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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  May 7, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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l with every line. >> very profound point. mr. gerard always a pleasure. good to have you with us tonight. we'll have more on the tpp tomorrow night and the president's visit to beaverton, oregon, the nike town. that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. politics nation with reverend al sharpton joins right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead should tom brady with punished? in an hour and a half nfl superstar tom brady will speak publicly for the first time since nfl investigators called him out. we did not see him, but his helicopter just arrived at salem state university in massachusetts. a stop planned before the new deflategate report was released. he did not say anything to awaiting reporters. we do not know what he might say, but his agent is firing back at that report.
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he calls it quote, a significant and terrible disappointment. and even says brady was set up, saying the league cooperated with the coach in perpetrating a sting operation. his scathing words come after the league's investigators said quote, it is more probable than not that tom brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities. there's a lot of circumstantial evidence here, but the report does not have a smoking gun. we do not know what to expect from brady tonight. and here's how he responded to the controversy on three different occasions after the story broke in january. >> some reports post-game last night, that the league is looking into that the patriots your team were deflating the balls within the game. have you heard about this story? do you know the story i'm
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talking about? >> no i don't. >> would you care to tell me if you were deflating balls? >> no i have no idea. >> i would never do anything outside of the rules of the play. i would never, you know, you know, have someone do something that i thought was outside of the -- >> so you have never -- >> are you confidence that in the end, that fans will be able the to say, i have no doubt about tom brady, that he's on the up and up. >> well i think -- look everybody's entitled to an opinion. and when you play for one nfl team, there's 31 other nfl teams out there and they're probably not much of a fan of you. >> head coach bill belichick and patriots ownership were found to have no knowledge of any wrongdoing. so should tom brady be punished? and what might he say tonight? joining me now, former nfl wide receiver randall hill. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> randall, if brady speaks
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about this tonight, what do you think he needs to say? >> he needs to come clean. he needs to be straight forward and he needs to be up-front and go ahead and grab the bull by the horns and say, if you made a mistake, say you made it. >> do you think -- what's your guess. do you think he will talk about it tonight? >> i think he'll talk about it but i think he'll be vague and aloof and he definitely won't be direct. it's just the nature of the beast, comes with the territory. but, you know, i was raised by my mom and dad, and they always told me if i made a mistake, stand in front of people and be a man. and stand up and say, you know what, i made a mistake. >> so if he's vague and not direct, does that help or hurt him, with the public? >> it all depends on where you're looking. definitely in the new england area, it's not going to hurt him at all. but, you know, i think, elsewhere, it's definitely going to hurt him. he just needs to be direct and up-front, because the nfl is conducting their investigation, and they may have completed their investigation, and again, you know i think that the nfl will definitely protect that
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shield of theirs and they're going to do the right thing. >> but will they protect him? do you think they'll suspend him? there was no smoking gun here. there's no direct evidence. is there enough for him to be suspended, because they said it is probable that he had knowledge. >> well, again, you're talking to a pure investigator so when you say probable automatically, i'm thinking about probable cause. so that's saying that more people probably will believe that he was involved with deflating the balls than most people would not believe that. so with that being said i guess they have a lot of circumstantial evidence that's going to not look good on him and they're going to make their judgment and i think that because of everything that happened last year off the field and with a lot of players, they may even make an example out of him, but i don't know because i'm not behind those closed-door meetings. >> randall, stay with me. now let me bring in nbc sports pro football talk co-host, paul burrmeister. paul will brady speak tonight,
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in your opinion? >> well he has to say something. and the interesting part of this is there will be included a q&a, with veteran interviewer and report jim gray. now, these two have a relationship, they have a relationship together. how much jim is actually going to dig into this remains to be seen. i would imagine one question and because of the type of form and because of that type of relationship that those two have i do not expect jim to dive into three or four follow-ups. he does have a history of doing that kind of thing, but i don't think that's going to happen tonight. >> so there's not only a speech it's a q&a. >> exactly. this is an appearance that's been planned for a long time. it just so happens to coincide when tom brady is unfortunately in the news for all the wrong reasons. so it's been planned for a while, but maybe it takes on a different tone. it will certainly take on a different tone tonight because of what's happened in the last 24 hours. the big question is again, how much time will jim gray spend diving into this topic and asking difficult follow-ups. >> paul there was no smoking gun here in this report but
