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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  May 11, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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orrow, tuesday, tuesday. >> now, now! >> it's time to go now. "the rundown" is up next and i don't know if that helps or hurts. have a great day, everybody. see you soon. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. breaking news on "the rundown," more violent weather could be in store for nearly 60 million people after a wild and deadly weekend of extreme weather across the country, tornados snow flooding even a tropical system and it's not even officially hurricane season yet. in nashville, arkansas at least two people were killed by a tornado and we're learning this morning that in texas about an hour east of dallas ten people are unaccounted for at this hour in the town of van, two dozen people were hurt several homes destroyed after a suspected tornado touched down. in north texas, some daring rescuers and rescues from flash floods. look at this. the national guard airlifted several people to safety including these two who were pulled from the top of their
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pickup truck. south of dallas we've learned that one person was killed after getting swept away in the flooding and in iowa take a look at this. >> there goes the school. that's the [ bleep ]ing school. >> a tornado in lake city iowa peeled off the roof of a high school like a sardine can. more than 100 people were inside for an awards ceremony but received enough warning to safely take shelters in the basement. and check this out. somewhere over the rainbow. a tornado, look at that a storm chaser shot this combination twister and rainbow in colorado. about one of 40 reports in the plains on saturday. on the east coast, they're dealing with the remnants of tropical storm ana this morning which soaked the carolinas after making landfall yesterday and in south dakota you're kidding me snow? snow! weather warnings are in effect. they've already received several inches of snow.
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>> i think it's crazy, zany splendiferous and wonderful. >> where would you wrather be right now? >> guam hawaii han lulu, anywhere. >> we'll have reports from dylan drier and bill karins but first let's begin with carrie sanders in texas. good morning. >> tornado just hit our town! >> reporter: more than two dozen people were injured and some homes were fully destroyed after a severe storm struck the small town of van in northeast, texas. >> this is something you only see in movies seeing where these homes stoods and they're not there anymore. >> reporter: and there was no letup in lake city iowa, where a huge twister targeted the high school, ripping off the roof of the building. >> there goes the school! >> reporter: inside for a banquet, 125 people hunkered down. remarkably, no one was seriously injured. these weather systems from south dakota to texas creating chaos
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also packed drenching rains. in crumb, texas, just north of dallas, up to four inches of rain in just an hour led to flash floods. >> it was all of a sudden. i mean there was nothing you could do even if you saw it coming. >> reporter: the texas national guard rescued a half dozen residents trapped by the rising waters including five-month-old baby girl presley. >> i was scared but i knew she was going to be okay. >> reporter: 76-year-old may was standing on her bed with the rising waters soaking her feet when a national guardsman came through her window. >> i had no clothes so i'm dressed in hospital garb. >> reporter: because everything's gone? >> everything's gone. >> carey sanders, thank you. let's go to virginia beach, virginia, where they're dealing with the remnants of tropical storm ana. dylan dreier joins us. dylan, this is unusual to see a tropical storm this time of year, isn't it? >> it kind of is jose especially this far north along the atlantic coast.
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this is the earliest tropical system to hit this far north in any hurricane season. the season doesn't even get started until june 1 but we've be in and out of the outer bands of the remnants of ana. right now we're just seeing some mist, but about an hour ago we had heavier downpours. that's the nature of these bands within a tropical system. when they do produce the heavier rain you get these just downpours of tropical-like rain that could lead to some brief urban flooding. the good thing is this whole storm system is continuing to weaken and we will see improvements but we saw up to six inches of rain in myrtle beach when it made landfall at 6:00 a.m. sunday morning. we had about two to four inches of rain across the coast of north carolina, peak wind gusts were up near 50 to 60 miles per hour and now that the storm is wakening and we start to see some improvements weather wise everyone needs to be reminded that the ocean is still very churned up. we've got dangerous rip currents in the forecast for the next several days in and around this area it's going to be about 90 degrees tomorrow.
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so even as the sun tries to come back out, the ocean is going to be very dangerous and that's going to be the main concern as we go into the next couple of days. jose? >> dylan dreyer, thank you so much. now to bill karins who's been very busy tracking the extreme weather including snow in the dakotas. snow? >> it's ridiculous the extreatments across the country. today will be our last big severe weather days. february and march and april it was like time off for me. we didn't have any severe weather. in the last seven days we had 157 recorded tornados in the last two days we had 79 reported tornados so for may we're saudedly above average it only takes one big storm system and we're dealing with the front around the texas area san antonio, the severe thunderstorm watch area good storms to the west producing large hail austin storms to the south of you so overall we're not doing
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too bad at this hour but that's typical. now we'll get the peak heating of the day with this line of storms dying out over northern louisiana, memphis, you lucked out, the storms died off before they got to you. you'll get another round this afternoon. the sun is not setting until late in the day. there's time to build the warmth and destabilize the atmosphere. that's the energy and there's the snow still coming up down there in north dakota. we're almost done with the snow. as far as the severe weather goes today, 57 million people are in the slight risk. the best chance of tornados is closer to the center of the storm up here in areas of michigan, northeast corner of indiana and also state of ohio. we could see some severe storms again with large hail and damaging winds from houston down through san antonio, including jackson and memphis but the biggest threat will be fourth the north. as far as the tornado percentages go this area of brown is the best chance of getting tornados today so again, that includes detroit, fort wayne columbus cincinnati and a little portion of cleveland. they won't be widespread. we'll probably get a couple tornados today, not a bunch.
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and here's the radar. we were watching where dylan dreyer was located in virginia beach and these outer spirals. earlier today it was nasty jose through the outer banks and it hasn't been a banner week end in the carolinas for mom or for all the weekend plans. we're done with that after today, too. things will calm down at least a little bit. >> bill thank you. we'll continue monitoring the severe weather situation across the country and update you throughout "the rundown." turning to mississippi where a memorial will take place at 2:00 p.m. eastern, 1:00 local time for two police officers shot in cold blood during a traffic stop on saturday. they are the 43rd and 44th officers killed in the line of duty this year. four people have been arrested in the incident. court appearances scheduled for later today. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in hattiesburg with more on this. gabe, what can you tell us? >> hoe say good morning. those four suspects are expected to be arraigned this afternoon and this has shaken this small close-knit community.
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overnight in hattiesburg, a candlelight vigil, the city mourning the deaths of 34-year-old benjamin dean once officer of the year, and le carry taint who graduated from the academy a year ago. >> they took away my baby. >> on mother's day, she had this message for her son's killer. >> the hurt is unbearable. but i forgive you. >> reporter: his family says taint wanted to be a police officer since he was four. >> he was a hero. he backed up his partner. >> reporter: police say officer dean stopped the karr for speeding saturday night when tate arrived to back him up shots rang out. both officers were hit and the suspects took off in one of the police cruisers. following a manhunt -- >> curtis, did you do it? is no, sir i didn't do it. >> reporter: police arrested curtis banks and charged him with being an accessory while his brother marvin and joni
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callow way were charged with capital murder. a fourth suspect, cornelius clark, was charged with obstruction of justice. the shooting comes as police around the country are on edge thousands turning out to mourn a fallen nypd officer on friday. according to the national law enforcement memorial fund the number of officers ambushed and killed last year was three times higher than the year before. but hattiesburg's mayor says he does not think dean and tate were targeted? >> i think we had police officers in the wrong place at the wrong time and someone who didn't want to go to jail would rather shoot his way out, that's a sad commentary. >> reporter: these are the first police officers killed in the line of duty in hattiesburg in more than 30 years. that memorial service is planned for this afternoon. jose? >> gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. we're getting started on this edition of "the rundown." coming up, a white principal in georgia under fire today after what some say were racist comments at her school's graduation. today she's defending herself in an interview with nbc news.
