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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  May 8, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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over time what does this mean? >> the way this current plan is laid out, most of the sanctions will be suspended almost immediately, but then they will be ready to snap back should iran cheat. >> okay. joe and laicie great to have you with us tonight. thanks so much. that's "the ed show." "politics nation ""with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed and thanks to you for tuning in. we begin with breaking news tonight. the officers charged in the death of freddie gray have filed a motion to dismiss the charges or at least remove state's attorney marilyn mosby from the case. that motion filed just moments ago. it comes after attorney general loretta lynch announced plans to launch a federal investigation into the baltimore police department. >> today, the department of justice, is opening an investigation into whether the baltimore police department has
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engaged in a pattern or practice of violations of the constitution or federal law. this investigation will begin immediately and will focus on allegations that baltimore police department officers used excessive force, including deadly force, conduct unlawful searches, seizures and arrest and engage in discriminatory policing. >> baltimore's mayor asked for the investigation, and last night the police commissioner says he supports it too. >> i think it's a good thing. we can use the extra weight. lawsuits are down. citizen complaints are down. officer-involved shootings are down but the community doesn't feel it. >> if the justice department finds baltimore police have a pattern of violating residents' rights, the city will either have to agree to make changes or go to court. the investigation will likely take months but attorney general lynch says she's hopeful for progress. >> the challenges that we face
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and that baltimore faces now did not arise in a day and change will not come overnight. it will take time and sustained effort but the people that i met in baltimore, from the protesters to the public officials, to the officers including one who been injured amidst the violence, all were saying to me ultimately the same thing. i love my city and i want to make it better. >> the people of baltimore want things to get better and today's announcement is a good first step. but, again, the breaking news tonight, a motion has been filed on behalf of the six officers charged in freddie gray's death to drop the charges or remove the state's attorney from the case. joining me now is ballotmore city councilman brandon scott and a fellow in law and government at american
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university and previously served as acting assistant attorney general for civil rights. thank you both for being here. >> pleasure. >> thank you. >> i want to get to the justice department investigation in a moment, but councilman, first, what's your reaction to this new motion to remove the state's attorney from the case? >> well i'm not surprised by this at all. we know and have heard rumblings of that throughout the city and you know when you take these kinds of things to trial lawyers will be lawyers. they will try to do anything and everything in their power to get the folks that they represent the best justice as they seek for them so we should expect those kinds of things. it's not up for me to make a determination whether that is valid or not. the courts will determine that out and the facts will bear that out. i know that the state's attorney is of the utmost character and integrity, but we'll see what the judges and court system says. >> councilman state's attorney mosby has -- was asked about conflict of interest and if a
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special prosecutor should try this case here's what she said. >> i can tell you that the people of baltimore city elected me, and there's no accountability with a special prosecutor. i can tell you that from day one we independently investigated. we're not just relying solely upon what we were given from the police department. >> is there conflict councilman? >> well i don't see conflict but, again, that's not up for me to determine. i'm not a lawyer. i didn't go to law school. the facts will be the fact. i know the state's attorney is again a very very ethical woman and has high integrity with herself and carries herself in a very high manner but the lawyers and police think a different way and that's something that they have the right to do. we'll seat facts bear themselves out in the court system and we'll have to deal with it according as the city is ruled on. >> william, there are certainly troubling things we already know about the baltimore police department. since 2011 the city's paid out
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$5.7 million to settle 102 civil suits alleging police brutality. since 2012 five people have died in police custody and in 2012 there were 120,000 police stops in baltimore compared to a population of about 620,000 people. will the justice department be looking at all of that history? >> yes. the justice department will conduct a very broad investigation. as the attorney said when she announced the investigation, they will look at the use of force. they will look at whether or not there have been ununconstitutional stops and searches and seizures and they will look to see whether there's been discriminatory policing, and in doing that they will look at all of the history. they will look at the reports of the police department the data from the police department. they will talk to members of the community. they will talk to people who have been involved in stops and
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arrests, and they will talk to public defenders and they will try to get a complete picture of the way the boston police department operates, so it will be a very very thorough and broad ranging investigation. >> well, what are the challenges that you face in these types of investigations? >> well, one of the challenges is that the police department controls most of the information. so it will be very important to get the cooperation of the baltimore police department and that will mean allowing the department of justice to come in and look at records of arrest so that they can end stops and reconstruct how the department actually operates to determine whether the department is operating within constitutional bounds. >> councilman compared to ferguson, this is a much larger department and, again, 120,000 people stopped by police in baltimore compared to a population of 620,000 people.
