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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  May 8, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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this security level since the tenth anniversary of september 11th attacks. the air force in dayton cancelled an event tonight due to security concerns. let's get to makeick. we understand this is not tied to a specific threat. as you know yesterday the fbi did warn of a threat and influence in the u.s. >> that's right. senior defense officials told us defense and military officials told nbc news it is in part a response not only to last weekend's shooting isis-inspired shooting apparently in garland, texas. also the raised concern by justice department by the fbi that isis is very aggressively recruiting isis wanna be's here in the united states.
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with that kind of threat you never know where the threat will come, who's going to come and who's going to carry it out. as a precaution at this heightened time of concern, the threat level or force protection level is actually what it is raised from alpha to bravo. very quickly, at all military bases by the way in the united states, it's not in any response to a specific credible threat according to senior officials. >> okay. so mick just real quick. this bravo level -- what is the highest? delta the highest? there's a big difference between those levels? >> it is. essentially there's four. alpha, bravo dellcharlie, didelta. when you get to delta, there will be combat military forces standing by. that could be a serious and credible threat. to put it a little in
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perspective, here at the pentagon, we are at that bravo level. there are armed force protection police at several of these locations. we're also subject to random body and baggage checks at any moment. not because of a specific threat but because of the overall threat that lone wolves terrorists present. >> thanks from the pentagon. we'll check with you next hour and get an update. here's what's happening in washington now. there are incredible fly overs now. this is the 70th anniversary of ve day. all these vintage planes flying in the skies making for spectacular flights. there's a mishap. an emergency landing at reagan airport a short time ago. it's being cart add way. no injuries, no fire.
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the pilot reported he had a hydraulic problem. the plane landed safely. this is not affecting the traffic at at reagan national airport in d.c. we'll keep an eye on the skies as well. meantime attorney general loretta lynch announced today the justice department is launching a full scale civil rights investigation into the baltimore police department. the announcement comes after the attorney general travelled to baltimore tuesday and said the city had come to symbolize the mistrust that exists between police and communities around the country. >> this investigation will begin immediately and will focus on allegations that baltimore police department officers used excessive force including deadly force, conduct unlawful searches seizures arrests and engage in discriminatory policing. >> well baltimore mayor stephanie raw lings-blake
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announced wednesday. this comes one week after the attorney general gave charges to these police officers in the case of freddie gray. pete joins me now. let's talk about a pattern or practice investigation. can you explain what the doj is investigating? >> sure. they'll look to see if there's pattern or practice of civil rights violations. the government has had the authority to do these investigations two years now. it's done two dozen in the six years of obama administration. they go in look at what the police do have a lot of power to gather information. then at the end, they make recommendations. they sit down with the police department and try to get agreement that can be enforced by the court. if the city for some reasoning balks as sometimes happens, the
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justice department can go to court and get a judge to order them to make changes. they often employ independent monitor to make sure they carry through. there's a long way from that there. number one the city asked for this, police chief and mayor. police union endorsed it members of congress. there's widespread support for having doj come in. secondly the justice department has been looking at the conduct of police department under a different program where the justice department advises the city. >> a timely announcement. thanks so much pete williams. >> you bet. ♪ ♪ well the funeral is underway now for slain nypd officer brian moore. tens of thousands along with a sea of blue have gathered to remember the man shot in the head last week after he stopped a suspect for carrying a
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handgun. the suspect faces several charges including murder. we have the weather front. tornado watch in effect for parts of texas. this comes as 16 million people across the plains are at risk of severe weather which could include another tornado risk. this threat coming as much of the same area is still cleaning up from damage done two days ago. look at this dramatic video. it shows one of the tornados that devastated oklahoma wednesday. this was shot by a man as he waited out the storm in an underground shelter. storms rolled through texas. this is denton. overall, nine tornados reported with no reports of significant damage thursday. nbc jay gray joins me from oklahoma city. jay, that area so hard hit wednesday night, this seems like insult to injury. folks are getting ready for another potential threat. >> reporter: alex you're so right. such a tough go for folks as
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they try to sift through cleanup after brutal tornados over the last couple of days. news more may be on the way. take a look. this is the magnitude of what they're dealing with. this is an rv park where all vehicles were tossed on their sides. people are sifting through trying to find what they can salvage as they keep an eye on the sky trying to make sure they know what's going on with current conditions. how strong were tornados? this is a bus, a huge rv flipped over and onto its side. the fear becomes as we move into the weekend, forecasters are saying there's a chance of long track tornados which are basically larger tornados stay on the ground longer. dealing with this having to worry about that. it is a tough go in tornado alley now. >> whoa. that bus. that is a radical picture. i'd be nervous standing next to it. yeah. thank you very much for that jay gray. let's go to meteorologist
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steve joining me now. how bad could things get this weekend? >> saturday by far is the worst day for storms. we'll see storms today, but tomorrow is the target zone. this afternoon we've seen severe weather in north texas. these storms are hailers. they have a lot of hail up to size of tennis balls, golf ball falling. a tornado watch box in texas through 5:00 this evening. looks like south of oklahoma city this afternoon is where the severe weather is. tornados, large hailstones up to size of baseballs. these folks can cannot get a break. we've been seeing round after round of severe weather. after 4:00 is when our worst storms come. some are after dark. make sure you have weather radios turned on and batteries working. going to see a lot of severe weather. tomorrow 22 million under the gun for severe stornlms. dodge city through oklahoma
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city. we're talking sub tropical storm anna. looks like sunday is the primary threat for north carolina and south carolina. >> okay. the season begins. thank you very much steve. surveillance camera from a private home in san jose, california captured an attack from a predator who police believe struck before. this time it was a 13-year-old girl walking home from school. you can see the man force his way into her home and attack her. the teen says she fought back ran into her parent's closet and texted her dad "daddy come home now. some man tried to rape me." the father called 911. police believe he followed a woman into a restaurant. they're hoping the images catch their guy. last night the patriot's
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quarterback gave a public conference on the reports of the deflategate scandal. he got a rock star welcome as he took the stage despite the report's conclusion, that quote, it's more probable than not brady was generally aware two staffers deflated balls before the afc championship. the report cleared head coach bill belichick and ownership. brady's agent told chris hays last night the report misconstrues text. this is what brady told last night's crowd. >> it's been 30 hours so i haven't had much time to digest it fully. when i do i'll be sure to let you know how i feel about it. [ cheers and applause ] and everybody else. >> are you that slow a reader?
