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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  May 8, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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wagner starts right now. jeb bush sents george w is the chief advisor on the middle east. christie at the loss for words when it comes to immigration. and the california drought is breaking down the food chain. it's friday may 8th. this is "now." jeb bush courts the religious right. chris christie tries happy hour in new hampshire. and eight is enough for south carolina freedom summit. it's a busy weekend for those on the eye on the white house in 2016. in an hour chris christie will go face to face with new hampshire voters hosting one of the tell it like it is town halls in a pub called furry. as the governor barn storms from through the state he's taking lots of questions. but on the issue of immigration, he's not giving many answers. >> do undocumented immigrants have -- >> i guess that's a conversation i think our country has to have.
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once we have the conversation about whether or not the president and the congress are going to actually enforce the laws. >> christie will notably not be having that discussion for those bound for north carolina's freedom fest. he won't be. eight republican hopefuls will be. another notable name missing from the list jeb bush. jeb will be busy trying to convince grassroots evangelicals that he's one of them. delivers the commencement address tomorrow at liberty university. the former florida governor a catholic convert, is expected to focus on religion not politics. but the event may also give him a chance to demonstrate support for israel an issue of key importance to evangelicals. governor bush raised eye brows earlier this week when it comes to israel and the middle east he listens to his brother,
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former president george w. bush more than anyone. joining me now is former white house press secretary robert gibbs, and chief political correspondent for politico glen tlush. it's been a long week robert! let's start, first with a mentioning of george w. bush as his go-to guy on the mideast. how much of a liability do you think this is for jeb bush robert? >> i think in the short term jeb bush is trying to reassure republicans that we're ranked by jim baker's comments most recently about israel. i think there is no doubt for a general election you are likely to see that quote used over and over again by somebody like hillary clinton. >> yeah i guess, glenn, it flies in the face that narrative that bush is trying to establish for himself. he's his own man. he's been on the record in chicago in february saying i love my brother, i love my dad but i'm my own man. can you have it both ways?
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>> yeah i think he thinks -- i think he thinks he can. you know, the climate is fundamentally different than 2008 i think, where george w. bush was really you just had to invoke his name and bad things would happen to a candidate. john mccain i think said his name three times. i think he's got to own this. an entire foreign policy cabinet or essentially similar folks who advised w. i think he has an issue, also with immigration reform. he's got to embrace the stuff. it's not as if he can walk away from it. >> robert i guess to glenn's point, is w. beetle juice? if you say his name three times, does something bad happen? you look at the polling and ask americans whether or not they think that he did a good job as president, those who disapprove of the presidency still the majority and yet if you ask
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conservative republicans george w. bush has an 89% approval rating. >> right. i think there's no doubt that george w. bush's numbers will get better over time. i think jeb would be to build off glenn's point. jeb bush would probably be a better situation in a general election if he said george w. bush was my advisor on immigration politics. >> right. >> than maybe on middle eastern politics. i know, we'll talk about immigration, but george w. bush got 44% of that hispanic vote. mitt romney got 27% of that hispanic vote and that can, in many ways may well be the difference in a national election. >> let's talk about immigration, glenn. chris christie didn't seem to want to get into the specifics of immigration and what he thinks should happen to the 11 million undocumented men and women in this country. has hillary clinton strategy this week to box republicans in on the issue, has the strategy worked? >> i think it was her best day so far. i think it's going to be her
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best day for awhile frankly. i mean essentially you have republicans writing clinton's own press releases after she gave the speech. you know saying that she was really almost by distorting her position and saying she was for full amnesty. what is being broadcast through hispanic media. folks are getting the idea she's shot even further than she intended to. her campaign probably won't do a lot to tamp that down. i think the real danger on the bush. bush is taking a more constrained position than clinton clinton. he won't get credit for it. hillary clinton will not lose a single vote she would have gotten otherwise because of the immigration issue. jeb could potentially lose a lot of votes because of his issue. >> what do you think about? jeb is going to liberty university. he's trying to court evangelical voters. he's being aggressive at least transparent on his feelings that there should be some sort of
