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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  May 21, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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"msnbc live." >> at this time we do not have the suspect in custody. >> d.c. officials upstatinge inginge ingupdating their hunt for the mansion murders suspect. where police believe he might be right now. the a attempt to clean up oil spilled off the california coastline. we're expecting an update live and will bring it when its happens. isis reportedly on the move and controlling much of syria. does u.s. need to put boots on the ground in iraq and syria? weigh in on police are looking for this man, 34-year-old daron dylon wint suspected in the killings of savopoulos family and their housekeeper last week. police say wint could be in the new york city area could be potentially in brooklyn.
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he's sought out by the u.s. marshals task force and nypd. the police chief lanier gave a press conference saying this was not a random incident. >> we believe there's a connection between the suspect and the family business. there's a family through the business of the suspect and savopoulos family business. overnight police say wint's last known address was in prince george county maryland less than a half mile where the family's porsche was found burning. his dna was found on the crust of a domino's pizza delivered to the house as the four hostages were held captive inside. peter alexander has been following the story. you were in the press briefing. a lot of the information comes from the chief. what do we know about the
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investigation how we know it now? >> reporter: obviously it would be a big break to know if he's in brooklyn. more significant could to find out wherever the heck he is and get him in custody. homicide bulletin has been pass add out with his name. he's 5'7"155 pounds blue jeans, blue sweatshirt and shoes when last seen. the other question was if he was acting alone. i asked the police chief that question. she could not conclude whether he was acting alone. four people, four members of the
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family and the housekeeper and the longer the identifying ordeal that went overnight. you noted the business relationship of savvas savopoulos and the wint is how the two knew each other. >> there asking the chief about the connections and the plea from the family for the suspect to turn himself in. bill joins me on set. you probably watched what the chief had to say explaining the details of the case so far. what does this mean it turns into a multistate operation if wint ends up being found in the manhattan area? >> it's about sharing information with the nypd. the over and under is about 24 hours. they're going to look at his phone. that's the primary source of information, who he's called and where he's been.
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if he hasn't ditched the phone, they're going to have him shortly. >> they wouldn't give specifics whether or not they've had contact with him. the family has given a plea for him to turn himself in. they were able to track dna to wint from the pizza crust in the family home. have you heard of something like this before? >> obviously the perpetrator has never seen csi. that's what happened. he was probably holding them until the money came. his saliva was on the crust. they picked its up. great job. >> the chief wouldn't say how he had a dna sample from wint, whether he was in the data files. as a private investigator, what are the signs to you wint was working alone or not? >> i don't think he was working alone. this is too complicated. probably an inside job.
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where this information came from, i'm curious where did they get the number $40,000. was it negotiated? somebody else involved? my guess more than one person. usually it's rare one person will take this endeavor on their own. usually it's smash and grab. the fact he held them tells me there's more than one person. >> do you think in the smash and grab do you think he panicked and that's why they ended up dead? >> no, i think that was the plan from the start. start the house on fire destroy the evidence. this was not a spur of the moment type of crime. >> great to have you. appreciate your insights. we want to take everybody to the coast of southern california where the oil slick is spreading and prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency. there's a massive effort underway to clean up hazardous material. the pipeline broke according to the company official. before the problem was fixed,
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105,000 gallons of oil spilled into the ocean. it spread over nine miles. the timing couldn't be much worse. scott is live in santa barbara. a popular destination spot there. two beaches are closed and going to remain closed for the holiday weekend, correct? >> reporter: that's right. today it's a destination for workers you can see behind me. it gives a sense of just why this is such a big and tedious job. they literally rake the oil covered sand into bags. that will be disposed of. we've looked at this group since day break. they've covered a few hundred feet of this coastline. as much as nine miles could be affected. it's unclear at this point how much of the 105,000 gallons that leaked out of the pipeline made it to the ocean. there could be as little as 21,000 gallons. that damage is enough. it's not just they workers.
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there are some 300 workers on land water, and in the air. the activity on the water seems to have moved down the coast a little towards santa barbara. that's 20 miles away. coast guard helicopters churning overhead as well. this is going to go on for a while. thomas? >> scott thanks so much. president obama is defending his strategy against isis in a new interview. this come miss the wake of isis' capture of two more major cities. in particular ramadi a short distance from baghdad. in an interview, president obama tells the quote, i don't think we're losing. there's no doubt there was a tactical setback, although ramadi had been vulnerable for a longtime. speaking today about isis john mccain called ramadi a setback but then lashed out at the administration. >> the fall of ramazi and capture by isis of military
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equipment is setback for the united states and further undermines our credibility as a reliable strategic partner in the region. yet the obama administration seems unwilling or unable to grasp the strategic significance. >> nbc foreign correspondent joins us now to talk more about this. the president says i don't think we're losing. is a policy change needed now especially with the fact isis is taking up more geography? >> certainly if not policy change, a tactical approach is considered. it's one called for by a lot of different people i've been speaking to. if you put in perspective of what's happened over the course of the year the united states has been engaged with air strikes and now special operations forces in carrying out these raids, isis is managing to take over territory. they've taken over ramadi and over territory in syria. it gives the sense isis is
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capable of fighting many open fronts and without serious presence of coalition forces on the ground. it seems isis has not been deterred from what's happening from the air above. the only force capable of pushing back isis and regaining territory has been the kurds. their scope in terms of how much they can fight is limited. the army has proven time and time again they're not up to the task of holding territory once they've been thrown out. if you throw in militias in the city of ramadi like tikrit you're adding tone to this already very serious situation in the region. >> thanks so much. i appreciate it. we want to find out how all of in is impacting public opinion over the fight against isis. tracking the the responses to our bing pulse question today. what do you see? >> we've heard this of boots on
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the ground and air strikes. we launched this question. we're asking you to weigh in. do we need boots on the ground in iraq and syria to defeat isis? we encourage you to vote. this is what we're finding so far. 70% say yes. that jumped 8%. 92% of you overwhelmingly say no, boots on the ground are not needed to defeat isis. here's the last five minutes. we track your pulse. again seeing the majority of those that voted saying more on the no side. we encourage you to keep voting on our two hours with thomas roberts. if we need boots on the ground to defeat isis. >> thanks so much. we'll check again and see a where people are voting on this. thank you. we move to texas where one of the bikers charged in the
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biker brawl has posted $1 million bond. the police have got most the evidence from the scene. they have found 318 weapons. meanwhile the associated press reviewed footage from the twin peaks restaurant. it showed one of the dozens of bikers wasrecorded firing. based on the same footage, no violence started inside the restaurant. coming up find out what the actor who played mini me in austin powers hahs to-- has to do with a taser incident at l.a.x. and david alertletterman signing off for the last time in classic letterman style. >> welcome to the "tonight show." i'll be honest it's beginning
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to look like i'm not going to get the "tonight show." >> i think that fate was sealed a long time ago. more on memorable moments and the sendoff coming up. er ] at northrop grumman, we've always been at the forefront of advanced electronics. providing technology to get more detail... ♪ ♪ detect hidden threats... ♪ ♪ see the whole picture... ♪ ♪ process critical information and put it in the hands of our defenders. reaching constantly evolving threats before they reach us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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. breaking news to bring you now. today the president of the boy scouts of america called on the organization to end the ban on gay adult leaders. gates said he does not plan to revoke the charters of counsels that allow gay leaders. we'll follow this and bring you updates as we get them. a devastating story out of omaha. police officer and new mom was supposed to be enjoying her first full day of maternity leave. her daughter arrived prematurely months ago.