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>> well, my athletic career has been better than my academic career. >> peter alexander has more from fox bureau on what's next. no surprise that response right? >> reporter: we're minutes from fox bureau, an hour's drive. in new england, 5,000 people there. i was in the entire event that lasted an hour roughly. the first ten minutes were allowed to be recorded by cameras. it was clear brady would avoid the cameras. the moderator asked tom brady if this scandal affected his ability to enjoy the super bowl win. he paused for a minute and said absolutely not. the place erupted. where does it stand on the clock for the language of nfl draft
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day? punishment could come as a early as today. the consensus in the sports world is that brady may get two games suspend ed from the league. we're waiting on word from that. tom brady's camp tells me they've receive nodd no word from the nfl about punishment at this time. tipypically a player would be summoned to the commissioner's office. for the moment we watch and wait. new england is well new england remains defiant. >> okay. peter alexander following the footballs, inflated or otherwise. thanks so much. fallout from the cleveland cavaliers domestic violence video gone wrong. we're asking you in the bing question of the day. should nba fine the cavaliers on their video parody?
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we'll be back and get reaction from a domestic violence survivor. the real price of nice nails. a stunning investigation exposes the ugly truth behind the multimillion industry. and there's this. >> on june 11th we plan on doing white appreciation day. on that day, all white people would get 10% off. >> that's right. we'll tell you about the colorado restaurant promoting appreciation day for white people. yep, that seriously happened. boys? stop less. go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. just one reason volkswagen is the #1 selling diesel car brand in america.
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on any device. just sign into my account to pay bills manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at want to bring you now this traveler's nightmare on a flight when the plane's cabin filled with smoke. there was coughing and crying
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even. delta blames the smoke on a performance issue with one of the plane's engines. a pass jerpenger reported the plane landed safely with one good engine. they were able to make it to new york four hours after the scheduled landing. >> incredible frightening seeing smoke in the cabin. thank you for that francis. everyone a pollen tsunami sweeping across most of america now slapping the northeast and. that might seem dramatic. high pollen numbers are already causing people to sneeze up a storm. there's an onslot of allergens at the same time. this usually doesn't happen. it's reportedly going to get worse meaning even people that aren't usually sensitive to hay fever might get hit with itchy
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eyes. joining me thousand professor at university of health science professor and ceo. i go outside and my car is covered in yellow. every other car on the block. what is causing this pollen tsunami? >> basically what has happened here it's like the worst case scenario. we have the oak and birch trees producing pollen at the same time as the popler and ash trees. they're feeding the the trees and blooming like crazy. people that don't normally get allergies are starting to have problems. one thing i want people to remember, people hate to admit they have allergies. they don't understand if you have a cold the same time every year for two weeks, you have allergies. there's so many commercials were medicines and nasal sprays.
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>> you bring up a good point. sometimes people confuse having allergies versus having a cold. it's not because they're embarrassed as you suggest but they don't know how to tell the difference. how do you do that? >> if you have a cold cause addd by a virus, you can have a fever. that goes away seven to ten days at the most. if you have allergies, it comes the same time every year no fever, and it lasts as long as the pollen season is there. you know what happens is people -- you don't like to take medicine everyday. people tend not to want to talk about these types of things with family and friends. you have to admit that you have an illness. it is a real disease. >> well doctor thank you for the heads up on that. if people aren't feeling well they should get treated whatever it's for. >> yes, they should. coming up a live look at markets. investors welcoming today's job
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update. we'll give you the details of the full report and tell you what it has to do with the president's specific trade deal.
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right now, save up to $200 on eyeglasses. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical outrage today over the cleveland cavaliers promotional ad that even the team now calls, quote, a mistake. ♪ ♪ >> bulls fan? i didn't know you were a bulls fan. >> we first showed you this yesterday. cavs parodying a scene from the famous "dirty dancing" but making the end scene making lights of domestic violence. joining me now, domestic violence activist and author. welcome to you.
10:24 am
let's talk about what cavs have said. you know i've got to imagine that it was more than one person in the entire public relations office of a major nfl team that saw this. what do you think was going through their minds? >> clearly weren't thinking of that well known saying the road to hell is paved with good intentions. honestly i can't imagine the climate we're in and nba took a pro active stance with everything that happened in nfl last year to enact new policies and proceduringe ingregarding domestic violence. it's poorly constructed regardless. the content is so offensive. when i first saw it i literally had to pick my jaw up. i said who in the [ bleep ]
10:25 am
thinks this would be funny or appropriate in any instance? >> i think i said nfl team, i meant nba. obviously nfl is the browns. you've got the rice controversy and nfl response to all that. boxer floyd mayweather in the wring who's been involved in half a dozen domestic violence cases over the years. do you think the sports world just doesn't get it? >> society doesn't get it and sports world is a reflection of that as well. one of the things my organization, truth and reality, does is specifically seek to push that domestic violence and other gender base violence be viewed as entertainment. this again highlights the need for work done around advocacy and members of the domestic violence movement to send a strong message this will not be
10:26 am
tolerated and not funny period. >> nothing funny about it. >> showing an apology -- what do you do with that? i think they should really put together another video and issue more than a statement. now, what are you willing to commit your resources to? >> in terms of committing to something, you have a lot of pro sports players, guys in the nfl that put forth the no more campaign campaign. they're coming out taking a stand saying domestic violence is wrong. given the actions of people in the offices, executive offices or players off the field. is this lip service? is it genuine? >> talking about institutional oppression and dehumanization of women going on in our culture forever. i do not believe any of these organizations will change overnight. it's a work in progress that will take years. this is another example of why
10:27 am
it's so important that the public, news outlets hold them accountable. again, i'm curious to see what is the next step? okay, you messed up. what are you willing to do to commit resources to the movement to show that you not only recognize it was a mistake, but that there are potential consequences when you reinforce this message that testdomestic violence is trivial or entertainment? >> appreciate you speaking up about it. thanks a lot. >> thanks for having me. >> this is getting a lot of attention now. we're asking you, should the nba fine the cavaliers over their video parody? head to we'll have your responses coming up. unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor.