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clearly they said it was probable that he had knowledge. what do you think of the report? and what do you think they are inclined to do given that they clearly inferred strongly, he knew, but there was no direct link or smoking gun, as we would say. >> well, first of all, in terms of what i think of the reports, all signs point to tom brady having some level of guilt here in the patriots' employees deflating those footballs prior to the afc title game. how much of a level, how serious it is we may never know. but that -- i mean the one thing we do know all signs point to him having some involvement. so the next part of that question, which to me is really the one moving forward we should all pay attention to what is the national football league going to do about it? i think everybody's watching this situation, because tom brady, one of the faces of not just that franchise, but the entire national football league, a four-time super bowl champion. the relationship between nfl commissioner roger goodell and
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robert kraft is a very important one. so i think some kind of suspension is coming. >> so you think -- paul, let me push you here. you think some kind of suspension is coming? >> i do. >> what do you think, randall? >> do you think a suspension is coming, or is it hard for them to suspend their main player in the super bowl? >> no i definitely think a suspension is coming. and you talk about the relationship with mr. kraft, with the nfl, but there are several other owners who may want to say something different. you have to be fair across the board. and linking things back to what happened last year with a lot of players off the field, the nfl is not going to put up with it anymore. >> paul you think a suspension is coming? his agent, the agent for brady, has said this was a sting operation, it was set up by the opposing team. how do you respond that? >> there may be something to the fact that it was a sting operation. it could be defined a sting operation by the fact that the league was tipped off to this
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and they could have alerted the patriots mid- to late-week prior to the game. hey, we're keeping an eye on this, if you're doing it we're watching, so don't. so even if that didn't happen this report points to tom brady having some guilt. and back to that point we've been talking about is a suspension coming i think it is? if you look at the way the national football league has handled all these situations even though this is a bit unprecedented, the kind of situations that have compromised the integrity of the game they've erred on the side of being aggressive. because it's tom brady and one of the most important franchises in the league. and you mentioned the super bowl champion and mvp quarterback, i think they'll continue to do that. i'm not willing to guess as to how many games, but i do think when it's done when the suspension comes, i think we'll all feel maybe it's a little bit more aggressive than it was soft. >> so how long will they have to give him, randall? the fact that he is so big, the fact that he is who he is, if
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they give a suspension are they forced to really show they're serious and give a longer suspension than one would have thought for someone that is not as prominent? >> well if you look at what has occurred in nfl, you're looking at between a four to six-game suspension, i don't care who it is nowadays. and going back to what his agent said, a sting operation, if you're not doing anything wrong, there's no way in the world you can get stung. i don't want to hear that but the nfl, they are going to protect their shield and they're going to protect the integrity of the game. and like i said before on this show, talking to you, this is an integrity, check, and it's going to be check out, and we're going to see exactly what's going to happen. >> what are you hearing around the league, paul from your sources? what are people saying? >> i think people expect there to be a suspension. i mean whether it's one game for the opening night game or whether it's like randall mentioned, potentially four of six, everyone has their own opinion on how severe it's going to be, but from dipping my toe in that water and listening to people i trust, it feels like at
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least one game is coming and i wouldn't be surprised if it was more. >> let me ask you, paul. i asked randall before you joined us what -- if you could council brady tonight, what would you tell him to do? what could he say that could, in any way, help his own standing with the public, who has invested a lot of faith in him down through the years, despite other questions in the past. >> well i would be the most surprised guy out there if he took time away from he's doing at salem state to ask my opinion. however, from someone who follows the league and thinks about it all day every day, it feels like at this point unless there's some kind of evidence that's going to clear him that he knows about that we don't know about it, that's not there it feels like there should be some kind of recourse now, some kind of apology or some kind of okay, this did happen i feel bad that it got to this point, and kind of go down the road of being forgiven. again, he may know some things that we don't know and he might not have to go down that road
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but it sure feels like at this point, he should. and tonight would be a good time to kind of start down that road of asking for forgiveness. >> all right. well again, we don't know where the guilt is. there's a lot of circumstantial evidence here no smoking gun, but they do say he, it is probable he knew something and certainly msnbc will be covering this all night long. stay with us. paul burmeister and randall hill, thank you so much for your time tonight. straight ahead will there be a federal investigation into the baltimore police department. attorney general loretta lynch talked about when a decision might come down. plus, jeb bush once said he was, quote his own man when it comes to foreign policy. wait until you hear what he said behind closed doors. and the war of words is not over between president obama and
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elizabeth warren. "conversation nation" is ahead.
