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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 20, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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n more about what is happening in this story. the duke energy coal ash thing in north carolina remains very, very, very interesting and alive as an investigation. >> it's wednesday, may 20th. one out of four american vehicles is at risk. 34 million cars are being recalled. is yours one of them? a leaking pipeline and tens of thousands of oil now covering one of america's most beautiful beaches. a disturbing scene, a teacher using a belt to discipline students. plus, hillary clinton answers questions from the media for the first time in four weeks. the pitchman is back. can you name the man playing carl sanders neighborhood, plus the 2015 winner of "the voice." good morning, everybody, thanks, for joining us today,
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i'm betty wynn. nearly 34 million vehicles on the road have a potentially deadly defect. japanese manufacturer takata issing a only ining its airbags can explode with force. it's been linked to the deaths of five people in the u.s. nbc's tom costello what is you need to know to stay safe on the roads. >> the size of the recall is stunning. nearly 34 million vehicles nationwide now involved. 11 different auto makers him roughly one out of every four cars on the roads. after five months of insisting its airbag inflaters is not defective t. takata administration now admits that's not true. >> takata has agreed declare air inflaters are defective. it is recalling these inflaters an these recalls are nationwide. in the government says five people in the u.s. have been killed by defective airbag including eeb-year-old ashley parham, who died after a minor
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fender bender when the airbag exploded. >> i literally got there within seconds and watched an 18-year-old girl who had her whole life aid head of her literally died inside this vehicle. >> others like brandy brewer lost an eye. >> it makes me angry, angry that this is an ongoing problem and it's going on now. this is something that should have been fixed years ago. >> reporter: government investigators believe defective airbags are most dangerous in humid climates moisture can lead to a chemical reaction causing the explodeer to explode. to find out if your car is on the expanded recall list locate your vehiclification number right underneath your wipers then go to safer go to search for recalls. then recalls by vin, type in that vin number. and whatever recalls are affecting your car, including the airbag recall should pop up. >> it's not enough to identify defect, to save lives and prevent injury defects must be repaired.
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>> in a statement, takata said we are committed to continuing to work closely with regulators and our auto maker customers to do everything we can toed a have aens the safety of drivers. >> msnbc's tom kos tell who reporting. now to california crews are trying to contain slick pes there. a pipeline ruptured on shore tuesday. now there is an oil slick along the coast in santa barra. it goes roughly 50 yards into the the ocean. they are at war over whether to reauthorize the patriot act and pass data collection by the nsa. tracy potts is live in washington. there is a june 1st did line and congress has a holiday break coming up, so will republicans be able to reach an agreement before ten? >> we'll see. it looks like they've got about a week and a half. really, they got a matter of a few days. what we are seeing is strange alliances here betty. republicans against republican
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democrats teaming up with republicans on this, at least on the house side and a critical national security bill that at this point is up in the air. the patriot act allowed the nsa to collect phone records. a could ruled that illegal. house democrats and republicans overwhelmingly passed a replacement. the usa freedom act would leave those records with phone companies and restrict how the government can search them. >> the house has acted. >> reporter: but the senate's republican leader wants to renew the patriot act as is. >> if there are not enough votes to pass that then we need to look at an alternative. >> reporter: senator rand palm made filibuster, talk it to death and let it expire. >> we shouldn't be doing this. i don't want to replace it with another system. >> the white house is concerned if congress does nothing. >> it does pose a risk to our national security. >> senator mcconnell you are allen on this island. take the vote. get off the island. let us vote.
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>> reporter: mcconnell says he will allow a vote on the usa freedom act even though he's against it. let's talk take timing. they don't have a lot of it. the senate is starting to take a break on monday. betty, mitch mcconnell told his lawmakers, don't make any travel plans until they have some idea of how and when they are going to deal with it. >> all right. we'll see how it plays out, thank you, tracy. let's go to texas and extreme weather. a storm system spawned several tornadoes near austin wind blew. an abandoned bank shredded in just minutes. >> it was huge it was funneling down. it went up two or three times and came down. >> and in san angelo the flooding rushed deadly. report of one death t. area got over six inches of rain since monday. after four weeks of
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carefully planned media silence, we are finally hearing from hillary clinton once again. yesterday, she faced the press amid controversy over her family's foundation and her private e-mails as secretary of state. nbc's kristen welker was there. >> reporter: after 28 days of methodically avoiding direct questions from reporters, hillary clinton finally faced the press in iowa. once again, her state department e-mails from her priest server were an issue. >> i want those e-mailss out. nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than i do. >> reporter: the department says it wouldn't be able to release and review all pages until january. >> i want them out as soon as they can get out. >> the federal government asked for them to be relieved sooner. we asked if mrs. clinton will push their colleagues. >> they're not mine. they belong to the state department. as much as they can expedite that process, that's what i'm
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asking them to do. >> reporter: republicans slammed her for deleting e-mails she says was personal. >> i think the server at home business is just absolutely incredible that you would be secretary of state and be working off a private e-mail and then be deleting and destroying that stuff is just incredible to me. >> reporter: clinton also waded into an issue that tripped up some of her republican rivals. >> i misstepped for sure. >> reporter: she punted when asked if iraq is better off without saddam hussein but reiterated se regrets voting for the war. >> i made it clear, i made a mistake plain and simple. >> reporter: the former secretary of state denied conflict of interest in her spaid paid speeches and dismissed criminal that she is out of touch after earning over $30 million over the past 15 months. >> obviously bill and i are bless and we are grateful for the opportunities we had, but we never forgotten where we came from. a substitute teacher in maryland is accused of hitting students with a belt and we do
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want to warn you, some pay find the next video graphic. it appears to show the substitute teacher striking students on the floor of the classroom. some students posted the video on twitter. school officials reviewed it and banned the teacher from working in the school district. st. george's public school says in part a substitute teacher used improper actions to discipline students while in one of our classes. the substitute teacher has been removed from the classroom afternoon. a would be burglar in australia left empty handed. that's right, after bungleing an attempt to steal a gas station atm. under surveillance video shows the unidentified thief drive up in a stolen truck, smash the door and enter the store with a long klain. but as you will see. as he tries to drive away yes, nothing happens. because the klain is not attached to anything. police are now searching for that suspect. all right. minutes past the hour. let's get down to business. good morning. >> reporter: hey good morning.