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the security level has been raised at all u.s. military insulations. the security level has been raised there by defense officials who says this is not tied to any specific threat nor to isis. one official says we have not hit this security level since the 10th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. joining me to talk about this by phone, terrorist analyst evan coleman. evan, welcome to you. interpret this. what do you think is the catalyst if nothing specific? >> it's hard to imagine events that took place in garland didn't have impacts on this. at serious points over the year officials have been putting out statements encouraging people to put out attacks sattack.
10:32 am
you combine that with events in garland, obviously the uptick in activity in yemen as well as iraq and syria. it's not surprising to see military officials might see a threat. i think the threat they're looking at is pretty clear. it's a threat from home grown extremists, people that may or may not be in touch with isis al qaeda or anyone es. very much like individuals in garland, they may take matters in their own hands in a way that's difficult to predict or stop. obviously this is not the first time this has happened. we saw a home grown terrorist attack carried out by a serviceman himself a few years ago at fort hood. other home grown extremists have talked about going after drones operation centers in places like texas, nevada places to cause a tremendous amount of media attention and strike at
10:33 am
unstrikable, people flying above the heads of isis mow. >> the threat level has been raised to bravo check point. that's of four possible. it goes up to delta. it's at bravo. the president obama wrapped a west coast pitch. >> what this trade agreement would do is open doors to higher skill, higher wage jobs of the future. jobs we excel at. it would make sure our manufactures who are operating at the higher end of the value chain are able to access these growing markets. >> well the speech at the nike headquarters came the same day the april jobs numbers were released and the stock market has reacted quite positively. the dow jones up now.
10:34 am
march's numbers were revised downward. unemployment rate ticked down to 5.4%. for minorities it's generally higher than white americans. black unemployment hit single digits since 2008. nike does not have reputation as a jobs builder. why did the president head to nike for the speech? >> kind of interesting considering nike has been the target of union outrage over the years. people remember the stories that came out of child labor accusations in 90s and sweat shot accusations that continue to this day. president obama went to try to push this transpacific trade deal saying companies like nike if this deal were to go through, money they would save from not dealing with as many duties and tariffs, they would put that into manufacturing here in the
10:35 am
united states of america. the ceo of nike telling our own cnbc this trade deal could at for 10,000 new jobs. that's disputed by a lot on the left including nancy pelosi and senate majority leader harry reid who have become the biggest obstacles to president obama on this deal. pelosi not a agreeing with the bipartisan agreement while president obama was in oregon. harry reid saying he doesn't want to act on this until the patriot act or highway trust fund is reported. president obama will have to convince democrats if he's going to achieve this trade deal with those countries alex. >> thanks luke russert at white house. tropical storm warning in effect on the carolina coast. the first named system of the 2015 hurricane season anna. it's bringing with it gusty
10:36 am
winds. we're going to give you a look at beaches, particularly wrightsville beach north carolina where things are getting riled up. mike how do storms look there? surf isn't up too bad but windy. >> reporter: been a good beach day. the system is a sub tropical storm, doesn't have full tropical storm characteristics. the bottom line is most impacts are here the sand and surf. that's the big deal for people coming down for mother's day weekend. the no swimming signs on the beach. outer banks down to coastal georgia and northern florida. rip currents are dangerous, scary. lifeguards will not let you go in beyond your knees. water temperature is 66. that will keep some out of the
10:37 am
water. it's the rip, surf and beach erosion which are the biggest issues with the system like this. we are under the tropical storm warning. it's a slow moving system. it's blocked in by a ridge to the north. what's going to happen it's going to drift towards the coast. now the hurricane center thinking it will come on shore between charleston and wilmington. what we're looking at now north and northeast up the grand strand. you can see the ferris wheel on the pier and showers now. we've got more tropical showers coming in. we had one for about five minutes. it clears the beaches. then sun comes back out. this is not going to be a major impact. we're not going to be boarding up. we are certainly going to have impacts on these beaches several more days. we will have the rain and thunderstorms which will impact inland and west of interstate 95. every two or three year we have
10:38 am
a sub tropical storm or storm before june 1st. >> thanks for that. i'm going to ask my director richard if he'll put up the other picture, the video of wrightsville beach. that's south of where mike seidel is standing. mike was talking about storms to the north. i'm not sure the distance between these two. you can see the dark clouds ominous threatening weather in north carolina. we'll keep a close eye on that throughout this weekend here on msnbc. meantime president obama is congratulating david cameron on his victory what was built as britain's closest election. that turned out to be anything but close. it was a massive win for the current prime minister's conservative party last night. cameron taking the results as a mandate to govern. >> i truly believe we're on the brink of something special in our country. we can make britain a place where a good life is in reach for everyone who is willing to work and do the right thing.
10:39 am
>> and the stunning result comes after pulse predicted weeks the race between the conservatives and opposition labor party would be a dead heat. up next we're going to take you inside the jail cell where convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev could spend the rest of his life if spared the death penalty. the stunning report blowing the lid off the price of nice nails and conditions of workers in nail salons. and this gift to teachers $8,000 generous. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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court is back in session on monday. the penalty phase of the boston marathon bombing trial. the jury is considering if the suspect will be sentenced to death or life behind bars. we look at the prison where he could spend the rest of his life. a super max. >> super max is what it's called. it's the united states administrative maximum facility known as adx or super max. let's take you inside. it's described as the most restrictive prison in the federal system here. take a look. inmates spend 23 hours a day in solitaire confinement inside this cell. the dimensions 12 feet as you
10:44 am
can see. 12 feet along this way by seven feet here. you see here this slit? that's a single four inch window. that's all they get. they have a shower bathroom and a door over here. also kind of surprising to some especially when considered a clean version of hell. in this cell at least a black and white television. there's a toilet and also a mirror here that's a metal mirror. it's not glass. interesting. this is again 23 hours of solitaire confinement is where they'll spend that. let's look at notorious men inside the facility now. they include unabomber who killed three and wounded 23 others over 17 years by mailing packaged bombs. he was captured in 1995 after publishing a manifesto that a caught his brother's attention. and eric rudolph who bombed
10:45 am
killing two people and injured dozens more. he spent five years living as a fugitive before being captured in 2003. and the 2011 conspirator who admitted to knowing about plans to fly planes into the world trade center. and we should mention the prison isn't without controversy. last year it was said to violate treatment to prisoners. we'll be closer to find out when they return to court monday. >> thanks for that. mean time, day nine of the "dark knight" theater shooting trial in colorado yesterday, it was marked by the emotional testimony of a girlfriend of a man who died in the shooting. >> i yelled for alex and started shaking his tummy. he wasn't answering me.
