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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  May 7, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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msnbc live. >> i've got trees coming down. >> america's heart land on high alert after dozens of tornados sweep across three states killing at least one person. we'll take you live to hardest hit area and tell you where the biggest threat is today. patriot's quarterback tom brady under fire over details in the controversy. brady's camp is firing back hours before the star is set to speak tonight. we invite you to tell us what you think. should brady be suspended over deflategate deflategate? log on to vote. do that now and throughout the show. our other big question who owns an embryo? sofia vergara and her ex nick take it to the legal battle. 12 million across the plains states could be at risk for damaging severe weather.
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comes on the heels of the deadly destruction. the oklahoma city area appear othered to get it worst. the twister tore through two mobile home mark parks and downed power lines. a woman drowned seeking shelter in an underground storm shelter. the governor has declared a state of emergency for 12 counties. she spoke to first responders that helped the their community last night. she had a message they're not out of the woods just yet. >> we're at risk of storms the next several days. it's important you have a plan with your family and with your employees no matter where you are, what time of day it is. what you might be going to. know what to do if a storm comes upon you. >> overall, at least 50 tornados and baseball size hail were reported across four states. nbc's jay gray joins me live from oklahoma city. jay, when we woke up after this
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it was remarkable to hear no lives were lost. that has since changed. >> yeah you're absolutely right. just a tragic event on the southeast side of this city. a 42-year-old woman doing everything right, going into the storm cellar. apparently wasn't sealed properly. she wound up drowning in that shelter. i want you to see the devastation. the pocket behind me was ravaged by the storm. people inside this hotel scurried from rooms. everybody miraculously made it out okay. if we move across the parking lot, you'll see over here the rv park. 12 people injured in this. two of them critically. now we see residents making their way back in. not a lot of damage like this where it's overwhelming. these types of scenarios play
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out up and down tornado alley now. as the governor said the chance of storms is intensifying for this evening. it will continue through the weekend. as they start to clean up this mess, try to reorganize their lives francis, they also have to keep an eye to the sky to see what's coming next. just a real tough go here now. >> certainly devastation in the state of oklahoma knows all too well. we thank you for that report. meanwhile the 2015 hurricane season could be getting an early start. an air force flight is investigating a system off the coast of north and south carolina to determine development. it's produced rain and wind gusts in myrtle beach. the weather channel stephanie abrams has the latest from south carolina. >> reporter: here in myrtle beach, south carolina on and off rain throughout the morning. the surf hasn't been too terrible. what you can't say is the rip current. it's worst around low tide 4:0
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p.m. this afternoon. an hour before and hour after, that's when the rip current will be the worst. they're no strangers to storms here in north carolina. they're tucked in. south carolina usually gets the brunt. threshold hurricanes hugo and hazel back in '54, both categories four. for the whole season since 1950 eight subtropical can depressions or storms prior to may 7th. if this gets a name it will be anna and number nine to form before or right around this time. the earliest tropical or subtropical cyclone to produce direct effects on the u.s. so early in the season was subtropical storm andrea may 9, 2007. if this gets a name it will break the record andrea set eight years ago. francis, back to you. >> stephanie abrams reporting for us. we thank you for that. listen to this developing story here. it affects your privacy and the national security agency's
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power. >> the federal appeals court says the nsa bulk collection of phone records is excessive and illegal. the court has serious concerns about the fine line between national security and privacy. now the court is asking congress to step in to better define the program's boundaries. here's what attorney general loretta lynch had to say earlier this morning. >> we are reviewing this decision. given the time issues involving the expiration of it we are also and have been working with this body and others to look for ways to reauthorize section 215 in a way that does preserve this efficacy and protect privacy. >> josh joins me now. josh good to see you here. i know the ins and outs could be complicated. break it down as far as what this ruling means for people at home worried about privacy. >> this ruling said that
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congress never authorized the national security agency to conduct a phone surveillance program of this scope. we're talking vacuuming up billions of phone calls over many, many years almost all at some point. some long distance calls made in the country recording the numbers they're going from and to. the court said the statute nsa and other courts had relied on to authorize this program over the years which talks about records relevant to a terrorism or law enforcement investigation didn't indicate congress really wanted the government in the business of collecting this scope of information. >> what's the next step as far as the pay track expires in june? what needs to be decided and done between now and then? >> well there are different factions in congress. it does expire june 1st this particular provision. there are different camps up there. some repass the language that's already part of the law. other people want to implement
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usa freedom act to change these programs get away from bulk surveillance, have the phone companies store this kind of data. some would like to see that law expire in june and basically allow this program to shut down and move on. it's really unclear who has the advantage in that debate. >> interesting to follow the trail with that bulk collection as it's called. that program is the one edward snow den exposed. we thank you for that perspective. >> thank you. the nooifrknives are out in the scandal known as deflategate. don calls the report a terrible disappointment. he calls for the release of brady's testimony in this investigation. he also noted the nfl is one of the firm's clients. brady is due to speak at a forum tonight. to date he has no comment on the report. he has denyied wrong doing.
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the report looked into whether he and the team deflated game balls before the championship game. it reported brady was more probable than not to have knowledge. the ownership criticize had the report. it points out personnel and says more probably than not they participated in deflating the balls. text messages between the men are included in the report. one refers to him as the deflator. one report says investigators were unable to discuss why he use had the term. there was a follow up interview with that individual. steve kornacki is here live from fox burrow massachusetts. good to see you there. let's talk about this. explain the allegation about the sting operation. how can he back that up? how explosive is this charge especially when considering this report here that had a lot of
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possibly, maybes likely but not definitively. >> that's the key to understand understanding this defiant blistering statement. through his agent, she's communicating a simple message to nfl. we don't think you have the goods on us. the back story to understand what's going on is right now we're sort of a waiting the penalty phase of this. the nfl has the report has conclusions they think brady knew about this. they can't prove it with a smoking gun. now is will they suspend him? two, four games, half the season? they're not going to throw ourselves in the mercy of court, not going to give an inch. we don't think when its comes to due process in terms of putting out a penalty that your report delivered the goods. there are 23 instances of this
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report that has language that it's more likely than not, more probable, more plausible. not definitive and nothing conclusive. when you look at big scandals of the nfl where saints were suspended of the season this was the bounty gate thing. that was conclusive. now brady and his agents are daring the league to suspend him. try to when you can't prove in your report he did this. they're seeing the report of the public opinion. it looks bad for brady in terms of his reputation. but when it comes to punishment is he going to face fines and miss games? they're saying the report didn't prove what it needed to. >> talking about a 250 page report.
