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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  May 18, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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t for gangs as well. that's all part of the process. our general idea leads us to believe that way most was over. yes, ma'am? >> how far in advance did twin peaks know about you making it aware? >> how far in advance were they aware this was happening? >> we've been here two monthsing trying to deal with issues here. [ inaudible question ] >> they're just trying to go to establishments to have meetings and post on the internet. what do you say to that when they say they're just clubs having meetings? >> i absolutely disagree. this is a criminal element that came in yesterday and killed people. they're not here to drink beer and eat barbecue. they came with violence in mind and were ready for it. you can see by the number of weapons we have recovered from here today, they didn't come here to eat and have a good time
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with their family. they came here with a reason. we think part of the reason was criminal activity. yes, sir? >> on the list of weapons can you tell us specifically which weapons your investigators have recovered? can you quantify how many rounds actually were going -- >> two part question. what kind of weapons? brass knuckles, chains knives, firearms. handguns. can i quantify number of shots from each of those? no, sir, not at this point. yes, sir? >> out of nine dead, how many were innocent bystanders? >> none. they were all involved bike gang members. several different gangs. again, you will not hear names of gangs come from waco pd. yes, sir? one more time? >> of weapons you mentioned, chains -- >> absolutely i don't think i talked about the injured.
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18 injured were taken to local hospitals. when i talked to administration there at the hospitals yesterday, they told me they victims with gunshots, victims with stab wounds, victims that had both. there were also blunt force trauma from being involved in fights. >> if you were with your family in a restaurant just eating and saw a big biker gang contingency, is that a place you would stay with your family? >> absolutely not. most of that is because i've been in the law enforcement 34 years and leery of folks. i'm aware of bikers that enter in gangs. that's obviously if you had seen these people yesterday. that's people you don't want to be around and sure don't want your family around. >> what would you tell families that are in a restaurant and a
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gang like this comes in. >> i would leave. i would get up and leave the establishment in a heartbeat. >> i'm francis rivera with "msnbc live." you are watching the press conference and the gang fight. it escalated with guns, knives. nine bikers killed 18 hurt 170 from custody. law enforcement is saying it could have happened anywhere in the united states. as many as five rival biker gangs came as they say with violence in mind. didn't come to eat or have a good time at this outdoor busy mall area in waco, texas. they came with criminal intent. want to bring in jay kbragray from waco, texas. interesting to point out as this investigation is extensive.
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they're saying this is something that could have been prevented. police were watching this as much as two months, and it could have been prevented jay. >> reporter: yeah, they're frustrated they didn't get help and support from the restaurant. we have learned twin peaks corporate has pulled the franchise in part siting the fact management did not cooperate with police. take a look what's going on with the investigation now. as you heard, there's multiple law enforcement agencies on the ground. at one point, waco police saying any law enforcement agency you know of via local, state federal. they have agents on the ground. they are working this scene. you can see some of the motorcycles still stacked up here as many as 150 according to police. all evidence right now along with some of the cars. it started inside this twin peaks in the afternoon in this busy area of shops and restaurants. as it did, there was a fight
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inside the restroom here. it spilled into the bar and out into the park lot. there were about 30 officers already staged here, already on hand. they rushed in exchanged gunfire miraculously nobody on the ground here other than gang members, nine of them killed and 18 injured. no police, none of the people inside the restaurant. many officers saying many reasons why is because many rushed into the freezer and stay there until this was over. that saved a lot of lives. >> just horrible for customers inside the restaurant. we understand this started as a turf war between gang members, as many as five. we know there were threats to uniformed police. how does that come into play? >> reporter: apparently, after all this broke down what we were hearing from police intelligence is the fact these gang members said this was their
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fight and police did not need to be involved here. they were given the green light, according to waco police that a these gang members wanted to retaliate against officers on the ground here. it's still a threat according to what the officers are saying now. they did arrest at least three gang members on outskirts of town overnight. they're part of those being charged in all of this. >> certainly terrifying knowing other gang members may be on their way. we thank you for that update. >> i'm joined by msnbc analyst that charged of chief of operations in the waco raid of 1993. thanks for being here and putting this in perspective when it comes to motorcycle gangs. if you're not familiar with how dangerous this is, tell us. tell us more about nine people
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dead. >> these are deeply involved organized criminal organizations. they're very violent, very entrenched. it is their life. once they become a member of a organized crime group, motorcycle gang, one percenter gang. that's their life. they don't leave they stay in it. when you go back and look back at cases from these gangs that involve multiple murders. there's a string over the history of gangs. four killed, three, five, nine. many are shot. they're tough to work on francis. atf has infiltrated them. we have probate members in, associates. we try to work them heavily in atf. they have the guns, bombs, violence. likewise fbi, dea and state police. they're always trying to stop these guys. law enforcement knows the
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difference between these kinds of criminal organizations and people that ride motorcycles for recreation. it's a big difference. when someone is a one percent gang that's an organization. >> they picked this busy shopping center in waco, texas. we know how remote and rural that area can be. that's the area they chose. jim, we thank you for that perspective. >> thanks. today in iraq, a planned counter attack against isis. this is video that just fed in. it's propaganda video from isis that reportedly shows people in the large city of mosul under isis control. ramadi is not the only capital of the province. it's 90 miles west of baghdad.
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a white house spokesman said they'd help iraq take back ramadi. >> it is possible to have the kind of attack we've seen in ramadi. i'm absolutely confident in the days ahead that will be reversed. >> the loss of ramadi comes a day after u.s. special forces ss ss secretly dropped in syria and killed members of isis. let's look at ramadi. isis seems to be staggering after they lost control of tikrit. how do they manage to strike so hard and close to baghdad knowing they had been surrounding that area. really a psychological victory for them. >> good afternoon francis. last month tikrit fell al-baghdadi, the isis leader was crippled in the air strike. we were told isis advance had stalled and there were cracks in the caliphate.