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. the new attorney general loretta lynch is now at the center of a national debate over policing and criminal justice. now the big question will she launch a civil rights investigation into the baltimore police department? she talked about it today. that's next. d car is so intimidating. i mean, you feel like you have to be this expert negotiator to get a fair deal. i hate to haggle. when you go to a restaurant you don't haggle over the chicken parmesan. why can't car-buying be like that? ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them.
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attorney general loretta lynch spoke out today for the first time since baltimore's mayor asked the justice department to open an investigation into the city's police. in a senate hearing, her first in office, miss lynch stressed the good work that the vast majority of police officers do. >> our nation's public safety officials put their lives on the line every day to protect people they have often never met. >> but she said the allegations of wrongdoing in baltimore are serious and she's reviewing the request for an investigation. >> although the city has made significant strides if their collaborative reform efforts with the community-oriented policing services office i have not ruled out the possibility that more may need to be done. we're currently in the process of considering the request from city officials and community and
3:17 pm
police leaders for an investigation into whether the baltimore city police department engaged in a pattern or practice of civil rights violations. and i intend to have a decision in the coming days. >> the justice department is already investigating if baltimore police violated freddie gray's rights during his arrest but a broader investigation would look into whether there's a broader problem or pattern of abuses in the baltimore police department. and after what we heard in the days since freddie gray's arrest, that's exactly what many think the city of baltimore needs. joining me now is pastor dodd uri, a civil rights leader in baltimore and pastor of douglas memorial community church. he met with attorney general lynch earlier this week and is also the mayor's pastor. thank you for being here pastor. >> good to be with you,
3:18 pm
reverend. >> now pastor yuri you asked the attorney general for a federal investigation. why is it necessary? >> it's necessary, some of my colleagues and advocates in the civil rights community encouraged the attorney general to pursue a pattern or practice investigation, because what we hear and what we've seen over many, many years is ongoing and consistent, even persistent violations of the constitutional rights of the citizens of baltimore. while we recognize that there was a push for collaborative reform it is so urgent now that we can no longer wait on collaborative efforts. we need actual oversight of the police department to make sure that the violations that we're hearing happening all over the city and repeatedly are removed from the day-to-day profile of every citizen of the city of baltimore, the city of baltimore's police department needs fixing now. >> so you're saying you want federal oversight of the
3:19 pm
baltimore police department? >> the pattern and practice investigation will let us know if further doj oversight of the police department is required. we believe the first step so to find out if and what corrective measures will be required. but what we do know more than anything else, even after freddie gray's death and prior to, is that there is something systemically wrong within the baltimore city police department, and it is not getting better with time. >> now, the department of justice has investigated about 20 police departments in the last few years. those investigations include looking into whether police use excessive force, if they made street stops based on race and if they made arrests without probable cause. if the justice department investigated, would they find these issues in baltimore, in your estimation? >> well remember at the root of the freddie gray incident is whether or not there was reasonable suspicion to chase freddie at all.