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path to citizenship. where does it lead? we know in a general. at this moment do you think it leaves him in a primary? >> i think glenn's point is well taken. you're straddling the issue now and you're not getting any credit from anybody. evangelicals and conservatives will look at you wearily, hispanics that voted for you in florida and others around the country will look at you wearily. i think it's important to understand the republicans have a demographic problem. 90% of their voters in 2012 were white voters. white voters made up smaller percentage of the electorate than ever in a u.s. national election. that number is likely to decrease in 2016. it's not just the issues of immigration for hispanics. education and health care are very important issues. in 2012, we found in the obama campaign that health care was the most important issue to them. so republican candidates are not just going to have to figure out how to talk about immigration in a way that doesn't turn voters off. they have to find an eloquent
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and compelling way to talk about education and education reform policies, but also to talk about and have some platform on the issue of health care >>well and what if climate change? i'm sitting in california where lawns are withering and there are massive storms that are going up-and-down the northeast corridor. glen, i wonder chris christie said something yesterday that made waves. i think global warming is real. i don't think it's denial. i think human activity contributes to it. >> disqualified! disqualified! >> that's all. disqualify the. >> you know the equivalent of blocking the golden gate bridge. he, i mean, like chris christie what is he polling at? he's dead last. >> why not go for broke? >> why not go for broke? >> you might as well say you actually believe while you're at this process if you stand a
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small chance of winning. but i think, you know, i want to flip it back to hillary clinton, i think hillyary the climate change issue cuts both ways. we saw tom steyer in california say contributing to her. i talked to a couple of midwest senators off the record this week. they mentioned she's got a sort of -- they're kind of scared of john, her campaign chair who is a strident on the issue of climate change. they're concerned about whether or not she's going to go too far and that issue. she's got a little bit of a balancing act with some of the mid western democrats on that. >> you notice how glenn manages to work in he's talked to senior officials on background? just in every block? >> yeah. >> he's good for that. >> he's a good reporter, right? >> before we let you go robert there's the big show down that happened in the u.k. last night and we know that pitted tomorrow of your former colleagues and
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current friends jim and david axelrod axelrod. >> yeah. >> did you have a dog in the fight? >> no. no, in fact when reporters would call me either from here or from england to try to talk about that story, i always conveniently didn't get their e-mails or didn't get their messages. i didn't want to be anywhere near that. you know look i think obviously, you know, kudos and congratulations to jim on david cameron's, you know, pretty big win and largely unexpected margin over in the u.k. >> you were not going to be senior official quoted on "background" for the story. >> i didn't want anything to do with it. >> robert gibbs -- 10-foot pole not long enough. thank you for your time this friday. after the break forget the almonds and the awful cad doughs. endangered animals are literally
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dying of thirst. why is the nfl taking taxpayer money to salute national guard troops? that is all ahead on next on "now." sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take
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it is raining right now in los angeles, but things are still remarkably dry here in california. the consequences of the golden state's drought, the worst in over 1,000 years, are apparent in everything from forest fires to the length of the showers you're allowed to take. earlier this week the state approved a sweeping plan to cut water use in cities and towns by 25% over the next nine months. cities are now forced to limit watering on public property and encourage homeowners to let the grass on their lawns die.
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but beyond brown grass and short showers, the drought is having a devastating affect on the most basic system of all the food chain. in northern california salmon eggs have all but disappeared thanks to the lack of water. the kangaroo rat has nearly died off. and drier conditions have forced land animals to seek food in urban gardens. ahead of the busy summer season the state wildlife agency in lake tahoe is preparing itself for a barrage of bear sightings. joining me now is conservation biologist reece halter and associate professor at u.k. berkeley justin. justin, let me start with you. in terms of the kangaroo rat, right, you hear that and people immediately think, oh who cares about what is happening to the kangaroo rat. the numbers of the kangaroo rat have been dpe pleated, i think, 95% have died out since 2010. why does that matter? >> yeah. that's a good point and you're right. a lot of folks say it's a rat.
