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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  May 11, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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s, but there was a witness that was a bureau prisons expert that they battled heavily on the stand. >> okay. they were -- prosecution was worried about her test testimony today. >> right. >> garrett, thanks for joining us tonight. for brady, it is fourth and long. let's play "hardball." good evening. too cute. the way this has been hand too, cute. he didn't deny it. he's been too cute and too smirky and playing too hard to get. as if he was saying, are you kidding? do you expect no com to this? like chris christie saying yeah, i was the guy that put the traffic cones out. there tom brady was cuter than
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that. he kept going on about the process the game footballs go through before kickoff. whatever it is they do to make them perfect for him. it was all too cute. especially when he went to salem university with the love fest he was showered in when they were trying to get some truth out of the local here dlofl it came late this afternoon. tom brady and his group couldn't handle. sacked four games this season. real games. just to make it clear who the league thinks it was clear behind all this, they flew the patriots organization itself for a big loss. a first round draft pick and the fourth round draft pick a year later. so guess what. don't do the crime if you can't do the time. i'm joined by the boston globe. and host of sports matters.
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let me ask you for your view on how they come about such a punishment. it is complicated how they get to the numbers but number are everything in sports. why the number four, why the number $1 million, why the two draft picks. a first round and a fourth round the year later. >> the nfl clearly wanted to hit both that tom brady and the organization very significantly. tom brady, the four-game suspension. this is the first time in nfl history we've seen a player taken off the field for something of this nature. and then the highest team as well. the patriots the act itself, trying to skirt the rules. it all add up for the patriots and this wasn't the first time they got in trouble either. they had the spygate in 2007. >> what do you make of the attitude they showed and the way that tom brady and attorneys
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played the last week? i say two cued. they were smiling their way through it. your thoughts? >> yeah. i guess there will be no apology for bob kraft. you remember when he arrived in phoenix and made his statement. he expected an apology from the nfl if the patriots were cleared which he thought would happen and it has not happened. the patriots' attitude drove up the price. you talk about the cooperation or the lack of cooperation. one of the thing that was really significant was the revelation that the investigators try get back at jim mcnally for a follow-up interview after they had conducted several interviews. he was interviewed early in the
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process. and the patriots would not make him available. that's a serious allegation on top of everything else involved in this. then with tom brady, you know, it is kind of sad that he had this when they first surface in the january. and maybe felt like he did not cheat to the level that he is being punished for now. he could have given us more insight into his role and those footballs. i don't know if tom brady told the equipment people to deflate them to theed point they were illegal. maybe to the point where it is comfortable for him. and that's some gray area in all of this. the patriots getting the message that the nfl means business. it is a new day in the nfl after going so soft on some of these other violations which have nothing to do with the integrity of game when you talk about some of the personal conduct situations that the league got hammered for publicly. >> you keep going to this soft
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word. i keep thinking about the football. i keep thinking about the 10.5 psi. it looks like the guy in the locker room who carried the 24 footballs in the men's room and locked the door in that little bathroom. what a weird scene that must have been. he is getting jammed out of a job. he can only come back to the league with league approval. >> which won't happen. >> the little guy gets screwed. going back to shakespeare. he is the kind of guy that gets hurt. and trainer, and then you have the quarterback losing four game with money. he will be just as rich as he's ever been eventually. >> yeah. you have a lot of people who is tough to hurt. hurting tom brady with a suspension. it hurts his legacy. no question about that. this will be something that will
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be in his biography for the rest of his career and beyond. and that has to be something. >> does it take away the asterisk? is this punishment in the rule books because you take away four games out of 16 season games? does this take away the asterisk? it is not like we were going to take away his super bowls, the yards he's thrown for. there was never any talk about that. but this is something in the conversation when you just talk about brady and his career. he'll still be seen as a great quarterback but a guy who broke the rules as his coach did in the past with the spygate scandal. let's not forget. this hurts the team. they're losing a first round draft pick. no small thing. >> and leveling the four-game suspension against brady himself. your actions as set forth in the
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report clearly constitute conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the game of professional football. it requires unshakeabler commitment and compliance with the playing rules. each player no matter how accomplished has an obligation to comply with the rules and must be held accountable for his actions. when those rules violated and the public's confidence and the game is called into question. this question, you're at the globe. you know all about this attitude thing. what did you make of what seemed to be the strategy of the patriots, including brady and smirking it off? laughing the thing off? being charming about it. as if he know you little people have your little worries. i'm a big super jock. and i'm above all this. i wonder if that didn't just tick off gooell and the rest guys? >> i don't think there's any question that the patriots' own behavior brought a lot of this on themselves.