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suddenly ramadi falls. i think the truth is ramadi has been surrounded by isis the last year and a half. most of anbar province is in isis hands and has been for more than a year including the nearby city of fallujah. it will be infiltrated months and months. that's probably why it fell in 48 hours. maybe not a surprise but in one respect it's a disaster. a disaster in three parts. firstly, the defeated self because isis holds the capital of iraq's largest province, a land mass of a third of the entire country. secondly the manner of that defeat. iraq security forces not only retreating fast in armored vehicles and chaos but also security forces proving again to be completely incompetent. finally, the consequences of
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that defeat. the momentum, weapons, psychological boost it gives isis. isis now today said to be advancing even closer to baghdad. it's now controlling some areas just to the west of baghdad. the pressure on baghdad will now be immense. >> heading east towards the air base there ever so close to baghdad. let's talk about this, a major a situation figure killed over the weekend in a u.s. raid. could this mean escalation of u.s. forces especially on the ground and with the take over of ramadi. some saying that shows tenacity and resilience and especially u.s. air strikes. will that bring up the question of now boots on the ground? >> ingramadi is overshadowing the daring raid by u.s. forces killing this man who was the man who you could call the accountant of isis. he's the man that looked after the vast wealth isis gains from
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oil revenues billions of every month. it accounts for three quarters of isis' entire revenue. he was killed his wife captured. u.s. special forces captured a commuter and documents. i don't think this heralds more special forces and raids. this was the second in syria in the last year and a half. of course with the fall of ramadi that air power has been shown to be ineffective. there were dozens of air strikes around ramadi in recent weeks and failed to stop the isis advance. that doesn't mean u.s. boots on the ground or even more special forces raids. i think they will be selectively chosen. >> all right bill neely, thank you for. that appreciate your time. on the topic of boots on the
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ground and effective u.s. air strikes, we want to bring in a former marine and author of "it happened on the way to war." thanks for being with us. >> thank you. great to be here. >> let's start with the raid that killed abu sayyaf. carter called it a significant blow and setback. senator john mccain had a different opinion this morning on "morning joe." take a listen. >> you have to give the upmost praise. to somehow assume that's going to turn the side on isis is not realistic. >> if you consider that, how does that affect isis, especially with calls u.s. air strikes are not really effective, especially in this sense sense. >> this isn't going to turn the war for sure. isolated strikes are very important. we clearly need a concerted
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effort that goes beyond simply air strikes but uses all forces of american influence as we try to mobile lieszize allies in the region and use special forces selectively. it's not a surprise ramadi fell as bill was saying earlier. many of us spend a lot of time in fallujah and ramadi. fallujah has been under siege many years. these are consolidated set of events a that really require multifacetted approach by the u.s. >> this as we're seeing isis heading closer to baghdad. we thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. how much will this impact your vote in let us know at we'll have results when we come back. plus what went wrong? we'll get an update from the pentagon about the deadly marine helicopter hard landing in
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hawaii. police are asking for help in the man hunt with the d.c. murder mystery blocks from the vice president's house. we'll have the latest just ahead. ♪ if you're looking for a car that drives you... ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands... ...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti. sometimes the present looked bright. sometimes romantic. there were tears in my eyes. and tears in my eyes. and so many little things that we learned were really the biggest things. through it all, we saved and had a retirement plan. and someone who listened and helped us along the way.
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we are following breaks news many the derailment of amtrak train 188. a conductor on that train filed suit siting negligence of the train. he suffered serious and severe injuries due to the derailment. the rail line between new york and philadelphia is back up and running nearly one week after eight were killed and others injured. most are happy it's up and moving again. >> i'm happy to be a rider and
10:19 am
get back to business in new york in the most efficient way i know. >> i don't mind getting back on a train. they've assured us in correspondence to passengers it will be a safe way to travel. >> track officials said the train would be in complete compliance including using automatic train control. this morning on "morning joe." >> we are also taking additional looks at system to insure we're doing everything possible. we are looking at things like emergency orders. you may see actions in the next several days. i promise we're looking at the entire system and not done yet. >> adam reese joins me from philadelphia. when it comes to this lawsuit we know negligence and operation of the train is up to the
10:20 am
engineer, to amtrak. what do we know about the lawsuit? >> reporter: it would likely be the engineer. this is the second lawsuit. days ago an off duty amtrak employee alleging he was injured. he was thrown about the cabin and suffered brain trauma. >> tell us more about the investigation, what may be happening, especially over the weekend, reports an object may have hit the train with the circular pattern on the windshield. anything more to this? >> reporter: the ntsb says this investigation is wide open. they're though the rolling anything out. police are looking at the three trains hit. is there a pattern of projectiles hitting these trains? 188 hit with what the ntsb called aid fist size projectile through the front windshield. engineers call this getting rocked. they say it happens so often
10:21 am
they have to protect themselves with grills in the front windshield. >> there's no indication the engineer made communication about being hit with anything. adam reese, thank you for that update. you can count marco rubio as the latest republican with no exit strategy on question of evading iraq. on sunday, the 2016 candidate sat with chris wallace who peppered rubio with a question he had difficulty answering. was it a mistake to go to war with iraq? i'm asking you -- >> i understand. that's not the same question. >> that's the question i'm asking you. >> it was not a mistake for the president to go into iraq but at the time -- >> i'm not asking that. >> the world is a better place because saddam hussein is not there. >> it took four days of stumbling answers before jeb
10:22 am
bush said he would not have ordered the invasion knowing what we know. matt lewis is a senior contributor with the "daily column." thanks for being with us. after jeb bush's a unfortunate week, you would think marco rubio would be like no no i'm not getting off guard. i've got this down. why do we see him having trouble with that after jeb's week and trying to sell himself as being strong on foreign policy? >> i think part of the problem is rubio flip flopped on this. in the past he said that removing saddam was a good thing no matter what. now he's saying in hindsight knowing what we know now it's a bad idea. i think the discussion with chris wallace is not necessarily the best example. it's a nuance question. what is a mistake? if president bush believed at the time that iraq had wmd's it's a debate.