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>> i'm not a racist. >> we'll have more of that interview and a live report next. plus dzhokhar tsarnaev's defense team is expecting to rest its case today after trying to convince jurors to spare his life. a live report from boston straight ahead. and we'll talk about the other race for 2016 the money race. just how much influence will this man, sheldon adelson have in a gop primary? that's coming up on "the rundown."
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73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. >> you people are being so rude to not listen to this speech. it was my fault that we missed it in the the program. >> people are walking out. >> look who's leaving, all the
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black people. >> new developments on a story that's got a lot of people talking. georgia principal nancy gordon ignited a controversy when she made those comments on friday. she apologized over the weekend saying the devil came out of her mouth in a moment of frustration but moments ago she spoke to nbc news. let me bring in sara dallof. sara, what did the principal have to say. >> well good morning, jose. she talked about her version of events friday night and the moments leading up to when she made that racially charged remark. here is what she had to say. >> my side is i'm not a racist. i didn't know "black people" was a racist term. i didn't say the "n" word or anything like that because that's not in my vocabulary. what happened was a graduation the valedictorian was introduced to give his speech and a man who just happened to be black came
6:14 am
up in front of us in front of the podium and was going back and forth doing selfies with the kids and interrupting the valedictorian. therefore disrespect to that student. and when i called security in i asked the man to please sit down, he did not. he just continued. i called security and when they came in the audience booed and of course it's going to be young kids because they were getting a kick out of this guy and being disrespectful. and i said you're being rude and disrespectful to this young man and when i looked left the light, as you know lights in the auditorium you look left all i saw were black people getting up and leaving. and i said oh look who's leaving, all the black people. so i made a statement. it wasn't a racist remark. anybody that knows me knows my heart is with these kids. i've been teaching 30 something years. i've had tnt for 15. i apologized to my families and
6:15 am
my kids and their graduation. i'm sorry it ended up like that and i'll continue on with whatever work. the board is getting together to see what we need to do and that's all i have to say. people in know me know the truth. >> well, i mean, you've seen the piece of tape i suspect. >> yeah. >> and there was sort of a dramatic reaction in the room when you made that statement. >> uh-huh. >> how do you respond to that? >> people always think the worst, you know? oh you say the word "black" was i supposed to say african-american? were they all born in africa? no they're americans. and they live here. and -- but just -- i'm not a racist, people that know me i worked with disadvantaged kids like this that couldn't get through school. we help them get a high school diploma. and we've been doing it for 15
6:16 am
years. and our hearts in it were not against anyone and i've never disrespected anyone. i. >> so there is is principal nancy gore-duke's response and apology in regards to those remarks on friday. i spoke to one woman whose entire family walked out after hearing her make the remark. the aunt tells me that her behavior was odd throughout the entire ceremony. she said the whole thing has been tainted by what happened. it took the attention off the graduates and tear accomplishments and put it on her behavior and her choice of remarks. this aunt would like to see the principal reach out to the students and their families out of the spotlight of the media and make a private sincere apology. she said that would go a long way to making amends. meanwhile, gore-duke who is in the school here behind me says she may consider taking a leave
6:17 am
of absent or getting an interim principal but she says tnt academy, jose will go on. back to you. >> after the break, we'll zoom through some of today's other top stories, including a trip cut short for former president jimmy carter. and is today the nfl comes down on patriots yarderback tom brady for his roll in deflategate? that's today on "the rundown." ♪ if you're looking for a car that drives you... ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands... ...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti.
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6:21 am
as you point out, the nun, helen prejean, has been a crusader against the death penalty. she even wrote a book about it that was turned into a movie called "dead man walking." she came into this courthouse this morning. the expectation is she may well testify for the defense as it tries to convince this jury to spare tsarnaev's life. there will have been more than 40 witnesses and all of them trying to present this young man as someone who was persuaded by his older brother who was seen as a more dominating figure, who was seen as a father figure to him and who led him into this deadly act of the bombing that took place two years ago. what would happen still unknown but this trial, as you know started back on march 4. he was found guilty on april 8 and the jury that found him guilty is now the same jury that is hearing the arguments and the testimony in an effort to save his life.
6:22 am
it would take all of the jurors to agree to sentence him to death and it would take just one holdout that would avoid him being sent to the -- being given the death penalty. so this as you can imagine, this defensive team is working, trying to make certain that this jury sees this young man as someone who might be contrite and remorseful for what he has done. they found him guilty for, and we've yet to determine or will hear before too long what this jury will decide as the case may wrap up this week. jose? >> rehema thank you. inform the next hour we'll take a closer look at what life might be like for dzhokhar tsarnaev if his fate is life in prison and not the death penalty. president carter's health, healing in baltimore, and will brady be suspended? let's zoom through other top stories. today's elections in guyana south america, will go on without former president jimmy carter as an observer. he had to cut his visit short after not feeling well. he returned to atlanta last
6:23 am
night. no word on his condition this morning. before leaving, president carter did meet with some of guiana's current leaders, the carter center has observed 99 elections in 38 countries. in baltimore, legendary pop artist prince headline adderally for peace last night. raising money for charity organizations in the city. the concert attendees were told to wear gray to honor freddie gray who died while in police custody prompting the city's eruption into weeks of protests. prince released a song entitled "baltimore" in protest of freddie gray's death. we could learn the fate of patriot quarterback tom brady as early as today. several reports indicate commissioner roger goodell is set to suspend brady some time this week. although an nfl spokesman has dismissed the claims, investigators concluded last week that it was more probable than not that brady was generally aware of what was happening. still, brady denies any part in the deflating of game footballs. and at the vatican, cuban leader raoul castro met with
6:24 am
pope francis for nearly an hour. castro thanked the pontiff for helping to broker diplomatic relations between his country and the united states. the two spoke spanish during their meeting. castro promised the catholic leader a warm welcome when he visits in september. still ahead, we'll turn back to the breaking news overnight. a series of tornados hit several states and the threat isn't over today. crews are still looking for 10 people missing in a small texas town. we'll have the latest on the search next. and saudi snub? the king says he's skipping a key summit this week with president obama. we'll get a live report from the white house coming up here on "the rundown." so was the 100% electric e-golf. and the 45 highway mpg tdi clean diesel. and last but not least the high performance gti. looks like we're gonna need a bigger podium. the volkswagen golf family.
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6:27 am
some two dozen people are hurt and it wasn't just twisters. flash flooding is being blamed for at least one death south of dallas. the national guard called in to airlift people to safety. we'll follow this latest weather development and update you with new information. developing now in washington, a high-profile snub from the king of saudi arabia. he is skipping this week's gulf summit with president obama in washington. to be fair, he's not the only one. four of the six leaders invited are opting out. but the saudi king is a key ally in the region and while the white house is down playing his decision, some see it as a sign over broader arab frustration over washington's pursuit of an iran nuclear deal. chris jansing is nbc's senior white house correspondent. she's with me this morning. chris, good morning, what happened? >> reporter: let's talk about the timeline. there was a very quick about face jose. on friday white house officials were talking about the king coming to camp david and then on friday night white house
6:28 am
officials tell me they were officially informed that he was not going to come and, in fact it was going to be the crown prince and deputy crown prince clearly an about-face. and then some details were worked out about it on saturday now. officially what both the white house and the saudis are saying is this is not a snub. that what it's about is that the king wants to be back in saudi arabia because it's going to be in the muddle of a five-day cease-fire in yemen where they're going to be getting humanitarian supplies in. but, look this summit on thursday was billed as the leaders summit now many of those leaders are not coming. so whether perceptions but or reality, perceptions but is that this is really a symbol of the tensions that exist there. >> this isn't just anyone. when it comes to yemen, syria, egypt, saudi arabia is central to all of this. >> they are, obviously saudi arabia has been leading the coalition, conducting air strikes again the houthis there. they've been very vocal about their concern about growing iranian influence in the region
6:29 am
and, of course, their main concern about what's going on with these nuclear negotiations involving iran, the united states and five other world wowers is that if sanctions are eased it gives more money to iran and allows them to even further grow their influence in that region jose. >> chris jansing at the white house, thank you so much. i want to bring in former ambassador markc ginsberg. good morning ambassador. >> good morning, jose. >> the saudis may be upset but skipping the summit seems dramatic. >> guess who's not coming to dinner at camp david? that is a snub no matter how you characterize it, jose. and the fact of the matter is this goes back to much more fundamental issues. there's a perceptions but within the kingdom with a new king and with a new foreign minister who's the former ambassador here that the united states is turning the keys of the kingdom literally over to iran. iran has seized vessels in the straits of hormuz.