3:20 pm
the timeline begins with bicycle officers seeing freddie gray freddie gray seeing the officers and running. we never get any indication of what the reasonable suspicion was that caused them to pursue detain, and eventually arrest freddie gray which now they're trying to say throwing him in the van, and this hit to his head, led to his death. everybody must remember that the beginning timeline of the state attorney's statement of charge begins with the fact that there was no basis to pursue freddie from the very beginning. it is part of a consistent and persistent pattern that we're hearing over and over and over again, and it's time for the department of justice to take a more active role in removing that from the policing system in baltimore city. >> now, pastor the attorney general said today in her senate testimony, that the vast majority of police do their work every day, they're good they risk their lives.
3:21 pm
and i know from my association with you and other clergy and activists in the area you agree. but the question is whether there is a pattern and practice that has gone ignored. the police commissioner there in baltimore says he'd be open to a justice department investigation. he said in a statement, i welcome with open arms the mayor's request for a department of justice review. we have never shied away from scrutiny or assistance. our work is ongoing and anyone who wishes to be part of helping the department better connect with the community will always be welcome. is this a good sign? >> it's a sign that everybody is on the same sheet of music. the mayor, the commissioner elected officials, faith leaders, civil rights advocates all agree that a pattern or practice investigation is what is warranted, and we are hopeful, even anticipating that the attorney general is going to render her decision and support our request for a pattern or
3:22 pm
practice investigation in the next few days. >> all right pastor todd yeary, and you hosted us in for the national civil rights leaders last week. we promise to come back and do a youth speak. we'll be doing that next week. thank you for your time tonight. >> good to be with you, reverend. still ahead, people lining up to hear tom brady speak for the first time since that bombshell report about deflate gate. should he be suspended? our panel weighs in. also the explosive fight over the gop's benghazi committee. and its obsession with hillary clinton. a top democrat speaking out, tonight. but first, dr. sharpton has a diagnosis for dr. carson. he's in tonight's gotcha.
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the big case before the supreme court this summer same-sex marriage. tons of protesters showed up on the day of the oral arguments to make their voices heard. and someone else making his voice heard. dr. ben carson one of the newest republican presidential candidates. here's what he said when asked about the case in a recent interview. >> if the legislative branch creates a law or changes the law, the executive branch has responsibility to carry it out. doesn't say that they have the responsibility to carry out a judicial law. >> wait a minute. wait a minute! is he saying if he were president, he wouldn't enforce the ruling if the supreme court legalizes gay marriages? he would just ignore the ruling? which has the full effect of the
3:27 pm
law? that almost sounds a little lawless. but i'm sure he would never accuse anyone else of being lawless, especially not a president. >> lawless illegal immigration should not be rewarded by lawless executive action. >> now, obviously, dr. carson is a smart guy. i have a lot of respect for his achievements. he spent a lot of years in medical school. but he never want to law school. maybe he should leave these questions to legal experts. until then, we gotcha. account in seconds. and once you find it you can switch it right on again. you're back! freeze it, only from discover. get it at photos are great... ...for capturing your world. and now they can transform it with the new angie's list app you can you can get projects done in a snap. take a photo of your project or just tell us what you need done... ...and angie's list will find a top-rated provider to do the job. start your project for free today.
