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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  May 19, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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ing charges of engaging in organized crime. at the same time, police say the threat of retaliation remains high after nine bikers were killed 18 others hurt in the fight. nbc's miguel almaguer has the very latest. >> reporter: with nine killed and 18 wounded in the gruesome lunchtime brawl this morning 170 suspects, all said to be members of rival motorcycle gangs are in jail charged with engaging in organized crime. the vicious attack at this popular strip mall packed with police, was so brazen some call the outlaws domestic terrorists. >> they may not be book smart but these guys have their ph.d.s in violence and intimidation. >> reporter: jay dobbins retired special agent who went deep undercover to infiltrate hells angels says the bloodbath like sunday's is destined to happen when five motorcycle gangs cross paths. >> it's all about colors and how
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they look and where you're at and do you have permission to be there? it's a nasty dirty vomit-covered existence. >> reporter: with each of the suspects held on $1 million bond, and more outlaws said to be on their way here, the so-called bandidos gang has the deepest roots in waco. sunday's showdown was said to involve a rumble with the cossacks, who often battle with the bandidos over turf in texas. to the west, the hells angels are notorious, while the so-called outlaws have a heavy presence in the midwest and south. as the pagans thrive in the east. the gangs can number in the thousands. >> like any criminal organization, it's about money. it's about control. you probably haven't seen the end of it. >> that was nbc's miguel almaguer reporting. let's go live to waco and charles hadlock. what's the latest from the scene? >> reporter: it's still an active crime scene nearly 48
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hours after theyju)jt on sunday. police are still cataloging everything in the parking lot behind me and in the restaurant itself. there were more than 30 people shooting at each other during the melee that happened after noon on sunday. so police are trying to find out which guns were used to kill which people where they were standing, where the victims fell, where the police were and where they engaged the shooters. it's believed that police may have killed some of the bandidos as they were trying to shoot each other and they turned their guns on police. the investigation here still continuing at this hour. >> and, charles i mean, what we are hearing in miguel's story, they think retaliation could come, not right now but weeks or months from now. >> reporter: that's right. they're really worried about this. this is a gang war happening right here in texas. and it culminated here at the shooting on sunday. and the police here are worried that they will be shot at now. they will be targets of the
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gangs because they engaged the gang members themselves during the shoot-out. so they're on high alert here. there have been several state police bulletins issued to police officers to e on the lookout, reports that they recruited gang members from neighboring states, new mexico, oklahoma, louisiana, and arkansas, to come to this area to help defend their fellow members. jose? >> charles hadlock, thank you very much for that live report. much more on the deadly biker brawl later in "the rundown," including a look where the gangs come from and the turf they're fighting over. but now to politics. several stories we've been following this morning for the 2016 campaign trail. the state department now says it needs until early next year to release tens of thousands of e-mails that hillary clinton stored on her private server while serving as secretary of state. that means the e-mails will be made public two week before the iowa caucuses.
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kristin welker traveling with clinton campaign in des moines. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm here at cedar falls where hillary clinton will be meeting with small business leaders later on today. but you're absolutely right, this comes as we're learning that it could take the state department until january of 2016 to review and release more than 50,000 pages of clinton's e-mails. they say it's an incredibly labor-intensive process. but this is reigniting the controversy over secretary clinton's use of private e-mail account while serving as secretary of state. >> reporter: hillary clinton is trying to get up close and personal with iowa's voters. >> i don't want this election to be about me. i want it to be about us. >> reporter: new criticism over lingering issues, including her use of a personal e-mail account while serving as secretary of state. chris christie slammed her late monday. >> i think the server at home business is just absolutely
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incredible that you'd be secretary of state and working off of a private e-mail and deleting and destroying that stuff is just incredible to me. >> reporter: this comes after clinton disclosed she and bill raked in $30 million over the past 16 months mostly through paid speeches, gop rivals now bounce bouncing on the payday. >> reporter: are you satisfied secretary clinton has been transparent enough when it comes to delivering paid speeches. >> she hasn't been transparent on a lot of things, everything from e-mail to secretary of state. >> reporter: officials have denied any ethical wrong doing and say policies favor the working class, a point she's trying to sell here. >> there's something wrong when the average american ceo makes 300 times more than the typical american worker. >> reporter: but clinton is keeping her distance from the press, avoiding questions for the past three weeks. >> the question is about why
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clinton doesn't take questions. >> reporter: now campaign officials have not waited yet on the timing of the release of those e-mails but if they aren't released until january, that would be days before the all-important iowa caucuses. for this week, hillary clinton wraps up in iowa and heads to new hampshire in the next few days. >> stay with me. i want to bring in ken vogel of politico. good morning. i am wondering if the timing of the release of e-mails in january will play a part in hillary clinton's campaign. >> yeah, absolutely. there's no way around. this is really bad timing. on a lot of these things, on the benghazi testimony, release of e-mails she and her allies would prefer that the band-aid be ripped off right now as we're still 539 day as way from the general election. by extending it you extend press coverage and also are going to have a rush of coverage and scrutiny right when the release
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is she going to change that? is she going to become available, do you think? have you been told to the press in the following days, weeks months? how long is it going to take? >> reporter: i think it would be hard to see her not taking a few questions over the next several days. i can tell you i've been talking to her campaign officials, her strategy here is to get up close and personal with voters. that's why she's holding smaller, intimate events. it's a departure from her strategy in 2012 when she held bigger events. they think that's working. but you're absolutely right, she's getting a lot of pressure from those on the right but also those on the left some democrats, saying it's time for her to address some of the pressing issues. i would be very surprised if she doesn't do that in the next several days. ken, new york time is reporting that the house benghazi
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committee will subpoena sidney blumenthal. >> this is a bad story, because it combines sort of three problem areas for her. combines e-mails with benghazi and also with this blurring of the lines between the foundation and other forms of income and the official duties as secretary of state. sidney blumenthal this longtime clinton adviser was being pay by the clinton foundation when he was advising her on libya. this was supposed to be a clear line between the foundation and her official duties of secretary of state. you see the blurring of lines. additionally being paid by two outside group that will are going to be supporting her campaign. you see still further what some conservatives and critics call the clinton blur between these areas of her life and these areas of money, frankly. >> ken, what was he advising her on vis-a-vis libya?
