. happens every year. several people here are gathered outside of this drone observation area. it's netted, it's -- you know drones have been shown off throughout the morning. over the past day or so. and flown safely here. today, as you mentioned, the faa administrator was here announced the pathfinder program. the faa teaming one three companies. as you mentioned, looking at different uses for drones. everything from news gathering
10:25 am
to inspecting railroads. and the big question right now is these line of sight restrictions. many companies here at this convention say this could open up the path for drone deliveries. we're heard a lot about amazon and google exploring this. there's even a company called flirty. a company started in australia, they're now in new zealand test testing whether drones can be used to make package deliveries. that's still a long way off here in the u.s. the faa took a significant first step today to start studying that. and the faa administrator says that they want to make sure that the drone development, that the industry develops with privacy and safety concerns in mind. there have been several the past several months. many pilots and the airline industry have reported drones flying close to planes. and of course, there was that drone that landed on the white house in january. we're getting ready to see this
10:26 am
drone launch just about any second now. but they may be taking a while. i'll throw it back to you -- >> that's a big drone. >> reporter: wondering what's next. yes, it is. >> that's a bigger drone than normal. >> reporter: yes, that drone is used -- would be used to inspect railroads and bridges. we spoke with the owner of that company a little earlier today. yes, it's very noisy. if it launch in the next second or so you'll be able to hear it. it has very good fixture capability. yes, it would be used for a variety of things including inspecting infrastructure. something that the fda -- the faa really wants to get a handle on. and that's why it's teaming one these three companies to study this growing industry. that's literally taking off before our eyes. >> really, it is a growing industry. and pros and con abound with everybody's opinion. and thank you very much for taking us inside the convention currently there in atlanta.
10:27 am
nbc's gabe gutierrez. that is a really big drone. this is the topic of our bing pulse question of the day. we want to see how you're voting. we're ask figure you're worried about -- we're asking if you're worried about drone use getting out of hand. so far, it shows where you stand in real time. 5% of you say yes -- 55% of you say yes it is 45% say no. if we look at political party, democrats are more worried drone use is getting out of hand. independenting, they're split on this -- independents, they're split on this. republicans not so worried. keep voting at we'll have your results in the next hour and a half. coming up, the multimillion-dollar bounty on the heads of isis' most-wanted terrorists. how much is the u.s. government willing to pay? plus baltimore's mayor asks for a federal probe of the police force. what will a wider investigation uncover? we'll talk to the president of baltimore's city council. before break in britain, thursday's national election is coming down to the wire.
10:28 am
polls showing a dead heat with neither david cameron's conservative party nor ed miliband's labor party on track for a clear win. there are big issues on the table from scottish independence to britain's future in the e.u. if neither party gets the majority in parliament tomorrow's vote could be the first round in a very long and messy political process. ugh... ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty
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back to more on the breaking news that we have of the nfl's findings in the official deflategate report. reporters here are reading through the report now. but the big headline out of it is that it is suggesting that patriots personnel likely deflated footballs and that more than probable, the q.b. tom brady, was aware of such behavior. now all reporter are going through this now. speaking of which, "time"
10:32 am
magazine senior writer sean gregory going through it combing through. he joins us on the phone. i know you haven't read the entire report. what stands out so far, or is it just that personnel likely deflated the footballs is the most damning headline? >> reporter: i just watched this to the conclusion. you know, what the report is saying is that there were two patriot employees, a locker room and attendant and equipment attendant, you know employed boy the patriots that "participated in a deliberate circumventing of the rules to deflate balls." it does exonerate bill belchick and patriots' ownership and the front office and all that. but i'm reading, "based on the evidence, we have concluded it is more than probable than not that tom brady of at least "generally aware of the inappropriate activities" of these two patriots employees."
10:33 am
you know generally aware -- what that means and through shakes out you know too early to tell. definitely it's something that stands out and is interesting. >> let's remind everybody. deflategate began shortly after the patriots defeated the colts. it was a stomping in the afc championship game where the patriots beat the colts 45-7. so a lot of people are saying that, you know the score was pretty lopsided anyway. and now we've got part of the patriots' statement. i want to get it on the record saying that this is from bob kraft saying "knowing that there is no real recourse fighting the league in extending this debate would prove to be futile. we will accept the findings of the report and take the appropriate actions based on those findings, as well as any discipline levied by the league." but sean, okay a lot of people will tweet and say they don't like me. that's okay. did they steal the super bowl?