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that seems to be a lot of people. what do you hear from your constituents about these stops and other things that are alleged as a pattern in baltimore? >> it depends on where you are in the city. of course -- i, of course know of baltimore where 1120,000 stops are a lot less than it was back in the day when there were zero tolerance and mass arresting blacks that led to a lot of distrust issues in the city. some citizens in the city depending on who you are and where you are in the city look the police are harassing me stopping me for any and everything and then some of my constituents say the opposite, that they don't see the police enough. they don't see the police dealing with the people they want them to deal with in their neighborhood, so i think that we have to look at it from both sides of the spectrum and know that look baltimore, we have issues in our police and in our community but we have to realize the progress that they have made. even the attorney general said in her statement the city has made progress. we've already started that progress. i welcome the doj thing. it's unfortunate for me that we
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couldn't solve our own problems. it took us too long to solve our own problems and having extra eyes and resources can only help make us make baltimore the best baltimore it can be. >> now the councilman is positive of many and most police william, and there are about 18,000 police departments across the country and about 461,000 officers. obviously the vast majority of them don't need to be investigated but there does need to be a larger shift in culture and training. how can the attorney general shake that? >> well this is one of the great challenges for the department of justice. i mean, there are these 18,000 law enforcement agencies across the country, so the department is not going to sue everyone that needs to be sued or investigate everyone that warrants an investigation. so what the department needs to do is to be very creative in leveraging its resources so it does have this stick, the 1414 practice or stick, the threat of
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a lawsuit and has resources it gives out to the cops program and deals on a regular basis with law enforcement agencies so it needs to use the learning of the resources that it hands out and the relationships that it developed to try to get police departments to voluntarily adopt the kinds of practices that have come out of the 14141 experience, and that's the real challenge now, because as the attorney general said we're not going to litigate ourselves out of the situation that we're in. it's going to take a much broader and more creative effort. it's going to take more resources. >> councilman, you talked about those that have distrust for the police. the attorney general loretta lynch, talked about the breakdown between some police departments and communities in this country. i want to play that to you. >> i think that the issue really goes beyond just the interaction between the police and the community because we're talking about generations not only of mistrust but generations of communities that feel very separated from government
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overall, and so you're talking about situations where there's a flashpoint occurrence that coalesces years of frustration and anger. that's what i think you saw in baltimore when there was that unfortunate night of violence. >> you talked about progress since the -- back in the day of the term you used with zero tolerance. how does baltimore move forward from now and make progress going forward? >> well we know that now we cannot go back to being the old baltimore. saying that for the past week and a half and we have to -- everyone is going to be uncomfortable moving forward. we need to make changes to police policy. government officials have to change. policy changes on a local and state level and citizens will also have to change and what i've been saying reverend moving forward, everyone in baltimore, that calls baltimore home and loves the city of baltimore has to do more in order for baltimore to be more. we have great things going on but we connection pound upon
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that. there are things outside the realm of police that we have to change in our city that's wrong as well. we have to get on the same page. many lanes for change needed in our city and we all have to galvanize behind at least one of them. take this energy and make this a catapult for true change and make baltimore the greatest baltimore it can be. >> thank you both for your time tonight. have a great weekend. >> thank you, sir. >> you too thank you. coming up president obama goes to nike headquarters telling democrats to just do it on an issue that divides the party. >> on this one they are like whooping on me. on this issue, on trade, i actually think some of my dearest friends are wrong. >> plus why are some candidates so quick to pander to the conspiracy theory crowd? that rumor about the pentagon taking over texas is making big
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waves in the gop primary. also new reports that tom brady could be punished as soon as tonight for his alleged role in deflategate. big show tonight. stay with us. ng each day with a delicious bowl of heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. how's your cereal? sweet! tastes like winning. how would you know what winning tastes like? dave knows it's also a delicious source of fiber and one more step towards a healthy tomorrow. invest in your heart health, with kellogg's raisin bran no crying today... and try new kellogg's® raisin bran with cranberries. the tart and sweet way to up your breakfast game.