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>> he was writing memos according to "the new york times" story that were advising her on the security situation on the ground at the same time as he had a business a financial interest, in the -- in companies looking to get in on the reconstruction of libya. obviously that presents a possibility of a blatant conflict of interest. now she and her allies say this is im, it's not us, and it's unclear -- we should be clear -- what she knew about his business interest. nonetheless it continues to raise the speccer of a blurring of the line of conflict of interest that she needs to answer to. >> another reason why we like to hear from her on this and a lot of other issues. ken and kristin thank you both. we'll have more from iowa as hillary clinton gets ready for for her second event in two days. a developing weather alert in texas and the plains states where flash flood warnings and watches are in effect. flash floods turned deadly in
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louisiana on monday, about an hour east of shreveport. an 11-year-old boy died after family car was swept off the road and into a nearby creek. in neighboring texas, more dangerous conditions. al roker says 4 to 6 inches of hail fell. the hail made road travel treacherous for tractor-trailers traveling along i-20. hailstones were the size of eggs. take a look at that. look at the size of these things. are they eggs, are they hail? what's going on here? bill karins can tell us what's going on. >> it goes like dime, you know, nickel sized hail, then quarter -- >> quarter yeah. >> golf ball baseball. i never heard egg size i'm going to steal that from you with your permission. >> of course you can. look at the size of those things. >> looks like a nest with eggs. not many tornado but hail in texas. the rain's problematic. it's going to get worse in the
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days ahead and possibly really bad historic as we head towards the weekend. one big batch of rain over san angelo, 4 1/2 inches of rain they had overnight. that's more rain than san francisco's had since the beginning of the year, ridiculous stuff. farther to the north, thunderstorms have shifted further to the north. watching lubbock area and amarillo's got a strong thunderstorm knocking on the door going through now. starting your morning commute in north texas on i-40, that's one of the worst drives in the country now. then the weather in colorado, you've got everything this morning. unfortunately the white on this map is snow. it is snowing in the very high elevations, passes. denver bitterly cold. it is raining, and a cole rain. colorado springs, the same for you. flash flood warnings outside pueblo. one to three inches possible of rain today. by the end of the week, i expect all-time monthly rainfall records to be shattered in oklahoma city and lubbock. talking since recordkeeping began, not just month of may, any month. that's epic stuff. and the flooding would be worse if it wasn't for the fact we've
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been in a drought for the last decade. a lot of the reservoirs are able to hold the water as they're filling up rapidly. a windchill of 21 in northern michigan in marquette. windchills near freezing in minneapolis. omaha's at 34. raining in denver, windchill of 37. so, there's a little bit of everything out there on the maps today. nothing really life threatening. unless the flooding gets out of control. just showers in new england here. you're looking great in the southeast feels like summer where you are. >> sure does. thank you. great seeing you. just gets starting on this tuesday edition of "the rundown."ç fight for ramadi as thousands flee the iraqi city now under isis control. what's the plan to take it back? what about baghdad? a live report straight ahead. lifestyles of the rich and famous and water restrictions in drought-stricken california. we'll tell you about the new form of class warfare in the golden state. take a close look at this image. what do you think it is?
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we don't see baghdad under threat. we see in a number of places, including anbar in other parts of northern iraq isil being pushed back. it's not -- it's not -- it's not a uniform positive message or a uniform positive picture there are setbacks like in ramadi but we are confident that the iraqi political leadership and their security forces working with us will be successful. >> you heard it ramadi may be lost but the u.s. is trying to keep things in context. state department insisting war against isis is heading in the
6:17 am
right direction, despite the fall of ramadi. but, some may see it as a hard sell. remember, ramadi is an hour or so west of baghdad, the capital of the anbar province, one time home to 500,000 people. tens thousands have fled in the last couple of days alone. the place where 200 american troops lost their lives in 2003-2008. this is ramadi now. isis fighters in control of the city. the question now, can iraqi forces get it back? be in's bill neely live for us in london. good morning. what's the situation now there? >> good morning jose. you heard from the state department some pretty positive spin, but spin it is because the reality is pretty stark today. ramadi fell in two days it's in the hands of the world's biggest terror group, isis u.s. air power failed to stop isis and the iraqi army ran away, hue millmiliated once again.
6:18 am
kerry is confident it can be retaken in the coming days. the question is, how? today around 3,000 militia american are assembling at bases close to ramadi to try to recapture the city. they remember where the troops that helped retake tikrit from isis six weeks ago, they are effective, mostly armed and banked by iran. the question now is, what role does the u.s. take in this? u.s. warplanes bombed isis dozens times in recent weeks indeed, 19 strikes in 3 days just as the city was taken. but it didn't work. so the u.s. is going to be weary, it's unlikely to want to form the air wing of iranian-backed militias, they won't coordinate any attacks with those militias. if and when there is an assault it's a disjointed one. retaking ramadi block by block
6:19 am
will not be easy. it's going to be a tough fight if is it launched. >> bill i'm wondering, for the folks that are left in ramadi whether they would prefer isis or the shia to come back into their city. i mean it done seem like they have a lot of great options. >> there are no great options there are just two bad choices really. and oddly the sunni tribal leaders say that even in spite of their historic suspicions of the shia death squads, which is what they used to be they'd rather have them come in rid them of isis and then politely leave. but of course, the question is are these shia militias ever likely to politely leave because they're under the direction, most of them of iran and what iran wants is not just influence but basically control of iraq. so, for the sunni leaders and
6:20 am
the tribal leaders, they're in between the devil and the deep blue sea. they don't want isis. they've rather not have to deal with iranian backed death squads. the danger is the risk, shia militias will inflame sectarian passions. ramadi, 600,000 people before it's a sunni city and shia militias are loathed and feared there but the minute the sunni tribes have little choice. >> bill, quickly, meanwhile 20,000 people have left that city in just the past couple of days. where are they heading? what a humanitarian crisis. >> it is a crisis. it's only the latest 20,000 because ramadi has been, by and large, depopulated. they are most of them heading towards baghdad, running away from isis eñ they're having trouble, i gather getting into baghdad because a lot of people in baghdad suspicious of 20,000
6:21 am
sunni muslims fleeing and suspicions that some of the people might be isis fighters in disguise. there's a great deal, not just of you know humanitarian tragedy but a great deal of mistrust and baghdad feeling that it could well be the next target. isis will certainly want to maintain the pressure on iraq's capital city. >> bill neely in london, thank you very much for that report. after the break zoom through some of today's top stories including the arhett of several baggage handlers. what police say they're linked to, it has to do with drugs. chilling new information of hours leading up to the killing of a familiary in a prominent d.c. neighborhood. who the bikers in the shoot-out in texas? more on the groups and the bad blood between them. >> bandidos are an international organized crime syndicate.
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airport drug smuggling a massive and lethal landslide, and new image of william shakespeare? let's zoom through the top stories. three baggage handlers in oakland, california under arrest arc excused of using airport security badges to smuggle suitcases of marijuana through security. the handlers would hand off bags ti courier that will would transport the drugs throughout the country. in all, 14 people charged in connection with the three-yearyk long operation. colombia, dozens of people are dead hundreds survivors are waiting for aid after a mudslide in the town 60 miles outside of medaine.
6:26 am
the search for more bodies continues as an undetermined number of people are still missing. flash floods triggered mudslides that swept away people's homes as they slept, baring giving them enough time to gather anything or anyone. china, watch the right side of the screen as the wall comes crashing down on whoa, pedestrians. two people killed, seven others injured youincluding two children. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the wall to topple over, including the possibility of high winds. and is this a true face of william shakespeare? today the uk's country life magazine releases the image claiming to be the first and only known portrait of the writer made while he was alive. until now the other likenesses were painted after his death. the magazine's historian found theç image in a 16th century book on plants and deciphered the tudor code which read william shakespeare. could be someone really liked
6:27 am
shakespeare and put their face on it. take a look at this. this is boston. next hour a status conference in the tsarnaev case. when the bomber will be sentenced. more on that after a quick break on "the rundown." ♪ building aircraft,
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developing news chilling, new clues in a mansion murder mystery in washington, d.c. nbc's peter alexander joins us from d.c. with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good day. funerals now planned for the four victims, sources tell our washington state wrc investigators believe more than one person was likely involved in these awful murders of the wealthy savopoulos family and their housekeeper. wrc reports sources say it's likely the killers had knowledge of the family and how they lived their day-to-day lives. there was no sign of forced entry at the home.
