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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 8, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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they're supposed to sit there at a wacky angle and keep you from trying to climb it. i've been practicing all day. i'm good at it. our bill karins is forecasting strong tornadoes massive in size. he'll tell us where. the mvp speaks out on the deflate-gate report. but will the nfl bring down the hammer. >> if they go soft on the glamour boy of the league and on the super boy champions will will be held to pay. the fbi is investigating hundreds of home grown extremists plus ai rod and much more. >> good friday morning to you.
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severe storm threats is where we start. millions bracing for extreme weather. the southern plains 61 twisters since wednesday. storms leaving one dead and dozens hurt. here's a storm chaser's close call. >> it's hitting me right now. i got debris. i hope this thing ain't big. oh, my god. we're getting hit so hard right now. >> the power of wednesday's storm on display trees bending. the images shot from inside a storm shelter in norman oklahoma. bill karins is here. >> we're going to go through that all weekend long. a dangerous two days ahead. the jetstream is moving pretty quickly with a storm system kicking from california into the middle of the country. that's going to spread the cool dry here colliding with the moist air ahead of it. the next two days with it
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peaking on saturday. today is not going to be fun. 16 million people in the slight risk. that's the area of yellow san angelo to witch lowchitawichita. here's the best chance of seeing tornadoes. that does include the wichita falls area. i think we could get a few strong tornadoes today. the flash flooding threat, don't underestimate that. these storms when they produce this rain that's life threatening by itself. on saturday one or two long trek tornadoes. the area of red is much bigger than saturday but the one good piece of news yesterday this red was over oklahoma city. it shifted west to less populated areas. still has a chance of hitting dodge city and woodward but this will go into sunday but not as bad. mother's day strong storms but not as bad. >> thanks bill. there's nothing like the home
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crowd even when things get rough. tom brady, more deflection than answers. in a pep rally-like atmosphere he was asked about the new deflate-gate report. it found the patriots more probably than not deflated footballs in the afc championship game. it also found brady probably knew about it. jim gray talked to brady. >> a report was just released what is your reaction tom? to the report? >> who cares. >> i can't usually say those things. i don't have really any reaction, tim. our owners commented on it yesterday, and it's only been 30 hours so i haven't had much time to di jekt it fully but when i do i'll let you know how i feel about it. >> bob costa says he thinks brady will face tough punishment
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from the nfl. >> in light of the attacks on the commissioner and the nfl for being in some cases too soft i think if they go soft or people think they are on the glamour boy of the league and on the super bowl champions, there will be hell to pay. i think he'll be sus spenlded for the first time the only game that the whole country watches that particular night when the super bowl champions have the honor of hosting the first time. i think he'll get at least a one-game suspension. >> jon stewart said what a lot of folks are thinking. >> if you think i wouldn't chastise you if you committed these acts while on my team if you think i wouldn't, that would be correct. >> well the wells report did clear the patriot's ownership and the head equipment manager.
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imagine our congressional elections with seven parties that decide who our president would be. that's like election day in the uk which just finished. votes are being counted and david cameron is sitting pretty. it's not final but early returns and exit polling indicate he will be back for another five years. his conservative party had a good day. from the british metro, cam's the man. in the upper right, his head ed's on the back. that's his chief opponent. the left of center labor leader party will retain his seat in parliament. the daily mirror is not pleased. condemned again. five more years it reads. new revelations about the art attack over the weekend. the fbi director reveals they sent a bulletin to local police warning them about one of the
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men who would open fire hours later. pete williams has more. >> just three hours before sunday's shooting attack in garland, texas, the fbi says it sent tlis police there a secure electronic. . it acted as soon as it developed information that he was interested in going there but had no reason to believe he wanted to attack it or even that he left phoenix. and there's no indication the fbi says that the officer who ended up shooting ever saw that bulletin bulletin. the police decline to say what they did in response to the bull fin. it has changed from when people had to seek out websites which the fbi could monitor to now when isis pushes out its messages on social media. fbi director told reporters, i know there are other elton simplesons out there.
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he says hundreds or thousands in the u.s. are following jihadist social media. they are following them with cases open in every state. it's a matter that has senate worried also. >> it could afford to have 2,000 people who tweet multiple times every day. it could afford to have a ratio of two or three recruiters to every recruit. >> they say discussions that start on twitter go to incrypted forms that the government can't read. >> alex rodriguez passed the record. looking for the perfect pip. it's going. it's going. and then yep, robbed by right fielder who snatches it for an out. attempt number two for ai-rod a
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little bit different. >> and he'll take that one in the air. joans looking, and good-bye home run. alex rodriguez delivers the blow. >> made it look easy. >> home run number 661. now on the all time high list. >> i saw it didn't go in the batter's box. i looked at joe and joe gave me the nod to take the current call. >> here's the top five. willie mays at number five. a rod n hank aaron, andbear bonds with 662. it's a story is maury po vich show only dreams about. a new jersey judge rules that twins have two different fathers.