10:46 am
i just kept shaking him and calling his name. he wasn't answering me. >> amanda said she legally changed her last name to her boyfriend's to honor his death. james holmes is accused of skilling 12 and injuring 70 others. he's plead not guilty by reason of insanity. there's one story which will make anyone who gets manicures and pedicures take a look around the salon. an ugly picture of practices in salon shops. some are paid nothing for months until bosses feel they're worthy. according to the times at the newspaper's urging the new york labor department inspected 29 salons and found 116 wage violations. "times" conducted stunning interviews of workers.
10:47 am
joining me now, the executive director of new york committee for occupational safety and health. with a welcome to you, first of all, your reaction to this series of investigation articles? >> first of awe we thought the expose was brilliantly done and painted a picture of nail salons in new york. we weren't surprised because we've been organizing a coalition that does look at what are the conditions that workers face in the salons? working 12 to 14 hour days sometimes longer making between 35 and $80 an hour. the stories that the times expos ise detailed were stories familiar with worker who is are members of a worker center in jackson heights queens who are workers that experience this everyday. these are workers who everyday have to deal with the reality not only of exploitation in terms of monetary exploitation but hazards on the job
10:48 am
associated with the jobs. >> chemical hazards. you can get a manicure and smell the fumes. they're around them all day. >> absolutely. and this looks at impacts of those chemicals. those that get the most attention are the trio. one people are familiar with has become a household name being a carcinogen. others cause reproductive problems. >> that's if they get the wages. shocking thing is the times reports women often times work for months and don't get paid at all. once they do some make $30 a day. that is far below the poverty line. how can they continue to keep these practices going? >> unfortunately there's not enough regulation the in nail salons. that's what the healthy nail
10:49 am
salon campaign and coalition continues to say. we need more regulation need to insure as the new york city council has a bill on the table looking at how are we cracking down on nail salons? we need to look at enforcement of violations and osha. how are we enforcing laws we have and going above and beyond the law to protect nail salon worker ands consumers? >> glad you're on the case. you're clearly familiar with what's going on. thank you. >> thank you. coming up on "the cycle" at 3:00 p.m. you'll hear from the journalist that exposed these abuses in the nail salons. quite a story. the other story we're watching is the fallout in the wake of the cavaliers ss ad. francis is joining me again. >> we asked viewers, should the nba punish cavaliers over that a video parody? take a look now. the overall a score board. 44% of you say no the nba should
10:50 am
not fine cavaliers over that parody. 56% of you say yes. let's look at the last couple of minutes here how many of you are responding. not manyresponding. the ones in the past minute, this is in real time taking s pulse of you at home and what you think, not many people saying yes overall so that may change. keep voting. let's look at gender and see how it's split between men and women. it seems like females have responded again in the last minute or so -- actually male i should say represented by blue and remaining neutral about it with females -- no one spiking up and saying yes. if you're feeling strongly and want to sway this and what our responses and scoreboard is right now, keep those votes coming at should the nba fine the cavaliers over their video parody? when we come back the restaurant promotion that started as a joke but could land a barbecue joint owner in hot water. the man behind two of the most
10:51 am
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we have developing news from atlanta, this traffic situation there authorities have confirmed four people were killed in this small plane crash. it happened just after takeoff. you're looking there at interstate 285, clearly blocked all of the traffic on this very busy highway. and even more sadly, it appears that three of the four people confirmed dead are from one family. we're hearing from a man named gradedy bird of ashville north carolina whom we send our deepest condolences, he confirmed to wxia, on board were his son, two grandsons and fiancee of one of the grandsons
10:55 am
and they are the victims in this plane crash. again, this is grady bird speaking about his son greg bird of ashville north carolina. that was the pilot, his two sons and also the grandson and fiance -- one son, two grandsons and fiance of one of his grandsons. what a tragic horrible loss for the bird family of ashville north carolina. weaver expecting an update shortly from the ntsb and will bring you the details as they get under way. tragic there. let's talk about black history month and hispanic history month. it is now a barbecue restaurant in colorado advertising a discount on what's being called white people appreciation day. seriously. okay, the owners of the restaurant are hispanic and say all americans should be celebrated and our nbc affiliate kusa in denver has the story. >> reporter: at the barbecue joint race is never far from the
10:56 am
owner's mind. >> first generation born my parents are from mexico. >> reporter: he knows how racism feels, been through it before which makes this latest deal that much more surprising. >> on june 11th what we plan on doing is white appreciation day. on that day, all white people would get 10% off. >> originally a joke white appreciation day is on the calendar. it gives a 10% discount to only white customers next month. they know the move could bring backlash. >> we have a whole month for black history month, for hispanic heritage month. we figure all we can do -- least we can do offer one day to appreciate white americans. >> reporter: ricardo calls the discount absurd. >> it's wrong. if you're going to give a discount, give it to the whole community. >> reporter: there could be legal repercussions. jennifer mcpherson of the colorado department of agencies.
10:57 am
>> if someone felt they were being discriminated against they could come to the civil rights division and file a complaint with our office and we would investigate that. >> reporter: the discount isn't meant to discriminate but instead bring people together. >> we're all american plain and simple, mr. you come from a different country or born here we're all american. >> that was whitney well from kusa reporting and this may being asian-pacific american month, celebrate -- >> he's latin american and making this point and seems to be speaking from the heart. it is what it is. interesting. there's more ahead in our next hour citing a serious erosion of trust, loretta lynch opens a full pledge investigation into the baltimore police department. what exactly does that mean? tom brady speaks for the first time since the release of the deflate-gate report did he help or hurt his cause. we'll be right back.
