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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  May 21, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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mika is knowing her value and protecting herself and taking care of her beautiful smile. >> talking can be filling. >> it can be filling. we'll see you tonight at union square with mika. if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." stick around, "the rundown" starts now. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. first on "the rundown," a major break in an arson murder mystery in the nation's capital and now the manhunt. police have identified a suspect in the brutal murders of four people in a d.c. mansion. 34-year-old darren wint. the break in comes from dna found on pizza crusts found in the house. the murders happened in an upscale part of d.c. not far for where vice president joe biden lives. the four victims include a married couple their ten-year-old son and housekeeper. peter alexander is in the nation's capital. good morning. >> first the murders and now the
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man hunt. dramatic new development as police are looking for 34-year-old daron wint. authorities went to his last known address 13 miles away in maryland. significantly, however, it's close to where the family's car was found burning a week ago. now the manhunt intensifies. this morning, washington, d.c. police say this man is suspected in the brutal killings of the savopoulos family and their housekeeper one week ago. the police are asking the public for help in finding daron dylon wint charging the 34-year-old with murld one while armed. the break in the case that's haunted the nation's capital came after police matched wint to dna found on the crust of a domino's pizza that had been ordered to the mansion last wednesday as the four hostages were held captive inside. the announcement came after a source close to the family says hours before the fire savvas savopoulos's assistant delivered
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$40,000 cash to the home, the money withdrawn from an account at american iron works where savopoulos was ceo. a van us will called his office thursday morning asking his assistant to deliver the cash. >> use caution, this is a crime scene scene. >> reporter: when firefighters arrived a president house thursday afternoon, investigators say the $40,000 was gone so was the family's porsche found abandoned and torched 15 miles away. it's unclear if wint is the person in this surveillance video, but public records show wint has lived at several addresses in that area. he has been arrested numerous times. overnight, crime scene investigators searched the savopoulos home for bloodstains. sources say the fire began on the the second floor in ten-year-old phillip's room. all three adults were found down the hall in a separate room beaten and stabbed. is wrc is reporting that police believe wint likely left the
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immediate d.c. area shortly after the murders took place a week ago. his whereabouts right now remain unknown. a $25,000 reward is out for information leading to his arrest. jose, back to you. >> peter, thank you very much. still to come on "the rundown," we'll dig deeper into the manhunt and the kind of person that could be behind this attack. let's go now to the day's other story. the "new york times" has obtained and published the first batch of hillary clinton's previously private e-mails from her time as secretary of state. the 349 pages focus on libya and the deadly 2012 ambush on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and they've already been turned over to the house committee investigating the attack. let's get right to nbc's senior political editor mark murray. mark what do we know? >> jose we're still going through the e-mails right now and the "times" posted them around 7:00 eastern time so we're still trying to go over them. as you mentioned, they all pertain to learn ya and benghazi
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and it appears that given the select committee on benghazi was investigating a lot of this stuff that that might be where these e-mails have come from. one thing the "times" did report is that it appears that none -- no classified information was ever on hillary clinton's personal e-mails. and a lot of others looked what the the narrative was coming from the obama administration about howbenghazi attacks began and who was behind them. let's turn to another major political development. senator rand paul finished a nearly 11 hour speech on the senate floor. he's protesting a renewal of the patriot act. he wrapped up shortly before midnight. >> there comes a time in the history of nations when fear and complacency allow power to accumulate and liberty and privacy to suffer. that time is now and i will not
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let the patriot act, the most unpatriotic of acts, go unchallenged. at the very least, we should debate. we should debate whether or not we are going to relinquish our rights. we should be in rebellion saying to our government that the constitution that protects our freedoms must be obeyed. where's the outsflaj the bulk collection of our records, this invasion of privacy, isn't even working. that we aren't capturing terrorists, that we wouldn't have caught otherwise by this information. i want the reform -- it could go a long way if we no longer had the ability to put the word "corporate" in there. that if it were specifically individuals. my voice is rapidly leaving. my bedtime the long since passed. thank you, mr. president, and i relinquish the floor. >> senatorfall was joined by ten fellow senators seven democrats and three republicans. the move is getting him a lot of
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attention but in an interview he denied it was to benefit his 2016 campaign. mark murray is back with me following the story for us this morning. has senator paul changed the outcome of his vote in any way? >> he's certainly brought more attention to it jose. i don't know if he'll be able to get the united states senate to totally act on it. but these type of moves, very similar to what he did talking about drones, when you give a marathon speech like he did, you bring that into the conversation. you andry talking about it you get publicity to it. but it does help his 2016 presidential campaign. helps him to fund raise, gets him more attention on that front, too. so in a lot of ways he was able to kill two birds with one stone. bringing attention to a matter he cares about but also to help his 2016 presidential bid. >> there's also news on the republican primary debates. what do you know? >> well, the republican pry primaries, there could be as many as 18 potential republican
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candidates, jose by the time the first primary debates happen in august and what has happened in that first debate will be limited to the people who finished in the top ten of polls. so it could be limited at ten, the top ten finishers or if there's a tie you could have 11 but it seems polls are being determined who ends up participating in that first debate. >> mark murray in washington. thank you. a key procedural vote, the fast track trade bill is set to happen in less than an newshour the senate. we'll gol live to capitol hill to follow that as it happens. now in south herb california an oil spill continues to spread forcing the governor to declare a state of emergency in santa barbara county. clean up efforts are under way but it won't be enough to open the area in time for the memorial day weekend. investigators say more than 100 100000 gallons of oil leaked from a broken pipeline. the spill stretches across nine miles of coastline, twice as
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many as yesterday. the mess already forced officials to close one beach. on wednesday they closed a second one. >> as a result of the continued fly of the oil to the south and east, the decision was made to extend our closure to el captain state beach. that closure is until next thursday. >> nbc scott cohn is in the city of goleta in santa barbara county. what's the situation with the cleanup? >> it's very slow. the sun is coming up now. there are vessels out in the water. we're seeing trucks arrive with presumably more workers to clean this up. they can skim the nine-mile oil slick off the water but here's the bigger issue. there is rock i picked up off the beach. multiply that by the 105,000 gallons of oil. this isn't slippery. it's sticky all over everything and just fouling the situation
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here, a very popular state beach, campground closed now for the memorial day weekend and the cleanup effort will continue. only a small amount of this oil has been recovered. it will take a while. >> scott, i'm just also very concerned about the wildlife being affected by this. >> absolutely. in a lot of ways it couldn't have come at a worse time. whales are migrating through this close to shore where the oil is. al great deal of wildlife affected in the santa barbara channel. so that's going to be a problem and, again, you see this everywhere. >> scott cohn, thank you very much for being with me. we're just getting started on this thursday edition of "the rundown." after a quick break, we'll talk about the isis advance in iraq. but things are going bra from back to worse in syria. the terror group has taken the ancient city of palmyra. plus scary moments for
