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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  May 14, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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so we're trying to make the room bigger and look at this. what a great lineup. of course our competition. >> great lineup. mike, what did you learn snowed. >> so much, unfortunately sorting through the train situation, a lot to learn. i'm sick of hearing politicians talk about infrastructure and do nothing about infrastructure spending. sick of it. >> well, listen, tomorrow we have the cemetery of homeland security jeh johnson will be on. obviously a lot of warnings over the past weekend about possible isis threats to the united states, it will be good to talk to him and figure out what's going on and we will be in washington because mika has her conference tomorrow. if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." stick around, "the rundown" is coming up now. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. first on "the rundown," developing news in the wake of the deadly train derailment in philadelphia. any minute we're expecting to hear from officials at temple university hospital where nearly
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two dozen of those injured in the crash have been hospitalized. we're also expecting to hear from the president of medgar evers college. one of their deans was killed in the crash. we will be watching for both of those news conferences. in the meantime, the big news overnight, the man at the controls of train 188 has been identified as 32-year-old brandon bostian, an amtrak engineer for five years. bostian was injured in the accident but was released from the hospital and his attorney spoke to abc news and said bostian doesn't remember a thing. >> he remembers driving the train, he remembers going through that area generally. has absolutely no recollection of the incident or anything unusual: the next thing he recalls is being thrown around, coming to, finding his bag, getting his cell phone and dialing 911. >> there are conflicting reports regarding how much police have been able to learn from bostian, but police point out that no one
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has been named a suspect in the crash as of right now. at the same time, we are learning more about the people who lost their lives tuesday night. the death toll is seven. five of them have been identified. we'll bring you much more about their lives ahead. we still don't know the names of the other two victims, however. maryland native bob gildersleeve is also believed to have been on the train. he is listed as missing. while teams continue to search the scene the focus has turned to the cause of the crash. investigators recovered the black box from the scene and have been analyzing it. they say it's too early to know all the factors in tuesday night's crash. but it does appear that speed was the key. as amtrak train 188 was traveling to new york the tracks curved to the left near a spot called frankford junction. the maximum authorized speed on the curve, 50 miles an hour. but the train as it approached,
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investigators believe, it was going more than twice as fast p 106 miles an hour. now, the engineer slammed on the brakes but it was too late. when the train derailed it had gotten down to 102 miles an hour. and now the question is why was it going so fast? i want to bring in ntsb investigator robert sumwalt. robert, good to see you. >> good morning, jose. >> i want to get to the issue of positive train control in a minute but first i need to ask you about the investigation. what's the main focus today? >> we're doing a lot today jose. we have investigators branched out in all different directions. we are reviewing the now ward-facing video come ward. we want to continue our analysis of the event recorder itself. we plan to start making arrangements for a brake test of the train. we're doing a 3d laser scanning of two of the remaining cars. we want to set up interviews
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hopefully with the crew members and surviving passengers. >> let's talk about that box recorder. what kind of information does it have in it? how detailed is it? how much can you get out of that? >> well these event recorders vary in the number of parameters. we know for sure it covers train speed, throttle position any activation of the whistle, the bells, application of the brakes. . so it covers a number of things and some have more parameters than others so we plan to have a darn good idea of what the parameters are by the end of today. yesterday our focus was to figure out the speed. >> i want to go to the news conference outside temple university hospital with your permission. >> disoriented from being so suddenly injured but in being away from home. so i think it's best we respect their privacy as much as we can. i know that they know you're
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concerned about them. we all wish them to get better very fast. >> reporter: doctor, the ones in critical condition can you tell us the nature of those injuries? >> the question is of the folks in critical condition, what's the nature of their injuries. most of them are folks that had the most severe of the rib cage injuries. on an occasional lung injury because of injuries to the chest and fractures. so you heard me talking about folks injured in that way. these folks that are just a little worse off and some are frailer because they're older. >> what is the age range? >> 19 to 80. i was asked that yesterday and i didn't know the lower age range. our youngest was 19. >> you remain confident that all will survive? >> i believe frong strongly all folks will get better and go home. >> reporter: can you tell us about how they sustained the injuries? >> the injuries were sustained
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by most folks because they had things fall on them. those things included other people so that was a common story i heard. i would ask people those that were awake, what happened to you and they would say "somebody fell on me." and it's not just falling on them. people were hurled violently against each other. and some injuries were people being thrown against seats and the sides of the train compartments when it flipped over. >> do you know if they were in front, those people most critically? >> that trend has continue sod as you would imagine the folks that seemed to be the most injured were the folks that were more in front. >> are all of them aware of what happens? >> yes. i'm not sure the folks in critical care get it yet and they may not for several more days. you know how that goes when folks are in critical care, they'll wake up some time later and not really know what happened and you have to explain it to them. so we'll see as they get better.
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>> reporter: [ inaudible ] >> there l there be lasting impacts? i expect folks will gradually recover but you get better from broken bones and i expect they will. i don't think there are going to be many lasting significant effects for these folks. most of it was just broken bones. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> the question is do we have any remaining unidentified people. the answer is no. all the folks here are ones that we know. and their families know they're here here. >> reporter: can you give us a roundup of states and countries? >> there's one person from spain here and there are a number of folks who have either dual citizenship or significant family connections to other countries including india belgium. the fellow from albania went home yesterday.
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so there's some folks -- and people with connections to singapore and britain. that's kind of all we know about their connections. t then the states were -- all the affected states from folks that would travel through on this train. so maryland virginia, pennsylvania new jersey and new york. that seemed to be the roundup. as those folks go home, we make arrangements for them to go back to their doctors and their homes back in those states. the amtrak folks have been good and continue to be good about helping them with those arrangements. so there's a team of amtrak folks here today to help with the folks, the patients that will likely go home today. >> we've been hearing a news conference from temple university hospital on the condition of the patients taken to that hospital six were released overnight. one was transferred. i want to go back to ntsb investigator robert sumwalt who was kind enough to stay with me.