10:58 am
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11:01 am
breaking news, increased security at military bases across the country. a large report on the bump to force protection bravo. the doj launches an investigation into the baltimore pd also ahead -- >> tornado now going right through -- get in shelter now. >> tornadoes tear across the south and it's nowhere near over. more on what could be a very rough 48 hours ahead. hey there, everyone we begin this hour with the breaking news and military ordered increase security at bases and installations across the country. security at protection level bravo, not been at that height since the tenth anniversary of the september 11th attacks. let's get right to jim miklaszewski. why now? >> alex initially u.s. senior defense and military officials
11:02 am
said it was in part because of the heightened rate of concern over isis recruitment activities over the internet in the u.s. and because of that shootout in garland, texas, with a couple of isis inspired suspects shot to death there in texas last weekend. but now officials are indicating there may have been at least one threat not clear how specific or credible it was, but there may have been at least one threat against i u.s. military base or installation in the midwest. now, we did report earlier that the air force museum just outside dayton ohio has been closed entirely to any outside visitors and a concert there tonight has been canceled. officials indicate that that base -- or that installation may have received a threat specific
11:03 am
but perhaps not credible. that indeed would have required a raising to the level of bravo. the force protection bravo. as a precaution apparently u.s. officials decided, u.s. military and defense officials decided to spread that raise to the bravo level throughout the entire u.s. military system in the u.s. alex. >> thanks for that update on that. as we told you at the end of the last hour there's an a plane crash in atlanta off the main highway, four people were occurred. ntsb holding a briefing. let's take a listen. >> we know where it is. >> there's nothing on there that will tell you anything that is wrong with the aircraft -- >> well there's a lot of information there that will tell me what happened with the aircraft but until i start looking at it i'm not going to be able to tell. >> how long did it take you to
11:04 am
reconstruct? >> probably take me about two weeks to reconstruct then after that, the report will probably come out within six months to a year. >> two weeks just to reconstruct it then you may or may not have answers -- >> that's speculation so. >> generally speaking what -- are there specific things you'll be looking for as the plane failed -- >> as the investigation progresses there will be specific things i'm looking for. at this time i'm not looking for anything specific. i'm looking at everything. all right? >> how much longer is the highway need to be closed? >> right now once the aircraft is removed, they should be able to start opening up the highway again. right now it's being moved, as soon as it's done we can start opening up the highway again. >> we're waiting for ntsb to conduct their on scene investigation and we're in the process of doing the cleanup. the moment we're ready to start coordinating with the georgia state patrol and other agencies
11:05 am
to start cycling the traffic safely so we don't have that surmg surge of traffic all of a sudden hitting an open road. it's a very methodical system how we put traffic back on the freeways up. >> back by rush hour? >> we believe so. folks are doing our best to get this going as quickly and safely as possible. >> yes, yes. that's it. all right. >> there you're seeing the wrap-up of an ntsb news conference, about the crash that happened on highway 285 in the atlanta area there. but you see for yourself that plane had four on board crashing on the highway, you can imagine the terror for those in their cars as that plane came down. also a tragedy for the bird family of asheville, north carolina grady bird confirmed
11:06 am
to wxia that his son, two grandsons and fiancee of one of his grandsons were on board that plane and they have perished in this crash. ntsb will figure out how to ease up the blockage of 285 to get people back safely on the roads and heading to where they want to go. friday afternoon 2:00 in the afternoon eastern time things will be getting busy with rush hour coming up. we're also following developing news that justice department will launch an investigation into the baltimore police department. attorney general loretta lynch made the announcement earlier this morning. >> this investigation will begin immediately and focus on allegations that baltimore police department officers used excessive force including deadly force, conduct unlawful searches and seizures and arrest and engage in discriminatory policing. >> mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is pleased with the question that r. the mayor called for the review
11:07 am
after six city officers charged in the murder of freddie gray. 25-year-old gray was badly injured during an arrest last month and died one week later. ari melber with a welcome to you, when you look at investigation of this type what does it entail? >> thsz a pattern and practice investigation that operates under the 1994 criminal act and what it basically says is that the justice department can go in and look top to bottom at how a police department is functioning and what are the policies in place and what are the num erical quote tas all the way down to what the police are doing. they've done this in over 20 different police departments. baltimore is a big one and as the attorney general said today, in response to the outcry over the freddie gray case. >> we heard this famously happened in ferguson and it can result with really positive change. what can possibly happen here with baltimore? >> it can be very positive.
11:08 am
there will be a report so it's public and transparent and if there are violations as the attorney general said looking whether there's violations in the constitution or civil rights of the residents of this community, violations can result in court ordered changes in supervision, in fact the chief of baltimore police has experience with this because he was chief in oakland when they were under court supervision. he described it as having to check several times a week any time you made a change having an outside observer that kind of effect. as you know sometimes when we have big controversies people say, okay protests okay attention, then what? it seems to go away. this means whether or not the press is following it or whether or not there are big events or protests, this is the justice department to look first and be fair and if they find something bad enough institute court ordered change. >> something different from ferguson and baltimore, ferguson small city baltimore, big city it's going to be a longer
11:09 am
investigation. >> i would suspect it will take a much longer time. ferguson was fast even for a short seven months and that was for a small city. it's a big job and big pd and they are saying now the pd and city wants to be part of it. it will be interesting to see where it goes. >> ari melber you won't go too far, you're on "the cycle" up next. >> a sea of blue converged on the saint james roman catholic church to pay respects for brian moore, killed in the line of duty when he was shot in the head last saturday. he and his partner stopped a man suspected of carrying a hand gun when the man open fire on them. officer moore was just 25 years old. also developing this hour the potential for more severe weather today. in fact right now a tornado watch is in effect for parts of texas. that goes until 5:00 p.m. central time. about 16 million plus people across this country's midsection are at risk today of seeing
11:10 am
severe weather and that would include threatening tornadoes and more storms rolled through the region yesterday and near denton you're seeing there, pretty wide one. nine tornadoes were reported thankfully there are no reports of significant damage. however, people are still cleaning up from the damage done two days ago on wednesday there were at least 50 tornadoes reported. nbc's kerry sanders is joining us from wichita falls, texas. what's the situation there? >> reporter: well alex people are aware of the potential threat so they are making sure that they have a plan in place. that's a short-term plan and long-term plan. short-term is where do you go in the event that there is the siren going off and they already been warned here sirens can go off today that could have gone off yesterday and did not. short-term some people are saying i know a place in my house. long-term plans, what some people do as we take a look here somebody might run into their garage here but actually
11:11 am
underneath the car, underneath the carpet as i pull this up and push this open this was installed by ground zero storm systems about a year ago. this is a tornado shelter. it's designed to hold about seven people maybe you could get even more. they already put down the flashlights down here and put some water in here just two days ago because they knew about this potential threat. and the idea of having this storm shelter is it gives you a place to go. steve bared is the homeowner and installed it about a year ago. these are not cheap, this rethey can run, $5,000 to $7500. why did you do it? >> what price do you put on safety? so we just decided we got to have it. and that's why we did it. >> reporter: what caused you to say we ought to do that? >> well all of the tornadoes up in moore, oklahoma when we got
11:12 am
serious about it. living here we have been through tornadoes my entire life but tornado is in moore got us -- >> reporter: that was the wake-up call? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: some people have these, some people do not. there are sirens in town. none of those horns have blasted but interestingly what the emergency operation center has done here is they actually have all of these locations mapped on a gps map because imagine you're down there, a tornado blows over and all of this comes donewn and now you're trapped inside. they have a gps system set up as well as photographs to send people out to the path to the tshd to see if perhaps people are actually alive but trapped underneath debris. alex. >> i tell you, kerry sanders, nobody tells a story like you do. i've never seen the inside of a tornado shelter. i imagine there are a lot of people watching who haven't. thank you so much for bringing us the story, kerry.