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passengers inside one of the terminals a president busy los angeles international airport. we'll explain what happened. and david letterman takes his final good-bye at the ed sullivan theater, a show packed with presidential and celebrity good-byes. and letterman's own signature humor. >> thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. welcome to "the late show." i want to tell you one thing, i'll be honest with you, it's beginning to look like i'm not going to get the "tonight show." [ applause ]
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after 9/11 we said we'd never have another terrorist sanctuary nation like afghanistan was. well, we got one. it's a nation. it's got a couple million
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people. it's larger than three dozen nations in the u.n. it straddles the iraqi border with syria. it's got raqqa, mosul, fallujah now ramadi now palmyra. it's a country and it's going to train terrorists and send them places like here. >> that was former white house counterterrorism advisor richard clarke on "morning joe" giving a stark assetment on the fight with isis. the terror group scored its second major battlefield victory in a week seizing the ancient city of palmyra days after driving force from ramadi. isis now controls -- listen to this -- more than half of syria. an area stretching over 36,000 square miles, about the size of the state of virginia. joining me now, nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel. you heard richard clark. he's saying isis has become the de facto nation. >> i didn't think of any reason why you would dispute that. it's not a traditional nation it doesn't have a seat at the u.n. it's a terrorist state but it's
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a state that international efforts, u.s.-led efforts have not been able to dislodge. and it seems to be getting bigger. although the u.s. leading an air war against iraq or in iraq and syria against isis, the group is continuing to expand and i think it raises enormous questions about the strategy. it raises huge questions about do things need to change. can the u.s. continue on its course even when the definition of stupidity, frankly, is continuing on the same course expecting a different result. we may be heading in that direction. >> one of the things that i question is the fact that they were able to successfully open up two separate fronts. clearly what's going on in syria and what's going on in iraq is related but on both fronts they've been successful. >> the problem is that in each case the regimes, the iraqi regime and the syrian regime are
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incredibly weak. the syrian regime has been fighting off this civil war for the last four years, roughly. and it's bullpen fighting it off with sometimes u.s. support trying to weaken the syrian regime and now the syrian soldiers effectively collapsed and weren't able to fight in palmyra. now you see isis holding yet another historic city in syria. a very beautiful, very significant and important city that could very likely be bulldozed by isis militants. and the same situation in ramadi. the iraqi government; which was already weak already corrupt, already sectarian, the soldiers just wouldn't the, the iraqi soldiers wouldn't fight for the government and aby a donned their uniforms and ran away. >> let's talk about palmyra because it is an archaeologically fundamental of the world. >> it's beautiful, it's fantastic, i've been there. it's an absolute tragedy to see
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this city which could be witnessing -- which has stood for millennia which could be witnessing its final hours with isis moving in. isis a fundamentalist group that believes in the caliphate, that believes that only its version of islam is correct and that anything that came before it is not only darkness but that is a distraction from islam and that should therefore be obliterated. it's possible in the coming hours and days we could see another crime against cultural humanity carried out by isis. >> if they're able to get pal palmyra palmyra, does this mean they're within striking distance of taking over that country? because the regime in syria is so week it seems as they have to the dictator has very few troops left certainly very few areas he controls. could they in effect take over syria? >> we could see syria dividing into a couple of pieces with the kurds holding a piece and the
6:18 am
kurds are consolidating their own territory and they will fight for their own rights and their own survival to the death. then you have the isis area which is growing and then you have the regime's stronghold which are primarily alawite rejohns and they will fight to the death to hold themselves in power and hold themselves -- hold the towns that are ethnically and religiously significant to them. >> but the alawites are a small group minority right? >> about 10%. and the kurds are also a small minority. sol you could have a division of the country with alawites holding a piece, kurds holding a piece and isis holding a significant other piece. but the alawites, yes, they're a small minority but they're backed by iran and hezbollah and they have the regime so they
6:19 am
pack a bigger punch than their ethnic proportion would apply. >> richard engel, good to see you back in new york. >> thanks. >> the senate arms services committee will be taking up this issue in just a couple minutes at a hearing on u.s. policy in iraq and syria. after the break, we'll zoom through today east other top stories including the tragic death of an omaha police officer in the line of duty on the same day her baby was supposed to come home from the hospital. and a major dea crackdown on illegal prescription drug sales. i'll talk with one of the special agents in charge of that bust here on "the rundown."
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6:23 am
arrested including 22 doctors and pharmacists and they're facing charges of selling oxycodone and hydrocodone. >> most people particularly teens mistakenly believe these substances are safer than other illicit drugs because they are prescribed by a doctor and dispensed by a pharmacist. that belief however, is particularly insidious. >> let me bring in dea special agent in charge keith brown who was one of the leads in the bust. detective, thank you for being with me. >> thank you for having me. >> you call the doctors and pharmacists arrested professional drug dealers. talk to me object how they operate. >> they operate just like regular drug dealers everyday heroin and cocaine drug dealers. they sell and prey upon addiction to make money. it's all about greed, it's not about medical care it's not about their oath. it's about making money off of addiction. >> these are doctors and
6:24 am
pharmacists that are well established in the community that have been working there for some time? >> generally we see more mobile. they move around a lot and come in a lot of times to set these operations up in new cities. that's the way they mimic the cartel like traffickers. there are some that get on the slippery slope and end up there but we see a lot of times they move into an area to set up this type of business. >> the is there a link between the abuse of prescription painkillers and the heroine epidepp nick the united states? >> i don't think we can have a conversation about the heroin epidemic in the united states without first having a conversation about pharmaceuticals. i have -- i've been a policeman for 22 years now. i have never seen a heroin addict that did not start with prescription pain medicine in my entire career. it's the forerunner of heroine addiction. it's how particularly young people get attracted to that
6:25 am
opioid that they become dependent on then they have to have the heroin as a replacement. >> deaths from prescription drug overdoses decline in 2012 but still an average of 44 people die everyday from opioids, including the ones they mentioned. how big of a problem is this on a national level? >> i think it's an epidemic on your national level. today more people in america die from prescription drug abuse than heroin methamphetamine, cocaine, the illicit drugs combined. it's our number one drug killer in the united states. >> thank you for being with me appreciate your time. coming up in our next hour, we'll go back to arkansas and nbc's mark potter for more details on this widespread crackdown. the omaha police department is mourning the loss of one of their own this morning. this is a tragic story. the officer it was gunned down on the same day her premature
6:26 am