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which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? at 62,000 brush movements per minute philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before. innovation and you. philips sonicare. tomorrow marks a full year since republicans created a special benghazi panel. they were going to uncover the truth, find out what really happened. a year later, the committee has nothing to show and today the panel's top democrat congressman elijah cummings slammed it as a political charade, saying
3:31 pm
quote, it now seems obvious that this investigation is being dragged out in order to attack secretary clinton. and it's not just benghazi. recently, right-wingers have been jumping on any controversy linked to clinton, from e-mails to foreign donations. her new polls show it's not moving the needle. 60% of likely caucusgoers in iowa say they'll support clinton. that's virtually unchanged from february before the latest rounds of right-wing attacks. but the gop isn't worried. they've got a brilliant new plan to bring down clinton. listen to this republican congressman. >> you need to hire a whole department just to investigate the clintons the clinton scandals. >> a whole department just to investigate the clintons. that's a new one. but these attacks are getting pretty old. now let me bring in msnbc
3:32 pm
contributor and columbia university professor dorian warren and joan walsh of thank you both for being here. >> thank you, reverend al. >> dorian what do you think of this new plan? a whole department to investigate the clintons. >> reverend al, i think the rapper ja-rul's endorsement of hillary clinton today is more meaningful than anything the republicans could possibly throw at her. >> don't underestimate ja-rul. >> that's right. this is not going to affect democratic primary voters. and if you notice by the way, when we're thinking about the general election hillary clinton made some very significant comments on immigration reform and there was mostly silence for a day. now the republican candidates are starting to say something. but they're going to have a hard time beating her in a general election, on an issue that most americans don't care about. >> joan, the polls show the gop
3:33 pm
attacks aren't making a dent in hillary clinton's popularity among democrats. but would that be different in a general election? >> that's a really good question, reverend al. i think it would be somewhat different. i think the democrats have lived through this before. older democrats have seen the clinton scandals. the president, president clinton, only got more popular as the scandals within the on. younger democrats don't associate them with wrongdoing. they're popular figures in the party. on a national level, i think that she's going to introduce herself and i think the real wild card in this is the media. and even some in the quote, liberal media, who have had it in for the clintons since the '90s. i watch tv sometimes and i suddenly feel a lot younger and i imagine that my daughter a toddler running around beside me, because i'm seeing some of the same people who swung at them and missed in the 90s, still going at it. >> some of the exact -- >> the exact ones. i'm not going to name names, but some of the exact same people. so you know, this can take its toll down the line. but as dorian said she's doing
3:34 pm
smart things on mass incarceration, on immigration. she's looking at the country that's going to -- the country that isn't going to be while republicans are trying to rule a country that was and is gone. >> now, several weeks ago, dorian, the head of the benghazi travel trey gowdy, he told nbc's chuck todd he wanted to wrap up the investigation quickly. listen to this. >> are you going to be done with this by the end of this calendar year rather than get into '16 and become a player in the presidential race? >> lord, i hope so. i would like to be through as quickly as possible. i have no interest zero interest, in you and i having this conversation in 2016 but i don't get to fully decide how quickly it's done. >> to chairman goudy's own republican colleagues believe him on this dorian? >> no and i doubt he believes himself. i think when he says, "i have no
3:35 pm
interest," i want to focus on this through 2017. i can't wait to find that smoking gun of an e-mail or something nefarious to really bring the clintons down. if we've learned something, as joe was talking about the clintons in the '90s, if we've learned something, they're an incredibly resilient power couple. and i doubt that there's anything in those e-mails that will be a smoking gun, that will allow her to fail, if she wins a democratic nomination in the general election. was the math the electoral college math for the republicans is not there. and so there would have to be something really catastrophic in those e-mails, and so yes, chairman goudy is going to continue this for as long as he can, until they find something to try to bring her down. >> and tame at the same time you mentioned that immigration and criminal justice, joan even some republicans are impressed by hillary clinton's political strategy in going bold on immigration. one gop strategist said quote, it's an obvious opportunity for
3:36 pm