6:31 am
>> reporter: chilling, new details what investigators believe happened inside that washington, d.c., mansion. sources telling nbc station wrc that savos savopoulos, his wife, 10-year-old son and longtime housekeeper were held captive in the home overnight. and they were bound and threatened through thursday afternoon when they were murdered their multimillion dollar home set on fire. this, as we're hearing from a second housekeeper, who may have been among the last people contacted by the savopouloses. >> a lovely family. very nice family. >> reporter: nellie, who asked her face not be shown, says mr. savopoulos left her a voice message the night before the fire, telling her not to come to work the next day and to contact figueroa's husband. >> they say, i hope you can get this message, my wife sick my son is sick, and vera offered to stay overnight but her phone is
6:32 am
dead. >> reporter: nellie didn't get the message until the next day, so 9:30, thursday morning, nellie says figueroa's husband showed up at the house. this wife never stayed overnight with the family before. nellie says her husband pounded on the doors, going to the back of the house. no one answered but then his phone rang, a call from mr. savopoulos apparently inside the house. >> told him i forgot to call you last night, but var ra's okay. i'm here in front of your house can i talk to my wife? he said, she's not here. >> reporter: minutes later 9:57 a.m., nellie received a text from mrs. savopoulos. i'm making sure that you don't come to work today, it read. still unclear, the motive for the vicious crime. sources tell wrc, mr. savopoulos eventually gave the killers what they were looking for. investigators' best clue the grainy surveillance video
6:33 am
showing a person of interest who authorities believe may have driven off with the family's porsche, later found torched 15 miles away. a manhunt and a mystery, casting a shadow over the nation's capital. investigators say 3 of the 4 victim as peered to have been beaten or stabbed before the fire. nbc news has not been able to reach mr. figueroa and police have not commented on the time line. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. now to the latest developments from boston in less than a half hour lawyers in the marathon bombing trial will meet with the judge expected to set a formal sentencing date for dzhokhar tsarnaev. they sentenced him to death for the bombings that killed three as well as a police officer, days later. the death sentence verdict in boston is now having an impact on another trial that's set to resume shortly in a colorado courtroom. defense attorneys in the movie theater shooting trial asked the judge monday to question jurors
6:34 am
about whether they saw reports of the death sentence given to convicted marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. defense argued it could affect a juror's ability to remain impartial because prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for accused gunman james holm mz the prosecution objected but overruled. jurors saw nothing that would stop them from reaching a fair verdict. the judge allowed all members to remain on the jury. holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insan sanitysanity for the shooting rampage. bond set at $1 million each for the 170 bikers behind bars this morning in waco, following the deadly gun battle over the weekend nine bikers were killed in the fight on sunday, 18 others injured. the biker gangs involved are no strangers to law enforcement. federal officials call them serious criminal organizations. msnbc's francis rivera joins me with more on that. >> there were five separate
6:35 am
biker gangs involved sunday's incident and the nine bikers killed are involved to be the bandidos and cossacks gangs. the bandidostq are one of the largest outlaw motor psychcycle gangs. has 900 members in 39 chapters. the group has established international chapters. now in the latest threat assessment issued by the texas department of public safety the bandidos gang is classified as a tier two threat that's the second highest level. it give you perspective, other gangs in the same tier, they include the bloods, crypts, aryan brotherhood of texas. the fbi says outlaw motorcycle gangs like the bandidos pose a serious domestic threat. involved in transporting and distributing cocaine and marijuana involved in the production and distribution of methamphetamine. outlaw gangs like the bandidos
6:36 am
the battle over drugs and turf. >> that gang is their religion. is it more important to them than anything else out there, and they challenging the bandidos' dominance with reports the gang was discussing an alliance with hells angels. the executive director of the midwest outlaw motorcycle gang tells the "the washington post" the shoot-out may have started because the cossacks, backed by the angels challenged the bandidos for control of texas.
6:37 am
and the other bike gangs here that may have joined the battle because of anger over the recent shootings and killings carried out by bandidos members as well. as we saw you can definitely see the danger and see how deadly these groups can be. >> thank you so much. next hour, we'll speak to an investigative journalist who has written on biker gangs and says among bad guys, they're the bad effort of the bad. the debate over how we police is playing out live on capitol hill today. and for the white house. it's also a hot topic in the campaign trail where senator rand paul had this question for hillary clinton. >> i'll ask hillary clinton, what have you done for criminal justice? your husband passed all of the laws that put a generation of black men in prison. her husband was responsible for that. she's changing her tune but changing her tune because people like me have been speaking out against these injustices. it's time for yor the your
6:38 am
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tell you about the deadly derailment of an amtrak train in philadelphia. the fbi is ruling out a bullet struck the front windshield. but the ntsb has not ruled out whether some kind of other projectile like a rock may have fractured the windshield and disoriented the engineer who was new to the route. federal safety regulators trying to figure out why amtrak train 188 accelerated quickly in the moments before the crash. eight peel wereople were killed more than 200 injured. it called take about a year to determine the exact cause of the derailment. joy reid joins us from union station in washington. this tragedy has renewed the amtrak funding debate there in washington. >> yeah absolutely jose. you do have the debate over what happened on amtrak 188 but also a debate in washington over what to do with amtrak overall. yesterday i spoke with a pair of united states senators about that very issue. here what happens they had to
6:42 am
say. take a listen. >> reporter: after a week of recovering from tragedy amtrak's northeast corridor is back in full service. but the questions over amtrak's future and its funding are far from over. riders may have been ready to get back to normal. >> i traveled to florida annually by train. i'm going to chicago by train. >> i've taken amtrak 30 times in the last 18 months. >> reporter: and many were not overly concerned about safety. >> i feel like the safety will be little bit better now. >> it's not really the thing that's on our minds that makes us feel unsafe about the rail. >> reporter: in washington, amtrak has long been the subject of a political tug-of-war. the rail company that took over the country's private intercity rail systems in 1970 moves more than 810,000 people a day. with a ridership that peaked at 32 million passengers last year. and yet in 2014, amtrak lost a billion dollars. and last week's crash meant hundreds of millions of dollars
6:43 am
in additional potential losses. senator chris coons of delaware and bob kasie of pennsylvania travel the northeast corridor regularly and say more public inrestment in amtrak is critical to american competitiveness. >> we need to invest in modernizing our infrastructure and improving safety systems if we're going to continue to be globally ketive. >> reporter: on the other side, a republican, like john boehner who said amtrak's problems are about management, not money. >> adequate funds were there, no money cut from rail safety and the house passed a bill earlier this spring to reauthorize amtrak and authorize a lot of these programs. >> reporter: they say republicans' philosophical objection to spending anything related to government is amtrak's real problem. >> members of congress changed the dialogue and created pressure on republican members whether moderate or conservative that i think changed the game. >> reporter: this congressman
6:44 am
who represents the philadelphia area agrees. >> the republicans' point is that you know that somehow we shouldn't be in this passenger business and that you know, if anything, it should be privatized. >> reporter: amtrak passengers say the government should be spending more on rail not less. >> if i had to see an upgrade all the way around. >> amtrak should have its own track. amtrak gets delayed all the time out west because it's got to wait for freight trains. >> i hope members of congress don't take steps that will lead to a situation where amtrak has to choose between positive train controlled safety measures and fixing crumbling bridges or infrastructure. >> reporter: and jose, in the wake of that crash some short-term improvements have already been made. the speed limit at the site where amtrak 188 crashed lower from 50 miles per hour down to 45 miles per hour and an automatic braking system has already been installed. >> joy reid, great to see you.