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we're back with breaking news. 17 million americans living in the path of severe and potentially dangerous weather across the plains and southwest with more expected headed into this mother's day weekend. oklahoma has faced the brunt of the severe weather this week with a state of emergency declared after at least a dozen tornadoes touched down across the state. one mother spoke earlier about how her family plans to rebuild. >> you know there's a touching moment and if you'll step over
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here, i want to talk about your son for a second. he's building you a new house. >> yeah. >> i don't know why he's doing it. he just started putting the rubble together and he's building us a new house. >> we hope everyone stays safe this holiday weekend. we'll be right back. i love making sunday dinners. but when my back hurt, cooking all day... forget about it.
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tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve. president obama today jumping right into a political fight that's creating some unlikely friends and unexpected foes. the president at nike headquarters in oregon making the progressive case for his
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proposed trade deal. >> i view smart trade agreements as a vital piece of middle class economics, not a contradiction to middle class economics. it's a part and parcel of it. what this trade agreement would do is open the doors to the higher skilled, higher wage jobs of the future, jobs that we excel at. >> the agreement would involve 12 countries accounting for 40% of the world's economic output. it could have a major impact but first president obama has to get congress on board, and that's where the alliances get strained. in the senate mitch mcconnell actually supports giving the president fast-track approval while harry reid is against it. over in the house, speaker john boehner supports it while nancy pelosi is against it and one of the most prominent progressives elizabeth warren is also at odds with the president on this
3:18 pm
today. he addressed critics on the left head on. >> my fellow travelers on minimum wage and on job training and on clean energy and on every progressive issue they are right there with me and then on this one they are like whooping on me. on this issue, on trade, i actually think some of my dearest friends are wrong. they are just wrong. >> joining me now is e.j. dion from the "washington post." thank you for being here e.j. >> good to be with you, reverend. i hope you don't whoop on me. >> i won't. i'll try not to. it's not often we hear the president telling critics on the left they are flat out wrong. what's your take on this fight? >> well you know this is a lot less mysterious than we've seen. we've seen this same pattern on trade deals for at least a couple of decades. i mean republicans tend to be
3:19 pm
pro-business. democrats are pro-labor. republicans want to tear down barriers to business and trade. democrats worry a lot about making it more difficult to regulate on behalf of the consumer or labor or the environment whereas presidents of both parties tend to look at these things from the point of view of the united states' international standing and foreign policy concerns so whenever a president endorses a free trade deal of any kind he's going to split his own party if he's a democrat exactly the same thing happened with bill clinton on nafta where his best friend was newt gingrich and his opponents were democrats, and he's just going to have to live with this as the trade fight goes forward. >> could a robust debate among democrats, even one that produces real tensions actually be a healthy thing for the party? >> well, i think up to a point it is a healthy thing to debate trade, and i think there are -- you know there's a case for
3:20 pm
this particularly in foreign policy concerns but i think there's legitimate concerns about how trade deals are sometimes use the to undercut regulations, you know giving foreign countries ways of suing to weaken american regulation, and i think forcing the president to say here's what we're going to have in the treaty to prevent the thing you fear is a useful thing, but on the whole one of the reasons why hillary clinton is really not wanting to talk about this is she knows how much this splits her party. you know when president obama ran in 2008 he was critical of nafta and said he would renegotiate it. >> right. >> and so my hunch is he'd be in a similar place to these other democrats under other circumstances. >> but he's made a point that this is not nafta and that they will have several months to review it. many of them are critical of the plan that has not really been seen publicly and they will have time to have review and have
3:21 pm
input and that every other president has gotten fast-tracked. >> you know, it's interesting, at the end of his term president clinton was having trouble with democrats getting trade deals through, and, again, i think the pressure on the president to make sure that there are real environmental and labor protections here is a good thing. i think what's unfortunate is that if you had a more responsive congress you could accompany a trade deal with some real help for american workers, you know including infrastructure building and other protections that might soften the potential blow for the folks who are very skeptical of the deal but under these circumstances with the republicans in control of congress you're not likely to get any of those things. >> 40% of the world's output us at this table, 12 countries, so where do you draw the line with being an isolationist and where
3:22 pm
do you draw the line where you're saying why are we doing to this president in terms of enabling or stopping his -- him from being able to negotiate with fast track because you have the separation of the fast track and then the actual tpp, you have the tpa. why are we changing the rules on president obama? >> i don't think anybody is changing the rules and you know oddly us a point out right at the beginning, republicans who don't want to give president obama power to do anything particularly for example, on immigration and challenge him right down the line actually are for the most part willing to give him -- this authority, and i think in the end he's going to get it and i think the democrats who are speaking out against it are people who said if they were around much president clinton and would say
3:23 pm
the same thing to president bush. i don't think they are picking on president obama. >> are they putting pressure on mrs. clinton to take a position? >> a lot agree with john podesta who said i wish this thing would go away a i don't think he was talking about it as a substantive matter. he was talking about it as a political matter. >> but she's not taking a position. they are not putting pressure on her? >> you know supporters -- people on both sides are going to put pressure on her to stand with them just like they did on bill clinton back in 1992. eventually i suspect she will have to say something, but i don't think obama blames her for avoiding an issue that he would probably avoid if he were in her shoes right now. >> e.j. dion thank you for your time tonight. have a great weekend. >> great to be with you. thank you. >> coming up is deflategate decision on tom brady coming soon? he didn't say much last night, but should he be punished?