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wish we had time to delve in. we will later on. thank you for your time and that report steve. be sure to watch "up with steve kornacki" 8:00 a.m. we want to know what you think about deflategate. should tom brady be suspended over deflategate? go to to weigh in. vote as many times as you want especially if your views change during the show. we launched the poll. look where we stand now. 32% of viewers say he shouldn't be suspended. 68% say yes, based on this report and what you hear he should be. we'll have more throughout the show. still ahead t first congressional hearing about hillary clinton's e-mail server and surprising action from the state department. paranoia reaches new heights. we'll tell you about that on the
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conspiracy coming up. but right now, the friend and witness to michael brown's shooting in ferguson missouri has been arrested. dorian johnson announced he's suing the police chief and officer darren wilson. he was arrested for interfering with arrest and discarding narcotics. he wants the city to pay him $25,000 for alleged emotional distress and wants injunction what he calls discriminatory police practices.
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we need to fix our dysfunctional political system
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and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all a even if that takes a constitutional amendment. >> that was hillary clinton in iowa. her first campaign appearance back in april. her promise to help save a political system a wash in money. today however she's in los angeles as part of a three day swing through california. while out west she's expected to meet with leaders of the super pack that helped president obama win back in 2012. priorities usa is considered key in raising the money she'll need to fight the gop contender particularly if it's jeb bush. nice to see you jonathan. >> good to see you. >> let's talk about this tight rope walk for hillary clinton especially pulling reigns on big money. money she needs to win a successful campaign. how do you balance ideals with fears of the jeb money machine? >> her campaign will use the line of reasoning they're not going to unilaterally disarm
10:17 am
against jeb bush. you know obviously she said she wants to get the big money out of the campaign finance system. it's going to raise money for priorities usa. i don't think it's a big surprise. her husband raised money for this group in 2012 to elect president obama. as for the constitutional amendment, presidential candidates. it's an easy thing for them to promote. >> let's talk about the house investigating her deleted e-mails. want you to hear what one statement department said yesterday before the senate. listen. >> i think that the actions that we've taken in the course of recovering this with regard to
10:18 am
recordkeeping. >> that has hallmarks of a clinton commercial written all over it. is this making an imprint? >> we'll see where the investigation goes. we'll have the unusual spector of a presidential candidate while under investigation. there's an entire benghazi committee in the house. the e-mail question continues to be raised as close to the election as republicans think will have imprint. if it doesn't end up affecting anything i think they'll back off. >> let's talk about polls as it pertains to chris christie. very quickly, the poll numbers continue a bad trend for 2016 prospects here. he hasn't officially announced the indictments and plea from his closest aids recently. what's the best he can hope for now? >> the best he can hope for now is that someone clears him,
10:19 am
exonerates him and people close to him. the biggest issue isn't necessarily a legal one. the biggest one is decision making around the people he hired. one pleaded guilty and two others now defending themselves. it raises the question of who he would put around him as president of the united states. >> and the question surrounding that close inner circle as well. thank you. appreciate your time. when we come back, sofia vergara and nick's controversy over embryos. whole foods says it's ready to get on board with what generation y wants. so is the health care industry next. we're keeping an eye on the mid section under threat of severe weather through saturday. a good size chunk of kansas all in the high risk area today. this following last night's deadly tornado outbreak.
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vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need. welcome back. on a day when sofia vergara is on the rise her legal battle over embryos created with her ex boyfriend is drawing bigger headlines. lobe wants to bring the embryos to term defended his legal fight on the "today show kwd this" this morning. she accused him of trying to capitalize on her stardom. >> i don't want to allow this person to take advantage of my career and try to promote himself, get press.
10:24 am
this shouldn't be out there for people to be there to give opinion when there's nothing to talk about. >> i've waived her financial responsibilities. i will pay for these children to go to college. i'll give them a wonderful life. these girls will be raised knowing they have a father that fought for them and they'll be loved so much. >> joining me from the fertility center doctor, thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> let's start with this. a lot may say this is a huge a list star. if it weren't for her involved in this embryo battle would we be having this conversation? let's look at this. outside the news how common is a battle like this knowing so many turn to science to have families? >> it's though the that unusual.
10:25 am
certainly though the as publicized as this case. as technology comes forward, we'll see more and more issues. >> the couple signed the contract that says the embryos would be brought to term with both their consent. here's what nick said about that this morning. >> we actually signed these forms at beginning before the process happened. none of the forms discussed what would happen in the event of separation. they had to do with whether we were together. >> for somebody like me i went through ivf. we went through stacks and stacks of papers and hypotheticals of what would happen to frozen embryos. how far are fertility doctors obliged to share with couples the consequences. it seems there's gray area. did it surprise you when he said it didn't come up what would
10:26 am
happen if we weren't together? >> it does surprise me. in the event of separation in the event of death or one or both partners we go over what's done with the embryos. i think more at hand is that things change. what you sign in the moment of being together as a happy couple is not necessarily what you're going to feel several years later. >> i imagine that. you're sitting there going through physical and emotional change. all you want is to bring life and have a viable embryo. it's like sure sure sure we'll sign. you don't think about what might happen down the road. seems like a scary thing. anything that the medical community can do to insure that gray area is more black or little more white? >> i think so. the consent process and really informing patients is a huge part of our duty to the patient. i think what's the part of this issue is that the process of infertility and treatment is so devastating. this is a sad story that this
10:27 am
couple has been through so much. so to now be in this situation is tougher. >> maybe many other cup couples going through the same thing. we just don't know about it. thank you for that perspective. >> thank you for having me. coming up here will the not so inspired suzanne witness be the last in the boston marathon trial? we'll talk to george sullivan when we come back. head to let us know what you think now and during the time of our conversation. will cameron hold his post? it's britain's closest election in decades. we'll take you across the pond for the latest in the polls. my school reunion. i don't know. who wants to play in idaho?
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moving now to boston. court just wrapped up for the day and for the week in the penalty phase of the boston marathon bombing trial. the defendant was called up on the witness from the big screen. >> you have a dignity now. nobody can take that from you. you are a son of god matthew. >> that was actress in her oscar winning role in the 1995 film "dead man walking." court records say she's one of two of the witnesses up the defense team's trial. ron, good to see you here. want to hear more about the defense team's goals and what they're trying to accomplish with the testimony. should she be brought to the
10:32 am
stand and will the prosecution try to fight it? >> reporter: we won't know until probably monday. i think now the lawyers are in the judge's chambers. they may spend the rest of the afternoon arguing this. without the government's motion seems the government is going to challenge whether she can be qualified as an expert here. she's not a professional per se. she has been working in this field trying to abolish the death penalty over the last 30 some odd years. the government's position is what qualified her as an expert in this trial. the other is a sociologist, professional in this field, has success in helping defend convicted if he convicted felons off death row. the court recessed for the day to hammer out this issue. we'll know whether she's going to testify. we do suspect there won't be a government challenge against janet. >> we won't know until monday
10:33 am
possibly. ron mott out of boston. thank you. another trial we're watching closely. the "dark knight" trial on the eighth day of testimony. the jury heard from one of the professors. he described homes as a quiet student but one with a cocky attitude. we spoke to a victim's mother about what it was like to hear the testimony. >> i don't think you can wrap your head around what you're hearing and experiencing. you get through the day. you're exhausted. you go home. you try to eat something. you go to bed. and you prepare yourself as best you can to go through it the next day. but it's extremely hard and it's extremely hard when you hear that you're supposed to
10:34 am
have are empathy or sympathy for the person that butchered your children. >> she describes it as the hell she walks through everyday. james holmes is accused of killing 12 and injuring 70 others during the midnight screening of "dark knight rises." he has pleaded not guilty by insanity. tom brady is set to speak. he has denied the allegations of deflategate. robert craft heavily criticized the report. today's brady's agent alleged the possibility of sting operation against the patriot's quarterback. rob gronkowski was at a children's event today and defended his quarterback. >> no one wants to expand on that for the kids of charity events. no. they're worried about a story for deflategate.