6:45 am
developing this morning on capitol hill in less than 15 minutes from now, the house judiciary committee will hold a hearing on policing strategies for the 21st century. with attorney general lynch heading to cincinnati next hour as part of the white house push on community policing. the hearing follows up on the president's visit to camden, new jersey, month where he announced a ban on some military style equipment used by local police. >> we've seen how militarized gear can sometimes give people the feeling like there's an occupying force as opposed to a force part of the community thatness protecting them and serving them, can send the wrong messagen. we're going to prohibit equipment made for the battlefield that is not appropriate for local police departments. >> and joining me now from the white house, nbc's ron allen. good to see you. what are some of the bigger take aways of the new ban announced by the white house?
6:46 am
>> reporter: the idea is to restrict and ban some of the equipment. there are a couple of categories. let look first at banned i tips. talking about tracked armored vehicles, which are tanks. weaponized aircraft grenade launchers. on the restricted list, a bigger list armored vehicles riot gear specialized firearms and ammunition. now, the idea is to try and put more approvals on that type of weaponry that type of equipment before the local police can get it. and of course the reason that they want this material is because of their efforts to combat the drug trade down along the border, their efforts to deal with counterterrorism operations since 9/11 you know. the police will tell you that america at times es a dangerous place, they need a lot of the equipment for defensive purposes. they point out, for example in baltimore, a couple of weeks ago during disturbances there several officers were wounded injured and and in ferguson, a couple of officers were shot.
6:47 am
that's the police argument. the administration's concern, of course, is that this creates a very aggressive posture. it creates they argue, an escalation of certain situations particularly crowd control. the authorities, police counter they need this type of material armored vehicles, for example, in a hostage situation or in a situation to evacuate people from a dangerous situation. they talk about the boston bombing during the marathon. they talk about the theater massacre, school shootings, things of that nature. the debate goes back and forth. what the administration's trying to do is find a balance whereby the police can get the equipment that they need for safety, yet at the same time, establish a better relationship with the communities because the president's big concern is that there's a lack of trust between police and and so many communities across the country. jose? >> ron allen at the white house, thank you. next the new california landscape, multimillion dollar mansions of the rich and famous,
6:48 am
green, lush, side by side with brown drought-ridden landscape. is it causing a new class warfare. first, a live look at the national mall in washington, d.c., where fitness enthusiasts come to exercise. the nation's capital named the fittest city in america. minneapolis-st. paul second. the american fitness index, san diego, third. bottom three oklahoma city, memphis, indianapolis. where's miami beach on all of that list? go down miami beach, everybody's fit except me. and victor.
6:49 am
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6:51 am
you could call it the new class warfare. california is in many ways being divided into the haves and have nots, but this time we're not talking about money, we're talking about water. the golden state suffering through its fourth year of drought, residents are heading to social media to call out
6:52 am
everyone from neighbors to celebrities for really wasting water. it's called drought shaming. in the past week alone the hash tag has been used over 1,000 times. lots of times the tweets come with pictures like these, shot over, well southern california. take a look at the lawn. you can see the lush green on the inside of these estates, while outside the estates everyone else has brown lawns. got people frustrated and upset over how some in california appear to be using more than their share of water while others are doing their part to cut back. it's happening up and down the state. these are aerials from over los angeles a couple of months ago. the situation has gotten worse since then. as we speak over 90% of california is facing a severe drought. joining me now john christensen with ucla's institute of environment and sustainability. pleasure to see you. >> pleasure to be here on a beautiful day. got rain recently but beautiful
6:53 am
and sunny again. we're told, as we always are, that it won't put a dent in the drought. >> that's the reality, the drought is we were just commenting 90% of the state is really suffering from it. how severe is it right now? >> it's very severe. you know one of the worst droughts in record for sure. >> so you have one of the worst droughts on record, and then you have people trying to do their part. i mean, there is a mandatory restriction in place there you see some of the people are just living with the fact they are not going to be watering their lawns, but other people say, you know what i want a green lawn and i don't really care if i have to pay something. what are the fines if you get caught misusing the amount of water? >> well, they vary all over the state. various jurisdictions are taking measures to curb water use to put in mandatory watering restrictions fines if you use more water than you've used on average in the past or if you're
6:54 am
seen to be wasting water. >> but some of those fines you know, like $100, which is a lot of money. i don't know, if you've got 20 or 50 or $100 million in the bank i guess $100 doesn't make a dent in your budget, so they are really kind of ignoring that. and it's really a bigger picture issue, isn't it, john? the fact is this is not something that's going to be solved any time soon. >> look, the big correlation here is that wealthy people have bigger houses and they have bigger yards, so they use more water. the correlation is a pretty simple one. the bigger picture here is we've entered into a dry season it's going to be a long hot summer. with a lot of blaming and now we see this phenomena of drought shaming. it's really the pattern that californians recur to any time there's a crisis like this. the north blames the south, farmers blame the cities the cities blame the farmers, some
6:55 am
people focus on villains like the almond that uses a lot of water, and now a lot of people are focusing on wealthy people who have bigger yards and bigger homes and use more water. >> and it's not just that they have a bigger home and yard, it's they are willing to keep those yards green when everybody else is trying to make a difference and cutting back on water usage. small or big, if your lawn is green right now in california, odds are you're watering it pretty consistently. >> well that's right. you got to water it to keep it green. there are a lot of efforts now to encourage and get people incentives to tear out their lawns and put in more appropriate landscaping that fits our climate and our landscape in california. >> jon, just to recap, the important thing is that this is a very severe drought, serious consequences and everybody should kind of do their part to minimize the waste of water right now. >> well, we all got, you know,
6:56 am
california's all got in this together by approving the kinds of massive water projects that we have that bring water to cities like los angeles from hundreds of miles away, so we have to figure out how to manage through this together and hope that the scientific reports that we've got a big el nino are true and that will help us out of this. >> jon, great to see you, thanks for being with me this morning. >> thank you. coming up on "the rundown," after the biker gang shootout in waco, texas, officials are concerned the gangs will turn on police. then we'll talk with an author who calls biker gangs the baddest of the bad. plus, at the top of the hour, john boehner holds a news conference, we'll look at the week ahead for congress and talk with congresswoman debbie wasserman shultz. also a live look at the dallas texas, skyline this morning getting soaked this week with heavy rains causing major flooding. rainfall total for what could reach historic levels.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
police in waco, texas, remain on guard this morning. the retaliation level remains high after a gun battle that involved five separate biker gangs, leaving nine dead and 18 others injured. >> we will say we're prepared and ready to handle any threat that comes towards us. >> this morning 170 of those bikers are behind bars, being held on $1 million bond each. facing charges of engaging in organized crime. meanwhile at the restaurant, twin peaks revoked the franchise rights to the restaurant in waco where the gun battle broke out. that restaurant is remaining closed for seven days. let's go live now to waco, texas. charles, good morning. what's the latest there at the
7:01 am
crime scene? >> reporter: well, nearly 48 hours after the shooting here on sunday, police are still on the scene going through some of the evidence that is still left here. it's beginning to rain here, so that operation is beginning to wrap up. they've removed all the motorcycles last night they are still wrapping up their investigation on the ground. there's new information about dps, department of public safety bulletin that was issued earlier this week after the shootings. that bulletin indicated there was an order placed out by the gangs that said that there was an order to kill anyone in uniform. however, a new bulletin from the dps apparently says that after interviewing more than 200 people following the shooting here they now believe that police officers are not the intended target. they said that the police presence will not deter the gang members from their intended targets, which are other gang members. and police are not specifically targeted in retaliation to the
7:02 am
shootings here in waco. jose? >> charles, thank you so much. we are expecting any minute now an update by authorities in the waco area on the latest on that investigation. we will be monitoring that for you. there you see the makeshift setup there where they are expecting officials to come out. no word on exactly when that's going to start, but we'll be keeping a close watch on that. let me bring in julian cher, he's written extensively on biker gangs, coauthor of "angels of death." julian thanks for being with me. >> pleasure to be here. >> you say among the bad guys, biker gangs are the baddest of the bad, the department of justice say the banditos biker gang is involved in trafficking cocaine, marijuana and meth and this goes well beyond the u.s. borders, right? >> it does. i think people don't realize that biker gangs are america's crime export to the world.