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their arrogance and defiance, frankly brought on the investigation. had they maybe owned up to it and said, look, we're sorry. this was a couple lower level employees who got out of control is that took things out of hand. we apologize. we didn't mean to do it. mabel ted wells never gets involved and we're not sitting with brady, they ignored roger goodell's orders in being fully come plinlt with ted wells. tom brady wouldn't hand over his cell phone. they wouldn't make jim mcnally available after text messages they had questions with. they didn't give good cooperation. robert kraft has been his if i knowter entire time. if we're proven innocent, he wants an apology. his statement last week after the report was released. it looked like him kicking and screaming about it. the colts had deflated balls too. they never owned up to it.
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that's why the nfl had to come down so hard on the parties. >> last word. i want to know what good this is for america? give me a big picture view of all this. everybody is a super bowl fan. but i turn it on the in the misdemeanor of the night. he should not get a three-year. people know so much about sports that it maddens me. what does this mean to the country as a whole? a big good guy like this, married to a mold has everything handed to him. he turns out to be a guy who is a cheat. >> a couple things. number one, we have some finality. at least until we have a res wloogs the appeals process. we're one step closer to some finality in this case. if tom brady can be caught cheating, you add him to the list of so much others who have fallen from grace.
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and i think this makes you wonder. all of this came about for one situation in one game. a very big game. it makes you wonder how much cheating has been going on. straddled the fence. how many other ways. ways. >> let me go to if rob on this. >> you guys talk a lot on this show about income inequality. seeming that we have two different sets of rules for people in this country. well, tom brady is clearly the 1%. and he is obviously being held to the same rules as everybody else. one other thing i'll say. we could be set for a great night of drama this fall if brady serves all four games of suspension, his firster game will be against indianapolis colts. that would be a dramatic day of
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football. >> i love that. i want to know who is the all about eve? who is the one that gets the cinderella game? thank you. it has been an interesting night. coming up, who is jeb bush? is he a thoughtful statesman like his dad or a hawk like his brother? president obama did it here and on that "hardball" of he said elizabeth warren is wrong on trade. just a politician. a real fight among democrats. the big vote could be tomorrow. the result is not in any way clear. plus, crowding into the clown car. they all took to the sunday shows this weekend and things didn't go well for the three newby presidential candidates. finally, let me finish with this strange, weird desperate behavior of one jeb bush.
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so you and your passengers can breathe happy. last year the republicans were ahead of hillary. let's check out the "hardball" scoreboard. jeb bush now trails the hillary. scott walker has some name i.d. to make up. it shows new hampshire is a typical purple start. hillary clinton.
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at the outset of the 2016 presidential campaign, jeb bush says we should not be defined by
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the policies of his brother. an interesting point to make. now he is openly embracing the most controversial part of his brother's legacy. in an interview with megain kelly, he said knowing what we now know, he still would have authorized the invasion of iraq. here he is. >> knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion? >> i would have. so would have hillary clinton, to remind everybody, and so would have almost everybody that was could not front with the intelligence they got. >> you don't think it was a mistake? >> in retrospect that everybody saw, that the world saw, not just the united states, was faulty. in retrospect, once we invaded and took out saddam hussein, we didn't focus on security first and the iraqis in this incredibly insecure environment turned on the united states military because there was no security for themselves and their families. by the way, guess who think that's those mistakes took place
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as well. george w. bush. >> your brother. >> yeah. so just for the news flash to the world if they're trying to find places where there's big space between me and my brother, this might not be one of those. >> according to a cbs news poll, 75% of americans, three quarters of us say the iraq war was not worth it. and this latest bombshell came just after jeb name his brother as a top adviser on foreign policy when it comes to israel. a former spokesman. i want to go to you, david. you and i have been watching from the beginning. i never thought it was about that. the reason we went to iraq had to do with this whole theory about the road runs through baghdad.