10:35 am
you know these sure aren't deflating. these are only inflating, so get ready. i'm going to be ready. >> all right. that is one way to make your point for your teammate. joe sullivan sports editor at "boston globe." thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> i covered the patriots was there in boston for the first three wines. i saw his rise over the years. during this report takes the sheen off of brady? we know how new englanders will stand up and hail to tom brady. >> if you haven't given me what you said at the en i would have said in new england tom brady will always be the golden boy. i think you make a good point nationally. it's a question of what his reputation is going to be.
10:36 am
the patriots not tom particularly but coach bill belichick have a reputation of pushing rules to the limit. this is just another example of that. this time brady gets involved. i think if you talk to people many indianapolis or denver or new york i think his reputation is going to fall a lot. >> why not talk about this while we're waiting to see what he'll say tonight when has the prescheduled event. how did you characterize the agent's statement in the sting operation. what's the proof? is it what the agent is supposed to say because of how many zeros he's getting representing brady? >> he was doing his job. the point he makes is a good argument actually. it's also refeuded in the report they said it was definitely not a sting operation. you could, when you read it -- he has the page number. i think page 46 and footnote 25 i believe.
10:37 am
the colts talk to the nfl before the game about the pressure in footballs. the league decided to proceed as they normally complaint. they didn't plan check footballs at halftime. only when the colts checked the pressure. they alerted officials. then balls were checked. >> your thoughts. did he know something? you remember in the press conference when this started, everyone was dying hear from brady. when asked if he cheated, he said i don't think so. >> he probably doesn't feel he's cheating and can answer that way. it's against the rules. i believe he had to know about it. i don't believe that a equipment workers would affect the footballs without his knowledge.
10:38 am
that's logical. >> everyone says bill belichick and robert craft, how could you not know? that's the other side of it. that brings us to our bing pulse question of the day. should tom brady be suspended over deflategate? here's our score board. 41% of you said no. 59% said yes tom brady should be suspended over deflategate. interesting so see what kind of ramifications he'll feel. take a look at this when it comes to dealing with age. so far looks like the youngest voters say no brady should not be suspended. older voters overwhelmingly say yes. will deflategate impact his legacy? 10% say unsure 27% say no. curious to see how many viewers throughout are responding within new england.
10:39 am
keep voting at now to a new study giving millennial credit for potentially saving all of us a lot of money in health care cost ahead. americans are expected to shell out $435 billion for medical expense this is year. today's study found that if you think like a millennial you can save some money. it's not just health care. millennial impacted the grocery store industry. we have more on that from the nasdaq today. good to see you. tell us about this apparent millennial effect we're seeing. >> we've seen it in things like restaurant restaurants, mcdonald's, panera bread. they're not using chicken fed with antibiotics. those are important to the millennial set.
10:40 am
we can thank them for that. if we want better health care some analysts say maybe we should all start thinking like millennial. millennial are twice as likely to question the cost of treatments. they want to know two to one how much it's going to cost beforehand. they'll even ask for a discount rate. they will always challenge the bill. 20% versus 10% on average on all issues. the industry is starting to respond. the fact a lot of them are cash strapped so many graduate with awful lot of debt. they're very cost conscious. they're used to being air to compare cost and know everything ahead of time. they've grown up with amazon being able to buy their music and everything they want that way. they've grown up with cost line.
10:41 am
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ortho home defense gives you year long control of all these household bugs - roaches, ants, and spiders. spectracide gives you year long control... of just roaches. their label says so. got more than roaches moving in? get home defense. the label tells the story. we're back now with new video, the aftermath of severe weather in the nation's mid section along with last night's tornados. oklahoma city was swamped with the first ever flood warning that left numerous homes unreachable. look at this image. looks like an house, just an island with the flooding surrounding it. we're staying on top of this and severe weather headed through oklahoma and other plain states. we'll keep you updated throughout the hour on msnbc. meanmeantime, the polls in the uk close. the nation is in the closest
10:46 am
election. candidates are doing everything to get a win. the prime minister cameron's party tied. the consequences are huge. joining me from london thanks for joining us here. let's talk about this. on one hand you have david cameron promising a vote to get uk out of the union if re-elected which could spell doom and on the other hand ed is etching campaign pledges on an eight foot stone. what are they doing, just promising everything to come out on top? >> absolutely. it's been a defensive election campaign. both parties have quite a lot to lose. both of them have been trying to get through this campaign throughout making any mistakes they both have the finishing line in sietght. we have a long campaign where they've tried to get through and
10:47 am
each convince the british electorate they can establish the economy better than the other. the outcome has been that we're no furtherer forward in terms of identifying a clear winner than we were at the start. there's no big moment where the campaign has turned or where anymore information has come out about intentions after the election. partly, as we know so much depends on how the economy grows. there isn't too much leaders can promise without depending on the economic figures. as a result of that things are likely to go right down to the wire. we're three hours away now from polls closing. we'll get an exit poll which should give a better idea about whether the polls during the campaign were right. a few hours after, the results should start to trickle through. even then we may not know who won this election. we may not have a winner. it will be up to whichever party has the most --
10:48 am
>> let me ask you this. in the last few seconds, news outlets reporting the country is headed for parliament without a clear winner. what happens in that case? >> the leader of the largest minority party would start entering talks with the smaller parties to form a government. that's what happened last time around. the process took five days. much more complicated this time. it could be a long time without a new government. it could give a huge power to the smaller parties such as the right wing independence party. the scottish nationalists who you may remember last year almost succeeded in the ref referendum referendum. there's a lot of quite serious issues at stake in those talks. >> for what's been uneventful campaign, here we are making up for it on this election night. thank you for that report. coming up one woman's
10:49 am
remarkable story of perseverance through decades of not being able to walk or play with her kids only to find out it all could have been avoided. kate snow has the incredible story coming up in our next hour. when we come back does texas governor abbott think the pentagon is going to take over his state this summer? we'll tell you what that's about after the break. doers. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, save up to $200 on eyeglasses. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? at 62,000 brush movements per minute philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before. innovation and you.