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plus some very good news on a friday. stephen colbert surprises an elementary school with an $800,000 donation. the teacher with him for the announcement joins me and president obama has now visited all 50 states. the photos from his road trip ahead. excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch... and making a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu. research and invest from any website. with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere. there's only one egg that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. with more great nutrition. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs.
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[♪] and in the restless depths of human hearts... [♪] the voice of the wild within. president barack obama arriving moments ago in south dakota. he's now visit eded all the 50 states in the country. to mark the event the white house posted one photo from the president's prior visit to each state. there are also photos from iconic landmarks, like nevada's hoover dam and the grand canyon in arizona. should they have let him get that close to the edge? also, check out the president's
3:28 pm
face as he looks over at the vice president during a stop in indiana. priceless. and here's a picture from south carolina. apparently that woman is quite the fan with a jacket like that you just know she was fired up and ready to go. so we'll stay tuned to see what south carolina photo gets posted from today's trip. we'll be right back. [announcer] everyone works hard for a reason. working together,we can help you prepare financially for when two becomes three. wells fargo. together we'll go far. ♪ ♪ ♪ if you can't put a feeling into words, why try?
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we told you earlier this week about the new conspiracy theory that's inspiring paranoia on the right. it's about a pentagon training exercise in the southwest this summer meant to prepare troops for combat overseas. but rumors are flying that in reality president obama is planning to impose martial law. the texas governor was so worried about it that he ordered the state guard to monitor federal troops during their training and then senator ted cruz said he understands the,
3:32 pm
quote, reason for concern, and senator rand paul said he'd look into it. this is amazing. you have presidential candidates saying they are worried that the president is going to impose martial law across the american southwest. a fox news reporter even questioned the defense secretary about it. >> is the u.s. military planning to overtake texas as it's being asserted by certain presidential candidates? >> okay. well i'll take the second one first, no. >> obviously it's not true. the pentagon even sent a colonel to a town hall in texas to try to calm the hysteria. >> all we want to do is make sure that our guys are trained for combat overseas. >> it is a preparation for martial law. >> it is not a preparation for martial law, sir. >> that's what you say. >> another colonel went on
3:33 pm
c-span to talk about a new military facility but people calling into the show seem pretty convinced that the truth was out there. >> it looked like we were getting to fight against our own people here. >> herbie that's not really true. what we're doing is training u.s. soldiers to be able to operate in any contingency around the world. >> what do we have to guarantee us that these training isn't being used to confiscate our guns in case of another economic meltdown? >> this is a very scary and new thing that the military looks like it's going to be taking on that could be again its very own people. >> everything on the internet is not necessarily true. >> those are wise words. of course this is absurd absolutely absurd which is why it's so disturbing and disappointing that elected
3:34 pm
officials, people who want to be commander in chief are pandering to these paranoid theories. joining me now is drew courtney director of communications at people for the american way whose blog right ring watch monitor monitors right wing activity and also joining us is msnbc contributor. thank you both for being here. >> thanks for having me rev. >> when did this crazy idea start bubbling up? >> it's been bubbling up for recent weeks and basically what we see in the far right fever swamps online you know people will take a kernel of truth like the fact that there is a military exercise scheduled to go on and then it will rise up through the right wing ecosystem, and what's fascinate begun this one is that it didn't stay with people wearing tin foil hats in a shack somewhere. it didn't stay with right wing radio hosts on low-powered radio
3:35 pm
stations. have you people like you said like ted cruz and rand paul who are countenancing it and that's what takes it from being a punch line into something that's kind of scary for our representative democracy. when you have the paranoid fringe of the right that has so much power in one of our parties and really that's where it comes to a place where it has an effect on people and we should worry about what our system is producing. >> victoria, you're there in texas. do you feel like you're about to be taken over? >> reverend, i want to assure you we are not under a state of siege or a military takeover. all is calm. all is well. just a little bit of bad weather and that's it. building on what drew said the reason that this went from a tin foil had type of conspiracy theory to a bigger deal was because our own governor governor greg abbott sent a letter to the president to the military, and with most things all politics is local, and the reason governor abbott did this
3:36 pm