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hours before baby olivia was set to come home from the hospital she was gunned down on the job. police say a known gang member shot at the officer as she tried to serve an arrest warrant. wheeler also died in the shootout. >> get on the ground. >> get on the ground now. i don't want to taze you. >> pretty scary scene at l.a.x. wednesday. police used a taser to secure an unarmed man that faces obstruction charges. the video you just saw was taken none other than the actor best known from the role of mini me
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in austin powers movies. >> it's the first time i've witnessed something like that. >> the actor tweeted a picture saying he may have stolen the suspect's hat. can we put that back up? the picture with the hat, maybe? maybe not. there it is. he has the suspect's hat. any way, that guy is probably looking for his hat. mini me has it. new york times has released e-mails from hillary clinton's days as secretary of state. there's a portion of what the federal court has ruled to release. they include quote details of the whereabouts of state department officials in libya when security was deteriorating during the 2011 revolution. alex is covering the clinton campaign for msnbc and joining me from capitol hill. describe these e-mails and what
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they are details, also what we know about how the new york times was able to get them. >> thomas these were lightly redakre redacted e-mails. one thing mentioned are sensitive classified discussions where officials discussed leaving benghazi with ambassador chris stephens who was of course killed in the attacks. long time friend of the clintons offering unsolicited advice. then one that he says it was the al qaeda affiliate that launched the attack. that's in contradiction with what was said at the time. no smoking guns no bomb shells per se. definitely interesting stuff and window into her time as
10:19 am
secretary of state. >> does this put pressure on the state to release more? >> i think it does. the former secretary of state said she wants to release this as soon as possible. she said that in iowa. they have a process they're going through. they said the benghazi e-mails will be the first to be released. we hope to see those soon. >> alex thank you. still ahead on "msnbc live." more of david letterman's star-studded sendoff. we have for you pretty interesting moves you have never seen and is probably never wanted to see. we're busting them for a good cause on nick cannon's live dance-a- dance-a-thon. he gave me the shoes off his feet. pretty cool. gotta get milwaukee up to speed. we win in flint, we take the lead.
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our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. letterman is retiring. >> you're just kidding, right? >> all right, so four living u.s. presidents sparing a moment to make dave letterman laugh on his last night as host of the "late show." he signed off in an emotional and hysterical last episode. willie geist has the highlights. >> it was one last curtain call for a late night legend. david letterman signing off with sarcasm and self-deprecation. >> i'll be honest with you.
10:24 am
it's beginning to look like i'm not going to get the "tonight show." >> spanning more than three decades and two networks. >> hold it down like this. >> you're down there. why don't you do it? >> taking shots from four presidents. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> extensive plastic surgery was a necessity and a mistake. >> thanks for letting me take part in another hugely disappointing series finale. >> letterman spoke from his desk and from his heart thanking his family. >> i love you both and really nothing else matters, does it? [ applause ] >> his band. >> my good good friend as good a friend you can have on
10:25 am
television, as good a friend you can have in life absolutely a musical genius paul schaefer. >> thank you so much. >> and his audience. >> the people who watch this show, there's nothing i can do to ever repay you. thank you for everything. you've given me everything. [ applause ] >> before signing off for good. >> the only thing i have left to do for the last time on television program, thank you, and good night. >> classy way. that was nbc willie geist reporting for us. coming up isis tight inning its grip reportedly controlling more than half of syria. we're asking you today, do you think we need boots on the ground to keep controlling isis? we'll have that when we come back. and we'll break down how one network decides who makes the cut for 2016.
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today the fate of the government's domestic surveillance program is up in the air. the key provision of the patriot act is set to expire june 1st. the senate is to take it up for the memorial day recess. we saw the senator and presidential hopeful, rand paul speaking about his opposition on sections the government uses to authorization the examination of who calls who on american phones. take a listen. >> there comes a time in history of nations when fear and complacentcy allow power to commemorate commemorate. that time is now. i will not let the most unpatriotic of acts go
10:30 am
unchallenged. at the least we should debate debate whether or not we're going to relinquish rights. we should say the constitution that protecting our freedoms must be obeyed. where's the outrage? this invasion of privacy isn't working. we aren't capturing terrorists we would have caught otherwise without this. >> to put the word corporate in there. >> my voice is rapidly leaving. my bedtime has long since passed. >> thank you mr. president, i relinquish the floor. >> john boehner was asked about his concerns over the program expiring. >> house has acted. time for senate to act.
10:31 am
>> kelly thanks for joining us. >> in the short time rand paul has been able to generate attention to this idea and say for people not aware that provisions have to be renewed to put pressure on lawmakers if they feel there needs to be a change. this is a rare issue that ignites the part of the republican party and conservatives and progressives on the left. there aren't many issues that thread that needle. this happens to be one of them. part of the problem is the time clock. mitch mcconnel is in charge of the senate floor and would like to see the act renewed without changes. the house made reforms to how nsa data would be collected not by the government but corporations that already have our records, phone companies and
10:32 am
that sort of thing. the issue is should there be further debate with the clock running out? rand paul says he's been able to other shine light on this and bring attention. the practical effect remains to be seen. it's not expected to change the ultimate outcome. thomas? >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. jeb bush is once again fielding questions about his brother. today in new hampshire he was asked by a voter how he would be different than george w. bush as a president. his answer raised eyebrows. take a look. >> are there differences? yeah sure. i think in washington during my brother's time, republicans spent too much money. i think he could have used the veto power. he could have brought budget discipline to washington d.c. >> another big drama brewing among the gop candidates themselves. who gets to participate in
10:33 am
debates? there are too many candidates to appear on stage at once. fox news hosts the first debate less than three months away. it is said that only the top ten ranked candidates will allowed to appear. the political editor at boston globe joins us now. great to see you. explain the action from the rnc about who's actually going to get stage time. >> rnc's position on this is you know if the networks want to do it that's what they want to do. they're a little hands off about it. basically they don't want to deal with the mess that is this entire situation of trying to fit 19 candidates on one single stage. no matter what it was going to be a tough decision. there's no way to have anything resembling a debate with 19 on a single stage. >> sure. >> now we'll see a real fight for last few spots out of the top ten. it will be interesting to watch. >> who's going to be the traffic cop to get 20 people answering
10:34 am
questions and having a logical debate so voters can learn. fox news said it will determine the roster by average of polls. explain the algorithm they're going to use. >> they're going to use the last five national polls leading up to a certain couple days before the debate essentially. they've indicated these are not going to be robo polls or automated polls. these are supposed to be legitimate polls. we don't know what that means in terms of methodology. it's interesting concerning the latest known figures such as donald trump could get into the debate. the real polls that matter are early state polls. it sets up an interesting contrary, interesting comparison. >> the dynamic will be fascinate fascinating to watch. we'll see it unfold in the
10:35 am
coming weeks. thanks for your time. >> thanks for having me. in a few minutes t florida mail carrier that landed his gyrocopter on capitol hill will face his arraignment. he says the stunt was meant to call attention to campaign funding reform. we talked to him via skype. >> i never expected i was going to walk away scot-free for what i did, but on the other hand nine and a half years i think is just a bit outrageous. if we can't work out a deal then i'm satisfied to put it in the private jury of 12 people. >> 61-year-old hughes says if and when he's freed to leave the state, his first stop may be new hampshire where he hopes to continue call ago tension to campaign issues. now returning to isis in syria days after the islamic
10:36 am
group took control of ramadi. the group is in control of 50% of syria with the capture. francis has the latest on our poll question for today putting troops on the ground. what are people saying? >> we're getting viewers involved asking them do we need boots on the ground to defeat isis? this has changed. this number trickling up to 13. it was in the single digits. viewers say yes, we need boots on the ground in iraq and syria. 87% say no. that's down from 92% from last check. as far as people voting in the past few minutes, take a look and see how people are voting. here we go. the majority of our viewers here going to no. again, continue to vote. keep it coming. do we need boots on the ground in iraq and syria to defeat isis? >> thanks. we want to go to a press
10:37 am
conference taking place with the coast guard updating us on the oil spill off santa barbara. >> they continue to remove oil from affected areas in larger capacity. with hundreds of responders in the area and special equipment mobilized here, i ask the public to be mindful of extra traffic and hazards on the highway near the affected areas where we're working. as the impact continues to un unfold, we want to make sure the public understands the direction we're headed as a responding agency. we understand the residents are seeing the effects of oil spilled on the beach and hazardous materials on the land. we're actively working toward cleanup and response. cleanup doesn't occur overnight. it's a long process, and i ask for your patience as we continue our work. the care and safety of everyone affected remains our top priority in the response.
