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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 18, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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this is "news nation." police in waco, texas are on alert this morning after a deadly shootout between rival biker gangs left nine people dead and 18 others injured all of them gang members. and police say they are very concerned today about more gang violence. >> i will tell you, the threats have gone so far as major motorcycle gangs putting out hits on officers threats that we're getting are towards law enforcement. they are threatening to kill uniformed officers. >> nearly 200 people have now been arrested and charges with engaging in organized crime in connection with the shootings, which began around noon yesterday, when a brawl at a local bar and grill spilled out into a parking lot. now waco police were already on the scene when the fighting broke out having anticipated trouble at this gathering. what followed shocked even veteran officers there.
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>> i will tell you that in 34 years of law enforcement this is the worst crime scene the most violent crime scene, that i have ever been involved in. >> police have accused the restaurant of refusing to cooperate with authorities, something the restaurant owners are denying. let's go to nbc's jay gray, he's in waco with the latest. first, jay, let's start with police there saying that there now have been threats against law enforcement personnel, threats to kill uniformed officers. what more are they saying about this? >> reporter: you're absolutely right, tamron, there is concern ongoing concern that more gang members are on the way to the area. let's show you what's going on with the investigation right now at the twin peaks restaurant here in waco. we've seen it throughout the morning, texas rangers right there part of what are local, state police as well as federal agents on the ground. one waco officer telling us if you can name a local or state
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agency, federal agency they are here helping in this investigation. it all unfolded inside the twin peaks restaurant here, started with a fight in the restroom, spilled into the bar, then into the parking lot. nine gang members killed, at least 18 injured as it was all playing out. there were dozens trapped inside. >> i was in there my husband's in there the bandito gang members, pull guns out, start shooting people. that's what they did in there. nobody was doing anything. everyone starts shooting people. they don't leave people alone. i don't know what the problem is. >> reporter: this all happened just after noon, broad daylight in what is a crowded, very oñ popular shopping and restaurant venue. police say it's a miracle that no one else was hurt or killed. they credit a lot of the people inside that twin peaks with running into a stand-up freezer that probably saved a lot of lives here tamron. >> and to the reports are
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indicating that there was gunshots -- gunfire exchanged between, jay members of the gangs and with police officers. the role that the restaurant is playing in this investigation i do need to read the statement from twin peaks, the franchise there, "our management team has had an ongoing and positive communication with police and we will continue to work with them as we all want to keep violent crime out of our business and community." but, jay, what are the allegations against this restaurant from the police perspective? >> reporter: well, i can tell you we talked to police about that statement this morning and they said, and these are their words, tamron that's a lie. they say they had been working this for more than two months, that they knew there were problems here, the gangs had been in this restaurant before. they approached the local restaurant, got no response so approached corporate headquarters and got no response again. immediately after this happened tamron, they said this was avoidable, did not have to happen. we got no cooperation from the
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restaurant. >> jay gray live for us in waco. another developing story we are following amtrak trains are back running between philadelphia and new york for the first time since last week's deadly derailment. the first train left new york city just after 5:30 eastern time this morning headed to philadelphia. this is video footage from inside the second train which left philadelphia heading to new york. the tracks now have new safety upgrades in place including an automatic train control system. federal regulators ordered amtrak to expand use of this control system, which was already operating on the southbound tracks opposite of where the accident happened. appearing on "morning joe," transportation secretary anthony fox was pressed on why the measure was not in place earlier. >> why does it seem the federal government is only acting when there's blood on the tracks? >> well, first of all, i have to say that the folks at amtrak
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have taken extraordinary measures over the last several days to not only clear the site, but also to take these steps that we asked them to take. the fact of the matter is we have challenges in this country with making sure these technologies get in place. once we know exactly what the cause of this accident is you can expect us to take additional corrective measures. >> msnbc's adam reese joins me now with more on the investigation. adam, we'll talk about these safety upgrades in a second, but what have we learned regarding the ntsb and the latest on the investigation? >> good morning, tamron. the ntsb says their investigation is wide open. they haven't ruled anything out. the fbi, on the other hand is looking at a pattern. is there a link between the three trains that were hit with projectiles tuesday night? we had a septa train another train, and, of course, amtrak 188. ntsb saying a fist-sized
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projectile went through the windshield that night. engineers call this getting rocked. it happens so often along the northeast corridor that they actually protect themselves with grills in the front windshield so they don't get hit with projectile projectiles. the federal railroad administration ordering amtrak over the weekend to make changes. going into that turn only 45 miles per hour and also post signs along the route for speed limits. and finally, mayor nutter yesterday holding an emotional ceremony here in philadelphia to remember the eight people who lost their lives on that night. he was here this morning at the 30th street station seeing people off on their way to new york. here's what he had to say. >> whatever folks might be thinking, obviously, they have booked themselves on this train. everyone knows, certainly, what has happened, but just a sense of reassurance for the first train going out that things are safe secure, you should feel comfortable. >> reporter: 20 people remain hospitalized, five critical. tamron?