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it seems like now, w. and bush are locked together permanently saying they would have done it any way with regard to the sales pitch. >> i feel jeb bush's pain. there is nobody, very few people now who would say they would go into war based on false, not faulty but false intelligence. hillary clinton has said she was sorry to give bush the authority to make the decision. >> plain and simple. she didn't say if i had known or not known. >> she said i was wrong. so what jeb bush says there about her is wrong. but also -- >> you're right. repeat that. he gave a dishonest account of hillary clinton's position. >> he said she would do this. she said she wouldn't. the big myth they keep trying to hang their hat on. we all saw false jengs. we were all misled. the book did i on mike isikoff shows again and again and again.
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people inside the government at very high levels of the white house where you used to be took it on but they chose to use it. >> let me show you this. to win support they warned that saddam hussein had nuclear weapons. either we invade that country or we get attacked by a nuclear bomb ourselves. watch. >> we know he's been absolutely devoted to trying to acquire nuclear weapons and we believe he has in fact reconstituted nuclear weapons. >> we cannot wait for the final proof. the smoking gun. that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud. we agree the iraqi dictator must not be permitted to threaten america and the world with horrible poisons and diseases and gases and atomic weapons.
11:20 pm
>> see, wasn't just the intelligence reports. they went beyond and said they had the weapon. they have a way of delivering it to us. >> they were wrong. >> why did they say it? why did they -- no, no, no. it was never in the intelligence reports that they had weapon. >> again. they were wrong. they had faulty intelligence. >> they didn't. >> they were mischaracterizing bad intelligence and it sound firmer and even more threatening than it actually was. that's the core of the issue here. they knew that the tubes, for instance, was iffy. there was a debate about it but cheney went on the air and said -- >> and president obama said that he was sickened by the fact that there was no wmds. >> don't use wmd. say nuclear weapons. >> i don't know if he was surprised or not. >> on nuclear weapons. did you believe they had it? >> i did not believe that.
11:21 pm
>> who in the white house believed it? >> i can't speak on who believed it or who did not. >> i know they wanted people to believe they did. dick cheney said they did. thank god for videotape. he didn't say maybe. >> so go after dick cheney on it. >> who was president? >> president bush. let me tell you -- >> on this -- >> we can go back and talk about the iraq war. in the case we're talking about is jeb bush. >> jeb bush is talking about it. >> when he was talking about it was specifically that it was faulty information that they received. the fact that they needed to create, to have security there for iraq going in there. i think for president bush who said it clearly in the book was an opportunity to have democracy in iraq and get rid of a dictator as well. >> oh, that was the goal. >> was it effective? no. now we have a vacuum. >> did he tell the american people we were going in to get rid of a dictator? >> he said it was to get rid of nuclear women's. >> we can talk about nuclear weapons.
11:22 pm
we were never going to the middle east to change over a dictator. here's my concern. jeb bush says knowing what we know now. >> he did not process that question correctly. i think you're going to see that there will be a clarification. it will end up coming out on this. i think he answered the question based on saying, he would have authorized a war based on the intelligence that was given to us at that time. >> i think she did a good job. >> i think she did a good job asking the questions. very simple question. knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion. could it be more simply put? >> i believe he did not process that question. i think it was a misunderstanding of the question. come on! >> this is what i don't understand. he knew this question was coming. if not in this interview, at some interview.