10:23 am
>> many said that's what got him, was it a mistake? jeb bush continues to feel the heat after his responses last week. you wrote this whether jeb bush really wants to be president, saying quote does jeb want to do what he's doing or drichb in by the sense of his family? is he going through it will motions filling he had to do it? what responses last week led you that question? he had to buckle because he had the bush last name? >> it's interesting when somebody is so unprepared with the the obvious question and bungled the question a period of several days. someone that's obviously smart, obviously former ú[g it's worth considering jeb bush isn't fully committed. you have to have the fire in the belly, ambition to run. look at body language of jeb bush when he doesn't want to
10:24 am
answer questions. it's interesting. i'm not sure he's fully committed to this. >> when you talk about those that are fully committed, the list keeps growing. lindsey graham all but announced he'll run. he said he believes he'd be the best commander in chief. here's what he says about the war in iraq. >> when it comes to blaming people about iraq the person i blame is president obama not george w. bush. >> is that something the gop can brand when making statements like that? won't it suffer a little? >> there's an argument that president obama should have allowed residual forces to say in iraq and isis may not have risen. party leaders want to hear that also. lindsey graham is not going to be the president, but could i see him as secretary of defense? absolutely. running for president may help
10:25 am
him get there. >> we have to ask you about 2016 and the list getting longer and more crowded. now the louisiana governor announcing he's forming an exploratory committee. what's the concern as far as this turning into what dems call a clown car. more getting off and more pack ago into this car turning into a real circus. >> on one hand it's embarrassing. if you look at the former congressman that ran hospital and now a two term governor. that's a good thing on one hand. on the other hand, how are they going to manage these debates with 20 people on a stage? >> how do you place them? stagger them? who goes in front, back how much time they get? you've got the
10:26 am
answers on iraq influence your 2016 vote? we've had responses already within the last ten minutes. let me show you data we've got now. when you look at answers 92% say yes whatever the candidates sentiment is on this issue of iraq. it will affect my vote. 92% say yes. overwhelming now. 8% says no. let me give you sense of break down of the trend below numbers here. when we look at graph specifically we can see over a period of time we've been seeing for the most part, terms of the
10:27 am
92%, it's all here on the yes. couple of no's at the bottom top. we'll continue to look at data coming in we'll have more later. we may break it down by gender age. back to you. >> that alone should make other candidates go jeb bush had that week marco rubio starting off with a fumble. let's get our answer down. thank you richard. when we come back, an airline passenger's troubling claim he hacked into a plane and briefly took control of the engines. is this the new airline threat? it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services -
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connection to that shootout sunday between rival motorcycle gangs. police say five gangs were involved in the brawl that started in the bathroom of a twin peaks restaurant and spilled into the parking lot. they say all bodies have been recovered. >> we're in the process of diagramming every piece of evidence, every vehicle, every blood spot, every body that was there. the bodies have all been removed and sent away for forensics and autopsy results. >> the liquor sales are shut down seven days. the corporate office revoked the franchise agreement. at the top of the hour, we'll speak with sergeant swanton in the police department. fbi is looking at an airline passenger passenger's claim he hack into the plane's program and took control of the flight. >> it's hard to believe somebody
10:32 am
in the back of the plane could somehow take control of the avionics here in the cockpit. a hacker claims he did that tunnelling through the flight entertainment system by coming through getting up into the cockpit, and taking control briefly of the plane. now the fbi and united airlines are taking his claim seriously. >> we're trying to make the system safer, better and more secure. >> he is either a hacker that uncovered a dangerous back door to allow a passenger to take control of a plane. >> it's definitely possible to manipulate the electronics through entertainment system to getç to the avionics of the airplane. >> or exaggerator scaring the public. a report says robert's claims he hack into the system up to 20 times in one case caused one of
10:33 am
the airplane engines to climb resulting in lateral or size ways movement of the plane. agents look for evidence of. that fbi issued a statement to nbc news late sunday. there is no credible information to suggest an airplane flight control system can be accessed or manipulated from the inflight entertainment system. roberts has stopped giving interviews but on sunday said my interest is to help with airplane security. >> the folks at air bus and boeing are far too smart to create some system like that. it's just ridiculous. >> tech writer bob sullivan is also skeptical. >> there's a long history of computer hackers on the right side of things, tinkering, maybe around the edges of the law. we don't want to shoot the messenger when the messenger has an incredibly important security
10:34 am
problem to talk about. >> on inside the cockpit of a plane owned by trinity they don't have the inflight systems. they showed how advanced the cockpit has become and computerized. gao says any cockpit connected to the outside world should be considered vulnerable and open to malicious actors which to me sounds like the word for terrorists. >> let's hope that's exaggeration on that part. thank you. kerry sander, we appreciate it. when we come back, update from the pentagon on what went wrong to send the osprey slamming to the ground on a routine exercise. not everyday you see the president of a global power hitting the ice for hockey. that's what 62-year-old russian president putin did this weekend. were the odds stacked in his favor for the russian president? we'll see.
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investigators are trying to figure out what caused a marine aircraft to crash land and explode into flames killing one marine and injures others. that happened during a training exercise in hawaii. jim joins me live. what caused it to go down? do we know more about that? >> it's still very early. going to take a investigators some time to figure out why this osprey airlines that take off and land like a helicopter crashed killing one marine and injures all on board some of them seriously. the first thing investigators do is look at the possibility of pilot error. that's always the first thing. then mechanical difficulty. they also look at something called the ring vortex effect. that's when a helicopter or
10:39 am
osprey is landing and the pilot feels he's going down too hard too fast and accelerating. what it is the aircraft gets caught in its own downdraft. the more you step on that accelerator, the more it pushes the aircraft down into the ground. it happened to 19 that were killed on an osprey. in the bin laden raid the same thing happened to that helicopter. it was the vortex effect that forced the helicopter down into the ground. the pilot did a heck of a job saving that aircraft. it's way to early to determine exactly what happened. meanwhile, all the marines at pendleton are grieving again. it was only last weekend after all that a they lost six marines killed in the helicopter crash in nepal during the earthquake recovery and relief effort
10:40 am
there. >> we know it was an osprey that a takes off and lands like a chopper. tell us about that aircraft and what makes it unique. >> what makes it unique once it gets into the air, the propellers rotate on the wings so it can fly like an airplane. it can fly greater altitudes faster. once it gets to an area, it can land on an aircraft carrier. engines tilt back, and it can land. it's effective in terms of relief operations we're seeing in nepal now. also during combat operations where not every aircraft has a landing strip. they need to put marines on the ground and off the ground in a hurry. it can do that. >> the investigation continues.
10:41 am
jim, thank you. we return now to one of the top stories we've been following. the strategy of iraq has been putting candidates on the hot seem seat. how will the issue of that in iraq effect other candidates in 2016? let's turn back to richard louis with our pulse question of the day. you're curious to see if that pulse has changed. >> data will change. 92% of individual that's answered our question at to the question, will candidates' answers on iraq influence your 2016 vote? 92% saying yes. when we look at data, it's overwhelmingly not necessarily yes. 61% yes. this 92% before. this 39 percent now. when you look at gender break down, that may give you
10:42 am
intuition of the way it's going. a lot of fluctuation over 15 minutes. yes about 60% male, 40% no. no is the same for female. we see a lot of change on the female responses to this question. when we look at party and response to the same question democrats almost 100% -- these numbers are real time, saying yes it will influence. republicans saying no. the most influence in change here to the question has been here on terms of independent vote. give us your thoughts at back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up police are asking for help in a bizarre murder mystery in an upscale neighborhood blocks from where the vice president lives. who set a house on fire leaving four dead? the death of a popular athlete dean potter killed attempting to base jump in a
10:43 am
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the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. . police are now trying to identify a person of interest in the deaths of four people in a home burned down in an upscale neighborhood in washington d.c. nbc national correspondent peter alexander has the latest on this story. >> reporter: francis good day to you. this is an awful story. right now it's baffling investigators. this is one of the nicest areas in all of washington d.c.