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>> as i understand it federal regulators have ordered amtrak to take some action here, as well. >> reporter: right. so again, they want them to approach that curve at 45 miles per hour not 50. they want them to analyze these curves along the route to new york and post signs specifically stating speed limits as well tamron? >> thank you very much. developing now, a tragedy involving u.s. marines during a training exercise in hawaii. officials say one marine was killed and 21 others injured when their osprey aircraft crashed overnight and exploded in flames as it was landing. officials say some of those injured are in critical condition. the marines involved are from camp pendleton in san diego, that is the same base as the six marines killed when their helicopter crashed last week during an earthquake relief mission in nepal. that crash is also still under investigation. and developing now, secretary of state john kerry is predicting the key iraqi city of
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ramadi, with isis seized yesterday, will soon be recaptured. >> it is possible to have the kind of attack we've seen in ramadi but i am absolutely confident in the days ahead that will be reversed. >> and video unverified by nbc news appears to show iraqi forces fleeing the isis advance yesterday. meantime, a local official says about 500 people were killed in the fighting for ramadi in recent days and about 8,000 people fled. senator john mccain called the fall of ramadi, "very serious." >> the fall of ramadi it's huge and the impact on the psychology of the people of iraq, now you've seen virtually everybody who's come talked to you this morning have all said that we need more boots on the ground. not the 82nd airborne but we're going to have to have more people on the ground, and this is really serious the fall of ramadi. >> nbc news bill neilly joins us
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live from london where he's been monitoring the developments. let's talk about, again questions about iraqi forces running from battle. >> yes good morning tamron. ramadi, of course, a city where hundreds of american troops gave their lives a decade ago, now in the hands of isis. this is a disaster if you like in three parts, firstly, the defeat itself. isis now holds the capital of a province that accounts for a third of iraq. secondly, the manner of that defeat. as you say, iraq's security forces retreating in chaos and proving once again to be completely incompetent. finally, the consequences of that defeat, not just momentum, the weapons and psychological boost it gives isis, but the risk that really lies ahead. iraq's prime minister begging the country's shia militias to retake a sunni city and all the sectarian dangers that might pose. thousands of shia militia men
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have been called up by the shia government and preparing to attack the city. that could be a short-term fix, but it's a long-term risk because those militias, of course, are loathed by sunnis and many of the militias are backed by iran. for the u.s., as you heard john kerry saying, no question ramadi's fall is a setback, but as that attack was beginning, a top u.s. commander on friday was claiming that the strategy to defeat isis is working. he said there have been 420 air strikes near ramadi. unfortunately, that claim simply underscored that air strikes alone are not going to beat isis. they didn't stop isis retaking ramadi. a real conundrum for the united states and big problem for the iraqi government. >> we also over the weekend, bill learned about this raid in syria, which resulted in the death of a isis financial leader and capture of his wife. what have we learned today about
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this operation? >> well, it was a very daring operation, only the second u.s. special forces operation into syria. he was a tunisian i think it would be best to describe him as a mid-level figure someone who was in charge of iraq's -- or the money that isis got from iraq's oil industry. you're talking billions of dollars and he was in a special forces raid killed. his wife was captured. more significantly computers and documents were captured. it will be interesting to see what the united states intelligence agencies manage to extract from that computer and from those documents. unfortunately, i think his killing and that capture has been rather overshadowed by the fall of ramadi. tamron is. >> bill neely live in london. thank you for the latest. up next, the fbi is investigating a computer hacker's claim he took control
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of a commercial airline engine through the entertainment center. what else he's saying about airline safety. and i'll talk with an expert whether he believes that it's even possible. also ahead -- >> based on what we know now. >> based on what we know now -- >> you were asked the same question and you said -- >> no, it was not the same question. >> well, now senator marco rubio is the latest republican running for president to get caught up in the question of whether the war in iraq was a mistake. it is part of today's first read. and the end of an era. one of tv's most acclaimed dramas, madmen, ends its seventh season. so, what does it mean for don draper and the characters? we'll take a look back at last night's finale and look ahead to the good-bye to david letterman. find the team on twitter and me on facebook, twitter, and instagram. right now, verizon is offering unlimited talk and text.
