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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  May 12, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the 911 call involving george zimmerman and the same man he had incident with months ago. >> this is your opportunity to get out of my face. no comment. plus does the punishment fit the crime? tom brady benched four games, patriots socked with $1 million fine and docked two pick this is the nfl draft. tell me what i didn't think about the punishment, whether it's fair or not. millions in nepal once again running for their lives. >> red alert very severe earthquake. we fear the worst. >> at least three dozen are dead in today's 7.3 earthquake. this of course after thousands perished in the quake that rocked the region two weeks ago. serial killer clues. four bodies found in connecticut leading to new details in a murder case gone cold. we start with the developing news out of florida.
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lake mary flispolice have released the phone call with zimmerman and apperson. apperson was involved in an incident with zimmerman last year. he told police he was driving through orlando when apperson shot him through the passenger window. his attorney says he fired in self-defense. portions of the call have been redacted. take a listen. >> yeah a guy just said he had to pull a gun and shoot somebody through the window. >> he saw what? >> he had to shoot at somebody. >> meanwhile, police have obtained search warrants for both vehicles involved. >> they have enacted one search warrant at this time for apperson's vehicle. a search of that vehicle did
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recover two handguns. one 40 caliber glock 22. we have the latest from lake mary. >> reporter: we're here at the police department in lake mary florida. still a lot of questions. they have to determine what if any charges to file. that's the big question here. both men involved in yesterday's incident have lawyered up and have conflicting accounts of what happened. dawn west the lawyer for zimmerman says his clietn was pursued by matthew apperson the other man who was involved in the september 2014 since didn't between the two men. he says that apperson was honking, flashing lights that zimmerman made a u-turn to get away. app areason pursued him and shot at zimmerman through the car.
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and apperson's attorney says he felt threatened and acted in response. we're waiting to see how that sorts out. >> ronan there in lake marry, florida. criminal defense attorney in miami, kendall joins us now. they're trying to determine if charges will be filed in this incident. what charges, if any, do you see police going forth with here? >> if they reject this theory they're going to look at charges including shooting into a vehicle, assault with a deadly weapon, maybe if they think app areason was erson was pursuing him, maybe attempted homicide. >> let's talk about the self-defense claim. we have apperson's attorney saying he acted in self-defense. can we hear about stand your
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ground law? >> we absolutely will hear about stand your ground. it's a favorable self-defense law. you don't have to be standing and don't have to be on the ground. you can be sitting in a car. you have to establish you had reasonable reason to think the person was going to cause danger to your life. >> meanwhile, these men have history. matthew apperson was involved in a road rage incident with zimmerman last year. meanwhile, we know about the incidents of zimmerman with previous encounters with law enforcement. so, with the charges that were dropped apparently the attorney says he -- excuse me apperson charges were dropped before. do you think this could play a role in all this? was this -- as you point out, he was going after zimmerman, a re
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revenge scenario? >> that's what it will be. the key is was he endangered at time he shot at zimmerman? >> we'll find out. we're waiting for the police to tell us the search warrant has been enacted on zimmerman's vehicle. we'll update everybody on this story when we get more information. kendall, great to see you. thank you. >> thanks tom. the debate is on over deflategate. was tom brady and the four game suspension justified? brady's attorney is appealing the punishment handed down monday. that's five days after the report said brady was probably at least generally aware of two patriot personnel deflateing game balls.
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this is what was said. quote, your actions as set forth report clearly against the game of professional football. the league's punishment includes the loss of two draft picks and million fine for the patriot's organization. bob craft said in a statement, tom brady has our unconditional support. eli manning is the only quarterback to meet brady in a super bowl. here's his take. >> any time you lose a starting quarterback before games and draft picks, you know that's pretty big statement. obviously the nfl is serious about not messing with integrity of the game no matter how big or little the issue is. >> all right. everybody has an opinion on this. we want to know what you think. is the punishment against brady and the patriots fair? francis will join us with the results. we'll have them for you.
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everybody has an opinion. let's focus on the severity steve of the pent. we have albert from the nfl network. he wrote this saying penalties against the team are understandable. penalties against brady first time offender is harsh. is that accurate this suspension of four games is harsh? >> reporter: it's interesting. there were indications in the days leading up to this the league would go in this direction. the mood around the patriot's organizations and fans, i would describe as shocked and infuriated infuriated. they did not see this coming and did not feel the league had the kind of definitive proof to warrant this reaction. two ways you could look at this from the league's standpoint. their findings, the cooperation they feel patriots and brady specifically failed to give them. saying tom brady did not turn over digital records and text messages they were looking for.
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the team failed to make available the personnel for meetings i requested. then there's the repeat offender factor. one of the complaints you hear is that roger goodell was pressured by others in the league. there was sense among the other owners craft and goodell were too close. notably yesterday, the wife of woody johnson, owner of new york jet, big patriot rival, she tweeted a smily face with the news. she then deleted it. maybe it was to show yeah i can be tough on patriots. >> and the goodell attempt to indefinitely suspend ray rice who the judge went on to rule against. this outcome does not surprise
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me. when you talk about definitive proof of whether tom brady was come police -- is this more about tom brady not complying? >> reporter: that's what make this is messy and fascinating. when you get to these situations, there's a lot of history here that says the nfl kind of makes these rules up as they go. that's how you get in the situation ray rice gets two games after beating his wife and tom brady now hit with four games. the process forward the path toward is brady will be appealing this. roger goodell, the commissioner will have a decision to appeal himself personally or appoint an arbitrator to deal with it. in the past when they've gone the arbitrator route, that's
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gone against the nfl. you see the penalties lessened. brady's other recourse if doesn't succeed there, he could fight this in court. adrian peterson did that and just got reinstated. >> these were personal conduct issues. this is more about the integrity of the game. this is where the nfl needs to get it right. that's what they're in place for. they're about the integrity of the game not so much policing people in their personal time. they've gotten it wrong when they've tried to. we've got the bing pulse question going live. steve kornacki i know how you feel. i'm not going to ask your personal feelings about it. >> you know where i'm coming from. >> i'm going to leave you alone. steve kornacki hosts "up with steve" here on msnbc. how do you feel about it? francis rivera is tracking responses in our bing pulse question. everybody has got an opinion. >> what matters now is your opinion at home, our viewers,
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especially as we launched the bing pulse question of the day. we asked you, is the punishment against brady and patriots fair? let's look at our score board. so far 74% of you say yes, the patriot's punishment is fair. 27% say no. i was following this the past couple of hours. at 11:00 this was in the 60s. look how that's gone up. let's see how we're going in this sense. this is realtime. we call it the pulse. look at this in the last two minutes. while steve kornacki was talking. before this it was overwhelmingly yes before 1:06 eastern time. now while that discussion was going on maybe he swayed some of your opinions thinking not necessarily that didn't feel so strongly -- >> he's a patriot's fan. she's swaying opinion subtley. >> this is minute by minute. before you talked to steve,
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overwhelmingly yes. interesting to see how this will change as we continue our coverage and discussion. if you voted at home and thinking differently, come back and vote. we'll bring you updates throughout the hour. isn't that interesting thomas? >> the kornacki effect. thanks so much. we're following this other breaking news out of nepal which has been hit by another deadly earthquake. scores are dead more than a thousand. this is after an earthquake of similar magnitude killed more than 8,000. the cocountry's parliament was in session when today's quake hit forcing members to flee. this new earthquake measured 7.3 in magnitude, short of april's which measured 7.8. that was one of nepal's worst in decades. it sent much of the nation hurrying into the streets to avoid toppling buildings.