7:03 am
you have the italian mafia, russian gangs triads and the banditos rival the hell's angels. those two gangs not only have about 1,000 members in the united states each and the banditos have something like 90 chapters in the u.s., but they straddle the globe. banditos are in something like 14 countries and they have battled, they have rooiled the hell's angels in huge bloody wars. here in canada the rivalry between the banditos and hell's angels in one city alone led to 160 dead. in europe they went to war. >> julian what do they fight over? >> well, they are fighting over territory. they are fighting over territory, and the territory means they are fighting over to be the top crime dog to control the drugs and whatever other criminality is going on there. what police and gang members are saying is that the waco incident
7:04 am
seems to have come about because one of the gangs, a minor gang, didn't want to listen to the banditos who were saying you can't wear that texas logo, texas is ours, we run texas, the banditos were saying so that apparently could have been one of the sources for the violence in waco. >> so talk to me about the relationship that these established older gangs, if you want to call them that, have with the up and comers that we've heard a lot about recently, for example, with deep and long histories in central america and in mexico. is there a relationship between these gangs? >> think of it like a huge corporate enterprise, they want to make sure they control the area. when young upstart groups come in, they do one of two things, either try to absorb them or quash them. there were five gangs meeting in waco because they are meeting
7:05 am
regularly to try to work things out. they are businesspeople. they are in the business of making millions from drugs and peace is better than war but the problem is, they are part of a criminal army. when i've talked to gang members, they very proudly say, we're outlaws, we only govern ourselves, we respect our own laws. the difference is between two small criminals that might be robbing a bank is when something like waco goes down and one guy pulls out a gun or one guy gets shot, all the other soldiers, the members of the bandito army are now going to be involved in that fight. now there's going to be vengeance. now there will be more brutality. the brandianditos themselves say we're the bad of the bad the people your parents warned you about. take them at their word. these are dangerous, dangerous folk. >> you write about how law enforcement agencies worldwide are having little success fighting them. why? >> because these guys make al qaeda and isis you know look
7:06 am
unsophisticated. the beauty of the biker gangs is each cell, each chapter is pretty autonomous, as are most members, so they could arrest all the bandito members in waco. it's not going to affect the banditos in california or the northeast, much less around the world. police are tried to infiltrate. i know one cop who's infiltrated the banditos they try to make arrests. right now there are charges, criminal organization charges that all these bikers are facing, but these are secretive experienced groups. they now how to weed out informants, there's a history of biker gangs that have paid over judges turned cops into their own agents, so this is, your honor, it's call you know, it's organized crime for a reason. >> thank you good to see you really appreciate your time. >> take care. >> i want to show our viewers a news conference that's getting ready to start any minute now.
7:07 am
there you see the microphones in the center part of your screen. as soon as the authorities come to speak, we will bring you that information. of course, keeping an eye on that for you. turning now for the race to the white house and two developments creating potential bumps in the road to the white house for hillary clinton. the state department says it's going to take a lot longer than thought to go through the 55000 e-mails clinton stored during her tenure as secretary of state. officials don't expect them to be released until next january. that's smack in the middle of primary season. also this morning tensions are growing between the campaign and reporters as clinton continues to dodge journalists as public events. alex is traveling with the clinton campaign in iowa, jackie is a senior politics editor for "the daily beast." alex i imagine the clinton campaign isn't happy about the timing of the e-mail release information. >> i think that's right, jose. these are the 55000 e-mails from hillary clinton's private server she turned over to the
7:08 am
state department, everything she says related to her work and she wanted them released as soon as possible, she wanted to get this out of the way before most voters are paying attention to the election, but now the state department is saying they are not going to be able to release them until january of next year, a month before the iowa caucuses here and general election season. i talked to people who see the e-mails, know what's in there nothing too incriminating, but also know in a hyperpartisan environment, anything can be turned against her so she would, obviously prefer to get this out of the way and that's a silver lining of allegations coming out now is they are out of the way before people are paying attention but this will come right up against the primary. >> jackie, what's the best case scenario for hillary clinton as far as this e-mail firestorm? >> the best case scenario is there's nothing in these e-mails that says anything that could be incriminating and that she was telling the truth when she said either there's nothing in the e-mails except day-to-day
7:09 am
correspondence, but we're seeing with stories like the one "the new york times" had about blumenthal, some of the appearance of impropriety, even if there wasn't, that makes it seem like there might be more to these e-mails than we think and it's going to be in the middle of primary season as alex said. >> alex on the day hillary clinton announced her campaign, staffers were giving out bag ets and juice to reporters, also the private off the record meeting. where did the relationship change? >> well, you know i think there's a lot of natural attention here. reporters are always going to push for more access and the campaign is always going to restrict it. their interest is winning the primary, winning the election not necessarily in providing the most access to reporters, and hillary clinton is running a classic front-runner campaign rick santorum here yesterday, what's unusual is to get it this early in the election she's such a strong front-runner. i think it was inevitable there was going to be this kind of tension. we want more access, they are
7:10 am
going to restrict it. they said from the beginning their preference is going to be for the voters over us. personally, relationships are fine, but this tension is going to remain certainly, throughout. >> jackie, how much is this, the press just whining? does the rest of america really care that she has answered nine questions or 12 or 50 or 100, does that really matter? >> i don't really think america's paying attention yet and the fact we aren't getting our questions answered. i just don't know they care at this point. the danger, though is hillary clinton is not known to be the best person on her feet with questions. so if she does have a misstep further down the line when she is answering questions, there will be less time to recover. while alex is eight, she is running a front-runner campaign there is a danger to that not as much recovery time. >> jackie kucinich and alex seitz-wald, thank you for being with me. coming up we learned 11:00
7:11 am
a.m. eastern time is when president obama will sign the rafael ramos and alert act named for the two new york detectives assassinated in december of 2014 establishes a nationwide alert system to help apprehend violate criminals who have injured or killed police officers. plus two events on capitol hill we're watching house speaker john boehner and the gop conference speaking live. lawmakers are weighing new policing strategies, a topic making headlines. we'll be right back. ♪ if you're looking for a car that drives you... ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands... ...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50