11:23 pm
and before he starts running, i'm sure there was at least one meeting. okay, guys. what do i say about my brother george and the iraq war? i'm going to be asked these questions. how do i handle it? >> the way answered it was the same way he talked about his foreign policy. >> i like having out this show and i think this conversation is for david and i shooting fish in a barrel. and it has been your job to ride the fish. and i'm sorry you had that job. >> it's okay. i enjoy challenge. >> it was a challenge. talk about fourth and nothing. >> coming up, what a fight. this is getting personal. the signature trade deal hangs in the balance. stay still, like a statue! just like a statue. look here! when your day goes on and on you need 48 hour odor protection
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it's a shoot-out on the left between president obama and elizabeth warren. this is a fight over the president's second term big goal. the enormous 12 nation trade deal walled the transpacific partnership. this is also a war over party rule. who is calling the shots? senator warren wants to derail the agenda. >> i love elizabeth. we're allies on a whole host of issues. but she's wrong on this. when you heard folks make a lot of suggestions about how bad this trade deal is, when you dig into the facts, they are wrong. the president says that he wants the american people to judge this deal based on the facts. to do that he has to make the deal public. otherwise the person people can't judge it on the facts.
11:28 pm
my zeal when the process is rigged, the outcome is likely to be rigged. >> they're making this up. this is not true. >> after fighting hard to protect dodd frank for years, democrats in the next few weeks could give republicans the very tool they need to dismantled dodd frank. >> think about the knowledge loeic of that. the notion that i had this massive fight with wall street to make sure we don't repeat what happened in 2007 and 2008. then i sign a provision that would unravel it? i would have to be pretty stupid. and it doesn't make any sense. >> this isn't just a fight over a trade deal. it is getting personal. this could come to a fight this week. the senate has scheduled the first the vote tomorrow. so it is good to have howard fineman and perry, the senior reporter. i'm fascinated. usualfully politics we're told, don't mention the president's
11:29 pm
name. >> he's violated another one of your rules. don't punch down. >> he's president. >> she is a senator. not, a freshman senator. so i think it is personal and i think the president is irritated that he will have to use a lot of political capital and he doesn't have that much to squeeze this through. the beginning of determining how much he will have to pay will be tomorrow when they have, test vote. the president will lose that. the president doesn't have a lot to sell. is the president punching down? who is the leader of the party? they're asked who they believe in. >> but the president wants, he doesn't want to be called not left enough by people supporting him for a long time. he does care about the left on that. >> the president called elizabeth warren just another
11:30 pm
politician. truth of the matter is that elizabeth is a politician like everybody else. and she has a voice that she wants to get out there. i understand that. on most issues she and i deemly agree on. this one her arguments don't stand the test of fact and scrutiny. >> i don't like gun references but he's like matt. here come the gun slinger. it is the cowboy movie. >> i think the translation is i'll take care of the holier than thou. >> she's too pure? >> yeah. how dare she claim to assert his role of being the guy -- >> how do we score this one? if he squeaks through both houses.
11:31 pm
he gets through the huge trade deal. is that the only way she wins is to trade this? >> this she has made herself even more the face -- >> if she fails, doesn't that make her bernie sanders? >> the president spent time calling democrats. >> not among democrats. most democrats will vote against this deal. long before that. >> long before she moved up. >> she is a powerful figure. >> i might ask where is hillary in all this. she's very smart. she is letting elizabeth warren handling and it hillary will owe elizabeth warren. >> here's someone who came in on the president's side. the unemployment rate has dropped to 5.4.
11:32 pm
the economy added well over 200,000 jobs. 12 million jobs have been created during this recovery and the stock market is booming. the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p have hit high levels. jobs are being created. i think that gives him an argument. i'm surprised he doesn't go on prime time tv. trust me. i've been bringing this economy back since i've gone into office. i've delivered. don't let this person distract you. >> what he doesn't want to say is that the role of the labor unions politically, even though they have a lot of money, it has been widely reduced. the fact that we're more partisan than we were sort of gives the unions one last shot at holding on here. >> like you said, the fact is the game is over in terms of. manufacturing in the united states. >> wages are still stuck. you had chuck schumer on your show a few weeks ago.