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should we care? but the giant kangaroo rat is the amazing ecosystem engineer. it's bringing out the rich soils from deep in the earth, pulling them up to the surface. by doing can change the ecosystem. it's also benefitting the ranching community by increasing the i diddiverseity of plants. >> reece, in terms of pieces of the food chain, right. we're at the top of it right. we rarely concern ourselves with what happens to smelt or the kangaroo rat but the ripple effects are pretty profound aren't they? once you take one piece out? >> yeah in this case this kriter is a keystone and you're talking the entire ecosystem is collapsing. we're also seeing that hundreds of thousands of acres of grassland are becoming dessert. this is telling us what is ahead. now it's up to plant.
1:16 pm
we have one in eight americans that live in our state. we're the eighth largest economy 45 billion angry, half of what is on everybody's dinner plate grown in america comes from us. now what? >> justin kevin mccarthy who represents part of california is suggesting that because of the drought, we should relax some of the constraints that are placed upon society and companies to relax parts of the endangered species act which would allow us to fully exploit reservoirs of water. tell me is that a good or bad idea, in your mind? >> yeah, you know i think that's a bad band aid at that. it might satisfy some constituents for a short period it's not going to resolve california's water problem. we're going to have many of these endangered species many that we'll have to pull into captivity it will cost the
1:17 pm
taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. it's not, you know, when we relax those regulations, we tend not to unrelax them as it were. so i don't think it's going address the needs of california or the big issues for ecological situation in our state. >> reece, but so -- if, you know, relaxing inging some of those provisions is off the table. in terms of the water cuts, you know, people say consumer water -- consumers will take shorter shower butting a ag business in california is big business. they're not subject to the same mandates as california residents have. how effective do you think if the huge part of the water us age is not under it. >> we have to bring it to everybody's attention. we'll be having a different conversation 12 months from now. you're dead right, it is the angry business but we're talking not only food. now we're talking about national food security.
1:18 pm
so this -- these are unintended consequences of burning in excess of 96 million metric tons of heat-trapping gas daily. in is a big issue. i'll tell you why, it isn't just the droughts happening now. it's the fact that the temperatures are higher. higher temperatures and droughts trees die, animal dies ecosystems die. when they die, what are we left in. >> justin to that end, you know governor brown has taken swift action as far as the drought. he's been talking about it a lot. he's been speaking about climate change. the silver lining he's able to push forward a more aggressive climate change agenda in this moment? i believe that brown has ordered the state to cut the pollutants to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 which are the most aggressive targets in north america. it would be if there's a good
1:19 pm
thing that comes out of here it's given him space to do that. would you concur? >> yeah. i think that's right. you know, i think the climate change projection told us california was heading in this direction. it was a question of sooner or later. we have a governor who is, you know for good and bad taking it head on. it's very much on our consciousness now as a state. so, yeah we need to face it. i think, you know, as reece mentioned, we're going to have to base the ag water usage, 80% of water use in the state and we'll have carrots and sticks i'm sure to try to regulate and come up with more efficient water use. there's a silver lining we're able to take it on. we live in a dry region. >> let me ask you, reece, before we go, california usually lyly leads the country in regulation. california decides to do something relating to the auto industry whether it's small levels or, you know miles per
1:20 pm
hour in terms of fuel usage. the rest of the country follows. granted, hopefully the rest of the country will never see a drought like california. but in the way california is tackling the issue of climate, do you think that it becomes a model for the rest of the year? >> absolutely. ab34 which comes into effect 2020 for the first 20% of 1990 levels yes. and 2030 yes. what we're looking at, though, there are 1552 waste water injection sites active in our state. they busted in october 3 billion gallons of water tainted with arsenic, and nitrates that were pumped into the central valley aqua fier. fracking gone. and it's subsidized. this business of subsidizing these heat-trapping x, y, z has to end. >> it's certainly all of this
1:21 pm
has been brought to the fore by the devastating drought. again, if there is one good thing to come of it. there's a national dialogue on the issues like never before. thank you so much, guys for your time. coming up tom brady said he hasn't had time to read the report that said he probably had something to do with the deflated balls. that's ahead on "now." (music) boys? stop less. go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. just one reason volkswagen is the #1 selling diesel car brand in america.