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welcome back. as conspiracy theorists in texas panic about there summer's planned jade helm military exercises, texas' governor is showing signs that he's concerned, too. in fact, he's ordering the state guard to monitor training programs. seriously, he is. governor greg abbott says it's important for texans to know their rights won't be violated when u.s. troops move in this summer for a massive seven-state training exercise. but even one fellow republican says abbott is "pandering to idiots who think the exercises are a cover for a government takeover." joining me from austin, texas,
10:53 am
is author and strategist jim moore. jim, thank you for being with us here. >> my pleasure. >> let's talk about this governor abbott has pretty much said we should be concerned, found himself in the firestorm here. saying the government exercises are totally routine. conspiracy theorists are imagining an invasion. is the governor legitimatizing those theories, or is he just embarrassing texans by saying you know, we've got to watch out for this? >> he's not the only one embarrassing texas. we have two u.s. senators that have done the same thing. they've made inquiries to the pentagon as to whether this was a texas takeover. we have people in the legislature saying the same thing. so the message most of us in texas want to tell the world, we're not all quite this whacked out. there are people who believe this. the walmarts are going to be used as i did tension -- detention centers as our rights are taking away by the invading
10:54 am
u.s. military. the state of texas probably has more military installations that any state in the country. we've got 30. the president if he wanted to take over texas could have done a long time ago with an e-mail. >> that said interesting to hear especially when you take into consideration the article somewhat entertaining here, when you're writing about the jade helm dilemma saying "the governor says he honors the military at the same time he sends a message that he distrusts their activities. we are concerned that our previous governor rick perry has transcended abbott's intellect. perry cannot remember three things at once but thinks paranoia over jade helm is not warranted." for those who in their hearts and minds really believe that this can happen how do you argue against that if they're pretty much already convinced it's going to happen? >> because this is -- these exercises have happened across the country for years. the funny thing about texas, it is a state that respects the military. and this is the whole
10:55 am
counteruntuesdaytive piece of -- counterintuitive piece of this. they say we love and respect our military, but they disrespect the integrity by making accusation that's our military would take orders to attack us and take away our rights. and just down the road here in austin at the capitol, the legislature is considering a law now that would reduce veterans' access to free-in state tuition reducing the amount of time they could get it and the residency requirements have become more stringent. while they're making accusations, they're doing this as a legislature, they're not sending a great message to our military. >> you know what they say, texas is a whole other country. i guess in this case it may be so. everything's bigger in texas. maybe the paranoia and conspiracy theories, as well. jim moore, thank you. interesting perspective. ahead, back to the midwest. at least 50 tornadoes reported in storms that spanned four states. and there's a threat of more today. also ahead, deflategate.
10:56 am
tom brady expected to speak tonight. will he address the report? and that's also today's bing poll question. should tom brady be suspended? curious to hear what you think here. vote at we'll share results in minutes. the story of a woman who struggled to walk for 30 years. the result of a wrong dike nose is that could have been treated. what happened? we'll tell you.
10:57 am
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but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and for a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am. this hour on msnbc outbreak. 50 tornadoes report spanning four midwest states. >> i got three coming down on me and power plants. i got to get out of here. >> not done yet. mother nature on the threat that will -- more on the threat that will stretch into the weekend. the front pages having a field day with patriots' quarterback, tom brady. will he address deflategate tonight? he's also the subject of our bing pulse question.
11:00 am
should brady be suspended? the spuls -- the pulse is live. weigh in. it was exhausting. it was challenging. >> and a medical mystery. the wrong diagnosis that left one woman struggling to walk for 30 years. also ahead -- >> this has to do with bigger, really more you know legal, ethical concepts that are out there about lives that we've already created. >> sophia vergara's ex-fiance speaks out over their battle over frozen embryos. hi good to be with you. i'm frances rivera in for thomas roberts. we start with developing news on the tornado outbreak across the plains states. the threat may not be over. now as many as 12 million people are at a slight risk of severe storms. this comes on the heels of last night's storms that spawned 50 tornadoes and damaging hail. oklahoma appeared to get it the worst. one death has been reported.
11:01 am
12 people injured. the governor has declared a state of emergency for 12 counties and spoke earlier this afternoon and warned people to be weather aware. >> still at risk of having storms over the next several days. it's very important that we have a plan with your family and employees no matter where you are, what time of day, where you might be going. know what to do if a storm comes. you. >> jay gray joins me from hard-hit oklahoma city. we know there's the threat of severe weather, tornadoes. also floor in areas in oklahoma. >> reporter: yeah. it has been a rough go the last 24 hours. as you talk about, more weather might be on the way here. frustrating for a lot of time just getting back into the hardest hit areas. take a look behind me. you see this motel ripped apart last night. there were people staying in these rooms. some completely gone at this point. everyone miraculously got out
11:02 am
and survived. as you move across the parking lot and you continue to see the debris that was just tossed about by this storm, more than 50 tornadoes, as you said. you get to the rv park here and that's where we had 12 injuries. two critical. i talked to the fire chief not long ago. he described the rescue. a young man trapped underneath one of the rvs. they had to use balloons to raise that rv up. and then pull him from the debris that was wedged underneath along with him. it has been a long and difficult night for first responders as well. now they gear one an eye to the clouds moving in understanding that more severe weather might be on the way. not only this afternoon but through the weekend, the most severe likely on saturday frances. a tough go as they continue to try to clean up and get ready for what may come next. >> that's the hardest part. cleaning up while the threat of more severe weather is on the
11:03 am
way. thank you. we appreciate it. as you heard the governor say, more storms are on the way with a potential for spawning more tornadoes there. weather channel meteorologist vivian brown brings us the latest. we have a roof that just flew through the air. this is serious. life or death. we have a large multiple vortex tornado on the ground -- >> that was the video earlier from one of the storm chasers who was following that storm. we hope to get an update later in the hour. still to come we're tracking the potential of the 2015 hurricane season getting started three weeks early. the system is forming off the coast of south carolina at an air force reconnaissance flight is investigating to determine any development. a live report from south carolina later in the hour. and another developing story we're watching that affects your privacy and the national security agency's power. a federal appeals court says the nsa's bulk collection of phone data is illegal and "exceeds the scope of what congress has authorized."