baby girl was due to be released from the hospital and she was scheduled to start herma ternty leave. the baby had been in the hospital for three months. police say a known gang member shot at or roz co-as she arrived to serve an arrest warrant. still ahead, jeb bush makes his first comments on how he differs from his brother as he continues his tour of new hampshire still without declaring a white house run. we'll take you live. plus as the u.s. resumes negotiations with cuba i'll speak with a reporter who got backing from a trip to havana. we'll talk about what life is really like for the average cuban. at red lobster's create your own seafood trio... ...if it looks tasty you order it. choose 3 of 9 dishes for just $15.99. like baked lobster alfredo. brown butter shrimp scampi. and soy-ginger salmon. hey, this is my plate. get yours while you still can. put your hand over your heart. is it beating? good! then my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts,
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now to new hampshire and a seemingly new approach on the trail by jeb bush, the potential presidential candidate speaking at an area chamber of commerce in concord. he says he's got his mojo back after a rough week where he
6:30 am
stumbled on his views on the iraq war and he's offering his most substantive rhetoric yet on the differences between himself and his brother. >> i think that in washington during my brother's time republicans spent too much money. i think that he could have used the veto power. he didn't have line-item veto power but he could have brought budget discipline to washington, d.c. >> joining me from new hampshire is benjy sarlin and james fidel with the "boston globe." benjy, how big of a broke from his brother is this? >> well as far as criticisms go this is a relatively gentle one. you hear this from almost any republican, this idea oh we lost our way then there was too much spending under george w. bush. but it's different coming from jeb who has been very very reluctant and openly reluctant to criticize his brother. in fact, right after that clip he went out of his way to say "but everybody president makes mistakes and i won't make it a big point of criticizing
6:31 am
previous republican presidents in general." but it's clear he feels the need to show some more distinction. this is after a question from a voter. i've heard from several other voters who were big fans of george w. bush who were nonetheless concerned jeb hasn't done more to differentiate himself they know this is a question he'll be getting in a general election if he gets that far. >> james jeb bush is saying everything is good now and he's turning the iraq conversation on president obama's troop withdrawal. how is this strategy going to go? >> well look this has been all about his family. i have a story today in the "boston globe" that really examines the lack of a bush political network. the bushes have been running in iowa and in new hampshire since 1979. this is their sixth new hampshire primary. there's really not much of a team that's around jeb bush. we talked about the negatives and some of the conversation we're having right now. there's certainly an upside when it comes to the bush network
6:32 am
nationally in terms of raising money. in these early primary states, there's not much of a network of the obvious county chairman. in fact, some of the major names in new hampshire republican politics who were with the bush team throughout generations are not on the team now with jeb bush. >> so who are they with? >> they're uncommitted. they're looking at many different options. i was talking to former congressman charlie bass whose father was a congressman also. they go back to the bushes back to 1979 and he says "look, i talked to jeb, he asked for my advice. maybe if he asks for my endorsement i'll give it to him but i like marco rubio, i like john kasich." in fact john e. sununu who owes his primary win to george w. bush his own father was the white house chief of staff for george h.w. bush he's with john kasich. >> last night jeb push hit back
6:33 am
against president obama's call for action on climate change. listen to what he said. >> the climate is changing. i don't think the science is clear of what percentage is man made and what percentage is natural. i just don't -- it's convoluted. and for the people to say the science is decided on this, it's just really arrogant to be honest with you. you can't even have a conversation about it. >> benjy, is this a new attack mode for former governor bush? >> i'm not sure she sees climate change as an obvious attack. this was in response to a question from the republican host of that event he was at, a house party yesterday in bedford, new hampshire. he has offered some token acknowledgment that maybe there should be some kind of international agreement on climate change to bring down carbon emissions. but he said it would not be a large part of his foreign policy at the same event. he said it would be a small priority. so he clearly knows there's some
6:34 am
pleasure to have a constructive answer on climate change but he just seems really reluctant to commit to doing much about it. >> go ahead, james? >> i guess the thing you had to watch is not the answer right there. what's interesting is the differentiation between himself and the republican field is the tone. he's not getting excited. ted cruz would be yelling his answer. so would rand paul he's talking calmly about it, that answer and the answer earlier this morning. >> benjy, i want to check to something. it's 9:34 a.m. are you in a bar? >> yeah. it's a little later than i get to the bar than normal but we had a late start so here i am at 9:30. >> wow. "the rundown" is everywhere. good to see you both. developing in washington, a crucial day for the next steps in the new american relationship with cuba as the fourth round of talks we the cuban government begin. this is video from moments ago.
6:35 am
the focus today is on opening embassies in each other's capitals. the talks come after a long day of testimony on the hill for the top u.s. negotiator. there you see her, roberta jacobson. she got a mixed reaction from the members of the snacht foreign relations committee. take a listen. >> i don't know what we have gotten in return. we have gotten nothing in return but the cubans have gotten men are the any return. and if that's our way of negotiating, then we have a real problem on our hands. >> the question isn't it's this policy or policy in a perfect world, it's this policy compared to non-engagement that we've had before and we know what non-engage. has yielded. joining me now is co-founder and director of the u.s./cuba democracy pact and the head of the blog capitol hill cubans. the so the entire senate foreign relations committee not sold on the next steps with cuba. what is your reaction to senator flake's argument that despite what might be happening now,
6:36 am
it's better than what has not happened in the past? >> it's clear for people to first know what is happening now. the castro regime wanted sanctions eased and they got that. they wanted a prisoner swap they got that. they wanted to be removed from the state sponsors of trim list. they got that. they want to change the pro-democracy programs cod paid to in law and they got that. now with regard to the embassies, essentially they want to restrict the movement of our diplomats, they want to search all of the baggages and diplomatic pouchs that come to the embassy and they want to maintain -- they want to essentially acquiesce to the regime's condition that they maintain a military security cordon oemp the inters.e.c. to intimidate cuba's war and approach it. this is not good. essentially there's nothing in return that the u.s. is getting thus far, let alone the cuban people. >> mauricio, the question is that when nothing has -- this is what senator flake and others say -- when nothing has worked
6:37 am
2350r plus years something like establishing relations with a government could be beneficial to the long term to the cuban people. they haven't seen much change in 56 years. >> but the fact of the matter is that cuba and the cuban regime today tse a socially politically and economically bankrupt regime. suddenly due tow this gift bag that the obama administration has been giving we see the president of france going, the japanese foreign minister, all of these diplomats going, cutting deals with the regime not the cuban people not meeting with dissidents. it's becoming a very clear pattern that who's being empowered by this more than ever is the castro regime not the cuban people, the facts speak very clearly. >> thank you for being with me. good to see you. from capitol hill to the streets of havana as these talks between the u.s. and cuba continue, we have a unique look from inside the island. gene ramirez, the morning anchor of our tampa affiliate wfla made
6:38 am
the trip to cuba to see how the new chap sister playing out on the ground. here's one moment after gene's taxi driver gets pull over for no apparent reason. >> we just got pulled over by police for no apparent reason. the driver alain did not break any rules. what did he tell you? >> just routine to check my driver's license point, things like that. >> and that's common? >> that's common. i thought he was going to ask me to check my trunk, he didn't. i told him we are friends. joining me now just back from cuba is gene ramirez. gene good to see you. >> good to see you, jose great to be on thank you for our interest in coverage in havana. >> great reporting and stuff we don't normally get to see. talk to me about your experiences. for example, that cab ride is that something the driver felt happens to him all the time? what was your feeling on that? >> and we set out to be