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one caught this outside kathmandu, the capital, already damaged. you can see thick dust rising as more of the structure collapsed. kayla robinson is a relief worker for world vision and joins me via skype from kathmandu. this has to be terrifying. where were you when it hit? what went through your mind? >> today, everybody's fears were realized. i was about to have lunch when the walls shook. people began screaming, crying pushing out into the street into the moving traffic. when i followed anymore, sure enough you turned around and could see the building we were in rocking like this for several minutes. then over the next couple of hour hours, we experienced a series of large tremors, up to 6.1 on
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the richter scale that's kept people frozen in fear. it's nighttime now. in the building i'm in the streets have people spending the night outside. they're too afraid to go home. their fear is that a homes and buildings will collapse on them. they're choosing to spend the night out this the cold instead. >> aftershock wise, there's been at least six that measured around five which is pretty tremendous for this already ravaged area from april's earthquake. kayla robinson relief worker with world vision. please stay safe. thank you for hard work in the rebuilding efforts. thank you. now retracted rape on campus article, university of virginia dean has filed a lawsuit. she's seeking $7.5 a million in damages. last month the columbia school
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republican jeb bush is under friendly fire from fellow conservatives. the respected 2016 candidate is getting slam ed from the right following comments monday about the iraq war. >> i would have and so would have hillary clinton just remind everybody and so would have almost everybody confronted with the intelligence they got.
10:19 am
in retro suspectspect, once we invade we didn't focus on security first. >> the question was knowing what you know now, would you still have invaded? even conservative laura ingram went after jeb bush talking about his answer. >> what he said is rubbish. you can't still think that going into iraq now as a sane human being was the right thing to do. >> mark you point out today in first read the iraq question was always going to be problematic for jeb bush. the answer seems to be the bigger issue now. so how does he clarify what he means by that? is he just doubling down on exactly what he said to megan
10:20 am
kelly? >> the campaign isn't responding of wanting to backtrack from this. as you mention, this was always going to be a big problem for jeb bush. it puts him in a no win situation. either he says it was a mistake and throws his brother under the bus or he says i defend my brother. he's on the wrong side of public opinion. this is so problematic for conservatives like laura ingram byron york because they heard the question tossed at then. knowing what you know now, knowing there was no wmd intelligence was faulty and wrong. they think that's an issue. even george w. bush admitted it was wrong. hillary clinton wouldn't have been forget knowing there was wmd. >> it seems like a trap of a question.
10:21 am
do you know a date jeb bush might announce? >> i think the time frame for a lot of us is june july. it's interesting jeb bush has not announced. everyone expects he's going to end up running. he's heading up a super pack that allows him to raise unlimited sums of money. you can no longer do that when you officially become a candidate. he wants to drag out this process as long as possible. >> mark murphy great to see you. >> thanks. when we come back if you drive a mid size suv, you don't want to miss the latest round of crash testing. and next, we'll tell you about this coming up. a rare meeting between secretary of state john kerry and vladimir putin. it's the first visit to the country since the issue on ukraine. the iran nuclear, isis yemen
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look at this scary scene on the side of the massachusetts turnpike monday. a bolt bus driver pulled over to the side of the road after noticing smoke coming from the engine. the 47 passengers grabbed luggage and quickly evacuated. moments later, it exploded into flames. it blasted out the windows. the debris flying during the height of rush hour. traffic was snarled hours. no one was hurt in that incident. the death toll from faulty ignition switches in gm motors has reached 100. it had approved the 100th claim resulting from the issue. this far exceeds the 13 deaths originally claimed from faulty
10:26 am
manufacturing ignitions there. >> that's amazing there. that bolt bus video and knowing people were trying to grab bags and get out of the way of that. >> people watching and obviously video taping as that happened. >> amazing. very ki.lucky. mid size suv tested poorly. the dodge durango, jeep cherokee and hyundai santa fe tested poorly. measure ran know flex and jeep wrangler received good or acceptable ratings. phil people buy mid sized vehicles because they feel safer. these results tell a different story. not only safer but they're more cost earthive forffective. >> people look at a suv and feel
10:27 am
they're going to be safer. physics show you're generally speaking safer in a larger vehicle. however, this is a common crash. the small overlap where the front corner of a vehicle hits another vehicle, a pole tree at 40 miles per hour. if that happens in one of these vehicles especially those rated as marginal or poor well then you've potentially got issues in terms of protecting occupants inside the vehicle. we should point out all vehicles meet federal safety guidelines. it's not as though you're driving a vehicle deemed unsafe by the federal authorities. however, some vehicles handle this type of crash test better than others and clearly that's what we're seeing with the latest. >> with dodge and jeep, for people that have those vehicles you say it meets guidelines. why do you think they struggle with making their vehicles more secure as other vehicles get better grades? >> in this case they're older designs.
10:28 am
now, they may upgrade them. we saw one of the jeeps did well in this test after it had gone through upgrades. that's likely going to happen over the next couple of years. you're looking at older designs. >> good to see you. coming up, a connecticut woman walks out of her house in 2003 and never returns. now her family discovers her death may have been tied to a serial killer and killing spree. plus is the punishment against brady and the patriots fair? keep voting. we'll have those polls when we come back. record measures to save water in california. why is big businesses tapping the state's depleted stores? that's coming up after the break. and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right.