11:04 am
the court said it wouldn't order an immediate halt to the program, instead asking congress to step in and better define its program's boundaries. and here's what attorney general loretta lynch had to say about the program earlier today -- >> section 215 has been a vital tool in our national security arsenal. but the department has, as you note, been operating under the new directives by the president with a view toward modifying the program to keep its efficacy but preserve privacy interests. >> msnbc's chief legal correspondent and co-host of "the cycle" joins me in our studio. and let's talk about this and what may happen when you have to define the scope of the boundaries here. where can the case go from this point? >> this is basically a federal appeals court in new york sending the case back down to a lower court to deal with the details. the headline is this court is determined that congress never authorized the bulk collection. that is the big sweeping stuff
11:05 am
that edward snowden revealed. not saying we're looking at individual cases getting warrants and surveilling people which has always been acceptable. but rather in the case of verizon that every call and recorded metadata was being surveilled. >> an interesting note. you know, this is somebody at home concerned about their privacy and saying, you know, they don't need to have my stuff out there. as we know with the patriot act and put into place after 9/11, we have this -- the court saying not only unauthorized by congress but the goal seems to be creating a vast data base. not pursuing individual terror cases. how is it that they can move forward in making that more definitive as far as explaining that line? >> well, what the court is saying is hey, nsa, you're not doing what you said and implied in the past. you're actually building this huge government data base of this type of information. and it can be valuable when you find out who someone talks to how often forever. this opinion which i was reading is interesting because you can see the judge isn't concerned
11:06 am
about the notion that this program is endless. has no end date. that's different than a criminal or individual terrorist investigation when you're looking at a person or a group or gang. this is saying we're doing this forever, endlessly. what happens? well, a lot of folks in congress want the house to move forward just next week on a vote on the usa freedom act which would curtail this part of the patriot act. >> that could be the first step that we're seeing in moving in that direction. >> i've got to tell you politicaly -- that's the court side. politically, if this goes forward, senator mcconnell's fighting it. a lot of republicans and liberal democrats are pushing up against him on it. if this goes forward, it could be the most significant limitation of domestic surveillance since 9/11. >> certainly a lot to watch. we'll know you'll be keeping a close eye that. thank you very much. >> thank you. and you can catch ari on "the cycle" weekdays at 3:00 p.m. eastern here. now we're following developing news on capitol hill. the senate holding a test vote any minute on the nuclear accord with iran. that bill requires the president to submit any final nuclear deal with iran to congress before being able to waive or suspend
11:07 am
congressional sanctions. if this test vote passes a full vote is expected to follow in about 20 minutes. keeping a close eye there. we'll keep you posted here throughout the hour. the knives are out in the nfl scandal known as deflate deflategate. today tom brady's agent accused the nfl and indianapolis colts of possibly conducting a sting operation against his client calling it a "tear bell disappointment." and he noted that the nfl is one of the firm's clients. brady will speak tonight at a forum at salem stat. to date he's not commented on the report but has in previous interviews denied any wrongdoing. the report investigated whether he and the patriots deflated game balls for a competitive edge in this year's afc game. it is concluded it is more probable than not that brady was generally aware of the deflation there. in addition, the report cleared the patriots' head coach and
11:08 am
ownership which criticized the report. it singles out two patriots' personnel and said more probable than not participated in deflating balls. in fact, texts between the men are included in the report. one individual refers to himself as the deflator and the report says that investigators were unable to discuss why he used that term as the patriots refuse a followup interview with that individual. msnbc now with more from gillette stadium in foxboro, massachusetts. steve, good to see you again. when we last spoke, we weren't able to bring up the texts. i want to talk about that. some would call it juicy texts from the two involved in the locker room. none from tom brady himself. >> reporter: exactly. that's very intentional. tom brady refused to turn over any of his text messages was told by investigators they just wanted thing that were relevant potentially to this investigation. nothing else from his phone, anything like that. he refused to turn those over. you're in this situation right now where the text messages that were released, that are out there, are clearly in the court
11:09 am
of public opinion the most damning feature of the 243-page report. so much of the aspersions cast on tom brady are a result of those tech messages that are out. it tom brady's are not out, it raises the possibility if there ends up being a penalty, stiff penalty handed down by the nfl, if they fine tom brady significantly, making him sit out for two games, four games, eight games, for something like that, and he wants to appeal it he's probably going to need to do something to show something that would exonerate him. he might be in a situation where if he's going to end up appealing something, he's got to put the texts forward. and clearly now he has no interest in putting those out. >> sure. let's talk about one text in particular. when you have the two long-time locker room workers talking about them. one text refers to tom brady going nuts about balls and about to vomit in the back and forth about that. insinceyating that brady may have -- insinceyating that brady may have known about it.
11:10 am
use of the word "likely." >> exactly. there are 23 instances, you can count in the report where they're using language that is qualified. it's more likely than not, more probable than not. we think this is the most plausible thing. there are no instances in there where they definitively say this is what happened. here is the concrete proof that shows this is what happened. and that explains if you look at this statement that tom brady's agent put out today, there's a lot of bluster in, there a lot of finger pointing at the nfl. they're almost mocking the nfl at one point. using the same language. saying, we think it's more probable than not that the nfl set up a sting with the indianapolis colts. that that's what this is all the result of. and what that tells you is that brady and his camp are looking at this and saying look, they don't have us dead to rights here. if they don't have us dead to rights, we're not going to give them an inch. >> interesting to hear perspective. steve steve, thank you. you can catch steve on "up with steve kornacki" here on msnbc. we've been asking what you
11:11 am
think. do you think tom brady should be suspended over deflategate? look at where we stand now. we asked earlier, let's see if it's changed. we can pum the results. there we go. 42% say no should not be suspended. 58% saying, yes, down one point. this has been stable since our 1:00 hour here eastern when we first launched the question. let's break it down by gender. women feel more strongly than men that tom brady should be suspended. overall, both are split on what they think. and we also ask you to vote on our poll -- will deflate gate impact tom brady's legacy? 67% of you said yes, that's up from the last time we checked in here. 8% are unsure and 24% of our viewers who responded say no tell not affect his legacy. keep voting at let's bring in gabe feldman professor with tulane university's law sports program. let's talk about. this no definitive statement. legal what he can the nfl do
11:12 am
with tom brady now when it comes to possible fines or suspensions? >> the nfl can do a lot. and what's clear is that the nfl policy that controls here says that the only proof that the nfl needs, standard of proof, is to show there is more -- it is more probable than not that tom brady or the patriots or patriots employees violated the rules designed to protect the integrity of the game and designed to protect the fairness of the game. and that's the result that the wells report reached. as to why there's nothing definitive, they didn't need to reach that definitive conclusion. >> when you have the nfl, too, having its own share of criticism saying this is a report that's 250 pages long the ray rice report was 90 something pages long then there's the timing, too. after the nfl draft. after the new england patriots went to visit the white house there. should we read anything into that? is there any calculation by the nfl as an organization knowing you know what we got billions, millions invested in this? >> i don't think we should read too much into it.
11:13 am
remember, this was an independent report. and we can say the nfl might have had some sway over when they released it. but i think we've got to give some deference to the law firm, to ted wells. i think the timing of this. we can see why it took months. 243 pages, extensive interviews extensive scientific evidence. it's not surprising it took this long. and that won't necessarily impacts what the penalties are. tom brady can still be suspended for the regular season next year. the patriots could lose draft picks in the following draft. the team can still be fined. this doesn't mean just because the of timing that the prts or tom brady won't be hit hard. >> especially given that the patriots, they won the super bowl. they're going to be the regular season opener when the season starts in september. so a lot more eyes watching there, too to see if he'll be there or not. gabe feldman of tulane university school of law. thank you, appreciate it. >> my pleasure. now to the white house. the president presenting a trophy this their hour to the air force football team for its wins last season over navy and army. president obama leads washington this afternoon for a two-day
11:14 am
trip starting in organization. congratulations to them. well down in the polls. new jersey governor 2016 presidential prospect christie in new hampshire today. can he connect with voters in the first primary state? hillary clinton borrows from the republican playbook courting super pacs and big bucks. and then -- this shouldn't be out there, you know, for people to give their opinion when there's nothing to talk it. >> new details on the embryo battle between sophia vergara and her ex. why the tv star says it's the last time she'll speak publicly about this matter. ♪ [announcer]when we make beyond natural dry dog and cat foods. we start with real meat as the first ingredient. we leave out corn,wheat and soy. and we own where our dry food is made-100 percent! can other brands say all that? for nutrition you can trust and your pet will enjoy... does your food go beyond?