11:13 am
>> reporter: thank you. help me help me please. >> coming up a middle schooler fights off a sexual predator who followed her home. mees are looking for a man linked to two brazen attacks. backlash the cleveland cavaliers released a video some say made light of domestic violence. should the nba fine the cavaliers? the pulse is live now. weigh in. plus -- >> has this however detracted from your joy of winning the super bowl? >> absolutely not. >> tom brady responds. he breaks his silence sort of, on the deflategate report.
11:14 am
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11:17 am
the nfl could issue a punishment for tom brady as soon as this afternoon. last night he gave his first public comments on the release of a scathing report suggesting brady along with two oerts in the patriots organization was probably involved in the so-called deflategate scandal. brady got a rock star's welcome. this was sports caster jim gray, all of that despite the conclusion that tgs more probable than not that he was generally aware that two patriot staffers deflated balls before the afc championship. the did clear bill belichick and ownership. brady's agent told chris hayes last night that the report misconstrues texts that are key in the investigation and when asked directly about the report this is what brady told last night's crowd. >> it's only been 30 hours,
11:18 am
haven't had time to digest it fully. when i do i'll let you know how i feel about it and everybody else. >> are you that slow a reader? >> well my athletic career has been better than my academic career. >> brady has denied the allegations. we wants to bring in ron simmelkjaer. it was a very easy crowd last night for brady, but could this be the calm before the storm? what kind of punishment could the nfl dish out? >> i think that tom brady may not be quite so cavalier in a few days because i think it's pretty likely that the nfl is going to come down reasonably hard on him and on the patriots organization. i mean this is something that they are clearly taking seriously. this report was done by one of the top lawyers in the country over 200 pages and there was nothing in that report that really makes you think tom brady
11:19 am
was completely unaware or innocent of what was going on here. given that and given the fact that brady did not fully cooperate with the investigation refused to turn his cell phone over to the investigators, given the fact he and his agent are making statements that are pret at the defiant. i think you're going to see the nfl come down harder on him because of things that he and his agent are saying. >> some are speculating maybe even a suspension for the first game which of course the patriots get the first big prime time game in august. this is quite literally a teachable moment. you have the university of new hampshire now offering deflategate as a course next fall. more about areas of sports law but how do you think this case may affect sports law? >> well you know i think when you take a step back and look at issues like this whether steroids or domestic violence we start to see more and more how the value system of sports is something that people care
11:20 am
about very broadly and these cases all start to set precedent for what the level of punishment is for cheating and breaking the rules. the fact you and i talking about this on a news network, because people care about fair play and even playing field and don't like cheating in any way, shape or form. i think we're going to see the nfl draw a line and see the rules of the game matter. they do matter. this sort of skirting the rules is not okay. >> okay thanks so much from nbc sports. deflategate is not the only gate the patriots had to deal with. frances is joining us with a refresher on that one. >> it doesn't take too long of a look into the this tri, tom brady not first to face allegations of cheating the patriots not first as well. let's look at the history of the patriots and the scandals and accusations of cheating that thif been involved in.
11:21 am
many would argue that the patriots began bending the rules in december of 1982. head to head in a snowy day and stadium snow plow operator this guy right here cleared a spot for kicker josh smith. then smithhit the game winning field goal and they called there the most unfair act of the history of the nfl. two decades and another cold and snowy day on january 19th 2002 the patriots trailed the oakland raiders in the fourth quarter and you look here at the very moment that the raiders sacked tom brady and then he fumbled. seems like the patriots were a goner but they used an obscure tuck rule to decide brady's arm was in a forward motion and that meant the fumble was an incomplete pass. the pats won in overtime and went on to win the first super bowl. i remember this very well you may too with the fan throwing the snow in the air known as the
11:22 am
snow ball. spygate, september 9th 2007 bill belichick and staff were caught filming the jets defensive signals and nfl later determined they illegally videotaped opponents from 2002 to 2007 during the same time they won three super bowls. the coach was fined a record $500,000. so instances that some will say shows a pattern and history of the patriots as cheaters but alex you tell that to anybody in patriots nation and you know what you'll get. you'll get an adamant defending of patriots tom brady and the four super bowls -- >> loyal fans out there in any sports arena. thanks for that. we're continuing to follow breaking news increased security at military bases across the country. we'll get the latest on this unfolding situation coming up. also ahead -- >> people don't know who he is.