10:47 am
this is the home now the scene of an arson investigation. investigators say the fire that took place here last thursday is quote, very suspicious. they have one significant clue, a piece of surveillance video. this morning investigators want to know who this is calling the individual seen in this surveillance video a person of interest in the murders of four people. the mystery and man hunt after last week, police responded to a home with this couple found dead inside and the other other victims believed to be their son and housekeeper. >> on three of four victims there were injuries discovered appear to be blunt force or sharp object injuries to three of four victims. police say one of the victims smelled of gasoline. the person of interest the authorities say was possibly driving the family's porsche
10:48 am
found torched 15 miles away. >> going to be a black porsche convertible. it's going to be behind a church. >> the family lived in one of washington's most exclusive neighborhoods blocks from the vice president's home. >> this was really shocking in that this neighborhood is pretty quiet and tranquil. >> authorities believe the attack may have started as early as wednesday, one day before the fire. that's when the husband left a message for one of the family's housekeepers telling her not to come to work. his wife following up the next day texting, i'm making sure you don't come to work the next day. >> the couple have two teenage daughters qb%1 and cat at thatri -- catarina believed to be away at boarding school.
10:49 am
abigail posted this mother's day. thank you for the past 19 years. i look forward to many more. i love you so much. >> reporter: some neighbors in this community reported suspicious activity including an addressggressive door to door salesman. >> that was peter alexander. a lot more ahead including the "walking dead" actress putting her power to use to solve a real world problem. and we'll have something very cool from the "billboards" awards. we'll have that next. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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10:52 am
have died in a base jumping accident in yosemite wearing wing suits like these the two leaped from a 7500-foot cliff over the weekend and they
10:53 am
survive. the daredevil potter also spoke of flying and refused to wear a safety harness. >> it's so powerful. you are playing with death right then. it's like just as cool as it gets. >> base jumping is illegal at yosemite. officials are investigating the deadly accident but i'm sure you would say he was doing what he loved sam smith won a music award for top male artist last night, but he was unable to accept it in person. >> he was in new york city recovering from vocal surgery, unable to speak. he accepted the award via remote. he ingeniously did that with cue cards. maybe we should do our job. >> smith wrote a heartfelt los angeles. lastly, seeing as you guys are in vegas taylor, and taylor swift to place a bet for him.
10:54 am
>> just totally took it -- she just killed it. >> she's okay. >> nicki minaj, too. >> he keep your eyes open for this one. he does it for an exhibition match. giving him, as you can see, a big standing ovation when he was introduced. >> in fact he scored the first goal of the game. you can eright there the associated press reports he racked up a total of eight goals. but you know what? people aren't going to stand in his way, i wouldn't think. >> first of all do not hit the president. number two he was kind of goaltending. hit it to me and i'll get it in. >> if happy he was wearing a jersey. granted he was on the ice, but there's so many un-shirtless pictures that you can't unsee
10:55 am
people are talking about the fight between mitt romney and evander holyfield. >> he entered the ring to the song "i will survive." there's ann romney. looking very interesting. he stripped off a suit and tie, and there he is shirtless. >> he really went for it. he's quite agile. somehow i think that may have been played? >> it's just charity. >> he slipped. there's a banana peel. >> it's for charity. he raised, what, over a million for surgeries for the blind there around the world. so, again for the sake of charity, we did not see vladimir putin without a shirt. instead it was mitt romney there you go much more on the deadly brawl between biker gangs in waco. that's coming up in the next hour. we'll talk to the local folks
10:56 am
and a former fbi agent who has intimate knowledge of mother cycle gang life a week after amtrak's derailment, the trains are running again. the questions remain a wild and violent video by pop princess taylor swift. who is she targeting now in "bad blood"? we all enter this world with a shout and we see no reason to stop. so cvs health is creating industry-leading programs and tools that help people stay on medicines
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for more of what you want. on the network that's #1 in speed, call, data, and reliability. so you never have to settle. $80 a month. for 10 gigs. and $15 per line. stop by or visit us online. and save without settling. only on verizon. this hour on msnbc breaking news -- shot stand and beaten new details and new death toll in that may lay between biker gangs in waco texas yesterday. police still trying to make sense of the daylight brawl. >> this could care less whether we were here or not. that's the violence we were dealing with yesterday. they knew we were seconds away and were going to respond. it mattered not to them. showing an empty stream of
11:00 am
ramadi. and new isis propaganda in the isis-controlled city of mosul was it a mistake to go to war with iraq. >> it was not a mistake given what the president knew at the time. >> that's not what she account was it a mistake? >> that's not the question and music video that tyke over the internet. "blade blood" is she becoming the most powerful singer in hollywood? well we start with that deadly biker brawl. they've been charged with engaging in organized crime. nine bikers were killed. at least 18 people were wounded.