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welcome back. hillary clinton is in the middle of a three-day swing through california. she's expected to meet with
11:18 am
donors for the democrat's most powerful super pac. the gop is anded to come with a formidable war chest in 2016 particularly if jeb bush is the nominee. this is the first time a democratic presidential candidate has fully embraced the controversial fundraising organizations. clinton was also the focus of a state judiciary hearing wednesday. a state department official criticized clinton's use of a private e-mail server. >> i think that the actions that we've taken in the course of recovering this these e-mails is made it very clear what people's responsibilities are with regard to recordkeeping. >> clinton has refused to hand over her server. a house selects committee has demanded she do so as it investigates the 2012 benghazi attacks. the 2016 candidates are out en masse today from california to maryland to iowa, new hampshire. and the candidate most under the gun now, chris christie.
11:19 am
a live look here. new jersey governor is expected to appear any moment at a roundtable discussion in the first primary state. for christie, new hampshire is likely a must-win. however, the latest poll out of the granite state is pointing it only one direction for christie's prospects, down. casey hunt always good to see you. interesting to see so much new hampshiring by christie someone who hasn't declared yesterday officially. >> reporter: frances it is interesting to see that. and actually the governor is just walking in here to my left. thank you, governor. he's here to do a round table at this treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction. it's an issue he's focused on quite a bit over the course of these early non-campaign days, if you will. you're right this is a tough time for the governor. he's facing this is going to be his first swing through new hampshire after those indictments of his close aides and staffer members came down. he was asked about that in mississippi yesterday.
11:20 am
he said, you know they can go right ahead and subpoena me. i will say frances these polls are so, so, so early. it's hard to read too much into what's been moving around. christie has fallen a bit in new hampshire in early polling, which is in some ways cause for concern. there are some republicans who are raising questions about whether or not he's even ultimately going to run. and of course you also have the bush campaign waging a pretty intense behind-the-scenes campaign if you will, to try and drain away some of christie's key supporters. so far, his attitude is basically what you'd expect from the new jersey governor. and how he's approached all of his political dealings for many years, to keep going forward, regardless of troubles, say i'm going to keep my head down, keep pushing ahead. after this we'll do a meet and greet, a speech at a local county republican party. tomorrow he's got another town hall. and next week he's supposed to be back again for even more
11:21 am
events. >> more new hampshiring. more than political correspondent casey hunt in new hampshire with a nice greeting from governor christie. thank you. still ahead, a double threat of weather. millions in the midwest at slight risk of severe storms today. and in the southeast eyeing a tropical system that could impact the coast. we've got the forecast going into mother's day weekend. ahead, wheelchair bound and misdiagnosed for 30 years. how a visit with a new doctor changed one woman's life. her story after the break. [ jennifer garner ] why can't powerful sunscreen feel great? actually it can. neutrogena® ultra sheer®. its superior uva uvb protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer, all with the cleanest feel.
11:22 am
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11:24 am
this next story is almost impossible to believe. a young mother in minnesota who found out the life she's been living and pain she's endured for 33 years didn't have to happen. kate snow with the exclusive story on a very intriguing medical mystery.
11:25 am
>> reporter: this is jean abbott in high school walking awkwardly, struggling to get up the school stairs. >> it was painful. it was exhausting. it was challenging. >> reporter: as a child, jean was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. a specific form of it called spastic depleia. >> nobody babied me. none of us were about to let this define me. >> reporter: jean took thousands of medications, saw more than a dozen doctors. she was using a scooter when she met her husband, steve. she leaned on him as they cut their wedding cake. they had two girls but it was tough. she couldn't drive to activity or make lunch for school. >> as a mom, you just -- i felt inadequate. people that didn't know me, they would come up and, oh do you have cerebral palsy? >> reporter: jean looked like she had cerebral palsy, but here's the crazy part of the story -- it turned out she never had c.p. never. in her early 30s, she was referred to dr. martha nans who
11:26 am
immediately realized jean's illness didn't look like classic c.p. she walked more easily in the mornings, and her disability was getting worse with age. >> my job when i saw her was to think about any other possibility. >> i thought she was crazy. i couldn't imagine living life any other way. i have spastic deplesia cerebral palsy. i've been treated my whole life for that. >> reporter: the doctor gave jeans a new diagnosis. a rare brain disorder called drd. the symptoms look a lot like cerebral palsy, but it's a different genetic disorder. not as well known when jean of a child. >> this is kind of a one in a million disease. >> reporter: with one big difference from cerebral palsy -- drd can be treated with a simple pill. for jean that one pill meant that after more than 30 years, she could walk without help. now jean could play really play
11:27 am
with her kids. >> to have a child cry for joy is just not something you see. and she was so genuinely happy that her mom could walk. i just felt so grateful and just thinking i want to see more. there's so much out there i want to see. i want to see more. >> she's able to do so many things that we never dreamt she'd be able to. it's been amation to see the transformation -- amazing to see the transformation. >> my legs feel like jell-o. >> reporter: jean made the video showing the difference from when she's not taking her medicine to when she does. >> you see my walking is a lot faster, it's a lot easier. >> reporter: one pill made all the difference and could have for nearly three decade. >> i'm not angry in the least. all of my life experiences that i had to deal with the physical therapy, the surgeries, all the medication, all made me a really strong person. >> reporter: their 2-year-old john won't even remember what it was like when mommy couldn't walk. jean wrote her first -- rode her
11:28 am
first roller coaster took a second honeymoon, did thing she never imagined. >> i've got a really good life. and if this wouldn't have ever happened, we still would have had a really good life. i'm grateful for it and i can honestly say that i would -- i would go through all of it again, all of it. >> what an attitude. that was kate snow reporting. jean and her doctor caution that the medication she is taking is a treatment and not a cure. she hopes that by sharing her story that she might help others who have this rare disease. next lawyers throw a hail mary. why they fought to get this woman's sister jean prejean back on the stand. in colorado the movie massacre trial. did testimony from one of james holmes' former teachers poke holes in his insanity defense? hey! have an awesome vacation everyone! thank you so much! you're so sweet.
11:29 am
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bringing you developing news from the pentagon now. these are live pictures of the pentagon briefing underway now. secretary of ash carter just announced that the united states has begun training the first syrian fighters. let's take a quick listen. >> we're announcing that combat training has begun for a company-sized group for the new syrian forces. this program is critical and a complex part of our counter-isil efforts. we expect a second group to begin training in the next few weeks. >> a pivotal moment now in the fight against terror in isis. back now live to that briefing. a senior defense official puts the number at about 90. and carter said the second group will begin training within the next few weeks. we'll stay on top of that story and bring you the latest. two major trials unfolding. the left side, large pictures of the "dark -- live pictures of the "dark knight" trial.