11:23 am
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stocks reacted very positively to today's jobs report. the dow is up 250 points 223,000 jobs created last month, which is near the economic consensus, however last months numbers were revised downward. the unemployment rate ticked down slightly to 5.4%. for minorities the rate is generally higher than that for white americans but black unemployment hit single digits for the first time since july of 2008. today president obama will mark a milestone with his visit to south carolina later today. he will have visited all 50
11:27 am
states for consoling residents in joplin after tornadoes hit to sitting on the famed rosa parks bus in michigan took the president about six years to visit each state. white house photographer pete souz souza set up a web page with a gallery. he is the fourth president to have visited each state. up next a teen girl fights off a sexual predator in her own home. more on the search for a man linked to two attacks. subtropical storm ana threatens the carolinas. we'll have the impact for this weekend and beyond when we return. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache,
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11:30 am
back to breaking news the security level raised at military bases and installations across the u.s. now at force protection bravo. joining me is patrick murphy host of "taking the hill." former arm my para trooper and
11:31 am
first iraq war veteran elected to congress. when you hear this news how significant this for military men and women serving on these bases? >> it's significant in the sense that they are now instructed to remain vigilant. the fbi reported yesterday that isis has influence within the united states that means the pentagon is saying there might not be a specific threat but must remain vigilant. when you talk about force con or force protection conditions there are five levels normal after if a bravo and charlie delta. this is the third highest and we need to make sure our troops protect themselves and families on post. >> patrick, when you're on a base, you feel more protected, don't you, given the security in place? so to step that up how does that affect daily duties and training and exercises being done? >> we're going to see alex the cars going through and there's one artery or two or three
11:32 am
arteries in this post these installations they will be backed up because cars will be searched and checking i.d.s of everyone in the car. you have to remember there are a lot of civilian personnel that work within these posts and we do background checks on them. we've got to make sure that we remain vigilant because we know isis would love to do more harm like this past week. >> we sure know that thank you so much pmurphy we'll see you soon in the studio. police in delaware released a video that shows one of their own kicking a suspect in the face and reportedly knocking him unconscious. this is very disturbing video here. this entire scene is kaugtd on dash cam. here it comes. this white officer kicking the black suspect who had his hands up in the air, the officers had been responding to a fight at a gas station and chasing down several suspects that night. the dover police officer was indicted for second degree assault and remains on unpaid
11:33 am
leave from the force, a previous grand jury decline declined to indict him. mean a lawsuit against the city of denver. residents in california are on high alert of a man assaulted two women in brazen attacks. the man forced himself into the house making sexually explicit comments but the girl fought back. >> i had to fight this guy and think, help me help me please, that was the only thing that was going through my mind. >> the suspect fled the scene and the girl rand into her parent's closet and locked the door and texted for help. the suspect is 30 years old and thin build with a beard. there you see him there. they would like some help. let's get to joe fryer, you know the police would love for people to call in for tips. what else do we know about the attacks and attacker? >> that's right, alex police
11:34 am
are growing concerned and believe the same man attacked two people and do not want him to strike a third time. this was taken on home surveillance video and shows the 13-year-old walking home from school. when she got him, he pushed his way in and cornered her and put her against the wall and trying to record the encounter with his cell phone, she kept screaming and pushing back successfully fighting the guy off. there you can see he left the house. about a month ago police believe the suspect tried to attack a 28-year-old woman and followed her into the restroom at a grocery store. that woman was also able to fight off the suspect. in both of these situations police say the victims did the right thing, alex by fighting back and making a lot of noise calling attention to the situation. >> they sure did, and we're doing the right thing putting his picture up to help cops identify him. developing now, a tropical storm
11:35 am
warning is in effect for parts of the north and south carolina coast due to subtropical storm ana, the first named system of the 2015 hurricane season. mike seidel has the latest from myrtle beach south carolina. hi mike. >> reporter: good afternoon, we're tracking first named storm of the season. it is subtropical storm ana, 180 miles southeast in myrtle beach and that's where most of the storms are. rain and thunderstorms and convection have been located today on the south and southeast side of the system. we've had a couple of showers rotate and one has moved inland. this five-minute shower cleared the beaches and now the sun is back out and folks are beginning to come back out here. one thing you'll notice red flags and no swimming signs, this is a big deal when you have a low end system. the impacts are all here at the beaches, beach erosion, dangerous surf and rip current, these are flying here on the grand strand. if you're planning to go to beaches this weekend up and down the carolina beaches from the
11:36 am
outer banks to charleston you'll want to stay out of the water. in this particular location, lifeguards let you go to your knees and that's it. there's a tropical storm warning for myrtle beach and wrightsville and the expectation is this system will move inland on friday. we're going to deal with surf and rip current and gusty winds and locally heavy tropical rain bands rolling in right on through mother's day weekend. back to you. >> we can see the winds already. thank for that. >> today is the 70th anniversary the ve day, the day when allied forces defeated the army in world war ii john kerry is one of the many participating today. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in paris. earlier in washington vintage planes flew over the national mall. first time civilian planes were allowed to fly over the mall since 9/11.
11:37 am
one pilot did have to make an emergency landing, his controls showed a possible hydraulic leak. only the pilot was aboard and he and the plane are fine. jack jacobs a medal of honor recipient and msnbc military analyst. i know this is a important day. talk about the celebrations you've been witnessing an reactions from the crowds. >> i can't estimate crowds but there must have been a million people here and i didn't think there was going to be that big a turnout. but you remember the iconic photographs of ve day in 1945 hats in the air, time square celebrations and celebrations everywhere there's jubilation. i didn't see that here today. it was quite a somber time wreaths laid bag pipers playing amazing grace. taps rendered. it was quite somber.
11:38 am
and i think it's because most people recognize now after all of this time that the service and sacrifice that went into defeating the axis and how important the efforts were in our securing our freedom and freedom of others. they remembered that there were more than a million american casualties and more than 400,000 killed in action and that weighs very heavily on everybody's mind today. >> colonel, 70 years, that means there were very few living world war ii veterans did you see any there in washington today. >> there were quite a few. i've been here before and earlier celebrations and of course there were many more. one thing we have to keep in mind that entire generation had maybe 20 million people in uniform and 1,000 -- more than 1,000 every day are dying and just a matter of time before
11:39 am
they are all gone which is why i think everybody here felt so strongly and felt the pool remaining here to share with them in ve day. >> 70 years is a big number and they paid a big price for their heroic service to this kpuntcountry and the world in fact. the cleveland cavaliers pull a controversial skit after social media backlash. how did it come to be in first place? we'll look at that next. also today's bing pulse, should the cavaliers be fined? frances will break down your thoughts so far. he brought to life two of the most famous characters in history. joining me to talk about the new documentary, the caroll spinney story.