is because lieutenant governor dan patrick has really been outflanking him in terms of conservative politics and shoring up conservative support, so governor greg abbott saw, huh, this is my chance to real make a stand with that far right ultra conservative group in my state and throw them some red meat, so i think in understanding why this was elevated look at what has happened under our pink dome here in local politics. it's so odd because we're a very military friendly state. we have over two dozen military installations, over a million and a half veterans here so not only is it ludicrous but it's puzzling. >> you know drew a former texas congressman spoke out against the governor saying quote, your letter pandering to idiots have left me livid. i'm horrified that i have to choose between the possibility that my governor actually believes this stuff or the
3:37 pm
possibility that my governor doesn't have the backbone to stand up to those who do. there are very few republicans in office though who are speaking out against this. are they afraid of their own constituents, drew? >> yeah. i think that's exactly right. i mean it's fascinating because you see republicans and they love to talk about how, you know, they are strong. they won't back down for anyone and yet when they are confronted by their right wing base at this point, they all turn into the shrug y shruggy iwamotocon that we see on twitter. when we get to next team of pand towering paranoia that's not democracy. that's pathology really being inserted into our system and until we can get to the part where responsible republican leaders can stand up to that and reject it and move on to the really important issues that we do face as a country all of us are going to suffer. >> you know victoria
3:38 pm
republican congressman dave brat has a different conspiracy theory on his mind. >> in our country it looks like we have an isis center in texas now that's been reported last week. you can't make up what a terrible problem this is. >> isis has set up a training camp in texas. he claims you can't make this stuff up but they seem to be doing it regardless. victoria? >> so reverend what representative brand said we exinvaded, not only that they are setting up camp and invaded and this isn't wholly new. remember, about a year ago, former governor rick perry had said that there were isis camps in mexico on the other side of the border and they were sending over isis folks into texas, so this has been bubbling up for a while. you know it was sparked recently because of the shooting in garland, texas, where two perhaps isis sympathizers we still don't know exactly the
3:39 pm
whole truth, but this is the reason why we have isis camps here in texas. they are blowing this out of proportion. are there isignificance sympathizers in texas? perhaps. are there others in other states, yes, so we can't conflate this incident in garland, texas and rumors with the fact that we're being invaded. >> talking about the right, drew, a new poll shows iowa gop vote remembers split on how conservative they want their candidates to be. 44% say they are more concerned about picking the most conservative candidate. 45% say they would rather back the person more likely to beat the democratic nominee. isn't that the source of tension, either you cater to the hard core base or you run like you actually want to win because you certainly aren't going to win a general election if you claim the president is trying to take over texas? >> yeah. i think that's exactly right. i think republicans are being really callo when they push these conspiracy theories but i
3:40 pm
don't think they are being stupid or irration. they have seen republican base voters will throw candidates out on their ear if they allow any day liggett to exist between the most extreme fringes of the republican base and their own policies. what we have though is a situation where they pander to the right and sound bonkers to the rest of us. that's the situation republicans are in through 2016 and beyond that. >> thank you both for your time tonight. >> thanks for having us. >> and a happy mother's day to you, victoria. have a great weekend. >> thank you, reverend, thanks. still ahead, did tom brady cheat? how do you prove it if he did? and if he did, should he be punished? new reports of league discipline coming as soon as tonight. also my interview with a teacher who is getting a major boost from stephen colbert. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪
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- this costs you money and runs on gas. this saves you money and runs on calories. save the car for rainy days and long road trips. biking is better for your body and your budget. the more you know. now to the story that everyone has an opinion on. should tom brady be suspended? a source telling the "boston herald" a ruling from the nfl could come today saying quote, there is a feeling this situation could be resolved quickly. brady spoke publicly last night for the first time since the
3:45 pm
report found it was, quote, more probable than not brady knew of deflateded footballs, but he didn't say much. >> it's only been 30 hours so i haven't had much time to digest it fully, but when i do i'll be sure to let you know how i feel about it and there's still a process that's going forthright now, and -- and, you know i'm involved in that process, so whenever it happens, it happens, and i'll certainly want to be very comfortable in how i feel about the statements that i make. >> the report clears patriots ownership and head coach bill belichick. brady's agent called the report unfair and a terrible disappointment, but will he be suspended? and with no real smoking gun should he be suspended? joining me now is former new york giants head coach jim fossil. thank you for being here coach. >> good to be with you, al.