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robert, i no you haven't spoken to the engineer brandon bostian. but what are the key questions you have or you would have for him? >> well, jose, we want to get his firsthand account of what he experienced. that's really what we want to find out. >> what do we know about what he's said to police or other officials? >> really i don't have any information about what he may have said to police or other people. but we want
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>> what exactly does it do and how does it work robert? >> it's a gps based so it knows where the trains are, it also has a database of what the speed limits are for the track. so in other words as this train would have approached this speed, this left hand curve the
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system would have known the speed limit was 50 miles an hour. so if the train is operated outside of those speed limits it will then bring the train to a stop. >> and it can do so in split seconds, robert? in other words, if this train is coming in at 106 and when the engineer pulled the brake it only got down to 102 but in this positive train control it would have been able to mitigate that speed quicker? >> absolutely because the system knows the weight of the train, the length of the train it has all of this programmed into a complex algorithm so it knows what -- always knows what the current stopping distance is for the train so it can compute that. it knows it has a speed limit coming ahead so if it's approaching that restricted speed and it's going to blow it the system will know that and bring the train to a stop. >> robert i know how busy you are, you've been and you will continue being. i can't thank you enough for
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spending your time with us, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and i want to get more on those victims still hospitalized and those that were released overnight. nbc's rehema ellis is live at temple university hospital. rehema good morning. >> good morning, jose. there was a news conference just a few moments ago, i think you heard it here at people nepaltemple university. they were talking about the number of people still hospitalized. we know there are dozens in hospitals around the city, 47 in all. 23, the largest number of those hospitalized, are here at temple university. i believe eight of them are in critical condition. we learned something about their ages. they range in age from 19 to 80 years old. and more of what we know about those is that tragically seven people were killed in that accident. five of them have been identified. we have their names for you on a full screen. one person however, is still
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listed as missing, that's bob gildersleeve. his family is pleading for information. of those recovering, hospital officials say most are suffering from injuries to their legs ribs arms and back but hospital officials say they expect many of the people will recover. it just may take a long time for them to recover from these injuries. jose? >> rehema ellis thank you so much. we're just getting started on this thursday edition of "the rundown" live from our nation's capital. i have more on who the victims were and also the latest on the investigation. also coming up, the amtrak funding fight. it flared up on the hill. republicans vote to cut funding to the rail line and take aim at democrats for bringing up monday night's crash during the discussion. >> i have to say something. i was disappointed to hear my
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colleague from new york a few minutes ago talk about the tragedy that occurred with amtrak and suggest that because we had not funded this properly that that's what caused the accident when you have no idea, no idea what caused this accident. >> well representative steve israel was the colleague congressman mike simpson was referring to and there he is, we'll talk to him after the break. congressman, good to see you. plus, the clock is ticking as jurors discuss the fate of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. we'll take you to boston as we wait to find out if he'll face life or death. coming right back from washington, d.c. on "the rundown" this morning. the volkswagen golf was just named motor trend's 2015 car of the year. so was the 100% electric e-golf. and the 45 highway mpg tdi clean diesel. and last but not least the high performance gti.
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in the case of really bad timing, a republican-controlled house panel chose yesterday, one day after the tragic derailment of amtrak train 188, to vote to slash amtrak's budget by a quarter billion dollars. democrats say it's another example of lawmakers cutting corners when it comes to infrastructure. republicans say spending caps are forcing their hand. joining me now, democratic congressman from new york steve israel, member of the appropriations committee. congressman, what a pleasure to see you. >> great to be with you thank you. >> you said yesterday lawmakers are failing the american people. do we know that money would have gone to a program that could have helped prevent this crash, for example? >> we do not know whether the cause, republican budget cuts refusing to fund infrastructure, caused the accident. we know know if there's cause and effect. we do know what the effect is of republican divestment from infrastructure. the positive control systems underfunded by republicans,
6:19 am
153,000 bridges in this country falling apart because of deferred maintenance. longer airplane delays, more accidents, longer delays on our highways because of hot poles. all of that is the effect of a republican decision to stop funding infrastructure while at the same time two weeks ago they spent $270 billion on a permanent repeal of the estate tax, you tell me which priorities are the right priorities for america. repealing the estate tax at $270 billion or repairing our trains, plains and highways. >> congressman, is it that cut and dry. is it one or the other necessarily? is there not enough money to intelligently spend on infrastructure with the caps and the limitations that you have? >> never use the word "intelligently" when it comes to the united states congress. i don't think the two should be put in the same sentence. but government is about priorities and we have tight budgets so we have to prioritize
6:20 am
those budgets. what republicans have chose on the do is to prioritize the special interests, the corporate interests, their friends among the rich and powerful. what democrats are trying to do is subsidize the safety of the hardworking american people on their roads on their planes on their trains these are simple priorities. >> the bridges to nowhere and those kinds of things it's really kind of set a negative tone among many americans who'll be as though their money, their tax money, is not being spent wisely on capitol hill. to use the word, there's not a lot of intelligence on how to spend the people's money. >> and it takes a tragic dent. my heart goes out to those who suffered loss but it takes that kind of tragic accident. that devastation to remind the american people where their tax dollars should be used. do we waste those tax dollars on handouts and gifts for the special interests or use the tax dollars intelligencely by investing in infrastructure? we're the country that built the
6:21 am
transcontinental railroad, the erie canal we sent americans to the moon. those were investments that built the middle-class, that created prosperity, that secured america's greatness for the next generation. instead, this republican congress has decided to spend whatever we have on special interest handouts. >> congressman steve israel always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. after a quick break we'll take you to boston where we could learn at in i moment where p whether boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev will face life behind bars or the death penalty. the jury is just starting its full -- first full day of deliberations. plus dramatic new video of an attack in the middle of a busy new york city street. it happened in broad daylight. look at these pictures. but we're going to tell you about this incident yesterday on "the rundown." you remember it broke during our hour. we'll explain what happened with details coming up next. scott: hello! nbr: scott - we're concerned. you just fed your lawn earlier this spring and now you're at it again. scott: (chuckles) indeed, a crucial late spring feeding helps defend the grass against the summer heat to come.
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some breaking news right now out of the middle east. i'm going to give you the details as we're getting them. u.s. officials tell nbc news today that iranian gun boats shot at a singapore flagged tanker ship today as it was transiting the strait of hormuz. here's what our chief correspondent is reporting. officials say the cargo ship "alpine eternity" was lawfully entering the strait when five iranian gun boats believed to be iranian revolutionary guard ordered the ship to stop. it was there legally when the cargo ship refused the gun boats fired across the bow. the ship then increased speed and the iranian gun boats fired directly at the ship's stern in an apparent attempt to disable the ship's propellers. when that failed, the iranians sought assistance from uae warships in the area. iran's gun boats turned and headed back toward iran. no casualties. the u.s. military officials say no u.s. warships were involved in this incident. again, this is breaking news
6:26 am
right now. now developing in boston. just momenting inging ings ago the jury began its first full days of penalty deliberations in the boston marathon bombing trial. the jury is facing the task of deciding whether dzhokhar tsarnaev, who is 21 years old, will die or spend the rest of his life in prison. msnbc's ronan farrow was in boston this morning. ronan, good morning. >> good morning, jose. jurors have just resumed deliberations in the courthouse behind me, the brick building with the glass back you see there. the judge, the lawyers and all the jurors in the courthouse moments ago to kick off that second day. yesterday they were issued instructions in this case and they began deliberations for a short period about 45 minutes, yesterday. no word on how that conversation is going. i'll tell you this, though jose, a complicated legal question ahead of them. they don't just raise their hands and say "life or death" at the end of this conversation.