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7:14 am
we are awaiting a press conference at waco, texas, near the twin peaks restaurant, the
7:15 am
site of sunday's gun battle that involved five biker gangs, nine bikers dead 18 injured, 170 in jail. when this news conference begins, we'll be monitoring for you. but i want to play what speaker boehner said a few minutes ago about isis. >> the president's plan isn't working. time for him to come up with a real overarching strategy. >> that's part of the speaker's press conference. days after isis militants took control of ramadi. this video now verified by nbc news reportedly shows iraqi forces returning to ramadi. at the same time, iran-backed shia militias are reportedly on the outskirts of ramadi ready to go in. on "morning joe," robert gates
7:16 am
said it's not clear where we go from here. >> given the environment i think we're going to face in the middle east, first i don't think we have a strategy at all. we're sort of playing this day to day. >> joining me now ambassador marc ginsberg, good to see you. >> good morning, jose. >> got to be tough to have a strategy when things are changing constantly. >> absolutely. it's extraordinarily difficult and i want to at least help our viewers understand, jose, that the fall of ramadi is significant, it's the capital of anbar province the seat of the sunni power in iraq, and the problem is the prime minister of iraq is basically taking all the advice from the white house to try to involve and empower sunni militias to fight isis in ramadi, along with the kurds. it just militarily did not work. when what he was trying to avoid bringing iran-backed shiite
7:17 am
militias back into ramadi in fact led to the greater probability to recruit more sunnis against the shiite militias, but the plan fell apart and we're left holding the bag, so to speak. >> now we have that reality right, the sunni power that was trying to fight back against isis was not able to successfully, and now you have just outside of ramadi, shia forces trying to come in and retake the city, and is that going to cause an even bigger problem? >> that's the great fear here. i mean what poison do you drink first? do you try to take ramadi back from isis and cause the defeat which would perhaps inhibit the ability for them to recruit more people from the united states and europe because of their great victory in ramadi, or do you take the possibility, jose of bringing shiite forces into
7:18 am
ramadi that would then clash with the population and extract retribution on sunnis and therefore, cause a bigger problem? that's the conundrum we're in right now in ramadi and anbar province. >> it being so close to baghdad it being, clearly, a very strong publicity, you know, machine for isis that they took this large city, what can the united states could or should do on this? >> well it's clear that our air support for these limited sunni forces around ramadi just did not stop isis, and it really shows the frailties of this coalition and the failure so far of getting what i would call arab-sunni or more independent boots on the ground to be able to support the iraqi government and that's, frankly where i think we need to spend far more time. everyone keeps talking about american boots on the ground or without american boots on the
7:19 am
ground, the whole damn place will fall apart and baghdad will be overrun. before i reach that point i'd like to see where the secretary of state and the white house diplomacy is to try to in effect -- look we just had a gcc summit here in camp david. that iraq should have been foremost on the agenda in addition to the iran nuclear program. i would actually like to spend more time with those leaders and try to get them to commit military forces to provide the cover that the iraqi government needs in order to take back anbar. >> ambassador marc ginsberg thanks for being with me. >> good to be with you. up next some of the other stories making news,including a twist in the murder mystery haunting the nation's capital. and from the boxing ring to the courthouse. why the so-called fight of the century has some people riled up. also happening now in boston status conference to determine when convicted marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is formally sentenced to death. we're going to keep watching
7:20 am
these for you and have much more right here on "the rundown". i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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the citi double cash card. it's a cash back win-win. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
7:23 am
airport drug smuggling, triplets. three baggage handlers in oakland, california, under arrest accused of using airport security badges to help them smuggle hundreds of pounds of marijuana through security. federal prosecutors say the workers would hand off suit cases to couriers that would transport the drugs throughout the country. 13 people charged, three of them -- actually, it was a three-year-long operation. new twist in a murder mystery haunting the nation's capital. savvas savopoulos were held captive overnight, bound and threatened through thursday
7:24 am
afternoon, when they were murdered. their home was set on fire. this comes as we're hearing for the first time from a second housekeeper who said she received a call from mr. savopoulos the night before the fire asking her not to come into work. she asked not to be seen on camera when speaking with nbc affiliate. >> i hope you can get this message, my wife sick my son is sick and someone offered to stay overnight, but her phone is dead. >> investigators say there are no signs of forced entry, they are looking for a person of entrance seen in the surveillance video driving the family's porsche later found porched 15 miles away. an update now on a story we told you about on monday. the marine killed in hawaii has been identified as joshua baron 24-year-old from washington state, a crew chief assigned to
7:25 am
the 15th marine expeditionary unit. 21 others were hurt after sunday's crash in a military base outside of honolulu. as of yesterday, three of them were still in the hospital. a rare birth at corpus christi medical center in texas. three identical baby girls to their family but what makes this more extraordinary, two of the baby girls were conjoined at the pelvis. all three infants are breathing without respirators. doctors say six months to a year before they'll consider a procedure to separate the sisters. let's get a check on wall street, where stocks are slightly lower mandy drury is here with the market rundown. mandy, good morning. >> good morning to you as well jose. you're right, home builders break ground in april we immediately saw bonds market reaction with the ten-year yield rising. that affects our borrowing costs and also an indication the fed is probably still in play with
7:26 am
the rate hike later this year because remember, recently we've had a lot of disappointing economic reports and people were set to scale back expectations as to when the fed would come forward with the rate hike. as the stocks well, marking time, little bit negative. really, a little bit negative right now but we did see the dow join the s&p 500 yesterday in making that new record high. albeit on very low volume and that's the key here, jose, we need to see volume pick up in a much more meaningful way, you know, to give us confidence this rally is going to give us a breakout. that's what we're watching for. back to you. >> thanks, great to see you. we're awaiting a press conference outside much waco, texas, this is the site of sunday's gun battle that involved five biker gangs leaving nine bikers dead, 18 others injured. we're keeping a close watch on that. also at the white house, we're learning 11:00 a.m. eastern time president obama will sign the rafael ramos and wenjian liu national blue alert
7:27 am
act named for the two new york city police detectives assassinated while sitting in their police car in december of 2014 establishing a nationwide alert system to apprehend violent criminals who injured or killed police officers. we'll take a short break and be back more with a whole lot more of "the rundown." stay with me. new bounty with dawn. just rinse and wring so you can blast right through tough messes and pick up more. huh aren't we clever.... new bounty with dawn.