11:33 am
james holmes accused of killing 12 and injuring dozens more. he's pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. on the right side the penalty phase of the boston marathon bombing. it just wrapped up for the week. at issue facing jurors -- should dzhokhar tsarnaev get the death penalty or spend the rest of his life in prison. he was convicted last month on all 30 counts. attorney assume a re is host of "the docket" on msnbc and joins me in studio. good to see you and get your perspective. the defense team hoping to call anti-death penalty advocate sister helen prejean to testify. for those of you who know her her story was documented in the inspiration behind the film "dead man walking." susan sarandon won the oscar for playing her. talk about the impact and what a witness like prejean who has a powerful and message has on the jury. will they be swayed by the hollywood heavyweighting? >> any went that is remotely connected to celebrity can be
11:34 am
damaging for the opposite side. does that make sense? >> the opposite side. the prosecution? >> exactly. the first hurdle why is her testimony admissible since she is a death penalty expert. she has to be brought in as an expert. from my understanding, federal prosecutors are filing a motion to reconclude because perhaps her -- it preclude because perhaps her testimony is not relevant. in all casesel el areel relevancy has to be weighed against prejudice. >> can it be said -- >> the stronger argument is relevancey relevancy. if the prosecution says we don't want to call her because she is connected to the movie then that's not necessarily a league argument because the witness will say i'm presenting fair testimony, and i have an expertise in this. >> switching to the "dark knight" murder trial and james holmes' professor yesterday described him as knowledgeable.
11:35 am
a quiet kid but cocky some arrogance as far as that air to him. will that have any sway as far as the insanity defense? >> it should not. it absolutely should not. this insanity defense is based on his mental health. and the defense is going to try to put in evidence of clinicians and physicians to testifies about his mental health. his behavior at certain moments in time have nothing to do with the overall picture. there's plenty of severely mentally ill people that are socially awkward and cannot relate to people cocky, arrogant, you name the adjective. >> interesting to see as we watch again as the boston marathon bombing trial picks up when we find out what is to become of helen prejean, if she'll testimony. thank you very much. catch "the docket" by shift by msnbc. now back to the developing news on the system brewing off
11:36 am
the coast of south carolina. if it forms, it would become the first named storm of the 2015 hurricane season. it's already brought rain and wind to the myrtle beach area. the weather channel's mike seidel is in myrtle beach, south carolina. and joins us. we see the winds whipping up, and it looks like fog mist maybe rain all of the above. mike? >> yeah. it's all pounding me on the back side. i'm no fool. yeah, the wind's coming down the beach here. that's a northeast wind with the configuration of the coast. let's look at the atlantic now. these wave heights are two to three footers. we're waiting to hear from the national hurricane center and hurricane hunters to see if they name i'm willie geist, and it's way too early for this afternoon. they didn't get to the recon and observations this morning. we have a system off the coast by 200 miles. would be subtropical storm anna. not completely tropical in nature. the rain's going to be an issue for the next several days. rip currents revving up dangerous beach conditions from georgia all the way up to the outer banks of north carolina. high surf and beach erosion.
11:37 am
and the issue with this entire system, whether it's anna or not, it's blocked in by the steering flow. this is going hang around until probably sunday. so talk about bad beach weather today into sunday, not great, sunny skies which would be great coming down for mother's day weekend. we'll watch it for you here at the weather channel. it is very early in the season. the official start to the hurricane season is june 1st. when you have an early season storm, generally the rest of the season is quieter than average. there's really no bearing on whether we have a storm or not in may if the rest of the season is going to be bad. you have to stay prepared just in case. we've had a couple quiet years. last year just the one hurricane arthur brushing the outer banks on the 4th of july. we've got bad beach weather rip current, beach erosion, and rain the major impacts from the system right into saturday and sunday for the carolina beaches. >> a tough mother's day weekend there in the atlantic with
11:38 am
severe weather there, tropical system. the plains with tornadoes. thank you very much. we know you'll continue to watch. returning to one of our top stories here the fallout in the wake of the deflategate report. we're asking should tom brady be suspended? take a look at where we stand. here's the scoreboard. a lot of you have been responding, pretty much staying nice and easy during the course of our show. 44% say no 56% of you say yes. tom brady should be suspended. that's come down a couple of points as you hear and maybe change your views. let's break it down by political party. in the last half-hour, democrats said no tom brady should not be suspended. independents are largely split. and republicans have overwhelmingly said brady should not be punished. we also asked you to vote on our poll question. will deflategate impact tom brady's legacy? 68% of you saying yes, up one point saying it will impact his legacy. and 8% no 22%. keep voting at as the story continues to
11:39 am
develop and tom brady will speak publicly tonight. an update on a story we told you about in the last hour. we showed you this cleveland cavaliers video spoofing a famous scene from "dirty dancing." some said it made light of domestic abuse instead. the ad played on the jumbotron during the game against the chicago bulls. showed a young couple re-creating a tv commercial based on a final scene in the '80s hit "time of our lives." she runs does the carry-up thing. here the actual video here. take a look. ♪ because i had ♪ >> of bulls fan? i didn't know you were a bulls fan. i can't believe she's a bulls fan. ♪ >> when it's playoff basketball time, you have to be all in. so don't make the same mistake she made. >> and this update now just moments ago, the cavaliers released a statement saying "while the video was not intended to be offensive, it was a mistake to include content that made light of domestic violence. we sincerely apologize to those who have been affected by
11:40 am
domestic violence for the obvious negative feelings caused by being exposed to this insensitive video." it is the celebrity edition of "did you see this" today. after months of speculation, we can all go to sleep at night, rest assured, peace of mind. reality star kiley jenner coming clean about the plump lips and admitting once and for all to using temporary lip fillers. she made the confession in an upcoming episode of "keeping up with the kardashians." the youngest in the family explained the size of her lips have been an insecurity of hers. this after social media that blew up over fans creating what's called the kiley jenner lip challenge which ended with pretty disastrous outcomes. and now, taylor swift fans, they'll soon be able to text lyric of her popular songs using an app called tay text. you can add an app and tap what you want. and after the cancelation of
11:41 am
"the mindy project," angry tweets decrying the decision of fox after three seasons have flooded social media. fans hey, take heart. there are talks underway. and reports that are out there that the show is going come to the hulu streaming service. you can watch on hulu. the news many folks like this have folks watching and tweeting "turning to mindy during this trying time. your loss, fox-tv. make it happen, hulu." everyone can still rest assured, peace of mind, kiley jenner does have fillers in her lips. wink-wink. today a tv war of words, sophia vergara and ex nick lobe take their story to shows. and can an independent person bring an embryo to term? later, labor or conservative? brits in the tightest election in a generation.