10:34 am
>> reporter: did they steal the super bowl? >> yeah. because if they beat the colts inappropriately in that game to advance to the super bowl, to take on the seahawks they stole the super bowl. >> reporter: yeah. i don't know. i think my gut reaction to that sis given the score of the colts' games, they've would have beaten them anyway. i'm not trying to exonerate the patriots -- >> we got to think about colts' fans. >> colts' fans have a right to be upset. if the game of a lot closer there would be more shouting. with the season -- [ inaudible ] >> accusations of spiefing on the st. louis rams back then before the super bowl. >> this only add again, to the culture narrative. does this call in to question the press conference that tom
10:35 am
brady gave and was extensive about his knowledge he didn't know about it. is it going to be a bigger issue for tom brady and boston going forward? >> it's definitely a big issue for these guys. we'll know more about the details of what brady did or didn't know. he'll have to answer to this. there won't be -- it's interesting. now to come back, i think a lot of people almost maybe forgot about it a little bit. now is the time you have the super bowl honeymoon, now they'll have to answer to this again. >> exactly. i want to go on record i am no colts fan. i grew up in baltimore, and they left us. we've got to ask the pressing questions about whether or not this is a bigger issue as they did advance to get to the super bowl is and beat the seahawks. sean gregory, good to have you with us. the big headline is the fact that when the report has been passed on from ted wells who did the independent investigation, he gave the report over to the commissioner, roger goodell, and
10:36 am
to the new england patriots. now, roger goodell, the nfl commissioner, said he wanted to express appreciation to ted wells and colleagues for performing a thorough and independent investigation. the findings and conclusions of which are set forth in today's comprehensive report. he doesn't go on to say -- "with respect to possible disciplinary action and changes to protocols necessary to avoid incidents of this type troy vincent and his team will decide that what steps to take in light of this report. at the same time we will continue efforts vigorous three protect the integrity of the game and promote fair play at all times." we'll continue to follow that story. in other news, a story we've been following since yesterday. the u.s. state department offering big rewards, big bucks for information on key isis leaders. we're talking millions of dollars for these men all designated as global terrorist. we've got ab al raman, senior
10:37 am
isis official with a bounty of up to $7 m. he rejoined skies in 2012 following his release from prison and was previously a member of al qaeda. a senior leader and official spokesman with a bounty of up to $5 million. he was repeatedly called for attacks against westerners or has called for those attacks. then we have up to $5 million for tarkan batir shavali, senior commander. overseeing an isis prison facility where they held foreign hostages. then one of the first people to join isis. a $3 million bounty on his head. overseeing isis' suicide bombing palestine. karen greenberg is -- pipeline. karen greenberg is director of fordham university center on national security. joins us in studio. i know you want to talk more about deflategate. we'll get on the record about what's taking place with these four senior leaders in isis. what is the threshold to prompt
10:38 am
such a bounty? up to $7 million? >> i think what they're basically saying is they want to show everybody they'll be effective at home and abroad. while military strikes may be one way of addressing isis and by working with allies may be either, the informational route is the key of what they need. they need to find out where these people are. and to be able to capture or kill them. they're upping the snakes-- the stakes in a public way. >> you're talking about the intelligence information. that is obviously worth a lot. are you talking more about information on geotracking of these guys or the potential plans and future ideas of isis is what the government is more interested in? >> look, they're interested in both. in this case one of the things they really want to know is where the guys are and how they can get to them. it really raises the question of how many ways do you go after isis. they are a social media presence.