6:39 am
objective observers and that accomplished that. that cab ride is a great example of the economy that the people of skraub to deal with. it a test black market. that cab ride us being pulled over is exactly what the driver tells us happens to cuban people all the time, buses full of cuban people as the government looks for black market contraband. we're not talking about drugs, but things as simple as a leg of ham, a block of cheese, that the cue ban people can't afford to buy on their average monthly salary that's equal to u.s. $20. so they've created a black market economy and often times cuban police will stop cars and buses to bust these people and there's big punishment that goes along with that. >> at one point you called avenue that a tale of two cities. what do you moon by that? >> this ties being to this economy. it posted using the #genein cuba, and this one is a jarring image that you see the very famous top for hoe he toes for
6:40 am
tourists in havana. on the other side you see an older cuban woman picking up her food rations. it's such am rare experience. a mojito can cost an american $5 $6 peso where the average income is $20,000. so if you made that little, the mojito would cost you a thousand u.s. dollars. so between the u.s. and cuba when it comes to domestic policy and foreign investment with h which the cuban government says they need our money, how does this affect the cuban people? they will tell you they are happy tourists are going there because they're getting cash tips and using that currency to buy the cuban-run -- government-run stores but down the line how does that hafblgt people? that's often left out of reporting. >> this was a personal trip for you? your family's roots are in cuba. what was it like meeting relatives you'd only heard about? >> you say and i get goose
6:41 am
bumps. these people i had seen in pictures but beyond that these are people who still live in the same house my mother grew up in and my mom has not stepped not that house for 50 years. so i stepped in there and saw the living room she played in, the chandelier that was my grandmother's favorite chandelier and reconnect with the people who gave me a glimpse at how difficult it is for cubans to leave if island. recently the cuban government has made it easier for them to leave but other governments aren't being as accepting of these people. this cousin of my mothers who i met in cuba for the first time told me she went to the u.s. intrasection six times and six times she's been denied. so it's not just my tory. that is story of so many cuban families that without pointing fingers at anybody, they've been separated for so long. >> gene ramirez, thank you for being with me. developing new, a state department employee has been charged with cyber stalking and blackmail. michael ford whose base at the u.s. embassy in london was
6:42 am
arrested in atlanta's airport. he's accused of hacking into online accounts belonging to two young women, stealing their compromising photos. the women allege threatened to post those videos online unless he he was provided by with the more videos. authorities say incriminating records were found on ford's work computer. in case you see people walking around with these giant red noses on well they have a good reason. why is this one so small on me? maybe it's just that my nose is way too big. it's all for a very good kpauz, to raise money for children living in poverty. there you see matt lauer finishing up a bike ride from boston to new york. after the break, i'll talk with the ceo of comic relief, the group that started these red noses for a good cause.
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6:46 am
today is red nose day. people all over the world are wearing these red noses today as part of the international effort ever to raise money and awareness for children living in poverty. right now nick cannon is in the middle of 24 hour red nose dance-a-thon at the nbc experience store at 30 rock. tonight nbc hosts a three-hour star-stud special starting at 8:007:00 central. red nose day was started by the group comic relief and i'm joined by the ceo of comic relief. good to see you. >> nice to talk to you on this momentous morning for us. >> tell us what red nose day is all about. >> well it's 27 years hold in the uk and it was set up originally on the back of live aid, bob geldof's big effort to raise money to try and help tackle poverty in africa then. and it raises money really to try and help children living in poverty to fulfill their
6:47 am
potential to get an education, live healthier lives and the iteration we're bringing here to the u.s. is going to raise money for international projects and also for domestic work as well. >> and tell me about tonight's special on nbc. what do we know? >> well it's a mixtureover live entertainment, pre-recorded comedy items and then short appeal films telling the public and the viewers about the issues we're passionate about. so on the last of those notes we've had jack black has been to uganda to look at the work with street kids there and some of the health challenges we've had. blake shelton in downtown los angeles looking at a project run by children's health which is trying to make provision for children in the u.s. who don't have health care. and also michelle rodriguez has been down to lima in peru looking at kids who have to work instead of going to school and then there's a host of big kind of hollywood and u.s. stars on
6:48 am
the show. we have pre-recorded people like julia roberts and reese witherspoon and will farrell. seth meyers david duchovny and jane krakowski, music from keith urban, john mellencamp, from the winner of this year's "the voice," ed shear ran and kermit doing unurgesual duets. it's packed with great entertainment. >> don't miss nbc's live three-hour event. a night of comedy music and more to support red nose day. fun begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern on nbc. up next david letterman's good-bye to late night. his top ten list helped inspire our five things.
6:49 am
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6:51 am
my fellow americans, our long national nightmare is over.
6:52 am
>> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. letterman is retiring. [ laughter ] >> you are just kidding, right? >> our long national nightmare is over. four living presidents having fun with dave letterman on the final show last night after 33 years on late night tv. willie geist stayed up and watched it all. >> it was one last curtain call for a late night legend. >> thank you very much. >> david letterman signing off with his signature sarcasm. >> i'll be honest with you. it is beginning to look like i'm not going to get the tonight show. >> recounting his favorite
6:53 am
moments. >> welcome to taco bell. what do you want? >> spanning more than three decades and two networks. >> i want you to hold it at this end like this. >> you are down there, why don't you do it? >> reporter: taking parting shots from four presidents. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> and some a-list insults in one final top ten list. >> your extensive plastic surgery was a necessity and a mistake. >> thanks for letting me take part in another hugely disappointing series finale. >> reporter: letterman spoke from his desk and from his heart thanking his family. >> i love you both and really nothing else matters, does it? >> reporter: his band. >> my good good friend as good a friend as you can have on television, as good a friend as
6:54 am
you can have in life absolutely a musical genius paul schaffer. >> reporter: and his audience. >> the people who watch this show there is nothing i can do to ever repay you. thank you for everything. you've given me everything. >> reporter: before signing off for good. >> the only thing i have left to do for the last time on a television program, thank you and good night. >> that was willie geist reporting. joining me now christian finighan. over 33 years in late night tv how was he able to succeed? >> letterman changed the game. people throw that term around a lot. people use the word irreverent. letterman was antireverent. he came along and said this is all kind of dumb this entertainment biz, pageantry and
6:55 am
pomp is silly. everything you see in comedy where the idea that it is bad on purpose can kind of be traced back to the early letterman days. i think that had a generational impact not just on comedians but tv comedy in general. >> talking about the impact on comedians. we know he really played a huge part in changing late night tv but on comedians, as well? >> he was one of the first guys who sort of showed that you didn't have to be silly all the time. even though the comedy was silly he was kind of the normal dude amidst the weirdoes. one of the reasons i moved to new york city was because he was the midwestern small town guy who went to new york city and surrounded by crazy people. for a lot of kids that was sort of inspiring and made new york seem like a fun madhouse as opposed to a crazy violent place. >> what do you think steven colbert is feeling?