6:30 am
it's escalated support for hamas. it's providing more support for the iraqi regime. the saudis and its allies feel encircled by a u.s. foreign policy that feels more or less is abandoning them. >> the saudis are then stepping into this void they feel exists. is this a positive development in the middle east? >> it depends because in the end, for example, in its fight with the houthi rebels in yemen, the united states is the ultimate loser here because we've lost our major base of operations against al qaeda and even though we've provided by intelligence support to the audi air force. the saudis are having a hell of a time being able to beat the houthi remembers and the saudis feel this iran nukeclear negotiation is going to provide an enormous amount of money for iran to play mischief in the middle east against the saudis. >> i want to play for you part of what homeland security
6:31 am
committee chairman ron johnson talked about over how hard it is to track potential terrorists in the u.s. -- jeh johnson, i should say. >> we are very definitely in a new phase in the global terrorist threat where the so-called lone wolf could strike at any moment. it is a new environment but we are not discouraging americans from doing the things they do on a daily basis. >> is this the new normal now? >> unfortunately, until we destroy more isis territory, until we stop turkey from facilitating or continuing to condone the mutual of lone jihadis across its porter. until we're able to get the islamic community in the united states to help identify who is playing around with becoming a 24 overnight islamic convert in order to get a pass fort go to isis we have to keep pulling this back and understanding that the secretary is right.
6:32 am
yes, we are in a new environment because we know that there are lone wolves out there. >> ambassador marc ginsberg, thank you for being with me. >> good to be with you, jose. now for the race to the white house, let's talk money on this monday. whoever winds up winning the 2016 election will spend a historic amount of cash getting to the white house and that large amount of money is coming from a small group of super wealthy people. joining me now is nick confessori from the "new york times." nick, tell me about sheldon adelson. >> well, he's more secretive this time but he's saying he would spend that much in a heart beat. >> hundred million dollars? >> yeah. >> he spent newt gingrich alive the last months he was in the campaign. >> he single-handedly reshaped the primary last time. what's different now is that there are going to be five or six sheldon adelsons behind five or six candidates each of them
6:33 am
with that same $10 million to $30 million that gingrich had as a challenger to mitt romney. >> is it going to be that bloody hard and long as last time? >> it means it's going to be long. the and can diets have learned they can outsource the big costs of a campaign -- research tv to these super pacs and that allows them to stay in the game for longer if they have a couple of huge donors who line up behind them. >> jeb bush said he had a record fund-raising haul he's been coordinating with a super pac because he's not officially a candidate. that means what? >> it means he can race money himself for the super pac. the key thing about super pacs, the reason they have these special rules of unlimited money, corporate money is that they are not part of the campaign or of the candidate. they have to be separate but if you aren't a candidate, those rules don't apply. you can march into that super pac, into their fund-raiser, ask for the money yourself. >> bernie sanders says he won't
6:34 am
take money from a super pac. hillary clinton is holding fund-raisers in new york this week. there's a difference there. >> well hillary clinton has actually said she will take help from a super pac. she's going to raise money to the extend she can she'll appear at donor events for the democratic super pac. bernie sanders, i'm not sure there's a super pac that would support him in the first place. >> but out of principal he says he's doing it. and you have to believe him. >> it is on principle. >> senator sanders says he can beat hillary clinton. is that a possibility? what are the roots he's looking at in order to beat clinton? >> obviously he believes a set of issues on the left that he can push her over to and she f she won't move over he can dive in. i'm not seeing yet the big signal issue on which a challenger to clinton could hang a campaign. ? 2008 it was the iraq war and if it wasn't for her vote on the iraq war i'm sure there would not be a president obama.
6:35 am
i'm not sure what it is for bernie sanders. i've seen smaller issues but not one huge where where he can outflank hillary clinton. >> on the clinton side you have the 800 pound elephant bill clinton. he says he's got to pay the bills. is that going to be an issue? >> i just feel like the clinton foundation for all the good it does is going to be an endless source of headaches because of the money they rised from overseas governments and big corporations that are seeking infloouns in american politics and no doubt seeking influence with a potential future president. and every time they take one of these big checks you have to wonder how it impacts the policy decision making of her and her campaign. >> these are big checks at times, right? >> millions and millions of dollars from people and governments, governments that cannot give any money at all the conventional way in politics. they are banned from giving money to campaigns or super pacs. but they can plow a ton of money into that family philanthropy if they want to. >> nikon 'fess orck confessore good
6:36 am
to see you. big fan. this just coming out of western pennsylvania, reports of an active shooter. this is going on right now, we have live pictures from above in bell vernon. there are injuries reported. our nbc affiliate in pittsburgh reports a man wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt shot one person behind the counter of an autobody shop and may have shot another person. police are searching for that man right now. emergency crews are on the scene at the tricounty plaza. these are live shots. this is what's going on right now. active shooting investigation at a shopping center. we'll teach you posted. up next, a victory for dreamers in arizona. it involves their college tuition. i'll explain that. but first it may have been mother's day but check out this dad at the phillies/mets game yesterday. here's the ball. look at that catch. foul ball hit into the stands in the fourth inning and dad of the year makes a bare-handed catch with his young son strapped to his chest. look at that again. slow motion it. look at that.