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third party involved in the shooting incident involving george zimmerman. the attorney for matthew apperson is the same man involved in another incident with zimmerman last year. he said he fired at zimmerman in self-defense. no charges were filed in last year's incident. ronan is there and has the encounter with zimmerman and the law. >> reporter: in lake mary florida, more questions. the other man matthew apperson that tangled with zimmerman before. back in 2014 when both were involved in a road rage incident. apperson called police saying quote, zimmerman threatened to shoot me dead. >> apperson called police do day later saying zimmerman was following hip. he again declined to press
10:33 am
charges. america heard of zimmerman in 2012 when the watch volunteer officer shot and killed trayvon martin. there was a public outcry after he was not initially arrested. zimmerman was charged with second degree murder followed by a trial and eventual acquittal. since that acquittal george zimmerman has been the subject of a series of other incidents. in september 2013 his ex-wife and her father accused him of threatening them with a gun. he was taken into custody and soon released. no charges were filed. in move of that same year a girlfriend told police he threatened her with a shotgun. she later recanted and charges were dropped. in january of this year zimmerman was accused of aggravated assault allegedly throwing a wine bottle at a girlfriend. prosecutors say that accuser
10:34 am
changed her story and no charges were filed. zimmerman's only recorded violation of law since he was acquitted in the trayvon martin case, a speeding ticket. >> much more to come. we'll bring it to you as we get it. as for monday's incident, police are continuing to investigate. listen to this. connecticut police have found the skel tolletal remains of at least seven people thought to be remains of a serial killer. they were found behind a mall. they were linked to partial skelleskel le tal -- skelskeleton remains found earlier. can you imagine the family? police have not released the
10:35 am
name of the prime suspect but say he's a convicted serial killer behind bars on related charges. joining me by phone, current msnbc contributor, clint. how unusual is it to link these seven murders so many years after the first round of victims were found? >> caller: with this type of prolific serial killer what they believe to be this is someone who had a predesignated body disposal site. in essence, he found a remote area not only to candump the bodies but in some cases bury them three foot deep. he was comfortable in the area. if he was seen, he could explain his presence. i though a name of a suspect being identified at this point, a man who's already in jail for a manslaughter, for the murder of a woman. it looks like this guy may very
10:36 am
well be the same person. again, thomas seven different victims. the only way they were really found was one of the bodies somebody happened to find the bones, remains, and then recently as you know the fbi has used a cadaver dog. they came in with ground penetrating radar to get down many the three foot level to find these other bodies were concealed. >> we imagine it's relief for some of these families to at least begin a process of finding out what happened to their missing loved ones especially that it's been so many years later. even if it is dealing with what could be linked to a serial killer. they have a suspect in mind they have not released. thank you clint. want to check in now and return to one of our top stories that involves brady and patriot
10:37 am
es deflategate. breaking it down by the cash. >> no one doubting tom brady will be okay after this suspension. numbers say it all. let's break it down. brady's last salary was $14.8 million according to bloomburg. he's expected to make $470,000 a week in the upcoming season. that's according to espn. his wife super model can help a little bit. she made twice per week that brady did last year $904,000. good thing. the suspension is going to cost him $1.8 million. how much of a dent will that be as far as their income? not so much. the couple has annest estimated net worth of $420 million. two-thirds of the cup couple's
10:38 am
net worth comes from jizele. brady might spend his time in this. their nearly complete mansion reported to be worth $4.5 million and more than 14,000 square feet. it has five bedrooms four bathrooms, pool library, wine cellar and for jizele and tom, two yoga studios. we did the math. the money brady will lose from his suspension is less than one-half of 1% of the couple's net worth. not going to be hurting when it comes to those dollar signs. when it comes to everything else we're bringing you into this. we're asking viewers to get involved. that by brings us to the pulse question of the day. we ask is the punishment against brady and the patriots fair? 65% said yes. that's dropped 10% since we last
10:39 am
checked. 34% say no it's not unfair. let's see how we're looking in the past minute or so. in real time as we take the pulse, very different from last time. it was overwhelmingly you saying yes. now look at this. a lot are neutral. curious to see how that keeps going especially when we check gender. how the men are voting and women are voting. there's been a difference. we'll bring that later. >> we encourage everybody to keep voting as we continue through the hour. francis, thank you. starbucks is moving the bottled water business out of california. this comes after the java giant came under fire taking water from california as it continues to struggle with the hisstoric drought. nestle is also struggle with the same condition.
10:40 am
jane joins me now from california. activists are up in arms over the bottling of water in california. nestle ceo says it has no impact on the drought. is there evidence to the contrary? >> reporter: um month. thomas, everything every drop of water is under scrutiny now. what's amazing is how much water in california is bottled and how little oversight there is. i'm at a facility owned by nestle. this is bottled in california. has been for years. this has been bottled in california. starbucks after being criticized is going to move that out of state. nestle says you're going to source out of state, that creates impacts of its own. here's what we don't know. known thoughs how much water in california goes into bottles. there are 100 facilities doing it. there are springs all over the state. many companies have the water rights to them. water rights in california is
10:41 am
the system nobody can quite figure out. some bottling facilities are on tribal lands. they may be exempt from scrutiny or rules that may come down. bottom line thomas, how much water are we talking about? we don't know. the geological survey says in california 1% of all water goes for industrial uses. a small percentage of that goes into bottled water. a lot of what bottle water companies are saying like nestle and krystal says is we're trying to reduce the amount of water going in the bottles but not talking about the number of bottles being used. even if they stopped, water would remain in springs. not clear it would be used by other consumers anyhow. >> very fluid. thanks so much. appreciate it. still ahead, we take you to georgetown where president obama is talking about the price of overcoming the nation's poverty
10:42 am
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10:45 am'll ride with a feeling of complete freedom and confidence. visit your can-am dealer and test drive the spyder f3 today. we have breaking news out of nepal. u.s. officials tell nbc news a marine corp helicopter providing assistance in the wake of the earthquake is missing. u.s. officials say the chopper was conducting disaster relief operations near nepal. it's part of the squadron 469. officials have not said how many were on board. earlier today in our nation's capital president obama took on poverty. he also talked about how he grew up without a dad and how he speaks to young african-american men. >> i'm a black man that grew up without a father. i know of the cost i paid for that. i also know that i had the
10:46 am
capacity to break that cycle and as a consequence i think my daughters are better off. >> so the president is speaking at a major summit at georgetown university. it's a three day event. political leaders from both sides of the aisle are attending. the consensus bureau reported 48 million americans were living below poverty line. one in three kids live in poverty in this country. joy is at the summit and joins us now. what makes this one different, special? >> reporter: well, you know tom has, in the beginning of this summit or forum you call this, this panel ej dionne said it was rare for presidents to give a panel. it was an unusual forum.