6:27 am
there's a 24-page verdict form i have a copyright here, this ef-to run through a complex set of questions for all of the season charges that could result in the death penalty. for each of them they have to consider a set of mitigating versus aggravateing factors like were children deliberately targeted in that bombing? mitigating factors like how much was dzhokhar tsarnaev under the sway of his brother? a lot of difficult questions here. all set, jose, in a community where so many people want to move forward, move on, turn the page. >> ronan, if he is to get the beth penalty, it has to be a unanimous decision by the entire jury. >> that's right. they have to decide unanimously on at least one of those 17 charges that could result until the death penalty that they want death as the result for that charge. >> ronan farrow good to see you, thanks for being with me. we'll continue monitoring the developments out of boston and bring them to you as soon as we get them on "the rundown." also developing now,
6:28 am
pennsylvania senator bob casey is calling for action to fully implement a computerized system to prevent tragedies like the train derailment in philadelphia. it's called positive train control, or ptc. it's a sophisticated system of sensors that can help prevent collisions and stop trains from going through red signals if the operator is for example distracted. here's senator casey on "morning joe." >> i do think, though, when the ntsb says specifically or definitively that the so-called positive train control system can help i think we have to take that seriously and act on that. we know it's part of our law but we have to make sure it's implemented so we have a measure of control that can override human error. >> meanwhile we're getting a better look at the scene where the derailment occurred. msnbc's chris hayes took an aerial tour just above the site. >> it is at this crucial
6:29 am
juncture here that the train derailed. at this crucial juncture. you can see just how that rp that pend is. that is essentially a reporting live from hang l left turn there for that train. close to a right angle as you can get and you can see the way in which it's snake it had front at the highest rate of speed comes off the track you see the debris right there. >> let's go live to philadelphia now. nbc's tom costello is there. where's the focus of the investigation, tom? >> well, listen, there are multiple focuses however i think you cannot ignore the fact that right now the engineer, this 32-year-old engineer, is very much at the heart of it. his attorney this morning says he did talk to police for the better part of six hours. he says he handed overhis cell phone which he claims was turned off and in his bag as per amtrak regulations at the time of the
6:30 am
crash. he says he did not have any drugs or alcohol in his system. he says he has no recollection of what happened. that he suffered a head injury at the time. clearly right now what we know is this engineer slammed on the brakes just as the train hit 106 miles per hour. . this morning engineer brandon bostian is at the center of the investigation. the 32 years old an amtrak engineer for five years, he was injured in the accident but was released from the hospital. late wednesday, police said bostian had been interviewed and given a blood sample and his cell phone. his attorney says bostian has no recollection of the crash. >> he remembers driving the train, he remember going through that area generally, has absolutely no recollection of the incident or anything unusual. the next thing he recalls is being thrown around, coming to finding his bag, getting his cell phone and dialing 911.
6:31 am
>> reporter: on cnn, the mayor of philadelphia immediately suggested bostian was at fall for running the train at 106 miles per hour in a 50 mile per hour zone. >> clearly it was reckless in terms of the driving by the engineer. there's no way in the world that he should have been going that fast into the curve. >> reporter: later on the evening with nbc news the mayor softened his criticism. >> let's try to find out what else was going on with this individual. was there some other medical issue, psychological issue, sleep deprivation. >> reporter: but the national transportation safety board isn't drawing conclusions. investigators insist they have months of work ahead of them. >> we want to find out what was going on in the cab. we want to find out what's going on in his mind. >> reporter: nbc news has been unable to reach the engineer for comment. his facebook page is full of messages from well wishers.
6:32 am
meanwhile, more witnesses are describing the terrible scene of destruction tuesday night. >> notify amtrak to shut down the entire northeast corridor. we have a major event here. >> reporter: brian cane rushed to the scene. >> once again, a train has just derailed. >> reporter: his live internet video went viral. >> it was a total chaos. it was surreal, straight out of a movie. no movie could capture how this was. >> reporter: a scene of utter destruction that investigators are working through as overnight cape anns began to remove the train from the tracks. . northeast corridor remains closed. there is a video camera that focuses on to the tracks from the cab, in other words looking forward. investigators will be looking at that as well as downloading all of the data, not just the speed on the black box which they have now recovered. both of those pieces of evidence are now in washington. jose being to you. >> tom just thinking outloud
6:33 am
here. there's only one engineer in the cab at the time. is that standard operating procedure? there's only just one person running these trains? >> that's sop standard operating procedure. one engineer in the cab at any time at least on the regular northeast corridor regional trains. that's why the focus is on this individual. we have looked at train accidents over the last ten years i have that covered and there is very often sleep deprivation, somebody falls asleep, or distraction, texting. so that's why the investigators are so keen to get more information from him and find out exactly what was happening. >> someone falls asleep someone's texting, someone's using the phone and they're the only ones in there? you'll never know. tom, thank you good to see you appreciate it. as the investigation continues, the grieving is just beginning for the families and friends of the seven people who lost their lives.
6:34 am
each one meant so much to their loved ones. and each one touched the lives of those around them in profound ways like jim gaines, 48 years old, husband and father of a 16-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter. gaines was a video software architect for the associated press. he was on the train tuesday heading home to plainsboro, new jersey. his family released a statement saying "he was more precious to us than we can express." >> justin zemser was on break from the u.s. naval academy. he was heading home to his family in rockaway beach new york city. zemser's mother says her son was an absolutely wontd wonderderful human being. >> he was his high school valedictorian and was finishing up his second year as midshipman at the united states naval academy. he was a loving son, nephew and
6:35 am
cousin who was very community minded. this tragedy has shocked us all in the worst way and we wish to spend this time grieving with our close family and friends. >> abid gilani also died. he was married and the father of two children. he was a bank executive for wells fargo and split his time between washington and new york city. wells fargo released this statement. "our hearts go out to all those impacted by this tragedy." 39-year-old rachel jacobs was a wife and mother of two children, including a toddler. she was the ceo of an educational software startup company in philadelphia. her family says she was devoted to her family and social justice. they released a statement saying in part "this is an unthinkable tragedy. rachel was a wonderful mother daughter, sister, wife and friend. we can not imagine life without her." derrick griffith dedicated his life to education. the 42-year-old was the dean of student affairs at medgar evers
6:36 am
college in brooklyn. he was also a former school principal. derrick received his doctorate in philosophy and urban education just a month ago. medgar evers college released this statement. "derrick was a pillar in the community. he was a champion for the downtrodden and he encouraged students to pursue education with vigor. derrick wore a number of hats as he worked to help others live toward a better life." for the families and friends of all those who died in this tragedy the world is truly a better place for having had them in it. we will never forget them. coming up after a quick break, a lot of political news to get to today. jeb bush under fire over iraq and his brother and it's not just from his would be republican presidential opponents. as you can see from this little mixup with a young democrat in reno. >> you don't need to answer to me, sir you could just answer my question. >> what is the question? >> my question is why are you saying isis was created by.