6:56 am
>> i think he is set up well. i think letterman was gracious towards him. i think he is the perfect guy to take this show into the next generation as they say. >> pleasure to see you. >> pleasure is mine. thanks for having me. we have breaking news on nfl player ray rice. we are going to tell you about that plus at the top of the hour key vote on president obama's fast track trade bill. we take you live to capitol hill on the latest and washington d.c. gripped by a murder mystery and police say they have identified a suspect in the deaths of a couple, their son and the house keeper. we will tell you about a manhunt next on msnbc.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
and welcome back to "the run
7:00 am
down" charges against ray rice have been dismissed meaning he may be able to return to professional football. a judge dismissed charges related to domestic abuse after completion of a pretrial intervention. rice was terminated in september after a video surfaced showing rice hitting his then-fiance in an elevator and atlantic city casino. turning to breaking news on capitol hill. a live look at the florida senate where lawmakers are preparing a key vote on the fast track trade bill a measure that would give president obama wide authority to negotiate trade deals. all indications suggest an uphill battle. for a while it looked like this vote might have to be delayed as senator rand paul held the floor protesting a renewal of the key part of the patriot act. let's get to kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. >> reporter: this is going to be an eventful day.
7:01 am
as you referred to the trade bill it looks doubtful based on our conversations with lawmakers in part because it was controversial to start with. it would give the president and the next president the authority to engage in these trade deals and congress would have a chance to do an up or down vote but not make specific changes. that is controversial enough. you have pro trade democrats involved mostly republicans but not able to put together the right numbers. in the last 24 hours there has been a push to try to use this particular trade wave that's happening to extend what is known as the export import bank where the federal government can try to help businesses to have trade by providing loans and support. that expires at the end of june. there are a lot of democrats who want to see it continued. and there are key players who are saying that has to be in this or they won't have support, a way of trying to leverage differing interests to get
7:02 am
across the finish line. it is looking very shaky right now. you refaelierenced the long night that rand paul had. rand paul looked at the remaining days before the memorial recess and wanted to sort of put the brakes on to say that the issue of bulk data collection of our phone records and some of the provisions of the patriot act that are set to simply be renewed and probably quickly in the senate he wanted a more full throated debate of that so he talked for 10 1/2 hours not leaving the floor. had a little help from ten other senators but in the end he brought attention to the issue but he has not really slowed down the process. it may be that the senate will be in this weekend but they probably will get work done in the next couple of days. >> thank you. of course keeping a close eye on the vote and checking back throughout the remainder of the
7:03 am
program. now to a different breaking news where police have identified a suspect in the brutal murders. authorities are looking for this man, 34-year-old darren wint. he is wanted in connection with the deaths of ceo of a construction materials company, his wife 10-year-old son and house keeper. nbc news has conpermed the break in the case comes from dna on a pizza crust found inside the home. this began last week when firefighters responded to a fire at the home not far from where vice president joe biden lives. that is when the four bodies were discovered. person was caught on surveillance video running from the scene wearing a hoodie. the couple's porsche was found abandoned and torched about 15 miles away. let me bring in former prosecutor and special agent in charge. good morning to both.
7:04 am
investigators got dna from the pizza crust there? that's intense and fascinating way of finding possible criminal. >> right. you have to get a lot of credit to the homicide bureau though. they called in atf agents. fbi, dna lab. a lot of great work. i think chief deserves a lot of credit here. they put the resources on this. like you say, really good work. it's a burned out place. one other comment without the d.c. fire department who knocked that thing down and saved the complete structure you wouldn't have that much of a crime scene to work with. there is good work by the fire department, as well. >> just to think if it is that person just the cold blooded nature of someone who could hold people overnight bound and gagged and then killed them and then sometime eat a pizza before they leave. >> it's extreme brutality in
7:05 am
this case. and there may be another actor here. it doesn't mean this is the only person involved. it could be one person. this guy is pretty buffed out. he looks like he works out extensively. he was into the martial arts. this guy could have known of him from there but could have someone helping him and also involved in the murder. he is going to be caught in short order because picture will be all over national media and she is spending that cash. he will be caught. >> an invest warrant has been issued for dylon wint. possible more charges filed in the future? >> absolutely. so right now these charges are just the warrant. they can expand in terms of when he goes to court and then charges could expand further after more investigation is done and more witnesses come forward
7:06 am
and more evidence is examined. then they go to a grand jury. they could bring more charges then and later. the process keeps moving forward and it's a good question because most people don't understand that. >> thank you for being with me. don't miss "the docket" on now to the nasty oil spill in southern california where we may soon get answers to what caused it. according to "l.a. times" investigators expected to begin excavating the pipe today to see why it ruptured. it forced a closure of multiple beaches. cleanup is underway. to some like this woman who spoke to our own hally jackson is feels like a losing battle. >> the water just brings it back in. there is not enough people here to help us. >> reporter: almost like there is nothing you can do. >> everything is dead gone and
7:07 am
a mess. this stuff goes down the beach. >> joining me now award winning conservation biologist. 105,000 gallons. how do you clean that up and how long will it take? >> could take quite a while. you have to realize these are highly cancerous. the air is toxic. and the sea creatures are in grave danger. there are a couple of dozens of species that are threatened. it's bad. pelicans have been doused in oil. sea lions, octopus on shore are covered in oil. of course we have our migrating endangered blue whales, hump back whales the doctors of the sea also at risk here. >> so talk to me about this oil. does it stay floating on the
7:08 am
surface of the water forever or does it sink down? if it does it is not just going to effect the whales. it will have long term effects, right? >> absolutely. these are blobs of oil. some are coming on shore to intertidal zone. muscles barnacles and others will blob down shellfish and that means they are going to hang around. this toxicity will effect all sea life and the people that live on the sea shore. refugeio state park is not only a state park these are exquisite world class pristine beaches or they were. >> this is not just something that is going to be affecting wild life and all of us for days or weeks. this is going to have long term effects, isn't it? >> absolutely. here is what it does drive home. number one, what are we going to be doing in the arctic when we
7:09 am