10:47 am
you had the president of the united states conservative think tank and liberal sociology professor. they had free bheeling discussion about poverty morality and government. the president was forward leaning. he leaned in on these issues in terms of whether the four are demonized, whether or not disinvestment in the public good is exacerbating poverty. he talked about communities now the rich and poor live so far apart, the rich can opt out of discussions about poverty. the president was pro active and defending his own rhetoric on what people call respectability politics. you don't see many presidents doing weather. >> i think it was interesting and fascinateing for those that a watch and gives us insight on who president obama will be post white house. >> president obama and first
10:48 am
lady released a video this morning giving the location revealing his strands of live came together in chicago. up next clues in the natalie holloway case. we'll tell you why her father's trip to aruba has him searching for answers. and who's the mystery man? we have to admit we have a lot of whacky stories. we start with real meat as the first ingredient. we leave out corn,wheat and soy. and we own where our dry food is made-100 percent! can other brands say all that? for nutrition you can trust and your pet will enjoy... does your food go beyond? learn more at
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you can thank us later. feast your eyes on the most expensive painting ever sold at auction after 11 minutes of fierce telephone bidding. this picasso piece called women of algiers version o smashed auction records. it sold for $179 million last night at christy's auction house in new york city. the 1955 painting considered an artistic triumph with an
10:52 am
important ownership pedigree. the buyer remains anonymous. who has that kind cash just lying around? so speaking of anonymous, there is a mrs.ysterious twitter feed called florida man showing whacky but true florida stories. >> and it has us and 285,000 followers wondering who is behind this account and why are they doing it. >> so nbc news national correspondent janna wolf is here now to explain what she was able to dig up. >> a lot of heavy digging with this one. here is the deal. every once in a while we happen upon a twitter field that captures our attention for a whole host of different reasons. today we're talking about the whacky and the wild from the state of florida. whether the brutal heat or the hair frizzing humidity, there is just something about that state that makes for outrageous and bizarre headlines. now there is one place to find the best of the best of them, a twitter feed called florida man.
10:53 am
think about florida. palm trees. swimming in fine. picture perfect. but apparently only from a distance. the sunshine state makes national news on practically a lately heit's more for the whacky than the weather. >> florida made who opened fire. >> a florida man -- >> reporter: a twitter account is making headlines cramming actual news items into outlandish tweets. all using the al thelotted 140 twitter characters. >> florida man pretends to be oprah's nephew for free cheesecake factory gift cards. >> really like cheesecake? >> anything is possible. come on. we're in florida, right? >> reporter: more than 1600 tweets, some quirky, some shocking, but all of them true. which has the "new york times" ask position the question who is writing them and why? >> something out of the walking dead, something that you think that could not happen but
10:54 am
happened here in south florida. again. >> reporter: how popular is florida man is this with over a quarter million followers, it promises real life stories of the world's worst super hero coming to you from any town florida. the avatar a mug shot of a man who funny enough is not from florida, but the headlines are. >> florida man found drinking beer in strangers house says he lives there with mariah carey. really? >> florida man seen running around town with iguana duct taped bicycle. that's a possibility. >> in is real? >> that guy is here. i've seen him. >> reporter: florida man has discerning taste when it comes to social media. only following one other account. >> flatorida woman. >> reporter: that's right, florida woman. proving antics aren't limited by gender. >> which is good to know should i ever take a joy ride with an out because that too, is an actual story. >> i'm totally following florida
10:55 am
plan now. i worked in local news in florida briefly, and i know how crazy the stories are. but he only follows florida woman? >> appropriately. >> there has to be a florida baby now throw it all in there. >> well, florida man and florida woman get together we assume florida baby will come. >> we can only hope. because of you i'm now following florida man. >> and we still don't know who this person is. could be he she. >> funny little goofy. >> it's fun. and it's true. so all florida. >> we love it. and we love you. welcome back. >> thank you very much. >> how is everything going at home? >> love those little babies. i love them so much. but good to be back at work. >> you can see it all over your face. when we come back at the top of the hour our top stories including the massive earthquake in nepal. dozens killed two weeks after another quake devastated that area. and then the continued fallout from deflategate. the four game suspension for brady. one million floor fine against
10:56 am
the patriots and loss of two draft picks. and this is the topic of the question, do you think the punishment is fair. weigh in. it's a fluctuating pulse. and we'll tell you how cuba's lung cancer vaccine may be helping american patients very soon. time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. christina sheldon and her mother have always been close about that so it was only natural that linda started helping christina out when she started her jewelry company christina v. neither ever guessed that linda would become the number one employee. for more watch your business sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon. it's a marvelous thing! oh! haha!
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this hour developing news a new 911 call released a day after a shooting incident involving george zimmerman. we have a live report from florida. plus a u.s. marine corps helicopter missing in nepal and more than 40 dead as another massive earthquake hits that country. also ahead -- >> seems like a lot of time suspended for something that is probable and most likely. >> i think the local thing is stupid and blown out of proportion. >> fans react to the punishments
11:00 am
handed down to the 359pats and tom brady. and it's also the subject of today's pulse. do you think the punishments are fair? go ahead and weigh in. and a break in a cold case. potential new lead in aruba in the disappearance of natalee holloway. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. the debate is on. was tom brady's four game suspension justified? brady's agent vowing to appeal the league's punishment handed down monday, five days after a report said brady was probably aware of two personnel deflating game balls. here is what the head of football operations told blaidrady quote, your actions clearly constitute conduct detriment to the game of professional football. the punishment also includes the loss of two draft picks and a million dollar fine for the pay
11:01 am
the patriots organization. bob kraft saying brady has our unconditional report. here is what one couple told peter alexander earlier today. >> what did you make of this? >> crap. a fraud. >> it's about air, it's about some air in a ball. he didn't commit a crime, he didn't -- it's not a felony. it's nothing like that. just leave him alone. >> it's a farce. you worked in boston. >> i know the as far asa farce. >> voting is live. is the punishment fair? francis will have the results in a boston accent coming up in just a few moments. >> yeah wicked farce. >> steve kornacki joins us live outside gentlemanillette stadium.
11:02 am
what are fans saying to you? do you think there is any fire here or is this just completely they believe tom brady is innocent? >> reporter: they're saying the same things to me that you just played except they're using words i can't repeat on television, as well. but, yeah, about if i had to sum up the reaction from patriots fans in one word it would be indignant. a lot of warning signs in the last few days that the league might be coming down this hard on the patriots, but i don't think the fans and people around the organization here really expected this. i think there are some people out there certainly if you talk to them they will deny everything they will say they think tom brady is clean as a whistle, this is a complete sven get take a witch hunt whatever you want to call it. but i think what you get from more fan, they think this is very, very disproportionat eflt. yes, probably something was going organization but, no taking a little bit of air out of these balls won't make a huge impact on a game, on a season on a super bowl.