6:37 am
>> because by the time we left -- >> we sent young men to die for the idea of american exceptionalism. why are you spouting nationalist rhetoric. >> we respectfully disagree. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go to your people? ♪ well this summer, stay with choice hotels twice and get a $50 gift card you can use for just about anything. go you always have a choice. book now at i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit doers. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, save up to $200 on eyeglasses. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical ugh... ...heartburn.
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turning now to politics jeb bush is heading the rnc meeting in arizona today hoping for a friendly audience after a pretty rough day on wednesday. at an event in nevada, he was questioned about his controversial comments on the iraq war. you'll remember he said earlier this week that he would have ordered the invasion even knowing the faulty intelligence. well since then he's been trying to backtrack that, clarify those comments. it isn't going well, one student at the town hall told him pointedly that his brother "created isis." now a growing number of his fellow republican white house contenders are voicing opposition to the iraq war and
6:41 am
distancing themselves from bush's comments. >> not only would i not have been in favor of it, president bush would not have been in favor of it and he said so. president bush said he regrets the intelligence was faulty, i don't think the congress would have voted in favor of authorization if they didn't know that. >> joining me now is senior political editor mark murray and msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt. thank you for being with me. mark, it's clear the storyline over iraq isn't one that governor bush is comfortable with. >> right or the entire republican field for the most part. if you're a republican you want to be litigating the past six years of obama's presidency. you want to talk about hillary clinton, but what's come across is that the entire political debate over the last 72 litigating george w. bush's presidency. this was something that hurt mitt romney in 2012 and the last thing republicans want to do is litigate the iraq war when
6:42 am
they're trying to win the white house in 2016. >> that's probably true. but if you're considering running for president as the governor has said he is considering and you're going around the country raising money and you know your brother who was the president involved in invading iraq is still an issue you'd think you'd put a thought on what your position would have been to that question. >> and he guess giving three different answers in three different days jose. first he came out in the megyn kelly interview on fox and said yes, i would have authorized the iraq war. then the next day he said you know what, i don't know, it's a hypothetical. then the answer was yes we shouldn't be talking about hypotheticals particularly when we had american soldiers who died. so three different answers in three different days, that's not a good spot. >> you heard marco rubio saying he would not have supported the war given the current information but in marge he said the war was not a mistake because the world is a better place without saddam hussein.
6:43 am
how is iraq just a quicksand for candidates? >>. >> it is quicksand in the way that mark was touching on which is that republicans as a whole don't want to spend the cycle debating the mistakes of george w. bush or having to defend them or answer for them. i think rubio is an interesting case in particular because if anything the ideological outline of the foreign policy he has laid down for himself is probably the closest to the ideological underpinnings of george w. bush's foreign policy. very aggressive stance of america in the world. talk toing ing ing about what the role of america can be in situations that are maybe humanitarian for example and that's a policy many others in the republican party have backed away from. you have this rand paul wouldn't call himself an isolationist, he would probably take offense at that but something more isolationist than what rubio laid down. oen the whole i think this is the trickiest for jeb bush.
6:44 am
having covered him in the field, this is the one area where it gets under his skin. . he's usually very smooth at handling questions on all subjects from different voters, reporters, you name it. but when he's asked to talk about his brother he becomes uncomfortable and can't figure out how to distance himself from george w. bush without criticizing him. and i think that's what you've seen over the past couple days. >> jeb bush had an oops moment yesterday. let's listen to it. >> i'm running for president in 2016 and the focus is going to be about how we if i run, how do you create high sustained economic growth. >> in the same sentence he said if i consider. but that's what he said first. >> and early on he said i'm not an official candidate for the presidency but then saying yes i'm a candidate. the reason why he's been so care informal his past language up until yesterday is that he's
6:45 am
heading up a super pac right now. he's the honorary chairman, directly raising money and he's allowed to do that legally until he becomes a presidential candidate which is why -- this is why he's been so careful. >> what makes you a candidate? in other words just you saying it or do you have to file? >> you have to file paperwork and be but the fec would look to see if you are making moves to being a presidential candidate. now someone can file a lawsuit with the federal election commission and say ah-ha jeb bush has been running if the presidency. the problem is the fec has been seen as toothless. even if there is litigation it would take a year or two to resolve so i don't think much will happen but that was certainly a slip. >> good to see you. kasie hunt, i know from your background you're not in south beach but you are in arizona, kr ekt? >> we are in arizona, yes. that i found a lovely cactus to join us. >> very animated. thank you for being with me, appreciate it. we'll go back to the rnc spring meeting later on in the show.
6:46 am
appreciate both of you being with me this morning. and by the way, in the next hour we'll be speaking with the director of that. let me talk about nepal for a minute. this helicopter, the marine helicopter that vanished while on a mission in nepal there's information on that now that i want to share with you. we'll do that after the break. stay with us on "the rundown." american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it!