10:38 am
we urge the public to stay out of effected areas. these since -- these sensitive areas are closed. many of us responding here work live play in southern california. i understand the desire to help. i must again stress that even the volunteers must be trained wearing proper protective equipment. we're dedicating ourselves to officially deploy the best assets available working with emergency response partners at the federal, state, local levels to improve the conditions throughout the region. volunteers are asked to continue seeking information from the website and hotline for opportunities and information. the website is we're continuing to boone,
10:39 am
contain and clean oil in all environmentally sensitive areas. more than 7,700 gallons of oily water mixture has been removed as cleanup crews continue to work 24 hours a day. specialized shoreline and offshore assessment teams are continuing to move along the coastline to monitor and direct contractors and response workers to the affected areas. to measure the breath and the spread of pollution, we're continuing to use the daily overflows of spills and best direct our available assets. more than 3,000 feet of boone has been deployed. thank you very much. >> ladies and gentlemen, may i introduce michelle rogo united states environmental protection. >> my name is michelle rogo u.s. environmental protection agency on-scene coordinator co leading the federal side of the response with captain williams.
10:40 am
i'm going to talk a little more today about the focus of the cleanup at the pipeline release location. and moving down toward the ocean. as captain williams mentioned, the cleanup has been moved to a 24/7 operation, so last night we had cleanup crews in the area outside the site. today we're working with cal trans on road closures so that work can continue throughout the area of the culvert that passes underneath the highway. so last night, crews worked with archaeological support and monitoring to excavate more than 400 yards of oil-saturated soil starting at the far end south of the contaminated area in the actual release location. >> we're getting update on cleanup. it's a 24/7 operation off the coastline of santa barbara.
10:41 am
we know the oil rupture has caused a major problem along the pristine beaches. we're learning as they get closer to the pipe and excavation what caused the rupture. we still don't know what caused the pipe to burst. we'll keep an eye on this and see if he reveal details. again, this is a 24/7 operation as they try to get a handle on cleanup and response asking the public to stay away through the holiday weekend. one month after the death of freddie gray at the hands allegedly of baltimore police, the violence has surged. 19 were shot across the city tuesday and wednesday, three fatally. francis has a look at issues that have plagued baltimore before and after gray's death. >> when you look at the background how much the demographics in each neighborhood including gray's neighborhood and how that comes into play. let's look at the neighborhood
10:42 am
here freddie gray's neighborhood. winchester you see represented in green here. the black population is almost at 97%. that's significantly higher than both baltimore city seen here in orange and also the united states seen here in gray. also higher the neighborhood's poverty rate more than a third at 35% according to the guardian. and the unemployment rate is just under one quarter here higher than rates in baltimore city and the united states. freddie gray's neighborhood also has some of the highest led levels in baltimore. the gray family sued over led levels that may have contributed to his behavior. one and a half children in these neighborhoods showed a high level of led. that's according to the washington post. now, let's look at baltimore's racial makeup. look at damage here and looting from the riots after gray's
10:43 am
death. that's represented in black dots in this concentrated area here including freddie gray's neighborhood here. those are represented in the darker colors of the deeper purple as you can see here. interesting to see that makeup where the violence took place. then, look at life expectancy in baltimore. that's mapped out. the u.s. average is 78.8 years. in baltimore, it's 74.5. the deeper reds as you see here that represents far below the united states and baltimore average while the darker blues exceed both. in one neighborhood you can live to be 84 seeing the darker blue here. go a few blocks to this area into the orange just a few blocks. life expect say drops 19 years according to the washington post. interesting when you see the break down and understanding baltimore and where they come from and the trouble they're seeing now over the years based
10:44 am
on demographics. i know you'll bring parts two of your discussion with the mayor. >> it's fascinateing when you break it down and look at how you cross over street area and dramatic changes in quality of life. i had the chance to interview stephanie blake. there's a lower average in syria in the middle of a civil war. i asked her what she's doing as mayor to make baltimore a better place to live. >> we've known about the health disparities in our communities for years. i've been working with my health commission tore help reduce those disparities, attacking those primary causes everything from food insecurities. one thing i've worked on is reduceing food despairisparityiesdisparities.
10:45 am
people make poor choices that lead to poor health. we have everything from virtual supermarkets where we allow those purchasing with food stamps and ebt cards to get groceries delivered. we've expanded urban agriculture and farmer's markets to create broader access to healthy food. we've done many things to address things from drug addiction to heart disease. those things that are reducing the life expectancy of our communities. i will say that this didn't happen overnight. these health disparities have existed and have grown over the years. i'm very determined to make the progress over the years as well. >> let's talk about you reap what you sew. your initiative is one baltimore campaign. talk to us about how you're
10:46 am
going to help the city come together fix long overdue problems and build the frame work for sustain blt for the future of the city. >> we saw unrest from inthe city outside to heal our city help us be better on the other side of the unrest. as mayor, i was determined to make sure that we harness this opportunity to make sure we're able to propel some of the things some initiatives that we have been doing that have shown success as well as to get all these people who have a lot of well wishes for baltimore to be on the path with us to deal with systemic issues. that's what baltimore is about. doing everything from short term needs such as summer jobs and recreational needs from summer to dealing with some of the entrenched poverty, work force development and those issues as well.