hillary to rip off our arms and beat us with the bloody ends. she's expertly exploiting our party's internal problems. how big of a problem is the issue of immigration for republican candidates? >> i think it's an enormous problem. and they came out of the 2012 election talking as though they were going to do something about it, and we did have some republicans join for comprehensive immigration reform. and it fell apart. the far right wouldn't let them do it. even though there were business interests who would like to see them do it they can't get away with it. the far right holds sway. and they are forfeiting the loyalty of a new generation of latinos. hillary clinton could really ensure, reverend al that latinos are lost to the republicans for the rest of our lives with this move. they're not doing anything to compete with her, and she is going out farther and reaching families and talking about keeping families together and doing more than the president felt he could do or saying more, anyway. >> and you know dorian the latest polling shows that
3:37 pm
hillary clinton beating all the major republicans in general election matchups. ahead of rand paul by three points, jeb bush and marco rubio by six, and scott walker by ten. is the gop hoping it can close that gap by attacking and smearing hillary clinton? is that their plan or are they just nervous? are they just afraid? i mean joan maybe they're just scared, joan. >> i think they are scared. and actually, if you look at the numbers, she is creaming marco rubio and jeb bush who has a latino family among latinos. she's got, you know, 60-something percent of the latino vote in all the early polls, reverend al. so she's doing something both good and smart in this. >> all right. i'm going to have to leave it there. dorian warren and joan walsh, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you, reverend al. >> and be sure to watch dorian on "nerding out" thursdays at 11:00 a.m. on shift by msnbc. straight ahead, a trade
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my wife bought me that. get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. . time now for conversation nation. joining me tonight, msnbc contributor, maria teresa kumar,
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jason johnson, political science professor at hiram college, and political strategist angela ry. thank you for being here tonight. an unlikely political feud is getting more intense. today president obama arrived in oregon, ahead of his visit to nike headquarters to sell his trade bill. it's become a very hot debate for democrats. senator elizabeth warren is at odds with the president on this and today she hammered the deal again, arguing it would give too much power to foreign corporations. quote, the administration says you have nothing to worry about. frankly, just trust us isn't good enough. comes after recent reports of obama administration officials calling warren's attacks, quote, baseless and desperate. it's a new round in the war of
3:43 pm
words that's been going on for weeks. >> i love elizabeth. we're allies on a whole host of issues, but she's wrong on this. >> my view is when the process is rigged then the outcomes is likely to be rigged. >> maria, we don't often see it get this hot inside the democratic party. do both sides need to bring this down a level? >> i think so, but it's not a secret, reverend that there's always been a bit of tension with the obama administration and senator warren. if you guys recall when she basically was heading up the oversight organization, trying to make sure that government became more efficient, she really wanted that post and she didn't get it. and basically her plan "b" was to run for senate and she really believes in increased transparency. on the other hand -- >> are you saying that this was personal because she wanted a job she didn't get? >> no it's always been known that there's been tension. so it's one way that -- what i'm saying is, not only is there tension, but it's not a surprised she wants increased transparency, because that's basically what she's always
3:44 pm
advocated. she's always advocated for the little guy. i used to work on trade issues when i worked on capitol hill and it was something that was incredibly difficult, because it would be -- it's difficult not to provide the president with fastrack trade authority so he can negotiate on behalf of americans. and looking at what we do know of tpp, it's one of the few trade agreements where you actually bring in the heft of american policy and looking at free trade agreement and looking at the environment. is it perfect? no, possibly not. but we do recognize that when you're trading in hult-lateral negotiations, not everything is going to be perfect, but you want to be in the game and not on the sidelines. >> jason, you're smiling. >> i completely disagree. and elizabeth warren is correct. look, if you want to go down to specific details, is it going to destroy dodd-frank probably not. not in any immediate sense. but what she's sounding the alarm on is just because this may be an okay policy under
3:45 pm
president obama doesn't mean it can't be used to erode workers' rights, and environmental policies under another president. so what she's talking about is the long-term consequences o ss of these trade packs, which is what oftentimes people don't want to think about. >> but this is the thing -- >> these folks are going to basically -- >> we haven't seen the pack though. >> that's exactly right. i'm sorry, jason. let me just jump in here. i have to say this one thing that is really really bothering me. and i emphasized this with you last time rev. tpa is completely different from tpp. tpa grants the president the authority to negotiate on behalf of this country, which virtually every president since eisenhower has had. tpp is a deal that is still very much in formation. tpp is the deal that will be made public for four months before congress even has to vote on it. and one more thing, maria.