11:01 am
meanwhile, the it can it can alcoholic beverage commission has shut down the liquor sales for the restaurant for a week. joining me now is waco police department public information officer sergeant w. patrick swanton. you just briefed reporters a little over an hour ago about the investigation, which you said will go on into the evening. answers then still many motorcycles there. what is the latee news investigation? >> obviously at this point, what we are doing, we are in the process of trying to finish the crime scene there. there's a lot of evidence there that we need to collect and gather and photograph. we have multiple agencies working that scene that are going through and diagramming every piece of evidence, measures and photographing every
11:02 am
piece of evident that's there. it's just a bit of a tedium process and they'll be very careful about doing it and doing it correct. >> i know you said strong words this could have been prevented especially with this restaurant twin peaks, but with the lack of cooperation from the restaurant. tell us a little bit more about that. >> yeah we continue to stand behind that. we've been here for the past two months knowing that there were issues, knowing they were allowing that activity to occur here. we have encouraged them to work with us to eliminate some of that activity to keep it from happening, but that was to no araid. we contacted the local management çhere they wouldn't assist us. we had to go with national management, and we were just in the process of doing that when the deadly shooting occurred here yesterday afternoon. >> what struck me when you addressed the press a little while ago, that this can happen
11:03 am
anywhere usa, not specific to wake on texas, but anywhere. what do we know about the five gangs involved and their rivalry, and you know they were concerned about law enforcement or you even being there and responding. we do know there were five different gangs some local some are state and some are national chapters or groups of gang members. pretty violent gangs, and i think that's pretty apparent by what you saw here yesterday afternoon. what do we know about them? we fwhoe they were here. we know this -- anywhere usa occurred in waco, texas yesterday. there are factions selfbiker gangs all across the state such as there are factions of different prison gangs in different types of gangs around our country. it unfortunately took a deadly"#m uu)n here in our city limits yesterday, and we were fortunate enough to have a strong contingent of officers here that
11:04 am
immediately moved to the scene, and i can tell you because of our intelligence that we got from one particular detective who worked for us who shared that information with multiple agencies around here, we had a great response to that and we were able to product our city. >> very quickly, sir if i can ask you about the threat of other rival gangs are more gang members arriving there and the threat against other uniformed law infers officers there. >> yes, that is something that we have got good solid intelligence on is that there have been green lights, if you will, or hits put out on uniformed officers. we're aware that that is a possibility. we have shared that information with our officers, and it's certainly something that we are trying to make sure we spread that message so the officers are aware. >> especially after this deadly fight that has gripped the community there in waco. we appreciate it, sergeant. thank you. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. now to the breaking news on
11:05 am
the derailment of train 188. a new laufrt has been filed. emilio phone secco, a conductor on the train filed a lawsuit, alleging negligence on the operation of the train. he suffered several injuries, including head trauma. meanwhile, for the first time since the derailment service between new york city and philadelphia is back up and running. people say despite what happened, they are confident in amtrak's ability to keep them safe. i don't mind you know, getting back on the train. i think they have assured us in their recent correspondence to passengers it will be a safe way to travel. >> nbc's tom coals tell ooh is joining me on the phone from philadelphia. tom, you were on the train earlier today. is that the sentiment that other riders and passengers share, too? >> i think so. listen, i think everybody here from the emergency authorities to the mayor to am track, has really tried to send a message that this is an extraordinarily safe way to travel.
11:06 am
it has been for decades. they are still investigating what went wrong last tuesday night, but they believe that they have got the service up and restored that they have rebuild a track, really a remarkable achievement. when you saw the destruction on the tracks from tuesday night, they were able to rerebuild the stretch completely, and obviously still allowing the investigators to do their jobs, rebuilt the track and be opened by monday morning rush hour was quite an incredible accomplishment. the focus now, though as you know, is on the investigative side and the ntsb looking at three elements leer -- mechanical. did something go wrong with the train or the track? so far no indication of that. they're looking at the human element. specifically the -- and lastly they're working at the environmental factors. in other words we talked about people throwing objects at the
11:07 am
train. that in and of itself, you know, most people would think would not cause a derailment but what if it so stunned the driver, he lost situational awareness, he had only been on this stretch of track for three weeks, and he was at a point where he was supposed to start slowing down not speeding up. there are a whole host of issues and questions nobody has the answers, and they are just today, the fbi just today looking at the smashed glass to see whether in fact that was caused by something other than the accident. >> i know they node as you can see there, a highlight of the circular pattern on the windshield. there's also no indication that the engineer attempted to notify anybody else. thank you very much, tom costello. we appreciate it. today in iraq a crepeacis being prepared after the sunni militants scored their biggest victory on the battlefield this year with the fall of ramadi. this is video that just fed in.
11:08 am
propaganda video from ice, reportedly showing people in sell breaing ramadi's fall. ramadi is not the only capital of the anbar province it lies about 90 minutes' drive west of bag gad. just moments ago a white house spokesman said they would help iraq take back ramadi and john kerry said the loss of the city would not be permanent. >> it's kind of possible to see this kind of attack, but i'm confident in the days ahead that would be reversed. >> the loss of ramadi comes after secret forces killed an official of isis. i'm joined by nbc news chief global affairs correspondent bill nealy. so what happened.
11:09 am
some will say showing the resillian yes, frajz interesting to see thog picture of mosul. it was just under a year ago that the iraqi arm fled mosul. we were told that would never happen again, the iraqi arm would be reconstituted and that humiliation would never be repeated. it has been repeated in ramadi. we also saw because isis fled tikrit last month because its leader al baghdadi was crippled in -- there were talks of the caliphate, and we thought isis was on the run. well, it isn't. it has retaken ramadi. perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by that. because for the last year and a half ramadi has been surrounded by isis.
11:10 am
isis controls most of anbar province. so in one sense you could argue that the fall of ramadi is not really a surprise, how, it is a disaster, a disaster for the government for the iraqi forces you can see them retreating at speed in the u.s. supplied armored vehicle. of course, isis is now moving east putting more pressure on the capital baghdad. >> a step back but also a step forward with u.s. special forces killing a main isis player. thank you bill neely, we appreciate it count marco rubio as the latest republican with no exit strategy. on sunday the 2016 candidate sat with chris wallace who peppered rubio with a question he had difficulty in answering -- was the 2003 invasion of iraq a mistake? here's just a sample of that
11:11 am
exchange. >> so was it a mistake or not? >> i'm not understanding the question. >> as we sit here in 2015. >> but that's -- a president cannot make a decision on what someone might know in the future. >> that's what i'm asking you, was it a mistake. >> it was not a mistake for the president to go into iraq based on the information he was provided as president. last weeb it was jeb bush waffling back and forth and it took four days before saying he would not have ordered the invasion, knowing what we know we have the political editor for huffington post, and he joins us. good to see you in person. let's talk about this. jeb had his bad week last week, aung then you would think that all the other gop candidates especially marco rubio would say, okay, i'm learning from this one, but then we're seeing this trouble here. why the trouble with that question?