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mcdonald's workers will hold what they say is their biggest protest ever outside the company shareholder meeting in chicago today. they are calling again for higher minimum wages. mcdonald's new ceo has announced plans to raise wages to just under $10 an hour and amazon has been the first woman to hold the position and have been with amazon since 1999. the company only has one woman in a top executive role. and colonel sanders is back at kfc. the fried chicken schan featuring its famous founder who died in 19 y. take a look. >> hi folks, it's me carl sanders. i have been gone for a while and boy how things have changed. what you don't always seem to have these days is my kentucky fried chicken. well, i'm her to change that folks. and i'm back america.
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>> the new ads start airing on memorial day. glad to have him back back over to you. >> i can almost barely tell that was darryl hannah in disguise. in sports the yankees-na ts. ryansome into the far field. rockets-warriors warriors take the 3-point lead and never trailed again. shaun livingston came off the bench to score 14 of his 18 in the 2nd. warriors win it 110-106. the nf sl allowing to defense to score on different teams. making the extra point 32 yards instead of the prefer 20. pittsburgh pirates 1st baseman pedro alvarez hits a home run out of pnc park and
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look where it goes. straight into a boat. what are the chances? look at that. >> that is a fan who is just passing by. he decided to grab himself a little souvenir by jumping into the boat needing a little help obviously, to get out of there. just ahead, why one of the nation's largest youth organizations has banned water gun fights neighborhood, plus the culmination of a colombia student's year-long protest.
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zblmpbls well the rain just won't stop. the total for the month of may near historic levels in oklahoma and north texas. major flooding is occurring as i speak. now torrential rains have turned many streets into rivers. some people are saying they have ocean front property now in areas around norman oklahoma. it was bad last night. even 24 hour tornadoes plus the flash flooding and it's continuing with this complex of storms here right along the red river. also cold light rain around omaha heading into kansas city.
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a little snow mixing into south dakota t. big show has been down here in texas. it's trying to make a run down into the democracy dallas area. as we zoom in a little closer can you see some new storms developing to the north on 35 east here. if you are headed up near denton, i'm sure you have loud rain as we speak. that will shift down towards dallas. we have flash flood watches that have been issued. this area in wichita falls was really bad, doppler estimates up to ten inches of rain fell. a flash flood warning continues until 8:00 central time. we don't clear it out. we will watch the rain ending this morning. it returns thursday into the weekend. the red river is expected to crest as high as 20 years. here's the forecast for rain. the next six day, there were three to six inches on top of everything we just had. >> you said ocean front property in oklahoma? >> that's what people were pitching yesterday that, i now
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have ocean front property. >> george strait may want to do a remake on that one. in texas, speaking of texas, a big development in that deadly biker shooting. three of the 170 bikers arrested were originally booked on lesser charges and released on a lower bond. they left after paying a $50,000 bond t. real bond was set at a million dollars each. harris and garcia have since been rearrested. king though is still on the loose. in new york city, a colombia university student who carried mattress around campus all year to raise awareness of sexual assault brought it to graduation. a woman says she was raped on her first day of sofr more year. she talked about it in her mattress project with ronan ferrell on msnbc last year t. case against herraled abuseer was cleared in a disciplinary hearing. they asked her to leave her mattress in a room and pick it
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up after the event. she was ultimately allowed to bring it. in the walk times, boyscouts of america bans water gun fights saying pointing a firearm is not kind. boy scott blougher and eagle said a scout is kind and pointing a firearm at someone is not. but they can't be all that bad. president obama had a water gunfight with his daughter sasha at camp david in 2011. republican senator rand palm keeps saying the republican brand sucks. he'll explain. scramble politics is next.
