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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  May 11, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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americans under threat of severe weather today. moments ago, iowa's governor declaring a state of disaster emergency. we're going to take you live to a texas town where two are dead and several more missing. plus a vigil ins many misfor two slain officers -- vigil in mississippi hours before the vigil for two slain officers. >> we're asking do you think police officers feel safe in your community? weigh in on and a private school principal apologizing for racially charged remarks at a high school graduation. did she really apologize? >> i'm not a racist. i didn't know black people was a racist term. i didn't say the "n" word or anything like that. that's not in my vocabulary. >> we've more that interview and reaction from one of the parents
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in the graduation audience. we continue with severe weather that ripped through the nation's mid section. 26 tornados reported on sunday uprooting trees, tearing off rooftops. storms brought heavy rain causing flash floods. two had to be air lifted in denton county texas. six have been killed due to the storm. one of the hardest hit was van, texas. a fire marshal says a third was damaged. two were killed in van, texas alone. >> we're work very hard to get van back to normal. please be patient with us. there's a lot of work going on behind the scenes. van is a strong city. strong community. we will rebuild. >> scared residents described what they saw and heard as these
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storms hit. >> all of a sudden got quiet and basically sounded like a freight train. >> got super loud. we could feel the house shaking. we heard something loud and turns out it was a tree fell on our house. it's leaning thank god. >> today's threat is not as high as it was over the weekend. however, over 43 million are at risk for getting some type of severe weather today. the weather channel is in van, texas for us. >> reporter: we've been in the east texas town since early this morning before emergency responders allowed people in this community to come in and search for what's left of their home. we know there was a suspected tornado that moved in just around 9:00 a.m. sunday evening. it came from the southwest #and rolled through this side of town. we've noticed small ranch homes completely levelled.
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we've noticed mobile homes i can see a from here where i'm standing, the foundation of a mobile home. we've seen trees uprooted and completely snapped off. we've seen galvanized metal street signs uprooted and even bent and snapped off. you're listening to choppers hovering above me now. there are about three of them. county officials say they count on aerial surveys to understand the scope of the damage. the weather hasn't helped. we have a lot of low ceilings and clouds. we had rain come through this morning. to my left you can notice the local school. this is the immediate school. school officials at a press conference confirmed they will not hold classes here. two elementary buildings sustained damage. they'll have to collapse those two campuses to three remaining school ground intact and safe for students.
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the administration building sustaining damage. with columns straight ahead, you can notice they're dislodged there. this continues to be a search and rescue operation. two people were confirmed dead by emergency officials. eight people are still unaccounted for. we know the national guard is here and has ruled in. we know the american red cross is here. they're helping with shelter and food. that's the latest from van, texas. they'll have a dry day for now. this seems to be the only day without thunderstorms in the forecast. so these clean up efforts could prove challenging as we roll on through the remainder of the week. back to you. >> the weather channel, thank you for that report. josh earnest was speaking about the situation saying the thoughts and prayers of the white house go out for the people of texas as they have been affected by this tragedy of this storm also as they rebuild.
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however, they have not gotten requests for assistance from any state official in texas as of yet. we'll keep you posted if that request comes in. they're being overly helpful as they continue the clean up efforts as they stand now and also search and hopefully recovery for those that are missing. in under one hour a memorial service for two police officers killed over the weekend will get underway. benjamin deen and liquori tate were shot and killed. four people have been arrested and charged with capital murder. on sunday, gabe gutierrez sat with the family of officer tate. his mom had a message for those that killed her son. >> at the end of the day, i will say to them i forgive you.
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the hurt is unbearable. i forgive you. >> can you believe that? mrs. ross giving that on mother's day, sunday. moments ago, u.s. attorney general loretta lynch called the statements shocking and said the justice department stands ready to assist the hattiesburg police department. we are live now with gabe inty hattiesburg. what are investigators telling you about how the officers with ss were gunned down? >> reporter: they're not saying much. four suspects arrested two charged with capital murder. they are marvin banks and joan joanminyjoanie calloway. curtis banks is charged with connection and clark is charged with obstruction.
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this may have been a case of suspects not wanting to go to jail. this happened saturday night. officer deen pulled over the suspect's car as part of a traffic stop. he called for rbackup. when officer tate arrived, shots rang out. a short time ago, i spoke to the mother of marvin banks. here's what she had to say. >> he was out of his mind. he wasn't the same marvin. >> he was on drugs. >> he was on drugs, spice. he wasn't the same marvin. >> how long had he been use drugs? >> every since he was in rizprison. he told me he used in prison. >> reporter: she has not spoken to her son but believes he did
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it. she believes her other son curtis is innocent. he is charged with accessory after the fact. again, the four suspects are set to be arraigned this afternoon. there's a public memorial service set to get underway in a short time. thomas? >> we'll have that for everybody. gabe remarkable work and thoughtful work sitting down with ms. ross officer tate's mom on mother's day to get the interview. she's willing to offer her forgiveness. thank you. we asked viewers if they trust police officers in their community. we got an overwhelming response. now in the wake of the death of two officers in mississippi, we want to ask a similar question in the view of the police officer. >> we're switching it afternoon, flipping that. we're asking viewers in life of the two police officers killed do you think police officers in your community feel safe? let's take a look at how we're voting so far.
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the responsinge ing responses we're getting at home. overwhelming 75% say yes police officers should feel safe in your community. we invite you to keep those coming in. we'll bring you results through the hour here. it's so overwhelming that many believe police officers feel safe in you're communities. that's changing now at 73%. >> we'll check back shortly. a white police officer will learn tomorrow if he's going to face charges in the shooting death of a biracial teen. the officer shot the 19-year-old in march after he allegedly assaulted the 12 year veteran. officer kenny was responding to reports of disturbance at a residence. robinson was shot in the head torso and right arm. the shooting sparked outrage in wisconsin. pro tests were largely peaceful.