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...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti. now continuing developments out of until. the death toll continues to rise following the second major earthquake to hit the country in three weeks. the number is now at 96. many kathmandu residents are spending the nights in tents out doors in hopes of not being buried by their homes. all this as the search continues in the eastern part of nepal for that u.s. marine huey helicopter that went missing on tuesday. u.s. military officials and a
6:50 am
drone are being used to track it down. the chopper carrying six marines and two nepali troops on board similar to this one shown was delivering aid tuesday in one of the districts hit hardest by the one of the districts hit hardest by the two quakes. in mississippi funeral services held for police officer benjamin deen. hundreds and mourners packed the visitation yesterday. a fifth person was arrested in connection with the shooting. abraham wade franklin charged with obstruction of justice. four others are behind bars in this case. still ahead, a deal apparently in the works to get president obama's trade deal passed through the senate. we are going to break it down for you in just a minute here on "the rundown." based on 6 different criteria, why did a panel of 11 automotive experts name the volkswagen golf
6:51 am
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6:53 am
president obama's trade agenda is alive and kicking
6:54 am
after being nearly left for dead in the senate. this morning senators are moving forward with a deal that is aimed at giving the president fast track authority to negotiate future trade deals. under the agreement senators vote on two controversial bills backed by democrats. some liberal senators successfully blocked trade legislation and fell short of the threshold. when with me now is alex wauld. what is going on? what does this mean? it is going through now? >> it is back alive. on tuesday it looked like this thing was dead. >> it was dead on tuesday. >> 10 to 12 pro trade democrats. they abandoned the president, joined the democratic filibuster. today we are going to get the two votes that they were holding out for. one is on a bill to give trade to -- the controversial one is
6:55 am
on a customs enforcement bill including cracking down on currency. next week we have the vote on the ultimate trade promotion authority. >> the house is going to play a part in this? >> that is where the real fight is. i think at this point activists have conceded sooner or later it will get past by the senate. there is more democratic opposition and republican upization. nancy pelosi hasn't been clear. >> what happened was semantics to express pure position before they all fall in line? >> there is definitely a lot of trying to get this out there. they have two full days of us talking about this. we are registering their opposition to this trade deal, registering that they are not with the president on this. i think that is definitely a part of it. they want to delay this as much as possible. a lot of things, steps that have
6:56 am
to fall in line to get the trans pacific partnership that deal with 12 countries. if they can delay this thing back there is a chance to blow up the whole thing. >> other than the people who maintained their position there was a movement of just saying i voted this way but now i'm going to change? >> that's that group of key 10 to 12 democrats. >> pleasure to see you. by the way we are going to be speaking with senator tammy baldwin in the next hour about this. coming up we are going to take you back to philadelphia where the investigation into that deadly amtrak train crash is very active this morning. we have new information on the engineer at the controls as well as those who lost their lives. plus next hour president obama is heading to camp david in maryland. will he be meeting with leaders from six gulf nations? we get a live report from chris jansing who is already there awaiting the president's arrival. ing the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn dogs... you are so out
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7:00 am
welcome back to our tour of the rundown. why is it going so fast? that is the question investigators are trying to answer. train 188 was going more than twice as fast as it should have been. speed limit was 50 miles per hour. it was going over 100. let's put the focus on brandon bostian. i spoke to investigator about him in our last hour. >> we really just want to get his first-hand account of what he experienced. that is what we want to find out. we want to make sure we conduct our own interview and do it in a nonthreatening environment for him so he can tell us what he recalls. >> and now for the latest live in philadelphia near the crash
7:01 am
site. what is the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: good morning. it's been a very busy scene here throughout the course of the evening and early hours of the morning. you can probably see over my shoulder an oversized flat bed truck has brought in a new set of tracks. they released a part of the track back to amtrak allowing to begin to lay new tracks in order to try to get traffic back up and going. they have a lot of work to do here. in terms of the investigation though, we have heard from ntsb officials saying they are looking at all possibilities. obviously speed is going to be a very important factor in why it was going so fast and how the train managed to get up to 106 miles per hour around a curve that was meant to be about 50 miles per hour. they are not ruling anything out. there are two components to this, the human factor and mechanical factor. as a result the officials have been collecting data and will analyze it.
7:02 am
they are doing forensics testing on scene including signals and mechanical problems. they are inspecting the tracks. there is also the human factor that is going to be critical. once the ntsb manages to interview brandon bostian. they say they plan to do that in the next day or two. what we do know is he handed over his cell phone and taken blood tests. we are waiting the results of that. his lawyer said on abc that he did not have any alcohol or drugs in his system and his cell phone was turned off in accordance with amtrak rules. >> i want to go to rahema ellis. >> reporter: we know there is good news from hospital officials that the number of those people who were hospitalized has gone down. that is good news. overnight there were 47 people hospitalized. now that number is down to 41 and the largest number of patients still being here at
7:03 am
temple university hospital. it is now 16. that is down from 23. so for those patients and their families that is good news. again, temple university has the largest number of those. eight of them here are in critical condition. and officials say of those patients they have they have ranged in ages from 19 to 80 years old. at least seven people we know did not survive their injuries. five have been identified. one person still remains missing. his name is bob guildersleeve. most are recovering from injuries from arms, legs ribs, back bruises. health officials say this is good news that they do expect that those patients that are here and have been released that they will recover. it will take some time but they expect them to recover.
7:04 am
>> thank you very much. turning now to capitol hill just one day after the amtrak crash a republican led house panel voted to cut amtrak's funding by a quarter billion dollars. i spoke to steve israel on the show last hour. he slammed the decision by his gop colleagues. >> government is about priorities. we have tight budgets. what republicans have chosen to do is prioritize the special interests, corporate interests their friends among the rich and the powerful. democrats are trying to subsidize the safety of american people hard working americans on their roads, planes and trains. >> luke rusert joins us this morning. >> thanks for having me in the studio. >> talk about bad timing. this couldn't be worst timing to be dealing with the budget and to say we have to cut it. >> certainly it was odd. what made it more strange was
7:05 am
back in march the house agreed overwhelmingly with 316 votes on a bill that would have funded amtrak at the same number $1.4 billion. it was a bipartisan bill. within that bill the northeast corridor the profits made would have gone back directly into the northeast corridor so you could have put that safety system in that area where it happened. you can redo the track in that area if you wanted to. what ended up happening is because of the budget caps put in place by the sequester dating back to 2011 they weren't able to find offsets back from march so they were trying to slash the 250 million and ended up doing it yesterday so presented it odd optics. >> do we know where the $1.4 billion goes into? >> it's a good question regarding amtrak because a lot of the money is in entities that are not profitable.
7:06 am
amtrak, the rest of the country is subsidized. it's an interesting issue because democrats will say this is a public service. it needs the government's money. republicans say this is a private stand alone entity and it has been receiving a subsity for some time. it is time to make up results for it. all that being said when you break it down there is capital projects overhead, infrastructure there is new rail cars. in terms of specifically targeting that funding the cuts yesterday had to do with the capital projects and that was the infrastructure directly. the argument is that amtrak should be paying for that within its own merits and also the state so that the city would be contributing, as well. >> good to see you. >> miami, would you? >> and developing in boston at this hour the first full day of jury deliberations in the
7:07 am
penalty phase is underway. the jurors working through a verdict form deciding count by count whether dzhokhar tsarnaev deserves to be executed or spend the rest of his life in prison. he will receive death penalty if jury unanimously agrees on it for any one of the counts for which he was convicted. we will bring you details on the tsarnaev decision as we get them. we go live to boston later this hour. a possible break through on capitol hill has senators preparing for key votes on the president's trade bill. wisconsin's senator tammy baldwin joins us live from the hill. president obama is about to meet leaders from six gulf region nations. lots on the table at camp david including iran nuke deal. details on the huge day for the president next on the run down.
7:08 am
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7:11 am
and some breaking news we confirmed that philadelphia mayor michael nutter will update on the amtrak crash at noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. pacific. an update from officials as that investigation continues. we will, of course, bring you that news conference live on msnbc. now to capitol hill and the senate open for business a day after a substantial about face by lawmakers. senators are preparing several votes after coming to an agreement on trade legislation. the final bill aims at accelerating powers to complete a sweeping trade deal. senators have ability to give final approval of any deal but no ability to amend it. wisconsin senator tammy baldwin. >> it's great to join you. >> thank you.