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now to a big win for dreamers in arizona. the state's board of regents deciding it will grant instate tuition to students who qualified under the 2012 daca program. the decision will extend to lower tuition costs at the state's three public universities. it comes after a superior court judge ruling that community college students with work visas under daca are eligible for the in-state tuition. joining me from phoenix to talk about this news and more, the co-director of dream action coalition, erica angiola. how significant is this decision from the state board of regents? >> this is huge. we have now an opportunity for dreamers to be able to go back
6:41 am
to school and not have to pay about $25,000. instead dreamers will be able to pay about $10,000 per year. it's a huge change. and i think for me and many other dreamers that want to go back to school it will be easier to make that happen. >> reporter: how do dreamers look at this from the arizona judge on tuition and then see the president's executive orders still up in the courts? >> i mean you know i think for right now the national battle is a little bit tough. it's really tough. but i think for a lot of us, focusing back on the state level, figuring out how we can make life easier for our communities at the local level f, i think one of the options, there's an amazing thing here in arizona, it will allow us to make it easier for dreamers to go back to school but the also hopefully send a message at the national level that you know we can continue to win and now states like nebraska, right, don't even have driver's licenses for dreamers. i'm hoping this will help the
6:42 am
lawsuit there and also allow dreamers to get driver's licenses and having in-state tuition as well. >> let me ask you about hillary clinton and her position on dreamers and daca and dapa. you've confronted her face to face in the past. what do you think -- do you think what she said is making a difference? making a change maybe? >>'py mean i think it's a good step for us. we really wanted her to say, you know a little bit more than just the same old talking points that she supports comprehensive immigration reform. because they all say that and it's the same thing president obama would say over and over and the deportations end up happening so we wanted her to go a little bit broader and talk about executive action and she did -- >> but she did say she would go further than president obama even in daca and dapa even though the president said he's gone as far as he can legally go. >> she definitely did. it's a huge step it's great. we have more than a year to the
6:43 am
presidential elections and we're going to continue to see where she's going to stand from here until now. a lot of things can happen and we're going to continue to keep an eye on all the presidential candidates, making sure that they have not only the right rhetoric but also they're going to be follow up and not fall back into that deportation machine just like the president did. so you know we are there to hold people accountable. >> what about the republican side? it doesn't seem like anybody on the republican side has been very clear on how they see immigration reform what that would and wouldn't include. >> exactly. they haven't been really clear and i think for us it's just making sure that they know from the gop side that they have to get away from people like steve king people in have this extreme rhetoric and i don't think they have really made an effort yet to say that out there to our community. the reality is our community is looking for the republican party to go the other way and to have the right message for our own communities and they haven't. so i'm hoping that jeb bush
6:44 am
rubio, whoever it is i don't think cruz is going to do it but at least bush can actually come out and say he's not going to follow steve king and go the opposite way. and we're looking forward or the that. >> well, let's see what happens on that from. erika andiola, thank you for being with me. >> thank you, jose. after a quick break, we'll talk about the ever-changing electorate, in particular the growing number of asian-american voters. we'll be right back with that. ford is taking the ecoboost challenge all across america. ford has really stepped up! check out fusion and find out why ford is the brand more people buy, and buy again.
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now to a new report highlighting the growing power of asian americans in the voting booth. by the year 2040 the number of asian-american voters will more than double and the overall asian-american population is expected to jump from 20.5 million to 35.7 million. that's according to a study by the ucla center for the study of inequality and the asian-pacific american institute for congressional studies. joining me now are the authors, paul jung and elena jung.
6:47 am
what's your reaction to these numbers? >> i think it marks a fundamental change in politics for asian americans. part of it is just the it is number part of it is the changing demographic contour. i think what we're going to see emerging is a growing u.s.-born electorate among asian americans. much of the politics in the near future will be about the immigrant population but over the next quarter century, we'll see emerging concerns that center around u.s.-born asian americans. >> you report also underscore the population make up near 10% of the population by 2040. why is this statistic so important? >> double digits. bottom line is people you know, 25 years ago, 50 years ago, we were less than 1% of the population. now that we will be double digits, people will pay
6:48 am
attention and we'll basically be able to move some of the election numbers. we're about 3% of the vote last time, we were expected to be about 4% of the vote in 2016 and by then 7% of the vote. >> when you're talking about 4% how many voters is that? >> that's -- i would say around 3, 4 million. >> close race 3 or 4 million votes have the possibility of well choosing the next president or in different races throughout the country. this was obviously something that's going to have a big impact on voting. the report indicates the jump in the number of asian voters as you were saying 4% then 7%. we should also note that the turnout among voters was 79% in 2012. how do you think candidates will respond to these numbers in the future? >> i think certainly, if candidates address the concerns and priorities of asian americans, they will turn out
6:49 am
and they will vote for that candidate. so part of it is really trying to understand what are the issues that asian americans care about. many of the issues are the same issues most americans care about. they care about the economy, they care about the quality of life, but there are also unique concerns for this population. is this a population that's predominantly still immigrant, it is a population whose children are entering into higher education, so there's a concern about the quality of education. so i think there are issues that overlap with the general public but i think there are also issues that are specific in particular to this population that need to be addressed. >> yeah just the number i mean, 79% voter turnout when you're talking about millions of people going to the polls, that's extraordinary. paul and elena, thank you both for being with me so appreciate it. joining me now, democratic california congressman mike honda. congressman, good to see you. >> good to be here jose.
6:50 am
thank you very much. >> we just spoke about a study on the growth of the asian american population that's going to double by 2040. how does this growth affect your constituency? >> i think it's going to affect my constituency quite a bit, not only in my district, but nationwide. when you look at a population that was voting at about 31% in 1998 and then this past election up to about almost 70%, and the future, like you said 79%, we have to look at the number of asian americans democratics, as far as i'm concerned, as you know and we find that there's a couple of things that are impacting our population. one is the idea of how people are being treated by the comprehensive immigration reform, many asian americans have felt very personal about the outcome. it did not happen the democrats were showing that they cared about it, and so these kinds of
6:51 am
actions by congress influences the way asian americans are going to go towards. >> and as a population, they are not really tied to any one political party, which is interesting, and the growth is so important and the turnout. just almost 80% turnout, that's extraordinary. >> but the trend, jose is very very heavy democratic. we said that it's going to be about 78% in 2040. this past election it was 60% of the voting asian americans were democrats and about 28%, 38% were republicans, so it's growing from 31% in 1998 to 61%, so the trend is growing. a couple of things we have to look at though with our asian american population. since we are about 4% currently, 4% could be a marginal population of people overlooked but many elections have been won by 1% to 3%. >> that's right. that's right. >> that becomes a marginalized population that becomes a margin
6:52 am
of victory, so we have to look at it a different way and also desegregate our population, not only asian american that's a political term for leverage but if you break it out and segregate us we have to have different kinds of political strategies to address them language understanding their income levels and education levels. these are all important. >> congressman, briefly, you introduced resolutions earlier this month with your colleague hirono of hawaii marking the anniversary of thousands of people coming to the united states. what response are you getting from your colleagues? >> well, i think we had a lot of response and co-sponsors and when more people found out about it they wanted to line up and support the new emerging population. that's why the supreme court decision was very very dissatisfying for me because they eliminated the idea that emerging populations such as ours could be impacted could be protected by the civil rights act of '64.
6:53 am
so you know we were disappointed in that decision but the way it's trending towards democratic votes and the kinds of things that we're doing in congress it's going to help the democratic party, especially hillary. back in 2000 -- back in the last election, asian americans were very loyal to the democrats and especially towards the clintons. >> congressman, thank you for being with me. i have to tell you the southeast asian population coming to the united states 40 years ago had such a dramatic and positive impact on the culture, economy, thank you for being with me. by the way, attending the first ever white house -- more about that event coming up on "the rundown" this week. thank you, congressman for being with me. coming up on "the rundown," we continue to follow breaking developments from western pennsylvania where someone opened fire at a shopping center. police are looking for the shooter. the latest on that. plus a desperate search for
6:54 am
ten missing people after a tornado hit the small town of van, texas, part of the system that hit the lone star state, as well as arkansas and iowa much more on the clean up on "the rundown". i'm meteorologist bill karins. tornados continued to ravage over the weekend. these pictures coming to from youize, 26 tornados in the last 24 hours alone. today a chance for tornados southern michigan, northern ohio. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer!
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we start this out with breaking news out of western pennsylvania. we're getting reports of an active shooter at a plaza in bell vernon in rostraver township. our affiliate in pittsburgh reports a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt shot one person behind the counter of an auto body shop. police are still searching the area for the man. there you see the live pictures from the helicopter there, this is occurring at the tricounty plaza. we are monitoring this and will keep you posted. we begin with other breaking news. and this time we're talking about the weather, extreme weather. more than 40 million people could be in for a violent round
6:58 am
of hail damaging winds, and tornados. this follows a wild weekend across the country of tornados flash floods, tropical storm, even snow, if you can believe that. take a look at the bottom left of your screen there. but east of dallas ten people are missing, dozens hurt after a suspected tornado touched down last night. also in texas, flash flooding being blamed for the death of one man swept away by fast moving waters. the national guard was called in to rescue people from their cars and homes. and in iowa -- >> there goes the school. that's not casey's, that's the [ bleep ] school. >> a tornado in lake city stripped off the roof of a high school. more than 100 people were inside for an awards ceremony but received enough warning to safely take shelter in the basement. in nashville, arkansas tornados being blamed for the deaths of two people there. let's go now to van, texas, where the weather channel has been checking out the damage. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose good morning to you at home.