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the prosecutor has not indicate add either way what may happen. a top white house official has everyone on alert after comments he made sunday about lone wolf terrorists. >> we're very definitely in a new phase in the global terrorist threat where a so called lone wolf could strike at any moment. it's a new environment but we're not discouraging americans from doing things they do on a daily basis. >> there was jay johnson. his comments after local authorities across the country are trying to learn from last week's shootings in garland, texas. two men were shot dead after the attempted attack on a mohammed cartoon contest. isis claimed responsibility for that clark. secretary johnson giving the remarks, the quote being at my moment. raised a lot of eyebrows. did he mean for that to happen
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or just that we're supposed to remain vigilant and be prepared for this thing to happen? >> counter terrorism officials even military officials are pointing to this new terrorist threat spawn on the internet. isis has become skillful at recruiting want to bes, potential lone wolves here in the united states. there's an estimate now there would be thousands of those who are in inspired by isis to carry out attacks here in the u.s. the military has put more than 32 hundred bases and facilities on a higher threat level so that everyone is more vigilant. it's a very serious threat in that isis is actually telling those on the internet not to come to syria, not to come to iraq to fight with isis but to stay in their own countries and attack police and military
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officials in their own countries countries. very quickly, a statistic out this week. there are probably 1,000 of these isis individuals on the internet everyday tweeting 100,000 tweets to their followers here in the united states. >> thank you sir. appreciate it. >> you bet. the story we were telling you about, we'll have it coming up. the private school principal made racially charged remarks at a graduation event. now she's speaking out. >> as you know the lights in the auditorium -- i looked left and all a saw were black people getting up leaving. i said look who's leaving, all the black people. wait to hear what she says in this interview. and the saudi snub. the king will be a know show at president obama's summit meeting later this week.
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>> look who's leaving, all the black people. >> that was georgia principal nancy gordu in a graduation
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ceremony. the principal is apologizing. >> i'm not a racist. i didn't know black people was a racist term. i didn't say the "n" word or anything like that because that's not in any vocabulary. >> parents that attended the graduation aren't so okay with it. >> she needs to get out of that career motivator, education. she doesn't need to be doing that at all. >> we are joined by sarah in georgia. this principal felt this was okay but at least now telling parents she's sorry, that the devil came into her. >> reporter: that was an interesting remark people immediately reacted to when she reportedly e-mailed parents saying the devil came out of her mouth during a moment of
10:18 am
frustration. we talked to her this morning. she reissued an apology and gave us her version of events of what happened that night. >> what happened was at graduation the valedictorian was introduced to give a speech. a man who happened to be black came in front of us giving selfies back and forth interrupting the valedictorian therefore disrespecting that student. i called security in to ask the man to sit down. he did not. he continued. i called security. when they came in the audiences booed. of course it's young kids because they were getting a kick out of this guy and being disrespect areful. i said you're being rude and disrespectful to this young man. when i looked left okay the light as you know, lights in the auditorium i looked left and saw i saw were black people
10:19 am
getting up and leaving. i said look leaving, all the black men. i made a statement. anybody that knows me knows my heart is with these kids. i've been teaching 30 something years, had tnt 15. i apologized to my families and my kids. their graduation i'm sorry it ended up like that. i apologize. we'll continue on with whatever work. the board is getting together to see what we need to do. you know that'sere's all i have to say. people that know me know the truth. >> you've seen the tape. there was sort of dramatic reaction in the room when you made the statement. how do you respond to that? >> people always think the worse, you know that you say the word black, you know -- was i supposed to say african-american. were they all born in africa? no they're americans.
10:20 am
they live here. i'm not a racist. people that know me -- i worked you know with disadvantage kids like that that couldn't get through school. we helped them get a high school dploem diploma. we've been doing it a 15 years. our heart is in it. we're not against anyone. i've never disrespected anyone. >> reporter: a lot of people disagreeing with her assessment this was not racially motivated and these were not racially charged remarks. she's received hundreds of angry e-mails. the story has blown up on social media. she is considering a leave of absence or appointing an interim brins principal. >> quickly, the valedictorian, black or white? >> reporter: african-american i believe. >> she says she feels this was not in a disrespectful way.
10:21 am
maybe in hindsight she would have done it differently if she had to do over. thank you very much. coming up the next hour we'll speak with a mom at graduation with several members of her family. she says there's more to the story than the video actually tells. we'll talk about that. then coming up crunching the numbers, a new jersey watchdog finding chris christie's expense account reveals an appetite of spending on food and booze. we'll keep a close eye on today's weather threat. severe storms throughout the midwest. we'll bring you an update on the areas at greatest risk. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage , horse power... torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise your rates
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10:25 am
to prevent unlawful practices and recover unpaid wages and shut down unlicensed salons. the nail workers are underpaid, subject to abuse and bias. swift action from the mayor on that report that came out last week. >> it is really interesting and so many want to know more especially if you want to be a smart consumer about where your money is going and who's benefitting from it. chris christie's spending practices are under scrutiny according to a new jersey watchdog analysis of records. governor christy spent 300,000 on food, alcohol and desserts in five years in office. the new jersey governor racked up a bill of $82,000 at the
10:26 am
2010-11 football seasons. what are we learning about the governor's spending habits and are they typical of a governor of that stature would spend? >> we're learning governor christie has been spending a lot on food desserts drinks. $360,000 budget for these items. he spent $300,000 on food dessert, drinks including 82,000 on concessions at met life stadium, 70,000 wedmans and shopping for groceries and $7,000 at a liquor store. how unusual these spending habits are, it depends on who you ask. on top of $175,000 salary a year governor christie gets $95,000 for uses that are very vaguely defined. what critics say because this
10:27 am
fund is so decreesecret, we don't know how these are being used. governor christie's spending habits have been criticized in the past in terms of excessive spending. this is a question governor christie faces in new hampshire tomorrow and wednesday. >> i'll bet. thanks so much. appreciate that. coming up we'll bring you the update on the weather issue this country faced over the weekend. we have six killed in the storm system over the weekend. we'll tell you who's at risk for another round of severe weather. plus, saudi arabia's new king sends his prince to the u.s. arab conference in his place. what does this mean with our country's relationship with theirs going forward? and the penalty phase the defense rests after sister helen is called to the stand. we'll have the report from boston when we come back.
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welcome back everybody. the defense and prosecution have rested their cases in the penalty phase of boston marathon bombing trial. before resting, tsarnaev's attorneys call in sister helen as their final witness. the jury could begin weighing whether tsarnaev should be sentenced to death as early as wednesday. we are joined now outside the federal courthouse in boston. explain how much of an impact did sister helen's testimony have on this jury? >> reporter: we won't know thomas for sure until the jury comes back and shares thoughts about what they felt when she testified. it's important to know it was dramatic testimony in part because this is the first time we've heard anybody speak about his demeanor since he was captured indeed connect for 2013 bombings of the boston marathon. she said in her words where she said she talked to about the
10:32 am
crime, he said quote, no one deserves to suffer like they did. she said he seemed absolutely sincere and his voice had pain in it. we've heard people talk about tsarnaev how he was as a little boy, friend college student. never before have we heard anyone say what he said about the victims of the crime. we could get the jury's decision possibly this week. >> sister helen brings this to the testimony. explain your time line of the hearing. it could be midweek the jury gets it? >> reporter: it could be. that could be wednesday. as you pointed out, the court is in recess for the rest of today and for tomorrow. they come back on wednesday. at that point, there will be closing arguments for both prosecution and defense. then instructions and then it goes to the jury. >> we know what a long haul this has been for the jury to go through.