10:47 am
my focus is on making sure it's a community centered initiative. that means that we are very tightly connected to the communities that need our help the most to make sure they are helping to drive the decisions when it comes to one baltimore and helping to inform the work we're doing. i want to make sure the community isn't left out in this process. >> i want to switch topics and talk to you about prezsidential politics. o'malley widely expected to oppose hillary clinton in the presidential selection of 2016. of those two choices, can i ask who you would support? >> as secretary for dnc, all officers are prohibited from participate ago in the presidential primary. i'm a marylander but will a bide by the rules.
10:48 am
>> that's a very diplomatic answer to being able to not give a definitive answer. >> i can't. we're not allowed to participate in it. >> i know. i'm going to cut you slack. i'll let you off the hook having to go out on a limb on that one. our thanks to baltimore mayor stephanie rawlins-blake. find out first. the message after you sign up. donate to convince him to run. that's what you get. sign up, and it tells you to donate to convince o'malley to run. we're getting this news reportable from wnbc saying law enforcement officials have picked up the girlfriend of daron dylon wint at her apartment in brooklyn. she's talking to police now. wint the man you see on the screen here is the suspect of
10:49 am
interest wanted in the savopoulos family murder that happened last wednesday in a very posh part of d.c. three members of the family were killed as well as their housekeeper. again, wint is going -- we know he goes by name of stefan. they believe he could be in the brooklyn area. now we know why. his girl friend lives in brooklyn area. police are talking to her. many sheets per spill... the roll just disappeared. i knew i should've bought bounty. bounty is 2x more absorbent and strong when wet. just look how much longer bounty lasts versus one of those bargain brand towels. and that's a good deal. bounty. the long lasting quicker picker upper and now try new bounty with dawn. available in the paper towel aisle. ♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning.
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so this morning, matt lauer pedaled his bike on to the "today" show plaza here at rockefeller center. and being a grueling five-day 230-mile bike ride all to raise $150,000 for children's charities. as nbc brings red nose day to the u.s. for the first time. as you see behind us frances we've gotten a pretty good reaction from our own team. we had everybody do the red nose picture and participate. so put the red nose on your
10:53 am
face. we did our part too by getting our feet moving, not pedaling but dancing. >> yeah. trying to at least on the dance floor. getting down with "america's got talent." that's him there, nick cannon. about six hours away from his goal of dancing for 24 hours straight. we were able to stop by chat, dance a little about hour 16. >> this is an easy dance, you guys. all you got to do is whip it. you're going to go like this. here we go. ♪ >> go, you got. it you got make a fist like you're driving your car. like you're driving your car. lean with it. lean with it! hey! here we go. now, he's like -- now he's doing -- whoa. you got it. lean back. oh! lean back! eh! that was the matrix. >> that was the matrix.
10:54 am
it was showthose shoes, great shoes i had on. and nick cannon joins you live from the dance-a-thon. you said your feet were hurting, your legs were going a bit. how are you doing? >> i've got the magic shoes on. >> the shoes. you were so nice to let me put those on. >> you stretched them out for me. thank you very much. they don't hurt as much. >> didn't get the moves -- >> no, he almost got the whip. you almost got it. >> almost. almost had it. talk about how well you're doing, how you're feeling because you are in the homestretch. >> man, i am. i am so exhausted. i'm like ten times as tired as when i saw you guys. we're working it out. it's hour 18. and i don't want to do the math because i'm loopy now. about six more hours to go. >> six yours you're right on target there. and you do get to take breaks for hydration going to the bathroom, that kind of stuff. we're not torturing you to bad. >> i get tinkle breaks, yes.
10:55 am
>> you were saying that your voice is going, your legs are almost going. >> yes. >> you know what you're hanging in there. smiles on their faces, the dancers behind you. >> the support of my team here holding us down. [ cheers ] >> they're keeping me going, keeping me alive. >> they're doing a good job. nick fans can keep you alive, too, by texting and supporting correct? >> yes. all they've got to do is text the word dance to 80077, and you will help children all over the world. we're saving lives today, y'all, for red nose day. let's go. >> let's go. before you go, what's the first thing you're going to do when you get down off of that dance floor? >> man. take a hot bath innen enpsom salts. >> that will do it. that will take care of any aches and pains you have and get your poor feet back in dancing shape once again. >> i'm going to lend you these. they're coming your way. >> those are not the million-dollar shoes that you're known for.
10:56 am
the $2 million shoes. >> no. it would be diamond all over the floor if that was the case. these are a little more danceable. >> okay. good enough. >> awesome shoes. you're awesome. thanks for letting me try them on. we love dancing with you. >> no problem. thank you. >> thank you. >> can you do the may politics? >> i can do it on the commercial break. yeah. i hate pressure. i don't like pressure. >> no pressure. we'll take you up on it. >> we want to remind everybody, tonight, watch nbc, red nose day, the st. a monumental night of live music, 8:00 p.m. eastern on nbc. much more at the top of the hour on msnbc live. what do we know about d.c. mansion murder suspect daron dylon wint and police questioning his girlfriend? the revealing details of hillary clinton's emails. "the new york times" getting a peek at some of the ton-to-be released emails from the presidential candidate. we've got some.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
i'm thomas robert. breaking news out of new york city now. our nbc station wnbc reporting that the nypd is questioning the girlfriend of 34-year-old daron dylon wint. officials picked her up from her apartment in brooklyn. she's not under arrest. wint is the suspect in the murder of a d.c. family. at a news conference just over an hour ago, police said that wint had worked at savvas savopoulos' business in the past, and this was not a random act. >> i think we have now established that there is some specific connection between the suspect and the victims here. this was not random. we -- hopeful we will have mr. wint in our custody very soon. >> police have searched wint's last known address in prince george's county, maryland. that's less than a half mile from where the family's blue porsche was found burning. the big break coming after police matched links to the dna found on the crust of a domino's pizza that was delivered to the
11:01 am
mansion last wednesday as the four hostages were held captive inside. following the story for the "washington post" is reporter keith alexander. so keith what do you make of this latest turn in the investigation, the fact that wint's girlfriend in brooklyn has been taken in for questioning? >> right. obviously new york police want to find a connection. want to find out where wint is. and they're going to everyone they can to learn the information. they know that wint is not in the washington area. they believe he is in new york, and they believe that his girlfriend may know his whereabouts. >> savopoulos was the president and ceo of american iron works. police say at that connection is something blew the -- something through the employment history. is that what your reporting has been putting together as we try to figure out how wint knew the family? >> that's correct. wint was a certified welder for this iron ore company.