are going to have this kind of a spill with fierce weather? number two, stop the subsidies. number three we have a lot to celebrate in california. two weeks ago we opened the topaz solar project. the first 500 mega watt station in america. 9.5 million solar panels. the sun is our future. stop with these heat trapping climate altering oil and gas and coal now. >> and then i'm thinking the effect on these whales are migrating through the area as we speak. this is a big tragedy. i appreciate you being on. thank you. >> thank you. ahead on the second hour of "run down" including major news on 2016 front. hundreds of pages of e-mails published. a look at what is being revealed in her own words. a live look on capitol hill
7:10 am
after another concerning victory for the terror group this time in syria. >> this hearing is not about the fall of any one city as important as the losses are but rather what the defeats have revealed about the limitations of an overly constrained american air campaign the weaknesses of iraqi forces the growing malign of iran and ineffectiveness of u.s. military support for our iraqi and syrian partners. it highlights shortcomings of the administration's indecisive policy inadequate commitment and incoherent strategy. ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
7:11 am
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7:13 am
and now to the developing
7:14 am
news surrounding treasure-trove of documents and videos recovered from osama bin laden's compound released for the first time. andrea mitchell looked at what it says in the minds of the most wanted man. >> reporter: from ruins of hideout osama bin laden is single minded. focus should be on killing. an avid leader online book shelf ranged from obama's wars to imperial hubris. half collection were books on conspiracy theories. >> this is not some kind of detached strategic leader. this is someone who has his hands in the mechanisms. lieutenants are back and forth with him. >> reporter: osama bin laden's letters reveal a network run
7:15 am
like a business with online job application asking for hobbies and past times. do you know experts in chemistry, communications or other field. do you wish to operate a suicide operation? who should we contact in case you become a martyr. months before the dramatic attack he wrote his favorite wife i think i have to leave them referring to the brothers who are guarding them. he didn't leave in time. bin laden the family man wrote passionate letters to a wife living in iran while warning her to remove fillings from her teeth when visiting them. there were video games at the compound including delta force extreme 2. also found by the real u.s. special forces the night they attacked. >> there is a lot of stuff we found on that raid. this is proof that osama bin laden was still running al qaeda
7:16 am
there. >> director of mid east and north africa research. good to see you. >> thank you. >> what do you take away from the documents and videos that were released? >> there is plenty to take away. apparently bin laden's grip on his organization was failing out of his hands. clearly he was trying to keep tabs on other groups affiliated with him like branch in yemen and algeria advising not to target security forces and focus attacks on american and western forces yet those groups were still targeting security forces there. it appears he was standing behind the scenes trying to control his growing movement but his growing movement was not listening to what he had to say. it also sheds light on his person as a father as a husband
7:17 am
and not as just a militant man. and in these letters they reflect very much a different picture of what we know as americans here. >> i want to ask you about syria where icesis is in control of more than half of the countries. is isis able to hold that? what does it say about the fight against isis when they have taken over key parts of iraq? >> as you terify the population with a few scenes of beheadings you are able to rule without needing thousands of people to guard them. isis has been really successful at carrying out this methodology in a variety of areas including iraq and syria and various places in aleppo and so a few days later seizing the ancient city in syria shows that isis is clearly advancing and growing
7:18 am
and that our counter terrorism strategy is only achieving victories on very few fronts while isis is clearly achieving major victories on major fronts. >> i want to talk to you more. richard engel saying he has been there, an extraordinary place. it's also really a treasure-trove of humanity's history and it is all at risk not to talk about the thousands of people who are directly aeffected by this change in who is governing them. >> indeed. home to a gas field which would be a major economic resource to fund isis operations, but it also is home to thousands of ancient ruins that could be sold in the black market. that could also be another stream of revenue for the group. so it's a very strategic city in central syria and also would
7:19 am
allow it to smuggle weapons and fighters to other areas. >> thank you very much for being with me. appreciate it. >> thank you. up next we zoom through some other stories making news including the gyro copter pilot landing in a d.c. federal court. a carjacking caught on camera in tampa. the suspects are still on the loose. take a look. we are keeping close watch on the senate floor where lawmakers are preparing a key vote on fast track trade bill. new developments as we get them. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll
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the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. i love making sunday dinners. but when my back hurt, cooking all day... forget about it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve. an update on that d.c. quadruple murder mystery. at 12:15 today in washington, d.c. officials are expected to give an update on the investigation and search for the suspect. right now authorities looking
7:23 am
for this man, 34-year-old daryn wint. you can watch that briefing live. first the tulsa taser investigation and a carjacking caught on camera. let's zoom through some of today's top stories. the man who landed a gyro copter last month is due in d.c. to be arraigned. 61-year-old doug hughes was indicted on fix federal charges and two felonies. during that flight hughes crossed through three no fly zones. in oklahoma an outside prosecutor will investigate tulsa county sheriff's office in relation to last month's incident seen in a disturbing video. . baits says he accidently used his hand gun instead of stun gun. since the shooting concerns
7:24 am
raised about whether sheriff gave the deputy special treatment because of long-time friendship. a district attorney from a neighboring county will lead the investigation. take a look at this. a dramatic carjacking at a gas station caught on video. it was just released by tampa police. the driver goes to pay for gas. two guys walk up to the car. one climbs into the driver seat. you can see the owner throwing a trash can at the windshield to try to stop him. the carjacker picks up his accomplice and drives away. the owner of the car wasn't injured. those suspects have been arrested. authorities are offering a reward of up to $3,000 for information leading to the arrest of these carjackers. an incredible story out of columbia. an 11-month-old baby rescued following monday's massive mudslide believed to be the only survivor among her family of 12 people. authorities say at least 78 people have been confirmed dead.
7:25 am
take a look at this dramatic rescue. a police officer jumps into rushing water to save the dog that you see right there. 50 to 80 people still missing. authorities say there is little chance of finding more survivors. this is a tragedy that continues this morning. developing right now shares of lumber liquid ators are getting hammered after the ceo unexpectedly resigns this morning. mandy drury is here with the market run down. >> it has been going on for some time. you are absolutely right. this is the hard wood flooring retailer being absolutely hammered. resigned unexpectedly and this comes less than a month after the cfo also resigned but the problem is it is all amid continued heat over allegations that the company sourced flooring laminates from china.