10:33 am
great to see you. thank you so much. at trial of accused movie theater shooter, holmes witnesses are called to the stand to testify about the night of the shooting. the continued testimony of witnesses and first responders cried on the stand. the judge ruled the prosecution should establish points quickly and not draw on sympathies of juries. holmes pleaded not guilty in reason of insanity in the theater attack that killed 12 and wounded 70 others. moments ago the white house was in defensive mode about saudi arabia's snub of president obama. take a look. >> i know there have been some speculation that this change in travel plans was attempt to send a message to the united states. if so, that message was not received because all feedback we've receive ed from the saudis has been positive. >> over the weekend, saudi arabia's new king reversed course and said he would not attend a major arab summit in
10:34 am
washington d.c. in fact only two heads of state will attend the two day affair which includes a visit to camp david. the the issue is iran which saudi arabia considers a regional threat. chris joins us now. the question is no matter what both sides say about this is it a snub or sign of actual new tensions between the two leaders? >> reporter: devil is in the details. there may be truth in both. let's talk about the snub first. the fact of the matter is in spite of what saudi arabia and the white house say, friday during the day the white house was saying not only was he going to the summit but king would meet with the president wednesday. obviously that changed friday night. i spoke to an official today that told me the change happened later. the details were worked out. maybe there's a chance the president and king will be speaking soon perhaps as soon as today. the fact that saudi arabia is
10:35 am
concerned about the u.s. negotiations with iran is not a surprise. they've long been critical of it. obviously one of their major concerns fact of lifting of sanctions or easing of sanctions which brings more money which means in their eyes more money for them to spread influence throughout the region something of great concern. i think you have a situation where you have both, if not the reality, perception of a snub. i spoke with at least one member of congress today that said perception is not a good thing. thomas? chris at the white house for us. thank you. i want to get back to the other story we've been following over the hours. the developing news on the weather front in this country. people across the mid section are cleaning up from this weekend's storms. white house secretary josh earnest spoke about the devastation a little while ago. >> obviously we're thinking about the communities that were
10:36 am
affected. some quite violently overnight by these storms. we'll keep them in thoughts and prayer and continue to stand with them as they rebiluild. >> six died including two in van, texas. south dakota not only getting severe weather but a taste of winter too. the carolinas got an early taste of hurricane season after tropical depression ana landfall. we have the latest with dylan drier on virginia beach. >> reporter: the winds are starting to pick up as low pressure moves to north carolina. we've been in and out of pockets of heavy rain. the heaviest tropical downpours are over the atlantic. this made landfall 6:00 in the morning sunday in myrtle beach, south carolina. this is the earliest tropical system to hit this far north on the atlantic coast of the united
10:37 am
states ever. season doesn't start until june 1st. we got reports of nearly six inches of rain in myrtle beach. we had reports of 50 to 60 miles per hour wind gusts. the coast of north carolina ended up with two to four inches of rain. we did see minor flooding. the main concern was beach erosion. the surf is rough out in the atlantic. that's the concern here. we'll see some rain and isolated wind gusts. tomorrow it's going to be 90 in virginia beach. with more heading to the beach on a day like that they need to be weary of the water. rip currents are dangerous. they remain dangerous through the middle of the week. thomas? >> rip current nothing to mess with. thanks dylan. coming up on the heels of cold blooded killings of two mississippi police officers we'll look at how often police officers are kyleilled in the line of duty.
10:38 am
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10:42 am
prince rally of peace yesterday. for more than two hours, he performed his biggest hits. it was billed for the rally for peace. meanwhile, community groups including people formally incarcerated are gathering at governor harry's office. the goal is getting the governor to sign a bill to restore voting rights to people out of prison or on parole. joining me now, perry hawkins, organizer and ex offender leading the campaign. it's great to have you with me. the daily beast says if signed it would expand the right to vote for 40,000 people. explain how important that would be for baltimore say and the state as a whole. >> one of the most important things is complete restoration of citizenship for returning citizens. the bill would make it very simple. when a person is released from
10:43 am
incarceration and returning to the community, he immediately becomes a full citizen and is allowed the right to vote. it's very evident right now in this community and baltimore city the impoverished communities where the vote is lacking, lacking funding, lacking representation lacking of social programs lacking of schooling. this would allow people to become more involved directly and immediately. >> so when we talk about perry nationwide, 5.5 million americans are prohibited from voting because of felony convictions. another estimate is three in ten black men can be expected to lose their right to vote at some point in their lifetime. how big of an issue is this in baltimore when we see we have a black mayor, black police chief, black baltimore state attorney. is there misconception about who's not represented in the
10:44 am
halls of power? >> well in the halls of power, it's not really the color of the representative as well as it is the action of the representative is taking. right now, african-americans proportionately represent the majority of people in prison. in a way, this is a way to suppress the vote. we need to allow people when released from prison to become immediately involved in the process. not only the state level but a national level as well. the current law is restricting people until they finish their parole and probation to participate in the democratic process. >> people make mistakes, and we understand mistakes. if people do something where they mess up and there's justice and do their time they should be able to move on. do you think this is about helping people achieve restored dignity in being a part of their community? we all mess up. about restoring dignity for our
10:45 am
future. >> yes most definitely. full citizenship means you're able to do everything a normal law a biding citizen is able to do. there are marks against you with your past. from the minute you are released in and reenter society, your self-esteem raises. it's laws like this that hold back a person's self-esteem. it debate states their potential. it's hard to get a job, find equal and suitable housing. you ask me to make a reentry process. everything is held against us. currently you're serving two sentences. you're serving criminal sentence you do through incarceration and civil sentence when you get home. you can't vote. you can pay taxes, do everything everybody else can do but can't
10:46 am
participate in elected official who have have so much say so about you, your rights your family your children. >> we wish you luck. for people to understand the added burden it adds to your life once you get out and trying to move on it can make a lot of sense. thank you perry. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> absolutely. we are moments away from the memorial for two mississippi police officers killed in the line of duty. benjamin deen and liquori tate were gunned down. it happened after officer deen pulled over a car for speeding and called for backup. four suspects have been arrested. the fbi released numbers on police officers killed last year. >> killings of police officers are sending shock waves throughout communities here. they appear to be happening at a
10:47 am
higher frequency as of late. let's break down the must bes and take a look. beginning with this one, we show that 51 law enforcement auftsers were killed in the line of duty during a criminal act. if you break down that number that's up 89% as far as increase from 2013. that's according to fbi data. so how are these officers killed? let's break that down. 46 shot and killed eight of whom were ambushed. four were killed with vehicles used as weapons and one was killed in a physical atlter occasions. according to to this california led with 14 killed followed by texas, new york georgia. the leaning cause of death, gunfire. 38 states lost at least one officer in the line of duty. okay. let's look at this year now. already in this year 42