11:03 am
they won the super bowl anyway with the balls facing more sdrut any skrut any. and you hear ray rice coming an awful lot where the initial punishment from ronlgger goodell was a two game suspicion and this is four games. what they think is going on, roger goodell is buckling to pressure from begans, the sfan, vast majority of fans don't like the patriots think it's a dishonorable organization, and they also think goodell is bruck link touckling to pressure from the other 31 owners. >> let's talk about what bob costas said about legacy for tom brady this morning. see what you think about that. >> do you think this tarnishes golden boy image? >> a little bit. still a first bhal lot hall of
11:04 am
famer. would have done pretty much what he did with inflated or deflated footballs. this is not barry bonds using steroids. >> so when he becomes hall of fame eligible will we care about this, steve? >> reporter: well, some people will. in terms of like his eligible for the hall of fame his selection, i don't think it will affect his ability to get in there on the first ballot. but it is certainly fair to say that this plus spygate a number of years ago plus a number of other things about the patriots and how they always under bill belichick kind of play close to the edge, maybe a little bit over the edge sometimes. there are an awful lot of people out there who will always put an asterisk next to this era in the history not just of tom brady, but the patriot. where the salary cap era of nfl the era of parity, so much evenness in the league for the pair yots over the last 15 years to win four super bowls, to win their division every year, to be a contender every year for the super bowl title it's practically unheard of in this
11:05 am
era. so it's an incredible achievement, but also one there will be a lot of people who will always say, yeah but. >> steve kornacki reporting for us. thanks so much. and you can catch up with steve as you watch up with steve kornacki weekday mornings right here on msnbc. so do you think that the punishment by the nfl to brady and the patriots is fair? frances, what are we getting? >> let's show you our results right away. they pretty much stayed the same been consistent. 70% say yes, 30% say no. this is actually just a few points down. it was like 73% when we last checked in with you. let's check in with how we're looking in real time. minute by minute here. take a look at this again. even though most people majority are saying yes, they position it's fair look here not many people reaching that high yes peak point, some even just in the last two minutes again since steve kornacki was talking kind of saying close to neutral.
11:06 am
interesting to break down by gender and how males and females you at home have been voting. take a look at this this also comes like in real time here and you can see both men and women are kind of sticking around the neutral area around here especially given the time that steve kornacki was speaking. and it's interesting to see especially when you note that this is the question that we're asking for all of you out there with the majority saying yes, it's fair we heard the reaction from people in patriots nation who think it's ridiculous, a farce, everything that we've been hearing about it too. so weigh in. especially if you want to change this, if you're at home feeling strongly this is not a reflection on some of you out there, so keep those votes coming. we'll bring you the latest result and see if this changes at all. be interesting to watch. >> people love their fabl,ootball that's for shur. more fallout in the wake of the retracted rape on campus article in "rolling stone".
11:07 am
dean of students has filed a defamation lawsuit against the magazine seeking up to $7.5 million in damages. last month, columbia university graduate school of journalism found that article to be quote, journalistic failure that was avoidable. no comment yet from "rolling stone". more breaking news that we're following this time involving a u.s. marine corps helicopter that has gone missing in nepal. we have a photo of the chopper prp the crew was aiding in disaster relief operations. it's not known how many people were on born. this follows the massive and deadly 7.3 earthquake the second in nepal in just weeks. and at this hour 42 people are confirmed dead, more than 1,000 injured. the quake triggered panic in the already devastated streets of ka kathmandu. >> there was a bit of panic in kathmandu obviously, so it was a large quake that lasted for about 45 seconds. >> so again, this comes just three weeks after that other major earthquake a 7.8, hit these pal in april.
11:08 am
8,000 people died. joining me now on the phone from kathmandu, lucy an emergency communications officer with care oig. so explain where you were when the earthquake hit. >> hi, yeah i was actually in our office in catkathmandu on the fourth plan to, we were having a meeting and the whole building began to sway so the staff rushed out and were squatting on the ground and continued moving and we had some after shocks. >> i know you had about six different aftershocks. explain what this second earthquake can do to the victims that your organization has been trying so desperately to help. >> i think it's two part. obviously the physical damage. already in this particular earthquake response, we were finding access a real challenge.
11:09 am
most of the hardest hit communities were the rural ones in the remote areas. the roads already been damaged and the second quake looks likely to have damaged the ones still open with land slides and we're talking about an already traumatized population who were just starting to recover from the first earthquake looking to rebuild, salvaging. but many feared for a second quake and i think now with the uncertainty and the fear, we're looking at a quite traumatized population. >> we can only imagine. lucy, please stay safe with you and the people you're working with. we appreciate the work that you're doing there for the people of nepal. still ahead, the nfl's punishment for the patriots and quarterback tom brady. i'll get reaction from former nfl player chris have a let take. and do you think the punishments are fair? weigh in now. let us know what you think. and we'll have those results for you through the hour. plus will a police officer
11:10 am
face charges for shooting and killing an unarmed man? the decision is due in the next hour. i'll speak with the spokesperson for the victim's family and also ahead, from the big apple to the national stage new york city mayor unveiling a new contract for america with the help of massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. we'll explain. out of 42 vehicles based on 6 different criteria, why did a panel of 11 automotive experts name the volkswagen golf motor trend's 2015 car of the year? we'll give you four good reasons. the volkswagen golf. starting at $19,295, there's an award-winning golf for everyone. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve
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11:13 am
want to return to one of our top stories. tom brady suspended for four games and patriots fined $1 million. but the patriots aren't the first nfl team to be on the receiving end of punishment from the league. >> interest to go compare
11:14 am
deflategate with other punishments handed down by the nfl. so let's take a look with the help from patriots and bill belichick and spygate. the offense, patriots caught taping the jets signal during a game and the punishment half a billion dollar fine for coach bill belichick and $250,000 fine for the team and they lost a first round draft pick. some believe the pats got off easy, so roger goodell had to come down harder this time after spygate. that leads us to bountygate. the largest single set of punishments in nfl history. the offense? the new orleans saints were accused of paying out bonuses for injuring opposing players occurring during the 2010 season and covering it up. among the long list of punishments, coach sean payton hit with a one year suspension other players suspended anywhere from three games to a year to an indefinite ban for one member. the team was fined half a million dollars and lost first round dwraft picks in 2012 and
11:15 am
20 2013. and many pipt to thisthat brings us to the falcons faking noise. they found they were piping in fake crowd noise in to the georgia dome while the opposing team was huddling back in 20143 and the 2014. the owner fessed up and the punishment losing a draft pick and fined $350,000. now, to minnesota vikings warm balls scandal, the offense here sideline attendants caught on camera using heaters to warm balls during a november game. that was so cold the windchill at the time, negative 7. and the punishment some just a warning. saying you can't do anything with the football in terms of anything artificial. you can't do anything with a football. so thomas from warm balls to