11:33 pm
until they see wages go up in a real way, sure. he's moved. >> i think he's -- >> the leader of the democratic party. it is now centered in the rust belt. they've lost the south, the rockies, that's where the party comes from. >> he has to use his economic clout because of his credibility to push for that minimum wage. >> he also represents upstate new york. rochester. batavia, buffalo, tim russert country. he has to recommend them too. thank you. it's fun to watch a good fight. up next, it didn't go so well for mike huckabee. he is something of a huckster, isn't he? with all the diabetes things he's selling. it will be reverse mortgages when this is over.
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why on the day that they did, the stock went up 7%? >> i was fired in a board room brawl. we had board members leaking information out of the board room.
11:38 pm
the truth is this. it is a leader's job to challenge the status quo. when do you you make enemies. i understand that well. the track record of the people of newlet packard and i is crystal clear. the stock has gone down during my tenure as did every other technology company. >> that was republican presidential candidate and huelet packard carly fearino defending her record. along with retired neuro surgeon dr. ben carson and form he governor mike huckabee, the huckster, all announced their campaigns for the 2016 gop presidential campaign. why not? all three were put on defense on this sunday morning talk circuit yesterday. huckabee defended his peernlgss in infomercials promoting a dietary supplement that treats diabetes. and he was on "face the nation."
11:39 pm
>> you know, i don't have to defend everything that i've ever done. i'm not doing the infomercials as a candidate for president. if that's the worst thing that someone can say, i advocated for people with diabetes to do something and reverse and it stop continue credible pain of that? then i'm going to be a heck of a good president. >> well, governor, i have diabetes. and i agree with you. and most doctors will tell you, you have to lose weight. you have to have a nutritious diet. but you were also selling pills of some sort, were you not? >> no, no. that's a misnomer. if we approach this as i have suggested, which is looking for cures, rather than just treatment, we then not only save lives, we start saving serious money. >> i don't know what he was doing talking about there. but i think he was explaining somehow in a way that probably tom brady explains things that i
11:40 pm
sold stuff nix way, carson, dr. carson defended his belief that the president can ignore decisions of the supreme court. catch this one. >> but does the president have to carry out a supreme court ruling? >> the laws of the land are not provided by the judiciary branch. >> since 1803, we have lived under the principle of judicial agree. if the supreme court says this is the law, the executive has to observe that. >> and i have said this is an area that we need to discuss. we need to get into a discussion of this. it has changed from the original intent. >> so you're saying this is an open question as far as you're concerned. >> it is an open question. it needs to be discussed. >> let's start with you. >> the next stop will be reverse mortgages but he was selling pills and they have no value. i have diabetes.
11:41 pm
you talk on your drx you throw them out. they have no value or they would be prescription. >> and there's a challenge for guys who go into the private sector. they attach their name to just about anything. if you are going to run for office -- >> how can he get away from that comment? he said i'm not going on defend everything i've ever done. >> that's what politicians do. let's go to the lawyer in our group. what do you make of this guy erasing marbury versus madison. >> it was so painful to watch this. there is a reason he was a brilliant neuro surgeon. a specialist and the most gifted we've ever seen and she stay out of politics. he will have bank robberies the part of republican base that loves him. if you listen to what he said, he also talked about that it goes against the original intent. times have changed.