3:46 pm
tpp will be given 60 days for public comment before the president signs ss it into law. let's deal with facts before we deal with hefty debates and ideas and grandiose things and unicorns and stuff. let's just be for real with this. >> there are to unicorns involved here. >> there is. i think what you're trying to -- >> go ahead, jason, jason. >> there's unicorns involved here. elizabeth warren is just voicing legitimate concerns. >> no but address the point that angela raised. the difference between tpa and t pp. tpa, the power of the president to negotiate is different than tpp and tpp has to be transparent. we're talking about two different things here, like it's all one thing. >> right. that's exactly right. >> and congress has to vote up or down on any trade agreement anyway. what we're doing is we're providing the president the authority to have america at the table. and let's fa it in an increasingly globalized world, we want to be able at that table.
3:47 pm
we want to be negotiating on behalf. >> we have to be. it's key to our survival. >> let me move on. we're now -- jason's not going to agree on that one. now that jeb bush's foreign policy team. back in february he distanced himself from his brother, saying he has -- he was his own man. but this week when he was asked who advises him on u.s./israel policy, he says and i'm quoting, if you want to know who i listen to for advice it's him. who is this "him," you might ask. it's his brother, george! "the washington post" reports the republicans in the room spoke on the condition of anonymity to divulge information about the proceedings where confidentiality was insisted upon by the events host. "the post" also notes the revelation, quote, indicates that the siblings may be closer
3:48 pm
than often portrayed. the relationship is often described as cordial and warm but distant on policy matters. all this comes after we learn that 19 of jeb's 21 foreign policy advisers worked with his father his brother, or both. jason, how risky a move would this be for jeb? >> this is horribly risky. and i can already see the commercials next summer of someone saying where does jeb bush get his policy advice from? george w. bush. and then black and white letters, talking about all the soldiers that we lost and all the millions of dollars that we spent on the wars in iraq. this is what happens when you have no political resume since 2002. you're just desperately going after your brother for advice, no matter how much he failed. this is terrible for jeb bush and terrible for the republican party. >> i think that's absolutely right. there's nothing wrong he's extending an invitation from his brother to come and give him policy advice. it's just the policy advice that
3:49 pm
he's administered under his own tenure, that's the problem. and i think it's actually going to alienate a lot of the base and a lot of independents that he's going to need in order to win the nomination. >> but angela, this is not a formal advisory role. he laugh influence. >> the reality of it is no matter how much he's his own man, he's still his father's son and he's still w.'s brother. and i think the reality of that is that, of course he's going to have tremendous influence over his brother. he was a past president. the other thing we need to be honest about jeb bush is a politician ladies and gents. he was working this room. it bode him very well to say that w. was advising him on israel. that is why in that same piece, they say that the room was pleased with the response. he was working that room. >> all right. everyone, stay with me. moments ago, tom brady arrived for his first public appearance since the nfl's report on deflate gate. what should he say about it and should he be suspended? that's next.
3:50 pm
so, what brings you to jersey? well, geico's the #1 auto insurer in new jersey, new york and connecticut. so i just came by to say "thanks." #1, huh? that's great. here you go. a little token of appreciation. oh, that's... that's... that's great... now i'd say you probably need a large. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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we're back with our panel, maria, jason, and angela. so i've got to get your take on tom brady and deflate gate. new video of tom brady arriving at a massachusetts college, where he'll speak publicly for the first time since that bombshell nfl report. he's due to speak in less than
3:52 pm
an hour. the nfl report said quote, it is more probable than not that tom brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities. angela, i've been waiting to hear from you. i remember your seahawk mantras during the super bowl. we know that you're a big seahawk fan. >> yeah. try, just try to be objective here. should tom brady be punished if he knew? >> rev, of course tom brady should be punished if he knew! i would say that even if we didn't have the debacle that we did at the super bowl. he absolutely should be suspended for lying, for pretending he didn't have anything to do with it. knowing that squishy football was in his hands and it was a little bit easier to throw. bye, tom brady. >> but there is no smoking gun here, although they say it is probable, there is no direct smoking gun here. >> you don't have to have a direct smoking gun. we have ten years of the patriots doing this.