11:40 am
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11:43 am
producing this offensive video. >> domestic abuse activists and offended fans saying the parody from "dirty dancing" makes light of abuse. and boxer floyd mayweather was hailed a sports hero despite a half dozen domestic abuse charges over the last dozen years. joining me from los angeles is howard bragman, and 15 minutes public relations. with a welcome to you. you know what happened here. within hours of the cavaliers video air the critics took to social media and called the cavs tone deaf. the team has apologized but is it fair to wonder if the wider world of sports is missing the message when it comes to domestic violence? >> i think it's absolutely fair
11:44 am
to wonder how something like this can get out. there's been a lot of incidents and a lot of moments when sports is tone deaf to this particularishparticular ishsue issue. clearly there were no women in the decision-making process to put this on the air. when professional sports franchises have to understand if you're going to reach the widest possible audience and call it family entertainment, there are a lot of women that might be 35 to 40% in most sports, more when you're talking things like the super bowl. and how can ut not be aware of it in this society we live in. read a newspaper or go online see the nfl sensitive ad they happen to do. >> there's a reporter from the tribune challenging the cavs to make things right and he mentioned game five and said you have several days to promote
11:45 am
awareness and educate fans about domestic violence but spark a conversation about the issue for the right reasons this time. do you think this is an opportunity to change some of the attitudes and effect real change? >> i think it's a great teachable moment. and i don't know that i would rush to put a particular ad out there that might make me nervous because i want something right and sensitive and will help the issue and not just put a band dade aid on it. if they came to me and said you're the pr guy, how would you handle this? i would get players wives involved and really a lot of players wives are great wonderful charitable people who invest a lot of times in causes and they have to understand this is a huge cause for society and they have a great voice to speak and they can make ads have fundraisers and do the right thing and make their husbands and team aware. i think it's a great opportunity and if the wives are aware, you can bet the husbands will be
11:46 am
aware of it soon. >> i've got to ask because you run your own public relations firm. did somebody have to take the fall for this? because as you and i both agreed clearly there's no female representative in the public relations department there at the cleveland cavaliers, how would this have gotten through. do they need to have a head or two roll over this? >> i kind of doubt it. i don't think it's something that i would say you should fine somebody for this. it is a momentary lapse of judgment and the good news is we're talking about it we're bringing to the surface and we're going to see a more aggressive proactive team in dealinging with this issue moving forward because of it. i hope the other team not just in basketball but all sports looking at this moment. >> like you said teachable moment. >> and that cavaliers video we were just talking about the subject of today's bing pulse question, let's check in with frances for latest on that. >> so interesting to hear his
11:47 am
take and how he said pretty much he doesn't think should be fined. we're taking that question to you, should the nba fine the cavaliers over the video parody. let's look at the score board since we launched this. pretty much stayed consistent 47% saying no should not be fined and 53% saying yes, should be fined as well. that staying consistent. and based on the conversation we just had when we brought in there was no female in the decision-making process, maybe they should bring in players wives. let's look at what viewers are saying based on gender. take a look here as we bring our graph, we're showing actually this will show you how people are responding overall the past minute or two with the conversation, overall many saying yes, kind of split but in the last minute or so it seems people are agreeing. now let's break it down by gender as we see that. seemed like a lot of women based
11:48 am
on the past few minutes have been saying yes, take a look red, the nba should be fined officer the cavaliers video parody. interesting to hear that. >> thank you very much for that. what a question today. up next he played big bird and oscar the grouch for four decades, caroll spinney joins me next about the new documentary. introducing nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna and 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
11:49 am
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big bird is a global icon just as recognizable as this other famous guy mickey. one man has been the soul of the character, caroll spinney, the focus of a new documentary "i am big bird" traces his extraordinary journey from bullied child to childhood icon. >> wasn't treated guy when you're the littlest guy in the
11:52 am
class with big ears and having the name caroll couldn't help. some would say caroll playing with your dolls because i had puppets since i was 8. big bird is his own creature and there's no one like him. oscar the same way, there are our grouchs but he lives by himself in a trash can, very happy to live by himself. >> drawing on a slightly different skill set or the performance from a slightly different place than the other guys. >> and caroll spinney with me in the studio. i love this documentary. it is an absolutely beautiful story. people said during the documentary, caroll that the guy inside big bird is no different than the guy outside of big bird. talk about big bird's influence and this personality that -- how much does he embody you? >> i think he's a big deal -- i
11:53 am
play him as a child. it was my idea actually but he is kind of very innocent and hopes to be liked. i would kind of like that as a child myself. and so i really thought it was a gift to me to be allowed to play such a character. >> it took a year to find that childhood voice. at first he was kind of rocky, moved to new york then big bird really took off for you. >> it was a case of not having a place to stay so it was hard for me the first year because the pay wasn't good enough to rent an apartment as well. because i have a house in the country and didn't want to leave there. but also got to play oscar the grouch. >> you have brought oscar the grouch. talk about the genesis of oscar who will come and join us. i understand you based him on a new york city taxi driver you're
11:54 am
going to the studio and the taxi driver talks to you and -- oscar. >> he doesn't know he was the mold for big bird -- for oscar because i had -- jim said he's a very grouchy character and i hadn't done the audition for the voice the day before we were going to tape. so i got the cab and guy says where too, mac and kept talking like that and very easy to think that was a good voice for oscar. i finally could imitate him very well. had a big cigar in his mouth. >> your voice now, i can hear big bird coming through -- >> big bird i go -- an octave higher hello. >> i love it. >> what was that? where is he? >> not right here now. it's all about you, oscar.
11:55 am
>> with regard to matt voguele, this is a guy who must have a lot of patience. he has been your understudy and for some 15 plus years but you have no intention of giving up playing big bird. your colleagues say they don't think you want to your three kids say dad can't give up big bird. >> now i -- matt vogel, who's last name means bird in german born for the job, he's now in the bird a lot because i'm now doing the voice only. although, i have played him, for instance i was talking to jenna bush last week and since i'm 81 it's become a very difficult thing but the voice hasn't changed at all. >> no. >> something that was a very pivotal point in american history and actually close to you, we should tell people when
11:56 am
nasa was deciding who to put on the space shuttle challenger and thought who better than to put big bird in space, you thought about it about a month and then they replaced you with the teacher chris ta mcloug. >> i said yes right away and my goodness, i have an opportunity to orbit the earth. >> as big bird. >> they thought if big bird was seen every day cameras on those craft, so they would see him living on the space shuttle for six or seven days up there and they were going to have a scene where the captain can't get to sleep. circle every 95 minutes, talk about jet lag. his teddy bear over to him to cuddle up and try to go to sleep and goes to sleep because he's cuddling radar. >> they never came to pass
11:57 am
because of the spat shusspace shuttle challenger exploding. i am big bird thank you so much for your time and good to see you, oscar the grouch. >> do i get to say anything here? i'm in the movie too you know? >> that's going to wrap up for today's show. >> that wraps up things for today's show. thomas will be back monday at 1:00 p.m. eastern. >> have a good one, things. >> have a rotten day.
11:58 am
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