7:12 am
you voted against fast tuesday. >> as a bottom line we have a vote on fast track authority which as you suggest makes it impossible for senators and house members when we consider a future trade deal to amend it, to approve it and make changes to it. it will be just an up or down vote. until we see greater transparency and until my constituents can read details of trade agreements that come before us in the future i am unwilling to give up that power. and the earlier vote you saw in the senate this week was an attempt to try to get a greater number of issues on the table. these are important issues like monetary policy currency manipulation issues. however, it doesn't go far enough for me. >> senator, as we see senator brown on the floor i want to just pick your brain a little bit about this. it seems as though there are a handful of senators including
7:13 am
yourself who on one day stood up and said this is an important deal and this is how we feel about it. then 24 hours later it seems like many others are simply saying i said that and now i can do something completely different. >> i think that the vote that took place earlier this week represented a coalition of both antifast track and pro fast track senators who stuck together in order to get a vote on currency manipulation issues and other issues. in my mind i do not believe that fast track authority is appropriate at this point when we have such secrecy around trade negotiations like negotiation of the trans pacific partnership. frankly for me the bottom line is how it impacts the workers of the state of wisconsin the state i am proud to represent in the united states senate. until we have details and transparency and trade negotiation processes we can't
7:14 am
have those assurances and fast track in my mind doesn't work. we do not need to repeat mistakes of the past. >> the president has said his administration is underlining this. this tpp is the most progressive trade agreement in the history of the united states. why not take the president as his word. it is not finalized yet. >> that's why transparency is so important. if these improvements have occurred we should understand that. we should be debateing them, making sure they are requirements of the final agreement that will be brought before the congress. that's not where we are right now. and frankly in my mind there are perhaps a half dozen if not more issues that are unresolved and on behalf of the workers that i represent i just am not willing to vote to give up my ability to offer amendments to improve to
7:15 am
shape trade deal that hasn't finished its negotiation process, not to mention the trade deals that could come beyond that. >> senator, just a few moments ago russ finegold announced he is running for other senate seat in wisconsin in 2016 against ron johnson. how are democrat's chances looking in your home state next year? >> i think we are expecting a big and enthusiastic turnout among voters as experienced historicallypresidential years. he is somebody wisconsinites remember well and view as a champion on an incredibly important set of issues trade included i might add. >> it's a pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me. >> great to see you. from capitol hill to a big day for the president at camp david. later today he is meeting with
7:16 am
leaders from six gulf region nations. the president hosted for a dinner last night including saudi prince seen arriving for the dinner. prince attending the dinner in place of the saudi king solomon. president obama affirms the relationship remains strong. >> the united states and saudi arabia have an extraordinary friendship and relationship that dates back to franklin roosevelt and we are continuing to build that relationship during a very challenging time. >> and joining me now ahead of today's camp david summit is chris jansing just up the road from camp david. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. how are you? >> good. what can we expect today at the summit? >> reporter: well, the white house sees this as a critically important meeting and iran
7:17 am
obviously at the center of it. first of all, the leaders who are here today are concerned about their influence in that region that is so important to u.s. national security. in the bigger picture they are worried about iran's increasing influence. they want more sort for the syrian rebels and also in the specific they are really worried and part of the reason that you're not seeing all of these leaders here is they are sending a signal about the iranian nuclear deal. the biggest job for president obama today will be to reassure them to let them get some sense of what the united states is willing to do to give them assurances that this is not going to make their region less stable instead of more stable. and they have one former official who has been going around the world suggesting that they are so concerned that they may be considering trying to ramp up a nuclear program of their own. they don't have anywhere near the capability of iran right now and there are questions about
7:18 am
where they would come up with the ingredients that would be needed to do it. it gives a sense of how deep the gap is that the president is trying to bridge. >> there is a lot made of the fact that the saudi king is not there. but there are also other leaders who aren't there, as well, right? >> reporter: yeah. the king of bahrane pulled out. he is at a horse show. what the white house will tell you is that the people who are very involved in all of this are here. for example, the crown prince and deputy crown prince of saudi arabia who have been involved in the very detailed -- something of an unknown quantity but a favorite son, young, thought to be aggressive and also their defense minister given the job when his father was made king.
7:19 am
they argue these are the kinds of people who know the details that need to be talked about today and certainly in the case of the deputy crown prince looking more like the heir apparent. i am going to bring in nicholas burns to talk about today's summit and more. good to see you. >> thanks, jose. >> you called the absence of the saudi king a defeat for the white house. what is the best outcome? >> i think it is a problem for the white house that king solomon have not appeared at this important summit because the symbolism of unity was something the white house very much wanted. what they have to do is focus on a couple of thing. how can the united states convince the gulf countries that a negotiated deal with iran on its nuclear future is in their interest as well as our interest. and what is really on their minds is that iran is making a
7:20 am
major push for power in the heart of the world. certainly iran has become the king maker most influential country in iraq and syria and fighting a proxy war and the iranians have a lot of influence in lebanon. gulf arabs want to push back. they want advanced defense technology from the united states states. they want a commitment to gulf security by the united states. that is the core of what is being discussed. >> it seems with the situation in yemen not apparently getting better even after saudi bombing campaigns you have syria that is really a disaster and so the only real force that is consistent there seems to be iran. >> well, i think the overlay here, the back drop to this summit is the fact that the heart of the middle east beginning with the syrian situation is in deep, deep trouble, violent.
7:21 am
syria has broken apart as a nation state. half the population is homeless. so they also want to see the united states be more active and assertive in supporting some of the so-called moderate armed groups and against the iranian government that is fighting through its proxy hezbollah in syria itself. i think in short they are looking for a more assertive brand of american leadership in the middle east that has been typical i think of all past administrations, republican and democrat going back now for half a century. in president obama's defense i think he is beginning to take the steps necessary to ramp up american involvement certainly in helping egypt through defense assistance. we will see what comes out of today's meetings. >> thank you for being with me. . appreciate it. >> thanks so much. coming up we zoom through some of the other stories making news including a tragic factory fire in the philippines. those are pictures from that.
7:22 am
remember that georgia principal we told you about making headlines for racially charged comment at graduation ceremony? she might be looking for a new job this morning. check out the rally on wall street. 165 points up on the dow. the nasdaq up more than 40. what's going on? is it about greece? it can't be. greece announced they are in a recession. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can
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7:26 am
if you are taking out pencils and wondering what the number to watch is for the dow's record closing high because it is the same 18,288 hit on march 2. what we are also seeing however, is after disappointing retail sales numbers that we got yesterday q 2 gdp estimates cut all over the place. goldman sachs reducing to 2.5%. so even though we got good numbers this morning other data points coming in are sketchy. one interesting point i will leave you on and that is facebook has now entered the minimum wage fight. it is implementing new standards on benefits for contractors and vendors here who will be required to pay workers at least $15 an hour with other requirements like at least 15 paid days off of vacation. one by one we are seeing big companies going down the minimum
7:27 am
wage route and that is a good thing. >> thank you so much. >> coming up outrage in wisconsin over the case of tony robinson the unarmed teen shot and killed by a madison police officer. new pictures from philadelphia of construction crews working on the rails. safety on the tracks a huge concern in the wake of the amtrak 188 derailment. these are live pictures. here is the question, how safe are we? what needs to be done to secure our rail system? we will look for answers coming up. ♪ if you're looking for a car that drives you... ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands... ...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti.