11:12 am
>> really it should be a very easy question to answer. they've had quite some time since the war to get the question right. you know what? marco was trying to straddle and make a distinction between these two questions. he was asked whether the iraq war was a mistake. he doesn't think so but he doesn't want to come out and say -- and support a very unpopular war. he 'trying to play both sides and playing a semantics game, but i don't think this is going to play whether it comes to the campaign later on, with his rivals attacking him on it. >> it's interesting. we've been asking our viewers at home. it's our binge pulse question of the day, and say if they think the iraq situation how these candidates respond or their take on it will affect who they vote for in 2016. interesting to hear that's how you see it. i want to ask you about senator lindsey graham who confirmed he will run for the 2016 presidential nomination saying
11:13 am
he believes he would be the best commander in chief. in fact heregsç what he said about sending more troops back to iraq to aid in its defense. let's listen. >> we need more advisers more iraqi security force united states that can degrade and destroy isil inside of iraq. we don't have enough military presence on the american side to change of tide of battle. >> what is the different in more. >> somewhere around 10,000 is what i keep coming back to. >> is that what the majority of americans want to hear 10,000 boots on the ground? >> recent polls have suggested that the american people would want to take military action against isis, i think somewhere around 50% 60% would say so but of course it becomes a different ball game when you have actual boots on the ground. lindsey graham is presenting himself as an ultrahawk. he is part of the three amigos. and he's you know, running to
11:14 am
make sure this neoconservative politics debate is not overruled by critics like rand paul who say this was a mrs. take it was not in u.s. interests to topple saddam hussein. igor bobic thank you. >> thank you we've been asking you at home to weigh in on the conversation by voting for our.question of the day. so richard lui is here. >> francis, in the last two hours, will candidates' answers influence your 2016 vote. what we have seen up to, at least the last 15 minutes it was mostly in the yes space. it's since moderating. what you look at the data, just in terms of yes and no this is the yes percentage, 67% right
11:15 am
now, that's not at the high. it hit 92% a while back. it might have been why. when we look at the gender breakdown, we see a lot of activity in this space here. that has the majority of those who have answered that question. we'll share more on the pulse question coming up later. more coverage in our top story, a decidedly biker brawl. we'll speak to a former fbi agent who went under cover with a bike gang plus an osprey crash lands in hawaii killing one person and claims that an online -- got into a navigation system and briefly made it fly sideways. the airline says it couldn't have happened. we'll dig into the technology and look into it more, that's coming up. ime zones later... you finally reach this booking lavish tokyo hotel. and so does: jetlag
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11:19 am
we are following breaking news out of waco texas and more than 160 arrested. the shooting left members of the banditos biker gang dead. we dig deeper into the gang privilegeant here in the united states. >> interesting information here. street or prison gangs actually thought to be more of a threat than outlaw motorcycle gangs, but depending on the geography, law enforcement officials consider them more problematic the justice department saying omgs are highly structured criminal organizations. let me give you a sense of all gangs nationwide. only 2.5% are necessarily outlaw
11:20 am
motorcycle gangs, cord to the fbi. the bigger picture to you, when you look at jurisdictions around the country, only 11% of those jurisdictions actually have omg issues, thought are the red dots here. in addition to that, interestingly, no red so the in texas. zero in the state of texas. this map right here, the darker parts right here shows higher activity, the lighter parts less. waco texas a red doing high activity despite that state not necessarily being a hot spot. now, i want to break down three outlaw motorcycle gangs that the justice department says they pose a serious domestic threat. the bandit idos. they represent 2500 members and
11:21 am
13 sound countries. just look at the jackets they're in washington, in es,, in the uk so that represents their footprint around the world. they produce and distribute methamphetamines. another gang to tall about, the hullsells angels 27 countries again that global footprint. they pose a threat on six continent, basically every continent except for antarctica. let's move over to the third example, and that is the mongols, they're also an omg or outlaw motorcycle gang. the government considers this extremely violent as well. they're known to assault intimidate and murder to defend their territory. and francis, just to give you a sense of what they may have on that you are motorcycles this
11:22 am
is a knife-like device to pull out of the motor psych the and despite the name it may insinuate others, but it's actually a majorities are latino males from los angeles that's just an example of what these omgs, or outlaw motorcycle gangs are we know there were five gangs involved but the knife i should say from the motorcycle, since we know there were guns used knifes used and whatnot joining me on the phone is jay the author of "no angel, my journey to the inner circle of the hells angels." we know right now those two gangs involved which we have seen in this deadly fight, no regard for life, no regard for law enforcement, is that their
11:23 am
signature violence? >> well i think you have to understand that these gangs, they motorcycle gangs, the outlaw gangs, that patch, that gang is their religion. it is more important to them than anything else out there. they will do anything to defend it and protect it, including kill or be killed. >> it seems like that's the case. obviously we see that here in this crowded shopping area, this restaurant in broad daylight on a sunday. this is what struck me, as far as showing their disregard for any human life around there. why take it public? why take this gang fight between these five gangs to a public restaurant? why not take it in one of the many rural remote areas surrounding or inside waco, texas? >> i think as a society and to some extent as law enforcement that's where we're naive. these events take place all the time, but only when they spill into a public venue does it open our eyes and we realize they are
11:24 am
dangerous boys. >> does that mean in this day and age when we're all sitting around watching or back, being vigilant, see something or say something when it comes to terror or an individual gunman now we have to start looking over our backs because of these extremely dangerous motorcycle gangs? >> there's a lot of people who ride motorcycles for the pureness of it, for the love of t there are people who put a patch on their back that have a pure, innocent agenda, but the gang element and when they act like this taints that entire culture selfthe biker world p. >> we understand, you know, the 1% as it's known the biker culture, 1% of these outlaw gangs here but we've seen besides the threat against each other and the turf war we've seen also a threat against uniformed law enforcement say we
11:25 am
have more of our gang members almost a watch out thing we're coming. >> they love their club, and anybody that stands in the way of their advancement and their agenda is considered an enemy. law enforcement stands in their way, so of course they're targeted. >> interesting how you put it that we're being naive to not think this is happening more out there. jay dobyns, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me we want to share a statement from texas governor greg abbott. he says -- texas will not stand for the lawlessness we saw yesterday. we're providing any and all resources needed to support the local community. this is a huge crime scene with much more pieces of evidence, the motor psych 8s drops of blood as the police spokesman
11:26 am
put it. coming up after the break why are people complaining about kanye west's performance at the billboard awards last night and taylor swift's new video reportedly attacking a former friend, while surrounding herself with celebrities, huge a-list one the power planned and one of music's biggest names. that's next. good! then my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts, pecans and other delicious nuts specially mixed for people with hearts. i said people with hearts. because hearts health is important. that's why i've researched optimized and packaged this mix just for you. not you. so if you have a heart start optimizing your nutrition with my nutrition. planters. nutrition starts with nut. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal.