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the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. developing right now on capitol hill, the countdown is on. congress has a lot to get done before their memorial day getaway. mitch mcconnell says senators will finish the so-called fast track trade legislation before the end of the week. that bill would allow president obama to get trade deals approved by congress with a simple majority. also the extension of the patriot act that allows the nsa to collect phone data. kelly o'donnell is on capitol hill. good morning the senate seems determined to wrap this up by friday including the tpp. >> reporter: a lot to get done and not a lot of time, but as we've learned over the years
7:31 am
deadlines tend to get things done here on capitol hill and deadlines with the benefit of a week in their home districts can be very helpful. many, certainly lawmakers who are running campaigns or just want to be visible in their home communities are ready to get out of town, but they've got a lot to accomplish and both of the items you mentioned trade and the nsa reforms, those are hot topics with lots of controversy. if the president does get trade the way he would like it, it would give him a chance to be able to have the trade pacts voted on without any changes made. that's one of the points of contention. then, of course, the nsa the reforms that have become so much a part of our national conversation the past few years there's a divide over that as well. today we heard from house speaker john boehner. his chamber already dealt with what's known as the usa freedom act, trying to curtail the bulk data collection of phone records by the nsa in the united states. and boehner is saying he just wants to see the senate get on with it. >> kelly, wisconsin governor --
7:32 am
>> the house overwhelmingly large vote for the usa freedom act, time for the senate to act. i don't try to suggest what the senate should or shouldn't do but the senate needs to act and when they act we'll get the next step. >> reporter: there is some reluctance jose among republicans who control the senate to have too much of a change to the nsa. they believe that although those were very controversial programs, they want to proceed carefully in how they might alter that because of the wider implications for national security. so not an easy thing to do and a lot to do in just a matter of a few days. majority leader mitch mcconnell told his colleagues don't make any airline reservations yet until we know how long they plan to be in town. jose? >> kelly, wisconsin governor scott walker was on the hill this morning. what's he up to there? >> reporter: that happens from time to time where you have someone who's a national figure with presidential ambitions, who is from outside washington which is certainly a positive thing in the voter atmosphere of
7:33 am
saying, hey, i'm not of washington, but from time to time they come here to have meetings with elected representatives. he's meeting with conservatives today on the house side. he'll meet with some top leaders, spending kind of a day in washington to build relationships. that will be important if scott walker continues to move forward with presidential hopes, having those home states around those key early battleground states, having those relationships is important, especially when the republican field includes sitting senators who are already declared candidates. so it's about building relationships, perhaps a chance to build a network, and, of course, we're talking about him today and that never hurts either. jose? >> kelly o'donnell on capitol hill, thank you very much. and developing now, rain and of epic proportions in some parts of the nation's midsection where flood warnings and watches are in effect. check this out in pecos, texas. hail the size of eggs in some
7:34 am
areas pelted cars and trucks. look at that. making travel difficult especially tractor trailers. take a look at the hail. nbc's bill karins is here to talk about hail the size of eggs. >> good morning jose. you know, this is like florida-type weather they've been having in oklahoma and texas, not only the severe weather, but just the rain. you're used to this in south florida, during the summer you get the thunderstorms every day, but this is oklahoma and texas, where the reservoirs were down very low over the last decade and we're filling them up. this is the may monthly rainfall totals. this is all-time record breaking, shake your head type numbers. oklahoma city is near 13 inches of rain this month alone. we're not even done yet. we've still got about ten days left and we're going to easily bust out past this number record is about 14.5 inches, so we're easily going to blow by that. lubbock, you have a chance too. dallas, not quite as much in dallas, areas to the north, though, have gotten a ton of
7:35 am
rain. departures from normal ten inches above average in oklahoma city. and this unfortunately is the rainfall forecast for the same area over the next seven days, so we easily could add three to four inches almost all of our climate sites here, dallas, oklahoma city, wichita lubbock on top of what we've already gotten. unfortunately, another batch comes in for the holiday weekend here, too right throughout the heartland. not too many tornados but we can see some damage just in flooding alone. we still have some rain in texas, the worst is shifted to the north now. san angelou hit hard last night amarillo got heavy rain. this is going to miss oklahoma city initially. later on tonight we'll get additional heavy rain. colorado is pouring, that's starting to lift to the north and it's ugly up here too. temperatures are chilly. there's the flood watches as you'd expect for areas of texas. the cold air continues. jose, we're cloudy and the wind chill is still in the 20s and 30s throughout the northern plains.
7:36 am
unfortunately, if you planted early in this area a lot of that stuff died last night. there was a hard freeze in the dakotas. usually they tell you don't plant anything until after memorial day weekend. this was a good reason why. >> 19th of may. pretty amazing. bill, great to see you, thank you very much. i want to go back to d.c. and capitol hill. let me bring in florida congresswoman debbie wasserman shultz. congresswoman, what a pleasure to see you. >> you, too, jose, great to be with you again. >> thanks. let's start with the fast track trade bill a lot of opposition by democrats. how do you see it there? >> there's opposition on both sides of the aisle and i think what members are doing is really carefully reviewing both the fast track authority, as well as the tpp trade agreement itself, because it's still in the process of being negotiated by the administration. and so members on both sides of the aisle, many more democrats than republicans are concerned about making sure that ultimately the trade agreement
7:37 am
that we adopt is one that is pro family, that is going to help the middle class and fair to workers and that will be protective of the environment. >> president insists this is going to be the most progressive trade deal the united states has ever had. and he continues to maintain that position. >> yes. understandably, and it's also the most significant trade deal that really would ever be negotiated, so it's got a lot of complexity, a lot of -- a trade deal with many, many countries and so it's not surprising and members, i think rightfully are taking their time and making sure that they review the concerns very closely and the details very closely. we do have an opportunity to go in and take a look at the classified information. we're hearing from both sides and members are just being, i think, deliberative, which is appropriate. >> congresswoman, as you know today is the day president obama's executive actions on immigration were scheduled to go into effect, but that's not happening. >> no, unfortunately, it's not
7:38 am
happening because republicans have challenged the president's executive action in court. today is a day that we could have celebrated the parents of undocumented immigrants, children who are able to remain in this country, that could have applied to remain in this country, as well. the idea that we are going to continue to put families in jeopardy of being split apart is unacceptable. we have families here who have been here for decades who are simply trying to make a better way of life for themselves, who have contributed to the american economy, and who we need to make sure we give a pathway to legal status and citizenship. and every republican candidate for president is opposed to allowing that to happen. it's just unacceptable. it's sad, and i think it's going to be a big issue as we move towards election day next year. >> i agree with you wholeheartedly on that one. just to be clear to our viewers what was going to take effect was the beginning of a process that would have legalized in other words made legal in this
7:39 am
country, parents who have u.s.-born children u.s. resident children, or extension of the dream act, which is the young people brought to this country through no fault of their own, but right now doesn't look good as far as when we're going to be seeing something come out of new orleans, meanwhile, up to 5 million people are living in limbo. >> that's right, jose. it continues to leave families in jeopardy people forced to live in the shadows. these are, let's emphasize, as you said, the parents of u.s. citizen children, the parents of dreamers who the president's issued an executive order previously allowing them to stay in the country, those are kids only known in this country from the youngest stage of childhood, know no other country other than the united states, who want to graduate from high school, serve in our military have an opportunity to go to college with that dreamer policy allows them to do and their parents now live in fear of
7:40 am