11:42 am
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actress sophia vergara and ex nick lobe are squaring off in their public battle over frozen embryos. they appeared in dueling shows on the "today" show. they are battling over the custody of two frozen embryos. vergara appeared in a separate interview and accused lobe of trying to capitalize on her career. >> i don't understand why this person -- i don't want to allow this person to take more advantage of my career and try to promote himself, get press for this. this shouldn't be out there for people to give their opinion when there's nothing to talk about. >> not only do i not have any financial motivation, i've offered her to waive all financial responsibilities. i'll financially pay to raise the child, puts it through college. i can given these children a wonderful life. these girls will be raised knowing they had a father who fought so hard for them to be loved so much. >> joining me is art caplan could director of division of
11:46 am
medical ethics at nyu's medical center. just today, art was appointed by johnson & jance to create a panel of doctors and panel testosterone make decisions about terminally ill patients' access to trial drugs. good to have you with us. explain the contracts couples going through fertility sign in the event of these instances. a spouse dying, divorce, when they want to use a surrogate s. that paperwork cut and dry? >> it's not cut and dry. a lot of clinics don't really cover all the possibilities. what happens if we become demented, what happens if we get a very chronic disease and you can't parent. people don't like to talk about that they're trying to have babies. they want to look at the upside. you've got to get in to all of the negatives just for the reason we're seeing here. when disputes break out, when people separate when they decide they don't want to be with one another. the paperwork is important, we still haven't really said as law in any of our states that these are enforceable contracts.
11:47 am
i think they ought to be filled out. but until we get more regulation of the whole area, it's up to a judge as to how they want to adjudicate. >> quickly, what are the chances of nick lobe gaining control of the embryos to bring them to term? would you say good? not the-- not at all? >> between where and nothing. when you make something with someone else we don't try to turn them into a parent against their permission. it's a really strong principle. you could probably -- he could probably keep them frozen, but i don't think he'll ever get to use them. >> we'll switch to a pile program you'll be spearheading. according to the fda, they're granting more requests by pharmaceutical companies to grant what it calls expanded access to unapproved and experimental drug serum. we saw last year during the ebola outbreak there wasn't enough zmap. >> some drugs are very early in development. they're new, they aren't proven at all. we don't have much information.
11:48 am
still, somebody's sick might say, i want to try that. other things like ebola we may know probably are going to work. we don't have very much of it. so right now, people go on twitter, they mount social media campaigns. they go to you and try to get on the air. they call up their congressman -- it's not a fair system. it's not -- i understand why people do it, but we're trying to come up with something better with the formation of the committee. >> sure, it's tough though, when you have families of terminally ill people with absolutely no chance -- got to be gut wrenching. >> it's awful. you know i understand why people do everything they can think it of. by leveling the playing field through the committee, maybe we can make it fair for everybody. >> all right. art caplan, director of nyu's division of medical ethics. thank you. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. coming up at 3:00 p.m. eastern, the legend musician and nirvana front man, kurtz ceo bane. -- kurt cobain. first, brits going to the
11:49 am
election polls. could the decision go to the wire? and here's a look at new video of the devastation in oklahoma city after tornadoes and near record rainfall crippled much of the area. look at this one single property here. looking like an island. area surrounded by water and flooding. several people were injured, and at least one person killed. the area is at slight risk for even more severe weather this evening. you can call me shallow... but, i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro.
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11:52 am
a developing story out of capitol hill. the senate passed a bill on the nuclear accord with iran by an overwhelming vote of 98-1. senator tom cotton of arkansas was the only one who voted no. the bill requires the president to submit any final nuclear deal to congress before waiving or suspending suspending. it goes to the house. no date has been scheduled yet.
11:53 am
across the pond, polls open for three more hours in you britain's closest election in a generation. david cameron's conservative party and ed miliband's opposition laird labor party in a near dead heat. it's possible that neither will win a clear majority. in which case it may be days or weeks before we know which party will be able to form the next government. joining me from london is nbc's alstair jamieson. nice to see you. want to ask you this hypothetical here. let's fast forward and say that tonight the election is so tight that there's no major party who wins. so what happens? then what? >> absolutely. and with one in four voters saying they were still making up their minds today on polling day, it's unpredictable that even with opinion polls we don't know what will happen. it's likely that none of the major parties will secure a majority. in that case the league of the largest party will enter into coalition talks with the smaller parties to try to form a
11:54 am
government. that happened last tight around and took five days or so. that was much more straightforward. much more at stake to their time. things could become more complex. gives a lot of power to smaller parties like the right wing u.k. independence party. they want bring to quit europe altogether. and to the scottish nationalists you may remember a year ago almost succeeded in securing scotland's independence from the united kingdom. we could be in for tough talk. ? the campaign season has been billed as uneventful. there's been focus on the economy and blame that david cameron, the current prime minister is the one, the finger pointing as far as how slow the economy has been there. and never recovered since the financial crisis. is this a referendum on cameron now, or is there something bigger going on? >> in some ways it has been yes. the economy, you're right, has been absolutely front and center of this campaign. issues like foreign policy really have fall enen brie the
11:55 am
wayside. it's -- by the wayside both the main party' main message has been we've got the better balance between austerity and cuts to public services and the sort of tax varieties that will keep you in financial prosperity. we'll help you balance your household bills. and neither is made the convincing case that is either is better. which is why we're still hours away. >> we'll continue with you there, the two candidates see if they'll have a job tomorrow, the next day, even next week. appreciate it. alstair jamieson, thank you for that. and we thank you for being with us for today's show. we'll be back tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. until then keep the conversation going on social media at robertsmsnbc. i'm frances rivera in for thomas roberts. "the cycle" is next. great to see you. where are your other buddes? >> you know they all left me. i don't know what happened. they were all going to be here at 3:00, i promise. good to see you. >> see you in a bit.
11:56 am
thank you very much. coming up here on "the cycle," of course all about deflategate. question now what will the penalty be. we have an incredible documentary on the grunge icon kurt cobain's life, you do not want to miss that. i've got a special message to my mother and all mothers ahead of mother's day. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon. it's a marvelous thing! oh! haha! so you can replace plane tickets,
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six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and for a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am. deflategate enters the penalty phase. ♪ good afternoon, i'm abby huntsman. as we came on the air yesterday, everybody was talking about did he or didn't he. today, the first reaction from patriots' quarterback tom brady's camp. in a statement the all-pro qb's quote is "the wells report with all due respect is a significant and terrible disappointment. its omission of key facts and lines of inquiry suggest the
12:00 pm
investigators were not thorough." the wells report omitted virtually all of tom's testimony. critical because it would have provided the context that it lacked. brady will sit down at a previously scheduled talk at a university. the debate continues. here we'll be fair and impartial and not look back at the allegations but look forward to the punishment. around the country, people talking about fines, suspensions, and loss of draft choices. what are they talking about in foxboro, heart of patriots country? we sent our man in to friendly territory, steve, much friendlier than here yesterday. tell us how people there are thinking about the penalty phase. >> reporter: yeah, look there's a lot of suspense here. i guess a lot of suspense for everybody following the story anywhere. there's two


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