11:16 am
deflatsedde deflated ones -- stop laughing -- we'll see if that changes with any appeals. >> i was clearing my throat. thank you solve. joining me now former nfl player chris valletta. he played with the saints and tampa bay buccaneers among other teams in the nfl. chris, great to have you here. i want to play for you something that we heard from the white house press secretary john earnest moments ago about tom brady and his position as a role model. take a look. >> i think that as he confronts this particular situation and he determines what a the next steps will be for him, that he'll be mindful of the way that he serves to bea the next steps will be for him, that he'll be mindful of the way that he serves to be -- the way he serves as a role model to kids around the world. >> so let's have the goldilocks approach. too harsh, not harsh enough? where do you fall? >> where i fall it's in line. i think commissioner goodell made a huge decision with this and sent a very strong message
11:17 am
not just to tom brady and the patriot, but the rest of the nfl and the teams. i think this entire circumstance is centered on the fact that he came out of an extremely rough year last year put an intense focus on the conduct policy going into the offseason, fixed it, made some huge adjustments to it and is now setting the standard for what will be a new 2015 in term of the rules. >> and we talk about what this means for roger goodell because this is about the in-telling gritty grit integrity of the game versus behavior off the field. this is what the importance of the nflelling integrity of the game versus behavior off the field. this is what the importance of the nflelling integrity of the game versus behavior off the field. this is what the importance of the nfl and policing the sport. >> i totally agree. the reality of the nfl is that it is a game it is there for entertainment, for an enormous crowd. most popular sport in the united states. it has influence sha thatthat spans across the globe. integrity of the game and players is everything. because of what it represents because of what they represent.
11:18 am
dedication discipline, desire things that as was pointed out by the white house press secretary, things that are influential to the youth of this country. and i think paramount to the development of that youth. >> so i want to read you from "boston globe," he says this is about spygate the taping scandal, and says just as belichick and brady are intertwined in their success, so are their scandals interwoven. spygate is the shadow patriots can't outrun. it is the water that poisons the well. brady is serving a suspension for two. >> i disagree that this punishment was handed down -- that it included other issues in the past. but i will say that this punishment is in context of all of those issues. again, the nfl came off a very rough year last year from a pr standpoint and conduct standpoint. this is roger ghoodoodell doing what he said he would do set a new standard, protect the integrity
11:19 am
of the shield and it just so happens to be the best team in the league. he's sending a very strong message and i happen to agree. >> in your opinion, would the patriots have won the super bowl if they hadn't been able to beat the colts in the afc championship game? so would their season's success -- would they have been so successful? >> you could give tom brady a brick and he would have won all these games. the fact that the balls were slightly inflated or deflated is not the issue. they would have won regardless. >> so why do they need the edge? >> because there is a difference between gamesmanship and cheating. ap i think that's the line we're fwauk. as a player we did everything we could to gain a little bit of an edge in the game. but that line is very thin. and the patriots by virtue of what they have done in the past have towed that line and belichick has been known as a guy that is one of these -- a foul is only a foul if the referee blows a whistle.
11:20 am
and i think goodell is sending a message gamesmanship and cheating are completely different and i'll set the standard for what punishment will look like. >> chris valletta great to have you here. appreciate your insights. still ahead, will a madison wisconsin police officer face charges for the death of an unarmed man is this we'll find? we'll find out in the next hour, but first i'll speak with a spokesperson for the victim's family. and a new clue that could renew the search for natalee holloway. ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands... ...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti.
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11:24 am
"post". verizon plans to stream that content. the deal is expected to close this summer. shares of aol have jumped 19%. new developments this hour ronan farrow just got a one-on-one interview with george zimmerman's attorney. and a potential new lead in the disappearance of natalee holloway in aruba. ontaneously turns romantic why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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the citi double cash card. it's a cash back win-win. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. we with following developments out of florida where the lake mary police department released a 911 call made by a third party in the shooting incident involving george zimmerman. zimmerman told police he was driving near orlando yesterday when a man shot at him through his passenger side window. that man has been i.d. as matthew apperson the same man involved in a road rage incident with zimmerman last year. no charges were filed in that incident and here is part of the
11:28 am
911 call. >> a guy just said he had to put a gun on a guy. and a guy right here said he had to shoot at one through his window so he wants the police to come. >> he had to shoot somebody out of his window say that again? >> he had to shoot at somebody. >> so police have redacted parts of the call. their investigation, though, it is still ongoing. ronan farrow is joining us live from lake mary, florida. what's the latest on the police investigation? i know you've been digging in to this. >> reporter: good to be with you, thomas. yes, the police did come out here and updated the press. still a lot of questions outstanding. what they have told us is they have warrants to serve both of the cars involved, they have already served apperson's car. they are still wait being theing the completion of the search on zimmerman's car. they're still mum on the gun situation in zimmerman's car,
11:29 am
but his lawyer says there was a gun in that car, as well, but he didn't draw or bran additiondish it in any way. >> what it zimmerman's attorney have to say about george's involvement if all this? >> one of the key defenses being used by apperson's attorney is if my client were the aggressive sore, why would he initiate the 911 call. i asked the attorney his response. >> i'm not sure that he did in the sense that as soon as the shot was fired, george zimmerman stopped his vehicle and was trying to decide what to do about it and he saw a police officer and flagged him down. so he immediately contacted law enforcement. >> reporter: the lawyer for apperson, who i've also spoken to, said that's nonsense the fact is that when shots were fired, zimmerman's vehicle careened off the road my client
11:30 am
got out of there, again referring it apperson he didn't have a cell phone so he ran to get the first person available. he says this narrative of he only called 911 because he knew he couldn't get away with it is again nonsense. of course all of this raising a lot of questions about zimmerman himself. i talked about listhis psychology as well. >> i'm george zimmer plan's lawyer. i'm not his psychologist. and i'm certainly not going to speculate that there is nor to it than what seems present . i agree there has been more than one incident. each has been investigated thoroughly. the witnesses interviewed. and law enforcement with the state attorney's office have chosen not to file charges. so while you might say there are red flags, that there are reasons for wonder what is going on, there is very little if any substance to any of this. >> reporter: now, of course he's correct in saying that zimmerman
11:31 am