being deported. that is unacceptable and the president's action would have allowed those parents to apply for legal status today. the court action that was pushed and supported by republicans stopped that in its tracks leaves it indefinitely uncertain. it's going to wind its way through the courts and leave those families in total limbo indefinitely and that's just unacceptable heartless, and very clear contrast between democrats, all of our presidential candidates support that action, support comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to legal status and citizenship and the republicans oppose it. for immigrant families who decide to vote who are citizens and hispanic citizens in particular, this is going to be a big issue next year. >> we are going to be bringing that up throughout the entire campaign and i thank you, florida congresswoman debbie wasserman shultz. >> thank you. just moments ago we got an update from police and school officials in west field indiana, who announced the
7:41 am
results of the investigation into the stage collapse at the high school last month. do you remember this? >> it was determined while the stage construction was catastrophic, the failed construction and maintenance of the stage did not rise to the level of criminal culpability. therefore, the county prosecutor's office has declined to file criminal charges against the individuals involved in the stage construction and maintenance. >> the frightening incident was caught on camera. students were singing "don't stop believing" april 23rd. up next, more on this immigration day of action across the country today. rallies will mark what would have been the day the president's actions took effect. details on the legal hold up next on "the rundown". ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy
7:42 am
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7:45 am
across the country all part of what's called an immigration day of action. today would have marked the day the president's actions would be held into effect if they wouldn't have been held up in court. speaking of held up in court, 445,607 cases that's the backlog our immigration court system currently confronts. up close 30% since 2015, over 70,000 unaccompanied minors from the crisis last summer. joining me now, immigration attorney and the author of "deportation and removal blog" and amanda sakuma. amanda, you're following today's immigration day of action what's the goal here? >> good morning we're expecting rallies, demonstrations and workshops all around the country. today would have been one of the biggest days in immigrant rights in recent memory now we're seeing these dopa eligible parents where leaders have chosen to go through with this legal challenge to president
7:46 am
obama's executive action we're expecting on the steps of governor greg abbott's mansion today, some rallies outside of there, and really folks are calling on leaders to withdraw that lawsuit and stand down from this because of how many people it affects. right now they are kind of holding tight in this legal limbo, so today's action is just as much for the people that would have been eligible for executive actions as well as pressures, so they are wanting to get people out make them understand what is happening here. this is a very confusing process, things have been stalled for months now, they could be stalled for another couple of months so people need to know what's happening. >> matthew you saw the drastic numbers of how much the court system is on overload, for you these are more than just numbers. why do these cases keep coming and building up? >> well, the enforcement is out of control still and the guidelines that were previously issued by the obama administration with regards to a
7:47 am
favorable exercise of discretion are not being considered with few exceptions. here locally in buffalo we're very fortunate we have chief counsel who is closely looking at those criteria and even handedly applying them but that's not happening all over the country. but there's something i'd like to add, something the president can do right now with regards to the pending lawsuit. and rather than trying to split the baby, which both sides of the aisle are fighting over, he could start from scratch and he could issue new regulations which is the fundamental basis for the lawsuit. and allow for a comment period which if he did sell would create a substantiative right that would be very difficult for future administrations to overturn, and would allow individuals that he designates to obtain status on a more permanent basis. >> he could do it at the same time that the executive actions are being considered in new
7:48 am
orleans. and let me ask you about this amanda, the white house did file an appeal yesterday to lift that court order blocking the president's action. what's going on with that? >> basically the long and short of it is they are arguing the benefits outweigh the costs here. many of the states including texas have come forward saying just issuing driver's license will incur great costs on the states and they will have to really come up above that damage, so basically the administration is saying, hey, you're going to get some $845 million in increased local and state revenue once people come above board and start working legally. so this argument here is really prodding the fifth circuit. we saw them have the oral arguments last month. it was a very unprecedented hearing, and we're still waiting to hear back on this. this is a notoriously, infamously conservative court down in new orleans, so we're still waiting to hear back on exactly what will happen to many of these families who are just waiting in limbo. >> amanda, matthew, thank you
7:49 am
both for being with me. appreciate your time. i want to go to north carolina where an army captain jumped into action after a fiery car crash. it was all caught on video. natalie morales has the incredible details. >> reporter: cell phone video captures the aftermath of a fiery crash. smoke billowing after a silver suv slammed into a red sedan leaving three people trapped inside. >> they were trapped in there the windows were up the doors were locked. >> reporter: what followed was even more shocking. after breaking the wind chill with a fire extinguisher a man is seen carrying the driver of the red sedan to safety. john lives nearby and captured the chaotic scene. >> army guy. steve. quite a hero. >> reporter: the hero offduty army captain, who was on his way to the mall with his girlfriend when he saw the crash. >> i picked him up took him to
7:50 am
safety. officer was still trying to free the other woman. >> reporter: even while wearing a captain america shirt at the time of the rescue. he says he doesn't want to be known as a hero. >> called to do whatever we have to do. today i was called to be there at that time. >> amazing guy. that was nbc's natalie morales reporting. all three people involved in the crash suffered nonlife threatening injuries. the driver of the suv charged traveling left of center. up next, the original potus on twitter, the official white house handle, as well as an iphone to send out his first tweet. it's not the first technological advancement for a sitting president. more on this in our five things potus interruptus next. in the nation, we know how you feel about your car.
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7:54 am
sunday's gun battle that left nine bikers dead and 18 others hurt. msnbc will cover this press conference for you when it occurs. by now you've heard twitter has a brand new user the president. here he is ditching his blackberry for a borrowed iphone racking up close to 2 million followers in less than 24 hours. number one forget tweets how about an old fashioned phone. president hayes the first president to install a phone in the white house in 1877. selfie of him using the phone but did find the white house phone number back then was number 1. number two bill clinton sending the first presidential e-mail ever in 1998 while he was in outer space. that's where all e-mails go to anyway, right? no word if it was on a private server, though. number three, look at these moves, i think president bush and i went to the same dance lesson. that's president george w. bush in the rose garden in 2007 with the west african dance company. only makes sense with those
7:55 am
moves he'd be the first president to have an ipod. number four it's a bird it's a plane, it's jimmy carter, just before he became president, but couldn't resist getting a ufo in this list. national investigations committee on aerial phenomena, he said he saw an unidentified flying object over georgia in october of 1969. i'm with him here. i think ufos are all over the place. number five teleprompter. dwight eisenhower in 1952, but later that year he became the first ever to use a teleprompter on the trail in indianapolis. what exactly is a teleprompter anyway? i keep wondering oh, victor, is that those words my staff writes that i see on the camera that i never read, is that what it's supposed to do? really? you learn something new every day on this program. that wraps up "the rundown." thank you for the privilege of your time. stay tuned for the biker
7:56 am
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ask your doctor about xarelto®. you may be able to get up to 12 months at no cost. good morning, everyone i'm tamron hall, and this is "news nation." developing now we are waiting for a news conference from police in waco texas, on sunday's deadly biker gang shootout. we'll bring you that news conference as soon as it starts. this morning though 170 gang members are still behind bars being held on $1 million bond each, and some we've learned could now face capital murder charges. law enforcement officials say two gangs, the banditos and the cosacks are responsible for the massive shootout that erupted between five rival gangs in a restaurant parking lot. state officials say the bandidos
8:00 am
are a tier two threat, the second most dangerous classification, as speculation grows as to what sparked the fight along with concerns by police more gang members could be headed to texas for retaliation. police are only say it started in a bathroom of the twin peaks restaurant. the bikers killed have not been identified at this point. the restaurant's national headquarters revoked the franchise rights late yesterday. nbc's charles hadlock joins me with more. let's first talk about the ongoing threats and concern more bikers could be headed that way. is that something that's on social media, is this a credible threat, what do we know? >> they were hearing intelligence there was


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