6:59 am
we arrived in the home of van, texas, just before 6:00 local time. it's right around 7:30. first we heard reports of tree damage and structural damage and we got here and we noticed this homes completely leveled. these are steps leading to nowhere. this is -- we met the home owner, his name is nathan he's standing over to my right there, thankfully, he was able to walk away from this storm. thankfully, no one was killed in this storm, but we know 26 people were injured at least, by the count of county emergency officials and ten people are still unaccounted for. nathan tells me that he actually used that sleeper sofa straight ahead that you see to take cover and huddle in during the storms which came in from the southwest. this you're looking towards the southwest and rolled on through the northeast. we have a lot of snapped power lines, we can smell gas in the air, so we have possibly ruptured gas lines, we have utility workers trying to restore power, trying to restore
7:00 am
internet service, there's no school, and we know that search and rescue teams are out with canines trying to find people possibly trapped. aside from the fact this is impacted people, we're also seeing a lot of animals on the loose. this little guy has been roaming around our location for about ten minutes now. and we do notice the city marshal, once they notice them they'll bring them in to a shelter, but the red cross has also put up a shelter down the street at the first baptist church and we'll continue to bring you the latest updates. for now, back to you. >> thank you. now to nbc meteorologist bill karins tracking all this severe weather. good morning. >> she was standing there in front of this guy's house that 12 hours ago was a normal house and he was inside. first, the guy is lucky to be alive, how that sofa saved him, i'll never know. then usually if something goes wrong, you go home. he's standing out in the road looking at his destroyed house. that's just a horrible scene and that plays out every severe
7:01 am
weather season. it's their way of life you know the way some people live down in south florida or somewhere else that gets hit by bad storms every now and then. let me give you the update. located in norman oklahoma they give us these updates. 57 million people in the risk, they've lowered that down to 43 million. that's this yellow category. as far as the severe weather goes, they are expecting mostly mississippi, louisiana texas, that's large hail and damaging winds, then this other yellow area, more twisting of the air as you go up in height and we're looking at for the most part the chance of isolated tornados. not wide spread but as we saw last night, only takes one. everywhere from cincinnati louisville, fort wayne, saginaw, toledo columbus ohio all have a chance of strong storms. not everybody will but one or two possibly tornados during the day today.
7:02 am
as far as the severe weather goes right now, still looks like these storms in texas are the strongest. again, large hail is being reported with the worst of these, but san antonio, those storms to the west are dying out. that's good. a lot of lightning and storms north of houston, too, jose. less threat than say an hour ago, but the same tornado threat at ohio michigan and indiana. >> thank you very much. turning now for the race to the white house where jeb bush is sounding a lot like well a presidential candidate. the former florida governor gave the commencement address at liberty university over the weekend and in an interview with fox news he's opening up by the invasion of iraq ordered by his brother. >> knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion? >> i would have and so would have hillary clinton just to remind everybody, and so would have almost everybody that was confronted with the intelligence they got. >> you don't think it was a mistake? >> in retrospect the intelligence everybody saw, the world saw, not just the united states, was faulty. and in retrospect once we --
7:03 am
once we invaded and took out saddam hussein, we didn't focus on security first, and the iraqis in this incredibly insecure environment turned on the united states military because there was no security for themselves and their families. >> joining me now, msnbc senior political editor mark murray. mark, let's start with you. not just jeb, the whole gop presidential field remains focused on foreign policy. >> there's a lot of reasons why, jose, that the republican field is focused on foreign policy. we saw that play out at a south carolina cattle call this past weekend, and one is that the economy is doing better it's not super, but the economy has been improving, and so you're not hearing the attacks on president obama so much focused on the economy like they were in 2011-2012, they are more foreign policy focused. also if you want a dig in at hillary clinton's tenure of secretary of state, foreign
7:04 am
policy is a way. so that's the big reason why this is one of the central themes that you're hearing from republicans, more so than the economy four years ago. >> interesting, mark because you heard jeb bush mention hillary clinton there, he said she probably would have voted to invade iraq although in hindsight she's clearly different in what she would have done than what jeb bush is saying he would have done in hindsight. >> that's right. she did say during her 2008 presidential campaign that the iraq war in her vote to authorize it was a mistake, but that clip you ended up playing with jeb bush saying he would have followed the same course as his brother just kind of shows you how hard it is for him to separate from his brother's shadow. he said he's going to be his own man, own candidate, but issue after issue, whether on foreign policy, whether on domestic affairs, getting out of his brother's shadow has been a challenge for him. >> interesting he did say what happened post-invasion was clearly a mistake. didn't say it in those words, but implied that very clearly.
7:05 am
>> that's what he said before in his foreign policy address in february, where when mistakes were made it was about how it was applied, there should have been better security to kind of create the rise of the insurgency that you ended up seeing in 2004 and 2005. but, jose it's worth noting our nbc/wall street journal poll back in october found 66% of americans say they didn't think the iraq war was worth it. that's one of the things jeb bush would have to contend with. >> alex hillary clinton is going to be fundraising this week. what has the campaign learned over the past couple of weeks about managing what's been a pretty bad week of negative headlines for her? >> yeah certainly, jose. they started out in her first public remarks on "clinton cash," that book in new hampshire, dismissing it saying it was a distraction, but not going after it. behind the scenes they were setting up a war room and lately become much more aggressive in responding to it. they have an effort called the
7:06 am
briefing, put up youtube videos twitter posts, outside group has a 47-page research document going after it trying to undermine the credibility of those documents and also rolling out big initiatives like her immigration plan last week on the same day "clinton cash" came out, giving the media something else to talk about. i think there's a lot of relief in clinton land as to recent polls last week showing her favorability remained largely unchanged, maybe some damage but nothing too bad. this is a place the clintons have been in for a long time war room mentality, fighting back against attacks and new books. i think they are going to keep grinding it out and hope she maintains as strong as she has been. >> alex there's the whole bill clinton issue, right? i was talking to nick about this last hour the fact is he's still out there and he was in morocco recently wrapping up part of his world tour. >> right. so bill clinton telling the washington post, aides telling the washington post will he not campaign for hillary clinton any time in 2015. this is, you know if you talk
7:07 am
to any campaign managing the spouse of a candidate is difficult, but especially true when the spouse is a former president who has his own ideas, has a huge platform of his own, so they want to keep the focus on hillary clinton right now, not have him overshadow her, and he's a bit of a loose cannon, he could say things and it's difficult for anyone to rein him in. i think he's going to take a more back stage role but we won't see him out in the public until we get closer to the general election. >> alex and mark thank you both for being with me this morning. we also have developing news out of iraq. more than two dozen iraqi prison officers have been taken into custody for questioning after isis spearheaded a prison break that left dozens dead. it happened in the eastern diala province, first described as a prison riot isis claims it collaborated with prisoners to help free at least 30 prisoners. a senior analysis joins me this morning, what a pleasure to see
7:08 am
you in person. >> good morning. >> so what happened? >> essentially what isis did, they coordinated with a number of prisoners inside. a number of them had been their fighters. they were caught later, imprisoned. coordinated with the prisoners using at least 15 improvised explosive devices. >> different kinds. >> different kinds smuggled inside and the prisoners were able to use these ieds to get out of their cells and essentially take over the arms depot inside the prison taking over the arms depot, shooting at least two dozen officers before they eventually escaped. of course, we don't know if it's 30 or more but this is not the first time isis launches this prison break. >> do we know who was in that prison? i know isis-related but what kind of people were freed? >> there's no doubt there has been some pretty you know sensitive operatives that have operated with isis, but we don't have names yet. >> how does something like this happen? thinking to smuggle in 15
7:09 am
different types of ieds is not something that's very easy so yet they were able to do this and this isn't really the first time. >> indeed. there is no doubt that isis has been sophisticated. they have a very systemic agenda, so they must have coordinated some guards maybe paid them off, but we don't know the strategy they followed but we know isis has been capable of doing this and has done this before. they freed hundreds of prisoners in great britain two years ago and after taking over mosul, they freed over 100 of them. so we know they've done this before. >> laith, pretty busy weekend for isis as far as social media is concerned. >> indeed. they've launched a number of suicide attacks, and a couple of days earlier they launched at least four different suicide attacks in southwestern beiji, where the oil refinery is located and that's where the clashes had been concentrated. >> laith, always good to see
7:10 am
you. thank you very much. coming up a look at america's most secure prison home to dozens of terrorists and where boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev may be spending the rest of his life if he escapes the death penalty. and a principal under fire for a racially charged comment at a graduation ceremony speaks out about the incident. >> i'm not a racist. i didn't know black people was a racist term. i didn't say the "n" word or anything like that because that's not in my vocabulary. hello! this little beauty here is top-of-the-line. see, you just pull like this to go left. and like so to go right. where are the brakes? uh, just grab ahold of both and pull straight back. and the "whoa!" is optional. you wouldn't buy a motorcycle without handlebars. no thanks. and you shouldn't ride a motorcycle without geico insurance. roadside assistance, 24 hour service, great rates. geico motorcycle. see how much you could save.