11:02 am
he worked for the company for some period of time. that would explain how wint knew about the layout of the company. how he knew that the company kept cash on hand this at the company. remember $40,000 of delivered to the home the morning that the family was killed. the housekeeper was killed. it would take someone on the inside that, a could knew where the whereabouts, where the kaweschcash of kept and someone the family felt comfortable with. >> thank you. my colleague, frances rivera is back with what more we know about the suspect in this case. frances? >> reporter: slowly we're learning more about the suspect. 34-year-old daron dylon wint. police haven't released any information alleging a motive. they're saying he was connected, he knew the family. here's what we do know -- daron dylon wint, 34 years old police describe him as 5'7", 155
11:03 am
pounds. there's a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to a conviction. he's wanted on a charge of murder one while armed. records she he has a previous conviction. in 2009, convicted of second-degree assault. then he was sentenced to 30 days in jail. a year later, he pleaded guilty to malicious destruction of property. that was in 2010. another charge of burglary in that case was dropped, court record show. thomas, police say they have information that he was an employee, as we heard. he was a certified welder there with the american iron work in the past and had the connection with the family. also want to bring this up the family's porsche that was torched in a parking lot in suburban maryland. one court record lists a home address for wint that is less than a half mile from where the car was found burning. again, the very latest that we're delve interesting with investigators now questioning his girlfriend in brooklyn. thomas? >> frances, thank you very much. i want to bring jim cavanaugh in to our conversation.
11:04 am
nbc analyst and former special agent in charge of the atf. jim, we know that wint remains on the run now. describe the efforts because this is a multistate operation now. what are the efforts being made to capture him? >> the fugitive task force usually headed up by the united states marshal service and nypd will be leading that effort in brooklyn. no doubt the metro d.c. police will send some detectives up there if they think wint is still located in brooklyn. they'll be briefing the girlfriend to see when was the last time you talked to him, did he give you any indication he was involved in this did you know anything about it, did he tell you he had any extra money, was he try to get here do you know where he is now. and to see if she can shed any light on his currents whereabouts. >> -- his current whereabouts. >> what from what you've heard, do you think this could have been wint being a one-man operation, or there could have been someone else involved helping him? >> it's hard to tell now. whenever you have four people all tied up there's a lot of
11:05 am
logistics involved, the investigators all suspect that there may be more than one actor. it's possible that one person can do this. the person it k get in early, maybe just when the housekeeper's there, the mom. tie them with duct tape put them in a room upstairs. the little boy he could do. that he's a muscular guy, a strong, young guy. he could wait for the dad to get home, and all he'd have to do is troll the dad with a knife or gun, duct -- to control the dad with a knife or gun duct tape. and he thinks he's too clever by destroying video cameras inside, burning the house and later the car. but this crime's too complicated for this guy to get away with. he leaves dna and the crime scene processing by d.c. homicide atf excellent work to find this, the dna -- and the dna lab. maybe the fbi, forensic lab that got the dna great work all around. they got a warrant. but he's extremely dangerous.
11:06 am
even dangerous to people he knows. he's already killed four people. and now he knows he's wanted. he's become even more dangerous than just killing the four people because if he thought nobody knew he did it he might just sort of slip by. now that he knows everybody's after him, he's really dangerous. >> it seems that the scope is getting smaller for him to travel in as police have taken into custody his girlfriend or taken her in for questioning. what we're getting now is potentially wint either took a bus to nyc to get to brooklyn and get to his girlfriend stay overnight with her. then left her apartment early in the morning hours. but there's no indication of where he is right now except that during the d.c. police chief briefing they said that they should anybody should consider him to be armed and dangerous. he also goes by the name of stefan. that's his alias, stefan wint. but how crucial, critical do you think that having questioning and time with this girlfriend will be to figure out his
11:07 am
mindset, where he's going next, what he could have planneded? >> that's a great question a great point. it's fresh. the reason it's important is it's fresh. he state department overnight with her, if that was last night or the night before that's pretty fresh. they can at least put his whereabouts there within so many hours. they know he's taken public transportation. they can have lookouts at the railroad track bus stations and so forth. but he's at risk there because those are places that are full of law enforcement officers and cameras. i wouldn't be surprised if we see this guy try to carjack somebody. you know, nobody's life he doesn't care about them. he'd just as soon kill them, throw them in the trunk and steal the car and head south. so he's a candidate to carjack and harm and murder. he could be on public transportation certainly. i think if he tried to get through an airport and pay cash for a ticket he'd be apprehended quick. >> as you point out, a desperate and panicky time for this guy as again the police circles start to close in on him.
11:08 am
do you think, though, this was really a shakedown for $40,000 and that he'd want to murder four people or something went wrong? this was more about the cash than it was about taking lives. >> well, you know, it's hard to say. the motives for violent crime surround, you know, greed, power, hate, revenge, and escape. in this case certainly greed has bubbled up to the forefront with the extorting the cash and great hours and pain and planning to get this money. and he likely stole watches and diamonds and jewelry, as well. but was there a secondary motive? you can have mixed motives in a crime. multiple motives in a crime of maybe revenge. he may be mad at the company, maybe mr. savopoulos because he was fired or not paid enough, mistreated in his view. there could be a motive of financial greed and revenge, but we don't know. but certainly theft plays a large role in this. and this guy's flush with the cash but has nobody to turn to. you can see he's got nowhere to
11:09 am
go. who is he going to call? he's too scary to be around. >> thank you, appreciate it. president obama is defending his strategy against isis in a new interview. the interview comes in the wake of isis' capture of two major cities in particular ram aideaide -- ramadi, a short distance from baghdad. president obama tells "the atlantic," "i don't think we're losing." he says later, "there's no doubt there was a tactical setback, la ramadi had been vulnerable for a long time." moment ago the white house spokesman reiterated the position. >> i think it is a setback, that's a word we've described over the last week. it's the same word that the president used as i mentioned in tuesday's briefing. when the president met with the chief coalition partners last year. he noted that this military conflict like other military conflicts, would be characterized by days of progress.
11:10 am
>> speaking at a hearing about isis, senator john mccain also called ramadi a setback but lashed out at the obama administration. >> the fall of rapped ramadi and capture of isil of american-supplied military equipment is another setback for the united states and further undermines our credibility as a reliable strategic partner in the region. yet, the obama administration seem unwilling or unable to grasp the strategic significance. >> joining me on set, nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engle. hearing the president saying we're not losing if perception is reality and isis continues to gain ground geographically expanding its footprint, how is that not losing? >> well, i think the president is in a difficult position. i completely sympathize with his desire to not get up in front of a podium and say we're losing isis is winning, which would give a propaganda video to isis.
11:11 am
you don't want to say your strategy is failing. but i think he's in real danger. if he continues to make comments like these that seem to fly in the face of reality, he could end up looking foolish. how can you say that the strategy's working when city after city is falling, when the iraqi government isn't holding the iraqi security forces aren't fighting. with pal myera, it was -- palmyra, it was the syrian army that decided ton stay. when you have setbacks happening daily, i think there are questions that need to be asked and answered. >> we talk about the iraq situation and then the syria situation, what is bashar al assad's response and responsibility to the fact that he's losing almost foul control of his country? >> half of his country according to a syrian human rights group today is now under the control of isis, by the way the assad
11:12 am
regime says the world needs to come together. the world needs to come together behind him and help him fight against isis. he wants american help, he wants international help to re-establish his own legitimacy and to fight isis. but i would put this question to you and the viewers -- what is the u.s. strategy right now to bashar al assad? are we his friend? are we fighting against him? are we fighting with him? and i spend a lot of time thinking about these issues. i don't have a clear answer to that question. in one sense, we're fighting isis, so that kind of helps bashar al assad. on the other hand, there are still sanction against syria. we're supporting rebels who are opposed to assad. so we're buttering both sides of the bread here and it doesn't seem to be making much of an impact or weakening isis a great deal. >> you bring up great points about how complicated the situation is.