10:48 am
officers have died in the line of duty. here's a break down. a heat map shows where those officers died. the darker the color, the darker the blue. higher concentration of office per ers that died. 12 were denoted as other. killings in mississippi. they are the only latest here in recent memory. last friday 25-year-old nypd officer brian moore was laid to rest. he was shot in the head while trying to stop a -- man suspected of carrying a hand gun. we are in the deadliest month for deaths of police officers. 18 officers died in the line of duty in may. that brings us to the bing pulse question we launched at the top of the show. we ask you this. do you think police officers feel safe in your community? let's look at responses so far how you're responding and voting
10:49 am
is. 93% overwhelmingly -- time we checked that was around 73-72. now 93% say yes you think officers feel safe. let's see how you've been voting in the last minute. the pulse is in real time. based on our conversation overwhelmingly people say yes, you think officers feel safe in your communit.y. let's break pit downit down by gender. more women feel police officers feel safe versus men. the overwhelmingly yes are female. keep voting here at >> 93% say yes so far. francis, thanks so much. we'll talk shortly. we're going to bring you live coverage as we mentioned for vigils of two fallen officers. that's coming up live on msnbc in 15 minutes. also coming up in the next hour texas sized antigay
10:50 am
backlash. there are no less than ten bills up for consideration this the lone star state. as we speak, two are up for aweek. we'll break it down. the search for five adorable baby animals stolen from a wisconsin zoo. seriously this happened and we'll bring this story next. sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take
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ladies listen up prince harry admitted he's ready to settle down. the 30-year-old bachelor reveals he would love to join his brother in becoming a father. >> it's a process one has to go through. it's great fun, hopefully i'm doing already by myself it would be great to have someone next to me to share the pressure but time will come whatever happens, happens. >> frances, there is a process.
10:54 am
>> five years at least, i think he's saying that because he's supposed to i can't imagine any more than five years. he's 35. >> prince harry scheduled to lead the british army next month and not sure what he's gg to do in the next chapter of his career and cool uncle is the number one gig for sure. urgent search going on for five baby animals that have gone missing from a wisconsin zoo. >> it's a race against time to find a baby kangaroo and four stolen goats. john yang brings us the story. >> reporter: these cute little animals may make you want to take them home. >> somebody had to remove them. >> reporter: and apparently somebody did. authorities are desperately searching for the culprits who stole five baby animals from the zoo. >> nothing like this has ever happened before. >> reporter: this red kangaroo apparently had her pouch picked her 5-month-old old. >> the kangaroo needs to be with
10:55 am
its mom. doesn't even have hair yet. >> reporter: four nigerian goats missing, bottle fed tuesday night and gone wednesday, that's when the head zoo keeper went to move them from a heated building to the zoo ten miles away. >> i don't care who you call tell somebody to get the babies back. >> reporter: it all began at the special memory zoo. >> we had animals missing. never a kangaroo. >> reporter: the sheriff is asking for help and the zoo owner says -- >> i would hope and pray and keep my fingers crossed that it is still out there and hopefully say maybe i need to bring this back. >> reporter: a growing mystery in the hunt for her babies john yang, nbc news chicago. >> poor babies and poor mamas. >> they need to find them for sure. >> we have an update on a story we first brought you friday.
10:56 am
a colorado barbecue restaurant was advertising a discount for white people appreciation day. the hispanic owner had a change of heart and says the 10% discount will be extended to all customers regardless of race. >> celebrate all americans, there you go. >> still ahead, we'll talk about the heartbreak happening in mississippi as hundreds prepare to honor two police officers killed in the line of duty. we'll take you live to hattiesburg. >> deadly storms from texas to colorado millions under the severe weather alert. we'll talk with a person in van, texas who's mom was pummeled by the tornadoes yet. i'll speak with an oregon mom who's entire family was kicked off a flight heading from disney world because her autistic teen daughter was being quote, disruptive rvegs she's angry and taking action. we'll be back. msnbc live continues after this.
10:57 am
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11:01 am
good to have you with me, i'm thomas roberts, we start in hattiesburg, mississippi, a memorial just getting under way for two police officers killed over the weekend. the two officers benjamin deen and liquori tate they were involved in a routine traffic stop and both shot and later died. four people have been arrested and two charged with capital murder. investigators are not discussing the motives or details. earlier gabe gutierrez spoke with the mother of who of the men arrested they happen to be brothers and they talked about the older brother, marvin and history of drug abuse. >> he was out of his mind. he wasn't the same marvin. >> because he was on drugs. >> he was on the drugs, wasn't the same marvin. >> he told me he was using in the prison. >> yesterday gabe gutierrez sat
11:02 am
down with the family of officer tate on mother's day and officer tate's mom had a message for those who killed her son. >> at the end of the day, i will say to them i forgive you. the hurt is unbearable. >> let's go to gabe gutierrez on the ground. >> reporter: a public memorial service is set to get under way for the two slain officers benjamin deen a k-9 officer, 34 years old and had been named officer of the year here in hattiesburg in 2012. the other officer, liquori tate just 25 years old, a rookie who just graduated a year ago. he wanted to be a police officer since he was 4 years old. they were shot and killed saturday night when police say
11:03 am
that the officer -- officer deen had stopped a vehicle for speeding when he called for backup and officer tate arrived, the shots rang out. both officers were hit and police say the suspects took off in one of the police cruisers and caught a short time later. this afternoon, the suspects -- four suspects are set to be arraigned, marvin banks, joni calla way, those two charged with capital murder and curtis banks, accessory after the fact cornelius clark charged with obstruction. we spoke with the mother of marvin banks, she believes her son did it but he was under the influence of drugs. as for curtis banks, he says he had nothing to do with this. the suspects set to be formally charged during arraignment in just a short time. >> we'll keep our eye on that. gabe gutierrez in mississippi, we'll also continue to watch vigil for the officers taking
11:04 am
place right now. we'll take you to part of that service. as we continue to follow this story, we'll be asking our viewers to weigh in on what they think about the police being safe in their community. and it's been surprising how people are coming in on this one. >> overwhelming as far as the responses when we last checked. this is what we're asking we're asking you at home do you think police officers feel safe in your community? let's take a look at the score board and how we're doing so far based on your responses, it's stayed the same since we last checked, 93% say yes and 7% say no. it's been pretty much overwhelming since we started. we launched an hour ago, 73% with yes and you see how that has kbroengrown. in the past minute or so pretty much again overwhelmingly the majority saying yes, you think officers feel safe in your
11:05 am
community. let's break that down by age and see how that is overwhelmingly with people saying yes, older people i would say. you can see blue represented by someone in the age group between 18 and 24 just voted, spiking that up to yes, overwhelmingly as you see here in the gold people 55 and older, since the past five minutes, pretty much everybody saying yes. invite you to weigh in even if you've already done so. head to pulse.msnbc and let us know what you think. do you think police officers feel safe in your community is our question. >> thank you. we'll see you shortly. developing news on the severe weather front. it's hitting a large swath of the country. six people killed and including two confirmed deaths in the town of van, texas after a tornado touched down there. we have eight others still accounted for. and search and rescue teams are going door to door. listen to one man, how he recounted the moment the tornado hit last night.