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...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti. kanye west provoking complaints on social media again, but this time it's for his own performance at an awards show. you're hearing all the silence there. nothing was run with the audio. kanye west performance was heavy le censored. the broadcast went completely mute several times for as long as 15 seconds. each stretch, some say the network cut out sections that didn't even contain offensive words s what's the point of
11:30 am
having him perform if you're going to mute most of the performance, but classic kanye you know, 15 seconds that's huge '"eñ world, tv time but the highlight was the dominance of taylor swift. they snagged eight awards. she also stole hards with her on-camera smooch with her room oured boyfriend calvin harris another show-stopper was "bad blood "it's a game of female superstarts. here's what she had to say about her amazing evening. >> this is such a good night. what even. thank you. swift was named number one on maxim's 2015 hot 100 list.
11:31 am
toure is here with me. we talked about taylor swift and the phenomenon that is taylor swift. does she have a new crown the new reign of queen of everything and all pop? >> i mean, i wouldn't go quite that far. maybe it's beyonce and then her, but yaa she's massive, huge, a phenomenon. i love this video. i mean it reminds me of tron and fight club, and of course the matrix, and some other videos. look, the one thing that's sad is the kids no don't know, this is what videos used to be, little movies about big budgets and it looked like a movie. i mean i loved this video. i watched it several times getting ready to the segment. it's very cool. you see like this young woman trying to portray herself as a superhero, super strong can i fight, deal with anything the
11:32 am
world will throw at me. >> mariska hag i tailrtigay cindy crawford. >> this is how she's polling. my 4-year-old is obsessed. i have to censor it, but then she's like with cindy craw ffrd. >> and denham being the evil genius. >> let's dissect it. everybody is out there what does this mean lena? maybe let's get to the philosophy. some are saying, you know what? it might delve a bit into that rival, once friend, another huge star katy perry. so is that reading too much into it? i'm the star, katy, move over, you did the super bowl? >> i'm not sure. maybe other people would take it there. i'm not sure about that. i see both her and katy creating
11:33 am
these videos where they are super powerful super strong, super heroes, and i think a lot of young woman would say i would like to feel like that, and looking at you presenting makes me want to feel that a bit myself, sort of k3w0dying these powerful movies and characters. i love it. >> it might be taylor swift, anybody move over. toure, thank you very much. you can catch tourre on "the cycle" at 3:00 p.m. right herqç on msnbc. we'll be right back. hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong,
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11:36 am
investigators are trying to figure out why as osprey aircraft suffered a fiery crash, killing one marine. 21 other soldiers were taken to hospitals for treatment. the crash sent fire and smoke into the sky. the osprey can take off and land like a helicopter and fly like a
11:37 am
plane. they have been used in iraq and afghanistan and helping with relief efforts in nepal. president obama was greeted on the tarmac by mayor michael nutter. he pause the in philly to thank the city and its rescue workers for their response to last week's amtrak derailment. in about half an hour he 'expected to talk about police reform. he's getting a firsthand look at camden's tactical center, the police chief showing the president how he uses technology to track crime and increase accountability of officers. this comes on the news -- you remember ferguson missouri's police department faced back lash from protesters in armored vehicle. rashad robinson is the executive
11:38 am
director of color of change, and the director from cato institute. we thank you both for your perspective -- and the use of the military-style equipment here. originally it started in '97, we saw departments beefed up after 9/11, and ferguson kind of changed things. and now the backoff from the administration. >> i was on the ground in ferguson. watched as hose tarpored vehicles came in and really signaled what we have seen in so many communities about how law infers communities and communities can't come together if people are treated lie enemy combatants, if law enforcement are not treating communities like communities. this is something i kefd when i testified in front of the president's commission. our members had stood up for this this is the first step, but it doesn't go far enough.
11:39 am
>> when the president is saying no more use of the military style of equipment let's put a focus on community policing. them, this is the breakdown, 79,000 assault rifles 205 grenade launchers, and 4,000 combat knives. yes, it was from '97, and a lot of response from 9/11. did police need this equipment to begin with, especially with those numbers? >> i don't think so. i'm glad president obama is making this move because so many years the federal government has played a role in militarizing our police departments. we've gotten away from the idea of american police officers being referred to as peace officers. too often they're dressing up like soldiers. we shouldn't be surprised thee adopting the mind-set of the a
11:40 am
soldier. they're viewing communities as enemy territory. it's not surprising that the residents begin to view the police as an occupying force, treating them as if they have no constitutional rights at all. and you see more aggressive tactics as you saw in the streets of ferguson. i think president obama will highlight what the police department in camden, north carolina has been doing. they've rejected the militarize the approach and moving in the direction of community policing. they're de-escalating and training police officers to dough escalate confrontations with people rather than escalating. with that we'll see bush. >> let's look at more numbers.
11:41 am
they saw this huge influgs of guns. los angeles, you can look at the breakdown. without the 1033 program here will local law enforcement need to come up with new strategies and new policing? let's grin it back to the community. >> the 1033 program hasn't made us safe in our communities, and the numbers bear that out. so the fact of the matter is that we do need community policing. we do need tactics to bring community and law enforcement together and we need real accountable when police officers do things outside of protocol. there are a number of things out of the president's commission. this is one of first things that are seen so our communities can feel safe. >> this is what the president is
11:42 am
doing there at camden, new jersey. he is speaking now. we understand he is there in camden, in what is known as a model. let's listen to the president there in camden. >> thank you everybody. everybody please have a seat. >> thank you so much. it is good to be in camden. i want to thank your lieutenant governor your congressman don nor cross and your mayor for being here. give them all a big round of applause. i want though thank our hosts the salvation army is doing greatç work. it seems like a wonderful wonderful facility. we're very proud of them. i want to thank camden county police chief scott thompson, for his outstanding work.
11:43 am
where is the chief? there he is. so i've come here to camden that might have been unthinkable just a few years ago, and that's to hold you up as a symbol of promise for the nation. i don't want to overstate it. obviously camden has gone through tough times and there's still tough times for a lot of folks here in camden but just a few years ago this city was written off as dangerous beyond redemption. the city trapped in a downward spiral. r&h(lc% parents afraid to let their children play outside drug
11:44 am
dealers, two years ago the police department was overhauled to implement a new model of community policing. they doubled the size of the force while keeping it unionized. they cut desk jobs in favor of getting more officers out into the streets. not just to walk the beat, but to actually get to know the residents. to set up basketball games, to volunteer in schools, to participate in reading programs to get to know small businesses in the area. and to be a police officer takes a special kind of courage and i talked about this on friday. at a memorial for 130 officers. it takes a special courage to run towards danger to be a person that residents turn to when they're most desperate. and when you match courage with
11:45 am
compassion with care and understanding of the community like we have seen here in camden, some really outstanding things can begin to happen. violent crime in camden is down 24%. murder is down 47%. [ applause ] open-air drug markets have been cut by 65%. the response time for 911 calls is down from one hour to just five minutes, and when i was in the center it was 1.3 minutes right when i was there.