11:13 am
nbc news chief foreign correspondent rich aldengle great -- richard engle. great having you here. we have our bing pulse question up and running. do we need boots on the ground in iraq and syria to defeat isis? to richard's point about how do we actually get control of this situation. >> can i answer that can i put in my two cents? >> sure. >> everyone i've spoken to thinks putting boots on the ground in syria would be catastrophic. it would be an absolute quagmire. sending in american troops from texas or california or florida or wherever the large percentages of the u.s. military come from. that they would find themselves in a much more complicated situation than they even found in the worst days during the iraq war. >> it's amazing insight that you're bringing to us. thank you very much. we ask our viewers to log on at we'll have the results coming up in the hour. just moments from now, the florida mail carrier who landed the gyrocopter on the lawn of the capitol last month is expected to appear in court for an arraignment.
11:14 am
douglas hughes is charged with violating national airspace and flying without proper certification among other count. if found guilty, the 61-year-old could spend more than nine years in prison. this morning, he told my colleague, peter alexander, he only wanted to call attention to campaign finance issues and said he still hopes to raise awareness. >> if i get free of my electronic ball and chain, i may well be spending time in new hampshire urging the voters there to make this the question that they're asking the candidates because a lot of people have not made any response as far as where they stand on money and politics. >> so hughes says he warned secret service he was planning the stunt. says the potential punishment does not fit the crime. he's hoping to make a plea deal. ahead "the new york times" releases a batch of hillary clinton's emails. how did they get them and what are they revealing? we'll take a look. also ahead, david letterman signing off from "the late show." i'll be honest with you,
11:15 am
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11:18 am
"the new york times" released a batch of emails from hillary clinton's days as secretary of state. recently on her private server. they total about 349 pages. a portion of what a federal judge has ordered the department to release. "the new york times" says the emails contain "sensitive but unclassified information." however, they include "details" of the whereabouts of state department official in libya when security was deteriorating during the 2011 revolution. joining me from capitol hill, msnbc's alex seizwald. 349 pages. what's inside? >> no bombshells no smoking
11:19 am
guns. offers a window into what was going on in hillary clinton's state department before and after the terror attack on benghazi september 11 2012. we have information showing there were concerns about the security a year and a half before the attack. we also have memos from a controversial friend of hillary clinton, sydney blumenthal, who sent a number of memos that she forwarded to staff with different pieces of advice that he offered. some of which she said were useful and others she dismissed. what's interesting here is that clinton wants the e-mails released as soon as possible but these were leaked by someone, we don't know who yet. that's another question. they are going to give us a window into before we get the totality of the emails' release. >> if you are a conspiracy theorist, you might be able to figure out who could have leaked these, who has the most to gain. we won't be conspiracy theorists at least for the moment.
11:20 am
msnbc's alec seizwald. thank you. the former leader of the boy scout of america, robert gates, called on the end to the ban of gay adult leaders. at the business meeting he said, we must deal with the world as it is not as we might wish it to be. the status quo in our movement's standard sisters cannot be sustained. gates said he said he did not plan to revoke the councils of charters that prohibit gay leaders. next, david letterman signing off and famous faces stopping by to say farewell. >> our long national nightmare is over. letterman is retiring. [ laughter ] plus, a wild scene at l.a.x. after a man break through a security checkpoint, and an actor catches it all on camera. he might have even taken a memento from the taser'd person.
11:21 am
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we're covering two charity campaigns asking people to take selfies for a cause. red nose day is today. my entire team at more than got involved. we look like a bulbous nose brady bunch. and celebrities like kim kardashian posting and making donations to help young people out of poverty. and nick cannon from "america's got talent" raising money in his own way using texts. last hour we had to ask about his feet. >> text the word dance to 80077, and you will help out children all over the world. we're saving lives today, y'all, for red nose day.
11:25 am
let's go. >> what's the first thing you're going to do when you get done on that dance floor? >> man, take a hot bath in epsom salts. >> best question from frances there. do your part and text the word dance to 80077. to donate $10 to the red nose cause. after posting your selfie, add the hash tag #rednose. you can see more raising money and helping end poverty. we also want to update toms. that was the without shoes selfie campaign that was happening on insta gramp we focused on -- instagram. we focused on it yesterday. the ceo walked shoeless with a crew on the great wall of china to highlight the plight of the shoeless worldwide. toms's at without shoes project is the company way of celebrating nine years of giving 38 million pairs of free shoes to kids. they splayed how the campaign
11:26 am
can help -- explained how the campaign can help take it even further. >> we're basically asking anyone who wants to give away a pair of shoes to take a picture of your bare feet and put #withoutshoes. so it's something like, i'm going #withoutshoes for @toms. when you do, that we'll give away a pair on your behalf. >> frances and i stripped down to our fred flintstones and participated. yes, those are my big ugly feet on the right, and frances pretty feet on the left with a flower. tomas will donate up to one million pairs to children today. the final day for that campaign. frances is following another big story trending now that has nothing to do with the mean tweets i got about my feet. >> no but by the way, if those were fred flintstone feet, does that make mine barney's? i'll take wilma feet for that. something bigger than that david letterman in his last night. we're looking at social media in
11:27 am
reaction to david letterman's last episode of the "late show." he said good-bye on tv for the last time after 33 years on the air. over 160,000 tweets sent on the hash tag #thanks dave. celebrities like mindy kaling posting their favorite moment from the show. an all-star roster came out to say good-bye and thank you to dave. a special take on day's top ten list, here's jerry seinfeld doing a bit in the viral skit. celebrity top ten things i've always wanted to say to david letterman. >> dave, i have no idea what i'll do when you go off the air. you know i just thought of something, i'll be fine. [ laughter ] >> thank you, jerry. [ applause ] nice. >> bill murray, teen faye peyton manning, chris rock also joined in. stop by the fun.
11:28 am
another big native americans jumped on twitter to -- big names jumped on twitter to say good-bye. hillary clinton tweeted, thanks dave, for two decades of laughs insights, and yes even pantsuit jokes. letterman, you are a legend." and president obama withdrawal this "tv won't be the same without dave." fellow funnyman steve martin wrote, "congratulations to david letterman who i now believe is beginning his third career in show business." and media watchers also tweeting that the letterman finale attracted 13.8 million viewers, the show's biggest audience since february of 1994. certainly a way to go with a bang. certainly he wakes up tomorrow what's he going to do? where's he going to go? anywhere he wants to. >> i'm sure we'll see and hear from him again. congratulations. a great final show. the top ten was really funny. thank you. ahead, a state department employee charged with cyber-stalking. we'll break down the allegations levied by two women. first, we'll go back to our breaking news with the nypd
11:29 am
questioning the girlfriend of the suspect wanted in washington, d.c.'s quadruple murder. the latest after a break. ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. i love making sunday dinners. but when my back hurt, cooking all day... forget about it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back!