hasn't been charged in any of those incidents following his acquittal, but in response to that apperson's lawyer says he's right about red flags, that his other should be looked at if you want to look at the future he just told me on the phone look at the past. and he also pointed out part of that past is george zimmerman getting away with in his view walking away from in his view each of these incidents. he said he's like teflon. >> we'll continue to watch. thank you very much. appreciate it. and we want to turn on this other story. in just over an hour, wisconsin's prosecutor will say whether an officer will be charged in the death of tonefof tony robinson. police say kenny was responding to calls that robinson had assaulted two people. we expect to hear reaction from the robinson family before they lead a march to the stapt capitol building. but joining me now is michael
11:32 am
johnson, chief executive officer for boys and girls club of the county and joined by african american leaders from the county. good to have you with us. let's talk about the justice scenario for the robinson family. what are they seeking and are they prepared for the possibility of know indictment? >> you yeah,eah, i think the family is prepared. they have been waiting on this decision for the last into months now and they ever been very clear that they want our community to demonstrateinto months now and they ever been very clear that they want our community to demonstrate peaceful demonstrations and i think that's what you'll see today and that's what has been happening in the last couple months in our city. from through this investigation, what does the family believe happened the night tony was killed? >> we don't have all of the facts. i know that our community wants to and we hope that the it t.d.a. lays out everything that happen sod we can begin to heal as a
11:33 am
community. so today you you will seewill see african-american and latino leader business leaders, visible on the streets. we want to understand what happened so it doesn't happen again. >> one thing we do know is the family organizing this march coming up this afternoon at 3:30 eastern, and as i understand it they have warned participants to come with an attorney's number in case they do get arrested. so what is your message to people that want to be involved in any type of peaceful protest? is there a confrontation expected out of this? >> yeah let me just be clear to all national outlets. if you look at our demonstrations here madein madison, they have been peaceful. we will not allow what happened in other cities to happen in our city. our demonstrations have been peaceful. you don't see our citizens looting and turning up cars. we are listening to the voices
11:34 am
of our young people. just recently a group of african-american latino leaders sent an open letter to all of the law enforcement officials in our city to look at the issues around excessive force. we're meeting with our young people and we have heard their voices. and i think that's the difference right here in this community that we're listening to our young people and we're listening to the community and we will respond accordingly. >> i just want to point out to everybody that under which is wednesday law, officer-involved killings must be investigated by someone outside the law enforcement facility. do you feel that helps bring independence to the investigation that you feel will be properly vetted? >> we all hope so. we hope that this is a decision that will be fair. you look at what has happened all over the united states. a lot of people have lost hope. and so we're hoping today that
11:35 am
the right decision is made and that whatever decision is made, that we all be responsible for our actions and that we show love and not hatred towards one another. and i believe our community will do that today. >> we expect the announcement in just under an hour. michael johnson, friend of robinson family, sir, thanks for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. ifthis could be a major development in the natalee holloway case. it gripped headlines for a long time and according to "inside edition" edition", the father of natalee holloway as just returned to aruba to investigate new clues. a new witness claims to have seen vandersloot carrying her body.
11:36 am
>> van der sloot has denied any wrongdoing. he's currently in prison for the murder of stephany flores. it's been nearly a decade since natalee vanished. john q. kelly joins us. he represents naturalalee's moem. vandersloot has made different declarations about what actually happened to natalee, also tried to extort money from your client to get answers for the disappearance. so now we have this new guy coming forward. you were shaking your head. you don't find this guy to be a credible source. >> no, i don't. dave is a heartbroken father. he's never going to give up searching for answers what happened to natalee. and i'm sure he's following up on a lot of things while he's down there this being one of
11:37 am
them. skeptical, yeah. i'm very aeptskeptical. >> because this person says they didn't come forward earlier because they were involved in illegal drug able different. and natalee's father like any dad or any parent would want to latch on to any new evidence or hope that they could figure out what exactly happened to natalee. and it's ten years after she disappeared. from your history of being so involved with this case, it seems that when new evidence is presented itself if has only led to disappointment and thats'sthats it's only led to more heartbreak. >> i think that's right. and i've been down in the past with dave. as i said, he'll never stop looking. beth's been through hell also. natalee's mother. and vandersloot himself has sort of teased and baited and thronewn
11:38 am
fluid on the fire raising hopes in the family, raising expectations that we'll get answers some day. >> and van der sloot is serving a prison sentence for the murder of stephany flores. as i understand it he'll be behind bars for almost three decades before he's brought to the u.s. to face charges against natalee's mom? >> he has 28 years in peru. there is a hold on him when he completes that sentence, he'll be coming to alabama to face another 20 year wire fraud and extortion charge. and i think maybe at that point when he's in an alabama prison he might see the light and come clean. that's my hope. >> attorney for natalee holloway's mom john q. kelly, great to have you. thank you. so the winner of the site of the obama presidential library is the city of chicago. but how do these libraries get funded? we'll look at that the break gown oig of the cash after the break. and one of our top story, punishment for tom brady and the
11:39 am
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not only can we encourage and effect change locally, but we can also attraction the world to chicago. >> so this morning chicago found itself as the proud home of the barack obama presidential library and foundation. the center will be built on the city's south side. and mayor emanuel was on hand for that announcement. the library and foundation will be established in collaboration with the university of chicago. so the windy city beat out new york and honolulu to get the presidential library. and while many are celebrate being the new presidential center, there are still lingering questions about the large amounts of dark untracked unlimited money that goes in to funding these libraries. and msnbc's luke russert looked into where all that cash comes from. >> thank you and god bless you. >> reporter: presidential
11:43 am
prospects spend enormous energy hoping to raise hundreds of millions for a shot at the white house. and wild recent supreme court rulings have opened up a new disclosure, much of that money trail is still tracked by law. there is an entire industry of big money backers ranging from individuals to corporations to interest groups who are ready to write checks and host events in the hopes of having a voice that the white house will remember down the road. but what do these aspiring influencers go when there isn't a presidential campaign to fund? how then do they exert their their influence on an outgoing president? libraries. >> people can use their donations to the presidential library to seek to create favor with the president of the united states and ultimately to influence his policy decisions. these are enormous sums of money in many cases. the libraries have become really lavish institutions and almost monuments to presidents. >> reporter: these presidential
11:44 am