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7:13 am
developing against the fight against the drug cartels in mexico, the latest target mexico's military. the new generation cartel took the fight to the next level, shooting down a military helicopter with a rocket-propelled grenade, killing people, six of them last week. look at that as the country cracks down on drug lords, the cartel emerged as a new force and a violent one. my friend and colleague, news anchor at telemundo los angeles joins me this morning. julio, good to see you. >> good morning, jose good to see you. >> you destroy one group in mexico another rises to powerful. how powerful is this new cartel? >> it is a very powerful criminal group jose, very well organized, very dangerous. authorities were really surprised to see the violence these groups are capable of after they had an encounter on may 1st in guadalajara, one of
7:14 am
the main cities in the country, the whole country. the federal authority sies were taken an operation to try and capture the leader of this group and the criminal group responded really quickly. they blocked some main avenues in guadalajara, they sent buses to fire and they managed to bring down military helicopter with 16 soldiers onboard. six died. and this is very sophisticated technology. >> this is an unusual step right? normally the cartels, first, they fight amongst themselves then when they confront the military, they do so in a pretty conventional warfare kind of way, but this is an rpg blowing a helicopter out of the sky. this is a new level in mexico. >> that's right. it hasn't been seen before and authorities are really surprised and worried, so they responded with a massive operation, sending thousands of soldiers to guadalajara and a dozen cities which is where the criminal group is based and they've been
7:15 am
sending more federal police officers to protect the streets to patrol the area because, yes, authorities were surprised and are worried with this technology and sophisticated skills that the criminals are using. >> julio, how did this group get this much power, this much money? >> well president calderon started this strategy in 2006 to try and bring down big drug lords and they have been doing the same thing, so what happens is the main drug cartels are being fragmented for other criminal groups to come in and do their business so that's how the generation cops have started. now they've managed to become a really organized organization. they have the controls even vera cruz which is the complete opposite side of the country and what they are doing is exposing cocaine and methamphetamine and so far we can say that the generation is enemy number one
7:16 am
of the president's government now. >> julio out of los angeles telemundo news anchor. when we come back breaking news out of boston that we're going to share with you. we'll be right back. stay with me. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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7:19 am
we have breaking news right now out of boston where the defense just rested in the penalty phase of the dzhokhar tsarnaev trial. the defense called more than 40 witnesses in an attempt to try and spare tsarnaev's lives. it's up to the jury now. if he is sentenced to life he will likely spend the rest of his days at the most restricted prison in america known as super max, joining the worst of the worst. look at this rogues gallery. the unibomber, terry nichols, just to name a few. let's bring in someone with a
7:20 am
unique perspective of life inside a federal prison. joined now by larry levine good morning, good to see you. >> good morning, glad to be with you. >> let's talk about the super max. what would life be like there for tsarnaev? >> well first of all, he's going to be in semi-total isolation. it's called adx, administrative maximum, and this is a no contact facility. this prison basically is underground and he's going to be restricted to a 7x12-foot cell 84 square feet. and it's no contact. some of the cells have showers in them so you don't leave the cell, other cells there's like a shower that comes on a track, stops in front of the door. the whole place is underground. he'll probably end up in what's called h unit and they are going to have to pipe sunlight into this guy. >> how do they do that? how do they do that if it's underground? >> well it's what they say,
7:21 am
pipe sunlight he's not going to really see any sunlight. it is really -- i wouldn't call it -- you know some people say it's the toughest prison. it's more of i would say, the most restrictive, but his life as he knows it is over. one 15-minute phone call a month. he gets a 23-hour lockdown. he's going to be locked in this little cell underground. he gets one hour of rec, basically, in a concrete rec yard. >> during that one hour where are you taken to? >> well some of the cells in h unit have a door in the back of the cell that opens, and there's, like a kennel almost like a big dog kennel behind the cell. so he goes out on to a concrete pad and if he looks up he may see some sunlight. after his exercise period is over, he goes back into his cell, then the door closes and they move the cage over to somebody else's cell. but he's going to get his mail,
7:22 am
he's not going to get hard copies of his mail he's going to have to read this on a tv set. he's going to have to get his visits over a tv set. he's not going to have real visits from anybody other than possibly his doctor or a doctor prison doctor his lawyer and his aman and the limitations, he's not going to be able to go to the commissary. when you're in a regular federal prison, you can spend about $300 a month buying all types of snack items, personal hygiene items. he's not going to have that. >> his 23 hours will not be seeing another human being. >> most likely not, unless it's like i said doctor lawyer religious. and he's not going to interact. prison is a social experience. you meet people you know people you interact with people, staff, you go to classes. where he's going, they want him in isolation because he's a security risk. >> quickly, larry, what do wall
7:23 am
street prison consultants do? >> we provide federal criminal litigation support to lawyers and individuals who were entering the federal prison system. basically, i know things that the lawyers don't know. i can get people out early, i can get people into programs. various things. >> thanks for being on really appreciate your perspective and your knowledge, appreciate it. >> glad to be with you today. i want to repeat that breaking news the defense has rested in the boston trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. i also want to run through a few more developing stories for you this morning, we begin in mississippi, a memorial this afternoon for the police officers gunned down over the weekend. 34-year-old benjamin deen and 24-year-old liquori tate were both killed. four people in court this afternoon. up next new developments on the georgia principal under fire. wait until you hear what she's saying now but first, take a look at the weather last night
7:24 am
in south dakota. that's snow where i come from what's going on aren't we like, in may? we'll have an update on that for you next. my school reunion. i don't know. who wants to play in idaho? gotta get milwaukee up to speed. we win in flint, we take the lead. we'll close the deal if we just show...