11:42 pm
they're going to ask, do you believe in the constitution or not? he basically just said, the constitution is not the law of the land. >> i have to ask but carly fiorina. it doesn't look good to be fired. it just doesn't. and then she gets beaten. now she's running for president of the united states. tell never theory. >> i think she is very accomplished. >> of course. but don't you need -- she is going down the ladder. >> i think ben carson is very accomplished and he won't be president. why not run for president? there is very little risk to it. >> so your debates will be very frolicsome. >> i think the debates will be better than the last time around. you don't have michelle bachmann. >> i don't think trump will run. i think this is a marketing strategist. we will get to some good candidates. i think john kasich is a good candidate, jeb bush is a good
11:43 pm
candidate. >> you said it doesn't hurt. speaking of the clown car, i think i invented that term and i will hold on to it. the latest bloomberg, of likely voters has donald trump at 8%. behind paul, walker, bush and rubio you good get this. ahead of a lot of senators. he was feeding the red meat going after his favorite punching bag. >> we're dealing with babies. and i call the president the 5-1 president. we got bergdahl, they get five leaders accident killers that want to kill us all. and they're all back on the battlefield. and we got this piece of garbage named bergdahl who years ago -- who years ago we would have shot for treason and now they're saying, well, you know -- he
11:44 pm
doesn't feel good, he had a hard life. >> you know, i don't know. you don't call people human garbage when you run for president. all the people, good, bad and indifferent. >> and whar still looking for him they wouldn't phrase it like that. >> that sounds like. in the early states you have to go to the far right as possible. if you're on national security, the commit, that's the idea. >> all i remember was when rudy giuliani was the candidate. then he imploded. we are so early and donald trump is playing all of us and we should stop covering him. which guys should we cover? >> people who have a chance of winning. jeb bush, scott walker and john kasich. >> who are the three?
11:45 pm
>> carly fiorina got bumped out. i still say don't count her out. the republican party has a huge female woman problem. not just that she's the only one. she is not sarah palin. she's not bachmann. she can be very, very -- >> soes those weren't tough acts to follow i'm not sure she is charming enough to be a politician. she is hard and tough and maybe that's what the party -- is that still your party? >> i am independent with a capital i. >> did you vote for obama? >> of course. >> can you raise $10 million for the next month or so and jeb bush probably. rand paul probably. marco rubio be. >> the roundtable is with us. we'll be back in a moment after this. why pause to take a pill?
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right. make a bad bundle joke a buck goes in the jar. i guess that's just how the cookie bundles. now, you're gonna have two bundles of joy! i'm not pregnant. i'm gonna go. [ tapping, cash register dings ] there you go. [ buzzing ] bundle bee coming! it was worth it! saving you a bundle when you bundle -- now, that's progressive. document brady's attorney says they will appeal. brady was suspended for the first four games in the regular season coming up. and moments ago, the attorney general, i you'd a statement saying the discipline is ridiculous and has no legitimate basis. in my opinion this outcome was predetermined. flofs fairness whatsoever. the report that came out last week found that the patriots likely deflated footballs to gain an advantage and brady
11:48 pm
likely was aware.
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
god does make any mistakes. he was a hero. he backed up partner. >> that was the sister of hattiesburg, mississippi, officer cory tate, killed saturday night, gunned down in the street along with benjamin dean during a routine traffic stop. four suspects are now in custody and today there are new sobering numbers about police and what a frightening job it can be. the fbi announced there can be a dramatic rise in the number of officers killed in the line of duty.
11:51 pm
2013, 27 officers were killed while doing their jobs. we're back now with a round table. john, michelle. michelle, even at a time we're worried and concerned, we talked during the break about bad cases, bad police behavior, which is in some cases criminal. it is still one terrifying job to go out at night. when you have a high crime rate and you try to figure out who is a danger to me personally and you've got to use your calculation and humanity and also your street smarts to deal with this every night. >> it is -- every child when they grow up, you say what do you want to be and most kids say a policeman or fireman. it is an honorable job, a difficult job. it's national police week. if you take a look at their website and look at the names of every single person that lost their life, in the last year, it is a horrible reminder of just how difficult the work is that they have to do. and even despite the fact that we see -- we have seen so many cases in the last few years, that were horrific.
11:52 pm
and horrible shootings against unarmed african-american men. there is no excuse for any policeman to ever be killed. particularly what we have seen over the last weekend. >> i think -- as you know, being a fellow irishman, there is tradition in this. firefighters. i remember they said you want to be the one on the scene who can take care of things, like a doctor. you want to be there when they look, he's the guy who help this situation get better. >> yeah, i have cops in my family. you were a cop at one point in time. this is a very tough job. and i think in this era of social media and sensationalism and click bait, we get these stories where there is a rush to judgment. and it really increases tensions. and there are some bad actors in the cop world. we all know that. >> some bullies. >> we understand that. most guys are trying to do the best they can. and when things get so raw and there's so many sensationalism and rush to judgment, that's when we have these problems.