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7:30 am
and now to new developments out of philadelphia. we are getting in live pictures of crews laying down new track at the site of the train crash. the attorney of the engineer behind the wheels of the train.
7:31 am
he remembers trying to reduce speed before he was knocked down. the tragedy is raising new questions about safety. peter alexander has more from philadelphia. >> reporter: an urgent question is the safety of america's rails still on track? while plane crashes dropped to lowest levels since 60s you are six times less likely of a plane crash than train crash. roughly 100 every month. on a passenger train you put your safety in the hands of an engineer. the man driving the train tuesday night brandon bostian. >> the train raveling at 106 miles per hour. >> reporter: this train hit 100
7:32 am
miles per hour twice posted speed limit when it jumped rails in spain in 2013 79 people killed. speed to blame in the crash of the new york commuter train that killed four. unlike on airplanewise two pilots in the cockpit the train engineer is often alone in the cab aided by positive train control or ptc, an electronic system which can take control of the train if it is traveling too fast. sections of the northeast corridor from new haven, connecticut to boston and philadelphia to washington have ptc installed. not on the stretch of track where amtrak train 188 took a curve too quickly. >> we feel had such a system been installed this accident would not have occurred. >> reporter: technology experts say that could have saved lives. >> that was peter alexander reporting. we continue to learn more about the seven people who were killed
7:33 am
in the train derailment. their loved ones are completely devastated. each one left a mark on those around them. natalie morales has more on those who did not survive and the loss for their families and friends. the family of 20-year-old justin zemser had been expecting him home. >> he was absolutely wonderful. everybody looked up to my son. there are no other words i can say. >> reporter: her sentiments echoed by many as word spread he had been killed. he played football at the academy. >> i can't imagine losing a teammate so quickly and so unexpectedly. >> jim gaines was a father of two. co workers at the the associated press describe him as the nicest person any of them had ever met.
7:34 am
>> remember jim, be kind today. >> reporter: the unthinkable confirmed for the family of rachel jacobs calling her a wonderful mother, daughter sister, wife and friend and said we cannot imagine life without her. grieving the family of derek griffith who recently earned his doctorate. two others are still missing in the crash including bob guilder guildersleeve. >> as one son pleads for his father another father and son are being hailed as heroes for rushing to the scene of the crash to pull survivors from the wreck. >> people yelling out can you help us? >> reporter: a father proud of seeing his son act like a man. >> i thought he can take care of
7:35 am
himself in that moment that he is doing the right thing by helping. >> we continue to monitor the developments out of philadelphia and bring them to you here on the run down. developing now in wisconsin new video released by the department of justice shows the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. i want to show a clip from the video but i want to warn you some may find it graphic. tony robinson was killed by officer matt kenny, a 12-year veteran on the force. kenny reportedly feared for his life after the teen repeatedly punched and charged at him. yesterday prosecutors announced they would not charge him in robinson's death. >> they could have done a lot. they could have done a lot. what they diplomat do was give my son respect and they didn't do a thorough investigation. that's what they didn't do. what they did do was take
7:36 am
everything they could possibly from me. >> she is not alone in her outrage. hundreds turned out in the streets yesterday to protest the decision. what new information came out of the dash cam video? >> so the video is something that we did not know about before it was released earlier this week. there are limits to it. you don't see, tony robinson the entire time. it is taken from outside the home. you don't see the altercation that he says happened. you get a sense of what was happening. you can see he stumbles through the door way. attorneys of the family of tony robinson pointed out there are inconsistencies with the video. he said he fired the first three shots while he and tony robinson were close to the top of the stairway where the altercation was alleged to have occurred.
7:37 am
you can see him firing as he is retreating out the door of the home. officer kenny's attorney said he was still being threatened, that he was shooting to stop a threat. and police and experts said it is possible that tony robinson was posing the threat but we just can't be sure. >> and let's talk about the decision thought to charge officer kenny. tony robinson's mother said she will file a civil lawsuit instead. is that a better way to get justice in this case? >> well the family is looking at a number of legal means including a civil lawsuit. they apparently started their own investigation. this was investigated by the wisconsin division of criminal investigation, a separate entity from madison police department which employs officer kenny. ultimately the district attorney decided he would not push forward with charges. >> good to see you. thank you. >> a lawful shooting. >> thank you. developing now overseas in
7:38 am
nepal where the search continues in the eastern part of the country for the u.s. marine's helicopter that went missing on tuesday. u.s. military helicopters and a drone are being used to track it. the chopper carrying six marines on board similar to this one shown was delivering tuesday's aid in one of the district's hardest hit by the two major earthquakes that hit nepal. the death toll continues to rise now at 96. fear of even more activity has forced many residents to decide to spend the night in tents outdoors. a hammer attack. a factory fire in the philippines and a fired school principal. check this new video released by new york city police as a man went after two nypd officers with a hammer. we first told you about this yesterday. it started after the officers recognized a suspect who was
7:39 am
wanted for several hammer attacks earlier this week. the man hit the female officer three times. that's when her partner opened fire shooting the suspect. he is in critical condition. police say the suspect used the same hammer to attack the officers and three other women. more than 70 people were killed after a fire in the philippines. dozens of workers trapped inside the factory. according to the local government 53 workers still missing. investigators are trying to determine the cause. in georgia the private school principal who gained national attention for a racialry charged comment at graduation ceremony. the school board fired to dismiss nancy gourda who tried to defend her statements earlier in the week. take a listen. >> i'm not a racist. i didn't know black people was a racist term. i didn't say the n word or anything like that because that
7:40 am
is not in my vocabulary. >> nancy also apologized to parents in an e-mail stating the devil was in the house and came out from my mouth. in a rare interview in english we are hearing from wife of opposition leader jailed in 2014 for crusading against the regime. his wife is in washington to push for the release of her husband. here is what she said. >> he denounced the regime as inefficient regime and corrupt regime. that's why he is in jail because he wants a better country. and he wants a constitutional way to have a better country for all venzellen people.