11:06 am
>> as soon as we heard the tornado sounded like a train coming i always heard it described that but that's what it sounds like. and it got super loud and we could feel the house shaking. >> so elsewhere in texas, the storm system brought widespread flooding and the national guard has sent in to rescue people trapped by the rising waters there. joining me from van is nbc news correspondent jay gray. explain the status on the search for those missing. >> reporter: as you said they are going door to door. we saw a unit of sheriff's officers coming through the school administration building to see if anyone was trapped inside or locate the at least eight people unaccounted for. let's show you the mess this storm left behind. you can see this metal siding. we think it's from an awning a few yards away and all over the place you find these shingles from roof tops. come back here you can see the administration building has been destroyed, there's several trees
11:07 am
down power lines as well. the windows shattered here inside just a mess. as you come back across there's debris scattered for miles in this community. it looks like this may have been the path the tornado took. you can see tennis courts here from the school and behind those tennis courts you've also got the elementary school ripped apart. you can see everything bent and pushed in one direction and this is what so many people in this area and across tornado alley right now continue to deal with. it's been four or five days of severe outbreaks and this is the latest hit here. you talk about tornadoes and other areas, it was the wind and water and rescues yesterday and we have flooding across this region. it's a mess and something frankly thomas they have to deal with for quite some time here. power down for a lot of people in this area. they don't have a specific number at this point. we do know the mayor has said at
11:08 am
least 30% of the entire town has just been devastated. they are out there trying to figure out where these missing people are and where they go from here. >> jay gray reporting in van, texas. thanks so much. as we talk about the weather issue, the threat not over yet for the country's midsection. as we mentioned, more than 40 million people are at risk for severe weather today and the weather channel meteorologist chris warren has been tracking and joins us with the latest. >> good day, we are looking at the threat for storms to the east coast and area here in red the greatest chance for the strongest storms but does include a chance for a tornado. watch out for hail and damaging winds within this area. it is though off and out of the way of van, texas, right in here. thunderstorms a possibility here from southern portion of texas all the way up into the great lakes. this is how it times out throughout the day. here's the time in the early afternoon hours we're watching
11:09 am
these storms from the mississippi valley tennessee valley and eventually into parts of the northeast, western pennsylvania, upstate new york but some of those hit and miss thunderstorms we can't rule out up and down the 95 corridor. back to you. >> chris warren thanks for the update. we're getting this developing news out of las angeles a sky west airplane made an emergency landing. the landing gear got stuck forcing pilots to land without one of them. nobody was hurt we're looking at images from earlier. we'll keep our eye on that story. we're following breaking news out of boston where the prosecution has rested its case for the death penalty in the trial of convicted bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev the one involved the living suspect left of the bombing case. this morning sister helen pra an an anti-death penalty icon
11:10 am
testified on behalf of the convicted bombing suspect. rehema ellis is following that portion of this trial and joins us with what the sister had to say. how moving was it for this jury to hear from this icon of the anti-death penalty movement? >> reporter: it's really difficult to say and maybe impossible to say how moving her testimony was to know to the jury. we will know once they deliberate but it was interesting to hear from her. she's the only person able to tell us on the witness stand what the demeanor has been like since he was arrested for these crimes. one of the things he said when she was asked to talk about him, she met him four different times and said i looked at his face and thought, oh, my god, he's so young and had disagreements good her catholic faith and his faith as muslim but always respectful. when she asked him to talk about his crimes he said emphatically
11:11 am
quote, no one deserves to suffer like they did. she said he seemed to be absolutely sincere to her and she said his voice had pain in it. that's what she shared with the jury thomas. this is the kind of impression of tsarnaev that no one has able to share with them thus far because no one has been able to talk with him about what has been happening to him in jail as he's been sitting there for the last couple of years. >> invaluable insight into the curiosity who this person is. still ahead, will tom brady be suspended? a look at what could be ahead for the patriots qb and also ahead -- >> my husband and i know how frustrating that experience can be. we both felt the sting of those slights throughout our entire lives. the folks across the street in fear of safety and clerks that kept a close eye on us in all of
11:12 am
those department stores. >> first lady speaking candidly about race in a commencement address at tuskegee university. more of it when we come right back. (woman) you want to eat... want to eat, who wants to eat... (dog) do i want to eat? yes, i want to eat. (woman) do you want to eat? (dog) do i want to eat, yes. that's like nine times you've asked...yes. i mean it's beneful. i can actually see the meaty chunks and carrots right there...look at it. it's beautiful. mmmmmmm, thank you so much... but you know tomorrow night... 'bout we just assume i do want to eat... know speed things up a little. (vo) beneful chopped blends, a healthy blend... ...your dog will love. made with real beef. plus carrots and barley that you can see. beneful. healthy with a side of happy. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently,
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11:15 am
we are expecting to hear from the nfl about the next action in the controversy known as deflategate. tom brady could find himself on the sidelines with a suspension for his alleged role in deflating footballs during the afl championship game. and fellow star quarterback peyton manning side stepped giving brady full throated support. manning said he's my friend and will always be my friend. i don't know what happened and don't have much more than that for you. joining me now is rob
11:16 am
simmelkjaer, host of speak, do you thnk roger goodell will suspend brady. >> i don't think there's too much doubt we will get some suspension prevailing wisdom in the two to four game range. i don't think he goes much farther than that in terms of punishing him. to me, this is essentially a serious misdemeanor as far as nfl rules violations go. it's not a small thing deflating the football matters and it's something if you look at the report from ted wells that the patriots were involved in doing for some period of time going back beyond the afc champion game. to me it does not rise to the level we've seen for other players like domestic violence and other violations of the law or other things off the field. to me this feels like two to four game range. >> this dealing with rules of
11:17 am
the game and not personal behavior outside of the field of football. this is professional behavior. do you think this is going to have an issue with his legacy rob? i mean the scandal and being attached to what the intent means of trying to deflate balls and edge of cheating. >> i think it will but i don't think we're going to see him tarred as -- he's done too much in the game to look back on it some day as a guy who broke the rules. six super bowls and four super bowl wins not all of that was because the football was deflated. i don't think anybody believes that. it will be an astorisk and it's a bigger question for bill belichick, he was disciplined for something called spygate several years ago, spying on teams. it's an issue for brady and i'm curious to see how the league deals with the organization.