11:46 am
perhaps most significant is the police and residents are building trust. building trust. nobody is suggesting that the job is done. this is still a work in progress. the police chief would be the first one to say it. so would the mayor. camden and its people still face some very big challenges but the city is on to something. you have made real progress in just two years. that's why i'm here today. i want to focus on the fact that other cities in america can make similar progress. everything over the past six years, whether it's rescues the economy or retooling our job programs has been in pursuit of one goal -- creating opportunity for all of us, all our kids. but we know that some communities have the odds stacked against them and have had the odds stacked against them for a very long time.
11:47 am
in some cases for decades. you have rural communities that have chronic poverty manufacturing communities that got hit hard when plants closed and people lost jobs folks who do work work harder than ever and in some communities, that sense of unfairness and pourlessness has contributed to dysfunction that thought communities communities are like bodies. if the immunity system is down they get sick. and when communities aren't vibrant, or people don't feel a sense of hope and opportunities
11:48 am
then that can fuel crime and unrest. and it stems from a basic lack of opportunity to some groups feeling unfairly targeted by their police forces. that means there's no single solution. there have to be a lot of different solutions and different approaches that we try. one of the things we did was create a task force on the future of community policing. it was made up of the different stakeholder. we had law enforcement community activists, young people. they held public meetings across the country. they developed concrete proposals to rebuild trust and help law enforcement. the recommendations were released in march they were finalized today.
11:49 am
they include to make sure that police departments are being smart about crime and that there's enough data for them to be accountable as well. we're trying to support the great work. before i go further, the i want the members of our task force to stand. they have done some outstanding work and they deserve to be acknowledged. thank you. we've launched a police data initiative that is helping city toss use data to strengths everyone work and hold themselves accountable by sharing. departments may trach things like incident of force.
11:50 am
here in camden officers deal with some 41 different data systems, which means they have to interthe same information multiple times. today we brought a volunteer elite tech teams, a broup of soist wares engineers and tech leaders to work with the police department here to troubleshoot some of the technical challenges so it's easier to police departments to do the things he already want to do, to helping to track what's going on in communities, and also helping to make sure that data is used effectively to identify whether there's trouble spots. all that can be obtained in a really efficient way. we're also released new policies on the military equipment that
11:51 am
has been provided. we've seen heels militarized gear can sometimes give people the feeling like there's an occupying force, as opposed to a force that's part of the community that's protecting them and serving them, can alienate and intimidate local residents and send the wrong message. we're going to prohibit some equipment made for the battlefield that is not appropriate for local police departments. there's other equipment that may be needed in certain cases, but only with proper training. we'll ensure that they not only get the equipment they need, but the training they need to go with it. the overwhelming majority of police officers are good, honest and fair, they care deeply about their communities they put their lives on the line every day to keep them safe.
11:52 am
their loved ones wait and worry until they come through the door at the end ofç their shift, so we should do everything in our power to make sure they are safe and help them do the jobs as best they can. what's interesting with cha xwheef johnson has done these news officers who i have to confess made me feel old, because they all look like they could still be in school, but the approach that the chief has taken in getting them out of their squad cars into the communities, getting them familiar with the people that they're serving they're enjoying their jobs more, because they feel as if over time they can have more of an impact and they're getting more help from the community, because the community has seen them and knows them before there's a crisis, before there is an incident. so it's not just crisis
11:53 am
response, it's not just after the fact there's a crime there's a dead body there's a shooting and we're nothing going to show up. we're here all the time and hopefully we can prevent those shootings from happening in the first place. but one of the things i want to focus on is the fact that a lot of the issues that have been raised here and in places like baltimore, ferguson and new york goes beyond the police. we can't ask the police to contain and control problems that the rest of us aren't willing to face. or do anything about. if we as a society don't do more to expand opportunity for those willing to work for it, then
11:54 am
we'll end up seeing conflicts between law enforcement and residents. if we as a society aren't willing to deal honestly with issues of race, then we can't just expect police departments to solve these problems. if communities are being isolated and segregated without opportunity -- president obama is speaking there, talking about police reform. this is -- the administration is banning large military-style gear and equipment. speaking there in camden, new jersey that has been seen a significant drop in violent crime, murders and drug use as well. it's interesting the president's message as he's speaking in camden citing the differences a change in policing starting with two years ago, this is what's made camden his model city, for a shift in policing, so he's essentially saying kind
11:55 am
of a definition of a police officers needs to be changed. not the guys with the big intimidating equipment and gear but going out to the communities, to the basketball games, and mean community members. it seems that's the shift where he wants to go. >> it's about a vision how do we want to see our communities? how do we want to lift in our communities and be treated? i didn't hear that from the president, but an economic message as well, about opportunities, about a message about dealing honestly with race. these are all things that have to be dealt with. this was part of many people who testified like myself in front of the commission, and having these honest conversations about race, about opportunity, about education, and about accountability for police departments. all of these things have to be on the table if -- >> and the president said they did it in camden two years ago, no reason why we can't see it
11:56 am
working in other communities as well. thank you. >> thanks for having me thomas will be back tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern. keep the conversation going on twitter and on facebook "the cycle" is up next. im time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. kristina sheldon and her mother have always been close, so it was only natural that linda started helping kristina out when she started her jewelry company. neither of them ever guessed that linda would become the number one employee. for more quags "your business" on sunday mornings.
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developing right now president obama moments ago delivering a major speech on policing. he chose camden north carolina to deliver it because of the city's success in community policing efforts. camden was one of the one of the most violent places in the entire country but has seen a huge reduction in violent crime over the past two years since instituting reforms. the white house also announced this morning a crackdown on the mill tarization of local police the federal transfer of heavy equipment like armored vehicles and grenades launchers to local
12:00 pm
police are now bansed. and will esser military-style equipments will be more strictly regulated. let's bring in senior political reporter perry bacon, reporting from iowa today. nice to see you. >> good to see you krystal. >> tell us about the choice of locke and also the timing here. wise institute these reform now. >> this is a big announcement. if you remember in december after post-ferguson there was a discussion about should the police have all these weapons. they had humvees armed vehicles, things like that. the white house in december said they did a short study and concluded that these weapons were okay, there wasn't a big concern, some police weriology them appropriately. so they've kind of changed views on that. the policy now basically says you cannot get these


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