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welcome back. a cyber security consultant's troubling claim is raising new concerns today about air safety. he claims that he was able to hack into computer systems aboard airliners 20 times and managed to control one aircraft from his seat during a flight. now the fbi is now investigating those claims, which are contained in newly released federal court documents. we get details from nbc's kerry sanders, who joins us from the cockpit of a plane in ft. lauderdale, florida. >> reporter: tamron it is hard to believe that somebody in the back of the plane could somehow take control of the avionics up here in the cockpit but a hacker claims he did just that by tunnelling through the seat-back television in the seat in front of him, coming through
8:17 am
the entertainment system and getting up here and taking control. now the fbi and united airlines are taking him seriously. >> we're trying to make the system safer, better, and more secure. >> reporter: chris roberts is either a hacker who has uncovered a dangerous back door that could allow a passenger to take control of a plane. >> it is definitely possible to manipulate the electronics through the in-flight entertainment system and satellite communications to get to the avionics of an airplane. >> reporter: or an exaggerator needlessly scaring the flying public. the fbi says in a newly public affidavit roberts claims he hacked into a plane's entertainment system up to 20 times and this one case caused one of the airplane engines to climb, resulting in lateral or sideways movement of the plane. while agents continue to look for evidence of that, the fbi issued a statement to nbc news late sunday, "there is no credible information to suggest an airplane's flight control
8:18 am
system could be accessed or manipulated from its in-flight entertainment system." roberts has now stopped giving interviews, but on sunday tweeted "my only interest has been to improve aircraft security." but there's widespread skepticism about his claim. recently retired commercial airline pilot jim tillman. >> the folks at airbus and boeing are far too smart to create some system like that. it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: tech writer bob sullivan is also skeptical, but -- >> there's a long history of computer hackers who are on the right side of things tinkering, maybe around the edges of the law, and we don't want to shoot the messenger here when the messenger has an incredibly important security problem to talk about. >> reporter: i'm inside the cockpit of a plane owned by trinity air ambulance. they allowed us in here so we could show how advanced the cockpit has become these days. meantime, the gao has just released a report that says any
8:19 am
cockpit that is linked to the internet should be considered vulnerable, even to what they call malicious actors. tamron? >> well, let me bring in cybersecurity expert dave prossner founder of parameter security describing himself as a ethical actor and hired by companies to hack into their systems to find flaws. thank you so much for joining me, dave. >> no problem. >> you've seen the report also done your own research here. do you buy this man's claims he was able to take over the flight with its in-flight entertainment system and actually move the engine? >> well, it may be possible. it's what we're starting to hear from the defensive side that it is completely isolated kind of leads me to believe he may have tried it but i don't know if he was very successful. i would assume the aviation recorder would have been able to track if there was some deviation in the navigation. >> so you see this as an
8:20 am
exaggeration? >> well, i don't know necessarily it's an exaggeration in the fact that he tried it. again, the affidavit states that the seats that he was sitting in, the ife, or the in-flight entertainment box was tampered with however what he was actually able to do, i don't know if he actually did on the flight himself. now, he did come back a couple weeks ago and say that he didn't do this in a real plane but he was able to do it in a simulator, so i think there's a lot of wishy washy language going on here. >> well obviously, with the technology that we have for convenience down to now being able to use your computer through the wireless systems that's offered on just about every major carrier these days, these are the natural questions that come about. as a cyber security person, as an ethical hacker as you describe yourself, what do you believe airlines the faa, as well, should be concerned about right now? >> they should always be concerned about vulnerabilities.