libraries railroadwere once modest structures built simply to reserve historical records. ♪ and the hundreds of millions of dollars to build them can come from nearly anyone. and anywhere. without a single disclosure required. >> the funding of presidential libraries is something that is i think an uncomfortable -- if more americans understood how many foreign ghoechlts have been funding presidential libraries for years, if everybody knew about it and understood it i think it would upset quite a few americans. >> reporter: john duncan of tennessee has been trying to change that for more than a decade. >> all i'm trying to do, and i have very simple bill that just would require the disclosure of contributions to the presidential libraries particularly contributions while presidents are still in office. that subject i think to a lot of potential abuse. >> reporter: duncan has introduced his legislation in
11:45 am
nearly every session of congress with minimal results. >> i first became concerned about this when i read that president clinton pardoned marc rich who had evaded 40 plld$40 million in taxes on his last day in office after rich's ex-wife had given $450,000 to the clinton library. >> reporter: concerns about ghornlg w. bush's library exist, too. opened in 2013 a review of contributor filings comes up completely blank. that comes as no surprise to watch dog groups like the center for responsive politics. >> government adviser and lobbyist steven pane who had ties within the george w. bush white house was soliciting contributions, sizable contributions for the bhushbush library in exchange for access to the white house. people are concerned about dark money going to politically active nonprofits. here is another dark money corner. >> reporter: so why do these largely symbolic institutions
11:46 am
matter so much to presidents? it becomes such a top priority for fund raising. >> this is their chance to write their form of history. this is history it is about giving ex-presidents, particularly younger ones a platform to do other stuff, to keep whatever their passions alive for bill clinton at the international front, for barack obama it will be helping young black men. >> reporter: the obama foundation, the organization behind the fund raising push for the upcoming obama library voluntarily lists contributor information on its website. but not to the extent watch dog groups would like. >> these big corporations and foreign ghoechlts s governments wouldn't be making sizable contributions unless they wanted some kind of influence or something in return. >> we are one nation. >> reporter: as a presidential candidate back in 2007 then senator obama came out strongly in favor of regulating this unchartered territory. >> i think it's important not
11:47 am
only that all this information is disclosed but i also think that we need to have a situation in which we are it israre disclosing the bundling of large go nordonors. >> reporter: in 2015 registered lobbyists are donors required to disclose contributions. luke russert, washington. so we george w. bush center issued the following statement regarding the report saying, quote, the names of major donors are etched into three donor walls through the bush center. in addition the freedom recommending industry lists all go nors except those who wished to remain anonymous who have given gifts larger than $20. it is updated regularly. so we're turning now to one of our top sorry, the four game suspension for tom braid, the million dollar fine for the patriots.sorry, the four game suspension for tom braid, the million dollar fine for the patriots. frances has the results of our
11:48 am
poll question. sgr >> people overall agreeing that the punishment is fair. that was our yesquestion. let's take a look at the scoreboard so far. and again, remaining pretty much consistent. it was earlier like in the 70s. now it's 66%. 34% of you say, no that punishment is not fair. you don't believer that's the case. let's take a look how you've been responding in the last minute or so. not really many people just feeling very strongly that it was fair. but what is interesting here if you look at gender again, in real time look at the women represented in red. kind of all over the place. and the men kind of being pretty stable in saying they skew toward yes. we thank all our youviewers for voting. the majority of you saying you think the punishment is fair.
11:49 am
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new video just into msnbc, this heartwarming video. amid the devastation from the tornado that hit vann, texas, a man reunited with his dog several days after the tornado hit. >> i don't know what else to say. just glad my dog's back. >> oh, wow. you can imagine just how happy he is to have his dog back after thinking that something really terrible happened to the family pet. and you can see from his face the amount of injury that he personally suffered here. he says while his house and car are demolished his wife and two week old baby along with both his dogs are all okay.
11:53 am
that is some beautiful video. under the vintage cars and faded facades, cuba is a gem of the world for medical research. so now that the u.s. is moving toward a freer exchange of goods, services and information with the island nation, scientists are excited about the possibilities in medical advancements. at the top of the list, a lung cancer vaccine that has stopped tumors from made takes take sazing and even extended the lives of patients who used it. roswell park cancer institute has finalized an agreement to develop the vaccine and begin clinical trials in the u.s.. and they hope to get the drug on track to win fda approval. joining pleame now is a doctor with roswell park cancer institute. dr. lee, good to have you here. the vaccine is really just in the preliminary stages of development this cuba. so what struck you and other researchers about the potential for this drug? >> the exciting aspect of it is
11:54 am
that it shows clear efficacy in fighting lung cancer. it is very safe, it has very few side effects. it is inexpensive to make and it's also very easy to deliver. it can be delivered by primary care physicians and perhaps even pharmacists. so the exciting aspect is not only is it a novel vaccine against cancer and especially lung cancer, but potentially other kinds of cancer like breast cancer, colon cancer. but it also has because of its characteristics really has real promise in the area of prevention. so for patients that might be at high risk for getting lung cancer this vaccine might be an approach to help them reduce that risk. >> doctor the possibility and potential lucrative deal that roswell has here because the
11:55 am
cubans have created a drug that costs about a dollar per shot. which is unheard of. will the american market ruin it? >> well, i think it's a little bit early for us to talk about the commercialization potential in the united states and how much things would cost. but if one looks at the potential for prevention, one is talking maybe a dollar a dose, but maybe hundreds of millions of people that would be potential patients or people to get vaccinated. so i think that the economics of the issue i think are a little bit in the future. we'll have to see how the vaccine does in terms of its clinical trials, how safe it is whether we do those trials here at roswell park. but i think that there are any number of potential economic mogds models one can envision where this would be attractive to u.s.
11:56 am
pharmaceutical companies. >> amazing if we think that this will come to the u.s. and so many people will be helped by a treatment like this. dr. lee, sir, thanks so much. that will wrap things up today. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.. i'll be speaking with lindsay berra, grand daughter of yogi berra. and today is yogi's 90th birthday. until then keep the conversation going on social media. "the cycle" is coming your way next. hi guys. >> hi thomas. we have a lot going in the show today. the president may be set to be rebuked by his own party on trade. we'll have 9 latest on that. we also have a couple exclusion sieves. ari sits with mike lee. all that on the cycle oig next. ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands...
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good afternoon. i'm krystal ball. right now all america is talking about is the tom brady deflate game four game suspension. so as we came on the air yesterday, i reported this in real time. the clock is ticking on patriots quarterback tom brady's possible suspension for his role in deflategate deflategate. if you listen to sports talk radio outside of new england, it's not a question of if, it's just when. well, the clock did strike midnight for brady and the patriots when the nfl announced its ruling. tom brady is suspended four games without pay. patriots organization fined $1


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