7:26 am
it will start searching for permanent replacement but at this stage as we say the shares are absolutely tumbling. elsewhere the markets are higher right now. we saw weekly u.s. jobless claims rise more than expected in what has been a pretty patchy string of economic data. >> thank you so much. up next a huge event kicks off today for 2016 gop hopefuls. we are live at the southern republican leadership conference. hundreds of pages of hillary clinton's personal e-mails revealed. new details on what is being exposed. largest ever protest at share holder meeting. the mix of protesters believed to be fast food workers not just from mcdonald's. fight to raise worker wages. more on this next. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go to your people? ♪ well this summer, stay with choice hotels twice and get a $50 gift card you can use
7:27 am
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7:28 am
there is an ancient rhythm... [♪] that flows through all things... through rocky spires... [♪] and ocean's swell... [♪] the endless... stillness of green... [♪] and in the restless depths of human hearts... [♪] the voice of the wild within.
7:29 am
7:30 am
messages focused on libya in the lead up to the 2012 deadly attack in benghazi. that attack and state department response has come under criticism. the state department responded saying they have no plan to release the clinton e-mails today and the e-mails printed by "new york times" are not redacted as fully as the state department is redacting them. meantime republicans are gathering in the heart land for the southern republican leadership conference. at least ten republicans declared or undeclared presidential candidates will be there. there for us is jane and joining me. alex let's start with you. you have had time to dig through these e-mails. is there anything that could be even qualified close to being a smoking gun? >> definitely no smoking guns
7:31 am
no bomb shells. nothing that supports the standout order or any stronger accusations that republicans have made against hillary clinton related to benghazi scandal and no classified information. there is sensitive but unclassified information, a government term related to where diplomats were inside including a note from the ambassador killed in the attack for about a year and a half before the attack saying he was considering leaving the country because it was unsafe and memos from her adviser who has become controversial advising her about libya. those will likely be the focus of the e-mails going forward for critics, but nothing that is particularly shocking right away. >> this advice her adviser but not part of the state department. >> he was barred from joining the state department by obama administration officials so this is a way that he got around it by e-mailing directly with her.
7:32 am
>> and do republicans really think they are going to find something in the e-mails that will really hurt hillary clinton? >> i think we have seen republicans trying to do is not so much look for a smoking gun or one detail that will end her presidential candidacy. they try to establish a pattern of secrecy basically the strategy republicans have been pursuing back to the '90s. they are going to say what we don't know is whether these are all the e-mails. we don't know if she has deleted e-mails or why she wiped her servers clean. if you think these e-mails are bad just consider what she is hiding from the public. >> talk to me about the southern republican leadership conference that is getting underway and how is this going to play into that. >> you know we had about a thousand activists coming out here. this is not an early voting state. they had a primary in june.
7:33 am
this is a southern activist crowd. it is important for any republican to lockdown the votes and has largest regional straw poll. with this primary deadline coming out this is really go time. a lot of these republicans want to shore up support and build polling numbers and get on the stage. we have three republicans talking today, scott walker rick perry, rick santorum. >> we learned huckabee will not participate in the iowa straw poll. why are they pulling out of that? >> it is interesting. when jeb bush bowed out a lot of people in iowa said he was never going to do well. we don't know if he is trying to compete in iowa. it is much worse for the fate of the iowa straw poll that mike huckabee is polling out. obviously huckabee is competing heavily in iowa. he has been there and it was the first stop after announcing
7:34 am
presidential candidacy. people don't want to spend the money. you hear it takes a lot of money and resources and energy to compete in the straw poll. at the end of the day it's not a good predictor of who ends up winning the caucuses. >> this is a buzz feed. thank you very much. we are following developments outside chicago where it is another day of demonstrations to raise the minimum wage. with chance of make our wages supersized hundreds are gathered outside mcdonald's corporate headquarters calling for a pay hike to $15 an hour and a right to unionize. demonstration coordinated. protests come days after los angeles became the largest and fourth u.s. city in the past year to enact a law raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
7:35 am
i'm joined by federal advocacy coordinator. what a pleasure to see you. >> thank you very much. i appreciate being here. >> these protests are getting a lot of headlines. do demonstrators have the right target? 90% are independently owned and operated. >> they claim 90% are independently owned and operated. the reality is mcdonald's poses on them so many costs of doing business, regulate what they buy, what they wear and by controlling all of these costs and making sure that they have absolute control over every single thing the franchises do they are not that independent. >> let me read you a statement if i could for mcdonald's. very few are independent franchisee employees are participating. the union attacking mcdonald's brand and independent business men and women in an unsuccessful
7:36 am
attempt to unionize workers. >> my reaction is this is about a corporation that makes $5.5 billion a year yet has workers at poverty wages who sends tips about how to apply for public benefits to be able to live and survive on their crappy mcdonald's salaries. the target is absolutely right. it is the corporation that is squeezing the workers and squeezing the franchisees, as well. >> let me ask you about the recent rise to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. what's your reaction to that? >> this is just fabulous news. the fight for 15 has gone mainstream with l.a. and it shows that people are paying attention, that they are listening and that they understand that workers can't get by on poverty level wages and that it's time for workers to stand up and demand what they are entitled to rather than compromising and settling for
7:37 am
crumbs when they are putting blood, sweat and tears on the line and they are making companies profitable. it's an amazing tool in the fight against income inequality. i'm sure we will see other cities follow suit soon. i keep eyes on new york and washington, d.c. in particular. >> great seeing you. >> thank you. take a look at this. it's just one of dozens of raids carried out in the largest crack down on illegal prescription drugs in u.s. history. we have more on this. first a live look at the senate floor. key vote on the president's fast track trade bill underway. brabing details as we get them. ♪ building aircraft,
7:38 am
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7:41 am
and arkansas. nbc's mark potter was there from little rock this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this was a pretty big operation. it started 15 months ago. they started making arrests last july. yesterday was the big sweep. they were concentrating their investigation in a number of major southern cities here in little rock and new orleans, jackson, mobile baton rouge, places like that. so far 280 arrests including a couple dozen doctors and pharmacists. they are trying to close down a number of medical clinics and pharmacies that were acting allegedly as pill mills. prescription drug abuse is a big problem in the south as it is throughout the country where there are 4.5 million americans estimated abusing pain killers. 16,000 died in 2013 because of the drug. a big problem. >> and just last hour i spoke to
7:42 am
one of the dea agents involved in the bust. here is what he told me about doctors and pharmacists who were arrested. >> they operate like regular drug dealers. they sell and prey upon addiction to make money. it's all about greed. it's not about medical care. it's not about their oath but simply making money off of addiction. >> what are officials saying about the links to the heroin epidemic in the country. >> reporter: they say it is a direct link. people start their addiction with pills and in time when they can no longer afford them they turn to the readily available heroin on the streets now. it is cheaper and powerful. there is a direct link to the car tells in mexico and columbia flooding with heroin right now and they know they are doing it on the back of the prescription drug abuse problem. one follows the other. they are directly linked creating a huge public health
7:43 am
problem in this country right now together. >> mark potter thank you for being with me. now to troubling news. the a.p. this morning reporting overnight small plane on route from venezuela crashed into the caribbean. on board more than a ton of cocaine at the wake of the revelation that u.s. prosecutors are investigating whether or not to charge top officials with drug dealing. according to our next guest a global hub for cocaine trafficking and money laundering is what venezuela has become. the man at the center of the alleged hub, the president of the venzellen congress. joining me now for more on this extraordinary reporting from the "wall street journal" good to see you. >> good to see you. >> how does all of this work? >> basically what u.s. prosecutors are saying is that top officials in the government
7:44 am
and venzellen military providing protection for drug shipments from columbia. it has become a giant transit point for coke shipments to the united states and europe. drug dealers paying protection money to top officials. >> and talk to me. who is he -- he has been a top aid to the late president. he is considered by many to be actually more powerful than venezuela's president. he has a lot of links to venezuela's military and he's said to be at the top of the
7:45 am
pyramid. >> since you reported for the "wall street journal," other newspapers around the world including in madrid and corroborated some of what you have been reporting, what is venezuela's reaction to this? >> the reaction in venezuela has been to gather around the flag. the supreme court has made a statement today saying that what we reported about has no basis in truth. and the congress the ruling party in the congress did the same thing yesterday. he is suing some venezuelan media from before which had republished similar reports and apparently they are going through with these lawsuits. it's basically rallying around the flag. >> good to see you.