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11:32 am
back to the breaking news out of new york city. our nbc news station here wnbc reporting that the nypd has been questioning the girlfriend of the 34-year-old daron dylon wint. also goes by the name of stefan wint. official picked up the girlfriend from her apartment in brooklyn. she's not under arrest. wint though, is suspected if the murders of a washington, d.c., family and their housekeeper. joining me is wnbc chief investigative reporter jonathan deans. what more have we learned about the information that's been gleaned by the nypd about wint? >> the nypd and u.s. marshals are questioning this girlfriend and they -- she is telling them that he apparently took a bus from washington to new york and that he spent overnight with her and left her earlier this
11:33 am
morning. she inform investigators that he discussed the possibility of turn willing -- turning himself in. police and marshals have not heard from him as of now. they continue to search. that is perhaps one hopeful sign one possible break that one, they have found the girlfriend and he was in new york city? brooklyn as recently as this morning. and that there was some consideration that he was thinking of possibly turning himself in so those developments ongoing. the search obviously continuing across brooklyn across new york city this hour. >> we know his own family has given a personal plea for him to turn elimination. we had the conference with the d.c. police chief talking about the same thing of turning himself in because he is considered armed and dangerous and people that have been talking about this would say he's running out of options and desperate as the circle gets much more narrow for him with investigators having the opportunity to question his girlfriend. from your sources, have you heard whether the girlfriend has
11:34 am
revealed anything about how this plot unfolded and if they work alone? >> they do, they are not sharing that information. obviously their first consideration in terms of questioning this woman is finding the suspect. they're not going to release anything to us that might jeopardize the search or what leads they have at this exact hour in terms of tracking the suspect down. they are confirming she's at the 69th precinct in brooklyn being questioned and that he was here this morning. aside from that they're not sharing any additional information about what she may know or what statements he may have said about the terrible crime that took place in washington. >> and again, she is just a person that they're talking to not someone that's under arrest. but has offered this information, his own consideration of turning himself in. >> as explained to us we're told she is being cooperative. that she is telling them what she knows. obviously they need to go out and verify the information she is providing to see if she is
11:35 am
providing accurate and truthful information. as of now, they are taking her at her word as they continue to try to track him down. obviously they will continue that search and use whatever methods they have at their disposal electronically and source driven to try to track him down. hopefully he turns himself in and this ends soon. >> especially as you point out, with the timeline being accurate, if he was there overnight and just left today, they are getting close finding him and apprehending him. wnbc's jonathan dietz. thank you. moments ago in boston former nfl patriots tight end aaron hernandez pleaded not guilty to charges of witness intimdation. today was hernandez' first court appearance since being convicted of killing o don lloyd last month. hernandez shots a witness in 2013 in florida after the man made a remark about a 2012 double slaying. so in that case, hernandez is accused of killing two men over
11:36 am
a spilled drink. now we head to the west coast where we continue to follow the developments out of california and emergency crews just updating their race to clean a massive oil spill off the coast of california. the spill worse than first thought. more than 100,000 gallons now believed to have leaked into the pacific ocean. this oil stretching over nine miles. take a listen. >> we recognize the inconvenience to people over this long holiday weekend, and we hope that we can work to continue the cleanup to return the area to safe recreational environment. >> so far, just a fraction of that oil has been removed. california governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency. there's no evidence of widespread harm to wildlife. but the environmental impact is still being assessed. joining me from santa barbara county msnbc's scott coen. explain what we understand how workers are working 24/7 to
11:37 am
remove this. obviously it's much bigger than first believed. >> right. and progress is slow. the pipeline company, plain all america pipeline, says they believe that the pace of recovery is going to be able to accelerate dramatically today now that they have the full slate of workers deployed both offshore and on shore. but this is one rock of probably millions along the coastline covered with oil. basically they have to remove these, remove the sand do it shovelful by shovelful. they've -- as far as beach material is concerned, recovered about a large container full. off shore they say they've recovered about 7,700 gallons of oil and water mixed. obviously that's not oil. so only a fraction of the at least 20,000 gallons or so that's leaked into the ocean. and as you said as many as 100,000 gallons. it's going to be a long and painstaking process. >> more than's scott coen
11:38 am
reporting -- msnbc's scott cohen reporting from santa barbara. thank you. get on the ground! stop! stop! get on the ground! >> get on the ground now! >> get on the ground, sir! >> taser -- >> taser, taser! [ shouting ] >> shut up, sir! i don't want to tase you, sir. you need to stop now! >> pretty frightening scene playing out in los angeles national airport. wednesday, police say they had to use their taser to subdue an unarmed man who breached their security. in the video you saw of the incident taken by none other than the actor vern troyer best known for mini me in the "austin powers" movies. he doesn't only have the video. take a look at what else he has now. >> this is the exact hat that i stole from the guy that got tased tased.
11:39 am
[ laughter ] >> i just want to see that again. anyway, he took it from the guy that got tased. the suspect was taken to the hospital. he face trespassing and other charges. a charge of cyber-stacking after hacking into e-mail account of young women stealing compromising photos and attempting to blackmail them. federal investigators say he used government computers at the u.s. embassy in london for these actions. joining me from washington nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. who is this employee, and how was he able to get away with this allegedly? >> reporter: those were pictures of the u.s. embassy at grovner square in london where the fbi says michael c. ford -- rather the state department security folks say michael c. ford had been working since 2009. they say they started to look into this in may rather, in april of this year when an 18-year-old in kentucky said that they had gotten emails from
11:40 am
someone who was asking her to send more explicit pictures of women saying he had downloaded pictures of her compromising pictures of her from her computer. she said, you know leave me alone. and according to the state department, this is one of the emails that he's then sent to her. "i want you to video girls in the changing room," he mentions her gym. "if you don't, i'll send your details and pictures to everyone. what do you say? looks like you've made up your mind. get ready for my e-mail and post to go out to tomorrow morning. enjoy." and then in may, according to the government they got another complaint from a 22-year-old woman in illinois who was the daughter of the ceo of an unnamed multinational corporation who said she had gotten a similar e-mail. so the authorities got the permission from the state department. they traced the e-mail response
11:41 am
address and found out it was coming from a state department computer. they narrowed it down to a specific computer at the u.s. embassy in london. they say they searched the computer and found similar emails and even a spreadsheet of other women indicating the state department security folks that he was targeting women from throughout the united states. they found out he was coming to visit family. he's from the atlanta area. they arrested him. he's in court today for a detention hearing. >> nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. thank you. want to switch gears and get to other stories that caught our eye. hillary clinton handing over the reins of her twitter account to mary jo brown, a small business owner in port mouth. mary jo's power over messages of 140 characters or less is only for today. mary jo tweeted that hillary clinton joined the powerful job-seeking and networking site linkedin today because she's looking for a new job. a scandal from the world of harry potter matthew lewis who
11:42 am
played dorky neville longbottom is posing shirtless on the cover of a british magazine. "harry potter" creator, j.k. rowling, said "warn me next time for god's sake." there's another picture in the magazine. and the rolling stones made a surprise appearance at a small hollywood theater to warm up for their 15-city tour beginning sunday in san diego. the stones announced the show at the last minute on their twitter account. they only said that an l.a. club show would be held in the 90028 zip code. how cool is that? you show up and the stones are starting to play? we'll be right back. my school reunion. i don't know. who wants to play in idaho? gotta get milwaukee up to speed. we win in flint, we take the lead. we'll close the deal if we just show...