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coming up on 20 minutes past the hour. time for a wednesday helping of scrambled politics. a bold move from louisiana governor bobby jindal. hours after state lawmakers killed a law that would enforce squad religious freedoms there implementing the controversial measures anyway. proponents say they protect against government interference and religion others say it provides service to same sex couples. meanwhile, a brand-new gallop study shows 60% of americans support same sex marriage. jindal takes a shot for running for president he will run into rand paul in primaries. paul is describing harsh words for minorities and young people. according to washington post for paul says this in his book
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quote, right now the republican brand sucks. i promised. reince priebus, the chairman of the republican party,ly stop saying sucks, sxept for this time. the capitol restricts sledding really does this look like civil disobedience to you? los angeles will raise minimum wage to $15 bucks an hour over the next six years. white house jumpers beware this huge hawk was keeping an eye on the grounds yesterday. you are welcome, secret service. the first lady posted a video of her five ways to work out. don't mess with flotus. >> that is scrambled politics. i am joined now by another boxer, jonathan allen. good morning to you. >> good morning a. little more capitol hill swagger. >> that's what it is.
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>> good. >> it took hillary clinton what wour weeks to finally speak to the press? why so long? in there there is not an upside in her talking to reporters. for most candidatings they need to boost their identification. they need to show donors they're serious. hillary clinton is a credible candidate already. if she is out there talking to the press, to downside the risk of a gap is bigger than the upside. i say it makes sense. it doesn't make reporters happy. it certainly leads to stories of how she is dodging questions. >> that leads to negative reporting about her. don't you think in a way she would try to balance that a little bit? >> i think she did yesterday talking to reporters, taking six or seven questions. i think the point of that was not necessarily to reveal information but to say she talked to reporters. there wasn't lot new there. >> true.
2:23 am
does this tactic hurt her campaign? some say she's not truthful. she's kind of hiding from the questions? >> i think that's an issue for her sort of long term is the question of trust worthiness. she doesn't do good on polling. she does better on whether people approve of her. on leadership questions. other than trust worthy. i think we are early in this campaign. i think there will be a lot of hillary clinton exposure to the press and the public before that elect next year. >> speaking of being early in the campaign. ilt going to be a slow drip with the investigations or state department e-mails, with no time line will the gop pounce on this stretch of opportunity here? >> i think they will. the state department has yet to release. those are e-mails hillary clinton gave the state department. that's to say nothing of the ones destroyed she kept separately on a server.
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so i think that second pot will be the real issue for her going forward. >> all right. jonathan allen, as always we appreciate your inside. now we know you are a sleder. its nice to know. that it's a-okay around the white house now. don't worry. just ahead, ratings stunner, the '50s comedy that beat the "madman" finale. david letterman's late night guest becomes his last. ♪ just point and shoot, and weeds are gone ♪ ♪ 'round fences, trees, even mulched beds ♪ ♪ 'cause the only good weed is a weed that's dead ♪ ♪ roundup ♪ [ male announcer ] with a one-touch wand. [ whip cracks ] ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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he was one of the few people that worked out in the senate gym. everybody else is there to watch "morning joe." now, to entertainment. it was a star-studded "voice" finale megan trainer, john fogarty were a few of the
2:28 am
artists who rocked the house. it all came down to the final two contestants and the moment of truth. >> the winner of the "voice" is sawyer frederick. you won it. >> congratulations. look at this a colorized version of the 1950s hit "i love lucie" aired on sunday night. 6.4 million tuned in. i love seeing it in color. that's twice as many viewers as the "mad men" finale on the same night and david letterman had fun with his end dated and shared the tender moment with actor bill murray. >> tomorrow is our final show. but, no no wait a minute. unless it rains, then there will be a rain delay. we'll make it up in a double header around labor day. >> it's one of the few times you can eat off your shoe. it's been great to see you grow from that tubby little hoosier
2:29 am
to the man you are today. >> the best part of it is the friendships, the friendship you have brought to this program. thank you for that. [ applause ] >> letterman will be missed. i'm betty wynn. this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" starts right now. ♪ ♪ well ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow, i will just tell you this, maybe you are aware of it. maybe are you aware of it and don't care tomorrow is our final show. but, no no no now, wait a minute unless it rain then there will be a rain delay and we'll probably make it up we'll make it up in a double header
2:30 am
around labor day. >> okay. >> a lot of people think i'm retiring and i have been kind of telling a fib. i have been forced to leave the job because i gave $75,000 to the clinton foundation. i'm sorry. [ applause ] >> bill murray's final appearance on "the late show" with david letterman gets a little messy. we will explain what happened a little later on in the show. good morning, it's may 20th. welcome to "way too early." however, it is believed to be the largest auto recall in u.s. history. japanese airbag maker takata finally gave into pressure from regulators, trouble u doubling the number of vehicles affected to faulty air backs to 34 million. federal transportation officials say many of takata's air backs explode with such


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