3:46 pm
>> jim, what do you think the nfl will do here? >> well i think -- i think they are really in a quandary here because roger goodell has stepped in and punished people okay, but we live in america, and you've got to be proven guilty. you can't say i think he's guilty, and then punish somebody because the players' association is going to come after them quickly, you know that. i mean, you've got to have hard evidence and based on media reports they don't have it. >> let me push you there. based on what you've heard from the report do you think he should be suspended? >> not from what i've heard because they don't have concrete evidence that he participated in that, and, you know the whole funny thing of this is when they played that game the patriots scored 17 points in the first half and 28 points in the second half when the balls were accurate, so when the balls were deinflated they scored 17 points and when they played with regulation balls they scored 28
3:47 pm
points so whoever come up with that trick, they should never try it again. >> your reaction to his comments or lack of comments last night? >> well again, i think that you know we've all heard of the fifth amendment, and, you know you don't have to say anything to self-indict yourself okay? now that does put a shadow over him, there's no question that that does, but, again every american has that right. >> yeah. >> and so he wants to cooperate as much as he can. the nfl is doing their probe. roger goodell has handed out punishment to players. he's not shying away from that stuff, but i think in this incident all the other punishments that they have had. he's had proof. this one they don't have proof. now, reverend i coached john elway, phil simms, kerry collins and boomer esiason and they all wanted the ball their own way, with the equipment guy. they all wanted it that way.
3:48 pm
all quarterbacks do that. now, that doesn't indict him that he told them to deflate it. it doesn't indict him. they have to find proof that he did it. >> he says he will address the report once he's had time to digest it. what should he say? >> well i think for tom's sake i mean he's got his legend behind him. he's got a hall of fame quarterback. all the games he's played and all the super bowls, it hasn't been because of deploymented footballs, i guarantee you that. but the most honest thing that tom can do is tell everybody thinks what might have happened and protect himself that way, but none of us are going to know if he told somebody to do that. >> jim fassel thank you for your time tonight. >> good to be with you, reverend. >> coming up. why are these south carolina students cheering? it's all thanks to stephen colbert's surprise gift to their
3:49 pm
cool. the teacher by colbert's side joins me next. if you misplaced your discover card you can now use freeze it to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds. and once you find it you can switch it right on again. you're back! freeze it, only from discover. get it at
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it's national teacher appreciation week, a time to thank our heros for their hard work. i believe education is one of the most important civil rights issues we face today, and that's why i love this story out of south carolina. it's all thanks to comedian
3:51 pm
stephen colbert, the native south carolinian made a surprise announcement, an $800,000 donation to south carolina's public schools. the students at an elementary school in greenville watched it on a video conference? >> i am happy to say as a product of the south carolina public school system i'm sure there's a monument there, some sort of plaque that says i went there. using the proceeds of the sale of my old set on "the colbert report" that we auctioned off and with generous matching funds from the mortgage family cycstic fibrosis and scan source donors choose is going to flash fund all 1,000 projects on south carolina's website. >> that's so great. so great. >> the students couldn't have been more excited and neither could one of their teach es.