11:18 am
they fine the patriots heavily and take draft picks away. there's more at stake than tom brady. >> the draft picks, that's a big one. >> thank you. we're back now and check in with frances, a look at the time other punishment delivered by the nfl commissioner roger goodell over the years and for what. what has he given out? >> that's the interesting take here, you look at domestic violence, drug use and wide range of punishment as far as suspensions here. if you think about it it could be historic the highest profile player to be suspended in the 96-year history of the nfl. there were several a few in the past year that grabbed many headlines. let's break it down. let's start with ray rice suspended for two games initially when that infamous video surfaced of rice knocking out his then wife and dragger erging her bodty out of the elevator. roger goodell admitted he didn't get it right. he won and appeal and reinstated
11:19 am
in december. another team hasn't picked him up yet. adrian peterson got into trouble for disciplining his son with a wooden switch. he pled no contest and roger goodell suspended him the rest of the season. he went to court and his suspension was overturned and reinstated last month. then dallas cowboys greg hardy with carolina last season suspended without pay for ten games in the 2015 season found guilty of beating and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend and throwing her on a pile of guns and charges were dismissed after he reached a civil settlement with his exgirlfriend. josh gordon suspended without pay for one year for repeatedly violating substance abuse policy. history of failed drug and alcohol tests and drunk driving arrest. interesting to compare here josh
11:20 am
gordon's one year suspension to ray rice's initial two games, something we've heard the nfl being just pounded on over and over again. you know we were talking about rob simmelkjaer could be a wide range, maybe two to four games. those are out there who think maybe the entire season may not just be him. we'll see the patriots and -- >> the examples you bring up the personal behaviors of these athletes breeding into professional lives and this is a professional problem happening on the field and who knows for how long. it's not so much about the outcome of the game but what was the intent of his professional -- of his professional wish. if this is all true. >> we may know earlier this week. roger goodell could make his opinion any time now. >> we have breaking news out of florida, our local nbc affiliate is reporting george zimmerman was involved in a shooting incident in lake mary this
11:21 am
afternoon. that's his truck on the left hand side and closer view on the right-hand side of the screen. police chief steve brak nell says the shooting happened on lake mary boulevard. officers say it appeared zimmerman suffered a minor gunshot wound in january of 2015 accused of assault by his girlfriend. no charges filed after she recanted the allegations. he was also arrested in november of 2013 in domestic violence allegations when his girlfriend called police and later recanted the story. zimmerman was aquilted in the shooting death of trayvon martin. our nbc affiliate reporting that yornlg zimmerman involved in a shooting incident. it looks like zimmerman suffered a minor gunshot wound. we're going to have more details for you as soon as we get them here on msnbc. still ahead this hour a georgia high school principal under fire for racial remarks at the
11:22 am
graduation ceremony. we'll get reaction from a mom who says there's more to the story than caught on tape. a mom and her autistic daughter kicked off a united airlines flight. why? that mother will join me to explain their story coming up. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective.
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11:25 am
potentially the first african-american first laidty i was the focus of another set of questions and speck lagss and conversations sometimes rooted in the fears and misperceptions of others. was i too loud or too angry or too ee mask lating? >> that was the first lady delivering the commencement address at tuskegee university. she attributed many of her negative experiences in the public eye to race including scrutiny she faced on the campaign trail. many on social media applaud her
11:26 am
critique but some call her comments unnecessary complaining. frances following more stories trending on social media right now. >> certainly that speech but most people agree on her husband's decision to call some very lucky moms, especially on mother's day. the president made 30 surprise phone calls to moms who had written to them. twitter lit up in reaction but one mom just couldn't believe her ears. >> this is barack obama -- >> yeah it is. >> no way. >> way. i decided on mother's day i should call up some letter writer moms and say thank you and you're one of the moms i want to say thank you to. you still don't me? >> at least there's video to prove it. in tv land the cancellation of "american idol", the reality tv show said this it's ending
11:27 am
after 15 seasons next year. as you can imagine a lot of frans die-hards are freaking out, others are saying with the other singing contests out there maybe this one has jumped the shark. very own thomas roberts topped google news this weekend, accepted the award at the glad media gala on saturday from linda carter otherwise known as wonder woman. significant impact on promoting lgbt equality. here's the acceptance speech listen. >> my message to any lgbt kid that feels hopeless or ashamed or cornered i sure you you are a gathering storm. i hear you. we in this room hear you. we love you and we got your back. >> we hear you and we love you, thomas, amazing honor. so fitting you have wonder woman presenting that to you. in your eyes you're clark kent
11:28 am
superman to me. >> love linda carter a lot. i make no effort in hiding how much i love her. >> it was a tremendous night for a kid like me. thanks very much what an honor. thank you. the big news we've been following the cleanup efforts under way after tornadoes level homes in a suburb of dallas two people killed in the storms there, eight people still missing, we're going to bring you an update on that and memorial being held for two police officers killed over the weekend in mississippi. the suspects in court later today. more on their story after this. so, what brings you to jersey? well, geico's the #1 auto insurer in new jersey, new york and connecticut. so i just came by to say "thanks." #1, huh? that's great. here you go. a little token of appreciation. oh, that's... that's... that's great... now i'd say you probably need a large. geico. fifteen minutes could save you
11:29 am
fifteen percent or more on car insurance. making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. at our infusion centers or in patients homes. we help them fight the good fight. cvs health, because health is everything.