11:53 pm
>> two kinds of people have to deal with the situations in our society. teachers and police. you take all the -- it's not inequality on purpose, but it is that way. people are poor. people have no education, no father figures, nothing going for them. and you've got to be the wall that stops them from hurting anybody. >> right. >> and you're not going to make their lives any better necessarily, but you've got to be the wall or the teacher who has to deal with the kid who is malnourished, ticked off, parents are fighting, noise all night, can't study, because of the craziness in the hallway. and you've got to be the teacher that brings sanity to that kid's life at 8:30 in the morning. and the cops have the same kind of job. >> and you're going into environments that begin with people not at their best. right. when you're going to a domestic disturbance, people not at their best. >> nobody wants to walk into that. >> when you walk -- when you're a police officer walking into any of these environments, you start with the fact that people are not their best. they're frequently intoxicated. if you go into a bar -- so all kinds -- >> how would you like to stop a speeder at night, not knowing whether he's armed, drunk, dangerous or hates you.
11:54 pm
>> can i make one quick point. 27 was a low number. the average is in the 60s. >> 57 is disturbing and terrible. but -- and should be stopped. but, you know what, it wasn't -- >> it's not a huge problem. >> we don't want to make a big deal. >> by the way, that was an off year. i checked out the averages. i got the running averages. thank you. >> as a nation, i think we have a moral obligation to fix all of the structural inequalities that put policemen in these positions. >> you've got time. no, really. these are wonderful goals. >> what we saw in baltimore shows us, this is not a matter of race. it is a matter of inequality and a horrible system that perpetuates -- >> summer jobs. start with that. thank you, john feary. i think you agree with that. michelle, thank you. paul singer. give the kids something to do this summer. we'll be right back, after this.
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let me finish tonight with this strange, weird, desperate behavior of jeb bush. look, the reason people initially took him seriously as a candidate, the reason people have looked him over the years as a future hope is the assumption he's smarter than his brother, a lot more like his father. now, just to kill all that, jeb is saying that things are less than insurance than a warning. he's saying he's like his brother on mid east policy and specifically like him on the iraq war. he's saying even given we all know now, he would have brought our country into a bloody war of conquest, a dozen years of disgusting, unsuccessful
11:59 pm
occupation, and only adding to a legacy of death and hatred between us and the arab world. he would do it all over again. why did he do it? why did he say he would do it over again? the iraq war, three quarters of which the american people say they're against it. that's putting it lightly. five prospects. one, he made a mistake. two, he wanted to make sure there is not a sliver of distance between him and his brother. three, he wants to line up with all the other republican hawks in the field, all except rand paul. four, he wants to make up for being for immigration reform. and common core education standards. or five, he wants the money. the huge money out there awaiting sitting there for any republican presidential candidate who will pledge his soul to right wing mid east policies. whatever motive jeb had for offering up his political soul to the right wingers and hawks of his party, certainly doesn't set him apart. and setting himself apart is the one way most of us can imagine or could have imagined jeb bush winning this thing. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now.
12:00 am
tonight on "all in." >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. >> blockbuster new reporting from nbc news sheds new light on the way the united states found and eventually killed osama bin laden. andrea mitchell is here with the story. then, the nfl announces their penalty for tom brady and the new england patriots over deflategate. plus, why jeb bush admitting he would invade iraq all over again could shake up the republican primary. and in georgia -- >> look who is leaving, all the black people. >> the principal under fire for comments during a graduation ceremony is speaking to nbc news, and she's not helping herself. >> i didn't say the "n" word or anything like that. >> "all in ocean starts right now. good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes. we begin tonight with breaking news. new reporting that suggests there is more to the story of the killing of the most wanted


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