7:46 am
i think i first met you in the '80s? >> we have been around for a while. >> war coverage of central america. time has passed. >> good to see you. developing in washington, d.c. the latest round of diplomatic talks with cuba kicked off. here are glimpse from the last hour. the focus is the opening of amnesties. the talks come after a long day of testimony on the hill. she got a mixed reaction from members of the senate foreign relations committee. in southern california we have a first look at video of a frightening incident at lax. a man reportedly broke through a security check point and is tasered by security officials. the very latest details on the video. >> this is what shocked passengers witnessed. how it all came to an end. it began just a few moments
7:47 am
earlier. airport officials following 21-year-old suspect christian heinz winding through the corridors of lax after he allegedly breached security. >> he was stopped by a tsa officer and he was not cooperative. at that time the tsa officers asked airport police near the screening area for help. >> reporter: an officer attempted to place heinz in handcuffs only to have him break free and make his way towards departure gates. >> first time that i really witnessed something like that. >> reporter: actor verne troyer captures what happens next. the officers heard warning heinz to stop. >> as soon as they got up the stairs that is when i heard the taser go off. >> reporter: outside gate 66 backup arrives, passengers scrambling and crouching in
7:48 am
fear. moments after it began it's all over. for passengers and the suspect a shocking end. >> amazing video. a late night legend says farewell inspiring today's five things letterman. i want to thank my own family my wife rugina and my son, harry. [ applause ] seriously, just thank you for being my family. i love you both and really nothing else matters, does it? ♪ ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ ♪ she can print amazing things right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] she makes
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7:51 am
lawmakers voting on fast track trade legislation that gives president obama broader authority to negotiate new trade
7:52 am
deals. let's go to kelly o'donnell. >> they have not gavelled this vote yet but the response is fascinating. what we have just seen is a burst of senators who raised their thumbs up so their votes could be recorded yes. we had been in a holder pattern where there were not enough votes. the white house has been chiefly negotiating with this, whipping for it is the term used in the senate to try to get democrats to go along and give the president and the next president this authority on trade deals where congress would have a say but not able to pick it apart. we have not heard the final vote but the burst of yes votes suggests yes the white house can win this one when ten minutes ago it appeared to be going down in defeat. we will keep you informed. what has been happening on the floor is part of what often our viewers don't get to see and that is the sort of negotiating and back and forth that's been
7:53 am
going on. we will keep you posted. >> very quickly, how long is this vote going to expect to go on for? >> the time elapsed a while ago. now they are in the extra innings where they are literally having conversations among each other and there were some senators who come out and said they wouldn't vote for it for this or that reason. that burst of thumbs up with arms around each other and real perhaps elbow twisting is very important. harry reid has been opposing this. it has been the white house having to carry the water and work with mitch mcconnell who has said he has been appreciative of the help of the white house on this issue. it might be one of the few things where the obama white house and sort of its fourth quarter and republican led congress could agree. there are many differences when it comes to trade and some republicans who are worried about american jobs but it looks like there has been a change here. we'll keep you posted. >> thanks.
7:54 am
good to see you. david letterman wrapped up his historic late night run with a monologue to remember. take a listen. >> people say dave when did you know it was time to retire. i say there are signs along the way. i think one of the signs was the cue card kid came up to me and said dave i can't write the words any bigger. >> maybe they should make the cards bigger. i can relate. take a look at my scripts. huge letters because i'm blind. what about a way to send off a comedian who changeathize way we list tv with five things david letterman. the top ten he got extra help last night in his 33 year career he presented over 4,600 top ten lists, the first things that almost rhyme with peas. 126 stupid pet trick segments. this one from 1980 that letterman relived last night.
7:55 am
>> what is the square root of 25? >> one more. >> there you go. >> musical guests bob dylan performing on the second to last show. first letterman late night appearance was in 1984. throwback for you. this is a young david letterman in 1982 when he was weather guy for wthr. sometimes he gaive the forecast for fake cities. number five game changer, over 6,000 shows, close to 20,000 guests. 33 years later there is no denying he changed the way we watch late night tv. and that is not going to change. that wraps up the run down here. thank you for the privilege of your time. keep it here for the results of the senate vote. i'll see you here tomorrow.
7:56 am
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good morning. this is "news nation." we begin with developing news. the search for the man police believe killed three members of their family and house keeper in washington, d.c. police say they have identified 34-year-old dylan wint from dna on a pizza crust. we are expecting to learn more. late last night police questioned people at the last known address in maryland not far from where the family's car was found torched. peter alexander reports from washington. >> good morning to you. first the murders and now the manhunt. dramatic new developments here overnight as police look for the
8:00 am
suspect, 34-year-old daryn wint. >> this morning washington, d.c. police say this man is suspected in the brutal killings of the family and their house keeper one week ago. the police are now asking the public for help finding daryn wint, warrant for arrest. the break in the case came after police matched wint to dna found on the crust of a domino's pizza ordered to the mansion last wednesday as the four hostages were held captive inside. the announcement came after a source close to the family says hours before the fire the assistant delivered $40,000 cash to the home the money withdrawn from an account at american iron works. nbc station reports he called his office thursday morning asking his


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