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11:31 am
♪ sfx: engine sounds introducing the new can-am spyder f3. with a cruising riding position and the most advanced vehicle stability system in the industry...'ll ride with a feeling of complete freedom and confidence. visit your can-am spyder dealer and test drive one today. the new spyder f3. riding has evolved. we're back now, more on developing news out of texas where people in the small community of van, a town of 2600 people are cleaning up from a storm that devastated the area last night. storms uprooted trees tearing off rooftops off several homes
11:32 am
and officials say 30% of the city is damaged. two people were killed and eight currently unaccounted for. >> at this time we did have multiple fire departments and law enforcement agencies with search k-9s going door to door identifying any of the missing people that we have names for. >> overall six people across several states were killed due to the storm system. heavy rainfall also likely to play a key role in a cliff falling on lake whitney. it was eroding for some time. joining me on the telephone is shawn thompson a resident of van who had a tree fall on his home. explain exactly how much warning did you have about this storm system the tornado coming through to save harbor? >> we just had about 30 30 seconds to a minute. heard the sirens go off and
11:33 am
didn't even know -- weren't watching television or anything and thought it was a big storm. we heard sirens go off so we immediately looked for shelter in the hallway. and as soon as we heard that the tornado coming so we got down on the ground and started praying and hoped for the best. >> explain for your area if you heard sirens go off and knew to get into the hallway, how regularly do you anticipate or your area how often do you get severe storm warnings like this where a tornado may come through? >> it feels like about, half a dozen times a year. it wasn't a strange occurrence we were pretty used to it happening and never had a tornado come through so we thought this was just another safety precaution just to be sure but as soon as we heard it coming we know this time it was not one of those times. >> talk about the reaction two
11:34 am
people have been killed in the storm system and there's still people missing there in your small community. how is everybody trying to cope with this. >> it's devastating, we had two casualties and still eight people last time i heard missing and we're just -- we're all feeling for those families and we're all affected by this some more than others but it's a big hit. >> we're looking at images and some of the aerials are breath taking to see devastation. shawn thompson thanks for joining me i appreciate and best of luck to you and your family. last ditch effort to stop marriage equality. scheduled to consider a bill that would prohibit state employees from recognizing or
11:35 am
enforcing same-sex marriage licenses. the bill is among 20 pieces of legislation being considered by the texas legislature. following the story. we have 20 of these lgbt proposals in the works. what's the politics here and who is at work behind this effort? >> the main sponsor behind this particular bill that lawmakers will consider tomorrow in the house of representatives is a man named cecil bell i haven't had a chance to speak with about this bill told me earlier that state sovereignty it alive and well. this is certainly seen as part of a widespread effort in conservative states to resist the gays of the lgbt equality movement, particularly marriage equality which could become law of the land by june. >> when the supreme court is expected to return its decision. it will be interesting to see if
11:36 am
texas decides to start cherry picking what it wants to believe from the supreme court and what if does want to believe in. emma, great to see you, thank. >> a top white house official has everyone on alert after comments made sunday by lone wolf terrorists. >> we're very definitely in a new phase in the global terrorist threat where the so-called lone wolf could strike at any moment. it is a new environment but we are not discouraging americans from doing the things they do on a daily basis. >> that was homeland security jeh johnson his comments after authorities are trying to learn from last week's shootings in garland, texas, two men shot dead after an attempted attack on a muhammad cartoon contest. senior partner, evan it's great to see you, is this in any
11:37 am
moment -- that's what he said any moment type of reality we live in? it would be but it's important to put it in context. not talking about an army hiding in every town. there's a report last week that was a dubious suggesting that isis had cells in this town and that state and doesn't work like that. there are a significant number of isis supporters out there including people who live in the u.s. the problem is these people -- it's typical to tell whether vocal supporters of isis on twitter or whether or not they could be properly motivated and decide to carry out an act of violence and frustration or difficulty here there's enough of these folks and it's hard enough to tell who is who and who is going to put -- put action to words there's too many for law enforcement to monitor every moment of the day. they are saying something could happen and we might not be in a position to stop it. these are also home grown
11:38 am
extremists and these are not hard corps al qaeda trained terrorists. >> let's talk about the vulnerability about who's susceptible to be groomed by isis that could become the lone wolf? how does the fbi or homeland security try to stay one step ahead? >> one way is social media. at least one of the attackers supposedly behind the garland attack last week was on twitter, active member on twitter. was so active on twitter he had three or four different twitter accounts suspended by twitter because -- >> because of proisis activist. that's one clue but not that easy. there are thousands out there tweeting pro-isis stuff, it's not clear how many of these people are in the u.s. if we can get it down to that number, four different acts suspend. why is he he decided to take action here and now and not
11:39 am
previously? i don't think anybody has 100% handle over. don't expect the impossible from us. we can't predict what's going on inside people's heads. >> really fluid profiles. evan coleman, great to see you. more on breaking news out of florida where nbc news confirms that george zimmerman was involved in a shooting incident in lake mary this afternoon. the shooting happened on lake mary boulevard. our nbc affiliate saying officers at the scene said it appeared zimmerman suffered a minor gunshot wound. police will hold a news conference later today. you will all recall zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin in july of 2013 but again police telling nbc news that zimmerman suffered a minor gunshot wound, our nbc affiliate saying officers at the scene witnessed this. we'll have much more when they hold a news conference later today. a private school principal
11:40 am
apologized for prashlly charged comments she made on friday. >> all of the black people -- >> we'll speak to someone in the room friday night, a mom of one of the graduating students who says there's a lot more to the story and family removed from a plane after it made an emergency landing, was their autistic daughter a threat? we'll speak to that girl's mom coming up. scott: hello! nbr: scott - we're concerned. you just fed your lawn earlier this spring and now you're at it again. scott: (chuckles) indeed, a crucial late spring feeding helps defend the grass against the summer heat to come. nbr: we knew that - right guys? oh yeah! scott: feed your lawn. feed it! i'm brian vickers, nascar® driver. i'm kevin nealon comedian. and i'm arnold palmer, professional golfer. know what we have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. me, when i had a blood clot in my leg that could have traveled to my lungs. that's why i took xarelto®, too. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of
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11:43 am
>> you are being so rude to not listen to this speech. it was my fault we missed it in the program. look who's leaving, all the black people. >> that was georgia principal nancy gordon during a graduation ceremony and now under fire for making remarks that some are calling racist.