3:52 pm
damon qualls who was colbert surprised in-person guest with the announcement. he's also my next guest. >> i'm pleased to welcome damon qualls teacher at alexander elementary school in greenville south carolina to "politics nation." thanks for being here tonight. >> thanks for having me reverend sharpton. >> what was your reaction to colbert's surprise? >> i was absolutely shocked? i had no idea. of course i received an invitation to come and take part in the teacher panel discussion that would open that from it. >> what was it like to see your students reaction in video conference? >> oh, my god, unbelievable. they are extremely thankful for donors that we all are at
3:53 pm
alexandria elementally so for the partners and the board members and the workers there for donors to be able to see them and their expression it was a rewarding experience. >> now, i know that's been a busy day of traveling for you. >> yeah. >> but what are you hearing from the community? >> oh, wow, everyone is just elated. the story, of course has been picked up by every major city in south carolina. it's been on every newscast in the newspapers today. everyone is excited, the school the students the community, the entire state. we've definitely needed this and we're going to celebrate. >> i understand your entire school qualifies for free or reduced lunches what. will some of the grants at your school be used for? >> one thing in particular which has been a key is receiving a class ipad mini so her class will have actress so said of the
3:54 pm
art technology that she kin corporate into her lesson. another teacher requested a laptop to refresh her technology and one of my projects that i received funding for was an additional 15 blazers to add to our men who read program for young men in third, fourth and fifth grade. the list goes on and on. we're just overwhelmed at the generosity of mr. colbert and donors too and so many others that made this possible. >> what would you say to stephen colbert tonight? what do you want to say to him? i'm sure he watches "politics nation." >> absolutely. well, would i definitely want to remind him that he's certainly made south carolina very plowed. we're grateful that he decided to not forget where he comes from but to reach back into the community and reach back into a state that desperately needs his support, and we are going to do everything that we can to hold up our end of the bargain and
3:55 pm
continue to teach and motivate our students to make learning a lifelong commitment. >> well it's wonderful to have such a great story on a friday afternoon, and it's wonderful to appreciate teachers like you damon, all over the country. damon qualls thank you for your time tonight. have a happy teacher appreciation week. >> thank you so much for the opportunity. >> and we'll right back with some mothers to remember on this mother's day. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro. kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats®... 8 layers of wheat... and one that's sweet. for the adult and kid in all of us. (supergrass' "alright") plays throughout ♪ kellogg's frosted mini wheats® feed your inner kidult.
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sunday is mother's day celebrating moms all over the world. if your mom is around give her a call or better yet give her a hug and also take a moment to think about those moms for whom this sunday will be very different. like the mother of new york police officer brian moore. this will be her first mother's day without her son. he was laid to rest today nearly a week after being gunned down in the line of duty. thousands turned out for the funeral, honoring a young man killed while trying to serve and
3:58 pm
protect the community. >> brian moore represented the best of new york city. he was brave for sure, but his bravery was matched ber his compassion, and he came by it through his family. he also made sure that every monday his day off, was a time he devoted to his mother. that was a time he kept sacred. >> another woman grieving this mother's day will be freddie gray's mother. gloria darden who this week said she will never be the same. >> talk to me as a mother the pain that you're experience inging. >> got a hole -- i wish it never happened, wish that it never happened and i won't never be the same. i will never be the same.
3:59 pm
>> keep these mothers in your thoughts as you think about your own. i was blessed to have my mother ada a single mom who gave me all she had. late tomorrow i'll be going to alabama to lay a rose on her grave as i spend the evening with kenny glasgow my brother. i call a lot of mothers that i worked with and marched through the years on mother's day long after the headlines. because i know too many their pain was an issue, a cause, but to them it was their son, their daughter. there's nothing more precious than a mother and a mother's love. i know because i was the recipient of one. at one point in my life she was all i had. she left before i grew into other dimensions, but every step i take whether it's high places or low places the high places i know i wouldn't have got there without her. the low prices i try to escape
4:00 pm
because i always want to make her proud. happy mother's day, mom. make sure you do the same for yours. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. have a great weekend. "hardball" starts right now. "w" to call the shots for jeb. the decider is back. let's play "hardball." >> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. ghastly news tonight. if you held hope that jeb bush was not like his brother, that he was not a leader who was take us down another rabbit hole like iraq, give it up. i mean really give it up. jeb just told a group that "w" would be his go-to guy on the middle east, that the man who called himself the decider will