3:53 pm
they were doing spygate when they beat my eagles ten years ago. they're consistently guilty of engaging in this kind of behavior. i think he should be suspended for at least four games, which is probably what the nfl is going to do, because his first game back will be against the colts and it will probably be the highest rated game of the years, because those are the teams that actually ratted him out. >> but maria, do things really care. i know things go down things happen, do you think they really care about this? >> americans have 99 problems and this ain't one. >> really? >> yes. i think that you look at it and you say, yes, unfortunately, someone may -- >> what? >> yes! i think a lot of times this is actually smoke and mirrors. they should address it absolutely. have they -- can you actually convict someone without being able to have all their fingerprints on it? i think that's unfair. i think we actually have to look at the bigger problems we have. sorry, angela. >> not only did maria disagree with you, she used jay-z to do it. >> and i think he's a giants fan. >> i might be too.
3:54 pm
>> very unpatriotic. >> are you the strategist angela objectively, as you can, what would you advise brady to say tonight? >> i would advise him not -- right, not to answer any questions on this and ask them how about this good weather or something? he should just steer clear from it. the last time i was like well i mean i don't know. >> deflected. he needs to do something completely different. >> what do you say, jason? >> i would say wave to everybody with all four rings. go black and play this season and he's going to end up in the hall of fame. the nfl is not going to punish their golden boy as hard as they should. he's not going to say anything about it tonight. no matter how much evidence is out there, you'll still have people that believe in tom brady and the patriots and don't want them to be held accountable. >> all right, rapid fire how many games should he be suspended, if any? maria? >> i already said zero. i'll do three. how's that? >> jason? >> four games. >> angela?
3:55 pm
>> the entire season bye, tom brady. >> you want to go back retroactively to the super bowl. >> yes, exactly! now you preaching! >> thank you for your time tonight. be sure to watch maria on "catching america," tuesday at 10:00 a.m. eastern on shift by msnbc. ahead, some facts about obamacare that the leaders of the gop's repeal caucus need to hear.
3:56 pm
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if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? at 62,000 brush movements per minute philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before giving you healthier gums in just two weeks. innovation and you. philips sonicare. finally tonight, a positive checkup for millions of americans across the country. a new study finds around 17 million people have gained health insurance since the call of the affordable care act took effect in 2013. and many of those are happy with that coverage. a recent study shows people's satisfaction with obamacare is at an all-time high. people are happy with their
3:58 pm
coverage and this law is saving lives. there are americans who are alive today because they got the care they needed through the affordable care act law. and i've spoken to some of them on this show. >> the act not just helped eded me it saved my life. it allowed me to breathe and relax and enjoy being healthy and cancer-free. i'm not asking for a handout, i'm just asking for basic health coverage. >> i was in such despair having gotten the news they had cancer. when i found out that this obamacare's program was going to literally save my life i owed it to the president, to publicly apologize. >> it gave me the ability to get a transplant. without insurance, i would not have been listed. you know we need to be concerned about people and their lives. and that's not happening. >> but stories like these aren't
3:59 pm
stopping rp ingping republicans there trying to take it all away. in fact on tuesday, senate republicans passed a budget that would try to dismantle the law entirely. even worse, every single republican presidential contender would like to see the law repealed. the issue is bigger than politics. it's about people's lives. yes, there was politics involved, but i believe some sincerely believed it when they said it was not going to work it was not going to help save lives, it was gonna drive up premiums. it didn't. so when you see 17 million people and counting are enhanced, some saved by this don't you have the moral obligation, the patriotic obligation to stand up and say, i sincerely thought this but it's working, and though i may
4:00 pm
not agree with the president or even like the president, i love american zpss and i love the americans this can continue to help. let us rise at least above politics, on something that helps 17 million people. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. socked, let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. did tom brady give that order for softballs? did he. did he purposely get the patriot equipment guys to sneak off to the bathroom to deflate those game balls before the american football league championship. and if so if it's found to be true what's the nfl going to do about it? brady himself will speak tonight at this hour up at salem state university. steve kornacki is there, ready