8:21 am
i can tell you just from experience when wifi first came in, it didn't look like it had the security it needed to have. and remember, it's not about whether the people designing it are smart or not. the reason hackers work the way they do is they look at things a little bit differently. you know, again, one of the problems we run into here is, you know chris was trying to point out a reasonable issue. he didn't really do it the best way, but unfortunately, a lot of times companies are not very receptive when security researchers actually present them with problems. >> we know that hackers love a challenge, you know you get a group of hackers and they'll set their sights to something to expose a vulnerability, not just to create what people often see as chaos here. with that said do you believe that hackers have set their sights on showing the vulnerability if they exist of
8:22 am
the airlines and their satellite communications, for example? >> ethical hackers like myself and others in the industry we do but you have to understand that what we typically do is what we call responsible notification. we typically, if we find an issue in an application or in some sort of product that's out there, we typically contact the company and try to get them to actually fix it before it's ever announced, if it's ever announced. this is happening all the time. and what chris did say was correct. security researchers, ethical hackers, we are at the end of the day just trying to make things more secure. unfortunately, i don't really agree with the means he used in this instance. >> dave, founder of parameter security, thank you so much for joining us to comment on the story that a lot of us are talking about today. thanks, dave. >> thank you. coming up a family murdered in one of d.c.'s most exclusive neighborhoods. the question now, will
8:23 am
surveillance video, this video, lead to an arrest in a fire that took the lives of four people? the latest on the investigation is next. and congresswoman loretta sanchez is now under fire for her disparaging gesture about native americans. >> i'm going to his office thinking that i'm going to go meet with -- right? >> well, will this gesture hurt her senate campaign and what she's saying about it today. it's one of the stories we just thought you should know. thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in
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several family members last week in an exclusive neighborhood. now the victims were found in a burning mansion just blocks from where the vice president lives. nbc's peter alexander has the story. >> reporter: tamron, good morning to you. this is just an awful case and right now it's baffling investigators, as well as haunting neighbors throughout what is one of the most exclusive communities in all of washington, d.c. this is the home now the scene of an arson investigation. investigators athe fire is very suspicious but they do have one significant clue and they are asking for the help of people throughout this community, it's a piece of surveillance video. this morning investigators want to know who this is calling the individual in this surveillance video a person of interest in the murders of four people the mystery and the man hunt began last week after firefighters responded to a fire at the multimillion dollar home of ironworks executive and his wife amy. both were found dead inside. the other victims believed to be their 10-year-old son philip and
8:28 am
housekeeper figueroa. >> at least on three of the four victims there were injuries discovered, appear to be blunt force or sharp object injuries to three of the four victims. >> reporter: police say one of the victims smelled of gasoline. the person of interest authorities say, was possibly driving the family's porsche, later found torched 15 miles away. >> it's going to be a black porsche convertible. >> reporter: the family lived in one of washington's most exclusive neighborhoods, just blocks from the vice president's home. >> this was just really shocking in that this neighborhood is pretty quiet and tranquil. >> reporter: authorities believe the attack may have started as early as wednesday one day before the fire. that's when sava reportedly left a message for another of the family's housekeepers telling her not to come to work. her wife following up the next morning texting, i'm making sure you don't come to work today.
8:29 am
still unclear why anyone would want to harm the family. >> the first thing obviously who did it. and if i don't have that i want to know why was it done. >> reporter: the family also has two teenaged daughters, who are believe to be away at boarding school when the attack happened. on mother's day, abigail posted this moving message to her mom on facebook. "thank you for the past 19 years and i look forward to the many more to come, she wrote, i love you so much." >> reporter: there are no signs this was random or of any forced entry, but neighbors in this community say there was some suspicious activity in the days leading up to the fire including an aggressive door-to-door salesman. tamron, back to you. >> peter alexander. we'll continue to follow that story. coming up, renowned base jumper dean potter dies after a fall in yosemite national park. it's one of the stories we're updating around the "news nation." today, president obama announces a new ban on some
8:30 am
military-style equipment for local police departments. it includes equipment used in ferguson that set up a major debate over the militarization of police. a live report is next. ull day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and for a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am.