11:44 am
>> i'm not a racist. i didn't know black people was a racist term. i didn't say the n word or anything like that because that's not in my vocabulary. >> she definitely needs to get out of that field of being a teacher or motivator, educational, she don't need to be doing that at all. >> joining me by phone the mom of a graduate in atlanta at friday's commencement. what was your first reaction when this happened? >> it was -- it was just like shock, but you know it was crazy because throughout the whole ceremony it was the remarks throughout the whole ceremony. this was the last straw when she made that remark. >> when we talk about the context of the moment here she was trying to get people to stay to hear the valedictorian's speech and messed p and val did
11:45 am
toir yan was a white student? >> she -- the graduation was already over. the kids lr already marched out and parents already started leaving out. she calls everybody back in and everybody sat back down and that's when all of the -- everything was starting. valedictorian, we didn't know that was the reason she called us back in here. >> so what were the remarks that were rude during the ceremony that you say were the tip of the iceberg. >> ceremony started and everything was good and first remark she said you guys keep them quiet or keep them out of here. that brought attention in the church. everybody was looking like is she joking or what? that was the first remark. then after that she started presenting the diplomas to the
11:46 am
graduates, it's like i don't know it was -- every black child that went up she was talking about how they were kicked out of public schools and how it took them five years to finish. it is just not something you would expect to come out during a graduation. so it was people leaving way before this incident. >> i want to play a little bit of the apology from her. take a listen. >> people always think the worst, that oh, you say the word black, you know was i supposed to say african-american? are they all born in africa? no they are americans. and they live here. and but i'm not a racist. people that know me i've worked with disadvantaged kids like this that couldn't get through school. we help them get a high school diploma. and we've been doing it for 15
11:47 am
years. our heart is in it we're not against anyone and i never disrespected anyone. >> she didn't say all americans please sit down. are you buying what she's selling, meldy? >> i'm not -- i don't know it just came out. i don't know if that's what she felt in her heart. if you see, they have two clips going viral, a lot of people didn't -- they pretty much -- everything was over we came back in. if you see the women, first family that got up and pulled their daughter from the stage was a white family. so i don't think that's -- that's the crazy part of the whole thing. she keeps saying -- all he did was videotape it never said anything to her. >> we congratulate you on a family member -- one of your kids graduated that day, that friday, correct? >> yes. >> congratulations. this should be a time to celebrate and be very proud of your recent graduate.
11:48 am
thank you so much. i appreciate your time. i want to go back to the top stories over the last two hours. we're looking at a live memorial service for the two police officers that are fatally shot in hattiesburg mississippi over the weekend. one of the colleagues shared a memory, a 24-year-old liquori tate. >> tate and his police lights and sirens anyone that knows tate as a cop, he loves the police siren more than anything in the department. i guarantee if they kept stats of it officer tate would have hit a siren more than any other officer. >> the shooting is raising questions about the safety of police officers in the communities and we're getting a big response from our bing pulse question. we want to check in with frances to see where we stand now. >> the results are this when we asked viewers do you think police officers feel safe in your community, take a look at the score board, how you've been responding pretty much has been
11:49 am
stable. 13% say no 87% say yes. it's down. the highest point was around 93 about an hour ago. this is pretty much consistently how it's been. you're weighing in on the facebook page one of the viewers told us law enforcement employees are our neighbors and family members and they are valued components of our society but they must not be abusive and above reproach for we're all human and prone to make mistakes. we thank you for your votes and weighing in. interesting to see how pretty much consistent that's been with our viewers. >> we'll have the pulse going for a little bit longer. we'll encourage you to weigh in and we'll be back with more. stick around.
11:50 am
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11:52 am
we're going to take a close look at the shocking new study, parents of overweight kids don't see their unhealthy size which has pediatricians pushing hard for a reality check.
11:53 am
here's hallie jackson. >> reporter: every parent likes to think their child is perfect. >> i've gotten really really fat? >> you're at the age where you're a growing boy. >> reporter: when it comes to how much kids weigh -- >> i don't think it's a good idea to give him sweets. >> it is. >> reporter: new research finds a parent's perception doesn't match the facts. a study asked parents if their preschoolers were too thin too heavy or just about the right weight? nearly all of the parents of overweight or obese kids thought their child was just right. experts call it goldilocks syndrome and the results far from a fairy tale. >> i think these findings are shocking and we didn't really high poj they size that they would be so stark. >> reporter: the author says it's not that moms and dads are in denial instead of using medical growth charts parents are looking at how kids stack up
11:54 am
against peers and since one in three children is overweight or obese, doctors say that's not a healthy comparison. >> charlene makes it a point to talk with her pediatrician where her kids sit on the size chart. >> i feel like a lot of parents should communicate with their doctors. >> and that's good advice for any parent along with making sure to incorporate plenty of healthy fun like the west family does. >> we do go to the park we play outside. you know lots of different things and even though some parents wave off the extra weight on the preschooler, arguing a chubby child will grow out of it. research shows overweight kids are more likely to stay heavy as teens and adults. >> change the whole trajectory and this is an important time to intervene to make sure children are living as healthy as possible. >> reporter: the prescription
11:55 am
for parents, a reality check to get over goldilocks syndrome and help kids grow to have their own healthy, happy storybook ending. hallie jackson, nbc news los angeles. >> that was interesting. that's going to wrap things up for today's show. we'll see you back here tomorrow 1:00 p.m. eastern. keep the conversation going. don't go anywhere because "the cycle" is coming up next. >> happy monday thomas con grats on the award from glad. >> it was a tremendous honor for a kid like me appreciate that. >> absolutely. good show to you, thomas we're going to talk once again about the patriots with andrew because we didn't get enough of that story, much more on "the cycle."
11:56 am
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11:58 am
the volkswagen golf family. motor trend's 2015 "cars" of the year. two cops killed in mississippi and two facing charges of capital murder.
11:59 am
>> they made the ultimate sacrifice to protect people in the city. some they did not and would not ever know. because it was their job. it was their duty and it was their code. >> i'm tour'e as we come on the air flags are at half staff at the hattiesburg police department. two young police officers were shot and killed during a routine weekend traffic stop. a memorial service is under way for benjamin deen a decorated k-9 officer who was the officer of the year in 2012 and leaves behind a wife and two small children and liquori tate joined the police force less than a year ago. the four suspects in their death will make initial court appearances this afternoon, two charged with capital murder could face the death penalty. the hatpies burg mayor does not believe the officers were
12:00 pm
specifically targeted but the loss remains just as raw. gabe gutierrez is there for us. >> reporter: tour'e good afternoon, this is an emotional time in hattiesburg the first two officers killed in the line of duty in more than 30 years. a public memorial service is now under way. and public here is remembering the two officers, first officer benjamin deen 34 years old and had been named officer of the year in 2012. then there was officer liquori tate, just 25 years old, a rookie cop who just graduated from the police academy less than a year ago. his family said he wanted to be a police officer since he was just 4 years old. on saturday night, police say officer deen made a traffic stop and stopped a vehicle for speeding. an


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