7:41 am
>> she will receive democracy award later today. up next republican national committee spring meeting gets underway a couple of hours from now. we will be hearing from potential candidate jeb bush fresh off this oops moment. >> i'm running for president in 2016 and the focus is going to be about how we if i run how you create high sustained economic growth. >> the communications director joins us live next with his reaction and more. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we've always been at the forefront of advanced electronics. providing technology to get more detail... ♪ ♪ detect hidden threats... ♪ ♪ see the whole picture... ♪ ♪ process critical information and put it in the hands of our defenders. reaching constantly evolving threats before they reach us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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7:44 am
happening today jeb bush addresses meeting of republican national committee. he spent the better part of the week trying to clarify comments made on the war of iraq. on wednesday the potential presidential candidate trying to walk back remarks he made on fox news. this morning 2016 rivals
7:45 am
including fellow floridaen and senator marco rubio are distancing themselves. joining me now is rnc's sean spicer. thanks for being with me this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> what are you guys going to achieve or what is on the agenda at this meeting? >> we have a lot of great speakers. we heard from carly fiorina as well as governor bush. tomorrow we hear from governor mike huckabee as well as doug deucy who represents the state here in arizona. so we have a lot of great speakers to come in and talk to us about their vision for the future and where they want to see the country going. then we do a lot of party business talking about the rules and convention in cleveland. and then we get through where we have to go as a party and talk about the outreach efforts that we have done to grow this party the successes that we had in our data and digital department in '14 and how we build on that to
7:46 am
win in 2016. >> when you start looking at the list of potential republican candidates, if you start to print them out you run out of ink it seems there are so many. how are you going to deal with that? >> when you look historically going back to the beginning of time there has never been a party as you are seeing this year that has had the abundance of riches we have. the depth of the people potentially running and have announced that they are unrunning is unbelievable. we are looking at 15 to 20 candidates. i think that is remarkable that we have so much talent on our side and a huge contrast to what is going on on the other side. you have governors senators ceos all of this talent talking about the vision for the future. on the democratic side you have a conation of hillary clinton. i think that is a huge contrast as to what the two parties have to offer this country.
7:47 am
>> how surprised are you going back to jeb that you see the latest fox news poll show him at 13% tied with dr. carson. how do you think this whole issue of iraq war is going to play? is this something that all republicans should be answering? >> look, as you just said we have up to 20 candidates potentially running. each is running their own game. i think you are seeing a lot of support from a lot of different folks. i will let each make their decisions as to what strategy they are going to employ and what they comment on but i think there is a lot of run way left in this campaign. our first primary is in the first week of february and a lot of ups and downs between now and then. >> here is my other question which i bring up. the whole issue of immigration. do you think that should be a discussed issue during the 2016 race? it seems as though in the 15 or 20 different candidates may
7:48 am
decide to run there are vast differences on how they feel about immigration with the exception of one or two they are antiimmigration reform in a complete way. >> i don't necessarily agree to that. i think we can all agree that the immigration system is broken and we have a problem with border security and each is addressing it a certain way. i dispute the negotiation that if you don't support opening the borders up through amnesty that that is antiimmigrant. i think we have a broken system. so i think that we are a nation of immigrants. all of us want a system that works better and is more fair. >> no one, 15 to 20 or 200 has said opening up the borders is a policy. i think what the issue -- >> if hillary clinton said she wants everyone to -- there is a vast difference.
7:49 am
>> the 11 or 12 million people here who many have u.s. borne children and many have been here ten or 20 years or more that is different than opening the border. >> there is a difference with that. i think how we handle that situation. it's also we have people that are here that have come here illegally or overstayed illegally. i think how do we prevent that going forward? you can't just deal with one without dealing with future border security. i think that is important, as well. i think that is largely missed from the bigger debate. >> comprehensive immigration reform is something you are saying is a good discussion to have? >> i believe, sure. how we define comprehensive getting back to the idea that the current system doesn't work, that our border isn't completely secure has to be the lead part of that discussion. if that is what people mean by comprehensive then let's have a comprehensive discussion. i think sometimes on the left the discussion starts with what do we do with people who have
7:50 am
come into the country and overstayed illegally? that is not how you need to start a policy discussion. >> thank you for being with me. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. happening now in boston, jury in the marathon bombing trial first full day of deliberations deciding on life in prison or death for dzhokhar tsarnaev. we are live in boston next. take a look at the stunning video. racing star was preparing for indy 500 run when he took a rough turn sending his car air borne. just as amazing he thankfully walked away without a scratch. can you believe it? take a look at the video. look at this. you know what this looks like? without the danger this looks like a regular day on i-95 in south florida. they go this fast. hello! this little beauty here is top-of-the-line. see, you just pull like this to go left. and like so to go right.
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7:53 am
and developing in boston 12
7:54 am
jurors handed a huge decision whether or not to sentence convicted boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev to death. it's the first full day of dlib rags for this jury. >> reporter: good to see you. the latest is they are deliberating. they have been there since 9:00 a.m. the jurors arrived casually dressed. they know each other well because it is the same panel that decided on the sentencing phase now they have to decide the ultimate outcome. will dzhokhar tsarnaev live or die? >> and what do we know about what they are asking and doing? they have to be -- there are 17 counts eligible for the death penalty. >> we discussed a little bit before. there is a complicated verdict slip here. it is 24 pages long outlining the 17 counts that could carry the death penalty for each of those they have to decide and in order to get death as an outcome
7:55 am
have to decide unanimously on at least one. we have no idea how long deliberations will last. precedents suggest it may not take that much time in the oklahoma city bombing case for instance the jury there deliberated for 11 hours before returning a death sentence. right here in massachusetts in one prominent recent case in the gary lee sampson spree killer case that jury deliberated for 12 hours before their death sentence. >> always a pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me. appreciate it. and i understand we have pictures before we go. do we have those? this is a derailment. this is apparently a pennsylvania train freight train derailment. you are seeing this as i'm seeing it live. it is just occurring. as you can see it is a freight train.
7:56 am
it's not a passenger train. investigators say several cars have overturned. they tell us the cars were empty. this is happening along second avenue near the hot metal bridge. we learned a command post has been set up. we will keep you updated on this. this is a freight train apparently empty derailed in pennsylvania. with that we wrap up. there will be a news conference in philadelphia for mayor nutter updating the investigation of the train crash. news nation is up next. i'll see you here tomorrow.
7:57 am
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was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. you may be able to get up to 12 months at no cost. woman: as much as i sweat, i always wore black. other clinical antiperspirants didn't work. then i tried certain dri. it's different. it stops sweat before it starts. add some color to your life with certain dri. my feet felt so heavy at the end of the day. they used to get really tired. until i started gellin'. i got dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. when they're in my shoes my feet and legs feel less tired. it's like walking on a wave dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles, i'm a believer! good morning. this is "news nation." the mayor of philadelphia will give the latest on the deadly
8:00 am
amtrak train crash in about an hour. rescuers are still looking for several missing passengers. seven people are confirmed dead and police say they have talked to engineer brandon bostian and he has given a blood sample and his cell phone. his attorney told abc news that his client has no recollection of the accident. >> the next thing he recalls is being thrown around coming to, finding his bag, getting his cell phone and dialing 911. >> the train was going 106 miles per hour in a 50 miles per hour zone when it hit the curve. federal investigators are trying to determine why. the ntsb said they are making arrangements for brake tests today and analyzing forward


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