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1:25 pm
in the heart land. flooding, rains, hail and more than 50 tornados and forecasters warn the next few days could be even worse. >> we're going to get a little of everything, i think, flash flooding it may be the biggest issue, but hail high winds, tornados that may all occur as well. and so we need to be ready for any event wallty. >> it's hard to prepare when you're still picking up the pieces. >> i have to start over again. >> so many try to salvage what they can from the first round of storms they must also worry about what comes next. this weekend 16 million in the potential strike zone with severe weather including what meteorologists call long track tornados. larger twisters that stay on the ground longer. a dangerous combination. >> i'm afraid the worst is still to come. >> it's an ominous morning for those already hit hard battered
1:26 pm
but clearly not broken. >> we're going to stay out here. this is our home. >> no matter what it looks like right now or what may be on the way. jay gray nbc news. just ahead is 15 years excessive jail time for a couple caught having consensual section on a florida beach? that's next. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve. watching football together is great... but i think women would agree... ...huddling with their man after the game is nice too. the thing is about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. and you only take it when you need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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and now the stories that will animate and possibly dominate your upcoming weekend. a couple that had sex on a florida beach could face up to 15 years in jail and a spot on the state's sex offender registry. it turns out that some nfl teams are getting paid to salute the troops, and which is a better city? new york or los angeles? today we will resolve the age-old debate once and for all. first, deflategate! the boston harrold reports the nfl could issue a disciplinary
1:30 pm
ruling tonight. less than 24 hours after tom brady tried to brush off the report's conclusion that he probably knew about the under inflated footballs. >> it's on been 30 hours, i haven't had much time to digest it fully. when i do i'll be sure to let you know how i feel about it. >> speaking to msnbc brady's agent condemned the report's conclusion. >> it just was so vague but also had the impact of implicating tom, and i thought that was unfair. >> nfl commissioner roger goodell insisted the nfl will protect the integrity of the game for the reporter who broke the story. that means the suspension for tom brady. >> i think it's cheating. absolutely. two to four game suspension is probably reasonable. if tom brady is not suspended, i think it will be another black eye for the league. >> others who disagreed include
1:31 pm
politicians who just might be seeking the favor of new hampshire voters and patriot fans. >> i think a lot of this is -- i think it's a little bit too much attention on this. i think the media and others love for somebody who is married to a beautiful model, who is richer than you can imagine, and who is a future hall of famer to take couple of shots at him. people like that every once awhile. i think it's way, way over blown. >> joining me now is california managing director bill burton and time magazine columnist joel sign . >> we spend time talking about the place in which he works. hopefully your bosses will be happy. chris christie's contention bill. this is because tom brady is gorgeous and has a gorgeous wife and successful and america's
1:32 pm
hero and we can't stand having someone that per nekt public eye. >> he's never been my hero. he is handsome. >> christie or brady? >> we're talking about brady. >> i was trying to be vague on purpose. >> i think he has to get suspended, if not the nfl looks terrible. it's the integrity of the game. i hope the suspension doesn't so far that on october 18th brady is not playing in indianapolis against the colts. >> you have figured this out. >> i looked. >> this is the problem, joel it's like you can't ask a person in this country what they think should happen without finding exactly where they stand on the new england patriots. >> yeah. >> because this sort of swirl surrounding them. >> how do you feel -- >> i don't. i have a passion about buffalo wings and football affords me an avenue to consume a lot of buffalo wings. it will not affect the consumption of buffalo wings. let's talk about -- here is what i'm saying. i'm saying it now. tom brady has had over 30 hours
1:33 pm
to read the report and hasn't gotten to to it. >> it was 160 pages and he's an athlete. >> it's like maybe the most important report that has come out about his career ever. >> you know chris christie upset me there. ism i feel like he betrayed new jersey and republicans. we hate boston. right. >> chris christie can't hate boston. >> but he does. as a republican as a new jerseyite. he hates boston. if you got rid of boston nobody would hate liberals. >> that's right. that's why i want tom brady suspended. >> again. it comes down to personal preference. you don't like tom brady. you don't like boston. >> if you want to talk about the red sox i would be willing. >> can we not get an impartial voice? apparently not. we'll move on to the next story
1:34 pm