11:43 am
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11:46 am
urging voters to say yes with their vote. kennedy said the yes will obliterate publicly the remaining barriers of prejudice of the irrational fear of the them and us in this regard. joining us now is nbc keir simmons from london. is this referendum expected to pass? >> reporter: i think we are expecting it to pass. as far as the polls indicate at the moment. here in the u.k., some polls that were taken before the recent election turned out to be completely wrong. and there are concerns that the no vote, if you want a yes vote, there are concerns that the no vote is catching up, if you like. and in a country that is, let's be honest fairly conservative, many people maying telling the pollsters -- may be telling the pollsters they're going to vote yes or are undecided and may not do that. it's been a deeply polarizing argument thomas, which has set the states against the church.
11:47 am
as you mentioned, politicians of all colors saying they want to vote yes for this while the catholic church and other protestant churches in ireland saying they think that it should be a no vote. >> amazing to see how this plays out in ireland. thank you. the president says in a new interview, "we are not losing against isis." this interview with "the atlantic" conducted a day after isis took over the city of ramadi, which lies due west of baghdad. in the interview, obama calls this a tactical setback. president obama is under pressure to ramp up u.s. involvement in a war that pits iraq's shiite majority against a sunni-led militia. the interview covers a number of international topics apart from isis. on the nuclear negotiations with iran, he says "if iran has a nuclear weapon, it's my name on this." this brings us to our question of the day which has to do with boots on the ground in and around iraq and syria. we're going to check in with frances to see where people are falling on the question. >> as far as the president's
11:48 am
stand, he's always made it clear no boots on the ground. really when it comes out and the strides that they're making isis is making and even ramadi we're asking you to get involved. our big pulse question of the day -- do we need boots on the ground in iraq and syria to defeat isis? let's look at the scoreboard. interesting to see how this is pretty much evened out at one point. this pretty much split. now those who say yes, 39%, those who say no we do not need boots on the ground in iraq and to defeat isis, that is -- that has gone to 61%. n just -- in just the past couple of minutes, for those of you voting. take a look. overwhelmingly no one saying yes. again, this is real time. 2:48 eastern time. those of you voting saying that. when it comes to gender interesting how this has been split here. again, more males represented obviously in blue are saying yes in the past few minutes versus females here. we invite you to keep voting
11:49 am do we need boots on the ground in iraq and sear to defeats isis? >> thank you very much. we want to get this out. developing now florida mailman and gyrocopter pilot douglas hughes just pleaded not guilty to six counts leveled against him. he's accused of landing the gyrocopter on the lawn of the capitol several weeks ago. something we all witnessed on video. ♪ the new, twenty-fifteen ford focus believes in "more." more to see.
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are there differences? yeah, sure. i think that in washington during my brother's time republicans spent too much money. i think he could have used the veto power. he had line item veto power but could have brought budget restriction to washington, d.c. >> a voter asked the difference between him and his brother, he said budget discipline. he'd used the veto pen more than his brother did. bush is one of the scheduled speakers at a three-day gop
11:53 am
conference in oklahoma city. today speakers include scott walker on, stage now, and had this to say just moment ago about voter i.d. >> in our state we make it easy to vote but hard to achieve. we have a law that says you have to have a voter i.d. to vote in the state of wisconsin. >> msnbc's jane timmons is in oklahoma city for us. explain the significance of oklahoma city and also what the candidates are likely to be discussing. >> reporter: you know, oklahoma isn't one of those early voting states. usually it's in new hampshire and iowa. this is a key state. a southern state, almost 2,000 conservative activists are heading out this weekend. it's important for any republican to shore up support in the south. they need to sort of lock down these votes and lock down early to get on that stage later this summer. people like scott walker they're coming out saying you know, i'm going secure my spot. we've heard walker talk about isis today. big cheers. he's doing very well with this crowd.
11:54 am
they definitely like him here. >> is scott walker the one to watch at least from this crowd? the one that's drawn the most applause or most praise? >> reporter: you know, he's the first speaker today, but it's hard at one of these events to get the crowd riled up out of the gate. and they're definitely there. they've been on their feet several times. a big auditorium, and they seem pretty into it. we'll have to see the rest of the three days who impresses. >> more than's jane timm. thank you very much. big drama brewing in gop circles with all of them being allowed or not to participate in the upcoming debate. so come debate time, there are too many candidates and too little space on the stage. fox news which is hosting in august says it's going to limit participation to the top ten candidates. joining us nbc news political editor. so how fox news determining who gets to make the cut for their stage? >> reporter: this has become a parlor game in washington over the last two or so week. how are republicans and media organizations going deal with the fact that there could be as many as 18 people who want to
11:55 am
compete on the stage? fox is going to limit it to ten candidates. the way they'll make the scud based on polling. they said the last five national credible polls that are taken right before that august debate, they're going to take the top ten people in polling. the nbc political unit did crunch the numbers. if the debate was held tomorrow you would have a pretty interesting array of people on the stage. obviously people we consider front-runners like scott walker jeb bush and marco rubio would be on the stage. others would barely make the cut like rick perry and, if he chooses to run, donald trump would make the cut now. people who wouldn't make the cut, however, include the person who came in second in the republican primary process in 2012. that's rick santorum. and carly fiorina who would be the only woman on the stage. if the debate of held tomorrow she'd be cut out of the process, as well. >> interesting. we'll see how it pans out. nbc's carrie dan. that will wrap things up. see you tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern.
11:56 am
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and the most advanced vehicle stability system in the industry...'ll ride with a feeling of complete freedom and confidence. visit your can-am spyder dealer and test drive one today. the new spyder f3. riding has evolved. two "late shows" last night. which were you watching? david letterman wrapped up his 33-year "late night" career just as senator rand paul was wrapping up his don't call it a filibuster on capitol hill. paul was not alone on the floor but i kind of doubt his audience rivaled letterman's. i'm kristal ball. and a irs was watching letterman
12:00 pm
letterman, some watching rand, and some were asleep. the house is preparing for a getaway. the senate voted to fast track president obama's trade bill. during yesterday's show, senator paul was interrupting debate on the trade bill with his faux-libuster on intelligent surveillance. >> that settles it. >> among other things. paul wants surveillance scrapped from the nsa's power, or he will scrap his support for extending the patriot act. >> the people who say don't worry, it's just your phone laws, it's no big deal boring business records should be a little bit concerned by the words of one former intelligence officer who said that we kill people based on metadata. there's a hunger in america for somebody to stand up, for all of us to stand up. we need to end the bulk


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