7:25 am
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key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. several days of wicked weather, this morning two people are dead in arkansas after a tornado hit a mobile home park and more than ten people still missing at this hour in central texas. the suspected tornado tore through the town of van, east of dallas. joining me on the phone is chief officer matthew reynolds with the texas army national guard. he helped rescue people from the flash floods over the weekend. officer, thank you very much for being with us. >> good morning, how are you today? >> good. tell me about the scene last night, throughout the weekend, and today. >> yesterday, we were activated on thursday came up from san antonio and were on standby, and
7:27 am
when they get the call that people were stranded and need rescued, we go out. yesterday we got a call to go out and look for people up in the crum and sanger area. when we get there, we talk to the local fire departments on the radio, and they direct us into who needs to be rescued and we do our best to rescue them. >> yeah i mean these are unbelievable pictures officer. this helicopter rescues, how deep is the water here? >> it all varies you know that one creek on the first one where we got the small child and the mother, that water had actually dropped a couple feet. it was a lot higher right before we got there, so the creeks rise and drop pretty quickly, so it all varies on the depths of the water. >> you've had to do it people stuck in their cars. we're seeing this pickup truck rescue really just extraordinary what you do heroic effort and you're saying there were some kids that also needed to be rescued, right? >> yeah there was one small, i
7:28 am
think, a 7-month-old, 4-month-old baby we put in our rescue basket with the lady who was keeping them and we brought her up also. yeah, so it's all different kinds of people need to be rescued. >> yeah officer, i can't thank you enough for being with me and just the heroic work you do on a daily basis. thank you for being with me tragic time, appreciate it. >> appreciate the interview, thank you. >> thank you so much. not just springtime storms there's snow. take a look this is not some video from you know november and december that we've had in our video archives which we still have those things snow is coming down now, falling all the way from the rockies to the northern plains. the weather channel's scott newell is in rapid city south dakota. good morning, i read you have more than a foot of snow there. >> 13.6 inches the second snowiest may snowstorm on record, the earlier record which still stands 1905. yeah, the last couple days have
7:29 am
been rough here in rapid city. it started on saturday midday and kept snowing for 18 hours straight. that combined with winds of anywhere from 20 to 30 miles an hour made mother's day just miserable. we were seeing people trying to drive on really slushy snow covered roads, they had to close i-90 for a while. a lot of people stuck out there, as well. they got the crews out. they got everybody, plows out everywhere, and everything pretty well under control right now. also mt. rushmore was closed to the public for a while, that's in the black hills national forest closed because of a power outage. they are hoping to get it reopened today because they have fixed that power outage as well. you have that big band of snow all the way up and down from down in denver up through cheyenne, and up here in rapid city. and the good news right now, though, it's all gone. there's still snow up in the upper central south dakota and also in north dakota as well but here temperatures are expected to be in the mid 60s by midweek, rather so things have
7:30 am
gotten a lot better and no delays in school no school closings sorry, kids. teachers and parents happy, jose? >> thank you, great to see you. turning now to georgia and the latest developments in a story that's got a lot of people talking. a controversy when she made what some say are racially charged comments during a high school graduation ceremony on friday. take a listen. >> not listen to this speech. >> nbc news spoke with her this morning and she seemed to have doubled down on her comments, take a listen. >> you say the word black, you know, what was i supposed to say, african-american, were they all born in africa? no they are americans, and they
7:31 am
live here. and i'm not a racist. people that know me i've worked, you know with disadvantaged kids like this that couldn't get through school, we help them get a high school diploma. >> nbc's sarah dallof is following this story in georgia, good morning. the principal's comments have people fired up. >> reporter: yeah that's exactly right, jose. you say doubling down it really does seem to a lot of people that she is not offering what they would call a sincere apology from people in response to these remarks on friday. however, she did speak to nbc news, as you said and we're hearing a little bit more about the moments that led up to her saying that remark. she says she's singling out this individual who was in front of the graduation audience taping photos and filming, not listening to her instructions to sit down and she kind of describes those moments leading up to the graduation. obviously, a lot of people on
7:32 am
twitter about this responding on social media, i spoke to one of the graduates who tells me that the day, the memory of her nephew graduating has really been tarnished by what has happened. never be able to look back on it fondly, the attention will not be on her nephew jose but instead on the principal and what she said that day. >> sarah dallof, thank you very much. not in the race yet, but bobby jind l, first we're following breaking news out of western pennsylvania, we've been telling you about this for some time right now, police looking for an active shooter on the loose. investigators say the man killed one person inside an auto body shop and shot a second person before taking off. our nbc affiliate in pittsburgh reports police are searching for a man in a blue hooded sweatshirt, they are going door to door looking for witnesses. the businesses are on lockdown. we'll continue to monitor this
7:33 am
situation for you and have all the very latest details for you next on "the rundown". the volkswagen golf was just named motor trend's 2015 car of the year. so was the 100% electric e-golf. and the 45 highway mpg tdi clean diesel. and last but not least the high performance gti. looks like we're gonna need a bigger podium. the volkswagen golf family. motor trend's 2015 "cars" of the year.
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i'll also say this to these corporations that have already told me in louisiana they don't want us to pass our own bill protecting the rights of individuals and businesses who support the traditional view of marriage. don't even waste your breath trying to void the governor of louisiana. we're going to come down on the side of the first amendment. >> and that was louisiana governor and potential 2016 republican candidate bobby jindal bringing the fight for his state's religious freedom bill to the freedom summit over the weekend. it's a fight we saw play out in indiana and arkansas earlier this year that led to changes in the original laws in both states and a fight that could be the center of a jindal presidential run. joining me to talk more about this, msnbc's zach ross just back from louisiana.