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to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost. developing now in about 20 minutes. president obama is expected to leave the white house to meet with police officers in camden new jersey, to announce his new plan that limits military style equipment for police. now president obama formed a special task force last year in response to criticism over how demonstrators were handled in ferguson after the shooting death of michael brown. the task force is now recommending that police departments be banned from using federal money to buy things like weaponized vehicles and large-caliber firearms. nbc's ron allen joins me now from the white house with the very latest. ron, what more do we know on what the president is expected to say in camden? >> reporter: well, he's going to
8:34 am
camden because camden's seen as something as a model city in terms of reducing its violent crime rate from one of the highest in the country to something more acceptable over the past couple of years. that's why he's going there. it's -- the main focus is about community-based policing. that is what the president and many others across the country are trying to get so many departments across the country to try and establish, to have a system where police are out of their cars, out from behind their desks, in the community, on the streets meeting people and policing in a cooperative manner. and they say that's happening in camden, that's why he's going there. that's also why there is this ban and there will be other restrictions and other conditions placed on the transfer of military-style equipment to local police departments, because the administration and others see that as confrontational. they see that as an aggressive posture the police are taking, when the posture in many communities should be much more, again, cooperative. a lot of this equipment started arriving after 9/11 when they
8:35 am
became the front line in the war on terror and police officials across the country will tell you they need a lot of this material because they are encountering criminals with a lot of fire power these days. they use it for hostage situations, for example, and other kinds k of situations that are not crowd control. but there was such alarm from some of the images we saw in ferguson and elsewhere, where there were police using high caliber weapons, armored vehicles. that's why this task force was formed this investigation is under way and the program has come under such scrutiny. there's a lot of details in terms of what exactly will be banned and what would acquire further approvals and what would require much more accountability in terms of how the police have to say and account for how they are using some of this material they are requesting from the federal government. so a lot of details to work out, but the bottom line, the push from the administration is try to get more departments to embrace community-based policing and a much less aggressive
8:36 am
stance in the communities they protect and serve. >> all right ron, thank you very much. turning now to our first read in politics, senator marco rubio is the latest republican presidential candidate tripped up by the question regarding the war in iraq. and hillary clinton is back in iowa today amid new revelations she and former president bill clinton earned more than $25 million in speaking fees since january of last year. joining me now nbc news mark murray. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, tamron. >> good morning to you. let's start here as i mentioned with marco rubio and this question for whatever reason that continues to trip up these presidential candidates, despite them knowing the polling they know the sentiment among most americans now under reflection of the war in iraq. let me play what he said with chris wallace. >> six weeks ago it made sense to invade iraq in 2003, now you say it was a mistake. >> two different questions. it was not a mistake. the president this is the way
8:37 am
the real world works, the president -- >> you were saying based on the information -- based on what we know now. >> based on what we know now i wouldn't have you know, thought manny pacquiao was going to get beat in that fight -- >> you were asked the same question. >> no it was not the same question. >> was it a mistake? >> it was not a mistake for the president to go into iraq based on the information he was provided as president. >> okay, i don't even know where to start with the manny pacquiao thing. i don't know how that came into the conversation. set that apart from the answer here, mark, what seems to be the trick bag here? >> tamron he's trying to -- marco rubio is making a defined distinction here saying had he known everything you now know about the iraq war, no weapons of mass destruction and other things, that he said i would not have done that, but he says, and this is the fine distinction, still, that was a mistake when you consider everything that george w. bush was weighing at the time.