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a dna test revealed one man was the test of only one twin. the mother admitted she had six with two men in one egg. two of her eggs were fertilized by two men. >> the must see video of the morning, a mexican soldier was yanked 100 feet into the air holding onto his life for a military sprad. he crashes to the ground. his rifle got tangled in the flag as it was unraveling. he suffered a minor ankle fracture and a concussion. the flag weighs over 1500 pounds. let's get down to business. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. investors are awaiting the april employment data. it is expected to have rebounded. unemployment is seen falling to
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5.4% nature that's a 7-year low. and president obama will announce the trade agenda today pushing for a support of a transpacific agreement and a visit to nike's factory. a participant in the proposed trade deal. and blue bell's creamery had the listeria problem in oklahoma. it recalled its ice cream after three people died at a kansas hospital that served hospital. >> world number one golfer rory mcilroy able to recover. he makes eagle and finishes three under par. tiger woods finished the day one over par. phil mickelson able to capitalize off a beautiful chip
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shot to allow him to bake the birdie. we he would finish one under. the leader is five under par. john wall may be out on the remainder of the playoffs because of that. he fell on his wrist during game one of the series against hawks. examination revealing wall has five fractures in his left hand and his status is uncertain. the cleveland halve leers organization is apologizing for this video that played on their scoreboard. they are saying it depicts domestic violence and bullying. here's where the parody goes a little bit wrong. ♪ >> bulls fab? i didn't know you were a bulls fan. i can't believe it. >> i thought you were all in.
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>> well i'm all in now. let's just watch the game. >> the cavs organization posted a statement saying domestics violence is a serious matter with no place in a parody video. we apologize to those who have been affected by domestic violence and for being exposed to this video. >> nows gather to honor an officer killed in the line of duty and another example of why you should not share a crime on social media.
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plans to add temporary security enhancements to the white house. one of those measures includes adding metal spikes to the white house fence to deter jumpers. perhaps our own rachel maddow explains this best. >> what they are planning to do until they get their giant fence to further protect the white house in this case they've got camp on detachable pencil-point steel spikes that go like this at an conditioninggle. do you feel deterred. >> new jersey governor made his first appearance since charges related to the george washington lane closure. one reporter asked him about tom brady and the so-called deflate-gate report. although he was a well-known cowboys fan, he came to his
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defense. >> people in public life wind up becoming targets were various reasonings. here's tom brady, great looking guy, and has four super bowls. i think some people just want to take a shot at him because it seems like his life is almost too perfect. >> president obama will be visiting south dakota today. making him just the fourth president to visit all 50 states while in office. the folks in water town south dakota pretty excited. one shop is selling these t shirts. he is in town to deliver an address at a community college. and conen o'brien tweeted dr. ben carson buzz the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins joined at the head. is koch brothers are thankful.
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let's bring in the reporter for the hill. happy friday. not a bad tweet. >> pretty funny. >> for some maybe. we know the british election wrapped up. more cameron is the head lines we're watching. a lot of folks want to know what does it mean for the u.s. and one washington post headline asked if it's a lose lose situation regardless of what the outcome is today. what do you think? >> i think that from a global economic standpoint, you look at the point and that's trading up this morning as a result of the elections, and also i think that it means that we're more likely to see britain renegotiate its roll within the eu. it was a key central issue in the campaign in britain. >> also what we're watching in the headlines today is the trade fight or at least a fight about the trade deal that president obama will be talking about today. >> yes. >> fellow democrat elizabeth
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warren, senator from massachusetts saying don't like it. also former secretary hillary clinton saying she doesn't like it either. where will this conflict end in the end? >> i think former secretary of sate state has come out a normore nuanced position. it's an interesting dynamic between the elizabeth warren wing and the more centrist wing as the president tries to build support for his trade issues. i think that this is contention fight. it's like the nafta fight of the 1990s. it's something that hillary clinton is going to have to claire carefully navigate through the campaign. and once she's being challenged from the deft from bernie sanders, a lot of interesting
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leading the news from nbc bay area. a 13-year-old girl fights off a suspect. police say the man followed the girl home on tuesday. surveillance video shows him pushing up against her and fleeing. they believe he sexually assaulted a woman inside a super
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market restroom. and orlando, a woman's driver's license wrongly labeled her as a sexual predator. >> it was supposed to be organ doe for a. >> i would notice that on my license. >> organ donor versus sexual predator. >> the dnvmv apologized and corrected the error. >> jimmy fallon wants viewers to tweet funny things moms said. >> my mom days who da mom. was teaching my mom facebook. she said a friend's photo was pretty. i said you should like it. she said i do. >> moms do say some funny things. >> but they're great for it.
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>> i laugh at them all the way through. >> and your friends like it. >> it's good. >> the entire "first look" team -- have a great day. "way too early" starts now. ♪ ♪ you guys went to the white house correspondent's dinner. >> there's a picture. >> this is lovely. >> and this is how i know you aren't married. you didn't make joe hold all your [ bleep ]. if i'm with my wife i'm the one with a hand full of my stuff. >> that's only when they're shooting the picture. >> did you sigh that word? >> i did. >> so we can see whatever we want? >> i think the end of my show
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and the beginning of my show i think we have to remember no one is watching. >> exactly. >> that was a look at joe and mika on late night last night. good morning. welcome to "way too early." we're in washington d.c. the nfl's deflate-gate report has not decreased love for the quarterback. tom brady made his first appearance last night in massachusetts. thousands lined the parking lot hoping to get inside. the crowd chanted mvp before tom brady took the stage. [ applause ] >> this is like a patriot pep rally. >> they don't care what you do up there if you win. a report says it is more probable than not that he knows members of his staff w


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