which, also, has something to do with football. along with the waive the seventh inning stretch, of course, in baseball wroi that in there, and the national anthem, the tradition of honoring of those who serve and protect the country is a standard feature of many national sporting events. it turns out for some nfl teams the patriotism is not the sole motivation. a new report finds the national guard has paid nfl teams millions of dollars to honor veterans on the jumbo tron. what was your thought? >> let me get it straight. the nfl doesn't pay taxes. >> they'll start paying taxes. roger goodell makes millions of dollars of year. when the nfl honors the men and women in uniform, they have to pay for it. >> if you're considering them american taxpayers, which they are, the spending on the nfl -- i'm being clear so our audience
1:35 pm
knows what i'm talking about. the nfl is getting paid by the american taxpayer to advertise the national guard. >> i think that's insane. i think the nfl teams ought to be doing it as a matter of court. from a marketing perspective, it would be good that nfl teams were doing out of the goodness out of their hearts. >> i feel like that's it. pate yachl is something we like at the sporting events. we like the concept of it and feel it is pay for play patriot patriotism is -- you know what it going on there, right? >> you think it's a transparency. >> they have to recruit. i understand they need to advertise. >> right. i and i don't think -- >> we don't like hidden advertising in general. there's so much now that who is to blame?
1:36 pm
the the nfl teams goat look good and take money. >> the national guard has paid $5.3 million 11 informalnfl teams. >> how much are the patriots? we don't know bill. we'll move on. an article in the new york times. the new york times suggests a booming and increasingly cozis luring those to the west coast. los angeles is enjoining a renaissance with a art, fashion and food scene that has become irresistible to the culturally attuned. i would assume you are part of that set of culturally attuned. >> i left new york. >> why? my wife and i were in a 475-square foot studio in chelsea.
1:37 pm
we enjoyed that but we live in a bigger house now and it's warmer here and there's food carts and something else here. >> yeah. >> do you think that, i mean, there's always been a back and forth between new york and los angeles. i guess i ask you both. does it feel more final? because of actually, i mean truth be told the median rent in new york city is sky high. it's become an expensive place to live. >> i think that, you know, new york is getting more and more expensive. and l.a. certainly has advantages, you know mexican food, medical marijuana. they have all sorts of -- >> and the two go well together. not that i know from any personal experience -- >> i know that too. i think new york will have the magical thing. the truth is there are so many ideas that are drawing in a lot of creative energetic especially younger folks present
1:38 pm
company excluded. >> right. >> i don't think there's any finality to it. but california is a pretty amazing place. >> it was measured. you were given ever opportunity to be like new york is over. everybody move to california. >> we go back to knickerbocker. >> finally. >> the knickerbocker -- >> the knickerbocker. yeah. this week a florida jury found jose and elisa guilty for having sex on a public beach. a potential maximum prison sentence of 15 years and the addition of their names to the state sex offender registry. somehow, joe, it feels a little bit disproportionate. >> thank god for cable news otherwise i wouldn't know this. >> you will be talking about this. even if we talked about this crazy segment on "now with alex wagner." everybody is like they're getting 15 years for having sex
1:39 pm
under a blanket. >> and they were like fitness instructor. instructor instructors. >> i feel like maybe the three of us now should -- charlie moment where we say we stand with the people. >> in solitarity. >> let's not marginalize the brutal point of "charlie hebdo" but being unjustly prosecuted. i stand with them. i'm not talking about it on national television. that's why you have a show. >> that's why i won't have a show if i go there. there will be no more show. >> this is why -- >> i'm being. >> chris christie is so upset. here is my question does it not -- the jail time is one thing. the sex offender registry seems also incredibly punitive. >> it's insane because there's a reason the sex offender registry exists. right. to protect communities from dangerous people. these people don't seem that dangerous. they don't seem, you know
1:40 pm
particularly like they have particularly high iq. that's a judgment from watching -- >> high iq -- they're making bad decisions. >> even so all the folks should not lumped in with actuallily dangerous people. >> yes. >> it waters down our -- >> unless she was 18 and he was 40. >> yeah. it's legal. >> the best part of the story they say they were dancing under the blankets. dancing under the blankets. >> that's such a great '70s song. >> yeah. you can take them to the weekend and do something with it. no better way to talk about marginal things like sex under a blanket. thank you for your time. coming up next the mayor of baltimore asks the justice department to investigate her own city's police force. loretta lynch responded today.