8:38 am
and so his campaign and marco rubio are going to point to try to kind of drive home this distinction, but where they are getting tripped up is oftentimes when people say knowing what i know now i wouldn't have done that a lot of people would say, gosh, that is a mistake and marco rubio is not willing to say the iraq war is a mistake. >> seeing what happened to jeb bush and listen, if that is your core and what you believe, people shouldn't adjust answers even though politicians do, with that said, how he even articulated down to, again, manny pacquiao reference just seems frazzled. >> well, you know, tamron, i think the bigger point is this entire iraq war conversation save for rand paul has not been a good one for the republican party. they are having to litigate the years of george w. bush not the obama presidency or even being able to talk about the future. i think that's very hard for them. the other component here is if you are a foreign policy hawk like marco rubio it's also very hard to be able to say i'm very
8:39 am
hawkish, i'm strong, we need a strong military we need strong responses, but by the way, there were some mistakes in iraq. those are two very hard things to reconcile. >> let's talk about the clintons. friday we learned $25 million made from speaking engagements in january there are some who say this makes it difficult for her to fight for the middle class or appear she's for the middle class. i know that bill clinton in the past said listen you've had great families for example, the kennedys who were wealthy but still fought for those who had far less. >> tamron you're talking about fighting for the middle class, a lot of people point out policy matters more than how much money you have. fdr, jfk, people often had families that were very, very wealthy, but basically said we need to make sure the rich pay a lot more, we need to be able to help out the poor use government to be able to do so. so, you know who's better for the middle class that's a debate over policy more so than what's in someone's bank account. but what i do think is really interesting in the speeches that bill and hillary clinton end up
8:40 am
giving is, there was a great look by the news organization vox into this that some of the people cutting hillary clinton checks for speaking to them ended up lobbying hillary clinton's state department. she was paid after the fact after she was secretary of state, but some people might actually argue that's a little bit of a conflict of interest. >> all right, thank you very much, mark. we'll speak with you tomorrow. hope you had a great weekend. >> thanks tamron. >> thank you buddy. coming up is the fda about to ban trans fats from your diet? up next i'll talk with a nutritionist about the impact of this decision that could come in a couple of days. plus dramatic video from georgia, the moment a freight train crashes into a bus. it's one of the stories we're updating around the "news nation." first, there's a lot going on this morning and here are some things we just thought you should know. democratic congresswoman loretta sanchez apologized after video surfaced over the weekend showing her making a racially
8:41 am
insensitive gesture in reference to native americans. >> i'm going to his office thinking that i'm going to go meet with -- right? >> congresswoman sanchez says everyone makes mistakes and she defends her record on native american rights. the congresswoman is also facing an uphill battle against kamala harris in her bid against barbara boxer. that's just something we thought you would want to know about today. every new recipe. because it's cats who know best what cats like to eat. up today, new friskies 7. we're trying seven cat-favorite flavors all in one dish. now for the moment of truth. yep, looks like it's time to share what our cats love with your cats. new friskies 7. for cats. by cats. ♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come
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ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. now to a major decision that could have a huge impact on the food we eat. politico is reporting as soon as this week the fda will announce a ban on almost all trans fats, which are found in many packaged food baked goods, and fried foods. two years ago the fda says partially hydrogenated oilsuáthe main source of trans fat in processed food increased the
8:45 am
risk of heart disease and cutting them out could prevention 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths from heart disease each and every year. joining me now nutritionist and adjunct professor in the department of nutrition and public health at nyu. professor, thank you so much for your time. >> great to be here. >> first off, this is not a done deal, but all indications and arrows point to the fact the fda is prepared to take this step. >> there is conclusive evidence it could increase the risk of heart disease early death, and trans fats are not found in healthy foods, so no redeeming quality to these fats. >> this potentially affects every person because trans fats are in everything we eat most unassuming things. >> yes. baked goods pastries you know, all sorts of things. you don't necessarily know that it's in there, and the purpose of the trans fats is really to extend the shelf life.
8:46 am
so it's good for food industry helping with frying, but you might not necessarily know the trans fats are there, so taking them out is good because who would rather have a longer shelf life, you or the food? >> the food industry has pushed back on this. they believe low levels of trans fats are safe. industry leaders have banded together, according to the politico article to craft a food additive petition and they want to ask the fda to allow partially hydrogenated oils in certain things like sprinkles on cup cakes, ice cream. >> stableilizerstabilizers, keeping the sprinkles, the colors from coming off on the ice cream, but something about sprinkles, tiny, tiny amounts may not be a problem and the food industry i'm sure will get two years or a normal amount of time to be able to push back. and when we had to take the trans fats out, they had to be
8:47 am