10:39 am
and what does it mean to take out a leader or several leaders when actually what's going on is tremendous recruitment all over the world through social media mechanism. >> do you expect the government to issue more of these types of basis point bounties? >> i have no idea. let's see what happens and determine. you don't want to issue a lot and then say what happened with those. i think this would be a careful, targeted, very focused approach. >> what do you think as you pointed out the social media aspect and their reach to be expansive internationally, is it like playing whack-a-mole trying to see where they pop up being reactive as opposed to proactive? >> it might be. there has to be rethinking of counterterrorism strategy when it comes to isis. these are people from all different kinds of ethnic backgrounds backgrounds, ages and genders. there are a lot of issues going on other than what we might traditional have associated with al qaeda and al qaeda recruitment. i think the social media challenge is way beyond just
10:40 am
naming names and getting bounties. >> terrorism of the future. karen greenberg of fordham university. great to have you. two key members of president obama's cabinet are visiting baltimore on the heels of the attorney general's visit yesterday. education secretary arne duncan and labor secretary tom perez will meet with students educators and community leaders in baltimore city. they're also expected to announce the availability of job training funds for youth in the city. meanwhile, the justice department has already conducted a civil rights investigation into the death of freddie gray. the mayor, stephanie rawlings-blake, want investigators to look into whether her police department has used a pattern of excessive force or discriminatory policing. >> we have to have a foundation of trust. and i believe that we need the assistance of the department of justice and the civil rights investigation to lay -- to shore up that foundation that is weak right now in our city. >> let's talk about baltimore
10:41 am
city. we have bernard jack young, president of baltimore's city council. cowens critical councilman councilman, great to have you here. a spokesperson responded to the request, it reads, "the attorney general is actively considering that option in light of what she heard from law enforcement, city officials, and community faith and youth leaders in baltimore yesterday." again, in reference to the fact that the mayor has asked for a civil rights investigation. do you think that's the right step? >> i'm glad that the mayor joined me because back in october of 2014 i sent that same letter to attorney holder and i just renewed that call to attorney general lynch on yesterday with the ten standing members of the council committees. so i'm encouraged that the mayor had joined us and asked for this civil rights investigation. >> when we look at what's taking place in baltimore, the police
10:42 am
department is being criticized by its citizens for a number of years. so how do you restore trust especially when we're thinking about so many powerful elected leaders in baltimore are members of the black community? can you explain why there's been such a disintegration between the police community and the neighborhoods in which it enforces? >> well, you know, this is something that has been going on for longer than i've been in office. this is something that -- deeply rooted in the african-american community. so this is something that's been going on for a while. we're hoping through this department of justice review about police departments, of the policy and procedures that this is a step in the right direction. what we can rebuild the trust between the police department and the community. and i just want to say for the record that the majority of the police department put on that uniform, and they've come out -- they believe in protect and
10:43 am
serve. it's a small minority of officers that are making it bad for the whole police department. just a small minority of them that's out there just running rampant and breaking people's spirit about the police department. >> let me ask about what's taking place with secretary duncan and perez. expected to announce the availability of funds for job training. feeds into more help being available to young men of color. we have mayor bill de blasio talking about it. i want to play it for you. >> i think the serious work figuring out how we reform policing and reform the connection between police and community is also getting at the underlying problems. in baltimore, it's unmistakable. income inequality is one of the foundational problems, lack of opportunity is stunning particularly for young men of color. if there aren't job opportunities, there aren't sufficient wages, if people literally cannot see an economic future why is it surprising
10:44 am
that tensions rise? >> we've got to think about the opportunity for so many people that are coming up in baltimore. sir, from your spot, from your vantage point, how do you do that moving forward? how can this be a catalyst for a better framework? >> when you look at job training, it has to be jobs at the end of the training. we have job training programs but there's no job at the end. so what we need to really focus on when we have city contracts and contracts that are government funded, we need to make sure that those contracts benefit the people who live in these communities and in the city where these contracts are let out. that's the real problem. we can do job training but if there's no jobs at the end of the training, it's wasted money. >> bernard jack young the president of the baltimore city council. sir, thanks for joining me. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. i think she tried to kill us. i can barely move a muscle. i don't have any muscles left.