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how do you avoid eating something someone is trying to get you to try? >> people like to be liked.
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if you have found something sincerely while they're offering you a drink or food if you say that's a beautiful ring you have there, they'll forget about asking you. say yes, i got this last week. people don't care about you. they care about themselves. >> why am i in a kitchen within the former chairman of the house ways and means committee? plus the big announcement from already rateloretta lynch on the baltimore police. all that is ahead on "now." you can call me shallow... but, i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more.
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thousands of people gathered in new york city today for the funeral of nypd officer brian moore who was shot and killed
1:48 pm
nearly one week ago while on duty. acknowledging it was a time of great scrutiny for police. bill bratton ask that the police not be defined by criticism. it was a different story in washington this morning when loretta lynch announced the justice department would investigate whether police in baltimore have engaged in a pattern of civil rights violations. >> despite the progress being made it was clear that recent events including the tragic death of mr. freddie gray had given rise to a serious erosion of public trust. this investigation will begin immediately and focus on allegations that baltimore police department officers used excessive forces including deadly force, conduct unlawful searches seizures, and arrests and engage in discriminate story policing. the the announcement comes one week after charges were filed against police officers in the death of freddie gray.
1:49 pm
investigate rights investigations have been launched into 20 police departments in the past six years. most recently in ferguson, missouri. it typically takes the justice department between 18 and 24 months to conduct the investigations. joining me now is civil rights lawyer former director of the new york civil liberties union norman segal. thank you for joining me norman. to talk about the what loretta lynch's involvement in this. what kind of change can feasibly bring. we know the doj was conducting what is being called a collaborative review of the police department. what kind of weight does this review offer? >> this is a much more and important systemic review. it's a welcomed sign. it's a positive sign. i think the attorney general handled herself professionally today. it gives hope to people in baltimore and throughout america that the justice department is going to take the serious
1:50 pm
allegations seriously. on the other hand i want to caution the folks in baltimore and across america there's no victory yet and we should not get comfortable. continue your peaceful protests. continue the advocacy, because as stated it could take a year and a half to two years before you get the report. the bottom line is, the culture that we're confronting and hopefully overcoming was created for many many decades. it's not going change over night. so keep the advocacy going. do it peacefully. >> norman what about the actual sort of manpower that is dedicated to in? if you look at the stat 20 civil rights investigations into police departments in the past six years. i don't think a lot of people know this. the doj's civil rights division only has 50 lawyers. each investigation on average takes 1900 hours of attorney time. there's a question of just how much time and work they can dedicate to each one of these
1:51 pm
with a staff that size. >> that's a very good point. most think the unit within the department of justice should be beefed up. if we're going to take the issue seriously, and we should, then we need to put the resources in to address the issues. when you talk about the 20 investigations in the last six years, it's more than other times. but from my perspective and the civil rights community, there should have been a lot more than 20. >> norman what about, i mean, to the investigation itself, the baltimore sun said incredible investigative reporting on police brutality cases in the last four years. from 2007 to 2014 more than 100 people in baltimore have won court judgments or settlements related to allegations of brutality or civil rights ss violations. does that number, the fact that baltimore has paid $5.7 million over since 2011 over police brutality lawsuits. do the stats point to systemic