listed on the food label ten years ago, 20 years ago, the food industry did just fine. they took them out of the foods. >> i should mexntion, you appeared in "super size me." with that said, combined with the debate of gmos, trans fat, are we now more aware and more willing to fight to have clean food healthy foods in our body and our children? >> absolutely definitely the dietary guideline advisory committee gave a report that's even talking about sustainability. we've never had that before. >> and back to this fda decision if it does happen, how significant do you believe? >> huge, huge, consumers don't know when they buy apple pie or a cookie, they don't know there's trans fats there. >> knowledge is power, as they say. lisa, thank you so much for your time. >> my pleasure. thank you. coming up this week tv fans are saying good-bye to two of
8:48 am
america's favorite shows the hit "mad men," the creator promised a show dramatic and appropriate, but was it? and, we will preview david letterman's final late show lineup. that's coming up next. ve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
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it is a bittersweet week many tv as fans say good-bye to america's to most beloved shows. >> what did you ever do that was so bad? >> i broke all my own, scandal xized my child took another man's name and made nothing of it. >> that's not true. >> i love that. okay. so seven seasons exploring
8:52 am
nostalgia of the advertising industry in 60s and 70s, "mad men" served up final spot yesterday. "la times" s-- letterman made history as longest serving host in late night tv. he'll take a final bow wednesday. joining us now, television writer for "los angeles times." thanks for joining us. i see you have your "mad men" sleek outfit. i assume you were impressed with the finale. >> i really was, especially the ending. servicing all characters throughout the rest of the show wasn't terribly exciting. you wanted to know what happened to don. i think what was very interesting and very smart was that he had the moment of
8:53 am
self-discovery. that is i'm a great at man. i know how to show emotion to sell products. he did that. when you see him meditating to the classic, i'd like to show the world the same. >> one of the most iconic ads. >> it really was. it made sense. it doesn't tell you he made the ad. i liked -- i bought that and liked it. it made me think -- i felt the show felt more authentic because of. that. >> let's talk about the journey. spoiler alert if anyone who hasn't seen the reference in there. the journey not only for characters but actors that played the characters when we first met john ham behind the scenes to january jones and how they kind of in some ways overlapped each other, struggles of actors that portrayed complex characters. >> the show started in 2007.
8:54 am
think about. that that's a generation of television. so much changed in the business. what happened was here's a show that was not a big, broad hit. it seemed to reach the people who were -- the agenda setters, opinion makers. journalists, critics. it was something talked about on talk shows all the time. to be part of a show that becomes bigger thank what people are seeing every night, making us talk about the issues of the time. it really made the show an event in the culture. >> absolutely. transitions from this show that some would say had that click audience to david letterman main stream. i spent all my college nights it seemed watching david letterman at some point in time. >> both shows are important when you think about it.
8:55 am
"mad men" showed you don't have to be a huge hit to make a difference in television in terms of having distinctive story telling and appointment viewing. i think people were able to experience "mad men" in so many ways after it aired on amc and seeking it on itunes and netflix. it made it a bigger show. dave had a lot of influence too in the tv business. i think every talk show host on now has a debt to dave. they say he had influence on them. dave got rid of phoniness of the talk show that was the genre in early years. he let the audience in on the joke. >> nothing was predictable. >> it was freeing, much more truthful. i think it opened the doors for a lot of people we see on the air now. they all look to him as someone that paved the way for the kind
8:56 am
of -- i think more truthful comedy we have. >> speaking of truthful comedy. bill murray will be on the show i think tomorrow. bob dylan followed by that. they have not announced the final guest. if you had to say who will help dave say his final farewell who will be on that show wednesday? >> you're putting me on the spot. i figured bill murray would be the guest because of closure having bill been the first on his cbs and nbc show. people are still speculating about jay leno. >> we'll see. that would be a way to go out with the bang. >> live television still matters. got to be there to talk about it the next day. >> that's great. great to see you at "la times." . that does it for this edition of "news nation."otal we'll be back tomorrow. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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after injection. check your blood sugar levels. do not take novolog® if your blood sugar is too low or you're allergic to any of its ingredients. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medicines you take. ask your doctor about alcohol use, operating machinery, or driving. the most common side effect is low blood sugar. symptoms may include dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. severe low blood sugar can be life-threatening. other common side effects include low potassium in your blood and injection site reactions. get medical help right away if you experience trouble with breathing serious allergic reactions like swelling of your face tongue, or throat, sweating, extreme drowsiness dizziness, or confusion. now i know about novolog®. taken by millions since 2001. vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," deadly bike
9:00 am
per brawl. nine killed more than 100 arrested in a gun battle between five biker gangs in waco, texas. now a new threat to police officers trying to keep the peace. >> i will tell you we have had threats against law enforcements officers throughout the night from various biker groups. i will tell you the threats have gone so far as major motorcycle gangs putting out hits on officers. retreat as isis fighters advance. iraqi forces key the key city in ramadi. who does the government call after this stunning setback? >> the prime minister says they're going to send shia militia. shia militia is controlled by iranians. back on track. amtrak corridor between philadelphia and new york. for regular riders along the


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