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more now on the breaking news we got at the top of the hour on the nfl's findings in its official deflategate report. reporters at msnbc are reading through the report now, combing through it for details. but deflategate is trending nationally on twitter and facebook as more information is coming out. and the fact that this report the independent report is finding probable fault in the fact that there were people on the patriots' staff that knew about this type of behavior that took place. jason page is the host of "up late with jason page" on nbc sports radio. i know you're reading through the report now. what jumps out at you? >> obviously tom brady and his potential involvement in all of this. that is the most damning thing that comes out of this thomas. that's going to be to me i think the biggest report biggest part of the report is the evidence against tom brady the fact that
10:49 am
he was providing autographs account fact that he -- the fact that he was providing potentially signed memorabilia for these guys as payment for these deflated footballs. and the biggest thing, tom, is this -- if he did it this one time and if the patriots were doing it this one time how long had they been doing it for. and that's another question that ultimately will have to be raised with the league. how many times did they do this? they obviously didn't just do it for -- >> you're saying the first time out is not the first time they got caught. >> right. the colts had suspected that this was going on in previous matchups against the patriots. also the lack of cooperation from the patriots in terms of the investigation. jim mcnally one of the equipment men who are being heavily scorned in this report he was interviewed once originally when the investigation first started. after that interview, the investigators wanted to speak to him again. the patriots said no. for the lack of cooperation by
10:50 am
the patriots with regard to the investigation is also something where roger goodell and troy vincent who are going to ultimately come down with discipline on all of this. the lack of cooperation is lack of cooperation is something that becomes the next question now, this is just a report. this isn't necessarily, hey, this is what you should do to punish the patriots. it's a report. now it goes to roger goodell and troy vincent and they have to make a decision how they want to punish them. one particularly damning quote in this tom brady declined to make available any documents or electronic information including text messages and e-mails that we request. so he didn't cooperate with the investigation essentially what they are saying and they found he was involved in this #deflategate. i think brady could get whacked pretty hard by the league on this. >> what do you think -- let's remind everybody, this began
10:51 am
after the patriots defeated the colts in the afc game 45-7. it was a great game but does this bass ardize the results of the super bowl? >> look i don't know how much it necessarily paints the results of everything the patriots did. the patriots were going to pound on the colts regardless of deflated footballs. that was a match-up that everybody looked at and thought the patriots were the better team. >> why would the patriots need to probably cheat? >> because everybody is looking for an edge thomas whether it's guys stuffing up baseballs using pine tar, everybody is looking for an edge. the problem with the patriots there's been a habit of trying to get a edge in various ways
10:52 am
whether it was spygate five years ago or fudging injury reports and saying we're going to put everybody on the injury list even though guys aren't hurt. the patriots have established a pattern of trying to gain an edge and look this is something roger goodell is not going to screw around with this. an unfair competitive advantage is something roger goodell will come down heavy on the patriots for. i expect them to get whacked pretty good. >> i appreciate you getting on the phone with me and talking about this very interesting as we get this report of deflategate out, talking about what the patriots most likely knew about it. we're back with more after this. it occurred to mindy she might actually be invisible. ♪♪ but mindy was actually not invisible. ooh, what are you doing? can you see me? she had just always been treated that way. yeah. you don't have to look at me like that. there are worst things than an attractive woman
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we want to turn to our bing pulse question of the day. exploring ways drones can be used safely in the u.s. we're asking if you're worried about drone use getting out of hand and out of control.
10:56 am
64% say yes, 36% say no. an interesting trend right now when it comes to age, voters between 18 and 24 and then over the age of 55 are the most worried about drones getting out of hand. but those in the ages between 25 to 54 are less worried. so we ask you to keep voting at there's much more ahead including the cartoon contest, where simpson and soofi, were they lone wolves or part of something bigger? more disturbing details between the crash of germanwings flight 9525 did the pilot re-hearst crash on a prior flight. nicolle wallace joins me live. we'll be right back.
10:57 am
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breaking news the official report on deflategate released. we'll break down what investigators have found out about the patriots. new revelations about the suspects behind an attempted terror attack in texas. >> i don't believe it's an isis attack, i believe it's an isis influenced attack. >> how likely are claims that the terror group was really voofd? a chilling new report on the crash of 9525 investigators now saying the co-pilot practiced a controlled descent on another flight. a new test program for commercial drones there's a convention in atlanta right now. what impact could it have on you and your privacy? i'm thomas roberts, great to have you with me. the nfl commission report on the patriots deflategate release an hour ago and the


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