1:52 pm
civil rights violations in your mind? in it could. that's what the investigation will do. that information you articulated to your viewers is an indicator there's a problem. and the question becomes in the investigation how deep is the problem, how systemic is it? how do they treat black people differently than white people and is there excessive force when it's not necessary? the pattern practice investigation that was announced today is significant because it didn't just deal with the death of freddie gray. it goes to the culture of policing in batltimorebaltimore. that's what civil rights are asking for. doj should be commended and president obama should be commended for doing this, especially in the last couple of weeks. baltimore has become the american face for voice
1:53 pm
community relations. we have to treat it seriously. it could lead to a court order changing the practice how the police in baltimore handle the complaints and how they interact with the community. it could wind up the court issuing an order saying there's a receiver over the police department for five or six years. all of that is good over due in my opinion. >> norman segal, thank you so much for your time. it. coming up the former chair of the house ways and means committee has something cooking. is it a recipe for success or stuffed with bad ideas? can have a script have too many puns? that's next. ameriprise asked people a simple question: can you keep your lifestyle in retirement? i don't want to think about the alternative. i don't even know how to answer that. i mean, no one knows how long their money is going to last. i try not to worry but you worry. what happens when your paychecks stop? because
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eating. as part of the initiative last month congressman rangel released the rangel resolution cookbook. an e-book that includes healthy recipes. earlier i joined the congressman and the editor in chief of bonn appetite magazine to seek congressman rangel's kitchen skills in action. ♪ ♪ i'm alex wagner and i'm here with congressman charlie rangel and adam rappaport to talk about "rangel resolutions." i'm charlie rangel and i'm embarrassed. >> charlie rangel travels -- >> it's big news. it's a small thing. it's like a cocktail shaker. >> you don't have a blend ensure. >> yeah. a travel blender. a travel steamer. >> you guys you have to put
1:58 pm
liquid in here. ♪ ♪ >> make some noise and i don't do any shaking. >> cheers! >> i'm going name a person and you tell me some food product that you associate with them. okay. >> nancy pelosi. >> chocolate. >> ted cruz? >> hot peppers. >> all right. >> plenty of hot peppers. >> elizabeth warren? >> broccoli. >> good for you. makes you strong. marco rubio, another senator -- >> whatever it is it has to be water. >> speaker boehner? >> i don't know what he eats other than cigarettes. >> wow. >> so now we are going to make alma rangel's crab cakes.
1:59 pm
♪ ♪ are you a hot sauce kind of a guy? >> you bet! >> why did i know that? >> the key to great crab cracks is great crab. >> is there nothing worse than a lousy crab cake? nothing! >> you go to a few fancy dinners they come around with the bad food. >> this is the magic of television. they're done! >> is there any hour of the day at which you would not eat crab cakes? >> there is not a time not good for crab cakes. >> you have a new cook book out. >> a little thicker. >> are there crab cakes in it? >> adam rappaport, congressman charlie rangel. thank you very much. >> like i said before i want my doggy bag! >> you can find the full rangel resolution e book at rangel
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you can pick up bon appetit's latest cookbook at bonnappetite good evening. welcome to the "the ed show." live from washington, d.c. let's get to work! tonight if we don't break the rules for trade around the world. guess what? china will. >> later -- >> i've known that climate change is a serious threat. >> plus -- >> one of the guys in the locker room tom brady called himself the deflator. what was the other guy's nickname? >> use the rating x's and o's. >> i have no reason to believe he lied. >> we believe it is so important iran not be violent. >> good to have you with us. thank you for watching. it's a signature on the ed show we start every night, every show saying let's get to work. i think there's a lot of obama supporters in in the country