7:37 am
good morning. >> good morning, jose. that's right as you said these religious freedom laws in indiana and arkansas causing big bash lash supporters having to retreat. you saw jindal talking tough, he and other supporters saying that's not going to happen this time, we're going to stand by this one, so we went down to louisiana to see what this is all about. take a listen. >> louisiana is the latest state introduce a controversial religious freedom bill. >> religious freedom and the protection of religious freedom against government intrusion is a state interest of the highest order. >> reporter: state representative mike johnson is sponsor of the marriage and conscience act, a bill that would allow indiana companies without facing certain punishment by the state. couples can still, however, sue for discrimination. >> none of us here in this warm welcoming state are in favor of discrimination, but we are in favor of protecting our freedom. >> reporter: kayla has been with her partner for eight years and
7:38 am
they are thinking of buying a house. mulford says already they've had to explicitly ask lenders and realtors if they mind working with a gay couple. shelves the new bill would make that environment worse. >> it's sometimes awkward and a little degrading in some times, but this bill i feel like would allow any business to reject us and degrade us further. >> well, there you have it. and we've already seen ibm, which is a big employer in the state and a number of other large corporations coming out against this bill. we've also seen the sponsor, mike johnson, tweaking it a little bit to kind of soften some of the language so already some signs that supporters are looking to sort of compromise on this. the other thing to point out is aside from the technical details with this supreme court ruling coming up, these states just
7:39 am
want to be prepared to be able to as they think of it protect religious business owners from having to serve gay and lesbian couples, so that's what's at stake here. >> zach roth thank you very much. joining me now in person to talk about how the culture wars are going to play into 2016 krystal ball and abby huntsman. thanks for being here. so abby if you were advising the jindal campaign and any others on this issue, religious freedom versus you know the rights of people to live their lives and not be discriminated, how would you deal with it? >> well, the writing is sort of already on the wall we've seen this already in a couple other states and i would say with republicans on this issue, they are on the wrong side of history here. we've seen sort of this religious movement play a larger role within the party over the past 20 years, so you're seeing especially in the early primaries when jindal is thinking very seriously about running, he's got to appeal to
7:40 am
this group, because they are the ones that vote in the primaries and they are very passionate about this issue, whether it's abortion, whether it's marriage equality. the problem is once you get to a general election when it comes to governing and religion, they are two separate things for a reason and when they start to combine, that's when problems arise. >> jeb was not at the south carolina event on saturday but he did address students at liberty university but to use your issue, how do you go from a primary situation where those voters are important to general election? >> so far i would say with the exception of jeb's response to the religious freedom law in indiana, which came out in favor of that law and then when we saw the backlash he sort of walked the comments back but if you look at this speech if you listen to the speech he gave at liberty university, he is trying to walk that line. he's appealing to christians talking about christian values but he's not going explicitly about marriage for example, and
7:41 am
really marriage is a gateway issue for a lot of young people. if they see a candidate who doesn't support marriage equality at least in some form they are immediately not interested. they think this is a person who doesn't get me i don't get them, and that's the end of story. the same for jeb i would say is the more people that get into this race to split up that super far right religious conservative group, the better it is for him. that's why you've got 20 candidates. >> he'll stay out of it do you think? >> santorum huckabee jindal will break up that block. >> that's what he's hoping for, but jeb is not doing well among conservatives, so it really is that fine balance for him, because he's got to get their vote, got to win the primary first. in order to do that, you've got to say certain things be a certain way, and that's a challenge. then you have to go to the general, also appeal to the young people and beyond jobs and the economy, what we care about is equality. that is on the top of our list. >> abby you sat down and had
7:42 am
lunch on friday with rand paul's wife. what was that like? >> she was wonderful. it's funny, because you read about the candidates and their wives and have a certain idea of what they are like but you get to know them we shared a milk shake together she was so pleasant, she talked about their family, she has three boys, and told me about her husband, he loves to cook you wouldn't know that. he's a surgeon, so he takes it very seriously and that's sort of how he unwinds. they love to laugh. i ask how do you keep him calm especially when it seems the world is coming down on you, she said i try to make him laugh. they are very normal people at the end of the day, as we all are. >> not everybody's normal. >> try to be. >> ladies thank you so much for being with me. so nice to see you in person. can i take a picture of you two? i'm a big fan. >> it would be an honor. of course, you can see both of them later today on "the cycle." there are other people on the show as well. i'm thinking what are they doing there, i don't know why they are in the picture. >> we could easily crop them out. >> why are they not smiling?
7:43 am
i would be smiling all day and all night. look at that. anyway, you're also on 11:00 a.m., right? >> 11:00 a.m. wednesdays krystal clear on shift. >> i'm smiling just seeing you. now to live pictures coming in showing that devastating tornado damage in van, texas. take a look at these pictures. the sun is up and the helicopter just came through with a problem. we're going to be working on that. i can tell you, more than ten people still missing at this hour in central texas, we learned there will be a press conference at 11:30 eastern time to update the situation there. we'll keep a close watch on that. up ahead, a huge weekend for some of my msnbc colleagues at the 26th annual glaad media awards. thomas roberts has those details. plus never mess with a mama bear. take a look at this. you better run, humans you better run if you're dealing with my kids that way. look at that. i don't care if your jackets are
7:44 am
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and we're like 'well, we're already doing that.' and so it was kind of a perfect match.
7:46 am
welcome back. it was a big weekend for some of my msnbc colleagues at the 26th annual glaad media awards. msnbc's thomas roberts was honored with an award for promoting equality in the lgbt community. at the event he spoke of his personal journey and when he decided to come out in 2006 calling it liberating and, quote, frightening as hell. >> everyone at work knew so why couldn't the people who watched me know? coming out wasn't without missteps and major learning lessons, but after every storm, you can hope for a rainbow, or in my case a colorful peacock. >> and here with me now, thomas roberts. thomas, congratulations. >> thank you sir, thank you. thanks for having me here. >> talk about how things have
7:47 am
changed for lgbt people in the industry? >> we're still living through that fluid change right now, but back in 2006 there were so many people invited into people's homes, millions of american homes, and were part of the lgbt community, most people at home didn't know it. the people at work knew me knew patrick, so why shouldn't i be able to talk about that? >> what should you deal with as you decide, okay this -- >> rejection, being fired, being -- >> really? >> being an outcast, yeah and i think we still live in a society right now where we have those issues because the employment nondiscrimination act in congress and that's a bigger issue as we continue to see marriage equality to move forward, i think the next big battle for legislation out of the congress is the employment nondiscrimination act. >> talk to me because msnbc's live with craig melvin -- >> big night for craig. craig won for best tv journalism
7:48 am
segment, it had to do with being fired at work and he had the story of a woman who was let go from being a sheriff because they found out she was a lesbian and they didn't want that in their department. >> so they just fired her. >> they fired her, yeah. so they were able to prove that and that's where the issue with discrimination is now. and, you know played that clip of bobby jindal and talking about the issue of marriage equality. the supreme court is going to make that decision coming up at the end of june and hopefully will give us the seamless definition that we need. but, jose if the conservative party of the republican side wants to talk about protecting marriage, then go after divorce. divorce is the biggest threat to marriage in society. not me getting married to my husband or a woman marrying her wife, divorce. that's the biggest issue, and that's what breaks apart families in this country. it's not me being married.
7:49 am
there aren't straight couples divorcing because i married my husband. the bigger issue is divorce. straight heads would explode if the gop came out and said you know what we're going to legislate divorce, how would you like that? no, i don't think anybody would like that. >> thomas good to see you. how's your show coming along, man? i love your show we're out of time, but i love your show. tell me about that. >> i love it. i can sleep at night now, not up way too early anymore, it's fantastic, get to sleep in longer, i have a wonderful team that helps me achieve this award. this is the award and i couldn't have done it without the team i work with my executive producer amanda ingersoll that put together the piece for me they are invaluable. >> you are, as well. thank you, my friend. good to see you in person. now to the bears that sent tourists running, i have to tell you, it's in yellowstone national park apparently known as a bear gem. i'm sure they wanted a bear hug, but in the meantime just bear
7:50 am
with me for five things bear necessities. number one, just when you think worse is unbearable, imagine seeing this from your office window, that's a bear in a tree outside city hall in minnesota last week. 50 feet in the air. luckily, the bear made it up safe. how he got up and why, i don't know. number two, take a look at this guy, martin the bear at the japanese zoo last tuesday trying to make a run for it. see him there? zookeepers had to use what looked like a fishing rod to reel the bear back into his home at the zoo. number three, this one from down under, an australian hospital getting a visit from a koala. i know he's not a bear but it's so cute we're making an exception. he's a koala bear. thank you. we should do this together. do number four. can you do this? >> number four take a look at these newborn polar bears, just a few months old going for a first swim at a zoo in japan. it happened last month, and i
7:51 am
guess you can technically call this skinny dipping. >> thomas can you do the fifth one, man? you're reading cold so well. >> number five these pictures were a big news in florida last week never want to see when you're about to take a swim at home. couple bears having fun in the sun, apparently the water wasn't to their liking so they went back to the woods. can't blame them drying off all of that fur, because i can bearly dry off this head of hair. >> that was written for me. thomas, thank you, buddy. that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. don't miss thomas later. we're awaiting a press conference out of texas with the latest on the weather there. "news nation" with tamron hall is up next. see you tomorrow. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. christina sheldon and her mother have always been close, so it was only natural that linda started helping christina out when she started her jewelry company christina v., neither of them ever guessed linda would
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7:55 am
and now more than 40 million people are in the path of extreme weather expected today. plus where is she? a massive great white shark is being tracked by tens of thousands of people online as she
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